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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a suspected street race turns deadly. one south bay community is demanding police do something about what they say is a very big problem. tonight we're also learning details about the victim. good evening, everyone. >> a young woman out for a jog has been killed. two young men are accused of racing down a street crashing their cars and striking this
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woman. it happened on yerba buena near edenwood road near silver creek high school in san jose. robert joins us with the new information on the suspects and that victim. >> reporter: well the two drivers are behind bars right now here at the county's main jail facing vehicular manslaughter charges. police arrested the two men and identified them. the medical examiner has identified the victim as 24-year-old careen pabula of san jose. we talked briefly with her family tonight. now the police suspect the crash happened after a street race but neighbors are certain of it. >> the view from the nbc bay area news chopper shows the horrific crash on yerba buena road that gloria perez heard outside her home just after noon. >> i heard cars coming down the street kind of at a rapid pace and i heard a crash and then i heard a louder crash and i knew
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they had hit the railing right there. >> two vehicles were racing down yerba buena, lost control of their cars and struck and killed a pedestrian. >> reporter: gabriel bacerra and manual maldonado-avalos were arrested of vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving causing great bodily injury. the victim is identified as a 24-year-old from san jose. her aunt told us she went jogging at a park at noon time. >> it looks as though she was jogging or walking in the area. she was on the sidewalk or off to the side of the road in the bike lane. >> police say the department of transportation will examine the area tomorrow because neighbors say racing has been a constant problem here and want safety measures such as a stop light installed. one person didn't want to show his face fearful of retaliation by what he called aggressive racers. >> i know for sure that a bunch of the local high school kids
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race here. if i had been here earlier and they had been racing maybe i would have been killed. >> caller: gloria agrees. >> shouldn't have to live like that. every time i go down the hill you have to be very careful. >> reporter: the mayor's office has been contacted about the situation, so city officials could join the neighborhood tour tomorrow. >> thank you robert. now at 11 an officer injured in this car fire on the bay bridge earlier this evening. the chp said an officer was driving and noticed his patrol car smoking. he pulled over and called for help. when another officer arrived to help he was injured by flying debris by the patrol car, that by that time was fully engulfed in flames. not clear what started the fire, but luckily the officer only suffered minor injuries. millions of people are bracing for the worst. it could be a history-making
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blizzard. and we're feeling the impact here in the bay area. >> the storm expected to dump up to three feet of snow forcing some cities to ban travel and schools to close. it's 2:00 in the morning on the east coast and while people are sleeping, the brunt of the storm is still a few hours away. nearly 30 million people are in that blizzard's path. >> forecasters are saying they're not going to measure this in inches rather in feet. take you outside now to manhattan, eerily quiet. this is a live look at times square essentially new yorkers were given an 11:00 p.m. curfew. now transportation past 11:00 and everyone urged to stay indoors. >> the blizzard already making history, the first time subways have been shut down because of snow. the video shows the last rush of commuters before the subway was completely closed down. travel bans are in effect in new jersey and connecticut as well tonight. >> we have team coverage. terry, it's a domino effect. thousands of canceled flights. >> and 53 of those flights
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canceled out of sfo, meaning thousands of people impacted locally. today was bad. tomorrow will be twice as bad. if you're trying to get to the northeast from here you probably can't. it's almost impossible to know where a jet liner is going as it leaves sfo. but tonight you know where it's not going. new york airports both laguardia and jfk shut down as are airports in boston and philadelphia and maybe shut throughout much of tomorrow. >> usually we get that information up by 4:00 in the morning. the airlines have already made plans for cancellations or delays. >> mildred through tonled thought -- mildred thought she'd never get out of there. >> we were worried there might
