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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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blower to protect him from their menacing jaws. i'm jessica. >> and i'm raj mathai. this unfolded at san mateo high school. we are with terry mcsweeney at the high school and what is the status of the dogs and the students they attacked? >> well, this is san mateo avenue and where the officer run down the dogs. one of the dogs is dead, and the it is a humane act, and it was a terrifying scene about to get worse. the passenger tells us here what happened when the pit bulls came can tearing down their street. through the interpreter he tells us what happened. >> translator: after the dogs ran from that house, they ran from here and talking on the
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phone, and then she noticed that the dogs were coming after her, and she was running and running and she came into the car, and they locked themselves into the car. >> reporter: across the street, margarita bravo and her dog machine ran for their lives. what do you think they would do to your dog? >> kill him. they were big and this is a little dog. they would have come into the gate and killed him. >> reporter:r they say it happened on woodside and villa terrace. when two pit bulls for no reason started killing everything they came into contact with. and biting one man and go ging after a groundskeeper. >> viciously kept running and coming back attacking him. >> he tried to fend them off using the leaf blower and bit through the apparatus several times and the plastic tubing on
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the end. >> reporter: the police offered evidence there and you can see what look like teeth mark ss on the leaf ploeer and this is what happened when the dogs came at the officer when he sat in the police car as they attempted to maul him. san mateo high was advised to closed the doors but when they got close to the doors, police killed one of the dogs. >> i have been here almost 17 years, and i have never seen behavior like this prfrom two dogs. >> one of the dog ss ran back to the owner's house, and the owner handed it over for cooperation with the police. and fou they have two weeks to figure out if the dog should be put down and now they rare considering action xwans at the owner of the dogs. terry mcsweeney, bay area news. >> and now to the other side of the spectrum, tiny and tough. three tiny puppies with were put
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in a garbage bag and someone dumbped them. the dog dumb per could face animal cruelty charges. the animal rescue agency is taking care of the jack russell terriers, and they are looking for a foster family to take care of the puppies. if you are interested, please contact the animal rescue. we have information online. we have video of what appears to be a police officer trying to move a disabled man out of his wheelchair. the video has been posted to several web sites, and the incident reportedly happened sunday afternoon in the ingleside neighborhood of san francisco. the officers say they went to stop the argument of several men, and the man in the wheelchair was involved. in the end, the police lighted four people, and it is not clear in the man in the wheelchair was one of them. >> unusual discovery of inside
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of a san jose garage. slot machines. it was being used as an illegal casino. these are pictures inside of it. it is located inside of a home on south lipk avenue in san mateo outside of the auto part and they would come in there asking for change. and i said this is a business and i cannot ask for the changing of money all day long and kicked them out. >> six people were busted and each machine can generate up to $1,000 a week. well, they are happening more every night with an old problem getting mixed reviews. this is side shows and street antics with with the cars spinning out of control as the large crowds watch the action. a lot of people on oakland want
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to put the brakes on the side shows, so why does one city councilman want to make them legal? we have cheryl on the island, and this is controversial solution to what some people see is a problem. >> eit is very controversial, and now, one of the councilmen say, he wants to make it legal, because he has no other answers. it is happening in the port of oakland, and noel guyo believes it may need to be better to be legal. >> i need to move it over to the port of oakland to have space and not deal with the families and the neighborhood. >> reporter: it is a neighborhood fed up with the side show. >> the police comes here, they are not doing enough.
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>> reporter: tonight, the councilman walked with me over the fresh tire tracks left behind on 47th avenue and ban kroft, an intersection known for the side shows posted on youtube. >> there was not as many people but now, looked like maybe 300 people or more. >> and lisa's home is right this the middle of it. her fence has been knocked down several times by spinning cars. >> it has been like that all year long. you know, it has gotten progressively worse. and people are drinking and they leave trash, and it is just terrible. >> reporter: h so terso terrible that residents put these planters to prevent the cars from doing doughnuts in the intersection, and now it has been moved a block down in front of her home and she is in favor for the city to provide a place for the side
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shows. and the councilman says he has to do something. >> i can't arrest everybody. >> reporter: councilman reed says that sanctions the side shows in oakland is ridiculous. and he said other cities don't tolerate it and why should oakland. he says sys that something must be done. >> until we can enforce the law, we have to try something different. >> reporter: the oakland police had no comment on the proposal and i call ded the spokesman from the city of oakland and she said she had not received the proposal, and so she had no comment. cheryl hurd from bay news. and even after her death, a bay area woman is helping to push forward a proposed bill about the right to die. >> stand up to make your voice heard. even if it shakes like mine. >> the tearful mother of brittany maynard asked californians to support the
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right to die, and make your own choice when it comes the dyinging. her own daughter, britney mainnard made national headlines when they moved from maine to oregon to use that state's right to die law, and after a few failed attempts california lawmakers are trying to pass the aid in dying law which is a bill to affect jennifer glass of san mateo. the 51-year-old is battling lung cancer, but she would like options when the time comes when the pain is too great. >> lung cancer is an ugly way to die. i would find great comfort in knowing that i had another option option. >> disability rights groups oppose the group saying that the profit-driven insurance group could drive people to death instead of expensive care. and back to the bishlgs it say
