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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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surrounding measles. hundreds of shoppers in the south bay possibly exposed to the contagious virus. a busy street closed to bring b.a.r.t. to san jose. how it could impact your drive for the next nine months. we'll look at the local changes this morning as well as the broader look at the bay. the trivalley something of interest to you. >> good morning to you i'm meteorologist christina loren. just about as warm as it was yesterday as today. the change comes in tomorrow, humid with showers and that warming really kicks in late week. we'll have your full forecast and tell you when significant rainfall returns in just moments. >> something we'll look forward to as well as a live look outside this morning atop san bruno mountain. thanks for starting your monday, january 26th with us. this is "today in the bay." >> it's that time of the week, the very hart of the week.
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good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we start with breaking news as well. crews battling a grass fire in pacifica that burned at least five acres, happening right by the sweeney ridge hiking area. we have a photo of the scene sent to us by a viewer. it started just after 3:30. crews quickly called for backup three separate times. people who live nearby have been asked to evacuate. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is on her way to the scene and join with us a live report once she arrives. tightened security in and around the white house after a suspicious device was found on the lawn overnight. federal law enforcement official said a grown landed on a tree on the white house grounds. perimeter has been set up around the white house to restrict access. secret service says the drone does not pose a threat to anyone in the building. the president and the first lady india. the president was briefed on the situation.
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live report from washington at 6:30. health officials trying to get in touch with hundreds of shoppers in the south bay who may have been exposed to the measles. >> nannette miranda joins us live in gilroy. person who shopped at the walmart and costco behind you, over a week ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. yes, very crowded place those big box stores during the weekend. the santa clara county health department confirms it was this costco behind me on camino arroyo and gilroy where the exposure to measles may have happened. warning signs posted at fwoet stores telling weekend shoppers that a person in the infectious stage of the illness was here on january 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. the disease is highly contagious. costco is usually very crowded as well as walmart on weekends, so hundreds of shoppers may have been exposed. the county will only say the
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person infected is an adult, making this the second case of the measles in santa clara county. officials have not said whether this person traveled to disneyland recently. the latest case is very concerning. >> obviously becoming very ill or exposing our friends and family, and the possible outbreak that it could mean for california having already been in los angeles area, and then moving up this way. >> reporter: as i mentioned the infected shopper may have also been at the walmart across the street from this costco where similar warning signs are posted. health officials will not name the third location, a restaurant that the person visited, but if you were, the costco or walmart you should watch for signs like fever, cough and rash, if you goe don't come down with the measles by february 8th, health officials say you should be okay. the advice on the warning signs
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is like what all medical experts are saying, be up to date on your vaccines. live in gilroy, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. a heads up for drivers in the south bay, new closure could tie up your drive in san jose's barriessa neighborhood and going to last for a while. >> we go to "today in the bay" kris sanchez who joins us near the intersection of lundy avenue and sierra road. good morning. >> reporter: it is on track and that is the good news. the bad news is that means the dig is going to start here underground on lundy, and it's going to mean a reroute for about the next nine months. if all goes according to plan. here's why the south bay b.a.r.t. ex-stention going underground through that stretch. the idea to put it underneath one of the busiest intersections to create a buffer between the b.a.r.t. trains and drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. as you can see in a rendering from the valley transportation authority along this part of the
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ten-mile extension the tracks will run far beneath the ground to keep those folks separate from b.a.r.t. it's more than a mere dig. vta rerouting major utilities and restoring the roadway once it's all complete. >> it is the most complicated intersection, and that's why we need to close it for nine months so we can get it done and be out of the area. >> reporter: the detour will take drivers to flickinger avenue. that impacts who ride bus number 77. b.a.r.t. won't be completely underground. it will become one of the aerial structures as we see. the target date for you to buy your clipper pass, your tickets to get on the b.a.r.t. is fall of 2017. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." sfwla little b >> a little bit of time there.
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>> a longer term perspective. >> feels like we have been waiting for a while. >> yes and we will continue to wait. the effects will impact the surrounding neighborhoods as well. >> let's show you on the maps what we're talking about. kris is talking about the b.a.r.t. extension for those of you who just joined us. we'll look at your map and the whole south bay shows a typical pattern for the freeways. we'll zoom in north of 101 and between 680 and 880, this is lundy avenue at sierra road where the closure goes on for the next nine months as kris said behind the golf course. barriessa to the south and roadways headed over to oakland road or quickinger which are your options north/south. 680 and 880 will have vac aing cess via hoechstedtter.
