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tv   Today  NBC  January 16, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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tully earlier accident keeping it slow. >> you'll work us around the b.a.r.t. protest. we'll have more in a half hour. have a great day and happy birthday, sam! >> per a sweeping terror crack down. new arrests tied to the attacks in paris. security forces in germany and belgium. where police have stopped an imminent attack. epidemic, the number of flu cases skyrockets in the u.s. as health official announce this year's vaccine is even less effective than feared, just 23%. how do you keep your family safe? heavenly hopes. a young author who claims he died and went to heaven admits it was a big lie. his best selling book he made up to get attention. and let's get out of here. three rhinos stroll through the
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front gate of the zoo, making a dash for freedom. that traces the question, how is he planning to stop them today, friday, january 16th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a friday morning. it sounds like the beginning of one of al's jokes. three rhinos run out of a zoo. >> rhinos with a reason. >> #todayrhino. it has a ring to it. >> on this friday morning, we stop with our top story. the terror raids across europe. dozens of suspects are in
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custody some with possible attacks to paris and separate chilling plots. bill neely has the latest on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, matt. in paris this morning a dozen men arrested, suspected of supplying or helping the three gunmen in last week's massacre. in this small town, another battle in europe's growing conflict with islamic radicals and a terror cell uncovered that was about to strike until they were stopped. the sound of gunfire and explosions on europe's streets. police battling gunmen who were planning a big attack. two were killed and one arrested. >> all i can confirm are plans to assassinate policemen in the street or at the police buildings. >> the men were heavily armed and police had been tracking
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them for weeks. they were able to launch within hours. police found four assault rifles here, explosives, police uniforms and radios. they were listening to the men's phone calls and say they would have been the prime target of the planned attack. it's a small town, but at least a half dozen young men have gone from here to fight in syria. >> within belgium a large community of people, the highest per capita within europe. >> there is no apparent link, but french investigators say the gunmen bought their weapons from a belgian arms dealer. in paris, john kerry laid a wreath at the super market where four jewish hostages were killed. he did the same at the offices of the magazine, paying tribute to all 17 victim of the three gunmen.
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he is having talks with the french president and another leader, david cameron was meeting president obama. now more than ever cooperation is vital in the growing conflict with islamic extremists. it is a bigger problem here in belgium than most other european countries. about 40 belgians killed in syria so far and 100 returned home and two killed here. this morning 13 year people arrested. another terror plot uncovered. >> thank you so much. i want to turn to richard engle. good morning to you, we are hearing about all of these raids and terror crack downs across europe. is there a renewed sense of urgency? are they having a wake up call in europe? >> reporter: seems like that is what we are absolutely seeing. in the wake of the terror attacks.
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usual eastern official who is returned from syria are dragging in their nets. we are seeing a crack down in paris. the one in belgium. also a crack down in germany. in the coming days, we will see more european countries going after the cells that they have been watching and have decided now it's just too dangerous to leave them on the streets. >> at the same time, are you hearing anything about the terrorist groups weather isis or al qaeda in yemen say going for it, this is the time we want to see the mass casualty attacks across europe? >> reporter: that is specifically what they are saying. that after paris now is the time to mobilize. i think with isis there is a strategic shift in the messaging. for the last year or so, isis has been saying come join us, and now the message has changed. don't join. stay at home, arm yourself and go out on the attack.
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they are saying to do this in the u.s. too. >> disturbing indeed. thank you very much for that. a new era in the u.s.-cuba relationship starts today. the obama administration makes it easier to travel to that nation. national correspondent kate snowe, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt here in miami beach, a prime tourist destination. 90 miles away, there a lot of beaches in cuba that most have never been to. a lot of americans may want to book travel plans. havana is a fascinating place, a time capsule and it will easier for americans to see it. >> i am absolutely going to cuba. >> muy bueno. >> americans no longer need special permission for cultural
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exchanges or education or family visits. >> i have to go. >> jet blue said we are interested in providing service to cuba from multiple u.s. cities as soon as legally permitted. american and delta eager to expand their service. cruise ships can stop in cuban ports and a ferry that used to run between key west and cuba can come back to life. once americans are there, they can spend as much as they want, use credit cards and bring back up to $400 in souvineres including rum and cigars. in havana, this barber said the lives of cubans will improve. the families in the u.s. can send them four times as much money and they can end up with cheaper wi-fi and more electronics and american food imported. the 1950s cars may look cute,
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but they are tough to maintain. a lot of cubans can't wait to buy a ford or a chevy. american companies are lining up to do business in cuba, but the biggest question mark is what cuba will allow. >> they want a trickle and not a flood of trade. they want to control the pace of the relationship. >> in phoenix, roger said collectors can't wait until they can shop in cuba for a classic car. >> it's like opening a time capsule of cars that were buried more than 50 years ago. this might be the greatest find of all time. >> it may take a while before they can put them up on craigslist for all of us to buy, but there changes saying that cuban entrepreneurs can sell their products here in the united states. not clear whether that will be cuban cigars right away. it's a new era. >> she mentions you by name. >> you know where i can get one?
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kate snow, to you. >> big news out of the white house. >> they will be deploying troops to train moderate syrian rebels. up to 15,000 recruits will be needed to retake areas controlled by isis. president obama signed a bill that endorsed his plan including air strikes including iraqis and syrian rebels. the ohio man plotting to kill government officials will appear in court today. they will argue that 20-year-old christopher cornell should remain in jail until his trial. he planned to attack the capital with pipe bombs and assault rifles. his father told nbc news he believes his son was coerced by a snitch and never could have carried out the attack on his. david cameron said the u.s. and
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the uk will stage cyber war games to boost resistance against cyber attacks. he is on a two-day visit here in the united states. on thursday cameron and president obama held a working dinner in the white house residence and today they are to meet for discussions on economic growth, trade, and security. pope francis is calling out leaders in the philippines to end poverty and social injustices. he is getting an enthusiastic reception in asia's largest catholic nation. the pope called on the church to combat the deeply rooted inequality that mar the face of filipino society, he said. southwest airlines was hit with a record fine thursday for stranding passengers on the tarmac for hours. it happened during a bad storm earlier this month at chicago's midway airport. the airline failed to clear 16
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planes off of the runway in a timely fashion and fined southwest $1.6 million. regulations require that passengers must be let off a plane within three hours of landing. a zoo guard is out of work after he fell asleep on the job, allowing three rhinos to escape at a safari zoo in israel. you can see the rhinos getting their opportunity to run past the gate. they are not going to see us. geeing a brief taste of freedom. they were spotted in a parking lot loitering. >> trying to boost a car. >> exactly. the zoo manager rushed to the site and drove them back by clapping his hands. a spokes woman said they managed to escape through a side gate after the guard dozed off. if you could hear what they were thinking. or the sleeping zoo manager was thinking. >> how do you get three rhinos in a volkswagen? two in the front, one in the
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back. anyway. we have icy conditions. my scholastic book of jokes and laughs. it was a classic. look at the southeast. we have freezing fog out there and it is wreaking havoc for traffic in atlanta. i-20 at mcdaniels going eastbound. the roadways are a mess. freezing fog and it will warm up when the sun comes up, but in the meantime, no relief in sight. warmer weather in the good portion of the plains. kansas city up to 58. 63 in dallas. st. louis will be 59. look at this. 55 tomorrow in st. louis and cincinnati 51. 39 in minneapolis. here in the northeast, no thaw for you. that's right. a cold front pushes through and look the at temperatures. tomorrow morning 16 in new york city and feels like 7. 8 in boston. 1 below in syracuse. that's not very nice.
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we are going to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren tracking light shower activity in sonoma county that's really where it's going to stay for us. today we have a better chance of light showers moving into the south bay, along the peninsula, south of san francisco, as we head throughout this weekend, saturday looks good. look at your temperature, 50s and 40s to kick off the day, just a gorgeous sunrise.
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over san jose we're going to see 66 degrees and even with that storm track just to our north, temperatures will climb for the weekend. 68 degrees saturday into sunday. matt? >> there is more bad new when is it comes to flu season. the cdc reports activity has reached epidemic levels nationwide and the vaccine is just 23% effective. doctor natalie is an nbc contributor. good morning. this is troubling. disappointing. people went out and got the vaccine and now they have a 1 in 4 chance that it protects them. how common is this? >> one thing that is important to remember is the numbers used to generate this idea of vaccine effectiveness have to do with the most severe cases. the people who get diagnosed with the flu and find out were they vaccinated or not. the people who may have mild flu who stay at home, we can't get those numbers.
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>> if the effectiveness is lower than we hoped, we have to take things on our own to stop getting sick and have to be vigilant. you want people to start taking medications as soon as they start getting symptoms. >> we used to say reserve it for the highest risk people, but if you come down with the symptoms of the flu, the on set of high fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, they can prescribe it over the phone and we remember in the first 24 to to 48 hours. the oral called tamiflu and inhaleable called relenza and a new injectable just approved in december. >> you mentioned the at risk groups. would you suggest someone who is elderly or has a history of respiratory illness take these
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medications? >> we don't recommend for the general population to take them, but there might be a situation and discuss with your doctor. for the vast majority of people if you have exposure to someone with the flu and at the on set of symptoms. before you wait for a confirmation that you have the flu. >> we were saying this morning, now that it's only 23% effective, why should i get it? i think being protected 23% is better than not at all. >> exactly. some protection is better than zero and even if the vaccine is not as specific for that particular strain, having the vaccine and getting the flu, you are likely to have a less severe illness and that translates into less mortality. >> thank you very much. guys, over to you. >> thank you. there is a big controversy over the oscar nominations. for the first time in nearly 20 years all of the nominees are white.
7:17 am
joe friar has that story. >> at the heart of the controversy selma scored a best picture nomination, but nothing necessary director or lead actor. all 20 of the acting nominees are white and women were shutout of the directing and screen writing categories. last night's awards jessica chastaine discussed the need for diversity. >> martin luther king,jr. said our lives begin to end the day we welcome silent about things that matter. i would like to encourage everyone in this room to please speak up. >> in 2o 12, the l.a. times reported oscar voters were 94% white and 77% male. last year's best picture "12 years a slave." the academy's president who is african-american told "access hollywood" this year was very competitive, saying those who
7:18 am
were not nominated will still benefit. >> the public knows who they are and careers will increase across the board. >> many argue they can only acknowledge work put before them in the first place and that starts by financing and promoting more diverse films. >> movies directed by and starring women and people of color are still far fewer than movies directed by and about white men. >> we spoke with a few hollywood observer who is feel the television industry is well ahead of film when it comes to issues of diversity in front of the camera and behind it with diverse shows doing well in ratings and awards. savannah and matt? >> a lot of people talking about this. carson is here. we have more on it. a different oscar story. >> a different snub. >> besides the other issue. >> kicked me right in the leg.
7:19 am
what's going with the lego movie. where was the nomination? big social media outcry for the lego movie not getting nominated in the animated film category. 80,000 tweets was immediately an instant trending topic. they sent out this tweet saying it's okay. made my. seth rogen said in my opinion the lego movie is good. what are they looking for? another writes in thanks for all the outpouring of love. we didn't make it for the awards, we made it a trending topic on twitter. good news. they won at the critic's choice awards last night for best animated film. congratulations celebrating with magnum of lego champagne. don't feel the effects just yet. good news. silver lining for last night.
7:20 am
back to you. >> sometimes it doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. >> it truly is a genius animated movie. >> thank you very much. coming up, a stunning admission from a young man who claimed he die and went to heaven. why he said he made up his best selling story. >> and florida's growing bear problem. a number of homeowners attacked. is it time to make bear hunts legal again? they are considering it. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®. good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening now, b.a.r.t. protests downtown san francisco makes a tie-up on b.a.r.t. service. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. we can hear the protesters picking up at least in volume. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning, kris. that's right the volume went down. we were just hearing about 10 15 minutes of metal spoons clanking banging them on these pillars and they just stopped in the last 2030-minutes to hear someone lead this protest. you can hear them chanting. while we've been here there's been at least one person taken away so there was a train headed towards mill bray and protesters sort of stopped the
7:27 am
train for a little bit, and the police officers here the b.a.r.t. police officers took away one young man. we're not sure what's going to happen with him. so far though that's been really just about it. no major disruption. there are peopler who who are making sure that the commutes go smoothly for everyone. you can see a packed platform now. live at the montgomery bart station, stephanie chuang back to you. >> stephanie will stay out there for updates later on this morning. we have a look at weather and traffic situation. >> good morning to you kris and at home. happy friday. live look at a beautiful sky over san jose. we have nice looking clouds moving in. showers coming down in northern sonoma county. we're in the 40s and 50s to start, headed toward the mid-60s later on, 66 degrees in the south bay, comfortable conditions persist all week long. 68 degrees in the south baysunrise.
