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tv   Today  NBC  January 12, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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bay. the north bay may be a kra shall that happened but just happened. golden gate bridge approaching it slow those speeds. >> let us eat cake. 3 c3 ♪. the suspected female accomplice from those terror attacks in france now in syria. and while world leaders join millions from a massive anti-terror rally in paris, the president is under fire for not taking part. what he is doing in response to that critici. major breakthrough. the black boxes from airasia flight 8501 located overnight. one of the flight recorders recovered by divers. when will investigators know what caused the jet to crash into the sea? nasty commute for millions. a mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain stretching from the midwest to new england this morning. we are tracking the storm that is causing accidents and cancelling flights.
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and solid gold. tina fey and amy poehler bring down the house. >> tonight, we celebrate all the great television shows we know and love as well as all the movies north korea was okay. >> george clooney delivers one of the most memorable lines of the night. >> amal, whatever brought us together, i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. >> we have it all covered from the big winners. >> and the golden globe goes to michael keaton. >> to the red carpet. >> spin-o-rama. my golly! >> to the after parties. today, monday, january 12th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the golden globes with matt lauer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza and savannah guthrie live from los
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angeles. yep. we are splitting it up this morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning with natalie morales in new york. savannah, al, and carson are out in l.a. hi, gang. good morning. >> good morning. someone had to party all night long, and we reluctantly fill the bill. >> we can have a morning-long debate on whether it's better to stay in los angeles and get no sleep or fly across the country and get no sleep. >> we will sleep through the debate. >> you got it. guys, we'll check with you in a second. hollywood did show the support for the people of france hours after a giant rally in paris for unity against terrorism. that is our top story this morning. let's get to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engle. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this city remains tense. heavily armed security forces have been deployed in front of
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national monuments and jewish schools. they're part of the some 10,000 security forces that are being deployed nationwide over the next 24 hours to look for suspects and try to prevent any follow-on attacks. the last named suspect in the paris attacks, hayat boumeddiene, who traveled from paris to istanbul and then before the terrorist attacks. from istanbul, she crossed into syria where presumably she will have protection from isis, the radical group her common-law husband swore allegiance to. an isis video from last fall resurfaced over the weekend in the wake of the attacks in france calling for sympathizers in the west to rise up and attack. he allegedly shot a policewoman and took hostages at a kosher market on thursday, killing four. the lives of all 17 victims were celebrated in the largest public
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gathering in the history of modern france yesterday. people marched nationwide. in paris, they gathered with the iconic statue to the founding ideals of the french republic. liberty, equality and fraternity. then, behind a line of 40 leaders, their arms linked in a show of solidarity, they marched. and sang the national anthem and a new slogan. we are charlie. "charlie hebdo" is the satyrical magazine attacked for printing an offensive cartoon of the prophet mohamed. the gunmen who attacked the magazine said they acted on behalf of yemen on behalf of a radical american cleric killed by a drone strike in yemen in 2011.
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france remains a nation in mourning, trying to make sense of last week's terror. turkish officials say in coordination with french authorities, they were tracking hayat boumeddiene while she was in turkey and lost sight of her right before she crossed the border. matt? >> richard, in paris, thanks very much. michael leiter is the former director of the national counter terrorism center under presidents bush and obama and now executive vice president working on national security matters. good morning and good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the female suspect or accomplice said to be in syria. is that the end of the story in terms of ever bringing her to justice? is she now in the safest place in the world for a terrorist? >> she is in the safest place in the world to be safe from western intelligence officials but she is obviously not safe because many of the people going
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to syria are dying in syria. but i think it is going to be extremely hard for french and u.s. officials to capture her and get her back. i don't think that's where the rest of this story is going to go. >> i want to ask you about the video richard engle mentioned. it was originally released back in the fall by isis as a recruitment tool to radicalize youk people. it's been released again online over the weekend in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. how concerned are you that those attacks will, in fact, inspire others to join? >> i'm concerned and intelligence officials here in the u.s. are concerned. the u.s. doesn't have the same challenge with the potential extremist population that the france and other places in the uk do. what is dangerous is this melding of extremist messages from syria and yemen and elsewhere. and an ability to reach this population using social media and videos in a way that we really haven't seen the previous
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14 years. and that volume that it is producing made it so challenging for french officials and although not to the same extent, for u.s. officials, as well. >> i want to follow up on this. you're talking about the amalgamation amalgamation. we are talking about isis and al qaeda and in the past, al qaeda and isis had a rift. are they coming together? is this a partnership of convenience to strike out at the west? >> there is still a rivalry within extremist circles and they still disagree with the tactics being pursued in iraq and syria. but in truth, to the western population which is susceptible to this extremism and radicalization, it's not that meaningful and that is best illustrated by what happened in france. you have two brothers that are probably aligned with aqap and you have a third that's aligned with isis. to the population in the west, that schism we see overseas isn't all that relevant. it's coming together in a
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volatile mix. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, matt. >> let's go to the west coast and savannah. >> matt, thanks. the white house is being blasted for not sending a high ranking official to the unity march in paris on sunday night. president obama nor any top u.s. official attended the event that saw dozens of world leaders linked arm in arm. overnight secretary of state john kerry did announce plans to head to paris later in the week. andrea mitchell has more on all of it. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. that was a stunning absence. look at the pictures. 40 world leaders including all of europe and even israel's benjamin netanyahu and not president obama. not joe biden or anyone from the cabinet. the president at the white house. the vice president was at his home in delaware and this comes as an absence of the president. the comments he made in the oval
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office at a photo opportunity, a line or two and added to a community college event in nashville. eric holder was in paris for a counter terror meeting and didn't march. he was doing interviews with "meet the press" and other tv networks. secretary of state kerry seems to be the only with a real explanation. he was in india. he will now go to paris thursday where he was planning to have been nearby for nuclear talks with iran. of course, there are security concerns. i talked to officials. any time the president or vice president travels and their presence could have inconvenienced those that did attend. one former official said it sure seems ham handed. savannah? >> real quick, is this trip by kerry more damage control than diplomacy diplomacy? >> sure it's damage control. he has a close relationship with the french. he was going to be in geneva on thursday even though he is doing very important travel in asia right now. that's a little bit after the fact.
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>> andrea mitch knell washington, thank you. over to matt. >> thank you. a wintry mix of snow and ice causing havoc on the roads from the midwest all the way into new england. nbc's dylan dreyer is in newburg, new york, about an hour north of manhattan. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it doesn't look like much right now, but it's deceiving. what's falling looks like rain. you have to keep an eye on the thermometer. if it's at or below 32, all of this is then ice. take a look at what the ice did to the roads yesterday. we saw cameras pick up this pickup truck that was spinning on the ice through the media and stopped just in time. fortunately, no one was injured in that spin-out. and in watertown, new york, it was all about the snow. days of lake-effect snow produced up to five feet in some areas so residents are still digging out n. this area, we have seen most of the roads pretreated and that is helping
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to alleviate the problems on the roads this morning. also several schools that have been delayed or closed in path of the storm. so eventually we are going to see the freezing rain turn over to all rain and eventually some snow up across new england. al will have more a few minutes. matt? >> thank you very much. natalie has a break duh there is in the airasia flight 8501 story. >> that's right. divers found the plane's second black box and not able to pull it up from the sea floor yet. nbc's kelly kobayia has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, divers recovered that flight data recorder, the first of the two black boxes early this morning. it's now on the way to jakarta for analysis. >> it's the clue searchers have been looking for, the first black box in water to protect it from corrosion. it wasn't in the tail section of the plane. searchers pulled that mangled
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wreckage saturday. divers spotted the flight recorder under the wing near a part of the jet's engine. the voice recorder is believed to be close by. both are key to finding out why flight 8501 went down december 28th in bad weather. the plane is being recovered bit by bit. seats and scraps of metal. searchers are still looking for more than 100 passengers and crew. in the small village in surabaya, they spent the last two weeks by the phone. >> they found your brother? he buried his sister-in-law. now his brother. his mother and niece still missing. for him the black boxes don't matter right now. he told me it's more important to find our family's bodies. we need to put their souls to rest, he says. still no sign of that fuselage according to divers. in terms of the black boxes and the data on them, it could be several weeks. possibly a month before we have our first answers. natalie? >> kelly in indonesia for us,
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thank you. president obama is taking steps in the fight against data hacking. the president is urging congress to pass legislation requiring companies to inform customers within 30 days if their data has been hacked. it comes in the wake of recent data breeches at sony, home depot and target. the president will also propose a bill that would prevent companies from selling student data to third parties. then there were four. the super bowl picture getting a little bit clearer after a weekend of very exciting games. on sunday, the indianapolis colts pulled off the upset win over the broncos. andrew luck had a pair of touchdown passes and indy will take on new england in next sunday's championship game. then the game everybody is talking about this morning, the nfc, green bay packers held on to beat the dallascowboys after a controversial call. des bryant appeared to bring dallas to the 1 yard line with that catch.
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looked like an amazing catch, right? but the call was overturned because the ref said the ball touched the ground first. they ruled it incomplete. green bay travels to seattle to take on the seahawks next sunday. a lot of heartbreak for dallas. it looked like a catch. >> amazing catch, but the rule is the rule. i think a lot of disappointed fans in dallas and elsewhere over that one. thanks very much. al is in los angeles with more on the winter storm. we got lucky for the golden globes. it stopped raining before the stars started arriving. >> that's right. we were all -- but they needed the rain here because of the drought. take a look at the mid-atlantic states back into the midwest. we have got freezing rain advisories and winty weather advisory advisories. as you look at the radar, we have a lot of wet weather. snow back through cleveland and the camera in cleveland is completely covered in snow. we have got rain in washington,
7:15 am
d.c. and some frozen precip moving north of that. here's what we're looking for in the morning hours into the afternoon. snow from st. louis and cleveland and syracuse. on into new england. wet weather. it stays warm enough along the coast of boston and new york city. rain in the low ceiling. that may cause airport delays and the same for washington and atlanta and philadelphia as well. the ice accumulations anywhere from about 1/10 of an inch to a quarter of an inch in upstate new york into connecticut that could cause problems on the roads and at the airports. we will be back with your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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. :16. happy monday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. there is fog out there although looking good through the south bay. trivalley a different story. once that fog burns off we have a nice day ahead, temperatures climb into the mid-60s and we'll stay nice and steady temperature wise, all the way throughout the week. now we really need that rain, it's going to return to the forecast on saturday. more on that in just moments. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. now to the reason we are here in los angeles. the 72nd golden globes. a night of big moments and some surprise winners. >> good evening. good evening and welcome, you bunch of despicable spoiled minimally talented brats.
7:17 am
>> tina fey and amy poehler were back for the third and final run as hosts, and they didn't pull any punches. >> bill cosby has spoken out about the allegations against him. cosby admitted to a reporter, i put the pills in the people! the people did not want the pills in them. >> as for the night's big winner, a drama 12 years in the making. >> and the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> richard linkleiter. >> patricia arquette. >> acting trophies went to michael keaton, julian moore and an emotional amy adams. >> it's so wonderful that women today have such a strong voice and i have a 4 1/2-year-old and i'm so grateful to have the women in this room. you speak to her so loudly. >> on the tv side, internet programming beat out broadcast and cable in several categories. >> i want to thank amazon.
7:18 am
>> amazon prime instant video queued up its first wins for the best ever wins for transparent. >> kevin spacey, house of cards. >> netflix fan favorite house of cards kevin spacey took home his first golden globe. >> i can't [ bleep ]. >> george clooney stole the spotlight. >> george clooney married this year. amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case, was an adviser regarding syria and was selected for a three-person commission investigating rules of war violations in the gaza strip. so tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> the newly married clooney wearing his wedding tux turning the spotlight back to his bride. >> it's humbling when you find someone to love. each better if you have been waiting your whole life. >> awe! be still my heart.
