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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bloodshed. tonight could anything have been done to prevent that gunfire? nbc bay area's marianne favro is outside the club. brown's events have been plagued by lots of problems. that's why people are asking questions about security. >> reporter: this is the third time there has been some kind of violence surrounding a concert or a time when he was out and about in town especially in new york. now, i can tell you that witnesses say after the gunfire erupted here at this nightclub, hundreds of people stampeded toward the front door trying to get out. and tonight there are serious questions about security here. in the middle of his first song on stage, singer chris brown notices trouble in the back of the fiesta nightclub. seconds later, shots ring out. video taken by witnesses shows the chaos that followed as people trampled on each other to race out the front door. 37 seconds later, you can hear
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three more shots fired. one witness, who asked not to be identified described the panic. >> i could see people just hiding under the door everybody hiding just panicking. total panic. it was like a scary movie. >> reporter: five people were shot and wounded. >> we are still investigating this. we do not have any suspects right now or any motive or circumstances identified. >> reporter: now investigators are looking at how security will be handled at future events. fiesta nightclub managers did not return our call or answer the door. >> who wants to be part of that? >> reporter: neighbors say they would like to see the place shut down because of lack of security. >> i've only seen one or maybe two security guys at the most outside. >> reporter: the fire department says the venue is allowed to have 890 people. on the night of the shooting there were about 700 people inside the club. but people at the club that night say there was not enough security. some tell us nobody was checking
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ids. with chris brown scheduled to perform at sap center march 6th many are hoping the lessons learned here will help ensure that concert will be a safe one. we also talked to several people who were here that night that said that no one ever searched them for weapons before they went inside this nightclub. reporting live in san jose marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> marianne thank you. just in a decision that is going to shake up california politics. kamala harris is in. gavin newsom is out. we're talking about the soon to be vacant senate seat. tomorrow morning kamala harris is expected to announce formally her plans to replace or at least run for the outgoing barbara boxer in that senate seat. harris a former san francisco district attorney is a rising star in the democratic party. last week senator boxer announced that she will not seek reelection in 2016.
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senator boxer has held that seat since 1992. >> that harris announcement comes after another big name said he is not interested. early this morning gavin newsom officially made an announcement saying he would not run for boxer's seat saying his political prospects are here in california. in a facebook post, the lieutenant governor wrote in part quote, i know that my head and my heart, my young family's future and our unfinished work all remain firmly in the state of california, not in washington, d.c. now in a couple of minutes, a political analyst larry gerston will join us for more on what this all means for that 2016 race. it's an emotional night in san francisco there is also some anger. a vigil is being held tonight for four men who were shot and killed. it happened friday night in the city's hayes valley neighborhood at the intersection of laguna and hayes. nbc bay area's kimberlier the have i in san francisco at the african american arts and cultural complex where the group is gathering before this planned march. kimberly? >> reporter: raj, after a short
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meeting here, the plan is to march the several blocks to where the shooting happened at hold a prayer vigil there. tonight we are learn mortgage about the four men being remembered. flowers and candles mark the spot in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood where four young men were shot and killed while sitting in a black honda civic friday night. >> these are our babies, this is our community. nothing like this has ever happened. >> reporter: the four men have been identified as 22-year-old manuel o'neal 19-year-old yalani 21-year-old atchan. seen here in pictures on explore talents website was working as a performing artist and model. he is also the son of actor michael chinyamarini. >> when it happens on your street corner you can't turn
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your eyes away. >> reporter: san francisco police say the victims were inside a stolen vehicle, and guns were found inside. they are asking for the public's help solving what they call a gang-related shooting. >> you know, when i read that, my first reaction was relief, you know. and that was what i would tell my 15-year-old daughter who walks the streets all the time. and then immediately i was like you know, it dehumanizes it. >> reporter: members from various community organization including the zen center which is right across the street from the crime scene says the focus needs to be less on lakes and more on what led to the violence. >> we can't somehow step back and say it belongs over there. we participate in the conditions for things like this to happen. we have responsibilities. >> so i'm going to come out and march in the vigil tonight and try and get closer to the human side of this you know and really understand, you know, how -- how this happens. >> reporter: no arrests have
