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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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showers move in, and then we're talking about a dry setup, but hey, here's the deal. we do have rain and a lot of it in the extended future. we'll talk about that as we head throughout the 5:00 hour together. >> and over my shoulder a live camera 580 at tassahara. we'll show you what's going on coming in the trivalley. >> monday morning looking high atop the san bruno mountain overlooking the bay area. it's monday, january 26th. this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm xwrs, go. the man charged with brutally killing two bay area women nearly 40 years ago expected in a peninsula courtroom today. police say dna connects rodney halbauer to the murders. the decades old crimes became
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known as the jip see hill murders. hallbauer was dna tested in an oregon prison where he was serving time for kidnapping and attempted murder. the tests linked him to the stabbing deaths of two teenage girls in pacifica in 19 6 and also suspected of killing three other young women that very same year. former oakland athletic ted lilly is facing felony charges, allegedly filed false insurance claims last year after he damage aid recreational vehicle. prosecutors say lilly damaged a vehicle march 19th and prosecutors filed three charges. if convicted he faces up to five years in jail. he's scheduled to be arraigned next month. this morning it is going to cost you more to park at several b.a.r.t. stations. parking will cost you 50 cents more to be exact at the following stations, ashby,
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castro valley, colma, dublin, pleasant, eller is reit yo del norte, glen park, south san francisco, west dublin-pleasanton and west oakland. fees went up at a number of other stations last week as well. it is 5:0. b.a.r.t.'s big south bay expansion taking a big step forward but starting today it also chooses a major her to row fare and will change as the area covers lundy avenue. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live to explain the big deal that's being done and what it will eventually accomplish. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. you've heard that saying it always gets worse before it gets better. that's probably how it will feel for the folks who live around this intersection which is a bit of a distance from the intersection, lundy and sierra. highly residential, lots of folks who live here and this is just day one of a nine-month
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closure, they'll learn that reroute like the back of their hands i'm sure very soon. some parts of the bay area you will be able to see b.a.r.t. trains running. because of that, driver also have to reroute around this area to where the new temporary vta bus stop will be, that impacts bus line 77. as you can see in the rendering from the valley transportation authority along this part of the teb mile extension the tracks will run far beneath the ground so they can keep b.a.r.t. traffic separate from drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, more than a mere dig. also rerouting major utilities and restoring the roadway after. b.a.r.t. will not be completely underground the whole route heads and will become an aerial structure that we'll be able to see. the south bay b.a.r.t. the good news is nearly half way done or
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it is half way done and it is on track to make its target date of the fall of 2017. so again, this is going to mainly impact the folks who live in this area who drive in this area, but then the overflow traffic as it goes out into the rerouted areas is going to be an impact to the greater bay area as well. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> something for folks to get used to, thank you, kris. >> the long eer term lens. short term problems today around the newest closure, too, we turn to mike inouye. good morning. >> good morning, sam. good morning, laura. we'll take you out to first of all live look for san jose, this is 101, the golf course not far from here just off the freeway, 101 at 680. on the map that is close to the area where kris was talking about, sierra at lundy mind the golf course, green on the maps between 680 and 808 north of 101 that is in the vicinity of bus line 77 which is the reroute
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kris was talking about. the rest of the freeways no problems throughout the south bay and silicon valley. let's move our maps as we look north of the san mateo bridge an easy flow of traffic as well, nice smooth flow throughout east bay. eastbound 580 just as you pass san ramon road heading over toward the interchange itself is out of lanes from all i've heard so far, still tracking that detail though. little farther north looking at this orange shading in over here from basically concord through pittsburg, bay point and antioch. the bridge had low visibility. that orange is our weather data on our traffic maps saying you might have lower visibility. however, over here the live look shows you the bay bridge from t toward san francisco, a beautiful clear view, a nice clear drive, nothing unusual about this span or for the golden gate bridge, christina the lights are sparkling. what do we have in store today? >> we have a nice one today, you're right on the money as per usual. i put myms money on mike inouye
