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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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manor in concorde hasn't told them what kind of outbreak. jodi hernandez is there. at least one family now is demanding some answers. >> reporter: raj, we've talked to several family members today who are frustrated by a lack of information from the windsor manor rehabilitation center. we have seen masked workers coming in and out of the facility all day. but so far, some families say they're being kept in the dark. >> frustrated. scared. >> juan is worried about the health and safety of his 61-year-old sister. maria picasso has been quarantined at the windsor manor rehabilitation center in concord where she's recovering from heart surgery. she says she and other patients have been forced to stay in their rooms since thursday because of an outbreak. an outbreak she says she's not being given any information about. >> what was going on.
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but nobody seems to know. and the person that does know won't tell us anything. >> it's scary to think about it. my sister is in there. we just fear that something is happening far more worse than they're telling us. >> juan says the staff will only say they're dealing with a contamination. but hasn't given them any other details. the contra costa county health department tells nbc bay area that there's a flu outbreak on their hands. that's more information than the family has been given by windsor manor. >> if it is a flu outbreak, they could say that. they just said contamination. that could be a lot of things. >> a spokesperson issued this statement. "windsor manor rehabilitation center of concord is following all of the guidelines directed by the public health department. all authorities have been notified and are updated daily with our progress."
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the family says if that's the case they should be informed. but they say so far the center has allowed fear to take over. >> everybody is scared. everybody is sick. i want answers. >> reporter: we do want to make it clear that neither the county health department nor the rehab center has said that there is an actual quarantine in place. in fact the county health department says they do not do quarantines in situations like this. but they are working with the centers to make recommendations on how to handle this. those recommendations do include keeping ill patients in their rooms. no official quarantine is in place. they point out that it is flu season. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. they killed our daughter. they killed our daughter. >> i want justice. >> anger and frustration pouring out today outside of a south bay
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courtroom where that family faced one of the drivers accused of hitting and killing their daughter while she jogged down the street. police say they had been participating in a street race. robert handa is where the vigil is getting under way it's a tragic story. >> reporter: it's an emotional scene as family friends and supporters have come to join the vigil. the memorial site here is much more prominent now than it was before with pictures and memorabilia and candles being placed nearby the family for the event. family members have been strong with emotions all day. sadness here sadness and anger at the courthouse. but for the vigil, the family is focusing on fond memories of pabla. >> charismatic, very happy. i can't believe she's gone. >> how is everybody coping? >> not well.
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devastated. >> they killed our daughter! they killed our daughter. >> emotions ran even higher at the courthouse. the family of kiran pabla began to yell at manuel maldonado avalos shortly after he was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter. they were angry when his attorney asked him to be released on his own supervised recognizance. the judge denied the kwu but set a hearing date february 5th to address it again. she set bail at $100,000 and scheduled a court appearance for march 9th. family members were already frustrated the other driver, gabriel esparza posted $100,000 bail and was released. >> i really want to make sure that justice is done for the murder victim. >> now family and supporters are still here at the vigil. family members are addressing the crowd here. they plan to hold the first part of the vigil here and then they plan to walk over to the park for the rest of the event. right now, police are
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controlling traffic and on the advice of vice mayor rose herrera tomorrow radar warning signs will also be posted here along yerba buena road. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert thank you. some evacuations in a neighborhood this afternoon. san jose firefighters say a construction crew hit an unmarked gas line. it happened near king road. that's north of the 101/680 interchange. pg and e capped the line within a couple of hours. facebook apparently on a roll. the company's leaders announced today that advertising revenue jumped 53% in the fourth quarter. ad revenue is 69% of that total as more users shift their activity to smartphones. active users are up two by 13% over last year. that means a whopping 890 million people use the social network each day. not bad for a company that turns 11 this year.
