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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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near edenwood road near silver creek road. both drivers are being questioned by police. robert handa is at the scene. what are the details? >> reporter: raj, here at the fatal crash scene, the vehicles as well as the drivers involved have all been taken away. as you can see, even in the darkness, the investigation is still going on here. now the horrific accident took place just after noon today here on yerba buena road near edenwood drive. as you can see from the view from the newschopper, police believe the driver of the silver bmw and the silver nissan altima were drag racing at high speed. neighbors describe the drivers as two young men who look dazed after the crash. >> two witnesses per witnesses were racing down and lost control of their cars and struck the pedestrian and killed her. >> so you're confirming it was a racing incident? >> reporter: per witnesses. >> i think they were kind of in
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shock, you know. i'm not sure. i didn't really pay attention to them. i just wanted to make sure that everyone was okay. and then when i heard about the pedestrian, i just kind of -- i didn't really pay attention to them. >> reporter: now, police have been going door to door searching for any surveillance video or any possible witnesses. as we reported, the victim is described as a 20 to 30-year-old woman who was apparently out jogging or walking at the time. and we have been told that the two drivers were questioned and have been taken to county jail, booked on vehicular manslaughter. later we will have more on the investigation as well as information on what's being done in this neighborhood, which the police have described as a trouble area for racing. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> so tragic. thank you, robert. a very rude awakening for dozens of residents of pacifica this morning. just after 3:30 a wind-whipped wildfire forced them out into the cold. the canyon fire burned dangerously close to dozens of
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home along fesler avenue by highway 1. the fire, as you can imagine, caught many by surprise not only because it's january, the middle of winter. but pacifica is normally foggy and soggy. meteorologist rob mayeda has more on the fire fears that come with this dry january. but we begin with mark matthews and why this brushfire was more troubling than most. mark? >> reporter: janelle, because it's just been so dry here. it hasn't rained in a month. investigators are down in the canyon trying to figure out what caused the fire. but there is something that the folks here on fessler can learn. in fact people all over the bay area can learn from what happened today. 3:30 this morning, fire was moving up the canyon walls towards larry passmore's home. >> the back windows were all orange and stuff. so i opened up the curtains and opened it up and realized the fire is right there at the back door. >> reporter: here is a picture shot by one of his neighbors just as firefighters arrived. >> they placecally protected the house. thank you. thank you to the firemen. they did a great job today.
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>> reporter: passmore is the owner of a fire extinguisher company, and he is the exception in this neighborhood. he has cleared a 30-foot space around his home planted in fire-resistant vegetation. most of the places on this canyon have pine trees, eucalyptus and brush within ten feet of homes. >> we generally get rain. it's never this dry. it hasn't been this dry that i can remember in a long time. >> reporter: and some told us they were not allowed to clear the brush. >> but this part of it is not to be cleared because otherwise you're going to have hillslides. we have a lot of storms. >> reporter: cal fire says homeowners are responsible for providing a defensible 30-foot space around their property. but it's true they don't want bare dirt slopes because of erosion concerns. so what is required is fire resistant plants. though enforcement of that along this canyon has been lax. >> well pacifica isn't considered a high hazard fire area. so we don't have a program where we're going out and doing that. >> reporter: this morning's fire
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may prove to be a wake-up call in more than just the obvious sense. >> we have to call our homeowners board and make sure that our eucalyptus trees get trimmed back. >> reporter: yes, that's important. and you also have to add that 30-foot barrier. and land along this canyon rim in pacifica is not exempt from that rule. you got to have it. now, for a list of drought-resistant and fire-resistant plants that you can put around your home to protect it go to our website. go to this story. we've got a link to cal fire's recommendations for you. reporting from pacifica mark matthews nbc bay area news. well the bay area faced a very similar situation last january. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with the dry condition that could mean more of the fires. >> around the time the fire started humidity at 42%, which overnight in pacifica is pretty dry. and throughout the weekend into early this morning we had offshore winds. what that does is the air
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descends into elevation, compression presses and warms and dries out. humidity levels just before the fire started the upper teens around the hills there near pacifica as we saw the dry conditions, which really for the month of january no rain above .01. got to go all the way back to the very end of december. so as things stand right now, we have the all-time record dry january. we're beating it right now. the numbers there to the right there. is one opportunity we may avoid that record. it's coming in tonight. a lot of rain in california. but the system weakening as it approaches the bay area. we'll let you know if we will see an end to the dry spell in the full microclimate forecast in a few minutes. >> okay, rob. we'll see you shortly. tonight there is more concern about measles spreading in the bay area. costco is now involved along with a popular family restaurant. santa clara county public health department is now warning that a
