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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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getting high from this type of medication is a growing trend nationwide. doctors warn an overdose can lead to liver damage, even death. the school is now working on creating a video to educate both parents and students about this problem. as for those three girls, they could face suspension. reporting live in morgan hill marianne favro nbc bay area news. in political news her campaign is officially under way. california attorney general kamala harris declared she is running for senate when barbara boxer leaves the post next year. harris announced it on her campaign website this morning, shortly after a potential rival spoke up. democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez from orange county posted on her own facebook page that she is considering entering the race. as for kamala harris she wrote, "i will be a fighter for the next generation on the critical issues facing our country, and i will fight relentlessly to
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protect our coast, our immigrant communities and our seniors." a changing of the guard in the south bay. the former candidate for san jose's mayoral race is now the new president of the santa clara county board of supervisors. dave core cortese is expected to outline his goals later this month when he delivers the state of the county address. this is a fluid and critical time in washington, d.c. republicans now rule both houses of congress and president obama is looking for some common ground during his final two years in office. nbc bay area's steve handelsman joins us in washington this evening. and steve, even more than usual, this is a complex time where you are there on capitol hill. >> reporter: it is raj. thanks. good evening. here in washington they are looking for common ground but at the same time tonight there definitely could be a confrontation ahead on the sensitive issue of homeland security. despite today's talk of working together. >> i'm very much looking forward to -- >> reporter: in his first meeting with gop leaders since republicans seized control of
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congress president obama urged cooperation on the economic recovery. >> the key now is for us to work as a team to make sure that we build on this progress. >> reporter: work as a team? that's possible on cyber security. after the hack attack of sony and yesterday's invasion of some pentagon youtube and twitter accounts. and agreement looks possible in the war against isis. but republicans vow a fight on immigration, to block the obama executive order granting work permits to millions who came to the u.s. illegally. house speaker john boehner says a principle is at stake. >> this is not about actually the issue of immigration. what it is it's about the president acting lawlessly. >> reporter: republicans may try to carve that obama plan out of the $40 billion homeland security budget. but after the terror in paris, with this new video out today of the kouachi brothers outside
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charlie hebdo newspaper, democrats slammed that strategy. >> a horrible horrible terrorist act took place in paris. you think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a homeland security bill but the republicans still say no. >> reporter: republicans say they would fully fund homeland security but block what they call the obama overreach on immigration. on that issue and others, aides say the president figures he's only got six to nine months to make progress on issues like that homeland security switch before the nation switches its focus to the 2016 elections. live from washington steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you. and as steve just mentioned, there's that new video here of the paris terror suspects. this amateur video shows the kouachi brothers outside the charlie hebdo headquarters just minutes after carrying out that massacre inside of those offices.
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they appear to be reloading their automatic weapons by their getaway car. then as they make their escape the suspects opened fire on a french police car. the officers inside that police car did survive. now, paris police say the brothers and a third suspect are responsible for murdering 17 people and injuring a dozen others before being killed by french special forces. tonight on "nightly news with brian williams," the concern is spreading. how many in france's jewish community want to leave the country after these attacks. that's coming up in about 25 minutes on "nightly news." inching closer to the top and toward a world record free climb. the two yosemite climbers may be less than a day away from scaling to the top of el capitan. the climbers are focusing on scaling the dawn wall which is 3,000 feet tall. that's about three times the height of san francisco's transamerica building and 4 1/2 times the height of the washington monument. we have new video of their climb. this was just late this
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afternoon. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the story of the bay area friends who are tracking their every move. [ ringing ] >> reporter: the ceiling at santa rosa's vertex climbing center is one of excitement. the sport these folks love is getting pushed in a new direction, as their home-grown hero 30-year-old kevin jorgeson, and climbing buddy tommytom tommy caldwell, take to on an unprecedented feet taking on the face of yosemite's el capitan. >> it's definitely the hardest big wall climb in the world, in my opinion, anyway. >> piece of cake right, tommy? >> no problem. we've got this. >> reporter: for the past 18 days, the pair has been free climbing el capitan's dawn wall. while they have ropes for protection -- >> come on -- >> reporter: -- they're climbing the 3,000-foot vertical route using just the tools within them strength patience and precision.
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>> to ascend the rock they're not using any aid at all. they're just climbing the rock. >> reporter: jorgeson has made it a nail-biter. it took him an entire week to scale one section. >> and the dedication that he had to have to keep that going, you know? he had to really want it. that's kevin, yep. he posted that last night. >> reporter: jorgeson's friends have been monitoring his progress on social media. jorgeson got his start at the vertex tackling his first climb there when he was just 11 years old. >> i'm constantly impressed. the guy is a machine. he is absolutely one of the best in the world at rock climbing. >> reporter: as the climbers enter the home stretch, jorgeson's friends from the vertex plan to meet him at the top of el capitan tomorrow. >> i'm sure he'll be really stoked to see a lot of friends and family. >> reporter: in santa rosa jodi hernandez -- >> it will probably be just like a little mini celebration. >> reporter: nbc bay area news.
