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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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spoken with is aware of the outbreak but not too many people are worried. >> my kids are grown and had measles and we did all that already. so i don't have to worry about that right now. >> a relief for you. >> yes, it is. >> sarah cody says some adult in their 40s who aren't sure if they have not immunized against the measles should consider getting checked. >> have a blood test to check on your immunity or recommendation may be to get another shot and really know harm in getting another shot. >> it is better to be sure says dr. cody because measles is so infectious. >> and dr. cody says the vaccinations are not only important for the child who received it but also for the family and community around that child. >> thanks damian. we have more details on the measles outbreak. 68 confirmed cases in california. that's nine more cases since wednesday. public health officials say 48 of those cases are connected directly to disney land visits.
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the majority of the cases involve unvaccinated patients. and it is not just the measles that is spreading. take a look at this map from the cdc. showing how widespread the flu is in the u.s. all the states were color coded green. meaning minimal flu activity back in october. then it grew to low identified as yellow orange all high and high which is labelled red. cdc says the flu is widespread in 48 states including california. the bay area has four deaths this weekend. >> middle of winter but it follows like spring but be careful. you have scent evidence there, unseasonable warm weather comes with a serious warning. high surf for everyone head together beach. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in pacifica there evening with the big waves. we begin in house here with chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. >> there are high wind pushing to 39. the thing that will be increasing heat again for the weekend is high pressure sitting across the west. a lot of hot air associated with it. and also some dry off-shore winds. so two main factors on why we are going to see the temperatures stay warm for saturday. here is a preview of what you can expect. south bay 73 for average. san francisco 71 and try valley 72. but there is an event that not only warms it up for the interior valleys but also at beaches. check out the forecast here. monterey 74 degrees. ocean beach 70 and bodega bay at 71. so temperatures this warm you may want to head out to the beach. if you are thinking of heading that way, here is a major warning for you. high surf advisory for the entire bay area coastline. current report has wave heights at 8 feet but again they may top 12 feet this weekend. we are tracking a full forecast
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and more in about 15 minutes. michelle roberts is in pacifica and a lot of people will be tempted to test the waters. these waves are deceiving though. >> already people are doing it. there are surfers putting on a show for us tonight. these waves are so powerful they can crack a surf board in half. right now it is a little bit calm but big set is following close behind. >> massive waves rolling into the pacifica pier. only sign of a storm at sea. >> i love it. powerful stuff. >> 10 to 20-foot waves. crashing against the pier. >> look you got to wait. fz fishermen were hoping to time it right. powerful waves can tangle the lines but can also bring if dinner. >> some come before the wave and sometimes right after big
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waves. >> pacifica state beach, benny floer rez trying to ride the biggest wave of his life. >> i got the courage to come by myself. >> but courage in the face of massive swells could be short-lived. >> i didn't think it would be that rough. a mixing of waves pretty fast. >> many watch from a safe distance. >> reminding beach goers to stay way from cliffs and even the shoreline because sneaker waves can catch you off guard. reporting live in pacifica tonight, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. what a gorgeous backdrop there behind you. you can track the waves and temperature in your specific neighborhood by downloading our nbc bay area app. you can see the latest forecast as well as our realtime radar. the app is free for android
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users. >> administrators at morgan hills paradise valley rushed to paint over sense stiff graffiti. photographing damage including swastikas and letters kkk. they say the damage is more likely done by kids than any sort of organize et hate group. >> we think that they were juvenile adolescence randomly walking through the neighborhood and randomly chose the school as one of the places to tag they targeted the school. >> surveillance by the school and neighboring homes should give them enough evidence to find vandals. another big find for pg & e, this time for pipeline violations. new fines from the california public utility commission, add up nor than a half million dollars. they lef ooed the fines after pg & e failed to immediately examine and excavate pipe lines and signs of possible corrosion. the utility pipeline system had
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been under scrutiny since the deadly gas line explosion in san browno under 2010. the utility company has ten days to pay or contest fines. >> we could see another member of the bush family in the wlous. tonight in san francisco, florida governor jeb bush is addressing some leaders of the auto industry. younger brother of george w, jeb might be positioning himself for the 2016 presidential election. nbc bay area's mark matthews, mark a lot of different angles for this visit. >> she said yesterday talking about jeb bush that his meeting last night with mitt romney in utah was not about politics. but here politics certainly front and center and sounding a lot like a presidential contender. >> the problem, i guess, is that this isn't cool on the coast. not cool here in san francisco to talk about this. i don't know if you walked outside, you might get a protester to talk about this incredible kind of thing we