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contagious measle patient may have eexposed people at gilroy and the great mall in milpitas at dave and buster's restaurant. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the latest. >> reporter: customers headed to dave and busters restaurant at the great mall in milpitas will be greeted with this a warning from the santa clara county public health department letting them know if they were here last monday between 6:00 and 10:00 at night, they may have been exposed to measles. all because a sick customer dined here that day. >> i'm very concerned. my kids and i are there all the time. a lot of times the arcade area doesn't get cleaned very often. and there are kids that go there that are sick. so we're very concerned. >> reporter: the health department says the day before the same infected person shopped at this costco store in gilroy and also visited this walmart across the street between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00. >> the measles can get -- it
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gets into fine aerosols. it develops into fine aerosols and can sort of waft in the air. so for an hour after someone has been there, others who enter that same airspace could be exposed. >> reporter: so who is at risk? >> for most people who have been vaccinated, this isn't a big issue. you don't need to worry any further. but if someone were shopping who for medical reasons couldn't be vaccinated or for other reasons isn't vaccinated we wanted them to know they might have been exposed. >> reporter: dr. cody says this case is rare because the person diagnosed with measles did receive the vaccine. in milpitas marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we should add someone with measles can be contagious for up to four days before they start to show the signature symptoms of a fever, cough, and rash. if you're at one of the three locations on the days of possible exposure you're asked to contact your doctor immediately.
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now to the sometimes painful price of progress. this was a frustrating day for thousand of drivers caught up in the latest street closure in the bart to san jose project. the vta closed lundy avenue and sierra road in san jose today, testing the patience of both commuters and residents. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live along lundy avenue where the intersection will remain closed for nine more months. >> reporter: that's right. the closure behind me means the bart to san jose project is one step closer to reality. but there are concerns from people who drive and also live and work in the neighborhood. this is where they often come for a little found. the townsend park in north san jose is suddenly getting quite a few drive-by visitors. this is one of the detours from the bart extension project, right through the park. and there is some worry. >> concerned that there is going to be kids running around. and that's a risk for the community around here.
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especially little kids. >> reporter: taking a wait and see approach. >> so far i don't feel there is a problem here. i can see a little bit more traffic than usual around the townsend park. >> reporter: the other concern is from drivers. portions of the detour are marked but not through the entire route. >> it's a little frustrating. >> it's terrible! >> why? >> why? i have to go around. >> reporter: confusing? >> yeah. >> it's a little inconvenient. but i understand. i work in the construction field. so i get it. these things need to be done. >> reporter: the good news phase 1 of the bart to san jose project is a few months ahead of schedule with service to the berryessa station now slated to begin in the fall of 2017. the vta says that's going to require patience, especially for the nine months of this street closure and detours. >> it is the most complicated intersection. and that's why we need to close it for nine months so we can get
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in there, get it done and then be out of the area. >> reporter: the vta is also raising funds for phase 2 of the project, which would bring bart trains to downtown san jose. and even we, our news crew had a hard time maneuvering through the detour. some added signage would lend a great hand here. damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> okay, damian thank you. nor details now. bringing bart to san jose is one of the most expensive public work projects in history. the extension from fremont to san jose is currently on budget at $3.2 billion. as damian noted, the station on berryessa road is set to open nearly a full year ahead of schedule in 2017. they're making a bold statement. doctors at all uc campuses will be walking off the job. tomorrow all ten uc student health centers will hold a one-day strike in total, 150
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physicians will strike including doctors at the tang center at uc berkeley. this stems from a labor dispute between the doctors union and the uc administration. it's the first time in 25 years that fully licensed doctors have gone on strike against a u.s. employer. they urge the doctor's union to get back to the bargaining table. a crash landing in the pacific ocean, and it's all caught on camera. the new details about the plane, its pilot, and what happened right before the crash. i'm kimberly tere live in tracy. and i'll have all the details, coming up. too much information? why a popular app is causing concerns with police. and a san bruno pizza parlor goes up in flames. the cause of this fire and the teenager that could land in jail.
