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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> coming up at 5:00. dead low beating on the peninsula. the victim. popular tennis teacher. up next. new cam pan to help him go home. >> controversy following bill cosby to northern california. the protests over sex aboss allegations that may compete with the laughs on stage. >> and sea bird rescue operation continuing in the bay area. the experts cleaning up the mystery substance killing bird on the water.
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good evening to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry nickmcsquen yweeney. >> traveling from oakland to honolulu the pilot reported a crack in the windshield. able to land safely before noon today. no word if all passengers were rebooked. >> wildlife experts searching for sick sea bird. problem is a mystery substance covering their feathers. christie smith is in san lorenzo where they're continuing this rescue operation. christie. >> yeah good evening to you. this is one of the areas where experts were out looking for the sea bird. coated in the miss tear-up substance they have been turning up like this. since friday. they have been assessing how many are contaminated. trying to help those that are. before they might succumb to hypothermia. the group international bird rescue out of fairfield caring for the sea bird.
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wildlife capture experts along the shores. near heyward, san leandro. bird were connected in the substance. gray clear. gets embedded in the feathers. some of the bird did not make it. i spk today with fish and wildlife. wardens saw the sticky substance on thursday on bird. international bird rescue say the problem is not subsiding. since friday 109 bird brought in. 20 died. 89 they're saying being assessed. stablized. washed if they're stable enough. being in the field is important. >> a big deal. because -- this is not -- not a natural phenomenon that we know of. it is most likely caused by some human activity. it is an unknown substance. and it's coated hundred and hundred of bird all at one time in one pacific area where the bird winter. so they're here to gain energy and stores to migrate north.
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>> now, preliminary tests are saying, have ruled out petroleum products. estimates are it will take a week for the sea bird to recover. test results probably won't come until at least tuesday. at the earliest. maybe later. probably later. and reminding people not how to fry to capture the bird. instead, contacting a rescue group instead. wildlife experts. say they plan to be back out again tomorrow. reporting live in san lorenzo, christie smith. nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the latest. safe and sound. a dog recovering after being trapped by a fire in a house. flames broke out. westfield valleyfair shopping mall before noon. the family was not home at the time. the family of five. however, a miniature dog was inside the home. fire fighters used a heat sensing camera to find the little guy. hiding under a bed. luckily the dog was not hurt. the home though did have a lot of damage.
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investigators think the fire was sparked by an electrical outlet. >> the fire guts a garage in santa clara. just after 9:00 on bellamy street. john f. kennedy mall. the garage suffered damage. cause under investigation. nobody was hurt. >> wheelchair bound man is dead after being hit by a car crossing the street. this happened just before 6:00 in the morning. in east san jose. at intersection of aborn and white road. the driver did stay on scene. police say alcohol or drugs did not seem to be a factor in the crash. the investigation is still ongoing. >> final good-bye. efforts under way to help a family of a tennis instructor died from injuries he sustained in a fight outside a palo alto far. the man reportedly got into a fight with four other men outside patio bar on emerson street in palo alto december 21st. knocked to the ground and was unresponsive. according to police reports he suffered a fractured skull and
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bleeding in the brain. two weeks later he died from his injuries. two feel have been charged in the crime. now people at the kim grant tennis academy started a fund-raising campaign to raise cash to return his bed to hisody to his familien belarus. he was an amazing employee and friend. >> he is incredibly hard working. he did everything for the greater good. he was self-sacrificing for the kids. and unconditional in his efforts. >> the academy is hoping to raise enough money to be buried beside his father in his native town. >> a woman attacked in the casino parking lot. the search is on. police say it happened at 3:00 this morning while the woman was sleeping in her car. the suspect got into the car. started attacking the woman with a wrench. casino security guard heard the woman screaming. chased off the suspect. she was hospitalized with
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injuries to her head, arm, hand. the attacker on the loose. >> bill kzcosby. first time in northern california. since rape allegations started mounting. the 77-year-old comedian performing south of modesto. the show kicking off at 7:30. a crowd of 1,000 people. the show by the way is sold out. >> meanwhile, in denver colorado yesterday. attorney, gloria allred. led a protest of 100 people. more than a dozen women accused the veteran comedian of sixable assault or abuse. some say, cosby drugged them. cosby's attorney denied the allegations. >> this is a three day weekend for a lot of people. many of you, not going to work or school tomorrow. because of -- martin luther king jr. day. meteorologist, rob mayeda here to till you what you are going to have. >> expect if you want to see the golden gate bridge. disappointment. mid span of the bridge.
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disappearing into the misty skies. fog around san francisco. 57 degrees, now, east bay. dublin. 64. we saw a reversal of weather fortunes. where the trivalley broke out in the sunshine. our temperatures compared 24 hours age in the mid 60s. 13 degrees warmer. livermore than 24 hours ago. you can see the fog, fairly thick around fairfield. two mile visibility. less than that across the golden gate bridge. fog the big story. we head towards tomorrow morning. the patchy fence fog at times. especially in the northeast bay vallies. visibility. head towards tomorrow morning. around 7:00. could drop down to less than a quarter mile. that is one of the weather stories we are watching for your monday. then the long term picture. unfortunately, other than the light sprinkles north of santa rosa. looks very dry. we head back to the week. in fact. 70s, during the seven-day forecast. a look at that coming up in the microclimate forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> 70 degrees. u.s. cuba hold their first formal talks. starting wednesday.