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in the trivalley looking at a bigger build 068 southbound out of dublin and off the interchange. no problems for livermore and dublin. the olt month pass has seen a couple of crashes that held up for folks keeping things lighter. we'll zoom in toward the maze and approach to the bay bridge slowing down the east shore freeway. the worse is westbound 580, the 880 overcrossing. as we look at the bay bridge camera we have a backup here because the metering lights are on and the overcrossing at the top of the screen where j along the stretch the earlier crash that would z clear and might have contributed to an early slowdown and might have changed the pattern. very clear view no problems again and i watched that zipper truck and the crews, there's a different sequence of events as they moved the center divide. last week we talked about lowering the speeds because folks think the physical barrier makes it completely safe.
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it is still, you still have to obey the speed limit. it's there for a reason >> always. all right. we have breaking news of a large fire happening in pacifica off of fastler avenue. an aerial per spec i have, you can see it on the left-hand side of your screen and it is arousing some concerns. they've increased the response in terms of the amount of firefighters that are out there right now. what kind of conditions are outside? are they hospitable for at least trying to put that out as soon as possible? we check in with christina and find out what's going on. >> they're evacuating some people in the area. >> really? >> we don't have much wind but we have a little bit of wind in the area. you're between about 3 and 6 miles per hour in pacifica right now. it's a grass fire so that could become something of a distraction. as we speak this morning, temperatures are really mild and that's a product of where we hit
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yesterday. we ended up in the mid to upper 70s just about everywhere and this morning as a result we're starting out in the 40s. 51 degrees even in san francisco and 36 degrees in the north bay. in the afternoon cooler but not by much, three to five degrees cooler at best and going to make for a lovely day in the trivalley. 68 degrees for you, 70 on the peninsula and 71 degrees in beautiful san jose. if you can get out to the beach later on, temperatures will be really, really warm, half moon bay at about 76 degrees and santa cruz 76 to maybe 77 degrees. we have the 80s out there over the weekend. for us, our pattern zbg to change. high pressure is firmly in control but look at this. showers sneaking up, impacting southern california, in fact where i grew up, down to the palm desert, palm strings area, robust moisture. all of this will slowly make its way into the bay area as we head throughout tomorrow morning. i stop that clock for you, at 9:00 a.m., excepting some good shower activity at that point,
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especially around the santa cruz mountains we'll be here tracking those for you and better chance later on in the day as that moisture really gets going. i think we can actually see qualified warnings go up in the sierra nevada so right near tahoe if you're trying to get up there later on tomorrow could be problematic. check ahead with us before you go and we'll keep you up to date. we'll keep that shower chance going through thursday morning and setting you up for a dry weekend. we've got the long range data coming your way in my next report. stick around. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much, christina. time is 6:10. poshl potentially historic storm is ready to pound the east coast, next. and we'll look at the greek elections what it means to you and elon musk gets paid a very high compliment. a five-alarm fire burning in san francisco. this gives you a closer look at our chopper is overhead. it's a massive grass fire in pacifica, already burned at least five acres nearer it rah
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nova boulevard. evacuations are under way. we'll have the latest coming up.
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we're following breaking news this morning as you look out right now at the aerial shot of a fire in pacifica that is on fast alert near rockaway where police are in the process of firefighters evacuating people from their homes, we're closely following the latest development. >> it started about 3:30 this morning and it has grown considerably in size, now a five-alarm fire as crews, oh, you've just been told it is a six-alarm fire now as crews are trying to battle this as what they can. it's in a canyon type area near pacifica. >> as the response continues throughout the morning we'll keep you updated. here's other top stories on monday morning. we could hear from the man accused of killing two bay area
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women nearly 40 years ago. rodney hallbauer is due back in court. dna connects him to the stabbing deaths of two teenage girls in pacifica in 1976. the crimes became known as the gypsy hill murders. officials say an adult with measles shopped at the costco and walmart in gilroy on january the 18th, a little bit over a week ago from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on sunday. if you were at either of the stores at the time, the health department wants to you watch out for watches like a fever, cough and rash, until february the 8th. the church of england ended 500 years of male domination today, but consecrating its first female bishop president reverend libby lane is now the eighth bishop of stockport. the american version of the church already has female bishops. the bishop for the bay area is a woman. in the business and tech world, the woman in church of yahoo! has some big decisions ahead of her. >> meyer will tell investors
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what she's going to do with billions and billions of dollarsdollars yahoo! made after the alibaba ipo. what does yahoo! dowith all that money? we know what meyer wants to. she wants to invest it back in yahoo!. absolutely reasonable answer. buy up more companies, like getting a bonus at work and using it to renovate your kitchen. investors want the money for themselves as a payout. also, an extremely reasonable thing to ask, but the big question here is, if meyer says no to the payout, what are the investors going to do? will meyer keep the money for yahoo! or give it to investors? can she navigate the complexities of u.s. taxes to avoid losing a third of it to the tax man? bottom line, can meyer keep her