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it was a wild scene in san bruno. take a look. a police chase and then a crash that sparked this fire. this is cell phone video from what happened. a teenager has been arrested. police say they attempted to stop the driver this morning after the suspect ran through several stop signs. after a chase, the teen driver ended up crashing into a gas meter and sparking a fire at this pizza restaurant on el camino real. there are no reports of any injuries, but the restaurant seniore's restaurant may end up a total loss. it's a popular app that may help you avoid traffic jams but is it also a danger to police officers? scott budman is live in san jose with more on the waze app, and why some police officers are saying it could put them at risk. a lot of people using this app. >> reporter: they really are. waze caught on quickly among bay area commuters. it's a combination of social
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networking to help you steer clear of traffic jam. but it's the social networking part that law enforcement says could be dangerous. logging your commute? there is an app for that a popular one called waze. the app which blends cloud sourcing with gps lets you know if bad traffic is ahead, which is helpful. but its users can also tell you if there are police officers in the area. and that has some worried. >> i think it's a balance with technology and especially in this day and age with social media. >> reporter: captain chris chung of the mountain view police department is at the crossroads of technology and law enforcement. >> it means that we're aware of an incident, a car accident and more people avoid that intersection, i think that's help to feel the police. if they see that we're at a certain intersection that we tweet about and hey slow down and drive more carefully, i think the same thing is accomplished in lew of giving a
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traffic citation. >> reporter: for its part waze recently bought by google for $996 million released a statement saying it works closely with law enforcement to share information. we should also point out there are already several other apps that tell you where officers are. >> any time there is a new technology you'll find criminals and entrepreneurs and startups that use it for good. >> reporter: social networking can get you out of a jam. but for some it's still too personal the electronic frontier foundation weighing in saying the social networking part that lets you learn about the location of officers is actually free speech. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. this happened in the 1970s, but the investigation is now heating up.
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the gypsy hill murders. prosecutors say 66-year-old rodney howbauer was linked by dna testing. he was extradited from a prison in oregon last week to face charges in the rape and murders of paula baxter and veronica castillo. this was in 1976. it was on the peninsula. both girls were stabbed to death. he is also suspected of killing three other young women that same year. but officials have not been able to find enough dna evidence to link those cases. new details are emerging about the incredible crash landing of a plane in the pacific ocean. the plane took off from northern california this weekend and was on its way to hawaii when it ran out of fuel. the whole thing caught on video. the pilot survives. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in tracy where the plane took off from. kimberly? >> reporter: janelle, that's right. the plane took off right here from tracy from the airport here and was headed to hawaii. and then something went terribly wrong, and the pilot crash
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landed the plane about 250 miles off the coast of maui. pilots across the country are now studying this video of a plane plummeting to the pacific ocean yesterday afternoon. >> as someone who has researched many of these parachute deployments, it was very interesting to have such a complete record of the whole experience of managing the airplane pulling the parachute, having it deemployee having the plane become level, descending descending descending and then impacting the water. >> reporter: the pilot, identified as lou morton was able to get into a life raft. a passing cruise ship plucked the pilot about 250 miles off the coast of maui. >> the only production aircraft that is in large numbers that has such a parachute system. and we've recorded 51 deployments in which 104 people have survived. >> reporter: the flight academy
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in seattle which owns the plane issued a statement saying morton deployed the emergency parachute after having problems with the fuel system. there was apparently enough fuel on board. it just wasn't getting to the engine. >> when we have spoken to the pilot that is well and safe we have more comments about what happened. >> reporter: the cirrus sr-22 is eequipped with an auxiliary fuel container necessary for longer flights installed in tracy this weekend. >> we do this for probably over 150, long-range. >> reporter: the owner of skyview aviation which installed the tank says the plane was tested before the pilot was cleared for takeoff sunday morning. he says morton is experienced and is familiar with the cirrus plane and the path from northern california to hawaii. the national transportation safety board is investigating this accident. live in tracy, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right kimberly thank
