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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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across the street or something. seriously. even if i had it i feel like i shouldn't be permitted to be in the same place as people that don't have something that could spread and kill everybody. >> we know that obviously testing has been done. i know that at least the initial testing is done and it's not unusual for a second confirmation test to be done as well. >> reporter: now, the uc davis medical center says the patient is in good condition tonight and the county health department tells me the patient is considered low risk. apparently the patient did recently travel to west africa but has had no known contact with anyone infected with the ebola infection. again, he's a patient that's being tested and we have no idea when those results will come back. reporting live in sacramento i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi thank you. it's been a few weeks since we focused on ebola. here's the latest. it's widespread and continues to
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be in guinea liberia and sierra leone. there are 22,000 probable suspected and confirmed cases. nearly 9,000 people have died. in the united states there have only been a handful of cases. two ebola victims have died on u.s. soil. not just ebola, the measles outbreak is also making news. tonight at 5:30 brian williams tells us about an urgent warning from public health officials as the super bowl approaches. that's at 5:30 on nightly news. new details on that deadly fire that ripped through an apartment building in san francisco's mission district. this is a live look from our nbc helicopter of what's left of this building located at 22nd and mission street. last night it was a fiery inferno. tonight people who lived and worked there are telling horror stories about the obstacles they faced when they tried to escape. nbc bay area's is live at the scene. >> reporter: seconds really
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matter and really count in a fire. when you are trying to escape you don't want anything in your way. what we're hearing tonight is it wasn't just one hurdle but many. >> i thought i'm going to die. >> reporter: hugs and tears in the aftermath of wednesday night's big fire in sacramento's mission district that killed one man. the survivors have a sense they are lucky to be alive after that four-alarm fire swept through and destroyed their building. so many horror stories about being trapped like elvis rivera who has scratches and burn marks from trying to get himself and a neighbor out to safety but the fire escape wouldn't work. >> i opened my door and it's burning and i tried to pull out from my fire escape window and it never worked. >> thank god we're okay. >> reporter: then there is this 13 year old's story. his fire escape worked but getting out was a problem. >> the window wouldn't open.
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i had to push it really hard and it broke. it shattered. i went down to the bottom fire escape. >> reporter: cops were able to catch the boy and his dog from the fire escape. residents wonder if their building was ever up to code. >> no fire alarms. sprinklers, nothing. >> reporter: investigators will look into the cause of the fire and the problems residents reported. the fire chief's office says the building did have a certificate that the alarm system was checked when it was last required but that certificate expired at midnight last night. >> scary for so many people. thank you. they are making changes. police officers were out in force today in san jose where a jogger was killed by two suspected street racers. a memorial is growing for that jogger and the drivers now face charges of involuntary manslaughter.
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today the city put up a speed sensor near silver creek high school. the speed limit is 40 miles per hour but locals tell us the drivers often exceed the limit. tonight at 6:00 we'll look at exclusive video that we have obtained of drag racing on the streets of san jose. now to the sierra and a dismal drought measurement taken today. the second snow survey of the season found the snow pack far below normal. there's just 7.1 inches of snow near echo summit. that's 12% of the long-term average for this time of year. for more perspective, let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> you see numbers as we compare to december it's been quite a bit of a decrease. in december we had 21.3 inches. a net loss of 14.2 inches. this now puts the snow pack across the sierra at 25% of average. on the northern tier and central sierra the same and southern
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sierra 27%. we're now on pace possibly for some of the driest weather in the sierra since the 1976-1977 drought, which anyone who was around then knows how bad it was. 35 days right now with no rainfall. you can see here across the bay area, dry conditions continue. i do think there is going to be a change in the storm pattern. we're just going to have to wait for it. that storm track is way to the north. next potential rainfall may not come until february 7th. we'll have more on our san jose climate averages coming up in that full forecast in about ten minutes. >> see you soon. thanks jeff. when there is rain headed our way, you can track it by downloading our nbc bay area app. you'll find the latest forecast and realtime radar. the app is free for iphone and android users. we broke news last night and today it was made official. a new pro hockey team is coming to the bay area. it will now be home to the sharks minor league team.
