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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hostages that's the number reported, by police who insist they were killed by a terrorist and not by police. a french paramilitary forces got the job done. it was a coordinated police assault and it worked. at a printing planting outside paris, the kouachi brothers were cornered. another gunman took numerous hostages at a kosher grocery store in paris and threatened to kill them if the kouachis weren't freed. both attacks were by one terror cell. suspects in the murder of a policewoman at the gas station. police feared that coulibaly would executed his hostages if the police attacked. so police hit both at once. the brothers were killed. their hostage was unhurt.
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but police said hostages were killed in the supermarket, along with coulibaly. boumediene is still being salt sought. >> i want the people of france to know the people of the united states stand with you today. we hope that the immediate threat is now resolved. >> said kouachi got military training from al qaeda of yemen, seen as the biggest threat to the u.s. >> much more dangerous than isis because isis has never plotted so far attacks against the homeland. >> reporter: but despite the boston marathon bombing, most experts agree there's less of a threat here thanks to our islamic community, says this american. >> a lot of forms of intel jengs, a lot of the government employees are actually muslims who after 9/11 wanted to take a more interactive role in solving the problem. >> reporter: but u.s. officials still fear copy cat terror attacks now, like the french do in that nervous nation tonight.
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and the danger is most severe right now, say the experts, because the french crisis is so high profile in the news. live in washington i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, steve. the u.s. has issued a worldwide travel alert because of the attacks in france. a live look at the oakland airport. all air travelers around the country are being warned to stay especially alert. the state department says attacks against americans and citizens of other western nations are becoming increasingly prevalent abroad. vigils for the victims in france are being held across the country, including in sacramento. this rally for peace was called by several muslim groups all condemning the attack and seeking to bring better understanding of islam. dozens gathered holding signs and taking turns expressing their sorrow, shock and anger at what happened. as americans closely watch what's happening overseas many are wondering about their safety here in the u.s. coming up at 5:30 on "nightly news" hear what one expert has to say about the challenges the
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u.s. faces. this is a sight you won't be seeing tomorrow. a live look now at the traffic moving across the golden gate bridge. crews are closing it down as you probably know by now, they're closing it tonight for the bridge's longest shutdown in its history. that's more than 75 years. nbc bay area's kristi smith joins us with how the project may save some lives. >> reporter: yeah that's right. you know we've been talking about this quite some time but by midnight tonight the golden gate bridge will be completely shut down to personal auto traffic. that means no one coming through the toll plaza at all. the lots are closing a little earlier. the bridge district has done outreach for quite some time locally and to tourists for what this is all about and it is safety. now it will be time to see how the bay area adjusts. tourists look out on the golden gate bridge, many with a new sense of urgency since they arrived in san francisco. >> i had no idea. i said i want to go visit the bridge and she said well it's closing. >> we decided to come today
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because i know that the bridge is going to close tonight. >> reporter: and when it reopens, it will look different. this weekend crews will install a movable solid median barrier. >> since 1970 there have been 128 head-on collisions and 16 fatalities. the barrier is going to virtually eliminate head-on collisions. it's going to make the bridge a much safer place for everyone. >> reporter: she says this 52-hour closure is a milestone. 90,000 people cross on weekend days. >> it will impact me a little bit. we have a trip to the airport scheduled for saturday so my daughter changed her flight to sunday. >> reporter: golden gate transit buses can still cross. pedestrians and cyclists can still use the east sidewalk. but this evening parking lots on the north and south end close early. tonight the chp is insisting shutting down arteries leading to the bridge ahead of that midnight deadline. >> our big message that we're trying to get out to people
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first of all is as far as the closures go tonight, try to get where you're going before 10:00 if at all possible. the roads will be shut down by 11:30. >> reporter: now, there's going to be a ribbon-cutting on sunday and then the bridge reopens to personal auto traffic early monday morning around 4:00 a.m. reporting live at the golden gate bridge christie smith, nbc bay area news. our live traffic map now, we've circled the golden gate on the left side of your screen. traffic is still moving but won't be for long. to get in and out of marin you'll have to use the rich monday and bay bridges. the coverage of the closure continues right on our website on the front page. you'll finding information on bus and ferry routes and other alternatives like taxi service at it's a san francisco homemade famous by one of robin williams' beloved films. now it's at the centering of a criminal case. today the woman accused of trying to burn it down appeared in court for the very first time. nbc bay area's nannette miranda
