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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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cases in the state, 14 confirmed cases in the bay area. the map you're looking at shows the five bay area counties dealing with measles right now. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in san rafael and obviously the marin cases could be worrisome for a good chunk of people there because a lot of kids there are not vaccinated. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. marin county has the highest rate of unvaccinated school children in the entire bay area. and you can bet that is causing a lot of concern tonight as the county health department here confirms that two children here have contracted the virus. 15-month-old cyrus is getting his measles vaccination. news of two confirmed cases of measles in marin county where cyrus lives has his parents a bit nervous. >> so the idea that it's here and people aren't vaccinated is -- that's upsetting to me. i think it's time that we move beyond the faulty research that has kind of led to people not being vaccinated.
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>> reporter: the marin county health department confirms two siblings contracted the virus while at disneyland. but because they weren't at school during the time they were infectious, their unvaccinated schoolmates have not been asked to stay home. >> i'm worried that we're going to see more cases of measles. i'm very concerned that a child will get very sick. >> reporter: pediatrician nelson branko has been swamped since yesterday, trying to make sure all of his patients are up to date with their vaccinations. he says what adds to his worry, the fact that marin county has the highest rate in the bay area of children who are not fully vaccinated because of their parents' personal beliefs. 6.5% of the county school kids fall into that category. dr. branko says some marin county schools have clusters of unvaccinated children as high as 30 to 50%. >> and unless we have community immunity, unless we have enough people in the community who have received their vaccines, the diseases will come back.
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>> reporter: little cyrus may not have enjoyed it but he is now vaccinated. his parents feel relieved. >> as a parent i'm happy my kid is getting the vaccination. and i just can't -- i can't -- i can't really deal with what everyone else has chosen to do. but hopefully we're okay. >> reporter: now children must be at least 12 months old before they can get the measles vaccine. so parents of little ones are especially worried tonight. now the two children who have contracted measles here we are told have been safely put into isolation and will remain there for the next three weeks. reporting live in marin county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, jodi. we want to show you a county by county look at vaccination rates. you just heard from jodi. marin has the highest rate of student exemptions from immigrations due to personal beliefs. sonoma county is next with a rate of 5.5%. napa county's rate is closer to 3%. san francisco, san mateo,
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alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties are all under 2%. breaking news now in the south bay. a lot of smoke in downtown san jose right next to the sap center. this is a live look near where the scene. we just got off the phone with the fire department. right now crews are working to put out a fire which apparently is at a homeless encampment. let's take a look at what this looked like a few minutes ago. about 10 to 15 minutes ago. the fire is now under control. we have a crew heading to the scene, in fact arriving at the scene. once again, this is a small fire next to the sap center in san jose. the moment we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. >> this also just in to our newsroom. a man was caught jumping a fence trying to get into mineta san jose international. this is yet another security breach at the airport. authorities say it happened just before midnight last night. the man managed to scale the first line of fences, but was then stopped by a security guard. this is the third time someone has managed to get through
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airport security within the past year. last april you might recall a teenager stowaway snuck on to the runway and then on to the wheel well of a plane bound for hawaii there is also a woman who snuck past tsa and successfully boarded a flight to l.a. last august. well it has taken more than two years and more than $200,000 doled out by the city of san bruno. but tonight the public has an inside look at the relationship between the state's energy regulator and pg&e. >> a judge ordered it. and within the past couple of hours, pg&e has produced 65,000 e-mails between pg&e officials and the cpuc. our chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski has been going through the e-mails. tony, it's a lot to digest. what have you found so far? >> literally a mountain of information. 65,000 e-mails made up 40 gigabytes of information. we've been looking through them for the last couple of hours. it's literally going to take several days. the contents of this e-mail caught our attention.
