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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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s are anxiously awaiting a decision. robert? >> reporter: well, raj, this stretch along monterey road in south san jose is just one ran why so many people are concerned about derailment especially if the cargo is toxic crude oil. you can see that a fence is the only thing separating these homes from the tracks. right now homeowners say their only protection could be a letter from the city. sergio jimenez heads up a homeowner's association south san jose concerned about a worst case scenario. but members are worried the expansion of a phillips 66 refinery operation in santa maria will bring mile-long trains into their area carrying millions of gallons of what they call dangerous toxic crude oil. >> our concerns are what would happen if a derailment occurred? and in particular the loads the trains are carrying? >> reporter: he agreed and agreed the city take a stance with a letter opposing the transport trains. >> coming right through our cities, within 100 feet of homes
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in my council district, going through farmland in my council district as well coming through downtown. >> reporter: the debate lasted late into the afternoon with some councilmembers say it's the federal government's job, not the city's to make the call. >> we should also be asking is enough being done to make it safe but not to outright oppose it. >> reporter: but ultimately the council voted unanimously to oppose the oil transport through san jose and urge the san luis obispo planning commission to reject the proposal. >> nobody is really concerneding in somebody happens. we have an opportunity before there is even a risk to do something about it. >> reporter: now san jose joins other cities including berkeley and richmond to publicly oppose similar plans. phillips 66 did not return our calls, but officials have said before safety is their top priority, and they have decades of experience transporting cargo. live in san jose robert handa nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. this is a sensitive issue. as robert mentioned, other cities oppose crude oil trains running through their backyards.
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benicia met considerable backlash this past summer for enplan to bring oil trains from canada and north dakota to its valero refinery. benicia calculated the risk as negligible with a predicted oil spill once every 111 years. the governor's office called the city's safety analysis flawed and asked it to take another deeper look. it was a day of mourning in france today as the funerals began for the victims of the paris terrorist massacre. but if parisians remain united in solidarity some muni riders in san francisco are stunned to see anti-muslim ads on the buses they're boarding. the ads which equate islam with nazism come from the same group that has been placing anti-muslim messages on buses around the country for the past several years. nbc bay area's mark matthews is outside a bus barn south of market and mark. is there anything that the community can do about the bus ads? >> reporter: they're going to continue to run them for legal reasons that we'll get into in a minute. you'll remember pamela geller's
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first ad campaign back in august of 2012 with an ad that said in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. well, these new ads, they're more direct. the ads read islamic jew hatred it's in the koran. 2/3 of all u.s. aid goes to islamic countries. stop the hate. the ad also shows a picture of adolf hitler and a man the ad claims was the leader of the islamic world but actually was the grand mufti of jerusalem during world war ii. >> reporter: muni spokesman says the city and the transportation agency don't agree with the ads but cannot refuse the business. >> we have to run these ads because this could result in a lawsuit. at the same time, this is something that we're required to do because of the first amendment. >> reporter: pamela geller did
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not return our requests for an interview about the ads, but commented on press coverage on her website saying the media slant is expected despite this week's dead. but the comments are overwhelmingly with us. those supportive comments are not coming from jewish groups like the anti-defamation league. >> the message behind the ads is that in some way some of the most hateful anti-semitic expressions that have emanated from people who happen to be muslim can therefore be ascribed to all muslims. and we reject that notion. >> reporter: the adl's regional director calls the ads extreme and offensive, and says his organization's opposition to geller has caused her followers to claim that the adl, one of the leading voices against anti-semitism in the world is itself anti-semitic. >> yeah i'm trying to wrap my head around that one as well. >> reporter: this ad campaign is the seventh of its kind since august 2012. when the mta in new york tried to keep geller's ads off their
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buses there, a federal judge in manhattan ruled in her favor, citing first amendment protections. in san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> mark, thank you. these chances don't come often. it's california's first open u.s. senate seat in 24 years. and today kamla harris seized the opportunity. as expected she made the announcement this morning on her campaign website. she will run for barbara boxer's senate seat next year. a potential rival has already come forward. here she is. democratic congressman loretta sanchez from orange county posted on her own facebook page that she is considering running for the seat. getting back to harris. currently the state's attorney general. she states quote, he will be a fighter for the next generation on the critical issues facing our country, and i will fight relentlessly to protect our coast, our immigrant communities and our seniors. and just days after he was sworn in for a second term in the house of representatives,
