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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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supposed to be. representatives out there protesting say they were doing 28 minutes because they say that's what it takes the killing of african-americans -- happens every 28 hours by a police officer or a vigilante. they wanted to show that on this this mlk day. now this is supposed to be in the midst of the home. you can see it's dark now. cars are moving. one lane has been reopened. again, about 268 people have been detained. just a few hours ago protests shut down the coliseum bart station in oakland. that frustrated warriors fans trying to head home after today's game.
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it also affected the oakland airport connector. the station is back open again and bart trains are moving again. >> it may have been the day's most disruptive protests but they were not the only demonstrations. at one point the marches touched nearly every part of the bay area. kimberly terry is live in santa clara with more on this day's demonstrations and the message behind all of the protests happening today. >> reporter: jessica, protesters are calling for change to the justice system. they say the message of equality for all regardless of race or creed is as relevant today as it was more than 50 years ago. >> and p frustrations of the moment, i have a dream. >> today's demonstration at santa clara university is part of black lives matter and the so-calleded reclaim mlk movement. the deaths of unarmed black men
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proved martin luther king jr.'s work is far from being done. >> the message martin gave some 502 years ago is still true. he talks about police brutality, he talks about the need for justice. he talks about the value of life and the value of all people of america. >> there is a call for action at universities across the nation to examine how they can work for justice and equality within their institutions. >> you will see most of the presidents of those 28 schools have signed on. what do we need to do when only 16% of our undergraduate enrollment is of african-american latino and native americans. that population is over 30% of our country. >> this university is responsible for producing local officers lawyers, people who go
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into politics and goth. we need to be sure the people we're sending out in the world is doing what is right. >> after a rally, demonstrators held a die-in. they say they stand in solidarity with the protests across the bay area during what's being called 96 hours of action. >> we see all the work that all of these people are doing. >> lack blooifs so matter were also held in paloalto and oakland today. today's demonstration in santa clara went on for more than two hours and did remain peaceful. live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> it hurts. i wish i could afford to keep it going. if i had the funds, i would keep it rolling. >> 30 years of tradition coming to an end in san jose. in just a few minutes ux a look at what could be the last freedom train and what they're
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hoping for to keep those trains rolling. a gutsy smash and grab at a busy tourist area of san francisco. thieves drove a u-haul van right into a store. police are trying to figure out if it's connected to a string of recent burglaries in the area. mark matthews is live at fisherman's wharf. this is the fourth burglary like this in the past week. >> reporter: that's what we're hearing. police say they have surveillance video of the u-haul. it's not the only video. one week ago a camera store hit right around the corner. the smash and grab at this store resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars of jackets and expensive clothing. they are saying nothing about the theft that happened at 3:30 this morning. the owner of a nearby camera store came by to say the same
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thing happened to him one week ago. a u haul van came. who men got out and smashed their way into the camera store stealing boxes of cameras and lenses. >> they the take a huge rock and break in the store. >> fooel lix is theelix is convinced they're the same thifs who hit him. >> i think it's the same. he showed us the video from the break-in into his shore. they would lie down on the pavement and pretend to be homeless when they heard a car coming. he admits it's tough watching it happen. >> it's very painful. it's a smaufl company, really small company. pop and mom shop. >> down the street lance's business partner's camera shop was also hit early in the morning, also on a weekend.
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again taking cameras and lenses. >> from this particular store, 55,000. >> this store was hit on december 14th, one week after his first store was hit on the weekend of december 7th. neighbors say they thought it was a quiet neighborhood. >> sometimes i see broken glass from car break-ins. this is the first time i've heard of a store being broken into like that. >> reporter: police say they are aware of all four particularries. they are holding onto the padgonia video for now. reporting from north point, mark mathews, nbc bay area news. >> oracle arena is dealing with water issues. went to show it to you. the arena say it's a water minor overflow. s the happening on the event level floor.
