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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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jessica. tech stocks have always been more volatile than your typical investment. they do business all over the world. they can inspire a fanatical following. and if you invest in them you need a thick skin. today was a perfect example. [ closing bell ] bay area tech stocks got their bell rung today. microsoft lost close to 10% of its share value after reporting so-so earnings. facebook down after a brief outage last night. all in all, the dow dropped 291 points. the nasdaq fell 90 with local tech stocks leading the way down. >> so because we're such a global economy, tech stocks that are global are impacted by everything that is happening around the world. >> reporter: but just as fast as it fell tech bounced, led by apple, ripping higher after a record quarter that saw nearly 75 million iphones sold. that's nine iphones a second every day for the last three months.
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>> a lot of folks don't think apple's growth is over. >> reporter: neither do investors, bidding up apple stocks. which leaves one question. what is apple's next? >> what are they doing to grow their user base. bigger phones grow the user base more competitive pricing among macs. those are kind of the next step. what are they going to do to address more potential users. >> reporter: one thing to watch for, the apple watch, which ceo tim cook now says will be out in april. apple shares up 5.5% after hours. today yahoo! has up strongly. the sunnyvale company says it will spin off its $40 billion stake in alibaba into a separate company. that's catnip to investors who sent yahoo! shares 7.5% higher in extended action. back to you. >> thank you, scott. more on apple's quarter now. the company says it pulls in an
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$18 billion profit over the last three months. scott mentioned those iphone sales. apple also says it sold 21.4 million ipads that is down from last year. it sold 5.5 million macs which is up from last year. a highly recruited swimmer at stanford is accused of rape. investigators say two bike riders saw the attack on campus in the early morning hours of january 18th. police say the cyclists stopped the attack and chased down the swimmer. late this afternoon, the santa clara county district attorney office confirmed to us the suspect is this man, 19-year-old brock turner. he is a freshman student at stanford and was a high school state champion in ohio. the attack happened outside near the kappa alpha fraternity. investigators say so far there is no indication the fraternity is connected to this alleged crime. the victim is not a stanford student. the d.a.'s office says turner will be charged with five felony counts. the school has yet to comment on this case citing privacy laws.
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brazen brash, and well thought out. that's a description of a crash and grab heist at the san francisco museum after armed robbers crashed their suv into the building and held a guard at gunpoint. the loot? gold nuggets. nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us from outside the now boarded up wells fargo museum. and not exactly the gold rush they had intended, mark. >> reporter: no. you know drive-in used to be a phrase to describe movies and malt shops. now it is an increasingly common crime description. this morning, three men who drove a gmc suburban into this building to get their hands on a collection of gold nuggets. the stolen suburban used by the bandits was abandoned inside the museum after crashing through the door three masked men jumped from the suv, held a security guard at gunpoint while emptying a display case of gold. >> they were able to take 4 to
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10 ounces of gold nuggets. >> reporter: this is a picture of the nugget display from the museum's website. police put the preliminary value at no more than $10,000. other nuggets and gold coins were left behind. and police say those that were taken were not particularly historic, but were representative of the kinds of nuggets found during california's gold rush. >> terrible. >> reporter: that's how rick v velez describes it. a lot of kids come here and have tours and exhibits. >> reporter: robbing a museum rather than a bank left a lot of people shaking their heads. >> it's a bold job to pull off. >> it's a reminder that we're still in the wild west. >> this is really crazy. >> reporter: san francisco is certainly seeing more of these kinds of crimes. two months ago, burglars drove a car into this chanel store near union square. two weeks ago, two men backed a u-haul into this patagonia shop near fisherman's wharf.