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that team is relocated from the boston area to san jose. that means a lot more games and a lot more action in downtown san jose. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is near the shark tank. a lot of happy sports fans and businesses. >> reporter: that's right. boston's loss is our gain. there will be 30 games here next season, which of course good for fans and many businesses hope this minor league will bring some major business. >> are you goinged to game tonight? >> reporter: when sharks are playing at home the doors at always open. >> this place gets crazy. >> reporter: alex martinez's sales drubl sales double or triple on game night. >> we're adding a family friendly platform. >> score!
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>> sharks are moving to san jose. >> shethey will not be called the sharks. >> reporter: a new name given. be ready for a call from the big leagues. ticket prices will be cheaper than a sharks game but minors will play on the same ice and restaurant owners hope they draw the same loyal and hungry fans looking to see the stars of the future. >> huge hockey fan. go sharks. >> reporter: just to give you perspective, 90% of players on the nhl went through the american league so if you catch a game next season you may be seeing the next big stars. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of hockey coming to the south bay. thanks. governor jerry brown hurtsperched himself on a san francisco rooftonroof rooftop today. castro joined the governor today and they examined solar panels
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on top of an affordable housing complex. state, federal and private money made it possible. >> california by its regulations, by its taxes and policies and actions are really pushing forward green energy objectives and that's why california's per capita electricity use has been flat. >> in contrast electricity use is up 50% in other parts of the country. president obama is headed for the bay area to talk about another concern, cybersecurity. the president will visit stanford university on february 13th to attend a summit on campus. we're also learning the president will use the trip to raise money for the democratic party in san francisco according to the san francisco chronicle. the exact location is still under wraps. this will be the president's 20th visit to the bay area. we're following a developing story nearly 12 hours after the deadline no word yet on the fate
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of two isis hostages. isis claims it has a japanese journalist and a jordanian military pilot whose jet was shot down last month during u.s. led air strikes against the terror group. isis wants to exchange the two men for a convicted female terrorist who is imprisoned in jordan. there are reports that talks have failed but still no confirm confirmation confirmation. >> you know, you're going to have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. >> applause for senator john mccain on capitol hill after he called a demonstrator "low life scum." protesters from code pink shouted at former secretary of state henry kissinger as he entered the room to testify at a senate armed services hearing. over the years foreign courts and investigators from chile, argentina and france have attempted to question kissinger about human rights violations.
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police search for clues to solve a mystery. who cut up human body parts and left them on the streets of san francisco. that's coming up. survey says b.a.r.t. isn't impressing its passengers. their biggest gripe that led to the lowest sats estest satisfaction rating in 24 years. also -- >> it changes lives. it changes every day life of a person. >> she lost her eyesight later in life but she calls it a blessing. bathe area woman who dedicated her life to helping other blind people improve theirs. at 6:00 a magazine investigating sexism in silicon valley. does the cover help or hurt the cause? >> what the heck? >> i think it's unfortunate. >> yikes. >> wow. >> interesting. >> that's new at 6:00.
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san francisco police canvassed a neighborhood where a suitcase full of body parts was found. the discovery was made yesterday afternoon on 11th street near market. mark matthews is live at the hall of justice in san francisco where detectives are putting together a description of a suspect. >> reporter: we understand it could come any time. they say they have videos from the surveillance camera of a person with the suitcase on 11th street yesterday afternoon. the suitcase stuffed with human remains was found here on 11th between mission and market just outside the goodwill store. police say other body parts were recovered nearby. goodwill has turned over their surveillance video to the police. >> it showed a person across the street holding a suitcase. that's it. >> reporter: male or female? >> i couldn't tell. i really couldn't. i think it was male.
