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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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like to lose water but watt are systems use water daily in their system to prove capacity. >> the san francisco public utilities commission says the state requires the valves in the dam be tested. in case of an emergency. >> emergency draw down valves are used in heavy, heavy rain events. flooding. we may need to reduce the reservoir level so we can capture more rain and reduce flooding down stream. >> down stream technicians with the u.s. geological survey gathering information. and study the capacity of the san mateo creek. >> the faster the water is moving, the bigger meter. >> water is measured in cubic feek per second. yesterday is measured at 2. today? 322. >> 322 basketballs moving every second. >> the amount of water is equivalent to 3 million showers. many agree it is an unfortunate but necessary loss during an extreme drought. >> the shame to have to release that much.
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>> puc says the plan is to release a gush of water throughout the day. they today release the water in spurts but other than that everything went as planned today. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. now let's bring in chief meteorologist, jeff panranieri. >> we look at this map behind us. we fixed it on june 1st, that's when the drought was i'd widespread as most of the state was under extreme drought. we saw any time from september through december we saw improvements. a lot of northern california is out of exceptional drought and now in that extreme category. we have also seen here in marin
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county, improvements to the moderate level, that includes north ensan francisco county and also for san mateo county as well. most of it can be attributed to the rain fall in december with nearly 21 days in a row of wet weather. we know january has been bone dry, again contributing to our problem here across the bay area. but we could break this dry spell we've had here throughout january. we are tracking a few showers off-shore. we will let you know the path of this for tonight coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. you can use our app. once you download it touch the logo to bring up the drop-down menu. there you will find the latest forecast and temperatures for your neighborhood. >> okay. is he the right choice or just the convenient choice? a lot of questions for 49ers fans tonight. a new coach and new era. 49ers hope it will lead them to a super bowl. tonight they introduce jim
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tomsula as their new head coach. he said it himself his rise to the top has been quote, unusual. >> yeah you know you will note that fans have been critical of that hire since losing popular coach jim harbaugh. but those who know him say give jim tomsula a minute of your time, and he will win you over. >> they marched out the man who will lead the 49ers for the next four years, jim tomsula, the new line coach. >> i'm proud to be standing here right now, okay. i understand that my journey is an unusual one. >> bringing elation to the folks at ever bite in the community. this is where the tomsulas occasionally gather for dinner. >> you will see him in line. you will see him being patient. that's the type of man we love. just a regular joe. >> neighbors and friends say tomsula is a family man, who
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often volunteers at his children's schools and they couldn't be happier for the tomsulas at megabyte. >> we love the family. we like to see them often here. i will make sure nobody bothers them when they are here. no. >> he has family in the evergreen green community. now he has to work his magic on the rest of the niners fans. tomsula emphasized the importance of establishing relationships but also knows bottom line is how well he does inside the stadium behind me. outside levis, nbc bay area news. >> big shoes to fill following jim harbaugh. now the terrifying moment at the macy's store after a car drove right through the front doors. the macy's in the mall in newark reopened today. you see it there. investigators sit driver add medical condition that led to the crash but wouldn't say exactly what the condition with was. one of the shoppers was
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evacuated last night return today, thankful she made an unplanned stop in the coat department. >> when i got home and i got to thinking, wow, i'm glad i was held up. that could have been me. >> up there, another floor of the store. one person remains in the hospital. he was on the sidewalk when he was hit by the car and was dragged into the macy's. he is still in critical condition. >> we are following a developing story if richmond where police shot a man who allegedly pulled a gun on an officer. right now that man is hospitalized in critical condition. the officer was not hurt. the confrontation was around 1:30 this afternoon on 20th street and nefin avenue. that's where police say the man was acting suspiciously and wanted to question him. but instead say the man pulled out a semiautomatic gun that had an extended magazine. police say the officer opened fire in self-defense. there is still an active investigation going on at this hour.