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been made. san francisco police say they have stepped up patrols since the shooting and we certainly saw a stepped up presence when we were at the crime scene earlier today. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. also in the city two people were shot this afternoon. police are trying to track down that gunman. it happened inside of the store just after 1:00 p.m. on turk and leavenworth in the tenderloin. both victims have potentially life threatening injuries. as of tonight, there is no motive and no arrest. after a record run of spare the air days 11 to be exact, there is a change headed our way. and it should help us all breathe just a little bit easier. our cameras caught this haze hanging over san francisco earlier today. it's been a familiar site. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is joining us now. we've been talking about it for almost two weeks. >> i think we're going see some result here is in terms of improving air quality. we have high pressure building in. and it's going to bring us some above average temperatures. but where it's positioning
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itself is going to be key to driving northerly winds across the bay area. some areas will see the gustier winds more than others. i really think up into the north bay, that's whereby tomorrow morning, we could see winds gust as high as into the 20s for santa rosa. maybe right around 18 miles per hour in napa as well. so you're going get the largest improvement tomorrow up into marin, napa and snoemt counties. really overall most of the bay area should be at moderate levels as we head throughout the next 24-hour forecast. we'll talk about prospects of rainfall. that's what we would need and that's coming up in the forecast throughout the hour guys. >> thank you. help wanted. but not many people are responding. the upcoming police academy class for the san jose police department could be the smallest ever. nbc's robert handa joins us from police headquarters in san jose to tell us how the top brass as well as the rank and file are dealing with this latest blow. robert? >> reporter: raj, it does seem to be a continuous scramble here to deal with the staffing
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situation. and each new problems seems to lead to more drastic measures. the san jose police department has fallen under 900 active officers, and it's clear from today's numbers that help is not coming any time soon. today nbc bay area has learned only 25 recruits have been offered spots in the upcoming six months police academy. 14 cops retired or resigned from the force in december. another 24 are slated to depart this month. >> our recruitment efforts, our officers are working very, very hard on the recruitment. in the end, the final numbers is what counts. the numbers we need to improve. >> reporter: but the police union points out many recruits reject the offer, drop out or graduate and then quit san jose to join other departments, mainly because of recent cuts to pensions, disability compensation, and pay. >> these numbers are incredibly troubling. they're far below what the chief told council he expected for this academy.
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and quite possibly this could yield the lowest number of recruits never san jose's history. >> reporter: the department says the city and police union need to work out the pension and benefit issues to help recruitment. the dwindling number of recruits could also lead to' vamping of the academy. >> we're hoping that the trend will improve. but obviously looking forward if the numbers stay consistent we have to start thinking about different models to make it more efficient. >> reporter: and the small academy class will be starting right after the department temporarily disbands its special metro unit to put more officers on patrol. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, robert. well today marked the first day of a week-long strike for mental health workers at kaiser hospital statewide. more than 2,000 mental health workers are on the picket lines. they include psychologist therapists and social workers who claim kaiser has added new patients through the affordable care act but hasn't increased its psychiatric resource. >> kaiser has taken on hundreds
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of thousands of new patients. in the meantime, they have not kept up with this growth in membership by hiring more of us to take care of the mental health needs of the members of kaiser permanente. >> the union claims patients are now waiting up to two months for follow-up appointments which they say prolongs the recovery process. right now that new medium on the golden gate bridge is experiencing its first evening commute ever. the new median was installed over the weekend. but this morning, the barrier was broken in, literally, with a chain reaction crash. the chp says the new divider wasn't the direct cause of the crash, but admits drivers may find the median distracting for a while. >> i think that caused a little confusion. that's why someone braked really quick and we all rear-ended each other. >> monday morning and fog and a new medium. >> chp is warning drivers to drop their speed until they're used to the new median.
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designers installed it to stop head-on collisions. six major silicon valley companies are being told officially that their bus drivers want to unionize. the teamsters have contacted the ceos of apple, ebay amtrak genentech, yahoo and zynga to tell them about this plan. the drivers shuttle the tech workers right down 101, usually but don't actually work for the tech companies. the drivers don't. instead, the drivers are employed by compass transportation based in south san francisco. the union hopes the tech giants will help pressure compass to accept the union proposal. coming up in a key senate race just find its front-runner? a political expert joins us for more on the big announcement from the state attorney general and lieutenant governor, what he has to say about his potential. participation. take a look at what drivers along interstate 880 and oakland faced yesterday, dangerous
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freeway maneuvers, and it was all caught on camera. i'm jodi hernandez with a look at what may have been behind it all. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where someone stole a dog. why the owner was upstairs sleeping. coming up, what that man wants the burglar to know tonight.
