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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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first time. michelle roberts is outside the courthouse with more on the suspect and the cases many thought would never be solved. michelle? >> reporter: that's right. he was in court today but did not enter a plea. he still need to get a lawyer. today was the first time the victims' families were able to see him face-to-face. he's described as a sociopathic serial killer by the san mateo county district attorney. >> he need to be held accountable for what he did to the victims in our community. >> reporter: he's being charged for the murders of 17-year-old paula baxter and 18-year-old veronica casio. in 1976 they were both sexually assaulted and stabbed to death near gypsy hill road in pacifica. ronald cane is a retired detective sergeant from millbrae. he said he always had hope the killer would face his day in court. >> i feel wonderful this is solved. i just wish i could bring the girl back to the mother. >> reporter: he was dna tested
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in an oregon prison last year when he was serving time for attempted murder. the dna linked him to baxter casio, and michelle mitchell from nevada. but there are many others he's suspected of killing. >> she couldn't live her life. >> reporter: john blackwell's little sister tanya was stabbed in pacifica when she was 14 years old. blackwell knows he may never be charged in her death or for the murder of carol boots whose body was found in san francisco, but he hopes other families will find peace knowing he'll face justice. >> some closure is better than no closure. >> prosecutors will not seek the death penalty in this case because it was deemed unconstitutional when the crimes were committed. live in redwood city michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. happening now a demonstration has disrupted a meeting of b.a.r.t.'s board of
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directors. you see our cameras inside that meeting. an activist with the group called black lives matter chanted and carried signs as police escorted them from the room within the past hour. they're demanding that b.a.r.t. directors pass a resolution calling on protesters to drop all charges against those arrested during last november's black friday demonstration and to dismiss a demand that those people pay restitution of $70,000. >> i think there would be a lot of folk who is would be say the same thing so, i think if the expectation is that this is an agency that is run for the people, then they should listen to the people tonight. >> if tonight's meeting does get back on track, one of the key issues on the agenda is the proposal banning e-cig rhettarettes from b.a.r.t. cars. student protesters in handcuffs after trying to get the attention of uc president
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janet napolitano today, angry over recently approved tuition hikes, the students jumped a barrier trying to reach the uc president. yesterday you see rejenlts allowed a plan to allow napolitano and governor brown to meet to negotiate a proposal that may help avoid those tuition hikes. today, though sidestepping another controversial issue of a proposal that would link coaches' salaries to the academic performance of student/athletes, but critics argue the gpa bar for athletes is at rock bottom of what the ncaa will accept. they were ready to vote. >> reporter: they were and they didn't jessica. the scramble to do something about the academic performance rate of student/athletes really got started about 15 months ago when it was revealed that students at uc berkeley's basketball team were graduating at a rate of 38%, the football team graduating at a rate of
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44%. by comparison stanford was graduating at better than 90%. in 2013 while college football team was posting the worst record in the pac-12, in terms of graduation rates the team was also losing to almost every other university in the country. today, the uc regents were ready to vote on a plan that would require coaches to graduate slightly more than 50% of the players, but lieutenant governor gavin newsom pointed out that standard already exists. >> it's the lowest standard that the ncaa currently provides. >> reporter: newsom told the board the ncaa standards already in place state that if a team falls below the minimum academic progress rate or apr, then it is not eligible for ncaa tournaments or postseason play and the coaches would already be forfeiting their performance bonuses, making the rejenlt's new standards meaningless. >> it was the old adage in