7:28 am
this morning at the bay bridge approach the metering lights are on things are slow going into san francisco. now on the traffic map going the opposite direction 280 nobd alamaney boulevard a foof-car accident, keep in mind a slow commute. also in the south bay an earlier accident at tully but things are moving good, recovering nicely from the earlier accident 101 northbound. we'll keep on top of the protest and bring you the latest as it develops.
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back at 7:30 on the 16th of january, 2015. a big problem in florida with bears. numbers are growing and attacks are on the rise. why some say it's time to bring back bear hunts. but it's controversial. >> very controversial. let's take a look at what's making headlines. at least 12 people have been arrested in france overnight. the suspects are being questioned about possible links to last week's terror attacks in paris. >> belgian forces are on the look out after an imminent attack hours away. at least two suspects were killed and another arrested in a series of raids on thursday.
7:31 am
>> google is haling sales of the google glass on monday. the tech giant said they are expanding development to work on a new version. >> two big announcements. the much anticipated release of the 50 shades of gray movie. stand by. >> the biggest names in music. who will be singing the national anthem at this year's super bowl. >> looking forward to that. the search for a teenage couple from kentucky on the run and committing crimes for almost two weeks now. gabe gutierrez has the story. >> police are looking for unlikely suspects 18-year-old dalton haynes and 13-year-old cheyenne phillips. >> you wanted to be coming in and talking with us and we can manage from there. the longer they go the better it gets. >> that ain't ours some. >> sure it is. >> it draws comparisons to bony and clyde. it started at this quiet home in
7:32 am
kentucky january 3rd. >> it sounded like a bomb. >> the teen stole his truck and took off, crashing through fences before going into the woods and ditching police. the pair soon stole this pick up with an unloaded gun inside. days later they were spotted in south carolina on this wal-mart surveillance. the truck was recovered in georgia and they believe the teens swiped another pick up a 2001 sill toyota tundra that belongs to a firefighter and has two guns inside. >> we know you have done wrong, but you need to step up and take the consequences of what you have done and come home. >> the young couple dated for three months but didn't know her son's girlfriend was only 13. that realization or the fact that haynes was a suspect in other robberies may have prompted him to take off. whatever the reason police are
7:33 am
hoping this crime spree ends soon. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> now to a startling admission with a young man who claimed he died and went to story and now he claims that was all a big lie. >> the publisher promoted his book as a super natural encounter that will give you new insights on heaven, angels and hearing the voice of god. on thursday they confirmed it and all related products related to the book are being taken out of print. alex is the boy at the center of the best selling book the boy who came back from heaven now said he made up the entire story. the decision came after he wrote an open letter to christian bookstores posted on the website pulpit and pen. he recanted saying i did not die. i did not go to heaven. i said i went to heaven because i thought it would met me
7:34 am
attention. he was paralyzed at 6 after a car accident and spent two months in a coma. shortly after he coauthored the book. the book sold 100,000 copies and spent time on the "new york times" bestsellers list. the heavenly theme struck a cord with millions. a similar back made it to the big screen. it's alex's book that has people talking this morning. now a teen he is asking for forgiveness, writing when i made the claims that i did, i had never read the bible. people have profited from lies and continue to. they should read the bible which is enough. the bible is the only source of truth. anything written by man cannot be infallible. >> alex's mother wrote a plug post saying her son's maim and identity was being used against his wishes. >> thank you. turning to al for a check of the
7:35 am
weather. any good news? >> the storm system will be developing during the weekend for the northeast and the east coast. a couple of scenarios we are watching. this big area of cold air will be sliding across the northeast and setting up again a warmer flow as it moves away. by sunday afternoon, we are looking at the low pressure and basically rain along the coast and an icy mix north and west. the current track will bring by sunday the mess for the afc championship game. just rain along the coast and icy mix north and east. as monday rolls around the low pressure pushes up to the north bringing colder air until we end up with snow and ice. here's what we are looking at. model number one, one inch of rain along the coast and right along the new england coastline, to three inches inland. heavier up into northern new england and less along the coast. we will continue to watch this but it looks like it will be
7:36 am
messy along the east coast for sunday including the good morning i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a look at san jose we've got a lot of haze out there, it's a spare the air day. in combination with the haze there's a storm system moving in actually producing some light shower activity up in the north bay, sonoma county. temperatures really comfortable for today, not expecting a lot of that shower activity but we are fair game for drizzle from now until next wednesday with the storm track sitting just to our north. with that said high pressure still in control and that means temperatures are going to be much warmer saturday into sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> coming up on trending another unforgettable moment from the oscar nominations, did hope respond to the flub of his name? >> a controversial proposal with sightings and attacks on the rise, is it time for the state
7:37 am
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>> we are back to tell you about a big problem in florida. the wild bear population exploded in recent years and things have become so bad, they are considering bringing back bear hunts. kerry sanders has the story from longwood florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. part of the problem is right over my shoulder. garbage cans. hungry bears look for food. this time of year they think they need to stock up because it's time to hibernate.
7:42 am
black bears in florida don't hibernate. they think they need that food. with so many hungry bears coming into neighborhoods, they think the pest way to control this outburst of hungry bears is to authorize a hunt. >> he's got the bag of food! >> what started as a novelty, black bears roaming through neighborhoods has become a deadly threat. with more and more people being attacked. >> she was screaming. she said bear attack. >> i saw this large bear charging at me. she opened her jaw and slachled down on to my head. i could hear her teeth marks going through my scalp. >> increasingly folks in the
7:43 am
bear zone carry weapons. in the last year there have been four bear attacks in florida. i am out in this neighborhood and we are driving around and sure enough there is a bear walking through somebody's yard. part of the problem is that the bears trap people in their homes where they can't get out. bear hunts in florida were banned in the 1990s after years of urban development caused a severe decline in the bear population. since then officials estimate the number jumped frommy from 1300 to more than 3,000 today. now there is a move to make them legal again. scott is a florida college clator who lives in the bear zone. in two days the state trapped three bears. he favors bear hunts. >> when it comes to a bear versus human conflict that we
7:44 am
have seen injuries and thank got no deaths it's people first, bears second. >> opponents say hunting bears is not the answer. >> will hunting solve the problem of conflicts? they are separate issues. no public studies show that. >> part of the problem is in an urban area how do you kill bears when people are out walking around. one suggestion is not to walk with a gun, but carry bear mace. a little bit bigger than the mace you may carry in your purses. >> how close do you have to get to use that stuff? >> you don't have to get close. just behind kerry. it says after shooting run. >> good advice. >> you ticked the bear off.
7:45 am
>> thank you so much. coming up on trending i know we are curious about this. why is it that almost all winter dresses are made without sleeves. have you wondered that? >> all the time. >> a top designer will weigh? a big announcement about the 50 shades of gray movie. right after this.
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"sir?" start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. carmax. start here. . >> the countdown is on for the 50 shades of gray movie. carson is there with news tied to that. >> adult content. cover your doggy ears now. huge news everybody. 50 shades of gray is one of the
7:50 am
most talked about films of the year. everybody is excited to see it. we showed you the movie's trailer is july viewed over 150 million times. we will give you a first look but this time it is of the full film. "today" is hosting a fan first screening here in new york city on the morning of february 6th. the stars and filmmakers along with the "today" show family will walk the red carpet. head to "today".com for a chance to attend. 250 people will be randomly selected to join us. early morning screening. it's coming up. a fuel week before the movie is released. because of the adult content, you have to be 18 and older to attend. you can find the official rules on our website. back to you. >> we are going also? is that the deal? >> if you want to go. if you have the stomach.
7:51 am
>> the stomach? what's happening in this movie? >> the ladies on "today" are going. >> is it ladies only? >> not at all. >> we are told we are welcome to go. >> you are welcome to go. >> if you play your cards right. >> it could be awkward. >> it could be a lot awkward. maybe you shouldn't go. >> just us. >> coming up the new winter battle why are you bundled in layer while your teen is in shorts? hey rich, what's that in your hand? my at&t cell phone bill. verizon bill? ye-aaah. that's cool. noooo... how much are you spending per month? $110 bucks $120 bucks $330 yeee-ah... what if sprint could cut your rate plan in half? and give you unlimited talk and text in the u.s., and match your data. goodbye verizon. i am done with at&t. bring in your verizon or at&t bill, turn in your old phone and we'll cut your rate plan in half. visit us online or visit a sprint store today.
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7:56 am
good morning it's 7:56. i'm kris sanchez. protesters right now are causing problems for the morning commute on barth. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at the embarcadero station with how it's working out. good morning, steph. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, kris. there was a group standing right outside the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station with police all around the perimeter. they just left. there was a little bit of a flash mob situation going on here where they were chanting and saying this is all in the name of reclaiming for martin luther king, as it is it the mlk holiday this monday. we spoke with some protesters the trains are not stopping at either station, montgomery or embarcadero and doesn't seem to be a plan of action. they just want to continue to stay and it's pretty fluid, people are coming and going as
7:57 am
they please. for now there is a major disruption, no trains stopping at montgomery or embarcadero. live in san francisco, kris back to you. >> hopefully it stays peaceful. our weather situation rather peaceful unless you're far north. >> we're just seeing some pesky showers up there. temperatures are nice and mild great morning to get on out there, if you can, maybe walk the dog, while we still have the best air quality as more and more cars hit the highways and progress throughout the day. it tends to suffer. temps in the 60s for today, and take a look at the treat on the way for your ek wouldweekend. upper 60s saturday low 60s in sunday san francisco but not too bad. here's anthony and your drive. >> this morning 280 interchange right at 101 you notice a backup, we had a five-car accident on the northbound side alamaney boulevard all the way toward daley city.
7:58 am
use 101 as an alternate and palo alto 101 down into san jose. this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." too cool to be cold. the winter battle happening in homes across the country. >> i'm not cold. >> kids running around in shorts and no coat in freezing cold weather. we go inside the phenomenon parents just don't understand. >> live from new york, it's saturday night. it's chevy chase the original castmember is here to celebrate 40 years of "saturday night live." and our puppy with a purpose in training. we'll show what the future holds for wrangler as he gets set to make a difference in someone's life. "today," friday, january 16th
8:01 am
2015. >> hello, dallas. we're celebrating eight weeks our baby with "today." >> from florida celebrating my birthday on "today" show! >> good morning, kids, back in tyler, texas! >> good morning, pennsylvania! go panthers! >> baby's first trip to new york city. we're back now 8:00 on a friday morning it's the 16th day of january, 2015. it's a little nicer out here this morning. it's warmer. >> feels good. >> i know it's chilly out there. wouldn't it be fun this spring when we can have wrangler scampering around out here. right now he's all cozy. >> guys, coming up, it's friday on our start "today" team
8:02 am
they're standing by ato answer your questions when it comes to sticking to your new year's resolution. you can join the conversation right now on our facebook page and we'll chat in just a little bit. >> these ladies have all of us on the program. >> can you put wrangler cam up one more second? >> wrangler cam. >> awww! >> exactly. let's go inside, natalie has a check of the top stories. natalie. >> good morning, once again, everyone. a hostage drama had paris on edge this morning coming just one week after those deadly shootouts and followed a night of anti-terror raids in europe. nbc ron allen is in paris. ron, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. a very tense standoff in paris has been resolved peacefully. a man took hostage at least two people at a post office earlier said to be heavily armed. unclear what his demands were but gave himself up peacefully to authorities. no bloodshed a huge sigh of relief.
8:03 am
anti-terror raids across europe and in belgium gunfire, explosions as police try to serve a search warrant on a property. they say they killed two suspected militants there and seriously injured another. inside they found bombmaking materials, automatic weapons and fake i.d. they. they think they thwarted a plot on the streets of belgium that was perhaps two hour away from being launched. overnight, arrests in germany. at least 11 different locations raided there. back here in paris overnight, at least a dozen people were arrested, suspected of having ties to the gunman who launched those terror attacks here last week that killed at least 17 people. very serious situations all over europe and continent on heightened alert because of the terrorist attacks here. a bomb threat and a bomb scare at a train station also a false alarm. now back to you, natalie. >> ron allen in paris, thank you. several u.s. airplanes are already making plans to offer
8:04 am
service to cuba under new rules taking effect today. americans can travel to cuba for reasons like family visits, education and cultural exchanges without a special license. the obama administration announced thursday that it was easing restrictions in place for a half century. families in the u.s. can also send more money to relatives who live in cuba. arizona has become the first state to require that students pass a civics test before they can graduate from high skoomchool. the same take immigrants take before becoming citizens. what was the name of the national anthem, who was president during world war one and name three of the original 13 states. danger came out of no where for a toronto man driving home from work this week. a tire broke free from an oncoming car and it bounced over the median and right through his windshield and also destroyed his sunroof. the driver said all he had time to do was to duck. he did come away unharmed, thankfully.