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be turbulence or might have to turn back. but it wasn't that bad. >> alexander was supposed to fly to new york city and then home to brazil, but now he gets two more vacation days in san francisco. >> i'm not responsible. >> no problem for exert, but his wife is not crazy about the change. >> it's such a trouble for us. we have to plan our trip again. change the flights, now look for a hotel. a lot of trouble. >> carl williams just trying to get home to ohio. >> they wanted me to leave at 5:30, get into the chicago at 11:00, wake up in the morning and take the first flight to dayton. >> i'll get there eventually. >> things are supposed to be back to normal come wednesday, but 300 flights have already been canceled for wednesday. call ahead before you come to the airport and see the status of your flight. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. check before you go. empty shelves, long lines at grocery stores. shoppers in the blizzard's path grabbing every last loaf of bread, eggs, milk anything in sight. other storm essentials like beer chips and ice cream. the american red cross recommends people have at least three days of non-perishable food in their homes. so if you're stuck inside for a while, you can make it through. >> amazing to see all that. that's all happening on that side of the country. on this side we're tracking it. >> we're starting to see the heaviest snow up to cape cod. towards philadelphia or washington, d.c. not as much of an impact. it's heading to long island and connecticut and boston. blizzard warnings for seven states carrying over into late tomorrow night. the snow totals in massachusetts, at least 10 to 20
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inches of snow. locally across long island too, we could see higher totals than what you're seeing there. it's snow with strong winds, 30 to 60-mile-per-hour winds. whiteout conditions. over towards boston and providence, rhode island too, major delays and cancellations likely all the way until early wednesday morning. on our coast, we have clouds coming in and would, could shape up to be the only chance of rain left for the month of january. you see the storm here lifting out of southern california. we do have a chance of showers for your morning commute. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast. >> see you shortly. stay with us here at nbc bay area for continuing coverage updates beginning at 4:30, also on twitter and nbc bay happening now, you might already know a rare and widespread outage. facebook and instagram are down tonight. the outage is lighting up twitter, which is still
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functioning. many people posting about the problem. users in the united states and in asia are unable to log on to the social network. facebook posted on its website just a short while ago, that it's working to fix the technical difficulties. no word on when service will be restored. >> a teenage girl driving away from police causes this huge fire and explosion at a popular pizza parlor. this is cell phone video of the crash just moments after it happened. police say they attempted to stop the 16-year-old girl after she ran through several stop signs. after a chase, she crashed her parents' mercedes into a gas meter, sparking that fireball on el camino real. the crash happened 15 minutes before employees arrived for their shift, so no one was hurt. the teenage driver she's been arrested. more concern tonight as the spread of measles expands. three locations are in the spotlight. the santa clara public health
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department confirms a person with measles spent time in the great mall. the santa clara public health department is warning customers they may have been exposed to the measles on january 19th, between 6 and 10:00 at night at the mill petas restaurant. the health department said the day before the same person shopped at costco and walmart. that person, one of two confirmed patients with measles in the county. neither case is believed to be linked to the recent outbreak at disneyland. the family of a woman whose body was found in a hospital stairwell will get a multimillion dollar settlement. tomorrow the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to approve a nearly $3 million payment. san francisco and the university of california officials reached the deal with lynn spalding's family last month.
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she was found in the stairwell 17 days after she disappeared from her hospital room back in 2013. the payment will be sent to spalding's two adult children. >> next at 11:00, the government spying on your car, the alarming report about being tracked while on the move. >> and did you see this, the pilot at the center of that dramatic ocean landing speaks out for the first time. and your next vacation could cost you a lot more. hotel rates on the rs. and determined scientists make a medical breakthrough thanks to a hard-boiled egg. irs. and determined scientists make a medical breakthrough thanks to a hard-boiled egg. srs. and determined scientists make a medical breakthrough thanks to a hard-boiled egg. ers. and determined scientists make a medical breakthrough thanks to a hard-boiled egg. . and determined scientists make a medical breakthrough thanks to a hard-boiled egg.