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yet, it was another disappointing day on wall street. the dow jones was down 196 points. oil prices sank to their lowest level in six years bringing down the market. for this year the dow lost more than 600 points so far. big news for sports fans and local businesses. the shark tank is about to get a little more crowded. the bay area is getting a new professional sports franchise. here's a live look now at the s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. nbc bay area confirmed the rooster sharks will be relocating from the boston area to san jose beginning this september. they'll share the s.a.p. center with the parent club. the wooster sharks are the minor league affiliate. this will be the only joint tenant agreement in the national hockey league. the new team will soon a knaus a new name and play 38 regular season games at the center. the official announcement will be made by the san jose sharks
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tomorrow. silicon valley is about doing things faster and more efficiently. the exception, the morning commute. northbound highway 85 this morning, the brand new metering lights stayed on until 11: 0 in the morning. everywhere else they go off at 9:00. a traffic study shows the roadway is getting busier and the extended hours are a good idea. there are 15 metering lights between cupertino and mountain view. some drivers are relieved. >> thank heavens. >> you're happy? >> yeah. it's nuts trying to get up on 85. >> cal trans engineers will analyze traffic data to see if drive times are improved and if the system needs tweaking. one man is in jail the police are still looking for another possible suspect. this involves a fatal crash in the south bay. san jose police say juan al far owe hit and killed a 71-year-old woman on friday. this is his picture.
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a few hours later after that accident he surrendered. today we've learned police are looking for a second vehicle that may have been involved. it's a light-colored small pickup truck last seen southbound on the expressway. san francisco attorney says she was helping her client. the police say she was obstructing justice and handcuffed her. christie smith is in san francisco to tell us what led to the lawyer being handcuffed in the courthouse christie. >> reporter: good evening to you. the public defender's office released video of this exchange that happened yesterday. some police officers approached two men in a hallway about a burglary case they were working on. that's when a deputy public defender stepped in and ended up in handcuffs. their office calling it outrageous. police see it much differently. >> this is video with subtitles provided by the san francisco
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public defender's office. they're expressing outrage at what they say is the treatment of deputy public defender jami tillotson at the haul of justice. >> i was told i was interfering and would be taken into custody. i was, needless to say, shocked by the situation. >> they say her client was on the cortical der for a misdemeanor theft. outside the court he and another man were approached about a different case so tillotson came out. >> the inspector told her he wanted to question her client and take photographs. she asked him not to. as the adviser and she was arrested for resisting arrest. she was then handcuffed despite her protest. >> police argue she was detained. she was released about an hour later. police say the sergeant had been subpoenaed on another case and had to return to court. >> essentially, the sergeant acted appropriately from what we can see. >> san francisco police say he was at the courthouse and
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noticed two persons of interest on a separate case and was trying to continue the investigation. >> if this is happening in such a public arena, it brings to light the concerns we have about what's happening in our community to young african-american men. >> reporter: the matter is expected to be turned over to the district attorney's office. meantime the public defender's office is just asking that the whole thing be thrown out. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. christie thank you. just into our newsroom photos of the puppy that was snatched from a passenger on a mun i bus last week. the 4-month-old pit bull is named chester. san francisco police are releasing surveillance pictures of the suspected thief. he was wearing a black baseball cap and a black vest over a gray shirt. here are those pictures. witnesses say he punched the victim and grabbed his backpack which contained chester the dog. straight ahead, could this hold clues to a deadly hit and run? the video deputies want you to
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see. a stanford swimmer is accused of sexual assault on campus. i'm michelle roberts hear what students think about the arrest. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. little bit of cloud cover in san francisco. more on the micro climate forecast on where we expect some of the warmest temperatures tomorrow in a few minutes. a bay area principal accused of stealing money. >> friday at 11:00 we investigates why the district stopped asking questions and never tried to get the money back. >> did the district sweep this under the rug? >> not at all. we took care of our business. >> friday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate.
