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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news out of san francisco. right now, a person of interest. the man that you see cuffed an covered with a sheet is being questioned as the police found a dismembered body in a suitcase. i'm jessica aguirre. raj is off. and now, the man was detained less than a mile where the suitcase was found. we are joined from the hall of justice, and jeanne how did they find this man?
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well jessica, someone called the anonymous tip line giving the police the break they were hoping for. the homicide ip ves ganvestigators are here at the hall of justice getting ready to question the man that the police believe is involved in the suitcase body part case. this all unfolded at 8:00 tonight. the police say that someone called the anonymous tip line saying they saw the man released in the photos released by the police at 430 turk street and the police officers respond ed to the apartment, and officers had to help him into the police car, and then tep minutes later, they walked another man out, and he willingly got into the car, and one of the men is the man they were looking for. he is in the surveillance, and the suitcase contained a headless torso.
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and the people who saw the arrest said they are relieved that someone is in custody, and they hope that the police have the right man. >> and i mean that is like totally cool they got what they needed to do, and they got a person that is a murderer out of the area. you know what i mean? hey, he might want to come can around to kill somebody else. you have all of the kids going around here. >> reporter: the police are quick to say they don't know if the person of interest is responsible for dismembering the body or placing mitt -- placing it in the the market neighborhood and the body is of a light skinned male. the body was found wednesday, and tonight, thanks for the anonymous tip, they have a person detained. homicide investigators have a lot of questions they hope that the man will answer as they triy to figure out who put a human body many a suitcase and put it on the street here. >> thank you, jeanne.
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it has happened again, another security breach at san jose international airport. the fourth security breach in ten months. this time the police caught a man inside of the airport security fence. so with so much attention on security and enforcement, how could it happen again? nbc ian colt rereports from the sjc. >> according to the airport spokesperson jose mendoza was caught walking near the tarr mack inside of the fence. a security guard confronted him, because he was not wearing a security badge, and then mendoza allegedly tried to get away scaling the fence and hurt hing himself. a police officer quickly arrested him. >> the flight operations were not impacted in any way and this individual did not get near any aircraft or runways. >> reporter: despite the breach, rosemary barnes says that the protocol worked. >> these situations happen at airports and private businesses and the white house.
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it is our role to ensure that if it does happen that the layers of security works, and in this case they did. >> reporter: it is the fourth security breach in ten months. last april a 15-year-old runaway jumped a fence and hopped aboard a flight to hawaii spending the entire flight in the wheel well. in august a woman boarded a flight without a ticket, and she was arrested. then in november a man made it to the tarmac and then stole a truck to try to get away. >> it is concerning, and i feel it is good if we could make sure that stepped up the security. >> and somebody is always going to try to do something. >> reporter: security won't say how he got through the fence, but he was cited for trespassing and then released. ian coal nbc bay area news. and days after street racing, police wrote 23 tickets today. authorities are stepping up the
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enforcement in hopes of getting the drivers to slow down after the death of a jogger on that street. sfwhoo and now, a shgs -- and standup comedian who focuses on racism got some new material this week. w kamau bell is black and his wife is white. >> reporter: that is significant because of what happened next. >> i think it is terrible that this kind of thing happens. i think it is shameful that it happened right there. >> reporter: what happened there is that is spelled out in wkamau bell's website a a bay area
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comedian who told his fans that he was discriminated against monday outside of the elmwood cafe. michael pierce is the owner. >> my gut feeling was like is if this happened this person should not be part of the team. >> reporter: he says he ate breakfast there with his wife and his wife came back to meet up with friends, all white women. he return odd the cafe in his black hoodie with oakland writ written on it to talk to his wife and friends and he says i look up and see one of the em employees staring at me with dagger s daggers at me, and i see her say something to the effect of scram. and bell says that shooing me away from four white women was a textbook case of racism. and the employee says that she thought that he was trying to
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sell something, but there is nothing to try to look at that. >> well, i agree with him, and the conversation that i want to have is what can we do about this. >> reporter: and so pierce reached out to bell and h his wife and they plan to have a public conversation about this next week but this conversation is taking place already on the streets of berkeley h. >> it is not going to be fixed in our lifetime. >> he has every right to be furious, and i'm thrilled about the fact that instead of filing a lawsuit or insisting that people boycott or have an employee fired, he is saying that we need to talk about this. >> reporter: in berkeley cheryl hurd bay area news. two devastating fires in san francisco have more than 60 people sleeping in a shelter tonight. the red cross and the salvation army opened thup shelter on valencia street to help with that displacement of fires to
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help people and this woman who lost everything. >> my daughter was go ging to high school, and she wanted some things for christmas and i tried to get it for her, and now she lost everything. >> there is a gofund account set poup up for the victims. and today, four new confirmed cases of measles. one in marin cases, and one in is al -- salano county and that is going to bring the confirmed cases of measles to 42 and with 14 in bay area. and now, people not vaccinated against the disease or exposed are asked to stay away from the game and the festivities.