7:19 am
>> he needs to stop making all of us look bad. >> what's with this guy? >> if i was amal i would have dissolved into a ball of gooey mush. >> you did. >> that was all the alcohol. what were people talking about online? >> a lot of things. social media, let's go to the west coast orange room here. lights up during awards shows anyway. the globes were no exception. during three-hour broadcasts, there were 2.6 million globe-related tweets, a high point for chatter was when margaret cho appeared in character. a lot of people were talking. the margaret cho is the gift that keeps on giving. merrill streep was cornered into taking a photo with her. they were upstaged by the imp promptu into the photo bomb hall of fame. the night's most tweeted is tina
7:20 am
fey and amy poehler. rob lowe tweeted that amy and tina should host everything in the world to the end of time. tupperware parties, presidential debates. #genius. more is coming up. >> they were awesome. coming up, al goes one on one with the night's big winners. >> has it sunk in yet? >> i'm excited. >> and matt. >> we will go live to texas where excitement is at a fever pitch for tonight's college football national championship game. first on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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a very good monday morning to you. can is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. live look at the golden gate bridge where a movable barrier is in place. crews got it installed hours before this morning's deadline. the median occupies the lanes in either direction. the speed limit is now 45 miles per hour for drivers headed towards the bridge from the north bay. emergency crews had to use the jaws of life to free a police officer whose car crashed during a chase. it happened after a routine traffic stop in san leandro. the officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries when his patrol car couldn't
7:27 am
handle a tight turn and hit a cement pile in oakland. the driver of the other car being chased got away. a millpitas 7 event on milmont drive hit the superlotto. the unidentified winner or winners won around $3.5 million. it's a little under $2 million if you take it for lump sum. luck be a lady in the bay area christina. >> hopefully somebody will come forward and claim that prize soon and congratulations, if you already know. san francisco showing you a foggy sky. we do have quite a bit of fog out there but here is the story for the week. temperatures will stay steady comfortable in fact. we have a spare the air day in effect and likely tomorrow we'll be stirring in the air as well. there's rain as we get into the weekend and this is the talk of the town. we need this rain desperately. it arrives as we head through saturday into sunday. we'll have more on your forecast
7:28 am
in just moments. happy birthday mike inouye. >> thank you christina and happy new center divider for the golden gate bridge. laura showed you this already, wanted to confirm it's still there and moving well but that fog is a factor slowing you down, look at your slowing because of the new speed limit laura told you about. 45 miles per hour from the waldo tunnel across the foggy span. more fog to the north of san rafael. slowing down into the area because of the lower visibility. skies clearing up in concolored but a slow drive including the bay bridge toll plaza. >> happy birthday, our friend mike. another update in half an hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:30 on this monday morning, the 12th of january, 2015. what we wear to hollywood's biggest party of the year. stars who shine and shimmered the brightest on the golden globe red carpet. didn't jeremy say it best? there were a lot of golden globes on that carpet. >> there were. yes, there were. >> guys? everybody looked great, i thought. >> funny how quiet they were. how renner can get away with it. we can't. let's take a look 59 theed had lines. a massive storm system causing a lot of travel problems for much of the eastern half of the country today. a mix of rain sleet, and snow
7:31 am
stretching from missouri to the mid-atlantic and even into parts of new england. >> john kerry will fly to paris to take part in talks on countering extremist violence. the obama administration was criticized for not sending a senior official there. >> divers retrieved the flight data recorder from air asia flight 8501 found under a piece of the wing in the java sea. they located the cockpit voice recorder and working to recover it. guys? >> thanks so much. the big story is the golden globe awards. al you have one of the best seats in the house. >> i was pretty lucky. i got to spend my evening in the winner's circle. >> and the golden globe goes to boyhood. >> congratulations. an overnight success.
7:32 am
>> it's an inspirational movement. it really is. how is playing steven hawkins changed your outlook. >> steven was given a five-year death sentence when he was 21. every day beyond that has been a gift for him. >> it is a terrific performance. >> we have a little something for you. something to take away. the golden globe caricaturist is working feverishly. >> can i have them? that's amazing. wow. thank you. >> julian moore. >> the film had a -- it almost felt like a documentary like you were watching these real lives. >> generally it's from the point of view of a care giver or
7:33 am
family member. to really examine it from the inside out to talk about what it actually feels like is unusual. >> wow. can you imagine that you would end here with this award? >> she goes to yes, but -- >> with jill it's brilliance and his performance. i think at the table i knew he would be here with them. >> kevin spacey, house of cards. >> no one more surprised man me. >> why? >> when the affair won a best drama series i thought well it's not our year. apparently surprised enough that i dropped the f bomb right there on national television. >> i can't [ bleep ]. >> congratulations. wait we have something for you. hold on. just a second. it's the golden globe kevin
7:34 am
spacey caricature. >> wow. that looks absolutely nothing like me at all. >> exactly. >> who does it lock like. it looks nothing like me. did you draw this? were you drunk? who drew this? thank you very much. >> that's awesome. am i crying? >> yeah. >> that's awesome. thank you, al. thank you so much. i heard you were going to guest star on our show. >> absolutely. i'm going to be there. >> we have plenty of roles. >> for a strikingly good-looking bald black man? hello! >> billy bob thornton. >> you got the golden globe, but we wanted to give you this. >> that's great. that's fantastic. it points out all your flaws. >> that's what we like to do. you are feeling good about yourself and we want to bring you back. >> the high forehead guy and it's all over.
7:35 am
>> billy, congratulations. >> we actually hadsculptor working in the back. he was taking too long. >> you only have one night. how about the weather job. weather. >> right. i gotta do that. let's show you what we have got going on. more cold air coming in. it's not brutally cold air, but enough to remind you we are in the midst of winter as high pressure pushes down into the north and the new england area. minneapolis this morning and afternoon 4 degrees. kansas city 26 and chicago 22 and dallas will be 10 degrees below normal with a high of 45 degrees and tomorrow morning look at the temperatures to start the morning off. it will be rough and during the day it's not thank you, al. we have some really thick fog. this is dublin right now, where it's hard to even make out the
7:36 am
cars in the distance. san jose we're starting to see a lot of clearing and we look towards a really comfortable day with temperatures hitting the mid-60s. more of the same all week long. i hope you like temperatures above average. the good news is you can enjoy them comfortably because of that rain on the way. that will arrive when we head into this weekend. we'll have more coming up in moments. hope you have a fantastic day. >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up on trending tina and amy's funniest moments from the golden globes and we put them all together. there were more but we put them all in 45 brilliant seconds. >> the super bowl in the excitement surrounding tonight's first ever college playoff national [announcer:] how does animation work? you need a team.
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after just one shower. coughequence #5. the sleepless night. sorry. robitussin dm max nighttime's dual action liquid instantly soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. . >> it's 7:41 on a monday morning. history will be made in texas with college football's first ever national playoff championship game. for some fans, this is a bigger deal than that other title game the super bowl. national correspondent craig melvin is in arlington outside at&t stadium. >> good morning to you, as well. the crowd out here in north texas, it was back in 1939 in
7:42 am
ohio state in the first basketball championship. college basketball championship. that's the only thing that the same two teams write a new chapter in sports history tonight. >> after more than a century of goal games, college football debuts the first playoff between the buckeyes and oregon's ducks. the new playoff system scored huge ratings, more than 28 million viewers watch each of the semi final games. >> the excitement that has been building we are going to break a record for the most people to watch a cable tv program. >> will the championship game be in the same league as the super bowl that drew 111 million viewers last year. >> is this in the super bowl? >> i'm a season ticket holder
7:43 am
nfl and ohio state. to me this is bigger than the super bowl. this is real football. >> it's right there with the super bowl. >> in vegas, organ is favored by 6 1/2. veterans call ohio state the underdog. jimmy fallons's puppies confirm it. >> oregon will win. >> despite predictions, the game will be action-packed. florida state in last week's bowl. led by the heisman trophy winning quarterback. ohio state is the third string quarterback played only two games in the career last week's alabama.
7:44 am
>> in the interest of equal times, i have changed my ohio state marching band set for tonight. more than 70,000 folks descended on north texas and should be quite the exciting game. >> that was a very slick move. that was very, very well done. craig, thank you very much. we want to know who you are going to be cheering for. the hash tags to use on twitter. #oregontoday or #ohio statetoday. coming up katy perry opens up about her rise to music superstardom and plans for the halftime show and that other big football game the super bowl. carson has the most thanks. ♪ ♪
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not only entertaining to watch -- >> let's talk about television. >> i'm told we are running out of time. our apologies, television. >> -- but also to like, tweet and share. before the first celeb stepped foot on the red carpet, many showed off their looks online. once there the facebook lounge gave stars the chance to answer fans' questions. >> favorite things i like to do on my day off is sleep in, of course, play with my kids and dog and spend quality time with my husband. >> my favorite film is "steel magnolias." >> i wish i had been in airplane. >> any movie with cate
7:50 am
blanchette. >> the bruno mars song uptown funk. i love it. tie vine 360 cam allowed for a well-rounded view. during pre-show, the nbc peacock view was trending after being mistaken as a tattoo. while on instagram, the gloelden globes gave viewers a look backstage at all the winning moments. >> i'm going to have to get a little peacock tattoo work done today maybe. the cartoonist for the new yorker was sketching the show as it was happening. pretty cool sketches going on. the host and there was j-lo and a sketching of prince. yet another way -- it's not whoopie goldberg. another way people took in the event online. savannah? >> al's caricatures with kevin spacey. coming up, the night's most talked about looks including george clooney's red carpet debut. matt? >> plus, a supermarket challenge
7:51 am
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. [ gunfire ] pretty chaotic scene caught on video in the a chris brown concert in san jose. shooting sent people running for cover, it happened about 1:00 yesterday morning at the fiesta nightclub on monterey road. the shooter is still at large. the singer was not hurt. starting today a week-long strike at kaiser hospitals across the bay area. more than 2,000 mental health workers are expected to walk off the job. union members are planning picket lines at some three dozen locations statewide. live look at the golden gate bridge, a new movable median barrier is in place. it occupies about six inches of lane space in either direction. you have to slow down for 45 miles per hour and slow down for the fog as well christina. >> it's really hard to see across the bay area. good morning.
7:57 am
46 degrees in half moon bay, at 50 in san francisco so even though it's a spare the air day not too cold out there and you do know you can't burn that firewood it's illegal, unless it is your only source of heat. it's not too cold and as we head throughout the afternoon it will be comfortable. showing you a live look at san jose, fog really starting to clear here thick in the trivalley and in san francisco. we're starting to see improvement all across the board. temps will end up in the mid-60s for today and we're going to stay sunny before rain moves in. more on your extended forecast in a moment. here's mike and your drive. >> you have this shot with you in the trivalley, the dublin westbound, 580, moves slowly. it is not because of the density of traffic but the depsnsity of fog and low clouds. 580 backed up eastbound, slower drive for that commute and the lower visibility down through sunol, pleasanton. the earlier crashes have cleared to the shoulder a tough south bay commute. back to you. >> thank you very much.
7:58 am
another news local update for you in half abhour. we hope to see you then. better brands at better prices to help you maxx what matters most to you... anytime. maxx life. shop ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the glitz and glamor from the globes. we will break down the hottest trends from tonight's big show. >> i put on this big red dress to match the red carpet. >> and go behind the scenes at the after parties. >> on your mark, get set -- >> simple swaps on the special series start today. carson and jenna share their go to groceries. >> where is the hummus? >> my go to. >> how do your favorites stack up and cutting up to $140,000 calories out of your family's diet each year. ♪
8:01 am
and super bowl superstar katy perry gives willie exclusive details about her big halftime show. >> can you give us a hint of what you might see? >> i will just tell you that my entrances and my exits -- >> today, monday, january 12th, 2015. ♪ >> first time in new york city! go buckeyes! >> good morning, alabama! >> from wyoming up in the plaza. >> hello, california! woo! >> and back now with a special edition on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer along natalie morales. savannah, al, and carson are out in los angeles after the golden globes.