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every single morning. you should, too. you can see we have some of the fog creeping in from the delta, and really this is tulle fog for us. as you head throughout the day  we have onshore flow firmly in control of our weather pattern. our winds will move from the hills to the sea, they warm up along the way and temperatures here are going to be well above average. we're starting out in the 40s, grab a coat to start but something that you can peel off later on today, you're really going to notice that warmup between 12:30 in the afternoon until about 3:00. it's going to be very nice out there. once that sun sets, we see those numbers drop like a rock. 67 degrees, clear all day in the city by the bay. 68 for the trivalley, 70 degrees, a lovely day shaping up for you on the peninsula and we'll hit 71 here in the south bay. high pressure is the reason why everything changes though, as we head throughout tomorrow, in fact, we're actually tracking some significant shower potential. we'll show you that coming up in my next report. back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much. now to a health warning
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coming from health officials this morning, hundreds of shoppers at two big box stores in the south bay may have been exposed to the measles. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda is live. the infected shopper visited the stores more than a week ago and we're finding about it now. >> reporter: the santa clara county health department confirms it was this costco on camino arroyo in gilroy where the measles exposure may have happened. person in the infectious stage of the illness was here on january 18th, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the afternoon. this disease is highly contagious so health officials needed to get the word out. costco is usually very crowded on the weekends, so hundreds of shoppers may have been exposed. the county will only say that the person infected is an adult, making this the second confirmed case of the meels unless santa clara county. officials have not said whether this person recently traveled to
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disneyland, where a number of cases has been linked. still the latest case is very concerning. >> obviously becoming very ill or exposing our friends and family and the possible outbreak that it could mean for california having already been in, up know, los angeles area, and then moving up this way. >> reporter: the infected shopper may have also been to the walmart across the street from here, where similar warning signs were posted. health officials will not name the third location, a restaurant that the person visited. if you were at costco or walmart, you should watch for signs like fever, cough and rash. if you don't come down with the measles by february 8th, health officials say you should be okay. they have the advice and the warning signs as always in any case from medical experts is to get your vaccination. live in gilroy, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> they need to get a handle on this now. thanks very much.
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>> check your records as well. popular san francisco church at the center of controversy this morning, why it's being accused of gender discrimination. plus a close call captured on cam camera, strong winds in southern california almost send a billboard toppling onto a car. amazingly nobody got hurt. the ultimate compliment for elon musk. we'll look at what happened in greece over the weekend and what it means to you coming up.
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mountain view's google taking some heat from sheriff's departments across the country this morning, over a popular traffic app that you may use. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live at google headquarters in mountain view. some worry the app which lets you report the location of police officers could expose officers to targeted atacks. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, sam. it's about vulnerability and the possibility of these attacks. google bought wave back in 2013 for $966 million. this is a sort of social networking app as well as navigation and allows you to report things on it. it has reported 50 million users in 200 countries. the popularity has soared in the last few years. it's a free crowd sourcing app that allows people to give real time updates during drives, about traffic jams to accidents, red light cameras to where the patrol cars are seen around town
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and along the highways. some sheriffs launched a campaign demanding google turn off that police locator feature calling it a potentially dangerous tool for would-be police stalkers and/or killers. there are no known links between wave and police attacks but some deputies raised concerns about the possibility during the national sheriff's association winter conference in washington, citing the recent fatal shootings of two new york police officers. the man accused of the killings posted a screen shot from wave on his instagram account along with messages threatening police although investigators do not believe that he used the app to ambush the officers because in part, he had ditched his cell phone more than two miles away. wave spokesperson says the company thoroughly considers safety and security, working with the new york police department and others across globe by sharing information adding "these relationships keep citizens safe, promote faster emergency response and help alleviate traffic congestion." google has not commented.
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coming up in the next report this is not the first time law enforcement complained about this kind of an app. we details in half an hour. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, steph. greece held its elections sunday and the party which doesn't want to pay back the country's debt has won. scott mcgrew, what does it mean? >> nobody know, absolutely nobody. it's amazing. whole continent they're trying to figure it out. greece as you well know owes tens of billions of euros to the european union, money lent to bail the country out after years of cooking the books and ignoring the warning signs. condition of that bailout was greece had to get its act together, years of belt tightening and austerity didn't solve the problem. now as you can see the party that won the election it feels the answer is to reneg on its own debt. that could cause greece to be kicked out of the euro, leave france and germany holding the bag.