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>> a lot of people buzzing about this. not a picture perfect landing. it's a picture perfect crash landing. he survived. this local pilot parachuted from his plane before it crashed into the pacific ocean. he was trying to get to hawaii. cheryl, incredible video. what did the pilot have to say? >> reporter: he's lucky to be alive and grateful for the folks who helped save his life. this pilot from seattle left his airport yesterday to deliver a small plane to hawaii. he's made this flight before, but this time something went very wrong. unbelievable video taken by the u.s. coast guard of a cirrus sr-22 making a parachute landing into the pacific ocean off the coast of maui. and what's even more incredible the pilot survived. >> when everything started to go south and the u.s. coast guard
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and in coordination was more than impressive. they worked with the team on the water, getting me out of there and onto the boat as quickly as possible. >> a rescue that had its challenges according to the cruise ship captain who helped get him out of the water. >> once we came to a stop i created the lead for the rescue boat to safety deploy it and they were able to find the one-person raft of the pilot. >> the pilot took off from this airport with a fuel tank designed to support a long flight. >> we put in extra long-range tanks. it's a gravity feed system without problems without restrictions, so it's pretty much bulletproof if it was operated properly. >> the company's owner says it's too early to speculate on what happened. according to the flight academy in seattle which owns the plane, there was a problem with the
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fuel system. the plane's owner says there was enough fuel on board. it just wasn't getting to the engine. >> as someone who has researched many of these parachute deployments, it was very interesting to have such a complete record of the whole experience. >> an experience the pilot can look back on with this picture with him surrounded by crew members who helped save him from the water, an experience the cruise ship captain will never forget. >> he profoundly thanked me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the cirrus aircraft was introduced 16 years ago. it's one of the very few small planes with a parachute system. 51 deployments, 104 people survived. reporting live at the tracy airport, i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. that's amazing. it's a popular app that helps you avoid traffic jams but is it also a danger to police officers? the waze app has caught on.
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it used social networking and gps to help you steer clear of traffic. but some in law enforcement say it's potentially dangerous. it's users can tell you if there are police officers in a particular area. police officers say like most things, criminals have used the technology for bad while others will use it for good. waze was purchased by google for $966 million. you're not alone when you drive. someone might be watching you. a new report claims the government is making a national database through a license plate reading program. the "wall street journal" says the program is run by the dea to collect information on drug trafficking. the program is now expanded to track down people who are suspected of other times of crime. it may sound like an odd experiment, but scientists can now unboil an egg. as bizarre as it sounds, the
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discovery may lead to inexpensive cancer treatments. scientists took the hard-boiled eggs out of the chemical compound and a new device to liquefy and unboil them. the industry is looking at the development closer because researchers say the new process could drastically cut costs for creates antibodies and new drugs. today at a hotel summit conference in los angeles, hotel owners were told they should aggressively raise rates in 2015. it's forecasted it will rise more than 5.4%. it's worse for the bay area where rooms are pricey and in demand. room rates are expected to jump 10% in some cities including san francisco, oakland, and santa cruz. >> rob, just n facebook is back up and running so the world is okay again. >> yes, people can avoid talking on the phone again and do the social media thing. right now, 40s and 50s outside
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and not too chilly. still 57 in san francisco. 54 in san jose. and we should be mostly fog-free. you see 54 currently in san jose. san francisco, 57 degrees. and 54 for oakland. seeing overcast skies coming in from the south, which that's a little bit of a problem. if you look towards jupiter, you have the viewing of the asteroid 2004 bl 86 which is viewing if you happen to have nice binoculars. but cloud cover could be a problem. the clouds coming up out of the south. some breaks out there if you're watching us around the trivalley or out towards napa county might be able to see that to the east. further south, a little deeper moisture coming up along the central coast. as this line moves to the bay area it's going to weaken. but it may hold together long enough to give us the last
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potential for rain for the rest of the month. the time frame will be a little bit after midnight tonight, down around the santa cruz mountains. during the day tomorrow south bay, mid afternoon, could see a few showers. but the issue here is what rain that does fall all the computer models not showing a whole lot. again, less than about .05. if you add those totals to the numbers on the right, you can see last year, the all-time record for a dry january, even with the showers, may not be able to break the pattern that we're in right now, which would set the driest january on record. so that's the way things are shaping up. tomorrow morning, into midday slight chance of showers. warm-up and dry conditions in the weekend. 62 degrees in san jose tomorrow. clouds to start, turning over to partly cloudy skies.
