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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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michelle roberts is watching the waves as officials issued a high surf advisory. we begin with meteorologist jeff ranieri who is striking potential for record temperatures. >> you already started to see the warm-up. st. held 13 at 79 degrees. half moon bay at 74. atherton at 72. the dry offshore winds we had today is the primary reason why temperatures got so warm this afternoon. a second consecutive day tomorrow. the high area of pressure has more time to build and strengthen as even hotter air is expected to move across california. so here is how the temperature is set up at least for the first part of your weekend. we'll average about 73 in the south bay for saturday. 71 in san francisco, and possibly 78 for the north bay. those drying winds are going to send the heat all the way to the coastline, likely 75 in santa cruz ocean beach, 70. and bodega bay 71. temperatures will be warm at the beaches, as we've been talking
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about. so with that said, if you are headed there, the big word of warning, a high surf advisory for the coastline from point reyes to santa cruz. waves picking up to 9 feet on our current buoy report but they could top 12 feet. we'll have more coming up in the full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> okay. thank you very much, jeff. now let's get to michelle roberts in pacifica for more on the wild waves coming in with the weekend heat. and they are tempting. >> reporter: they certainly are. the sun went down about 20 minutes ago. and surfers just got out of the water a few minutes ago. they've been putting on a show for a lot of us watching onshore. the waves look so powerful, some well over 10 feet high. >> ooh yeah! >> reporter: rough waters and blue skies drew an audience to the pacifica pier. >> feels like a beautiful day but with really big waves. >> thought we would come out and check it out. >> this is going to be good.
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>> reporter: people enjoyed the sight of 10 to 20-foot waves crashing underneath the pier. louis came down hoping to draw in a striped bass. he and the birds know big fish follow big waves. you want the big bite you got to wait. >> reporter: timing is key. but can also tangle the line. >> and this is a good area you know where the fish come and feed. that's where we get them. >> reporter: down the coast at pacifica state beach. >> and it runs all the way through. >> reporter: surfers weigh the risk and reward of catching the most powerful sets. >> today seemed like a nice day. looked pretty big, though. >> reporter: manny flores admits maybe too big. >> i didn't think it was going to be that rough. and i kind of got up and mixing of waves pretty bad. >> reporter: he was caught up in a massive swell that didn't let up. >> i've never gone that deep. today was my first time and i got rambled. >> reporter: which is why you may be better off experiencing the waves as a spectator.
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>> big. >> yeah, we might be wet. >> reporter: the surf advisory will be in place until sunday afternoon. so? you are going to be out here you're asked to stay away from the rocks and even away from the water. because the sneaker waves can catch you offguard. reporting live in pacifica tonight, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. you can track the waves and the temperature in your neighborhood any time. all you have to do is download the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. once it's downloaded click on your icon to find that weather tab. and there you can see the latest forecasts as well as realtime radar. it's free for apple iphone and droid users as well. happening now, a mess in the westport tall neighborhood of san francisco. take a look. a car ran into the muni train around 4:30 this afternoon. less than two hours ago. it happened at the intersection of eloa avenue and 14th street. one person was kurt inside of
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the car, but none of the light rail passengers were injured. pretty significant damage there. shuttles are now transporting passengers on the l line. traffic at this intersection is blocked as police continue their investigation. [ applause ] a lot of clapping and a lot of smiles from lows altos to wall street. a nice debut for box. the much hyped tech company went public today. they have tons of buzz, but it's yet to turn a profit. if that sounds familiar you're right. we saw a lot of this back in 1999 before the tech bust. today there is some concern in the silicon valley that history could be repeating itself. our business and tech reporter scott budman is in san jose. scott, box scored big. the first tech ipo of the year. >> it did. a lot of money made on wall street for a company that is not yet profitable. so the debate is once again
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launched. are we get heading into a tech bubble? box is on a tear. the cloud storage company has been hiring hundreds of people snagging dozens of new customers, building a brand-new headquarters in redwood city and thanks to a head hot ipo, box has $175 million in the bank. music to the ears of other bay area cloud related startups. >> first reaction wow, it's great. >> reporter: vinny jane is ceo and co-founder of egne. he says it brings attention to companies like his. >> the next thing is people are saying who are the other players in the space, and are they doing something different. >> reporter: but the box ipo is also drawing attention to something the tech industry fears, lots of money chasing companies with no profits. >> for me personally you know