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business, you want to move the mouse, you have to move the cheese. >> reporter: if the cheese is incentives, then there is not much on the academic side. the head coach of ucla's basketball team gets $10,000 if his players meet academic standards, but he gets $270,000 in bonuses tied to making the ncaa tournament. >> what is clear is that no metric is really perfect. >> reporter: today ucla's athletic director told the re regents that the team's second worst in the pac-12 graduation rate was skewed because players leave early for the nba. >> happens way too often in ucla but something we can't control. can really skew these numbers. >> reporter: newsom called that a comical defense. >> the others have substantially more going into the nfl draft and they have higher aprs than we do. so what a comical defense. what an insulting defense. >> reporter: to give you an idea about the level of compensation for head coaches at the universities, well here's a
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list of the five highest paid university of california employees. they are all head coaches or former head coaches who are nevertheless drawing hefty paychecks. after gavin newsom spoke to the board of regents today, the regents decided they needed to study this proposal further. they have put off a vote indefinitely. reporting from ucss mission bay campus mark matthews. >> college athletics a billion-dollar industry. is it wentinter or spring? get ready for the mid-70s, beach weather, but it could be dangerous. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with more on the surf advisory. >> you can see raj, it covers the entire bay area coastline from the north bay area toward santa cruz for friday saturday and sunday as wave heights could be as high as 12 feet. right now they're not too high only at 4 feet, but once again with warmer temperatures expected at the beaches, 74 in
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monterey on saturday, 76 by sunday, check it out in santa cruz 77 and 79 respectively. you'll want to dip your toes in that water but once again, those wave heights are going to be high. here's a look at how we stand on saturday and sunday's forecast when the waves look to peak possibly 10 to 13-foot wave offense saturday 8 to 12 by sunday. so advise some extra caution with this warm weather if you're headed to the beach this weekend. more on the full forecast in about ten minutes. >> see you then jeff. track our weather in your neighborhood anytime by downloading our nbc bay area app. very useful. just click on the icon to find your weather tab. there you can see the latest forecast as well as our realtime radar. it's free for apple and android phones. the measles is spreading and the number of case continue to mount around the bay area and across the state with 63 cases confirmed in california. here in the bay area cases have been reported in santa clara, san mateo, and alameda counties. local school districts are putting protocols in place just
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in case the virus arrives in their school. nbc bay area damian trujillo is live outside the headquarters of the alan rock school district. damian damian, districts are starting to pay attention now. >> reporter: absolutely jessica. it is important to note there are no cases of measles here at this school but as one administrator told me here today weather children you can never take chances. it's a chance for tim to take his child for a routine doctor's appointment. >> i'm taking her like i said for a checkup right now so, make sure she's up to date and everything. >> reporter: the school district does not have any cases of measles, but with the worry growing the district is reminding every employee they need to watch for signs of the virus. >> our nurses we have health assistants at every school our principal, custodians are on alert. if there is an outbreak they take extra precautions always to keep our kids healthy. >> reporter: that means any rash or high temperatures and the
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parents will be told to immediately take their child to the doctor. and if there is a case that arises, the county department of public health essentially takes over. >> so the department of public health then gives us direction and recommendations and we follow that exactly as we're told to do. >> reporter: that means exposure notices would go out to all the district's 25 schools and any affected classroom would be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. the district also says immunizations are mandatory for students but that doesn't mean everyone is immunized. >> we follow cold for children enrolling in schools and if there are waivers from doctors we follow that protocol. >> reporter: there are a handful of approved immunization waivers in alum rock. late this afternoon, the public health department here in santa clara county told me that tomorrow they will be holding a measles overview outreach for all public schools here in santa clara county. and by the way, the one case in
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this county is an adult. live in san jose damian trujillo nbc bay area news. new at 6:00, sell your house to pay for your health care. that's exactly the situation one east bay family is facing tonight. they say the county will sell their home to pay for their expenses. nbc bay area's jodie hernd isandez is in oakland with details. >> reporter: the family is nervous and feeling desperate. they've been in and out of court over the last several months but so far have been unable to stop the eviction process. >> i feel that our world has been turned upside down. that we don't have no place to go. >> reporter: margo is distraught at the thought of being forced to move from the oakland home she's lived in with her mother nearly all her life. >> it is not fancy, but it is our home. >> reporter: bohannon's