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well it happened again. another sideshow on 880 right in the middle of the afternoon. you can see it there caught on camera. it just stopped traffic right in the middle of the afternoon in oakland yesterday. this video is playing a big role in tracking down who was behind it. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland with more on the stunts and the video that may be key for investigators jodi. >> reporter: jessica, this is where it all went down along this strip of interstate 880 in oakland. this is where unsuspecting drivers were forced to stop as
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things got pretty squirrely right in front of them. >> oh man. we're going to be stuck here. >> reporter: this is what the northbound lanes of 880 near 66 avenue in oakland looked like yesterday afternoon as drivers spun donuts and brought traffic to a stand still. >> three or four cars at a time doing donuts in a circle. they would sort of race down the road. people from all over were coming out of the cars and just participating in. >> reporter: the man who took this cell phone video was trapped right on the front line. he couldn't believe what was happening feet away. >> it was pretty scary. i was -- i wasn't sure what was happening. i had no clue what was happening. >> reporter: the video actually helps chp officers who arrived to the scene confirm the head mustang was taking part. the car, sporting stickers from a local car club called savage habits has been impounded for 30 days its driver cited for
6:16 pm
reckless driving, they did make statements they were filming a rap video which is why they stopped the freeway, which is obviously a very inappropriate reason to block a freeway. >> reporter: this is at least the third time in the past six months oakland has dealt with so-called sideshows, dangerous maneuvers shut down parts of 880 and 580 back in august. and a similar scene unfolded at the port of oakland just before thanksgiving. in that case, 16 people were arrested. >> when you're participating in a sideshow it's dangerous by itself. we've all seen videos of pedestrians getting struck while the vehicle spins donuts. >> reporter: for the man who witnessed this one, it was a little too close. >> i didn't know what to do. should i move forward or try to get out of here? i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: and we are back here live where once again things got pretty crazy yesterday afternoon. now thanks to that video, the chp has been able to identify three people. they are still looking for two of them. the car that has been impounded
6:17 pm
we're told is going to cost that driver about $2500 to get out. that's the cost of the impound and the towing fee. that's about as much we're told as that car is worth. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> and you can see that sideshow right there right outside the exit that leads into the oakland coliseum. thank you, jodi. a chain reaction crash in pittsburgh injures five people including a police officer. it happened as the officer was rushing to a bank robbery at the wells fargo bank on railroad avenue. its police cruiser ended up crashing into a car a mile and a half away. that caused the third car and a motorcycle to collide. we're told all of the drivers are expected to survive. the chp is now trying to figure out who was at fault. meanwhile, pittsburgh police are looking for the bank robber who in all that did manage to get away. big names and big money. late word this evening that will reshape california politics. as we mentioned a few minutes ago, kamala harris will run for senate. gavin newsom said he will not,
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therefore paving the way for a like ily run at governor. larry gerston is with us now. a lot happening the past few hours, seemingly a coordinated plan and effort between harris and newsom essentially divvying up these two high profile offices. >> you don't know the players without a scorecard that scorecard is changing crazy. it could be that harris and newsom are long-time allies. and given that it makes some sense that two big shots would divide and conquer in terms of the state's two biggest offices. yeah, a lot of that makes some sense. >> officially we expect kamala harris, the attorney general to formally announce her plans tomorrow to run for senate. likely to be some other big names in the senate race. what do you think? >> first of all, we lost another one over the weekend. that's l.a. mayor eric garcetti. he is putting himself out of the race. but as to the others, we can start with a couple. first of all, you've got to look at for the democrats former los angeles mayor and latino antonio
6:19 pm
villaraigosa and john change. both heavyweights. and tom steyer, steve westly and jackie speier. they're all being mentioned, although who knows what now. as for the republicans, carly fiorina, she ran against boxer in 2010, could have another go at it. and then congressman darrell issa. the recent house oversight committee chair. he is well-known, particularly in california. and locally once again, there is always a buzz when it comes to condoleezza rice who seems by the way to be the parental noncandidate. >> this is always the fun part. so many quality names here. but it seems to many when do we get serious about this. and trim all of this down. >> let me tell you something. this is going to be something where a lot of people could be involved. it's kind of like a poker game. you only hear the ante for the june primary will be about $50 million. that's about how much a serious candidate will need to raise to make to it the november runoff. and what it really says here is