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i definitely want to see strong sales and strong earnings for me to get into it. >> reporter: box is growing, but is nowhere near profitable. >> well, the market will give you the benefit of the doubt for only so long. so you have -- if you have promise, you'll get the benefit of the doubt. and then it's going to come down to sales and earnings and how profitable are you. >> reporter: a sign of another tech bubble? maybe. but egnyte says it has a different plan. >> first quarter of 2016 it becomes profitable. >> reporter: putting profit before the ipo pop. now box finished its first day on wall street with a very strong 66% the gain. the company says its revenues are on the rise. but it also says it does not see a profit for the foreseeable future. back to you. >> thank you. box is one of many companies competing in cloud storage. that's one of the reasons it's been challenging to turn a profit. you recognize the companies. box is competing with big names like google microsoft,
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salesforce and apple, all giant companies that can afford to lower prices potentially, putting extra pressure on their smaller competitors. another fine for pg&e today this time for pipeline violations. the new fines from the california public utilities commission add up to more than half million. that agency says it leveed the fines after pg&e failed to immediately examine and excavate pipelines that had signs of possible corrosion. the utility pipeline system has been under scrutiny since the deadly blast in san bruno in 2010. pg&e has ten days to pay or contest that fine. well, a top gop presidential hope self-in the bay area tonight. jeb bush in san francisco, sounding very much like a contender for the white house. officially, he is here to speak to an automobile dealer convention at the moscone center but that's not the only reason he came to town. outside of the moscone center where the former governor wrapped up an appearance within
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the last hour or so, mark. >> you're right, jessica. not a political visit. very much a political visit in sort of this secret thing that is going on behind the scenes. he said his visit yesterday with mitt romney in utah was not about politics but it certainly is here in the bay area. he told the automobile dealers that he had three suggestions for sustained economic growth in the country -- homegrown energy policy including embracing fracking and building the xl pipeline. he said the nation's educational system needs an overhaul. and on immigration, there must be a path to citizenship for those already here. >> there is no way that they're going to be deported. no one is suggesting an organized effort to do that. the cost of that would be extraordinary. we need to find a way where they pay fines, they learn english, they work and they get in the back of the line, but they come out of the shadows so that they can have the full productivity to be partners in the strategy of high economic growth.
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>> reporter: that's the same message he has delivered many times before. but he did not come here as i said to talk to car dealers. this stop is not about voters. this stop is the in the bay area is about money. both mitt romney and jeb bush are fighting tooth and nail to get to big money donors and wrap them up before the other one does. he got into town last night jeb bush did. he is talking with people in silicon valley. his aides won't tell us exactly where. but we know he is here to wrap up not only direct donors but the independent expenditure donors guys like karl rove who is also in town last night, people who control hundreds of millions of dollars. he can talk to them, as long as he is not a declared candidate. and you can bet that he is talking with them now. reporting from san francisco, mark matthew nbc bay area news. >> a lot of different layers to his visit. thank you, mark. new details now on the measles outbreak. the focus is at disneyland but there is plenty of concern here
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in the bay area. alameda county health leaders have asked the parents of 30 children to quarantine themselves because of a possible exposure to confirmed measles patients. now this is just a precautionary move. none of the 30 kids have shown any symptoms after nearly three weeks in quarantine. right now the bay area has nine confirmed cases of the measles. here is the map. five in alameda county, two in san mateo county, and two in santa clara county. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from santa clara county's public health department. damian vaccinate is now the buzzword? >> reporter: that's what they're saying raj. the director of public health sent this letter to parents in santa clara county today, reminding them of the symptoms of measles and the importance of vaccinations. dr. sarah cody, the public health officer says even people in their 40s might want to think about revaccination. the letter from the public health department again outlines the dangers of measles. but it also assures parents if
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their child has been vaccinated they should have nothing to worry about, as long as they keep their guard up. >> our message is for everyone to be on the alert for providers to review the signs and symptoms. think measles. >> reporter: the public health officer says the county's second case was confirmed late yesterday, another person with no connections to disneyland, which is also a concern. >> what this indicates to us is there may be some level of measles circulating undetected in our community. how widespread that is of course we don't know. >> reporter: most everyone we have spoken with is aware of the outbreak, but not too many people are worried. >> my kids are grown, and had the measles. and we did that already. i don't have to worry about that right now. >> it's a relief for you? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: dr. sara cody says some adults in their 40s who aren't sure if they have been immunized against the measles should be getting checked. >> you may get a recommendation to check on your immunity or the recommendation may be to get another shot. and really no harm in getting