8:05 am
as any showoff knows, sometimes you impress and sometimes you fall flat. the "price is right" drew carey threw open the door on thursday's show to reveal announcer george gray running backward on one of the prizes. a treadmill. but as he tries to step off the moving belt, oh, you see gray went down hard. he didn't miss a beat, though. he continued to describe the prizes from the floor until hoisting himself back up on to his feet. very smooth. 8:05 right now, let's get another check of the weather with al. >> all right. thanks so much, natalie. i got a view, this is such a cutie here. who is this? >> this is madeline. >> wow, how old is madison? >> madeline is five months. >> where are you guys from? >> just north of boston. >> let's show you what's happening. we should get madeline and wrangler together.
8:06 am
that would be the perfect awww. big storm system coming into the pacific northwest and as it does the energy from this is going to fuel our system along the east coast over the weekend. but we got that system pushing in and you can see on saturday on into sunday and heavy rain and mountain snows. they really need it. take a look right now. seattle down to medford. we're talking three to five inches of rain. some in the mountains we're looking at 6 to 12 inches of snow or more. there's maddie. let's show a picture of maddie and now let's show wrangler. anyway, that's what's going on -- there you go. man, we have an overload of awww. so much cute, can you handle it? i'm christina loren. got to love awl roker and sk a puppy on a friday. we have showers rolling through parts of the bay area. mostly sonoma county. as we head throughout the day today, though temperatures are
8:07 am
going to be comfortable. starting out in the 50s and 60s. 52 degrees in san francisco. 46 in the south bay. on our way to the mid 60s later on today. 65 on the peninsula. and conditions look good. saturday into sunday oh, seeing a warming trend. and that's your latest weather. >> coming up on trending a reveal of this year's performer of the national anthem at the super bowl. too cool for the cold. why teens insist on wearing shorts when it's freezing cold. >> we have chevy chase here. 40 years of snl. i'm mad at you. >> what happened? >> i'm never going to -- the devilish laugh. if you knew what he said to me you would be mad too. >> should i say it again? >> look at the time. we i vow to wow my family with a vacation they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board.
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subway. eat fresh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> back now, it's 8:10 and time
8:11 am
for what's trending. could we see the return of the robo call. people are so fired up about this making robocalls is illegal without your consent. get this. companies are asking for that law to be overturned and the reversal could happen as early as next week. groups are protesting and the companies are saying they can alert customers with identity theft. >> on your land line how many robocalls do you get a day? >> always the the dipnner hour. >> still. it's awful. >> a reason to get rid of the land lines. hope that doesn't happen. >> this may be the most infamous oscar flub since whatever it was. the nominations on thursday. she stumbled a bit over one of the names. she corrected herself, but that
8:12 am
didn't stop the moment from going viral. >> achievement in matography. the nominees are dick poop -- dick pope. >> she taking it in stride. i have been called a lot worse in my time and i'm just happy to be nominated. >> now to the announcement about the super bowl. we know katy perry is headlining the halftime show but who will sing the national anthem. we have seen memorable performances by jennifer hud and christina aguilera. who will do the honors have year? i want to make sure i get the name right. the woman who gave us let it go has risen to a bigger stage.
8:13 am
congratulations. that is not all. newly minted john legend will sing america the beautiful. great choices. you can watch the super bowl here on nbc february 1st. >> a girl's high school basketball coach has been suspended for winning a game by too big of a margin. they were taking on a rival school in california. 162-2. no excuse for that. at halftime it was 104-1. the coach now suspended for two games. he said he didn't expect his team to be that good and his opponents to be that bad. >> you know what halftime. >> it should have been an indication. >> here's what the losing coach said. don't feel sorry for my team. they should feel sorry for his
8:14 am
team that is not learning the game the right way. >> they did back a little bit. they should have stopped the game. >> the jv squad. >> all we are doing is passing. we will learn how to pass correctively and shoot the ball. >> instead of bad sportsmanship. >> and the equipment manager gets to play. >> here's one near and dear to natalie and me. why do you wear sleeveless dresses? winter? we have to laugh about this because our studio is climate controlled. >> you have goose bumps right now. >> you just settle down. there is another answer ha is trending. they say it's the designers. apparently a lot of designers don't like to make dresses with sleeves. there is a reason for that. let us bring in someone we love. a top designer.
8:15 am
nannette? it does seem when you go to the stores most of the options are sleeveless even in winter. why? >> a lot of women want sleeveless dresses because we love layering. that's one reason but there sleeves out there, you have to look harder. >> sleeves kind of difficult? it's harder to make sleeves than not to make it look good? >> that's part of it. a sleeved dress has to be tried on to see it because it doesn't look as cute on a hanger. it is a challenge to make a comfortable dress with a sleeve. >> it's hard to find a flattering shirt with sleeves. it's hard to find. >> again? >> i'm done with this look for you. >> if you brought your tear off hands, i need more of a warning.
8:16 am
>> i want to be comfy. >> we are uncomfortable, but as long as you are comfortable. >> how do you wax the top half of your arms and not the others. >> oh, stop al. >> is it true that retailers are asking to add more sleeves to the dresses? >> there is always requests for cleaves. i make an effort to put sleeves out for the women who want them. sleeves will be trending because we are going into romantic and pretty clothing. the soft sleeves will be out there and lots of shirt tresses. >> hopefully for men too. >> that has remained on his arms. >> lettering somewhere. >> wow. that's impressive. >> thank you. >> it's not the only heated debate over cold weather wear. if you have kids especially teen boys they probably walked out
8:17 am
of the house in the cold in shorts and no coat. should you let them? nbc's kevin tibbles explored the chilly trend. >> it's a snowing and a blowing. >> it is cold. >> here's a bunch of kids wandering around without a coat in in shorts. >> want a sweatshirt? >> nope. >> it drives parents batty. >> i'm freezing and they don't seem to feel cold. >> when this blogger wrote for "the washington post" about it she found out she was not alone. >> the response has been thank god it's not just my kid. >> a peek outside reveals her sons dressed for july not january. >> i'm not cold. >> back in my day we trudged uphill two miles to school and uphill two miles back. >> i don't know how he can't be cold. >> parents like this from seattle cry uncle. >> i finally realized the daily
8:18 am
battles were not worth it. if he wants to wear shorts and be cold, that's his prerogative. >> it's not that cold. >> pediatricians tell us that young people are not invincible and urge kissed of all ages to layer up especially when it's cold and damp. when temps dip, common sense can avoid frostbite. >> the team found the cure to shirt short winteritis at the chicken soup counter at once upon a bagel. it is your grandmother or in this case someone else's grandmother. wear the hats and the scarves. don't get sick. you know how much you are upsetting your grandparents if you get sick. stay warm. >> she will follow you to the
8:19 am
ends of the earth. listen to grandma. it's not cool to be cold. for today, nbc news chicago. >> this happens in my house. >> we have a neighbor a preteen in shorts. our kids are not allowed to go without. when i pick them up where is my coat? it's in my backpack. >> hot blooded i guess. too cool. >> where do you stand on shorts in winter? head in to share your thoughts. >> getting to know our wrangler the newest edition to the family. we are respecting to raise him with partnership with guiding eyes for the blind. the socialization he learns here and at his home with his puppy raiser will be invaluable for the work he will do later in life.
8:20 am
>> as a buyer for a national corporation, amy dixon fine-tuned her senses. >> high toned bright and juicy. >> i was traveling a lot for work and enjoyed what i did. >> when she began losing one of them her life was turned upside down. >> i had an inflammatory eye disease. i said a person has 180 degrees and i am down to about 5 degrees in one eye. i was angry because i didn't know how the next 56 years of my life was going to look. >> that's when a family member suggested she turned to guiding eyes from the blind. a decision that turned her life around. >> from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, your is different in a positive way. you know you will be safe 100% of the time. you have a companion. you are not going through a loss
8:21 am
alone. >> meet elvis. >> they do an amazing job of matching you and your personality. it's for dogs. >> after several surgeries and chemotherapy to help slow the vision loss amy gained weight. a lifelong competitive swimmer, she began running and they encouraged her to do triathlons. she not only competed but crushed the competition. >> i'm on team usa and ranked 6th in the world. >> still working in wine retail fund-raising is now her full time focus. >> i'm racing towards the paralympics in rio 2016. >> all possible with the help of a faithful friend. >> to have elvis at every finish
8:22 am
line and lick the sweat off of my face i am so, so lucky. to say he is my best friend is cliche but it's true. >> amazing how these dogs do help the people and change the lives of the people they are assigned to. saxon is our puppy raiser. the question i heard a couple of times, not really a question but i heard people say while they love wrangler and think he is fun, they feel sorry for the fact that he will have a life as a working dog? do you hear that? >> i hear that. the happiness of our dogs is very important to us. the dog chooses whether or not they want to be a guide dog. any dog who doesn't want to we find a different job for them or if they prefer to be a pet, we let them do that. we put their happiness first. just from experience the first dog i raised who is a working dog loves his job.
8:23 am
he is so has been to have a job and gets excited when his harness comes out. he loves it. >> we see him sleeping through most of the morning. you let him set his own schedule when he is little. >> they sleep a lot, around 16 hours at least. he does need to sleep a lot. when he is tired, i like to let him sleep and get that rest. >> he had a long week here. a lot going on and he had to adjust to all of us and this environment. how is he at home? >> he is great. he is happy to come home and happy to come here. he had a little play time with his big brother and took a nap and had more play time and then it was dinnertime. >> that and a little vodka and that's my day. >> coming up, why are you behind that? you put your mark over there.
8:24 am
the great chevy chase is here. an snl original. first your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:26 right now. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, a b.a.r.t. protest tines downtown. it seems to be working. we have a live look above the monthgomery station coming up at 11:00. people are gathering opposing the recent arrests in a separate protest. they're demanding fines be dropped against people arrested for blocking a b.a.r.t. train on black friday last november. today, they're promising to disrupt the morning commute. so far, we're hearing it seems to be working. traffic not stopping at the montgomery station. >> now, we have also we will continue to follow that for you. we have alternate route for you.
8:27 am
we have those posted on we're also watching other stories coming up for you. we'll have all the day's news at 11:00. we'll be back with you in a bit.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a friday morning. nice to have this crowd here. i have to say, we know that wrangler is cute and puppies are great, but look at this little mama coming here. we have got to show this cute little darling girl. what's her name? >> madeline. >> how old is she? >> months. >> she is super cute. hi sweetie.
8:31 am
>> very, very cute. >> you have to interview her. >> it's okay. >> she was so cute. we showed her and wrangler together. it was an awe fest. >> and speaking of that coming up one of the original not ready for crime time players, chevy chase is here. we are paying tribute to snl. >> speaking of martha a do you need a clean slate when it comes to your diet. she is putting her spin on clean eating with four recipes. >> i'm not sure what is happening with those two. answering your questions on facebook and we will check in with the team and tips for cutting your calories and the clutter. >> al a check of the weather. >> see what we have got for you starting saturday.
8:32 am
sunshine in the northeast and wet weather into the pacific northwest. the southern tier of states including the gulf coast. we are looking for a wintry mix in the upper ohio river valley and rain along the coast. a lot of wind rain and snow in the pacific northwest. texas and the southeast. we've got light showers in sonoma county spreading south to marin. this is where the showers will stay put. high pressure is in control of much of the bay area's weather pattern so we have a mostly clear sky over mt. hamilton. san jose, a little hazy. it's a spare the air day with rain on the radar. i don't get to make those calls. temperatures in the skiths. 66 in the south bay. 65 on the peninsula today, and 66 on the east shore. beautiful weekend coming your way with temperatures ramping up into the upper 60s.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. let's go back inside to carson. >> double check the snl archives on today is brought to you by state farm. it pays to double check. talk to your agent today. >> all right, al. thank you so much. our friends at snl are celebrating their 40th anniversary and we are taking a look at the most memorable sketches over the past five decades. monday we asked to you vote for your favorite sketch from the 70s and your winner is -- >> cheeseburger. >> cheeseburger cheeseburger. four pepsi for cheap. >> pepsi no coke. there is a classic there. let's go to matt and savannah. >> look who is here. chevy chase. one of the original cast members and host of weekend update.
