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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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y shows signs and symptoms of ebola, the protocol is to transfer that person to a specially designated ebola treatment center. now uc davis medical center here is one of four such centers in northern california. the patient has been transferred here. now tonight that patient is in isolation here at the hospital. the hospital says that nobody is in danger. still, there are a lot of folks that are feeling nervous. >> sure i'm nervous. i'm really nervous, really nervous. >> reporter: that's how patients at uc davis medical center in sacramento are feeling tonight as they learn a patient displaying symptoms consistent with ebola is being treated and tested at the hospital. >> it's in the same building. it's in the same building. anything can happen. >> reporter: the patient was transferred to the uc medical center from mercy general hospital this morning. a team of highly trained nurses jumped into action. >> there are volunteer nurses
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who have volunteered to care for ebola patients who have received training and a lot of education. >> reporter: california nurses association has been in close contact with nurses on the front line. they say it appears all of the guidelines are being followed. >> we know that obviously testing has been done. i know that so at least the initial testing is done and it's not unusual for second confirmation tests to be done as well. >> i just hope the person gets better. i hope they don't think what they think he has. i don't wish the worst for nobody. >> reporter: now the hospital put out a statement late this afternoon saying the patient is in good condition. >> well, that was jodi hernandez reporting there. we lost our satellite feed. if this does turn out to be a confirmed case of ebola, the one that jodi was talking about in the sacramento area it would be the 11th such case treated in
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the united states. this map shows the ten cases two of which turned out to be fatal. agony and outrage over the death of a young woman run down while jogging by what police say were two illegal street racers is shining a spotlight on that dangerous practice. tonight we have learned there is actually a special unit devoted to stopping the fast and furious. what exactly are they doing? damian trujillo is live near the scene of the deadly accident. the city has just installed a temporary speed radar there? >> reporter: yeah, the hope is that this radar will help slow drivers down. street racing is a growing concern here in san jose. tonight we have exclusive footage of an organized illegal drag race. police are trying to stop. >> here are two street racers ready to go. your flag man gets them lined up and drags on. >> reporter: this is something sergeant john carr sees every week, illegal street racers on the streets of san jose.
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>> that's not that kid's car, i guarantee it. that's probably mom and dad's car. >> reporter: sergeant carr is part of a specialized team called the red, or the racing enforcement detail. and this video was taken here on a straightaway near the silver creek sports complex. you can still see the tire marks on the street. >> a few second of fun can end up in a fatality. >> reporter: which is what happened on yerba buena road monday. police say two men got into an impromptu race and ultimately crashed into kiran pabla who happened to be jogging on the sidewalk. >> it's an eye-opener for me. when i run i'm usually on the sidewalk. but even with my daughter i have a 3 1/2-year-old daughter now i know it's not safe to run with her. i need to run on the other side of the street. >> there is a lot of boulevards where there is a lot of street racing going on up on ruby. i've seen races up there, guys doing 100 miles per hour. >> reporter: today police were out in force, ticketing suspected speeders.
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in their six months of existence, the police read details as they cited several illegal racers and impounded their cars. sergeant carr urges parents to be more vigilant of their cars and their kids. >> going to the movies at 12:30 at night on a sunday they're not going to the movies. they're going to race. >> reporter: sergeant carr also warns his team will be out in force every week in hopes of preventing this from happening again. if they are caught a racer's car will be impounded for 30 days and they will face multiple fines. live in san jose i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, damian. pedestrian deaths not new to san jose. in 2013 21 people were killed. that number rose slightly to 23 in 2014. and since the start of this new year, four people have been killed on the streets. following some developing news now on the peninsula. this evening a person was hit and killed on the southbound tracks near the mountain view
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caltrain station. our chopper overhead. train service has resumed, but it's been delayed in both directions, even at this hour. but trains are up and running along the peninsula. it is a discovery straight out of a horror movie. human limbs scattered on streets, and a suitcase full of body parts dropped in san francisco's mission district. lots of grisly questions tonight. who dough do those dismembered body parts belong to and who left the suitcase behind? today police went door to door hunting for clues. the focus is surveillance video that might show who left the suitcase near the corner of 11th and market. new details on what they have uncovered so far, mark? >> reporter: jessica, police say they have a distinct picture of the suspect with the suitcase. but they don't yet have a description that they are willing to share with the public. today police were out dumping trash cans looking for more human remains, a suitcase of remains was found last night
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after a call about an abandoned bag. a street search turned up even more body parts. >> the door here between our as is and the atm machine. >> reporter: the cfo of good will san francisco says he turned over the business's surveillance tapes to police. >> it showed a person across the street pulling like a suitcase. that's basically it. >> reporter: gary said it looked like a man. other surveillance cameras must have picked up even more for police to say they now have a distinct image identifying the body or bodies will be another challenge. >> one way of doing that is if he's got hands, you can take fingerprints. >> reporter: this is a forensic pathologist and author. >> if there is a femur, it can help ascertain the height of the person. if there are ribs or other parts of the pelvis you could figure out possibly whether it's male versus female or the general race of the person. >> reporter: kit can be a long process of looking for matches to missing persons.