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east bay democrat eric swalwell says he might also join the race. a spokesperson is telling us swalwell is being urged to run by his supporters. former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa is also considering a run. among california republicans, oceanside assembly man rocky chavez says he might run. two other possibilities. former gop state party chairman del rick caro. the principal says they were trying to get high. three eighth grade students are recovering after overdosing on cold medicine. they call it doing triple c. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live in morgan hill. a lot of people see kids doing this. it's a dangerous trend. >> reporter: police definitely say it is a growing trend, jessica. the principal says the girls got high here on campus after learning how to do it from a facebook video. three eighth graders from briton
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middle school after each took 10 to 12 coricidin tablets. officials believe the girls were trying to get high. >> at that level will cause hallucinations, symptoms of drunkenness. and they were observed becoming under the influence and we rounded them up right away. >> reporter: the three girls were transported to st. louise hospital in gilroy where they were treated and released. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: the students took the tablets on campus. the superintendent told us one of the girls obtained the medicine at a local store and had learned about using it to get high from social media. >> in this case the kids talked about seeing it on youtube and hearing about it through social media, that it's becoming a drug of choice among young teens. >> reporter: the school informed parents about the incident with e-mails and phone calls last night. i this day and age, i'm not surprised about anything anymore, to be honest with you. kids find out everything through social media and all this stuff now.
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so it's just parents need to inform their kids what is going on. you can't ignore anything anymore. >> reporter: police say getting high from this type of medication is a growing trend nationwide. in this case, the girls were lucky. doctors warn an overdose can lead to liver damage, even death. the three girls involved could now face suspension. the school says it's going to work on creating a video to educate parents and students about this problem. and they also plan to hold a meeting for parents. reporting live in morgan hill marianne favro, nbc bay area news. just in to our newsroom, a booby-trap in san jose. among the questions tonight, who set it up and who was it intended to injure. san jose firefighters rushed to a fire at a homeless encampment east of communications hill. this happened sunday morning. while putting out the flames take a look. one firefighter fell into this. a 2 by 2 hole with wooden spikes
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sticking out from the bottom. a burlap sack and dirt were covering the hole. so the firefighter had no idea what was underneath. thankfully he was not hurt. no word on any suspects. it's a proposal that could help some undocumented immigrants in the south bay navigate the system. san jose council is considering opening up an office of immigration services that move intended to deal with the law that states undocumented immigrants who arrive in the country before their 16th birthday or before 2010 are eligible for work permits and deportation release. as you can imagine applications are pouring in. >> we should take whatever action we can within our limited means to ensure that our residents are getting accurate information to take advantage of the executive action to get jobs, to get access to educational opportunities, whatever it might be that improves really the quality of life for everybody in our city. >> some two million undocumented immigrants are eligible for the services around the country. mochi the dog is back home
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tonight. a tip from the public reunited the san francisco man with his best friend. mochi is a pit bull who disappeared during a break-in on friday and was later spotted with the suspect on surveillance video. owner david baker said he didn't care about his stolen electronics from that break-in he just wanted mochi back. twitter and instagram helped spread the message, and an alert citizen called 911 to report seeing the dog. police say they booked melissa pernes into jail on a variety of misdemeanor and felony warrants. criminal mastermind are the fall guy in someone else's drug scheme. a new york jury heard different vargss of ross albright's site. he founded a website which prosecutors say was an online emporium. police arrested him at the library where police say he was logged on to the silk road site.
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his attorney says his client founded silk road as an experiment but was forced to run it leaving him to take the fall. a silicon media blog is criticizing the cupertino company for not making it a paid holiday. the suggestion is it's a misstep in tech circles which is striving for greater diversity. we reached out to apple which confirms while next monday is not a paid holiday for employees, the company has encouraged their employees to volunteer as a way to honor dr. king. in turn apple through its matching gifts program is contributing $50 for every employee hour worked. still ahead, history-making. first for "the san francisco chronicle" in its 150 years. and the pay increase that raised some eyebrows. the decision is in about some east bay political leaders who voted to give themselves a 33% pay hike.