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is live with more on the fire the hearing and the suspected motive. >> reporter: well janelle, bail has been set at a million dollars. if she can post it she is ordered to stay away from the house, the doctor who now owns it, and his son. 25-year-old taiquan welch made her first appearance in court today. the judge ordered media to not show the defendant at all. the defendant is transgender. among the charges she faces, arson for setting the mrs. doubtfire home ablaze and the attempted murder of the doctor who now owns the home and is one of the country's leading surgeons in sex changes. >> any time you have an arson, it's very concerning especially when it involves someone's residence. especially concerning because fires are so unpredictable. and so given the totality we feel the charges very appropriate. >> reporter: the public defender
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entered a not guilty plea for her client. >> i would just ask people not to rush to judgment when it comes to circumstantial evidence. sometimes things aren't exactly what they appear. >> reporter: not many details of the case are being released but what the d.a. will confirm is that the doctor and welch had a confrontation prior to the fire. meanwhile, hilton is concerned that welch is being held on the men's side of the jail even though she identifies as a woman. >> those issues are really important and personal so i need to talk to her about that. definitely that's on my top list of things to do to make sure she's comfortable where she's at. >> reporter: a jail spokeswoman says in both the men's side and the women's side transgender suspects are housed outside the general population if they want to be and are with other gender nonconforming inmates. live in san francisco, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. they could be armed and dangerous. police are looking for these two
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men who may be behind a shooting at a san jose nightclub. it was the city's first homicide of the year. it took place on new year's day. officers found two people who had been shot outside the reign lounge in east san jose. one man was treated and released and the other womanman died at the hospital. it's a lot of money, $113 billion. governor jerry brown revealing a record-size budget today. he says his focus is on tightening california's belt and paying down debt. >> now we have a carefully balanced budget more precarious than i'd like but it is balanced and we can keep it that way, but it will require self discipline and real prudence. >> that's been his calling card for many years. one of the line items, the budget for uc schools, and this is a hot button item. while the governor is giving university of california a financial boost, you see leaders say it's not enough to keep a planned tuition hike from kicking in next fall. let's bring in nbc bay area's
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jodi hernandez, who joins us from the cal campus. jodi, this is a nasty and long budget battle. >> reporter: that's right. and students are caught in the middle. i'll tell you, they dongt not like it at all. a possible tuition hike is at stake but so far neither the governor nor the university of california is backing down. >> the budget is tightly balanced and we made the best judgments we could. >> reporter: but the money governor jerry brown is offering to the university of california isn't doing much to end the financial feud between brown and uc president janet napolitano. brown's budget plan gives a $120 million boost to the uc system. >> the $120 million is not chump change. it's real money. and some parts of the budget didn't get any increase. >> i wouldn't call it chump change, but in the scheme of things it is not significant. >> reporter: it's not enough, say uc officials.
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they say they'd need another $97 million in state funds to keep tuition from going up, starting next year. a plan students have been protesting. >> we're saying to the students that we are on the same side that we do not want to increase tuition. the governor nor the legislature does not allocate more funding, then yes, tuition will rise by up to 5%. >> reporter: but as lawmakers hammer it out, students say they're caught in the middle. >> it's a really bad situation for a lot of students. some people don't know whether or not they're going to be able to finish their degree and people don't know how to plan because a decision hasn't been made yet. >> reporter: now, both sides point out that this is just the first step in this budget process. lawmakers actually have until this summer to hammer out a final budget deal. so students may not know whether their tuition will go up or not next fall until just before school starts. reporting live at uc berkeley i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. speaking of tuition, president obama wants to make higher education free to some americans. we're talking about community colleges. the president explained the $60 billion proposal at a community college in tennessee today. that's where a similar setup is already in place. his plan to have all community colleges funded by the federal government and states that opt into the program. the goal to boost weak u.s. wages and skills for the modern workforce. >> two years of college will become as free and universal as high school is today. because in america, quality education cannot be a privilege that is reserved for a few. >> the white house says the plan could benefit nine million students. to qualify, students would have to attending at least half time maintain 3.5 gpa and work toward a degree or certificate program. but some bay educators are finding problems with this proposal. coming up at 6:00 why they say the plan may not be helping the right kind of students.