8:02 am
a couple of moments. how about prince showing up? >> huge entrance. >> the room lit up. people were freaking out. >> yeah. >> and savannah, from our perch, how about when the doors of that suv opened up and george and amal clooney stepped out. >> the bleachers went crazy. something going on here? people were flipping out to see amal clooney live and in person and to talk to her on the red carpet. >> there were big stars walking by when they came out and nobody paid any attention to them. >> j-lo was right behind them. >> it was a lot of fun. more ahead. we know that. we also have exciting news to share and proud to announce a new addition to the "today" team. it's a puppy. let us explain. >> that's right. we will be helping to raise a
8:03 am
puppy from the nonprofit guiding eyes for the blind. we will help train the 10 week old to be a guide dog and introduce you to our pup we a purpose right here on wednesday as the little guy gets set to call our studio for the next 16 months. he will have a professional trainer, of course. we will help them along. >> and have a lot of newspaper. >> everywhere. it will be a lot of clean up. >> first a check of the headlines. >> police agencies in the u.s. have new reason to be on guard for attacks inspired by al qaeda and isis. a woman wanted for last week's terror in france escaped that country. nbc news' chief foreign correspondent in paris, richard engel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that woman, hayat boumeddiene was not even in france at the time of the attacks. she was traveling to istanbul and staying in turkey for about
8:04 am
a week. they were watching her in coordination with french intelligence, but she slipped across the border into syria where presumably she could have the protection of isis and it would be difficult for law enforcement to catch her. here in france, across paris, security has been dramatically increased. about 10,000 police and soldiers to be deployed over 24 hours or so in front of jewish schools and monuments as isis renewed an old threat to attack western targets, including the united states. natalie? >> richard engel in paris for us. thank you. john kerry is brushing aside criticism of the u.s. for not sending the president or vice president to paris to that march. kerry said the u.s. had supplied valuable intelligence and law enforcement to france throughout the week of terror and he said the u.s. relationship with france is not about one day or one moment.
8:05 am
kerry will travel to france on thursday in a show of support. a messy mix of rain, sleet, and snow is causing travel problems from the midwest to new england. spinouts and fender benders were common in the nation's heartland. upstate new york saw heavy snow and freezing rain can cause slippery roads and sidewalks along the east coast and could see blackouts if ice builds up on the power lines. a ski slope accident caught on camera shows a 9-year-old boy's moment of terror. the boy apparently slipped out of his seat in a pennsylvania ski resort. he dangled as rescuers scramble to help him. he fell on to the snowy ground. he suffered a leg injury, but otherwise thankfully okay. elephant mating season in thailand can be dangerous for humans. one elephant was found denting the hood of a car and breaking the windshield.
8:06 am
nobody was hurt. an elephant rampaged through the outdoor restaurant. males are forced to leave herds to find a mate that can leave them feeling lonely and stressed. >> some cars look like elephants apparently. bob jaeger just said -- that was a joke about a trunk. we won't go there. >> oh, my. you can tell we had no sleep here. >> another check of the weather from al in los angeles. al? >> all those cars had trunks too. anyway. i have been up late also. give me a break. so look. we have a messy mix here. snow to the north. we have this pink where you are looking at frozen presip and the
8:07 am
green is rain. boston is looking at wet weather. pittsburgh looking at snow. it's going to be an interesting day today until it all warms up and moves out. in the meantime, here's what we are looking for today. we look for the wet weather down to the southeast. down into central florida. icy mix in the northeast and snow in new england. fog down along the gulf coast and an icy mix as well back to the southwest up into the western plains. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of th hey, good morning, bay area. this is a live look at dublin where the fog is finally lifted bo the freeway. looks like traffic is slow. we're going to get an update from mike. 44 degrees on the peninsula. 44 for the south bay. temperatures are going to climb nicely. this is above average. you put things into perspective by thinking, hey, 58 degrees is the average.
8:08 am
could be much colder. unfortunately, our air quality continues to suffer, but we're going to keep these beautiful temperatures coming in all week long. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. coming up on trending the third time is real charm. the funniest moments from tina fey and amy poehler's hosting duties at the golden globes. and want to lose 40 pounds in 2015? we will tell you the simple swaps you should be making at the grocery store. savannah? and our fashion pros are up early to break down the hottest trends. we will talk about it all. first these messages. ♪ taxes are your year, only much simpler. you can handle simpler.
8:09 am
intuit turbotax. it's amazing what you're capable of.
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8:11 am
>> per we are back at 8:11 in los angeles. time for what's trending and everybody out here is >> we are back at 8:11 in los angeles. time for what's trending and everybody out here is talking about the golden globes. let's kick it off with the ladies who got the party started. tina fey and amy poehler, the dynamic duo not holding back. here is a look at their best moments. >> we are so happy to be here hosting the 72nd and final golden globe awards. the biggest story in hollywood this year was when north korea threatened an attack if sony pictures released "the interview," forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it. patricia arquette is here. wonderful. there still great roles for women over 40 as long as you are hired when you are under 40.
8:12 am
>> steve fox took two hours to put on including hairstyling and make up. it took me three hours to prepare as human woman. >> george clooney married this year. amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case and an adviser in syria and selected for a three-person commission in the gaza strip. so tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> that was funny. >> they were really good. >> i can't believe it's their last year. >> they made a point of saying it. >> they said that. you know what, never say never. >> that's how i feel about it. see you next year. >> ricky gervais. maybe he will come back. >> a lot of cringy, what's he going to do. some say it's a tad awkward.
8:13 am
jeremy renner was with j-lo and he caught her off guard. take a look. >> and the golden globe goes to. you want to open it. >> i have the nails. >> you got the globes too. >> jeremy renner saying what people were thinking. >> we were thinking it. >> i kept thinking he was looking down at the cards. >> at the cards. doing a little research. it's hard to stun a room full of jaded celebrities, but man was able to do it with his surprise appearance. >> ladies and gentlemen, prince! >> call it purple rain, reign, get it? when prince showed up to present best original song, he is so prince. who rocks gold pants and a cane? allison's face expressed what everyone was feeling.
8:14 am
>> so many famous people in the room and it just goes to show what an icon prince is. just weird in the mix. allison's face lit up like it was god up there. >> i was sitting there and saying is that prince? it's prince! >> jennifer lopez and prince both are going back in time. they look so young. >> he has not aged at all. >> not at all. >> it's amazing. always trending the day after a big award show is red carpet fashion. >> it was prime time for fashion and we had a prime spot to capture all of the excitement. >> i had two things in my closet and sewed them together. i'm happy with it. >> i hardly recognized you. you look fantastic. >> amal, nice to meet you. >> a pleasure to meet you.
8:15 am
>> i'm wearing cecil. >> and the shoes! that's amazing. man. >> i'm trying to dazzle you. >> you have done so. >> i want to replay that in my mind every morning when i wake up. >> trying not to let the dress get soggy. >> looking good. you are a sweet piece of man. you really are. >> thank you. that's what i said about you on the way in. >> look at this. that's a watch. >> oh, my gosh. it is. it's not digital. >> no. we're old school. >> old school, baby. >> a little spin. you look lovely. >> we are seeing blue tuxedos. it's sharp. >> the blue tux. >> a lot of them around here today. i thought i was a trailblazer. >> and the blue tux. very nice. >> how can you point to that tux when you look that dapper. >> go on. no. stop it.
8:16 am
stop it some more. >> i put on a big red dress so i could match the red carpet. >> red is just the hot color. >> red is always fun. it always stands out and the color of love and it's bright. >> who is this? >> this is st. laurent. >> say no more. >> and if you can't get enough of all the fashion hollywood award season just getting started. for my money, allison williams rocked it. >> i have to tell you, al, i loved allison williams' dress, but let's get the experts. the senior fashion editor at marie clair and the fashion and lifestyle expert. good morning, ladies. we gave away our favorites. let's start with you. who did you love? >> julianne moore nailed it. she always does. she can wear fashion without
8:17 am
looking fashiony and she was beautiful and couture. personally made for her. i love the wet look. that is the feathery fluffiness at the bottom. beautiful. >> you like siena miller? >> absolutely. i love the embroidery she does girlie meets rock 'n' roll. the hair and the messy do and the earrings and clean face. just cool. >> you get in on this. >> i'm with you and al. allison williams i loved. that was armani and a beautiful strapless red gown she said was so heavy. she had to have the fitting and it couldn't go on a hanger. >> can i touch that dress? it's like tiny pieces of something. >> she was working out. and j-lo of course. i don't know what she uses on her skin, but it's like toffee. it's gorgeous. that dress had a cape. she flew around the red carpet. >> it's amazing.
8:18 am
>> let's talk about amal clooney. it's her red carpet debut really. what did you think? >> it was dior and very chic. she had been involved in the sketching process and she rocked a pair of leather white gloves that was her idea to add. it was interesting. her wedding we saw lots of bold prints and bright color. this was george's night and i will be the elegant wife. >> she looked regal. >> i could live without the white leather gloves, but she was still designing the night before. >> it was a gorgeous dress. it was. we have to do it. misses. do you have people who didn't have their best fashion night? >> lana del rey. it was a vintage dress. i don't think it was very well fitting and think she is such a cute girl she could have worn something more youthful.
8:19 am
>> i found it hard. usually that's sometimes the fun part. honestly everybody nailed it and i loved all the looks. >> people like you like it when they take the hits. do you think anybody came through? emma stone wore pants. >> she has done that and she always nails it. she went with this number with the heavily embellished top. the 3d crystal idea was big. from the feathers on valentino and clair danes. >> what about lorde? >> i loved lorde. this is one of my favorite looks. totally different. her hair was straight back and a bright red lip and bling. all three things she doesn't normally do and a crop top which she switched for the after party. that was a different look and it was bright and fun.
8:20 am
>> speaking of big color on the red carpet, red. a lot of red. >> yeah. yellow as well. heidi klum. >> so much red. heidi klum with a mix of burgundies. >> that kind of winy color. others. who else did you like? emily blunt. >> that was one of the trends. a dramatic cut out. a custom-made dress. a lot of people had their dresses made as opposed to off the runway. >> i thought she looked pretty. she had a dress and had a baby 20 minutes ago. >> yes, 2o minutes ago. >> she was gorgeous. >> she looked insane. i love that. >> looked really, really pretty. let's get to it. another trend last night. should i say va va voom? >> cleavage. >> low cut. i predicted we would see a lot
8:21 am
of thigh. but a lot of chest. it was gorgeous. j-lo defeated it. kate hudson super sexy. that body. i need to know what she is doing in her work out. that's insane. >> it's not a workout. it's what the good lord gave you. >> always fun to catch up with you guys. thank you. you want to get more on trends from the red carpet. catch louise later this morning and now back to matt. >> super bowl is another big show that attracts a lot of attention. pop superstar katy perry will perform. >> we know katy perry always goes big from the songs to the videos to sold out tours and she is ready to put her stamp on the world's biggest music show. in 2014, few pop stars roared
8:22 am
like katy perry. she had a quadruple platinum album and sold out world tour. now she is joining an elite club of artists stepping on to music's biggest stage. >> welcome to my halftime show testing facility. what if we covered the stadium in glitter? >> what was the phone call like? were you stunned? >> i was weeping all day. i could well up right now.d? >> i was weeping all day. i could well up right now. >> 115 million people watched the super bowl show. does that make you nervous? >> can i be honest and say yes? can i be human and say yes. i will be nervous, but i'm going to recycle the nerves and make them adrenaline. >> katy has been rehearsing for
8:23 am
weeks and planning big surprises. >> can you give us a hint? >> my entrances and my exitsexits exits ---o excited about them. my eyes. >> at the super bowl in 1996 diana ross did her set and left in a helicopter. >> i know. >> that's a high bar. >> yeah. don't think i didn't request a helicopter like pink and polka dotted. >> you are not performing alone. you have a cool announcement to make. >> i do. my first special guest is going to be a rock 'n' roll icon and guitar god. i will have lenny kravitz on the show. the king of cool. >> katy is the queen of twitter. she has 63 million follower more than anyone on the planet. >> you tweeted something at the end of november which i loved. you just won three american music awards and tweeted this.
