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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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than later. >> i was shocked but shows it shouldn't be taken lightly. >> the season is just starting. we will probably see more unfortunately as the -- in coming weeks. >> the flu season is a big concern for schools. at mattson middle school in san jose, the principal says everyone is on heightened alert since absences generally double when flu cases hit. >> definitely. usually we have around 20 students, 20 25 students in a single day. we have 400-something students here at matson. >> escalation of new season is not lost on karena. >> i feel more scared. because sometimes when kids have the flu they can die. >> well, as you heard, the flu season is off to a slow start and is just starting to pick up. why officials say there are probably far more flu related deaths than the four reported.
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robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> the flu reached epidemic levels across the country. coming up see how children are especially vulnerable and what experts are saying about this year's vaccine. that's coming up at 5:30. >> it is going straight to the top. the supreme court decides the law of the land. that includes guy marriage. 14 zats don't allow gay marriage but that could be changing. the issue has roots here. jodi hernandez is in san francisco with new details. jodi? >> reporter: folks here are all above aabove after the supreme court says it'll make a designificant soon. folks have worked hard for marriage equality and are hoping their efforts pay off. >> there's been over a decade of activism that led us to this very moment. all eyes are on the u.s. supreme court right now. and we couldn't be more excited.
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>> reporter: stewart and his husband, john lewis, are full of hope and excitement. after learning the supreme court will rule over whether same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry. the couple legally tied the knot in 2008. but gay couples in 14 other states still can't say, i do. >> we live here in san francisco. we're not just californians. we're americans. and we want and we deserve to have that freedom to be able to be married anywhere under this great nation of ours. >> this is the final question the supreme court could answer about marriage. >> reporter: lawyers at the center for lesbian rights represent the tennessee couples in the supreme court case including a bay area couple who married in san francisco but moved to tennessee where their union isn't recognized. >> and to not have your marriage be respected in certain parts of
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the country creates all kind of uncertainty as well as real harm for people. is. >> reporter: same-sex marriage advocates hope the courts will rule in their favor giving the grown light to same-sex marriage in all 50 states. >> and i get goose bumps just thinking that maybe in june that the court will rule it is truly going to be marriage equality across the entire usa. >> justices will hear 2 1/2 hours of oral argument if april and make their final ruling by the end of june. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the nationales so yas for marriage is also looking forward to the supreme court ruling. they released a statement that said in part in quote it is not for the federal courts to substitute their judgment about whether same-sex marriage is a good idea or not. but to lead it to the people to
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make the decision about the fundamental institution. we should add four states have individually ruled that courts should lead the decision to the american people and democratic process. >> a murder suspect is lined bars tonight but a second suspect is on the loose. authorities believe he could be in the bay area. menlo park police are looking for jose hernandez. they say he is connected to a murder but could be hiding out on the peninsula. officers arrested a suspect after spotting a car believed to be connected to the crime. another manhunt is going on right now on the peninsula. police say man exposed himself to children. detectives say this man exposed himself to three young children playing outside a san mateo apartment complex near the san mateo cal train station. he asked one girl to engage in a sex act. all three kids did run off. the suspect described as about
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25 years old. short with marks or blemishes on his face. >> let's take a peak outside. can you barely see outside. a live look we do have mist and rain today but not nearly enough to help our drought. >> i can hardly tell the hazy conditions. with the spare the air days. jeff is tracking every rain drop. >> and it certainly is a mix, you guys. great point on that haze and poor air quality. that is existing especially throughout the south bay. on top of that higher levels, cloud cover is moving in. also areas of drizzle and mist as well. storm track is so close. we are talking about three of five inches of rain in the pacific northwest. with us on the bottom edge of it bringing run a fall. but nothing close to that. can you see in the past 24 hours, weather underground rain totals. from trace amounts, to santa rosa one of the highest, at least in the immediate bay area. they did come up with 3500 and the reason why they are able to get so much we have that
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consistent cloud cover continually pushing across for today. helping to bring us that rain fall. we are tracking still more clouds, possibility of showers this weekend. we will let you know what that means for your saturday and sunday forecast in about 10 min puts. >> very good. our holiday forecast as well. thank you, jeff. >> bart trains are back on time after protesters took on stations in downtown san francisco this morning. >> two people arrested during the protest that sporadically shut down the powell street montgomery street and embarcadaro stations. it lasted a couple hours. some blocked doors from closing. other trains simply zoomed by without stopping. for many a frustrating and long commute to work. >> it stinks when the train is held up when it is late. we have appointments families. it cost us more money, more time. >> i think they have every right to protest. but i'm not thrilled about them shutting down bart.