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workers say they have contacted the city of oakland to tell them about the problems but so far they have not heard back. the oakland kohl see yum has had a share of problems over the years. you remember the sewage overflow, that was an issue as well. we have breaking news out of new york. nbc news has learned there was a bo bomb threat aboard delta airlines 468 which departed from sfo. the plan landed here in new york. >> you can see some of the emergency vehicles around there right now. authorities have we moved all the passengers. they say it came in there u a phone call. there's no evidence to suggest that the threat is real. of course, they're going through all the proper channels and steps. we'll continue to bring you the latest information as it comes in. health officials are on ahigh alert. peak flu season has hit the east coast hard. now bay areas hospitals are
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bracing for the worst here. some are not allowing any children past the waiting area. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is there live with more on precautions and the limited access. michelle? >> well, the flu is considered widespread in california now according to the cdc. hospitals are asking anybody who walks into the door to wear a mask and wash their hands being seeing patients. >> today the hospital was filled with children who are not waiting to see a doctor. >> there's newborns up there. there's sick people. the hospital is taking precautions. >> milania was surprised to find out her 2-year-old daughter isn't allowed past the waiting room. anyone visiting must be 16 and older as a health precaution. >> there's a lot of children that are sick right now. and there's other viruses circulating in the community. affecting primarily children along with the flu.
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>> health officials expect more cases in the next two weeks. >> it usually starts in the east coast and then you can prepare. it makes its way across the united states. >> so four at least four people in the bay area have died due to complications linked to the flu virus. the san jose catholic diocese is discouraging shaking of hands. >> right now you should be washing your hands a lot if you're out in public. >> translator: doctors say coughing into your arm and keeping your hands clean is the best way to protect yourself and get your flu shot. they do say it's less effective than it has been because it doesn't cover the most common strain going around now. but they still say it's a good idea to get the flu shot in case another strain becomes
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prevalent. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. want to take you outside to san jose. jeff ranieri joining us now. and it's going to get warmer again. >> i know. the the call already will jump ahead anywhere from three to four months. it's all about high pressure. we have seen this over the past three weeks. and it's going to drag in more hot air from the south throughout the next couple of days and strengthen. that will mean yes, dry weather unfortunately throughout the weekend. and a preview of what we could be experiencing in the north bay where we will likely see the most heat. also drier offshore winds should push temperatures to near 75 by friday. saturday and sunday close to 80 degrees in the north bay. this all comes after no rainfall in jan at all. we'll talk more about the forecast in ten minutes and details on fog impacting your
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forecast. >> we'll see you then. you can keep track of the weather in your own neighborhood. download the nbc bay area app on your smart phone. click o the icon to find the weather. you can find the latest forecast and real team radar. >> the father of a uc santa barbara student killeded in the rampage will be a special guest at tomorrow's state of the union address. his son, crest fer michael was one of six people killed last may. he is shown at the bottom of this photo. she plans to reintroduce legislation to get an order preventing someone posing a threat to themselves or others from having a gun. and coming up in a few minutes, more on the president's state of the union speech pane what issues he's expected to highlight. >> a grisly fine for joggers on the peninsula. a body was found floating this
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morning near a state park right by the embassy suites there. police say the victim a woman in her 40s although they haven't identified her yet. they can tell she wasn't in the water for very long. at this point they're working with other agencies and checking missing persons reports to see if they can get a lead. they also have no idea how the woman died. >> now arson concerns in san francisco. what the fires all have in common. also -- >> more seabirds covered in mystery goo are being pulled from the alameda shoreline. i'm jodi hernandez. a live report from the rescue staging area coming up. >> plus a change in tactics. what california schools have stopped doing when dealing with behavior problems in school.