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you. should we turn -- it's monday. >> it is. my brain is not working either. well may have a tiny chance of rain. fingers crossed right? >> there is a slight chance. we had a very dry month. it would be talk about rain or sierra snow. but we also have tonight the viewing of that asteroid passing by to the east that will be close to planet jupiter. if we had the clear skies like we had this weekend, we would probably be able to see this from 7:00 all the way to overnight, just to the north of the brighter spot in the sky that will be planet jupiter. but the problem here is we've got clouds coming in with overcast skies in san jose, 59 degrees. that's a popular temperature right now around the bay area. san francisco mostly cloudy. also 59 degrees. and one more for you. out towards oakland, 59 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. so our temperatures tonight shouldn't be too chilly. mostly mid 40s to some low 50s as the cloud cover does bring a chance of seeing some showers. look at that. that's a welcome sight offshore. maybe not for stargazing tonight. but you can see we have the clouds coming up out of the south there is a chance of some
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of the deeper moisture which is still in southern california tries to drift toward the bay area, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we could see a few of the showers tries to break what has been a very dry january. so for tomorrow morning, a few isolated showers are possible. afternoon highs for now in the low 60s from san jose to san francisco. mid-60s around oakland and fremont. tomorrow the cloudy start. maybe a few sprinkles around san jose. but as the system clears on unfortunately, things are turning very dry in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about what you can expect as we now transition into february and the full forecast in our next half hour. back to you. >> we'll cross our fingers, thanks, rob. up next new trend means new rules. the push to ban e cigarettes in almost ever public place. cutting taxes in california? new plan to lower the amount of income tax we all pay.
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appear to be headed for the
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same legal treatment as tobacco cigarettes. under a newly proposed law, vape pens would be banned from public places. mark leno announced it into sacramento today. critics say the e-cigarettes which often feature flavors are addicting and clearly marketed to young people. >> over the last two years, the use amongst young people for e-cigarettes has tripled. >> some studies have shown that most e-cigarettes contain high levels of formaldehyde benzene and other toxic chemicals. we could be seeing a shake-up in our state tax system. we going to be paying more or less in taxes? larry gerston is with us. larry, a newly proposed tax bill and the link now to california's surplus this year. >> reporter: that surplus raj could be as much as $2 billion. but in many ways the surplus is kind of artificial.
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and that's because proposition 30 the temporary income and sales tax increase for education passed in 2012. that's going to sunset at the end of 2018. that's going to leave a shortfall of $7 billion each year thereafter. so democratic senator wants to avoid the shortfall by changing the tax system. >> what are the major elements of this proposal? are we going to pay more or less? >> that's interesting. at first the bill would reduce california's personal income tax. why is that a problem? currently, income taxes account for 2/3 of the state's revenue. in addition get this. 1% of the state's revenue pay half of all income taxes. that's a problem if the state goes into recession. second hertzberg would spread the sales taxes to areas such as labor, legal fee, dry-cleaning, telecommunications, and other services. by the way, health care food
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education, those things would be exempt. and third, the bill would give a tax credit to lower income californians who would suffer from these kind of changes. combined hertzberg claims the changes would even out tax collections while bringing in an additional $10 billion annually. and that's the amount that would more than offset the loss from proposition 30. >> okay. these are big numbers. does it work? will it work? politically speaking how to get it through the legislature. >> that's always the question. normally, no. tax changes, no no no. but particularly given that california has 1200 lobbyists, each protecting his or her own interests. that's 10 lobbyists per legislator by the way. hertzberg, look, this guy is no rookie. in fact he was the state assembly speaker a dozen years ago, and he knows the system much better than most. i'll tell you. if voters want to see extra
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funding for public schools continue after 2018 well this might be a way to make a permanent change while evening out a very rocky, uneven revenue collection process. i tell you, this is going to be one of the most interesting bills to watch over the next few months because it does contain significant changes if it goes through. >> quickly is kind of like eating vegetables? >> a lot of folks want the kids to eat well as they go through the education process. >> we'll stay tuned. thank you, larry. still ahead, what president obama did today that no u.s. president has ever done before. and what happened at the white house? new security question there's. the story behind the drone that landed on president obama's lawn overnight. plus -- >> a massive storm is pounding the east coast and creating travel headaches across the country. i'm michelle roberts at sfo where dozens of flights have already been canceled.
