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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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9th. >> the family of the victim yelled at avalos in the courtroom and expressed their frustration outside and emphasized the incident is not a traffic accident. >> i really want to make sure that justice is done for the murder. i consider this murder racing down the street at 100 miles an hour. >> the family is planning a more somber atmosphere at the vigil. earlier today they added pictures to the memorial site and said the evening event will be respectful and loving. >> just to remember her in the way she was. >> which is? >> ka ris matic, very happy. i can't believe she's gone. >> reporter: the vigil is scheduled to start within the hour and will include a walk to the nearby park where pablo usually went jogging. coming up at 6:00 we'll be at the vigil and we'll also talk about safety measures being considered for this stretch of
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road. live nbc bay area news. >> heartbreaking to see. thank you x robert. we're getting a first look at driver accused in another fatal crash in the south bay. juan -- this man hit and killed a 71-year-old woman on friday. he is surrendered a few hours after the incident. it happened -- today we've learned police are looking for a second vehicle that may have been involved. it's a light-colored small pickup truck last seen driving south on the alma den expressway. a timely debate regarding measles and schools. the parents are asking the kids at their son's school who haven't been vaccinated to stay home. their little boy has leukemia and catching the measles could have some serious consequences. mark matthias talked with the parents. how realistic is this request? >> reporter: well, the request is being made for a reason we'll get to in a minute.
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he's in the fir grade at reed elementary. he cannot be vaccinated because, after battling cancer his system isn't strong enough to take it. what his parents want is for every other student in the school district to be vaccinated. but 54 out of the 1500 have refused for either medical or personal belief reasons. this boy doesn't show it now, but over the past five years there's been times when he's been desperately ill with leukemia leukemia. these are pictures of rhett at ucf. it's been a battle. while he's hanging in there. his parents want others to step up and get their children immunized. >> it can't be a requirement unless it's a medical exception. >> they raised the issue of vaccinations at a school meeting earlier this year when parents were told not to bring nut products to school because of allergies. >> that my husband just got up and said that's great.
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we get it. but what about also requiring or asking parents to immunize their children before they come to school because it's a a similar issue. it's a health risk. >> the school said it would not be possible because california law allows parents to claim a personal belief exemption. rhett cow its oncologists say those parents don't understand the risk. >> people should be educated and understand when they don't do their -- don't have their children vaccinated it doesn't just affect their child. it affects many other children. >> and dr. golds by adds cancer patients like rhett are at a significantly higher risk. >> not only would they be at higher risk for more severe form of illness from measles for example, but it also would likely delay their therapy. >> reporter: the superintendent says he understands the family's concerns. he also understands that there's a california law that allows
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families to take that personal belief exemption. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you what the parents are trying to do to get that law repealed and what sort of reaction they've been getting. in tiburon, mark matthews nbc bay area news. mark thank you. here are numbers to share with you. as of today, there are 79 confirmed cases here in california. public health officials say 52 of the cases are linked directly to the disneyland outbreak. there are now ten confirmed cases here in the bay area. four of the ten people are linked to disneyland. a follow-up now in the case of the mystery goo that coated hundreds of birds in the san francisco bay. wildlife workers said 24 birds free near the golden gate bridge. the diving ducks were the first to recover because they were some of the first to be rescued. the international bird rescue is calling this a big victory. >> we're almost 45 years old. we're committed. we're dedicated to caring for sick and injured aquatic bird.
