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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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can. the state's bureau of forensic services is being asked to help i.d. the victim. all the san francisco medical examiner will say at this point is the body belongs to a light-skinned man. >> thank you. the pleasemeasles are threading. these new cases are raising bigger concerns, because marin has the highest percentage of unvaccinated children. jodi hernandez, were those two kids vaccinated? >> reporter: the county health department says the two siblings were not vaccinated. they're among a pretty big group of schoolchildren here not fully vaccinated because of parent's personal beliefs. tonight, many doctor's offices are getting flooded with phone calls and visits from concerned parents.
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15-month-old cyrus is getting his measles vaccination. news of to confirmed cases where he lives has his parents nervous. >> the idea that it's here and people aren't vaccinated is upsetting to me and it's time that we move beyond the faulty research that's kind of led to people not being vaccinated. >> reporter: the health department confirms two siblings contracted the virus while at disney land. because they weren't at school during the time they were infectious, their schoolmates have not been asked to stay home. >> i'm worried that we're going to see more cases of measles. i'm very concerned that a child will get very sick. >> reporter: he's been swamped since yesterday trying to make sure his patients are up to date with vaccinations. what adds to his worries, the
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fact that the county has the highest rate in the bay area of children not fully vaccinated because of parent's personal beliefs. 6.5% of the county's school kids fall into that category. dr. nelson says some kids have clusters of unvaccinated children, as high as 30% to 50%. >> unless we have enough people in the community who have received their vaccines, the diseases will come back. >> reporter: again, that little boy you saw in the video did get his measles vaccine today. as far as the two children who contracted measles, they have been isolated and will remain so for three weeks. reporting live i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi thank you. this outbreak has many local doctors taking a hard stance against families who don't vaccinate their kids. many pediatricians are refusing any patients who is refusing
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vaccinations. some patients are saying it's effectively doctors firing the patients. many doctors say they're just setting the rules. >> i just tell them straight out, if they don't want vaccinated, i say this is not the right place for you to go period. >> most doctors point to overwhelming evidence proving the vaccines are safe and say it's not fair to have young children exposed to an unvaccinated person in their waiting room. the test results are in. two patients being treated for ebola do not have the virus. yesterday we told you about a patient that showed symptoms consistent with ebola, but a test done by the sacramento county public health lab came back negative. health officials haven't said whether the two cases are related. it's a major development in the investigation into the cozy relationship between pg&e and
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the state's public utilities commission. pg&e produced 65,000 e-mails that offered details on that relationship. tony, it was a massive stack of information released just today. >> reporter: no doubt, a massive amount of e-mails were posted online and the website crashed about 20 minutes ago. we got back in recently and we've gone through self-hundred of them and there's lots of details. here's what we're trying to confirm. this is what we're looking into. more evidence of inappropriate relationships between the utility regulator and the cpuc. basically, last year about 7,000 e-mails uncovered hundreds of improper communications between top execs and power brokers inside the puc. following the release of those documents, three top executives were fired from pg&e.
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state prosecutors have launched investigations into possible criminal action. san bruno has spent more than $200,000 to get these documents public. >> a lot of this shouldn't have happened in the first place. the exposure was not an accident. we're trying to get to the bottom of it. we want a safer utility and safer regulators as we go forward. >> reporter: pg&e did say the company has learned a critical lesson from this experience and is in the process of developing a world class regulatory compliance model. we'll hear more tonight at 6:00 and we'll have more on what we find inside those 65,000 e-mails. raj, it's literally 40 giga bytes of information. >> we know you'll be busy tonight. thank you, tony. out of the race. mitt romney said he's skipping the 2016 presidential race. romney, who was polling the
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highest as the next presidential republican nominee, said he wanted to give other gop leaders the chance to run. but there could be another reason. some of his supporters and big donors were defecting to other candidates. specifically jeb. bush was in san francisco last week giving the keynote for the national automobile dealer's association. tonight, how romney's decision shakes up the entire race for the white house. that's coming up in about 25 minutes at 5:30. okay. you ready for the big weekend? it's like a national holiday, super bowl sunday. less than 48 hours away. this is a live look at the stadium in arizona. a lot of dark clouds. it's been raining there throughout the day. about 100 million american also be tuned in. >> we have live team coverage. terry mcsweeney is in phoenix at the nfl fan experience. how fun. but we begin with dave feldman, also in arizona. the nfl commissioner addressed some tough questions today.
