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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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early this morning, the secret service moved in to remove a suspicious device found on the lawn of the white house. what they think it is, still ahead. an a warning right now for people who shop to two big box stores in the south bay, who may have come into contact with someone infected with measles. plus law enforcement around the country going after google. details coming up. and a live look outside this morning of san francisco, blackened from night but of course a nice day coming up in the works. it's 4:30 right now, monday january the 26th. you are watching "today in the bay."
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>> and a good monday morning. it's had:30. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast for this monday morning, back to work. here is christina. >> dry and warm again today. we have a shot of showers as of tomorrow so the powder is going to change rapidly and here's the big news. dry setup returns by thursday but we've got this monsoonal moisture coming through so it will feel muggy, not like the bay area and we head for showers for the first week of february. good morning to mike inouye. how are we looking? >> looking really good, no fog for the ooet shore freeway. eastbound at university there was a crash. there's nothing to see here. smooth going in both directions. there was earlier police activity and no delays between the richmond bridge or golden
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gate. you see the orange blob there may be fog around antioch and continues to change across the morning. we'll track that but so far the only issue is the earlier crash on the east shore. we'll show you the south coming up. concerns this morning, hundreds of hshoppers at two bi box stores in the south bay may have been exposed to measles. >> an adult with measles in the infectious stage shopped at the costco in gilroy january 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. the store posted notices about the possible exposure. amy butler and her family have been vaccinated for the measles but they're still concerned. >> obviously becoming very ill or exposing our friends and family and the possible outbreak that it could mean for california having it already been in, you know, los angeles area, and then moving up this way. >> similar notices were also posted at their registers at this walmart store in gilroy, where the person with the
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measles also shopped. the health department says the same person also went to a restaurant in the south county but would not give the name. if you shopped at that specific costco in gilroy on sunday, january 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., the health department wants to you watch for symptoms like a fever, cough and rash until february 8th. and to recap, so far, nearly 80 people have already been sickened from this measles outbreak which originated last month at disneyland. in the bay area there are confirmed cases in santa clara, san mateo, and almeida counties. now on friday, a santa monica high school baseball coach was also diagnosed with measles. all students on the team have been vaccinated and csu channel islands is urging everyone to get vaccinated after a student came down with the virus. one east bay mayor is taking matters into his own hands to make a local park safe for kids again. starting today, boyd memorial park on b street in san rafael
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will be closed for 30 days. the city's mayor is calling for the closure to address health and security issues at that park. it comes after an influx of e-mails from neighbors complaining about people doing drugs, vanity liesing and sleeping in the farc. the city council will discuss plans for the park at a meeting next week. 4:34 right now. three people are in the hospital this morning after a backyard accident in san francisco. it happened around 5:30 last night at a home on vienna street in the city's excelsior neighborhood. the railing on a second story deck collapsed sending two men and a well crashing to the ground. the victims are currently listed in critical condition. some sheriffs around the nation want a google-owned app to stop showing where the patrol cars are located. the app is called wave. it's a traffic software that combines gps and social networking and it warns drivers when police are nearby. sheriffs argue it puts law
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enforcement officers' lives in danger. google purchased the app for $1 billion in 2013. while google declined to comment a spokeswoman says the company thinks deeply about safety and security. the secret service has removed a suspicious device that was found on the lawn of the white house. the device was discovered early this morning. federal law enforcement official said a drone landed on a tree on the white house grounds. perimeter has been set up around the white house to restrict access and the secret service says the drone does not pose a threat to anyone in the building. the president and the first lady are right now on a three-day visit to india. we are told that presidentbrief situation. investigators are trying to find the person behind a series of bomb threats directed at several u.s. airliners. two seattle-bound passenger jets were evacuated and searched for explosives after bomb threats were posted on twitter. yesterday a third flight was diverted to dallas for similar
