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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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showing you slowing 101 and 280. we end is good news. the 911 system back up and running in campbell. >> wear red today for women's health. good morning. triple threat. bitter cold in the east, drenching rain in the west. and snow blanketing a huge section of the country this weekend. a parade of storms that is expected to last four days. >> on alert. residents of an apartment building in new jersey warned after a baby is suspecteof contracting measles, while in chicago children at a daycare center are closely monitored after five infants were diagnosed with the disease there. >> kidnapping hoax. the family of a 6-year-old under arrest for allegedly trying to teach the boy a lesson by staging an abduction. >> in the 11 years in law enforcement i have never seen anything like this. >> this morning the bizarre details behind the boy's ordeal.
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>> and grey day. fans descend on new york city this morning for a 50 shades first. a live morning screening of one of the most anticipated movies in years and natalie and carson have black carpet for the big event, friday, february 6, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. we've got people all over the place this morning. so welcome dylan dreyer and willie geist to the show. nothing like kicking off the weekend watching "50 shades of grey" at 7:00. >> that's where natalie and carson are part of our fan screening. people are real fired up to see this movie.
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matt and i saw it together yesterday which is 50 shades of awkward. >> it is a steamy film. let's say that. and let's also say
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going on coast to coast right on into the beginning of next week. >> thank you very much. >> meantime big story. concern over the measles is spreading with suspected cases being investigated in new jersey and pennsylvania. in illinois a new outbreak.
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five infants 10 other kids here may have been
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exposed. >> i was traveling to southern california. i never expected that it would be here. >> unvaccinated kids and workers are told to spend three weeks away from the day care in suburban chicago. illinois one of 14 states seeing measles cases right now. an outbreak that stretches from california to new york where the twins are getting vaccinated. >> there is an outbreak. >> her pediatrician refuses to accept patient who is won't get immunized. >> i cannot believe in 2015 i need to worry where measle is going to walk through the door. >> 90% who are not vaccinated like babies will get sick if exposed. the best way to protect the most vulnerable is protect yourself by getting vaccinated. >> this is about doing your part to protect not just your family but your community as well. >> in a statement this day care says when the infant center reopens only staff member who is
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have been vaccinated will be able to work with the kids. if you are worried about your children the american academy of pediatrics recommends talking to your day care about their policies. >> is a lot of parents with questions. thank you so much.h.questions. thank you so much. >> in the coming days president t >> in the coming days president obama is expected to ask obama is expected to congress for new authority to congress for new authority to use military force against isis. that decision as jordan launches air strikes against the terror group for the murder of a captured jordanian pilot. richard engel is in northern iraq. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. jordanian officials tell nbc news the air strikes against isis which were carried out with close coordination with the u.s. military, are just the beginning. this is turning out to be a defining moment for the jordanian monarchy. for jord at any war against isis is deeply personal. the jordanian military released an edited video showing its jets readying for a bombing run in
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syria. the pilots carried messages for comrade burned to death. the pilot's name written on the bomb. the accompanying narration calls it tie ranical terrorists. footage showed what jordan claimed were weapons and command centers in flames. jordan said all planes returned safely to base. this is an important moment for jordan, a time for the nation to rally behind what looks like an organized decisive response. but as we found out on another front, the fighting against isis 0en the ground is hardly so precise or effective. we joined kurdish fighters in northern iraq, america's closest ally in this war, and traveled to their newest front line position just outside mosul, captured two weeks ago. the captain explained why he and his men fought so hard to take and hold this ground.
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this position is strategic, we control the road, he said. now we cut it off, cutting the road means the kurds have severed isis' main supply line between iraq and syria and isis wants it back. >> so there was an incoming round in this area. luckily it overshot this position. you could see where the soldiers there, the kurdish fighters are looking at the smoke and there comes in another round. so let's try and find a more secure area. the kurds fire back, to keep back isis. sometimes mortar attacks followed by ambushes. the kurds took this base and have already lost three men holding it. they will lose many more, they say, unless they get a lot more help from washington. and soon. kurdish officials we have spoken to are deeply disappointed at the level of support they are getting from washington. kurdish fighters are in this fight, they are brave, they are
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loyal to the u.s., and they are shocked they are not getting the help they need. >> richard engel in northern iraq, thank you very much. >> funeral services are being held for the driver of the suv involved in the week's deadly commuter train accident in new york. ntsb investigators have now interviewed the engineer of that train. nbc's tom costello is following development developments. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we've got the train line running but for a lot of people who take it this has been haunting. it now appear this is is a combination of tragic events, there was a car accident on a nearby highway, that forced drivers to detour onto smaller roads, clogged roads and one of those roads went over railroad tracks. it was the driver behind the suv stuck on the train tracks who may have provided the most important clue. >> because the traffic had been heavy we were backed up and as we're waiting to cross the tracks the gate comes down. in front of me, and comes down
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and hits the top of her car. >> reporter: backed up traffic on a small road over a railroad crossing, critical information for the ntsb. >> as he approached the crossing, traffic was in his words inching along. >> reporter: the timing could not have been worse. the train was approaching just under the speed limit, 58 miles per hour. the ntsb says the crossing signals and arms were working properly, but ellen was stuck on the tracks, possibly scared and confused. we may never know. the engineer told investigators on thursday he desperately tried to stop the train. >> he did everything he was trained to do. he put the train in emergency mode doing everything to stop this train. >> reporter: it was too late. the crash was horrific. now investigators are going through the remains of the burned out train car collecting evidence. as six family members prepare for funeral, ellen, walter,
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eric, robert, joseph, and adikia, whose family awaits his ashes. only his wife's family is in america. >> he was an all around person. very generous and kind. >> reporter: back on metro north commuters are cautious about where they sit. >> after this crash i will consider where i sit. just because i don't want to take any chances. >> i did stay in the second car, avoid the first. >> things like this happen all the time. we have to relax and move on. >> reporter: the ntsb reminds drivers never sit on railroad tracks in congestion. wait until the traffic clears and you can get through. if you get trapped for some reason you can always break through that arm that comes down, and in a worse case scenario get out and aband your car. back to you. >> good advice. thank you so much. >> natalie's down the road at the screening, willie is covering for this morning. more about that plane crash in taiwan. >> new information overnight on what caused that flight to crash
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in taiwan wedges. black box data reveals both engines lost power after takeoff. data suggests the crew tried to restart one of the engines but it didn't work. at least 35 died in the crash, 15 survived. >> health insurance company anthem says it's scrambling to notify customers whose information may have been stolen in a massive data breach. pete williams is on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. anthem says it may take two weeks to discover how many of its current and former customers and employees were victimized out of the company's massive data base of 80 million records. investigators say they are looking at the possibility that chinese hackers were behind the massive attack on anthem that stole social security numbers, names, addresses, dates of birth. no medical records were stolen but says insurance i.d. numbers were targeted. experts say that could be used for medical identity theft, to
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buy prescription drugs or file fraudulent claims in the process adding extraneous entries to a victim's medical records. hackers might have been seeking potentially embarrassing data. >> that type of information is of interest to foreign intelligence services who may be looking to target individuals in the country. >> reporter: anthem says it will offer free id thety theft and credit monitoring to customers victimized. some experts recommend asking the credit reporting agencies for a credit freeze, blocking any new accounts using your social security number unless you release it. anthem says no credit card numbers were compromised, the stolen data could be used to steal your identity and good ket new cards. >> you're going to have to look at your old fashioned mail and your online bill pay and look for signs of anything is unusual. >> reporter: the experts and the government both say there is no point in trying to get a new social security number since most credit agencies link back to the old number. >> pete williams, thank you.