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arizona is monitoring more than 1,000 people being monitored by travel or expose sure to the outbreak that began in disneyland. there is no credible threat against the the world's wiggest sport ing sporting event, but it is a high target, and that is why there is visible security. and so in arizona, the officials from san francisco will be there to get look at the playbook to get ready for next year when it comes to san francisco. >> and when the crew came here to learn, they wanted to learn about number one thing in phoenix, security. you could not miss it leading up to the festivities in phoenix this week with the state and the federal law enforcement with a heavy presence. >> the santa clara p.d. is here and learning from the officials of homeland security and security and transportation are
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critical. >> reporter: while the police presence is obvious what is being taught, and done, these fans say it is not so obvious. >> certainly the planning and the work that goes on on any of the events ss where there are large numbers of people and high profile visitor, it continues behind the scenes. >> it is the number one mission to make sure a that the fans and the community is safe, and people have a great time, but we are learning down here and learning quite a bit. >> reporter: state and local law enforcement know how attractive a super bowl would be for a terrorist group, and they are hoping that the only thing that people are talking about come sup kaday sunday night is the game itself. >> our coverage starts at 10:00 in the morning, and following the super bowl is a all-new blacklist. and then the documentary series "bay area revelation." >> where did the money go? what happened to the $7,000 in
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expenses that are missing without receipts? next at 11:00, expensive clothes and lavish dinners and lottery tickets. we en vest gat a high school principal accused of stealing from students. and a lot of people may have hung up. >> it may have been how a telemarketer saved a woman hundreds of miles away. and the unlikely drama at 30,000 feet. and i'm meteorologist jeff rain jere and we will have the forecast coming up.
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it is not what any parent wants to hear. missing money at the school. and now we are looking into the allegations that a principal at a local school set up a private slush fund and she even paid for meals. >> yes, and this is the second oldest public school in the state. the transportation secretary and governor graduated from the high school and now the principal is under fire for stealing money from the school, and we have learned that thousands of dollars have disappeared during her tenure. >> reporter: it is a rite of passage.
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high skoolchool, and it is not just what the students learn in class, but it is the extracurricular from sports to study abroad programs and activities supported by donations, and fundraisers. >> we fight for every single dollar. >> reporter: it is what drives the mom to volunteer at san jose high school, and it is why she is questioning how san jose unified responded after the questions raised of the principal stealing from her own students. >> you cannot be in education, and working for children and taking away money which other people have e donated for the programs. programs. >> it started in 2010 when cary catchings was transferred from gunderson high to san jose high and almost immediately catchings opened up a bank account linked to the parent teacher association or ptsa but the parents didn't run this account, and records show that catchings
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controlled the money. insiders say that it was the principal's piggy bank n. an e-mail provided to the investigative unit catchings said that i went oto the bank and did all of this today in reference to opening up the account, but the problem is that it is against the rules, and school personnel are not the sign on the banking accounts. we contained an audit that the district made of the account, and never made public until now, and catchings spent thousands of dollars on meals such as trader joe's, and she even had massages, and lotto tickets, and in all, the district found $7,300 in expenses without any receipts, and including this check made to cash for $1,700 and other checks made to herself for hundreds more. it is unclear how the principal funded the account, but the the insiders have theories. >> the money came from the cash
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boxes of football games and dances. some of it was taken out and some left in. >> she asked us to disguise the face and voice but she is saying that e she took it directly from the cash boxes and from games and snack bars. >> and the money could have been helping the community and the students and the staff. it is appalling. >> reporter: how much money is missing? >> exactly $500. >> reporter: math teacher clinton clinton lao remembers that he and another teacher gave her money from a fund-raiser, but they were $500 short. >> we were incredulous, because we had never made a mistake like that. and if it was $20 or $40, okay, maybe a bill got stuck, but $500 is a stack of 20s and somewhere, something was miss ging.
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>> reporter: then this, a police report from december 2013 the district called police and questioned catching and others after $1,600 went missing from the school safe. the police didn't make any arrests. >> reporter: hey, dr. mathews, can we can you -- >> reporter: he refused to answer our questions, a ndnd so we caught up with him at a school board meeting. >> did you hold the principal accountable -- >> we will have a time to sit down with you. >> reporter: jorge quintana is the school information officer, and he said when he heard rumors of the account, that is when he started to the ask questions. he says that the district stopped investigating when catching quit because that was up to the ptsa, and the group refused to comment. and once she was hired in san mateo county as a newly created
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position at that school and that is where we caught up to her. >> reporter: what happened to the $7,000 missing? >> reporter: and we wanted to know what happened to the rental fees that are tied to san jose high? week after week this man, kevin blunt is named on the school calendar for renting the gym running crossover elite. he has stars like former 49ers star delanie walker, but the school has no record of payments from blunt and so $40 an hour plus fees, and that is adding up to $10,000 that the district was never paid in just 2012. >> never went to the district or the school. >> and were you allowed to use the gym for free? >> i highly doubt it. >> but they say that he paid the principal directly for the use of the gym.