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safety procedures. all three planes were eventually cleared. those threats come one day after fighter jets escorted to planes to an atlanta airport following a series of bomb threats saturday. authorities describe saturday's threats as "credible." flights into and out of the bay area are being impacted by a big winter storm moving into the east coast. sfo is listing 64 cancellations right now, just a handful of other flights are being delayed. at this point, oakland and mineta are not experiences cancellations or delays with you that is expected to change later today. right now the blizzard bearing down on the east coast is expected to be the strongest of the winter, and it may be actually historic in intensity. >> we're hearing those sorts of predictions right now in boston area, stores were running low on items as people stocked up just in case. authorities are advising everyone to stay at home during the storm, expected to pack strong winds that may causousages along with heavy
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snowfall, a tough combo there. everyone is being told to be prepared in case they're snowed in. >> we figured we want to be ready because we're going to be bored. we want to get cooking projects, we brought egg whites so we can make lemon meringue pie and kids pick up bubble bath in case we're really bored. >> board games may help as well. in states across the northeast, the national guard and state police are preparing for worst case scenarios. parts of the northeast may see up to three feet of snow. >> and it's almost unrelatable for people on the west coast, coming off a great weekend. >> we are, beautiful weather this weekend, nothing to complain about here. the 60, 70-mile-per-hour winds paired with the snow in the northeast sounds devastating. good morning. >> it will be very problematic, but i think that people over there are taking the necessary precautions. it's not the first time they've been hit with a powerful storm over the past few years so everybody is ready for that. san jose mostly clear. temperature this is morning nice
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and mild because of the warmth we had yesterday except for up in the north bay where you're really rebounding in the morning hours, down to the 30s. grab that coat this morning. we are in wintertime in the morning but by the afternoon feeling more like a nice spring day. 68 degrees for the trivalley today, 67 in san francisco and 70 degrees on the way to the north bay. so you're going to jump out into the 30s and into the 70s before the day is done and i can tell you, as you're getting your day started as you get that new week ready to go, get those kids ready, maybe you're brushing your teeth right now, you want to dress in lairs. dry and warm, then we have a shot at showers, you might need your umbrella in parts of the bay area as we head through tomorrow. i'll show you your futurecast in my next report but then another dry setup on the way for thursday, so we'll have more on that coming up in moments. it's a back to work monday. usually at this time there aren't any problems but always something going on. >> always something. we have a lot of folks driving around. let answer show you who is driving around 580 through
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dublin. it's our dublin camera, headlights westbound the commute direction. we have a good amount of traffic, nothing unusual for this area. i want to point out the city lights at the top of your screen so good visibility here. the map of the trivalley the arrow is where the camera was around tasahara, a little slowing typical both direction into and out of the altamont pass at 60 miles per hour. very light volume of traffic. the rest of the bay area looks good. the south bay moves smoothly but north 101 at shore lane an earlier crash much earlier this morning, there was paperwork going on the shoulder but all lanes are clear and i don't see any slowing here. toward the orange that we see through concord, antioch, that's where we're registering on our road weather index lower visibility. our weather data translated down to our traffic system and chp gave an advisory over the antioch bridge there will be foggy conditions so this is substantiating the data here. looking to the going going a
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smooth drive, clear view here, no problems from the view from the north bay into the city or vice versa. this is a two-way bridge. back to you. >> two ways both ways. drivers in san jose starting this morning will see new traffic jams thanks to work on the south b.a.r.t., south bay b.a.r.t. extension, the work is happening at the intersection of sierra road and lundy avenue. the intersection is going to be closed for nine months. it's going to take all of that time for crews to dig a trench under the streets where the b.a.r.t. tracks will go. the intersection is slated to reopen sometime in october. >> throughout the ten-mile extension we either have the b.a.r.t. system running under roadways or over them. in the northern area we have more underground trenching, and then as it ends at barry essa is goes up into an aerial structure. >> during construction, vta bust line 77 will be rerouted to
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flickener avenue the main detour route for the closure. coming up a startling recommendation from the country's leading pediatric doctor. why they want the federal government to actually ease up on marijuana. plus bird flu detected in a central california farm. experts say it's harmless to humans but hundreds of thousands of turkeys are at risk this morning. what you need to know about that still ahead.
