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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> right now, a health alert. hundreds of people possibly exposed to the measles. what you can do to protect your family. >> we are tracking a developing story. many shoppers may have been exposed to measles. we join nbc bay area mary ann. this is very concerning for local shoppers. >> some of the shoppers we talked to were stunned, especially those with very young
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children that have not been vaccinated yet. an adult came and shopped at this cosco and then went across the street to a walmart and then ate at a rest raupt, in total exposing hundreds of people to measles. this flier warning them about a possible exposure to measles, a highly contagious viral disease. last sunday someone with measles who was still in the infectious stage shopped here between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. amy butler is pregnant and shopped here with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. the potential exposure caught her off guard. >> exposing our friends and family and possible outbreak for california having already been in los angeles area. >> and it is not the only store
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where hundreds may have been exposed to measles. at this walmart across the street, similar notices are posted at the registers because the same person with measles shopped here, too, january 18th. nick brown did his shopping tonight and never saw the notices. >> it should have been somewhere more noticeable like on the front doors and in a color that would draw your attention to it. >> and the health department says the same measles patient also dined at a south county restaurant but won't give us the name. people are warned to watch for symptoms until february 8 and if you do develop those symptoms contact your doctor right away. >> this is the second confirmed case of measles so far in santa collarry county and so far this season there have been 58 confirmed cases of measles throughout the state.
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>> thanks very much. right now more details on that measles outbreak. more than 80 people have been sickened not just in california. and now a seventh state is battling measles in two separate cities. health officials in south dakota are reeling from their first measles cases in 18 years. public health officials offered free vaccination clinics. >> three people rushed to the hospital. the city's neighborhood. neighbors say a railing on the second story deck collapsed sending two men and a woman crashing to the ground. right now the east coast bracing
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for what forecasters are calling an historic blizzard. this could be one of the biggest storms in the city's history. it is not going to hit new york until probably tomorrow. people are being warned that they could be stuck at home for days. >> this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city and we need to plan accordingly. my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> these are folks that are used to the storm and he is saying nope, these are going be very extreme. already more than 3,000 flights
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have been cancelled. on that note let's get ahead. how strong is this going be? >> our own weather this morning we had temperatures in the 40s but look at the numbers we have right now. and yes the chance of showers coming in late tomorrow night into tuesday this is a very weak storm compared to what we were seeing on the east coast. we will see that winter storm warning first inland locations and we look at the wind speeds. that is one of the blid ard criteria. and snow totals closer to massachusetts than boston. projections of at least one to
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two feet. i will talk more about the brief chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. >> new details on the body found floating in san francisco bay back in november. the medical examiner's office has identified the body as a map reported missing wall wean night. we are learning more about a deadly bike crash where cyclists rarely go and for good reason.
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police say a woman came around the corn erer the woman is not hurt and not suspected f any wrong doing. that's because the substance has not been confirmed as oil. it's costing them. that doesn't include the cost of rescuing more birds. in the south bay today, dozens voicing their concerns about a
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rail line. the held today at the san jose city hall. voted to oppose the plan. >> 47 people were killed in an oil train explosion there. >> a variety of products including crude oil. >> a popular san francisco church.
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christy smith. >> as you can imagine, some parents just don't think this is fair at all. we also spoke with a priest who is new here who explained why he thinks its necessary. >> inside the star of the sea church in san francisco, a shift is underway. >> we would like to get back to an altered voice program. >> at this church they have had altar girls for years. she said at her own church she enjoyed the experience. >> it was 7th grade when i got to be an altar girl.
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>> any change is hard for people. >> we also have remedies for the girls. >> the church is also tied to a school and some parents who stayed in the area disagree. i would be extremely annoyed and feel like we are going back in time. >> i think it's ridiculous. that's really not the way we're going. >> at first it was a little difficult. but over the long run it really made a difference in the parish. >> there were about 15 alter servers here just two or three of them girls.
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>> thanks very much. coming up next shs the price of progress. >> a pretty narrow escape as the driver takes off this second. >> and the latest on deflate gate. it is done.
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>> i'm not worried about air pressure. that's above my pay grade. >> is that a lot? i don't know things. >> this is the stuff snl lives for. poking fun at deflate-gate. with a big super bowl match-up one week from today.
