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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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15%. the rules violation which could have made them easier to throw, catch and hang on to during the cold rainy weather during the game. >> i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i plefbelieve in fair play. >> still, there are questions, because the team has faced allegations and infractions in the past. >> everybody has an opinion. i think everybody has the right to believe whatever they want. >> while the team now tries to keep its focus on their next game, the super bowl. >> the biggest game of the year and we are very excited and we are ready to win this game. >> while the nfl continues to investigate what they did or didn't do to win their last one. jay gray nbc news. >> this controversy might help the super bowl ratings. another pr crisis for the nfl. brian williams takes a closer look at the investigation and what's next in the investigation. nightly news begins at 5:30. >> we have developing news
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overseas. saudi arabia's king abdullah has died. he was 90 years old. his half brother deputy prime minister will be his successor. he had been on the thrownne since 2005. it is reported he died of pneumonia. he modernized the ultra conservative muslim kingdom. funeral prayers are being held across saudi arabia tonight. new details on chilling cold case. this is the man accused of brutally killing four bay area women nearly 40 years ago. crimes known as gypsy hill murders. rodney hillbauer was linked by dna. live if red wood siddy where the suspects made his first appearance in a california courtroom, michelle? sn. >> reporter: he didn't enter a plea today. he needs to receive a lawyer but it was the first time that victim's families were able to see him face-to-face.
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>> wonderful, so i just wish i could bring the girl back to my brother. >> reporter: detective sergeant in 1976. paula baxter was found stabbed to death. she was last seen after a play rehearsal. cane said he worked seven days a week looking for leads. decades later 66-year-old rodney hillbauer was dna tested in an oregon prison where he was serving time for kidnapping and attempted murder. >> justice and murders that you can clearly prove and bring some closure to the families as best we can. >> san ma tamateo county linked hillbauer to two cases. they were both stabbed to death. hillbauer is also suspecteded of
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killing three other young women in 1976. michelle mitch nell nevada. carol booth and tanya blackwell in the bay area. tanya's brother said he never thought this day would come. >> she was a little girl. she never add life. she couldn't live her life. >> john blackwell knows police could never have enough evidence to charge hillbauer for his sister's death but hopes justice is served for other families who lost a loved one. >> prosecutors will not seek the death penalty because it was deemed unconstitutional when the crimes were committed. hillbauer will be back in court on monday. reporting live in redwood city i'm michelle roberts, nbc, bay area news. >> thank you. also at 5:00 the fbi says if you can identify this man, seven bank robberies could be solved. it is believed all that facial hair could be disguised. sometimes he has a fake beard to go with the phony mustache.
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he wears a fe dora hat and trench coat. three of seven robberies began in october. the recent was last week. man handed the teller a so-called demand note. if you know anything, call the police or fbi. >> there is an unexpected side effect from the movable median barrier preventing head-on crashes. chp says the drivers are feeling safer on the bridge but may be too comfortable because now many of them are speeding. christie smith is live at the toll plaza with more and christie, chp is cracking down. >> yeah that's right. and the thought is that this barrier is making drivers fell secure which is a good thing. but in response some are going much too fast for the conditions imposing a speed limit so the chp is trying to curb that. >> chp sez seems to have no
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problems driving way too fast. >> going 45 on the bridge. >> this is the second day of a chp crack down, more than a dozen citations written yesterday under just the first hour. today, more of the same with speeds as high as 81 miles an hour. >> i wish to encourage them to keep an eye on the speed. it is 45 miles per hour across the bridge. >> the bridge manager says in days after the movable median barrier was installed to help prevent head-on collisions, drivers changed their habits. >> i think that people are feeling more secure having the barrier out there on the bridge. and observation that we've made is that the speed on the bridge has increased dramatically. >> gee annie when rose why says the quicker pace was noticed immediately. >> it gives you a sense of security more than the cones. consequently people will do more
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speed. >> reporter: the speed limit southbound out of the waldo tunnel was reduced from 55 to 45 and chp says they will keep an even closer eye on the span. >> we will keep it up as long as speeds warrant us being out here. >> now we tried to speak with drivers cited today. they did decline but we speak with other drivers and they said that honestly they did not know the speed limit or they guessed wrong. the chp says that they wrote about 20 citations today. reporting live at golden gate bridge christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a follow-up now on to the serious goo killing local sea birds. nearly a week after the gray gunk appeared on bay shore lines, official wildlife department is getting close to figuring out what it is. the goo killed more than 200 birds so far, hundreds more have been rescued and cleaned up. substances described as looking and feeling like rubber cement. lab tests performed to recent days could yield results tonight
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or tomorrow. state investigators say they will file lawsuits against whoever is responsible for releasing the material. >> as you see student protesters ending up in handcuffs after trying to get the attention of uc president janet napolitano today. they were upset over recent tuition hikes. they jumped a barrier to reach the uc president. this is one day after uc regents approved the plan. u.s. president and governor brown meet to make a proposal that may avoid tuition hikes. side stepping another controversial aspect today, performance of student athletes. lieutenant governor criticize sizing the proposal saying it didn't go far enough. both cal and ucla have faced
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heavy criticism after a survey found less than 50% of their student athletes were graduating. the athletic direct over ucla said his basketball team's low graduation rate was skewed by the nba draft, people leaving the program early. something that lieutenant governor scoffed at. >> an anomaly like a player choosing to go to the nba early, something we can't control. can really skew these numbers. >> the others have success and folks at the nba and going into th and they have higher aprs than we do. what a comical defense. what an insulting defense. >> there were enough regents questioning the proposed standard that the board decided to postpone the vote indefinitely. >> happening now in oakland, a debate likely to snuff out ecigarettes on bart trains. banning them from bart trains and stations is under consideration by the transit agency board of directors. there are policies set in place