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shouldn't happen on any campus. students on the stanford campus are reeling tonight after a freshman on the swim team is accused of raping a woman. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live there. you spoke with legal experts who say the case will be easier to prosecute than most. is that because of the -- >> reporter: i spoke to a legal expert who says it can be difficult to prosecute sexual assault cases. but in this case there were two witnesses who may be able to
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help out. freshman stanford swimmer brock alan turner is facing five felony counts including sexual assault. >> sexual assault. >> turner voluntarily withdrew from school yesterday. today he's banned from campus and off the swim team. >> crazy. that kind of stuff happens on campus. >> he's accused of raping a woman last weekend near the kappa alpha frat house. two men riding bikes on campus spotted turner lying on top of a woman who appeared to be unconscious. when they approached turner allegedly took off. >> i think it's heroic what the students did. >> according to university police, the witnesses chased him down then restrained him until police arrived jessica torres feels safer on campus knowing people are willing to help. >> it's a scary thing to hear that kind of stuff happens on campus. but i'm proud of the students who stepped up to stop it. >> because of those students legal expert steven clark believes prosecutors may have a
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stronger case. >> independent witnesses are vital because they can say what they observed, but also what did they observe about the victim's demeanor. it's likely to be a consent defense. >> he could face up to ten years behind bars. >> this is going to come down to forensic evidence toxicological evidence as well as how reliable are the independent witnesses. >> reporter: turner is out on $150,000 bail. he will be in court on monday for his arraignment. reporting live on the stanford campus, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. we have new video tonight from the napa county sheriff. the woman with the short blond hair was killed by a hit and run vehicle hours after these images were recorded. this video is from last november. two men seen with her at the two sonoma county restaurants were among the last people to see her alive. investigators want help identifying these two men. 57-year-old maria be harr was
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wearing the same black shirt under her coat. she was found in the roadway of highway 29 at 4:30 the following morning and died soon after. detectives consider the two men in the video persons of interest. the last place they were seen with her was in santa rosa at a restaurant, called casa del mar. the people in -- here in the bay area. a fox point 7 magnitude quake. the usgs put the epicenter at 40 miles southwest of ureureka in the ocean. it happened at 1:08. no tsunami warning or reports of damage or injury. months after the napa earthquake seismologists are marveling at what they know and don't know about the area. last august's 6.0 quake yielded a wealth of geological information. scientists met at the campus in menlo park. they didn't get much attention
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from geologists now it has their attention. >> in terms much implications for the hazard implications for the south napa earthquake, how large are we going to have who knows? what's the recurrence rate? who knows? what's the rate of slip? who knows? >> seismologists have enough information, though to redraw seismic maps in the area. but they need grant money to study the fault lines and really be able to look at them more thoroughly. let's bring in jeff ranieri talking about the midweek forecast. dry as a bone. comfortable outside right now. at least if we can't get the rainfall, we have nice conditions at the current hour. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. want to take you to the best sunset right now. that's in san francisco. check this out. downtown right now is fog-free with a bit of high cloud cover up above. the official sunset coming at 5:29. of course, still getting a few
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rays from the sun right now. let's take you into tomorrow's forecast. i think it's going to be a sunnier day widespread across the bay area for tomorrow. we'll average 69 degrees in the south bay. 67 in the peninsula and the warmest weather in the north bay with 70 degrees. as we look at the overall pattern, what you're going to find is high pressure firmly entrenched across the bay area. i do not expect this to move over the next two to three days. that's why you're seeing the weather trend. temperatures won't fluctuate a lot. i think we'll get warmer throughout the forecast with low 70s in the south bay. that sunny picture continuing friday and saturday across the peninsula with an average of right around 69 to 72 degrees for this upcoming weekend. san francisco, not too warm. by saturday, 69 degrees. but a little bit of on-shore flow and return by sunday. increase to cloud cover and also drop temperatures a bit. for the north bay east shore and the tri-valley. temperatures averaging in the
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upper 60s to 70 as we head into this upcoming weekend. the only other thing we'll be tracking is that air quality. right now, no spare the air day as we head throughout tomorrow. air quality levels will be at the moderate range. more details on what february is supposed to bring us when it comes to the weather averages in about 25 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. see you shortly. up next a big day for small things. artifacts on the edge of san francisco. we go along for the dig. plus -- >> a bay area tech company pulls its ad just before the super bowl. i'm scott budman. we'll take a look at the social media backlash coming up.