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and now this one. >> it does not appear these are relate in order incident is related to the one from patagonia or the one from chanel. >> reporter: judging from the number of surveillance cameras inside this building police should have lots of surveillance video to look at. but like the patagonia heist they are not sharing those pictures with the public. the suspects from this crime were last seen jumping into a light colored four-door sedan and taking off, they're believed to have been spotted on the bay bridge. reporting from downtown san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> parking lot thank you. it's a difficult time for the friends and family of a young woman from the south bay. police say she was killed by two men who were street racing. the suspects, gabriel esparza and manuel maldonado-avalos. they're in jail tonight on vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. a memorial is now growing on the spot where the crash happened. this son yerba buena road near silver creek high school in san jose. police say the victim kiran pabla was jogging when two
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speeding cars spun out of control and ran up the sidewalk. pabla was 24 years old and a business student at cal state east bay. her brother photographed the scene this morning, saying a stronger metal barrier might have saved his sister's life. well, they're supposed to erase any doubt of police misconduct when they're used properly. an hour from now, a peninsula city will debate new rules for police body cameras. the meeting is in reaction to the death of a burglary suspect in november. the shooting wasn't caught on tape since an officer reportedly forgot to turn his camera on. and the other officer's camera was being repaired. now the menlo park city council is debating those rules. they want new rules. for instance officers need to turn their body cameras on when responding to a kime in progress. and the cameras need to be recording until the entire incident is over. the department paid $65,000 for some 40 body cameras. the flu season has now turned deadly in the south bay. santa clara county is reporting
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its first flu-related death this year. that's now six flu death here is in the bay area. here is the map, one in san francisco, napa and sonoma counties and two in san mateo county. all six local deaths were adults under the age of 65. doctors are urging people it's not too late to get your flu shot and wash your hands frequently. new details on that officer injured in a car fire. the bay bridge last night. we told you about it on this show. he is out of the hospital tonight, and he is at home recovering. the chp says the officer was driving near treasure island when he noticed smoke coming in from his patrol car. pulled over called for help. another officer arrived to help and was injured by flying debris when the trunk exploded. tomorrow chp investigation team will look into the cause of the fire. they say it's high priority because they have almost 300 of the same exact cars on patrol. and if there is an issue with something being faulty, they need to figure it out fast. okay. here we go. super bowl xlix is just five days away. this is a live look now at the
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university of phoenix stadium. this is actually in glendale arizona. a about 30 minutes from phoenix. more than 5,000 credentials journalisteds from around the world are in the desert covering this game. among the thousands of journalists our own mindi bach who is tracking a lot of our bay area stars playing in this game. today's assignment the zany event that is called media day. >> well welcome to phoenix, arizona. the preparations for super bowl xlix continue. and today was the first day that every player and coach is required by the league to appear before the media. it is media day. and the frenzy was certainly out in full force there are eight players in the upcoming super bowl with bay area ties, four for the patriots and four for the seahawks. and all but one of them are making a return to the super bowl. and today they spoke how grateful they are for the opportunity. >> i'm a nor cal kid. and, you know grew up loving the niners, grew up with the
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high school football out there. watching jerry rice joe montana, brent jones, tom rathman, ricky watters, all those guys play in a bunch of super bowls. and to finally come and get to play in my second one, it's definitely a dream. >> it's awesome to see the guys that have come through, that have again through the same things i went through and in the same place that i am. this is the most important week of the year. biggest game of the year. you can't take preparation for granted. everything is important and everything matters. >> i feel good. it feels good. it feels good to face whoever we're facing in this game. obviously they have worked hard. they've had a great season to make to it this point. it's obviously going to be an outstanding opponent. >> reporter: the patriots' sam brady of san mateo will be making his sixth appearance in a super bowl. that's a record by any nfl quarterback. and oakland's marshawn lynch, the league has fined him $100,000 over the past year for failing to appear in required
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media sessions. coming up in sports we're going to hear from both of those stars and their thoughts on being here in phoenix for super bowl xlix. >> okay thank you, mindi. we'll see you later on tonight as well. you can watch the super bowl this sunday right here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m. so we have a listening day planned with our supersized pregame show. kickoff is around 3:30 in the afternoon. well, this year it's arizona. next year super bowl santa clara. and the super bowl events will be spread across the bay area. a source tells us that next year's media day might be held at the s.a.p. center in san jose. the game itself will take place at levi's stadium. a senior nfl executive tells nbc bay area a final decision on the location of media day for next year could be made as early as next month. and just like this year they're trying something new. the nfl says they will sell tickets to the public for about 30 bucks apiece. with locations right now possibly sap center in san jose and possibly the oracle arena in
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oakland. sap center has hosted other major events like the ncaa tournaments and olympic trials. well just in to our newsroom, we have an update on that stanford swimmer we just told you about a moments ago. the university has just confirmed to us that 19-year-old brock turner has voluntarily withdrawn his registration as a stanford student. what that means is he can't go on campus anymore. now, we told you just a few moments ago that investigators say that two cycle riders saw the attack on campus in the early morning hours of january 18. they reported it. and police say the cyclists stopped the attack. they say they chased down the suspect, this gentleman, brock turner. he is a stanford student. prosecutors say turnler be charged with five felony counts. it looked like a real furniture store and operated in the south bay for about two years. i'm robert handa live in gilroy where a raid turned up the real items for sale. they weren't comfortable, but they did give customers a real high. that story coming up.
