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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a breaking news in san francisco, a police standoff forcing some people out of their homes and others to shelter in place. good evening, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessicaing a you. >> and this is where we find our
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report reporter live at the scene. what do we know now, jeanne? >> what has been a family dispute call is what is a critical incidentment looking down grafton avenue you can see a number of police cars. the officers are asking us not to see the police cars and the police as it is unfolding live on tv. the s.w.a.t. team is here, and dealing with a man barricaded inside of his home possibly with a gun. police were called at 6:10, and when they arrived that is when the suspect locked into the room. something that he said and did made them believe that he has a gun. three blocks of grafton are close and people are not allowed to go home and others told to shelter in place. the man's neighbor say ss this is not ordinary behavior of a man e deskrib d described in his 50s. >> he is a nice guy and living there for six years, and never
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been any incident. he has been friendly and outgoing and every time i see him, he says hello and a we chat and laugh. that is about it. so, it is completely unexpected. >> reporter: we have heard the police on the bull horn since 9:00 saying come out peacefully and nobody is going to hurt you. it looks like the officers are looking at the plans of the house to get familiar with the layout layout. this is unfolding from 6:00 a ndnd in these negotiation situations the police like to take their time as long as no one else is in danger, and so at this point the police officers don't believe anybody is with the man, and so while there is a large police presence here, they are not worried to be in a hurry to bring it so to an end, but to a peaceful resolution. the police are focusing to bringing this standoff to a peaceful resolution.
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in san francisco jeanne barelli. vandals are spreading hateful graffiti at a church. so now, people are taking time in livermore to try to catch the people who are doing it. police have step edped up the patrols in the area as well. >> and nearly 60 cases of the measles confirmed this in california and not clear how many are connected to the outbraek outbreak in disneyland, but it is unnerving some parents and school official ss. here in the bay area, the illness is e reported in santa clara and san mateo and alameda counties, so now, some school districts are going to be sending out notices that are addressing the anxieties that
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parents may vhave about the infectious disease. nanette berry is live with more. >> 31 school districts when the public health concern gets a lot of media coverage, and the santa clara department gets involved from ebola to the latest measles. >> reporter: tomorrow, parents will get information about the measles. it is protocol when cases like the measles in disneyland get attention. >> it is going to tell folks not to be alarmed and check the immunization records both for children and adults and make sure that they are going to take whatever necessary precautions there are. >> reporter: tim casarez does not need precautions, because today at a routine visit, he is
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going to check if she is up to date. >> reporter: today, health officials ordered students with no proof of immunization to stay away from the campus after a student there came up with the measles, but no extreme measures at the allen roth school. just a sign to stay on the outlook for the measles. >> our nurses and health o officials an custodians are on alert, and if there is an outbreak, they take precautions always. >> reporter: while much of the majority is on the measles patients who did not get the shots, medical experts are concerned about five cases in particular, because those people were fully vaccinate and the advice is to still get the shot. nanette, bay area news. and now what to do with the e-cigarettes.
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tonight, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors tut took a step to banning them there. is no bans on trains. there are some cities who have banned them. but the jury is still out on how dangerous the smoke is. >> the marketing says that they are safe, but the research coming out is showing alarming things in them and because the products are not regulated, everyone using them right now are guinea pigs so we do not want to encourage people to be using them around other people. >> in order for b.a.r.t. to ban them they need another proposed reading of the report ss. and tonight, protesters were standing up for protesters because they want b.a.r.t. to drop charges for 14 people who caused a delay on black friday. we are joined by cheryl hurd with the details.