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>> reporter: janelle, there's no question about that. he was asked about the ray rice situation, about adrian peterson. and of course deflate gate which is really topic number one at super bowl xlix, because everyone wants to know did the patriots use this as an unfair advantage. what happened was, it was in the afc championship game and they want to know if the patriots deliberately or negligently underinflated footballs. robert kraft said if the pats are found not guilty he wants a public apology from his friend and the commissioner roger goodell. something the commissioner addressed today in his super bowl state of the union address. >> this is my job. this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. i represent 32 teams. all of us want to make sure the rules are being followed and if
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we have any information where a potential is that those rules were violated i have to pursue that and i have to pursue that aggressively. so this is my job. this is the job of the legal office. it is somewhat all 32 clubs expect, our fans expect and we will do it vigorously. it is important to be thorough and fair. >> reporter: interesting to note that robert kraft was not in attendance. usually the owner of one of the teams participating in the football is at the state of the union address. let's go back to you in the studio. >> thanks dave. no raiders or niners in the super bowl. but there are plenty of bay area fans in arizona for the big game. >> even if you don't have a ticket many fans checking out this called the nfl experience which is an interactive showcase, just a big party in downtown phoenix. a live look here. terry mcsweeney is at this party, having fun.
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terry, we'll have a similar setup in the bay area for next year's super bowl, right? >> reporter: yeah everything you see down here as you can see down here thousands and thousands of people take all this and put it into san francisco, that's what is going to be happening the first week of february next year. this is a football fan's heaven. take a look at something else. this is very interactive. you can play, you can pass you can punt kick run an obstacle course, kick field goals. i sawing? that blew my mind. this woman wearing a seattle jersey, and even a seattle skirt, posing as if she's michael crabtree of the 49ers. maybe crabtree is going to be a sea hawk next year but i told this woman with dual loyalties, i was confused.
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>> oh, i know. but i'm torn between them. yeah. >> reporter: which way are you leaning? because the people in the bay area want to know honestly. >> san francisco. >> if i were from seattle, would you say seattle? >> no, no. >> reporter: she's an honest woman. i'm told a million people coming through the nfl experience over this week here leading up to the super bowl. $40 each for adults. you add it up kids are free but still a lot of money. when it's all said and done right behind me is what this is all about, the vince lombardi trophy. live in phoenix, terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> glad we know where her loyalties lie. she's niners fan at heart. watch the super bowl this sunday right here on nbc bay area. the super sized pregame show begins at 10:00 a.m. and kickoff
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at 3:30. people living in one san jose neighborhood say they're at war with thieves and many are blaming the police department. coming up, hear what some homeowners are doing to pro-stekt themselves. planning your next trip to yosemite. the change you'll see at the park entrance. something that hasn't happened in nearly two decades. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of low 70s across the bay area. but right now tracking fog here. we'll have details on how it will impact your weekend coming up. then at 6:00 an end of an era for people who brought us "shrek." >> it's been an institution in the bay area. >> dreamworks is leaving the bay area and 400 people without a job. that's next at 6:00.
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new at 5:00 a home invasion
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in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. it happened today. police say a woman knocked on the door of this home and when a woman answered she asked to use the bathroom. once inside she brought in a male accomplice. together, they tied up the woman who answered that door and hit her on the head. also demanding cash and valuables. it happened at a home just west of 280. people living in san jose's almandan valley are under attack. in the last seven days burglars have hit 20 homes. this is the same area where neighbors hired a private security company to protect themselves but it doesn't appear to be a deterrent. michelle roberts joins us live with more on this growing problem there. michelle? >> reporter: this is a beautiful neighborhood. people spend a lot of money on taxes, but they're up zest that the police department isn't doing more some even investing in private security to drive
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around. but not even that is working. >> just doing a routine check on the houses. >> reporter: it's a full-time job. his private security firm has been hired by several homeowners to canvas the streets here. >> they say there's a lot of people installing alarms. >> reporter: mary ellen says her neighborhood is at war with burglars. in the last 90 days 176 burglaries have been reported. six homes on tuesday alone. >> the police are down on men. there isn't enough to cover the area. >> reporter: police say there are only two detectives investigating burglaries in san jose compared to 18 back in 2008. >> we are not safe. we're not happy. >> reporter: tatjana says she's worried about her home and well-being. >> the kids come home after school during the daytime. >> reporter: police say the thieves are generally breaking into empty homes looking for
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jewelry and electronics. so far the police and private security can't keep up. >> we're coming after you. we will catch you. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: police don't have any leads at this point. the best advice is keep your doors locked and invest in a security camera. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. would a local high school principal steal from her students? vicky nguyen has the story. >> reporter: guys, we obtained an audit conducted that was they have made public until now. what we learned from these records plus information from insiders adds up to thousands of dollars that didn't go to students or their schooling. records show the former principal set up a private slush fund that was against district policy spending money on meals, clothing, even lotto tickets.