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88-year-old mother, louise has alzheimer's disease and recently moved into a berkeley care home but that's been costly and her court-appointed public guardian has sent an eviction notice to their family informing them the house needs to be sold to pay for the ailing woman's expenses. >> it has been very difficult for me to face her knowing that what is happening against her wishes. >> reporter: bohannon who suffers from a disablingeing autoimmune disease that makes it tough to get around has nowhere where she and her teenaged daughter will go. >> it's a really sad case. >> reporter: the senior's attorney says the public guardian's in a tough position but worries her client's health will suffer if her family's displaced. >> it's not good for her mental health, it's not good for her physical health. i think that it's a devastating
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thing to think that you can't take care of your family. >> reporter: meanwhile, bohannon is getting more anxious with each passing day with a daughter in high school she's terrified at being forced to the street. >> this is exactly what has happened to us. we are being made homeless. where are we expected to go? >> reporter: a spokesperson for the alameda county department of social services says they cannot talk specifically about this case because of confidentiality reasons, but they did release this statement saying if any action we must take to preserve the estate assets of our conserve tee affects family members adversely we are committed as a social services agency to explore all options to make favorable outcomes for all. now, the senior's attorney says there is a push to convince the judge to allow the senior to give the house to her daughter and granddaughter, but as of right now the family has been
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ordered to leave by february 13th. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> such a difficult situation to be in. all right. thank you very much, jodi. still ahead, a bay area company announces a new round of layoffs. >> and he promised savings but may have delivered financial ruin. the scheme a south bay lawyer is accused of and who he was targeting. >> reporter: and drivers say they've noticed more people speeding over the golden gate bridge since that new barrier was installed. i'm christie smith. we'll have the message from the chp.
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consider this your fair warning. if you're driving on the golden gate bridge, watch your speed. there's a chp crackdown right now. turns out more people are speeding ever since the installation of that new movable
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barrier. nbc bay area's christie smith is at the bridge. how fast is fast? >> reporter: many drivers tell us they've noticed other drivers going maybe 20 30 miles over the posted speed limit and one theory is people are feeling more secure with this new barrier in place, but the chp is out here reminding everyone to slow down. the speed limits are posted, but some drivers across the golden gate bridge lately don't seem to be paying much attention. >> going a little faster. >> reporter: they are going faster. >> yeah. >> reporter: you noticed that. >> oh yeah. it's noticeable. >> reporter: the quicker pace was noticed in the days after the movable median barrier was installed to help prevent head-on collisions. >> an observation that we've made is the speed on the bridge has increased dramatically. i think people are feeling secure and they're taking advantage of that sense of security to just drive much faster. >> reporter: so for the second day, the chp is making sure drivers get the message to slow down. >> he was traveling at 64 in a
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posted 45 zone on the bridge. >> reporter: yesterday they issued 14 citations in the first hour, today more of the same. in one case a driver was going 81 in a 45-mile-an-hour zone. >> i would encourage people to keep an eye on the speed limit signs. it is 45 miles per hour across the bridge. until you get to the toll plaza. then it reduces to 35 then 25. >> reporter: as part of the project, the speed limit did decrease southbound out of the waldo tunnel from 55 to 45 miles an hour. while drivers say they like the solid barrier the chp wants to remind them of what goes with it. >> we'll keep it up as long as the speeds warrant us being out here, until people really realize that 45 miles per hour is a safe speed. >> reporter: we tried to speak with some of the drivers who got the citations today. they declined to speak with us. but the chp tells us that they did write 20 citations in their enforcement efforts today. reporting live near the golden gate bridge, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> and so they've been warned.
