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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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quiet out here. that's because rescuers have only found about ten injured, live birds. most of the birds that have come in today are dead ones. this as scientists in sacramento tried to identify the substance that has causeost at least 100 birds their lives. >> it's sticky. it's very tacky. >> reporter: as folks at the international bird rescue work to stabilize and clean more than 200 birds, scientists with the california department of wish and wildlife are in the lab working hard to identify the gooey substance that has killed more than 100 birds so far. >> we need to find out what it is is, where it came from and if somebody's responsible. and those are our three priorities right now. >> reporter: while state officials say the substance isn't toxic, rescuers are wearing protective gear as they feed and treat the birds, just in case. some say the goo seems similar to a fuel additive called polyisobutylene. >> there was a similar kind of
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substance that affected a whole lot of birds in a spill in great britain a couple years ago, so we're suspecting it's a similar compound, but we don't know yet. polyisobutylene, yeah. we don't know that it's that yet. it might be something else. we just don't know yet. >> reporter: but what is clear, california hasn't seen anything quite like it before. as rescuers continue their efforts, they're now finding more dead birds than survivors. >> it's an ecologic tragedy, really. there's 100-plus birds that didn't need to die. >> reporter: again, four birds, dead birds, covered in goo have been found in foster city two yesterday, two today, but again, they are believed to have been contaminated here in the east bay and then they made their way to san mateo county. i'm told that there is no evidence of the substance in the water in san mateo county. again, scientists are hard at work at this hour trying to figure out what that gooey substance is. i'm told that they are going to
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be working until about 6:00 tonight. while there is a chance we may get an answer i'm told it is more likely it will take another day to confirm exactly what that substance is. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully, they'll figure that out. thanks jodi. well power is restored in the east bay after things went dark this afternoon. approximately 38,000 customers were left without power shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. outage also forced the closure of the downtown berkeley b.a.r.t. station. seven cities were affected including oakland, berkeley and richmond. at the height of this 38,000 like we said were without power. the good news all power has been restored. there is still no word on what caused this outage. just into our newsroom a freak accident in santa rosa after an suv flipped on to a person, a person who was walking on the sidewalk. this accident unfolding at third and b street near the santa rosa plaza shopping center in santa rosa. at this point, we don't know
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what caused the driver to lose control of that suv and then have it flip over but we do know that that person who was walking on the sidewalk is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. new at 5:00 caltrans is hoping metering lights will help break the gridlock on highway 85 in the south bay. the lights will be on all morning and most of the afternoon in a section of the highway that runs from 280 to 101. even though that might speed up things on the freeway some drivers are worried that the on-ramps and city streets will dramatically slow down. nbc bay area's robert honda is live along 85 in cupertino to tell us about the improvements and possible trade-offs. robert. >> reporter: well janelle, traffic flow on 85 has been a concern for caltrans and other agencies for quite some time. taking a look right now during these rush hours, you can see why activating metering lights are being considered in both directions. big changes are in store for commuters moving or trying to move through cupertino mountain
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view on highway 85. caltrans the mtc and bta plan to activate 15 new on-ramp metering lights in that stretch. right now, lights are a solid green on seven southbound ramps, so drivers can get used to them. starting tomorrow metering lights will go on for the afternoon commute 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.. also tomorrow eight northbound ramps will be solid green for one week before metering lights go on for the morning commute 6:00 a.m. to an extended 11:00 a.m. period of time. some drivers we talked to welcome the metering lights but are skeptical of a schedule. >> it might help on the freeway, but trying to get on the freeway, it's going to make it a lot harder and probably take a lot longer especially if they're trying to extend the hours. >> reporter: some people who live near the on-ramp in mountain view are worried about being boxed in. >> i think it will back us up just for a five-minute that i have to go into 85 it will back me up maybe ten minutes.
