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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 30, 2015 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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tonight. that is the rescuer, because a little dog was seen in the river after a thunderstorm. a firefighter was lowered and able to pull the pup from safety. the first responders aptly named the dog lucky temporarily, and he is at a local shelter where they are working to try the pind the owner or eventually a home. what a lucky dog. >> and wa what a great firefighter and lucky to be a alive. >> and if we can start out h in the south bay with the 40s and the warmest day of the week, will be on saturday with the low to mid-70s and cooler on super bowl sunday, but super enjoyable. >> and we will be there pfor th super bowl sunday, so see you then. . >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --
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don cheadle kate bosworth musical guest, lecrae and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 191. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hot crowd. hey, hi guys. hot crowd out there. looking good. welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.
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welcome to "the tonight show." here's what people are talking about, everybody. [ cheers ] president obama posted a video on facebook yesterday announcing his plans to make the first two years of community college free. [ cheers ] he did. unfortunately, he was interrupted when biden got confused and threw a bucket of ice water on his head. [ laughter ] i nominate nancy pelosi, michael jordan and steve guttenberg -- president obama posted a video on facebook announcing his plans to make the first two years of community college free -- sounds like a great idea, but as soon as he posted a video to facebook, lot of politicians started weighing in, in the comments. let's see what they're saying. first, chris christie wrote, "just beaware of the freshman 150." [ laughter ] happens to everybody.
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next rick perry wrote, "two years of college, what are they, rocket doctors?" [ laughter ] rocket doctors. >> steve: rocket doctors. >> jimmy: and finally joe biden wrote -- first! [ laughter and applause ] just confused. he doesn't know what that means. you don't understand what that first -- ah, forget it. i saw that former arkansas governor and potential 2016 candidate mike huckabee is releasing his 12th book later this month called "god, guns, grits and gravy." craziest part, that's just his favorite aisle at walmart. [ laughter ] mine, too. that's a great aisle. a lot of stuff. big store. >> steve: bible. >> jimmy: and during a fund-raiser this week, potential 2016 candidate jeb bush took a jab at hillary clinton and said, quote, "if someone wants to run a campaign about '90s nostalgia, it's not going to be very successful." hillary took offense at the idea that her campaign is rooted in the '90s saying quote, "as if, jeb bush may think he's the bombdigity, but
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he is living la vida loca." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that little beanie baby better talk to the hand, because when i'm done with him, he's going to look back on this and think, "did i do that?" and i'm gonna be all like, "what's up?" [ cheers and applause ] no gonna put up with it dude. >> steve: no. >> jimmy: here's some business news. macy's just announced plans to close 14 of its stores, which will save the company $140 million. $150 million if they open up a a macy's charge card. [ laughter ] you sure? it's your last chance. heard that macy's may create a a discount clothing chain similar to tjmax. meanwhile, j.c.penny will continue operating out of an unmarked van. [ laughter ] pantsuits. pantsuits. left some pantsuits in there. macy's is interested in creating discount clothing stores similar to tjmax. it will be great for customers
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who love the style of macy's, but prefer all that clothing thrown on the ground. [ laughter ] what is this? it's a wedding gown. perfect. check this out. this week, officials in boston opened a time capsule that was buried by paul revere and samuel adams in 1795. isn't that cool? [ cheers ] nobody knew what would be inside, but check out what was inside. first, it was five folded newspapers and 25 coins. then there was a sign that says "yankees doth suckth." [ laughter ] it's a sign. next, they found john mccain's high school yearbook was in -- [ laughter ] and finally, a bottle of samuel adams winter famine lager. [ cheers and applause ] beautiful. every couple years. pretty cool. oh, this is too bad. i heard that bachlorette couple, andi dorfman and her finace josh murray have decided to slit up. [ audience aws ]
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yeah, it's hard to say they saw it coming. check him out on this season premier of the bachelor just a a couple of days ago. they were on, watch -- >> i just talked to lacy and marcus. wedding coming up. dez and chris in a couple of weeks getting married. so, you guys just get in the queue. >> i know, right? >> we've got to get on the ball, right? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nothing says you're madly in love like a rapid, nervous back rub. yeah, yeah, yeah, we're thinking about it. haven't set a date yet. only thing more awkward than that would be finding out you didn't know you went out on a a date with nicole kidman. [ cheers ] >> steve: gouda. >> jimmy: guys, the nfl division -- what's that? >> steve: was it laughing cow cheese? what was the cheese you got? >> jimmy: i don't know -- brie. it wasn't a brand name, it was just a shape. i didn't even know what that is, man.