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u.s. assistant secretary of state will meet with her cuban counterpart in havana. this will mark the first time a senior american official has done soen three decades. also the first meeting since president obama's sweeping announcement that the u.s. will renew ties with the cuban government. definitely a new era for the u.s. and cuba. from politics. to cigars. even rum. passengers flying into miami with items treated look contraband. remember, so illegal. after president obama changed the nation's approximately see on cuba. travelers into the u.s. may legally bring in $100 worth of look core or cigars. cuban cigars and lookiquor are in high demand. after 50 years of living in the past. it is the opportunity of connecting with the rest of the world, raising the most hope. nbc bay area's scott budman explains how silicone valley is ready to hope. >> only 17% of cuban residents have cell phones now.
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with only 5% able to hop on the internet. something we take for granted, poe ten shame apotentially a big business opportunity for wi-fi gear provider, rukus wireless. >> to have a new market to attack. a nice thing. >> rob gill handles sales to the americas. he says cuba represents an underserved market hungry for new technology and devices powered by wi-fi. >> my assumption is is that the technology base down there is very very light. okay. if they have things they're probably older. older, maybe, bought off secondary market gray market. a huge opportunity there. more wifi means more access to what is going on. more communication with your families here. >> where web access will help
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open an entire world that has been closed off to cuban residents. >> how, usa, lead. don't allow us to know what is going on. so now they are curious about, the life here. >> more knowledge, more entertainment, and poe tententially more sales as technology becomes more owe tune cuepen to cubans. scott budman nbc bay area news. >> still to come. the end of the line for a 30-year journey in the bay area. sold out crowd for the freedom train. why tomorrow marks its last ride. and. >> enough is enough. >> based on the story of martin luther king jr. tell you about a grassroots cam pan to get more stew dnltsudents to see the film "selma."
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bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ ♪ green giant ♪ >> 30-year journey comes to an end tomorrow. right here in the bay area. tomorrow martin luther king jr. day. the final freedom train. will run from san jose to san francisco. the last one, symbolic train ride the last of the kind in the country. more than two dozen official mlk commemorative trains were launch
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launch. tomorrow's train is sold out. organizers say once news got out of the program ending the tickets went fast. >> we need your help dr. king. >> things are going to have to wait. >> if the can'wait. >> you have one big issue. i have 101. >> "selma" nominated for an oscar. getting a lot of attention. follows martin luther king jr.'s crusade for equal voting rites in 1965 marking a turning point. oprah winfrey seen here in the red jacket if you can pick her out among the crowd. also other stars of the film marched in the alabama city this afternoon in honor of martin luther king jr.'s birthday off to the bridge where protesters met state troopers. a push to get more students to see the film in theltaters tomorrow. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has more. >> in reality you con not havekon cannot have. >> i have a dream. >> he had a dream. >> a dream portrayed on the big
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screen in the movie "selma." >> we must march. we must stand up. >> a movie about the civil rights movement. a part of history some middle school children know nothing about. >> i thought it was going to be about an indian dude. >> this 16-year-old of san francisco saw the movie last week with friend. he has seen martin luther king jr. in his history book but didn't learn about selma. >> i didn't know what selma was. >> the problem according to trob been washington, bay area business woman. who believes every middle school student in the bay area should see the movie. >> this generation it is a little removed. it's important that they understand the importance of the movement and what happened. >> reporter: this movement is called # selma for students. washington is partnering with business men and women around the country to raise thousand of dollars to pay for tickets so 7th. 8th. 9th graders can see selma for free at participating theaters.
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>> our gl in theoal in the bay area between now, today, and martin luther king day, january 19th. to get as many tine see the movie as possible. >> the movement started in new york. 70,000 students. the goal in the bay area to get a free ticket in the hand of 15,000 students. jim geemy edward says selma may not be his first choice at the theater but plans to see the movie. because he says it will give him a good history lesson about what his relatives went through. >> if it wasn't for him. it would be the same predicament like it was back then. >> cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> if you would lack toke to find out which 11 thelters inaters in the bay area. go to nbc bay and search selma. >> rob mayada has a look at microclimate forecast. >> watch out for icy roads. the winter weather system sent this suv sliding right into oh my goodness. right there.
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right there. oh! we are going to show you the video. give you back ground on the story coming up. right after the break.
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>> the first winter mountain bike festival called snow epic ended in switzerland. take a look at this. 120 mountain bikers competed three days. you can see on bikes with large tires. things are big. because they're riding on snow. you need that stuff. one part of the course was. >> what?