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new details as researchers rush to unravel a deadly mystery in the san francisco bay. all weekend long rescuers have been pulling birds from the east bay shore. many hurt. many dead. all of them covered in a gooey substance that nobody can identify yet. jodi hernandez is tracking the efforts to save this wildlife and more on this mysterious substance. >> reporter: it's a huge mystery. rescuers have been working hard to save as many birds as possible. we're standing inside a mobile hospital. this is where the birds are brought in and initially treated. >> we are stilled at responding to oil spills. this is not really oil. we don't know what it is. >> reporter: these folks are dealing sw something they've never seen before. the birds covered in a sticky
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mystery goo that made it into the waters. >> the birds that gather in the winter out in the east bay and throughout the san francisco bay area in large numbers are being covered in this goo. we don't know where it came from. and have yet not identified the source or the product. >> prigt now the parking folks and biologists tell me it's not dissipating as we had hopes. >> rescuers continue to find and capture injured birds. so far some 50 animals have died. another 250 have been rescued. and teams are still out looking for more. >> we need to find out what killed them. >> why it killed them and if there's a responsible party, then we will bill them and seek reimbursement and criminal charges. >> meanwhile, the rescue
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operation continues with volunteers going out to save the birds they can. >> when you pick up the bird it sticks to your glove. that's totally unusual. usually birds are slippery and hard to hapg onto. these are very sticky. >> we are back here live. now this bird just came in. it is a common duck found along the shoreline. this one has extra contamination on it. its wings are really gooy and sticky. this is causing the birds to freeze. they are freezing to death. about 50 birds have died. more than 200 have been injured. the birds just keep coming in. now the states will start conducting tests tomorrow at the lab in sacramento. i'm told it will likely take a day or two. recording live in hayward, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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>> that is just tragic for those birds. arsonists is struck again in jan san francisco. firefighters doused a truck fire at the corner of 19th and castro. then half an hour later firefighters were called to a second fire outside the home of 18th and hartford. so far no reports of injuries. if you remember in december there was another string of car fires in san francisco. this is cell phone video. this is the same neighborhood we were talking about before. neighbors say in this instance they load up to lound popping sound. two days before that four cars were found burning near delores park. park. >> a change in tactics. suspensions and expensions in public schools are dropping statewide. this after school officials
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revamped the way they discipline students. they were trying to find new ways to avoid suspension to they don't miss so much school. to help them deal with their poor behavior. the suspension rate there dropped 21%. >> all right. let's check in with jeff ran rear talking about the warmup and a dramatic change in the forecast. >> it's going to be quite unusual. focused in on saturday and sunday as temperatures will catapult up there. we have a few areas of fog beginning to build back in. that's san francisco back in the distance. at times you can't see the city because the clouds are rolling in across the bay. temperatures in the 50s. it's a cool now. clouds have returned throughout most of the bay after a small
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sliver of sunshine today. if you're hoping for the sun to return all day long we'll have to wait another day for that. we have areas of cloud cover to start in the morning hours. then we get sunshine by the afternoon. a totally warm day with the fog to start. you're only go going to push up to 63 in the south bay. in the north bay, 67. our forecast will be ruled by the fog in the morning and sunny afternoons at least for the next three days. then high pressure really takes hold of the forecast by thursday, friday saturday and sunday. as that builds in it's going to drive offshore winds across california. there's no hope of rainfall at least in the next five days. check out the upcoming weekend forecast. 74 likely in south bay. close to 80 on sunday in the south bay. san francisco might also have low 70s. warmest beach location to us looks like san to cruise.
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78 and sunny this week. keep in mind. average highs are 63 this time of year. we'll talk in about 25 minutes. >> so spring this weekend. >> get out the byting suit. >> it's crazy. >> coming up. a child chase in the south bay. >> and the hot spots in the bay area where vaccinations are the lowest and what doctors recommend parents do next. >> reporter: organizer this is will be the last of its kind. passengers say they want it to continue into the future. >> the new jetta.
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two 14-year-old boys who are too young to drink or drive are facing very serious charges involving both. take a look at how their night ended in morgan hill. a chp officer spotted the car swerving. after running the plates he learned the car was stolen. the officer tried to pull them over, but they kept going.
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moments later the car hit a median and flipped on the roof. the driver and passenger ran away. the two teens were later found and arrested. chp believes both boys were drinking. >> tomorrow president obama says he will focus on the middle class when he sets his outline for tomorrow's state of the union address. >> now that we have fought our way through the crisis how do we make sure that everybody in this country, how do we make sure that they're sharing in this groiing economy? how do we make sure they have the tools to succeed? >> now his administration release that had video today. tomorrow night the president is expected to talk about reforms. like closing what some are calling unfair tax loopholes. republican lawmakers say they'll do everything they can to block any tax increases on the wealthiest americans. political analyst larry gerston is joining us.