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a very good monday morning to you. what a lovely live look outside over san francisco. clearly seat transamerica pyramid there on your left. everything lit up, waiting for the day. the sun's arrival. it's 4:44 right now. the marie corps has identified two pilots who died when their helicopter crashed during a training exercise in southern california. investigators say captain elizabeth keeley is from pennsylvania, she earned several awards and medals since her military career began in 2005. she had deployed once including
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once to, twice rather, she deployed twice including once to afghanistan. also aboard that helicopter first lieutenant adam satterfield of kentucky. he'd been in the service since 2011. the pair were the only marines aboard the helicopter when it went down friday night during a training examiner at the 29 palms marine base. new this morning, incredible video coming out of eastern ukraine, where shelling hit the port city of mariopol. you see a dash cam recording the moment the rocketfire hit a city street. the driver of the car was lucky to survive as a larger vehicle in front appeared to take the brunt of the attack. rocketfire killed at least 30 people and wounded hundreds more over the weekend. president obama is on a three-day visit to india. the president became the first american leader to be honored as chief guest for india's republic day. it is india's equivalent of the fourth of july here and it marks the day india became a republic. as part of the ceremony the
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president took in a military parade not hiding the fact he's also there to boost trade with india. >> in the last few years, trade between our two countries increased by some 60% toward a record $100 billion. we want to trade even more. >> the president will meet later today with indian lawmakers, also several american ceos are being called in for a business roundtable summit. meeting of the two biggest democracies. 4:46 right now. elections in greece may talk a toll on the stock market here in the states. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the del we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> sam and laura, good morning to you both. stocks may come under pressure today as investors react to the weekend elections in greece that are hiding concerns about a possible sovereign debt in the country and that could create more instability in europe. markets are coming off their first winning week of the year. there's no economic data today but look for reports this week
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on durable goods, home prices, new home sales and consumer confidence and the fed also holds a-to-day meeting starting tomorrow. friday the dow fell 141 points to 17,672 and the nasdaq rose 7 to 4757. google is expected to roll out its wireless phone service in the first half of the year and could shake up the industry. reports say it aims to end customers' reliance on a single carrier and it will feature technology to hunt for the best signal from sprint, t-mobile and wifi for calls, text messages and data. the nfl is launching its own official youtube channel. the channel will have clips of game highlights, interviews and fantasy football content. you'll also be able to view video through simple google searches, google paying a multimillion-dollar sum annually for the rights. you can catch the super bowl on
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nbc this sunday. >> thank you very much. >> a lot of people excited for it right here on nbc. >> it is the sporting event of the year, got to get excited for that. 4:47. bit of a rocky thing around the world with the greece elections but calm and steady at home. >> indeed it is calm and steady here. san jose a live look with some improvement in our sky and i can tell you right now as we head throughout the day today, get on out there, breathe in the air. we had the spare the air saturday and sunday. air quality has dramatically improved and we'll hold steady with beautiful weather today. 43 degrees in the south bay, waking oup with 42 in the valle. high pressure will keep our winds moving from land to sea. as a result you get the marine influence deanygaited to the warm downsloping winds all your arrows pointing back out to the ocean, that's why we don't have a lot of fog out there off the coast. you might encounter some
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throughout our inland valley spots. we've got a big pattern change as of tomorrow, something that we want to see, a return of showers. this system is going to sneak up from south to north and as we head throughout about 2:00 tomorrow, expecting some really good shower activity especially over our local mountains surrounding the south bay. now this is all part of a setup we call monsoonal flow. almost never happens this time of year. southern california getting robust moisture but that snow level will be high with a warm system. o drop in the bucket we can get in this great state of california. i'll let you know how much we're expecting and how long this will last as we head throughout the 5:00 hour together. for today a bit of weather whiplash as we like to call it. 64 degrees for tomorrow, temperatures dropping. you'll need that umbrella especially in the south bay and wednesday, thursday, friday, the numbers creep back up, but that humidity is going to stick with us. more on that coming up. right now back to you, sam and
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laura. >> thank you. 4:49. in the south bay debate is heating up over a possible light rail line. they want to transfer oil from north dakota or canada through the bay area to r a refinery in santa barbara county. they would carry nearly 3 million gallons of oil a day. city council voted unanimously to oppose the plan but still people living nearby the proposed track are worried it could still go through, leading to the threat of possible derailment. >> both of those crude oils represent a very real risk, both to public health either from chronic exposure, admissions come through or the potential for catastrophic accidents like the one we saw in quebec last year, when 47 people were killed and an oil train explosion there. >> phillips 66 responded "union pacific safely transports a variety of products, including crude oil, through san luis
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obispo county every day. we have confidence in union pacific's capabilities and are working closely with the railroad on this project." 4:51 on your moan, a bold recommendation from the leading group of pediatricians about medical marijuana. the american academy of pediatrics says the federal government should reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug so it can be further researched as a medical option for terminally ill children. they want the government to change it from a scheduled one illegal drug listed alongside drugs like heroin to a scheduled two controlled substance like adderol or ritalin. a strain in bird flu has cost a turkey farm in central california. it's harmless to humans but it could wipe out whole flocks of birds quickly. the turkey was found at a farm in stanislas county.