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if several bay area cities four counties in which bart operates also restrict the use of e-cigarettes in public. bart has received several complaints of vaping from passengers. >> police say man walked up to a victim, punched him and stole a puppy from his backpack. the suspect hopped off the bus as soon as it stopped. the police have not released any information. >> the measles outbreak keeps spreading throughout the nation. the fear of the outbreak coming up, what the public health department plan dose at local schools tomorrow. >> also, an international addition. a possible new airline at san jose's airport could add to silicon valley's tech boom. >> and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff raneiri. clouds cleared out to a blue
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sky. all of this sunshine with warming coming our way. details on the hidden danger at our beaches this upcoming weekend in a few minutes. >> at 6:00 one of america's most famous car companies is moving into the silicon valley. how the technology is working on will make your car more like a rolling smart phone. >> upwards of 50 or 60 computers in every single car. >> that's new at 6:00.
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ the measles scare is growing. local schools are gearing up for potential measles outbreak. as of today there are confirmed cases in alpleeda san mateo and santa clara counties. damian joins us from head quarts of san jose's alan rock school district. what's the game plan there? >> there are no cases here at this point. but administrators here are not taking any chances. they are in close contact with
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the folks over at public health. they are preparing just in case. alum rock includes 25 schools and every employee at each of the schools has been told to be on alert. from custodians to medical assistants to principals. if anyone notices a child with a rash or high temperature, they will immediately ask the parents to take the child to the doctor. if measles is confirmed, the district will rely on the public health department to give them direction on what do next. an exposure notice will be sent to every school and the classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. chief of student special services here at alum rock says no one is taking chances in addressing this growing national concern. >> well our nurses work with the department of county health and we are aware of any outbreaks, anything that we need to be aware of. they sent us alerts daily, weekly, what they hear about any outbreaks. >> now immunizations are
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mandatory here in alum rock. but they do have some immunization immunizations, something the health code allows. they tell us that tomorrow there will be a measles overview outreach to every public school in santa clara county. and giving them basic information and convince parents to immunize their children. they say it is a necessity. >> thanks, damian. a new medical heli pad will transport women, babies and pregnant women. children's hospital will begin flying its new helicopter bear force one. it'll take off and land from the roof of the new medical center at mission bay. this is the city's only medical heli pad. bear force one will greatly reduce transport times and give care to hard to reach areas.
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a new door on international travel could open in the south bay with direct flights to the south china. service could start at san jose international airport. they want to schedule five direct flights to beijing. clearance to san jose to their roster expected. flights could begin as early as june. >> time to bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. spf 30 is that your recommendation? >> yes. look at the bottom of your screen, saturday and sunday well above average conditions. we have the storm track very close. also rain fall but it will stay way off to the north over the next 72 hours. so really our main concern right now continuing to be at our local beaches, over the next 24
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hours we're going to see wave hikes increase. only four foot waves but a high surf advisory on the entire coastline as you can see 12 foot waves. even as temperatures warm up at the coastline, you want to be careful if you decide to dip your toes in that water. as you look outside right now, sky camera network, temperatures in the 50s. relatively clear skies across the south bay. it is drk on our cameras but once again we're not seeing any thick cloud cover. a big thing as we head throughout tomorrow morning's forecast is the fact that after starting off cloudy today, we will begin mostly clear in the south bay. also for the peninsula. and we may have a patchy fog here for the east bay san francisco and north bay. but not expected to be nearly as cloudy as it has been the past several mornings p. now there is fwoing going to be a key change in the forecast tomorrow. namely, the wind. we do have a little bit of warmer air moving in. as we head throughout friday morning's forecast we will see the winds turn more out of the north also slightly off-shore coming from the east. 10 to about 20 miles per hour. that's going to be good enough
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in the north bay to warm up temperatures. we will also see the same scenario by the afternoon hours in the south bay including san jose. so what you see in that micro climate forecast tomorrow, all due to the winds, are our warming temperatures. we will see about 5 degree increase. can you see across san jose winds give us sunny skies, 69 degrees. likely 71 in morgan hills. 68 in palo alto. also sunshine. rays in the sun. and in san francisco, also sunny conditions and 67 in soma. that 67 no doubt will feel about 70. to the north bay, east bay and tri valley. warmest temperatures in napa and santa rosa. that's where the winds are strongest. off-shore. that could push us up to 72 degrees. santa rosa also 71. for oakland, 68 and in the tri valley and in pleasanton as
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well. this area of high pressure moving right on top of california. that brings us fall conditions and widespread 70s. here's how much warmer the temperatures will get in that forecast. you can see as we head through out saturday and sunday. in the south bay likely in low 70s on saturday with 73. 75 by the back half of your weekend. san francisco also low 70s. north bay could surge up to warmest temperatures with 76 degrees as well. now as we finish things out, we did want to look at the slight clans of rain next week. it is looking less and less likely. like we will see any kind of big accumulations. right now at this slight chance of isolated thunderstorms but the air will be humid. two extremes coming our way. warmer weekend, maybe thunderstorms next week. >> very interesting forecast. thank you, jeff. >> a series of stories that we clerish. nbc bay area proud segment. it highlights what is right with our community. >> often stories get better with time. here to update us on the
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previous bay area proud subjects are up to. >> i love it when i hear about connections that have been made between people who have been part of different bay area proud stories in the past. and i hear about just such a thing happening earlier this month. it is about two people working together who have more than just doing good in common. >> it is going to be all right. you're a hero. keep doing what you're doing. >> we introduced to you ricky earlier there month. the once aspiring rap star's life was changed when his late grandmother came to him in a dream and told him he should dress up as spider-man to help lift spirits of needy and sick children, which is just what he did. well superheroes and kids in need are both things barbara knows a lot about, too. we first met barbara under 2012 sewing capes to send to sick children. her capes for heroes nonprofit continues to grow.