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good will employee noble mitchell says people leave suitcases outside the good will store all time. >> you see bags and suitcases out here on a constant thing. you really be leery of picking them up. >> reporter: a manager of an animation studio says it is common for people outside the neighborhood to dump items here on the street on trash day. >> oh, yeah old furniture, old electronics. >> reporter: yesterday was trash day. by the time police were out dumping litter barrels, the trash cans had already been emptied. an officer walked the neighborhood asking business franchise he could record their surveillance video there are a lot of surveillance cameras in what residents call a high crime neighborhood. >> we have a lot of break-ins down this street pretty much every day. >> reporter: but this was something different. >> to find something like that, this is real shocking to me. >> reporter: police did detain three people yesterday afternoon after finding that suitcase. none of the three were arrested. reporting from police headquarters mark matthews, nbc bay area news. well it hasn't rained since
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around christmas time. an epic dry stretch in what is supposed to be our rainy season. today the second snow survey of the season. and no surprise, the snowpack far below normal. experts measured just 7.1 inches of snow near echo summit. that's just 12% of the long-term average for this time of the year. just a few yard away, you can see it here. not even any snow where the measurements are taken. simply bare ground and dirt. a very serious sight for these mountains that provide california with a third of its water supply. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here to break down some of these bleak numbers, jeff. >> there are a lot of numbers to look at. we thought it was most important to look at the snow days and how much snow we picked up in that time frame over the past several years. and you'll see back in 2009 2010, we had 28 snow days. picked up 187 inches of snow. but in the 2014-2015 season, just 13 snow days and we picked up 33 inches. so here is really where you can
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see when you break apart the numbers. again, 13 snow day, 2014-2015. but in 2012-2013, we add 22 snow days and picked up 156 inches. not too many more snow days and so much more snow. the bottom line we did have storm systems this year, but they just did not produce a lot of snow when we did get them. the overall sierra snowpack numbers again very dismal. northern sierra just 25% of average. southern sierra 27%. we'll have details in that full forecast in about 40 minutes on if there is any rainfall any time soon. >> okay, jeff thank you. so are you ready? the excitement is building in arizona. three days and counting to america's biggest sporting event. want to give you a live look now at the university of phoenix stadium. that's in glendale, arizona. >> all the vips are starting to roll in. this year arizona. next year the super bowl is in santa clara. but work begins now. members of the bay area super bowl host committee are in arizona. they're kind of taking some
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notes right now. >> live from an area called super bowl central. so we didn't make it in this year. but we are looking around making sure we get it right when we do it. >> absolutely they want to get it right. that's why they have come to super bowl central. this is a 12-square-block area of downtown phoenix set aside for nothing but crazy football kind of stuff. i am at a place in the super bowl area called the nfl experience. you can take a look around. you can see the people. they're expecting about a million people over the course of four days here. of course, those 20 people from the super bowl committee aren't really here to check out all that stuff. they want to get a feel of what is going on to put on the biggest sporting event in america. take a look right now at this super bowl central. this is downtown. all kinds of stuff going on down here. you've got music. you've got entertainment. and even have a chance to climb a rockwall that looks like the grand canyon. now when they look at that when
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our local committee looks at that, what are they going to come up with? maybe some kind of a high-wire walk between the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge? i have no idea. but i do know the super bowl 50 host committee wants next year's event to take on the personality of the bay area. in fact, they're not calling it the san francisco super bowl they're calling it the san francisco bay area super bowl. >> we've been working hard to build out a plan that will excite the bay area unite the bay area get people to come into our region from other parts of the country and participate in what will be a milestone super bowl. it is the golden anniversary of the game in the golden state. >> a lot going on in phoenix. not so much going on in glendale. they want that to be different for super bowl 50. they're hoping that a lot of things are going to happen in santa clara. super bowl central, and the nfl experience, yes. they're going to be in san francisco. but in santa clara there may be a parade numerous events at the