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another shot. >> reporter: it's better to be sure says dr. cody because the measles is so infectious. and dr. sarah cody says vaccination not only protects that child, but also the child's family and the community around that child. we're live in san jose i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of concern. thank you, damian. the california law that took effect last year is making it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids. the law requires parents claiming a personal belief exemption from vaccines to have a signed form from their doctor. maybe the reason the number of unvaccinated kindergartners is down. state figures show personal belief exemptions for kindergartners dropped from about 3% in 2013 to 2.5% last year. well still ahead, he says he has a bomb. but this serial robber holding up mountain view locations looking for one very specific item. also --
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>> vandals have left disturbing graffiti not once but four times at east bay churches. i'm jodi hernandez in livermore. i'll tell you why police are treating the cases as hate crimes. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear skies across san jose. right now 58 degrees. however, as we head throughout this weekend, it's not going to be all clear. we'll talk about the pollution levels and where it's expected to be worse in just a few minutes.
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police announced a big break in a south bay nightclub murder case. san jose police and u.s. marshals arrested a suspect at sfo on monday just as this man got off a flight from vietnam. officers say he is connected to a new year's day shooting outside the reign lounge in east san jose. two people were hit. one man died at the hospital. that was the first homicide in san jose for 2015. police are also looking for
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one additional person. they say he may be armed and dangerous. investigators have not released a motive in that shooting. two churches are being targeted in livermore. tonight police are stepping up patrols, looking for the vandals. the churches stand right next to each on macho street near granada high school. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in livermore. jodi these are usually hate crime investigations. >> reporter: and livermore police are treating these cases as hate crimes raj. church goers here are definitely feeling hurt confused and angry. the churches are located right next to each other. this lutheran church behind us has been hit twice now, as has the mormon church, which is located right next door so far police have no idea who is causing the disturbing mess. >> it's destructive and it's diminishing and degridding. >> reporter: church goers in livermore are feeling violated.
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vandals have left vulgar and disturbing graffiti on their sidewalk and walls on four occasions over the last two weeks. >> we have people expending energy that could be used in much better more productive ways than sand blasting concrete and power-washing walls. >> reporter: the holy cross lutheran church has been hit twice in recent days as has the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they're not taking it lightly. >> one of the churches, it was derogatory remarks about the church, about god, about heaven. we are classifying them as a hate crime. that's why we're doing more to try to locate the suspects. >> we have lived across here number ten years and never had any issues like this. this is definitely a big deal. >> reporter: folks who live in the neighborhood are feeling pretty rattled too. they can't believe someone would target places that should be offlimits, houses of worship. >> churches especially. obviously, they're going to do what they're going to do but i
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really for the sake of god itself i just don't think they should be doing it to churches at all. >> reporter: the pastor of holy cross church says he has done a lot of praying over the situation. he is at a lot for what is behind the attack. >> to understand what that accomplishes for them, what need is met, what satisfaction is gained by doing that. because we just don't have that insight. >> reporter: now, both churches spent the day trying to cover up that graffiti. folks here are praying that the vandalism will stop. reporting live in livermore, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, jodi. bay area police are investigating several drug store robberies, and these have a scary twist. instead of robbing the pharmacist at gunpoint investigator says this man tells the pharmacist he has a bomb. and then he demands oxycodone. the second and third at a
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walgreens and rite aid in morgan hill late december, early january. in both cases, the bomb squad was called to investigate packages that the man left behind, packages that turned out to be harmless. if you're looking for marijuana or a doctor's evaluation, hemp-com a medical marijuana conference held at the san jose convention center. it's everything from educational services to equipment and legal services. today was the first day of the three-day conference, and the center was packed. >> keep it steady like this and see all my patients and help them out and give them nice quality medicine for a good price. >> tickets are 30 bucks, and you must be at least 18 years old to attend. all right. let's get the latest from jeff. it's going to be a warm weekend. >> i know. it's friday too, right? >> yes. >> weekend. >> take a live look outside the sky camera network right now. you see clear skies across the bay.