11:41 pm
guy works at the deli was like, "what?" i don't know what brie cheese is man. he didn't know either. we both were -- >> steve: didn't know either. >> jimmy: we became friends. i invited him back to my house to play video games all night. [ laughter ] hey, guys, the nfl divisional playoff games are this weekend and tomorrow afternoon's big match-up is between the new england patriots and baltimore ravens. now -- [ cheers ] as you know, at the end of every season, they give out awards like most valuable player, but they also give out awards during the season, sort of like the ones in high school yearbooks like most likely to succeed, class clown, stuff like that. so with that in mind, it's time for "tonight show superlatives." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ our first player is owen daniels. he's a tight end for the baltimore ravens.
11:42 pm
he was voted most likely to be the only nfl player with the linkedin page. [ laughter ] next player is marlon brown. wide receiver for the ravens. he was voted most likely to add blinking to his list of new year's resolutions. next on the ravens is marshal yanda. he was voted most likely to pee "marry me" into the snow. [ laughter ] that's romantic. >> steve: romantic. >> jimmy: romantic. next is ryan genson from the ravens. he was voted most likely to be mark zuckerberg five minutes after discovering he's allergic to shellfish. [ laughter ] bummer, dude. next up from the patriots is says ryan allen. he was voted most likely to glance in both directions and then ask you if you wanted to see something messed up. [ laughter ]
11:43 pm
next from the ravens is ladarius webb. he was voted most likely to be the love child of snoop dogg and jafar from aladdin. [ laughter ] it's a cartoon. >> steve: that's a cartoon. >> jimmy: it's a cartoon. next on the patriots is james devlin. he was voted most likely to grab your shoulders and say, "us is friends?" [ laughter ] next up from the patriots is michael hoomanawanui. he was voted to just likely have "mike" on the back of his jersey. [ laughter ] ♪ next, we have crockett gillmore from the ravens. he was voted most likely to be the best buy employee that shows you how loud the speakers can get. let's turn this thing up, let's see how loud it goes.
11:44 pm
oh i blew the -- i blew the cone. [ light laughter ] next up on the patriots is brian stork. he was voted most likely to have seen things he can't unsee. [ laughter ] next from the patriots is ryan wendell. he was voted most likely to have been born hung over. [ laughter ] finally, from the ravens, we have zack orr, he was voted least ticklish. there you guys have it. your nfl superlatives. we have a great show. give it up for the roots right there. ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. it's been a great week so far
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and don't forget to tune in again next week. chris hemsworth will be here. gwyneth paltrow, kevin hart will be stopping by. it's gonna be fun. but first, we've got a fun show tonight. i love this guy. oh my gosh. not only a great actor, but also a great guy, a nice guy. from the showtime series, "house of lies," the very cool, the very funny don cheadle is here. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we may have something planned for later. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: yeah, it's pretty funny. um, he's a good dude. plus, from the new movie "still alice," the beautiful, the talented, kate bosworth. [ cheers and applause ] and we've got great music, we love this guy. lecrae is here for you guys tonight. [ cheers and applause ] talented, talented man. guys, today's friday. that's usually when i catch up with some personal stuff. i check my in box, return some e-mails and of course, send out thank you notes so i was just
11:46 pm
wondering -- [ cheers and applause ] would you guys mind if i just write out my weekly thank you notes right now? is that cool with you? have a few thank you notes right there. james, can i get some thank you note writing music, please? ♪ >> steve: did he new teeth? >> jimmy: no, no, that's his normal teeth. >> steve: really? >> jimmy: yeah, that's his normal teeth. what does he have in his pocket? >> steve: i don't know. maybe a globe, it deflated. >> jimmy: inflatable globe? looks like a pair of oakley sunglasses? >> steve: oakley sunglasses in there? [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: bendable sunglasses. cloth sunglasses. >> steve: cloth sunglasses. all the rage. >> jimmy: all the rage. everyone's doing it man. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, girl scouts, for introducing three new cookie flavors this week and ending 95% of people's
11:47 pm
resolutions in one fail swoop. there you go. gotta get'em. only one sleeve. >> steve: one sleeve. stopping after one sleeve. >> jimmy: somoa, that's my jam. >> steve: oh, love them. >> jimmy: can't beat that one man. thank you, hall of fame pitcher, randy johnson, for being nicknamed "the big unit" because randy johnson didn't sound quite dirty enough. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: randy. >> jimmy: big unit. >> steve: peter o'toole. >> jimmy: thank you, college football playoff trophy, for pitting the nation's best teams against one another in pursuit of a giant bottle of nail polish. [ laughter ] >> steve: maybe it's maybelline. >> jimmy: maybe he's born with it. ♪ thank you, fur trapper hats, or as they were called in the
11:48 pm
'80s, hair. [ laughter ] ♪ thank you, gaps between my car seat and the center console, for being wide enough for my phone, but not my hand. how do you -- [ cheers and applause ] special tool. >> steve: i'm a special tool. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you, tiny eyeglasses, for always making a a spectacle of yourself. [ laughter ] >> steve: come on. that's one you can tell your grandma or the kids. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, bathroom hand drier, for both drying my hands and making me look like i'm devising an evil plan.