8:24 am
three amas and the super bowl. not long ago i was playing guitar on the streets of santa barbara for $20 a day and an avocado. wow. how do you begin to process, katy going from playing on the streets for avocados at a farmer's market to playing the super bowl. >> i created this world and i made it myself with my own strength. >> people scrutinize everything. what you say and what you wear and who you date. does that side of fame get old to you? >> a lot of them are trade offs. i don't necessarily get to go out and grab my own coffee all the time because it turns into a thing, but i get to grab coffee for everyone else. >> this halftime show is crazy. >> while mum on her love life the super bowl rosters may not be a bad place to look.
8:25 am
>> maybe i will have an assistant print out everyone's picture. we'll see. >> she is ready for the big game. it's interesting to see even a star as big as katy perry gets the phone call about the super bowl and breaks down into tears. that's how big it is. >> over 100 million people. no more hints on the exit and the entrance. here's all she would say. there is a retractable roof at the stadium where it will be played in glendale arizona. that roof whether it's open or closed will come into play. i don't know what that means. is it parachutes? >> if it's parachutes it better be open. you can catch the super bowl including katy perry's halftime show. february 1st here on nbc. savannah and al? >> thank you. >> still ahead, everybody always wondered what the stars do after the golden globes. >> party.
8:26 am
and al will hit the hottest parties of the night. >> you won't believe it. i have been banned from three from next year. >> i heart a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura-garcia cannon. a i've look at golden gate bridge this morning where a new movable barrier is in place. that's not the golden gate bridge. that is. a foggy look, in fact. there's that movable median barrier there in the center of the bridge. it was installed well before this morning's deadline. the median actually occupies about six inches of lane space in either direction. also the speed limit is now ten miles per hour lower for drivers headed toward the bridge from the north bay. that's 45 miles per hour for those drivers. crews are expected to take their first stab at changing the median sometime this morning between 9:30 and 10:30.
8:27 am
honing to help the morning commute. let's check in with mike. >> we'll start in the south bay for folks as we get a look out towards san jose. there we go. there's a look at the maps over here. that's okay. we're looking at northbound 101, which is still very slow. we also see west 237, which is jammed toward 101. an earlier crash has cleared. the other crashes have cleared from the lanes, but they are still on the shoulder, adding to additional distraction. the northbound commute is starting to ease up a bit. san mateo bridge still slow. also fog out there. back to you. >> looks good. thank you.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this monday morning, 12th of january, 2015. we have facetime with some intercept people here in the crowd at 30 rock. we are back here in los angeles. >> and coming up after the show -- >> i was on the golden globes red carpet and i decided to rage like movie stars at the after parties. okay, there wasn't a lot of
8:31 am
raging but i did get some pretty good appies and dessert. >> yum. >> and now -- >> all right, guys. we will check back with you in a second. we know the answer to this. should you be making better choices at the grocery store? yes, of course you should. we will find out what we can learn from carson and jenna's face-off in a supermarket challenge. and the star of an unlikely video is here online and is here. we will talk about her new reality show celebrating your looks. first, al how about a check of the weather. raining here. >> as far as today, we will start off with an icy mix. snow from new england back into the valley and an icy mix as well and cooler in los angeles. a high of 68. tomorrow we are looking for sunshine to return to the northeast.
8:32 am
new england, wet weather through the southeast. it's still a little snowy around the rockies. sunshine up and down the west down, 49 and sunny in seattle. that's w 8:32. brand new day. we do have some really comfortable temperatures to kick off the day. could be much colder. 52 in san francisco. oakland at 44 degrees. the story of the day, still going to be hazy but better air quality is just days ahead. we're sparing the air for today. it's our 11th consecutive spare the air day. you have a give and take in the weather department. we're getting gorgeous temperatures. these will persist just about all week along. mid-60s today in the south bay. same in the peninsula and tri-valley. holding on to to the 60s until rain returns this weekend. "saturday night live" cast members tina fey and amy poehler shined as co-hosts of the golden globes. this is a big year. >> it certainly is.
8:33 am
the show is celebrating its 40th anniversary and in honor of the milestone we are teaming up with a new series we are calling "double check the snl archives." we collected from each of the show's five decades and we will take a look back at the best sketches from the '70s and want you to vote for your favorites. some include the popular and funny killer bee skit and samurai deli and the cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. and the hilariously confusing shimmer floor wax featuring chevy chase. there are 20 total nominees head to and watch them all. we are asking you to vote for your favorites and we will announce the winner this friday here on "today." let's go back to matt. >> announcer: start today is brought to you by kohl's. find your question kohl's.
8:34 am
thank you very much. starting today, some small changes can make a big difference in your 2015. nutritionist joy bauer is here to help you eat healthier and lose a little weight. this morning she puts carson and jenna bush hager into a cart-to-cart competition at the grocery store. >> let's do it. >> so many people have great intentions and they hit the super market and it's like a jungle. so many aisles and food products. >> my thing is you cannot go hungry because then you are in real trouble. >> i'm like you, i work a lot and i have a family and i want to be realistic. my kids will eat healthy, but i get confused. >> help us. >> i will give you guys a little bit of a challenge. you have three minutes when i blow this whistle. i want you to take off in different directions. >> which way is the ice cream? >> and you're going to come back, and i'm going to judge your baskets and we're going to see who and the savviest when it
8:35 am
comes to grocery store shopping. are you red academy. >> yes! >> on your mark get set -- >> fun cheeses. this is me. the brie. >> popcorn for the kids. >> jalapeno peppers. >> turkey breast. >> arugula. >> avocados. >> arugula. greek yogurt. excuse me. >> hey, there. >> oh, no! >> where is the hummus? >> my go to. >> there is my ezekial toast. >> peanut butter. there you are. >> oh hummus. >> team daley. >> 10 seconds! >> ah yeah. >> carson! >> sorry. i got distracted by the beer. >> let me look at carson's
8:36 am
first. >> the whole grains here. these are for the kids. we'll do bacon and eggs for breakfast. >> off lot of meat. i would love for you to eat more fish. peanut butter is fine. >> peanut butter is fine. avocados, do you make guacamole? here's a great tip. you can cut the calories in half by instead of making guacamole, make salsamole. half guacamole and half salsa. you will save yourself about 14,000 calories and from this one tip, you drop four pounds. you have whole grain bread and you make a lot of salad? >> i do. >> you chose something gluten free but made with whole grain. love blueberries. cheese. >> this is my weakness. >> for people that are looking
8:37 am
to lose weight, if they were to swap full fat cheese for 2%, you eat it all the time, this one swap can save you 18,000 calories at the end of the year and enable you to lose five pounds. analyzing yours and analyzing yours, i think you both did a valiant job, but i will say the winner is -- jenna. >> yeah yeah, yeah! >> i want a recount. >> jenna, i want to present you with a -- >> oh we both lose. >> carson. you get a bag of lemons. >> wonderful! thank you. >> i didn't realize carson was so competitive. jenna bush hager joins us now. carson has work to do. >> he did better than i thought. >> somebody who will not impress you. the speech you gave about the 2% cheese versus the regular cheese. what did you have for dinner last night? >> i had a cheese plate. i can't help it i'm a cheese
8:38 am
addict. >> it's great to go for the full mccoy, but for people who want to lose weight an ounce of full fat to and ounce of the reduced fat will save you 50 calories. if you do that most days, you can save a lot of calories. 18,000 calories i showed you. i will show you three other simple effective tips that anyone can do at the grocery store for a huge savings. first off, instead of full fat mayo, buy the low-fat mayo. you're going to shave 80 calories off every single tablespoon. instead of granola, this cereal is loaded with good stuff,uh if you're trying to lose the calories add up quickly. go for a light flaky cereal. when you pour that in the morning, one cup, this swap will save you 200 calories. instead of fatty stuff in chilies and taco meat i want
8:39 am
you to buy at least 90% lean turkey meat. if you do these swaps at the grocery store, you bring them home and follow through most days of the week matt you look skeptical. >> i'm still trying to get over the mayonnaise thing, that's all right. >> you're going to save yourself, begin, collectively at the end of the year 140,000 calories. >> what? >> that will enable someone to lose up to 40 pounds. let me put it into perspective. >> and you can have the cheese plate once in a while. >> it does. you have wiggle room. so that's most days of the week. so 140,000 calories looks like this. this is what you will save from entering your body. 20 domino's medium pizza pies plus 100 mcdonald's big macs. >> oh wait there is more. >> plus 1,000 -- drum roll
8:40 am
dunkin munchkins. >> no! >> you save all of these calories. 140,000 calories at the end of the year if you make those three swaps most days during the week. >> all of this you save. >> all of this. you can drop up to 40 pounds. it's not hard. >> that's easy. >> you know what the crew calls this? the weekend. this is the weekend right here. jenna, thank you very much. joy is back in the fourth hour with the five staples you should always have in your fridge and pantry. head to "today" for the simple meal plan to help you lose pounds this month alone. up next al takes you along for the ride as he goes party hopping after the golden globes. but first on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. >> is it bad that i want one of those?
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ we are back from l.a. with more of "today" at the gold up globes. most of us stopped after the show to catch a nap. some of us caught our cross-country flight. not our al roker. >> no, you know what the kids said yolo! you only live once. so i decided to go to hollywood's biggest party of the year. of course there is always stars at the parties, but you know you have a party when you have a dessert with your name on it. i have parties up the wazoo!
8:44 am
>> parties up the wazoo. how are you? what's your plan for tonight? the plan is to get away from me. that's a good plan. many people have followed that plan this evening. there is jessica. hi how are you? wow, sorry. i just violated the table etiquette. i think security's coming i've got to go. >> some people that didn't know everything you do, now you say you are a golden globe winner. >> you have that in front of your name now. >> it's forever now. >> wow. >> i'm putting it in my mom's house, though. >> oh that's sweet. >> i found a lot of the women looking orange. kind of like john boehner. i was like why are they all doing that spray tan stuff? >> get into the party as soon as you can. if i want food, get there before anyone else. >> it's like a savory donut puff. >> if i want a drink, i go to the bar before everyone else and just chill out for the rest of the night. >> we're going to head over to
8:45 am
in style to see if i can do any better. people are trying to avoid me. what's your party plan tonight? >> you know i'm going to get myself a drink and then try to have a [ bleep ] great time. >> your party strategy tonight, what is that? >> i was hoping you could help me out. because i hear you are quite the party animal. >> get et roker. >> hey! we're dancing. did you check out taylor swift dancing over there? >> we're looking for oprah, have you seen oprah? that's who we are looking for. i'm looking for oprah. >> we are looking for a crowd of people. >> if you found a huge crowd, we know oprah is there. >> so there you have it the other parties are private. that's where i'm headed next. so no cameras allowed.