8:34 am
thank you for bringing us face news. are you in a festive mood for 40 years of snl? >> how are you, matt? >> you are reflecting? >> i am reflecting. >> for a picture, a photo of a group of us who hosted it five times. yesterday, it was just great being back up there, wishing that my picture were up on the wall more. i couldn't find my picture. i said lorn there is no picture of me. pictures of people i had never seen. >> what was it like to sit in that room with aykroyd and belushi and gilda radner? >> what a sweet, sweet girl.
8:35 am
danny and john got along so well. john and i worked together and danny and john got their own dressing room with separate beds. not much bigger than this. it's just two bets. they were always fun. i missed danny the other day. he just is a delight and so is john. not strong enough but yeah. >> as we mentioned you were there in the beginning. if someone told you snl would be around 40 years later, would you believe it? >> i wouldn't have left. so silly of me. i think i might have believed it. every audience is different and every generation is different. they all have a different view
8:36 am
of life and he stays with the 30 to 40-year-old group of audience members. he plays to that. he's a bright guy and knows what he's is doing. >> the show celebrates 40 years and it's always nice to see you. >> good to see you too. thank you. park are let's go to carson. the 80s with classic sketches like the church lady and the driving cat and james brown's celebrity hot tub. now is the time to pick your favorite from the 80s. so many great choices. check it out at and announce your choice for the best sketch of the 80s. you can catch snl with a funny kevin hart and the music guest is cia.
8:37 am
martha stewart comes clean with her trend in
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> back with our special start today. we are helping your accomplish your new year's goals. each friday they are here to help you answer your facebook questions. ready to go? let's see who the first question is for. i take this and do that. a question for jill martin. i think i am safro organizing, but for but for my son's room i'm not. >> here's the thing and this is what i say to do. your kids are old to do this but you get a stylish bin if
8:40 am
it's an adult area and if it's a kid's room you do a contest. you tell them throw it in the basket like a hoop. like a basketball. whoever gets the most in gets a star. at the end of the week the person with the most stars at the end of the week gets a prize. >> that's a good idea. see what we have next. this question i get paid weekly and i always run out of money before the next payday. how can i save and still live comfortably. this is from mike williams. >> for mike because he gets paid weekly it should be easier. you don't have to make the money last as long as two weeks as most people do. the thing you have to do is pay yourself first. make sure you save a little bit of money every time you get paid and go through your weekly spending to find out where you
8:41 am
are spending the most. >> go sideways to the camera. >> i'm talking to you. i'm talking to mike. try to cut the holes in your budget. you will find the sinkholes and get rid of them. >> i was in the background. >> you look great. you weren't doing anything you shouldn't. i think this is for jenna. how to work towards a proper push up. more uppered about strength. >> that's organic and you don't need any equipment. that will build the pecks you have been working on since birth. you want to start on a wall if you never have. practice pushing yourself off the wall. it's a playo o playo metric move. your knees will take the pressure off your upper body. when you feel comfortable, take the knees up. do one or two at a time. >> how is your back for a proper
8:42 am
push up. >> a straight line and keep your core tight. you want to keep yourself in a plank position on the way out. you are not sagging. >> let's get for joy. this is from amber. is calorie counting a safe and successful way to lose weight. >> absolutely. at the end of the day it's a mathematical equation. you burn more calories, the pounds go down on the scale. you want the calories to consist of high quality food so you feel great and are healthy. vegetables and healthy fats and lean proteins. for people looking to count calories the sweet spot for women is 1200 to 1600 calories per day. if you don't feel like counting head over to our website. i put together a grocery list. all the work is done for you. >> you have to do the doing.
8:43 am
>> simple. >> thank you very much. nice job. keep the questions coming on facebook facebook. check out our website of today went com. the king of the music matchup and first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> back at 8 time 45. jenna is really burping calories today. she is going to start the today segment. >> this has nothing to do with calories. this guy's name is d.j. ear worm who is so talented. millions watch his music. it's called the united state of pop and a look back at the chart topping songs we hear here today. ♪ >> you have wanted to listen to
8:46 am
two songs and couldn't decide? it's quite a conundrum. what if you could match them and listen to both? >> what's on your business card? >> i'm a mash up artist. i take songs that are already existing and i take little parts of them and reassemble them into new pop songs. >> they are called mash ups and since 2007 jordan grossman known as d.j. ear worm has been dubbed the king. putting out mixes he calls the united state of pop. >> where did d.j. ear worm come from. >> it's a melody that you can't get rid of. >> for the current popularity is an indication he's not going anywhere. >> i have done a project with annie lennox and maroon 5 and the prey and i'm working on something for carrie underwood.
8:47 am
>> is it mind boggling some. >> it's a dream come true. >> it brought the top 25 pop songs and it has been viewed more than 10 million times on you tube. what makes a good candidate for a song? >> it's all matchupable. >> all? >> mandy by barrie manilow. mash upable? >> yes. >> love on the rocks by neal diamond? >> yeah done. >> really? barbara streisand you don't bring me flowers anymore? >> it could be challenging. >> the whole process is a thing that takes months to put and they start the same way. >> i was going to put some of the today show sounds turn down and see if we can make a "today" show mash up. >> i like it.
8:48 am
>> what would he do when challenged with a-hour show? mash it up of course. >> welcome to today on a monday morning. >> welcome to today on a tuesday morning. >> welcome to today on a wednesday morning. >> welcome to today on a thursday morning. >> why? because we can. >> rock paper scissors. >> one, two, three. down down up down down up down down down up down.
8:49 am
>> three, two one. >> that was big. >> did you have any idea how entertaining you were? >> with the rap beat. >> one second it's a time. >> thank you. >> you are a tremendous dancer. you really are. coming up next martha stewart's favorite recipe when is it comes to clean living. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> this morning on martha on "today," clean eating for appetizers to desserts. from her new book called clean slate. good to see you. what is clean eating? >> perfect for this time of yore when we had it with the holidays and we have to reenergize and reboot our systems and recharge and restore. even relax with clean, good food. don't open too many cans and cut out too much meat. do a lot of exercise. >> get back to the baskets. >> right. and it's clean. savannah has dips. look how pretty.
8:52 am
so simple to make. cook up bones in the pressure cooker and it's about not not openinga i lot of processed foods. a little bit of chili and cumin which is good for you. salt and pepper and cook that a little bit and put it in here. let me put this in here. >> which dip are you making? >> the bean with spice. spicy bean dip. >> you can eat it with vegetables and really keep it healthy. >> don't fry your pita chips. roast them in the oven. now you can just pulse. >> go crazy. and it makes a beautiful dip. here it is. a spicy black bean dip and roasted cauliflower with yogurt and i love this one.
8:53 am
red pepper and pomegranate. >> cilantro is good on the black bean. >> thank you. >> al is waiting for you. >> everybody loves this. it's the rage right now. you take off all the leaves on the brussels sprouts. it's easy to slice off the bottom and take the leaves off. >> get the kids to do it. you can mix this up. >> with lemon zest in. >> a nice lemon and olive oil. your avocado. you know how to take a pit out of an avocado. >> just like that. you can add these slices the easy way is to take a spoon and scoop it out like this. >> toasted pumpkin seeds.
8:54 am
>> salt and pepper and you have a de-electable salad. >> thank you, martha. >> that one is already done. and i love this one. take boneless skinless breasts and this is an acorn quash and they come large like that. i like to split with a knife. then you can pound. do you like pounding? you pound. use red pepper flakes. it just takes a couple of mondays per side. notice how healthy everything is so far. we are not using processed foods. we are really trying to -- this is enough for one hungry person
8:55 am
or two regular people. >> you add spinach as well. >> those are dropped in hot olive oil. you want to taste one? sprinkle those with fresh spinach leaves. it is a delightful easy to make dinner. >> you can eat dessert eating clean too. >> this is a dessert. you like avocado? >> i love it all. >> this is the most unusual dessert. take avocados and they have to be perfectly ripe. the secret for perfectly ripe is buy a few and put them on the counter and let them ripen. feel them during the week so you have them nice. that's three avocados and a quarter of a cup of dutch processed cocoa. unsweetened with a teaspoon of
8:56 am
vanilla. is this unusual? >> chocolate pudding with avocado. >> a quarter of a cup of honey. blend this in your wonderful blender and a little sea salt. that's the secret on top. and you blend. >> you don't taste the avocado at all. good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, b.a.r.t. protesters in downtown san francisco are tying up train service. we have video from the montgomery b.a.r.t. streetsation where people gathered there to protest the recent arrests in a separate protest related to action in ferguson missouri. they are demanding that the charges and fines be dropped against those who were arrested for blocking a b.a.r.t. train at
8:57 am
the west oakland station back on black friday in november. so far, we're hearing that trains are not stopping at embarcadero nor at powell because of the civil disturbance and trains from east bay to san francisco will stop at montgomery muni honoring the tickets. more local news in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> nice big crowd on a friday morning. january 16th 2015 in new york city with natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall. >> have one. >> were you outside or just in here. it's chilly in here. >> meanwhile, i was crushing pumpkin seeds from martha stewart. >> are they roasted? i would love some. breakfast. pass the seeds. >> that chocolate pudding with
9:01 am
the avocado. >> she makes this chock laid putting that uses avocados dutch processed cocoa powder honey and a little vanilla and sprinkle sea salt on top and it's amazing. >> did you get some? >> no. >> do we have any left over in the back? >> that's where we were. >> you got a spoon some. >> we didn't get any. >> in the meantime we get the pudding. >> let's talk about a story 24 hours ago we were talking about the nominees. we talked about a few that should have been in there. he played mc in selma and angelina jolie was another. all 20 of the year's acting nominees and best actor and supporting are all white. selma as al said missed out on a
9:02 am
best actor nod. also a best director nomination. >> jillian for gandhi. >> angelina jolie not nominated for best director. it's a experience. there was a hash tag out there, #oscars so white. i wonder what everybody's take is on this. >> for me yesterday i was surprised that people were surprised. we talked about these movies. we talked about the candidates for the movies and to see the lack of diversity when there were two women on the list speak of angelina jolie want to be nominated because they were women. they did great films. of course it breaks my heard as a woman you want diversity and young girls to lock at the list and say angelina did it. she is a mom and she is
9:03 am
successful. i don't know. i really don't, but it makes you sad when you see no diversity. >> i don't understand how you can get a best picture not and not get the best director. >> the number of directors nominated where there more movies. there would always be somebody left out. "12 years a slave" won and lupita won for best actress. whether you are black, white, man or woman, they are difficult choices. if you had to choose people are all the great movies it's difficult in any year. that said it is difficult to see that weekend right there of just 20. are and they had a competitive year as well and the
9:04 am
year of the indy film. for the most part these are smaller films that haven't been tuj lock busters. >> that's what selma is considered. it's an indy film even though it has oprah's name behind it. >> it has a diversity problem. when an agency or organization admits they have a problem and they are going to remedy it slowly when you look at the five best actor nominees i don't know which you take off. >> would he want to be feel like someone is making room for him. a performance that somebody said deserved a nod. >> switching gears, this is so sweet. you love jack shepherd and kristin bell husband and wife. he was a guest on the ellen show yesterday and he talked to ellen about -- he just had a new baby
9:05 am
a 3 week old and he was talking about kristin bell's 33 hour labor which then led to her c-section. listen. >> but i have been warned by a lot of different gentlemen, even my own mother said you may not want to watch the baby come out. not the greatest idea. they didn't warn me about the c-section which is way worse. there is a sheet and they said the baby is here and you peek around and you notice your wife is completely disassembled. i can see inside of her. it's a girl there is your liver out i think. those are your intestines and she has your eyes and oh, my god, put her back together correctly. after seeing this autopsy i would brother see a school bus drive out of her vagina.
9:06 am
>> it is so true. i had an emergency c-section with josh and a scheduled c-section with luke. when my husband came in they were all so happy because josh was just fine and so they lift the baby up and he sees me passed out and my guts are open. he was like is she okay. he thought i died. it was awful. he was so worried. it's terrible. >> they made the incision and she had an 18 hour labor and they said we have to do the c-section. they invite you on the other side of the curtain. hey rocky, watch me pull a habit out of my hat. you hear this sucking sound. you are not ready for it. i came to cut the umbilical cord. that's her uterus. this is the most unbelievable
9:07 am
thing. >> they have a diagram where they prep you. >> no. first of all, it wasn't planned. we didn't know. all of a sudden it's like hello. you see parts and things and you are happy your child is born but whoa. you don't forget that. >> you don't recover from that. >> stay north of the border at all times. >> when you come in they have the curtain or sheet up and you think there is going to be a puppet show. you have a baby want to come over here. >> come on over. wow! >> he reacts to the puppet show. >> every father has that reaction. i never did a c-section, but a friend called me with the great news and he said but dude everything is outside the body. i thought something was wrong and the doctor said everything was fine.