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authored by an administrative law judge at the cpuc and sent to one of pg&e's vice presidents who was fired during the scandal, referring to the puc, it says we will be defending how we can allow rate payers to pick up the tab for what will appear to the general public and media as pg&e negligence end quote that was written less than six months after the deadly san bruno explosion. since then the city has fought to expose failures of cpuc and pg&e in the months leading up to the pipeline exploding and killing eight. >> we have turned over absolutely everything we have. we have a now era of transparence it is. that's what we're calling for, for all parties to have access to all communications. that's what we're looking to bring to pass today. >> it doesn't say a whole lot about transparence it is. it's transparency that has been locked up for a long time. we're really searching for justice and transparency going forward there is nothing else in it for us. we hope to see what these
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e-mails hide. >> you can clearly feel the conflict continuing. several times we asked pg&e's spokesperson if the company had found anything troubling in the e-mails released today. each time the spokesperson dodged that question. so our dig through the 65,000 e-mails continues. realize this is nearly ten times the number of e-mails that forced pg&e to fire three top executives and ultimately force cpuc president michael peevey to step down at the end of his term last year. jesse? >> thank you very much. tony will be waiting for your results. if you have a tip for tony or investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to there are no case of ebola in california. late today test results showed a possible ebola patient in sacramento does not have the potentially deadly virus. and then there is this. test results also came back negative today for a suspected ebola patient at the uc davis medical center. that's also in sacramento.
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public health administrators haven't said whether the cases or the patients are related. okay. the countdown to the kickoff is on. we are now officially less than 48 hours to the super bowl. >> it's fun. >> yes. a live look now in phoenix. it's the nfl experience. it's a little wet outside. but that's not going to dampen the experience for lots of folks. >> and the fans mean money. how much cash does the game generate for the host city? with super bowl 50 at levi's stadium next year, this is obviously a timely question. we have a team of reporters in the desert. dave feldman is covering the headlines from the nfl commissioner's speech today. we begin with terry mcsweeney who is also in phoenix. and terry, the value of the super bowl. that's the question here. how much money will it generate for the area? >> reporter: well according to the phoenix chamber of commerce this super bowl week, and you look at the nfl experience here in downtown phoenix you see the crowds, you start thinking they might be right when they say it's worth about $600 million to the local economy.
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but as a stanford economist will tell you, that that $600 million estimate is about $600 million too high. come sunday more than 70,000 football fans will pack university of phoenix stadium in glendale just as fans will pack levi's stadium in santa clara next february for super bowl 50. many fans come to town a week early and spend a lot says todd sanders of the great chamber of commerce phoenix. >> we're predicting $600 million. >> reporter: but that is disputed by stanford economics professor. he says places like arizona and california have winter tourists anyway. so the super bowl is not super. >> all that happens is the super bowl attendees just displace normal tourists. and nothing really happens except the price of hotels goes up. >> we're also hearing from cab companies, limo companies, security companies all the way down the line you're hearing from different companies who are seeing the impact of this game.
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>> reporter: sunday's game is in glendale, a suburb of phoenix. next year the game will be at levi's stadium in santa clara, even further from the host city san francisco. >> santa clara has very little in the way of hotels and restaurants. it has relatively little to do. so that most of the benefit will either be in san jose or all the way up in san francisco. >> make sure that your local businesses have an idea of how they can participate, how they can benefit from the game. >> how you doing? >> reporter: the ceo of the super bowl 50 host committee says he is not about to predict what his super bowl will be worth. >> other host cities have predicted anywhere from 300 to $600 million. we're going to hold off until our super bowl is over so we can collect actual data. >> so why exactly would all these cities around the united states want the super bowl so badly? according to professor knowles, so committee members can travel around to the other super bowls and live a rather high life.