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>> from hollywood to san jose. new fall-out for chris brown. set controversial singer who performed in san jose last weekend. an l.a. judge revoked brown's probation because he was under orders not to leave the county down south. brown has been on probation for attacking his ex girlfriend rihanna, in 2009. there are also consequences for the venue where brown performed where five people were shot during his concert. the fiesta club is now closed. police say the owner accepted a 60-day suspension of the entertainment permit. the alcohol license is also on hold for 60 days. five people wounded from gunfire will recover. there were no arrests in this case. >> now to a developing story. a paris style terror attack foiled apparently just in time. belgium police killed two gunmen and arrested a third during shootout in the city about a hundred miles east of the capital city of brussels. authorities say the men just
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returned from syria and were close to launching a major attack on police targets. no police officers or civilians were hurt in today's operation. tonight on nightly news latest from paris, still reeling from last week's terror attacks. how europe is now tightening its defenses and a stern message from the pope. that's tonight at 5:30. >> we can, together ensure that san francisco remains a cite where everyone belongs. >> that's the goal for san francisco mayor ed lee who gave his annual state of the city speech today. he also wants it tackle affordability and housing crisis taking a toll on san francisco's middle class. nbc bay area's christie smith has more on the plans. christie? >> reporter: the mayor said the city is focussing on keeping housing affordable for everyone.
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it is no small task for housing costs that continue to rise and rise. mayor lee unveiled plans to increase the share of affordable housing and to help more people families, be able to buy a home here. he proposed increasing down payment assistance for loans, for moderate and middle income residents. the city's economy has been strong with growth in the tech sector. but the median home price is around $1 million in the city. the mayor also discussed putting in affordable housing bond on the balance to the create more housing for low to middle income people and also help for renters with an emphasis on eviction defense. >> so i pledge to you that this year i will keep working night and day to see that our rising prosperity benefits every san francisco resident. >> now lee pointed to a number of signs of progress. 4,000 homes built or rehabbed last year in the city he has committed to building or rehabilitating a thousand more housing units by 2020.
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reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie thank you. tomorrow taking bart to work? you may want a back-up plan. a threat to the morning commute. >> plus sending a message to his music. the artistic mission that an iraq war veteran wants itto carry out. it will make you proud.
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be warned. there might be a bart station shut down tomorrow morning. police say they will be out in force at 7:00 a.m. at montgomery street station in san francisco. bart leaders say they will be ready. >> and again, the pry meyerry
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purpose is to keep people safe. so we do have a plan. i can't go into specifics. but i can tell you that bart police are prepared to uphold the law and to keep people safe. >> protestors are demanding charges and fines be dropped against people who are arrested for blocking a bart train at the west oakland station last friday. they were upset on the grand jury designificant of police killing black unarmed men both in ferguson missouri and in new york. >> the silenced war, something many soldiers face with ptsd sometimes decades after service. >> now one local vet an is singing about it. through music he is making an impact. >> it has been a decade since john preston served his country if iraq. he still serves the public now as a firefighter in palo alto. but his latest quest, using his first love, now has his focus. ♪ not going to take me very long
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for you to realize i'm no fool ♪ >> for many musicians, their song like their lives, rarely travel straight paths. in the same way john preston's music is created in fits and stars with change in tempo and meaning. the key of his life changed more than once. >> and how i feel right now, is where we're at in life. i really wrote a hit. >> life started for john in warsaw kentucky. he grew up always wanting to be a rock star. but always knowing he would be marine, like his dad, first. he joined the corps in 2000. and was on a training exercise in southern california one september day, the following year. >> what happened that day is like, it was dictating the rest of my life. >> john eventually found himself in iraq, a sergeant and a squad leader.