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and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did have a storm system move across california for today. but at the current moment no rainfall. and we're just tracking an increasing cloud cover. we'll talk more about what this means for your wednesday forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. we'll see you then. plus, it's not a lot, but it's there. a rare sight in the sierra. some snow.
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a furniture store in gilroy had a thriving business for a couple of years, even though it didn't sell much furniture. that's the furniture. look what is behind that rear wall. it turns out what was for sale was marijuana, a lot of it. the santa clara county sheriff's department announcing today it shut down the fake store and seized all of this pot. nbc bay area's robert handa got a firsthand look. robert it seems like a sophisticated grow back there. >> that's right. and it seems like a real store.
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that is until you take a closer look. sheriffs investigators say the run-down furniture here was one giveaway that the real valuable items were growing in the back. this is what the sheriff's department hauled away from the gilroy furniture and more store. today investigators showed me more than some of the one thousand pot plants and the 50 pounds of processed marijuana ceased in a recent raid at the store, a store that most of the world believed was selling furniture. the operator phuk nguyen was arrested and left some neighboring shopkeepers stunned. >> i was very surprised. and we have such an effort to enhance this downtown corridor, the last thing we need is something negative to be happening down here. >> little do most people know in the rear where most of the inventory would be kept was a marijuana growing operation. >> reporter: investigators say public tips led them to another large pot operation and that trail led them to the furniture
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store. legal analyst steve clark says the arrested operator may be the key to a much larger operation. >> they may have to go with using this individual as a cooperating witness to get the bigger fish. >> do you think it will have a long lasting effect? >> i would hope not. i would think once they've got this and they can be done with it hopefully, we won't have to deal with those kinds of things here again. >> the sheriff's department says at this point, they will follow the money and property trail to see where it leads. live in gilroy robert handa nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, robert. san francisco prosecutors admit they have the wrong guy. surveillance video initially convinced san francisco's district attorney that the wrong suspect was arrested in a highly publicized homicide. today those charges were dropped. 14-year-old rashawn williams was stabbed in front of a convenience store in the mission district last september. he was a scholarship student at sacred heart preparatory. san francisco released this surveillance video last month which showed the killer circled in blue lunging at williams.
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that killer though has not been identified as yet. a former chp officer accused of sharing racy photos of women in his custody has pleaded no contest. shawn harrington received three years of felony probation and a 180-day suspended jail sentence. he must also speak at a community violence solutions class. prosecutors say harrington sent the racy photos from the women's cell phones to his own personal device, after he would arrest them. he also shared those pictures with other officers. harrington resigned from the chp's dublin office in october. in san jose hundreds of volunteers will rise at dawn tomorrow, just as they did today to count san jose's homeless. it happens every two years. san jose mayor sam liccardo joined volunteers on that canvassing effort. the goal is to give the city an accurate picture of what they say and admit is a chronic problem. >> to identify the magnitude of the challenge that we're facing so we can be sure we're better
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dedicating our scarce resources where we know we can improve what is a very desperate situation in many neighborhoods. >> during the last survey which took place two years ago, the county counted 4700 homeless. only one in five had shelter, like a car for example. volunteers say they will finish that census tomorrow. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. the humane society is hoping a $5,000 reward will help them find whoever wrapped these little terrier pups in a garbage bag and left them to die at a pleasant hill park. a couple walking their own dogs found the puppies back on january 19th. the pups thankfully survived and are currently in good shape in foster care with the east bay animal rescue and refuge. the pups will go up for adoption in a few weeks. well, for a first time this year, the snow finally fell in south lake tahoe. january so far the driest month of the season. a drastic change from years past. sierra businesses are hoping for more days like this over the