9:08 am
>> i'm holding leula. she is beautiful, but i will tell you something. all it needed was john hurt and sigourney weaver. >> i love what jack was saying yesterday. of course the woman gets the epidural. what does the guy get? we get nothing. we are like rubber. you are doing great, honey. keep going. we get nothing. >> maker's mark. that's it. >> moving on. getting more great tv. check out yesterday, rice is right's george gray is announcing a prize package for the price is right that includes a treadmill. this is what happened when you run backwards when you shouldn't be. >> they said it couldn't be done. it's an off road motorcycle, a new range, and a new treadmill.
9:09 am
>> and that motorcycle comes with a -- >> this compact treadmill features heavy duty rollers and adjustable suspension system. aspirin not included. >> impressive. launch it in slow motion. >> thankfully he didn't get hurt. he should have taken tips from someone else running on tv. one natalie morales. >> chasing natalie. i have no idea what's behind me. there it is. giving me clues. this was with a broom. i'm guessing. >> you in high heels? >> i'm in high heels. >> that's impressive. >> one of the fastest animals in
9:10 am
the animal kingdom. >> cheetah! >> yes! >> impressive natalie. >> thanks for having me. >> good time. >> you were guessing based on her clues. >> based on her clues. i couldn't see behind me. >> impressive. very good. >> what's going on outside our window? >> if you are in the wild and someone is asking questions. >> natalie will bring the wine. >> for today, we have two things happening. a big storm system getting together in the pacific northwest and this will track to the east and cause problems on the east coast. clouds and showers and we had problems with freezing conditions in the southeast and that caused wicked weather down to atlanta. temperatures in the teens and
9:11 am
20s. no hot air. 30s into the plains. here's what we have for the day today. fog along the southeastern coast. lake effect snow behind this here. temperatures stay chilly. we are looking for a warm up in the plains and the lower midwest. we don't get the january thaw happy friday. we have light showers rolling through the north bay. even with rain on the radar, it's still a spare the air day. we'll see a lot of improvement in the air quality. as the showers continue to purify what we have out there in terms of haze. what you'll notice as we head throughout the day today, look at the number. still well above average. part of the reason why is because we had an unseasonably mild start with temperatures kicking off in the 50s. we'll easily jump to the 60s in san jose. tomorrow, the upper 60s. hope you have a fantastic weekend.
9:12 am
. >> that's the latest weather. you have to try this pudding. three avocados. a cup of the dutch processed chocolate cocoa. >> it's rich. >> and a little bit of vanilla and the sea salt. it's amazing. >> it's creamy. >> no dairy? >> no dairy. >> that's outstanding. for the recipe. cher and celine and whitney have done it. it was only a matter of time before mariah i want to pump (clap) you up. no, no, no. you want to pump (clap) you up. that's it. you put the emphasize on the wrong syllable. i want to pump (clap) you up. i am not going to sugarcoat it that was terrible. this is not a joke. let's try it again. i want to pump (clap) you up. it's like we're talking to a wall. yeah. i don't know what kind of sick game you play. knock knock. hello. i want to pump (clap) you up. i can't do this anymore. training is hard. saving is easy. get a discount double check today.
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tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> per big news for sharknado fans. the oscar flub. >> here with your tip of hollywood is showbiz's editor in chief is jack rico.
9:16 am
move over celine, cher, and britney. mariah taking up residency in vegas. >> she lives in new york and wanted to do something in atlantic city. but vegas came calling and she is beginning may 6th next to celine dion who had to take a break to tend to her ailing husband. everybody has been talking about how much money is mariah carey going to be making on this. there is no official confirmation but she could be making what britney spears is making which is about $30 million. >> hey now. >> ticks are on sale if you want to see it. she will be on from may to july. >> when you think about that contract and the "american idol" contract. >> put it together. >> let's get the residuals for all i want for christmas is you.
9:17 am
>> let's talk about the flub we heard in the oscar announcements yesterday. social media picked up when it came to the cinematographer's name dick pope. >> the president of the academy is following this thing and they think they would get it right, but the president decided she was going to say dick poop by mistake and recovered quickly, but what's interesting is when twitter does not forgive. they punish all-around. when they got to him, he said i have been called worse things and he seems to be a good sport and he has been nominated before. >> everyone know who is dick pope is. >> the lego movie getting snubbed, but the director taking matters into his own hands. >> that's right.
9:18 am
phil lord had the best response to the snub of the lego movie by tweeting out a picture of the oscar made in legos and said it's okay made my. it was such a witty tweet. the fans were backlashing. it is one of the best top 10 movies of the year and critical in box office success and for it not to be nominated, people are upset. everything is awesome. >> the song parents can't get out of their heads. tara reid is one of the stars. i have a great announcement. it's official. i signed on to do sharknado 3. woo-hoo. where do we go next? >> that's a tough thing to call. it took place in washington, d.c. they are doing great. l.a. in the first one and new york in the second one and
9:19 am
washington, d.c. now. it's wreaking havoc in the nation's capital and the eastern seaboard around florida. ian ziering is coming back. >> what are about al roker? >> we have to come back to this one. any official confirmation? >> based on your last performance, you would think. >> i'm sure it will. how about the sneak peek? the new film spy. >> this is the third collaboration and she took the heat in brides maids with him. she is an analyst going under cover. >> let's take a look. >> you need to find the bomb without being detected. it can't be any of you. i need someone invisible. >> i'll do it. >> thanks. >> i'm serious. >> don't let me down cooper. >> i will let you up. >> stop talking. >> i love her! >> allison and jason.
9:20 am
>> she is a cia analyst who goes under cover to prevent this global disaster when it comes out may 22nd. she at some point is going to stop doing drama. when she does it's good. she is an actress with a lot of range. >> you got a peek of it in st. valentine. >> absolutely. >> coming up next want to know what social media is doing to you? apparently reducing your stress. >> how is that possible? >> if you are planning a good hold it! come with me. new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. cam, protein from yogurt? yup, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? unlike some other protein snacks, it has 0 added sugar 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. mmm... will it up my game?
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9:23 am
. >> health officials acknowledge that the flu vaccine is only 23% effective because the viruses chosen last spring are not a good match for the flu strains spreading across the country. if find yourself struggling to remember something, try shutting your eyes. people have better visual and auditory recall when they think with their eyes closed. participants were shown a crime reenactment and interviewed about the details. those told to close their eyes got 23% more correct. some women may go for a massage or a glass of wine but it may be social media. women who regularly sweet, e-mail and post photos on mobile devices are 21% less stressed. a zoo guard in israel fired for falling asleep on the job and
9:24 am
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9:26 am
good morning to you. 9:26 right now. i'm kris sanchez. protesters gathered this morning at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station opposing recent arrests in another protest. they want charges and fines dropped against the people arrested for blocking a b.a.r.t. strain at the west oakland station in november on black friday. today, protesters were promising to block the morning commute. >> and speaking of rather across the bay in oakland, the raiders will introduce their new coach today. bay area native jack del rio. the raiders plucked del rio from denver where he was the broncos defensive coordinator. he was also the head coach for the jacksonville jaguars. he's a lifelong raiders fan.
9:27 am
>> candle stick park may not be imploded after all. we spoke with a member of the neighborhood association who told us the city issued a permit authorizing crews to dismantle the stadium instead of blowing it up. neighbors living near the park were worried an explosion, rather implosion, would cause toxic dust to spread into their neighborhoods. and we have a look at your forecast just in time for the weekend coming up after the break.
9:28 am
i'm christina loren. these showers they're falling apart. we have this big ridge of high pressure sitting just to our south. meanwhile, that area of low pressure comes in. it collides with that dry air mass and as a result we're not getting a lot of activity. here's the thing, the storm track is going to stay right where it is through next week so we're fair game. about a 10% chance for rain through the next seven days and temperatures in the 60s. very bizarre winter pattern. 66 degrees in the south bay.
9:29 am
66 on the east shore, and 64 in the north bay. best chance for showers as we head throughout tonight will be in sonoma county. i don't think we'll see much to the south of the marin county line. 66 for sunday, staying comfortable. next week a lilt bit of a change on the way, but like i said, the storm track stays where it is so we keep the rain chances going. if you're a pet lover something free to do. pet expo santa clara county fairgrounds. temperatures will be comfortable. free dog clippings of the nails. that's something my dogs could use. back to you. >> try to make the best of the beautiful weather. it might be hard throw. we'll be back with you with more local news in a half hour. you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season,
9:30 am
plus 36 month financing on qualifying purchases. hurry ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> welcome back to today, it's january 16th 2015. i'm willie along with tamron al and natalie. >> i flubbed on the last segment and said melissa carthy was in st. valentine instead of st. vincent. i think i did say valentine. >> instant feedback. >> thank you very much. >> you know what else was a good movie? the heat. >> hilarious. that is so good. girl power. >> so many creative ways to
9:31 am
wear. unbelievable. >> speaking of creative things facebook friday. parenting shortcuts. you guys have things you do to get the kids out the door and get everybody in place. one dad found a multitask for the ages. take a look. ♪ >> he has a point. >> he gets them up. he is putting his pants on while comforting the baby. the baby is thinking can you put me down for a second and save time in. >> i'm guessing his wife is not there. >> she filming it. that's a woman supporting her
9:32 am
man. she appreciates the effort. >> the final countdown music too. >> i thought that wasn't the real baby. thank god dad is done and my tumy is wound up. >> she requires a certain amount of lycra. your pants have to go along. i asked to you do things. >> no. >> please? >> i have been dumped. she has been slimed. >> she has pants on. you can hold my child. >> you are not supposed to have somebody hold the child.
9:33 am
>> you don't take your current pants off. put those in. you have on slippery shoes. here we go. i can't believe you are doing this. the final countdown music. okay. >> it's not going to happen. i don't have that kind of skill. >> i will get willie out of his pants upstairs. >> excuse me? hey now. this show is getting interesting. >> we will tape willie doing it upstairs without his church shoes on. >> send us your parenting shortcuts to >> you threw the baby? >> i had a dream. i had a check of the
9:34 am
weather. >> you guys have skills. >> we will get a take. >> this is your dream. >> you have to dream bigger, girl. dream bigger. >> weather. >> does that show you what's going on for your weekend. wet weather in the pacific northwest with snow. sunshine with lake enhanced snow. sunny and milder and sunday we have a system moving up the coast. rain into the northeast and inland with a wintry mix. more wet weather with high winds and mountain snows. plenty of 9:34. good morning. i'm christina loren. tracking really light shower activity north of the golden
9:35 am
gate bridge. you can see most of the bay area is nice and dry. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. wanted to show you this live picture. mt. hamilton a few clouds. those will clear out. a sunny finish to the day. 66 degrees. oerbs, yeah really nice in the peninsula as well. 64. 66 for the east shore. and yeah, as we get into the all-important weekend just hours away now, temperatures will climb into the upper 60s. good looking conditions for the beach. >> that's your latest weather. >> we are entering a long holiday. >> beth zuckerberg is an author and host of dock complicated on sirius xm radio. >> good to see you. >> congratulations. >> my f >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. >> good day from new york.
9:36 am
we're about to transfer you to the white house where we're about to hear from president obama and british prime minister david cameron. meeting at a critical time for the world coming off the terrorist attacks subject of terrorism will loom large at this gathering. two men have been meeting privately. you see the two podiums there in the east room. also in the east room our senior white house correspondent chris jansing. chris, what to expect from this today? >> reporter: we'll talk a lot about terror. not only what happened in paris and 17 people killed over three days but just now we learned overnight of belgium police intercepting what could have been another series of anti-terror raids in belgium, germany and france. that's at the top of the agenda. also the attack on cyberterrorism. there's an unprecedented new program that the u.s. and u.k. have put together. they're going to do some war games to try to stop things like what happened at sony and in
9:37 am
addition to that they're going to train a new generation of cyber agents. while this is the 12th meeting of the two men, four of them here at the white house, critically this one comes at a time when the focus is formally on terror. >> chris jansing in the east room. we'll allow you to sit down. the two leaders will come in. each expected to make an opening statement and then each expected to take questions. normally when there is a visiting foreign leader this follows a format of two questions each from the home and visitors press gallery. we'll see if that holds. the advisers to both the president and the prime minister have taken their seats in the front row. we'll see the double doors open and we should see both men enter. >> please have a seat. good afternoon, everybody.