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>> well, raj, the black 14 got a lot of support from the b.a.r.t. riders, the community and the b.a.r.t. union. some 200 people packed the meeting urging the board to drop all charges against the 14 people arrested in november. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: at the beginning of the meeting several protesters rushed to the front holding a sign that said we stand for the black friday 14 drop the charges. >> we need to say that folks who don't typically want to engage in the konconversation do. >> she is one of the 14 who chained themselves to the b.a.r.t. train delaying service for three hours. the police arrested her and 13 others for shutting down the transit line. the group could also face $70,000 in restitution to b.a.r.t. it is a penalty that has some people upset. >> they are calling on the 14
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protesters to call $70,000, b.a.r.t. has to understand that they can now take action of restorative justice by dropping the charges. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. manager suggested that the people arrested could perform community service in lieu of restitution restitution. >> it is ridiculous for us to be standing up and exerting our first amendment rights to protest, that we are going to be charged for that, and that is utterly ridiculous and we are not paying one dime. >> reporter: the protesters have a lot of support. the alameda district attorney will ultimately decide if the 14 protesters are will be charged and/or fined while the officials stand by their actions. >> in the california penal code 369-i 369-i-a which is referring to the code of interrupting a rail
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route, and that is what the prosecution is relying on. >> reporter: the group will be arraign ed arraigned tomorrow. >> thank you, cheryl. slowing down speeders on the gold gate bridge flchlt is the latest -- latest target for officers. it seems that some drivers are seeing that as safer, and going pa faster. officers passed out 200 tickets in the first hour of the crackdown crackdown. today, more of the same. in fact, a driver was going 81 in a 45-mile-an-hour zone. and now shgs, after four bay area young women were killed the man accused of carrying out the crime appeared in court. police say that dna cop nexts rodney halbower is the so-called
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gypsy hill killer. his dna is linked to the killing of two girls and both were stabbed to death in pacifica. hallbower is also charged with two other h murders. >> i feel wonderful that it is solved and i wish i could bring the information back to the mother mother. >> dna test inging did link him to the murders. he did not enter a plea. >> this is a serial bank robber who likes to dress up when he hits the banks. he is linked to seven robberies, and uses a fake beard and phony mustache, and seen wearing a black trench coat and faedora
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hat. last rob pri was last week. and now a man is accused of beating up another man. this man was at the the pho hut noodle company, and officers say he punched a man and he is e recovering from cuts and bruises on his face. and up next childbirth is no laughing matter or is it? a new trend in the delivery room room. 2014 was a good year for apple's founder. and one film that could win an oscar. and now, clear skies across san jose, and we will have a warming trend on the way, and how warm will it get?
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we will tell you how warm it will be at the beaches this weekend. >> and jimmy fallon has guests blake shelton. nbc tonight "the late night."
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new information about making a living on an uber driver's salary. a san francisco company revealed it has 160,000 drivers and they added 40,000 new drivers last month alone. drivers in san francisco make $23/hour but it should be noted that the money does not include maintenance or gas costs. it is more than half of taxi drivers. well, pates to be the boss
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of apple, literally. a hefty race for tim cook. he had a cash bonus which is now his compensation $9.2 million which is por than double of what he had the previous year. the profits are made possible by the new iphone 6.0, which is the catalyst. the salary he earned is from the incentives after the company passed performance goals. and now, dreamworks announcing big layoffs. they are going to be closing down their local office and lay off some 500 people. they say movie missteps, and the merger partner led to system of the cuts. some of the employees in the redwood city will be offered jobs in the headquarters. and now, a stanford film student is nominated for the most highest recognition possibly oscar. the pal loeo alto man who went from
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teacher to oscar nominee. >> reporter: a number of awards have been proudly displayed on the shelf, and then his film made a short nomination for an oscar, and it was so unlikely that he did not wake up to watch the oscar nominations live. >> my dad, who was alive in utah watched it and gave me a call and told me that way. >> immediately after his name was announced, his phone was ringing, family friends, agent. >> and it is exciting that the story is getting out further than i thought. >> that story is a 20-minute dock documentary, and part of the mas the ters' thesis at stanford, and white earth is how people flocked to north dakota from all over the country for the pouwer
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to make money in the oil country. >> it is told through the eyes of the kids sitting in the periphery and watching the world change around them. >> this is not the first film to be nominated for an oscar. next month he is going to be attending the oscars with his wife. >> she is super excited, and i will have to get a tux. i have the envelope that i got from beverley hills. >> and now, the title oscar no, ma'amnee e knee -- oscar nominee is going to follow him. >> very interesting. >> well it is very interesting. well check out this dog as co-pilot co-pilot. this documentary is about humans who ride with their dogs in a side car.
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the fillm follows 19 riders and their canine, and the dogs are wearing doggles,and a crowd funding campaign helped to make the calendar and some of the profits go to animal shelters. >> i think that my dog would love it. we have to get you a dog, jeff. and go outside and have a side car. you would look so cool. >> yes i need the dog, and the doggles and the side carr. maybe if you have done all of that you will have some awesome weatherer at the beach. looking at the satellite picture, we rare beginning to see a key change in that right now, and this is the cloud cover that has been closed the last 24 to 72 hour, and it is lifting off to the north. that is the sign of the warming trend coming our way. and take a look at the scrolling seven-day ticker you will see by saturday and sunday, the temperatures are going to be rising above the averages and with that heading to the
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beaches if you are. and so here is the warnings if you are heading to the coastline beaches. the waves as high as 12 feet, and possibly some dangerous rip currents. only five feet with the current bowie readings but it is going to be amplifying for the next few days. temperatures right nouw in the 40s, and clear, and also in the peninsula, but areas of fogg through san francisco and the north bay, and here is the thing that by tomorrow morning, we will find the areas of patchy fogg and north bay and san francisco and clearly on the peninsula, and the e key change through the forecast through friday is everything to do with those winds. if you look at the wind gust forecast and as with we head through tomorrow morning, the winds are going to be coming off of the north and the east and very drying and warming wind here in the bay area, and gusting to 26 miles per hour in santa rosa.