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next couple of months. resorts are reporting at least 3 inches of fresh powder, finally. >> i love when you see the kids and you're teaching the kids how to ski and you have the little ropes in front of them. and hold on for dear life. hopefully we can see a lot more snow in the weeks to come. >> i hope so. the immediate forecast the next four weeks has relatively dry conditions for the sierra. the numbers continually looking dismal here for the north central and southern sierra. current snowpack levels from 24 to 27% of average across the state. we're continuing on pace with that very dry 2013 and 2014 for how dry it was in the sierra. also rivaling 1976 and '77. so as we've been talking about, january has been oddly out of whack here. get a look right now. temperatures in the 60s. plenty of cloud cover across the south bay. we'll take you to san francisco right now. our guys back in master control had the camera tune very fine today. thanks a lot. you can see how beautiful it is
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across downtown san francisco. let's go and bring you in to tomorrow morning's forecast. and also throughout the day. and i think there is going to be a bigger difference in the forecast. really, the main thing you're going to notice is it's going to be sunnier out there. even with a few patchy low clouds in the morning hours. by the afternoon, at least partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny. and temperatures will go up a few degrees. i think you'll feel it even with a little bit of a breeze at your back. you'll notice in the north bay we'll have 67 degrees. we'll average about 68 in the tri-valley and for the south bay 67. so how long does this trend continue? you'll see here in san jose really here throughout the rest of the week, thursday friday, and saturday sunny skies stay with us. and up to 68 for the average by saturday's forecast. for the peninsula, we'll have a few clouds into thursday's forecast. we have sunny conditions friday and also saturday. san francisco also gets in on sunshine. but not going to be unusually warm here. we'll stay in the 60s throughout the week. and for the north bay, east shore and tri-valley temperatures generally trending in the 60s through friday.
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but then as we hit saturday we may have a few isolated 70s right up here into napa, marin and sonoma counties. coming up in about ten minutes, we'll have an update on this dry weather so far 34 days without any major measurable rainfall across the bay area. and again, in about ten minutes we'll have more details on that. >> okay. not a number we like to hear. thank you, jeff. a career fair brought job seekers out to oakland today. and nbc took part in an all-day diversity event as it was labeled. it was held at the alameda county education center. now some of the people looking to hire included ucsf and some law enforcement agencies. well coming up a drastic cut. a new warning in the south bay about water usage. plus, a show of support for the gay and lesbian community from maybe not the regular group.
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an emotional day in poland and across the world. survivors of the auschwitz concentration camp paid tribute to those who were murdered there. today marked 70 years since the death camp's liberation. the president of poland accompanied the survivors who laid wreaths at a growing memorial. at a nearby church, several polish catholics, also survivors attended a special mass. many wore parts of the striped uniform they had to wear as prisoners. more than one million people mostly jews were killed at auschwitz during world war ii. a bay area woman could have been one of them but she escaped. >> i felt that i perhaps remained alive from all this horror just to be able to tell the story. >> 94-year-old helen farkas is jewish and lived in hungary in early 1944. nazis forced her family into ghettos and shipped them to the death camp in a packed train. upon arrival, all of her family
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members were killed except for she and her sister. in 1945 as the camp was about to be liberated nazi soldiers forced them and thousands of others into a death march toward other concentration camps. many of them died but farkas and her sister managed to escape at night. >> quickly turned around and we fell into a little ravine. but nothing happened so we started putting one foot in front of the other out of the ravine. >> amazing to hear her story. a few remaining pictures of her family are now in her published book called "remember the holocaust." farkas has told her story thousands of times at schools across our country. but she did it again today, 70 years later so, no one else will forget. well it looks like what appears to be a political and religious truce. mormon church leaders pledged to support anti-discrimination laws from members of the lgbt community. in exchange the church wants gay rights advocates and the government to back off. the church says it still opposes
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same-sex marriage. if you remember, the mormon church was the subject of protest and rallies in the wake of the 2008 prop 8 campaign. they say they're angered by news that mormons poured an estimated $20 million into efforts to oppose same-sex marriage. today's news could mean political change in the states where church members play a large civic role. still ahead, a drunken mistake. the role alcohol may have played in a government worker's escapade on the president's lawn. and i'm janelle wang. he spent years as a taliban prisoner. but soon an army sergeant could learn his fate. the charges facing sergeant bowe bergdahl nearly six years after he left his post in afghanistan. i'm michelle roberts in san jose where the water district is trying to figure out what to do if the rain never comes. coming up here from people who think the new possible restrictions are unrealistic.