11:49 pm
[ evil music plays ] [ evil laughter ] stop making sound effects for everything i do? [ cracking ] [ clicking ] [ gun shot ] [ quack ] [ blows raspberry ] [ laughter ] get away from me. >> steve: you want some crack with that? >> jimmy: what? cellphone -- like my cell phone here? [ ringing ] hello? >> steve: hello, question for you.
11:50 pm
>> jimmy: you have a question for me? >> steve: yeah, i got a a question for you. >> jimmy: what's the question? >> steve: do you want some crack with that? >> jimmy: i don't want crack with that. good bye. >> steve: are you sure -- >> jimmy: please don't call me back. sorry. [ ringing ] weird ring tone. hello? >> steve: we have a collect call from -- do you want some crack with that? please press 1 to proceed. [ beep ] >> jimmy: hello? >> steve: hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: yeah man, you call me collect? >> yeah, yeah, sorry i'm in a a phone booth. i just have one question for you. >> jimmy: what's that? >> steve: would you like some crack with that? >> jimmy: all right that's it. i don't want to. this is insane. why does he keep calling me? [ laughter ] steve higgins, everybody.
11:51 pm
there he is right there, the man of a thousand voices. [ cheers and applause ] talented man. ♪ thank you, the word influenza for making the flu sound like a a beautiful spanish woman. [ laughter ] there you go. thank you very much everybody. those are my thank you notes. we'll be right back with don cheadle. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ "for the love of money" [richard] shhhh. do you hear that? it's your money. saaaaaaaarah. it's refund season,
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and nobody gets more of your money back than block-guaranteed. get your billions back america.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: our first guest tonight is a golden globe award winning actor who stars on the popular showtime series, "house of lies". he's great on that. you can catch the season four premiere this sunday at 10:00 p.m. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome -- [ laughter ] [ drum roll ]
11:56 pm
don cheadle! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: don cheadle right there. that's a great one. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you. the most insincere -- the most insincere bow. >> jimmy: that literally made me laugh. [ talking over each other ] yeah. you're allowed to do -- be a little cocky because you got nominated for another golden globe. congratulations. >> thank you so much. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well deserved. that's this weekend. are you going to go? >> yeah, i'm going to go. the whole family's going to go. get dressed up and, you know, go drink and be nice. >> jimmy: yeah. didn't you bring the family the last couple years? >> no, this is the first time. they don't really care about things like that.
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: daddy getting another award. >> no one cares, dad. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. get over yourself. because i will say, last year, you did win the golden globe. congratulations. >> thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and just to show you how humble and cool don cheadle is -- >> i'm the humblest. >> jimmy: showed up to work the next day with it around his neck and a crown and a scepter. holding a scepter. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wait a minute. >> jimmy: i mean, come on. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: a goblet. what is happening? >> here's what happened. here's what happened. i thought, "oh, hey," i got to get with the prop guys. like, "hey, let's put a chain on this and i can walk in like, oh, did something happen yesterday? i don't know." i'm going to show up to cast. and i show up for the table read and there's a scepter and a goblet and a crown. >> jimmy: oh, they outdid you? >> yeah, they outdid me. >> jimmy: gosh, that's so funny. that's awesome. how is the cast? how's everyone at the show? >> great. everybody's great. >> jimmy: we love those guys. because we were actually talking to two of them. before you were winning awards, you were a back up dancer. i don't know if you remember this. >> i don't know if i was a back up dancer.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: oh, you were. >> i had a moment. >> jimmy: you had one moment. >> one moment. >> jimmy: you were in a music video. >> one moment. >> jimmy: and who's the singer again? do you remember? >> yeah, i remember. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do ever watch -- you ever go back and watch how good you were dancing around? >> i try not to, but the cast makes it a point of pulling it up on their phones every day, and going, "hey, you remember this?" so, yes. i see it a lot. >> jimmy: you do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and do you like reliving the past? >> how about we just relive it right now, because i feel like that's what's going to happen. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here he is. don cheadle, the back up dancer. [ cheers ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's it right there. [ cheers and applause ] that was good.
