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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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screaming. >> several others taken to the hospital after the fire ripped through apart mentments and businesses. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm janelle wang in forage -- for raj mathai. >> and i'm looking at our reporter who is there at the scene of the fire. >> this fire has not been contained nor controlled. the firefighters did manage to keep the fire from spread fogs the buildings next door, but one thing for sure, this fire was a tricky one to fight. >> reporter: when san francisco firefighters arrived at 22nd and
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mission street tonight, smoke and flames could be seen for blocks. >> i heard ambulances and police cars and fire truck ss coming, and when i walked outside of the door, i literally saw the flames. >> reporter: the flames that traveled quickly on the upper floors of the three-story buildings. businesses occupied the bottom floors. occupants were on the top floors. >> and all of the sudden you could hear the glass breaking, and the people were trying to get out of the window and the roof was catching on fire. >> reporter: it was a stubborn fire that reignited several times in the night and flames were shooting several times in the air, and parts of the building was crashing down once the water hit the roof. >> we with saw people like punching out the windows and jumping out of the windows and not waiting for the ladders. they started to come down as the firefighters were not even
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here yet. >> reporter: when they arrived the firefighters rushed to rescue the people trapped inside. >> but the thing about the fire, it is dangerous, and it did travel and take off in the attic space. so it was a three-alarm when i got on the scene, and we went to four alarm and got over 100 firefighters working the scene. >> reporter: they got four people out of the fire and rushed them to the hospital. one man did die. as you can see, the crews are putting water on the fire, and they will be here all night long. 18 units have been affected by the fire and 60 people are without home and 65 will be put up by the red cross at nearby city college. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd for nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. this is the second fire in that area on mission in the last five months.
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another blaze destroyed a building a block pr there and the firefighters had trouble flocking down that fire and the building was burning so hot, it weakened the steel supports. people had to be hospitalized because of the smoke inhalation there. >> and body parts in a suitcase? a that is the grisly discovery tonight. there was a suitcase found with body parts on the corner of 11th and marketplace a few blocks from the civic center plaza. and then investigators found more body parts a few blocks away. the police don't know if the dismembered human remains belong to the same person or to multiple victims involved. this is campus police at a south bay community college are on high alert after a reported attack there. at de anza college, a man
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allegedly tried to grab a woman, and kiss and grope her. she punched him and got away. so far no, no suspects. a woman was run down after two drivers lost control in a street race monday. this morning, the emotions ran high as the victim's family faced the onevictims in court. we go to the santa clara san jose county jailhouse as it was a difficult day for the family. >> reporter: the family says it is unfathomable to consider life without her. they cannot believe e she is not here, and family of kiran pabla. they say that the stretch of road is known for street racing and they estimate that the car was going up to 70 miles per hour and killing the girl and
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leaving the family devastated. >> reporter: the moer the brought to her knees at a vigil por her daughter kiran pabla who was out for a afternoon jog and killed less than a mile from her road while jogging. there was a vigil that drew over 100 people and lining the area where she was killed with candles, and memories. >> every moment that we spent with her, was a moment of joy, and we cherish every minute of it. >> she was my everything. >> reporter: two men have been charge charged in the road rage and incredibly the prosecutors said they didn't know each other when they were racing down the street. manual anthony maldonado avetos
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appeared in court as did the other man gabriel becerra esparza. >> i have never seen a bond like the bond kiran had with her mother. >> she would always come in my room for no reason. she didn't come into my room today. i kept waiting for her. >> reporter: and you can see that the family is incredibly devastated and emotional and one of the brothers in court today yelled at one of the drivers, you killed my sister. they are angry that one of the drivers has bonded out of jail and today, the othis other one, maldonado-avatos is expected to bond out, and both are due back in court march 9th. >> that is a tragedy for the family. thank you, peggy. another deadly accident in san jose landed this man in
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jail. investigators say that juan alvaro struck and killed a 71-year-old woman friday. then a few hours later he surrendered to the police. it happened in south san jose. today, we learn that the police are look g foring for a second vehicle that may have also been involved. it is a light colored small pickup truck last seen traveling south on the expressway. a top gun misstep. the u.s. navy is investigating a fighter pilot who flew over the city of berkeley while on a training mission. the flyby was loud and scary, and a way to say good-bye to his bro brother at cal, and the gesture is causing commotion. we go live to the campus at berkeley. nanette? >> well some people were excited to hear the roar, and others were truly scared. now the greeting may have consequences pending investigation.