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and a silicon valley company has a new way to take a selfie that will blow your mind. i'm scott budman. coming up, a drone that you actually wear. a first look just ahead. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. something we haven't seen in a while here across the east bay. that is blue sky. you can see it right here on our time lapse weather. we're tracking more on that air pollution tomorrow. plus details on if we will get any kind of rainfall from this storm system out here in the pacific in just a few minutes.
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a lot of disappointed tourists and some upset locals. for the second straight day, coit tower was closed. crews finished filming a commercial featuring a drone. now the commercial shoot has shut down coit tower because the faa requires people to be at least 200 feet away when a drone is used for filming. this was all approved by the
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city. the problem is locals say they were never informed until just recently of the shutdown. and they aren't happy that a drone is being used. coit tower will reopen tomorrow. well speaking of drones one may soon be coming to your wrist. yes, i said your wrist. a bay area startup that has gone from idea to hot topic just got a ton of buzz at the consumer electronics show. scott budman was there and got a close-up look. he joins us live in santa clara with your first look. we're talking about a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. this is a drone on your wrist? >> yes, it is. what better opportunity to take a selfie. normally when we do that we have to hold our camera up in the air and actually stay still in one place. imagine if you could take the camera throw it off your wrist, have it fly up in the air, spin around eventually find you. and then take your picture. that's the idea behind this next company. what if you could combine a
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drone and a wearable then add a camera like a gopro or cell phone so you could take a cool selfie. >> it's about pushing the limits of technology. >> reporter: a silicon valley startup wants to put all of it on your wrist. this is nicksy a drone that can take your picture. >> you throw it and then it takes off. you keep doing what you've been doing. it takes a picture of you doing that stuff and it come backs to you. >> reporter: it's still in the very early stages. but the company is hiring and earned a spot in the futuristic intel booth at ces by winning an intel wearable challenge. >> nixy was the winner and we're excited about them and the space in general. >> reporter: it's like a boomerang, but it sits on your wrist, until it's time to fly away and photograph you. >> most cameras just give you the point of you, you have
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yourself. so you always take a picture of what you see yourself. we wanted to develop a camera that basically kept just you in the moment. >> and i can skip to the next one. >> reporter: we love wearables. and we love things that fly. the future may put them both at arm's length. and again nixy says it is still in a developmental phase, but they hope to get a preorder some time in 2015. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. [ closing bell ] stocks soared this morning only to plunge in the afternoon. and then with small losses. energy shares slipped lower as the price of oil fell again. it's now under $46 a barrel. the dow closed down 27 points. a follow-up story now. there will be no pay raise. thousands of east bay people called it an outrageous proposal. the contra costa county board of
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supervisors today repealed an ordinance that would have given them, each of them a 33% pay hike. back in october, the supervisors voted to raise their pay from $97,000 a year to $129,000 a year. the supervisors say they have the second lowest salary in the bay area and have even taken a pay cut during the recession. opponents were in the process of trying to overturn the pay raise. the supervisors say they'll look at other option when they meet again next week. there is some new leadership to tell you about in the south bay. the former candidate for san jose mayor is now the new president of the santa clara county board of supervisors. dave cortese is expected to deliver his state of the county address next week. it's a first for the 150-year-old newspaper. "the san francisco chronicle" has named audrey cooper as editor-in-chief. and that makes her the first woman to hold the position in the paper's history. cooper joined in 2006 as the assistant editor and quickly rose through the ranks.
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ironically cooper tells the chronicle that she tried to join the company between years ago by applying for an internship three times. she says she never got a call back. now she is poised to be making all the calls at the paper. >> she is now in charge. >> yes, she is. and let's bring in jeff ranieri, in charge of our forecast. it felt a lot better breathing today, jeff. >> it was noticeably different out here for a lot of the bay area. and something we haven't been able to bring you in two weeks is a nighttime shot of san jose where you can actually see the downtown skyline. and check it out behind me on the weather wall. you'll be able to see downtown very bright and clear tonight. the key factor no doubt that brought us these clearer skies and better air quality was a breezy wind. 10 to 25 miles per hour. help to push off a lot of the pollution to the south and eventually out to sea. you'll see right now here temperatures primarily in the 50s with also clear skies. for tomorrow we're still looking pretty good on those temperatures. not going to be too cold not going to be too hot. we're going to be right in the middle here.