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talk to friend or family back east yet? people in the northeast are bracing for what they expect to be one of the biggest storms in recent history. live picture news of times square in new york city. relatively speaking, not much going on there. everyone bracing for this blizzard. it's 9:30 eastern time. all public transportation will be shut down in new york city at 11:00 p.m. their time. the storm on the east coast
6:31 pm
impacts us here on the bay area. thousands of flights have already been canceled, including several here in the bay area. michelle roberts joins us from sfo. a lot of people are scrambling right now. >> reporter: we talked to one man who says it's going to be two days before he can get home. the brunt of the storm hasn't even hit. so it's only going to get worse from here. the flight status board at sfo left thousands of travelers in a tough spot. canceled flights to new york boston and chicago forced airlines to rearrange and rebook. >> they wanted me to leave at 5:30, get into chicago at 11:00, wake up in the morning and take the first flight. >> reporter: the storm pounding the east coast means canceled business trips. but for others extended vacation. >> now two days. >> reporter: alexander was supposed to be landing at home in brazil today. instead, he has another two days in san francisco. for him, it means -- >> american breakfast.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: but for his wife? >> change the flight now. look for a hotel. lets of trouble for us. >> reporter: some travelers avoided the headaches by beating the storms. >> one daughter is in new york. one daughter is in san francisco. am i going to be stuck in the middle? >> reporter: mildred was worried when her flight was delayed twice. >> they had to de-ice. it took a long time. and i guess they wanted to make sure everything is okay. >> reporter: nationwide more than 2600 domestic flights have been canceled today with even more expected tomorrow giving an excuse to enjoy the states a little longer. >> i call my mother. i'm not responsible. >> reporter: blame the snow. >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: 51 flights have been canceled at sfo here today with more tomorrow. reporting live michelle robert,
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nbc bay area news. >> a lot of headaches. sfo certainly the hardest hit local airport. but it's not alone. live look now at oakland international, where flights have also been canceled. in fact two of them not nearly the amount at sfo. two flights have also been canceled at san jose international. as michelle said expect more flight cancellations tomorrow and wednesday at all of our local airports. new concerns at the white house tonight after a small drone crashed outside the executive mansion. the drone's operator a federal employee. he is cooperating with the investigation. but the incident is raising lots of questions and fears about the safety of the president. in 2011 shots fired at the white house go undetected. last year a fence jump irmade it inside the mansion. now a new threat drones. at 3:00 a.m. this morning, the secret service and if out after one of the unmanned aircraft crashed on white house grounds. >> early indication it's not any sort of ongoing threat.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: the drone has four rotes or the. most quad copters this size are toys that can't carry much weight. but larger ones can. and that's worrisome according to a former secret service. >> yeah it is a game changer. you have now a device that can transport surveillance technologies and explosives that's commercially available and not instantaneously recognizable as a weapon. that's a very big deal. >> reporter: a six or eight rotor drone could carry explosives or a camera among other things. just last week a drone packed with meth crashed in tijuana near the mexico-u.s. border. last summer a drone carrying pot went down outside a maximum security prison in south carolina. in today's case a man admitted he had been flying a drone this morning, lost control, and realized after hearing news reports it was his drone that crashed at the white house. the secret service says it appears this was an accident. now airspace around the white house and most of washington,
6:35 pm
d.c. is restricted. there is anti-aircraft technology but drones may be too small to detect. there is also technology in the works which can find a drone's radio signal jam it and bring it down. drone purchases are skyrocketing in this country. the federal government is trying to catch up by creating new laws for these devices. but most of the focus so far has been on preventing collisions with drones and commercial aircraft. president obama and the first lady were not at the white house when the drone crashed. they're convict india. the obamas were guests of honors as india celebrated its republic day. this marks the first time a sitting u.s. president was ever invited as india's chief guest. india's prime minister and president obama watched the festivities inside of a protective glass enclosure. later in the day the two men met with indian business leaders and announced a new $4 billion investment to increase trade between the two countries. >> in the last few years, we've increased trade between our countries by some 60%.