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>> so what are they protesting against? >> people are demanding that bart drop charges against 14 people who chain them receives to a train at the west oakland bart station back in november. those protesters are rallying against police brutality. protesters took over the federal building today in oakland. our nbc chopper on the scene. this is a rally for civil rights. demonstrators complained themselves to the entrance for 4 hours 28 minutes. 4 hours represents the time michael brown's body was left on the ground after being shot by an officer in missouri. 28 minutes represents how often an unarmed black person is shot by police vigil anties and private security. these were some of the private protests taking place this weekend. ends on martin luther king, jr. day, which is monday. >> combatting terrorism, the move comes as police in europe round up dozens of terror suspects. meantime here in the u.s., the
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plan accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol appears in court. steve handlesman is live at the white house where the president made a vow along side the british prime minister today. good evening, steve. >> right, good evening to you. iran was also an issue here at the wlous today but issue number two. worry number one for president obama and british prime minister cameron is islamic terror. >> the threat we face is severe. >> in france where secretary of state kerry today embraced president hollande getting special protection and 12 more arrests. m belgium the day after police killed two isis combat veterans. 13 suspects under arrest. in germany a dozen arrests and in cincinnati alleged isis sympathizer christopher lee
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cornell. president obama talking about defeating. >> we can't just defeat against weapon weapons. >> this is perverting the religion of islam. >> the government of iran and its nuclear program, sanctions and talks still end that threat said the leaders p. begging the u.s. congress not to get tough at risk of war. >> i respectfully request them to hold off for a few months to see if we have the possibility of solving a big problem without resorting to potentially to war. >> but both leaders agree winning the war of ideal against islam is the best way it fight domestic terror. that means over here on our side of the atlantic the british prime minister is not shy. cameron saying today we aught to be doing more controversial domestic spying to try to find more homegrown terrorists. he has been calling members of congress to urge them to bait a
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while before acting on iran. live at the wlous, i'm steve handleman, nbc bay area news. janelle, back to you. >> thank so much steve. >> following breaking news we mentioned at the top of this newscast, in fremont. a police officer shot and killed man who was allegedly armed with a knife. we have a crew on the scene. we will have a live report next. >> i'm scott budman with what could be a new trade future between silicon valley and cuba. we'll have the details coming up. >> it is an awesome place. it's a treat to be back an honor to be back. >> a bay area native returns home to coach his beloved raiders. meet oakland's new man, next. >> and the numbers that have scientist almost everywhere, a little nervous and maybe sweating. >> then at 6:00 a 20-minute road rage battle on 101.
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>> a lot of people do stupid things on the roads these days. >> ends in gunfire. >> the interior of the vehicle. >> a warning from chp to drivers to find themselves in a heated confrontation. >> that's knew at 6:00.
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we want to get back to our breaking news. a police officer has shot and killed a man in fremont. this is happening at harvey park. you see our nbc chopper overhead. this is in the middle of a quiet neighborhood of fremont. police say the man was waving a knife at kids at that park. >> nbc bay area michelle roberts is live at the scene with more on the investigation for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: a scary situation. a lot of people are coming home from work now and seeing the crime scene tape here at harvey park. dozens of officers are on scene investigating what happened. they say a man was in the park waving a knife. when officers arrived, one officer tazed that man a second
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shot and killed him. this was very early in the investigation an police say they will have more information forness the next hour so we will have an update of information here at harvey park and fremont coming up at 6:00 p. reporting live tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a new era from politics to cigars to rum. passengers flying in from miami at midnight with items that used to be treated like contraban at the airport. after president obama changed the nation's policy regarding cuba even traveler coming into the u.s. can bring in $100 worth of liquor or cigars. that's the beginning. technology is also an import and export. scott, so much to local opportunity here when it comes to cuba. >> yeah you're right. you hear a lot about cuban cigars and rum. but to tell the truth the commodity likely to move the most is technology. with an entire country waiting to be connected.