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well it's dire outlook. parts of the bay area are now facing the driest january in recorded history. and south bay water leaders are warning unless rain arrives soon the groundwater supply could reach dangerously low levels. that's lending urgency to a discussion on water rationing under way tonight in the south bay. nbc jeff ranieri is tracking conditions. but we begin with michelle roberts at the water district with the very latest. michelle? >> reporter: there is a meeting going on right now. it started about a half an hour
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ago. they're planning for the worst. if the rain doesn't come in the next couple of months they're trying to figure out how to protect the water that we do have. alameda's pond in san jose hasn't been empty in 30 years. january is typically a rainy month. but today there is no sign of moisture. >> everywhere you look we just have less water available. >> reporter: marty grimes with the santa clara water district says last year south bay homeowners fell short of the state recommended 20% water reduction. customers conserved about 13%. not enough. in fact he says 20% may not even be enough. >> when groundwater okay fers are overdrawn, we take out more water than you're putting in eventually that ground underneath it starts to compact and actually the ground level can sink. >> reporter: which he says could cause saltwater intrusion from the bay, damage to understood ground utilities, and increase the risk of flood damage when it does rain. >> we had that big storm. and now nothing. >> reporter: groundwater is measured in acre feet.
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currently levels are in the severe shortage range. but if the water levels drop much more homeowners could be asked to conserve up to 50%. >> it would be a bit tricky to keep cutting back. >> now you're really cutting to the bone. so what can you do? shorter showers? >> shorter showers, turning off the sprinklers. installing low flow appliances. basically, anything to save a drop. >> i'm willing to try. that's a lot. to cut back. >> reporter: the groundwater takes a long time to replenish. so even if it rains for the next two months, the water district says those restrictions of 20% or more will likely remain in place through the summer months. reporting live in san jose i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay. let's send things to jeff ranieri. just a month ago we were looking at green hillsides. we had a lot of rain and things were looking up. but now the forecast is bleak. >> i really couldn't think of a better word than bleak at this point. today we had a storm system
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moving in to california. we couldn't even get any kind of major measurable rainfall from this. the storm is way too warm. it was moving in from the wrong direction, off from the south. and, again devoid of any kind of major moisture. you can see the biggest thing in the forecast may be patchy drizzle. that's not going to do anything for the drought. so let's take a look at how bleak those numbers are. you can see in january, no rainfall at all in napa. none in san francisco. none at the airport. none in oakland. and just 0.02 in san jose. one of our driest months on average is usually june. to put this in perspective, in june we typically at least average around a tenth of an inch to maybe about 2/10 of an inch. obviously we haven't seen that. so air force base that historic wet weather in december we've now flipped and turned to historically potentially dry january. we are now behind nearly four inches in napa. nearly 3 3/4 in san francisco. and in a deficit of over 3 1/2 inches in oakland. so where does the forecast go
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from here? as we continue through february it does look like parts of california may see a better chance of rainfall. mainly in southern california. we have equal chances of just average rainfall as we head throughout march and april into the three-month outlook, we may see an increase in the potential of some rainfall. but that is still a three-month average. we really right now are looking two weeks out. and looking for any hope of any kind of rainfall. and i'll have more on that coming up in the full forecast. >> all right. well will see you then. i want to give you a reminder. you can check the weather this your own neighborhood by downloading our own nbc bay area app. you can see the latest forecast as well as our real-time radar. that app by the way is free if you have an iphone or if you're an android user. a high profile story last year is back in the headlines tonight. nbc news is hearing charges could be filed against sergeant bowe bergdahl. he is the man who left his army post and was captured by the taliban. but pentagon is denying that there is a decision in this. janelle wang joins us with more details. janelle? >> reporter: raj, nbc news is