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santa clara convention center. a lot of stuff going on over by levi's stadium. so it's also going to be a groundbreaking super bowl next year because there is going to be millions and millions and millions of dollars taken from the proceeds of the super bowl and given back to the community. much more on that coming up tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. until then live in phoenix where it is raining, terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> i don't think it's going to dampen your fun. >> we might see terry at 11:00 there is a lot of super bowl parties he has to get to. >> we'll see what happen. >> that's right. >> thank you terry. you can watch the super bowl right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. with a supersized pregame show. and kickoff between the patriots and seahawks at 3:30. still ahead, a new way to keep kids from lighting up. the push to raise the smoking age. but really, it going to make a difference? san francisco residents say they're lucky to be alive after a four-alarm fire ripped through
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their building. i'm nannette miranda live in the mission district. many say they barely escaped that inferno. the problem straight ahead. and a new glimpse of a brazen crime. images from inside that wells fargo bank and museum could these images help solve the gold heist?
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a lot of questions and tonight some answers. that deadly fire that ripped through the apartment building in san francisco's mission district. it's been a rough 24 hours to say the least for not only the people who live there, but this entire neighborhood. you can see what it looked like on the left side of the screen before the fire and then on the right when the flames engulfed this building. tonight we bring in nannette miranda about some of the horror stories about the obstacles people faced when they tried to escape from the building behind you, nanette.
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>> reporter: some very harrowing stories. the fire chief's office tells me that the building fire alarm system had been inspected when it was last required but the certificate from that inspection expired at midnight last night. hard to tell whether that had anything to do with whether the fire alarms did not go off. that's just one of the problems reported by people trying to escape. >> thank god i'm okay. >> reporter: dozens of residents are counting their lucky stars after that four-alarm fire swept through their building wednesday night, completely destroying it. one person lost their life and many more are telling harrowing stories about barely able to escape the raging flames. 13-year-old alessandro gonzaga couldn't get out of his window at first. >> the window wouldn't open. so i had to push it really hard. and it broke. it like shattered. so i went down to the bottom fire escape. >> reporter: marcela cordova couldn't even get that far. >> we tried to like hit the windows to try to get out. but the window that goes to the
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fire escape, it's with bars. i thought i'm going to die. >> reporter: elvis rivera suffered burns and scratches trying to escape. incredibly, he says his fire escape didn't work at all. >> when i open my door, my neighbor, it's burning. i open that up. and i tried to pull out from my fire escape. and the fire escape never worked. >> reporter: while the investigation into the fire continues, the survivors also want the city to look into code violations. did you hear anything? >> no fire alarms. not one. >> reporter: sprinklers? >> nothing. >> didn't work. >> reporter: fire alarm and the fire escape never worked? >> it never worked. >> reporter: authorities do not think this is arson. one of the theorys they are looking into is whether this was a kitchen fire. it looks like someone did start a go fund me site for the dozens of residents who lost most things, if not everything. as you can imagine, the rental market has changed very much in
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recent months and years. and so this working class tenants are afraid that they're not going to be able to afford anything. live in san francisco, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. 26 years ago today, a dublin girl vanished while walking home from school. tonight, as they do every year her memory is being kept alive with a candlelight march. 13-year-old eileen disappeared while walking home from middle school in 1989. tonight her parents and her twin brother will lead the annual vigil and march in her honor. they say they won't forget her. in fact, they'll follow the path that eileen took the night she was abducted dublin police say they're still working on the case, and there is still a $95,000 reward available. a new plan to keep cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers. democratic state senator ed hernandez, who represents azusa, announced legislation today to raise the legal smoking age in california from 18 years old the 21 years old. he says people are more likely