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san francisco also with highs in the 60s. tuesday and wednesday, cooler. here's the issue now. as we see that chance of showers early tomorrow. high pressure strengthens thursday friday into next week you can see the rain moving way off to the north. the next best chance of seeing showers after tomorrow's system will be around the middle part of next week. so as that blocking high continues, we'll see a dry start to the weekend and a dry start to the month of february too. you can see the slight chance of showers for tomorrow highs approaching close to 70 for san jose. san francisco, mid 60s getting into the weekend. but we may be in position like this last weekend, for nearing records around the south bay. 70 degrees on the final day of january. and february again, continuing the pattern, almost five to six weeks of dry weather and counting now as we head into the beginning of next week. >> unbelievable. thanks, rob. what do you like better the
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game or the commercials? we'll show you what to expect for this sunday's super bowl ads. >> back in a moment.
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tomorrow marks 70 years since the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp in poland. more than a million jews were killed at that site during world war ii. we spoke with a woman who lived through the horror and is now shaping young minds. >> reporter: on the outside, helen is a simple kind woman who loves her cat. but if you ask her, the 94-year-old will recall her horrifying past. >> i felt that i perhaps remained alive from all the horror, just to be able to tell the story. >> reporter: she's jewish and lived in hungary in early 1934 nazis shipped them to auschwitz
11:25 pm
in a packed train. when they arrived, her and her sister were sent to the right. her parents and nephews were sent to the left. >> all those sent to the left old, too young, we never saw them again. >> caller: nazi soldiers forced her and her sister and thousands of others into a death march toward other concentration camps. most of them died. she and her sister escaped at night along the road. >> we turned around and fell into a little ravine but nothing happened so we started putting one foot in front of the other out of the ravine. >> the few remaining pictures of her family now in her published book, remember the holocaust. she's told her story thousands of times. >> emotion is very much involved in what i'm doing. >> reporter: but she tells it often and will again tomorrow 70 years later, so no one will forget. >> always remember the holocaust so that it never, ever happens
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again to any nation. >> reporter: ian cole nbc bay area news. >> amazing value in what she says even to this day. >> words to live by. >> back in a moment, stay with us.
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>> good evening, here in the comcast sportsnet studios. deflate gate continue its rise into super bowl week. according to jay glazer they're interviewing the locker room attendant who took the championship game balls from the officials' locker room to another area on the way to the field. now, if he was part of any deflation is still under investigation. the patriots are trying to put on their blinders and focus on the task at hand leading up to super bowl xlix, landing today in phoenix. owner robert kraft adamant about his team's innocence. >> i believe unconditionally, that the new england patriots have done nothing inappropriate in this process, or in violation of nfl rules. >> i have moved forward, and i kind of left those things behind and i wanted to move forward because that's what the team expects of me. >> charles woodson and the
11:30 pm
raiders have agreed to a one-year deal. the eight-time pro bowler woodson will turn 39 during the upcoming season. he's ageless. huge upset in the land down under. australian open quarters berdic serving for match point over third seed nadal. nadal can't handle the serve. berdic defeats the grand slam champ in straight sets. want czech advances to the semis. klay thompson has been named western conference player of the week, after he dropped an nba record 37 points in the third quarter against the kings on friday. according to yahoo sports report he'll join steph curry in a three-point shooting contest on all-star weekend. and today in san francisco, the warriors unveiled new uniforms to celebrate chinese new year. warriors president joined by harrison barnes and draymond green in making the
11:31 pm
announcement. mayor ed lee was also in attendance. february 20th will be the first of four times the warriors are planning to wear the jersey. that's if for sport. more news coming up after the break.
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are you ready for sunday? it's $4 million for 30 seconds. that's what it costs to
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advertise during the super bowl. what do you expect to see? for one, less skin and more dads. many companies will be using famous and regular dads for their commercials. news companies dropping bucks for quality air time. and most car companies are staying away. ford, honda, gm and volkswagen are saving their money. are you ready? got your menus set, got everything going? >> i want to see more dogs in the commercials. >> sure we will. >> super bowl on nbc on sunday afternoon. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper. harry connick jr.


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