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>> reporter: goodwill employees say suitcases are frequently left out front but this was a first. >> incredible. i mean it blew me away. >> reporter: this morning officers were out dumping trash cans in the neighborhood looking for body parts or anything that could be linked. people who live here say 11th and mission is a dumping ground on trash days. >> old furniture. old electronics. >> reporter: trash pickup was last night and very early this morning so what police found was mostly empty trash cans. they are also going door to door asking businesses for surveillance video. there are a lot of surveillance cameras in this neighborhood. >> we have a lot of break-ins every day. >> reporter: detectives are looking through that surveillance video. they say they have a distinct description of a suspect. residents of the 11th and mission neighborhoods are talking about little else. >> i live on 11th off howard and it's too close to home.
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it's horrible. >> it's shocking to find something like that was just real shocking to me. >> reporter: we are waiting for police to share their description of the person seen in the surveillance video. we'll get it to you as soon as we get it. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from a pathologist in the first steps in trying to identify the body parts. reporting from police headquarters, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. b.a.r.t. has work to do. passenger passenger satisfaction ratings lowest they have been in many years. b.a.r.t. is considering a variety of measures to ease the overcrowding. they are also adding newer seats and a fleet of new cars set to arrive in the fall of 2016. we want to tell you about breaking news at the bay bridge. we want to show you a live picture of the problem. a big problem for westbound
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commuters of the bay bridge. a car fire near treasure island just past treasure island going westbound into san francisco. traffic as you can see slow basically at a standstill. the fire is out but at least two lanes are blocked right now during this evening commute. no word yet on when it will reopen. losing your eyesight poses significant challenges both personally and professionally. >> a bay area woman figured out a way to turn her challenges into victories for herself and others. >> kate williams was in her early 50s when her eyesight failed. she moved to san francisco because she wanted a place easier to navigate without a car. she was determined to live as full a life as ever and is now dedicated to helping others do the same. at san francisco's lighthouse for the blind and visually
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impaired it's hard not to think of kate williams as anything other than a beacon and not to speak of her bright smile. an impressive track record helping blind people find work. her success more remarkable when you consider the 71 year old didn't begin helping the blind until later in life because frankly later in life is when she started to go blind. >> one day i was looking at some pictures with someone and the faces -- i couldn't see the faces clearly. it was almost like they were made out of wax. i kept turning my head and thinking i can't see that. >> reporter: until then kate had spent most of her adult life living in southern california. a single mother of three children working three jobs kate had always been the one others had come to for help. thinking she would have to do the same was tough and she fought it. >> i wasn't using a cane and
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fell down. >> reporter: kate's lust for life was greater than her fear of blindness and she plunged back into the work world. it felt so good to her she wanted to help others do the same. eventually becoming the program manager for employment immersion at lighthouse. she believes her business background and personal story are what make her so good at what she does. >> i'm using this word it's been a blessing. the whole journey for me has been a blessing. >> reporter: kate was a recent winner of the purpose prize. a national award given to those over 60s in recognition of their contribution to the world. it is understandably a big feather in kate's cap. one she is very proud of. though not quite as proud, she says as she is with life's smaller victories. like landing a single job for
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someone who desperately wants one. >> it changes lives. it changes every day life of a person. there is just no greater reward than that. i see it all the time. >> when she was awarded the purpose prize, one thing she pointed to was success rate in placement. in the past three years she's worked with 100 blind people and got 40 of them jobs and that's a success rate that surpasses similar programs for sighted people. >> that's incredible. no obstacle to great for her. she can accomplish anything and helping others along the way. >> tremendous energy that woman has. >> her smile is radiant. >> thanks so much. great story. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a nice story. everyone is smiling here in the newsroom. >> you can see right now we are yet again getting missed by rainfall here down into southern