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however, the people at the chamber of the commerce and in the bay area say any chance you have to promote your area do it especially on this kind of stage. i mean, it is the super bowl. live in phoenix, terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> it does look like people are having fun. >> you have some dancers behind you, terry. from terry mcsweeny, let's bring in feldy, dave feldman who is at one of the other big parties tonight. we're talking about serious headlines with the commissioner kind of a state of the union or state of the league. >> absolutely, raj. one of the things you know when he gets to the super bowl, you have covered a lot of these. he is asked a myriad of questions. topic number one today, at least one of them after you got over the inflated or deflated football is marshawn lynch, the nfl's leading rusher who pete carroll says is just being himself. so don't blame him. he is not a me maine guy. he is not a selfish guy. he doesn't like talking about himself. but at media day as we all know, lynch stood in front of a microphone actually sat down for about five minutes and said "i'm just here so i won't get
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fined." he said it about 29 times, and then he left after four or five minutes. today roger goodell was asked what he thought of marshawn lynch and using fewer words? >> you know i've been very clear that when you're in the nfl, you have an obligation. an obligation to the fans. it is part of your job. and there are things that we all have to do in our jobs that we may not necessarily want to do. i understand it may not be on the top of his list. but everyone else is cooperating. everyone else is doing their part because it is our obligation. and as i say, there are a lot of things we don't like to do in our jobs. but it comes with the territory. and it comes with the privilege of playing in the super bowl. >> now, after media day two days later, marshawn lynch said look i don't like to talk. i never have. i don't like the attention to go to me. it should go to linemen. it should go to other people. he told that one-on-one to a
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writer. to everyone else he said "i'm here so i won't get fined." coming up later on, a look atom brady who, raj and jessica, may be the best quarterback on the planet, not necessarily the best athlete in his own san mateo home. very interesting. but we'll explain that a little later on. >> thank you, feldy. yes, his sisters are very good athletes. >> i think gisele is a good athlete too. >> that's right. you can watch the super bowl this sunday right here on nbc bay area. get all your party preps ready. our pregame show begins at 10:00 a.m., and then kickoff at 3:30 in the afternoon. it's the end of an era for bay area animation. i'm scott budman. coming up, we'll take you inside a studio that is closing its doors. and it's being called a person of interest. the clues these surveillance pictures could hold. the san francisco police investigate a suitcase filled with body parts. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a mild day today with temperatures pushing into the low 70s.
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we'll talk more about tomorrow's weather and where we expect the 70s in just a few minutes.
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developing news in san francisco this evening stemming from that gruesome discovery earlier this week. police are zeroing in on this man who may have some answers about the human body parts found in a suitcase. nbc bay area's nannette miranda joins us from the hall of justice this evening with more. nanette? >> reporter: well san francisco police believe, raj, that this man is a transient, a homeless person and that they admit they are having a difficult time locating him. here is the picture that investigators released earlier today. they say it comes from surveillance video. he is a white man in his 50s with facial hair 5'7" or 5'8" wearing a pinstripe ball cap, a blue and orange jacket and light blue jeans. police say he was seen in an
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area on 11th street south of market wednesday right around the time the suitcase containing a human torso was discovered. three people have already been detained and questioned in the case but all have been released. authorities are also quick to stress that right now this man is a person of interest. >> it was too soon to call anybody a suspect because we're trying to determine, a, what happened and was this body dumped here did it happen nearby, did it even happen in san francisco. >> investigators are also continuing the grim task of searching for more body parts, noting that more human remains were found not far from the suitcase in a trash can. meanwhile, the state's bureau of forensic services is being called upon to help id the victim. all the medical examiner's office will say at this point is that the body belongs to a light-skinned man. live in san francisco, nannette miranda, nbc news. >> thank you. a follow-up on the deadly fire in san francisco's mission district. the city is teaming up with the
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red cross and the salvation army to open a temporary shelter to house 67 people displaced by that blaze. the health department has red tagged the building, meaning that no one is allowed inside. today work crews boarded up the windows. meanwhile, some businesses salvaged what equipment they could. others found a way to stay open during the rebuilding process. >> the business that we have, bakery, it supplies a couple other restaurants. so we're looking for space to temporarily bake our breads. and then of course long-term more permanently to get up and running again. >> the fire killed one man and injured six others. officials say it could take years to make that building accessible again. only on nbc bay area it's the end of an era. dreamworks animation which gave us movies like shrek and how to train your dragon is closing its redwood city studios. it's a cost cutting move which means hundreds of jobs will be cut. nbc bay area's scott budman was