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we were able to do our job here. this is what it's all about for us. >> another 200 birds are still recovering. however, about 250 birds did not make it. they died. meanwhile, still no word on what the goo is and where it came from. the day after the huge winter storm on the east coast that caused thousands of delays and cancellations across the country. crews spent the day clearing 2 to 3 feet of snow off some runways across the country. the coastline cities of massachusetts were among the hardest hit. waves and high winds are being blamed for knocking down an 80-foot section of seawall. we're not totally in the clear. new england is bracing for round two and possibly round three of this. brian williams continues the coverage tonight at 5:30. she was trying to protect her client's rights. this happened. a plainclothes police officer handcuffed and arrested her
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right inside the courthouse. nbc bay area christie smith is in san francisco with more. christie staining to see this video. what happened? >> reporter: well, certainly the public defender's office is outraged and disappointed one of their own was put in handcuffs and detained. they say under the circumstances there's a clear reason. >> this is video with subtitles provided by the san francisco public defender's office. they're expressing outrage at the treatment of public defender jamie till it son at the hall of justice. >> i was told i would be taken into custody. i was, needless to say, shocked by the situation. >> her client was on the cortical der for misdemeanor theft. but outside the court they were approached about another case so she came out. >> the inspector told her he wanted to question her client and take photographs.
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she asked him not to as he the adviser. she was arrested for resisting arrest. she was then handcuffed despite her protest. >> police argue she was detained. she was released about an hur later. the sergeant had been subpoenaed on another case and had to return to court. >> essentially, the sergeant acted appropriately from what we can see. >> san francisco police say he was at the courthouse and noticed two persons of interest on a separate case and was trying to continue the investigation. if this is happening in this arena, it's -- she was only representing one of the plenmen in the video. these are two separate cases that we're talking about. this expected to go to the district attorney's office for review. the public defender's office would like it thrown out and also an apology.
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reporting live in san francisco, christie smith nbc bay area news. christie, thank you. did you feel the earthquake in humboldt county? people in san jose felt the shaking. a 5.7 magnitude quake hit off shore this afternoon. the usgs puts the epicenter about 40 miles southwest of eureka. right in the ocean. plenty of people in the bay area did feel it. it happened at 1:08 p.m. no tsunami warnings or reports of damage or injuries. evacuations in an east san jose neighborhood this afternoon. a construction crew hit an unmarked gas line. it happened on rock avenue near king road. that's just north of the 101/680 interchange. pg and e capped the line within a couple of hours. drivers experienced something new on a heavily congested freeway. brand new metering lights for northbound drivers. they're on past the usual 9:00 a.m. time. they're on until 11:00 a.m. a traffic cam shows extended
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hours are warranted on this busy stretch of highway. there are 15 metering lights between cupertino and mountain view. some drivers are relieved. >> thank heavens. >> oh, yeah. >> you're happy? >> yeah. it's nuts trying to get up on 85. >> cal trans engineers will spend a couple of weeks analyzing traffic data along the route to see if drive times are improved and if the system needs tweaking. just ahead at 5:00. what went wrong and who is to blame? a new surveillance video stemming from a woman seen in this restaurant. plus think before you puff. the new warning the state health officer just issued today about e-cigarettes. also -- >> i'm scott budman. after a big social media backlash, a bay area tech company pulls its super bowl ad. we'll have the story coming up. good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri from our weather underground sky
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camera network. blue sky in the oakland hills. we'll take you to the coastline. we're tracking some fog at this hourment we'll have details on who will be impacted in the morning. plus if there's any rain in the next seven days.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ new video from the napa county sheriff's department. the woman with the blond hair was killed by a hit and run car. this happened last november. two men seen with her at two different restaurants were among the last people to see her alive. investigators want to identify them. 57-year-old maria behar was wearing the same black shirt under her coat the night she was killed. she was found in the roadway of highway 29 at 4:30 the following morning. she died soon after. detectives consider the two men in the videos persons of
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interest. the last place they were seen was santa rosa casa del mar restaurant. students are in shock after hearing about allege alleged rape on campus. the suspect brock turner, a freshman on the swim team. he's been arrested accused of sexual assault. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at stanford. you spoke with a legal expert who says this will be easier to prosecute than most. >> reporter: legal experts say sexual assault cases are extremely difficult to prove. it's often a he said/she said case. in this case, there are two witnesses that could help prosecutors. >> brock turner has been kicked off the swim team and banned from campus. >> crazy that happens on campus. >> turner is accused of raping a woman near the kappa alpha frat house last weekend. two men riding bikes on campus spotted turner lying on top of a woman who appeared to be unconscious. when they approached turner