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to become addicted to smoking if they start at a young age. 9 in 10 young smokers take up the habit by age 18. the legislation is expected to face tremendous opposition from tobacco companies. well they're dirty, they're smelly, they're crowded and they're just inhospitable. passenger satisfaction ratings for bart the lowst they have been in 24 years. 5600 passengers were surveyed. overall satisfaction with bart dropped to 74% in 2014. train overcrowding hot temperatures, dirty seats are just some of the reasons for the poor ratings. now bart officials say they are addressing the overcrowding issue that is causing some of the problems and that includes a fleet of new cars set to arrive in the fall of 2016. >> those clean seats are going to be perfect. >> that's going to make a big difference. jeff ranieri joins us now with our forecast as we head into the weekend. >> yes. you'll see the weather trend as we head throughout the next couple of days. definitely going to keep some dry weather in place here across the bay area. we'll take a look across the
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south bay, and we'll keep temperatures in the upper 60s. a little bit of cloud cover. also sunny conditions into saturday as well with 71 degrees by sunday. also staying dry with 69. now, as we get a look at the peninsula, you can see not only for friday but also into saturday temperatures close to 70 degrees and they may see a drop off a little bit. but nothing significant. and a look at san francisco. we may actually push up to 70 here as we head throughout saturday's forecast. and then cooler as we head throughout sunday. for the north bay, east shore, also for the tri-valley temperatures look to spike the most in the north bay. just a little bit of a dryer wind may actually help to push up to 75 degrees on saturday's forecast. and then you'll drop down by sunday to 70. and you'll also see some slight warming for the east shore as well. overall for the tri-valley we'll stay right near 70 over the next couple days. so with super bowl sunday in sight for a lot of you, if you are heading to arizona we have you covered. if you're in san francisco or the santa clara valley we have your forecast too.
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you can see 73 here in glendale arizona. if you're heading there for any kind of tailgating outside, it's going to be an awesome day. santa clara at 70 degrees. cooler in san francisco with cloud cover rolling in. of course, we all know the next super bowl after this one is going to be right here in santa clara. so we thought we would take a look at what the weather is light for february 7th on average. we actualtypically are about 61 degrees. it's been colder the past three years, and it also has rained as well. so there is a chance, well, it's going to be in the 60s we might get some rain as well. we'll have more on the forecast of course over the next 365 days. >> i love that forecast. thanks jeff. >> sure. still ahead at 6:00 women in high-tech. the controversial magazine cover raising eyebrows. also -- >> as soon as i open up the envelope, it was kind of like wow. it was in great shape. >> how this man was reunited with a prized possession he thought he lost years ago, all
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thanks to a by area woman. that's next.
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tonight we're getting an inside look at this week's brazen gold nugget heist at a san francisco museum. the fbi releasing these pictures today of the robbers. those masked bandits right there. they're the ones who crashed a stolen suv into the wells fargo bank and museum on tuesday. they got away with four to ten ounces of gold nuggets. that haul estimated to be worth about $10,000. a pay raise for cheerleaders maybe. it's a newly proposed california law. the author of this bill was a former stanford cheerleader. last year's lawsuit by the members of the raiderettes brought attention to the working conditions for professional cheerleaders. san diego assemblywoman lorena gonzalez says many are paid less than minimum wage and spend their own money on things their employers should provide. the proposed law would define cheerleaders as employees. right now they're classified as nonemployee volunteer, making
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nfl teams and other nfl sports franchises exempt for certain labor laws. lost and finally found. social media has reunited a fresno man with a part of his past. fresno meteorologist anthony bailey lost his high school ring nearly 15 years ago. he is a proud graduate of fresno's hoover high, and he was on the football team and student government. he lost the ring a year later. soon afterward a local woman found it but she couldn't find bailey until she went on facebook. >> and i'm also really happy that she didn't just toss the ring out. she could have tossed it out or give it away. hoover high has no significance to her. she lives in the bay area. i was really overjoyed that she took a moment to keep it and hold on to it for 15 years which is just unbelievable. >> bailey says the ring brings back lots of great memory and the whole adventure has put him back in touch with a lot of his high school friends. it's going to be exciting. it's going to bring a whole bunch of new business to the
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area. >> coming up we broke the story last night. but tonight more details about the new pro sports franchise coming to don't san jose. all eyes in the tech industry were on this cover story today. i'm scott budman with reaction from silicon valley executives to what many are calling a sexist description of the industry. plus the senator and the protesters. john mccain lashing out on the hill. his blunt message for protesters. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial...
