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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now, a rising star in stanford is facing charges for alleged sexual assault on campus. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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a college student is accused of attempting to the rape of a college student on campus. >> in case, you have eyewitness and d.a. had a lot to go on and thus the charge ss. the students who chase and tackled the rape suspect down are seen as a culture change here. here. >> reporter: he had numerous titles in swimming in dayton ohio, for swimming. 19-year-old brock turner a freshman now facing five felony charges for raping a unconscious woman who was not a college student. >> this is impossible to sweep under the rug, because there were eyewitnesses.
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>> reporter: the attack happened between the alpha kappa fra tern the ti house. two cyclists came upon the rape and they chased him down. some people credit the protests on campus. >> i think it speaks well for the stanford student culture for what they did. >> reporter: the freshmen said they went through the orientation about sexual assault issues. >> they are trying to make all of the students feel safer and that this is a college where it is not a sexual attackers. >> reporter: he is no longer allowed on campus as the case moves through the legal system, and the university makes progress in the way it handles rape cases, the professor says that the more work needs to be done. >> this is the harder cases are
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where nobody has been caught or tackled and the police has not been called. that is 99% of the rape. >> reporter: turner is expected to be arraigned this week, and he is out on $150,000 bond. nanette lambert, knbc news. today, there was a 180-day suspended jail sentence and fine after racy photos were sent to those in his custody. >> and now, friends and family are mourning a jogger's death
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after she was hit by a car. we have a report from san jose. kimberly? >> raj, the family says they are in shock over what happened. they are expect inging her to come home and walk through the front door. >> we are waiting for her to come home from jogging and she never returned. >> reporter: the family says that the this-year-old was out for a run yesterday when she was hit and killed. >> it is our worst nightmare for any mother any family to lose somebody so young. >> reporter: two drivers were racing when they lost control of the car ss and spinning out and running into the sidewalk and running her over. >> it is very difficult to accept. >> reporter: a memorial is growing where the crash happened. neighbors say that racing is becoming a problem. the pablo family is not sure
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that a new guardrail is the problem, because they say that drivers have to take personal responsibility. >> tay canhey cannot continue to drive like that and these accident ss are because the children are race org going too fast. >> reporter: police have arrested two men on charges of vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. nbc legal analyst says he believes that the district attorney are going to be coming down hard on the h men. >> certainly the case could come down hard on the two defendants because they are going to be looking at the two men involved in the case, and how reckless it is, and they will look at the criminal history, and have they been cited for speeding in the past. >> reporter: since the accident, loved ones have been coming out here to drop off flowers, and sam liccardo says he plans to look at the road himself to see
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what changes can with be made to stop this from happening in the future. nbc bay area news. >> thank you kimberly. and today, two shots happened in the bay aer yarea. the police are looking to see if they are related. shots were fired ten minutes after the first shooting and a woman and man died. police have not released names. and new at 11:00 how to keep the body cams seras rolling which is the center of the peninsula meeting when a police officer killed a burglary suspect, and the cameras they were wearing were not turn ded on. now, new rules. cheryl is there in menlo park, a and it is a tricky endeavor.