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>> what is that? >> reporter: many looked skyward tuesday afternoon when a loud and frightening noise roared over berkeley. >> i thought that something was invading berkeley because it was loud and the whole building shook. it was crazy. >> then i saw somebody on the street, and i said, was that really terrifying, and she said yes. >> reporter: it was a f-18 super hornet returning to the training station in the central valley. and online tracker traced the path from the golden gate bridge to the berkeley hills to the bay. according to the tracker, it never went below 2,500 feet but some people thought that it was flying much lower than that and fearing that it would hit the buildings. >> we rare used to the helicopters all of the time, but this is clearly very loud and really bang. >> reporter: when the online news site berkeley posted the story, somebody called the culprit wrote in the seblg sun
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that it was the brother of a student and the brother was saying hi to it. >> the navy would not confirm the name of the pilot, but we are confident based on the interactions with him that he is telling the truth. >> reporter: in the statement the naval forces said that while training forces are common and the pilot was under positive faa control, the u.s. navy is investigating to make sure that the navy pilot complied with all of the faa and navy regulations. if it was a shoutout some thought it was cool, and some were upset. >> some people were scared by it, and it is inappropriate to be using the public resources to do something like that when the danger could be so great. >> reporter: the cal student wrote that his pilot brother is moveing from the central valley to texas at the end of the week and thought it would be cool to
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fly over the campus where he was, and as they say, be careful what you write on the internet. nanette, berkeley. >> thank you. and now, there was a dagger that was found in security at the airport. it was inside of a passenger's carry-on bag. a similar item is sold for $20. last year, tsa agents confiscated 2,200 weapons. and now, new video has been released hoping to be identified. the woman with the short hair was found dying on a roadway hours after video cameras captured the three. the three were last seen at casa delmar restaurant. she was found the next morning hours along highway 29.
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authorities say she was the victim of a hit-and-run and died on the way to the hospital. >> and popping up on a muni bus, san francisco police showed this puppy named chester snatched from his owner on a bus last week. he is a 4-month-old pit bull. the thief was wearing a black vest and black baseball cap. he punched the owner and took the dog and left the bus. >> and an owner is stunned by what he saw on the home surveillance system. the unbelievable chain of events involving a u.p.s. driver. and a young boy is asking his classmates not to come to school, and why he is not wanting to be put at risk. and the hassell of not ser
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searching for a parking spot. >> i'm jeff ranieri, and looking at the fog back in the distance and we are tracking the clouds south of los angeles, and we will let you know what impact that will have on our forecast. fallon is going to gear up live from the super bowl and kevin hart and arianna grand. >> he is voted to unsee things that he didn't want the see.
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california's top public health officer is calling for a bold public education campaign against the electronic cigarette s a. new report says that e-cigarettes contains ten chemicals known to cause cancer. the department of health is
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saying that e-cigarette ss be strictly regulated like tobacco products. and some critic ss say that they are tiny trace, and much safer than tobacco sigcigarettes, and can help people stop smoking. and new study suggesting that teens are using much more of these e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. some cities are taking cigarettes to ban them on their own. more than 20 cities across the country regulate the e-cigarettes, and b.a.r.t. is going to be planning to ban them system wide next month. >> and now, there is a debate again over vaccinations. a young boy is battling leukemia which mean ss thaz that his immune system is compromised and so his parents are asking that children
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who are not immunized to be staying a waiway. so to protect him from the potential disease, his parents want all students of the school to get shots. california allows a personal belief exemption, but the parents say that the law needs to be repealed. >> there has to be and hopefully some person or organization or maybe a politician who sees this and says you know what, this is something that we can do something about this. >> the superintendent of the union school district says he cannot stop the unvaccinated schools from going to school and unless there is an outbreak of measles, there is nothing he can do. and now, going to the mat, there is public defender being handcuffed yesterday at the justice hall in san francisco. she says that her client was on the docket for a theft charge while outside of the courtroom, she was questioned about a
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separate case. when she told the officers to back off, she was detained. >> to have this happen in a public arena, it brings to light the concerns of what is happening in our communeity to what is happening to young african-american men. >> she was then released an hour later and faces charge ss for obstructing charges. and they say that the officer did ask appropriately. and now, ducks that have been abducted have bneen returned after a mysterious goo coated the ducks, and killing about 250 ducks. and another 200 ducks are being cared for at a cost of $200 a day. the organization is footing the bill itself because the goo does not qualify for state or federal funds. no word on what the goo is or where it came from. there are rare sites in yosemite, but this is the rarest. this is sierra nevada red fox.