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hearing sergeant bowe bergdahl will be charged with desertion. in the military that's an extremely serious charge that could mean years in prison. sergeant bergdahl walked away from his army post in afghanistan in 2009. just prior to that he wrote an e-mail to his parents in idaho saying he was very disappointed with the army. after he went missing his platoon mates went searching for him. six were reportedly killed trying to find him. bergdahl was captured by the taliban and held captive for nearly five years until last may when the white house approved a controversial prisoner exchange. bergdahl for five taliban prisoners held at guantanamo bay. >> let me just put a fork in this right now if i can. no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none. >> again, nbc news is citing military sources who say bergdahl will be charged with desertion. that could mean five years in prison or he could avoid jailtime all together if he makes a plea deal leaves the
6:35 pm
army and gives up $300,000 in back pay. a former military lawyer tells nbc news if he is charged, his defense would be yes, he left his post and was only planning to leave for a limited time but was then captured by the taliban. jessica? >> all right thank you, janelle. president obama made a diplomatic pit stop on his way back from a business trip to india. air force one touching down in saudi arabia so the president could meet the new king. king salman assumed the throne last week after the death of his brother, king abdullah. first lady secretary of state john kerry house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator john mccain were also on that trip. president obama says the country of saudi arabia is a key ally in the war against isis as well as a partner in the fight to ensure stability in the middle east. violence rocked northern africa today, killing five people, including an american. a group linked to isis is claiming responsibility for an attack in libya. gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in tripoli after setting off a car
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bomb in the parking lot. the american killed a security contractor based in virginia. six other americans at the hotel were evacuated safely. we have some new details tonight about a drone that crashed on the white house grounds yesterday morning. the man who took responsibility for the crash admits he was drinking. according to a white house source the government employee who took responsibility for flying the drone told investigators he was drinking at a nearby apartment and went to sleep fearing the drone may have landed inside the white house gates. he didn't know for sure until he saw the news reports on monday morning. he then turned himself in. the secret service is investigating. back in 2010 gas pipeline blast in san bruno led to safety recommendations that now may impact the entire nation. san bruno was one of three major natural gas accidents in recent years, and the only deadly ones to prompt the passage of new safety guidelines. the ntsb announced those today in washington. >> many of them were based on
6:37 pm
lessons learned from san bruno, as well as other pipeline events that we have seen. so this is the whole study itself was a result of the experience that we've seen in pipeline accident investigation. >> the ntsb wants states to adopt new and more costly pipeline inspection methods. it's encouraging federal inspectors to work more closely with their counterparts at the state level. members also want a national pipeline mapping system. still ahead here at 6:00 a warning from google. the company heads to sacramento to demand a rollback on certain regulations. and is there life out there? scientists discover the oldest planets yet. they could be our best indicator of intelligent life in space. new england gets walloped by a blizzard. take a look at all this snow on boston common. i'm in boston. i'll tell you why despite all this snow, the governor of massachusetts is smiling tonight. we'll have that story when we come back.
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a quite surprising find during a traffic stop in redwood city. police discovering rare vintage chinese coins back in november. they were in the car of a suspect arrested for auto burglary. police believe the coins were stolen property, and now they're looking for the owner. it's unclear, though, the value of these coins. wild pigs creating havoc in the south bay. san jose city leaders are looking for a permanent solution. the animals are tearing up lawns and destroying property. here is some video from last year. the san jose city council has delayed a vote on a law that allows homeowners in san jose to hire a licensed trapper to catch and kill these wild boars. 14 pigs were caught and killed in south san jose last year while a temporary ordinance was in place.
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an international team of astronomers have discovered an ancient solar system that puts our own system in its infancy by comparison. solar system with five earth-sized planets is believed to be more than 11 billion years old. by comparison our solar system is just a spry 4.5 billion. astronomers say the planets in the newly discovered solar system may sustain some form of life but it would be too holt to sustain life as we know it. >> hmm. >> your forecasts don't reach out there? >> well -- >> for the right price, yes, yes. very dry and hot. let's take a look outside right now in the sky camera network. just got me thinking. i got a telescope for my ten-year anniversary at nbc the network. >> congratulations. >> i know. i can't wait to get it out. you never know what sought there in the world. a live look out here at our sky camera network. and you can see storm-free conditions. we'll talk more about our weather in the next couple of days in just a few minutes.