9:38 am
this month marks a notable anniversary. 200 years since the battle of new orleans. here in america, we call the great victory over a mighty united kingdom. our british friends call it a technicality. the treaty ending the war was signed weeks before. either way, we've long since made up. on this 200th anniversary of the great american victory, we count the united kingdom as one of our greatest friends and strongest allies and today it's a great pleasure to welcome prime minister david cameron back to the white house. now, as many of you know david recently noted how comfortable the two of us are working together. this sent some commentators into a tizzy. some explored the origins of the word growth. and some analyzed how this word
9:39 am
evolved over time. some seemed confused and asked what does obama mean? let me put speculation to rest. david is a great friend. one of my closest and most trusted partners in the world. on many of the most pressing challenges that we face we see the world the same way. we recognize that as i've said before when the united states and the united kingdom stand together. our nations are more secure and people are more prosperous. david has been personally an outstanding partner and i thank you. with both of our economies growing and unemployment falling, we used our working dinner last night to discuss how we can help create more jobs for our people. we believe that this needs to be the year when the united states
9:40 am
and the european union make real progress toward the transatlantic trade and investment partnership and we share the view that boosting demand in europe can also keep our economies growing. as innovative economies in this information age, we're expanding our collaboration on digital technologies to improve how our governments serve our citizens and businesses. given the urgent and growing danger of cyberthreats we decided to expand our cooperation to improve infrastructure businesses and privacy of our people. as we leaders in the global fight against climate change we believe that a strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gases will be an essential element of any ambitious climate agreement we seek in paris this year and that this actually will help spur the creation of more clean energy jobs on both sides of the atlantic. with regard to security american british unity is enabling us to meet challenges
9:41 am
in europe and beyond. we agree on the need to maintain strong sanctions against russia until it ends its aggression in ukraine. and on the need to support ukraine as it implements important economic and democratic reforms. we agree that the international community needs to remain united as we seek a comprehensive diplomatic solution to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i would add that additional sanctions on iran at this time would undermine that international unity and set back our chances for a diplomatic solution. and as the two leading contributors to the global response to ebola in west africa we urge the world to continue stepping up with resources that are required so we don't simply stop this disease, we do more to prevent future epidemics. now, much of our discussion obviously focused on the continuing threat of terrorists. in the wake of the vicious attacks in paris, as well as the
9:42 am
news surfacing out of belgium today, we continue to stand unequivocally not only with our french friends and allies but with also all of our partners who are dealing with this. i know david joins me when i say we will continue to do everything in our power to help france seek the justice that is needed and that all of our countries are working together seamlessly to prevent attacks and defeat these terrorist networks. with our combat mission in afghanistan over we're also focused with our nato allies on advising and equipping afghan forces to secure their own country and deny al qaeda any safe hafven there. we'll continue to count on our british allies as one of our strongest counterterrorism partners whether it's helping count countries fight back against al qaeda affiliates or boko haram in nigeria. we reviewed our coalition's progress against isil.
9:43 am
we're systematically taking out their fighters destroying their infrastructure and putting them on the defensive in helping global forces in iraq push these terrorists back. david and i agree that we need to keep stepping up the training of iraqi forces and that we're not going to relent until this terrorist organization is destroyed. now, the paris attacks underscored how terrorist groups like al qaeda and isil are actively trying to inspire and support people within our own countries to engage in terrorism. i led a special session of the united nations security council last fall to rally the world to meet the threat of foreign terrorist fighters including coming from syria. david and the united kingdom continuing to be strong partners in this work including sharing intelligence and strengthening border security. at the same time we both recognize that intelligence and military force alone is not going to solve this problem so we're also going to keep working together on strategies to
9:44 am
counter violent extremism that radicalizes, recruits and mobilizes people especially young people to engage in terrorism, and local communities, families neighbors, faith leaders have a vital role to play in that effort. we also look forward to welcoming our british friends to our summit next month on countering violent terrorism. because whether in europe or in america, a critical weapon against terrorism is our adherence to our freedoms and values at home including the pluralism and respect of tolerance that defines us as diverse and democratic societies. finally, i want to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate david on last month's agreement. a tribute to courage and determination of everyone involved especially the leaders of northern ireland and governments of ireland and the united kingdom. the united states was pleased to play a small role in achieving
9:45 am
this agreement and we're going to keep doing what we need to do to support the peace process and a better future for the people of northern ireland. with that it let me turn it over to my good friend david cameron. >> thank you very much. thank you for welcoming me again to the white house. you are a great friend to britain and to me personally. as leaders, we share the same values and as you said on so many issues we see the world in the same way. most of the time we speak the same language. in the last six years since you became president and in nearly five since i've been prime minister we face some big issues on our watch. and those challenges have boiled down to one word. security. economic security the jobs and living standards of our citizens and national security the ability of our peoples to live safely and in peace. and at the heart of both issues are the values that our
9:46 am
countries cherish, freedom of ex- ex-pression expression the rule of law and our democratic institutions. those are the things that make both our countries strong and give us confidence that even in the midst of the most violent storms with strong leadership we'll come through to safer, to calmer and to brighter days. during your presidency you've had to deal with the massive banking crisis deep recession. when i became prime minister britain had the highest budget deficit in peace time history. our economy was in great peril. five years ago we had 110,000 troops serving together in afghanistan. thanks to their efforts, today it is afghan forces taking responsibility for security in their country. but we continue to face difficult times for the world. first and foremost we have to deal with the warning lights flashing in the global economy. weak growth in the eurozone
9:47 am
slowdown in emerging markets, that's why it's vital for our shared prosperity that we both stick to the long-term economic plan that we set out. we agreed that 2015 should be a pivotal year for an ambitious and comprehensive trade deal which could benefit the average household in britain by 400 pounds a year. the u.k. is now the top destination for american and foreign investment. 500 projects last year providing 32,000 jobs. and america is the u.k.'s biggest trade partner with exports worth 90 billion pounds. we want to build on this. our message on the economy today is simple. we'll stick to the course because seeing through our economic plans is the only sustainable way to create jobs to raise living standards, and to secure a better feature for hard working people. now, britain and america both face threats to our national security from people who hate
9:48 am
what our country stand for and who are determined to do us harm. in recent weeks we've seen appalling attacks in paris and nigeria. the world is sickened by this terrorism. we'll not be standing alone in this fight. we know what we're up against. we know how we will win. we face a poisonous and fanatical ideology that wants to pervert islam and create conflict terror and death. with our allies we'll confront it wherever it appears. in iraq the u.k. is the second largest contributor to anti-isis coalition. our aircraft have conducted over 100 strikes and will continue to play a leading role. we'll deploy additional intelligence and surveillance assets to help iraqi forces on the ground. we'll ensure they're better trained and equipped to counter explosive devices. most important of all, we must also fight this poisonous
9:49 am
ideology starting at home. in the u.k. we're passing a law so every public body must combat extremism and this morning we agreed to establish a joint group to identify what more we can do to counter the rise of domestic violence extremism and to learn from one another. in europe russia has chosen to tear up the international rule book and trample over affairs of a sovereign state. this threatens our stability and our prosperity. it is important that every country understands that and that no one in europe forgets our history. we cannot walk on by. so we'll continue to put pressure on russia to resolve this crisis diplomatically and at the same time we'll continue our efforts to support ukraine on the path of reform including with financial assistance. we also reaffirmed our obligations as nato partners to stand by our allies and we'll contribute an additional thousand troops for exercises in eastern europe this year.
9:50 am
on iran we remain absolutely committed to ensuring that iran cannot develop a nuclear weapon. the best way to achieve that now is to create the space for negotiations to succeed. we should not impose further sanctions now. that would be counterproductive and it could put at risk the valuable international unity that has been so crucial to our approach. we also have to keep pace with new threats such as cyberattacks. we've discussed that in the last two days. we today have agreed to deepen our cybersecurity corporation to better protect ourselves. finally, we face the entire world faces, a growing threat from diseases. today our threat is against ebola. in the future it could be against a global flew pandemic. the u.s. action in liberia, france and guinea we're beginning to turn the corner but we must get better at responding
9:51 am
to these global health emergencies and make sure we can master them before they master us. so reforming the w.h.o. world health organization establishing a team of experts to be on standby to deploy anywhere in the world, a new international platform to stimulate the design and development of new drugs, all of these things are needed. and let 2015 the year we must track ebola also be the year we tackle extreme poverty and climate change. on poverty, we must set new, new clear goals to fight corruption and build strong institutions and on climate change we want an outcome in paris that keeps our goal of limiting global warming by 2015 to two degrees within reach. these two things and they go together have the potential to give security to future generations to come. for almost two centuries after those little difficulties we
9:52 am
were discussing earlier, america and britain have stood as kindrid spirits. as we survey a world in flux our alliance stands strong rooted in long history and reinvigorated by challenges we face today. if our forbears could join us in the white house today, they might find the challenges that we're facing from isil to ebola, from cyberterrorism to banking crisis they might find those hard to comprehend but they would surely recognize the ties that bind us across the atlantic and the values that our peoples hold so dear. we have stood together so often not just because we face common threats but because we fundamentally believe in the same things. that is as true today as it has always been and it hugely benefits our country and the people that we're here to serve. thank you very much.
9:53 am
>> we're going to take a few questions. we'll start with jonathan carl of abc. >> reporter: you mentioned your opposition to the sanctions bill on iran and this is obviously a bipartisan bill supported by top senior members of your own party in congress. why do you oppose a bill that would only impose sanctions if you fail to reach an agreement and if iranians fail to agree to take steps to curtail their nuclear program. would you go so far as to veto a bill supported by top democrats in congress on this issue? and to mr. prime minister i understand you have been making phone calls to senators on this issue of the iran sanctions bill is that correct? are you actually lobbying the u.s. congress on this? and if i may, mr. president, i would like to hear your reaction
9:54 am
to the news that mitt romney is thinking about running for president again. >> on your last question i have no comment. on your first question when i came into office i made a commitment that iran would not obtain a nuclear weapon. that we would do everything we could to prevent that. and that is important for our security and it's important for the world's security. if iran obtained a nuclear weapon then it would trigger an arms race in the middle east make our job in terms of preventing proliferation of nuclear materials much more difficult. given their missile capabilities it would threaten
9:55 am
directly our closest allies including israel. and ultimately could threaten us. and so what we did was systematically with the help of congress construct the most forceful most effective sanctions regime in modern history. and what was remarkable was that when i came into office the world was divided around this issue and iran was united. through some very strong diplomatic work we united the world and isolated iran. it's because of that work that we brought them to the negotiating table not for posturing, not for meetings that lead nowhere, but to a very hard nosed nuts and bolt discussion of their nuclear program.
9:56 am
the interim deal that we entered into also froze progress on their nuclear program, rolled back in some cases the stockpiles of material that they already accumulated and provided us insight into their program that was unprecedented. we have people on the ground who are able to verify and inspect and tell us what exactly is going on. that's not just our assessment. that's the assessment of intelligence services around the world including the israelis. so the agreement has held and the negotiations have been serious. we have not lost ground. iran has not accelerated the program during the time these negotiations have taken place. in fact iran's program has not only been in abeyance but we made gains in rolling back some of the stockpiles that they had. now, we have on the table
9:57 am
currently a series of negotiations over the next several months to determine whether or not iran can get to yes. and what's been remarkable is the unity that we have maintained with the world in isolating iran and forcing them to negotiate in a serious way. it includes not only china but also includes russia and they have continued to cooperate with us in setting forth positions that would give us assurances that iran was not developing a nuclear weapon. i always said that the chances that we can get a diplomatic deal are probably less than 50-50. iran is a regime that is deeply suspicious of the west deeply suspicious of us. in the past they have secretly
9:58 am
advanced aspects of this program. we have huge differences with them on a whole range of issues. but if in fact we still have an opportunity to get a diplomatic deal that provides us verifiable assurances that they are not developing a nuclear weapon that is the best possible outcome that we can arrive at right now. the question i had for members of congress including those folks in my own party, is why is it that we would have to take actions that might jeopardize the possibility of getting a deal over the next 60 to 90 days? what is it precisely that is going to be accomplished? i can tell you what the risks are. i think david shares my assessment here.