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50 years ago that could have been the basis of a war. these days, cooler heads will prevail. the euro fell against the dollar against, it's now $1.11, it will buy you aa euro. if anything it's a good time to go to europe. landon dowdy good morning. >> good morning to you. stocks may come under pressure as investors react to the elections you were just mentioning. certainly markets around the world worried about a possible sovereign debt default in the country and this could create more instability in europe. markets are coming off their first winning week of the year. there's no economic data today but reports this week on durable goods, home prices, new home sales and consumer confidence, also the fed holds a two-day meeting starting tomorrow. on friday the dow fell 141 points to 17,672, the nasdaq rose 7 to 4757. back to you. >> landon, thank you. elon musk paid one of the highest compliments on tv last night, on "the simpsons."
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take a look. >> hello, i'm elon musk. what the -- it >> dad, no. elon muss something possibly the greatest living inventor. >> you're the guy who put wheels on luggage? oh, bless you, bless you! >> how old is this show and it's still great. muss hk a few musk had a few is with his appearance. the science is not exactly right. >> my hair is not like that. what an honor. very cool. thanks a lot. >> my concern would have been the hair, no question. timing they say is everything, just ask a driver in southern california who was almost crushed by a billboard, brought down by high winds. security camera caught this scene as the driver pulled away from the parking space. good timing. two other vehicles were crushed but nobody was hurt. powerful wind gusts uprooted an 08 foot pine tree sending it
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crashing through the roof of the home. the wind is being blamed for fanning a mulch fire and tipping over this semitruck. the driver there also walked away unharmed. everybody counting their lucky stars. >> most definitely, some high winds can affect you. christina joins with you a look at the forecast. good morning. >> those are the santa ana winds and it's bizarre to have the santa anas as strong as they are this time of year and even more bizarre, monsoonal moisture up to the bay area as we head throughout tomorrow. showers are on the way, but not their traditional cold front type showers where we get from the systems that originate in the gulf of alaska. it will be subtropical moisture t will feel a lull bit sticky out there, bad for elon musk's hair. 41 degrees in the south bay. 41 degrees to kick off the day in the beautiful trivalley, coming off of the gorgeous weekend. throughout monday, back to work, back to business and count on flight delays and cancellations trying to get to the northeast side of this.
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we'll talk about that coming up. for today clear and cold. the sun will rise at 7:19, temps jump about as warm as it was yesterday, more of the same for today and as quickly as the numbers climb, they'll crash by tomorrow. we'll lose a good ten degrees of warmth. the sun will set at 5:21, when temperatures start to drop off. overnight into tomorrow we've got this moisture sneaking up from the south and we'll see some decent rainfall, rainfall not snowfall over tahoe and the sierra nevada, if we get any snow around 7,000 feet or above but hey, we could see some flash flooding in this area, because we're expecting a lot of moisture for us. santa cruz mountains also atop mt. hamilton, decent downpours and if you live in the south bay you got the best chance of seeing that activity. as of tomorrow, we stop the clock at 3:00, when the monsoonal moisture gets going in the afternoon hours. want to bring your umbrella with new case. as we get into tuesday and wednesday numbers drop and by thursday into friday we're looking pretty good for a nice
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warming trend, happy to report it is not a spare the air day. let's check on your drive, here's mike inouye. happy about that wind for the warriors, huh? >> the win, all the win. we had a win last night as well. last night was a tough one. starting to sweat a little bit. over here, no sweat for the bay bridge toll plaza. easy drive no, backup. typical monday commute down the east shore freeway, out of the maze. still seeing more folks building onto the freeways. couple of spots, highway 12 an earlier crash there, all activities on the shoulder but wanted to tell folks about that up in solano county. vallejo westbound 80 at 37 we have a crashing on the shoulder. you might have the slow lane blocked and activity with the build hitting down toward the carquinez bridge. don't see any slowing. the orange that shows where there might be lower visibility. our road weather indicates there might be fog and chp across the antioch bridge said it's tough to see at times. westbound highway 4 picks up the volume. that's why they're slowing
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through antioch and lone tree way, things should start to clear up, with he had a fender bender there as well. that's all the activity isolated to highway 4. concord, walnut creek all moving smoothly. here's a look at your wider shot for anywhere north of the san mateo bridge peninsula into san francisco, east bay over toward the bay bridge and the trivalley moving as you would expect for this monday morning, very smoothly right now. the rest of your south bay moves nicely as well. here's silicon valley, san jose, looking at live looks for fremont, 808 southbound moves nicely, the commute direction. both sides equal past the truck scales in fremont and palo alto moves nicely, northbound 10 is past ravenswood shopping center no delays all the way into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. popular san francisco catholic church is the at the center of a controversy this morning. girls at star of the sea church in san francisco's richmond district are no longer being trained as altar servers. the churches train girls to be servers for years but at rifle of a new priest signaling an end to that tradition.