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invited to the studio's last hurrah. scott, you're in redwood city there. they've given us so many great memories, not just for us but for our kids. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, raj. it is a bittersweet evening here at dreamworks animation where hundreds of the most creative people you'll ever meet had to spend the day saying goodbye to their jobs and their colleagues. >> ready, guys? ready? >> reporter: they gathered for one last group photo. >> and i'm not going to make any speeches. >> reporter: and yes, because this is silicon valley -- >> this is about the picture. >> reporter: there was a drone taking pictures too. employees of dreamworks animation waving at the camera but also waving goodbye. >> it's been an institution in the bay area. >> reporter: some of the world's best animators and storytellers. who gave us and our families "shrek" and "madagascar" gathering with their own families to close a chapter. >> just reliving the memories,
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the fun we had, the many mistakes we made. all that we learned together. >> it's a family we built. for me, we started 35 years ago. because we love what we do. i mean we had no idea what we were doing. but it's just amazing to see so many young people picked up on our footsteps and carry it on. so it's very proud to see this group here accomplish what they have accomplished. >> reporter: the redwood city studio that opened back in 2012 with fanfare. >> welcome, welcome on this very sad day. >> reporter: is now shutting down because of budget cuts. >> it's amazing to see everybody here all together. >> reporter: 400 people are looking for work. >> every production we do a photo of the crew. and we thought it would be nice to do one last one of everybody who has been here. >> reporter: remembering all the work they did here and the memories they made. now some of the people you just saw have been offered positions at dreamworks studios headquarters down in southern
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california. but the great majority of them will be looking for work as of next week. reporting live in redwood city scott budman nbc bay area news. >> that just feels like a huge loss, doesn't it? . that is so sad. there are so many of the movies we all grew up on and our kids grew up on as well. >> love those movies. hopefully it will all work out. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're looking at a sunny weekend for the super bowl. >> yes, it is shaping up just the way we would like it to be. we love that rainfall. but of course if we can't get it, might as well enjoy this awesome weather. today was definitely a prelude to what we're going the experience on saturday. you can see in our microclimate forecast right now. temperatures primarily in the 50s here for a lot of the interior valleys. for the south bay, we're averaging 57. the only hitch here is across the peninsula, some areas of fog developing right now at the coastline. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, what you will notice is temperatures will average warmer primarily up into the north bay with 74 degrees, unheard of for this time of year. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees
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above our average. we'll be at around 70 for the tri-valley and the south bay also expecting 70. even though we'll start with a few areas of fog near the coastline and the peninsula for the morning hours, you should still rebound to a sunny sky by the afternoon. so let's take you to the trend, as we head throughout the next three-day period. saturday will be the warmest. again, low 70s expected in the south bay. then by sunday and also monday we'll see temperatures cool down. but not overly cold. and also a little bit of cloud cover will move. in we'll see the same. with upper 60s by sunday. and for super bowl sunday in san francisco, we got those clouds and also 67 degrees. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, there it is. there is the warm tomorrow. temperatures averaging 74 to 75 degrees. i'll even still keep some low 70s in my sunday's forecast and monday holding on to 72 degrees. let's get you into the super bowl forecast for sunday. if you're heading to arizona you're on a hopper flight. you're lucky enough to have tickets or go there and tailgate. you can't even get in let's say.
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we are expecting 71 degrees. the rainfall we've been tracking. when you see a lot of the reporters out there in the wet weather, that's going to be moving out by sunday. i think the only problem may be fog in the morning. but then we'll have sunny skies in the afternoon. any kind of party in santa clara, 70 degrees. and we'll have some clouds in san francisco on sunday and conditions in the 60s. now coming up in the full forecast we'll take a look at 2016 and the super bowl in the bay area and what temperatures typically average so we can see maybe what we might experience next year. >> all right. very good. thank you. well coming up tesla caught testing. the video stirring a lot of speculation about the company's next model. also, the white house wants your dna. inside the plan that could solve diseases by tracking more than a million americans.
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a terrifying experience for san francisco woman today who was tied up and robbed during a home invasion attack that was orchestrated by another woman. police say a woman knocked on the door of the victim's home in the ocean view neighborhood.
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they chatted and then the woman asked to use the bathroom. investigators say once she was inside she phoned a male accomplice. together they tied up the homeowner and repeatedly hit her on the head demanding cash and valuables. this would make a lot of people happy. a big score for emeryville police. they released these photos today of some of the stolen items they found in a home during a recent probation search. 16 ipads and tablets, thousands of dollars in cameras and equipment, jewelry, and a large sum of foreign currency. the detectives are now returning this property to the rightful owners. well tesla unveiled its model x car in 2012 but it has yet to hit the production line. the car could be very close, though, to that milestone. it appears the model x is in the testing phase. the video was captured wednesday at the old alameda naval air station, and it reportedly shows a model x sharply accelerating and braking and corners at high speeds. tesla debuted its all-wheel drive version of the model s last year.