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the defending super bowl champs kicking off the day with a huge hometown send off. hours later the sea hawks ended in the practice. >> this is the end of this subject for me for a long time. okay? we have a huge game a huge challenge for our team and that's where that focus is going to go. >> tuesday is media day. players are now done talking about deflate-gate. and coming up in about half an hour they sometimes create more buzz than the actual game. we're talking about the fantastic super bowl commercials. more op the humble beginnings of one super bowl add in
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particular. the fun begins at 10:00 in the morning. >> starting tomorrow morning, drivers will see some new traffic jams. this is in the intersection of the main post office that will be closed for nine months. it will take all of that time for crews to dig a trench. >> throughout the ten mile extense we ether have the bart system running over or under roadways. in the northern area we have more underground trenching. >> during construction the bus line 77 is going to be rerouted.
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timing is everything. just ask a driver in southern california that was almost crushed by a billboard brought down by high winds. this is a scene as a driver on the parking space. uprooted an 80 foot pine tree sending it crashing through the roof of a home. >> this was a disaster. this was a neat little clean kitchen. >> the wind is also blamed for fanning a mulch fire. >> a lot of crazy wild weather. >> we had 60s and 70s out near
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the coast. notice the direction out of the east. compare those to the wind speeds we will see as the storm throttles up on the east coast. some computer models bring as much as three feet of snoechlt seven states under a blizzard warning. >> you have got the clear skies there.
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less than a half mile visibility. those will be a few areas by tomorrow morning that will likely see some of that fog drifting in from the east at about 10:00. we have a system here off to the west that will help to steer some of this moisture towards the bay area. seeing a few showers coming up so the showers that are possible not much showing up. and a few showers possibly around the hill tops but after that system goes by really not showing that much not much but
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briefly. the rain totals that you just saw if you add them up to the column at the right makes it this january 25th team. things are holding up that way highs for tomorrow mostly in the 60s a little bit cooler especially if you're going to head out to santa cruz for tomorrow. notice as we pass tuesday down to wednesday, thursday friday, and into next weekend, look at that. the chance f showers briefly on tuesday. skies clear and temperatures climb.
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temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. >> this could shape up to be a year like what we just had.
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>> california is considering new ways to fix roadways. california has a $59 billion backlog of maintenance needed on state highways and bridges. dwindling because of the increase in hybrid and electric drivers and the fall in gas prices. there is a 15 member commission set up to study this commission.
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>> and gas prices could soon come to a screeching halt. the price per gallon of unledded. and $2.68 is what you might find. however, filler up while you can. any future drops in price will probably be fairly small. right now you're looking at a live picture of number one. residents need about $124,000 a year to live comfortably. is san francisco more expensive than new york? not really.
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so it's feasible and could be a lot more expensive. let's look at number two on the list. they say you need to earn about $115,000. >> it appears most americans kept a close watch on their wallet this holiday season. only one in six americans spent more than expected this holiday season. americans are feeling more financially secure these days. more are the same or better than one year ago. >> and still to come braces for the blizzard most of the northeast under a severe winter storm warning. flights delayed or cancelled and people warned to stay at home.
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>> plus security precautions at the super bowl. what fans can expect to see at the big game.
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>> prepare for the worst. that's the message for many in the northeast as a massive snowstorm takes aim. new york city is expecting a couple of feet of snow and 55 mile an hour wind gusts and it could be one of the biggest storms in the city's history. here is the latest. >> across the northeast it's now a race against time. >> i remember the blizzard of 78 around this area and we were snowed in for days. >> bracing for what could be an unforgettable blast. >> making sure there is gas in the car in case there's an emergency and grabbing an extra shovel. >> keep in mind this all comes after the area was blanketed
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with about six inches of snow on saturday. these are some of the piles that are left. these piles about to get a whole lot bigger. >> officials warning that when the blizzard hits travel could be impossible. the main streets here are pretty clear but take a look at some of the secondary streets that are still covered in snow and they have less than 24 hours to get this cleared off bf they are covered again. >> around massachusetts, more than 4,000 plows, spreaders and loaders are on standby along with 300,000 tons of salt. from the mayor, a warning to prepare for the worst. >> the early projections for this storm are that it would easily be as much as two feet of
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snow potentially pushing on closer to three feet of snow. >> the impact is expected to be felt across the country. back in massachusetts, just about an hour from boston island residents are hoping they will avoid a repeat of the 2013 nor'easter. >> we're a little bit anxious but we have built up the walls recently so i think we will be safe from that. >> that storm is expected to last several days. how bad are they expecting it to be? >> seven states under a blizzard warning. winter storm warning up for these inland areas you see in
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white. and snow totals probably up to the high nest the new england region. some computer model ss bulls eyeing two to three feet in that area. active weather there. here a much weaker system on approach. it's this system that will bring us a brief chance. you will notice a lot of clouds filling in. >> thank you. >> continuing coverage. the court ruling banning california judges from participating in the boy scouts.