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how much impact can the speech even have given the republicans control both houses? >> it's critical for a couple of reasons. with unemployment down to 5.6% it's his opportunity to take create for bringing the nation out of that great recession. he'll be espousing a set of important principles to distinguish his democratic party from the republicans. so can we expect about the economy? >> we have to talk about taxes. the president will propose tax increases for the wealthy and reduce taxes for the middle class. then on social issues wee can expect the president to defend his order giving 5 million undocumented residents in the wake of the congressional inaction. and with respect to terrorism, the president will likely touch on the recent events in sfrans
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as well as the terrorists in the middle east. >> well, the speech hasn't happened yet and we're already hearing chatter from republicans saying they're not going along with these thicks. >> well you're right. republicans are going to counter the sweeping republican victories in 2014 reflect the public's demand for a new direction. and they're going to be very critical of the president's tax proposal as the latest chapter of class warfare where the president seeks in their mind to divide the country. and republicans are likely to criticize the president for not doing enough the keep the nation and the world safe from terrorists. >> and tomorrow are we talking about congress the american public? with only a short time left on his tenure how many are people listening to what the president has to say? >> you think maybe the public but no neat. tomorrow night will be the first
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campaign speech for 2016. in that sense, his audience will be the voters. >> hopefully they'll be listening as well. and you can watch the state of the union tomorrow night at 6:00 on nbc bay area. we'll bring that you that live. years been sony is hacked u.s. is tracking north career. now details about just how much the feds knew want about who was behind the hack attack. >> and a new yip opening study. researchers found five joe graphic clusters where a significant number of kids are not vaccinated. i'll show you if you live in one of them.
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is this the final chapter for a piece of civil rights history? after three decades the bay area freedom train has come to the end of the line. the train's route is memt to represent the 54 mile march dr. king led from selma to montgomery alabama. nbc bay area's scott budman was on board the freedom train that most likely took its final voyage. he's live in san jose with more. >> reporter: good evening, janelle. it began here. it brought a lot of people together through the decades. but because of low ticket sales, the nl conclusion freedom train will likely end here. as the freedom train rolled
6:31 pm
symbolically up the peninsula -- ♪ happy singing was twinged with a sad reality. due to recent low ticket sales and what organizers call a lack of interest. the san jose to mlk freedom train is likely taking its last trip. we should couldn't. >> reporter: in fact the days spent remembering the work of dr. king was also spent planning how best to keep the freedom train tradition alive. >> still, can't find money to keep the train going. so i'm hoping that together we're going to get our elected officials behind us and keep this train going for at least another 20 years. ♪ ♪ i do believe ♪
6:32 pm
>> outside the train, the 1600 passengers became a larger crowd, marring through san francisco as if to point out dr. king's legacy will be honored here. train or no train. >> i think this is the best way to honor its memory. to have everybody come together and ride city to city. there are other ways to do so. ♪ all lives matter ♪ >> reporter: making sure the word gets out, whether rolling or walking. now we spoke to a couple of local politicians. they say they're cautiously optimistic that the freedom train could continue in the future. they'll admit, the one someone from the outside has to step up to get things rolling again. scott budman nbc bay area news. >> the nationwide celebration of
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drrks king's legacy is often mentioninged about how far the movement has come. in a new nbc news wall street poll 54% of americans gree people in the nation are judged by the content of the character and not the color of their skin. of african-americans polled just 29% kblooef dr. king's vision has been achieved. nbc bay area steve handelsman was at a march in washington, d.c. where the police killings of african-americans was still the central issue. >> hands up! don't shoot. >> two miles for the u.s. capitol in washington. 62 years after martin luther king challenged the nation. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: many said their dream on this day, after the death of eric garner in new york and michael brown in missouri. >> we still have a long ways to go. we still have to fight for our
6:34 pm
rights and dignity for all people. >> my message to black people to african-americans, we should be just as outraged every part-time one of us shoots one of us. >> hatred. violence and poverty still inhabit our nation. >> and people marched against them in st. paul, in michigan in san antonio, texas and elsewhere. but compared to southern cops in the '60s most police today are far more fair. >> there's no reason on earth we cannot prepare the breach we have recently seen between law enforcement and minority communities. president obama steered clear of the controversy, but on this king day, many americans fear his dream is far from reality. i'm steve handelsman nbc news washington. >> the investigation into the sony hack attack appears to have