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temperatures to about 60 degrees. for most of the region, 10 miles visibility. you might need a light jacket if you're heading out tonight. you can leave the heavy jacket in the closet. you'll especially see throughout tomorrow's forecast, no jacket needed at all. let's get to it. you'll see the average here across the north bay likely close to 80 degrees in some locations. the overall average will be 76 degrees. and no it's not dangerous heat. it's not super uncomfortable. but it is unusual. and again, it likely could be record setting. now let's get a look. we do think we're going to break some records here. for saturday, these are the locations we're confident we will set a new record and/or tie a record. napa, the record is 67. we're going to shatter that going to 73 degrees. san francisco airport, 72. we'll tie there. oakland airport likely popping up to 70. 71 in hayward. 72 will be a new record here in san jose. and we'll tie a any one in concord as well. so very enjoyable saturday coming our way there are going to be some side effects, though.
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the first one is going to be the pollution, with even some light offshore winds. it's not going to be strong enough to push out all the poor air quality. we'll see pollution levels, the worst here in the north bay. also, for the south bay, it will be moderate to close to unhealthy in the peninsula. a spare the air day in effect. if you have any desire to use the fireplace, temperatures in the 70s, they're asking you not to do that. the other effect is going to be the high surf. long west-northwest swells here. water temperatures 56 to 60. so it's cold like it always is in the water. you may be tempted to dip your toes in. check out the wave heights from 8 to possibly 13 feet saturday and sunday. it's going to be going off at the coastline. even some of the most experienced surfers said today they had problems with the waves out there. so if you are highly experienced, you still want to advise some caution. just enjoy the weather out there if you're kicking your feet around in the sand. temperatures in the low to
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mid-70s. sounds kind of nice to me. i didn't have plans to go to the beach tomorrow. i had plans to do yard work and things like that. but i might switch it checking out this forecast. it's never too late. >> thank you very much. coming up the mega wine heist that took investigators from one of the bay area's most famed restaurants all the way to north carolina. and the crime on the rise around the uc berkeley campus. that's next. thanks for the ride around norfolk!
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and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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particular crime on campus on the rise. berkeley police are seeing an increase in the number of car break-ins at cal. this month alone, officers responded to nine auto burglaries in campus parking lots. most of them are smash and grab where the thieves satter the windows and take stuff inside the car. so officers recommend parking only in well-lit areas and taking anything valuable like those laptops or your phone out of the car.
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they are checking the surveillance video. administrators at paradise valley elementary school covered the offensive words and images before school started today. police photographed the damage which depicts swastikas and obscenities and the letters kkk. they're ruling out activists and say the work is clearly the work of teenagers. >> we think they were juvenile adolescents randomly walking through the neighborhood and randomly chose this school as one of the places to tag. they targeted the school. and they also targeted an adjacent residence as well as two vehicles to vandalize. >> surveillance video recorded by the school and neighboring homeowners should give them enough evidence to find these vandals. stood up by his bride to be on the same day he was sentenced to prison. that's what happened to this man from pittsburg who plead no contest to felony charges of pimping out his girlfriend.
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foster gaines had planned to marry another woman, not the victim in the case during his sentencing this afternoon. the court approved it. but according to the attorney he was jilted by the intended bride. so gaines left court a single man sentenced to eight years in prison. still ahead here at 6:00 it's been what five days now. the nfl finally responding. the latest in the investigation of the new england patriots and their deflated game balls. a new claim about a nearly 50-year-old mystery. what one man is saying about the zodiac killer, and how san francisco police are responding. and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rare wines stolen from a famous restaurant in yountville have been recovered in north carolina. but there is still plenty of questions about who took it. i'm christie smith. that story coming up.
