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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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6 each every day. take your pick from six of our best subs, like a tender turkey breast, the italian b.m.t, sweet onion chicken teriyaki and more. with any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink all six are just $6 every day, on the new simple 6 menu. the bay area news starts now. >> i don't mind it during the day, but you know it is midnight and i dont't want to hear a helicopter. >> not in my backyard and not in my air space, the high priced local neighborhood is creating a buzz tonight. i'm jessica can a -- i'm jessica
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jessicaing ajessica jessicaing ajessica jessicaing ajessica jessicaing a . i'm raj mathai. >> and most of the people around the neighborhoods are excited about the the care offered inside, but they are worried about what is up on the roof the helipad. >> reporter: michael connors and his neighbors are ready for the new medical center to open and it will provide care for wum and children and cancer patients. >> it will provide healing for world class technology for patients. >> reporter: and the hellyipad is part of that care. >> they need to get there fast. >> reporter: but he has concerns about it flying by his home. >> and safety with the weather, and also the noise.
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i don't mind it in the day, but at midnight, i don't want to hear the helicopter. >> reporter: usfc says they will only use it for life threatening emergencies and not use it for routine transports. the primary flight path is over the bay and only 40 transports are expected each month. neighbor paul yee says that noise is not a problem, but he had no problem that he had moved next to a hellyipadhelipad. >> i am not sure about the noise. >> reporter: and this neighbor is hoping that the noise is not noticeable because he is believing it is necessary. >> if you are hurt you want the
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best care possible. >> it is necessary, and i tend to not like a lot of noise. >> reporter: uscf has worked for years with the guidelines for the helicopters, and once they start to fly, they are expecting feedback. >> thank you. waiting for test results, a developing story out of sack rarmt ramt toe tonight, a person showed up at mercy hospital with symptoms of ebola. and the emergency room was shut sealed as a precaution and move d moved to uc sacrament ito, and the patient is considered low risk and if in isolation as they wait for the ebola results which will come as early as tomorrow morning. and picking up the pieces and difficult for families who lost everything as a fire tore through their mission neighborhood building. they still don't know what sparked the deadly fire.
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60 people are home lessless, and some are leveling serious accusations tonight saying that the fire alarms never went off, and they hd no warning, and some exits were blocked and some fire escape ss never worked properly. cheryl hurd is reporting on those accusations, and how people are trying to cope at this point. cheryl? >> well, jessica, it is not easy for the people trying to live and work in this building. some have lived here for decades and trying to put their lives back together is going to be tough. tonight, we caught up with marina lopez who used the laundromat down the street. she lost everything she had accumulated for 36 year ss. she is left with the clothes on her back. >> i am scared. >> reporter: you are scared? >> yes. >> reporter: that san understatement, because she is one of dozens of people displaced by this huge fire that ripped through the three-story building last night. and several people had to be rescued. about half a dozen others were
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hospitalized including a firefighter. one man died before he could be rescued. >> they are old buildings. they are dangerous. old wiring. >> reporter: rickie's family owns willy's barbershop across the street. tonight his regular customers talked about the plight of the business owners and the residents who could barely afford the live in the city. >> these people are going to be paid out a little, but they won't be able to move into the city or this neighborhood. >> it sis very unfortunate, and who is going to be reaching out to them to give them a home. >> reporter: one local business is doing what it can to help. the owner of doc's bar is planning a fund-raiser. >> we will donate all of the half of the bar proceeds to the victims who lost everything. >> reporter: i spoke with the owner of the building tonight, and he said a that the alarm system was working and up to
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code. the cause of the fire may take days or even weeks. i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> and also the san francisco police say they have a distinct picture of the man who dumbped that suitcase filled with human body parts. this happened yesterday in the city near 11th and market a block away from the twitter's headquarters, and police have not released the surveillance image. sbloo well shgs well shgs, he was robbed steps away from the apple store. that is what happened to a man in berkeley. you can see the robber wrestling away the just-purchased iphone. the man was not hurt but the robber did take away with the phone and took off with the silver audi and paper plates. those two men walked in and
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grabbed some merchandise, and pulled out guns. it is right out of the gold rush, but these robbers were not after cash because they wanted highly valued gold dating back to 1800s. the fbi did release surveillance video of them. they made off with some $10,000 in gold as well as artifacts taken from the display cases. from speedway to speed trap. san jose police are cracking down on the speeders on the same street where a jogger was killed by suspected street racers. the memorial for kiran pabla was today. the speed limit in that area is
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40r miles per hour but the neighbors say that people go much faster. and now, one of the music industry's well known shug knight got into an argument with two men and followed them to a nearby parking lot, and then he ran them over in his truck. one man died. and knight is planning to surrender to the police, but the crash is being investigated as a homicide. he founded death row record ss in 1991 with dr. dre and he is also involved with tuhe founding of tu pauk shakur. and nanny cams it seems
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high-tech to pull this off? >> well it is high-tech and illegal on a state and federal level to hack into someone's webcam. most of us with webcams have them password protected and doing something for the baby monitor is something that people overlook. most models give parents a way to peek in on their babies but strange thors are able to do it too. >> reporter: you are able to the talk and look at your baby over the internet but at what cost? >> somebody could break into your house from thousands of miles away. >> i heard somebody talking on the camera monitor, and i was like, hmm, maybe, maybe my bosses are maybe playing a trick on me or something. >> reporter: a ash hly lyashley stanley was changing a diaper when she heard a man's voice on the camera and
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then she plugged the camera right out of the wall. i was thinking, who has been watching as her mom has been breastfeeding her. >> reporter: eric chu protects the online data, and says that more and more of our lives are being routed through the internet. >> wearable technologies and the cell phones are all connected to the internet. >> reporter: she says that any information is available to be hacked and relying on companies to protect our data is over. >> and given the breaches from home depot to target to sony, we can't count on them. so we really have to be doing our job and making sure that we protect our data. >> reporter: and the privacy fix might surprise you. >> some sort of masking tape or blue tape that we vhave at home is covering our cameras. so much for high-tech.