11:59 pm
what's the story behind that? >> the story was, i went to an art school. i went to california city arts. so i know all these dancers and choreographers and stuff. so they were always around. i had friends, all these dancer friends. and one of them was in this video, and i took him down -- he needed a ride, so i took him down. i had known debbie allen, who choreographed this piece. >> jimmy: oh my gosh. i love debbie allen. >> yeah, because i had done this episode of "fame". so she said, "oh, do you want to be in the video?" i was like, "no, i'm not a a dancer. i don't want to be in the video." she said, "well just try it, and see how you feel." so i did it and i couldn't do it, said, "i'm not going to do it." so i started to leave, and she literally chased me down the driveway and said, "get back here, i'm not going to let you quit. you're doing it." >> jimmy: this is like a scene from "fame". >> it was "fame". this is where it counts. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but you were actually fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're great in there, pal. what did you do in between jobs starting out? did you have any other -- i mean as your acting. did you do off broadway stuff? >> actually, this is the only thing i've ever done to make a
12:00 am
a living other than, you know, unemployment, which i don't count. >> jimmy: yeah, you don't count that. no, no, no. but always acting in theater, doing stuff? >> yeah, i had done a play. we used to do these -- when we were in down time, we used to produce plays and just put them up. there was an area in l.a. with is kind of a theater row out there. and my friend and i did this production an athol fugard play called "blood knot". it's a two person play, but we didn't really know anything about marketing and advertising like that. so, often, there would be four people in the audience. a big, huge 100-seat theatre and there'd be three people or four people. we had a deal that if we ever outnumbered the audience, meaning if only one person showed up, we wouldn't have to do the play. sure enough, that happened two or three times. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: one person showed up? >> one person would be sitting in the middle like -- [ laughter ] and we'd come out and go, "come on, do we really need to do
12:01 am
this for you?" he'd go, "yeah, you need to do it. >> jimmy: i want to see a play, right? >> let's go." no way. so, we'd do the play. actually a pretty good play. then afterwards, whoever was in the audience, we'd just all go out and have drinks and eat afterwards. >> jimmy: oh, you'd just hang out with people in the audience? >> we'd take the money they spent on tickets and go, "hey, we're going to go eat. you guys want to go?" they're go, "yeah, let's go." [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: what a great night. >> it was a great night. >> jimmy: dinner and a play. that's awesome. good dinner theater. congrats on "house of lies". it's awesome. i love that you do that as well as the movies. what's happening this season, season four? >> well, you know, jeannie, kristen bell, my sort of on and off love interest, is pregnant. so there's a baby on the way. >> jimmy: your character's been in jail, right? >> yeah, he had to do some time. [ light laughter ] yeah. >> jimmy: did he learn anything in jail? >> he learns how to be a better criminal. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's the only thing he learns? >> no lessons, no morals, nothing comes into it. he just goes harder. >> jimmy: well, basically, what it is, if you haven't seen "house of lies", you're a a consulting firm for like
12:02 am
management, like ceo's of businesses. >> yeah. we just go in there and try to rip people off, basically. >> jimmy: there you go. we have a clip. here's don cheadle in the season premier of "house of lies". take a look at this. >> some people believe in the dharma of non attachment. some people believe in the dharma of loving kindness. but i've come to realize that i believe in the dharma of search and destroy. i believe in the dharma of take no prisoners. i believe in the dharma of kicking ass. [ grunt ] ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause ] that's a bad dude. >> he's not a good guy. >> jimmy: more with don cheadle when we come back, everybody. don cheadle! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up!