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father joseph eilo says there are other options for girls like reading at mass and preparing the alta8.o"ñ >> i'd like to get back to the altar boy program which is a proven, effective way of promoting have indication to the priesthood, so boys get closer to the altar and as you know the catholic church does not ordain women. >> the priest says current altar girls of the church can on it serve. major league baseball's new man in charge is wasting no time announcing possible changes to america's past time. rob manfred took over as baseball's new commissioner yesterday. he's hoping to speed up the pace of games as a top priority. minor league baseball is experimenting with eliminating defensive shifts when teams stack the field for a pole hitter which may sound more inside baseball for novices but he wants to eliminate that defensive advantage. >> the three-hour plus games can
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be tough 162 times a year. >> a new study revealing many labels showing calories and amount of exercises to burn them affects the parents order for their kids. researchers divided parents into a no label, calorie only label or calorie plus exercise label menu group and had them order a meal for their kids. any labels showing calories prompted parents to make healthier choices the calorie plus exercise label group was likely to encourage their kids to be active, gives you the real time facts. >> here's the hamburger and french fries but you have to walk home. >> you actually have to run home and run back and come home again. >> then you're hungry again. "saturday night live" looks at deflate gate, coming up next.
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the countdown to the super bowl is on, in just six days, super bowl xlix will get under
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way in arizona. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m. with a pregame show. kickoff is at 3:30. one of the big stories of the super bowl, deflate gate, and as expected, "saturday night live" took that issue head-on. >> you could see that coming. while the show spoofed the bet chick and brady press conferences it left the hard questions to the assistant comanager dougie. >> we just want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! son, we live in a world that has balls, and those balls have to be inflated by men with pumps. who's going to do it, you? you, reporter weinberg? you don't want the truth, because deep down in places you don't talk about at super bowl parties, you want me on that ball. you need me on that ball. >> did you deflate the ball? >> i did the job i was told to do! >> did you deflate the ball?
5:26 am
>> you're right i did! >> "snl" taking the page out of the movie "a few good men." see the clip on the website, seven for "deflate gate" and try not to laugh this morning. >> how do they not laugh? >> it's appropriate. the entire situation has gotten crazy. >> blown up so to speak. >> there we go, it's blown up. christina, bring us back down to norm normalcy. >> there's a lack thereof of that. they're bringing the weather into it, saying somehow the temperature could have impacted the pressure so i do find that fascinating. i'm doing a little science back here trying to figure out if it's accurate or not. if you want more on that, tweet me. 41 degrees in the trivalley, 51 in san francisco, and 37 degrees in the north bay. beautiful day. i mean a beautiful day coming your way with temperatures ramping up into the 70s. so just about as warm as
5:27 am
yesterday. i've taken your numbers down by 2 to 3 degrees. that's about it. temperatures crash tomorrow, we bring in rain and i'll show you the futurecast coming up. right now let's check your drive. he's excited about the super bowl. mike inouye. >> i am. why don't they use nerve balls? you don't have to inflate them at all. we'll see what the researchers come back with that. bay bridge a backup just starting to form for the cash lanes. no delays or problems for the east shore or the maze. let's show you some other suspects here this morning. the volume is building for the trivalley, west 580, typical pattern coming into toward here, dublin and dublin interchange. >> it's 5:27, a new court case against the boy scouts of america starts in a california courtroom today. we'll have details next.
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the white house on lockdown after a device is found on one of the lawns. live report from washington.