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all right. thank you very much christie. a south bay attorney finds himself tonight on the wrong side of the law. police arrested wendell jones of campbell. he's charged with defrauding home owners by illegally charging them allegedly thousands of dollars to reportedly save them from foreclosure. prosecutors say such fees are illegal. they also say jones was doing little or no work at all and at least one homeowner ended up losing his home. jones' law license had already been suspended for taking fees to modify loans. now he faces additional charges for practicing law on a suspended license. he's back in court next month. there will be fewer shreks and kung fu pandas. tonight dreamworks animation maker of those popular movie, says it will cut 500 jobs close its redwood city studio seen here on its opening day, and also cut back on the number of movies it makes each year. the company says some of the employees in redwood city will
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be offered jobs at its southern california headquarters. does it pay to drive for uber? that depend on how much you crunch the numbers and how you crunch the numbers. the san francisco-based company released new data today that appears to show its drivers make an average of roughly $6 more per hour than the average taxi or limo driver. however, those numbers don't take into account the out of pocket costs that uber drivers face including gas, insurance, maintenance, and the depreciation of the car's value. by one estimate that adds up to about $7.20 an hour in expenses for new york drivers who work in 40-hour week. international travel could open in the south bay with direct flights from san jose to china. this week's china's hainan airlines applied to the department of transportation to start service at san jose international. it wants to schedule five direct flights per week to beijing. since it already operates in three other u.s. city clearance to add san jose to its roster is
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expected. the flights could begin as early as june. okay. jeff ranieri back with us. it is a beautiful spring day here in january. >> we did surpass and get over some of that fog and cloud cover today for that beautiful day, and you can see san francisco right now still looks excellent. ten-mile visibility back way in the distance there is a little built of cloud cover but the general trend across the bay area, our temperatures averaging for the most part in the 50s and clear skies throughout the south bay, peninsula, and also for the trivalley. for tomorrow we have changes in the forecast. most notably not only a clearer start heading throughout the morning but check this out -- warmer temperatures, 72 for the average in the north bay. for the tri valley upper 60s, and for the south bay, 70 degrees. i think after a cool day today, tomorrow you'll be able to feel some of that warming, just a little bit, then we have more coming our way this weekend. the reason why it's going to get hotter, we have high pressure building right across california
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and as it does so we're also going to see these dry offshore winds pushing some hotter air from the interior valleys right here across the bay area. that will also give us some warmer weather at the beaches as well. here's the overall weather trend. again tomorrow averaging about 70. by sunday, that is the peak of the heat the south bay will be at 76 degrees, for the pence lashgs also looking at low 70s by saturday mid-70s by sunday san francisco even getting in on this trend with low 70s. and for the north bay, east shore, and tri valley it will be around the 70s with possibly topping out at 77 in the north bay by sunday's forecast. as we mentioned, it is going to be good for some beach weather here in santa cruz. we'll talk more about our chances of rain and when that could happen in about 20 minutes. >> we need to wash that convertible. the nbc convertible. >> next week. coming up the motor city speaking of car, rolling into the bay area. what's at stake for one of the biggest names in the auto industry. and he's wanted for robbing
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multiple bay area banks and the disguises he's known for.
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that serial bank robber is expected of stealing cash from seven san francisco banks since october. san francisco police are releasing these photos helping the public will help identify the man. agents believe all that facial hair is a disguise. sometimes he wears fake beards and sometimes a fake mustache. the standard wardrobe is a fedora hat and black trench coat. these pictures are from three of the robberies, the most recent last week. at least one robbery he told the teller he had a demand note but showed no weapon. that kid is in the headlines and hitting the big screen. the feel-good story of 2013 when 5-year-old miles scott became bat kid for a day. remember that day?
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san francisco rolled out the red carpet. this weekend a film titled "bat kid begins" will premiere at the slam dance film festival in salt lake city. this was right before sundance. this is a locally produced film by one of our former nbc bay area producers. >> i'm so excited for slam dance because i've never seen the movie with people yet. and so to hear people laugh hopefully and maybe cry a little bit, and emote i think is going to be amazing. >> miles scott was diagnosed with leukemia as a toddler. he's currently in remission. >> the ipo market is heating up for 2015. and developing news, the death of a king who was a crucial u.s. ally and how president obama is responding tonight. and taking center stage again, tom brady responds to the question are you a cheater?
