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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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right now at 6:00 customers in the south bay warned about possibly being exposed to the measles. a costco making the announcement today. what's more alarming the exposure may not have been limited to just costco. good evening everyone. >> now to that developing story in the south bay. hundreds of shoppers at the costco store in gilroy may have been exposed to the measles. infected adult shopped there and the same person may have visited several other public places as well. marianne favro is joining us now in gilroy with the latest. >> reporter: peggy the santa clara county public health
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department tells me that there was an adult who was still in the infectious stage, confirmed to have measles who shopped here at this costco in gilroy. not only that that same person went on to shop in a walmart in the south county and also an undisclosed restaurant in the south county. at this costco in gilroy, employees tell us that they put up a sign from the county health department letting people know that if they shopped here january 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. they may have been exposed to measles. we talked to some shoppers who said they never saw the small notices posted at the entrance. they say costco should have done more to alert them. amy butler and her family have been vaccinated for the measles but are still concerned. >> obviously becoming very ill or exposing our friends and family and the possible outbreak that it could mean for california having already been in the los angeles area and then
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moving up this way. >> the flier says if you have not been vaccinated for measles or did not have it as a child, you are not immune. the health department flier urged shoppers to watch for symptoms which include fever, a cough and a rash until february 8th. the health department says this is the second confirmed case of measles in santa clara county, and statewide there have been 59 cases of measles so far this season. reporting live in gilroy marianne favro nbc bay area news. now a few more details on a measles outbreak which originated at disneyland last month. disney now offering free measles shots and immunity tests to all employees after five workers came down with the disease. nearly 80 people have been sickened in the outbreak which has affected not just california but six other states and also mexico. california is among 20 states that allow parents to skip
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vaccines for their children because of personal beliefs. doctors are strongly urging those who have not had their measles vaccinations to get one. we are learning more about a bizarre and deadly bike crash. the cyclist was killed on highway 85 in sunnyvale early this morning. it happened about 2:30 a.m. near fremont avenue when police say a woman came around a corner and hit a man on a bike traveling in the same lane instead of on the shoulder. investigators say the bicyclist, a 24-year-old merced man, was drunk. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman driving was not hurt and is not suspected of any wrongdoing. well the calendar says january. it feels more like march, maybe april right now. a live look at the water from downtown san francisco. the bay bridge looking mighty sharp, the water looking gorgeous. it's a gorgeous day, it's a gorgeous night. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now. rob, is there any chance of rain this week? >> there is one chance of rain and a rare one.
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we wrapped up the weekend up to 72 at half moon bay, starting to cool down 50s and 60s outside right now. a little bit of an east wind will likely pump in more fog like we had this morning. heading into tomorrow morning, you see the low clouds there starting to line up around concord into napa. during the day we'll see increasing clouds. it will pull this system northward and bring us a chance of seeing some showers late tomorrow into tuesday. a relatively weak system but one that could toss a few showers away. on the other coast, a much stronger storm system taking shape. blizzard warnings now up for several states monday into tuesday where snow totals could be merkdasured by the foot. we'll talk more about how much rain we expect coming up in our microclimate forecast in a few minutes. more details on that storm now, rob. they are calling it the great
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blizzard on the east coast. precautions and preparations under way for this huge winter storm bearing down ot states in the northeast. as much as 3 feet of snow and 35-mile-an-hour wind gusts are expected between late afternoon monday and tuesday morning. new york mayor bill de blasio says 500 salt spreaders and 1500 snow plows all dispatched for what could be one of the largest snowstorms recorded in the city's history. >> new yorkers should not underestimate this storm. assume conditions will be unsafe. assume you dongt want to be out in this storm. when you can stay indoors, stay indoors. when you can stay off the roads, stay off the roads. >> really underlining there that this could be a huge safety issue this storm. we checked out flights at san francisco international airport. so far there's nearly a dozen cancellations so far for those who had flights headed back east. here in the bay area a church controversy in san francisco. one parish saying no to girl altar servers. the priest behind that policy is
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coming under fire. christie smith is in san francisco. christie you were saying before this isn't totally the breeft but who's behind this policy? >> well he said that it was a discussion that he had when he arrived from los angeles about six months ago but some parents are upset about this. they don't understand why girls can't go on being altar servers when they have been actually doing it for years here at the star of the sea church in the richmond district. this is on geary and eighth where some parishioners are trying to make sense of it. the father is new, just arrived from los angeles. there is a school also tied to the church. i looked at the number of parents particularly at the school that were upset but he explained the reason toward moving towards just boys. >> a program, which is a very proven effective way of
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promoting vocation to the priesthood. boys get closer to the altar. as you know the catholic church does not ordain women. >> if i were a mother sending her children her daughters to school here i would be extremely annoyed and feel very -- like we're going back in time. >> he says the current girl altar servers can finish they're just not looking for new ones. he also says he believes it's important for boys and girls to have their own programs. for girls, they can read at mass prepare the altar and he said that there are about 15 altar servers in all. about two or three are girls. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. now to an nbc bay area follow-up on the mystery surrounding hundreds of dead and injured birds in the san francisco bay. it has been more than a week than the mysterious goo started showing up on the birds and it is still unclear what it is.