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a nine-month long project gets under way in the south bay. how it could affect your commute. i'm meteorologist christina loren, dry and warm again today. humaned with showers as of tomorrow, and then here's the thing, we're going to take a look at your february outlook, and how much rain potential we actually have across the bay area. that's coming up in just moments. >> the crowd is starting to grow on the bay bridge toll plaza and check on the crash reported on the 808 overcrossing. >> and a live look outside right now of downtown san jose on monday, january 26th. get ready for a brand new week, we're here to guide you along. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. warning from health officials. hundreds of shopperness at two big box stores in south bay may
5:31 am
have been exposed to the measles. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda is live in gilroy with the latest. nannette, infected shopper was at the store more than a week ago. one person? >> reporter: as far as we know from the santa clara health departme department, it is one more case at this point. warning sign is just one of the last things that shoppers expect to see about measles outbreak, yet that's exactly what happened here at this costco at camino arroyo in gilroy. the signs are posted all over the place telling people about one shopper who was visiting january 18th between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., exposing hundreds here and at the walmart across the street possibly. the santa clara county health department wanted to get the word out to everyone. health official also only say the patient is an adult and won't reveal their vaccination status. some shoppers though did not see
5:32 am
the notices. >> i think it should have been somewhere where it was more noticeable like the front doors taken should have been in a color or something that would draw your attention to it. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the latest patient visited disney land where a number of measles cases have been clin been linked. santa clara has two cases confirmed. the infected person visited a third location but they will not raise the location of the restaurant which raises the anxiety levels even more i'm sure. >> no doubt, a lot of people want to know. thank you. it's 5:32 right now. >> nearly 80 people have been sickened from the outbreak. there are concase in santa clara, san mateo and almeida counties. on friday a santa monica high school baseball coach was diagnosed with the measles. all the students on the team have been vaccinated, school
5:33 am
officials say and csu channel islands urging everyone on camp to us get vaccinated after a student there came down with the virus. opening statements begin today in the legal case that may shake the boy scouts to its core foundation. it's a sex abuse case in santa barbara that accuses the scouts of negligence. the judge already ruled he will allow use of previously undisclosed information from the boy scouts' so-called perversion files that span 16 years and contain allegations that have not previously been made public. the lawsuit was filed by a man who filed a lawsuit in 2007. starting today boyd memorial park on b street in san rafael will be closed for 30 days. the city's mayor is calling for the closure to address health and security issues at the park. it comes after an influx of e-mails from neighbors complain being people doing drugs, vandalizing and sleeping in the park. the city council will discuss plans for the park at a meeting next week. >> 5:33.
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b.a.r.t.'s long awaited south bay expansion is taking a large step forward and also a major road closure that will last for months. case sanchez this is our version of the boston big dig. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam, this is just day one of about a 300-day closure. lundy road will be closed for about nine months for big dig that you mentioned of course for the b.a.r.t. to san jose project to continue. the south bay bart extension is going underground to create a buffer between b.a.r.t. trains and drivers, pedestrians and bicycli bicyclists. along this part of the ten-mile extension the tracks will be far underneath ground and that means more than just a mere dig to put in the tracks.
5:35 am
they are also rerouting major utilities and restoring the roadway before it's all done. >> it is the most complicated intersection, and that's why we need to close it for nine months so we can get it done and be out of the area. >> reporter: so the lundy road detour will take drivers to flickener avenue. b.a.r.t. won't be completely underground the entire route as it heads north it will come aboveground and become one of the aerial structures we've seen along the other parts of b.a.r.t. in the bay area. the good news is that b.a.r.t. to the south bay is half way done and it is still on target for to you take a train come the fall of 2017. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> some adjustments necessary, thank you. for a look at how to get around the newest closure we turn to mike inouye.