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>> more on the history-making climbers as they are ascending, they are seeing amazing views of yosemite. this is time-lapse video of the night sky last night. notice, if you see there, right there, the tiny dot of white light on the side of the wall that is where the climbers camped out for the night. to see more breath-taking photos like these as the climbers make their way up to the top, head to and search for yosemite. we have a follow-up story on the pay raise that's causing a stir in the east bay. the contra costa county board of supervisors today repealed an ordinance that would have given each of them a 33% pay hike. back in october, you might recall, the supervisors voted to raise their own annual pay from $97,000 to $129,000 per year. the supervisors say they have the second lowest salary in the bay area and that even taking a pay cut during the recession. opponents were in the process of trying to overturn that raise. the supervisors say they'll look for other options when they meet again next week. san francisco on the road to picking up more commuters.
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the city announced today it will add 40 more light rail cars to muni's fleet, on top of the 175 that were already approved last year. the addition will help alleviate jam-packed trains. plus, the new ones will last ten times longer and need far fewer repairs. commuters can look forward to riding the new fleet of cars by the end of next year. social media comes through again. this time it helps reunite mochi, the stolen pit bull with her san francisco owner. mochi disappeared during a break-in on friday and was later spotted with the suspect on surveillance video. owner david baker said he doesn't care about his stolen electronics. he just wanted his mochi back. twitter and instagram helped spread the message, and police say an alert citizen called 911 to report seeing the dog. police say they booked melissa perna into jail on a variety of misdemeanor and felony warrants. growing cause for concern as more disney visitors test positive for measles. i'm michelle robertson. coming up the growing debate
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over how this incredibly rare disease arrived at the happiest place on earth. it made me realize i feel good when i help people. >> he has a goat named froyo that changed his life. the new direction this teenager with autism was inspired to take. it will make you bay area proud. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff rainier. we haven't seen brilliant sky like behind me in at least 11 days. we're tracking more on the air quality for tomorrow plus details on any rainfall in the next seven days. then at 6:00 running trains with toxic cargo. >> right through our cities within 100 feet of homes in my council district. >> right through south bay neighborhoods. >> what would nap a derailment occurred? >> but any hope of stopping it could depend on a vote expected tonight. that's new at 6:00.
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military for over 75 years.
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it's still in the headlines. and in fact it's growing. the number of measles cases linked to disneyland has now jumped to 26 people. the virus that was thought to be stamped out back in the united states back in -- 15 years ago in 2000 due to vaccination efforts. now some are asking if it's back because of parents who are refusing to vaccinate their kids. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is with us. michelle this is reigniting that vaccine debate. >> it is and measles are becoming more common according to the cdc. last year, there were more than 600 cases of measles in the u.s., up from less than 100 cases in 2009 and '10. health officials now confirm 26 people who visited disneyland last month contracted the measles, including at least one person from alameda county. the virus is extremely contagious and can be deadly. >> it can lead to blindness, it can lead to encephalitis which is an infection of the brain.
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>> reporter: dr. kjartan armane is a pediatrician. he won't treat children in his san jose office if parents refuse the vaccine. >> there is no downside. every year our vaccines are improving. we're using fewer and fewer components of the diseases to get better and better immunity. >> reporter: health officials say at least eight of the confirmed measles cased linked to disneyland were patients not vaccinated. in recent years, a growing number of families have made the decision not to vaccinate, citing concerns over the risk of vaccination, instead choosing what some call a more holistic approach to medicine. >> making a conscious choice to eat a healthy diet. that's the best prevention. >> reporter: david hogg is not an md. he's a licensed naturepathic physician. he believes more long-term studies are needed to understand the potential side effects from the measles vaccine. >> i want to educate them so that they can make the best decision that they can. >> reporter: cdc health officials continue to strongly recommend vaccines as the best way to protect your children and note the overwhelming research
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that would support that recommendation. >> and they are safe. it is important to give vaccines to all children. >> reporter: officials say 22 of the measles cases linked to disneyland are in california including one in alameda county. the others utah, colorado and washington. reporting live in the newsroom i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. a new attraction may be popping up near at&t park this spring. giants fans may find a pop-up beer garden. it would open on the current site of lot a by pier 48. there is a rendering of the project called "the yard." developers want to bring in 15 old shipping containers to create the venue. the san francisco port commission still needs to approve this project. if it does the yard would open in march. >> that could be very interesting. well, meeting the right friend at the right time can change a person's life. >> it happened to a mountain view teenager but in a very different way. nbc bay area's garvin thomas is here with tonight's "bay area proud." >> janelle, there is a non-profit at the heart of that
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story, one that does great work with animals and kids with special needs, particularly with one special connection they made possible. in all of silicon valley -- >> all right. >> reporter: -- there's probably not another 17-year-old out there who knows as much about goats as john coleman does. >> he's a friendly guy. >> reporter: around the stalls of the 4h barn at mcclellan ranch, john it seems, knows the story behind every goat. >> romeo's little brothers. >> reporter: but ask john his story, and he'll start with one goat in particular. >> and he was the biggest and he was different from the others. >> reporter: john was about 10 years old when he first met froyo and understood a little bit himself about being different than others. diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at age 3, john had his challenges growing up. >> like i had trouble feeling my own body.