6:20 pm
that it may reduce the number of series candidates to three or four from each side, each political party. but still, the bet is when it's all said and done, the candidates collectively will raise and spend close to a billion dollars. so you know what? better get your checkbook out. >> $50 million just to say hello and get into the race. thank you, larry. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri who is standing by with the microsystem forecast. it seemed quite mild outside today. >> temperatures in the 60s across a good part of the bay area. after calm winds the past 11 days, winds now picking up 5 to 15 miles per hour. coming out of the northeast at 7 in san jose that's good enough that we can finally see off towards the distance here and that's the sign of some improved air quality to come the next 24 hours. most temperatures in the 50s. and still a little bit of haze lingering around. as we take you into tomorrow's forecast, temperatures are going to warm up as we continue to see northerly winds build across the
6:21 pm
north bay. we're going to be close to 70 degrees for tomorrow. tri-valley 66. back here towards the south bay 65 degrees. so the overall trend over the next couple days will see temperatures continually warm up just by a few degrees into wednesday's forecast. and after that we'll see things cool down into friday. you can see for the peninsula, 64 by wednesday. throughout friday 61 degrees. most of san francisco in the upper 50s to about 60 this week. from the north bay, east shore and the tri-valley slight warm-up into wednesday's forecast. the numbers gradually cooling by friday. they're going to be cooling by friday because we'll have cloud cover increase as the storm system lines up offshore. unfortunately, right now the way forecast models have it the core of the storm system is going to be heading off towards the north. so it's not looking great for any kind of major rainfall chances. the last significant rainfall was on december 19th. we need to pick up something here and soon. we'll have details in the forecast and when that best possibility is for a chance of showers in about 25 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. we sure need that rain.
6:22 pm
a dragnet for a dognapper. the san francisco burglary that has police looking for the dog and the thief in this unusual crime. plus l.a. wants its own levi's. the new plan for a southern california stadium and the huge amount of cash that it could fill in.
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and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! have you seen this dog? tonight police are looking for the person accused of stealing her during a home burglary. now the dog's owner was just feet away when it happened upstairs unaware, he says, that his best friend was being taken. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at police headquarters in san francisco where investigators say this is an odd crime. >> reporter: they say it is very unusual. they're trying to figure out who did it and why they would do it. this is mochi. the homeowner has been posting pictures all over town. he is hoping somebody recognizes her and brings her home safely. >> well she is seriously the
6:25 pm
friendliest dog you would ever meet. >> reporter: david baker is hoping for a reunion. >> possessions are nothing to me. but that animal is my life. and pretty much my child. >> reporter: that animal a pit bull named mochi was last seen on friday. baker says he was upstairs in his san francisco apartment on gilbert street when he noticed something odd. >> i woke up noticed i didn't hear my dog anywhere. that's unusual. >> reporter: baker walked down stairs to find his laptop and other electronics were missing, along with mochi. >> it feels like a kidnapping to me. that was my child. and she was taken away from my house. >> reporter: baker says this photo was captured by a surveillance camera in the neighborhood at the time of the burglary. it shows a woman walking with the dog and two bikes. police don't know at this point if the burglary was random. >> and it's very uncommon for someone to actually go in and take the dog from a residence. whether that was an initial motive is unclear.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: mochi is a blue nosed pit bull gray with white markings on her back two paws. baker has been sharing her picture on social media hoping someone brings her home. >> i'm not going press charges on the stolen items. i just want my dog back, no questions asked. >> reporter: and police say because mochi is described as so gentle and loving they don't think she was stolen as part of a dogfighting ring. reporting live in san francisco i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. 17 days and counting. that's how long the two climbers have been trying to make history at yosemite. kevin jorgensen from santa rosa and tommy caldwell of colorado have been free climbing the 3,000 foot dawn wall on el capitan. it's considered the world's most difficult big wall rock climb. these guys are using nothing more than their hands and feet to scale that sheer rock face. their bloodied hands. both men say they are exhaust and their hands are hurting.