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job? she hasn't got this guy's problems. they won the greece party last night. he won by saying he will not pay the debt owed to europe. they've been suffering belt tightening trying to pay it back. if greece defaults it will probably kicked out of the euro. the euro continues to fall, 1.11, that will buy you a euro. enough financial news. let's watch "the simpsons." >> hello, i'm elon musk. what the -- >> dad, no, elon musk is possibly the greatest living inventor. >> you're the guy who put wheels on luggage? oh, bless you! bless you! >> that's elon musk, at least his voice on "the simpsons." he tweeted about his experience, saying he had issued with the rocket science. he said if you saw "the simpsons" and wonder why spacex
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doesn't use an electric rocket to reach orbit it's because it's impossible. he like the animation and the show. he feels "the simpsons" science is not quite right. >> uhm, it's a cartoon. >> i guess it's still accurate the wheels on luggage no problem there. >> yes, absolutely. the greatest invention of all-time. why do bart and lisa never age? last night stores in the boss stone area were running low on essentials as people stocked up on supplies. that city is expected to get two feet of powder through tomorrow and people up and down the east coast are being warned right now they could be stuck in their homes for days. so far nearly 1900 flights almost 2,000 canceled nationwide preemptivelies had that this point, this includes 59 out of sfo and a handful of others are delayed. two cancellations out of sjc. no problems reported at oakland
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international. all of that is expected to change as the day goes on. coming up in 30 minutes the "today" show's dylan dreyer will join us live from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where snow is falling. >> a huge fire burning in pacifica our chopper over the scene, you see a few glowing spots there. this is in a canyon near pacifica, fastler avenue ander it rah nova boulevard by the sweeney ridge hiking area. it has grown to six alarms in the past few hours. it broke out about 3:30 this morning. we understand evacuations are in place and possibly structures could be threatened as well. >> we know that christina has very closely been following wind conditions to see what kind of impact that could have on the fire and what do you know? >> wind is not very strong right now. let me show you where this is. i want to show you a map, some people think geographically like i do. let's start with that. you can see where it is in relation to 1 and mike is along in a moment to let you know how
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that could or could not be impacting your drive. we get the information as it slowly trickles into your newsroom. six-alarm fire in pacifica, if if you're just joining us, 1109 fastler avenue and because the wind is coming from the hills and moving toward the ocean it's very dry wind and it has been very dry around here for the past couple days because this has been the setup with the offshore flow. if it was off of the pacific it would carry more moisture. because it's in a canyon as we just learned that's typically where you get the squeeze, you get the highest wind speeds. between 5 to 10 miles per hour, could be stronger. we'll keep on top of that for you, a very high concern for this morning. 41 degrees for the south bay today, getting your way out that front door, temperatures are chilly to start. grab a coat, something you can ditch later. it will be warm again, 68 degrees for the trivalley, 60 degrees on the peninsula and 71 degrees in the south bay. we have a shower chance as we head throughout tomorrow, looking pretty good for some
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showers, between about 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., especially south of the golden gate bridge. as we get into the month of february, we're actually looking a lot more promising. it's looking more promising for some robust rain to come through starting on the seventh of the month into the eighth, and hey, valentine's day could be looking at a little bit of shower activity. we're going to keep you update nypd. is long range data and the further you go out beyond 72 hours, the less certain it is. nonetheless, i like to let you know about every single potential that we have because we're in a drought. another reason why our hillsides are very dry. let's check on the update with mike, pacifica, 1109 fastler avenue, have you learned anything? >> as laura told you and you, there's a six-alarm fire off of 101. locating around the city the san francisco itself and the approach for 280 and 101 is moving smoothly. toward pacifica, off of highway
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1 where is the fire is located, fastler, terranova boulevard, rockaway over on this side of highway 1 itself affecting local traffic. 280 and highway 1 themselves are clear as far as the lanes go but we see some slowing northbound on highway 1, reports of smoke being visible in the area as well that may be the case as the sun starts to come up so that's the only impact we have for your freeway traffic, local traffic will be impacted. we're tracking this of course. that's it for that side of the bay. meanwhile approaching the bay bridge from the east bay, you have your slowing down in the east shore freeway, look at the map north of 92, pretty typical pattern on either side of the water. the bay bridge itself looking at the toll plaza we see the backup because the metering lights were turned on at 6:44, no big surprises but it is slow coming off of the berkeley curve and out of the maze as well, has a good volume this monday coming out of 580 and 24. speaking of 580, let's look at the dublin interchange as we look at the approach coming off of the tassahara and el charo
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area. it's slowing because of the volume rate. the slower westbound 580 drive as well as the traffic building through pleasanton and sunol. the trivalley no surprise but we have the volume of tracking kicking in thousand. the south bay saw early slowing north 101. we have the second burst kicking in there and north of there, sierra at lundy where kris sanchez is talking about the b.a.r.t. project closing for nine months that will affect local traffic but the freeways themselves are all right. barriessa will see more traffic flow. a fire in pacifica right now, we update breaking news, a vegetation fire rapidly growing. it started about 3:30 this morning but now up to six alarms. >> lots of resources out there right now, as we follow the progression of that fire hoping that they can contain it. we know there are plenty of homes nearby that had to be evacuated and looking to find out if they've been able to contain the spread of the fire and protect everybody that is
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nearby. we're showing you live aerial pictures as we speak. again this is on fastler avenue, not too far from the beach area of pacifica. we're going to have much more information coming up after the break, all of the latest details.