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is that possible? >> that could be so. >> reporter: blunt told us on the phone that he paid the district, but when he we asked him about the invoices he said that he would have to ask the attorney, and then he said no further comment. >> reporter: did she steal money from the district? >> that is a question for her. >> reporter: you have a record of events held on the campus that you as the district were not paid for, and why didn't you ask the police to investigate where that money went? >> again, we did what we were supposed to do, and that is to question the employee. >> reporter: as for mom angele see is now the president of the peshgs, the pto, and she want the parent s to know that the money donated to the students will go to the students. >> it is a fantastic school and it is the oldest but we don't have that many extra resources like other schools, and let's
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make the small village a big army to help our kids with school. >> reporter: the district says it has reminded the principals of schools regarding peshgs inging ptsa accounts, and also the principals can not retain payments without the district's knowledge. and about those gym fees there is no knowledge of any fees received. >> if you have any more suggestion pors the investigative unit send us a e-mail or give us a call. and now, the weekend is here, and it is going to be a sun sunny one? >> yes yes, sunshine porfor the weekend. you can see outside for the microcast, you can see the temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. tomorrow morn it is looking like it is not going to be
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entire entirely clear here across the bay area, and more and more likely like the patchy fog in the east bay and san francisco and the temperatures starting out cold in the 40s. but this is the gray part, the northeasterly winds tomorrow, and that is going to be clearing out the fog and bumps up the temperatures, and san jose is 71 and check out pacifica 68 and most of san francisco in the 60s, but if you are heading to downtown and it should pop up to around 70. in the tri-valley, you will see napa up to 75 and santa rosa 74, and oakland popping up to 70 and the sunny skies and back here to walnut creek, 72. round of low to mid-70s for the tri-valley as well. with that wind coming out of the northeast, it is also going to be increasing the fire danger slightly. throughout the weekend the saturday forecast is the
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warmest, and mainly, low 70s, and then sunday, it cools down, and we will get the clouds moving in. and for super bowl sunday, if you are on the way to arizona, let's say, and you are wondering about the forecast, we will clear out the rainfall they have had and the temperatures in the upper 60s and upper 70s and the sup for the tailgaters and you have a tailgater going on with 66 in san francisco. and we should mention next friday and saturday, close to locked in that we could get a storm system to bring us some rainfall. >> that is going to make you happeny and a lot of people, too. >> and still, a pilot is locked out of the cockpit in a flight. how it happened, next.
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where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq™ technology. know better sleep with sleep number. saved by a telemarketer. attacked by a woman, and a woman was being strangled when a woman's cell phone was sdntly
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pick d picked up. a telemarketer picked up the phone, and she called police and they showed up and arrest ded the attacker. >> and now, from delta to las vegas, the pilot had to call to say he was locked out of the cockpit. he had stepped out to go to the bathroom and the door was jam and the co-pilot who could not take over the -- who could not unlock the door took over and he had to land by overriding taxiing controls.
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good evening. geraud moncure here at the comcast sports studios. the warriors have not dropped back-to-back games since going to socal. and so after having winning eight games coming in, the warriors had beaten utah twice already this season, and the ws down with andre iguodola hooking up with the no nonsense throwdown, but the dunk cuts the deaf deficit to ten. later in the period, draymond
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green finding steph curry with the game high 32, but he is the only warrior in double figures a at the end of the third quarter. utah wins 110-100 and for the first time since november the warriors don't have the best record in the nba. >> and now with the super bowl to kick off in less than 48 hours, xhusher in roger goodell gave his press conference. when asked about the deflategate apology to robert kraft, the commissioner sacked the idea. >> this is my job, and this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game and protect all of the 32 teams, and the rules have to be followed and if there is any potential that the rules have been violated i have to pursue that. >> and finally, in is it possible, shutdown corner
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richard sherman could miss this monument monumental game sunday. he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy any day now, and he could come on sunday, and that means decision-time for sherman and my mo money is on sherman suiting up and playing no matter what. that is it for news. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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talk about a badded a ven ed a venadventure, a dog is lucky to be alive tonight. that is the rescuer, because a
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little dog was seen in the river after a thunderstorm. a firefighter was lowered and able to pull the pup from safety. the first responders aptly named the dog lucky temporarily, and he is at a local shelter where they are working to try the pind the owner or eventually a home. what a lucky dog. >> and wa what a great firefighter and lucky to be a alive. >> and if we can start out h in the south bay with the 40s and the warmest day of the week will be on saturday with the low to mid-70s and cooler on super bowl sunday, but super enjoyable. >> and we will be there porfor the super bowl sunday, so see you then. . >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don cheadle kate bosworth musical guest, lec


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