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i'm robert handa live in san jose. a bay area agency lists the top ten worst traffic congestion hot spots. coming up we'll tell you what it says about our overall problem and where we're headed. also an in-flight emergency leads some united airlines passengers bracing for the worst. we'll show you what happens. first stranded and now dead. what experts know so far about the whale that washed ashore in the north bay. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. cloud cover lingered today across the bay area. we're tracking not only the clouds for your weekend but another spare the air day. how bad the air quality will be for your saturday in just a few minutes. then at 6:00 solving homicides is about to get even more difficult for the san jose police department. >> it's troubling. >> in an exclusive interview, the chief explains why he's forced to order a change even he doesn't want to make. >> it really is painful for us. >> that's new at 6:00.
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drive around the bay area at this hour and you will face. a lot of gridlock especially in emeryville on i-80 right now. you are looking at some of the trouble spots, but some places are worse than others. nbc bay area's robert handa is live in san jose with a new report that puts the bay area among the worst areas in the country when it comes to congestion. robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. actually this new study covering 2013 is kind of a mixed bag because many of the problems are being caused by our surging economy. many of the people here stuck on this stretch of highway 101 in san jose are on the road because of all the job growth but they're also traveling longer distances and slower. the metropolitan transportation commission, mtc, coordinates and finances transportation plans to all nine counties in the bay area. the agency's report on freeway
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congestion says overall, congested delay, time spent in traffic moving at less than 35 miles per hour,in increased almost 20% since the last study in 2009 the highest jump since the dotcom boom in the late '90s. drivers we talked to were not surprised. >> you try to get there in 10 15 minutes, like to get to your kids from the day care or trying to get them at school and getting there with traffic, we're talking like an hour. >> reporter: the mtc's top ten hot spots starts here the eastbound interstate 80 commute from u.s. 101 in san francisco to yerba buena island the lower deck of the bay bridge. the average speed at the peak of the commute is 4 miles per hour and the mtc says their data shows the traditional commuter hours have expanded. >> beginning at 1:30 in the afternoon and continue until 8:30 at night. that's seven hours. >> reporter: number two is this stretch of 880 from around hayward to the south bay. >> use technology to really track where our congestion hot spots are, and then to look at
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what can we do to improve those. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 we'll take a closer look at some of the possible solutions. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. thank you, robert. sex trafficking of children has been tackled head on in alameda county and here's how, with billboards. today district attorney nancy o'malley revealed a billboard campaign aimed at promoting public awareness of the sexual spoilt sploilt exploitation of children. they'll be seen around the country. the hope, to make people more aware of victims and lead to more anonymous tips. a scary scene on a busy street in los angeles. take a look a single engine plane crashed, killing the pilot. this happened less than two blocks from the van nuys airport. the pilot was the only person aboard. no one on the ground thankfully was hurt. another emergency on a united plane. a bird strike in sacramento forced the pilots to make an
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emergency landing. the flight was going from sacramento to denver when airline officials say the plane hit several birds. a passenger said she heard a couple of sudden booms and then spotted flames coming from the engine. the pilots told the passengers they hit some birds and then landed back in sacramento. bay area marine biologists hope to learn more about a whale found beached in the north bay. hikers came across the pygmy sperm whale yesterday. the site was difficult to get to and marine experts couldn't make it there before dark. the whale died in that lagoon. marine biologists say it's rare to find this species. the team from the california academy of sciences wants to do a ct scan to find out why the whale died. more tests will be done at the marine mammal centering in sausalito. it is friday. let's bring in jeff ranieri. kind of sunshine and mixed conditions. >> we had a real mixed bag no matter where you are. you can see we started off with
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a lot of cloud cover here at mt. hamilton then eventually by the afternoon, there it is. we got some blue sky out here across portions of the south bay. when that sun came out, it was incredible incredible. on my way to work today it made you want to turn up your radio a little extra and open up that sun roof. you can see right now that storm system that did bring us cloud cover over the past 24 hours, but no rainfall continues to move off toward the east. but lining up offshore is another weaker storm system to bring us more additional cloud cover as we head throughout your saturday forecast. we'll take you outside right now to the sky camera network. temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60 and a lot of thick haze here across the bay area. so where do we go from here in that forecast? as we head throughout your saturday, what you're going to find is we'll start off with areas of gray skies from marin, napa and sonoma counties all the way down to the east bay and the south bay as well. as we continue throughout the day, unfortunately we do not