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a contentious battle brewing on capitol hill over the future of the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. whether the facility should continue to operate. president obama has argued the facility's existence is a propaganda tool for islamic militantings. but tom cotton blasted the idea that guantanamo should be shurterred saying of the prisoners there, quote, as far as i'm concerned every last one of them can rot in hell. >> a sleepy driver caused a mess in the los angeles area thursday night. after he ran over a fire hydrant sending a 70-foot geyser in the sky. it took more than an hour to turn the water off. a college student who stayed up studying for a test was behind the wheel. the water department plans to bill the driver. >> the career of olympic gold medalist bode miller is in serious jeopardy after a high speed crash at the world championships in colorado. check this out. 37-year-old in the lead of his first race, when he clipped his
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left arm on a gate causing-imto spin backward, tumble and slide down the hill. the crash leaving a big gash on his right calf. he finished his run on foot. his wife and son as you saw at the finish line waiting for him. miller had surgery on thursday, to repair a severed hamstring tendon. after he sent a message that read, feeling lucky since things could have been way worse. >> in case of that you wonder how they get up and compete later. >> the speeds they are traveling. we hope he is doing okay. be well. >> thank you. >> let's check in once again with carson and natalie at the screening down the block. guys. >> who would have thought three years ago when i was reading this book "50 shades of grey" it would come to this. >> did you read all? >> i did. 50 shades it's a first here. this early in the morning, wow, what a huge crowd, 1,000 people
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waiting for the first screening of this highly anticipated film. >> we're here, a historic theater and what a good place to make history for the "today" show's look at fifty shades the film and these lucky 1,000. they come from some places far away. australia, mexico city, of course manhattan so far away. >> right. and it may be cold out but it's going to be hot and steamy in here. >> that's exactly right. we're waiting for the stars to arrive. jamie dornan, dakota johnson. and now we're waiting for you, savannah. savannah. savannah. >> you got to hurry. >> the cold air will condense all of that heat and steam. it will form clouds. yeah. >> mr. roker. >> let's take a quick look, show you what's going on on the big
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map. you can see wet weather in the pacific northwest. we're going to detail that coming up in the next half hour. plenty of sunshine along the gulf coast, look for light snow showers around the eastern great lakes, sunshine in the mid-atlantic states. temperatures chillier than usual. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. new nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes instantly. and lasts for more than 24 hours. then i quickly rinse off. my skin feels amazingly smooth with no sticky feel. so, i get dressed... ..and go. now i enjoy smooth skin every day. new nivea in-shower body lotion in the body lotion aisle. 7:17. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. tracking showers you can see the deep green kroesing in ingclosing in on the greater bay area. showers in the north bay expecting showers to start to become more steady and heavy, in
7:18 am
menlo park by 9:15 this morning and everything spreads in the south bay. the showers in combination with the heavy rain we're expecting gusty wind as we head throughout the day today. the weekend looks wet. saturday not quite as much as saturday. more on your ek tended forecast in molts. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, mr. roker. switching places here. carson is down there at the screening and you have the orange room. >> yes, we are talking about pope francis coming to the united states in september. he announced that he will make an address to congress. this is the first time for any pope and all the politicians in washington and across the country are happy about this. this is a huge announcement. president obama said like millions of americans, i am very much looking forward to welcoming pope francis to the united states this year. in another groundbreaking move he also hosted a video chat on
7:19 am
you tube. he called himself a disaster with machines and said he doesn't know how to work a computer. he said all that as this was streaming on you tube. many found the moment very relatable. we said after watching my first dvd, i tried to figure out how to rewind it. a lot of us can relate to when they came out. it should be interesting. we will see what happens in september. >> thank you very much. >> dylan in here. i'm sorry. a disturbing case of -- this is a terrible story. a four-hour kidnapping staged by his own family. the lesson they claimed they were trying to teach him. the head of sony pictures stepping down in the wake of the massive cyb
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. >> much more of our exclusive fan first screens of "fifty shades of grey." at the theater, carson what's going on? >> the stars are getting out of the carrot carpet for the 50 shades contest. here they are. that is a beautiful audi. as you see, dakota johnson and jamie dorner. >> how are [cows mooing] [car alarms] [cows mooing]
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good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain slowly moving into the bay area. here's ace will have look at the north bay right now and the drive along highway 101 in san rafael. the storm is expected to get heavy over the next few hours especially in the north bay. nbc bay area meteorologist christina loren tracking the path of this storm and when the entire bay area should see it. >> good morning to you, laura. want to start with the live picture, point reyes this morning, the dark storm clouds moving in and really sonoma county feeling the brunt of the moisture now. high atop san bruno mountain notice our camera getting a shake from time to time. now we take it to the radar. you request see for the most part a lot of the heavy moisture is offshore but just hours away from impacting the greater bay
7:27 am