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is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> tom brady addressing criticisms about so-called deflategate. just ten days until the super bowl and the hottest topic is
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how much air is in the football? the new england patriots are being accused of cheat big altering those footballs in the win that got them to the big game. today both the team's star quarterback and the head coach answered questions about the so-called inflationgate scandal. here's the latest on the investigation. >> tom brady says he has no knowledge of any wrongdoing and he believes his team won sunday's playoff game fair and square. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> reporter: tom brady said he had no idea how his footballs became underinflated in sunday's playoff game against the colts. >> i feel like i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and i respect the league. >> reporter: the nfl reports 11 of the 12 footballs were underinflated during the afc championship game. that could have made them easier to throw, catch, and hang onto especially in the cold rainy conditions that day. brady says he didn't know about the underinflated footballs until monday morning when he heard about it with everyone else including head coach bill
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belichick. in a separate news conference, the coach said he was also shocked to hear about the possible rules violation. >> in my entire coaching career i have never talked with any player staff member about football air pressure. >> reporter: critics were quick to question belichick's statement, noting that he's known for being a, quote, control freak and wants to manage every aspect of the team and the game. and he and the team have been caught cheating before. back in 2007 for illegally videotaping the opposing team's defensive signals. meanwhile, the rest of the patriots players say they're just trying to focus on the super bowl against seattle in ten days. >> this is the biggest game of our year and we're very excited and we're trying to get ready to win this game. >> reporter: the nfl says it's investigating but brady said he had not been interviewed by the league yet. >> everyone is trying to figure out what happened. >> more football legends
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weighing in tonight, hines ward and troy aikman. both said if the nfl find there was cheating involved the punishment needs to be harsh, a hefty fine or losing a draft pick is nothing for the patriots. there should be coaching or player suspensions. jessica? >> thank you very much janelle. tom brady did, indeed use deflated football it doesn't seem like it helped statistically. according to nbc sports properly inflated footballs were used in the second half of the game however his stats were worse in the first half when he allegedly used the deflated footballs. in the first two quarters the star qb xleepted roughly half his passes for just 95 yards. he threw just one touchdown and one interception. in the second half brady was almost perfect. he threw just two incomplete passes connected for two touchdowns, and had no interceptions. a follow-up on the mysterious goo that's killing local sea bird. near lay week after the gray gunk appeared on our shorelines of the bay, the fish and
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wildlife department believe it's getting close to figuring out what this substance is. this goo has killed manier than 200 birds and injured hundreds more. the substance is described as looking and feeling like rubber cement. today the department of fish and wildlife said it's confident the substance is dissipating and is not coating any more bird. lab tests are expected to ultimately identify what the substance is. now to a developing story, saudi arabia in mourning tonight after word that king abdullah has died. the 90-year-old abdullah was a powerful u.s. ally who joined america's fight against al qaeda. his half brother, deputy prime minister prince salman, has declared himself the new king of saudi arabia. abdullah had been on the throne since 2005. he had been ill for some time and died of pneumonia. the late king being remembered as a performer who modernized the ultraconservative muslim kingdom. president obama expressed his condolences and praised the king's convictions saying "one
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of those convictions was his steadfast and passionate belief in the importance of the u.s./saudi relationship." the state funeral will be held tomorrow. also on the arabian peninsula tonight, a possible development in the battle against al qaeda. yemen's government has collapsed and the country's president, a close u.s. ally, has resigned. it happened after rebels in the yemeni capital surrounded the president's home. the prime minister and his cabinet have also stepped down and despite the collapse u.s. state department officials say the american embassy remains open in yemen. today the white house is saying no visit for netanyahu, all part of a diplomatic dispute between president obama and republican speaker of the house john boehner. yesterday house speaker boehner invited israeli prime minister netanyahu to address congress. he did this without informing the white house. many consider that a breach of u.s. protocol. now the white house says it's invoking a long tradition of not
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appearing with heads of state near their elections. netanyahu is on the ballot in israel two weeks after his scheduled march visit. republicans and netanyahu are pressuring president obama to increase sanctions on iraq if nuclear talks break down. more than 40 years after roe v. wade anti-abortion advocates gathered for their annual rally on national mall today. but today's march had a twist. along with calls to overturn roe v. wade, protesters are hiting the issue of kids and violence gun violence specifically. steve handelsman shows us why the two issues have common sum porters. >> share the conviction that every life is a gift. >> reporter: it could change an institution.