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66 expected for your average in the north bay. we may hold on to cloud cover in san francisco in the tri-valley. 65 for the south bay. as far as the air quality goes for tomorrow i do think we'll stay at the moderate levels with a little bit of hazy sunshine by the afternoon. so at least it's not unhealthy. but what we really need is rainfall to push this down to the good level. as many of us know the last time we had any kind of major rainfall was way back in december when we had nearly 21 days in a row of wet weather. since then through january, we haven't had any rainfall for the entire month. all 13 days have been dry. we certainly could use it. we need that rainfall here to clean out that air quality. and of course to also help our drought. as we finish things up we look at the overall rainfall season for average. it's still not doing too bad. from 100 to 150% of average. but we know what a deficit we're in right now. we'll talk more coming up about any rain chances this weekend
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and where it looks like we can see a best chance of showers in about 25 minutes. >> all right, thank you very much, jeff. still ahead, getting around the city a little easier. the change muni is making that could spell relief for users. the happiest place on earth has been linked to more cases of measles. i'm michelle robinson. the growing despite surrounding why the virus is spreading.
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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it's not good news. the disneyland measles problem is spreading. there are now 26 cases of measles linked to the theme park. the bigger issue perhaps, though, why is measles making a comeback? nbc bay area michelle roberts joins us now. some people are joining parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. >> that's right. the measles are becoming more common. last year there were more than 600 cases in the u.s. that's up from about 100 cases in 2009 and 10. hell officials say 26 people who visited the happiest place on earth last month returned home with the measles virus. at least eight of those people were not vaccinated.
6:24 pm
it's an airborne virus that is considered extremely contagious. >> it's one of the most deadly viruses that we see for children. >> reporter: dr. cardin are armand is a pediatrician. he says every year vaccines are improving to better protect children from illnesses like measles. >> if you don't want to vaccinate, i don't want to take care of your kids. >> reporter: dr. arman who says parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are putting others with risk. >> people with cancer people who have a compromised immune system. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. in recent years, a growing number of families have chosen not to vaccinate, citing concerns over side effects. many of these so-called anti-vaccers advocate for what they call a more holistic approach to medicine. >> prevention is always the best cure. and that's eating healthy. >> reporter: david haug is a naturopathic physician. he believes long-term vaccine studies would benefit us all.
6:25 pm
>> we need to know 60 years, through a person's lifetime what you know do they have cancer, do they have heart disease versus others. >> reporter: cdc health officials say the measles vaccine is 99% everythingive and note there is overwhelming research to support the claim that vaccination is the best chance to avoid potentially life threatening diseases. >> it is important to give vaccines to all children. >> reporter: officials say 22 of the measles cases linked to disneyland are in california including one in alameda county. the others in utah colorado and washington. reporting live in the newsroom michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, michelle. it's another record for uc berkeley. the university drew more than 96,000 applicants. most are incoming freshmen. the school received nearly 97,000 freshmen applications. that's 7% more than last year and the most cal has ever received. more than 45,000 of high school
6:26 pm
seniors who apply ready californians. 18,000 out of stater, 14,000 international students. this year also a first for latinos. the largest minority in california high schools. they now make up a third of the applicants from the state. we're talking 27%. now the applicants will find out in late march whether they have actually been admitted. a bit of relief for san francisco commuters. the city announcing today it will add 40 more light railcars to its muni fleet. that's on top of the 175 that were already approved last year. the addition will help alleviate jam-packed trains. plus the new ones will last ten times longer and need far fewer repairs. the new fleet should be ready to ride next year. really your average joe. he just happens to be a supernatural athlete and a really, really strong climber. >> coming up on the way to the top. what is inspiring the pair of climbers inching closer to scaling yosemite's el capitan. i'm janelle wang. chilling new video of the terrorist killers in france.
6:27 pm
the gun battle they had with police and the search for who financed their training and their weapons. that's coming up next. and one of the worst days on record for a local company. the reason investors got spooked on peninsula-based gopro.