area. 9:15 is when we expect the showers to start to get steady and heavy in menlo park. into the south bay expecting that arrival between 10:10 a.m. this morning and 11:00 a.m. just in time for our midday broadcast. what you'll notice as we head throughout the day today, grab your jacket keep your umbrella handy. 61 degrees in san francisco, we are getting that red sky this morning. travel cautiously out there. we'll find out how your drive looks for mike inouye right now. >> look at this shaking the bay bridge. no, i'm not doing that at all. it's the wind folks, the gusty conditions across that span and many parts of your bay, we have the wind advisory continuing all day fort bay area that will be an issue for taller vehicles, higher profile as we say. out toe your roadways a smooth slower drive down the east shore freeway. better news west 580, earlier crash has four out of five lanes blocked at grand avenue. all lanes cleared slow from the warren freeway through the stretch. anywhere north of broadway fine
7:28 am
to the maze and the bay bridge. looking north the upper east shore freeway and the north bay a slight slowdown through san rafael out of novato. the earlier rain comes into the bay area so we're watching it. the roadways showing a typical friday commute. lighter volume but typical slowing here san mateo and into the south bay your northbound routes guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update for you as we continue to track the storm headed towards the bay area. another local update then, enjoy your friday morning. o
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nterview scene. jamie, you said that was within of the more difficult scenes to shoot? >> i feel there was so much resting on that scene and the first time the characters -- >> you open your mouth and they melt. >> the first time the two meet. a lot of pressure. it was cool the way we set it up and we gave two days for that scene which was unheard of. >> dakota are you ready for instant fame that comes with this film? and all of this? >> i don't know that anyone can be ready for it. obviously not. i'm so excited to be here. this is really amazing. >> and for you, talk about a big task. you have a book that so many people have read and loved. so many people are imagining these characters in their minds.
7:34 am
it is up to you to do it justice. how do you feel in this moment? especially watching it with some of the biggest fans of the book. >> i'm so excited and thrilled. really, this is our first screening. to have the audience and feel what they feel. it is amazing. >> all right. do you have any words of wisdom for carson? i have seen it. are these two ready for it? any warnings? >> i read all three. i'm ready. >> are you, jamie? >> i'm ready. >> you said you have been on record saying you will not let your parents see the movie. who in your inner circle is allowed to see the movie? >> maybe my friends or maybe my sisters. i don't want my parents to see it. >> we can understand why. jamie and dakota i'm taking you back with me. you enjoy the movie. we will send it back to midtown
7:35 am
and matt. >> all right. guys thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> my parents don't watch it either. going on right now. out west, we have been talking about this. wind advisories and big system coming onshore. it is going to continue to train and bring this. we have the pineapple express. an atmospheric river bringing tropical moisture and heavy rain into monday. talking some areas up to 15 inches of rain. it spreads from seattle all the way down to san francisco now. rainfall amounts, we are talking some areas about 10 to 12 inches of rain. it will be long and it will just continue to rain. flooding mudslides and landslides are a big, big problem. that's . always nice to hear al roker
7:36 am
talking about our nextck of the woods. microclimate weather alert for the bay area and the action is on. the steady rainfall moving south all the way from cloverdale to santa rosa along 101. watch out for wet driving conditions. trafficking a few significant cells moving toward san francisco throughout the next 15 to 20 minutes. everything presses down the peninsula in menlo park by 9:15. we have to wait until 10:10 here in san jose. looks like the action is just getting started. latest weather. matt. >> al thank you. we have a disturbing story from missouri. we have a staged kidnapping of a young boy. willie. >> we should warn parents ahead of time. the ordeal lasted for hours. the boy's relatives and another man under arrest. the alleged motive behind the crime is shocking. according to a police report, 6-year-old's mother and aunt and
7:37 am
grandmother asked a family friend to kidnap the boy. the reason? to scare the 6-year-old and teach him a lesson about being too nice to strangers. >> our son is too nice and too open and polite. >> on monday, the boy was walking home from school and allegedly lured into a truck. according to the report he said he would never see his mommy again and nailed to the wall of a shed. before threatening the boy with a handgun. fear of him, he allegedly took the boy to the basement of the boy's own home and hands and feet bound. a jacket covering his face. with the boy unable to see, his aunt allegedly removed his pants. telling him he could being sold into sex slavery. >> the family believes they did nothing wrong. >> after hours, the boy was untied and told to go upstairs and the family was there to lecture him.
7:38 am
the police say throughout the ordeal the adults stayed in touch through cell phone. the alleged crime came to light when the boy told school officials. >> i have never seen anything like this. when this is okay to terrorize a child, to tell him they are going to die. >> and the boy is now currently staying with another relative. goes without saying unconscience able. >> no words for that. as a parent. anybody should be revolted. up next, the latest on the sony cyber attack. but first these messages. we're in seattle to see which 100 calorie black cherry greek yogurt tastes best. definitely that one. that one's delicious. it's yoplait! what? i love yoplait! the other one
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7:43 am
hollywood new the name amy pascal until the hack attack exposed embarrassing e-mails to the world. >> there was a sense after that hacking scandal she would lose her job. >> she is stepping down to launch a new production company at the studio. in a statement she said it felt like the right time to transition into this new role. the sony studio insider said her departure has nothing to do with the cyber attack but it comes just two months after hackers released her e-mails including messages about president obama insinuating he had a preference for movies starring black actors comments that forced her to apologize. >> the whole reason she was removed from this job was the e-mails she sent created lots of problems in a town where relationships are everything. >> many consider her the fame industry's top female executive. >> she had a tremendous track record.