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so when i was uncomfortable, i'd get angry and throw tantrums. like, i just went around and threw chairs and all the kids were afraid because i was always a big kid. >> reporter: but one day, that big kid met that big goat and things started to change. >> absolutely. i think john has blossomed. >> reporter: vicki know the story because she's the one who introduced the two. vicki's family you see, is behind animal-assisted happiness, a non-profit that introduces special needs children and adults to the gentlest collection of small farm animals you are ever likely to meet. vicki says the greatest power the animals possess is not something they do but something they don't -- judge. >> these animals know what their job is and their job is just to be not to judge and make kids happy. >> reporter: in john's case he bonded so well with froyo, he began introducing him to other children with special needs,
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helping froyo do for them what he did for him. >> it made me realize, i feel good when i help people and it allowed me -- it made me want to commit to things. i was afraid to commit before and i was a bit nervous about, like dedicating myself. >> reporter: john it would seem, has no problem with dedication now, proving the right friend at the right time can make all the difference. no matter who it is. >> you know the headline does end up being, you know boyfriends goat and great things happen, but it is so much deeper than that. the connection the two made how that helped john, how he took that and wanted to share with others. he's very active. he's a team leader in 4h now, has an obsession with goats. he knows more about goats than anybody i've ever met, and a lot of that credit goes to animal-assisted happiness and the terrific work they do. >> all the animals at 4h the chicken, the rooster. like it works with all animals,
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that bond. >> thank you garvin. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, as we cleared up today. it felt nice for the first time in a while. >> i know. we've gone 11 days with the poor air quality across the bay area and our weather underground time-lapse really illustrates what a lot of us finally did get, and that was crystal clear skies. you can see from this morning after a little bit of fog here in the santa clara valley we had blue sky right around 10:00, and that just continued all the way into the afternoon, not only for the santa clara valley but for a lot of the bay area. and the key thing that helped us to get these blue skies today was the northerly wind that built in. it wasn't overly gusty, but 5 to 20 miles per hour helped clear out that pollution. the other thing the wind did was helped to warm up the temperatures. after starting off at 38 degrees in santa rosa this morning, 63 by the noon hour. then as we headed throughout the afternoon, temperatures close to 70 degrees. 69 in fact by 2:00 p.m. we'll get a look right now. we have a little bit of that northerly wind moving in across the bay area keeping skies clear, temperatures in the upper
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50s to low 0i6st60s. now, the forecast for tomorrow we want to highlight isn't going to change a whole lot. we still have a region of high pressure aloft. it's a relatively calm weather pattern for the bay area. now that it's set in place, the atmosphere will stay relatively quiet as we head throughout the next 24 hours. i still think the air will get stirred up enough to keep that air quality at moderate levels but it's also going to allow some fog to come back in the morning hours. we'll see some areas of cloud cover at the coastline, possibly some patchy clouds again for the santa clara valley and also for contra costa, alameda county and likely a little cloud cover for the north bay as well. as we head through about 11:30 in the morning, we'll keep some of the low clouds with us. then eventually by the afternoon, we'll see some of that fog burn off, but i still think we'll have at least a mostly sunny sky as we head throughout the afternoon hours. so, we'll take you into your microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. a beautiful day coming our way. again, the air quality's going to be better. we'll have sunny skies for about 95% of us. and temperatures just slightly above average. san jose expecting a high of 64
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degrees, close to 70 again in morgan hill. if you're headed to the coastline, it will be chilly in pacifica, pretty normal this time of year. in palo alto about a five-degree difference there. for san francisco, not too many subtle differences. a little bit of wind off the bay will keep most of our temperatures here in the low 60s. forest hill 60 degrees. the marina 61. and in downtown, 63. but the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, one of the warmest spots again for today in the north bay, napa and santa rosa close to that 70-degree mark. you'll actually cool down tomorrow by about three to four degrees, and that's really in large part to the fact of the north winds that we had today will be going away. that north wind is a drying and also a warming wind, so not as warm for you, and tras the tri-valley, 64 expected at danville and slightly cooler for livermore livermore. we do need that rainfall desperately. we haven't seen any rainfall in january so far. we're on track for one of the driest januarys in history at this point. you can see mainly sunny skies on thursday and friday. right now the big forecast change is on saturday and also
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sunday. we've taken out that possibility of rainfall and we're just keeping a slight chance of maybe some showers in san francisco up to the north bay for saturday and also sunday. so, no big storm system this weekend, but we still have what, another month and a half left here of winter so you know we're keeping our fingers crossed. doesn't look good in the long term right now. >> oh, no. okay, thanks jeff. still ahead, the new message that could soon show up on your facebook news feed and how it could help save lives. also a crisis in the cockpit. what the pilots of a delta air lines jet say they couldn't get the plane to do that forced them to return to the airport. we're back in a moment.