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the old ad is you put the picture that is worth a thousand words. tonight most of those words might be negative. the latest cover story of "newsweek" magazine. it's all about women in the silicon valley. interesting topic, but controversial picture. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here. what has been the buzz and the reaction in the silicon valley? >> reaction was quick and largely angry. a cover story talking about women in silicon valley where the cover stirred up more emotion than the story itself. >> what the heck? this is the actual cover of --? >> yes. >> yikes. >> reporter: the latest cover of "newsweek" asking what silicon valley thinks of women is getting a lot of reaction. >> i don't know if i would have gone with that graphic. >> i think it's unfortunate. >> reporter: coming out on the day of the bay area's tech superwomen's summit and instantly stirring things up. >> wow, interesting.
6:30 pm
that was on the cover of "newsweek"? >> that is the cover of "newsweek." >> oh, okay. well, i -- i hope that's not the case. >> it's to me unfortunate because people are going to see that like parents of young girls and say don't go into the tech field. this is what it's going to be like. >> reporter: as for the "newsweek" story itself it points out that despite companies like yahoo! and hewlett-packard, women are still underrepresented in tech. some of the conference attendees say at least it's being talked about. >> now that we know what is going on, and now that everyone is aware we can all partner to solve it. i actually think is a transcend transcendent moment for the industry. >> we're looking to hire right now and we're looking to bring in a good balance of men and women. >> my country is hiring women engineers. i think that's a great step forward. >> reporter: signs of progress in an industry that wants to be
6:31 pm
judged beyond its cover. "newsweek" responded to the backlash today saying it came up with an image it feels represent what's the story says about silicon valley. the editor-in-chief says if people are angry that. >> should be angry. jessica? >> all right, thank you very much, scott. well after years of political battles over the proposed keystone xl pipeline extension, the senate passed a bill today approving it. nine democrats voted for the bill making the final vote 63-36. president obama has warned he will veto it. but first it goes back to the house of representatives for approval and some minor changes. the keystone xl pipeline would transport oil from canada to the gulf of mexico and connect it to the existing keystone pipeline. it's been heavily criticized by environmentalists as exceptionally dangerous. protesters got a tongue-lashing from a well-known politician after disrupting a senate hearing today. >> you know you're going to
6:32 pm
have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. >> touched a nerve, obviously. protesters from bay area based code pink shouted at henry kissinger as he entered the room to testify. over the years foreign courts have attempted to question kissinger about alleged human rights violations. as the protesters were removed, several audience members applauded senator john mccain for referring to the group as, quote, low life scum. a move is in the works to make it easier for americans to travel to cuba. a bipartisan group of u.s. senators introduced a new bill today. it would lift travel restrictions for americans who want to visit as tourists. right now americans cannot legally travel to cuba unless they're part of a particular group like an education group or on a humanitarian trip. cuba has been cut off from the u.s. for 50 years now. the bill is the first introduced in congress on the topic since obama, the president moved last
6:33 pm
month's to normalize diplomatic ties with cuba. in the middle east, a life or death deadline has passed but the fate of two hostages are still unknown. their families are not giving up pleading with the authorities to give the terror group what it wants, a controversial prisoner exchange. janelle wang joins us with more details. >> reporter: it's exactly 12 hours past the deadline. still no word from isis about the two hostages. but early reports are talks have failed. >> i'm kenji goto. >> one is this japanese journalist kenji goto. they also claim they have jordanian military pilot shot down last month in syria during the u.s.-led war against isis. jordan says they want to see proof of life first, which has not been presented yet. isis says it will give up the two hostages in exchange for convicted terrorist al washawi. a prisoner exchange has been
6:34 pm
successful before. last year the u.s. exchanged bowe bergdahl for five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay. an iraqi war veteran says prisoner exchanges are not a good idea. >> we are handing them a huge propaganda victory in terms of legitimizing them and in terms of recruitment. >> but many in japan and jordan are pleading for this. jeh johnson says his budget is being held hostage. funding for the department expires at the end of next month, thanks to republicans who are trying to derail president obama's executive action on immigration, which is under the same department. the fight against isis may now be coming to the homeland. one of the concerns lone wolves. but a twitter account claiming to be isis has made a handful of bomb threats against u.s. airlines this week. so far fortunately they have all turned out to be hoaxes. the fbi is investigating. raj? >> thank you, janelle. at least two people were killed and more than 60 others injured after an explosion at a
6:35 pm
maternity hospital in mexico city. this happened today. many of the injured are children. police say the explosion was caused by a gas leak. about 75% of the hospital collapsed. now rescue crews have been working frantically to find those people still trapped in the building. at this hour it's still unclear how many victims might be unaccounted for, or are unaccounted for. back here governor brown perched himself on a san francisco rooftop today. the latest stop in his campaign to fight global warming. a member of president obama's cabinet secretary of housing and urban development. state, private and federal money made the panels possible. >> california by its regulations, by its taxes, by its policies by its actions are really pushing forward green energy objectives. that's why california's per
6:36 pm
capita electricity use has remained virtually flat for the last 30 years. >> now the governor says in contrast that electricity use is up by 50% in other parts of the country. up next does newer mean safer? the cars that might make your ride less dangerous. also -- >> what i'm afraid of is who has been watching quietly. >> a new worry for parents. who is watching that baby monitor. one family's unsettling story, next. hockey fans in the bay area rejoice. a new professional team will call san jose home next year. i'm michelle robertson. coming up, hear what local business owners think about the change.
