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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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coming up on "early today," the french magazine at the center of the terror attacks takes a bold step forward as security in france remains on high alert. this as the bodies of four french jews killed in paris arrive for burial. back here at home, a frightening scene deep inside d.c.'s metro. a water main break caught on camera. then america has the first of its kind undisputed national champion. it is tuesday january 13th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm milissa rehberger. an emotional morning in paris where president hollande attended a ceremony for the three police officers killed in last week's terror attacks. the funeral for one will be held
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later today. french police are reportedly looking for other suspects related to the attack. security across the nation is unprecedented. those who survived the attack at charlie hebdo are back at work. tomorrow the magazine will create 3 million editions since the attack that killed five cartoonists and the editor. it will be printed in 16 languages. it shows a cartoon of profit muhammad that reads je suis charlie. an exclusive interview. >> in america to blur it which is crazy. >> in america, many stations including nbc news said they will not show some of those covers most offensive, in particular the prophet muhammad. what's your reaction? >> i think it's saddest move including mobilization around charlie hebdo.
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>> ron allen in paris an ahmed in jerusalem. ron, let's start with you. what else can you tell us about the ceremony? >> good morning, milissa. this morning a ceremony at headquarters honoring three police officers killed during the attacks last week one a bodyguard at the magazine headquarters. another an officer killed in the street by the gunman. a third officer a policewoman killed in the streets of south paris the next day. a very somber ceremony with hundreds of officers there and the families of those killed. hollande put a medal of honor on each of the caskets and said they died so we could all live in freedom. that as 10,000 soldiers arrive on the cities streets creating a security cordon. tourists sites like eiffel tower, transportation hubs places of worship, mosques in
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the muslim community where there have been at least 50 attacks reported. attacks ranging from graffiti on the walls to 20 shots fired at buildings like mosques as well. concern in that community as well. here in france anxiety continues as the hunt opportunities for people who played a role in these incidents. investigators want to get to the bottom of this to determine who else might be launching an attack what capability they have and what the threat is here in paris still. authorities still concerned about that. also reaction to upcoming edition of charlie hebdo, 3 million copies in 16 languages with satire of prophet muhammad on the cover. people with mixed reactions to all of that here today in paris. now back to you. >> ron, thank you. extraordinary new images from
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inside the kosher supermarket. they show terrified hostages hiding in a freezer. a woman is cradling a child white another uses her phone. tragically four hostages would not survive. those men were honored in jerusalem today. ♪ thousands of emotional mourner attended their funeral. benjamin netanyahu did his best to comfort families and a country filled in pain. ayman, what an emotional afternoon. >> reporter: good morning, milissa. it was an emotional morning in jerusalem. in fact we just wrapped up the official ceremony of the four jews killed in the terror attack on friday. they are being buried in a private ceremony just with their family members. it was a very somber occasion. we heard from officials including the israeli president as well as prime minister members of the opposition including french minister who traveled with the bodies here to israel to have them buried. but above all, the message that
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was coming out today was one of grief for families as well as the country. the entire nation was mourning. more importantly the prime minister and president expressed concern about the growing anti-semitism that plagued countries like france and the rest of europe saying israel will always open its arms to jews around the world. the atmosphere was, in fact one of sorrow. people we saw showing solidarity and expressing sympathy for the families of those terror attacks. we saw people with placards that said je suis charlie, the expression with solidarity and another saying i am jewish also showing solidarity. four different candles lit, one to represent each of the victims. they were part of the ceremony in which the country's chief rabbi prayed on their behalf as well the entire country. in fact a somber day, milissa.
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>> thank you very much. back in washington a deadly underground nightmare on d.c.'s metro, one woman died many hospitalized when without any warning at all, a subway train stopped and filled with thick smoke. nbc with more. >> reporter: a scary commute in the nation's capital turned deadly. smoke from a fire in a d.c. metro tunnel filled the train bound for virginia. >> the train shut down. there was a lot of smoke. people could barely breathe. they had to evacuate us back through the tunnel walk through the tunnel. >> reporter: one woman on the trained died several suffered smoke inhalation. passengers coming out of the tum had to be treated at the scene. over 60 others had to be taken to local hospitals, two in critical condition. some were trapped on the train for as long as 40 minutes before they could get out. the ntsb joined the investigation late monday and said they aren't sure yet about
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a cause. they know the train stopped but they aren't sure why. >> we just know the train stopped. at that point, there are reports of a lot of smoke, smock getting into the train and people what's called self-evacuate. they started opening the doors and getting off. >> kurt gregory, nbc news. this morning they are calling it cyber vandalism. u.s. military accounts on twitter and youtube were hacked by people claiming to be islamic sympathizers. u.s. central command tweeted we're back after accounts were compromised. cyber caliphate hacked they posted messages like we are coming watch your back. defense officials insist the information was not classified and that no military secrets were one department of defense official put it like this.