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i'm in, for a healthy future. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everyone. we're here with don cheadle. it's so great having you on the show. >> thank you, man. it's really great to be here. i mean this is a very historic studio. >> jimmy: it is, studio 6b. they made a lot of great shows here. milton berle, johnny carson was here. [ cheers ] "american power hour". >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. man, i loved "american power hour". i use to watch it all the time in the '80s, like, "star search". what was that r&b duo that they used to have on there all the time? >> jimmy: on "american power" ? you mean pleather and jerry? >> yeah, pleather and jerry. >> jimmy: yeah. they were the greatest. [ light laughter ] they were so close to making it big. i think they're lyrics never really connected to a wide audience. >> no, but i dug them. i really loved them so much.
12:08 am
>> jimmy: it's funny that you mentioned them because we always have a clip of pleather and jerry loaded just in case their names ever come up in an interview. >> really? >> jimmy: you guys want to see a clip of pleather and jerry? [ cheers and applause ] here they are on "american power hour" singing "girl, we gon' do it". >> oh, that one? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ >> welcome to "the american power hour". where the stars go to shine. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ oh girl i want to get with you rock your body through and through ♪ ♪ spend the whole night making love to you no no no no no no no ♪ [ cheers ] ♪
12:09 am
♪ girl we gon' do it in the arthur treacher's bathroom ♪ ♪ girl we gon' do it in the long john silver bathroom ♪ ♪ girl we gon' do it in the bathroom at red lobster i did it ♪ ♪ girl we gon do it it's a never ending crab fest baby ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good stuff. >> man, did they bring it? >> jimmy: good song. >> they brought it, dude. >> jimmy: they really did. they were really in to the bathrooms at fast food, seafood restaurants. >> yeah. yeah, they were. you know what? i forgot how good looking they were. >> jimmy: they were like '80s heartthrobs. >> yeah, they're beautiful. >> jimmy: we always keep a a second clip -- [ laughter ] of pleather and jerry loaded
12:10 am
just in case we keep talking about them. >> oh. that's convenient. >> jimmy: that's convenient. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: do you guys want to see another clip of pleather and jerry? [ cheers and applause ] here's a follow up to "girl, we gon' do it". it's called "girl, we just did it". >> oh, the b-side. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> welcome to "the american power hour". where the stars go to shine. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ girl, we just did it in the back of a ford fiesta ♪ ♪ girl, we just did it while my cabbage patch kids were watching ♪ ♪ girl, we just did it in the bathroom at the dippin' dots ♪ ♪ girl, we just did it it's the ice cream of the future, baby ♪
12:11 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you couldn't see at home, but the crowd was really clapping and dancing in their seats. i didn't know how that song didn't catch up. >> you know what? maybe because they didn't have bathrooms at dippin' dots. >> jimmy: that's a good point. i mean, but -- [ laughter ] it was more of a kiosk. >> yeah, it was small. small. just a structure. >> jimmy: this is crazy. but, believe it or not, we actually keep a -- [ talking over each other ] now that we're thinking about it. >> yeah, me too. me too, me too. >> jimmy: we actually keep a a third clip of pleather and jerry on hand. >> oh, wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: like, in case of an emergency.
12:12 am
>> oh, just break the glass. >> jimmy: break the glass and pull out the pleather and jerry. here is pleather and jerry's third and final hit, "girl, let's do it again". [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> welcome to "the american power hour". where the stars go to shine. ♪ ♪ girl, let's do it again in the chuck e. cheese ball pit ♪ ♪ girl, let's do it again before i go back to melmac ♪ ♪ girl, let's do it again watch "the muppet babies" girl, let's do it again ♪ ♪ they're like muppets but only smaller, baby ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:13 am
>> jimmy: they were the best. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they were the best. >> they're definitely the best. >> jimmy: yes. >> yes. i mean, they were two pioneers. >> jimmy: our thanks to don cheadle right there, ladies and gentlemen. "house of lies" premieres this sunday on showtime. kate bosworth joins us after the break. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest stars opposite julianne moore and alec baldwin in the new film "still alice", which opens in select cities on january 16th and nationwide in february. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome kate bosworth. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:19 am
>> jimmy: oh my gosh. the bos! kate bosworth! >> my friends in high school called me "the bos". >> jimmy: i love "the bos". i always call you "the bos". i don't know why. i don't even know you that well. i don't mean to bully you. >> literally, i'd hear it from my teachers from my friends down the hallway, "hey, bos!" >> jimmy: "hey, bos." that's right. you grew up in boston, right? >> i did, yeah. >> jimmy: that's right. "hey, bos, get over here." >> good to be back. >> jimmy: you're in boston, but you're not a -- i saw you on twitter, you're not a patriots fan. you're a cowboys fan. >> i am. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! i like that. >> jimmy: how did that happen? >> well, i'm glad you didn't do the cowboys and packers superlatives, by the way. i'd have to defend my team. >> jimmy: but the cowboys, they fight back when i do superlatives. a lot of the teammates, they're all good sports. >> i saw that. >> jimmy: you saw that? >> that was pretty sweet. >> jimmy: it wasn't really sweet. but they tweeted at me and they said, "we want to get you back. jimmy fallon, most likely to be picked last in the dallas cowboys cheerleader's flag football game.