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should be celebrating. on east coast the same thing. it is cool in places like north dakota and west texas and south texas. it's cool because it creates significant economic activity. and notwithstanding the lack of coolness, this revolution allows us to reindustrial eyes our country to create highways jobs again for us to lead the world. >> now the former governor jumped the gun a little bit. he was talking about fracking of course. and he is a strong supporter of that including what he calls a patriotic energy policy which would require the excel pipeline to be built on immigration he broke with some in his own party to say people in the country already undocumented should be allowed to stay. maybe pay a fine maybe move to the back of the line but said no way are they ever going to be deported. so he is here to talk politics? well political analysts and people who have been watching the former governor say that he is here not to talk to voters or
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car dealers. he is here to talk about money. he got into town last night and you can believe he is meeting with big money donors including those in silicon valley and what he is saying to them is what he will talk about tonight at 6:00. mark maththewmatthews nbc bay area news. >> king abdullah laid to rest today and more than two decades in power the late king died yesterday at age 90. reportedly from pneumonia. transition to a new leader his half brother, has been smoothed. he is not expected to make any changes. it is believed vab why will remain a strong middle east ally and partner in the war on terror. tonight on nightly news with brian williams how the late king's influence can be felt across the u.s. particularly in terms of the price we are paying for gas at 5: 30. >> 15 days later -- excuse me five days later, the nfl says it's official. the league confirming today that
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the patriots used underinflated foot balls during the first half of last sunday's playoff game. the patriots deny any knowledge of this but the nfl says its investigation is ongoing. bottom line the patriots will be allowed to play in the super bowl against the seattle seahawks. the game is february 1st. couple weeks from now here on nbc bay area. free agent pitcher and fan taf rit vie an vogelsong isn't leaving san francisco after all. there are reports he was about to sign with the houston astros but that deal fell apart at the last minute. giants are saying they signed vogue el song to a one-year deal worth $4 million plus performance bonuses. >> a key part of two of the giants last three world series runs. >> just ahead, a convicted pimp sentenced to prison and married all at once. the man who made the most of his time in a peninsula courtroom today. also --
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>> >> reporter: i'm jody hernandez. two churches have been hit by vandals multiple times the past few weeks. the cases are treated as hayes crimes. i will have a live report coming up. report and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of world class wine stolen have been recovered in north carolina. the question now, who took it. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> just into our newsroom. star power meets super power. hollywood celebrity joining forces with bat kid. >> then at 6:00 rising star in the silicon valley hits the ipo jackpot. >> great. >> but some tech experts worry this success story could be a bad sign for our economy. that's new at 6:00.
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there's concern in the east
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bay. patrols stepping up after vandals repeatedly targeted two churches. you see some of the damage here. disturbing disturbing vulgar showing up on four separate occasions. they are next to each other near granada high school. jodi hernandez is in livermore where police say they are treating this case as a hate crime. >> because of the nature of messages left on the churches they are treating these cases as hate crimes. as you mentioned churches are side by side. the mormon church here as been hit twice now by vand yls. as has the lutheran church which is located right next door. tonight church goers are feeling pretty violated. >> vandalism, i don't understand it. i think a lot of people don't understand it. >> that's how people at livermore holy cross huge ran are feeling after vandals left
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disturbing and graphic gra foet graffiti on the sidewalks and walls. >> it is diminishing aebnd degrading. we have more important thing to do that run around covering graffiti. >> the church of jesus christ of latter day saint has also been covered with graffiti twice in the last few weeks. >> one of the churches it was derogatory remark he about the church, about god and about heaven. >> we are classifying it as hate crime. that's why we are doing more to locate the suspects. >> neighbors say the vandalism has them upset and on edge too. they can't believe someone would target places that should be off limits. houses of worship. >> churches especially obviously they doll what they will do but i, for the sake of you know, god itself, and i just don't think they should be doing it for churches at all.
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>> now vandalism left everybody who lives along this block feeling shaken. folks say they are try tock extra alert, paying extra attention to say they locked their windows and doors at night until those responsible are caught. >> reporting live in livermore, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> the notorious zodiac killer back in the news. back in the 19. 0 70s, he wants efd that emerged last year. long time l.a. publicist, chris harris seen here on the left. he made the revelation of a book from a year ago. the author claims strange father earl van best junior was the serial killer. van best does bear a striking resemblance to the sketch. >> i think he has proof, this is the man, the same person i saw in that diner.