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low-tech is the answer. >> reporter: and of course h this is not the first time that a virtual break-in has happened in a baby monitor, and if you pull the plug out, it can wipe out the i.p. addresses of who hacked in and they remind people to change the default password when installing a baby monitor, and to turn them off when they are not in use. they are in high demand and a perfect storm if you will. >> it is maybe the bay area's hot new neighbor and how one of the valuable high-tech communities in the world may help one community strike it rich. did it go too far? the magazine cover that has women outraged. >> and the new information on alcohol that may have you re-thinking that next drink. and jeff ranieri with the new information on the next storm. we are tracking inging fog, and we
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will tell you where it is the thickest next.
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outrage in silicon valley over a controversial cover and title, and what silicon valley thinks of women. it is about women in the tech force and the hurdles, and the bias that many say they face. like many women in silicon valley few hold managerial position ss, and like other businesses, and the cover detracts from the impar tennessee of the issue of newsweek. >> what the heck! >> to me it is unfortunate,
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because people will see that like parents of young girls and say, don't go into the tech field, because this is what it is like. >> and newsweek has responded saying it is coming up with an image to represent what the story feels the valley feels about women. and now, salesmen are going door to door to urge people to sell high. it is the halo effect of the apple campus this in cupertino. >> the sights and sounds of construction usually make homeowners cringe especially when they learn it is a year and a half until the project is completed, but it is going to be for the spaceship-looking campus in cupertino of apple. it is why realtor andy fee is
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going door-to-door. >> we are going door-to-door, a because the market is very hot right now. >> reporter: he has many clients who work at apple, and he is canvassing the neighborhoods asking people to sell. >> it is what you have to do right now, because there is no houses on the market. >> no way, okay. >> reporter: homeowner after homeowner turn him down. >> you are likely to get 1 in 200. >> reporter: and people are not interested in selling their homes, but once they hear the pitch, they are out there looking into it. >> the estimate is $1.469. >> reporter: when i asked steve a month ago if he wanted to sell, he said no, but then last week, he had a new outlook. >> when the campus is closer to be live, you will see the pricinging of the houses ramp up. so if i were to consider it, it would not be until the market is near the top.
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>> reporter: on the other side of the campus, fredrick moved into the his home in october knowing that the value would spike, and paid $1.4 million and did some renovations. >> i am happy here, and i am not ready to move. it is not like we have to move, but if you come with the right price, sure. >> reporter: he has made a make me move list on zillow stating that he would be willing to move for $2 million. >> we have one or two houses forle sell, afor l forle sell in high demand, and perfect storm if you will. >> reporter: of the 35 homes for sale in the campus last year the average listing price was $1.34 million and the average selling price was $1.45 million, and about 8% more. and realtors expect that percentage to go up. >> i have a couple of clients who said, that calling in a year or two or three when they believe that the home values will increase 20 to 30%, and i
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think that they may be right. >> showing why you won't be seeing much complaining around this massive construction site. well another reason to think twice about having a second or third drink is that a new study links drinking to stroke. drinking is defined more than one drink a night for women, and more than two for men. it is linked to diabetes and high plood pressure,-- high blood pressure, after following twins. >> now, if a new law passes it would raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. it is because of new dayta showing that you are more likely to be addicted the younger you start smoking, but they expect
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major pushback from the tobacco companies. >> and should we be looking for the al fresco diet here? >> well we are tracking the clear conditions in the afternoon and right now in the 46 across the north bay and 45 in san francisco and the south bay where it is 53 but don't let these mainly fog-free conditions fool you. as you head throughout tomorrow morn g morning, you will see in the microclimate forecast, we are expecting the fog in the peninsula of the east bay and fog at times in san francisco and a cold start in the north bay at 41 degrees there. sis no other way to describe the weather pattern right here than stuck in the middle. we have a storm track way, way off to the north, and yet, we have the southern branch of the producing branch there por rainfall. so we have high pressure centered across the bay area and continually acting as a
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shield, and keeping any rainfall away, and with that the pattern in place, it is relatively quiet, aed when you have high pressure above, it is going to help the fog above. and you can see the forecast for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, from the peninsula to redwood city through palo alto and you can see some of it for al meeameda and you will see it moving rapidly in the morning for a mainly sunny forecast. so once we get over the clouds in the morning hours, we will have a nice day coming our way. we will have temperatures not only 5 to 10 degrees above average, but breezy winds from the northwest, at 10 to 20 miles per hour. and the dry and warming wind is a main factor of why the temperatures are going to feel warm warmer tomorrow. morgan hill will shoot up to 70, and palo alto to 68, and mild at the coastline at 67. and the coast temperatures