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that sis going to be good enough to warm up the temperatures in the north bay. across the south bay you will get in on the drier winds coming out of the north at 14 miles per hour. here's the result, and ifn the forecast for friday, the temperatures are warming up from 3 to 6 degree, and tomorrow, you will notice itt in the air. we had two-degree warmup, anding inially jibl but tomorrow-- and negligible. and we know that we need the rain and the drought that we are in, we have to enjoy these offshore winds, that should pop up around 67 around sillma and the outer bounds. and across the tri-state, we will have a mix.
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and now, through the weekend, a dry wind, and then on top of it, we have had the story of hot air for this time of the year and that means no fogg and the widespread 70s coming our way, and this is a look at the tomorrows saturday and sunday. check it out, san jose looking 73 on saturday and 75 possible on sunday. san francisco low 70s and for the tri valley, 72, and 74 respecttively. warmer weather coming our way, and next week it is looking like less widespread ranging here and some thunderstorms by wednesday's forecast but the big takeaway awesome weekend and inland for the beaches. >> and i would love to see the side car. >> i want to the ride in the side car like the dog. i'll be happy to do that. >> and a big change for the big easy a and new trend for the
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delivery room. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, blake shelton is my guest, and also our musical guest is motley crue.
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one of the most popular cities in the u.s. will not allow smoking in restaurants or bars new orleans. own owners of the establishments say that a move like that will hurt the businesses and a tax revenue. new orleans had been one of the last major american cities to allow people to smoke in bars and the ban is expected to take effect in three months. >> sometimes you have to laugh away the pain. a small but growing number of birthing centers are offering nitrous oxide better known as laughing gas to help women get through delivery. the gas is a safe and viable option for women who are looking for alternatives to the standard approach. it acts quickly, and so far,
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estimated 1% of the women tried it. >> it sounds like a man's idea. >> and now, tom brady's high school is in trouble. we will look at that next. this holiday season the bay area and safeway asked for your help for hunger, and you delivered. thank you for helping thousands of families in need. like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple. subway! ♪
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good evening. geraud moncure. the first w's player to start back-to-back all-star game for steph curry since chris mullen in 1991/1992. joe lacob courtside, and in the final 20 minutes here come the cats. jumper and-one. next wildcat possession the big man is showing off the mad range, and part of the triple 12-3 run, and uva wins. and now cal hosting arizona
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state, and this not close. the golden bears scored 13 first half points, and the lowest output of the season. 19 turnovers and shooting 33% from the field. at one point went scoreless for over 13 minutes. cal falls 17- sfalls. and now, gonzaga with the longest home streak this the country. and now, the big man is loving this. next possession, the bulldog ss in transition kyle wilshire part of the gonzaga run as they cruise. the new england patriots are hoping to take the air out of deflate gate before super bowl week approaches, but the strategy is not working. as bill belichick told the media he had no idea of the
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controversy until monday morning. and he left all of the controversy on tom brady. >> i have a process that i go to, and i have all of the footballs that i want to use for the game. to me at that point, they are perfect. i don't want anybody touching the balls after that. i don't want anybody rubbing them. putting air in them or taking air out. i play within the rules and i dont't want anybody breaking the the rules. >> and his high school is now banned from the playoffs for the next four seasons as the padres had to cause a penalty that caused the suspension and will have to make restitution. and now, the tight ends coach will be moving into the defensive coordinator on jim tomsula's staff according to a report.
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mangini made a name for himself running bill belichick's new england defense. >> and now, the red and gold and espn report is former raiders' interim coach tony sperano who will
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all right. get your side car and the doggles and get ready to go for the weekend and the swimsuit. >> yes, 7 o0s inland and at the beaches. tomorrow morning, 40s and patchy fogg this the east bay and san francisco and north bay and then by the afternoon, expect the upper 60s to about. 70, and the weekend continues 73 in the south bay and then 75 sunday and then north bay possibly 76 on sunday. and again, low 70s at the beaches. >> phenomenal. >> wow. >> it is friday in 25 minutes. >> yeah. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake shelton, bob costas musical guests, motley crue


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