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>> now harris claims the killer approached him in a napa diner in the 1970s and even spoke about killing. a film crew is investigating the murders. san francisco police spokesman tells us the zodiac case is still open. adding quote we want people contact us with information. anything they like or work claim and we work with evidence. >> follow up to a high profile height that made headlines nationwide with one of the nation's most exclusive restaurants was burglarized. the french laundry plofrt than $300,000 on wine in christmas day. this week most of the expensive vino was found across the country in north carolina. the wine is back in california at the sheriff's department now. residents and tourists are all talking about this. so many questions and who took
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the wine and how it ended up out of state. and the sheriff's department is offering few details on how they made this discovery. and there is a sense of relief. and the majority of the world class wine has been recovered spread quickly where jean newbill pours wine at a nearby tasting room. >> small by community and you know taking it kind personally that someone would break into the cellar. >> 76 bottles stolen christmas days. >> some of the bottles, sold in excess of $6,000. >> captain doug pipe with the napa county sheriff's department spoke with us by phone. saying lee with the $300,000 theft led detectives to north carolina. >> the wine is recovered from a
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person who we are categorizing at this point as being the sun suspecting or unwitting, unaware at the time that wine was stolen. >>? january, rare wines were also stolen from another restaurant. the methods were similar. and investigators are considering the possibility it might be linked. workers want answers and solutions. >> it will be fantastic. but i think more importantly making sure it doesn't happen again. or having steps to prevent it from happening. >> investigators say they are looking into a number of possibilities. like it was carried out with someone tied to the restaurant but again tonight nothing concrete and so far no arrests. reporting live in yontville, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> the most talked about story of the day. >> just in time for the weekend. beautiful weather. >> i know. i got to take off these long sleeves and put on short
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sleeves, jeff. >> napa might not be a bad place to be this saturday and sunday. you see in the scrolling ticker on the screen. there could be warming spots this weekend. we look at weather time lapse through the day. a lot of blue sky this morning. all the way through the afternoon. the reason why we are so clear across the bay area is the dry off-shore wind. now not only did a clear skies out in warm temperatures up that wind pushed across the hills in the north bay. amplifying temperatures getting us to 79 degrees. san jose also checking in at 70. so where do we stand right now at 5:19? you can see clear skies as that sun continues to set right now. temperatures for the most part in the 60s. we have average of 60 in san francisco. 63 in peninsula and also for the south bay. as we look at tomorrow morning, you will probably be happy to know after seven to eight days of on again, off again fog as we head throughout tomorrow
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morning, we are going to start off clear here across the bay area. cold but we're not expecting any fog with temperatures in the 40s. now no doubt as we continue throughout the weekend, the forecast is going to be ruled by this area of high pressure. a lot of hot air associated with it. it will just sit right on top of a lot of the wet and the other thing it's going do is drive off-shore wind. that keeps any fog from forming again. and temperatures that will be widespread in the 70s. let's look at the climate forecast through saturday and see how things shape up. you will see 99% of the bay area is expecting 70 degree temperatures. 72 degrees, little warmer with 73. 72 in menlo park. even at the coastline in the 70s. you can see across san francisco, temperatures also in the upper 60s to possibly 71 in selma. in the east bay in tri valley. napa wine country.
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one of the warmest again. slight off-shore winds catapult us to the higher elevations. amplify those temperatures as air molecules really start rubbing against each other creating friction and helps temperatures to boost up. we likely will see 75 in napa. 77 in santa rosa. not quite for oakland as 70. temperatures this warm inland, and that off-shore wind, also sending temperatures at the coastline of average averaging from 73 to 75 degrees this weekend. again, dangerous waves if you're headed that way. from 8 to 13 foot waves are possible at the immediate coastline. also very strong rip currents to watch out for. over all this weekend, saturday looks fantastic. sunday's forecast check it out. temperatures up a few more degrees to make it that much more enjoyable. for south bay, 76 by sunday. san francisco 73. for the north bay sunday close to 80 degrees in january.
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really is unreal when you take a look at these numbers and what the calendar is like right now. >> 70s across the board. still to come out of business at 30,000 feet. what could disappear from the plane's seat back pockets. >> and trading bombs for drugs. troubling tactics one bay area is using in a drugstore robbery.
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♪ at kaiser permanente
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ same day he was sentenced. that's the case for this pittsburgh man who pled no contest for felony charges for pumping out his girlfriend. he had plans to marry another woman after sentencing by the same judge. the court approved it but according to his lawyer he was quote jilted by his intended
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bride. gangs left the courtroom as a single man, sentenced to eight years in prison. bay area with a scary twist. instead of robbing by gunpoint investigators tell this man the pharmacist has a bomb and demand oxycodone. the first robbery happened december 12th at walgreens in mountain view. the second at wallgreen's and rite-aid in morgan hill. in two cases the bomb squad was called to investigate the packages he left behind. both were deemed harmless. >> the company that produces the inflight shopping catalog declared bankruptcy. sky mall has been around for 30 years in the seat back pocket. but our iphones, ipads, kendallsels and other, the sky mall has taken a back seat. >> the bat kid documentary we
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have been telling you about as a big fan. roberts and her production company has just closed the deal to adapt the documentary into a feature film. it would depict how san francisco became goth am city for a day to grant the wish after 5-year-old leukemia patient. documentary directed by former colleagues debuting this weekend at slam dance film festival in utah. >> it's a good film. >> they were described as clash and flash. the olympic duo. coming up next.
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on our 6:00 newscast the regulation that may create a roadblock for uber and lift. that tonight at 6:00. >> the dynamic duo are reuniting. they will be the bench reporters for the super bowl pregame show next month. the pair will interview celebrities, adding fun and style to the super bowl. former figure skating olympians were a lit when they were kplen tators at last year's winter games in sochi. they teamed up again at the academy award. and at the kentucky derby last year. they are busy. you can watch tara and johnny at the super bowl sunday february 1st. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m. game time 3:30. >> super bowl will never be the same. >> for sure. >> they will be dressed to the
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nines. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. brian williams is next on nightly news. >> bye, see you at 6:00. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening.


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