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>> reporter: most drivers say they accept the trade-off. >> i think it's kind of hit-or-miss either way. >> reporter: caltrans tells us it has done extensive studies and doesn't expect the extended hours to cause more of a backup but the agency will be monitoring very carefully over the next few weeks to see if any fine-tuning is needed. live in cupertino, robert honda, nbc bay area news. a follow-up now on that protest that briefly shut down the san mateo bridge last night. ten of the nearly 70 students deattend were booked into jail. they were released this morning but will face a judge next month. you saw the demonstration yesterday live on our air. it brought traffic on the westbound side of the bridge to a halt creating a traffic mess for some two hours as only one lane was reopened at a time. protesters say they were demonstrating to bring attention to racial injustice and global inequality. an update now on that brazen burglary at a san francisco patagonia store. police have recovered the u-haul van used in the smash-and-grab
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heist. they say two thieves backed the van into the store on north point near fisherman's wharf early yesterday morning. the theft was very similar to a camera store burglary in the same nar neighborhood a week ago. surveillance video from that burglary shows the same type of u-haul van pulling up to the store on nearby jefferson street. two men in that incident smashed the door, then grabbed cameras and lendses. crime scene investigators are now going over the recovered u-haul van looking for clues. well less than an hour president obama will address the nation in his state of the union address. we're giving you a live look at the capitol building right now, where for the first time president obama will address a congress which is controlled by republicans. >> the president's agenda includes tax hikes for america's wealthiest and tax cuts for the middle class. nbc's steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with more on a very important night for the president. steve? >> reporter: thanks janelle, jessica. good evening from capitol hill. this will be barack obama's next to the last state of the union address, but he hopes to come
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across tonight as a leader with fresh plans. and to do that according to excerpts of his speech released by the white house, the president will say two wars are finally behind us. the recession, he will argue, is finally behind us. now it's time he will say, to turn the page. president obama is polishing a speech that reflects his rise in the polls. he goes to a congress where republicans won more seats in november and control of the senate but he won more approval. 46% in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 49% approve of how he's handling the economy. and more americans are now satisfied with the u.s. economy than at any time in the last decade. that's an obama focus tonight. >> how to build on our momentum with rising wages, growing incomes and a stronger middle class. >> reporter: he'll call for a tax hike on the rich and a tax cut for the middle class to pay for free community college and faster internet. republicans are pushing today to
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build the keystone xl pipeline promising jobs. >> tell america your plan for responsible reforms that aim to balance the budget not just more tired tax hikes. >> reporter: the president will defend his executive action on immigration and to open cuba but the wave of terrorist attacks in europe, islamic militants in yemen attempting a takeover, and today's threat by isis to execute japanese hostages say to critics the president is struggling as a world leader. >> what is the strategy to degrade and defeat isis which the president articulated? i'd love to hear that tonight. you're not going to hear it. >> reporter: but tonight's political strategy of the president, who met today with some of his guests for the speech, is clear -- not to look like a weak lame duck. and the president today was showing off his power, threatening two more vetoes of bills backed by republicans up here. live from the hill i'm steve handelsman nbc bay area news. janelle, jessica. >> thank you, steve. freshman senator joni ernst
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of iowa is gearing up to give the republican response to tonight's state of the union address. she spent the morning practicing for her prime time debut. ernst is the first female combat veteran to serve in the senate and was also a former hog farmer. she just started her term two weeks ago. this is the second year in a row republicans have had a woman give the post speech response. nbc bay area will air the "state of the union" live along with the rebuttal. our coverage begins promptly at 6:00 and will be anchored by brian williams. the terrorist group isis is demanding a huge ransom for two japanese hostages. isis released a new propaganda video today, and it shows two men wearing orange jumpsuits kneeling before what appears to be a masked militant. the terrorist group is threatening to kill them if japan does not pay a $200 million ransom over the next 72 hours. the japanese prime minister has strongly condemned the video, calling it an unforgivable act. i was very excited to learn about this.
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i just found out about an hour ago and it actually brought me to tears. >> dental hygiene students at a college in los altos will soon be able to earn a bachelor's degree. i'm marianne favro with that story coming up in a live report. i'm scott budman. a satellite made here in the bay area just launched into space. coming up we'll show you it being built and how it will help our military communicate. plus there's simply not enough snow. the sierra ski resorts that just shut down their lifts. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we started off with cloud cover this morning and then we did have that sunshine by the afternoon. we'll talk more about some unusual heat coming our way for this weekend in just a few minutes. and of course, we continue to follow that breaking news in san jose. a high-pressure gas leak that forced evacuations. crews are there on site dealing with it right now. the latest, coming up next.