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the newer your car, the better your chance of surviving a car crash. that's the finding of a new highway safety report. they say improved vehicles after 2010, and new safety technology have a lot to do with reduced risk. nine recent car models had zero deaths among registered vehicles. among them the audi 4 four-wheel drive, the honda odyssey minivan, the lexus rx 350, and the volvo xc 90. neither one of those. [ closing bell ] a reason to clap on wall street today, stocks rallied late in the afternoon. the dow rose about 225 points. driving the rally, an upturn in oil prices and apple and boeing shares. the past few days you might know the market has been mixed as traders grappled with earnings reports, a strong dollar weak oil prices and uncertainty when the united states interest rates will rise.
6:40 pm
this is one of his big themes during his final two years in office. president obama is heading to the bay area for a cybersecurity summit. it's happening at stanford in mid-february. president obama will also use this trip to raise money for the dnc, the democratic party, which is common during his bay area visits. this will be the president's 20th official visit to the bay area. all right. jeff joins us now. boy, no rain in sight. it is going to be a warm weekend. >> temperatures going up. without that rainfall might as well enjoy the pleasant days we have coming your way. you can see a little bit of fog. it's hard to see in the bottom of the screen right there. we'll track more on your forecast for tomorrow, and if it's going to start totally clear. and when we may actually get some rain in just a few minutes.
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a live look at the sap
6:43 pm
center. more sharks will soon be swimming in the south bay, and that's a good thing. businesses around the shark tank say that's actually great news. this is a story we first broke last night. but the sharks making it official today. their minor league hockey team is relocating from the boston area to san jose. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us from the shark tank. michelle, with the wooster sharks, they're coming here to the bay area and they need a new name. >> they need a new name. so you can submit your recommendations because they're going to decide in the next few weeks. the sharks game starts in about 20 minutes. the parking lot is completely full. business owners in the area are hoping this is a case when the minors play. when the sharks are home henry's hi life downtown san jose prepares for a packed house. >> there are people all over the place. like from wall to wall. >> reporter: manager alex martinez says people come in for the ribs and leave for the game. >> you going to the game tonight? >> any hockey nights are always a good night. >> reporter: sales double or even triple when the sharks are
6:44 pm
playing, which is why he is really looking forward to next season. >> we look forward to entertaining all of california with very exciting high level professional hockey. >> reporter: today the american hockey league announced the formation of a pacific division. five minor league teams will settle in california. >> score! >> reporter: which includes a cross-country move for the wooster sharks. >> invest in our people our staff, the vendors, ushers and so on and add to the positive economic benefit of the arena to downtown san jose. >> reporter: the minor league sharks will get a new name. but the players will have the same job. be ready for a call from the big leagues. >> it's just great to see more games happen right up the street. >> reporter: the gm at the brit in san jose not far from the sap center. >> i like to say that we're good for two people or 200 people. >> reporter: but he is hoping the next joe pavelski or thornton will be able to draw 200. a dream alex also shares. >> i'm excited. i think we're going to do pretty well.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: a minor league game will cost you 30 or $40 compared to the hundreds you could spend going to a sharks game. reporting live tonight in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mishlg. so who is watching you on that baby monitor? disconcerting discovery for anyone who has a security camera in their home. a houston nanny says a man hacked into a baby monitor and made comments while she was changing the little girl's diaper. the nanny says she figured out the voice was coming through the security camera set up in the 1-year-old's bedroom. >> someone talking on the camera monitor. and i was like hmm, maybe -- maybe mys bes are maybe playing a trick on me or something. >> the nanny did the right thing. she pulled the plug on the camera and called police. they are investigating, but they're saying it's possible someone hacked into the family's wifi system and could see what was going on inside the home, and most importantly that little
6:46 pm