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nbc bay area broke this story. a nonprofit wildlife rescue group in fairfield is caring for the birds at a cost of $9500 every day. neither the state or federal government is making any money available. the department of fish and wildlife is investigating the situation and putting the goo through a series of tests trying to figure out what exactly it is. the seattle seahawks are in phoenix ahead of super bowl xlix. the new england patriots will be leaving boston tomorrow. >> and today the patriots coach and players said they are done talking about what some call deflategate. >> we're not. >> we're not going to talk about it by any means. >> and they're focused on the big game which we're not. nbc's jennifer johnson has more. >> reporter: seattle seahawks fans gave a rousing send-off to their team as new england patriots coach bill belichick continues to defend the pats against deflategate. the head coach said the patriots simulated the exact conditions of last week's afc championship and found weather may have
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slightly deflated their footballs. >> once the balls, the footballs were on the field over an extended period of time in other words, they were adjusted to the climatic conditions they were down approximately 1.5 pounds per square inch. >> while experts say that's plausible, others are not buying belichick's conclusion. >> the fundamental question is okay if the weather conditions affected the patriots balls, what about the footballs used by the indianapolis colts? >> as "saturday night live" poked a little fun at quarterback tom brady. >> i'm not worried about the air pressure in the balls. that's nerd stuff. >> reporter: players from both teams say they are trying to ignore the controversy. >> i watch a lot of cartoons and try to stay off of the espn and nfl network, especially a situation like this. >> our focus is just on playing the game this week. all those distractions about the footballs have nothing to do with us. >> reporter: with the seahawks arriving in phoenix, the nfl is still conducting its own
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investigation into what happened to the footballs with no answers yet. tuesday is media day out in feebs phoenix, but belichick and his players have made it clear they are done talking about deflategate. both teams are just focused on winning the super bowl next sunday. jennifer johnson, nbc news washington. you can watch the super bowl next sunday right here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 in the morning with a super size pregame show. we'll have more coming up with an outburst from richard sherman. >> of course it's an outburst. some say it's a recipe for disaster. hundreds of train cars millions of gallons of oil every day rolling through the south bay. and also a new way to pack california drivers. a new plan that could cost you more. and fat kid at a huge film festival. how a local child hero is being
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seen on the big screen. ♪ ♪ ♪
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in the south bay dozens voiced their concerns about a rail line that wants to transport crude oil through canada through the bay area to a refinery in santa maria. the mile-long trains would carry nearly three million gallons of oil every day. the city council has already voted unanimously to oppose the
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plan. people living nearby to the proposed tracks are concerned about a possible derailment. >> it's a straight mile-wide bomb. i mean if it went it would make san bruno look like nothing. a handful of people died in san bruin bruno. there would be thousands of people that would die, including myself. >> phillips 66 has responded with a statement reading in part union pacific safely transports a variety of products, including crude oil, through san luis obispo county every day. we have confidence in union pacific's capabilities and are working closely with the railroad on this project. california considering a new plan to fix roadways across the state is already drawing criticism. the plan is to replace the gas tax and charge drivers for the number of miles actually driven. governor jerry brown says california has a $59 billion backlog of maintenance needed on state highways and bridges. state funds to do those repairs dwindling because of the
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increase in hybrid and electric vehicles and also falling gas prices. critics say hybrid and electric drivers should be rewarded not penalized, and heavier vehicles should pay more because they're tougher on the roads. brown has set up a 15-member commission to study the issue. the pilot project is expected to launch january 1st 2017. a court rule bans california judges from participating in the boy scouts. some judges are fighting back. several city judges complained by the state supreme court's ruling in an editorial today in the "l.a. times." one judge claimed she didn't want to take her son out of scouting. another judge argued that as a former eagle scout he saw nothing incompatible between scouting and being a judge. the high court ruled that judges cannot join organizations that discriminate and scouting does not allow openly gay scout leaders. coming up next hurricane-force winds wreaked havoc in southern california. take a look at new video showing gusts tearing down a billboard.