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visit today. terror threats on twitter. federal agents are on the hunt for whoever is behind a series of threatening tweets directed at commercial airlines. since saturday at least 20 planes have been the target of bomb threats on twitter made in the name of isis.
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one of the planes was traveling from san francisco to chicago. the fbi followed up on every single threat many times diverting flights to check each plane and each passenger. tonight all of the twitter accounts involved have been suspended. federal agents say they believe the threats are coming from passengers -- from pranksters and not terrorists. while they are expensive, they're closely watched and at least one super bowl ad is already stirring up controversy. and the game hasn't even happened. it involves a bay area tech company. scott budman is live in sunnyvale where the company go daddy is pulling its ad and in the midst of this, a cute puppy too. >> reporter: go daddy is no stranger to producing super bowl ads that get people talking. this time around it produced a commercial that got people tweeting. so much so, it decided to pull the ad. >> hi i'm kim. >> in addition to ads featuring kim kardashian -- and ads pitching beer in various ways
6:23 pm
the super bowl was going to include this ad from technology company go daddy. it featured the cute dog, a dog that gets sold at the end of the spot. >> i think it's a misfire. >> jeff hole am is right. after a vitriolic backlash on social media, go daddy pulled the ad releasing a statement admitting the company underestimated the emotional response. >> now, because people are releasing them early and you've got facebook and twitter lighting up you get a lot of feedback. in a way, you can test it and you can see if you can extend that story. in their case i think they were somewhat lucky they didn't expose that to 108 million people. >> you've reached 91. >> given the rocky year when it comes to domestic violence a lot of people are happy to see this ad from a group called no
6:24 pm
it spot lights domestic violence and how viewers can help. >> i think it's tremendous. i think ad time is very expensive for that game. and to put that in and use ad time for that type of commercial, so to speak, is wonderful. >> there's nothing under the hood. >> it's the most viewed event of the year. we now have some idea what people will be talking about after the game. >> we reached out to go daddy here in sunnyvale offering them a chance to comment on camera. they turned down our request saying, instepped, they'll stick with their previously released staple. in sunnyvale, scott budman nbc bay area news. bryant gumbel and katie couric reunited for a super bowl ad. a lot of bay area players. bay area stars playing in this super bowl. among them the patriots julian edelman. coming up in sports we'll talk to her former coach atwoodside high school about his unlikely journey to the biggest game in american sports. as a reminder the super bowl this sunday right here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m.
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with our super-sized pregame show. kickoff at 3:30 in the afternoon. well still ahead, crowding the carpool lanes. new plans in the works to let more cars in the south bay in but for a price. a reality check on winter wildfires. a fire this week in foggy pacifica can tell us how bad it may be for the rest of the year. the parents of this 6-year-old says he needs protection from classmates who have not been vaccinated. i'm mark matthews in tiburon with the story up next.