5:36 am
>> good morning laura and sam. get you located san jose and silicon valley, little slowdown north 101 just north of 680. here's lundy at sierra by the golf course where kris was talking about the major intersection closed for mine months. use flickinger as one option, there's oakland road, barriesse. sierra was an issue for travelers locally that continues for nine months. north of there moving smoothly as well. here's the san mateo bridge at the bottom of your screen, peninsula shows up on your map and so does the east bay. little slowing for 580 toward dublin a typical pat person an approaching the bay bridge there's an icon for a crash. let's show you the live look, that was a crash reported somewhere along the 880 overcrossing. i scanned the area and didn't see any problem or slowing on the sensors. there might be activity on the
5:37 am
shoulder, but lanes are open, fast track lanes are moving smoothly. another five minutes the metering lights for the cash lanes. smooth traffic flow, lit up lights a bridge crew, no incidents reported and the bridge moved that center divide just fine. it's a clear view but on our sensors in for example concord and antioch i'm seeing a little fog. what do you see? >> a little bit of fog creeping through the delta. good morning to you, mike, everybody at home. we're looking at that wide view right now. if you're headed into the central valley up to sacramento you'll encounter thick patches of tulle fog. for us we're mostly cloudy and the reason why is offshore flow. clouds arcing up and around that big strong ridge of high pressure as it moves, it's actually pumping that wind from land to sea and that is our warming agent, and as we head throughout the next couple days, things are going to change
5:38 am
rapidly, because just to our south we got an area of low pressure sneaking up, combined with an area of high pressure located over the four corners region is going to bring us what we call monsoonal moisture and that means for us tomorrow afternoon, we have a really good chance for some strong thunderstorms to develop in the sierra, nevada. for us, we'll see light shower activity but we're fair game for an isolated thunderstorm. dry and warm again for humid with showers as of tuesday and and this february outlook i promised you actually shows that we have some significant rainfall coming in as of early february. now whenever we take a look at the long-term, ourmqt5wtfj fore ability is not as accurate as two or three days out but looks good and i'll show what you we see in moments. back to you, sam aç laura. >> we'll look forward to it, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie taking the first step towards a presidential run in 2016. the "wall street journal" reports he's launching
5:39 am
leadership action matters for america committee. it's not the same thing as a presidential campaign committee. christie aides say he hasn't made up his mind about a run for the white house. it allows him to raise money for trips. w news for you, strain of bird flu has been found at a foster farms turkey farm in central california, and officials say it's harmless to humans but it could wipe out entire flocks of birds and fairly quickly at that. the infected turkey discovered at a farm in stanislas county. the birds are quarantined and will "be humanely killed." officials say the strain likely came from wild birds migrating from canada. there's extra security at the white house this morning after something is found on the white house lawn. we'll have details in a live report. plus you heard of that massive winter storm working its way over the east coast right now. it's also going to impact people here in the bay area. we'll tell you how, next.
5:40 am
certainly not the case overlooking downtown san jose in comparison this morning. stick around. we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. tightened security in place at the white house after a device is found on the lawn. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington. what are you hearing? >> reporter: turns out that device was a drone we later learned from half way around the world initially from the white house spokesman who is in india with president obama, saying some sort of device was on the white house lawn at 3:00 this morning. later a federal law enforcement official says that device was a drone that landed in the trees on the white house lawn. for a couple of hours people were kept away, we set up a perimeter and also some emergency vehicles surrounding the first family's home.
5:43 am
president and mrs. obama are in india and the rest of the family and lots of employees are there. after a couple of hours they released a perimeter, allowed people who had hard passes to go in so that lockdown was over but lots of questions how a drone was able to land on the white house lawn, who it belongs to, where it came from, how it got off course and why it wasn't intercepted. the good news is this morning both the white house and secret service are saying it was not a threat to people there. they confiscated the drone so we'll stand by to get more information from the secret service as that develops. >> perhaps bring more security awareness to the white house. thank you very much. the president not in washington right now because he's in the midst of an historic three-day visit to india that is sparking protests. members of india's communist party gathered in west bengal, shouted anti-american slogans
5:44 am