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around the bay area right now we've got clear skies, 59 degrees. we'll be waiting for at least the chance of seeing some showers coming from a system not out of the west but interestingly enough one that is moving up from southern california that could bring us some much-needed rain before the end of the month. details in those changes in your microclimate forecast when we which right back.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! check this out, a security camera at a business captures a driver's narrow escape from a billboard that comes crashing down during a heavy windstorm yesterday. winds up to 75 miles an hour down in l.a. the pickup truck pulls out of a parking space seconds before that billboard comes down at the exact kaboom same spot. two other vehicles were not so
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lucky, they were krurkdcrushed, but nobody was in them. >> pretty incredible winds. meteorologist rob mayeda here with the microclimate forecast. how are we doing on the spare the air alert? >> we do have enough to prevent another spare the air day for tomorrow. you might notice the skies cleared out a bit once we lost the fog this morning. right now fairly clear around san jose at 59 degrees. the view across the golden gate bridge fog-free for now. 63 degrees. you can see as you look at the east bay, dublin 59. now that may be one spot we could see more fog trying to sweep in for tomorrow morning as the winds are somewhat out of the east. now once that fog sets up in the central valley that's going to drift back to the carquinez strait into the north and east bay valleys tomorrow morning. the futurecast does show low clouds surging back from east to west for the early part of the morning. for the rest of the bay area it's going to be a sunny start but the end of the day will finish with more clouds as the system comes up from southern california. it's moving from south to north, fairly unusual for this time of
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year because you've got a ridge of high pressure to the east so the clockwise flow around that plus this system to the west drawing that system up to the south. that's going to give us some clouds and could bring a chance at least a slight chance of seeing some rain late tomorrow into tuesday morning. so the chances of showers will be brief. we think late tomorrow night into the very early part of tuesday morning. you see here 9:00 showers south of monterey and right around sunrise could see some showers there. by lunchtime most of it already leaving the north bay and the rain totals still, we're watching these model projections. given that they're so low for this time of year when you get a system in january, normally you see rain totals that should be maybe closer to an inch or two with these systems but a lot of midlevel moisture out of this system and the rain totals still look relatively light. there's hope given that it is subtropical in nature. maybe we can boost these totals a little bit. right now, though it does not look promising. also not promising has been just how dry it's been through this january. as you can see, the temperatures around the bay area tomorrow
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you can see we did have those temperatures tomorrow in the 60s. if we can look at the dry record for january, what you'll see is that it was just last year when we saw those rain totals that set records for the lack of rain. there's 2014 on the right. those are the rain totals we've had so far this year. not much there. with the system coming in on tuesday, unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to be enough to offset potentially another record-breaking dry january. so tomorrow we're going to see increasing clouds mid to upper 60s around the south bay, low 60s in the north bay and out towards the tri-valley. we will see at least a chance of showers on tuesday but notice the rest of the week. storm track off to the north. the high strenltdgthens off to our west. tuesday, the one chance of seeing early rain and the skies clear. temperatures climb. in fact by next weekend, maybe close to 70 again around the south bay, which would be close to more records. so unfortunately as we move into this new month, getting into next sunday and february super bowl sunday doesn't look like
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we'll see significant rain around the bay area but that system we expect early on tuesday. back to you. coming up a baby catching a ride on the bus alone. >> what? >> that baby gets on a bus all by itself. how he was able to find his way home.