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live images again, we are returning to the scene of a grass fire in pacifica, kind of nestled in a cove not too far to the coastline. the fire is still burning and
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burning rather strange strong lip. it's a six alarm fire with a i in laymans terms means they are pouring more resources to contain the spread of the flames. >> it broke out about 3:30 this morning so it has been burning for quite some time. we know there are evacuations of people nearby. we have a crew on the scene that is gathering information and we're going to check in with them coming up in minutes. >> the origin of that was fastler avenue ander it rah nova boulevard where they're tracking the fire from. a bold recommendation from pediatricians about medical marriage maurn marijuana. >> they want the government to change pot from a schedule one illegal drug where it's listed alongside drugs like heroin to a scheduled two substance like ritalin. the group organizes it is against recreational marijuana
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use in children. >> the time is 6:26. still ahead of the opening bell minutes away, scott mcgrew has the breakdown of the markets. a suspicious device found on the white house lawn, what the secret service is doing right now.
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lockdown lifted. the white house declared safe this morning after a suspicious device was found on the lawn. and we're tracking that six-alarm fire in pacifica, wind although it's light we have a dry pattern out there. we'll give you the latest on that plus temperatures remain in the 70s for today. your full forecast in just moments. >> that peninsula fire is having an effect on the freeway traffic or at least one freeway. we'll show you that impact for locals as well as your build for the rest of the bay. in palo alto traffic shows a good volume of build there and trivalley, what's going on 680 and commuters coming up. wall street had its first winning week of the year last week. we go into today's trading with
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a lot of:>vheadwinds including victory for the party in greece that says they won't pay back the debt. what does it mean for the euro? there's the nyse. we go over to the nasdaq as well as trading gets under way. >> we'll see where the markets go today. it's been up and down. live look outside right now, downtown san jose. you can see the sunlight starting to peek up over the horizon. today is monday, january the 26th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we follow breaking news, fire crews battling a large grass fire burning in pacifica. >> this has been going for on three hours and expanded in size. stephanie chuang just got to the scene. what are the latest conditions, steph?