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stocks soared this morning, only to plunge this afternoon and end with small losses. energy shares slipped lower as the price of oil fell another 18 cents. it's now under $46 a barrel. the dow closed down 27 points the s&p lost 5, and the nasdaq dropped 3 points. a new feature for your facebook. amber alerts will now be posted to your news feed. the national center for missing and exploited children will be able to use facebook to reach out to the public to help find abducted children. the post will have key information, like pictures and descriptions of the alleged abductors. the alerts will only be posted on the feeds of those living in the affected regions. a delta air lines flight out of los angeles international airport had to make an emergency landing this morning due to what the flight crew called a potential systems issue. the plane carrying 146 passengers to st. paul minnesota, left l.a.x. just before 9:00 this morning. soon after takeoff, the pilot says he started experiencing a mechanical problem. the jetliner was having trouble
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flying in a straight line. the crew alerted passengers of the issue and the flight returned safely to l.a.x. less than an hour after takeoff. a little show-and-tell for pg&e today. they have a meteorology department. yes, the staff of pg&e meteorologists and its own weather prediction models as well. forecasting has been part of the operation since 1936 but it wasn't until 2009 that pg&e started using an outage prediction model to help plan for storms. >> the model is designed to get us get the scale of the event right and get our preparations about right. we're going to need so many crews, whether it's 100 or 150. and then it helps us position those crews where the most significant damage is going to be. the pg&e service territory's very large. >> they should just use our team of meteorologists as well. pg&e also demonstrated how its smart meters and smart grid technology can be used during storms to help restore power. the new movie some
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schoolkids can watch for free. why and who's picking up the tab, next.
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tonight at 6:00 two bay area tech companies are facing off. what apple revealed today that sent another local stock tumbling. that's tonight on our 6:00 newscast. the movement to treat some middle and high schoolers to a free screening of the movie "selma" is growing tonight. it all started in new york and now seventh, eighth and ninth graders in san francisco, boston nashville and
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philadelphia can see this civil rights drama for free. all they need to do is show a school i.d. or report card at the box office of participating theaters. the tickets are paid for by paramount pictures and 27 african american business leaders across the country. "selma" chronicles the tumultuous three months leading up to the passage of the 1965 voting rights act. >> a lot of people say it is a great movie as well. >> powerful. >> jeff ranieri, just looking behind us here it's amazing outside. >> beautiful, i know! that air quality, even though it's improved, it's still setting off some awesome sunsets. you can see the weather trend over the next couple days. unfortunately, no rainfall. we went from the wettest december on record for a lot of places to one of the driest januarys on record. that's how we're trending right now. temperatures again in the mid-to-upper 60s through san jose. we were expecting possibly some rainfall this weekend, but it's looking more and more likely like it will stay dry in san jose with temperatures in the low 60s. so, it will cool off and we'll see an increase in cloud cover for the upcoming weekend. san francisco keeps just a slight chance of showers.
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the way things are trending right now, we may actually have a dry forecast in san francisco by tomorrow. we'll just have to wait and see. >> thank you jeff. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. brian williams is next. >> goodnight. on our broadcast tonight, new video of the terrorist attack in france showing in detail how brazen the attackers were on the very day the victims are laid to rest. panic in the tunnel as a commuter train grinds to a halt and smoke begins to fill the cars while passengers are told they must stay put. american sniper as portrayed by bradley cooper. lester holt looks back at his conversation with the real-life inspiration for the story of heroism that has come to the big screen. and the brotherhood. good news for a pair of siblings we've come to know after their incredible story of endurance that touched so many. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is


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