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a little bit of arrogance, or just some blunt talk? google today implied that self-driving cars may be too complex for the dmv to understand. today was the first public workshop on automobiles which don't require a driver. meeting was packed with representatives from carmakers and safety groups. it's up to the dmv to eventually certify the vehicles, and google warned its administrators to be careful about overregulation. >> i think it's a slippery slope where if you ask for too much you're going get inundated and not know what to make of all the data and all the things that we do over the course of a decade or longer to bring these things to market. >> the dmv says it's considering the competency and the functional safety of what they
6:45 pm
refer to as autonomous vehicles. all right. the national buzz is the weather, right? the blizzard took a swing at new york city, and it missed. manhattan actually missed the brunt of the big blizzard. this video actually shot by a drone shows the snow-covered streets. meanwhile, though manhattan got off okay. but the boston area getting hammered. more than 30 inches of snow. don't we have some friends in boston? >> nbc's chris pallone is in the middle. boy, you guys did get ham earned. >> yeah raj and jessica, we sure did. let me put it into perspective for you. more than 30 hours after this blizzard started moving into boston, it's still lightly snowing out here. we expect it to go for another few hours before it finally tapers off. the storm is finally moving up into maine. i think it's safe to say that people here are really anxious to start the cleanup here. but the governor of massachusetts said today that all things considered he thinks things could have been a little
6:46 pm
bit worse when it came to damage. the blizzard of 2015 unleashed its wrath on massachusetts, rhode island new hampshire, and maine, dumping 30 inches of snow or more in some towns. >> the snow is up to about just below my chest line. it's pretty high. slow trudging. >> reporter: across boston desolate streets closed businesses. public transportation halted. a travel ban remains in effect, keeping mote drivers off the roads, except for plows which are struggling to keep up with the heavy blowing snow. the storm is accompanied by high winds which have cut power to thousands. getting caught in the coastal islands are among the hardest hit. nantucket registered a wind gust above 80 miles per hour. that's above hurricane force. the storm in new england is just what forecasters predicted. a lot of snow, a lot of wind, but less damage than anticipated. >> it's incredible. just keeps coming. i don't -- i don't even know when it's supposed to stop. >> reporter: not so in new york, which saw snow totals fall far short. by midmorning new york city's
6:47 pm
subway was back up and rung. it will take days for travelers to recover from the storm, which saw nearly 7,000 flights canceled, including at the busy hubs of la guardia and boston's logan airport. as new york gets back to normal tuesday, boston hopes it will do the same wednesday. until then they're using humor to get through it. for example, this gunfire roaming the streets in a yeti costume. we're told his efforts to hail a cab were unsuccessful. now to be fair everybody tries to hail a cab had a problem last night. that's because the state was under a mandatory no drive order. you had to be a member of a police department an emergency responder to be able to take to the streets legally. that order is being lifted at midnight tonight. so that means that people will once again be able to venture out of their homes, go get some food, go shopping or go to work. and once schools reopen, go back to school. the good news and a sign of normality as we start to move away from this blizzard. live in boston i'm chris
6:48 pm
pollone, back to you. >> not such good news for the kids who want a snow day. >> one more. we need to get chris a brandy as well. all right. jeff ranieri we have the forecast where chris is standing right now in boston. >> you'll see the storm system is still winding up with some energy. so i think tonight we'll have some snow to deal with. and a few disturbances as we head throughout the next three days. overall, the strongest portion of that storm system begins to pull away for tomorrow's forecast. first, totally sunny and dry day will come their way as they head throughout saturday. quite a storm system there for the east coast. get you back here to our weather. we have had such a hard time getting any rainfall in january. and get this. we had a storm system move into california today. it just fell apart as it hit the state. and a lot of it did move way off to the south and to the east just missing the bay area. so unfortunately, this storm system just as we expected wasn't anything big for us. we need that rainfall though. tonight there is just the slight chance of patchy drizzle across the region. we'll take you outside. most temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.
6:49 pm
and we're undergoing a little bit of a change here as that storm begins to pull out that we dealt with today across california. some areas seeing some clearing. at least try to come, in like the north bay and peninsula. but you're still holding on cloud cover in the san francisco, east bay and also for the south bay. but here is the thing. for tomorrow's forecast the trend for everyone with that pattern clearing well is going to be some sunnier weather here for us. you'll see as we start off tomorrow morning, a little bit of cloud cover well offshore. but for most of the region we'll have clear skies to start. maybe some patchy low clouds near the coastline and the peninsula. and then by the afternoon, the sunny skies. you'll see in that microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday, not a bad day at all. especially when you think about what folks are dealing with back there in the east coast with temperatures in the teens and 20s. we'll have our daytime highs tomorrow at 68 degrees in san jose. looks great. 67 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, cooler at the coastline. and once again holding on to a little bit more of that cloud cover. 63 in pacifica. mix of sun and clouds in palo alto. and 65. and i do think, at least in
6:50 pm
downtown san francisco in the soma district we should pop up to 65. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley napa and santa rosa mid-60s for tomorrow. for oakland, we'll go to 66. and for the tri-valley we have pleasanton popping up to 68 degrees. so sunnier tomorrow. also some slight warming. here as we push ahead towards the weekend, we're going to see some gradual warming each and every day. i think we'll get up to about 70 by this upcoming sunday. unfortunately, dry weather stays in the forecast. and temperatures generally here in the upper 60s for most of the bay. next chance of rainfall is next tuesday. unfortunately, raj and jesse, this is not a big storm system. probably just a few sprinkles at this point. so our hopes are dashed right now for any big-time january rainfall. looks like it will go down as the driest january on record. >> disappointing to hear. we'll just wait for february. thanks jeff. >> sure. media di for super bowl xlix today. and it's not just what he said it's how he said it and how many times he said it. oakland's marshawn lunch, a cal
6:51 pm
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who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. good evening. media day at the super bowl week has become a little bit of a sideshow. mass amounts of credentials journalists, and trying to create a different story. packed with fans on the outside and story hunters on the inside. the players up on podium to answer questions for some that are not exactly looking for straight answers. players always seem to try to take in the moment and simply have some fun before the real week gets going.