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and while the company is not commenting on the video, they did confirm that the model x is being road tested. many doctors in california and the bay area say they will see patients who haven't been vaccinated for measles. i'm robert handa live in san jose. why some doctors are taking such a hard line and how far they'll take that policy. people living in one san jose neighborhood say they are fed up with thieves and frustrated with the police department. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear how some homeowners are trying to protect themselves. and a music mogul is under arrest. what suge knight's lawyer says will free his client.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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right now at 6:30. new evidence of the measles. the outbreak in the bay area. this morning, marin announced two children have the virus. this afternoon san mateo county announced its third case. and this evening, solano county announcing its first measles case. the growing outbreak has many doctors reexamining their patient policy. the question whether to treat patients who refuse to get vaccinated. one southern california doctor caught national attention when some patients said he essentially fired them for refusing measles vaccines. now we're discovering many bay area doctors have a similar policy. nbc's robert handa talked with some of those doctors today and joins us in san jose with more on their reasoning.
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robert? >> reporter: well raj, we are here near good samaritan hospital in san jose where there are numerous medical offices all along samaritan drive. many do have a similar policy towards patients who have not been vaccinated. no vaccine, no service. >> big deep breath. oh, that's so good. >> reporter: dr. claire vaccinated 4-year-old diego when he was a year old. the san jose pediatrician says she only accepts patients who have been or plan to be vaccinated. although she doesn't like the term, she acknowledges she has essentially fired patients who agreed to the policy but then changed their minds. >> if at that point they say well i still don't really want to have this vaccine, then i give them -- i give them an option of reconsidering. and if they do not, then i give them recommendations for finding a new pediatrician who is willing to accept them. >> but you draw a hard line? >> hard line, yes. >> landon. >> reporter: she is not alone. dr. cardin armand also on
6:31 pm
samaritan drive points out children don't get vaccinated until they're at least a year old. and he wants those families to feel safe. >> so children 6 month, 9 months, 10 months they can all get measles, and they haven't been vaccinated. it's not fair to those children to be exposed to unvaccinated person. >> reporter: there is an ongoing ethical debate about the policies. but billy cunningham approves of dr. armand's attitude. >> people really don't understand. and a lot of people are dismissive about the potential danger of measles. so i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: now, the american academy of pediatrics does discourage doctors from discharging patients for that reason. but acknowledge a change may be necessary if the relationship becomes unworkable. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> very interesting. thank you, robert. well obama care part two. the president announcing a new health care initiative only this appears to have bipartisan
6:32 pm
support. it's called precision medicine and the president says he needs the public's help to pull it off. he wants dna from a million volunteers that information would be gleaned and entered into a database to help doctors better understand genetics and diseases and then used to improve and personalize treatment for patients. top scientists at ucsf was at the president's white house news conference today. he says the database will take some time to develop. but calls the plan revolutionary. >> will reveal correlations that will illuminate causes of disease, suggest experiments for basic understanding of biological processes in ways we haven't had before. >> the president wants to use $215 million from his federal budget to launch the initiative. he promised the privacy of patients will be protected. he is out of the race. mitt romney, who has been polling near the top of the republican field says he is not going to run for president in 2016. he says it's time for other gop leaders to take the lead. some political experts say there
6:33 pm
may be another reason though. money. in recent weeks, some of his big dollar donors have been supporting other candidates specifically former florida governor jeb bush. bush announced a few weeks ago that he formed a committee to explore a presidential run. gangster rap music mogul marion suge knight has been charged with murder. you can see the death row records founder turning himself in to police early this morning. investigators say knight got into an argument yesterday in los angeles and ran over two men with his truck, killing one of them. his attorney says he is actually the victim in the case and that he was attacked by several people, and that knight was simply trying to escape. suge knight is known for his involvement in the shooting death of bay area rapper tupac shakur back in 1996. what else can they do? people in san jose's alma din valley say they're under attack and there is only two officers to investigate these burglaries. last week 20 homes were hit all in this area. and that comes after this
6:34 pm
neighborhood has hired private security to help keep them safe. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in almadine value valley. >> it still isn't enough to protect these homes. >> well we are not safe. we're not happy. >> reporter: tatiana says the almadin valley in san jose is buzzing. the topic, the latest string of burglaries. six homes were hit on tuesday alone. >> this year it's like invasion. it's like a war came to us to tell you the truth. >> reporter: in the last 90 days, there have been 176 reports of burglaries in the area. in most cases, the thieves are breaking in during the day. >> the police are kind of down on the men. there isn't enough to cover the area. >> reporter: staffing woes mean
6:35 pm
there are only two detectives investigating burglaries in san jose. that's down from 18 back in 2008. that's why several homeowners have hired a private security firm to patrol the streets in almadin valley. >> just doing a routine check on the houses. >> reporter: capp security has a guard in the area 24/7. marianne contributes $40 a month for the service. >> no one is leaving anything around, there is nothing here to take other than our sense of security. >> reporter: which he admits has been shaken. she hopes it's a matter of time before the burglars have been caught. >> we are coming after you. we will catch you. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: police at this point don't have any leads on any of these cases. they say your best advice is to lock your doors and invest in a surveillance camera. reporting live in san jose, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. well still ahead, floating toward history. the record-breaking day for this transatlantic balloon crew.