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officials say the strain likely came from wild birds migrating from canada. 4:51 right now. >> he stole the heart of the city by the bay and bat kid isn't done yet. >> another encore. look at what's next for 5-year-old miles scott and how his plans include the likes of superstar julia roberts. >> a superhero performance from klay thompson of the warriors a couple games ago, smooth drive and we'll show you what things are like in the greater east bay coming up.
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. his story captured the hearts of the bay area. now bat kid's story is also hitting the big screen. >> the documentary "bat kid begins" premiered at the film festival in salt lake city over the weekend. film chronicles how frarn game gotham city overday. miles scott was diagnosed with leukemia as a child and is currently in remission. julia roberts and a production company closed a deal to adapt the documentary into a feature film staring roberts. >> a story with with a happy ending something you like to see. this one might not have a happy ending. finally the deflate gate controversy can be set aside. next sunday the super bowl, in the phoenix area where the game is being played the party has already begun. crowds welcomed the seattle seahawks yesterday and today the
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new england patriots are going to arrive. phoenix has experience hosting super bowls in its past. this is the second time the game is being played at the stadium in glendale and the third time the phoenix area hosted the big event. you can watch the super bowl next sunday here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m. with a supersized pregame kickoff at 10:30. >> we're checking the morning commute. >> we could use one of the tire technologies, the inflate sensor. the san mateo bridge properly moving, smooth drive here, a clear view. no delays on our sensors. our maps are green north of the san mateo bridge and south the crash cleared, live look at san jose we'll show you the volume of traffic, send it over to you guys, live look at san jose. back to you. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, mike. the los angeles county sheriff's department newest member was hired to heal crimes, not fight crime. >> this is valor the
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department's new law enforcement miniature therapy horse. valor will appear at community outreach events in southern california. he blngz elongs to a group of miniature horses for hospice programs. he was named for a police officer who died in the 9/11 attacks. seconds to spare, a driver makes it out of the way, moments before a huge billboard comes tumbling down. what brought that thing down. >> and a retired major league baseball player charged in california with three felonies. what the former oakland a is accused of doing.
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a warning at two major stores in the south bay, shoppers possibly exposed to measles. details next. plus the former oakland a's and l.a. dodgers player now facing criminal charges. and good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. hope you enjoyed the weekend. things are going to change rapidly but not today. dry and warm yet again tomorrow,
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showers move in, and then we're talking about a dry setup, but hey, here's the deal. we do have rain and a lot of it in the extended future. we'll talk about that as we head throughout the 5:00 hour together. >> and over my shoulder a live camera 580 at tassahara. we'll show you what's going on coming in the trivalley. >> monday morning looking high atop the san bruno mountain overlooking the bay area. it's monday, january 26th. this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm xwrs, go. the man charged with brutally killing two bay area women nearly 40 years ago expected in a peninsula courtroom today. police say dna connects rodney halbauer to the murders. the


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