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has the medication is self-administered a on the person is mentally confirmed to make the decision and doctors have to confirm that the patient has six months or less to live. there are new calls for vaccinations for the measles. health officials say they have 59 patients. most of them coming down with the measles after visiting disneyland last month. most of them had two or five more vaccinations. adults with the vaccinations over two decades ago are susceptible to the virus. health officials are advising those who are not vaccinated for the measles to avoid public places with large groups of people. >> well seabirds are dying by the dozens in the bay area but now scientist s ares are getting closer to identifying the mystery goo that is coating the bird, and then as a result making them ill. today the fish and wildlife department announced it is not
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polyisobutylene, but it is a chemical that was added that some expert ss thought was to the blame. 200 birds have died already at least, and now, they say they will file lawsuits against the person who is responsible for chemical that is affecting the birds. >> certainly, somebody is liable, and hopefully we can hold them accountable or somebody will. it could be a ruptured pipeline or an accident and it could be purposeful dumping. but whatever it is is it is certainly against the law. >> most of the birds are dying from hypothermia because it is altering the bird's ability to regulate their own body temperature. up next, be careful where you step. the new artistic sidewalks were supposed to add some charm to the new bay area city, but some say they are adding dang canner. >> and what to find after a drone crashes near the border. >> and how the tech google giant could lower your cell phone
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bill. i'm jeff ranieri and clouds across san jose, and we are tracking cloud cover off shore. we will let you know where the rain prospects are from this rain system, and some unusual warming by the weekend in a few minutes. have you got a tip for the bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-98-tips or e-mail the unit at we investigate.
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wow. some new sidewalks in palo alto
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may sparkle and shine, but some say they are brickprickly and hurt. some pieces of glass that are embedded in the concrete are coming loose. we go the california avenue where some are logging complaints, jeanne? >> yes, california avenue is getting a facelift with the recycled glass embedded in the concrete, but this is the problem. some of the pieces of glass are breaking off. >> yes, i did notice the sparkling sidewalk. >> reporter: a $7 million beautifyication project is catching people's eye in california avenue and palo alto. >> it is recycled glass. i thought it is cool. >> reporter: colorful recycled glass is mixed into the concrete for the new sidewalk and people like the look but not the feel. >> it is not coming out easily, but it does come out.
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>> reporter: as izzy's bagels he says that the surface is rough and some of the pieces are breaking off. it is going to hurt somebody. >> reporter: some are worried that it going to be hurting the pets or the kids. >> the kids are run manage thening in the day, and it could cut their knee. >> reporter: some say that the city contractor has some repair to do. >> basically to jackhammer that area and repour the concrete with the glass. >> i am not happy, but what can you do? >> reporter: he knows that part of the sidewalk in front of izzys ha has to be replaced and he is not looking forward to the repeat of construction work that keeps the customers away. >> it is a place that people avoided for a while, and many people avoided especially with the kids. >> reporter: and now the decorative glass is cemented between el camino and they say that the contractor will pay for the fix, and the staff is hope hag the re-do is not going to delay the finish for the
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project. >> we will have to rebuild it into the finish time of the project. >> reporter: the owner of iz is zis is s-- izzy's is hoping for the project to be finished soon. it is scheduled to be completed by march complete i. and not everyone is hire manage the silicon valley. ebay is laying off 2400 people. it is not clear how many people are here. it reflects 7% of the ebay workforce. it is because they are planning on spinning off paypal which is going to be a separately traded company. and watch out at&t and verizon, google is looking to cut out the middleman and offer wireless service to the people correctly. they have signed with sprint and t-mobile so that google can use their service. with them in the mix, it might
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pressure others to lower their prices. they are offering ultra fast cable and internet services in certain cities. and now some people are trying to get drugs across the border by using drones. one man was carrying methamphetamine when the drone fell into a parking lot today. and now police are trying to find out who is the drone, and who was behind the attempted smuggling attempt. this is the first time that they know that the smugglers have tried to use a drone to get drugs through that area. a painful reminder of the shooting rampage of a connecticut school is going to be torn down. the newtown city leaders gave the green light to demolish the land where adam lanza lived with his mother. he shot and killed his mother in that home before he killed three
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students, and six teachers at the elementary school. one said it is a constant reminder of the painful and horrible crime that took place at that school. also on the east coast, the flames could be seen for miles. take a look at the video of an apartment complex destroyed by fire. remarkably nobody was seriously hurt. we should note that the same apartment complex burned to the ground when it was being built 15 years ago. >> and now, let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri, and it looks like the front is going to be around for a couple of days? >> yes. it looks like the if you focus on the bottom of the screen and the saturday and sunday, you will see the warmup that is coming up and it is going to to be about 10 decan greegrees above