6:35 pm
the annual march for life in washington against abortion. on this 41st year, a giant of that movement, reverend rob shank, is calling for a wider focus against gun violence. >> that is itself a form of abortion. it's aborting life. >> reporter: the school kids gunned down in newtown, the massacre at the theater in colorado, and the gun accidents this week that devastated families made shank decide his right to life movement has to get involved. >> to me it is an emergency, it is a crisis. >> reporter: nearby, the house debated abortion. >> vote to protect life. >> reporter: conservatives wanted a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. opponents disputing the claim that fetuses that young are viable. >> junk science, junk science, junk science, flatout lie. >> reporter: and moderate gop women got the bill pulled, a loss for shank. do you worry that focusing now on gun violence in america will detract from your message about abortion in america? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> reporter: marchers today are divided on that. >> i think the two relate because it is honestly all about the love and respect for human life.
6:36 pm
>> if you ask anybody here if they're against gun violence, they'll probably say yes, but we're here to protest abortion today. >> reporter: in a nation where the number of abortions is going down but deaths by firearm are going up. up next how a local employer is making sure his workers have an affordable place to live. san jose hitting the big screen. the story of the silicon valley debuting tonight. also -- >> i'm scott budman in palo alto where ford becomes the latest automotive giant to put a footprint in silicon valley.
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the first big tech ipo of
6:39 pm
the year is said to happen tomorrow morning. box started in 2005 by two college students. it's predicted to pull in $1 5 million through its initial public offering. the stock will launch at an expected price of $14 a share and then will trade on the new york stock exchange. stanford is taking a proactive approach to provide housing for its employees to combat the increasingly tight housing market. the university is now leasing an entire apartment complex for faculty and staff members. stanford's agreement is with the 167-unit colonade apartment complex located at the intersection of el camino royal and san antonio road in los altos. the complex is currently under construction and should be ready to open this spring. san francisco is days away from launching its first medical helicopter. starting next month, ucsf's children's hospital will begin flying bear force one. lit take off and land from the
6:40 pm
roof of the new mid-cal center in mission bay. this is the city's only medical helipad. it will transport critically ill babieses children and pregnant women. it will bring lifesaving care to hard to reach areas. >> good news. jeff ranieri is back with us. we head toward the weekend and we're all focused on you. not that we usually aren't. >> i know i know. warm temperatures coming our way. a lot of people are excited about that. if we can't get the rain we'll take the great weather. you can see right now live look at san francisco fog-free conditions. we'll talk about how warm friday will go.
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a lot of cheers. wall street surging today on
6:43 pm
news of a stimulus plan from the european central bank, the dow and nasdaq up for the fourth day in a row. from motown to silicon valley an merge giant wants to put more technology in its cars opening a center in the bay area just off of stanford near the lockheed martin and hp labs. scott budman says all this means for tech more jobs coming to the valley. >> reporter: ford has decided it will be the latest automotive giant to have footprints here in silicon valley and that means new technology, new jobs and ideally a smoother more convenient ride for you in the future. >> i'm controlling just the gas and the brake. >> wow. >> reporter: for starters a lot less stress when you park. in-car gps finds an open space, then does the hard work to get you in. >> it does a three-point kind of stop so it will tell owe me to stop here in a second. >> reporter: even parallel parking you go hands free.