6:54 pm
joining us now live from phoenix is mindi bach who had a chance to witness all the madness today and have more. hello, mindi. >> hi, geraud. it wasn't as crazy as i've seen it before. but this is the first time this week the nfl requires that every player and every coach make himself available to the media. as you know, marshawn lynch of the seahawks has been fined by the league $100,000 over the last year for failing to comply with certain media obligations. but first up at media today were the patriots. and that meant tom brady was in the center of everything. >> you start at the beginning of the year hoping to be the last team standing. and we got that chance. it's going to take a big effort. you know you're right. the last two times we've been in this game we haven't been able to close it out. but hopefully this is our day. >> can you put everything you have into this one game to be successful. and the saddest thing about this game is you're going to have a winner, you're going have a
6:55 pm
loser. but you have the two best teams in this game. >> so the patriots have cleared out, and the seahawks are now coming in. and the big question is will running back marshawn lynch answer the media's questions. >> hey i'm just here so i don't get fined. so y'all can sit here and ask me all the questions you all want to. i'm going to answer with the same answer. so y'all can shoot if you all please. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here to i won't get find. hey, i'm here so i won't get find. >> i think because when you give people certain things, they like to misinterpret it. they like the misinterpret you. they like to change and switch things up. and they misunderstand you. so they just say whatever. that can get on a person's nerves sometimes and shut them down. i think you just shut them down. and make the person not want to say anything or just say what he needs to say. >> time?
6:56 pm
>> and what you're seeing there is marshawn lynch set a timer for five minutes. he sat at that podium for just that amount of time geraud and then he got up and he left. as far as he is concerned, he met the league's requirement to meet the media for five minutes. though some suspect the media might fine him yet again. let's go back to you. >> mindi, thank you very much. i'm here. so i won't lose my job. have a great time and enjoy the rest of the week. all right. let's talk some baseball. giants and short stop brandon crawford avoided arbitration today, agreeing to a one-year deal with a reported amount of $3.175 million. according to, crawford coming off a career high season of home runs with 10 and rbi with 69. now at oracle. warriors back at it tonight. the franchise win streak hosting chicago. during the run they have averaged almost 115 points per game, which doesn't farewell for the bulls who will be without
6:57 pm
leading defender jimmy butler due to illness. all right. finally in the process of building that home win streak dubs have also manhandled the eastern conference overall. they have won 14 straight against the east to start the season. and that is the 1971-'72 l.a. lakers record of 19 straight. we'll have all your highlights and postgame tonight at 11:00. should it be a good one. chicago should be motivated. they got beat by miami coming in. and it will be a good one. back to you guys. >> we'll be watching intently tonight. thanks geraud. coming up at 11:00, a look at the latest health craze. it's called bone broth. it's a simple dish getting a warm embrace by foodies and health nuts too. tonight what it is at 11:00 after "chicago fire". >> i heard jeff go mmm. >> like hmmm. >> we'll find out at 11:00. thanks for watching. >> hope to see you then bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
donald trump breathing fire over the so-called storm of the century. >> now on "extra." donald trump going off on the new york shutdown. was it a mega mistake? >> they always overreact. >> catherine zeta jones bundled up. julianne moore stranded in l.a. >> and aj's allnight diary of manhattan's overnight ghost town. >> i have never seen times square completely empty. taylor swift's twitter hacked. >> one of the hackers is threatening to release nude photos. do they even exist? we are in phoenix counting down to the big game. already, the fans are going crazy. [ cheers and applause ]


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