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good news for thousands of students tonight yearning for a four-year degree in specialized fields. 15 community colleges across the state got the green light to offer four-year bachelor's degrees, and two of those colleges are right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live at foothill college in los altos with more on the pilot program. marianne, this could change the landscape not just for students but for some employers as well. >> reporter: absolutely. and the entire community can benefit, too, jessica. starting in fall of next year students here at foothill college in los altos can enroll in a four-year bachelor's program in dental hygiene. many of the dental hygiene students here at foothill college in los altos were all smiles today because soon they'll be able to get a bachelor's degree. this is 1 of only 15 community college programs selected by the state today to offer a four-year degree. >> it will definitely benefit me, because getting a bachelor's
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in dental hygiene is going to allow me to do other things as opposed to just being a clinician. >> reporter: we were with chancellor linda thor when she heard the news. >> yes! >> reporter: she says the move will save students thousands of dollars. >> that would make the total cost of a four-year bachelor's degree only $10,500, significantly less than they would pay at a uc or a csu, and certainly much less than they will pay at a private university. >> reporter: especially since some private universities charge more than $80,000 for a four-year degree in dental hygiene. >> it actually brought me to tears. so, i'm very excited. i waited a long time to get my bachelor's degree. >> reporter: the program director says the benefits will reach far beyond the students. and the state also selected skyline college in san mateo to offer a four-year bachelor's
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degree in respiratory therapy. reporting live in los altos marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, marianne. now, if you want a complete list of the community colleges across california which will be allowed to offer this pilot program four-year degree just check out our website all you need to do is search "community college." no rain here means no snow in the sierra forcing some ski resorts to shut down. take a look at what dodge ridge looks like. workers shut down its lifts today. they say the lack of snow isn't the only problem. whatever was on the ground melted fast because of near-record high temperatures. also closing this week donner ski ranch. all right, let's turn things over to jeff. jeff, we're seeing this warm-up. we can see why they have to close some of the ski lifts. we haven't had any rain and it's warmer than we expected. >> exactly. and through this week, we're not going to get any relief. over the next four to five days. but throughout next week we are going to be tracking a storm system that could help us a little bit. now, there is an underlying concern to our weather forecast today, even though we had that
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sunshine, and that is king tides and our flood concern. it's going to be very isolated but the entire coastline will be under an isolated risk of flooding, also areas right throughout the bay as well. king tides, again, are extreme high and low tides. it will remain for the next 24 hours. you want to be concerned the most about that high tide because that's when isolated flooding could happen any time between 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning we are looking at tides to be at the highest levels. we'll take you to the sky camera network right now. temperatures in the 50s. we have sunny skies after the fog this morning. we've cleared out real nicely in the forecast. so, let's go ahead and push ahead to tomorrow morning. i still do think we'll have fog now for the fifth morning in a row lining up right across the central valley. so we still may get some of that fog moving here throughout the east bay, maybe the south bay or the north bay, but it doesn't look like as large a fog event as we've had the past several days. then through 10:00 in the morning, we'll begin to see that fog shrink. we'll take you to the micro climate forecast as we head
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through your wednesday forecast. a few clouds in the morning, sunny skies by the afternoon, but even though we'll have that sunshine out there, 64 will still feel cool in san jose, 66 for morgan hill. throughout the peninsula, 65 expected in palo alto. san francisco, the marina will hold on to the clouds and 62 degrees. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. we should see temperatures push up to the mid-60s in napa close to 70 in santa rosa and right here across the tri-valley, 64 expected in danville. let's take you to the weather pattern. we have high pressure aloft. it's a relatively calm weather pattern. it's keeping that fog in the morning and sun by the afternoon. that's going to continue through about thursday's forecast. then that area of high pressure just expands here across most of california. it's going to drive some offshore winds, and that should be good enough to give us 70s in the forecast by saturday and also sunday. so unusual warmth coming by this weekend. and get ready for another change. check this out. as we head throughout next week this area of low pressure's
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going to move up from the south. looks like it's tapping into some moisture so we may actually get some rainfall in january by next tuesday. so, we're going to keep a close eye on that. meanwhile, we're keeping a close eye on that weekend forecast. i do want to end with those unusually warm temperatures. check this out. south bay 73 on saturday 77 potential by sunday. san francisco even in the 70s. and we'll see the same scenario here for the tri-valley and also the north bay. quite an odd next seven to eight days here across the bay area ladies. >> yeah, quite the warm-up. thanks, jeff. >> yeah, sure. the satellite business just got a lot more lucrative, thanks to a pair of bay area tech powerhouses. spacex founded by tesla seo elon musk confirmed it brought in a big chunk of financing coming from google. the companies say they eventually hope to launch a series of satellites to help peep connect to the internet. well a rocket just blasted into space a few minutes ago. it's carrying a satellite built right here in the bay area.