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you're looking at time lapse video of the night sky in yosemite. this is what the two climbers
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saw last night as they made their way up half dome to the top. you see that tiny light on the side of the wall? that's where the climbers have been camping for the evening. now no bolt no tools. the two climbers are trying to be the first to conquer el capitan in yosemite with just their hands and feet. and they're almost at the top and almost at the end of their harrowing attempt. the climbers are scaling the dawn wall three times the height of san francisco's transamerica building and four and a half times the height of the washington monument. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the story of the men who may be celebrating an historic climb as early as tomorrow. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. >> reporter: the feeling at santa rosa's climbing center is one of excitement. >> yeah. >> reporter: the sport these folks love is getting pushed in a new direction. as their homegrown hero 30-year-old kevin jorgensen and jorgensen's climbing buddy tommy
6:31 pm
caldwell take on an unprecedented feat scaling the face of yosemite's el capitan. >> it's definitely the hardest big wall climb in the world, in any opinion, anyway. >> right, tommy? >> no problems. >> reporter: for the past 18 days, the pair has been free climbing on el capitan's dawn wall. while they have ropes for protection, they don't use any for the climb. instead, they're scaling the 3,000 foot vertical route using just the tools within them strength, patience, and precision. >> so what they're doing is they're actually like gripping the rock with their hands and feet. >> reporter: jorgensen a santa rosa native who got his start at just 11 years old has made it a nail-biter. it took him an entire week to scale one section, it really did come down to the wire for him. handy had to persevere. and the dedication that he had to have to keep that going, you know.
6:32 pm
we had to really want it. >> reporter: part of what is fueling him, the memory of his friend fellow climber brad parker who fell to his death while rock climbing in yosemite last summer. hours after proposing to his fiancee. >> he is wearing this one jorz jorgensen is wearing a green t-shirt made in parker's honor. >> he is carrying that one. absolutely brad is with him right now. >> reporter: as the climbers enter the home stretch, jorgensen's friends plan to meet him at the top of el capitan tomorrow. >> i'll probably hand him a beer. and just congratulate him. >> we're all super proud of you, kevin. >> reporter: in santa rosa jodi hernandez, nbc 7 news. >> we've been following on our website at you can check it out for yourself. you can find pictures lots of videos. all you have to do is search yosemite. this is a pivotal week in washington, d.c. in the first meeting with republican leaders since they
6:33 pm
seized control of congress president obama urged cooperation. but as you can guess, that might not happen. working together is possible on cybersecurity after the hacker attack on sony and yesterday's invasion of pentagon attacks. however, republicans vow a fight on immigration, which is tied to the homeland security budget. >> it's not about actually the issue of immigration. what it is it's about the president acting lawlessly. >> horrible, horrible terrorist act took place in paris. you think it would have heightened the urgency to pass a homeland security bill. but the republicans still say no. >> you can see the old divisions continue. on that issue and others aids say the president say he figures he has 6 to 9 months to get his priorities passed before the nation's attention turns to the 2016 election. what needs to change that is the question that was asked as the presidential task force held a day-long listening session about police tactics. the questioning held in
6:34 pm
washington, d.c. sparked by the protests over deadly confrontations by police in new york and missouri. the time issued a executive order back in december creating that task force. it's made up of law enforcement officials, educators and civil rights activists. the goal is to find ways to improve relationships between local police and communities they serve. much of today's discussions are on using technology to better track police interaction. >> my recommendation is we leverage the technology of body cameras to strengthen police-community relations, not just to document them. >> jennifer eberhardt is a stanford psychology professor and she is among those on the panel. she was awarded the mcarthur genius grant last year for her work regarding police and race relations. we have more developing news in paris. it's now just after 3:30 a.m. wednesday morning in france. the country is on high alert because the latest issue of "charlie hebdo" will be officially released in just a few hours. also, there is new chilling video of the terror suspects.