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>> yes, you come into work and you ra police officer, and you put on the camera, and you turn it on and that should be the end of it right? well, it is not that simple. when do you turn it on or off? >> if you look at the current policy, no they did not do anything wrong that day. >> reporter: that day was march 13th. two of the three officers were wearing cameras and only one officer turned the camera on, but the problem is that it was turned on after the shooting, and that is why the department is considering changing the policy. >> well, the primary change for sus to making sure that the officers are in the mindset of activating the camera prior to the call for service. >> that is the sort of policy giving rise to the error. >> reporter: ray mueller
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applauding the chief's efforts, but he feels it is not enough. >> if i respond to the emergency event, doi want him worrying about the event or the camera? >> reporter: he wants the camera on continuously unless they are working with an informant or having lunch or paperwork. the chief says having it on all of time is that the technology is not there to store all of the data. >> we have police officers who have not acted in the high standard, and it is nice to have a record to make sure that the actions are taken correctly and accordingly. >> reporter: and the aclu has looked in the issue for departments in the the past, and they want the video kept for weeks rather than years. the city council members are literally discussing this issue
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right now shgs, and we will have an update on the story today. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. we have seen it before, but this is a gold heist, and crash and grab. in san francisco, three masked bandits used this suv to go into the wells fargo bank. and they held a security guard at gunpoint and stole pour to ten ounces of gold nugget, and the haul is estimated $10,000. they then sped off. this is the second smash and grab. a month ago, they went into this patagonia store. in november there was a smash and grab at the jewelry store in the mall. and now, there was a store front that was a furniture store, but behind that showroom
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in gilroy, there was with an estimated $2 million of marijuana. tips from the public led to the arrest of nguyen. there was a illegal power system that stole about 08,000 of electricity from pg&e. and former concord elementary schoolteacher found guilty of molesting his students. today, the jury convicted him of 19 counts of molestation. this is nine months after a jury came in deadlocked. he was a teacher in woodside elementary at concord. the victims were seven boys his students over a six-year period. he now faces a minimum of 25 years to life in prizson. >> and now, the city of san jose is going to establish the first ever office of immigrant affairs. by an overwhelming majority, the
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council voted to have a office established. city leaders have not announced what kind of services will be offered or what kind of money it will cost. there are now options to get rid of wild pigs which are tearing up lawns. tonight, there is a law approved for homeowners to hire licensed trappers to track and kill the animals. in the time of the ordinance 14 pigs were trapped and killed. and now, in the super bowl there is an ad that is featuring a dog, but animal rights advocates says it is sending a bad message and the ad has been pulled. it is a delicious food. >> and why broth is a healthy option. good evening, i'm jeff
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ranieri, and clear skies in san francisco. we will track what it means forforecast and if there is any hopes for rainfall in the next few weeks.
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they sold nine new iphones every second for three months.
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apple announcing that its earnings increased 38% in the last quarter. good kans that you helped. 6.0, and 6.0 plus sold nearly 8 million of them. when they lost sales to samsung when they offered the larger screens. but now, apple says that the smart watch is coming out in april and it is the brand new product since the ipad was released five months ago, and they are playing catchup with smart watching already on the market. lit start at $350. and so who do the coins belong to and how much are they worth? there are vintage coins that were found when they busted a suspect driving a stolen coin. they are hoping to reyou miteureunite
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the coins with the rightful owners. researchers say that girls who drink a lot of sugary drinks start puberally faster than those who don't. they will start to menstruate two months youngerr than normal. early menstruation leads to breast cancer. >> and now, it has been around for years. >> broth is seeing a surge for popularity. >> and this is what some are calling the next super food. >> most of the butchers around the bay area serve up the best to the customers with a knife, and perhaps are from belcampo dinner company, they are being called upon for the spoon. customers want bone broth like regular broth but with more flavor and more flavor.
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>> with a little bit of the beef broth and apple cider vinegar. >> reporter: it has been made since throwing bones in soup, but it is a rise with the paleo diet. >> we have seen a rise manyin the last month, and it skyrocket eded. >> reporter: believers say it helps to improve the skin and health. >> this is a bone broth that we cook over 24 hours. >> reporter: and with actors and athletes like koebbe bryant swearing by it, it has boosted in popularity. >> the geltin and the nutrition. >> reporter: and she bought two cups today to ease a sore throat. >> i asked the professor what is one of the best things that you kcan do when you are sick or
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workout recovery and he said bone broth. >> researchers are not sure that the accolades are true but either way, the masses are headed toward the butcher shop. >> it is like liquid meat in a way. >> reporter: in palo alto. >> we grew up drinking this. it is called making the goat last longer. >> and now it is $5 for it. >> oh my. that is crazy. all right. let's get a look at this radar picture here. we have a storm system here way off to the west. that is going to be the storm system ta broke up but what was left behind is cloud cover behind the bay, and you can see the sky work here, and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. the clouds in the south bay, 52 and in san francisco, 53. so as we head throughout tomorrow morn ging with clear