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uncovereded a deeper spy drama. "the new york times" reports american stej officials breeched the communist country's computer systems back in 2015 and the u.s. has been watching north korea's every move since then. the paper still missed it was happening as it was going on. officials said nobody knew about the attack until sow any called the fbi. north korea still denies it is to blame for the attack. and some tech experts have raised questions about the u.s. efd blaming north korea. police and parentin parents are asking for more fire power. and then the ensuing raid that happened also in other parts of paris. the police unions met today with to be government liters in france to ask for more heavy weapons and gear. two officers were among those
6:36 pm
killed january 7th after the massacre at "charlie hebdo." a third police officer was also killed the next day at a gas station and then numerous people were killed inside a kosher delly as swell as frempbs police went after the terrorists. the newest edition of "charlie hebdo" is causing from protests throughout the world. to represent what the mag and's decision to print a new cartoon in a new edition last week. many muslims consider images of the profit no matter which way they are drawn to be blas if mouse. >> three stops in the u.s., but none in california. many people thought the pope would stop in california. he founded several missions from san diego to san francisco and
6:37 pm
is buried in carmel. he said he would like to go to california but time is a problem. instead he plans a mass in washington, d.c. and he'll make stops in new york city and philadelphia. >> thubling new information regarding kids and vaccines. a new study is able to identify the community is are parents are choosing not to vax nate their kids. and many are clustered here in the bay area. >> well, they studied more than 154,000 kids born in their hospitals across 13 northern california counties. researchers found there are five geographic clusters where a significant number of children are not vaccinated or are undervaccinated. as shown in the journal called pete yat riks. the hot spots are san francisco,
6:38 pm
napa and southern ma rin counties. parts of the east bay and a smart area of vallejo and an area between sacramento and roseville. vallejo has 23% without all of their shots. in a few areas, including ma rin and berkeley many chose not to vaccinate because they think the shots are harmful, largely due to what doctors wall misleading information. many low-income families are not up to date because they can't find the time or resources to get their children to the doctor. researchers hope more information will help bring immuneization rates up. parents may want to keep them away from the hot zones because of a higher concern of expo soour to dangerous viruses. >> they're susceptible. and it is the babies that run the risk of severe medical
6:39 pm
complications or even death associated with these diseases. >> a san jose practitioner says he's not alarmed by the study because childhood disease is a natural part of growing up. he believes every disease has multiple causes and cures and vaccines don't hold all the answers and need to be part of longer-term studies. health officials warn the decision to not get shots can have serious consequences noting the recent outbreak at disney land which has grown to 45 cases in california three other states and mexico. all which may have begun with a single unvaccinated person. >> yes. okay, thanks. still ahead. a troubling link. the specific food taking a lot of blame for childhood obesity. plus, no snow?
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no problem. now resorts are getting around the lack of snow.
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the super rich are getting richer. that's according to a new study by international group. they now project the wealthiest 1% of the world will control half of the world's wealth by next year. they also found the 80 richest people have a net worth of $1.9 trillion. more than a billion people currently have to survive on less than $1.25 a day. the study is meant to show the widening gap between the richest and poorest people.
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they are developing a plan to launch the internet in space. it could allow tus to communicate with martians if they're there. he said he'll need about 4,000 satellites five years and $10 billion to make it a reality. hopefully the martians have something good to say. sunny skies. it's going to be around for a while. >> something we're not used to in january. little bit of a wild ride. how hot is it going to get in a little bit. plus new controversy surrounding the new england patriots big win over the weekend.
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cut back on pizza. that's the warning from health experts who say kids and teens are consuming too many calories. pizza is the second highest calorie source after grain based desserts look cookies and cake. kids eat too many calories. they're loaded with saturated fat and a lot of salt. cutting back smaller slices or ordering veggie pizza rather than pepperoni. it was a long holiday weekend. the kids also had the day off. it would have been the perfect time for a ski trip. as david tells us from our sister station in sacramento there's only one big problem. there's almost no snow at tahoe ski resorts. on the slopes today, skiers and snowboarders describe conditions like this. >> a little icy. a little slushy, sticky. snow pattern.