6:35 pm
janelle wang joins us now with more details. >> reporter: raj french police say an active manhunt is still on for the accomplices of the gunman that carried out last week's bloody attacks that includes the people responsible for financing the training and weapons used to kill 17 people and injure a dozen others. we have avenged the profit mohamud. new amateur video shows the kouachi brothers shouting moments after carrying out the massacre of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" in paris. they then calmly reload their automatic weapons by their getaway car. then as they make their escape the gunman opened fire on a police car, blocking their exit. the police car goes into reverse. amazingly, the officers inside the car survive. today an emotional memorial for a police officer that did not survive. :00 ahmed was one of 17 people killed in last week's terror attacks before the kouachi brothers and a third suspect were finally killed by french
6:36 pm
special forces. french lawmakers show they are not back do you think in the war on terror. today they operatoringly approved extending french air strikes against isis in iraq. the vote? 488 to one. meantime, a lot of anticipation for the commemorative issue of "charlie hebdo" out wednesday. the cover shows the cartoon of the prophet muhammad, an unprecedented 3 million copies have been printed instead of the usual 50,000. >> we will just continue to make the newspaper every week. of course it will never be the same again. >> a few muslim groups are urging against publishing this latest issue, saying it will unnecessarily provoke feelings to those who love and respect the prophet muhammad. but the magazine is already printed and ready to hit newsstands in just a couple hours from now. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. crucial avalanche training testing the mettle of emergency crews in north lake tahoe. today was day one for ski
6:37 pm
patrol fire dogs. every member of the team goes through drills and scenarios even the dogs. >> the dog is using his nose. scent rises through the snow. it travels in the air by wind. and the dog picks up that scent. >> emergency responders say that speed is essential since people can only survive up to five minutes under the snow. >> it's going to hopefully lead to a big change in how people are breathing. >> coming up changing the way we eat. how our drought is forcing a change at local pharmacy. it's about to get more crowded around at&t park. what's in the works that could turn a parking lot into a must-see destination. and a big deal with big controversy. why woody allen's new contract isn't sitting well with a lot of people. >> what is this?
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have you noticed the traffic on the water? the port of oakland has never been busier. take a look now. a live look at the port where cargo volume has reached an all-time high. port leaders say there is a couple of reasons for this. there is stronger demand here in the united states for asian goods, and a lot of cargo was diverted from southern california ports. the challenge now to manage this growth. each day some ships are stuck waiting in the bay to off-load. and truckers are often waiting long hours to pick up that cargo. well news that comedian woody allen is creating his first ever tv series is creating praise and angry reactions. the he will write and direct a half hour comedy series. some call his comic style a natural fit for the half-hour format. but others are raising
6:41 pm
complaints raised by allen's daughter that she was sexual abused by him. allen has never been charged with a crime. the series is expected to premier in 2016. the competition is heating up for gopro and it's causing the camera company to take a hit on wall street. today gopro's shares slumped 15% after apple was granted a patent that let's users take photos with a remote control. the control would be a watch, which would work with an iphone setup to capture an action shot. the patent specifically sites weaknesses in gopro's cameras. you should note apple files hundreds of patents each year and many never make it to market. social media will play a role in tracking down snatched children. it partners with the national center for missing and exploited children which means when a child in our area has been abducted an an amber alert is issued, it will now appear in your facebook news feed. the post will have a photo, a description and a link to the missing child's poster so users
6:42 pm
can share it. u.s. attorney general eric holder says keeping up with amber alerts is a responsibility that every american should tackle. >> each of us can help by paying close attention to where it comes in. and by making sure that you are plugged into the amber alert network via social media. >> the amber alert system which is founded in 1996 has helped recover more than 700 children. okay jeff ranieri is with us. you notice jeff is in a good mood tonight. >> when am i not in a good mood? >> there must be rain in the forecast. >> even better mood. >> our air is much cleaner. >> oh yes. okay. he would be ecstatic if we had rain. >> oh, my gosh. you know me well. look outside of the sky camera network and check how clear it is. the air quality is so great, you can see the downtown skyline in san jose. we'll talk more about your air quality for tomorrow. and if there is any hope of rainfall this weekend in just a few minutes.