6:36 pm
and it's all in the feathers. what these birds can now tell us about the health of bay area lands. and i'm dave feldman in phoenix, arizona, site of super bowl xlix. coming up in sports, tom brady like you've never seen him before. how a very strong female influence changed the way the quarterback of the new england patriots became a man. all that coming up in sports.
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the deliveries are all done. after 36 years of service, san jose's postmaster is hanging up his mailbag. sammy vazquez said goodbye to coworkers today, his last day at the meridian post office. he started out as a mailman and
6:39 pm
worked his way up to the top. he says a lot has changed since he first started delivering mail, especially with the rise of the internet and e-mail. but he stayed committed to the end and offered a few tips for those still on the job. >> be careful with dogs and everything else. my first attack was by a goose. i told people when i got back from the route and they asked how did you do? they knew it was a bad dog route. i did okay with the dogs but i didn't know how to deal with the goose. and you don't spray geese. >> vazquez says his next job will be baby-sitting his grandchildren. >> very nice. not just the seahawks and patriots. guess who else is working on super bowl sunday? well we are here and so is jimmy fallon. we spent some time with jimmy this week. he is here on the west coast. this was yesterday in los angeles. and remember when he came in last year? >> yes. >> he is so humble and so genuine, always smiling with everyone. he is getting ready for a week of shows in l.a. but the real big show is this sunday night in phoenix as super bowl spectacular. >> it's insane.
6:40 pm
what we've done for the super bowl is exactly what we can do. it's like everyone is working at on all cylinders, cranking going forward. will ferrell kevin hart we're doing a lip-synch battle. special guests. the first 15 minutes is a section that i can't -- >> secret section? >> a secret section. and it's at least 30 people that you recognize doing a bit. and it's cool. >> ooh. it's going to be really cool. a lot of good stuff on sunday. after the super bowl. so you got the game and then you got a special episode of "blacklist" followed by our newscast, and then of course jimmy's big spectacular live from phoenix. this should be a lot of fun. >> someone has a new bff, right? >> he is all our buddies. when he came in here last year he was all of our buddies. >> i remember him hanging around your desk a lot. >> so are you going to be one of the 30 people? >> the secret people. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> we do have some great weather
6:41 pm
coming our way for super bowl sunday. can't wait for that. oh you guys are good with him. you can see a little bit of fog there in san francisco. we'll talk more what that means for the weekend forecast and if there is any kind of rainfall coming any time soon in just a few minutes.