7:44 am
she produced some of the greatest movies of our time. the studio executive. >> she green lighted the interview, the movie at the center of the crippling cyber attack that is blamed on north korea. >> coming up she is plus sized? we will introduce you to swimsuit model making history in this year's magazine. next the surprising way that madonna dropped i vow to wow my family with a vacation they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. i vow to break the ice with my father-in-law. i vow to fly like supermom. i vow to make vacation history. it's our richest offer of the year. royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent
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>> let's fast forward. leave it to madonna to find a new way to release a music video. hey, dylan. >> yes, in this day and age, a lot of people debut on twitter and facebook and now are if the first time we have snap chat? madonna released her first video exclusively on snap chat. it didn't go over that well. willing to admit it now, took me an hour to figure out snap chat so i could watch the new video. never felt so old. this is a new feature but i never figured it out and there could be a generational gap
7:50 am
between the fans and the people who use snap chat. it got so confusing for people that madonna said open the app and swipe twice up to the discover page and tap the snap chat. i have an iphone. it's not mine but we will pull up snap chat and this gets you to the video and if you swipe once -- i don't know. these are really confusing. either way, the video will be released later and you can watch it like a regular person. >> going mtv some. >> does mtv still play videos? i don't know. >> did you turn it on and off? >> reboot your system. >> madonna, can you help me? we are stuck a lot. >> we never sounded older.
7:51 am
thank you very much. coming up one more look behind the curtain of the "fifty shades of grey" movie. much more with the stars. >> the patriots star who cannot stop celebrating the super b binge eating disorder, or b.e.d., isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. waking up to fatigued skin? sleep on this! garnier creates its first miracle sleeping cream. it fights signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. a sleeping cream... that's a first! like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration it works while you sleep when skin is most receptive. and here's the real wake-up call...
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7:56 am
well good morning everyone. 7:56. microclimate weather alert this morning. rain making its way into the bay area. this is a live look at the north bay right now and highway 101 in san rafael. you can see it is dry now, but it is soon to be 50 shades of gray. the storm expected to be heavy over the next couple of hours, especially here in the north bay. nbc bay area's meteorologist christina loren getting us. >> ooh if i can get it together after that. good morning to you, christian grey live on "today." 7:56 the gld gld showing you dark clouds moving in as we head throughout the day today it's going to start to get active especially right now until about 11:00 a.m. in the north bay. heavy rain across sonoma county starting to press into marin county and this little cell on the way to san francisco over the course of the next 15 to 20 minutes. i'm tracking these showers in menlo park as we head through about 9:15 this morning.
7:57 am
we have to wait until after 10:00 for the heavy steady stuff to arrive in the south bay but it is on its way. everybody needs their umbrella today and travel cautiously. temps in the 60s. rain will subside a touch for saturday, so expecting shower activity and by sunday, things are going to pick up yet again. we'll have that forecast for you in moments. right now here's mike and your drive. >> i want to show folks the bottom of the screen the flags flapping very strong winds going on in parts the bay, this is fremont where the traffic is not quite an issue but we have a little bit of sunshine the gray skies continue around. slower drive coming into the area we just showed you with the live shot south past the dakota area and dumb barton bridge. the south bay northbound routes continue to show slowing, an earlier crash eastbound at 237 is not a crash, it's a tree down on the roadway from the report update. that will be a factor there. slowing paige mill 280 a crash off the fooe way and bay bridge compression toward oakland but the earlier crash at 580 and grant cleared. >> we'll continue to update you
7:58 am
on the storm rolling in. more updates in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 and coming up going red. the women of "today" team up to raise awareness for heart disease as they reveal their cholesterol test results live. ahead of the curve. a plus sized swimsuit model and why she prefers to be called curvy. 50 shades mania. >> you are here because i am capable. >> the stars make their way from our exclusive fan screening to studio 1a and they brought along one more sneak peek on this friday february 6th 2015.
8:01 am
>> good morning. >> my 18th birthday. >> my 16th birthday. >> it's our birthday. >> people in illinois love it. >> matt lauer, my wife wants a hug. >> we are back at 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 6th day of february 2015. by the way, that makes it also american heart association's national wear red day. i got my red pin on under this. >> i got red on. >> all taking part. a lot of people here. going to get the word out about heart disease.
8:02 am
>> you are going to wear red today, we want to see your selfies. use the hash tag go red today. >> if you are hearing excitement out here it's because of this guy. this guy is truly larger than life. the patriots tight end still celebrating his team's super bowl victory. >> with good reason. he played well. >> absolutely. # >> willie has a check of the top stories. >> he does not wear a coat even with when it's 8 degrees. the measles outbreak spread to a daycare center outside chicago. infants at the kinder care center who were too young to be vaccinated and ten more who may have been exposed. being warned they may have been exposed in a suspected case
8:03 am
there. king abdullah said the battle against isis is a war the world cannot afford to lose following the brutal killing by isis of a jordanian pilot. jordan intensified attacks with dozens of fighter jets targeting weapons depots and training sites. president obama is expected to ask congress for authority to use military force against the islamic state. now to a case in new york we have been following, tommy gilbert was back in court pleading not guilt tow charges that he murdered his own father a hedge fund manager. kate snow is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. prosecutors and police said the 30-year-old shot his father with a semi automatic pistol and staged it to lock like i suicide. according to documents after he was arrested he did not want to talk about his father's death. tommy gilbert jr.'s defense
8:04 am
attorney said he department want his client photographed in an orange jump suit and handcuffs, but the judge allowed the cameras in as he pleaded not guilty to murdering his 70-year-old father. evidence was largely circumstantial and there were no witnesses to the crime while the district attorney's office points to two empty shell casings at his apartment that were a match to the gun found at the crime scene. according to the associated press, court documents show that in the hours following gilbert's arrest he talked with police about his diet running and exercise routine, but not about his father's death, asking to his lawyer. tom gilbert and his wife shelly were doing all they could to help their son who struggled with mental health issues. they gave him an allowance of $600 a week and paid his rent. when they tried to lower it to 400 a week, he got angry.