6:47 pm
people say the early is icy but by early afternoon it's slushy and wet. for a few hours in the middle it's just right. she says she wished she had brought along another older pair today. these are not my rock skis. handmade swiss. >> and thousand do you no e when you hit a rock? >> starting at the base of the chair lift warns skiers to stay on the groomed trails. that's where they still have a solid base thanks to a couple of early season storms and manmade snow on top of that. >> what percentage of your terrain is open? >> right now 80 85% is open. >> away from the resorts, the
6:48 pm
lack of snow is more dramatic. on the left the extent of the sierra nevada snow pack one month ago. on the right, how much is covered today. >> will you be back? >> sure? >> even if there are no more? >> hopefully more we need storms. >> we do need storms. >> it's going to be unusual all the way throughout the week. temperatures warm up each and every day. and by this weekend it is not a typo. we are forecasting 70s across the bay area. there is a chance of rain throughout the next week. get a look at today and our time lapse camera. we started off with fog in a lot of areas. and eventually we did get sunshine. pacifica and quickly the cloud cover rolled back in. we'll have more in the forecast in a moment.
6:49 pm
we want to get another important item of note. ting tides are expected in the next few days. may produce isolated flooting at the coastline and near the bay. you may be concerned about high tide between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning throughout the bay area. some water could move into low lying regions. get a look outside. temperatures in the 50s. cloud cover in place. and we're going to see a cool night. it's not going to get overly cold due to the fact that cloud cover is on top of us overhead helping to insulate us. here's the deal. no rainfall at all in january. we have high pressure in place. that is what is to blame. now the area of high pressure is going to strengthen. also pull in a copious amount of hot air. this is showing us air nor like late spring and early summer.
6:50 pm
but before we get to the sunshine later in the week we'll still have a few speed bumps in terms of fog. this will push across the east bay, south bay, north bay. by 10:00 it begins to clear in the bay area and eventually we expect some sunshine to build. so we take you to micro climate forecast throughout tuesday. and san jose is 62. most of san francisco in the upper 50s. especially by the marina. # napa and santa rosa you will clear from the fog first. extended forecast all the way through the weekend, temperatures in the low 70s expected in san jose by sunday's forecast. waer tracking more at
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absolutely. it's a big nba day. warriors just one of 30 dr. king's message of civil change through peaceful protests. love and understanding, living strong, almost 46 years after his death. >> dr. king just gave me hope. to snow somebody was so passionate about equality and
6:54 pm
opportunity. just made me belief you can achieve anything. he went against a lot of odds to get his message out. even the way his life ended. just the way he was so passionate about his admission. that just showed me i can do anything. >> they just won 12 games on the holiday schedule. first quarter early offense. reverse layup. second quarter the defense gets involved. he will knock down the open three and the lead grows to 25. warriors win by 43. tying a franchise record with 16 straight home victories. ladies pac 12 action. number 13 arizona state.
6:55 pm
zefls haven't won in 13 years. katie hampton tossing the touchdown pass for the easy layup. and the cardinals cut the deficit to two. but stanford's last opportunity is the half court shot. not close. first quarter, dragons turn it over. brown out in front of everyone for the freebie. now on the third. on the inbounds play. he finished with 24. 29-70 is the final. ryan vogelsong in serious discussions with the astr sorks
6:56 pm
s. coming off a tough 8-13 season. but recent surgery and question marks surrounding tim lincecum, the reliability of the starter, could make him valuable once again. well, the pieces are quickly coming together. the silver and black will hire them as the raiders offensive coordinator. he tweeted out this news early in the season. coordinator from 2003 to 2004. well, to no surprise the 49 erz saving money with the hiring. reporting he will make $3.5 million a season. that's more than jim harbaugh made.
6:57 pm
bill belichick and the patriots can't seem to escape controversy. now pats are under nfl investigation for possibly deflating footballs during the afc championship victory over the colts yet. underinflated footballs are easier to grip and catch in bad weather. which they had yesterday. it was raining. probably more than deflated football. once you get the reputation. maybe twisting the rules a little bit, it's hard to shake. ladies back to you. >> and both sides. right? well quickly, american sniper dominated the box office. one family is front and center. we'll speak to a set of twins who hit it big with a role in the oscar nominated film.
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the mysterious death of bravo star greg plitt, killed by a speeding train. why didn't he get out of the way? now, on "extra." ♪ extra extra ♪ the world's number one male fitness model, greg plitt struck and killed by a train. the eerie lost video of greg on the tracks. >> here we go. 60 seconds. >> the police investigation, the questions today and our last interview with greg. >> please welcome greg plitt. >> oprah celebrating the life of martin luther king jr. >> i think he's very proud of what's happening on this bridge today. >> "extra's" got queen o on


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