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this is clearly embarrassing but not a security threat. college football's longest season has finally ended. it came down to fourth seeded ohio state to second seeded oregon in the first ever college football playoff national championship game. >> he gets a block and to the end zone. >> ohio state gets into their groove against ducks. they will go on to lead 21-10 at the half. starting with possession but not for long. cardale jones, his pass fell off the hands of the receiver. marcus mariota was a long shot down the field. byron marshall was there to make it a 70-yard touchdown. a four-point game at 21-17. but the ducks had no answer again. the running back ezekiel elliot sophomore finishes with a
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whopping four touchdowns in osu's 20-42 victory. ohio buckeyes become the first national champions of the playoff era. the coach's third career title. a january thaw apparently on its way. here is bill karins with some good news. man, are we looking forward to hearing that. >> a lot of people are. as far as the midwest goes those people have been suffering for three weeks straight and they are suffering this morning. last i looked negative 29 in international falls, minnesota. this has been kind of the winter weather pattern as of late. every since rains ended in california jet stream ridge back up to the north, south. through the upcoming week pattern change kinks in the jet stream warmer pacific air starts to dominate weather map. a wetter weather pattern in the northwest. not so much california unfortunately but we're definitely going to see a couple
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bouts of rain in the pacific northwest, one later in the week and one towards the week. temperatures not bad, 40s and 50s. coldest spot 34 spokane, 30. a little storm system through the four corners bring snow to the higher elevation but doesn't look like it will cause too many problems in phoenix, tucson flagstaff, santa 65 there in red bluff and 48 in mount shasta. so the west it looks like we're going to finally see a little bit of rain but not where we really need it. >> okay bill. thank you. these two people are probably sleeping in. harold and carol diamond of new york. the retired principal and his
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serious mistakes during the comedienneyian comedian's procedure in august. the pope arrived in sri lanka, the first papal visit since the end of the war in 2009. he said quote, the process of healing needs to include the pursuit of truth. the pope will travel to philippines this week. in oklahoma a water main so powerful it took down the awning at this gas station. water shot as high as 30 feet in the air. officials say nobody was injured. the latest indication americans are seeing positive gains in the economy. a new gallup poll 35% of americans say it's a good time to find a quality job up from 36% last month. it's the highest itzin since 2007. just ahead, the president digs into the nba champs jokingly we think, things got physical at the rockets game last night. we'll give you a blow by blow next in sports.
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amazing story of survival, how a former miami dolphins player swam more than 16 hours to safety after falling off his boat. >> after probably about five hours, i just said, you know, i can do this. i'm going to swim all night and hit the shore.
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>> hear more of his harrowing ordeal later today. got ugly on the hard court, a shoving match with dwight howard. it starts with a few shoves then garnet threw the ball at howard at head butted him. both issued technicals rockets go on to win 113-99. the president honored spurs at the white house. mr. obama is a fan made jokes about tim duncan. >> first of all, they are old. for an old guy, it makes me feel good to see, you know - where is tim? >> poor tim duncan. cristiano ronaldo wins the prize for the second straight year as the world's best soccer player. doesn't hurt to look at either. denver broncos and head coach
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john fox have agreed to part ways after fourth straight afc west titles and one super bowl appearance. keep an eye on fox to announce a new job very soon. who would have thought legendary tv comedian bob new hart would be trending on twitter during the game. here is why. do you notice -- >> in regards to my new year as head ref, i don't have a career. i need to do something. jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. >> rece davis is a tool and needs to suck a muffler. >> lou holtz looks like a creepy puppet and sounds like daffy duck. hey, i agree with you. >> tim tebow is not cute sexy
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out, one of the most anticipated films of the summer. stephen colbert with plenty of time to prepare. i have nine months to make a show just like a baby. first i should find out how to make a baby. speaking of babies 62-year-old actor jeff goldblum is going to be a first time dad with his new 31-year-old wife. you heard those numbers right. jimmy fallon felt a little comfortable last night. here is why. >> i'm freaking out. i hate spiders. >> they aren't spiders. they're tarantulas. look at the webbing. see the webbing. >> get it off me. get the bug off me right now, please. oh, my, gosh. i'm not kidding man. go to commercial or something. >> i'm getting there. go to commercial. >> you're good. hang on. oh she pooped. >> he was being honest.
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leading the news from nbc news, uva reinstates fraternity. at the center of rolling stones story. this after a police investigation failed to find any substantive basis to confirm and account the now discredited article of a gang rape at a frat party. in uchitel graph, man attempts to struggle 94 iphones. you have to look at these pictures. it happened as he was trying to travel from hong kong to mainland china where apparently it's more expensive. the hall was estimated to be more than $48,000. here stories we're following president obama's former presidential aide reggie love
4:27 am
spilling memoirs including this spicy won. during a campaign stop in 2007 senator obama walked in on him when he had a female guest in his hotel room. yikes. he said the senator quickly apologized probably turned ten shades of red and turned around. >> laughed. >> two police officers from albuquerque, new mexico, are facing murder charges for shooting a knife wielding homeless man. one officer fired a stun grenade. when he debate respond, the officer shot him. that man later died. seven more cases of measles have been linked to disney theme parks in california. according to california department of public health 26 people in four different states have now contracted the illness. the patients reportedly visited the disney parks between december 15th and 20th. this one just kills me. it is a love story 20 years in the making. a minnesota couple married after meeting as flower girl and ring
4:28 am
bearer when they were only three years old. >> super cute then. pretty cute now, too. >> only 22 definitely still cute. the lovebirds reunited in high school. they kept a long distance relationship in college. while neither bride or groom remembers their first walk down the aisle, hopefully last weekend's walk is one they will never forget. >> what a story. a legal battle over two of martin luther king's pricedzed possessions. the civil rights son suing their sister for the bible used at the 2013 inauguration and nobel peace prize, both between 5 and $10 million. the sons say they need to sell the items to continue operating his estate. a georgia judge will rule on the ownership or let it go to truth. happy birthday toliam
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hemsworth who turns 25.
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remembering four men shot and killed as they sat in a car. the victim's mourners say had so much still to off. >> this as friends continuing to mourn the u.s. taking new action to defend terrorism. >> and the race to replace a u.s. senator takes shape. rising star throwing her hat into the ring for 2016. we'll look outside at what appears to be a bay bridge completely shrouded in fog this morning. that is going to be a common theme. it is tuesday, january the 13th and you are watching "today in the bay."


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