8:05 am
>> they were worried about his mental state and they were increasingly concerned about his mental well being. >> tommy gilbert is in court without bail. willie? >> kate snow. thank you very much. a close call for a boy and his uncle. they were trying to clear a storm drain in brazil. pulled under water and swept away when the pipe did suddenly clear. the two reappeared later with minor injuries and today you will be happy to know they are both okay. a deer in montana getting a lot of attention because of what it is wearing. the buck is decked out with a mess of yes or no or a normal arrangement or something stuck in his antlers. he has been like that for a couple of weeks but it doesn't seem to bother him. in fact he looks fabulous. time for the weather with al.
8:06 am
>> it's out here where we have a birthday boy. what's your name? >> jesse neal from alexandria virginia. >> this is my 41st birthday. >> hanging out. there you go. let's show you what's going on. doesn't look a day over 40. you look fantastic. wet weather in san francisco and seattle. both getting drenched over the weekend. it's going to come down in buckets. flooding is going to be a big problem. the rest of the country is looking at afternoon highs that stay cold here in the northeast on into new england. the heat is in the southwest. temperatures in the 70s and 80s there. denver sees a high of 67 degrees. chicago downright balmy compared to us. i'm christina loren.
8:07 am
right on time the heavy stuff has arrived from sonoma to marin. periods of heavy rain starting to see the impact in san francisco as well. i stopped the radar. you can see down to san francisco county where it meets san mateo county. heavy rainfall, and this is going to continue to head south. grab your umbrellas. 66 in the south bay. sun here but by 10:00, showers move in. we'll keep you updated right here on nbc bay area. >> that's your latest weather. >> al thank you. coming up next move over kim kardashian. the video that could be the next thing to break the internet. >> the stars of "fifty shades of grey" made their way to studio 1a. matt? >> we will talk to one of the stars of the patriots about the super bowl victory and what's next. we ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest
8:08 am
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8:10 am
. >> we are back at 8:10. we have a special guest joining us. member of the super bowl champion new england patriots.
8:11 am
may i call you gronk? >> yes. >> congratulations. >> we saw the super bowl and seen you on the field. i don't think you you have seen gronk being gronk. you have memorable moments hanging out in the duck boat. >> shaking my booty right there. right there a fan threw me a beer. if a fan throws the beer, you have to chug it. i can't slack. >> you wore the min yons some. >> someone made it for myself and my friend. i wore it to the parade and i was grabbing it. >> there was a soft side to you as well.
8:12 am
you okay? >> kitten is great. i hung out with kitten before and the past couple of weeks. that's why we separated. >> you might want that set. >> we all heard about overly competitive parents and they cross the line during their kids's games. ever happen with you? >> no not really. me and my brothers maybe took it to another level and crossed the line. partake a look at this. parents scream and get in people's face. this sign was posted in a gym in kentucky with a few reminders. this is a rec league. this is a game. the coaches are volunteers.
8:13 am
the referees are human. your child does not play in the nba. no food or drinks in the gym. do you think that's a good idea? >> it's a great sign. no food or drinks you need like a water or something. maybe they should have a limitation right there. i thought that was a great sign and you want the kids to have fun. they get better. >> they are at the nfl. >> i'm sure there has been a moment where you felt the defeat right? >> no doubt. i have been through a lot. >> we want to get your thoughts on the picture. den tennis star andy murray and the team holds the trophy. some are calling it a glare and i think it's his modelling look. what do you think?
8:14 am
>> i don't know. that might have been one of the snapshots caught in an instant. andy murray is a good sport. i don't think he felt bad, but he wanted to win. >> sometimes in an instant, the photographer snaps a picture where it gets taken out of place. and boom you got it at the right time. he was looking at it the whole time. he was in on me and he gave it all he got. that's the way he is looking at it. >> remember when kim kardashian broke the internet? jon stewart has response from the help of steve carrel and stephen colbert. you will not be able to unsee this. the video was filmed in 2001. the daily show hosting it with the hash tag break the internet.
8:15 am
they are well on their way. >> they have broken the screen on the television at home. >> i can't look away. >> stephen colbert. >> is that the new magic mike sequel? >> wow. >> meanwhile, i have to ask you. so much talk about the play at end of the super bowl. some call it the worst play call in history. we would like to know what you think. >> i think it was the game of football. you can't say it was a bad play call it's just what happened at the moment. i believe butler made a great play on that. you have to give him huge credit. he read it well and he's quick. he works and practices hard. one of our guys you have to look at our defense made a play. they stepped up and butler stepped up and made the play to help us win the super bowl.
8:16 am
>> you certainly did. what a great run. great to have you here. >> thank you guys. >> thanks gronk. that's what's trending today. >> gronk appeared on the cover of "sports illustrated" and history is being made in the swimsuit issue with its first plus sized model. chanel jones has more on that. >> let me start with that. she is a size 12. in the grand scheme of things she smaller than the average american woman who is a 14. within the professional modelling world where sizes are from to 6, she landed a spot in this issue. since it is debut in 1964 the swimsuit issue has been known for highlighting the epitome of beauty and they made models that look like this. this year it's all changing. robin is a size 12 plus size in the fashion world.