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it was a high profile heist at one of the nation's most elite restaurants. but tonight the case has been cracked. this is a follow-up story now to a story we first brought you last month. a burglary at the world famous french laundry in yountville. the restaurant lost more than $300,000 in fine wine. but that stolen wine has been recovered from a home in north carolina. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us now from yountville. christie, this is a cross-country heist. >> reporter: yeah, that's right across-country. we're talking about them being recovered as you said in north
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carolina. dozens of bottles of very rare and expensive wine. the sheriff's department isn't revealing a whole lot about how the bottles were recovered and who took them is still a mystery. in yountville word spread fast that more than 70 bottles of world class wine stolen on christmas day have been recovered. jean works close by we're a small community here and everybody knows each other. so, you know, we take it kind of personally that someone would break into the cellar. so we're glad it's been recovered. >> reporter: the rare and expensive wines were taken from world renowned french laundry restaurant, some bottles with a value of $6,000. a napa county sheriff's captain said that leads took them to north carolina where the bulk of the bottles were found. >> the wines were recovered. from a person we're categorizing at this point being completely
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unsuspecting and unwhitting and unaware what the wines were stolen. >> reporter: another yountville restaurant had its own wine theft in january. investigatoring are considering the possibility it might be linked. workers want more answers and solutions. >> it would be fantastic. but i think more importantly ask making sure this doesn't happen again or having steps in preventing it from happening. at least here in yountville and the rest of napa valley. >> reporter: it's a puzzle to residents that is starting to come together. >> i'm very curious to see who actually stole it and what possessed them to ship it across the country. >> reporter: now we reached out to the thomas keller restaurant group who then referred us back to the sheriff's department. the sheriff's department saying they're looking into a number of possible scenarios like perhaps whoever took the wine might have some sort of connection to the restaurant. but again, nothing concrete. and still no arrests. reporting live in yountville christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, christie. an early morning crash in san leandro killed a woman and injured three other people. including a man who had stopped to help. it happened on eastbound 580 near the castro valley approach around 4:00 this morning. police say the driver of a kia veered off the freeway. the car rolled over several times and crashed into the center divide. a second car then hit the first crash, causing the kia to burst into flames and then hit a man who had stopped to help. the female passenger in the kia was killed. police say drugs may be to blame for that initial accident. a new claim tonight about the notorious zodiac killer. an l.a. man now says he met the zodiac back in the 1970s and he wants san francisco police to reexamine evidence that emerged last year. publicist chris harris on the left said he was stun bade zodiac book that came out last year. as we reported at that time, the author claimed his estranged father, earl van best jr. was the serial killer.
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van best does bear a striking resemblance to the police sketches. >> i think he has the proof. this is the man. it's the same person i saw in that diner. >> harris now claims the killer approached him in a napa diner in the 1970s and talked about the murders. harris was part of a film crew investigating those murders. a san francisco police spokesman tells us the zodiac case is still open, adding quote, we want people to contact us with any information. anyone can say what they would like or claim believe, but we work with evidence. the supreme court is taking up the issue of death by lethal injection. today the court agreed to hear a case brought by three death row inmates who claim that oklahoma's lethal injection protocol amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. the practice was back in the spotlight in april when a botched execution left an inmate allegedly twisting in pain for nearly an hour. he ultimately died of a heart
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attack. some say the court's decision to take up the case is surprising considering they approved another oklahoma execution just last week. more than 200 mayors from around the country wrapped up their meeting at the white house tonight with a speech from president obama. sacramento mayor and kevin johnson introduced. oakland's new mayor libby schaaf among half a dozen bay area mayors in attendance. during his address, president obama pledged to support america's cities. >> what we now know is successful cities in metropolitan areas end up being the engines by which communities and states and ultimately nations succeed. >> the president went on to caution mayors and tell them that they should focus on tangible results in their cities. guns at u.s. airports. the tsa says it seized a record number of firearms.