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and have now paired with their first official super hero ricky. the two made the first joint appearance sewing capes, and lifting spirits in livermoore. we heard another great update from sherry tobin, too. sherry is the vallejo artist who held an earthquake art party in september. anyone could bring pieces china, artwork or anything that the napa earthquake smashed and turn the remains into boufl mosaics. the crowd also worked together to create a statue covered in pieces broken by the quake. the angel was just installed at st. vinnie's community garden and dedicated in memory after late friend. >> can you remember anything you have ever done with a dollar? you probably can't. >> finally, we heard from robert freeman, about the continued success of $1 for life. the teacher started the charity in 2007 in which students asked
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nothing more than a dollar at a time. when we first talked to robert in 2012 one dollar for life helped build 14 schools in five impoverished countries. they are now up to 54 projects in eight countries. all one dollar at a time. >> and you guys have heard of kiwanis international, tle they have adopted one dollar for life for their 5,000 clubs around the world. if you go on to google and google what is good teaching, more than half billion answers you get, number one on the list is a blog post written by robert. that is something. >> like paying it forward and then again. it keeps spreading. >> one of these days we will do all of your stories for the whole newscast. >> which would be great. >> we need longer. >> we call it bay area special. >> not just the bay areafully
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a man will have to spend nearly a year in jail after a fire burning our old kntv studios in san jose. he plead no contest. after about nine months in jail he will be on probation for three years and was ordered to pay restitution to the city of san jose. he was arrested after witnesses say they saw him light the building on fire last april. a shake-up within cal fire stems from the investigation into an alleged sex tape. two cal fire firefighters have
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resigned fires and retired. flemming was arrested for killing his ex girlfriend, former escort. flemminges a ex-wife claims she saw a video of other firefighters having sex with the ex girlfriend on cal fire equipment. investigators did uncover other policy violations leading to the firing and the discipline. >> from a bay area hero to a national documentary, bat kid is coming to the big screen. in 2013 5-year-old miles scott made quite an impression here in the bay area. from the make-a-wish foundation, he became bat kid for a day. this weekend the film titled bat kid begins, a locally produced documentary, will be at the slam bam film. dana prepared for the film's
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debut. >> i'm so excited for slam bams. i've never seen the movie with people yet. so to hear people laugh, hopefully, and maybe cry a little bit. and i think it'll be amazing. >> nice to see dana who worked here for many years. bat kid, aka miles scott is in remission. >> figure skating phenom is about to hit the ice p. we will tell you about the big competition tonight, next.
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san jose figure skating sweetheart will try become the youngest u.s. champion since 20008. she is in north carolina for the championships. this hour she will take the ice for the ladies short program. the high school student won the silver medal in this event last year and that solid finish secured her a spot to the sochi games last year. for this figure skating championship, if the 16-year-old finishes in the top three, she moves on to the world championships in shanghai china. that takes place in march. can you watch her compete in the ladies long program event on saturday night at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. >> she has to come back to school to do her spanish homework. >> right. she is a good student. she studies hard and is a figure skater. the whole package. >> i don't know how she juggles the whole thing. >> brian williams joins us next
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on nightly news. >> good night, folks. on our broadcast tonight, full denial from patriots quarterback tom brady and from his coach as a football inflation scandal remains bigger than the upcoming super bowl as the question remains who or what was responsible. do not enter. the new warning tonight says certain visitors should stay away from disneyland as health officials scramble to get this measles outbreak under control. inferno. a ferocious fire still burning over a day after it started. hundreds of families lose everything. why this one has been so hard to fight. and sidekicks. as we hit the streets to chronicle the trend that's arrived out of nowhere and includes taking one's best friend out for a ride. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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