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and american soldiers are about to get safer because of that silicon valley technology on board. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us now with an exclusive inside look. scott? >> well janelle, the satellite was actually manufactured here in the bay area. minutes ago it took off into space, where it will fly around giving our military personnel a safer and faster way to communicate. you're looking inside lockheed martin's bay area satellite manufacturing facility putting together a new satellite, which will soon turbocharge the way our military communicates. >> voice, data video, streaming technology that has never been available for secure users around the globe. >> reporter: think of everything you've ever wanted to do on a mobile device but knowing it would have military-grade security. that, once launched into space, is what lockheed says will give our military faster and safer communication than it's ever
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seen. >> we have ignition and lift-off. >> reporter: this will be the third such satellite put into space for the program. and after months of testing, lockheed says it's ready to put the new technology in place. it also says it feels good to manufacture the satellites here at home. >> it really matters to have something from silicon valley that you can see and touch and launch and it's a huge matter of pride for people here at lockheed martin. >> reporter: keeping engineers busy on the ground to help keep soldiers safe on the field of battle. and as we civilians wait here on the ground for military-grade security to come to our smartphones, it is true that there is a satellite in space that makes the president's communication fast and secure. that satellite also made here in the bay area by lockheed martin. send it back to you guys. >> okay. thanks so much scott. >> you bet. just ahead, they don't have the measles, but 24 students sent home from school because of
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the outbreak linked to disneyland. the reason they've been told to stay away for several days. something that rarely happens in this south bay community. the video that shows this man forcing a 7-eleven clerk to empty two cash registers.
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two -- we have rd-180 ignition and we have lift-off. >> and there it goes. we just told you about it. now we have the video to show you. just came into our newsroom. it blasted into space just a few minutes ago. it's carrying a satellite, that rocket there, that was built here in the bay area. and american soldiers will be safer because of the silicon valley technology that's on board that will better protect their communication out in the
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fields. well we want to show you some surveillance video. it shows this crook holding up a 7-eleven clerk and forcing him to empty two cash registers. the thief walked into the store on north fair oekdz in sunnyvale about 8:30 last night and pulled out a gun. fortunately, nobody was hurt but if you can help identify the suspect, please call sunnyvale police. a rude awakening this morning for some people living in central california after an earthquake struck. a magnitude 4.4 quake rumbled right after 5:00 in the morning. the usgs says the epicenter was 17 miles northeast of king city. that san andreas fault runs along the area. however, the usgs says it doesn't necessarily mean that a bigger quake will follow. >> we tend to have these magnitude 3s and 4s, as high as a magnitude 5 earthquakes along this section of the san andreas fault, so we don't expect to have a large-magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake starting on this part of the san andreas fault. >> think of it as the earth
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giving off a little steam. now, there have been no reports of injuries or damage so far, so all is good. down in southern california, a high school is taking no chances after a recent outbreak of measles. more than 20 unvaccinated students have been sent home from an orange county high school because they're considered at high risk. a classmate has been infected with measles. it's a highly contagious illness. measles cases have emerged in california and three other states linked to a december outbreak at disneyland. here's another reason why you may want to keep chugging that cup of joe. a new study by oxford university suggests caffeinated coffee may be linked to a lower risk of malignant melanoma. researchers found those who drank four or more cups a day had a 20% lower risk for the disease, but this protective effect was only significant for malignant, not early-stage melanoma. scientists say more research is needed. well, still ahead, a glimpse inside that new san jose earthquake stadium.
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that's coming up next.
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quick update on the breaking news we told you about at the top of our newscast. a gas leak has tully road closed from quimby to capitol expressway. that is near the east ridge mall. pg&e crews, as you can see are there. it all started when a construction crew struck an unmarked, high-pressure gas line. it happened a few hours ago. there are several evacuations as a precaution, but they're urging people to stay away from this
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area. no word when this leak will be capped. on a lighter note the san jose earthquakes are showing off their new digs in the south bay. the stadium is almost ready for the quakes' home opener against the chicago fire on march 22nd. going to be a hot ticket. they say it's almost sold out. the turf still needs to be lined, though but 18,000 seats are installed, some of them right up against the field, which will make for a much more intimate fan experience. >> having a stadium and having you know a larger fan base here we'll have almost 18,000 people and that in itself will bring so much more energy. it will help us as players. >> did you notice that odd pattern of colors in the seats? it represents a coded message that still needs to be broken. and the stadium is right by the san jose airport, so it's going to be a lot of fun. we have a reminder for you. our 6:00 newscast has been preempted. we will be showing the president's state of the union address live. a live picture of the nation's capitol. again, nbc bay area will start the coverage right at 6:00 along
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with the republican rebuttal. our coverage begins again, at 6:00 and will be anchored by brian williams. have a goodnight. on our broadcast tonight, on the offensive. the president in primetime, a showdown with the new republican congress over taxes and a whole lot more. and the question is, can anything get done here in washington. the final moments of airasia flight 8501. what the black boxes have revealed happened just before that aircraft plunged into the sea with 162 souls onboard. money problems. the new warning from the irs about why your tax refunds could be delayed this year. and where the wild things are. the big city invasion happening all across our country. "nightly news," from washington tonight, begins now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting tonight from washington.


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