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skies, we will start out mainly clear with the roster and if if you take a look, in the north bay, it is 4 33 and san francisco, 50 degree, and add to the peninsula, mainly clear start in the main bay, and we go to tomorrow's forecast that you will be happy if you did not like the cloud cover today, we will start out mainly clear tomorrow. you will see the storm activity is way too farr to the north to impacts us so again as we continue throughout the day, nothing in terms of the major weather headed our way, and we continue with the sunny skies from the north bay to the south bay, and it is a beautiful day as we mentioned, but this is the part that is the problem. we need the rain fall and we have had not had any major rainfall in january. so it starts to dwindle from the northern, and the central from 24% to 27% of normal and so we
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are on the way to the worst drought in the 70s. so again, no raindrops are expected to increase the sunshine, and that should bump up the temperatures a few degrees, and just a little bit more up moregan hill, and that will stay cool for 63, and warmer in palo alto and most of san francisco to the mid-60s, and the spots of course to some of the clouds hanging across the marina to downtown san francisco, and sunny skies for the afternoon, and dry valley granite, there are not a lot of forecasts, but if you look for the dry weather, the temperatures will be in the upper 60s, but if you are looking for the sun, it is going
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to be for the low 70s, so make sure you wear that spf tomorrow. and temperatures in the upper 60s to 70 it looks like the south bay could have some of the warmest temperatures, and tri valley, north bay 67 and only hope for rain fall is going to be happening by next tuesday, but you have to look out for february 7th which we could are is a the next major storm system. and that is about all we got. i wish i could fill it up with rainfall but not. >> and february is the must. >> and back in a moment to have the controversial ad with a dog that won't be airing in the soup super bowl. it began on the sunday morning of the 1981 super bowl. he was the greatest friend that you would want. he would never say no to you
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but absolute worst enemy. >> i always played those. if it means something to you, then you know what it means, you know i played it. >> gray area revelations, super bowl sunday.
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a night of drinking may have played a role in the drone crash on the white house grounds
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yesterday morning. according to a white house source the employee who turned himself in for flying the drone told investigateors that he was drinking at a nearby apartment and went to sleep fearing that it landed inside of the white house gates, but he did can't know for sure until he saw the reports on the news. and the super bowl ads are as anticipated as the game itself. $4.5 million for one ad. godaddy featuring danica patrick features a dog finding its way home after being left gets home which is a puppy mill. it has been pulled. and there has been a tense
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game in oakland. we will e showtell you about it.
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good evening. geraud moncure. to extend a franchise win streak
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to 20 tonight, chicago in the house, but the w's center was not due to a late case of the flu. with no bogut in the lineup, 9-4 overall with the aussie not suited up this year but he was sorely missed tonight. fourth quarter, and the warriors by one, and david lee with the rebound and steph curry turning it over. and kirk heimlich takes advantage. and now the w's in need of a bucket. >> draymond green has tied it! >> and the crowd went into the frenzy frenzy, and the first o.t. game at oracle. and derrick rose knocks down the tough jumper with klay thompson in his face. and the chicago lead is two. and now, the w's on the outside and thompson with the rock, and has the opening, but the bank is
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not open. and the warriors lose with the streak winning at 19 in a row at home. and the participants will tell you that the media day for the super bowl has turned into a circus. lots of journalists hoping to pull out something funny or news worthy from the players at the podium, but the always talkative oakland native marshawn lynch, maybe you have heard it. >> i am just here so i don't get fined. y'all can ask me all of the questions that you want to, but i am going to answer it the same way. so shoot. i am here so i won't get fined. i am just here so i won't get fined. hey, i'm here so i won't get fined. >> say what? >> now, playing on the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to talking to the media, julian
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edelman, growing up to play quarterback at woodside high while idolizing the 49ers. >> i grew up loving the niners and watching jerry rice and brent jones, and all of those guys, and playing the super bowls, and to come to play in my second swun deafone is definitely a dream. >> and brandon crawford agreed to a up with-year deal with 3.175 million. crawford coming off of the career high season of home runs of ten, and rbis off. ff 6.9.
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oh, my goodness, check it out. it is a mythical creature walking in the streets of the northeast. it is an abdominal snowman that is walking the streets that hit boston. he has his own twitter account, and he told the follower tas he love -- followers that he loves the
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snow, but he wants everybody to be safe. so it seems like somebody is in a costume, and not a real yetty. >> yes. and 33.5 inches as of 7:00 p.m. east coast time, and that is the snowiest 24-hour total in worcester for a storm since 1905 when record began and unbelievable in boston and back home mixed with the sun and clouds, and temperatures in the upper 6 00s, and nice living in the bay area with weather like that. >> have a great day tomorrow. >> yes. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nicole kidman patton oswalt musical guest, the war on drugs


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