6:27 pm
both continue. they hope to reach the 3,000 foot summit some time this week. coming up next year at 6:00 they could provide new clues into why the plane crashed into the waters of southeast asia. but crews are having problems getting the black boxes out of the water. i'm senior investigative reporter stephen stock. coming up we investigate drones taking to our skies and the number of close calls with airplanes suddenly causing safety concerns.
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a new warning tonight in the wake of the terror attacks in france. a cyberattack on twitter and youtube accounts of the u.s. central command. today the tsa ordered tighter security at airports and several specific buildings because of that recent attack. nbc bay area's davidmian trujillo is live. >> reporter: many people are not surprised by the increased security measures jessica, and they're okay with it, as long as it helps keep their family safe. tsa agents will now be performing more random security checks at airport terminals across the country. it is a direct response to the terror attacks in france. >> i think it's appropriate given what has happened in france. it's always unfortunate when you know someone has a kind of
6:31 pm
a plan of attack and travelers are going to have to just fall in line and do what is expected of us. >> it's warranted, i feel like. just a little extra protection. if anyone doesn't have anything to hide, then they should be fine. >> reporter: the tsa is also ordering tighter security at federal buildings across the country. >> it's scary. >> reporter: eric high trust, a company that provides cybersecurity to fortune 500 companies and the government agents like the fbi and cia. chu says today's cyberattack could have been prevented if centcom had proper security layers in place. isis is blamed for today's hack that temporarily took over centcom's twitter and youtube accounts. >> the ability to communicate as that agency or an organization, that's serious. and companies need to take that seriously. they need to put security as the number one priority and make sure that they're secure from
6:32 pm
the inside as well as the outside. >> reporter: chu says the u.s. is fighting a 21st century war on two fronts. one front where you physically see your enemy. another where your enemy is in cyberspace. the tsa tells americans to keep traveling, but warns this is an era of high vigilance. like at sjc, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a rare move by the white house today. they admitted a mistake in how they dealt with the march in paris over the weekend. also, we have new video of france's most wanted woman stemming from last week's attacks. janelle. >> reporter: an active manhunt is under way right now for the surviving members of a terrorist cell. the country has also beefed up security to unprecedented levels to protect against more possible threats. france has deployed 10,000 more troops to patrol and protect sensitive sites. at least six terror suspects possibly still at large. one of them seen driving the car
6:33 pm
belonging to hyatt boumeddiene. she left france in january. surveillance video caught her where she crossed into syria where she will presumably be protected by isis. amedy before he was killed by security forces. authorities say he was working with the kouachi brothers, the men behind the massacre at charlie hebdo and the murder of people. more than a million marchers stood behind a line of 40 world leaders, their arms linked in a show of solidarity. a u.s. leader not there sparking sharp criticism. the white house says it made a mistake. >> i guess what i'm saying is
6:34 pm
that we agree that we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> reporter: in response secretary kerry, who is traveling in the middle east right now rearranged his schedule to make a stop in paris later this week. meantime, the surviving journalist of "charlie hebdo" are back at work. cartoonists are busy working on their next issue under heavy security. the newspaper's read irship usually around 50 to 60,000. this wednesday they are printing three million copies of the commemorative issue. raj? >> thank you. within the last few minutes we're getting reports that crews have just now retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the airasia crash site. this is in the java sea. divers already received it yesterday. the cockpit voice recorder was initially considered unreachable because it was lodged beneath some heavy wreckage. the two black boxes are vital in determining how that jet crashed last month. all 162 people on board were killed in that crash on december 28th. [ closing bell ] the dow ended on another
6:35 pm
sour note today, falling 96 points largely on concerns about the falling price of oil. crude oil price have now reached their lowest level since 2009. and while those falling prices are hurting the market they're helping at the pump. the national average for a gallon of gas is nearing $2. but the bay area about 60 cents higher. now the latest on the nfl's plans to bring a football team back to los angeles. after decades of battles over a new stadium, there is now claims one could be built without a single cent of taxpayer money. inglewood's mayor says the proposed sports and housing complex in his city would be paid for completely by private developers. the centerpiece of the complex he says would be a new football stadium that would be used to lure nfl team to the city. now the structure of the deal is complicated. but the mayor claims it won't include any tax money. >> if the revenues are not spent in the way as specified by the initiative the city would have