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the district found some $7300 worth of expenses that didn't even have receipts or explanations including checks that catching wrote to herself. former staffers say cash from student fund raisers simply disappeared when she was in charge of the money. >> we didn't know what happened. we double counted ourselves. we never made a mistake hike that before. $500 is not a small amount. >> reporter: where did the money go? what happened to the $7,000 in expenses? she didn't have much to say, but we have a lot more to tell you about tonight at 11:00. what happened to at least $10,000 in rental fees that should have been paid to the district? the police report filed after money went missing from her school safe and why the superintendent stopped investigating. we're holding the powerful accountable tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a tip for vicky nguyen or anyone else we urge
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you to give us a call. here is our tipline. or send us an e-mail. just in a new case of measles. this one on the peninsula. health officials confirmed a third case there. california's currently experiencing a large outbreak many linked to a visit to disneyland in december. it's unclear how this person contracted the disease, who this person is or if this case is linked to that disneyland outbreak. a trip to yosemite will cost you more. starting in march, if you come during the off-season which is november through march, it's $25 per car, instead of $20. the rest of the year is $30. annual passes are also going up as well as camp site fees. >> it is nice yosemite weather. >> off-season you can get a good price. >> jeff ranieri joins us now
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with the super bowl weekend forecast. >> we did start off with fog this morning. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine building in throughout the bay area. blue skies the current moment. the only spot where we've seen fog roll in at times has been the peninsulas. so it's not going to be a totally clear morning for tomorrow. here's the thing. i don't think it's going to be as foggy as this morning. we'll take a look at the forecast. throughout your saturday morning, we'll start out clear in the north bay. san francisco a little bit of fog, also for the peninsula. the south bay, which was shrouded in cloud cover, should start off sunny with 44 degrees. throughout your weekend forecast a slight just a small fluctuation in this region. high pressure moving in and will provide a shield keeping the rainfall away. but it will help to drive
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offshore winds. it will be breezy maybe gusty at times tomorrow morning. 15 to 30-mile-per-hour but your average wind speed is going to be about 5 to 15 miles per hour. but that's a drying and warming wind. so throughout the afternoon hours, 10 to 15-mile-per-hour coming out of the north and the east. should help to boost up the temperatures. here's what it will mean on throughout saturday. it will stir up the air enough. we should not have a spare the air day in effect. the air quality will be moderate at least. sunny skies and temperatures as we end january here pushing into the low 70s. 73 in morgan hill. 71 also for san jose. palo alto will shoot up to 71 and sunny skies. close to that in pacifica. most of san francisco will be close to that 70-degree mark. the financial district heading out to the farmer's market, right around 70 by the average.
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yes, possibly some shorts weather tomorrow. 75 in napa. 74 in santa rosa. tri-valley low 70s. so for the weekend forecast it will be the mildest on saturday's forecast. and by sunday it will cool down a little bit. but if you have any afternoon plans for the super bowl outdoor festivities, you have some great weather here on super bowl sunday. and if you're heading to arizona on a private jet, here's the weather for you. 71, a little cloud cover. wouldn't that be good a private jet? >> if i got tickets to the super bowl. i just can't get tickets. >> thanks jeff. still ahead, shug knight arrested for murder. why his attorney believes his name will be cleared. when disaster strikes, many
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pets get lost in the struggle. now the technology that could lead to more happy reunions.
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suge knight has been charged with murder. investigators say he got into an argument yesterday in los angeles and ran over two men with his truck, killing one of them. knight's attorney says he's actually the victim and that he was attacked by several people and tried to escape. he's known for his involvement in the shooting of tupac in 1996. new information on a man who
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offered an underage woman money for sex. police say he approached the girl on her way to school and offered her $800 for sex. it happened near 87th street. a big score for emeryville police. they released these photos today of stolen items they found in a home during a probation search. 16 ipads and tablets, thousands in cameras and equipment. jewelry, and a large amount of foreign currency. the detectives are returning the property to their rightful owners. losing property during a disaster is bad enough but losing a pet can be more devastating. tonight, there's a way to reunite owners and their pets. students at the university of colorado created the site called the
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jimmy mallon has big plans for super bowl sunday. details next.
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tonight at 6:00, another security breach. we're getting new details into our newsroom on a trespasser -- regarding a trespasser at san jose airport. we'll have that at 6:00. >> this sunday jimmy fallon is keeping the party going after the super bowl with so many surprise guests, he just can't contain himself.
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>> we're doing this crazy, fun thing at the beginning that i really can't say much about, except there's going to be 30 famous people doing one bit and it's -- >> 30 famous people this >> yeah yeah yeah. and together we did something and we've been doing it and saving it. it's exciting. it's that big. >> you entered him too, raj. >> we'll be hanging with jimmy fallon, as well. >> we've got a lot of good tv on sunday. raj will be here. will you be here jeff? >> yes. >> right after the super bowl watch a new episode of "the blacklist" and then nbc bay area news with raj, jeff and jessica. and after that jimmy fallon. a jam packed evening on super bowl sunday. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. "nightly news" is next. find us on twitter and facebook. >> have a good night and great weekend. bye, folks.
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on our broadcast tonight, playing defense. the nfl commissioner's first public comments about accusations of cheating before the super bowl and the extreme measures in place tonight to keep everyone there safe. stopping the spread of measles in the same state hosting the super bowl and beyond. tonight, the family of a child who had the vaccine who caught the virus anyway. moment of truth. the decision from mitt romney today about the race for president and how this shakes up the entire race for the white house. and slippery slope. say it ain't so say the kids who love winter as cities and towns ban sledding because they just can't afford the lawsuits over it. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian


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