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allegedly took off running. >> i think it's very heroic what the students did. >> according to police, the witnesses chased him down and restrained him until police arrived. >> it's hard to hear that stuff happened on campus but stepped up and stopped it. >> sexual assault cases are challenging to prove but reliable witness testimony may benefit the prosecutors. if convicted, he could face up to ten years behind bars. >> independent witnesses are vital because they can say what they observed but also what did they observe about the victim's demeanor. because the defense in this case is likely to be a consent defense. >> turner is out on $150,000 bail. he will be in court on monday for his arraignment. reporting live on the stanford campus michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. a new warning about e-cigarettes. the department of public health released a report today that said electronic cigarettes are a
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health threat and should be strictly regulated like tobacco products. e-significant cigarettes get them hooked and emit cancer causing chemicals. >> they're a -- they emit aerosol that contains particulate matter and oftentimes in studies, it's been found to contain carcinogens. >> the american vaping association, issued a statement saying e-cigarettes are far safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. they say it could help smokers who want to quit using tobacco products. now to the countdown to the super bowl. live look from glendale arizona, which will host america's most popular sporting event. seahawks and patriots face off this sunday. >> the big game is sunday night. but tonight there's already controversy. we're not talking about the underinflated footballs. we're talking about commercials and the backlash aimed at a
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local tech company. >> scott budman is live in sunnyvale with the commercial dust-up. tell us more, scott. >> janelle and raj, at $4 million for 30 seconds of air time, super bowl commercials are very important for companies. but after a huge social media backlash, one local tech company has already pulled its ad. >> not many super bowl ads, this go daddy spot features a cute puppy. but the puppy in the ad getz sold on a website made with go daddy. the reaction on social media was swift and brutal. go daddy says it's pulled the spot releasing its statement admitting they underestimated the emotional response. >> now, because people are releasing them early and you've got facebook and twitter lighting up. you get a lot of feedback. in a way you get to test it and see if you can extend that story. in their case, i think they were somewhat lucky that they didn't expose that to 108 million
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people. >> unable to talk because -- >> super bowl exposure is likely to help bring awareness to domestic violence. this ad from no plays a 911 call. >> potential donors, they'll see it and say wow, this is really a community problem and we need to do something about it. let's get going on it. >> there will be a lot to talk about ad-wise thanks to social media. some ads are already spurring debate. >> we reached out to go daddy here in sunnyvale to give them a chance to comment on camera. they declined our offer, instead deciding to stick with their previously released statement. reporting live in sunnyvale, scott budman. blimps are okay but no unmanned flying machines. it will be a no drone zone. the faa posted a warning on twitter and this video on youtube today.
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there will be other airspace restrictions. no hang gliders, no hot air balloons and no model rockets. anyone caught breaking the law could pay a heavy fine or in jail. a reminder you can watch the super bowl here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 am with a super-sized pregame show and kickoff at 3:30. >> weather should be nice in arizona and next year it's in santa clara. >> i know. it's going to be nice too. >> it will be gorgeous. >> were you listening to our conversation in the weather center? >> we always listen. >> we were talking about doing that forecast for 2016. we're going to be working on that and we'll have more details in the coming days. take a look outside at the weather underground time lapse network today. at 9:30 this morning, brilliant blue sky across the valley. we did have high cloud cover move across. but still plenty of sunshine. take you to the sky camera network. temperatures primarily in the low 60s across the bay. looking at a sunset at a:29 for
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tonight. relatively light winds throughout the region. as we take you to the weather pattern, this looks anything like it should for january. this is albeit a lot going on. but just not the kind of weather we need happening here across the bay area. the main storm track to the north, too far to impact us. the southern branch is pushing over southern california producing wet weather there. but for us, high pressure is stuck right across the bay area. relatively calm weather pattern. so with that really not moving over the next two to three days it is going to have patchy areas of isolated fog. the two areas of biggest concern will be alameda and contra costa county for ground fog and marin, napa and sonoma counties may wake up with cloud cover. as we head throughout 10:00 in the morning, we should have fast clearing and sunny skies expected from the north bay down to the south bay for tomorrow. we may also get a little bit of cloud cover building at the coastline. areas of fog. that's just about it.