6:36 pm
legal recourse against whoever misspent funds. >> and you are prepared to do that, sir? >> of course we would. that's what we're here, to look out for the interests of the city. >> the owner of the st. louis rams is among the developers in the deal. the raiders, chargers and rams have all been mentioned as potential los angeles teams. still ahead here at 6:00 both success and failure. a look at the damage done during spacex's latest trek to the international space station. plus rolling out a new and improved model. the upgrades coming to chevy's all electric car.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
we have some mixed results here. the mission was a success, at least for the most part. the spacex dragon capsule made to it the international space station today after multiple launch delays, it finally
6:39 pm
delivered food clothing, and christmas presents to the crew this morning. the capsule is expected to remain docked for the next four weeks and then fly back here to earth. but here is the downside. the rocket booster that sent the capsule into space crashed on the platform of a cargo barge in florida during an experimental flyback maneuver. you can see the tarp covering the burned area. thankfully, no one was hurt. general motors used its revamp chevy volt to turn up the heat at the detroit auto show. gm wants to take the lead in the electric car market. the 2015 version of the volt is sleeker, sportier and more efficient, they say. among the added features kit seat five instead of four and travel 50 miles on a fully charged battery. the price of the volt starts at just over $34,000. >> pretty cool looking. jeff is with us. our monday forecast looks a little bit like last week with the hazy air. >> i know. but tomorrow i think you're going to be able to take a look out there off towards the distance and actually see some
6:40 pm
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drones are a hot topic. and today the faa took an historic step in the regulation of drones. for the first time the faa granted clearance to a journalism organization, in this case cnn, to fly drones for news purposes. >> and as you see, more and more drones in the sky. our investigative unit has learned that more of them are getting too close to airplanes. our senior investigative reporter stephen stock looked at a number of these close calls. stephen? >> reporter: jessica raj, we obtained the number of reported close calls between drones and airplanes, most of them commercial aircraft from february to november of last year. when we then shared those numbers, many experts told us
6:43 pm
they, quote are going in the wrong direction as to those numbers, up. and those experts say that jeopardizes your safety whenever you fly. when we hear the term "drones," most of us think of these, model airplanes used for stunts by highway patrolists. or these. large armed military spy planes. but consider this. this is video taken from a drone flying a medical mission in haiti. >> it's new, and a lot of people don't really know what it's about, what exactly what do they do. >> reporter: this is the ceo and founder of zm interactive, a san francisco company whose entire business plan is based on the use of drones. >> i know if you fly, you must follow the rules, the safety rules, like anything else. they can be great tools. they can also be pretty dangerous if you don't use them
6:44 pm
safe. >> reporter: and whether americans, the federal aviation administration or congress like it or not, the drones, what are technically known as unmanned aircraft systems have already taken off elsewhere around the world. in other countries, thousands of drones now legally fly, delivering emergency supplies monitoring pharmacy and construction sites, and even filming movies. >> we don't like the word. we don't use it to describe our regals. >> reporter: he and his menlo park based company already do amazing and life changing things with unmanned aircrafts. they just do it in other countries besides the u.s. >> my view is that it's absolutely amazing that you know, people are getting excited about using this technology. flying is inherently exciting. >> reporter: these pictures from matter net tell the shore how drones can change the world. a trek through the mud using trucks that can take days to get critical medical supplies to rae moat region in papua new guinea
6:45 pm
takes a flying vehicle only several hours. >> how to use this new technology is one of the big challenges that we have to deal with. >> reporter: but congress and the faa continue to wrestle with whether or not to allow commercial use of drones here. right now all commercial use of drones is banned in the u.s. with only a handful of exceptions granted by the faa. >> that's the main issue. you have seconds to react. >> reporter: frederick robinson is a captain for a commercial airline here. he and other pilots we talked to worry some day a drone will bring down a commercial jet, just like that flock of birds brought down flight 1549 over new york's hudson river. >> that's hard to spot when you're in the cockpit. >> reporter: just in the last 11 months of 2014 according to the faa, there were almost 200 sightings of drones near the flight paths of commercial aircraft in the u.s. >> so yes, it does scare me. >> reporter: according to the faa, some drones have even been spotted flying thousands of feet