8:17 am
"sports illustrated's" curviest model to date. >> it's mainly a size 0 to 4. i am like triple the size of these girls. >> to think this is plus size sparked considerably reaction. can i be spoked that she is appearing while being furious this is what we consider plus sized. she is stunning b you not plus sized. the labeling of anyone over a size 4 as plus size needs to stop. >> she is one of the most beautiful women i have laid eyes on. >> they agree. >> just because the number is a 12 it has no bearing on what she represents. she is fit and curvaceous and gorgeous. the 12 is like okay big deal. >> they argue that the swimsuit issue has been featuring different body types for years. >> one of my proudest moments
8:18 am
has been the general acceptance of the more voluptuous curvaceous body. kate upton effect has been an incredible thing to witness. >> as for robin who was a month pregnant at the time of her shoot, the fame is a thing of beauty. >> i had an immense hate for my body and thought it held me back. i thought why didn't i get a skinny body. i'm really happy and i'm thrilled with "sports illustrated" for using me. >> as you may have noticed, she is nine months pregnant expecting any day now. she will work on her swimsuit business and a cookbook. she is a size 12 and you look at that picture and say come on. i guess you have to take the wins where you can get them. >> she is bigger than most. >> thank you. >> we should mention on monday
8:19 am
on "today," we will have the first live interview with this year's cover model. the ribbon stays home. up next the stars of . . . . we're back with the week long series. the fan first screening
8:20 am
earlier this morning. we've got them back in the studio. first, one more you've been waiting for, exclusive footage from "fifty shades of grey." ♪ ♪ >> you're energetic this morning. >> you hungry? >> very. >> 'cause i'm making pancakes. >> good morning to both of you. jamie, is it true that you haven't yet seen the final cut of this? >> yeah it's true. >> is that because you haven't had time or afraid to look or what? >> i'm not afraid to look. i don't know how that's
8:21 am
happened. i think i've probably been relatively busy and a number of things stopped me from doing it. but i'm going to see it today, actually but i haven't seen it in six months. >> you guys shot this a year ago. >> yeah. >> you went off and went about your own lives. is it hard to get back into the whole "fifty shades" mentality since then? >> is it a bizarre experience. it's been so long. i'm just excited for people to see it and form opinions and actually like watch the movie. >> yeah. >> we were watching it and we did watch it together yesterday -- >> can you understand why that was awkward. no seriously, for co-workers to be sitting there. >> i put a whole seat between us. when we were watching it i thought, really dakota you brought a lot to her character. there's some steamy stuff in
8:22 am
here. and stuff that people might find controversial. i thought you got a lot of sass. did you think you were going to make her a strong woman because of the nature of the tear? >> yeah i think the character anastasia is one of the most strong-willed and has such an air of self-worth to her. i really wanted to bring that. >> when say bit of an irony because she plays a submissive. and yet she is i agree with savannah a stronger person. the way the story was told to me jamie, some of the most intimate scenes that the director waited to shoot until the end of the entire filming process so the two of you were a lot more comfortable with each other, did it help? >> yeah. i think we did all it after the nine weeks right at the end. directly for those reasons,
8:23 am
dakota and i had built up a trust with each other. an understanding. >> how do you prepare for something like that dakota. i'd be flossing my teeth and checking myself out in the mirror. and all of that thing. to get to that place and be so intimate and there are cameras all around you. it's kind of the opposite of intimacy. >> we talked about it a lot. we worked it out a lot with sam. and it was really meticulous. i don't know probably -- yeah. >> i also read something really sweet that you said i think in an interview. you were talking about some of those scenes where they would yell cut and you would be there in front of the crew although maybe at a distance naked. and you were the first person who would run over and cover you. >> yeah. >> which i think was very sweet. >> let's be honest it would be pretty shocking it i said hey -- >> got to go got to go.
8:24 am
>> yeah. for dakota. it's a different thing. she was literally in those scenarios, tied up. exposed, naked. of course when we call cut, someone has to step in not to leave her exposed. although i was tempted a couple times. >> you did build such -- like i trust him so much. it was like, you know we were only there to protect and help each other. >> a lot of people want to know are there going to be two more films. this book is a trilogy, are you up for it with two more films? >> yeah. >> are you up for it? >> no. >> that's definitely the idea yeah. >> yeah. >> good luck. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for your help this morning. glad you saw it. >> thanks. appreciate it. we should mention this "fifty shades of grey" hits theaters
8:25 am
next friday. willie, over to you. >> thanks guys we've been celebrating 40 years of "snl," today we're luck to have rachel dratch. are you going to go see "fifty shades of grey." >> the only time i tried s & m, i ended up with severe rope burns. >> lots more with rachel and debbie. it's going to be electric. right after your local news.
8:26 am
8:26 right now. microclimate weather alert. look at the golden gate bridge. it is already soaked out there. rain making its way into the bay area. supposed to get even heavier later today. we're keeping our eye on all the cameras out there. christina loren tells us the rain should start coming down really heavy by late morning and will likely make things messy for the evening commute. there are also concerned we could see something similar to last december when strong winds took down trees in some places. a lot of arbrists have been quite busy. also busy this morning, mike keeping tabs on the trav. >> we'll take you back to the shot, the golden gate bridge. i want to show not only is the roadway wet, but the windshield
8:27 am
wipers are actively working, and the rain continues to build and come down through the bay area. look at the green all over the north bay. wet roads, slippery conditions but a lighter friday commute. the upper east shore freeway also experiencing free roads. you see the green highlighting here, and wind in oakland hills. an earlier crash has cleared. look north to the san mateo bridge. we see the peninsula side with wind. the highlighting in yellow here. the yellow here, slowing in the south bay. >> thank you. we'll be back with another local update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 on this friday morning, the 6th of february 2o 15 as we say hello to a lovely crowd. the deep freeze has arrived and it is 15 degrees. it's national go red day. when it comes to your heart
8:31 am
health as the women of the day go under the knife. >> plus the best new beauty bargains at your local drugstore for under $10. >> great products for animal lovers including self-3ing balls. wow. >> how cute is that? >> the upcoming season of "the voice" featuring christina aguilera along with adam levine blake shelton. >> music is love that you want to share with other people. >> that's really what "the voice" is. >> i cannot get enough of this show. >> you shook this whole room. >> we are making music and looking for a star. >> you know more about country music. i knew there was a star on stage. >> do you want some clowns or
8:32 am
someone who takes you seriously? >> ouch. "the voice" returns for season eight monday here on nbc. >> look forward to that. now a check of the weather. >> we know it's cold out here. let's look at the weekend ahead. snow into the northeast. a lot of wet weather in central california. sunny and warm. texas into the central plains. gulf coast as well. sunday sunday we are looking for a snow and icy mix and rain back here continues from northern california all the way into central california up in the pacific northwest. chilly as you make your way to the upper midwest. sunshine and the warmt good morning. i'm christina loren. temperatures are still pretty mild out there, which is bizarre considering we have so much rainfall working into the bay area. right now, heaviest stuff is located north of the golden gate bridge. but it's just starting to press south, and as we head throughout
8:33 am
the morning hours, we're going to continue to see this activity work into san jose. talking about antenn 10:00 a.m. arrival. heavy rain and gusty wind in the tri-valley. frequent wind gusts at 35 miles per hour. your latest weather. dylan? >> double check the snl archives is brought to you by state farm. it pays 20 double check. talk to your agent today. >> thank you, al. now more of our celebration of snl's 40th anniversary and the most memorable sketches in the show's history. we asked you to vote for your favorite from the 2,000s. here's the winner.