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last year more than 2200 weapons were confiscated, up from more than 600 weapons seized ten years ago. one factor is the number of states that allow americans to carry concealed weapons. 83% of the weapons seized were loaded. officers say they found most of the guns at dallas/fort worth international. the most common excuse amongst travelers? that they forgot they were carrying the gun. u.s. hopes of reopening an american embassy in cuba appear to be fading after days of negotiations in havana. banking, telecommunications and the restoration of diplomatic ties all on the table being discussed. but the talks failed to produce a single significant agreement beyond an agreement to hold more talks. the subject of human rights appear to be a huge stumbling block. >> it is crucial that we will continue to both speak out about human rights publicly and directly now with the cuban government.
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>> mastercard is planning to lift its ban on u.s. credit card transaction in cuba starting in march. it will be the first credit card company to unblock transactions there. mastercard is warning card holders that they need to contact their banks before visiting cuba nike sure the card will work on the island nation. it took five days to acknowledge, but nfl investigators agree, the footballs use beside i the patriots for half of the afc title game were underinflated. the league confirming today that their investigation shows the patriots used the underinflated balls during the first half of last sunday's play-off game. the patriots deny any knowledge of this. the nfl setz says its investigation is john going. bottom line, at least for now, the patriots won the gym and will face the seahawks in the upcoming super bowl. that game is february 1 right here on nbc bay area. well, coming up, the book that tempted us with things we didn't know we wanted. why the sky mall catalog is
6:37 pm
about to vanish from your airplane seat back. could the dmv stop the spread of hide sharing companies. it may create a roadblock for uber and lyft. the question about the u.s. partnership with saudi arabia. as a new leader emerges, we find out what the future holds in terms of the war on terror and oil production. the story next.
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on monday it's going to be a close call as a mountain-sized asteroid zooms past earth. it's coming 750,000 miles near our planet which doesn't sound close, but scientists say that's close and a big deal. monday's close encounter will be the closest we come to a big
6:40 pm
space rock until 2027. the dmv appears to be putting a speed bump in the way of uber and other ride sharing services. in a new memo drivers have to get commercial license plates if they're going to profit. commercial insurance could be. "the l.a. times" says it's a lot of red tape way could likely discourage potential drivers. the ride sharing companies claim the dmv's position lashes with regulations established by the public utilities commission. it couldn't compete with the internet. that's why the company that produces sky mall magazine is declaring bankruptcy. it has been around for some 30 years now. but with the boom in digital devices, fewer and fewer airline travelers are pull it from the seatback to look at it. they're trying to sell off its remaining states. >> i love those magazines. all sorts of trinkets in there. >> i always dog ear the pages, i
6:41 pm
like, this like that. never once bought anything. >> so you were the one. >> blame me. cool stuff there. >> jeff, the weekend? >> so ready for the weekend. i know a lot of you are ready for some warming temperatures. there is no rain on the map. we might as well enjoy this weekend. we'll talk more about who is going to get close to 80 degrees in a few minutes.
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japds officials admit they're expecting the worse. the ransom deadline has passed to free two japanese hostages. they're being held by terrorists. the militant isis demand a billion dollar ransom and gave a deadline for japan to deliver. japanese officials say they have heard nothing on the fate of the two men. in the hours leading up to the deadline, the mother of one of the hostages held a news conference pleading for her son's life. saudi arabia's king abdullah
6:44 pm
was laid to rest today as a new leader takes over that country, the question for many is whether the change in leadership will impact america's relationship with that strategic ally. two key concerns the war on terror and oil production. our janelle wang joins us with more. >> reporter: jessica, you can see why saudi arabia is such an important ally. it's smack in the middle of the conflict zones. the war against isis and al qaeda going on in syria and iraq. there are concerns about iran's nuke clear program. yemen's government overthrown by rebels. egypt's government still looking for stability. saudi arabia about the only friendly territory for the u.s. in this region. saudi arabia held a funeral. his body was shrouded in a simple beige cloth in line with his tradition. edied at 90 reportedly from pneumonia. >> we will miss his wisdom his
6:45 pm
partnership and friendship. >> reporter: it's expected the relationship will not change. transition to the new king has been smooth. abdullah's half-brother 79-year-old king salman promised to continue the policies of his predecessors. the transition of power has also elevated another person mohammed bin yet is the head of saudi arabia's counterterrorism program. he is a very close u.s. ally and now saudi arabia's third most powerful person. as for oil prices that's also expected to remain unchanged with the new king. saudi arabia is the world's second largest producer of crude oil. expert says the new king won't cut production, even though low prices are hurting his country's economy. he says he is fearful of losing market share to iran or iraq. >> i expect continuity. king salman will continue to keep the production level up which means prices will stay low. >> reporter: while the average american is saving about $750 a year from lower gas price, experts say over 30,000 oil
6:46 pm
industry jobs have been lost. and some states are being hit hard. >> be careful what you wish for. the lower prices go could trigger some sort of recession in at least north dakota and texas. >> reporter: saudi's new king is reportedly in poor health. he is already making sure the monarchy's future is stable. today he named his younger half-brother as his successor, 69-year-old crown prison mukreen. and named the grandson as the monarchy's founder as second in line. raj? >> thank you. it may not be what silicon valley wants to hear but pope francis advised all of us to use a little less tech. today he advised families to put down tech devices and learn how to talk to each other again. it coincided with the pontiff's world day of communications. he took the first papal selfie. he is also on facebook and has twitter accounts in about eight different languages.