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expect that cloud cover to clear so it's going to be another gray day with filtered sunshine across the bay area. we'll see a few showers saturday night and sunday morning but here's the best part by sunday we'll see the most sunshine coming your way then. if you want to enjoy some time outside and enjoy a few rays of sun, sunday is going to be the day for you. we'll take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday and unfortunately in san jose it's more of a partly sunny sky as we have that haze. the pollution is so thick and then those high clouds moving in overhead. 66 for that high. los gatos 64. for the peninsula, downright chilly in pacifica with 59 degrees. when that wind kicks up it will feel like the mid-50s, palo alto 65. in san francisco, a little interesting here. heading out maybe to get a view of the golden gate bridge with that traffic being stopped, not able to pass across it maybe you want to take a snapshot of it it's going to be cool with 58 degrees. if you're heading back towards sonoma maybe for dinner in the
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evening, it's going to be a little warmer with 63 degrees. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley napa should eke out a little sunshine and 65 degrees. back towards mill valley 64. fremont, 66. and for the tri-valley we have 65 expected in danville and 66 in livermore. what we need to happen is this air quality to get better. it is not going to happen on saturday or sunday. spare the air day in effect. worst air quality in the north bay and the south bay. we need that rainfall and eventually we're going to get it but you can see on monday tuesday and wednesday, no rainfall in the forecast. we could have spare the air days issued all the way through the mid-part of next week. the next chance of rainfall comes by january the 17th. looks like a moderate storm system right now so raj, janelle, don't put that umbrella too far away just yet. >> no i don't want to. i'm going to keep it right by my side hoping for that rain. >> yeah. getting around town without paying a dime. we'll show you which high profile city is giving free
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rides to its residents. and the high-ending department store opening at a popular south bay mall.
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there are new charges for the man accused in a violent street fight in palo alto. last month two groups got into a fight outside of a bar in downtown palo alto. officers say neil rodoff knocked out the victim who hit his head on the sidewalk. the victim died this morning. the d.a. charged him with involuntary manslaughter. another man is accused of driving the getaway car and he faces charges of being an accessory to involuntary manslaughter. both men are due in court january 20th. there's a new way to get around in mountain view and it's
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free. the city and google have teamed up to launch a fleet of blue and white electric shuttle buses. their nickname mvgo. they hope they'll convince residents and commuters to keep their car in the garage and hop the shuttle instead. each shuttle seats 16 and is equipped with a wheelchair lift bike riex and wi-fi. google has them and nasa is getting on board. the space agency is teaming up with nissan to make a self driving car. they are partnering with the company on a five-year research project. like the mars rover, the zero emission vehicles could be used in space exploration, but the goal is to market them to consumers as early as 2016. here you go bloomingdale's is in macy's is out. the department store shuffle is happening in the south bay. a three-story bloomingdale's is coming to the valley fair mall.
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it's expected to open in 2017. it's said to bring in about 250 num new jobs. it will be the third one in the area. now macy's owns the bloomingdale's chain. and while it's adding that bloomingdale's store, it's closing another macy's store. the macy's store at cupertino's valco shopping centering will be eliminated in a restructuring that's closing 14 macy's nationwide. the rim-rattling dunks that are rocking south bay tonight. back in a moment.
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tonight at circumstance6:00 years of discomfort over for one very happy teenager. >> i screamed. you know a little bit of profane words, but i was just that excited, you know. >> we'll show you the miracle surgery performed at stanford that changed this teen's life. here's a guarantee, the harlem globetrotters will win their game tonight. they're in the bay area and our own bob redell helped with the warmups. >> you've got to call it you've got to call the place. >> okay. i'm going to flip this behind my back onto the backboard and onto the rim. >> i want something difficult, though. oh, man. >> that was slick willie shaw making the shot. they were playing horse. bob redell not quite, but they're always having fun. the globetrotters in san jose tonight and then tomorrow
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they're at the oracle arena, back in san jose next weekend. >> i love them they're so fun to watch. have a good weekend, folks. >> they're going to win tonight. under siege, dramatic standoffs today near paris. terrorists take hostages in two different locations. the brothers accused in that awful massacre, as police launch simultaneous attacks. also, the accomplice they're now looking for, a young woman who apparently escaped in the chaos. in this country a massive pileup in blinding snow, well over 100 vehicles involved. a terrible scene on the highway as some areas brace for several feet of snow on the way. and free college for anyone who wants it. that's the offer from president obama, but how real is it? "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian wi


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