8:46 am
>> al you crazy teenager. >> well, there was no outraging, but it was interesting. a lot of folks were in out and off to the next party. >> celebrities don't like the camera with the light on it but next year just take your iphone and they won't know. go pro, maybe. >> celebrities love that. >> they will never see it. >> up next more on "my big fat fabulous
8:47 am
8:48 am
. >> more than 6 million views of her viral video fat girl dancing. whitney is using her fame for
8:49 am
good spreading a message of self acceptance on tlc's new reality show my big fat fabulous life. >> i see that video, so confident and fun. over six million views. your struggle with your weight was something that came on all of a sudden when you were in college. >> right. it's interesting. i started gaining weight when i got to college my freshman year and i gained over 100 pounds my first year. my struggled with body image even though i was thin before that and i was a dancer. i had issues forever. it's not something that is only for fat women. it affects all women. >> it has been a journey for you to come to this place of self acceptance and embracing the word fat in the title of your show. >> absolutely. when i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome it was difficult for me for a long time. fat is a dirty word in our society. after i started to become more confident and started dancing
8:50 am
again, i got angry. i'm fat, but i'm also fabulous and i am intelligent and i have contributions. my self worth is not dependent on whether i'm fat or not. i love my show and dancing videos and i would love to open up a dialogue that is more candid. there a lot more things that are worse than being fat. >> i love you. your message is great and inspiring and you put yourself out in the show. there is a part where you are trying on bathing suits. we are talking bikinis and you get some looks. that had to be pretty intimidating. what's it like for to you watch this now? >> you know i was nervous. i was going to see myself on and have that moment of wow, i'm fatter than i thought or that's the way i felt my whole life i'm happy to report i look at that and i think go girl. >> you talk about self acceptance and on the show you
8:51 am
say you are trying to lose weight. how do you balance the messages? >> right. i think wanting to lose weight and loving your body are not mutually exclusive. they can happen at the same time. i'm not ashamed and it doesn't affect my health work. i'm not naive to the health risks. i'm almost 400 pounds. i know i need to lose weight. i have no desire to ever be thin again. i want to be fit and healthy and happy. >> what advice do you have for people who are struggling with the same pressure to be in this thin world obsessed world. how do you tell them to conquer the fears? >>. >> the first thing is that even if you are not fat, you will probably never be thin enough to fit the ideal. if you want to gain confidence is realize that confidence is a product of action and not something that you have inside
8:52 am
you or you don't. you have to push out of your comfort zone and have to go past the boundaries and when you start living that way, it feels so good that you want more and more of it. you realize that you are awesome and you can do things and people respond to it. >> i just love you and you are going help me dance off. >> we're going to dance? >> we will do a little shake it off. yeah! my big fat fabulous life premiers tomorrow night on tlc. i'm so out of synch here. >> you are doing it. >> star of marry me casey wilson. first, this is today on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
. >> let's wrap things up with the gang on the west coast. al and sa van, what's going on? >> al will be back in the next hour. >> we have chat with friends in the winner's circle. >> we look forward to that. we have casey wilson with us. star of marry me. hi casey. did you see the globes? >> i sure did. i loved them. i love amy and tina. i would have you watched them for four hours.
8:55 am
tamron is here and you will be joining them in the next hour. >> i sure am. >> not too late to back out. >> i do actually have to leave. >> we had your handbags. >> this show is based loosely on your real life. your husband is a creator and you just announced you guys are expecting. >> great. >> thank you very much. >> we have a little something for you. >> a gift? >> every parent to be needs a "today" show onesy. >> do you think it will fit me? this is so cute. thank you. >> it will stretch. >> it looks great. thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> and we have a caricature. >> god plezase no. me in the delivery room. >> she will be back in the fourth hour and you can catch
8:56 am
marry me tuesday nights 9:00 8:00 central time here on nbc. savannah we will see you back in new york tomorrow. >> bye, guys. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. there's a new movable median barrier in place there in the center. the median occupies about six inches of lane space in either direction. also the speed limit, ten miles per hour lower for drivers headed towards the bridge from the north bay. it's 45 miles per hour. first median move is expected to take place a little later this
8:57 am
morning, and for good reason. it'll clear things up there. today is the bay area's 11th straight spare the air alert, tying the record set last year. air pollution again at unhealthy levels. and there's a ban on burning wood indoors and outdoors. another update in half an hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ ♪ deep inside... ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains...
8:58 am
you can't help but see the good.
8:59 am
you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
9:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news this is today's take with al roker natalie morales live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on a monday morning january 12th 2015. drizzly and cold, but a good crowd. i'm willie gift to with tamron hall and natalie morales. al is in l.a. with a late night partying. >> listen this is not anything we didn't do in college. >> how long ago. that's a little older. >> let's face it. this is -- you get to hang out with the folks.
9:01 am
you are back stage at the golden globes. it's okay. >> it's special. you are not complaining. >> you saw the highlights and everyone loved you and wanted to dance with you. >> actually everyone was avoiding me. >> chasing them around. >> yeah it was pathetic. >> you were great. you guys had a great time. >> i don't think people realize, natalie always looks terrific. what people don't realize, you were really sick. i mean to the point where you had to get a z pack. >> i promised the celebrities that i met, i'm on z pack. i'm not contagious. i'm good. it's since friday. >> huh a fever thursday night? >> yeah, i know. i broke the rule of coming to work. >> you can just get everyone sick. >> i powered through thanks to
9:02 am
one of the producers whose husband is a doctor. got me a z pack. much better overnight. tina fey and amy poehler knocked it out of the park again. i can't believe it's their last time. they can't. >> they can do a michael jordan. >> semi retired. you keep saying it's the last time so it's an uproar. >> they are in synch and it's perfect. too perfect to let go. >> a perfectly married towel. >> it's where did they go for a half hour. i want them to keep telling jokes over and over. they opened the show among many others talking about george clooney and his wife, amal in the opening monologue. >> george clooney married amal this year. she is a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case and was an adviser to covey a nan and collected for a three-person commission investigating rules
9:03 am
of war violations in the gaza strip. tonight her husband is getting a time achievement award. >> maybe the best joke of the night. >> last year the clooney joke was the best one. the gravity joke. >> they go back to clooney. >> they know he can take it. >> he accepted the honorary award and gave this tribute to amal. >> it's a humbling thing when you find someone to love. even better if you have been waiting your whole life and when your whole is 53 years. start the jokes. amal, whatever it is that brought us together, i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. >> that's not fair to the rest of us. how can you compete with that.
9:04 am
>> he's killing all of us. >> just copying him. >> use that as the example. >> you can copy him tonight at dinner. >> you can play that. >> i can speak those words. >> you take the words, you take the words but it's george clooney saying it. >> your wife won't look at it that way. they picked you over clooney. >> they didn't get a shot at clooney. if they had the shot at clooney. >> you don't know that. >> christina would have married willie. he could have had a shot with debra. game over. game over. >> just in our imaginary minds, your beautiful wives pick you over clooney. don't al gets back and gets
9:05 am
together. i need to talk to amal for a second. >> can i use that speech verbatim. don't say amal. change the name. change the woman's name. >> i don't know if christina will like hearing amal. >> whatever brought us together. >> don't read it. >> that was our way. >> he's a great man. >> he's all things amazing and everyone loves him. >> and he made that tuxedo. >> it's before joke time. >> oh, my gosh. >> there so many great moments. clooney among them. what i love is the globes always bring out new stars and we saw one shine really bright last night. gina rodriguez, just break out sensation on jane the virgin on
9:06 am
fox. stole i think one of the moments of the show early on with her acceptance speech. take a listen. >> my father used to tell me to say every morning today will be a great day. well dad today is a great day again and i did. >> i love it. cw network i meant to say. >> that's how stars are born. speeches like that. >> when she is on red carpet, so empowering and i love her message. really great. >> the big night. >> look, it was kind of sticky but to me, you can't go wrong with margaret cho. when she did that running gag with the north korean general, it was pretty cute. then they take the weekend and he photo bombs them. >> for me the moment of the night in a room full of the biggest stars in the world, it
9:07 am
takes someone like prince. he is the biggest star in the room. he presents the show for the best original show. they took a shot and couldn't stop cheering. at the site of this man. >> they had to feel good for him. it's incredible. >> making an entrance after that. >> he just absorbs all of that energy. he is blushing. this is not a girl pretending. he's a shy guy. it was a surprise. no one knew it. he was there to introduce the song that was an incredible moment. >> my favorite speech. >> the speech with john legend. we loved song and attended a couple of events for it.
9:08 am
his speech just to the moment of it here's some of what he had to say in his speech. >> as i got to know the people of the civil rights movement, i realized i am the hopeful black woman denied her right to vote and the caring white supporter killed on the frontlines of freedom. i am the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand, but was given a bullet. i am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty. selma has awakened my humanity. >> that was so incredible. >> wasn't it incredible. the fact that he was in the cast and has a song in the film that wins. to see oprah there crying, i was at home screaming and crying. it was the most beautiful moment there. it was so good. >> it was. >> it was great. one of those moments that did
9:09 am
make me laugh, crying my eyes out, the woman that i loved, perhaps my mom aunt, and then there is kristi teague an willie's friend as well. she was crying when john legend her husband was on stage. her cry face became an online sensation with peoples that took off. this is what she tweeted out when she said this is the fake cry face. another one said when you your stylist to cut half an inch and they take off three inches. another one said taylor shift is not going to show up to the golden globes and you want to stop watching. she spoofed the face and i love them. outside of george and amal, that's my favorite. >> that whole segment from the moment prince walked on stage to her cry face. that's the best part. >> what were you doing last night?
9:10 am
you sent me a text message. >> i was up late doing watch what happens live. >> you were kicking it with andy. >> we watched the globes and came on after that and talked about the globes. they did ask me about the "today" musical. he is obsessed. he watched anderson cooper and turned him on to it. he watched it like a thousand times, he turned andy on to it. >> what did he ask? >> which member of the "today" show cast has the worst voice. >> and you answered? >> it's not me. >> the worst singer on the "today" show musical? >> the worst singer on the "today" show musical was probably al roker. >> now willie, it is that we know that you kissed al roker. >> i did. >> how was it? >> it was wonderful. >> they asked me about the time you and i kissed on the valentine's day segment.
9:11 am
>> when we shot it i was seated next to al. his was the only voice i heard. i'm not saying i got a good one. i don't think any of us think -- >> natalie. >> i agree. i have a horrible voice. >> just like every day. >> keep going. you kidding me? you don't remember the lyrics? i can't get them out of my head. the love boat. >> the wiggles. >> here you are, al. i'm more distracted by his chris christie sweater. >> yeah and i also did a duet with neal diamond. >> you have a long history singing on the show. let's not forget. >> i knew al could mild conditions for us today. thank you, al. temperatures are going to end up
9:12 am
in the mid to upper 60s. that's comfortable for us, especially when you consider we're typically in the upper 50s this time of year. tuesday into wednesday, more of the same. should be looking at better air quality. thursday into friday temperatures will stay steady. we have rain in the forecast as we head throughout the end of the week to the weekend. we'll detail that during our 11:00 broadcast. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and that is your latest weather. >> we will be back with you in a minute. the movies and shows are great and all, but we will get to the folks we really care about. the fashion. inclu you park your car. as you walk away crunch! a garbage truck backs into it. so,you call your insurance company, looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers on? was there a dog with you? by the time you hang up you're convinced the accident was your fault. then you remember; you weren't even in
9:13 am
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9:16 am
instyle magazine and variety. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> let's start with fashion. who wins for the red carpet? >> julian moore hands down. i thought she looked phenomenal. she was wearing a custom dress, silver metallic long feathered detail at the bottom. it looked great. she made a statement. it's the golden globes and the beginning of award season. she made a statement and won. it was her night. she looked flawless and she won. she looked great. >> lupita is a bit controversial, but i liked it. she is not afraid of taking a risk. she makes a statement. this is the hombre purple detail and florals at the top. she's a risk taker. >> what about kate. >> she won for sexiest dress.