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>> reporter: hi, good morning, sam and laura. the fire that began just around 3:30 this morning at six alarms, fewer fighters need more support. you can see the flames from here in the canyon between fastler avenue and rockaway beach avenue and the concern is we're awfully close to some of the residences, some of the homes here, maybe just some yards away. joining me now is collide preston with the north county fire authority. clyde, talk to us about what's happening now. >> we have a wildland fire going here and one of the biggest challenges we have are the winds that are coming up between 10 and 15 miles per hour. we also have heavy to moderate fuel in the canyon and also the steep terrain which is making it a little bit difficult for firefighters to reach the fire. >> reporter: i understand it's six alarms and talking about the resources. how many firefighters and what is the plan of attack? >> we have over 60 firefighters on scene surrounding this fire. we have as a precautionary measure because there say potential threat to the homes,
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we have evacuated 80 to 90 homes ands residents have been located to the pacifica community center on crescipe. >> reporter: i feel the wind t seems to be the driving factor here and you're talking about the steep terrain. are firefighters going to be, you are know, using chainsaws, trying to cut lines? is there going to be air drops later? >> i don't know about what's happening later on. right now we have engines surrounding the fire. we have hand crews in there, fire crews in there, hose lines deployed. really what's happening is these winds are carrying this fire and the train which is making it difficult. >> lastly, clyde, i spoke with a resident who said this never burned before and he's not too concerned. what would you say to those who want to stick around? there's evacuation orders in place, right? >> well, you know, as the winds can change. the winds are blowing this fire, if the police or fire department come to those homes and tell them to evacuate, we want them to evacuate. >> okay, clyde, thank you so
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much. it's fivic aacres? >> five acres, six alarms. >> reporter: more than 60 firefighters and i spoke with a man who says he's lived here for more than 20 years and this canyon never burned but he always wondered if it would. too early to tell what started this. we'll give you the latest as we get the updates. live in pacifica, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we can tell the winds with her hair moving there, making it tough for firefighters. thank you. >> a couple of the challenges laid out there, the winds as well as the terrain making things difficult. this as we give you a live look right now of the fire near where stephanie was reporting there, burning on fastler avenue. >> christina has been keeping tabs on the winds in that area. it's dangerous if they could shift at all. >> i don't think the winds are going to shift but because it is in a canyon you get what we call gusty winds so that wind could pick up really quickly and really i want to show you what's
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happening out there. better locator for you about a half a mile away frommer it rah nova high school, actually just to the west offer it rah nova high school. what you can notice is wind is coming from the northeast. all that smoke will drift towards 1 and we'll getupdate on mike to see if that's impacting your drive. bad place for a fire, a bad trend for a fire as well because as you know it's been really, really dry. when we get those winds, that move onshore, typically transporting a lot of moisture. we've had this pattern with offshore flow all weekend long so it's very dry out there. lot of dry terrain, as sam was pointing out. as we head throughout the day today, maybe trying to get up and moving this morning, temperatures right now are starting in the 50s. we are going to end up in the 70s for today. it will be cooler in some spots by about 3 to 5 degrees. noticeably cooler later on in san francisco at 67 degrees. we'll see a return of that onshore flow typical pattern in the bay area but not until tonight. as promised, want to get an
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update with mike inouye. >> we'll take you folks out to the peninsula, where christina just told you what we've been telling you from stephanie as well, six-alarm fire in the pacifica area. wanted to show you the freeways. in general the commute looks all right on the peninsula side. we'll zoom toward pacifica itself, highway 1 showed a lot of slowing, just a few minutes ago toward sharp park. things calmed down on 101 itself. the hazard triangle is the vicinity of fastler avenue,er it rah nova boulevard toward rockaway as well as as you change the name of the street underneath highway 1, all the area we're talking about the six-alarm grass fire close to homes, the freeways themselves are not really affected, sharp park itself to the north a major connector between the coast and 280 moving smoothly without problem. we're tracking that, watching the effect of the smoke and talked abouter it rah nova high school as well. the east bay most of the activity for the morning commute, hayward, the castro
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valley y picking up the volume of traffic. the trivalley commute typical there as well. the top of your screen a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned on 5:44. no problems but you have a slower drive down the east shore freeway through brkly and emeryville. 580 is where the worst track is. we have a little bit of haze and mist traveling through the area and not dribbling, might be drizzly? not that bad. the volume is the concern here and in the north bay, san rafael southbound 101 hold steady with the volume of traffic no, drama here toward the golden gate bridge and that's good news, a smooth, clear drive this morning but farther north in santa rosa you might get a patch or two of fog. >> watch out if are it, thanks, mike. thank you very much. we are moving now to business news and greece has a new government that decided maybe we
6:37 am
won't pay back our debts. >> scott mcgrew the markets watching that. >> let's talk about the markets, the dow industrials down about a third of a percent, 33 points this morning, we're watching greece as samw]yd mentioned thas yet to form an actual government but it does appear that party did win. shares in box are trading about 3% lower, these are the folks from los altos opening the market friday. the stock jumped 66%. box has been losing money from the get-go. one analyst quoted on was brutal, guys, in his assessment. he said what you're seeing is a lot of buying by doctors, lawyers and dentists who just know box's name and didn't pay attention to the financials, says words, the financials are horrendous, but down about 3%, which is not much from÷ a 66% jump on its first day. >> quite the start for them. thanks a lot. all new, tightened security in and around the white house. this after a suspicious device
6:38 am
was found on the lawn overnight. federal law enforcement official says a drone landed on a tree at the white house grounds. perimeter has been set up around the white house to restrict access. the secret service says the drone does not pose a threat to anyone inside of the building. meantime the president and the first lady aren't even there. they're on a three-day visit to india but we're told president obama has been briefed on the situation. it is 6:38 right now. still ahead we continue to follow the fire that is burning in pacifica right now. it's pretty much out of control, six alarms at this point. 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds and the steep terrain certainly not helping, close to 60 firefighters that are there trying to battle this massive fire, up to 90 people evacuated as well. the latest details coming up.