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a remote camera spotted the fox. he or she is one of 50 left in the wild, and makeing it one of the rarest mammals in north america. >> that is a beautiful beautiful photograph. and now we turn it over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. beautiful for the snow, but we don't have a lot of that. >> i wish we had a couple of feet coming our way with a big time system, but it is not going to be happening over the next couple of day ss. instead, we will have a quiet weather pattern. there is nothing too disruptive of what is happening across the bay area. we are averaging some of the coldest weather across the north bay, and some of the winds are causing the temperatures to drop faster m. the faster. in the north bay it is 46. tomorrow morning, we will start off with a few a areas of patchy fog, but not the any fog that is
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any more than the forecast. the pattern across california it does not seem like it but as you look outside, you will see the patchy fog for the last couple of days, but a lot of layers of what is happen inging. the storm is off to the north, so no storms for us, but off to the south, there is a jet stream pushing in a ton of moisture to southern california and could bring rainfall in the next 36 hour s hours. but the southern branch of the moisture is going to stay to the south, and we will see the high pressure staying across the bay area. it is the same region of high pressure that has been semi permanent for the entire month keeping us rain-free. and now with the relatively quiet rain pattern up above, it can help the fog to form and tomorrow, we will have a fog formation, and across almeta and to the bay, and snow ma countykoun --
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sonoma countyies, and you should see rapid sunny skies forming, and maybe hanging on to some cloud cover across the coastline, but that is it. as we head throughout thursday, and today, it was sunny out there for a lot of us, and tomorrow is sunnier. you can see in san jose 69 degree, and upper 60s in las gat toes, and morgan hill, and the peninsula with a cool breeze and in pal lows altos, 69. and for san francisco, we will see the clouds rolling in and out at time and still plenty of sunshine, and 65 in the marina and sonoma so much warmer. and for the north bay, and the tri valley check it out tomorrow, and we will have an isolated wind event, and it should push you up to 71 in napa, and santa row ta is a and the cooler wind will keep you at 67, and the tri valley, it will be be 67 degrees. for the upcoming forecast the
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dry weather persists and the best day is saturday and upwards to low 70s and if you head into sunday, low cloud cover increases, and temperatures in the 60s and if you are thinking of the super bowl, you can get to it and you can see super bowl sunday if you rare headed to arizona, or santa clara or san francisco, and upper 60s or the low 70s and nothing deflating about the forecast. >> and looks good, and deflating and nice temps. >> and valley parking on demand, and we will tell you about a new tech startup.
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the district stopped asking question s questions and did not try to get the money back. >> did you sweep it under the rug? >> no, we did what we were supposed to do. >> friday at 11:00 on bay area news, we investigate. new at 11:00 tonight, parking at your fingerprints and in a city like san francisco finding a spot can be virtually impossible one company is offering on e dedemand parking. >> we dropped off a car to see how it works. >> reporter:r find finding parking p in san francisco is tough, and whether it is looping around or trying to avoid the police.
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>> and whether it is being chased by meter maids. >> reporter: the company dirks is trying to change that a personal valet throughout san francisco is trying to change that. they will pick up your car and park it in one of the secure lots, $15 a day, and extra $15 to keep it overnight. >> and in any city, parking is one of the things that people complain of and one of the hassles that we have to deal with. they are set out the transform that and make it a seamless experience to make it quick easy, and safe. >> reporter: philip clark has the monthly unlimited subscription for $300 a month, and tonight, having the car drop d dropped off to him at the office. >> for me, it is much easier to begin and end the day by not dealing with it. >> reporter: there is one company in san francisco doing something similar named lux valet, and dirks expanded to l.a. and seattle and the agents
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will go to extensive background check, and they can even gas can up your car while you are way, and the goal is to make your life easierr to get back to your life. from san francisco, ian kole. and talk about unexpect and unwanted delivery. a u.p.s. driver is out of a job because of it. surveillance cameras caught the delivery man, there he is, throwing the package over to the fence and not cool, but it is what the driver did next is what shocked the homeowner, unzipping the pants and relieving himself on the side of the home. u.p.s. now says that the driver has been fired and since apologized to the homeowner. what do you do when you reason to road all of the time. >> mot on the house -- not on the house. >> and the 49ers may have found their new offensive coordinator.
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sports is next.
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good ooef ngevening. i'm geraud moncure. and now, planning to come back
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from phoenix, kurt warner is planning to have if new quarterback skills. he plans to come back to the 49ers and his new coach is hoping he will too, because dean crisphris chris going to be named the new offensive koordcoordinator working with coach jim tomsula. >> what is amazing is that they cleaned the house, and getting rid of jim harbaugh, and both coordinators, but they put three guys who were on jim harbaugh's staff in the three top coaching positions right now. >> and technically oakland native marshawn lynch played by the super bowl media rules, but he repeated "i'm just here so i don't get fined" a thousand times, but the league is looking
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into whether or not the beast mode hat that he is wearing yesterday and today is going to be fined for that. >> and he going to be the best that he is and that is what is going on. in that sense, he is true to himself. >> and you know why i'm here. >> i love marshawn. i like it. >> all right. tonight, stanford man visiting uw and now, going up strong for the bucket and the foul and he started 7 of 8 from the field, and cardinals up 12 at the break. and then marcus allen on the run, and he is going to finish the transition lay-up, and now the lead grows to 18. and then chason randle with the lay-up, and now up ahead for the and-one. they win 84-74.
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. >> we want to update you on the breaking news out of san francisco. the firefighter ss are still battling that deadly h fire. they have been battling for more than four hours. the flames can be seen for miles. it is in the mission district. one man is dead and crews have ush rushed more than six people to the hospital. more than 50 people are displaced from their homes. you can see that firefighters are watching it. there are still some hot spots, so they will keep an eye on it. there is more on today in the bay, and we will have more updates this in the morning. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart n the morning. new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short gabrielle union,


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