9:59 am
under the interim deal that brought iran to the table, we were not supposed to initiate new sanctions. now, you'll hear arguments that these technically aren't new sanction they're simply laws putting in place the possibility of additional sanctions. i assure you that's not how iran would interpret it or our partners would interpret it. so the likelihood of the entire negotiations collapsing is very high. if that happens, there's no constraint on iran at that point to go back to what they were doing before they came to the table it developing a heavy water reactor that once built is extraordinarily difficult to dismantle and very difficult to hit militarily. going back at underground facility that are very hard to
10:00 am
reach militarily. accelerating advance centrifuges which shorten the time span they can reach breakout capacity and they would be able to maintain the reason they ended negotiations was because the united states was operating in bad faith and blew up the deal and there would be some sympathy to that view around the world, which means that the sanctions that we have in place now would potentially fray because imposing these sanctions are a hardship on a number of countries around the world. they would love to buy iranian oil. the reason they have hung in there despite it being against economic interest is because we have shown that we are credibly trying to solve this problem and avert a military showdown. in that context, there's no good
10:01 am
argument for us to try to undercut undermine, the negotiations until they played themselves out. if iran ends up ultimately not being able to say yes, if they cannot provide us the kind of assurances that would lead myself david cameron and others to conclude that they are not obtaining a nuclear weapon then we're going to have to explore other options and i'll be the first one to come to congress and say we need to tighten the screws. by the way, that's not the only options that are going to be available. i consistently said we leave all options on the table. congress should be aware if this diplomatic solution fails, the risks and likelihood this ends up being a military confrontation at some point is heightened and congress will have to own that as well. that will have to be debated by the american people. and we may not be able to rebuild the kind of coalition we
10:02 am
need in that context if the world believes that we were not serious about negotiations. so i take thisery seriously. i don't question the good faith of some folks who think this might be helpful. but it's my team that's at the table. we are steep in this stuff day in and day out. we don't make these judgments blindly. we have been working on this for five six, seven years. we consult closely with allies like the united kingdom in making these assessments. i am asking congress to hold off because our negotiators, our partners those who are most involved in this assess that it will jeopardize the possibility of resolving a -- of providing a diplomatic solution to one of the most difficult and long lasting national security problems that we faced in a very long time.
10:03 am
and congress needs to show patience. so with respect to the veto i said to my democratic caucus colleagues yesterday that i will veto a bill that comes to my desk and i will make this argument to the american people as to why i'm doing so. i respectfully request them to hold off for a few months to see if we have the possibility of solving a big problem without resorting potentially to war. i think that's worth doing. we'll see how persuasive i am. if i'm not persuading congress i'll take my case to the american people on this. >> some stations will leave our live coverage at this point. for others we'll continue our live coverage of the two leaders from the white house.
10:04 am
>> i have contacted a couple senators this morning and i may ea >> i may speak to one or two this afternoon. n. not in any way as british prime minister to tell the american senate what it should or shouldn't do but to make a point as a country that stands alongside america in these negotiations that's the epitome of united kingdom and threat of further sanctions at this point won't actually help to bring the talks to a successful conclusion and they could fracture the international unity that has been so valuable in presenting united front to iran. i say this as someone who played quite a strong role in getting europe to sign up to the very
10:05 am
tough sanctions including oil sanctions in the first place. i would simply make this point. those sanctions have had an effect and to those who said if you do an interim deal if you even start discussing with iranians any of these things sanctions will fall apart and pressure will dissipate and no one will stick at it. that has been shown not to be true. the pressure is still there. and the president said if the iranians say no and there is no deal by all means let's sit down and work out what sanctions to put in place because we're absolutely united in the simple thought which is a deal that takes iran away from a nuclear weapon is better than either iran having a nuclear weapon or military action to prevent it. in the end it comes down to that simple choice. will do i what i can to help as one of the countries negotiating, sure i will. i think the way the president put it i wouldn't disagree with
10:06 am
it. it's hard to know what the iranian thinking is about this. i'm the first british prime minister in 35 years to meet with an iranian president and it's hard to know what thinking is. there is a very clear offer which is to take iran away from a nuclear weapon and to conclude an agreement with them which would be mutually beneficial. that's what should happen. i think we had a question from n nick robinson. >> with extra security being put in place today for the jewish community and also for police officers would people be right to conclude that the threat of an attack on the streets of britain is now all but imminent. mr. president, you have spoken of the threat posed by fighters coming back from syria. do you worry this is a legacy of a decision of the united states and united kingdom so stand on the sidelines during syria's
10:07 am
bloody civil war? if i may briefly, if you'll forgive me on the economy, you said you agree. is he right? is it time to stick to the plan? >> first of all, look we do face a very serious extremist terrorist threat in europe in america, across the world. we have to be incredibly vigilant in terms of that threat. we have to strengthen police and security. we have to make sure we do everything we can to keep our country safe. that involves an incredibly long-term, patient, disciplined approach. there's no single simple thing that needs to be done. it means closing down the spaces that terrorists operate in and working against isil in iraq and syria and countering this poisonous death cult of a narrative that's perverting the religion of islam. it means working together with our oldest and best partners so we share intelligence and security and we try to prevent
10:08 am
terrorist atrocities from taking place. it means all of these things. it's going to be a long patient and hard struggle. i'm convinced that we'll come through it and we'll overcome it because in the end the values we hold to of freedom and democracy and having open tolerant societies are the strongest values there can be and in the end we'll come through. like challenges our countries faced together in the past it will take great discipline and great patience and great hard work. you asked specifically about the question of imminence. we have a system in the united kingdom and the threat we face is severe and in their words an attack is highly likely. if ever there is an imminent threat of attack it goes to the next level up which is critical. it's their decision not mine. my responsibility is to make
10:09 am
sure we martial everything we have. they will step up patrols. i met with jewish leadership council earlier this week. we provide through their security organizations, the community security trust, we provide government money to help protect jewish schools. i think we have to recognize in fighting terrorism as we found in britain before you cannot simply rely on policing and securitying. ing security. this is a job for everyone. a role that we're all going to have to play in vigilance in making sure we keep our communities safe. >> with respect to syria and connection to foreign fighters there's no doubt that in the chaos and vacuum that's been created in big chunks of syria that that's given an opportunity for foreign fighters to both come in and come back out.
10:10 am
i chaired a u.n. security council meeting and we are now busy working with our partners to implement a series of actions to identify who may be traveling to syria in order to get trained to fight or to hatch plots that would be activated upon return to their home countries. so it's a very serious problem. the notion that this is occurring because the united states or great britain or other countries stood on the sidelines i think is first of all, mischaracterizes our position. we haven't been standing on the sidelines. it's true we did not invade syria. the assertion is had we invaded syria, we would be less prone to
10:11 am
terrorist attacks. i'll leave it to you to play out that scenario and whether that sounds accurate. we've been active in trying to resolve a tragic situation in syria. diplomatically through humanitarian efforts, through the removal of chemical weapons from syria that have been so deadly. and now as isil has moved forward, we have been very active in degrading their capabilities inside syria even as we work with partners to make sure that the foreign fighter situation is resolved. i think david's point is the key one. this phenomenon of violent extremists the ideology the networks the capacity to
10:12 am
recruit young people this has metastasized and it's widespread and it's penetrated communities around the world. i consider this a threat that we will solve. we are stronger. we are representing values that the vast majority of muslims believe in. working together to build rather than to destroy. and so this is a problem that causes great heartache and tragedy and destruction but it is one that ultimately we're going to defeat. we can't just defeat it through weapons. one of the things that we spoke about is how do we lift up those
10:13 am
voices that represent the vast majority of the muslim world so that counternarrative against anihilism is put out there as aggressively and as nimbly as messages coming out from these fanatics. how do we make sure that we are working with global communities and faith leaders and families whether in a neighborhood in london or a neighborhood in detroit, michigan so that we are inoculating ourselves against this kind of ideology. that's going to be slow plotting systematic work. but it's work i'm confident we're going to be able to accomplish particularly when we have strong partners like the united kingdom doing it.
10:14 am
on the economy, i would note that great britain and the united states are two economies that are standing out at a time when a lot of other countries are having problems. we must be doing something right. major garrett? >> reporter: thank you, mr. president. good afternoon. good morning, mr. prime minister. questions for both of you. i want to make sure we heard what you were trying to say directing a message to congress in the context of iranian negotiations. were you also sending a message, both of you, to iran that if sanction talks failed that war footing is the next most likely alternative for this country and those who are aligned with us in this common pursuit and atrocities in paris, raids and
10:15 am
threats in belgium and netherlands, do you believe that europe is at a turning point now in its recognition of what threats are and its own mobilization in terms of new laws security footing, larger budgets. you both talked about cybersecurity. there's a crucial issue for both countries. back doors and encryption to protect people and also privacy. i would like your comments on that. thank you. >> i am not, repeat not, suggesting that we are in immediate war footing should negotiations with iran fail. as david put it very simply if in fact our view is that we have to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon then we have to recognize the possibility that should diplomacy fail we have to look at other options to
10:16 am
achieve that goal. and if you listen sometimes to the rhetoric surrounding this issue, i think there is sometimes the view that this regime cannot be trusted, that effectively negotiations with iran are pointless, and since these claims are being made by individuals who see iran as a mortal threat and want as badly as we do to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon the question is what otherives alternatives are available? that's part of what we have to consider as to why it's so important for us to pursue every
10:17 am
avenue to see if we can get a deal. now, it's got to be a good deal. not a bad deal. i already have shown myself willing to walk away from a bad deal. and the f5 plus 1 walked away with us. nobody is interested in some document that undermines our sanctions and gives iran the possibility of whether covertly or gradually building up its nuclear weapons capacity. we're not going to allow that. anything that we do any deal we arrive at if we arrive at one is subject to scrutiny across the board. not just by members of congress but more importantly by people who actually know how the technical aspects of nuclear
10:18 am
programs can advance and how we can effectively verify in the most rigorous way possible that the terms of the deal are being met. we naymay not get there but we have a chance to resolve the nuclear issue peacefully. even if we get a nuclear deal and we are assured that iran doesn't possess nuclear weapons, we have a lot of problems with iran on state sponsored terrorism terrorism, rhetoric toward israel financing of hezbollah, difference with syria, it's not as if suddenly we have a great relationship with iran. it solves one particular problem that is urgent and it solves it
10:19 am
better than the other alternatives that might present themselves. so my main message to congress at this point is just hold your fire. nobody around the world doubt my ability to get some additional sanctions passed should these negotiations fail. that's not a hard vote to get through congress. the notion we need to have additional sanctions or even the possibility of sanctions hanging over their head to force them to a better deal i think the iranians know that is in our back pocket. with respect to violent extremism, my impression is that europe has taken this seriously during the course of my
10:20 am
presidency we have worked collaboratively and with great urgency in recognition that not only do you have foreigners who may be trying to hatch plots in europe but that given large immigrant populations, it's important to reach out to and work with local communities and to have a very effective intelligence and counterterrorism cooperation between countries and between the united states and europe. there's no doubt the most recent events has amplified those concerns. one thing i learned over the course six years is that there
10:21 am
is more we can do and how we might be able to prevent these the next time. i'm confident the strong cooperation that exists with europe will get that much better in the month and years to come. here's where i think europe had particular challenges. the united states has one big advantage. it's not that our services are so much better although ours are very very good. i think europeans would recognize that.
10:22 am
our biggest advantage is our muslim populations may feel themselves to be americans. there is this incredible process that is part of our tradition that is probably our greatest strength. it doesn't mean that we aren't subject to the kinds of tragedies that we saw at the boston marathon. but that i think has been helpful. there are parts of europe in which that's not the case. that's probably the greatest danger that europe faces which is why as they respond, as they work with us to respond to these circumstances, it's important for europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law
10:23 am
enforcement and military approaches to these problems. there also has to be a recognition that the stronger the ties of a frenchman of north african descent to french values and french republic a sense of opportunity, that's as important, if not more important, in over time solving this problem. i think there's a recognition across europe and it's important we don't lose that. the last point i'll make and then i'll turn it over to david is with respect to the issue of intelligence gathering, this is a challenge that we have been working on since i've been president. obviously it was amplified when mr. snowden did what he did. it's gone off the front pages of
10:24 am
the news. we haven't stopped working on it. we've been in dialogue with companies and have systematically worked through ways in which we can meet legitimate privacy concerns but also meet the very real concerns that david identified and my fbi director identified. social media and the internet is the primary way in which these terrorist organizations are communicating. that's no different than anybody else. they are good at it. and when we have the ability to track that in a way that's legal, conforms with due process, rule of law and presents oversight, then that's the capability that we have to
10:25 am
preserve. the biggest damage that was done as a consequence of the snowden disclosures was, i think, in some cases a complete undermining of trust. some would say that's justified. i would argue that although there are some legitimate concerns there, overall the united states government and from what i've seen the british government have operated in a scrupulous and lawful way to try to balance the security and privacy concerns. we can do better. that's what we're doing. but we're still going to have to find ways to make sure that if an al qaeda affiliate is operating in great britain or in the united states that we can try to prevent real tragedy. i think the companies want to
10:26 am
see that as well. they're patriots. they have families that they want to see protected. we just have to work through in many cases what are technical issues. it's not so much that there's a difference in intent but how to square the circle on these issues is difficult. we're working with partners like great britain and the united kingdom but we're also going to be in dialogue with companies to try to make that work. >> on the iranian issue, i won't add much to what the president said. i just make this point that i don't think you can characterize it as if there's a deal then the pressure is off iran and if there isn't a deal new pressure has to be applied to iran. the key to that deal is transparency and making sure that this country isn't developing a nuclear country. that means repeated pressure even after a deal is done. that's very important.