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california. another dry day across the bay area. 35 days with no rain at all. you see that moisture down here in southern california. it's not even that much but definitely bringing a few areas of rainfall mainly down toward the san diego area. as we get a look at the san jose climate averages, you can see we did average near where we should be for temperatures 61.6 degrees, we only picked up 0.02 of an inch of rainfall this month. that now puts us 2.97 below for the entire month. as we head throughout february we hope for something close to average, which is 2.65. let's take you outside right now. most of the bay area is under sunny skies from the south bay through the east bay. temperatures averaging low to mid 60s. it really was a nice day out there. even if we can't get that rainfall up into the north bay 63 degrees. let's take you into tomorrow morning's forecast. what you're going to find here is we won't start off totally
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clear. we'll have a few areas of patchy fog for san francisco, east bay right on down to the south bay and you'll need the light jacket to start. i think we'll have a sunny rebound throughout your friday. there's a lot happening in the layers of the atmosphere. no better way to put it than we were stuck in the middle. we have the main storm track to the north and then the southern branch of the jet stream way off to the south. both of those regions producing rainfall. again, we're stuck in the middle with absolutely no rainfall. we don't expect any rainfall until that area of high pressure moves and that may not happen for another seven to eight days. as we take you into the microclimate forecast for friday, another gorgeous day coming our way. san jose expecting 69 degrees. 70 in morganhill. mild at the coastline. pacifica 67 degrees. palo alto 68. san francisco marina to downtown mid to upper 60s. north bay, east bay and
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trivalley, warmest locations with a dry wind will be napa and santa rosa. check this out for the tri-valley. danville at 70 degrees. looks like livermore will stay cooler at 66. colder air for the morning hours will have a hard time moving out of the valleys. a harder time warming up for tomorrow. a sunny day expected. as far as the weekend forecast goes saturday looks like the best way. upper 60s to low 70s. dry weather continues for sunday's forecast. again we don't see that storm track possibly changing out here until february 7th. maybe through the 9th. we may get rainfall. that's well out in the pacific. keeping our fingers crossed. our feet crossed if i can do it on the air right now. everything. >> everything is crossed. okay. thanks, jeff. still ahead, a new look inside a brazen burglary. the surveillance pictures that could help track down gold nugget thieves.
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we have breaking news on the peninsula right now. caltrain delays after a person was hit and killed on the tracks near the mountain view station. it happened south of the station under the 237 overpass. southbound tracks are completely shut down because the train is on it. expect major delays because they have to take turns passing. vta set up a bus bridge if riders want to use that. no word on when the tracks will fully reopen. a heist out of the wild west but it happened just this week and tonight important clues. the fbi releasing photos of the robbers. the masked bandits are wanted for crashing an suv into the wells fargo museum getting away
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with 4 to 10 ounces of gold nuggets. haul estimated to be worth $10,000. up next a sneak peek at the super bowl halftime show. what katy perry promises will and won't happen.
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here's what we're working on for our 6:00 forecast. harrowing moments for a baby sitter when the baby monitor talks back. that's coming up at 6:00.
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finally at 5:00 a live look at the university of phoenix stadium in arizona. all lit up ready for super bowl xlix. preparations are under way even as we speak. earlier today singer katy perry posed for pictures holding a football to promote her halftime show. most people bet on the sports team patriots or seahawks people bet on perry. her wardrobe. what she'll ware.ear. what color her hair will be. >> my entrance and exit are very spectacular. never been done before. and it's going to be a great show. >> i wonder what it is. is she going to parachute in? there will be no wardrobe malfunctions and when the show is over she wants people talking about her music. you can watch the super bowl this sunday here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 a.m.
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with a supersized pregame show. kickoff at 3:30. >> was that a cheerleading outfit? >> very festive. >> brian williams is next. on our broadcast here tonight, the urgent warning late today from the cdc about this growing measles outbreak that started with visitors to disneyland. now comes word that up to 1,000 people may have been exposed in arizona just as thousands more arrive there for the super bowl. the deadly explosion that tore through a children's hospital and maternity ward in mexico where tonight the search for survivors goes on. alcohol and stroke in a major new study out tonight on the effects of having a couple drinks a day and how it's different for men and women. and trapped inside his own body for nearly a decade. the incredible story of a young man who was able to see and hear everything happening around him all the while but no one knew it. he's now sharing his story with the world. "nightly news" begins now.


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