girl's bedroom. >> that's very scary. jeff ranieri back with us now. it's like a broken record. talk about the sunshine i guess. >> imagine me telling the same story all this month. without any kind of rainfall. you know it probably left you scratching your head here. a lot today going is it april outside? is it may? because the temperatures sure felt like it. the sky conditions look like it. and we are clear yet again. you can see in the satellite radar picture. there is some moisture way off to the south. san diego is the lucky ones right now, getting a little bit of rainfall. but it's even not that much at this point. it's not a classic winter storm system. so a lot of california just continues to be under this clearing pattern. get you outside right now to the sky camera network. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s right now. light jacket. might need that. for tomorrow morning, certainly some sort of jacket to start off will definitely be the case. you can see the north bay will average 40 degrees. 42 in the east bay. and back here for the south bay, 45. the other thing of note i don't think we're going to start off totally clear. we're going to have the areas of
6:47 pm
patchy fog that will affect everyone from the north bay down to the south bay. so the weather pattern. as we have been alluding to is just drought cruel for january. we should have some sort of rainfall. but we are stuck in the middle. stuck in the middle of what? stuck in the middle of two different storm tracks. we have the main storm track way off to the north. and then we have the southern branch of the jet stream with some of the rainfall in southern california. so there is the two things we are stuck in between. high pressure is acting like a big shield across california. and i don't really see this thing moving until maybe february sixth, seventh or eighth. and that really is the next indication of maybe some rainfall coming our way. so until then we just got to sit back and enjoy this great weather while we're in a drought. you know we can't do anything about it. we can't push the rainfall here. you can see 69 degrees expected in san jose. 70 for morgan hill. it will be even be mild for this time of the year. pacifica with 67. palo alto up to 6. downtown san francisco, also the marina from 56 to 68 degrees. let's take you to the north bay,
6:48 pm
east bay and tri-valley. another day with a slightly warmer wind up into marin, napa and sonoma counties. 72 in santa rosa. for the east bay, 67 in oakland. and a thing of note for the tri-valley is danville. yes, we do expect you to push up into the 70 and sunny. but livermore likely will be cooler again for tomorrow. with the cold air start, sometimes the cold air gets trapped in the valley back there and it makes it harder for the temperatures to warm up. so it will be a few degrees down there from danville temperature at 70. so the overall weekend forecast does have the best weather on saturday. upper 60s to low and mid-70s. 71 in the south bay. 71 in the peninsula. 74 for the north bay. by sunday we get cooling in here and temperatures from the 60s. once again, next possibility of any kind of rainfall. we are tracking it for you. looks like the storm track may break down by february 7th through the ninth for possibly some rainfall. and rain or shine, i'll be here to track even when something is happening. >> there is always something
6:49 pm
happening. >> i know. >> thanks a lot. >> up next i think this is the sixth time we've done this in recent years. we're going to san mateo to the hometown of tom brady. another super bowl for the peninsula star. we'll check in and hear from brady today from arizona as we go live to the site of the big game. geraud moncure and dave seinfeld man join us next. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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6:51 pm
and want to take you inside. here is a live look at the phoenix stadium in arizona. the super bowl game and halftime show now just three days away. headliner katy perry posed for
6:52 pm
pictures holding a football to promote her halftime show. vegas oddsmaker are making bets. you can gamble on what she'll wear and even her hair color. one thing for sure she is going to make her roar. >> my entrance and exit are very spectacular. never been done before. and it's going to be a great show. >> the key is she is going to make you roar. wait until you find out what she is doing. promising no wardrobe malfunctions. she says when the show is over, she wants people talking about her music. >> you excited for katy perry? >> i like katy perry. >> it's going to be fun. the only thing that could surpass the super bowl right now would be some warriors news. >> oh. >> yeah? some all star news geraud moncure? >> surprisingly there is more great warriors news. no just kidding. as expected slash brother klay thompson named to the western conference all star team this afternoon.