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>> you have their lives in your hands. it completely changes who you are. >> the rock star dream was almost a memory as john was about to sign reenlistment papers. but then a buddy videotaped him singing a song about the positive side of the war effort and it took off. a record label signed him. john's dream was about to come true, except it didn't. leaving him crushed. >> i moved up here to the bay area. put the guitar down and stopped playing. >> john tried a few years later. this time a better musician but the same results. sew got on with his life. became a father and palo alto firefighter. closing the dorcorridordor door on music, except it kept knocking. when john learned of the state side struggles of a friend he tried again. >> time to make this happen. >> your war is over, is the song he wrote. his old record label released it, followed by an ep last fall.
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he's working on songs for an album right now. what makes this third time such a charming john says, is the message his music now carries. music by veterans were for veterans. music meant to raise awareness of the silent war his friends are still fighting. >> raise awareness. 22 a day. 22 a day commit suicide. in our country, 22 veterans. a number that the first time i heard it completely blew my mind. and made me want this more than ever. >> you can get john preston's music at ayeitunes. and 30% of the sales of his ep goes to support veterans.
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and something he plans do as his music career continues to go. >> john preston, itunes, let's do it. >> thanks so much garvin. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, looking hazy outside. >> i know. we just can't get rid of it. we also have other changes coming our way. i will head it itunes right after the weather cast. the bark is worse than the bite as this band of rain fall moves in at the coastline. even though it is producing a few returns up here north of santa rosa. no reports of any rain fall hitting the ground yet. we still have such a dry lower atmosphere. let's take a lot of this for at least two to three hours to give us some sort of rain fall at the ground. but we still keep a chance of rain if the forecast tonight for the north bay. only producing .37 inch per hour. we still have 60 in the south bay. gray overcast hazy skies. mixed with the pollution across the bay area along with that
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weaker system that's now brushing up against our coastline. as we get a look at the atmosphere, we continue to see this region of high pressure sitting across california. the past not only two weeks but just about three weeks. that's a clearing pattern here across the bay area. so with that region of high pressure continuing to remain very stubborn in southern california, as this cold front tries to get close, the storm we highlighted off-shore is just going to break apart. in terms of our rain fall prospect, it still does not look very great as we head throughout the next 4 will hours. yes, we keep the chance of showers as we head through tonight in the north bay. and friday morning, you still see the rain the bulk of it and can't rule out spotty shower in napa maybe down to san francisco. and we continue to see that chance of maybe an isolated shower throughout friday's forecast. and the afternoon, and possibly into saturday as well. so again, very hit and miss in terms of activity.
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it is not the kind of storm system we need. but we will tick at least a few drops. the forecast for friday is all about the variable cloud cover. you head through some of the micro climates. sun breaks for tomorrow and others stay cloudier. you can see in san jose 64 degrees. most of the sunshine away from any kind of that activity in the north bay. 68 degrees. now the peninsula likely is one of the cloudiest spots. palo alto at 64. partly sunny and san francisco, that clanshance here. showers in forest hill and upper 50s to 60s. for the tri valley also the best clans of showers here at napa, santa rosa and mill valley. you can see dry weather in oakland at 63 and for the tri valley expecting 65. partly cloudy to partly sunny skies. so the overall trend through the next several days, keeping dry weather in place for san jose. not only friday but saturday sunday monday tuesday.