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he's six years old but this bay area boy is at the center of a debate over vaccinations. his parents are asking the school to keep kids away who haven't been vaccinated. the parents claim those children put their son at risk because he's battling cancer. mark matthews is evening. not only timely but a sensitive story for many parents. >> reporter: it is. there are 1500 students at the reed union school district here in tiburon. 54 of the 1500 have not been vaccinated either for medical reasons or because their parents opted for the personal belief exemption. the parents of that 6-year-old believe the number should be zero. rhett's dad started the
6:29 pm
conversation when he posted the question on a medical blog. >> i hypothesized, what would happen if my child got sick because someone's personal belief didn't immunize and got my child sick? >> he's been very sick battling leukemia for the past five years. his system isn't strong enough to respond to a vaccination and like hundreds of other cancer patients in the bay area if they get measles it's not a small thing. >> not only would they be at higher risk for more severe form of illness from measles for example, but it also would likely delay their therapy. >> his parents went to his elementary school and asked the school to consider requiring parents to vaccinate their children. he says the superintendent was sympathetic. >> they have the same goal we do. which is not to bar students from going to school. but to encourage families to immunize their children. >> california law allows parents to claim a personal belief
6:30 pm
exemption from vaccinations though this year those parents have to consult first with a medical professionals. jody says it's time to have that exemption law repealed. >> there's got to be or there's some person or organization, maybe a politician who sees this and says you know what this is something that we can do something about. >> the family is certainly getting a lot of attention. in the past 4 hours, national news organizations have been lining up to tell their story. >> everybody has been trying to find a human reason to prove why the doctors are right. the ones at that are saying immunize your children. >> the superintendent of the reid union school says that the ratio of students that have been not vaccinated is about 3.4%. the national average is around 2.5%. the 3.4% is actually down from
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7% reported earlier. so there has been some progress. the family of that little boy, again, hoping that they can reduce the number to zero. reporting from tiburon, mark matthews. thank you, mark. a proposed toll lane in the south bay is the subject of a hearing right now that's happening in the south bay. want to show you a live look on highway 101 in san jose. the roadway is the focus of the meeting. traffic not as bad tonight. the toll lanes proposed for the stretch much roadway between palo alto and morgan hill. it would allow solo drivers willing to pay. the express lanes are similar to those used on the saah know gray. there will be a third and final meeting next week. lawmakers heard from attorney general nominee loretta lynch. she pledged to rebuild the rocky relationship between the justice department and the republican
6:32 pm
party. outgoing attorney general eric holder was known to clash with republican leaders. >> you're not eric holder are you? >> no i'm not, sir. if confirmed as attorney general, i will be myself. i will be loretta lynch. >> at the same time lynch defended president obama's decision to shelter millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and ordered the gop seize as illegal. >> i believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that's shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here and certainly if someone is here regardless of status, i would prefer that they be participating in the workplace. >> lynch is expected to win senate confirmation and become the first african-american woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. states from connecticut to maine pounded with 3 feet of snow over the past two days. and now they're trying to clean it up. everything from roads to airports to schools and businesses were shut down. some say it was so bad they're
6:33 pm
calling it the blizzard of 2015. >> this was the sixth biggest storm in the city of boston's history. it was the largest storm on record in the city of boston in the month of january. >> new englanders are racing to get things cleaned up before the next storm the end of next week. holding history in their hands means reading a book. some san francisco teenagers are holding shovels and tools instead of books. nbc bay area's joe row sat a jr. tells us how they're learning history lessons and getting their hands dirty. >> a funny way with stuff. given enough time -- >> you're looking for every little piece of glass. >> even the everyday stuff may eventually be worth digging out. >> you got one of those. like a leg bone. >> a lot of people with glass. >> pull tabs. >> a group of students from ida
6:34 pm
b wells high school sifted through history trying to shake the treasure. >> big piece of glass. >> it's like a gold mine a little bit. >> you're helping the people find out what's here back in the day. >> back in the day. around 1880 this hilltop was the site of former san francisco mayor adolph sue truss. >> we know he was here. but we don't know none of his employees who worked here. >> these budding archeologists pitched in to help the national park service comb the soil down the hill where the homes of his workers once stood. >> this is us actually trying to grow a new collection for the park about the people that made this place rather than the people that owned this place. >> we're hoping to find some of the stuff that the people had that lived here like the employees and stuff. >> over the decades, this land had swallowed plenty of stuff. >> i got the end of a shoe. >> a piece of concrete. >> shotgun shells from exactly
6:35 pm
1884. >> lots of beer bottles. >> not so much. >> it can be exciting. it uncovers a story that happened here. >> during the two-day dig, one of the smallest finds caused the biggest stir. >> i picked up and gave it to the lady. she said it might be a coin. >> it's a japanese coin from 1877. it immediately raises the question of who was out here in 1877. >> there was serm plenty of clues who had been here since then. >> lots of buttons. people are losing their coats here. i don't know what that's about. lots of lipstick. >> turns out even lipstick is an artifact if it's discovered in an archeological dig. >> her name is on that archeological record now. >> porcelain dish a very old fossil. >> for all we know we're looking at an ancient badger. >> will help tell the story of this place. with the help of some students
6:36 pm
it's adding a whole new chapter. >> phil rosati jr., nbc bay area news. up next a mounting pushback against electronic cigarettes and the statewide call for action. plus -- >> i'm stan brosh, our wet december is a distant memory. has a bone dry january paved the way for a fresh round of fires and "a new norm." reality check is coming up next. seeing a dolphin is rare enough. but this siting has only happened a handful of times ever. we'll explain next.