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welcome back. it is 6:41 and happening today, sealed files detailing years of sex abuse claims will be made public as part of the new suit against the boy scouts. opening statements begin this morning in santa barbara civil court, this in a negligence suit filed by a 20-year-old man who says he was molested by a boy scout volunteer in 2007 and the suit claims the scouts failed to warn parents about the dangers of sex abuse. the trial will include 16 years of documents containing abuse allegations that have not previously been made public. >> 6:41 right now. coming up, we continue to follow breaking news this morning, flames erupt on the peninsula, leading to
6:42 am
evacuations. we are live on the scene gathering information. we'll have the latest. >> that from pacifica. plus new concerns surrounding the measles as well. hundreds of shoppers in the south bay possibly exposed to the contagious virus. what we're learning now. quite a busy monday morning. look at the sun's arrival over the bay area. beautiful bay bridge there in the distance. nice way to start our monday morning. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right are this.
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developing right now, a storm of historic proportions starting to durp snow across much of the east coast. this is a live look at our real time doppler radar, a blizzard
6:45 am
warning stretches 250 miles, many areas could see more than two feet of snow by tomorrow. >> the "today" show's dylan dreyer joins us from pittsburgh where it's already started to snow and what are the conditions like out there? >> reporter: it's okay, but it's been getting worse over the past couple of hours. the snow picked up in intensity a little bit. we came out to pittsburgh to show you how the whole storm is getting started. it's going to strengthen a lot more especially as we go into tonight so right now we're looking at about i'd say three or so inches of snow. i brought out the yard stick because i know i'll need it later today in boston, if i can get there later today. but we are looking to measure on the order of about 30 inches in areas especially just north of the city of boston, but for right now, we are just seeing some light snow across the bare yep widespread two to four inches in the general area and overnight we're going to see a lot more intensity to this storm, with snowfall rates as much as two to four inches per
6:46 am
hour. they have 300,000 tons of salt on hand in boston and also 4,000 plows and spreaders at the ready for the height of this storm, overnight and into early tuesday morning. in new york city they have 2,400 crews on standby to share 12-hour shifts throughout the duration of this storm. so as of right now, it's just getting started. the snow is filling in across pennsylvania, through new jersey new jersey, up into new york, but it's the flight delays we're seeing already that will cause ripple effects all across the country. there have been thousands of delays, thousands of cancellation. i'm on an 11:55 flight today to boston so i'm hoping that isn't one of the thousands that gets canceled because after all, i need to be up there for the nor'easter. >> you have a busy couple days ahead of you. safe travels and a taste of'=@rc things to come, need more than just truliers, we need sticks and actually shovels to get that out thereof. thank you. >> stay warm, dylan. breaking news right now as crews are battling a large grass fire, they have for several hours now burning in pacifica.
6:47 am
>> it broke out about 3:30 this morning, been burning for quite some time. chng schng live on the scene gathering informati stephanie chuang is live on the scene and they have several evacuations. >> reporter: there are some evacuations in effect. the last update was maybe 80 to 90 residents told they should leave this area here. you can see the fire going here in the canyon between fastler and rockaway beach. i'm told by mike, a resident for 23 years this canyon is referred to as rockaway beach or rockaway, and there's some fire fighting efforts going on right on the screen there, you see some hose action but it's starting to spread. it is at five acres last check with about 60 firefighters at least and 20 fire fighting an ta
6:48 am
apparatus. mike doulier lived here for 20 years. >> pacific p.d. knocked on the door 5:05 in the morning and said you have to get out of here pretty soon so my wife started gathering things and got the kids ready to go, trying to figure out what do with the animals and we got ready to go. >> reporter: you guys are ared to go but you've been here i saw you standing here watching this. what have you observed? you know this very well and how challenging it is for firefighters. >> reporter: this is a really steep, steep hill mere and full of brush and poison oak and it's very densely vegetation. it's really dense in here so i'm sure they're having a hard time getting around and extremely deep. the areas they're working in are a tough spot to get into. >> i know it's getting lighter now so we can see a lull bit better but it is very dense as you mentioned. talk to me about, so you're on the other side here. you're not as concerned about evacuating. you're talking about your friends who live right around there, they lift right away. >> reporter: that's correct. my daughter's friend on her soccer team and their family are right here, they have guests visiting from oregon and of course the morning of that, they
6:49 am