9:17 am
it had cut outs around the side. she has a great and this dress fit her like a glove. >> to paraphrase, there were a lot of golden globes out there. >> for sure. for sure. >> your favorite look? >> i think she just gave birth and she looked great. she was in a white wedding dress and looked fantastic. >> her newborn son approved her dress. >> let's talk about the show itself. the different tone this year. not as light as it has been. >> the oscars are serious usually. they are really fun. this year given everything that happened in the world the golden globes were very serious. you can see it from the opening monologue from tina talking about the hack to everyone talking about the terrorist attacks in paris and george
9:18 am
clooney's speech and speaking in french. it was a political night and hollywood likes to avoid politics, but last night they went all in and they were political. >> on the red carpet, there was an expression. >> so many signs and statements and during this time, it was very good. >> there was a lot of emotion it seemed last night. michael keaton calling his son his best friend. just amazing being acknowledge of his wife, amal. were you surprised at the amount of emotion? >> you can see amal crying and michael keaton tearing up. more tears than usual. i think giving everything that happened, hollywood has been through a rough time with the sony hack and north korea it was justified. people were expressing emotions they were feeling. >> take away from last night. boyhood earns three golden
9:19 am
globes. does that make it the front-runner? >> this is the movie they spent 12 years making drama made about $24 million. i think it will win the oscar now. you have all of them and the oscar voters won. pay attention. >> unlike the golden globes where you divide the comedy and dramas. it's michael keaton versus eddie. >> best actor. nominations come out on thursday, but it will likely be michael keaton and steven hawking. i think eddie has a little bit of an edge. >> all right. quickly, what's the trend we saw on the red carpet that we will probably see? >> metallics. huge, huge, huge. we saw so many people wearing metallics. we are going to see it again for the oscars. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still to come, never forget
9:20 am
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9:23 am
washes take care of intimate odor. vagisil odor block wash stops odor from happening for all day confidence. when you feel fresh all day you feel confident. vagisil. your intimate health experts. >> taking a look at the headlines, divers in the flight of 8501 founded second black box. the voice recorder is only about 66 feet away from where the data recorder was located but remains lodged beneath heavy wreckage on the sea floor. they pulled the data recorder out of the java sea. the fta put out the warning about the use of pain killers during pregnancy. they should consider very carefully the use of any pain medicine. they study both prescription and over the counter pain killers. they concluded there was not
9:24 am
enough evidence to say what is and is not safe. if you want a healthy heart, turn that frown upside down. your outlook on can have a big impact on your cardiovascular health. individuals with optimism have twice the odds of having a happy healthy heart compared to the more pessimistic counterparts. if you get anxious when you don't have your smart phone on you, you are not alone. research shows that cell phone separation can have serious effects including poor performance on cognitive tests. when participants were completing word puzzles, their heart rate increased and performance decreased. liam neeson's sequel taken 3 unseated the hobbit and took in an estimated $40 million. the civil rights drama selma was
9:25 am
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9:26 am
a very good morning to you. it's 9:26 on your monday. i'm sam brock. a live look right now at golden gate bridge where a new movable median barrier is in place, if you can see it under all that fog. crews got it installed before this morning's deadline. the median occupies about six inches of lane space in either direction, so a modification for drivers. also the speed limit is now 45 miles per hour for drivers headed towards the bridge from the north bay. it used to be 55. meantime, emergency crews had to use the jaws of life to free a trapped police officer whose car crashed during a chase recently. it happened this morning after a routine traffic stop. the officer suffered non-life threatening injuries when his
9:27 am
patrol car could not handle a tight turn. the car being chased did get away. and a 7-eleven is one of two stores that hit the jackpot this weekend in the state's super lotto. the second winning spot is in richmond. in each case the unidentified winner won around $3.5 million. now we'll just wait for them to come forward. that's a little under $2 million if you take the lump sum. still a nice chunk of change. we'll a look at your weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. fog still holding fight in san francisco. golden gate bridge is socked in. that extends across half the bay bridge. we're clearing out nicely here in the south bay. the same goes for the tri-valley, where it was really thick earlier. temperatures are going to be comfortable today. we'll end up in the mid to upper 60s. the north bay at 67 degrees. 64 here in the south bay. unfortunately, we still have that poor air quality, but looking better for air quality to improve as we head throughout
9:29 am
tuesday into wednesday. main rain moves in saturday. let's check the drive with the birthday boy. >> thank you christina. the san mateo bridge just five minutes ago things were crawling. better here. low clouds. live shot farther south through fremont. that's a slow drive through 880. now from the dunbarton bridge that's a slow drive. a smoother drive approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, where the metering lights are still on. slow through oakland. back to you. >> it is the little things in life, mike. we'll celebrate those brief breaks in life. happy birthday to you. see you all again in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
>> today it's monday morning january 12th and natalie and al are staggering around after the parties. >> it's al roker. he can handle it. >> i point out one thing. watch what happens live. one of the callers said i lot of "today" show and i love natalie and tamron and we want the flowers gone. how can i trust you? you gave your word that the ugly flowers would be gone. just for now. not forever maybe. >> they are plastic. >> we talked about the flowers. we tried to find -- we gave it a
9:31 am
viewer's vote. >> they were flowers or no flowers. i like no flowers. it obstructs the view from your line. >> that's what i was thinking. >> it's like hiding behind a big push. what's behind me? i was out in l.a. last week talking to katy perry playing the super bowl halftime show. she informed us that lenny graphis would be joining her on stage. it will be big. al's cousin. as big of a star as she is, when you get the super bowl phone call, it reduces you to tears. >> what was the nfl super bowl phone call like. were you stunned? >> i was weeping and weeping all day actually.
9:32 am
i can well up right now. >> 115 million people watched the super bowl show. does it make you nervous, that number. >> can i be honest and human and say yes, i will be nervous but i'm going to recycle those nerves and make them adrenaline. >> she does everything so big. you imagine what's about to happen. >> i love her. and lenny kravitz. she said her entrance and exit will be like diana ross. she said woo! and made herself shiver a little bit. >> and willie one thing she said was interesting. my first guest. >> she hinted there may be more surprises than she would let on to me. you might see others as well. february 1st on nbc is the super bowl party. >> all of our teams are out.
9:33 am
>> totally. >> no time now. what's going on? >> you know what, it was weird yesterday afternoon when we got to the red carpet. we heard this scream and realized it was cameron after that call on the 1 yard line. >> for the game. des bryant. that game and i know people said karma the week before it's okay. we will live to fight again. >> it was a great season. >> thanks, mom. that was a catch man. >> i can't see. is that a dog on your dress? >> it's a lovely flower. >> it's a flower. >> did you really say that on national tv? you asked me if there is a log. >> from the side it looks like a cartoon dog. >> if you look at it this way? >> he has the ears and the nose. >> you see the nose. i do. it being looks like eyes.
9:34 am
stand down. we will have to get you to take it off. >> i'm tired. >> girl code, natalie. >> i don't know. i see a leaf. now that al pointed that out. >> you have to see the weather. it's not. do your weather, man. >> do your weather man. i like that. icy conditions in parts of central new england into the allegheny snow. we are looking at snow through the rockies and icy mix into the southwest and rain in the pacific northwest towards determine. here's what you are looking at. wet weather through the southeast and sunshine through the great lakes, but very, very chilly. cool weather to texas. 42 in dallas and snow showers back to the
9:35 am
9:34. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a live look at a clearing sky above san bruno mountain. but i take you to the golden gate bridge still socked in with fog. please travel cautiously, although that fog is clearing nicely. temperatures are going end to up really comfortable today. 64 degrees in the south bay. 67 degrees in the north bay. more comfortable weather to continue into the week. a little bit of shower activity in the forecast into your weekend. more on that in just moments. and that is your latest weather. >> i just need -- >> i don't want to overstate this, but we are about to change your life. imagine never remembering a password again. >> for that doesn't rock your world, what about the thinnest tablet ever. a metric rocket skate. here from the consumer
9:36 am
electronics show that wrapped up in vegas is our tech expert. good it see you. >> 170,000 of us record breaking number of nerds flocked to vegas. i get to convince them that i work for the "today" show. >> here's a headline much the world's thinnest tablet. the cool part is six millimeters thin. but the three headlines here, yes for the thinnest tablets and the best displays on the market and it's durable. no worries. drop it and it's not going to break. >> perfect. i'm so excited about this. >> you are excited about this because it's great in terms of practicality. it's 79.99 and why is it great? not only will it charge two mobile devices, it will charge a lab top. times lighter than the average charger. it changes down to mac books
9:37 am
down to 13 inches. that should cover as a business traveler without having all these chargers to take with you. >> i love it. levitating speaker. >> why does one not need one. it was an innovation award winner and using the power of magic. it's the power of magnets. cool technology. 15 hours of battery and blue tooth speaker. a decent sound quality. >> this is to make your guests think they are drunk. >> $200 on the market right now. >> tell us about this app. >> this is cool. full disclosure. i worked with intel and they gave me a sneak peek and talk about the passwords we have on us. you never have to remember your password. it's free on the limited release right now. it allows you to sign in using face recognition technology. i can use my face to log me in in a matter of seconds. a lot of social networks up to
9:38 am
15 different areas in a second. i know you can't see it, but it is cool to see. you don't remember any passwords. dhek guy out. the world's first hd 360 degree camera. i like where we are going with this guy. this is called a 360 cam. the idea is you can watch videos in full e mercyive 3d experience. you know what, not only can i see we are going down a roller coaster, but i can see the guy's face. talk about sound quality and again getting 360 degrees. >> jumping to 23459ly. >> jumping ahead to act on rocket skates. these go up to speeds of 12 miles per hour. you have to take them off. i have customized her to 3 miles per hour. when she gets moving, she will get moving. the full part about these is they broke the funding record by about a half million.
9:39 am
we saw you on these in between brakes. >> i got it once. >> they are powered by the motor and when you get moving on these rocket skates, they are no joke. >> how do you stop them? >> they tilt back on the heels. >> get it going. >> trust me, they are great. >> she did. she pulled it off. thank you so much. up next it's where are all the winners going after getting their golden globes. it's called the al lounge. he latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98.
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(children laughing) he's so cute! what should we name him? (gasps) can we keep him? -please? mom, can we keep him? ahh! (both) pleaaaase? new pet? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs, and destroy dirt and grime. you only need scrubbing bubbles disinfecting cleaners for 100% problem solved. we work hard so you don't have to. sc johnson - a family company. back now live from los angeles they are still partying after the golden globes. the big winners were nice enough to stop boy and hang out with me. >> congratulations. obviously an overnight success.
9:44 am
>> it's incredible to connect with people and we feel very blessed and people are seeing it. >> wow. has it sunk in? >> i'm so excited. it's really great. really a thrill. congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> sparkles. >> very sparkly. >> what performance -- >> i knew they would watch it and review it. i embraced the stakes. >> we had a little something besides that golden globe. >> i had pretty intense ones. i have them. >> you seem fairly calm. >> i said my insides are matching my outsides. i feel like i have been shot full of adrenaline.
9:45 am
>> has it sunk in yet? >> kind of. i'm sitting here talking to you and there is a golden thing on your desk. >> they are coming over here. you are not leaving anything for us americans. >> what would have thought. you wouldn't have thought i would taken away one of these today. >> you can breathe now. >> i'm meeting you so i can't. this is awesome. >> this is awesome. >> this is awesome too, yes. i also heard you were going to guest star on the show. >> absolutely. i'm going to be there. >> we have plenty for you. >> for a strikingly good-looking bald black guy? >> hello! yes we do. >> i also wanted to give you this. a caricature artist so we can kpem commemorate the moment. >> i love caricatures. they point out your flaws.
9:46 am
>> that's what we like to do. >> what's up, al? >> has it sunk in? >> they gave me a tequila shot a couple of interviews ago so it's not helping with making my feet feel like they are on the ground. >> congratulations. did you think you would win a golden globe for having elicit sex on? >> no, i'm glad i did. i'm glad that's what i won it for. >> how did that? no one is more surprised man me. >> really? >> it's like the second. >> i think it's the third. i did the second "today" show. starting the "today" show. >> i'm not going to be part of it. >> you are done. you don't even know. they found a weather guy in wisconsin. >> we have a lot more coming up.
9:47 am
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9:55 am
have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number
9:56 am
you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! well good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. that's the chaotic scene caught on video at a chris brown concert in san jose. five people now recovering after a shooting that sent people running for cover.