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average. this is all going to to be part of a disturbance and the cloud coverage at the coastline. it is mainly clear with temperatures in the 40s. as we head out in the morning, the most important thing for anybody to know that is doing anything is that we won't start out clear. little areas of clouds and possibly fogg in the forecast and start out cold. temperatures around 40 in the north bay and for the south bay 44. i want to show you the future cast next because lit show you how the clouds play out. at 6:00 in the morn ging, there are the high clouds moving across and the green mixed in and some spotty drizzle and morin and in san jose, it is going to be cloudy but it will be pushing in. it is going to be hanging out to 11:00 in the morn, and then after that, we will get the sunny skies here for the thursday forecast. as we go throughout thursday you can see the damage of what it is doing to be doing for the
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day day. it is not a whole lochlt once we get over the clouds in the morning hours we have a great day coming our way with plenty of sunshine. 6 6 66 degrees for the high, and not many differences with the two degree spread to morgan hill. you will see similar temperatures here and pacifica with 66 and san francisco, a little cooler here with forced hill, and also in the marina at 63 and also the numbers will be kept down near the bay. and also pushing into the upper 60s for napa and santa rowsa, and 66 in oakland and for trivalley, 62 degrees for livermore. we have been stuck with the region of high pressure, and you are probably sick and tired of me talking about it and it is here for all of january and no measurable rain across the bay aerrea area, and by the weekend, it is just stronger, and a lot of warmth associated with it the second thing it is going to do is to drive it to the off shore
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wind, and bring it across the wind, and check out the forecast across the screen and saturday and sunday the temperatures are go ing to be record-setting. through the next week, another extreme is coming this the way, and the low pressure is going to be moving in from the south. we know it is going to be increasing the humidity and may bring a slight chance of thunderstorms, and way too warm to produce any sierra snow and it does not look like a major rain producer. next, otherwise, the focus for the upcoming weekend saturday and sunday sunny weather, and the rms in s intemperatures in the 70s. 75 on sunday and san francisco and even getting in on it with the low 70s for the weekend and for the north bay, 75 and also 76. never thought in january we would be talking about this weather, but here we are, 2015 no rain so far this month. >> all right. thank you very much, jeff. >> and still ahead, the dangers
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of e-cigarettes, and how twitter can predict health problems. >> and get ready to laugh with jimmy. >> and we have bill gates, and mario batali. it is up next.
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there is a new link between the vaporized liquid of electron electronic cigarettes and frogs that were soaked in formaldehyde. so the chemical has been linked to leukemia and some cancer ss. while the online services has launched careers and massive online careers, we are talking about twitter. for the linguistic analysis they found that angry and stressed out tweets were linked to the more heart disease, but nicer tweets were linked with
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happiness. and now with the the warriors' game there was one played out on tv.
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good evening, jirgerard moncure
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here. a showdown at the oracle. andrew bogut with the cleanup on aisle one, and the middle opening up like the parting of the red sea. and you can see trevor ariza trying to bait steph curry into a technical. and then the toss to the top for the alley-oop for andre iguodola iguodola, and the warriors win for 17 straight at home, and franchise record. >> this is you know as good of a home crowd as there is. we are tough to beat here and that is one of the highlights of the season for me. it is just seeing our team establish the dominance here at home. >> and with the pelicans arrives
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a at the tank the p members of the shark out there for the puck drop, and maybe futile for the sharks, but for whom the bell tolls, but patrick marleau out in front, and the sharks up 2-1. and third period the sharks' johnathan quick gathers the rebound and joe pavel skiski lifts it home. and this one tweeted out with metallica front man and drummer lars ullrich. after ryan vogelsong appeared on the cusp of signing with the houston astros, maybe he has had a change of heart. baseball insooidider ken rosenthal tweeted this eve inning that vogelsong shifts course, and no deal with the astros. in a series of discussions with the hashtag giant ss.
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stay tuned for that. the giants had to make room for the 40-man roster for more ri ayoea -- for nori aoki, and they are not dumping scutaro, but they are just looking for replacements while he rehabs through the back. and now, in madison square garden, the first 500 students with panic t-shirts after he was recruited by the st. john's team. it has bneen a whirlwind he says. >> well, it has been quite nice to have all of the support. a night like this has been something really special for me. >> i am sure that all around, the commissioner's trophy never gets old either. that is it for me. more news coming up after the break.
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if you can get tickets, try really hard because they are going be selling out quickly. it has bneen four decades, but the piano man is returning to the city. billy joel will serenade at&t this september. the 65-year-old has played in oakland and san jose but not san francisco since the 1970s. the at&t concert is the only
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california stop on the current tour. >> i think that i might have to be and uptown girl and get some tickets. >> you will be there front and center knowing all of the words. >> i know i was swaying back and forth and if i had a lighter, i would have used it. >> you have nine months to wait. >> well jeff i need the final weather for the september concert. >> nice concert. clear and 58. and tomorrow's forecast, overcast skies and temperatures in the 40s. we will get sunshine by the afternoon and 60s for the most part across the bay area. thank s thanks for joining us. have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer aniston bill gates


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