6:36 pm
today it's nearly $100 billion a year which is a record high. this is a win-win. >> president obama is supposed to go to the taj mahal tomorrow but instead he and the first lady will travel to saudi arabia to meet with the new king. king salman took over following the death of his brother, king abdullah, last week. the u.s. embassy in yemen has now closed its doors to the public amid growing political turmoil in the capital city of sanaa. staff issued a statement saying the embassy will be closed until further notice due to safety concerns for employees and visitors. the statement went on the say that the embassy will resume operations as soon as security conditions allow it to operate safely. last week the yemen's government collapsed amid heavy fighting with iranian-backed rebels. joan rivers' daughter is now suing the new york city clinic where her mother went into cardiac arrest during a routine medical procedure. the lawsuit alleges that doctors
6:37 pm
at yorkville endoscopy clinic treated the comedian in a negligent and careless manner. the suit blames a series of medical missteps that led to coma and death for the famed comedian. rivers originally went to the clinic for a procedure to address troubles with her voice. a patron saint with nowhere to go. a notable statue gets an i conviction notice in san francisco.
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6:39 pm
a lucrative prediction from the white house today. immigration reform will bring big money into california. as much as $27 billion. a white house adviser says giving work permits to millions
6:40 pm
of undocumented workers along with easing restrictions on highly skilled immigrants will increase productivity. the white house council of economic adviser has made similar estimates. texas and two more states are joining a lawsuit that aims to block the president's immigration plan. a total of 26 states are now involved in this lawsuit. as candlestick park edges closer to demolition, san francisco is looking for a safe place to store its patron saint. this is a big deal here. the statue of st. francis of assisi can't go into any storage closet. it's 27 feet high and weighs several tons. our nbc chopper overhead. since 1973 you probably saw it giants and 49ers fans passed by the statue right in front of the stadium. the city arts commission is considering several options here, including moving it to a city park or a nearby development. any option though of course is going to cost big money. just moving it into storage could cost a couple hundred
6:41 pm
thousand. a homecoming for a stanford graduate covering news. foreign correspondent richard engel will deliver commencement address in june. engel graduated in 1996 with a degree in international relations. since then he has covered the wars in afghanistan and iraq and engel says he hopes his journey can inspire students to go out and take chances. >> he does a great job. he has been living out of a suitcase essentially for 15 years. >> i know. he does a remarkable job. i've been following his reports since day one. rob mayeda is here. we're talking maybe, maybe some rain. >> yes. when rain in january becomes as rare as june we kind of have a bit of a problem. but we do have one chance coming up. right now the view. we're tracking a chance of rain in the forecast. a look at that when we come right back.
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back to the wild this week. dozens of sea birds will be released after being covered in that mysterious goo. there is still no answer on what is making hundreds of those birds sick. wildlife expert says the goo is clear, odorless and similar to rubber cement. investigators are having problems identifying what it is or where it came from. nearly 250 sea birds coated in the mystery goo are being cared for at the international bird rescue. the center for them in fairfield. the recovering sea birds still have to go through several health checks before being released into the wild. a massive snowstorm is bear do you think on the northeast tonight. this video from hartford, connecticut. forecasters say it could bring two to three feet of snow to parts of new york and new england. that means treacherous driving conditions. look at this close call earlier today. a new york city reporter almost getting hit by a car.
6:45 pm
nbc's chris pollon in washington. students and workers told to stay home. >> reporter: over the past several hours the snow has started to intensify. it's only going to get worse in the overnight hours. charlie baker said that this is really an historic blizzard here in massachusetts and the boston area. and if it were just snow it would be bad enough. but people here are worried about more than just snow. as a blizzard bears down on the northeast, massachusetts governor charlie baker says the threat can't be overstated. >> we're anticipating an historic top five storm based on projected snowfall. >> reporter: the projected two to three feet of snow isn't is only concern. 70-mile-per-hour winds, coastal flooding and power outages all possible from the new jersey coast to maine. governors in five states declaring states of emergency. airlines have canceled more than 6,000 flyings across the region leaving people like michelle johnson hoping for good luck as she tried to leave pittsburgh.