8:34 am
and rachel dratch was an snl cast number until 2006. good morning. thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> big milestone. 40th anniversary. when you started it was a big milestone. what was it like starting on the 25th anniversary? >> my show as a new hire and it was the 25th anniversary show and i walk in and there was bob newhart and an aykroyd and steve martin. like the cinderella night of comedy for me. >> everybody love you and love your character debbie downer. would you say that that is the character you are most recognized for now? >> probably. a lot of people say my boss is like that or people call me debbie downer. people know someone like that. >> it's part of the lexicon now. >> yeah. >> i always loved when you guys started to break down a little bit. there were a lot of giggles. how did you hold it together for the sketches?
8:35 am
>> sometimes you don't as debbie downer at disneyworld shows. i was trying not to because it's a cheap way of getting the audience. i loved the audience but when the cast would crack up. sometimes you hide behind a fellow cast member but debbie downer was always -- i know where to hide. >> what else was the best part about working at "saturday night live"? >> so many. first of all, you see all these stars that you grew up admiring and you are meeting a different one every week and you are working with the funniest writers and late night craziness. so many cool things and the live element of the show. you never know what's going going to happen. >> did you ever get star struck and anyone made you nervous to be on stage with? >> i'm sure i did. i can't remember though. usually the people i really, really admired like the comedy icons are the people i would get
8:36 am
shy around and wouldn't have the therve to say i nerv to s i love you. as i met them. >> whatever. thank you so much rachel dratch for being here. that brings us to the latest on "saturday night live" and classic sketches like kristin wii g's target lady. we have 20 to choose from. vote and we will reveal the winner. i'm tongue tied too. savannah? >> thank you so much. coming up next on go red, the importance of knowing your cholesterol levels. we will learn ours. first, this is "to
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> national wear red day.
8:39 am
how did you know that? heart disease is serious. the number one killer in the u.s. many do not realize they are at risk. they banded together and we decided to learn a little bit about an important risk factor cholesterol. >> this is your big day. you are getting your cholesterol. >> i'm starving. i have been fasting. >> i never had my cholesterol checked. >> this is important. >> i'm here to get my cleft rom checked. >> should you go first to get your blood drawn. >> hi. >> i am very complicated. >> the recommendation is that a 20-year-old should get their cholesterol done and you have a base line the rest of your life. >> savannah is out. didn't hurt too much. >> it's so great. is it hereditary? my dad passed away from a heart attack at 49.
8:40 am
>> my dad had a stroke at and high blood pressure. i know those are my risk factors. >> you are african-american which is a risk factor. do you know your cholesterol? >> i don't remember the number but my doctor said at the time i was okay. >> who would like to go next? >> please look. >> i didn't drink anything except for water and black coffee. i'm starving but i'm not complaining. >> i have no idea when my last cholesterol test was. >> a little stick. >> don't i get candy? >> i'm going to eat something. >> thanks so much. >> all right, so the results? >> the results are first of all as i said to all of you, cholesterol is one of the risk factors, but your bmi and your waist can relate to things like diabetes and heart disease and
8:41 am
blood pressure the silent killer. since we are focusing on cholesterol, that accident weigh build up 200 and below is good. 200 to 240 is marginal. you break it down and two numbers you need to know. hdl is the good should be 60 and above and your ldl, the bad cholesterol which you want lower than 100. right off the bad, natalie dylan chanel and roda amazingly phenomenal. your total was 164 and both were like crazy good. natalie this just in fascinating. now the people we get to bust. i might as well start with erica. you came in as the all time worst numbers. things you can fix and interestingly, a message. you came in at 228 which sounds high but interestingly because
8:42 am
you are fit and you exercise your hdl, protective number is high. it skews you high a little bit. >> i'm on this severe diet where i gave up grains dairy, sugar, legumes and alcohol. red meat which i rarely eat, bacon. i wonder if it's those. >> it could have skewed. your hdl was 108, but your ldl was 112. that might be related to animal fat. if i were you, i would get off of that paleo cave man diet and go back to being a girl. tamron 220. we talked about the fact that you are concerned about heart disease even though you have a killer body you don't love to
8:43 am
exercise. the break down is the hdl is 90. we would love it to be over 100 and your ldl that we want 60 or lower is 121. >> the burgers every day. >> the numbers are upside down. the classic example of someone who looks phenomenal and skiny and on the inside we have tinkering to do. >> it's probably my diet. i eat ice cream and bacon and burgers. >> it's fixable. exercise of course but diet for you. numbers for you are good. 159 total. your hdl is 52. not great. but your ldl is 94. your total looks good but i want your good cholesterol higher and that means even though i know you exercise a lot, more. >> more exercise? whatever. >> it's very, very good. >> know your members.