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one judge complained that she did not want to take her young son out of scouting and he saw nothing to be compatible between kouting and being a judge. it is ruled that judges can not join organizations that discriminate and scouting does not allow openly gay scout leaders. on tuesday the president will travel to saudi arabia. >> rescuers failed again to raise the pub merged fuselage.
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it is a tough set back for investigators because each piece is va tall in helping to understand what brought it down. >> the dusty floors lies a twisted wreckage from airplane crashes this is the accident investigation laboratory at the university of southern california. >> this is not your usual classroom. >> it's not but it provides a practical experience for accident investigators to learn by doing. >> not just for usc students. investigators from around the world come here. each aircraft stels the story of a different failure. >> being able to touch the wreckage and to look at it from the inside, very, very useful. some things can be done in the classroom. >> this plane crashed while attempting to land and this one went through a thunderstorm.
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>> this is the alum numb skin that has been pulled off by the power of the air. it offers a glimpse at the power and energy of a storm. just look at the right wing. >> air when it is compressed can become very, very hard and result in this concave deformation. >> the program's director warns investigators who come here should not simply apply one accident to another. he says crashes are caused by a chain of events not just one thing. >> the lessons that we teach here are to observe and document and clkt. >> investigations take discipline he says. planes are complex like a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces that need to be examined. nbc news los angeles.
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>> a modern fix to an ancient mask is not going along very well in egypt. a museum conserve tof says someone used a spatula to remove the blue which scratched the mask. >> a spat la? a german restoration special is. >> the last sunday in january it is a tradition at the vatican for children to release a pair of doves from the pope's studio. but after the doves were attacked last year the church used balloons as symbols of piece today.
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balloons are also harmful to animals. >> e cigarettes are the challenge of a new safety study. an oregon professor found that at their highest heat or votage the vapor contains formaldehyde. >> we need to do a lot more study to understand these devices. >> the problem with them is they are completely unregulated. >> there are questions about secondhand smoke and flavors health experts are concerned that e cigarettes are too appealing for kids.
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>> from the air on the ground and on four legs the security measures are everywhere you turn at this one of a kind event. a game attracting tailgaters corn hole players and team mascots from across the country. >> back over to the fairgrounds until we get here we see a lot of presence with the security people that are here plus the military folks that we serve. so we're grateful for all the security in this venue. >> we're here celebrating not just our veterans but american lifestyle with nfl football. what more can you get? >> a great day and a training day for the police and litany of agencies assisting with security, the pro bowl is a
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practice run for next week's main event, the super bowl. >> and we are by no means done with the super bowl quite yet. >> coming up the sea hawks richard sherman had to say about the controversy surrounding the new england patriots and deflate-gate.
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>> one of our favorite parts of any show -- >> the incredible loose cannon. you never know what he's going to say. >> we might lose our broadcasting license before he's done. go for it. >> you know we all need a job so i will try to be on my best behavior. great to see both of you, of course.
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teams have 35-6 the best record in the nba. could they improve on it? didn't believe that this guy could play above the rim. there is a two-handed plus. goes around to iguodala for the lay up. the celtics wouldn't go away. hold your breath and you'll die that way. they went 114-111. >> the valley of the sun home to
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super bowl 49. some light rain is expected this week but for the most part phoenix will live up to its moniker with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. welcome to block 23. this is where the media outlets are setting up. the work is still being done. the sea hawks arrive in town today to defend their title. russel wilson could become the youngest quarterback to win two nfl championships. he will face the man who currently holds that honor, tom brady. wilson shared the message that helped put him on the path to the super bowl in the first place. >> last year the theme was why not us. i told the team at the beginning of the year a story, you know about my dad used to tell me. he always said to me why not you.