6:44 pm
>> the amount of technology that we're putting in our vehicles you know upwards of 50 or 60 compute national weather service every single car. >> reporter: ford says its move into tech-heavy palo alto will mean more than 100 new hires by the end of the year focusing on things like remote driving, in this case, controlling a car in atlanta. >> when i let go of my steering wheel it gives me an indication of where my, you know -- where i'm kind of headed. >> reporter: and how tracking cars as they park with eventually save you time and gas. >> more on this side could help balance that out or you need to address the situation accordingly, but that information and just having those numbers with you will help a lot. >> reporter: there are a lot of numbers flying around here. ford says data is a big reason they're parking in silicon valley. >> it was important to have a presence in the valley take advantage of the talent pool that's here take advantage of
6:45 pm
opportunities to work with academia, to work with start-ups. >> reporter: all part of what will essentially make your next car a rolling smartphone. it hasn't always been a totally smooth ride. you may remember the first voice-activated system got some criticism, but ford's on to version number three soon and they know being here means more and more effective technology is ahead. reporting in palo alto, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> scott gets to have all the fun. a documentary that was more than 200 years in the making has its south bay premiere tonight. >> it did not have a name. >> fascinating story called "changing boundaries: the history of san jose," debuting tonight at the california theater and, yes, sold out. the director says her goal was not to dwell on technology rather she's focusing on the
6:46 pm
reasons farming and political history, particularly the role of minorities in building san jose into a regional power. clips from the documentary first aired on our own public affairs show. let's turn things over the jeff and talk about the warm-up. i have to say for a warm-up right around the corner it felt pretty chilly today. >> definitely did. wind picked up and temperatures in the low to mid-60s, felt like 50 outside. storm track is still close. you see that cloud cover north of san francisco but it's expected to stay off to the north as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday. really the biggest concern bout without any kind of storm system getting close will be our high surf advisory at our entire coastline while waves are only four feet right now and a current buoy reading we could see waves as high as 12 feet for friday afternoon saturday and on sunday. you want to advise some caution because you'll see in that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen, temperatures will warm up this weekend. taking you outside of the sky
6:47 pm
camera network, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s, mainly clear throughout the peninsula and also the bay, a few clouds in the south bay. as we head throughout tomorrow morning i think we'll have a sunnier start than we had for today, so a nice crisp start to the morning, 43 expected in the south bay, peninsula 45. we may just have a little bit of patchy fog in the north bay, san francisco, and also for the east bay. but after that plenty of clearing coming in the forecast. now, the reason why tomorrow we really think is going to be a sunnier day for us it has everything to do with the winds. you're going to see as we head throughout friday's forecast the winds are going to continue to turn more out of the north, slightly offshore out of the east 10 to about 20 miles per hour. a drying and warming wind across the bay area good enough to warm temperatures in the north bay and also by the south bay by the afternoon, these drying offshore winds will build in and that will help to boost our temperatures as well. so see our microclimate forecast for friday, the result is a warm-up of about 2 to 6 degrees
6:48 pm
in the forecast. san jose after feeling chilly today, when that wind picks up we're expecting 69 degrees and sunny skies. may actually push into the low 70s in morgan hill. off lot of higher terrain surrounding you. when that offshore wind pushes down the higher elevation, it descends and warms as it does. the air molecules get excited, start bouncing around off each other, and temperatures warm up. for the north bay, east bay, tri valley warmer weather around the hills here of napa and santa rosa with low 70s. oakland 68. tri valleys, 67 in pleasantton. as we take you into the weekend forecastitis all about high pressure. on top of those dry offshore winds we have a lot of hot air associated with that big h on the weather map and that will provide fog-free conditions and temperatures in the 70s. what is the breakdown of the temperatures by this weekend?