opposing a fran xhiz between india and new delhi. india's republic day is india's equivalent of foirt of july, president obama was celebrated. the president took in a military parade and not hiding the fact he's also there to boost trade. >> the last few years trade between our countries increased by some 60% toward a record $100 billion. we want to trade even more. >> the president will meet later today with indian lawmakers and several american ceos are being called in for a roundtable summit. the blizzard bearing down on the east coast expected to be the strongest of the winter and may be historic in intensity. in the boston area last night stores were running low as people stocked up on supplies. authorities are advising to everyone stay at home during the storm, expected to pack strong
5:45 am
winds that may cause outages along with heavy snowfall. everyone is being told to be prepared just in case they're snowed in. flights in and out of the area already impacted by the winter storm. sfo lists 59 cancellation, a handful of other flights. oakland not seeing any delays, that is expected to change later today so check ahead if you're flying in or out. >> clis tina, you have to keep an eye out for what's going on in the northeast, super interesting. >> it is super interesting because they've been hit with so many huge storms other the past couple years specifically. this one no no joke. we'll be talking about this storm system throughout the week and probably a lot of next week as well when we cover the impact. if you have friends, relatives on the northeast side of this nation, a good time to call
5:46 am
the them. lot of people don't get to go to work and school and buying lots of supplies. meanwhile here temperatures are nice when it comes to levels in the morning hours. 36 degrees in the north bay, after all it's the climate here, the climate that helps out the dprapz. you like to drink your wine, we still need cool temperatures in the morning for that beautiful, beautiful growth. so i can tell you right now, 36 degrees in the north bay but look at later on today, 70 degrees. we have had very little frost, very little freeze warnings all across the state, the season so far, but things are looking to change as we head throughout february. i'm going to show you that coming up in a second as promised. 71 degrees for today. enjoy it while it lasts. this is it, 70 for the peninsula and 68 degrees in the trivalley. let's talk about the changes coming your way. your sun will rise at 7:19, temps will be just about as warm as yesterday. the big difference between
5:47 am
yesterday and today, we are not sparing the air and mostly clear for this evening, sunset beautiful tonight, 5:21 with enough haze out there to paint a really pretty sky. then as we wake up and meet back here tomorrow morning likely tracking showers by 9:00 a.m., especially the south end of the bay area. if you live to the south of the golden gate bridge you stand the best chance of seeing this rain even better as we head throughout 3:00 tomorrow and i think we'll see a little bit of that heavy stuff over the sierra nevada. we could see flash flood warnings trying to get over to ta show tomorrow. everything also up as we head throughout thursday and the dry pattern resumes. a lit of weather whiplash throughout the next couple days. mid-60s hold on tight through thursday and 70s return for the weekend. here's the deal, next month does look good for rain and every day that you see here shaded in green that is our best opportunity, 50% chance or better starting on the 7th through the 8th, the 12th, 13th and 14th look good as well and the 17th and 18th.
5:48 am
you know how it is around the bay area, feast or famine. couldn't get any worse than january. it is our 31st day without rainfall. everything changes tomorrow, we'll talk about how much in the next report. here's your drive with mike. >> all i heard you say was famine, i'm hungry. folks waiting to get into the city because the metering lights are turned on. no issues across the bay. nice drive down the east shore freeway. greater area on the approach and smooth flow on the berkeley curve seeing a little bit of slowing. nothing off of the 880 overcrossing. earlier crash looks like it curved without any further incidents. east shore freeway no problems. it's out of lanes, no fog reported through novato or valle vallejo. 101 through petaluma and san jose no problems.
5:49 am
highway 4 we show the slow down and fog across the antioch bridge. smooth drive 205 for 580 westbound through livermore and trivalley a typical pattern there. san jose shows no big issues, same thing for the peninsula at the bottom of your screen as well. live look across san mateo bridge westbound is the commute direction but looking just as light as the eastbound direction. by 6:30 you'll see a lot more traffic here. fog farther north of san rafael no problems, a gentle build. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:49. some sheriffs around the country want a google owned app to stop showing where their patrol cars the traffic software combines gps and social networking and includes a feature warning drivers when police are nearby and collected the information from users.
5:50 am
sheriffs groups are calling on google to disable the feature. they argue it puts law enforcement officers' lives in danger making them targets. the google purchased the company for nearly $1 billion in 2013. while the company declined to comment a ways spokesperson says it thinks deeply about safety and security. drivers will face new traffic jams thanks to the intersection of sierra road and lundy post office. it will be closed for nine months t will take that time for crews to dig a trench under the streets where the b.a.r.t. tracks will go. the intersection will reopen sometime in october. >> we had a hard time getting that gentleman there. we'll try again soon. >> three people in the hospital after a backyard accident took place in san francisco.