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chance of showers in san francisco for friday and saturday. now for the weekend for everyone looking dry as we head throughout sun didaysunday's forecast. go to nbc bay, i know you rog and najanelle, you have. you can track that for yourself. >> it is a very helpful app. thank you, jeff. even if you are not a rock climber, most of us aren't. the yosemite climbers have a challenge for you. today those rock stars are not only smiling but touched by the outpouring of international support. and their story is far from they finished the face of el captain. that was yesterday. today they shared their story. here is jody hernandez in yosemite. >> reporter: after finally getting a few hours of rest on solid ground those climbers turned rock stars shared what the 19 gruelling days on the
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face of el cap were like. >> little breeze and little cuts. lots of scab is. >> kevin jorgenson shows us his hands after spending three weeks climbing el captain's dawn wall. he and tommy caldwell made it to the top late yesterday. >> we prepared for the 19 days so the moment you get to the top, you feel much lighter and i'm sure that will last for a while. >> the pair said the media attention, their adventures attract said overwhelming. >> they didn't expect to come down to this. >> crazy. crazy. >> yeah. >> i mean, i -- i haven't had much time to even process the fact that we did this thing yet. i'm on three hours of sleep since we topped out. >> a santa rosa native saying he is so grateful for all of the
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support. but most of all, he is grateful to el captain. >> thank you. what an adventure. she was nice us to. let us up. this time. yeah. could have been the other way around for sure. >> though their feats accomplished, the work isn't done just yet. the two actually have to go back up on to el cap to clean up all their gear. they will be doing that tomorrow. in yosemite i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it is beautiful there. that is tough. they challenge us all to find our own dawn wall. this is right on our front page. you will find the raw video of the interview with the climbers plus the slide show of their adventure. that's at >> it can be stressful and frustrating for flyers just ahead the reason southwest airlines has been hit with a fine. one of the biggest in history. >> and they didn't think they
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would ever see her again. the technology that reunited one family with their dog three years after the dog was stolen from their backyard.
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home at last. an emotional reunion three years in the making after henna was stolen from family's backyard in tracy. henna eventually wound up at oakland animal services. thanks to a microchip, workers there were able to contact the family who raced down to identify her. >> i didn't know by looking at her if she was injured, what she's been through the last three years. it was pretty -- pretty hard to leave her there. >> ian's daughter and son say they can't wait to take her back
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home and go for a walk. >> southwest airlines wants to cough up $1.6 million, the biggest penalty against any domestic airline. the reason? leaving passengers on the runway for hours. hopefully you've never been stuck. thousands of people last january were stuck on the tarmac of chicago's mid way airport. some folks were left on the plane for four hours. it happened because of staffing shortages and severe storm. federal rules ban airlines for keeping passengers on board for more than three hours. >> music fans today is the date the mega music festival outside land takes over golden gate park on august 7th. last year's headliners include kanye west tom petty and the heartbreakers. people can buy tickets right now even though the official lineup hasn't been announced yet. >> we had fun this morning.
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i was a guest lecture at stanford school of business. today's class i add wing man. look in the lower right part of your screen there. ronnie lott co-teaching the class with me. we talked about crisis management. great course. professor george foster and brian gray. you ever get the feeling that you're not the smartest guy in the room? in fact everyone in the room is smarter than you. >> great school. you will have to retweet that. well the nominees are -- up next the runners for oscar gold.
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tonight at 6:00 a big change for that high profile and controversial gadget. why the days of google glass may be numbered. that's coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> clint eastwood did not receive a best director oscar nomination today, which came as surprise to many. but his newest film "american sniper" is up for best picture. >> you got some soar of complex? >> i just want to get the bad guy. if i can't see him, i can't shoot him. >> star bradley cooper is nominated for best actor in "american sniper." other nominees are either foreign or independent films. "birdman", "boyhood," grand budapest hotel, sela the theory of everything and whiplash. i need to see a lot of films before the oscars. >> a mad rush for all of us.
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>> exactly. >> they look great. >> thanks for being here at 5:00. as a reminder brian william join us us next with nightly news. on our broadcast tonight, an imminent attack foiled overseas. authorities say a terrorist cell was about to execute a major operation like the one we just saw in paris. and just tonight police were met by a big firefight as they moved in. change in the air. from the u.s. to cuba. hours from now it's about to get much easier for americans to travel there. paid days off for new moms and dads, and the millions of americans who get sick and can't afford to stay home from work. a big debate erupts over an issue that really hits home. 20 minutes a day. the new research about the one thing doctors say you should be doing to add years to your life. and the controversy at the oscars, beyond the usual. this time it's about what's missing from the list of nominees. "nightly news" begins now.


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