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a new warning about
6:39 pm
e-cigarettes. the department of health released a statement saying e-cigarettes are a health threat and should be strictly regulated like tobacco products. they emit cancer causing chemicals they say. there's no -- they emit aerosol that contains particulate matter and often this particulate matter in studies is found to contain carcinogens. in response the american vaping association says they're safer than smoking traditional cigarettes and can help smokers quit using tobacco products. getting drunk people off the road. uber getting support from m.a.d.d. the san francisco-based ride sharing company says its services actually reduce crashes. a new study says drunk driving crashes dropped by 6.5% in cities where uber operates. that's potentially 60 fewer crashes each month. uber adds that dui arrests in seattle dropped by more than
6:40 pm
10%. uber and mothers against drunk drivers teamed up for this study. monterrey bay last weekend they got to see this white dolphin, that's what it is swimming with some gray pod mates. it was captured on video by monterrey bay whale watch. marine animal experts say white dolphins are very rare. they believe the young dolphin is an albino. but they'll only know for sure if they can look at his eyes and see if they are pink which would then signal that it is an albino. >> how cool is that. >> really. >> yeah. >> beautiful. >> jeff ranieri is with us now. we're heading towards the weekend on this hump day. >> wednesday, yes. >> if you're a camel maybe. >> i know. we're getting over it. let's take a look at the live sky camera network. mainly clear skies from emeryville towards san francisco. we'll talk more about this mild weather trend and if there's any hope of any rainfall in a few minutes.
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what's the latest with the birds? hundreds of bay area birds coated in that mysterious goo. today, really good news. wildlife workers released 24 diving ducks at fort baker near the golden gate bridge. they were first to recover from that sticky substance. the international bird rescue said they weren't able to save about 100 birds but still, they see today as a victory. >> all our experience has come to play here and that we were able because of that experience you know we're almost 45 years old, and we're committed. we're dedicated to caring for sick and injured aquatic birds. we were able to do our job here. this is what it's all about for us. another 200 birds are still recovering at a cost of -- they're footing the bill on its
6:44 pm
own. meanwhile, still no word on what that goo is in the bay and where it came from. >> those are intense cleanups of the birds. you saw them live here on tv. it is a bad start to the year with this january to be the driest on record for the bay area. >> that has firefighters worried about a busy fire season. fires burning like the one in pacifica earlier this week could become the norm. some brock looks at the numbers and see if the winter wildfires are really on the rise. >> this drought has taken a stranglehold on california. the last couple of years. it's not surprising that drier conditions have led to more fires in general. but in the dead of winter well we have cal fire pull up the figures for january for the last five years to see what kind of story there is. >> situated along the pristine coastline, the city of pacifica has plenty of waves, moisture-packed air and fog, not conditions typically conducive
6:45 pm
to this. a booming brushfire that sprang up in a cove not far from rock away beach on january 26th forcing the evacuation of some 80 homes. the north county fire department tells us this is a first wild west fire in pacifica this year. cal fire calls it an oddity. >> you have a fire on the coast. you would think the area is not susceptible to any type of fire due to where it's located and the moisture content there. >> other anomalies are cropping up too. you remember the king fire and the eldorado fire. tearing through 100,000 acres. well, in the same region five fires popped up last weekend in the middle of january burning 70 acres. >> timber fire is a very significant indicator, if you will, up here in the forest. those areas should be under snow and they're not. >> so with warning signs red hot, what do the numbers show?