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we'll take you to the micro climate forecast as we head throughout your thursday. a sunnier day expected in san jose with 69 degrees. temperatures will be above average but not uncomfortable. you're also looking at 69 in morgan hill. peninsula, sunny skies and palo alto towards pacifica. a little cooler. some clouds may hang on. we'll see clouds hang on in san francisco primarily low to mid-60s. we think into downtown also sill ma. we should push up to 68 degrees. north bay, east bay and try valley this will be an event where some isolated north winds, a drying and warming wind across the bay area looks like it will hold on through napa and santa rosa. that will help to boost your temperatures thinking in the low 70s. for the east bay a slight wind off the bay keeping you at 67 degrees. walnut creek at 70. the tri-valley pushing for upper 60s for tomorrow. as far as the weekend forecast goes no rainfall on saturday or sunday. saturday looks like the better
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day with temperatures in the upper 60s. i want to finish it out with san francisco climate averages. this month our temperature average 61 degrees. no rainfall at all for this month in san francisco. but here's where we get optimistic. hopefully, we should average in february 4.46 inches of rainfall. i'd be happy with a quarter, half of that. let's see what february can do for us. >> that rate since christmas. >> been a long time. still ahead at 5:00 headache inducing traffic on 101 in the south bay. a live look now. it's actually pretty clear. but the major changes proposed for this popular stretch of road. a rare sighting. the unusual mammal that's been spotted swimming around the monterrey bay.
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this is 101 in san jose. this highway gets packed in some locations and that's the focus of a meeting tonight. south bay transportation leaders will ask for feedback on a plan to turn carpool lanes into express toll lanes. the trouble spots in palo alto. they would impact highway 101 down to morgan hill. it would allow drivers willing to pay to use the lane along with standard carpoolers during commute hours. the express lanes would be similar to ones on highway 680. they will hold a third and final public meeting on this issue an february 4th. it's the -- nearly destroyed by a recent fire is now dust. bulldozers knocked down what remains of an abandoned commercial building. a three-alarm fire broke out at
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this location two weeks ago. gutting it. now, before the fire crews were already planning to demolish this building. five months after the napa earthquake the ground may have stabilized. siesologists are actively studying the quake. it's providing a wealth of geological information. experts met at a workshop at the usgs campus in men low park. before that day, the napa area didn't get much attention from geologists. it has their attention now. >> in terms of implications for the -- for the south napa earthquake how large are we going to have who knows? what's the recurrence rate? who knows? what's the rate of slip? who knows? >> lot of questions. size seismologists have a little more information and they want to redraw maps. they need grant money to study
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the area more thoroughly. a rare treat for whale watchers on the monterrey bay. they got to see a white dolphin swimming with some gray pod mates. it was captured on video by whale watch. marine animal experts say white dolphins are very rare. pretty cool to see. they believe the young dolphin is albino but only know for sure if they get a look at its eyes and see if they're pink. the gridiron where the super bowl will be played took a field trip. why it's on the move. we'll explain next.
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here's what we're working on for the 6:00 newscast. searching for artifacts on the edge of the city. we go along for a big dig in san francisco and show you how the smallest discovery caused the biggest stir. that's tonight on our 6:00 news. finally tonight, prepping the field for super bowl xlix. you're looking at a live picture from the university of phoenix stadium in glendale arizona. the stadium is one of a kind. why? because the field is retractible. yes. that's the field outside the stadium. it slides out from the stadium like a tray of cookies coming out of the oven. that tray weighs 8 million tons and driven by 76 separate engines. today the field was rolled out to give the natural grass some sunlight. >> that's one of the coolest features i have ever seen. >> amazing. >> hopefully the wheels don't break. >> you got me on the tray of cookies. i'm hungry. >> it is dinnertime.
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dessert, people. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. brian williams is next. >> see you at 6:00.


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