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>> anna lee can't wait for things to open up in cuba. the san jose resident is from there. she has family there. and says the more open relationship means a, among others things more access to technology for cubans. >> they want to communicate and be open to the world. and all things that they won't be able to but now they can know. >> that openness will likely come through smoother pathway to devices like smart phones. after all, only about 5% of cubans currently have internet access. a business opportunity for sunnyvale's ruckus wireless which powers devices all over the world. they say they know cubans want better technology because cubans try to bring it into the country whenever they can. >> with suitcases that you can only imagine how big they are, when they come into america and buy up goods and bring them
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back. and the consumer lek tropics industry, i'm sure the things that will connect to the internet. there will be a huge opportunity to bring new technology forward. >> if they can wring it forward, it will likely be a big business opportunity. both for cuba and silicon valley. >> now the u.s. secretary of commerce has gone on record saying the obama administration believes that the best way to enact change in cuba is to give them more access to the outside world. reporting live in san low day is, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> a live look at oakland international. actually oakland has been offering direct flights to cuba since 2011. jetblue, american and sun country offer charter flights to havana. oakland may be one of the hot spots to other airlines that may want to expand into cuba. delta and southwest say they are exploring the possibility. the governments must agree on terms in a treaty before
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airlines offer routine service. >> yesterday the niners today the raiders introduce their new head coach who has strong ties to the bay area. jack del rio was defensive coordinator in denver before this gig. a big task. the team hasn't had a winning season in 12 years. del rio played high school football in the bay area. he said the reason he came is because he believes in the raidsers organization. >> in looking that the opportunity, yes it's coming home. yes, i'm from this area. and yes i'm a live long raider. i've been a raider fan all of my life. my dad took me and i sat in the stands and rooted way back when. and so i followed them in my heart the entire time. >> coming up at 6:00 we will talk more about his contributions to his hayward high school and his history as a
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talented athlete. he played three sports back then. >> for the third time in a decade, the globe sizzled to the hottest record. growing by 1.2 degrees. according to experts with fossaa and noaa national oceanic atmospheric association. one meteorologist noted that most people in the world born after 1976 have never lived in a cooler than normal year. amazing what these numbers. >> yeah. i'm not going to say my age. but i have been around where there was a cooler than normal year. i wish it could come back. but doesn't look like it. >> in the next three to five years may bring us. you can see in the saddle loit picture, we've been in our own extremes. december was all time wettest here for a lot of cities. now we head into january. which is on track to be the all time driest. but we have now started to break
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that record. the past 24 hours. few spotty showers in the north bay. so now some sort of rain fall here in january. but unfortunately, the bulk of precipitation with our storm system is head together pacific northwest. that's where they are looking at three to maybe five inches of rain fall. across the bay area you can see the doppler radar, there is nothing showing up right now. but i know there is enough low level moisture that through tonight, patchy drizzle, that will also linger into tomorrow. our sky camera network ill states this very well. you can see the south bay cloudy skies. and in the east bay, san francisco and north bay aeb there is drizzle right now. and san francisco really shows this the best right now. can you see the buildings are wet. temperatures in 50s and roadwayes with be a reflection there. as people have the windshield wipers on tonight. let's take you to the forecast as with you head through the weekend. we are under the same exact pattern we had yesterday. we have moisture out here. we have storm systems. they are stalling here off to the north. and it is all because of high
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pressure to the south. acting like a big shield across california. keeping that rain fall away. as those storms try to get close, a lot of the dry air associated with high pressure breaking those storm systems up. again no clans of any major rain fall this weekend. but we can't rule out isolated showers. so let's take you into the micro climate forecast throughout saturday. you can see it is dry in the south bay. cloud cover through saturday temperatures in upper 60s for the most part. check it out at morgan hill. that can be one of the spots that has the most sunshine on saturday and warmest temperatures. it is staying cloudy here in palo alto. likely drizzle and the same scenario continuing off and on throughout san francisco. not totally a wet day but again the chan of a few rain drops. you can see in the north bay, east bay and tri valley. highest risk of possibly a few drops of drizzle, at napa santa rosa and mill valley. temperatures in low 60s.