6:47 pm
his messages today children learn not from an iphone but from communicating with family and friends. >> i have to say the pontiff is on point with that one. >> he sure is. >> i'm going communicate with my friend jeff ranieri right now. it was a beautiful day outside. >> it certainly was. if you like today, we're going repeat that performance for saturday and also sunday. and even check out that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen as it continues to populate. you're going to notice temperatures going even warmer as we head throughout this weekend. one key indication that we're under unusual weather, no fog, no clouds at all the coastline this morning. that's because we had the dry offshore wind. you can see in the weather underground time lapse. nothing but blue sky here in pacifica. take you to the hottest temperatures and up into the north bay. st. helena 79 degrees. how did it get so warm there when san jose was just at 70? we had a nine-degree spread in temperatures because of the winds that were coming out of the north, a drying and warming wind were stronger in the north bay and that helped to amplify
6:48 pm
temperatures. ads as the wind kicks around, the air molecules get excited creates friction and the temperatures get hotter. san jose 70 today. half moon bay 74. atherton at 72. clear skies. temperatures primarily in the upper 50s and also low 60s. so will it be clear again for tomorrow morning? let's take you to the forecast. i really think here tomorrow, we're not going to be starting off with any fog across the bay area. it's going to be told start in the north bay. 43 degrees. 45 in the peninsula. also 45 for the south bay. but those temperatures are going to jump and quickly in saturday's forecast. there are two main reasons why if you're talking to anybody about this heat, you can tell them this that we are getting these hot temperatures. we have high pressure overhead. and that's creating hot air. the second reason is we have dry offshore winds. and that's taking hot air and pushing it back towards the coastline. no fog in the forecast and sunny beach weather coming our way. we'll take a look at the microclimate as we head
6:49 pm
throughout saturday. you can see here across san jose sunny, 72 degrees for morgan hill. just a smidge warmer at 73. and there is the beach weather. in pacifica 71 degrees tomorrow. menlo park 72. and for san francisco, mainly upper 60s. you headed downtown maybe towards the farmers market the low 70s. for the tri-valley, the same reason i explained that st. helena was warmer today. we'll have dry north winds. it will push temperatures in to the mid- to upper 70s for napa and santa rosa. for the tri-valley fop up to 70 in pleasanton. 72 in danville. now this warm weather is going to come with a little bit of caution here. if you're headed to the beaches with temperatures averaging 73 to 75 you may want to dip your toes to the water. but that's about all you want to do. if you head out in it you may want to watch out. weaves from 8 to 13 feet possible saturday and sunday. even for some of the most experienced surfers and swimmers. it was very rough for them out
6:50 pm
there today. watch out forethat this weekend numbers go up few more degrees as we head throughout sunday's forecast. 76 in the south bay on sunday. 73 in san francisco. the north bay looking at 78. i don't know. i'm thinking beach saturday and maybe some wine country by sunday. some chardonnay in the sun, 78 degrees. >> i'll good on that. >> we got the wine back from french laundry. it's all good. let's do it. >> we're headed to yountville people. >> let's go. >> thanks jeff. warriors coach steve kerr has a tough decision to make. who is going to start opposite steph curry at the all-star game. we'll show you his options and it could lead to hurt feelings here in the bay area. stay with us.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the company that brought us these incredible views of mavericks wants to do the same thing on the ice. gopro has signed a partnership with the national hockey league. this is the first pro sports league deal for the san mateo camera maker. you'll get to see the partnership in action this weekend. players are set to wear gopro cameras. the cameras will be used to give fans new angles new views of the ice and you'll get some really, really good action shots of the fights. you'll get to see the boxing really well. >> that's your favorite part of this. geraud moncure joining us from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. gopro for boxing and how about a gopro on steph curry's head? >> oh that would be good. i like the rim shots the best. >> you would see beautiful shooting. giants sign themselves a little starting pitching insurance today. the two-time world series champion ryan vogelsong back for more with the orange and black. now, after being on the edge of