6:46 pm
>> all i can do is be positive right now. i did find a lucky penny with a heads up. so i thought that was a good sign. >> reporter: interstate shutdowns and travel bans are taking effect as conditions deteriorate. >> i can't stress this part enough. please stay off the roads. >> reporter: in new york city school has already been canceled tuesday, and subway and train service is being cut back. mayor bill de blasio said the storm could be one of the largest blizzards in the city's history, that crews would do their best to keep the city's 6,000 miles of roads clear. leaders are warning people to be prepared to spend several days at home, causing long lines at gas stations and empty shelves at supermarkets across the northeast. >> and it was like totally mobbed. totally monday. okay people. and it was yeah scatter brain. and people fighting for things. it was crazy. >> i don't know why the rush on bread, but what the heck. you want more bread, i'm sure you're able to get it. >> reporter: most people are trying to keep a sense of humor, knowing things could get very
6:47 pm
serious very quickly. new jersey governor chris christie always has a funny line. but i'm not sure you can get bread here in the boston area. the grocery stores have been decimated over the last couple of days. you know, the snow is supposed to intensify by tomorrow morning. at some point, it's expected to come down at 2 to 4 inches per hour. which is almost unprecedented for most storms here in this area. it's expected to coincide with high. nbc bay area news. >> okay, chris. stay safe out there. thank you so much. >> we owe chris a one-way ticket to the bay area. the poor guy is stuck in the cold. >> we could use half of that. we do need some of that. i wish they could share here is rob mayeda filling in for jeff ranieri. >> hi. the area a large area seven states under blizzard warnings through late tomorrow. winter storm warnings. you see them there in white. and yes, it is a one-two punch.
6:48 pm
we're talking about snowfall total totals around long island from a half foot to more than that locally. and maybe up the coast to two feet of snow. the areas you see in pink. and in addition to that it's the wind that is causing problems. sacramento kings game canceled as they were trying to get into new york as the winds will be strong enough for the snows that fall that you get visibility reduced to zero. the roadways and air travel significantly impacted very likely all the way into wednesday morning, which may make you appreciate our weather here. nothing quite that windy or cold. we got temperatures in the upper 50s. but we do have a chance of finally seeing some showers. a much weaker system approaching the bay area. some moisture here showing up offshore in the form of light showers. the real action continues to be across southern california. now later tonight into tomorrow this low, which right now is rotating over southern california will edge off towards our east. that has a chance at least of bringing in a few showers during the day tomorrow. notice a mostly cloudy start to tomorrow morning. we'll see temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s with that extra cloud cover. and during the day tomorrow as
6:49 pm
we head towards the evening, mainly late afternoon, there is a chance we could get just enough to measure at ground level. most of it you can see focused on the south bay. if it does fall scattered light showers at times. currently in the forecast. and everything will shut down by 6:00 tomorrow evening. and then the stage is set for high pressure to resume. so highs tomorrow the cloud cover may feel fairly cool. maybe upper 50s and 60s from south bay to san francisco in the north bay. mostly cloudy skies, a few sunny breaks possible very late in the day. and then the trend moving forward will have high pressure building. that light rain you saw, will it be enough to add the totals to the right to the numbers we had last year? the all-time record-breaking dry january setting a precedent that you normally would see normally in june or july in terms of rainfall days and totals. based on the projection of the rain coming in it does look like this january going to end up the driest on record. notice the trend through the final day in january.