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>> the question and opinions regarding what's become known as deflate-gate are sure to follow. >> will they be punished? probably not. still taking pictures at their respective homes. >> tom brady has only faced the sea hawks twice in his lengthy career. russel wilson's rookie year in seattle. people in 170 countries and territories will be able to see the first post season match-up between the two storied quarterbacks.
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>> thank you. looking forward to the big game first quarter connect with the true receiver. carter up four. late in the fourth team urban deal in the three. jimmy graham on the slant. it may have been how things work with belichick and brady is not around. >> and hearing lots of conversations could the weather affect the pressure in the balls? >> henry says no. >> i say no. i'm full of hot air. i know a lot about air pressure. >> it's a good thing you're
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going. they might need you down here. >> that kid at a film festival. how a local hero know being seen on the big screen.
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>> well his story certainly captured the hearts of us here in the bay area. now it's hitting the big screen. the premier at the slam dance festival this weekend chronicled how san francisco became dolphin
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city for a weekend to grant the wish of a toddler with leukemia that is currently in remission. the production company had a deal to adopt the documentary starring julia roberts herself. >> speaking of film, another red carpet event, a screen actors guild. and just as he did at the golden globes portrayal of steven hawkkins in the theory of everything. there she is honored with the sag lifetime achievement award. >> i always think of her singing in the rain when i hear her. >> i interviewed her one time in
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san jose. it was a while ago and she was wild. really crazy. really crazy. a solid forecast. >> trying to bring some rain back into the forecast. we do have one chance coming up later tomorrow night into tuesday. you can see all the way across here not too much in the way of fog that will likely have a little bit of patchy fog. and speaking of the fog below a mile, out towards santa rosa. that will likely drop off because the winds are out of the east. that will transport in the fog.
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by 11:00 we will begin to have that wake up. it certainly will bring about a lot of mid level clouds. tomorrow night into tuesday morning. you can see here the totals are not a lot. that's going to be it. if this holds as it gets through now to about saturday without any rainfall to break the all time record dry, you s total so far on the right it doesn't look like that storm may do too much.
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same around the north bay and out towards the trivalley. we will see sunshine for the second half of the week. rain way off to the north. dry pattern holding up all the way until next sunday. the final day of january. and super bowl sunday looks like 60s and more dry weather both here and across most of northern california now. back to you. >> thanks very much. what can you do? >> i know. >> coming up millions spent on commercials for the super bowl. we will take a look at the ads everyone will be talking about.
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>> one week from tonight one of the most watched events in the world will take place, the super bowl. >> and of course some of the most talked about moments are the commercials. here is how one of those ads will be remarkable because of who made it. >> bet you can't remember who won the game the past few years. but who can forget the commercials? for eight years doritos have had some of the top rated ads, all created by amateurs. this year the contest has exploded. 4900 entries from 29 countries now down to ten finalists. online voters deciding who gets a million bucks.
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and a year long job at universal studios, part of nbc universal. >> really? >> when that phone rings, doritos letting you know you're a top ten finalist i almost lost it. this is about a spelling b the finalists are trying to lose to get the second place prize, a lifetime supply of torydoritose. >> as soon as i saw it i knew i had something. >> whomever wins the catch, the big winner is the grapd. >> why is it that commercials that involve the public have become the commercial. >> it's about aweuthenticityauthenticity. and talent. a lot of young people know how to put together video and audio. >> a high stakes game far from
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the field advertisers once again hoping to score with viewers. nbc news houston. >> maybe inexpensive to make not so much to put on the air. very expensive. >> four million bucks this year for a 30 second spot? >> yeah. right around four million dollars.
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>> war yarriors fans can score something extra, a minutbole bobble head.
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play it for the warriors for three seasons. led with a team record of 345 blocks. >> you get to do that when you're 7'7". >> let's check the forecast. >> we will take a look at the forecast. slight chance we hope with some showers late tomorrow night. >> it is almost mid nigh here. thank you so much for joining us
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. >> tonight class action. >> probably one of the best deels deals i have ever heard. >> president obama's proposal for free community college. >> this will create two free years and make community college as union vestal as high school. >> it's a growing debate and we will hear from both sides. >> the first thing i want to do is -- >> he has been called the messiah of math. >> if it does not intersect with the x ak siss it will have no solution. >> and teachers want


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