12:20 am
[ laughter and applause ] >> that's fair enough. >> jimmy: that made me laugh. a lot of them are good sports. i can laugh at myself, obviously. but i tweeted back at them, "i know that was probably a joke, but if flag football with the dallas cowboy cheerleaders is a a real thing, i'm in." [ laughter and applause ] >> i like it. >> jimmy: i don't know if that's a real thing, but they should think about it. >> it's good. i like it. >> jimmy: no, but they're good sports, and they're fun. did you go crazy, were you jumping up and down like chris christie was doing last week? >> we were. >> jimmy: were you? >> it was such a nail biter, you know? to be fair, i understand because i've had the honor of sitting with jerry jones for one of the games in his suite. and it is just infectious how excited he gets. he's such a fan. you know, he's a true fan. oh, yeah. and no matter if they're winning by a lot, he's still, you know, every great play, every touchdown, he's just so excited. >> jimmy: but you really get into it with your husband. you have this thing you do. is this true? because i heard this. you do a shot every time they score? >> so, i married into the team. my husband is a huge dallas cowboys fan, as is his father.
12:21 am
it's a family affair. and every time -- we have an arrangement, my husband and i. every time they make a a touchdown, we take a shot of whisky, which i think is fair. i feel like that's a good arrangement. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i mean, that's how fun "the bos" is to hang out with. i know. but, wait a second, that means last week in the fourth quarter, you did like three shots in ten minutes. or something like that. >> yeah, it was a good game. it was a good game. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: from what i remember, it was pretty fun. >> it was a good game, yeah. >> jimmy: absolutely, yeah. that's pretty cool. that's good. we'll see what happens. i mean, they're getting pretty far. >> yes, exactly. >> jimmy: getting to the end of the road here. >> we'll see what happens. >> jimmy: that's good. it's fun. we have the jets here and the giants, so we drink whisky no matter what. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> you're drinking a lot of it. >> jimmy: we're drinking a lot of it, yeah. for different reasons, yeah. but i will talk to you about "still alice". gosh, everyone is phenomenal in this film. you are fantastic. alec baldwin's great. julienne moore. >> oh, she's amazing. i mean, just to have a front row seat to see her perform,
12:22 am
honestly, is just incredible. >> jimmy: you've never worked with her before? >> i've never worked with her. i've known her a little bit throughout the years, and she's so wonderful and lovely. just incredible. >> jimmy: just so heartbreaking. >> amazing woman to look up to. >> jimmy: and it's based on the book "still alice". >> it is, by lisa genova. just an amazing book. i actually had read the book before i even knew they were making a film. >> jimmy: really? do you know anyone who has been affected by alzheimer's? >> yes, i do. i have quite a few people. it affects so many people. it's a beautiful movie. i think it shines a light on a a disease that affects so many people. julie is incredible. it really is. she's a tour de force. >> jimmy: everyone's great in this. >> very happy to be a part of it. >> jimmy: everybody should check it out. we have a clip. here's kate bosworth in "still alice". take a look at this. >> lydia, what time is your play? >> um, 8:00. >> lydia, are you nervous about tomorrow night? >> yes, i'll be fine once i'm up there, but i'll definitely block all of you out. >> i'm sorry. what time did you say it was again? >> 8:00. >> mom, you don't have to schedule it, it's okay. >> no, no, i want to put it in.
