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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ raw emotion as family and friends remember the four men gunned down on the streets of san francisco. good evening. thank you for being with us. >> the killing of african-american men must stop. that's the rallying cry of the vigil for four young men gunned
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down in san francisco. police call them gang-related. the family members say they were loved and did not deserve to die in a barrage of bullets. live in san francisco. they're asking their own community in san francisco to step up and help solve these murders. >> reporter: that's right. what an emotional night. with a very serious message. community leaders told hundreds of people this violence won't stop until someone turns in the gunmen. hundreds of people march from the western edition of page valley where someone shot and killed four men friday night. emotions poured out. she sobbed for her son, 22-year-old manuel o'neal. >> stop this killing. i don't like this. >> reporter: she and the others
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pleaded for an end to the violence that is killing african-american men. >> my brother is 19. people always want to take a stand when their children die, when their family dies. take stand for life! >> reporter: chandler's brother was working as a model. these are pictures of him from explore talent. 21-year-old and 20-year-old were also shot and killed friday. police are calling it a gang-related shooting. the men were sitting in a stolen car. >> hurt more than anything because it's like my own kids. >> reporter: but the former gangster turned street counsellor said they were on a better road. >> one of them just jumped in the car and he was on his break from benihana's. >> reporter: politicians pleaded for people to turn the killers in. >> how can we live with ourselves when we know the kid who committed the crime and the
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kid who was the victim? >> reporter: police say someone knows who pulled the trigger and has a community in mourning. police also say they have extra patrols in this neighborhood because there is concern about retaliation for this shooting. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. thank you. a troubling trend across the country is now hitting home. some eighth grade girls in the south bay trying something called the triple c. three students in morgan hill had to be rushed to a local mé2r!=ma%q cold and congestion medicine. that causes hallucinations and intoxication systems. the girl are expected to fully recover them won't face any serious criminal charges but their school may take disciplinary action. we've obtained this new video
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inside a san jose nightclub during the chris brown performance saturday night. you can see people ducking for cover. it happened at the fiesta club on monterey highway. police have not made any arrests. the department says it will reexamine who gets permits for concerts in the future. the neighbors stay club has a troubled past. >> it st/e,5 out with fist fights and stabbings and nothing seems to work. >> reporter: the fire department said the venue is allowed to have 890 people. 700 people were inside the night of the shooting. chris brown is a popper la entertainer with a checkered legal past. a beloved dog taken from its owner by the burglar. now there is a simple message. bring mochi back. no questions asked. he said the blue nose pit bull was taken from the san francisco
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apartment while he was upstairs. the burglar stole the computer and some other electronics but the dog is all that baker cares about. he said he won't press any charges. he just wants back his best friend. >> it looks like a kidnapping to me. that was my child. and she was taken away from my house. >> a surveillance camera in the neighborhood captured this photo at the time of the burglary. it does show a woman walking with the dog and two bicycles. another side show on 880 in oakland caught on camera. $stopping traffic right in front of oracle arena and the coliseum yesterday. it was taken by a witness who was stuck in traffic. police were able to cite the driver. officers say they'll use that video to help track down all the other drivers. >> when you are you're in a side show we've all seen videos while they're spinning doughnuts. >> the chp says one driver
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claims it was part of a rap video but this was at least the third time that oakland has dealt with side shows. parts of 580 and 880 in august. 16 people were arrested in that case. hazy with a chance of hazy. today was our 11th spare the air day in a row. >> thankfully there's a change in the forecast. how soon the air may clear for all of us. >> and i think it will happen as we head out tomorrow morning. we've had such still and stag nanlt air. as we head throughout tomorrow we'll see a ripple in the atmosphere. it will drive some northerly winds throughout most of the bay area. and just a little bit of wind. five to ten miles an hour. i think some of the most increased wind speeds will be across the north bay. 16 in napa.
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back here toward the east in the south bay. san jose at 14 miles per hour will help to stir up that air. as we get a look at the air quality forecast you can see tomorrow. moderate levels for the north bay, east bay and south bay. quite a bit better. coming up in the full forecast if we're expecting anything huge, this upcoming weekend. >> thank you. the shake-up of california politics continues. tomorrow morning state attorney general kamala harris will announce her campaign for the soon to be open senate seat. this is another leap forward in her high profile career. cheryl we've seen her career blossom right before our eyes. >> reporter: that's right. she's made a lot of changes. if you care about change in the senate, and you want challenge in washington, d.c., you may care about this race. now, kamala harris was here in san jose. she was involved in the swearing
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in of a new city councilmember. her name is magdalena. you may not care about politics but this race may grab your attention. >> not everyone will love kamala harris. >> reporter: which means the current attorney general has her work cut out for her if she wants to be california's next senator. nbc bay area political analyst. >> that conservatives won't like her. some independents won't like her. democrats will like her. >> reporter: some voters want change which may prompt them to care about next year's senate race. especially those tired of the status quo. >> i guess i'm one to be convinced by her. >> reporter: we found out in santa clara that kamala harris is not a household name but her resume is impressive. she served two terms as san
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francisco's district attorney and is serving the second term as the state's top cop. running for barbara boxer's senate seat is the next step. >> you're talking about women and people of color who have yet to achieve parity with white males. >> reporter: harris supporters say she is in this race to win. >> this is her night. tomorrow is her day. >> reporter: now this is first time in two decades that a senate spot has opened up. this made big news when gavin newsom said he would not run for barbara boxer's seat and some other folks who may be thinking about running for senator boxer's seat. former l.a. mayor antonio. >> that and she is likely to announce tomorrow morning.