5:51 am
happened around 5:30 in the city's excelor neighborhood. the victims are taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. the first full day of trading for fothe company box. >> the stock gained 66% as it started trading friday on the new york stock exchange. up from an initial price of $9.23 toes $23.23, a huge jumpr a company losing money since its inception. in fact over the years box lost more money than it raised here in its ipo. greece held its elections sunday and the party which does not want to pay back greece's massive debt has won. it still has to form a government but we don't think
5:52 am
this ends well for taxpayers in france and germany to lent the money to give greece a helping hand. years of mismanagement and downright lying left greece's government in staggering debt but somehow the eu decided to let it become part of the eurozone anyway. lift driver also hold a pep rally at the company's san francisco headquarters and get their glowing pink mustaches for their dashboards. as we told you about, they are replacing the fuzzy mustaches on car bumpers for the little mustache there. this is video provided by lift. this is what your ride will look like from here on out provided your friends are actually this attractive. my friends are that attractive. take a look right there. >> too kind. >> you're playing to our vanity, scoo scott, thank you very much. it was an attractive weekend, the last couple of days have been pretty much
5:53 am
perfection. >> here's christina. >> certainly attracted a lot of people to our local beaches. they were jam-packed. and maybe, just maybe you can get out there later on today, maybe you get off of work early or have the day off, if that's you, take a look at where we're headed. mid-40s to start, we're up to the 70s even at the beach for today. 71 degrees in the south bay, santa cruz will hit about 75 degrees today. 70 from the peninsula and 68 degrees out there in the trivalley. now here's the thing. as of tomorrow we're talking about showers and subtropical moisture surging from the south and for us, that means it's going to feel kind of sticky icky around hee. short-lived event. if you have hair that entends t frizz out watch out tomorrow. otherwise looking good. dry pattern as we head throughout the end of the week. i'm talking about myself, mike, not you. i would never talk about you like that. >> my hair is sealed with sealant so it's physically impossible for it to frizz out. over here the bay bridge shows the backup, no frizz now, just
5:54 am
filling in for the lanes. oakland 880 towards the area, a typical light build at the ko colise coliseum. you don't slow down until the overcrossing at the toll plaza. east shore freeway at the top of your screen shows slowing westbound 80, typical around university avenue. looking anywhere north of the san mateo bridge which is showing a little build, typical heading over toward the peninsula. no problems, earlier crash headed into san mateo, over on the shoulder. i'll track that for the bay shoir fre shore freeway. south bay 101, sudden slowing from 101 up to mckee, things are clear by the elm rock area. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:54. bold recommendation from the leading group of pediatricians will medical marijuana. the federal government should reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug so it can be further researched as a medical option for terminally ill kids.
5:55 am
they want the government to change pot from a schedule one illegal drug where it's listed alongside drugs like heroin so a scheduled 2 controlled substance like'd adderol. a website of malaysia airlines has been hacked by a group claiming to have ties to isis. b the lizard squad. hackers replaced the website's front page with an image of a tuxedo wearing lizard and a slogan "isis will prevail." flight mh 370 disappeared sommq["kzeuju the indian ocean, another flight was shot down a few months later in eastern ukraine. the new england patriots are getting in one more practice at home before heading south to arizona. the patriots are trying to
5:56 am
concentrate on sunday's big game but deflate gate is still what people are talking about. yesterday head coach bill belichick said weather was the reason the balls deflated. in the meantime the seahawks already in arizona, the defending super bowl champs received a huge hometown sendoff, tomorrow is media day and that's always fun to watch. something crazy usually happens. you can watch the super bowl next sunday right here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m. with a supersized pregame show and kickoff is going to be at 3:30. >> get ready. maybe we'll talk about something other than deflate gate. >> a coin flip or something. two young women from the bay area making us proud. >> selena edmonds will be returning to the world figure skating championships for a second year in a row. the archbishop midi high school junior was named to the team after she finished fourth at u.s. nationals. edmonds finished eighth in last year's world championships and ninth at the sochi games. >> finishes just ahead was karen chen, fremont's own.
5:57 am
she will not be going to the world championships because she's just 15 years old, too young to compete internationally, but one to watch. >> future star coming up in years to come. 5:56. after centuries of men only in the church of england, a woman finally going to break that glass ceiling. details on the story coming up. plus shoppers at two major south bay stores exposed to the measles. what we're learning this morning coming up. and the man police say is the gypsy hill killer, returning to court today. a peak outside city by the bay overlooking san francisco. back east we're having a lot of problems with a big storm coming their way. out here not quite the same. christina has a look at our forecast coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> right now at 6:00 lockdown lifted. the white house declared safe this morning after a suspicious device was found on the lawn. plus new concerns
6:00 am
surrounding measles. hundreds of shoppers in the south bay possibly exposed to the contagious virus. a busy street closed to bring b.a.r.t. to san jose. how it could impact your drive for the next nine months. we'll look at the local changes this morning as well as the broader look at the bay. the trivalley something of interest to you. >> good morning to you i'm meteorologist christina loren. just about as warm as it was yesterday as today. the change comes in tomorrow, humid with showers and that warming really kicks in late week. we'll have your full forecast and tell you when significant rainfall returns in just moments. >> something we'll look forward to as well as a live look outside this morning atop san bruno mountain. thanks for starting your monday, january 26th with us. this is "today in the bay." >> it's that time of the


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