6:46 pm
off the ground like the one seen by a pilot near burbank at 8,000 feet passing near a plane's wing. other drones are big. one was described as the size of a trash can. or another drone spotted at 4500 feet above sausalito. the pilot calling it a close call. then there was the drone spotted only a couple of hundred feet off the runway at san jose mineta international airport. california, new york and florida led the nation in these drone sightings. >> it's unacceptable. >> reporter: captain lee moak is president of the airline pilot's association. he testified before congress late last year about the dangers of unregulated drones. >> because even one near miss if it was a little left or a little right could have created a larger problem. we need to address this. >> reporter: the faa data also shows that many of the drone sightings have come as commercial airlines were either take off or landing, the most vulnerable time safety wise during flights. even drone advocate says this trend of close calls has to
6:47 pm
change before someone gets hart. >> if you don't know how to use it you'll crash it. it's pretty dangerous. you have to learn how to do it safe and then you'll get better results what you want to do. >> i absolutely don't want to feel that myself my family my loved ones are ever threatened by those flying when they get on an airliner. >> now in a statement e-mailed to nbc bay area, the faa said it is, quote, still in the process of executing a plan for safe and staged integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system. in fact, the faa has been studying and working on this issue for more than a decade and critics say the faa must move faster because like it or not, more and more drones will be flying around whether or not the faa or congress acts to regulate them. to read the full faa statement, see a map of where these close calls occurred just go to our website, guys? >> that is an eye-opening investigation. thank you very much, steven.
6:48 pm
now, if you have a tip for steven or the rest of the investigative unit call 888-996 tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> we do have some improvements in the forecast as we head throughout the next couple of days. you'll see the sky camera network. everyone dropping off to the 50s. and also most importantly, visibility now beginning to increase across the east bay to eight miles. and throughout the south bay where the air quality has no doubt been the worst the past 11 days. we have a northerly wind building in. and that is already beginning to help us outside. so we'll take you into the tuesday forecast. we are going to see a key change in the atmosphere. as we get a look at the overall weather pattern, when you're stuck in a stagnant pattern like the last couple of weeks, you look for any kind of shift that would help disturb the atmosphere. it looks like as we head throughout the next 24 hours, yes going to see a region of high pressure build in. while this is not a storm system it still should be good enough to clear out the air.
6:49 pm
as that approaches we're going see some dry sinking air that is going to help to drive northerly winds 10 to 25 miles per hour. that should be good enough definitely for tuesday to help to improve our air quality. so that's some good news. but it's not going to be all clear throughout the day. as we get a look at the futurecast, we started off with fog this morning. i think tomorrow morning we're going have the same scenario especially along the coastline. we have some westerly winds building up a little bit of a marine layer. well may have patchy clouds in marin, napa and sonoma counties and anywhere in santa clara right up through palo alto county as well. but by the late morning hours, looks like a sunny forecast coming our way with once again the northerly winds building down. how does your microsoft forecast shape up as when we head throughout the tuesday forecast this we're expecting sunny skies for tomorrow. once again, you should actually be able to look up at the sky and see blue sky. we'll still have some haze. but i think it's going to be some of the best weather we've had in 12 days.
6:50 pm
cool at the coastline, westerly wind. we'll keep temperatures down as that moves at your back. palo alto 65. most of san francisco in the low 60s. subtle differences here. the marina 61 degrees. back towards soma and downtown sf, 63. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, the thing to zone in here on is if you're heading to the north bay, and let's say you live at the coastline, you are going to see about a 10 degree jump in temperatures. napa and santa rosa. close to 70 degrees. that's really going to be closest to the source of the dry northerly winds as they move up and around the hills of the north bay. it's warming wind for us. and that's going to help the temperatures to heat up. do expect some of the warmest weather in the east bay. >> does not go to the mid levels tomorrow. it will improve mainly to the moderate for the north bay, east bay and south bay. we really need rainfall to clear out the haze. as you'll see in the weather trend, dry weather persist on thursday, friday.