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a parking lot at at&t park may soon be going away. but giants fans are expected to love the change. developers are trying to create a pop-up beer garden on the current site of lot a. here is a rendering of the project. it's called the yard. developers want to bring in 15 old shipping containers to create the venue. the san francisco port commission still needs to approve the project. if it does, the yard would open in march. new at 6:00 water and grass are key concerns for any cattle rancher. but especially so in our drought. but as nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us one local rancher is putting those worries out to pasture as part of the creative study. the ambling hills of the san mateo coast, dotted with sloping grass lands and tucked away pharmacy. near the tiny town of pexscadero
6:46 pm
is tomkat ranch. it's a ranch where the practices of farming are constantly weekend. >> the mission is to raise healthy food on working lands in a way that inspires others. >> reporter: as a result, the ranch's cattle have gotten more attention than most cattle do. >> we move them on a planned grazing schedule so they move around the ranch to different pastures. >> reporter: their cows and the daily dining are the center of a new experiment into how grazing practices affect grass land. >> most people kind of put cattle out and leave them out and don't spend a lot of energy moving them around. >> reporter: but here the cattle are moved daily to give pastures. >> we try to move them regularly so that we're giving each plant time to rest so it can grow bigger and stronger. >> reporter: since the beginning of the three-year study, ecologists have noticed more growth among the land's
6:47 pm
perennial grasses. >> where we found it increased by 72% over those three years. >> reporter: that's significant, but perennial grasses are hardier and can feed cattle throughout the year and they survive better in a drought. >> throughout much of last year perennial grasses were the only green grass we could find on the ranch. >> reporter: the experiment is intended to mimic the massive herds that once roamed the great planes constantly moving constantly eating. >> it's as art as much as a science to figure out in this pasture, for example, when is the right time to move them. >> reporter: so far seven pharmacy along the coastline have begun similar experiments with the hope the practice will spread. >> going to hopefully lead to a big change in how people are grazing. >> reporter: but for now, the cows are simply enjoying a movable feast, oblivious to the fact that it may change the world. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> it is nice to see some green grass, jeff. >> i know. it's been a long time coming here for the bay area after that
6:48 pm
december rainfall. we finally started to see the hillsides being able to turn green. you can see right now across the bay area while we didn't get any rainfall today, the key difference was how much better that air quality was here from the north bay right on down to the south bay. check out our weather underground from this morning as that sun rose well we did have some fog to start. we really got in on a lot of sunshine. definitely by the noon hour all the way lew the afternoon for some brilliant blue sky in the upper atmosphere and has not been visible for at least a lot of days here across the bay area. we still have a little bit of a breeze kicking around right now that is keeping the skies relatively clear. temperatures in the 50s all across the board. and it looks like all regions will be dropping into the 40s as we head throughout tomorrow morning. i do also think we're going to have to worry than fog. we'll talk more than in a moment. let's get to the overall weather picture. when we take a look at the weather charts each and every day, we look for major changes in the atmosphere. as we head throughout tomorrow there is nothing huge happening that is going to signal a huge change for us.
6:49 pm
we have high pressure which we had yesterday. it's sitting in just about the same spots. it's going to store up the atmosphere enough that we still think that air quality will be at moderate levels throughout your wednesday forecast. but with it being relatively quiet as a whole across california, it will allow some fog to build, especially in the central valley throughout tomorrow morning. while it's not highly visible here at 9:00 in the morning, we think some of that fog will make it here across into the bay as we head throughout 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. and then eventually by the afternoon hours, we'll see sunny skies continue here across the bay area with just a few high clouds passing on by. so we'll take you into our microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. overall a very comfortable day once we get past patchy morning clouds. san francisco expecting sunny skies and 64 degrees. close to 70 still in morgan hill. that's going to be one of the warmest spots. for the peninsula cool per normal at the coastline. 60 in pacifica. palo alto, 65. san francisco, you have forest hill at 60. a wind coming from the ocean will keep your numbers down.