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>> ouch. >> ha-ha. >> it's all snow. one of the courses was more than a mile above sea level. not only is it cold as can be. barely breathe. >> some large tires. not large tires without bikes. >> downhill speed. 30 miles an hour. might expect. there were spills. we saw some. overall winner of the three-day event was, the one that peggy said would win. tommy misser of spain. >> dead have mymy -- did have my money on him. >> in new york. in yonkers. lost control of the suv. he slid down the steep hill narrowly missing a loon ofine of parked cars. came to a stop. crashing into a curb. >> he is sliding down the sidewalk. >> ice slicked. conditions plagued the northeast. much of the region under winter weather advisory. lot of folks out there were
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telling me on twitter, and such how bad the weather is in the northeast. >> yeah a lot of twitter traffic about that as well. yeah, just slick. not having any one else's expens. no one got hurt. >> right. right. >> gather to say the guy was driving a bit too fast. i would say. >> what do you think? >> i would think so. generally, rain the forecast. official holiday stay home. don't get on the road. here way too warm. ice on the road. upper 50s. 60 san francisco. hazy skies in san jose. fog is really our big story. heading toward tomorrow morning. you can see it. there across the golden gate bridge. 58 degrees. low cloud. misty skies. probably the many concern of your morning commute tomorrow morning. looking for the areas of dense fog. and reduced visibility. at times. 58, san jose. seeing hazy skies. again, we will be seeing some areas of thick fog, heading toward tomorrow morning. unfortunately, but this dry pattern which technically started on on december 24th.
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all through the month of january now. we are at 25 days. and counting. last year was the all-time record for the driest january on record. the way this one is going. eclipse that. you can see. no rain in the forecast right now. closest thing we have to rain is a a little drizzle. mist. fog. light shower. north of santa rosa. jet stream, too far to the north. going to move further to the north. we go through this week. going to set the stage. for more fog. and unfortunately, no real opportunities for rain. so you see the low cloud and fog. right now, san francisco. we'll see patchy thick fog. setting up across the central bay, into the south bay. between about, 5:00 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. north wind. temporarily mix down. clear out the skies. hazy sunshine. heading towards the afternoon. other than the low cloud. few high cloud passing by. nothing to generate rain or the bay area. high pressure strengthens. seven day forecast. bottom of the screen. mostly 60s for now. will see the temperatures really climbing come friday. next weekend. so for tomorrow.
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foggy start to the morning. sakts 60s. san jose. north bay. highs. in the low 60s. we should at least see numbers close to the mid 60s again out around the trivalley. warming trend, for the second half of the week. unfortunately is going to show high pressure becoming some what super sized across northern california. set usp for a pattern that looks a little more like fall. offshore wind here. that air is warming, sinking. it gets forced done to sea level. compresses. warms, dries. out to the seashore. so, high turns stronger. starting friday. we could see highs as warm as 70. around san jose. that is in the forecast. south bay. down toward santa cruz. end of the week. could see, mid 70s in the forecast. fog really the main concern with our weather. all the next few mornings. offshore winds pick up. later in the week. less fog. head into next weekend see. that. san francisco. looking at temperatures in the upper 60s. so, if we see these low 70s showing up for the start of next weekend. could be record territory for
5:23 pm
warm temperatures few more cloud. next sunday. and no rain or snow in the forecast. could be still a record setting, continues around the bay area. back to you. >> no one tell any one on the east coast about our temperatures. >> welcome out here. >> thank you, rob. coming up. they're looking for hungry goats in the north bay. >> why their appetite makes them perfect for a special project. at point reyes national seashore.
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somewhere fresh >> move over jackson and sophia. you are no longer the most popular baby names. at least in san mateo county. a new list from the record office, shows olivia the most popular girls name in 2014.
5:26 pm
tired of olivia. >> no. beautiful. >> lucas. george lucas. top the charts. most popular boys name last year. emma, the second most popular girls name. i have a friend emma 96. making a come back. alexander, second place for boys. for the record. there were more baby boys born in san mateo girls last year than baby girls. >> interesting. all beautiful names. bon appetit. goats welcomed into point reyes national park. for lunch. park officials will start bringing the goats in. perfect solution. the goats have about 12 acres and grazing to do. experts say, goats are the only ones for the job. and they'll eat anything basically. >> they will. >> cattle. elk deer won't. 100 goats can eat one acre of vegetation a day. >> go for it goats. >> look at them. probably pretty happy about it. >> they're eating hemlock.
5:27 pm
anything they survive. >> yeah. shoes. >> tin cans. >> things they do. just about anything. quick break here. we'll be right back.
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chipotle is betting if you try a tofu burr eito you will come back. >> men to forif you ordered the new protein option, organic tofu sofrita, anentre. save a receipt from your monday purchase. a month to go back get the burrito, salad or taco. >> chipotle rolls out the tofu option last february. >> i was there. got the card. to go do it weft can. we can go back and do it. we look the tofu.
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>> we're vegging it. >> wear's vegging it. check it out. >> we'll be back at 11:00 clock. "nbc nightly news" is next. >> we'll be back at 6:00 for that matter. control. the danger of freezing weather that caused hundreds of accidents and pileups from coast to coast bringing deaths and dozens of injuries. shots fired from a speeding car near joe biden's did delaware home. what we know about the investigation and the secret service response. man of the people, the record outpouring for pope francis as millions come to hear and see him deliver a strong message supporting children and the environment. a class act. he's a driving defensive force. his work off the field puts him in a league of his own.


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