6:53 pm
the only question left to answer will head coach steve kerr have the guts to start him now? thompson's addition marks the first time since the 1992-'93 season. the dubs have had multiple all stars. tim hardaway were selected over two decades ago. thompson is averaging career numbers in points her game and free throw percentage and much more. james harden also made the squad and may get the start if thompson doesn't get the nod from coach kerr. no big surprises on this list from a loaded western conference. all right. of course sunday in glendale arizona, there will be what they're playing for, the vince lombardi trophy. seattle trying to win back-to-back titles. the pats looking for a fourth championship in the brady-belichick era. dave feldman will be watching super bowl xlix up close and personal, and joins us now live from phoenix with the latest. felty, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well geraud
6:54 pm
thanks very much. the patriots played in the last super bowl that was held here in the phoenix glendale area that was 2008. and we all remember they lost to the new york giants. david tyree had that spectacular catch. this year they're one-point favorites over the seattle seahawks. and everyone is wondering what is the x factor. for that answer, here is mindi bach. >> i think if we move in together and we are flowing together, that's x factor. the way we commute, the way we play with confidence and communication breeds confidence throughout the whole defense, that's it. we don't need to be anything else than who we are. because that's very special in its own right. >> beast mode, you know. i don't know. he's the x tractor every game. >> you never know which play is going to be the most important one of the game. you run them and obviously you look back at the end and go man, if we had made that one play it could have been different. >> reporter: for veteran players who have competed on the game's biggest stage, that x factor is somewhat more intangible.
6:55 pm
>> the team that handles the chaos the best. the super bowl is chaos this week, you know. all the media requirements and family and whatever. the team that handles that the best. >> to me it's about extreme focus. and i think the most profound statement i ever heard from a head coach was from bill walsh after we won the nfc championship game in chicago, my rookie season, and he said to us after the game we're all hooting and hollering, we're going to the super bowl. he said men, you're playing an away game against the cincinnati bengals in miami. if you start focusing on super bowl you lose track of what got you here, and that's playing great football. >> mindi bach, nbc bay area. >> all right, mindi, thanks. of course tickets are a premium. lowest face value $800.
6:56 pm
some guy recently on ebay offered four tickets on the 30 or 40 yard line for $55,000. roughly 13,000 a ticket. geraud, i'll leave you with this one fun fact. in the previous 48 super bowls, obviously 48 pregame tosses 48 heads and 48 tails. no advantage for the opening kickoff. >> very good. that's a bet also. for heads or tails. it will be really interesting to see how that turns out. thank you very much, my man. look forward to hearing from you again tomorrow at super bowl xlix draws closer. all right. finally, 20 years ago, xlixers won super bowl xxix with joe montana at quarterback. today tom brady's facebook page displayed this photo of him dressed up as his childhood idol for halloween in 1983. brady has three lombardi
6:57 pm
trophies, just shy of joe cool's collection of four. of course, that could change on sunday. raj, jesse, i'm getting pumped up. >> jessica is fired up. >> i got to go get the chips. that's all i know. >> she has to get the menu set. >> that's what i worry about. >> thanks. well for a full half hour of bay are sports coverage watch comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. at 11:00, one of the most valuable companies in the world, and it could help one local community strike it rich. we'll explain the connection to apple's new headquarters. that's tonight at 11:00 after the finale of "parenthood". >> a little rain there behind feldy. >> they do have some tropical moisture moving overhead. the good news sits going to clear out by super bowl sunday. i think the only thing left on super bowl sunday will be a little bit of morning fog there in arizona. then they'll clear out by the afternoon. back here at home for any kind of big-time parties, no rainfall for us. dry and very comfortable. >> you can take the tv outside. >> yeah. good for those snacks.
6:58 pm
>> barbecue. >> join nbc bay area at sciencepalooza. come learn how cool science can be. to learn more, visit
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7:00 pm
>> bruce jenner's brave next step in his journey. >> is he turning his rumored transformation into a tv docu-series? now on "extra." >> the olympic hero then, the tabloid target now. breaking new details on bruce jenner's reported new reality show about his quest to live his truth. >> in life, you go through transitions. >> the clues the kardashians dropped along the way. plus, justin bieber admits he has been living his own lie? >> i'm not who i was pretending to be. >> katy perry on her super bowl halftime surprise. >> the


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