6:54 pm
signing with the houston astros he inks a 1-year $4 million to return. he competes for one of the starting jobs on the back end of that rotation. now this is what he has done the past four years with the g-men. he was an all-star in 2011 and played a vital role in the franchise winning two rings in 2012 and 2014. the 37-year-old struggled last season going just 8-13 in 32 stars. well, spring training still a few weeks away. bob melvin already has relief pitching issues to deal with. sean doolittle has a slight rotator cuff tear and will miss the start of the season. efelt soreness this winter and an mri revealed the tear. the i-80 rivalry back on as the dubs host the king. steve kerr faces a tough decision on who should start in that game alongside steph curry,
6:55 pm
james harden or klay thompson? both expected to be added to the squad. tonight we asked the coach about his plans. >> i know this is a tough question, but how would you feel about starting klay? >> i got other things to worry about right now. we'll see what happens. and more than anything i just keel bad for kobe. >> the coach playing it slightly close to the vest. instead focusing on starter kobe bryant who is out of the all star done and likely done for the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff in his shooting shoulder. replacements will be named next week. all right. the nfl released a statement today saying tom brady's patriots are fully cooperating with the deflate-gate investigation, one they are take investigator seriously. in the statement, the nfl said the ongoing investigation has included nearly 40 interviews so far. no players yet. and that they have hired an investigative firm with
6:56 pm
sophisticated forensic expertise to analyze video, and that they will share any conclusions publicly once they are made. finally, following up now on a story, the central coast section has banned serra high from football play-offs for two seasons for fitting a consolation matchup. serra informed the ccs just hours before kickoff they would not be attending siting injury concerns. serra head coach patrick walsh released a statement. quote, i stand behind my decision to this day and will never feel otherwise. the decision was made in consultation with and the full support of the serra administration. i only had the best interests of our players' health in mind. my only regret is i should have made this determination sooner end quote. walsh says the school is now preparing for the appeals process. now, we don't know how many injuries they had but the health of the player especially in football obviously the most
6:57 pm
important thing that takes place every night on a football field. >> absolutely. thanks gearraud. there is a movie shoot, and it's turning heads in the bay area. we'll share unite tonight at 11:00 after ""dateline"". a pint-sized super hero grab tase tension of a superstar. julia roberts is a fan of the new bat kid documentary we've been telling you about. roberts and her production company have just closed the deal to adapt the documentary into a feature film starring julia roberts. it would depict how san francisco became gotham city for a day. remember when that happened? to grant the wish of 5-year-old miles scott, a leukemia patient who is in remission now. the documentary debuts this weekend at the slam dance film festival in utah. >> very proud indeed we are. >> julia roberts, going big time. >> big screen. >> thanks for joining us here at
6:58 pm
6:00. have a good evening. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
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sarah palin takes aim at the "american sniper" controversy. >> hypocrites are the ones who are slamming chris kyle. >> she's roaring again. now on "extra." >> sarah palin comes to "extra," and she's fired up, taking shots at seth rogen and michael moore. >> there are more of us than there are of them, those haters. >> and revealing her personal connection to chris. miley cyrus one on one with me, and nothing's off limits. what inspired you to just let it all hang out? >> oh, hell. >> from her stripped-down, soaped-up photo shoot to playing hide and go seek with the paps in hawaii.


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