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much like gavin newsom did today. we envit to you stay with us. for complete and continuing coverage. >> it was a mistake. that's what the obama administration is calling the decision not to send at least one high profile leader to paris for this weekend's peace rally against trifl. the unity rally brought together some 40 leaders across the globe even as the prime minister and the palestinian president marched side by side. only the u.s. leader-the only u.s. leader in the march was the ambassador to france. the white house has acknowledged that the president or another top leader should have been in attendance to show solidarity with france. tonight we're getting our first look at charlie hebdo's issue. the new edition shows the prophet muhammad saying i am charlie. it has become a symbol of
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solidarity. the surviving members of the magazine are working under heavy security to finish the issue. gnarly the payment prints about 50,000 companies. this week they will print 3 million copies in 16 different languages. what now? the spen dealing with the aftermath of a cyber attack. for 30 minutes, hackers chaming ties to isis took over. they warn that isis is coming for soldiers and their families and they releaddresses and phone number of top retired officers. military networks were not affected. we use them every day but they may know us better than our families and friends. why computers may be getting too smart. professional workouts on your terms. the dangerous and chaotic situation as the subway situation sends dozens to the hospital.
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one person is dead and many more hurt after an accident in washington, d.c. inside the subway system this afternoon, smoke from an electrical fire in that subway opportunity filled a train bounl for virginia. some passengers were trapped as long as 40 minutes before they
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could get out. one woman died and dozens more suffered injuries like smoke inhalation. at least two remain in critical condition. >> there were two unconscious people that i saw pulled off the train by good samaritans they were carrying and a lot of people couldn't stop coughing. the ntsb said it is not sure why the train stopped. the fire was caused by an electricity related problem. >> they've now retrieved both black boxes. investigators of the airasia crash now have the tool they need to piece together what went wrong. divers pulled the plane's second black box out of java sea today. it had been trapped beneath the wreckage. sense it records in a two-hour loop experts should be able to hear everything the pilots said to each other during flight. the plane was only in the flight 42 minutes before it crashed
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killing all 162 people on board. if you're a frequent flyer with united or american airlines, you should probably check your rewards account. the mile you racked up may not be there anymore. the hackers broke in and booked free trips and upgrades. american airlines was hit the hardest with about 10,000 accounts compromised. united had a few dozen compromised. the airline is working to restore the mile. new at 11:00, it may be the uber for fitness. the san francisco app that is sweeping the country. it gives you access to different workouts in different cities for one price and one app. >> reporter: at fit mob headquarters, you might find a candlelight class next to the employees. it is one of the many locations you can take class if you
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subscribe. >> our goal is to be covering you wherever you are. >> he also co-founded snap fish -- >> one more. >> yoga isn't the only option. there are boot camps, cross fit, even group workouts on the embarcadero. >> serving on the phone. you can find any class you want from spinning to zumba. >> reporter: and it costs $99 a month. recently the company and panelled from san francisco to 192 locations around the bay area. this month adding major cities across the u.s. >> what you get is access to unlimited classes from the top studios and gyms all around the region. plus unlimit gym time. so you can walk in reserve a spot on your phone like would you pick up a car. and show it to the gym and walk in and work out. >> lots of times it was a really tough workout but i didn't feel like i was working out because it was so much fun.