6:46 pm
cal fire pulled the figures for us. in the last five years, the bay area zone has averaged seven fires and 72 acres burned in january. in 2015 so far just three fires and one total acre. though that doesn't include the pacifica or eldorado fires since they weren't on cal fire land. go back to 2014 and january saw 472 fires in the bay area and 1300 acres burned. numbers that popped. what's the difference? experts say the drenching we got back in december that helped stave off the flames for now. but if things continue to dry out, expect fire activity to pick up. the reality is, this is an imperfect science. cal fire is responsible for approximate 3 million acres in -- 33 million acres in the area. the staff is incomplete. the numbers tell us this january has not been historic for fires
6:47 pm
but there's a major bump in the next few months. i'm sam brock. that's this edition of reality check. >> thank you sam. no rain on the forecast, jeff. we're stuck in this pattern much just dry, very very dry conditions. >> yeah. the fire danger is going to increase even if we get a storm in the next two to three weeks. for the entire month, that is for sure. clear skies right now. temperatures in the 50s from the north bay down to the south bay. coldest weather right now, marin, sonoma counties. currently averaging 55. right now in the south bay, 58 degrees. the weather pattern right now does have a lot of layers happening. it's just we continue to get stuck with this wildcard of high pressure just sitting on top of the bay area. you had the main storm track way off to the north. it's so far to the north on this view i couldn't even draw it. i just left it out because we're not going to get any storms the next 24 hours. down here off to the south, the southern branch of the jet stream pushing the moisture to southern california. high pressure over the bay area.
6:48 pm
relatively calm weather pattern. that tends to allow areas of fog to form. you usually need calm atmosphere conditions for that to happen. we'll see isolated areas of alameda and contra costa county. we do think it will be across the east bay. also marin, napa counties. we'll see rapid clearing by 10:00 and 11:o 0 in the morning. any areas with fog will have sunshine and sunny skies throughout 4:30 in the afternoon. they get a little bit of cloud cover, possibly towards half moon bay as well. we'll take you into the overall micro connick forecast throughout your thursday. sunnier conditions expected in san jose 69 degrees. it's very comfortable and enjoyable enjoyable. if we can't get the rainfall i guess we could call it -- for the peninsula 66 expected in pacifica. palo alto, sunny skies. for san francisco, forest hill the marina low to mid-60s.