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communitying with nature will soon cost you more. for the first time in 18 years, yosemite national park is raising entrance fees. starting in march, it will go up $5 a car to $25 in the off-season which runs november through march. the rest of the year, entrance will be 30 bucks. annual passes will also be going up. even campsite fees will be slightly higher too. new at 6:00 a lot of people fly through the bay area. so do a lot of migratmigrateing bird. traditionally they travel light. but scientists are now equipping
6:44 pm
these birds with leg bands and even little birdie backpacks. >> reporter: in the tangled shores of the bolinas lagoon trees and shrubs are alive with song. deep in these layers of green, delicate work is under way. >> so we're here today mist netting and banding song birds. you can see how tightly this bird is hanging on to the net. >> reporter: a series of long nets are tucked into the trees. >> and mist nets are a strong mesh net strung up sort of like a volleyball net. >> reporter: and every once in a while those nets become occupied by unsuspecting songbird. >> they fly in and get caught and we safely remove the bird. this is an individual we have caught before. >> reporter: for two decades, researchers from point blue conservation have studied song birds in this vast open space preserve in marin county catching and banding hundreds of birds each year. >> reporter: we're primarily
6:45 pm
interested in tracking songbird populations and seeing how they're doing. >> reporter: it's a careful task with fragile subjects. once the birds are caught -- >> we're going to take all the measurements. >> reporter: they're measured and weighed. >> 8.8 grams. >> reporter: and given a very careful once over. >> we need to part the feathers to see the skin. >> reporter: songbird are sort of encompassed in the sparrow, the warblers the kinglets and chickadees. >> they're capture and banded and finally released. but renee comier and her team will see many of these birds again. >> we recapture about 30% of the birds. >> reporter: but the prize capture for the researchers is a fox sparrow. >> chocolatey brown. pretty feisty. >> reporter: and although fox sparrows return to the preserve each winter little is known about their travels or their breeding ground. >> i'm putting a color band on it. >> reporter: so when a fox sparrow turns up they're fitted
6:46 pm
with a tiny gps transmitter which are programmed to record positions during the bird's journey. >> and when they return next winter, we'll be able to remove the tag, download the data and figure out where they went. >> reporter: it's only in the last few years the devices have become small and light enough to attach to songbird bringing a new glimpse into a well-worn path. >> song birds can tells us a lot about the greater environment. we use them as an indicator to see the health of the ecosystem. >> reporter: but here in this lush coastal habitat of meandering streams and sheltering trees. >> it's mostly a life that is happily for the birds. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. a little history in the skies over california tonight. the two eagles helium balloon set off from japan sunday. and after a week of floating over the pacific ocean, the two-man crew has traveled far enough and long enough to set two new world records. it's flying at such high altitudes that the men have needed oxygen for days. the support crew is tracking
6:47 pm
them from the ground around the trip is not over yet. here is a live look at the route, which is now past the 6,000 mile mark. and it stayed aloft for more than 140 hours. both of those new records. the crew is hoping to end their record float on a sand dune in baja california tonight, or maybe early tomorrow morning, weather permitting. >> a lot going on here. >> a lot of pressure on jeff now. weather permitting. >> how is the weekend look? >> we're going to clear it out after a little bit of morning fog. we'll see. it looks like things will be able to go off a problem. in san jose clear conditions. ten mile plus visibility. right now 57. we'll take you into the microclimate forecast for tomorrow morning. as we head into your saturday i think the two biggest problems will be across the peninsula with patchy areas of fog at the immediate coastline to about woodside and also here across san francisco we'll have some patchy fog. we will start off clear in the south bay after a lot of fog this morning. it will be a nice change for you. temperatures also here primarily in the 40s as well.
6:48 pm
weather patterns not going to change too much. i didn't have to at their area of high pressure that much. we just moved it a little bit more inland. as that's going to strengthen for this weekend. it's also going to help to drive some offshore winds. and that's going to be a north and also easterly wind. wind gusts anywhere from about 15 to 30 miles per hour possible. but that's the highest we do expect. generally, the winds sustained will be about 10 to 15 miles per hour. but once again, that warming wind will last right throughout the afternoon. it will weaken a little bit here as we head throughout 3:00 4:00, and 5:00. but it's going to help temperatures to warm up with that drying wind in place. you can see in that microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. so the results in san jose is going to be 71 degrees. likely 73 in morgan hill. we'll continue with that trend down towards gilroy. for pacifica should be in the upper 50s. check it out. close to 70 degrees tomorrow. 71 also in palo alto and sunny skies. san francisco for the most part
6:49 pm
forest hill marina in the 60s. but you head throughout downtown, we should see a spike up to 70 degrees. and for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, warmest locations, wine country. i got to tell you, if you leaded up there, i am extremely jealous. 75 in napa. 74 in santa rosa and low 70s in the tri-valley from danville right back to livermore. weekend forecast keeps it dry again on saturday. i think that will be the warmest day by super bowl sunday we'll see temperatures cool off into the upper 60s. still very comfortable for this time of year considering what we could have. and you'll see on that super bowl forecast as we head throughout sunday specifically here in arizona, we'll clear out from the rainfall and may have fog in the morning. sunshine by the afternoon for any tailgaters. party back here in santa clara looking at 70. san francisco also 66. now super bowl 50 in 2016 expected right here in the bay area. and you'll see our temperatures average around 61 degrees. and we also do typically average some rainfall. so we'll see what 2016 brings.