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should be in the upper 50s for this time of the year. in san francisco, 76 at the marina, and beautiful day in downtown san francisco at 68. for the north bay, and the east bay and the trivalley, the northwesterly wind ss will ramp up the temperatures from 73 and 72 respectively and some colder air in livermore to the have a harder time leaving the valley, so you will not get quite as warm but it will be warm at 63. so we will vhave the best weather saturday, and the temperatures will be around 70 for a lot of the bay, and 74 in the north bay, and sunday, it will cool off, but it is going to to be great for the super bowl sunday, guys. and check out this forecast. taking it a little while and the produce er is saying wrap, but. >> yes, we needed it. santa clara and phoenix perfect. >> up next lions, sharks and
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pass tri guest, and what katy perry revealed about the halftime show.
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most people in arizona this
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weekend will be partying soupuper bowl style, but one group from the bay area is on a business trip, and all about next year's super bowl. >> next year the soupuper bowl is going to be in santa clara and the planning committee is hard at work. >> the super bowl 50 host committee is down here looking at every aspect of the event, and the field itself out there and the pregame festivities and wondering what to do to make super bowl 50 at e levy stadium the best ever. >> reporter: there is a lot to learn from the nfl experience. you have guys heaving footballs, and girling heaving footballs, and you may have the next frank gore, and elaine perez is there, thinking that it was the 49ers in the big game and not seattle. >> it is excruciating and the pain, it is like searing. >> and you have the roman numeral stage.
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>> reporter: keith bruce wants to make sure that everything is going to go perfectly for the next super bowl because he is the ceo of the next super bowl. he has come to learn. >> and where do the fans congregate and what are they attracted to. >> reporter: at a super bowl xlix reception, it is clear that 50 will be different. >> and or the first time in super bowl history, we are going to be focused on philanthropy and putting money back into the community. >> and also, the next super bowl is going to be inclusive and not just events in santa clara and san francisco, but it is up and down the peninsula and the east bay and the south bay as well. in phoenix, terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> thank you. our super bowl coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. and following, we have a new
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"blacklist" and then the "tonight show" and then the documentary series" bay area revelations." >> that documentary is amazing. it is the untold storyies of the 49ers and the raiders in their super bowl championship series and rare photos and exclusive foes of legends like ronny lot and steve young and joe mt.ontana and that is going to be incredible. >> i have to have more snacks for that. >> yes, 10:00, and we have all day. >> and that is a lot of eating. >> yes. geraud moncure is next.
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good evening, geraud moncure here in the studios. a play for the splash brothers backcourt is set in motion. thompson's addition marks for the first time since the 1992 and 1993 season that the ws have had a multiple all-star nomination. all right. check this out, anthony reyes, empire barber lounge in concord, keeping it fresh with nice work
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on the patrons and this is one way to keep your favorite player in the back of your mind. and three days ago, he did a steph curry >> and now, oakland native marshawn lynch took advantage of the brief five-minute stint to speak his mind on the interview session as required by the nfl. >> i don't have nothing to say, but y'all know that, and you will sit here and right now continue to do the same thing. i am here to preparing for game and you want to ask me all of those questions. all of my requirements are full fulfilled, and now for the next three minutes, i am going to be looking at you, the way that the y'all are looking at me. >> all right. finally, nhl top team the ducks are make g aing a visit to the shark tank. down a goal, and joe thornton finding joe pavelski for the
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equalizer. and now barkley gaudreau breaking free. and now, 2-1, and the frenzy was on from there. the shark ss score six unanswered scores. and now, 4-0,-1 against anaheim this season. that is it for sports. more news coming up after the break. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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pop star katy perry is
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getting her face on for sunday's super bowl and the halftime performance which will have fireworks. today, she said to expect a shark and a lion which will roar on stage with her, and working in all of the songs. all right, expected on the stage, a very special musical guest and we know that lenny kravitz is guest starring but we know that the musical guest fou now is also missy elliot. >> you have been to her concert? >> oh, yes. >> and we can't wait for that. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- josh hutcherson -- tracey ullman -- musical guest, echosmith --


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