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>> claire started using it last april when she lived in san jose but worked in san francisco. >> i was saying i wish would you move to san jose. i would love to take classes in san jose. >> now they have. he says he plans for global expansion in the future. in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> very interesting. at this hour they are clinging to the rock and they've been doing this for almost three weeks. the climbers scaling el capitan with nothing but their hands and feet. they're inching closer. they are now past pitch 20. that's consider annal progress. it was only on friday that got past 15. it is considered to be the hardest big rock climb ever attempted. >> they are awesome. unbelievable. let's turn things over to jeff
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ranieri. >> relatively clear skies. we'll see the wind pick up. they have been a little bit lucky. without any wet weather the past couple days. we get a look at the skycam network. you can see mostly temperatures in the 50s for the most part at least across san francisco. otherwise, widespread 40s through the penn and the south bay. as we take you into tomorrow morning's forecast the temperature will be dropping. it won't be overly cold. i think the main thing to watch out for is areas of patchy low clouds and fog. we'll see that the immediate coastline and a few areas of patchy clouds pushing in here across the bay. the north bay, 41 grows start. 47, the peninsula and for the south bay. 45. the large problem, no doubt, has been the haze that passed several days. 11 days to be exact. tomorrow will see a shift. at least in that weather pattern. what you will see here is this area of high pressure will be moving in from the pacific. we would like the storm system
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to move in. we'll take second best thing. that will be the region of high pressure. that arrives, it will drive some northerly we understand across the bay area. that should be enough to stir up the atmosphere. 10 to 25 miles an hour. you see for tomorrow morning, it will be thickest at the coastline. models pick up on low clouds. maybe some patchy low clouds for the east bay. no doubt it will be thickest at the coastline peninsula and areas in the north bay. then after that we will see conditions clear out by the late morning hours into the afternoon for tomorrow. you should actually yes, be able to see the blue sky off in the distance. we'll take you to that micro climb forecast. and you will notice the temperatures going a little bit warm we are the northerly wind. a drier and warming wind.
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it won't be uncomfortable. 64 in san jose. close to 70 in morgan hill. you still should manage sunny 62 skies by the afternoon. san francisco in the 60s. 61 across the marina. downtown 62 degrees. for the north bay, east bay and south bay. the thing to notice is that the north bay will have the warmest temperature. 16 in napa. 68 in santa rosa. might have a few isolated low 70s in the north bay because you'll be closer to that north wind that is drying and also warming. so with that wind whipping right across the hill in the north bay, it tends to warm up. that's why you'll have the high temperatures. so yes, air quality will improve. not goingr& to the good levels. the north bay peninsula, and the south bay. i think it will stay the same. unfortunately, a new change in the weather forecast is not looking good for us.
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dry weather on thursday and friday. dry in san jose on saturday. right now, dry in san jose sunday. that's the big change. we've taken that out of sunday's forecast. a slight chance of showers saturday and sunlds for san francisco. we could see that chans tomorrow. this is what i'm hoping for my forecast to change. >> see it smiling. >> we'll put our mental power to it. >> still ahead, why computers may know you better than your family and friends. >> and we have jimmy. >> we have charlie day. you have to watch. we're on next.
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a new study shows many americans are misusing as present on doctors orders. researchers looked at the records of 70,000 people and concluded 12% were prescribed
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the drug unnecessarily. it is used to lower the rick of heart trouble or stroke flx people who haven't had a first heart attack or stroke, the risk can outweigh the potential benefits. those risks included sbis intestinal bleeding and bleeding in the brain. computers may understand human behavior better than you think. a computer can judge personality traits by your facebook likes. for example, people who like dr. who and wikipedia are more likely to be shy and reserved while those who like eighth yim and chanel are more competitive. the computer just needed ten facebook likes to judge a personality better than a co-worker could. it comes from thousands who signed up to be part of the my personality project on facebook. >> i know you very well. >> i think you do.
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this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself:
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how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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good evening. with all the glory, praise and credit, the pac-12 has received over the last decade innovative and quick paced and high scoring offenses only pete carroll has
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won national titles. the foundation of those teams, physicality. learning another conference lesson in trench football against ohio state for the title. the third quarter, the buckeyes up 11. marcus mariota finding byron over the middle. he will streak 70 yards to the end zone. suddenly a 4-point game with almost an entire half to play. ohio state turns to the run game. ezekiel elliott bulldozing his way for the touchdown as the third quarter expires. in the fourth elliott strikes again. his third td of the night to go with 246 yards rushing. ohio state wins 42-20 despite four turnovers. >> we finished the year, a great team. had four turnovers and still to be the team like that. 42-22. incredible experience. >> you put so much work and effort into the year. and it's tough.
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it's tough to go out with a loss. but that's just things happen. >> talking nfl. the 49ers expected to meet with the broncos offewz>x,ñ coordinator for one final push to convince him to become the next head coach of the writing gold. he is also a candidate for the new denver head coaching vacancy. greg roman the offensive coordinator. he flew to buffalo today to sign the deal. nfl sources have also told csn bayh, the defensive coordinator from hayward tomorrow. he'll meet with the gm which did not happen during first interview. okay. finally. even though he is now a miami marlin, michael morris back wo with fellow
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floridian. he tweeted out this photo this morning. gore could end up being an exbay area athlete. all right. more news coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. an iconic candy is getting a
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makeover to the dismay of many but don't worry, it won't affect us here in america. cadbury is changing its recipe for the cream eggs. it has set off an outrage on social media. no reason to worry about it here. hershey makes the eggs in the u.s. and it says it will not make any changes to the popular treat. >> they're so natural, so delicious, so good for you. >> how can you think about it? >> it is almost egg season. have a great day tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- charlie day.
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