6:50 pm
wouldn't bit great if the 49ers are in the super bowl when it's being hosted in santa clara? >> ooh, at their home stadium. >> that's a scenario. >> don't want to jinx it. >> it would be fun. speaking of the super bowl, let's take you live now to phoenix. and even if you don't have a ticket, this is a place where all the fans get to go. it's called the nfl experience. tonight is in phoenix. next year it will be at the moscone center in san francisco. we're back in a moment live in phoenix from the super bowl with sports. stay with us. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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6:53 pm
geraud moncure. >> hello, raj and jessica. we're less than 48 hours away from kickoff and super bowl xlix right here on nbc bay area. and as always a big part of this game even with the casual fan is the betting line. right now patriots are still a one-point favorite with a combined total point set at 4. as always there are several interesting wagers that can be placed such as the number of tom brady's completion. it's 24 1/2, the over the under. tom brady's longest completion. the over the under, 35 1/2 yards. or will tom brady throw a fourth quarter td pass? so joining us now live is dave feldman. and feldy, it's safe bet to say that tom brady is going to be very focused come sunday. and i know you can shed some light on where that determination and focus comes from, can't you? >> i can, thank you, geraud. good evening from phoenix, arizona. site of super bowl xlix. you know they say behind every good man is a good woman.
6:54 pm
in the case of tom brady, it's three good sisters, all older sisters. all very good athletes. all super competitive. all very influential. in making the man tom brady became on and off the field. before the super bowl titles, the highly paid endorsements, the national awards and the international tabloid media attention, tom brady wasn't even the star in his own house. >> growing up the girls were kind of able to take over the city with some of their sports. they were very, very good softball players and used to win the leagues all the time. and tommy at that time they were very young. but he was even younger. and so he would kind of tag along. and so it was always maureen and julie and nancy's little brother tommy. >> reporter: the brady sisters were highly touted softball players, each taking their
6:55 pm
careers to the collegiate level. being the kid brother, tom was heavily influenced by his sisters' competitive fire. >> they share an unbelievable drive to succeed. they have and with that comes strong discipline. the advantage is that he was always at the ball field. he didn't do much spectating at the ball field. he always had a baseball glove or a football or he would be up shooting hoops. >> growing up, tom could be found at the local park just down the street from the brady house, cheering on his sisters, and working on his own game. it wasn't until high school that the future two-time super bowl mvp started to break out of his sisters' shadows. >> he had a lot of success in baseball through high school. but when he went to michigan michigan said you're only really going to be play one sport. and he was okay with that. once he got the football fever in mid high school that he was able to direct everything in
6:56 pm
that regard. so as much as he loved baseball he loved football even more. >> reporter: like his sister tom found success on the diamond. however, his passion gravitated towards the gridiron. >> not very many people know exactly what they want to do at a very young age. and he wanted to pursue football. we thought he would have kind of a career in baseball. but he wanted to go football. >> let's show some toughness, all right? toughness and go make some place. >> but even to this day, he has such a passion for football beyond anything that i have seen anybody have a passion in. >> reporter: this love for football has brought the three-time super bowl champ tremendous success. but to this day tom still relies heavily on the bond with his sisters, through all the highs and especially the lows. >> they're still very very thick as thieves. they're very friendly very supportive of each other. they're always all of them in
6:57 pm
each other's corner as we go through life. the people that don't support him or don't believe in him, it's okay. they're entitled to their own beliefs. they can say whatever they want to do. but he is a solid guy, has great direction. >> geraud his older sister maureen, all american at fresno state. tom brady never an all american at michigan. she still gives him grief about that to this day. let's go back to you. >> all right, feldy. but he could have some more hardware coming up after sunday. you know by the way seahawks shut down corner richard sherman could actually miss the game on sunday. sherman and his girlfriend ashley are expecting a baby boy any day now. their first child. he could come on sunday. so raj and jessica, i wonder what the prop would be on that. >> we say it's going to work out for him. the baby will come nice and healthy monday morning. thanks a lot, geraud. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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>> katy perry,'s super bowl playbook exposed. three giant surprises revealed today. >> now, on "extra." >> katy perry's top secret pregame preps, who she called for advice her super bowl extreme diet. >> we're in arizona as the stars pour in for sunday's big game. >> what can we expect from your perform performance. >> lenny kravitz, kevin hart idina mendel zell. >> she is not tone deaf guys. >> johnny depp and amber heard, breaking new details on their


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