have to leave, but they're in the condos right here on the canyonside and those, yeah, i'd be a little more concerned if i were there. >> absolutely. mike thank you for providing your perspective. i appreciate it, this morning. again, you've lived here more than 20 years, this hasser in a couple ridges that burned 5 and 10 years ago. as it gets lighter, it should help the fight fighters. we're live in pacifica, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. you know the terrain there is so tough for the firefighters as well and christina has been monitoring the winds. >> it's been really, really dry for the past few days and in fact, right now it's very dry because we have hey that really, really strong offshore flow. the wind could be stronger, however it's so dry out there and our wind is continuing to dry out that area, so you'll notice that wind coming in from the northeast, pushing to the southwest and typically we get that ocean air. this is a very dry air that's
6:50 am
coming from land, and moving to sea. let me show you what it hooks like on the map. you've got wind in the area, east-northeast, 10 to 15 miles per hour, getting gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour and right now we're actually seeing the highest humidity that we will see throughout the day. as the day draws on that humidity will continue to drop and we could be looking at humidity at about 2025% before the day is done in this area. also want to give you an idea of how close it is to the high school here, that'ser it rah nova high school a half mile away. stick with us if it you live in the area and we will keep you updated as to the status. six-alarm fire a dry area and that wind is definitely not helping the situation. for most of the bay area, wind is calm as we wake up and meet back on a monday morning, hopefully you had a great weekend. 41 degrees in the south bay, the peninsula later on today will hit the 70s, same for us here in the south bay and 68 degrees is the forecasted high out in the trivalley. we do have a little bit of shower activity on the way
6:51 am
tomorrow. tomorrow pattern changes entirely. i stop that clock for you getting into the morning hours. not expecting a lot by 4:00 p.m. we should see good rainfall move through. the santa cruz mountains also tahoe going to see some rain but as we head throughout wednesday into thursday, conditions change, we dry up again and we have that offshore flow returning but there is rain inside as we head throughout the month of february, actually looking better for some shower activity, as we head throughout the first week by the weekend, the 7th into the 8th and another great chance 12th, 13th and 14th, but it has been dry. we're on 31 days now of no significant rainfall, measurable precipitation in san francisco and so yeah, definitely starting to see that impact, some of our local hillsides they were once green and luscious. things are starting to dry out again. we're going to keep you updated and get the rain so desperately because of the drought situation. the drought situation not helping out the fire fighting effort out there. woo, just a really bad scene. we'll keep you updated. find out if it's impacting your
6:52 am
drive. >> good morning, folks. we'll get you located. here is the peninsula, san francisco down to pacifica. look at the traffic flows, pretty standard there on the freeways but we zoom in to what christina has talking about and steph chuang was out there, it's on the east side of highway 1 between 1 and 280 and there's the traffic flow just south of sharp park. our chopper is over the scene we'll show you the six-alarm grass fire affecting the folks fastler, rockaway,er it rah nova boulevard. highway 1 itself after early slowing perhaps as equipment got to the area or maybe some smoke visible that is clearing as far as the smoother flow of traffic but this six-alarm fire down in the canyon is a tough one to fight. we're tracking that in the newsroom as well as steph chuang on the scene as well as our chopper. we'll let you know as this continues to build, six alarms growing from five just in the last half hour in pacifica. as we show a smooth flow of traffic we'll get back to your traffic report here and hopefully show you what else is going on out there. smooth flow of traffic continues
6:53 am
on 101 and 280 and the south bay typical build. not affecting anything from the peninsula side. north 101 and 87 typical slowing through san jose. anywhere north of there, milpit milpitas, southbound 880 slows a bit through fremont and hayward and the castro valley y. the trivalley a typical pattern as well. couple earlier crashes for 580 but no big disturbance. we have patchy low fog and clouds, let's show you the san mateo bridge and we see the haze hanging out westbound does show a nice smooth drive but the volume kicked in over the last ten minutes a slower drive so the peninsula 101 at 92 will see snowing as the bulk make it over here in the next half hour. dublin area where it's affecting our view. low clouds an issue for our view of the freeway. the freeway itself the most impact is because of the volume of traffic which is building out of livermore and in through dublin toward the dublin
6:54 am
interchange and the bay bridge toll plaza where the inle million have been on since 5:44, the backup slow off of 580, 24 and the east shore freeway. the skies are much clearer than we showed you for the trivalley. back to you. >> down to the south bay drivers should be warned you may see some new traffic jams this morning thanks to the b.a.r.t. extension project. >> long time coming. it could take a long time to go. kris sanchez joins us from near the intersection of lundy avenue and sierra road. the intersection now shut down. good morning. >> yes, the intersection is shut down and going to be shut down for the next nine months so the folks who live and work around here have to get used it. the reason is the construction to take these south bay b.a.r.t. extension underground is going to be going under one of the busiest intersections along the trut create a buffer between b.a.r.t. trains and drivers, pedestrians and cyclists as well. you can see in a rendering from the vta just how deep that dig is.