9:57 am
happened around 1:00 yesterday morning at the fiesta nightclub on monterey road. the shooter is still at large, and the singer was not hurt. starting today, a week-long strike at kizer hospitals across the bay area. more than 2,000 mental health workers are expected to walk off the job. union members are planning picket lines at some three dozen locations. and a live look at the golden gate bridge where a new movable median barrier is in place. it occupies about six inches of lane space in either direction. let's check your weather this morning. >> thank you. the air quality is poor but our temperatures are hard to beat. we're still envy of the nation. 64 degrees in the south bay today. 64 along the peninsula. we're looking at 61 degrees even in san francisco. continuing that stretch of 70s. 60s to low 70s just about all week long. that means temperatures are going to be well above average. here's the thing. we're going to trade off the bad air quality for some cooler temperatures and some rain towards the end of the week into
9:58 am
this weekend. more on that today at 11:00. first, let's check your drive. here's mike. >> good morning. we showed the fog at the golden gate bridge when scott was talking about. here's more fog burning off at the bay bridge. still the backup and metering lights. slow coming off of 580 on the approach. smoother drive but slow south of the dunbarton bridge. really compressed between 680 and the airport. a live look at northbound 101. still jammed up. this is the 286 interchange. there is some haze. the big issue is the amount of traffic coming through the area. earlier crashes around the airport caused a little eblgs that slowdown. but 280 and 85 northbound are recovering. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks. another local news update for you coming up in a half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
bit -- we want to pump you up on this monday morning. jenna bush hager is filling in for kathie lee. she's enjoying some glorious vacation time. much needed. it was a huge night in hollywood. everyone looked so amazing. here's a question if certain
10:01 am
people were wearing someone else's dress, if they would have swapped dresses would that have made a difference? >> that's not a question for me. but a question for bobby >> we're going to talk about that. >> look how cute she looks. >> also the awards show wasn't the only thing going. there are some rumors about whether or not beyonce is preggers. >> i follow her on instagram. >> there's this picture we're going to show you. some say it's a big message. and there are some couple ossen this reality show that's called, what is it, "married at first sight." we're going to check in with a couple of the people that are married and find out how it's going. the globes last night, let's talk. >> it was good. it was great. my favorite was watching it from my couch. >> where if clicker.
10:02 am
>> and the jammies. >> and the munchies and cozied up. you know what, that was the way to watch it. amy poehler and tina fey they say this is their final time. have a look at some of our favorites. >> these looks took two hours to put on. just for comparison it took me three hours today to prepare as my role as human woman. >> it took us like what would you say, an hour half, two? >> tina fey is awesome. the great one liners. they threw cosby in there. >> but in a way that didn't feel -- >> i didn't feel cringe skokie and i think that had potential. there was a moment that did make some moment feel cringe skokie. jeremy renner was presenting with jennifer lopez. let's take a look at their awkward moment. >> and the golden globe goes to.
10:03 am
you want to open it. >> i have the nails. >> you got the globes too. billy bob thornton. fargo. >> yeah. okay. here's what we thought. >> i didn't like that. >> you know what? here's the thing. i thought her dress looked great and i know that the puppies were out. >> the puppies. >> it's another thing if someone in a leering sort of weird way. >> the truth is yes, there were a lot of puppies out last night. a and if you wear a dress like that yes you're going to get called on. i've had this happen where you're sitting there and a man more awkward if a man says in front of a large table like wow, that dress is tight or wow, your boobs look big. you're totally humiliated. >> you can see it on her face.
10:04 am
you can tell for her it was a second of like a little bit of a cringe thing going on. >> no i think we should leave the globes at home. >> leave the globes alone. george clooney got the lifetime achievement award. he got emotion in in his acceptance speech talking about his brand-new wife. take a look. >> a humbling thing when you find someone to love. even better if you've been waiting your whole life. and when your whole life is 53 years. amal, whatever alchemy it is that brought us together, i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. >> yeah, that's sweet. >> that is so sweet. all right. so we were thinking about who's goings to host next year. >> yeah. >> and maybe the obvious person was already there. maybe the obvious person stood up on the stage and poked a
10:05 am
little fun again this year. take a look. >> no one wants to see me insult any of you rich beautiful overprivileged celebrities. so no ordinary people at home wants to see that, because you're better than ordinary people. all of the terrible things you've done to get here tonight. streep. >> come on. i love him. >> why not? i know that they said he was controversial. >> did you like him the first time? >> i thought the first time he did it i was a little bit taken aback. but he kind of grows on you. we love him anyone. >> he says inappropriate and kind of shocking things but that laugh and that smile, how could you not love him? >> he looks like a little boy. so cute. we have a few of our own awards we want to give out.
10:06 am
this was a shocker and maybe one of my favorite moments of the night. >> yeah. >> somebody walked out with an afro and a walking stick and his name was prince. okay? >> how could you top this? >> i had allison yanni's face in my bedroom while i was watching from my house. it's hard to make a roomful of celebrities to freak out but he did it. >> we also thought that the best comeback accessory was amal's white gloves. >> i thought she looked elegant. i'm dying to see her speak more. we see her speak only rarely. best photo bomb goes to ben that district coupler batch. he was photo bombing. there that was. worst cry face, and i like her a
10:07 am
lot. christy keegan. this thing trended all over twitter. >> she tweeted, sorry i didn't practice my cry face. >> she's a super model so she's beautiful. >> she was just beautiful. this may have been one of our favorites. she's sitting so far in the back because nobody thought she would win, that is gina rodriguez. she's on this show called "jane the virgin." she had to walk all the way from there. it took her forever just to get to the stage because clearly she was not -- look where she went. she has to go in the back hallway. any way she got up on stage -- >> look at that. >> -- and she won. >> it was the best acceptance speech for sure. >> let's listen. >> my fathered used to tell me to say every morning today is a
10:08 am
great day, i can i will. well daddy today is a great day, i can and i did. >> oh my gosh. i want to cry. i want to see "jane the virgin." >> we've got to watch it. we googed her this morning. >> what is your favorite thing. >> my favorite thing is something i participated in this weekend. it's soul cycle, bike riding class. you've done it. >> i sweat like a pig. >> there's two teachers you would love. one is very near pew tick. the other one is a dance party in the dark. it is so much fun. >> i want to do the dance party. >> what about you? >> i want to ralph lauren's restaurant called the polo bar. the food is a ten. it's brand new. he has a restaurant in chicago. he has one overcease somewhere. and i went with some friends. >> fun. >> there were a lot of people there. brooke shields was there. great opening great meal, great
10:09 am
everything. speaking of great or even better than great, let's check in with kathie lee who's bathe in the sun. >> no. hi you guys. it's a little overcast but it's nice and warm. >> poor you. >> you guys look gorgeous in your pink. >> thank you. >> jenna, you're doing an awesome job. i might come home early. my favorite thing, i had this crazy crazy weekend. i flu out to phoenix arizona on friday and my favorite thing is child help which is an organization that's been around for 56 years led by my friend sara o'meara. the ladies have been nominated for the ninth time for the nobel peace price. went to their dinner trying to raise money for child abuse and neglect. my hats off to my two heros. the next day i went to
10:10 am
albertson's and there was a girl named rose mary from new jersey who gave me this. >> so cute. >> it's so cute. and then flew home, not home but down to miami and spent all day yesterday -- >> oh no, frozen. >> on a cruise ship called the breeze which i -- hello. you hear me? >> we gotcha. >> it was so cool to be back on that cruise ship after 30 years. they're carrying my stuff now. it was surreal. there's the captain. it was surreal. i'm so grateful. when you think that one third of your life i spent working on those ships, you know, and it predates my time with regis predates my time with frank, my kids. it was surreal. they were so groeshsance
10:11 am
hospitable. it was a wild weekend. >> it's a carnival cruise ship. cast awesome. you look great, rested and rejuvenated. >> rested? >> we'll be seeing you soon. >> love you guys so much. >> by, honey. >> i don't know if you guys knew this but today is national clean off your desk day. >> so what do we do? is that okay? >> you can do it that way. and then tomorrow is clean off the floor later. >> or later in about three minutes it's clean up the floor day. >> i think we had -- there was a sneak attack. >> oh no. >> that's mine. at least you're drinking green. >> that's exactly what it is. there's not enough room to get to the computer. i think i need a bigger desk. they were going to shoot yours but you're in kathie lee's room so it's totally spotless. >> but you could use a little cleaning. >> i know. i know. all right. coming up we're going to talk
10:12 am
about the celebrity fashion you didn't get to see at the globes. >> bobbie thomas is back with the red when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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10:15 am
save money. live better. walmart. your favorite part, the best part of any hollywood awards show is fashion. last night the stars did not disappoint. >> no they didn't. some stars were setting trends and others could have used a little tweaks. if only they had help from our style editor bobbie thomas. >> what did you see on the red carpet? >> lots of embellishments and statements. there was fun for everyone. you'll see where keirry knightly. so's so true to her style. >> what did you think of her? >> people loved or hated it >> the butterfly chenille dress
10:16 am
head to tosca them, i like i.d. >> what about amal clooney. >> she's in these clothes that everybody was like, wow. they turned heads. a lot of people liked it. and then kerry washington was in that two-tone dress which wasn't my favorite, but she, you know, she wanted to take a risk. >> everything she does is so cute. what do you have trends? >> i want to go to this trend. this was mens wear. to see lorde, emma stone who is just adorable, and she had this great smokeyy from the chenille beauty team. melissa mccarthy lookds fabulous. she had the top and she made with the dress in her closet. good for her. >> let's do some swops. who should have switched? >> really excited. we love jennifer anniston. i kind of wanted to see her in a
10:17 am
touch of color. what if we switched her with amy adams. go. >> i love jennifer in the baby blue. amy's signature red hair with that st. lauren dress so edgy. >> what's next? >> amy and tina, you want to switch the host up? >> they're so fun. why not. i like tina in bold color and amy, i look her in the silhouette. >> do you have another one? >> i do. >> good. >> next was felicity jones. we could play paper dolls all day. the imitation game. this was a gorgeous ball gown but she's so petite. i wanted to raise the hem line a little bit because i think it gist you -- >> that makes a difference.
10:18 am
>> a great tip for anyone at home. think about where you can show a little bit of your ankle or your arms. >> who else? >> katherine hieg l really quick, gorgeous strong shoulders with narrow hips. i wanted to add some detail to the neckline. and jennifer lopez can never have a bad day. so sexy. but it's so sexy that i wanted to tame it a little bit and put her hair back. that dress is so dramatic and she's so sexy. she doesn't need all of the hair. >> we want to mention bobby is going to be back tomorrow. you're going to update us how you're doing with your pregnancy. well has california girl katy perry rekindled her old romance? >> what hes his name? >> the instagram has all of the world trending zbloo casey
10:19 am
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10:22 am
that's cute there. variety magazine called her one of the top ten comics to watch and access casey wilson knows how to deliver the laughs. >> she sure does. she's also the star of an nbc comedy "mary me" about a long term couple that recently got married. one but one of these people cheated and watched a season finale without the other. they have to take a lie detecter test which makes sense to discover the truth. let's take a listen. ♪ >> all right. you sure you want to do this, annie. because once the noise hand been brought it cannot be unbrought. >> brung the noise and the funk as well. i am looking forward to this. >> she is telling the truth. >> about the funk as well? >> especially about the funk.
10:23 am
>> hi, how are you? >> good. >> this show by the way so much fun. did you guys realize how electric it was going to be on the set with one another and how it was going to resonate with people at home? >> no, i didn't. my fiance on the show was so funny. >> in real life the creator of the show, your husband and you are expecting a baby. >> we are. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i just said i can't believe i'm putting it out there on national television. it's upsetting. i'm glowing. my husband said so in women are glowing pregnant women and you are not one of them. he meant it as a compliment. i've had a rougher pregnancy. but i'm here and i'm happy to be here. >> you're having a boy? >> yes. >> oh my kboshgosh. >> it will be worth it. you'll forget the pregnancy. >> it's gotten off to a rocky start, my son and i, but i think
10:24 am
we're going to see our way through this. >> you are. he's in a lot of trouble right now. >> how does this work with the taping of the show and your pregnancy? >> we've do you know a claire hux tabl with the laundry cart and golf cart, aprons. then they put me behind a wall. we're done filming in a week so i've slid under the wire. >> i love that you said a golf cart. >> they need bigger and bigger things. >> are you an instagram girl? >> i am. >> we heard a rumor that you instagramed the world's saddest ballroom. what is this >>. >> this is our new year's eve. those are the only people there. in midnight it was in a hotel, the balloons trickled down slowly kind of like the new year. it felt like, guys, you're in for another great one. >> we wish you such great look. it's a fun show called "mary me." it airs tuesdays right here on
10:25 am
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10:27 am
a bit clunky today and people are slow because they're trying to figure out those new traffic patterns. ten miles an hour lower for speeds headed from the north bay. one of two stores hit the jackpot in the weekend's state superlot lotto. the second gas station is in richmond. in each case an unidentified winner won $3.5 million, a little under $2 million if you take the lump sum. a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
10:29 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures will be really nice for today. we'll end up in the mid to upper 60s just about everywhere. temperatures will stay warm all week long. although, our air quality could be better. we're going to see that hazy sky today. better air quality by the midsection of the week. and rain is in the forecast. we'll tell you when it will return. looks like the weekend into next week. more on that at 11:00. first, let's check your drive with the birthday boy, mike inouye. >> thank you, christina. looking over here, unfortunately not a pleasant gift. we have a lot more cars coming through the area on northbound 101. look at this stretch. we had a crash, and it's backed up all that traffic in the area. typical flowing into fremont. the rest of your bay looks really nice. look at the golden gate bridge as scott said. they moved that center median for the first time this morning. got a little clunky. back to you.