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for east bay, oakland is the possibility as well. dry tomorrow also temperatures little bit of the warmer side. still a light jacket. 69 expected in pleasanton. so when it comes to your weekend forecast on saturday and sunday. if you want the two driest locations, that is going to be right here across the south bay and also for the tri valley. temperatures in mid to upper 60s. san francisco and off to the north bay, that's again where saturday and sunday keeping a chance of isolated drizzle in the forecast. not the sunniest of week ends. but if you want sunshine head it lake tahoe. looks awesome for the three day weekend coming our way, guys. >> thanks, jeff. achase in the south bay leads police to a discovery of a stolen car. and that's not all. >> an apple a day may keep the doctor away. but there is a batch that could send you to the er.
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a couple is in jail tonight facing a long list of charges. melissa hansen was driving a car with michael riviera. officers had to nudge the car to get it to pull over. they performed what is called a pit maneuver. police say they wanted to stop the car from reaching dangerous speeds. well, when they finally got to the car, inside the vehicle, investigators found a replica handgun, stolen property drugs, drug paraphernalia and forged prescriptions. some california grown apples are under recall tonight. they are from bidart brothers of
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baker field. the granny smith and gala apples could have listeria. the listeria bacteria is potentially fatal. seven deaths have been linked to this fruit. the last time they shipped the granny smith apples wab was in early december. customers could have frozen the fruit so they wanted to get the word out. >> after launching a capsule into the international space station, the rocket was supposed to land on a plot form. but thing didn't go as planned. this is slow motion video of the rocket booster crashing into the cargo barge in florida. see it right there. thankfully no one was hurt. a trying to make reuseable rockets, some of the most expensive parts of a rocket launch. a failure to mars 11 years ago worked today.
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britain's beagle 2 was spotted on the red planet. in christmas of 2003 the craft was launched to search for extra terrestrial life. but six days before landing it went silent. turned out it did land and touch ground. it is the first ever british lander to ever land on another planet. >> it says you finally found me. i've been waiting for you. >> a celebration at san francisco pier 39.
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we continue to follow breaking news happening in fremont. one man is dead. he was shot and killed by fremont police. an officer says the man was waving a knife at kids there at harvey park. this is a popular park in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. our nbc chopper is overhead. we have a crew working the story on the ground level. we will update the story on our 6:00 newscast. >> well they are a bit smelly and noisy but we love them. they are also celebrating an anniversary. it's been 25 years since the arrival of the pier 39 sea lions. they mysteriously showed up after the earthquake in 1989. experts say they were probably following a huge run of sardines and decided to say. the celebration will include free educational walking tours all weekend. and discussions of what sea lion life is like in the wild during migration. >> we all like to follow the
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sardines. >> food right? >> whenever i have anyone here visiting, they always want to see the seals. >> too cute. >> thienks thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> bye. on our broadcast tonight, blockbuster caanks for joining us at 5:00. >> bye. the justices agree to settle the issue once and for all. it's a showdown over one of the biggest cultural issues of our time. this flu epidemic underway far more lethal in children this year than in years past. some hospitals have been overrun as an alarming situation now takes hold across the country. the hottest year ever in recorded history. a shocking new picture tonight of what's happening to our planet. and the parenting debate that has erupted with people taking sides. the question is how young is too young for kids to go off without adult supervision? "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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