6:51 pm
but by saturday and sunday we still have rain mainly looks like san francisco on saturday. by sunday san jose could have a chance. i should say jesse and rog forecast models are not being cooperative right now. we're going have to keep a close eye on the possibility of rainfall. it keeps putting it in taking it out putting it in, taking it out. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> do a little rain dance later? >> that could send it over the edge. tipping point. coming up the coaching carousel continues. one 49ers coach prepares to head back east. another bay area native may be coming home to the east bay. geraud moncure tracking all the changes for the 49ers and raiders.
6:52 pm
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a new twist on roadways. this is real video. it's an elephant in thailand lashing ought at the car. it also trampled through buildings. luckily no one was hurt but there was plenty of damage. this is the second elephant attack in three days. you can see it squishing that car. now at this point, officials aren't sure if it's the same animal in both of those incidents. they believe the aggressive behavior, though could be the result of stress since this is the mating season. let's bring in our sports extraordinaire. geraud moncure from our comcast sportsnet studios. do we have a coach yet? would you like to coach, jessica? >> at this point i think i'm the only person left. there. >> is a lot of names out there. hopefully, we're going to have some answers real soon. the nfl coaching carousel continues to pick up speed with each team's play-off elimination. and the dr. broncos loss on sunday might end up being the 49ers gain. 49ers brass expected to meet and
6:55 pm
make one final push for broncos offensive coordinator adam gaits to become the next coach of the red and gold. however, with the firing of john fox today by denver management gase could be a possible replacement with the broncos. greg roman, the 49ers offensive coordinator for the last four years has landed in the same position with the buffalo bills under rex ryan. sources told csn bay roman will fly to buffalo today to sign the deal. nfl sources have also told csn bay broncos defensive coordinator jack del rio from hayward. we'll have a second interview with the raiders for their head coaching vacancy. this time around he'll meet with gm reggie mckenzie which did not happen during the first interview. all right. even though he is not with the san francisco giants anymore, he is with the miami marlins, michael morris back working out with fellow floridian frank gore this off-season. morse tweeted out this video.
6:56 pm
gore could end up being an ex-bay area athlete pending his free agency. the ais jesse chavez reaching terms on a one-year contract. chavez finished last season in the athletics bull pen after the jon lester trade went down. the 31-year-old appeared in 32 games going 8-8 overall. well for the second time this season doves guard klay thompson named as the nba western conference player of the week. leading 27 points per game with almost four rebounds and two steals last week during the warriors victory over oklahoma city, indiana, and cleveland. the doves will attempt to keep momentum roll when they hit the road against the blazers when the road is hitting tomorrow. >> it's been a great home stretch 6-0 was fantastic. but, yeah it's time to get back out on the road. and feel the pressure of being in the opposing arena. >> it's going to be important for us to start the game off
6:57 pm
well having come off six home games so we can get some momentum established back. >> now finally, curry was -- okay, i guess we're done. that's it for sports. we'll have more at 11:00, especially on the national championship game. ohio state up 14-7 over oregon in the second quarter down in dallas. >> all right geraud thank you. it is a big night in sports as well. coming up tonight at 11:00, the local startup changing the workout game as many us are trying to stick to the new year's resolutions. that's tonight at 11:00 after state of affairs. well we're going to rid ourselves of the spare the air day soon. >> tomorrow is going to be that day. we'll have some wind. it will be hazy out there. but at least not unhealthy air. it will be in the moderate levels. and you can see dry weather for wednesday, thursday and friday as well as temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s across san jose. slight chance of showers by this weekend. we're hoping for a lot more but the forecast model is not being cooperative. we'll see what tomorrow brings. >> we'll cross our fingers. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
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the clooneys play the newlywed game. jen copping a feel of kate. and the stars get hammered. >> right now. >> on "extra." >> at the golden globes. the red carpet's golden couple. >> mr. george clooney and his lovely wife. >> that sounds good, doesn't it? >> their first red carpet, their first interview since the wedding. >> congratulations on the recent nuptials. >> from the couples news to the candids, the selfies to the singing. ♪ >> and shot after shot after shot of clooney's tequila. who did the most? >> i'm on fire right now. >> this is where the real party is happening, backstage. we got a deejay and guess what? we have winners. tina and amy go out with a bang.


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