6:55 am
throughout the ten-mile extension, we either have the b.a.r.t. system under roadways or over them. in the northern area we have more underground trenching and then as it ends at barriessa it goes up into an aerial structure. >> reporter: long before that happens the lundy road detour will take drivers to flickinger avenue where you can find the temporary dta bus stop that impacts the bus lines 77. even if this is not your route you may notice some overflow traffic where you are around san jose. south bay b.a.r.t. half way done and ahead of schedule so get ready to buy your tickets because you'll be able to board the b.a.r.t. in the fall of 2017. i'm kris sanchez in san jose, "today in the bay." >> have some time to get ready. thanks a lot, kris. >> just two and a half years. now to medical news and a warning from health officials. hundreds of shoppers at two big box stores in the south bay may have been exposed to the measles. >> it's close to home.
6:56 am
nannette miranda is live in gilroy and nannette the infected shopper visited the stores more than a week ago. >> reporter: january 18th to be exact. warning sign is just one of the last things that few shoppers expect to see, that's exactly what happened here at this costco behind me on ka miyo royale in gilroy. flyers are posted all over the place telling people about someone who was infected visiting on january 18th as i mentioned between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., possibly exposing hundreds here and at the walmart across the street. measles is a highly contagious disease so the santa clara county health department wanted to get the word out. health officials will only say the patient is an adult, but will not reveal their vaccination status. sop sh some shoppers did not see the notices. >> might have been more noticeable like on the front doors and in a color that would draw your attention to it. >> reporter: it's unclear
6:57 am
whether the latest patient visited disneyland, where a number of measles cases had been linked to santa clara skounty. now has two confirmed cases. the infected person visited a third location, a restaurant somewhere south of here, santa clara county, but they won't mention where that restaurant is. the health officials won't do that for whatever reason, i'm sure that's raising anxiety levels around here. live in gilroy, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> sure, people feel like they have the right to know. a local data storage company box is on a roll now. scott mcgrew, they ipo'd last week and stock up and up. >> you're saying up 30% already? >> it was up about 3% today but up 60% yesterday. that it's up up at all today is a surprise. as we go to the markets the dow industrials up about or sorry, down 100 points on the greek news, but again the one that makes you just go, what?!
6:58 am
is box is up again today. you may have seen the clip on youtube, it's the folks at the "today" show a long time seeing an e-mail address for the first time. they don't know what the "@"symbol is. >> the a with the ring around it. >> at. >> kay said she thought it was about. >> or around about. >> i've only see the burst. @amfeedback,.com. what is internet anyway? >> they turned that into a super bowl ad and the "today" show will show it to you in a few minutes. it's pretty darned good. >> information super highway. remember that? 6:58, thank you very much. following breaking news this morning from pacifica where a fire has ranged over the last hour. the smoke and the flames fierce this morning. >> that's right it's happening in steep terrain.
6:59 am
they've evacitied 80 to 90 people to eye nearby pacifica center, communications, community center i should say just to get people out of the area. >> you can see the wind taking off with some of the smoke there. christina has been closely watching continues to see how it will impact the fire. what is the latest? >> the wind is really erratic out there. it's all going into the same direction. you saw the smoke plume headed towards the ocean which means people driving on 1 will likely see that smoke, wonder what's going on and probably cause delays. i just want to give you an idea with our maps here where it is and how close it is to some of the homes nearby, hence the evacuation. wind out of the east-northeast, 10 to 15 miles per hour. humidity 42% and because it's in a canyon with a lot of dry brush not a great situation. we continue to cover it for you. >> what about for drivers? >> look at the maps of the peninsula, we'll locate the fire there and that's why dlis tina
7:00 am
christina is talking about. we're expecting only local traffic right now at fastler ander it rah nova. >> one we'll continue to monitor. >> we'll check in with stephanie chuang at 7:25. stay tuned. good morning. historic blizzard. >> prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> the northeast braces for a crippling winter storm, up to three feet of snow expected in some places. white-out conditions said to make travel impossible. this morning everything you need to know to prepare yourselves for the blizzard of 2015. >> breaking overnight, another security breach as a drone lands on the white house grounds. officials say there was no immediate threat as the secret service investigates. >> seattle seahawks star richard sherman takes the nfl and


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