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we don't know how this happened. the passenger here the red circle on the video, he's so small, you see this little baby getting on a bus, a very determined little fella there.
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he had somewhere to go. >> i thought you had him? >> right. he was also alone. as you can see anxious passengers on the bus look around saying hey, where is this baby's parents. the bus driver pulled over called police. passengers did some impromptu baby-sitting. the toddler and his parents were soon reunited. the couple owns a cell phone store nearby. somehow the baby wandered away. >> can you hear me now? >> no judgment. fat kid is back in the headlines and now is hitting the big screen. it was a feel good story of 2013. you remember 5-year-old miles scott becoming bat kid for a day. san francisco rolled out the red carpet, the town went nuts. this weekend a film titled "bat kid" premiered at the film festival in salt lake city. this was a locally produced film by one of our former nbc bay area producers. >> gosh i'm so excited for slam dance because i've never seen the movie with people yet. and so to hear people laugh
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hopefully and maybe cry a little bit and emote i think is going to be eamazing. >> myles scott was diagnosed with leukemia as a toddler. he is currently in remission and the rights to his story has been prchld by julia roberts, so we're going to have another movie. right now henry wofford joining us from comcast sportsnet. you don't have a big sports weekend coming up or anything like that do you? >> i think it's a pretty big weekend coming up. we're going to discuss it. by the way, hats off to myles, he looks cool in that bat outfit. looks just like batman. >> strong little kid. >> absolutely. hey, when we come back we'll talk about the super bowl. the seahawks have touched down in arizona. and deflategate is still on the mind of everyone. get this richard sherman's words that you must hear for yourself. plus klay thompson what would he do for an encore against the celtics? we have an update for you in
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just a moment. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. splash brothers hey, don't shortchange the warriors backcourt. they're making much more than a splash this season. steph curry making a run at league mvp and klay thompson he set an nba record friday night, 37 points in one quarter. but they have much more work to do. let's get out to oracle. warriors trying to stay undefeated against the eastern conference hosting the celtics. first quarter, andrew bogut goes around the back to steph curry who gives it back to him. pretty sweet stuff out there. nice one-handed flush. later in the quarter, klay thompson, draymond green for the layup. thompson misses a three. harrison barnes ride where he needs to be. right now it's 58-51 warriors in the third quarter.
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more hoops for you on the college level. number 5 duke against st. john's. coach k going for his 1,000th win. devils' next possession okafor bullies his way to the hoop. huge bucket and minutes later, duke up four. cook finds jones in the corner who nails the three. duke wins 77-68. celebrate, everyone. coach k gets his 1,000th victory. the seahawks have arrived in phoenix earlier today with big smiles on their faces. their focused on the biggest game of the year but both teams, patriots and seahawks are still facing questions whether the patriots intentionally deflated their footballs in the afc championship which could have helped their passing game. >> the coach does a great job of dealing with adversity. he's been doing it for a long
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time so this isn't anything new to him. he's doing what he's supposed to do which is minimizing the distractions and coaching the football team. >> i don't think the integrity of the game is under assault. i think we have a lot of great football players in this football league. we do things the right way. i know this organization we try to do everything the right way. we're looking forward to this week. that's where our focus is. so all the other distractions have really nothing to do with us. >> i think the perception is the reality. i mean it is what it is. you know their resume speaks for itself. >> a lot of drama going on. she doesn't have an issue, she used to deflate balls in high school. >> that was a secret henry. >> less bounce off the rim. >> hey, i was. i was center on the basketball team for a while, so take that. we're glad that you those nbc bay area news.
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>> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a great evening.
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