6:49 pm
here's a look. you'll see it in the south bay, 73 on saturday 75 on sunday. san francisco, low 70s, north bay may actually push into the mid-70s. you almost have to remind yourself that we are in january right now. there is a slim chance of rain next week. we'll finish on this by wednesday, widespread rain coverage right now is out of play, humid air, possibly isolated thunderstorms in the forecast, not the kind of storm we need may wash away some snow. hoping for a warmer february. who's the bigger star lebron james or stefan curry? we'll show you what happened to curry late this afternoon. here's a clue -- it hasn't happened in the bay area in almost 40 years.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
the u.s. figure skating championship. if she finishes in the top three this weekend she moves on to the world championship in china in march. you can watch polina compete in the lady's long program this saturday starts at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area news. >> we wish her the best. geraud moncure joins us from the sports desk. sochi olympics. >> 2018 is the next olympics. >> i still have my polina gear. i'm ready. >> at oracle they have steph curry faces and other faces and
6:53 pm
with good reason. warriors eyebrow raising 34-6 start has landed steve kerr the western conference's all-star game coaching gig in february. he becomes just the second rookie coach behind larry bird to receive the honor. if they voted for the league mvp at the halfway point, steph curry would win hands down. the flash brother is the first starter in two straight all-star games since chris mullin in '91 and '92 and the first warrior to lead in vote getting since rick barry in 1976. he leads the big stage of msg. >> that special feel around that weekend where it's played in madison square garden, the mecca of basketball. and, you know, to be on a roster and suit up and be under the bright lights in front of all the fans in the world, it's going to be a night to remember for sure. >> certainly will be. now to deflategate where this morning patriots head coach bill belichick basically threw his qb tom brady under the bus saying
6:54 pm
he was shocked to learn of the deflated football allegations on monday and brady could provide more details on what actually happened. >> i have a process i go through before every game where i go in and i pick the balls that i want to -- the footballs that i want to use for the game. at that point, you know to me they're perfect. i don't want anyone touching the balls after that. i don't want anyone rubbing them, you know putting any air in them taking any air out. i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> all right. we'll see. there's going to be more coming up from that story. 49ers assistant eric mangini is sticking with the red and gold but moving back to his football roots. according to an espn report he'll no longer coach the tight ends but instead become defensive coordinator. former raiders head coach tony sparano will take over mangini's old 49ers post as thompson was tight end's coach first reported by espn. he coached tight ends under bill
6:55 pm
parcells with the cowboys and can maybe help out vernon davis, who caught just 26 passes last season for only two touchdowns. finally, flying first class, the giants world series trophy to the nyc. second baseman joe panic had a rendezvous with the hardware inside the world's most famous arena. here's more. >> and the giants have won! they have won the world series for the third time in five years! >> celebration of the giants' third world series championship in five years began after that final out and it hasn't stopped yet. the 2014 commissioner's trophy is now headed on the east coast leg of a three-month tour. >> the trophy belongs to the fans and we want to take it everywhere and it's important. >> don't drop it now. >> as soon as the trophy landed in new york the first stop was madison square garden where the trophy was back in the hands of giants second baseman joe panic.
6:56 pm
the st. john alum was honored for his great accomplishment just before halftime at the st. john's and marquette basketball game. >> i grew up watching st. john games coming from madison square garden, so it's honored. it's very cool and very exciting. >> while he was touched by the reception of the crowd, it was the look he saw on his parents' face that he will remember for a lifetime. >> just seeing them smile, the look on their faces makes all the hard work that we've done since i was a little kid, makes it worthwhile. >> as a parent you couldn't ask for a better son, and as good a ball player he is he's that good of a son. we're very proud, and he deserves everything that he gets. >> joe panik tells me right after the world series he took a couple weeks off to rest but it was right back to training again. it's hard to believe that in just a couple weeks he'll report to spring training in arizona
6:57 pm
and hopes to repeat the success he had in 2014. at madison square garden andrea nakano nakano, comcast sportsnet. time for the giants to try to do it all over again. does it get any better for joe panik than this? >> we're still talking about steph curry being the number-one vote-getter. great news for the warriors. >> thanks. >> coming up at 11:00, from student to star. the student film from stanford that's now up for an academy award. that's tonight at 11:00 after "parenthood." >> we're thinking '70s. >> definitely, yes. tomorrow a few 70s coming our way and you can see by tomorrow morning not quite that warm. we'll start off with low to mid-40s, but by the afternoon we'll average around 70 in the north bay and the south bay. by this weekend, low to mid-70s from the inland valleys right to the coastline. >> wow. >> thanks for watching at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
jay leno goes off on bill cosby. >> now on "extra." >> new celebrity feud. leno versus cosby. >> i don't know why it's so hard to believe women. >> why jay is siding with cosby's accusers and taking on his former friend. >> good to see you, boss, you look terrific. >> jennifer aniston opening up about her complicated relationship with her mother. >> the real reason they didn't speak for years. >> and the secret condition you never knew she had. >> tom and gisselle lampooned on the cover of the new york post. >> the new backlash today over deflate-gate. >> i think that is serious cheating and they should be disqualified.


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