12:23 am
and where is it? >> the saugatuck theater. >> can you spell that? >> yeah it's s-a-u -- >> mom, it's not like we're going to forget to bring you. >> let her do it. >> s-a-u-g-a-t-u-c-k. >> anna, you're not helping. >> no, you're not helping. why should she worry about remembering something when she doesn't have to remember it? >> if you just let her do it, she won't worry. what's the problem? we don't have to talk about her like she isn't sitting right here. >> i'm not. i'm talking to her. aren't i, mom? >> yes. yes, you are. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's very real. it's great. kate bosworth, everybody. kate bosworth. [ cheers and applause ] "still alice" opens in select cities on january 16th, nationwide in february. lecrae performs next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ carpenters "rainy days and mondays" (musician's play) carpenters "rainy days and mondays" (whistling) carpenters "rainy days and mondays" ♪ muzak version carpenters "rainy days and mondays" ♪ muzak version ac/dc "back in black"
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest made his tv debut on our show last year and since then has gone on to garner three grammy nominations for his chart topping album, "anomaly". [ cheers ] great record. here to perform the song, "welcome to america", please welcome lecrae. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ and they sing and they sing and they sing and they sing that land of the free home of the brave ♪
12:29 am
♪ land of the free home of the brave you might be ♪ ♪ uh i was made in america land of the free home of the brave ♪ ♪ right up under your nose you might see a sex slave being traded ♪ ♪ and we'll do anything for the money boy a momma might sell her babies sell porn sell pills ♪ ♪ anything to pay the bills anything to bring that pay gotta scratch that itch gotta scratch them ticks ♪ ♪ ain't rich but i might be and i'mma shoot these flicks i'mma turn these tricks anything for a slight fee ♪ ♪ yeah, made in america momma told me that i belong here had earn all the stripes ♪ ♪ had to learn all rights had to fight for a home here but i wouldn't know a thing about that ♪ all i know is drugs and rap i probably could have been some kinda doctor instead of holdin'♪ ♪ guns and crack i was born in the mainland great-grandpa from ♪ ♪ a strange land he was stripped away ♪ ♪ and given bricks to lay i guess you could say he a slave here but i was made in america ♪ ♪ so i don't know a thing about that all i know is uncle sam lookin' for me working ♪ ♪ on his corner so i know i gotta pay tax getting paid in america i was raised in america ♪
12:30 am
♪ and this is all i ever known if i'm wrong then you better come save me america ♪ ♪ >> that the greatness of america is the right to protest. ♪ break it down welcome to america break it down welcome to america ♪ ♪ welcome to america welcome to america ♪ ♪ i wish i lived in america wanna raise my kids in america ♪ ♪ heard everybody rich all i gotta do is run jump kick i'm a hit in your area ♪ ♪ so please pick me america i know you probably never loved me ♪ ♪ you never hear about me on the news and you've probably never been to my country ♪ ♪ i heard you selling education and got clothes that you throw away ♪ ♪ got plenty food in your nation i can tell cause a lot of y'all are overweight ♪ ♪ i already work for y'all i'm at a sweatshops making these shirts for y'all ♪ ♪ nah i ain't getting money go to bed hungry but i make some exports for y'all ♪ ♪ y'all don't know
12:31 am
a thing about that you was made in america ♪ ♪ i'm trying to find me a ticket where the sky is the limit catch a ♪ ♪ plane to america it should be plain to america ♪ ♪ y'all blessed people got it made heard y'all don't pray no more ♪ ♪ y'all looking for another way well i hope ♪ ♪ so i'm packing my suit farewell to my mother land saying bye to my loved ones ♪ ♪ fate hear i come i'm gone to another land i done made it to america i'm amazed at america ♪ ♪ but i couldn't get approval to stay so they sent me away from america ♪ >> we've got some difficult days ahead. but it really doesn't matter now. ♪ welcome to america welcome to america welcome to america ♪ >> because i've been to the mountain tops. ♪ welcome to america welcome to america ♪ >> but i'm not concerned about that now. ♪ welcome to america welcome to america ♪ >> i just want to do god's will.
12:32 am
♪ >> go see "selma". [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: lecrae! "anomaly" is in stores right now. we'll be right back. lecrae! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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12:36 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to don cheadle, kate bosworth, lecrae once again, and roots right there from philadelphia, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. i hope to see you next week. good-bye, thank you! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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