10:27 am
i would actually back up what barack says about recognizing that in so many other ways we have some major disagreements with what the iranians have been doing. britain has suffered from the appalling way our embassy and staff were treated in that country. we approach this with a huge amount of skepticism and concern but on the issue of your question is this a turning point for europe in terms of terrorism, i would argue that we turned some time ago. maybe britain in particular because of the appalling attacks that took place in 2005 but there have been attacks elsewhere in europe. since i've been prime minister, there's been one major plot every year of a significant nature that we have managed to intercept, stop and prevent.
10:28 am
the awareness of the scale of the challenge that we face is absolutely there across government across parliament across the different political parties in the police and intelligence services. i think there's an opportunity for countries in europe who perhaps up to now have been less effective to work with them and make sure that we share knowledge and skills because when you say the turning point is making sure your legislation is up to date and police and security services have the capabilities they need and making sure you have programs that can channel extremists away and make sure you are better integrating your communities and it means doing all of those things. i very much agree with what barack says about the importance of building strong and integrated societies. i made a speech about this in munich a couple years ago saying it was a mistake in the past when some countries had treated different groups and different religious groups as separate blocks rather than trying to build a strong common home
10:29 am
together. that's what we should be doing. that's what our policy is directed to. of course you need to have as i believe we are, a multiracial society i've got in my cabinet someone who just like that in. in two generations his family's gone from arriving in britain to sitting. that is vitally important as is combatting unemployment and combatting poverty. but here is i think the really determining point. you can have tragically people who have had all the advantages of integration, who have had all the economic opportunities our countries can offer who still get zeusseduced by this poisonous
10:30 am
radical death cult of things. who have had ever opportunity and ever advantage in life in terms of integration. so let's never lose sight of the real enemy which is the poisonous narrative. let's never lose sight of the real heart of the matter. as for the issue on the techniques necessary for intelligence services to help keep us safe all i would say -- and the president and i had a good discussion about this earlier -- i don't think either of us are try to enunciate some new doctrine. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm sorry to disappoint you but i take a simple approach. ever since we've been take
10:31 am
communicating with each er other, it has been possible in both of our countries in my countries by signed warrant by the home secretary to potentially listen to a call between two terrorists to stop them in activity. in our count ray the judicial process. we're not asking for back doors. we believe in very clear front doors through legal processes that should help to keep our country safe. and my only argument is that as technology develops as the world moves on we should try to avoid the safe havens that could otherwise be created for terrorists to talk to each other. that is the goal i think is so important. because i'm in no doubt having been prime minister for four and a half years having seen our intelligence service works. the lives that get saved, there is a very real connection between that and the capabilities that our intelligence services within the law used to defend our people. i think final question is from robert moore from itn.
10:32 am
>> thank you, yes. robert moore with the british network itb news. there is the alert under way at the moment around the jewish community in britain. can i be clear? is that based on the specific intelligence? should people been concerned about daily activities this weekend in and do you regard a attack on british soil as inevitable. and you do share the prime minister ears view mr. president that the current threat environment is so severe there does need to be a swing of the pendulum a little from privacy to the counterterrorism. and this area of the private encrypted communications is a very dangerous one potentially in terms of dialogue between terrorist groups. >> on issue of the threat that we face the level has been set at severe. that is set by an independent
10:33 am
expert organization so people can have full confidence that these things are never cone for any other motives than literally to look at the evidence that is there about terrorist threats and set the level accordingly. when the level as it is at the moment is set at severe that means the authorities believe an attack is highly likely. if we believed it was imminent then you would move to the next level, which is critical. and we clearly do face a very real threat in our country. i mean in recent months as i was discussing with the president we've had a number of potential attacks diverted frins on british police officers. that is the threat picture. it is regularly reviewed and updated. but it shouldn't approximate moved unless there is real evidence to do so. in terms of protection for the jewish community and indeed other communities and indeed to police officers themselves this
10:34 am
is based on what has happened in france, on the whole picture that we see. and it is sensible precautionary measures to make sure we do what we can do reassure those communities. communities who are all too aware of the threat they face. and this is a bigger challenge for us. i think one of the most moving sights in paris was to see so many people holding up sign, saying je suis flick, i'm a cop. je suis -- i'm a jew. saying i've been singled out. and it's very important we speak up and stand up for those communities and give them the protection they deserve. >> obviously in the wake of paris our attention is heightened. but i have to tell you over the last six years, threat streams are fairly constant.
10:35 am
david deals with them every day. i deal with them every day. our ct -- our counterterrorism professionals deal with them every day. so i don't think there is a situation in which because things are so much dangerous the pendulum needs to swing. i think what we have to find is a consistent framework whereby our publics have confidence that their government can both protect them but not abuse our capacity to operate in cyberspace. and pause this is a whole new world, as david said t law, the laws that might have been designed for the traditional wiretap have to be updated. how we do that needs to be debated, both here in the this united states and in the u.k.
10:36 am
i think we are getting better at it. i think we're striking the balance better. i think that companies here in the united states at least recognize that they have a responsibility to the public. but also want to make sure that they are meeting their responsibilities to their customers that are using their products. and so the dialogue that we're engaged in is designed to make sure that -- that all of us feel confident that if there is an actual threat out there our law enforcement and our intelligence officers can identify that threat and track that threat at the same time that our governments are not going around fishing into whatever text you
10:37 am
might be sending, you know, on your smart phone. and i think that is something that can be achieved. there are going to be situations where there are hard cases. but for the most part those who are worried about big braurother, sometimes obscure or deliberately ignore all the legal safeguards that have been put in place to assure people's privacy and to make sure that government is not abusing these powers. and on the other hand there are times where law enforcement and those of us whose job it is to protect the public aren't thinking about those problems because we're trying to track and prevent a particular event
10:38 am
from happening. it's useful to have people tapping on us on the shoulder in this process and reminding us their value is at stake as well. and we welcome that kind of debate. the technologies are evolving in ways that potentially make this trickier. if we get into a situation in which the technologies do not allow us at all to track somebody that we're skftconfident is a terrorist, if we find evidence of a terrorist plot somewhere in the middle east that traces directly back to london or new york we have specific information. we are confident that this individual or this network is about to activate a plot. and despite knowing that information, despite having a phone number or despite having a
10:39 am
social media address or e-mail address that we can't penetrate that? that is a problem. and so that is the kind of dialogue we're having to have with these companies. part of sit a legal issue. part of it is a technical question. but overall i'm actually confident that -- that we can balance these imperatives. and we shouldn't feel as if because we've just seen such a horrific attack in paris that suddenly everything should be going by the wayside. we have -- unfortunately this has ban constant backdrop. and i think will continue to be for any prime minister or president for some time to come. and we've got make sure that we don't over react but that we remain vigilant and are serious
10:40 am
about or responsibilities there. thank you very much everybody. >> and so ends this joint session with the news media between these two leaders. much talk of the special relationship many versions of it. two men dressed almost identically, speaking almost identically about the problems the world faces. chuck todd has been watching with us. chuck, how would you sum this up. >> clearly the president had a message for us on iran. and you got to remember what david cameron is pup to. he's in his own reelection mode. i think there were some things there president obama was trying to help cameron with his little shoutout tot the british congressmen economy. so that should be kept in mind. but the cybersecurity issue, which europeans have been very
10:41 am
upset in general. and at the same time their security agencies are relying on the surveillance. so both men trying to pull the rest of europe into focussing on this terror threat. that is collectively what you heard today. iran of course in this country and the debate about iran sanctions is going to heat up the political rhetoric over the weekend. i can promise you that. >> chuck wrp what were you hoping for that did not come up? given the constrictions of the formats. two questions, both sides. >> i was surprised there was not more of the larger picture. because i don't know about you brian but i'm having flashbacks of ten years ago. european cell raid, terror threats. disrupt, dismantle. we've heard this a lot. a lot of things have been disrupted but they haven't been dismantled. do we need to think about what our larger terrorism policy is. >> chuck todd watching along
10:42 am
with us. obama and cameron taking questions from the white house. we'll have a complete wrapup tonight on nbc nightly news and also cover the visit to france from secretary of state john kerry. for everyone here i'm brian williams, nbc news new york. pointer. we have some pictures. this is an animal rescue in california called hop along. you can actually control the laser right there in the animal rescue and you can see they are really playing with it. can you play with your pet from anywhere. you can be in the office on vacation, you can still interact with your pet, talk to them you can play with the laser. it is a great way to have fun with your pet. look at them play. very cute. this is from connected cycle. this is the smart pedal. what this does you attach it to any bicycle you have. when you are biking it creates power for it and it is gps. can you track your trips. but if someone steals your bike
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be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. time to take you into today's kitchen for dinner recipes that you make one time and they'll have you eating for the entire
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week. >> we have chicken and egg parm. eggplant parm. >> if you can't do cheese you even have something special for the recipe. get started with tomato sauce. the one we make is super, super simple. kind of your favorite crushed tomato. the key is to not overcook it. just cook it for 20 or 30 minutes. then we make an infused olive oil. >> that's delicious. >> whole basil, garlic olive oil. stir it in. then in under an hour the sauce should be done. you don't want to cook it all day, it is not that whole kind of like cook -- >> super low, keeps it fresh, keeps the acidity high. >> eggplant. >> a lot of people salt the eggplant. i don't. classic dredging flour, egg, breadcrumb. the key is to not bread your fingers. you just want to use a dry and a wet hand. it's almost like a la sonyasagna out
10:51 am
of eggplant. add a little bit parmesan cheese. >> this is straight olive oil? >> olive oil. people say don't fry in olive oil but if you keep the temperature low, you can still retain the flavor of the oil. golden brown on each side then it is done. we're assembling our eggplant lasagna. spray your pan non-stick, layers of eggplant tomato mozz. >> timing wise you have to get this done because you're going to use it as a big vessel here. >> invariably i'll walk in after school and eat all of those. my mother's going to yell at me. then -- >> why the round pan? just the way you like it? >> it can be any shape.
10:52 am
round. i've got an industrial sized one behind us. >> should i ladle? >> please ladle. you can't really screw this up at this point. >> well you don't know me. okay, now what? >> little grated cheese. there you go. mozz basil, repeat. >> come on 30 to eat. come on. come on. >> here's your industrial size restaurant size parm. that's your guy there. >> that looks good! >> this one is special for you, no cheese. >> okay. thank you. >> this is 30 to 40 minutes at 375. >> can you buy that cool thing you just took off it? >> you can buy this. this is a giant spring form pan, non-stick. >> by the way, delicious. you can see all these recipes on that was awesome! we'll be back first with baltimore here on the "today" show on nbc.
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all right, carson guess what time it is. >> almost 11:00? >> time for kathie lee's friday funny. she's in the keys. hey! >> hey! >> hey. okay. here it is. a man had been married to a woman for over 40 years. he decided to surprise her with a wonderful trip down to a fantastic french resort. so they get there, they go out and move their beach chairs. suddenly all of a sudden the woman says honey, what do you think of my flip-flops? he looks at her and he goes think they're hanging a little low. put your top back on. >> what do you think? kath, you look great. >> what is it like to sun bathe naked? is it more liberating? what is going on with you? >> it's your imagination.
10:57 am
i'll be in naples florida tomorrow. >> naples rocks! >> naples rocks big time. i'm going to be at the costco at 6275 naples boulevard. foreign policy noon to 2:30. we're going to see our friend sonny, hoda. >> head to naples. we love you, kath! that's going to do it for us today.
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right now at 11:00 commute chaos on b.a.r.t. this is protesters take over several stations. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. it was a messy commute for countless people this morning as protesters crowded b.a.r.t. platforms and stopped the trains from moving. they say it is a part of a call to action to reclaim dr. martin luther king jr.'s holiday. a weekend long chain of event from san francisco to oakland. >> we're joined by stephanie chuang who is live at the mc montgomery street station. there was commotion, but for the most part this remains


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