6:50 pm
and it will be a little bit up here in soma downtown san francisco with all the buildings and downtown. that concrete helps to retain some of the heat. and that's why the numbers will be slightly warmer. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, after close to 70 degrees in napa today and warmer temperatures in santa rosa it will drop by about 3 to 5 degrees. the north wind that helped to warm up your temperatures today is going to go away for tomorrow. so that's why your conditions will be cooling off. and for the tri-valley 64 degrees and pleasanton 65. we may hold on to a few of the clouds by the afternoon, but i still think you'll have plenty of sunshine. as we take a look at the weather trend, we would really like to see a big storm system on here. january is now on track for the driest january in history. and you can see on thursday we have dry weather. friday, also dry weather. it's been a while since we talked about weekend rainfall. and right now it looks like we're taking rainfall out of san jose's forecast. it will cloud up and cool down saturday and sunday. and will keep a slight chance of
6:51 pm
showers here saturday and sunday. for san francisco, the immediate coastline, and also for points across the north bay. so no big storm this weekend. but we still have as we've been talking about, another month or more here of winter left. so there is a lot of time for things to change. >> hopefully february is a different story. thanks jeff. how about this? lombard street might seem like an unlikely place to play basketball. but it's the perfect picturesque place for a little practice. details of what went down, coming up next.
6:52 pm
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geraud moncure joins us from our comcast sportsnet newsroom.
6:54 pm
we ever going to get any coaches here? >> well you know what raj? they are trying their best to get it right as they possibly can after everything that has gone on. as jed york ponder others the right call for jim harbaugh's replacement, the stakes continue to rise. 49ers brass and denver interviewing adam gase for a second time. he'll talk with trent baalke this time around. john elway and the broncos will then get a shot at gase afterwards. should the red and gold pass over defensive coordinator vic fangio for the job, csn bay reporting fangio could request to be released from his contract and possibly leave the 49ers. east bay native jack del rio flew back home for his second interview with. a second will center around conversation with gm reggie mckenzie this time as well as john madden once again. former raiders head coach dennis allen looking to get back in the name with the new york giants possibly. he interviewed for the defensive coordinator job today, according
6:55 pm
to the nfl network. now despite disappointing results for both bay area football teams in season there is hope in the future. khalil mack and defensive lineman justin ellis named to the nfl's all rookie team today by the pro football writers of america. mack reported 75 tackles while starting all 16 games with ellis starting 14 himself. 49ers linebacker chris borland also named to the team as well after piling up 107 tackles with two interceptions and eight starts after taking over for the injured patrick willis. for the ice as we speak, sharks and coyotes, all the fathers in attendance watching their sons take on the desert dogs. first period coyotes on the attack. mikhail shoots and scores beating niemi. his 13th goal of the season gives the coyotes the 1-0 lead that is the score right now in the first intermission. on the nba hardwood warriors out on the road for a
6:56 pm
one-game outing in utah. playman having a little fun with the jazz bear. klay thompson driving to the rack right here. he'll get the bucket to fall. and we are tied at four. next warriors possession. steph curry finding draymond green transition. the warriors take the lead. but right now the doves trail 42-39 in the second period. finally, the harlem globetrotters took a little detour today in san francisco. and the result was a little spontaneous entertainment. lombard turned into a crooked practice facility. oakland native brawner led the impromptu workout that included tourists stopping by and taking pics of the action and with the team. the globetrotters continue a 2015 tour with games in oakland and san jose this weekend. just the tenth female in the 89-year history of the globetrotters. so get out there and check them out this weekend. should it be a lot of fun. >> why were the people walk up
6:57 pm
that thing, not noticing that there were harlem globetrotters? i would freak out if i saw the harlem globetrotters. that was fun to see. thanks. >> you got > for 30 minutes local coverage you can watch sportsnete to treat some mischoolers to a free screening of the movie selma is growing. it started in new york and now 7th 8th and 9th graders in san francisco, boston philadelphia can see the civil rights drama for free. all they need to do is show a school id or a report card at the box office at participating theaters. the tickets are being paid for by paramount pictures and 27 african american business leaders across the country. selma chronicles the tumultuou leading up to the passage of the 1965 voting rights act and is supposed to be a phenomenal movie. i want to see it. >> and monday is the mlk holiday. it would be a good time to see the movie. >> very good. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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>> new video. george and amal partying after the goebs. >> and who we caught hooking up at the afterparty. now on "extra".." >> hollywood up all night. partying after the golden globes. jennanceston's funny limb o'lash out. >> hey. give us a ride. >> jenny and jenna, dancing up a storm. >> skpoo who showed up with a new girlfriend. >> and kathy griffin's bridge burning debut on the fashion police. >> kira knight lee looked like something out of silence of the lambs. bring


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