6:49 pm
breeze off the bay may at times trickle in areas of clouds. i think for so many a, downtown at 68. north bay, east bay and tri-valley biggest, napa and santa rosa. -- a dry north wind into that micro climate keeping you warmer. otherwise the try valley 67 in pleasanton. stays dry for saturday and sunday on the extended forecast. saturday will be the better day with upper 60s and low 70s. we'll wind this forecast up with our san jose climate averages. this month as you know we only had .02 of an inch of rainfall. we averaged 61.6 degrees. the month of february let's hope we get it. the average rain is 2.65 of an inch. hopefully we'll get it. >> hopefully. >> never know. >> hopefully, thank you jeff. let's take you outside. not here in the bay area but to glendale, arizona, the site of this sunday's super bowl. coming up next, we'll check in with one of the many players who
6:50 pm
are from here in the bay area. specifically woodside high school. stay with us. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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things over to the cam cast sportsnet newsroom. i'm worried about tom brady and his cold now. >> big news. >> is he taking the proper medication? >> everything concerning tom brady is big news. i think what everyone around here is concerned about is colin kaepernick and can he get the 49ers back to the super bowl? he'll have a familiar face next season. according to the nfl network, the red and gold quarterback coach chris will become the
6:53 pm
49ers next offensive coordinator. he held the previous position for the last four seasons under jim harbaugh. and now makes a move up. chris was also an offensive coordinator for the san diego chargers in 1999 and 2000 under mike riley. now, if 90% of life is just showing up the other 10% may be what you're wearing. despite marshawn lynch's refrain this week, i'm here so i won't get fined, we all heard it yesterday several times, the nfl reportedly looking into whether or not the beast mode hat he wore yesterday and today could warrant sanctions after all. >> he's trying to do the best job he can as being him. maybe you don't feel that's what he should do. but that is what's going on. in that sense, he's being true to himself. >> you know why i'm here. >> i love marshawn. i like it.
6:54 pm
>> all right. gled wood native julian edelman will play in a second super bowl for the patriots. the wide receiver has earned every penny he's made. but nothing in his football career has come easy. >> you could say julian edelman's road to super bowl xlix started here in mountain view. his father frank run a-1 auto tech for years and laid down the blue collar work ethic for his son. >> what we did is tried to be the best we could be at the given time and age that we were at. so we just would practice everything that we joined basketball, football, baseball. tried to improve every day and see where that took us. >> hours of practice and reputation made edelman a
6:55 pm
standout athlete in pop warner football despite his short stature. >> at that point, 2a starter on the pop warner team. he earned every minute and he was the hardest working kid on that time. >> once high school arrived, puberty still hadn't for edelman. the competition had grown up an tough times ensued. >> he would come to me at night and say, dad, when am i going to grow? i said son, just hang in there. just keeping working at it and things will go the right direction. he would do that probably once a week. >> by the time his senior season rolled around so had the growth spurt he so desperately longed for. 8 inches and 60 pounds later x he led wood side high to a season for the record books. >> i remember saying to the group of kids on the field that don't let this moment be the end of your journey. make this a starting point. >> after just one year at college of san mateo, the
6:56 pm
scholarship offer came from kent state where he started at quarterback for three successful seasons. but after being snubbed for the nfl combine, only superb pro day workouts for scouts led to that special news selected by new england, mid seventh round of the 2009 nfl draft. six seasons later, a prominent role for the patriots on super bowl sunday. >> when you tell him he can't, he will prove you wrong. for mom and dad, -- -- the mountain that he had to climb was tremendous. >> jarrod monterrey, comcast sportsnet. congratulations to that family. quite a journey. finally, a swing and a miss for streets named after mike krukow and dwyane kuiper.
6:57 pm
the canadian developer fought on the names citing concerns that the names might be offensive to some buyers. the streets will be named ken tra and caitlin place. somehow not like kruk and kuip. i'm issueing a big boo it that. that dad was emotional. beautiful. we have 30 minutes of local sports coverage. you can watch on comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30. at 11:00, parking on demand the new service in the bay area taking the hassle out of finding a parking spot. we'll tell you how it works tonight at 11:00 after chicago p.d. thanks for watching us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
new photos. did bruce jenner get a lift job? the headlines today as he gets ready for his first major tv sit down. >> now, on "extra." >> bruce jenner, sporting suddenly plumper lips. is he finally ready to take on the sex change rumors in a bombshell new tv tell all. super bowl sized outrage over this adorable puppy commercial. why it has already been yanked. >> ship them out. >> our ultimate super bowl commercial sneak peek. and mario is getting personal with carl's jr.'s sexy new it girl. >> do you have a boyfriend. >> then charissa is in arizona with all the free game gossip. >> tom brady's surprise cameo in ted two.


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