6:50 pm
this saturday storm track fortunately still off to the north, and high pressure will strengthen as we go into what looks like friday and saturday. so the temperature trend here for the next five days cool with a few showers possible tomorrow into wednesday. and then those numbers warming. so we could breck a few records possible as we get into the weekend. highs in the south bay again near 70. so no sign of rain this weekend. and no sign of sierra snow in the forecast as we officially enter february there on super bowl sunday. back to you. >> okay thank you, rob. >> driest january. not a record we want to set. thanks, rob. well, the patriots have escaped from boston and all that snow. and they're in the sunshine of arizona. so are we. super bowl week kicks off. we are live in arizona with mindi bach and jim kozimor next. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!!
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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okay. it is super bowl week. the super bowl is here on nbc. did we draw straws to see who gets to go to arizona? >> i don't think any of us do right? >> we're all here. >> we did draw them and we all lost. we'll be working throughout the week. but raj and janelle, i have in my hands, the news, the latest news on the very story that has brought america to its niece. this is the latest on deflategate, everybody. according to fox sports jay glaser, the nfl are interviewing the locker room attendant who allegedly took the afc championship game balls from the officials locker room to another area on the way to the field. if he was part of any deflation, it's still under investigation. the patriots are trying to put on their blinders and focus on the task at hand in the week leading up to super bowl xlix. you can see it on nbc. landing today at sky harbor airport in phoenix, a day later than teams traditionally do. for more let's bring in mindi
6:54 pm
bach in phoenix. how was day one of meeting the media? >> oh it was busy, as you can imagine, jim. and the patriots were actually in the air traveling to phoenix when that fox sports report broke. but shortly after they arrived at their team hotel, the news spurred another round of questions at their scheduled media session. it also elicited a very strong response from team owner robert kraft. >> and i want to make it clear that i believe unconditionally that the new england patriots have done nothing inappropriate in this process or in violation of nfl rules. if the investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure in the footballs, i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach
6:55 pm
belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> i have moved forward. and i've moved past those initial feelings. it's all part of the process. i kind of left those things behind and i wanted to move forward because that's what the team expects of me. >> the questions posed to select seahawks player and pete carroll were much different and mainly centered on what makes russell wilson one of the best quarterbacks in nfl history statistically threw his first three seasons. >> the fact that we've been here before. i know he feels great about that and the comfort of that. and he couldn't be more excited about making his expression of what this game is all about and how he would like to approach it and all. he is very clear about it right now. it's just a natural process of evolving through the experience i think he has learned a great deal. but the foundation of the guy and what he is and the makeup hasn't really changed at all. >> reporter: and the seahawks players at today's media session
6:56 pm
appreciate the fact that the patriots have been to the super bowl six times since the 2001 season. but if they were asked if seattle is in the middle of building its own dynasty as it returns to a second straight super bowl they echoed the sentiments of their head coach, saying it's approximately too early to tell. defensive end says this team has a young core of players to do fit they work hard. jim? >> mindi, thank you very much. we'll have more throughout the week leading up to super bowl xlix on sunday which you can see on nbc bay area. let's turn to the nba. klay thompson he has been named the western conference player of the week. this after he dropped a career high 52 points on the kings friday that included an nba record 37 in the third quarter alone. thompson the only player in dubs history to win three times in one season. today at the recreation center in san francisco, the warriors unveiling new uniforms to celebrate the chinese new year. president was joined in making the announcement. ed mayor lee also attendance in
6:57 pm
this one. here is fun facts. red associated with good luck. yellow connected with wealth and happiness. also on the front of the jerseys, warriors written in mandarin. february 20th will be the first of tower times the warriors are going to wear them. the chinese attribute to it the upcoming year. if you're born in the year of the goat i was doing research here. you're known as being calm gentle thoughtful yet frank and honest. and while raj and i are the first three i believe you have the last two covered. >> that's only if you're born in the year of the goat. i have other attributes. >> we could spend an hour talking about those. >> i was born in another year but if i say what animal i am people grog to guess how old i am. and i don't want them to do that. >> good one. look at you. >> bye. thanks for joining us here tonight.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
general anson for president. >> i aminate you. >> now on extra. [ music playing ] extra. a west coast winter storm of a list stars. >> julia, jennifer and reece. >> julia on her kids. >> how do they feel about this? >> sofhia flashing the ring. >> it's like a football. >> couples, fashion and the gossip and the back stage drinking game. >> it might approxima


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