10:30 am
>> all right. see you at 11:00. thanks for seeing us. and we're back with more "today" on the fun day monday. kathie lee is off. jenna bush hager has kindly decided to fill in for us. it's time to get you caught up on the buzz. >> here with the juicy scoop is editor in chief of hollywood >> along with nbc correspondent and our friend roseanne coletti. >> hello. >> hello. >> so you popped the popcorn, watched the globes. what did you think about tina and amy? >> they did a fantastic job. i'm so sorry they're not coming back another year. they had some zingers. they really went off bill cosby and had fun with george clooney, too, saying amal his wife had done all of his humanitarian
10:31 am
work for the u.n. naming gaza syria. and, again, george clooney, of course, is getting the lifetime achievement award. i thought they did a great job. i thought you wanted more. and i thought that was great. >> that was the problem. they disappeared after the first ten minutes. >> where were they? >> i have no idea. they didn't make that many costume changes. but it made the show get a little dull towards the middle. >> michael keaton, he gave one of those acceptance speeches that we were talking about just really tugging at the heartstrings. let's watch a second of it and then you talk about it. >> my best friend is kind, intelligent, funny, talented, considerate, thoughtful. did i say kind? he also -- he also happens to be my son, sean. >> who was there, by the way. >> that was a wonderful moment.
10:32 am
>> did you something happen to him? you weren't show. >> i think that was when the show was at its best. >> look at you. you're tearing up. >> i know. >> his son was so handsome, too, a singer\songwriter. i wonder if he's going to get movie offers now. >> he'll get date offers, that's for sure. >> some have started. it was nice to see michael keaton all cleaned up and looking great because he was so disheveled in "birdman." he cleaned up really nice. >> let's talk about this instagram picture -- >> hello! >> -- that had everybody talking. is she pregnant? >> beyonce. >> i'm wondering why would she put a picture like that on instagram. she's got a huge pregnant looking belly, a kind of large on top as well. and, you know, she had to know when she posted this yesterday afternoon that it was going to -- it was going to start rumors. that's hollywood life. we immediately saw traffic coming in on google about stories of her being pregnant.
10:33 am
>> can i play the devil's advocate here? >> do it. >> you can see her baby blue sitting in the background. what if blue just made her look very mo womanly? >> just piled on sand. >> that's a lot of sand to pour on for a little 2-year-old. an adult did that. >> but you never know how your kids see you. >> let's talk super bowl. katy perry is going to be performing at half time. she's not going to be going it alone. >> that's right. she announced it's going to be lenny kravtiz as her partner. >> what do you think of that? that's an interesting choice. >> well, we think it's going to be fabulous and apparently we hear they're going to perform "american woman." >> that's good. >> is that unusual? >> it's not that unusual to have someone else perform with a star. you had bruno mars last year, red hot chile peppers. >> oh, right. >> beyonce and destiny's child before. >> oh, i forgot. you're right. >> there's some speculation that
10:34 am
there might be someone else joining them too. >> oh, someone else? >> speaking of katy perry, is she back with her old man? >> oh, no. that is the big question. they've been seen together twice. so they went to a private dinner party apparently and then there were rumors that he went back to her place and then they went to dinner at the sunset tower, which is where john maier used to go to dinner with jennifer aniston. now, we are hearing that they're reconnecting but it hasn't turned into romance yet, but there's definitely spark. >> they've patched it up. they're friends. this is two weekends in a row now. >> she knows what he's about. she's seen him in action. maybe she likes that. >> he's cleaned up his act a little, too. >> has he? >> russell brand. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >> thank you guys. coming up, it was the most awkward wedding moment we've ever seen and this is true when jamie otis and doug henner said "i do" after knowing each
10:35 am
other for seconds. seconds! >> now they've got big news to share. but the question is, is it good news? >> i would imagine. they're in bed. joy is here with 15 items you should always have in your house if you want to lose weight, coming up after this. been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring. the worlds you've been dreaming of. the thrills you've been craving. the moments you've been missing. the vacation you've been looking for is here. come and take it. universal orlando resort.
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it's refund season and nobody gets more of your money back than block-guaranteed. get your billions back america. don't ask. if you're a fan of the reality show "married at first sight" you're in for a treat. there is a spinoff. >> but in case you're not sure what we're talking about let's recap. these three couples were each legally married but didn't meet until they walked down the aisle. >> you can expect this social experiment was not for everyone. two couples did survive. if two people were going to split we thought it would be jamie otis and doug hehner. let's take a look. >> the photographer is putting
10:40 am
us together wanting us to look cozy and i'm feeling so uncomfortable. >> can we make these not too intimate. i'm weird about that. >> come in closer. >> he's a bit like touchy, which is nice but not really. >> she doesn't know me and i don't know her. we'll take it as it goes. >> nothing creepy about this. >> i'm not kissing him. >> you can kiss my cheek. >> just trying to lighten the mood. >> i don't even know what to say. now they're starring in the spinoff "married at first sight the first year." e chls. >> we are so thrilled when we walked in. we weren't sure which couple had made it. how months now? >> nine. >> what's happening with the marriage? >> we're really not that happy. >> you're in bed. you're cozy. >> we're spooning. >> his mom is happy. >> what was great about the wedding is we got the pictures
10:41 am
after a while and they were cringe worthy. we looked like an amish couple. i took all of the pictures and put them in frames all over the house >> this is going well. according to the instagram you like to hang together. >> yes. >> what else do you do together? >> we're now kissing. >> holding hands. >> that's great. >> how long did it take to go from that cringe skokie wedding day to feeling comfortable about one another? >> about eight and a half months. we had our first kiss on, i think it was day three on the honeymoon. >> and how did it feel for you? >> it was -- honestly it's a crazy crazy thing. you think on your wedding day you're going to have butterflies and fairy tale. i don't know what i thought that. >> puffy eyes and tears. >> were you scared? >> i was so scared. it felt so uncomfortable.
10:42 am
>> you fell in love with your husband. >> yeah. >> when did that happen? how long into it? >> it was the flight to st. thomas, we had a conversation he and i, he was really charming as you can tell. >> little foot rub. >> i was like yeah, okay. it was so relaxing and awesome to hang out with them. he's easy to around and so fun. >> this is for life. your families are on board? >> that was important for me because my family, they've been together for over 030 years now and it was trying to convince my mother that i was taking marriage seriously and i did value marriage. >> and me trying to convince her that i'm taking it seriously. >> we've kbt a little game. you're in a bed. >> you would never know we're not wearing pants. >> it's a game called "between the sheets." you've got something you want to pull out and show us. careful where you grab. warning.
10:43 am
>> hoda. >> it's our middle, camera middle scream. what's the first thing you've got. >> what news? >> i am pregnant. >> are you guys really pregnant? >> no we're not. but we really want to have a baby and he really thinks we should wait longer. >> but you want to eventually. >> oh yeah. i love kids. >> just not this minute. what are these two things? >> my company is watching from home. this is my blanky. >> there ice one more thing around those sheets. >> what's that? >> i love to wear his underwear to bed and he hates it. >> i go into my closet at the end of the week an i never have underwear left over. >> let's just say it's clean underwear. >> in the closet where his little boxers are.
10:44 am
i just throw them on and a t-shirt. >> they're boxers. >> i like boxers. >> i started to put my least favorite in front. >> my very own pile zble with can see why it works. you guys are a lot of fun together. congratulations. keep us posted on everything. "married at first sight the first year" premiers this week. and what you just tell us your budget and the "name your price" tool helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. i found out the hard way... not all washes take care of intimate odor.
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right now to our month long sere ruse #starttoday where we try to give you a push to stick to your resolutions with small changes. >> if you resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight, joy bauer is back with the grocery staples that we should have in our fridge, freezer and pantry. >> i tried to pick my top five
10:50 am
go-tos and you guys are going to help me with this. >> what are these things, they help you lose weight? >> these are things that are incredibly healthy but they can take you from breakfast to lunch, to snacks and dinner. >> let's see what it is. >> pass me the eggs. i love eggs and egg substitutes because you can make omelets for breakfast, fatah thats for din are. and they're loaded with protein. the reason i have the substitutes here is because a lot of people think they're filled with chemicalance what not. it's 99% egg whites and a splash of beta care teen. >> so it's okay. >> it is. spin nach is like nature's multivitamin. but the reason i'm showing you baby spin nach, if you believe it baby spin nach has more nutrition than the others. when i have a pot of mayor nair ra souse, right before i'm ready
10:51 am
to toss it i wilt an entire bag of baby spinach leaves. it's great as a lettuce base as well. >> you can put anytime the new tra bullet and you don't even taste it. check this out. bell peppers. i love the color. twice as much vitamin c as an orange. >> really? >> because kids like it, it's great lunchbox stuffer. not the wine. get the apples. you know what, we can leave that. apples are great because they're totable 80 calories and they fill you up. one more. we've got yogurt, nonfat greek yogurt and it subs in for sour cream. so there are our five things, six because of the wine. now into the freezer.
10:52 am
>> okay. what would you like? >> let's grab the nuts and the seeds. >> you keep nem in the freezer? >> you don't have to but they stay fresher for longer and it gives it a great crunch. also we have frozen berries. they're great especially when berries out of season. they have all of the nutrition for smoothies, pancake batters. ground turkey is great. whenever you have a recipe that calls for ground beef, you sub in ground lean turkey and you'll drive down the calories. >> finally -- not finally. >> jej skokies are great. just as nutritious as the real stuff and they're great simple solutions for suppers. and frozen shrimp. it's inexpensive it thaws out in a couple of minutes. >> hold on. >> hold on.
10:53 am
>> all right. so these are, with a few additions -- what? >> you could actually fit in the freezer. >> now for the pantry we have canned or in a pouch salmon. what i love about this, wild salmon or alaska salmon, it's the new tuna. >> what do you do with it? make a salmon salad? >> yes. you don't have to worry about mercury. or even with a little mayonnaise if you want. everybody knows that peanut butter is so awesome, but i want you to try almond butter lentils, proteins and everybody needs a great bottle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. >> for more grocery items and a low calorie meal, go to klg and ho do >> we're back with more but first, this
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
before bego we want to mention if you have a question on a legal issue, we'll have an attorney here on thursday to answer them anything from prenup or child support to a will. >> give us your e-mail and whatever the legal issues. tell us about it. tomorrow get ready to have fun, actress lisa remy is going to stop by. >> we've got a great show for tomorrow. we want to let you guys know to have a
10:58 am
10:59 am
have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
11:00 am
well, good morning, everyone. happy monday. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. let's begin with our microclimate forecast. you can see the haze is just still hanging around. it is the 11th straight spare the air day because of poor air quality. >> meteorologist christina loren, could we see a 12th tomorrow? >> i have to put it right on the table. i just got off the phone with the bay area air quality management district and this is a bay area exclusive here on nbc. we will not be sparing the air. we will not break the record. so thank you for that call. we really appreciate it. but we have tied an all-time record. this is the 11th


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