8:44 am
walk out with a piece of paper and put it in your computer. you have to know them and own them. >> good advice. by the way, if you are wearing red as we are, send in your selfies. we want to see you in red. if you want to learn about the common risks for heard disease in women, go to are you using them? maybe you should be. the top beauty products under $10. but first, this is "today" on nbc. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight
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because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually
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organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available, healthy products to feed their families. sustainability is about making a difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube. the drugstore, how do you know what is worth picking up? allure has sampled the newest launches and we have the best buys for under $10. good morning. you did all the hard stuff. >> make it easy for you when you go in the drugstore. >> these companies are putting
8:47 am
out new lines. you tested what is the best. >> in january, they brought out tons of new products. it was over 200. they came down with 31 best ones. we test them on everybody. different hair colors and skin color and ages. a lot of the old ones. >> skin care. what do you like? >> we start with skin care. yes to tomatoes. it's an activated charcoal black soap. the charcoal has carbon that takes the impurities and the dirt and the oil and rinses them away. it looks cool. i like the look of it. >> it's a face wash. what else? >> this looks like water. it's called simple lifestyle or water. they are like magnets and one side pulls the dirt and the other side holds the water. uh put it on your face and it gets rid of everything but it
8:48 am
feels like water. >> is it make up remover? >> cleanser and in france they brought it over to the united states. they use it a lot back stage. >> olay has an invigorating moisturizer. this is champagne, mango and ginger. >> sounds like a cocktail and looks like sorbet. it's nice. >> smells good. let's move on to the hair. john freida had a salt spray that was discontinue and they begged for him to bring it back. it's called beach blond. >> it makes your hair surfer girl cool. it has blond in the name but it doesn't make your hair lighter.
8:49 am
it is volumizing and piece meal. >> you like this shampoo? >> it's detoxifying. everything is detoxifying now. this one takes away the build up of your styling productions and it smells good. you supposed to do that once a week? >> it's nice to use and protects your hair against damage as well. >> what's this? blow dry blowout spray. >> that's a big word but it's a long wear spray and just a dry shampoo. unlike a lot of them this one smells good. a lot of them smells powdery and grandma, but this smells like you just washed your hair. >> let's do make up and mascara. >> always good. this is cover girl blue mascara. they are plastic and short and long bristles. this separates your lashes and has natural bee's wax and it's
8:50 am
glossy and smooth. our testers used it and no flaking or nothing. >> this is for a smudgy eye. it's called smokey. it has a foam tip and has a bit of gray powder and you sweep it over your eyelid and use your finger to rub it in and you're done. >> last but not least, it's a primer. >> so good to put on under foundation. it has silicones and fills in your pours. this is called master primer and has a tiny bit of green. just enough to counteract the redness in your skin. you can wear it alone or as a foundation. >> you can see all 31 items in allure magazine or go to coming up next on must have products for your
8:51 am
8:52 am
we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. . pay attention. we are back with things for your dog. good to have you here. these are great products. big business. >> they are. the pet industry is a $58 billion industry. pets are part of the family so we want to better understand the pets and all of the products
8:53 am
help us to take better care of our dogs. >> my dog is watching at home. talk to me about the collars. some help us track our dogs and others are about fitness and health. >> the first product, this is the voice health monitor. what it does is sends data that monitors your dog's key vital signs like the heart rate and even the sleeping patterns. this connects to the internet and you can send it to your vet to keep tabs on them. >> the smaller thing down here? >> this is the whistle. an activity tracker. you can set activity bowls. nowadays nowadays everybody has a fit bit for themselves we want to keep our pets healthy. by keeping the whistle on them you can set goals even if they are with a nanny or daycare, they get every day exercise. >> introduce your friend? >> this is my son, preston cas nova who is 12 years young. happy to be here. >> we all had dogs that you put
8:54 am
the food out and they eat it in one second. this slows them down. >> in the company of animals, this is the slow feeder. dogs want a job. they crave mental stimulation. to allow them to forage you can put dehydrated raw or kibble and it's all dishwasher safe. preston will demonstrate. we have treats down here and he will go to town and it takes so much longer. by giving them a job with mental stimulation, you avoid chewing on turnture and excess barking. >> then you just wash it off when you are done. a lot of people put them on your dogs. >> these are by rough wear. they are water proof and machine washable. this is a great way to keep your pets warm when it's bitter cold. we have the boots also by rough wear. those are perfect for walking
8:55 am
out in the snow and there is ice on the ground and sea salt. you want to be careful of their paws. >> walking at night, you want to be seen. these are really smart. >> these are genius. this is by pup protector. led light up pearls. if you are walking a dog and this was invented by a guy who was hit by a car walking his dog. he started this company. if you are walking in the morning or at night, perfect to keep them safe. these are by jones natural chews. it's friday. at the end of a long day, what do you want to do? >> kick back and relax. >> so do the dogs. they want to relax and chewing gives them a way to chill out and it's a safe thing to do. you want to give them bones and chews. >> first an ingenious way to play fetch with your dog. >> yes! >> let's look outside. i think we have dylan out there. >> i almost broke it. >> this is an almost ball
8:56 am
launcher called the i fetch. this was invented by a 12-year-old boy and his grandfather. he didn't have enough time to play fetch with him so this invention shoots it out. >> and the dog can learn to put the ball in the funnel himself. >> reinforce the training and they can use it themselves. >> giving treats to dogs. ten seconds left. >> this is the pet check. we will check in wit microclimate weather alert. rain making its way into the bay area. supposed to get heavy later today. a live look at the golden gate bridge. the north bay is going to take the brunt of this. as you can see, the roads are glistening. it's going to get worse. christina loren tells us rain should start coming down heavily by late morning and will likely make for a messy evening
8:57 am
commute. we have new video of rain coming down just a short time ago in mill valley. not stopping some people from being out and about, doing their morning exercise. now, we'll have more local news coming up, including the forecast, in a half hour. we'll see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
it's friday morning. 21 degrees. i'm willie along with al tamron and brooke shields is back with us again. >> that was an r. >> i have to call my book. >> hi willie. >> and tamilin.
9:01 am
>> we had an exclusive screening of "fifty shades of grey" with 1100 people. huge fans of the book getting a sneak peek at the film. talk to them and talk to stars of the movie. did you read the books? >> i did not. >> but you will see the movie? >> i probably will. pa. >> who will you go with? >> i think i should go with willie. >> that's not awkward. i don't know what to expect. i didn't read the book. >> i love dakota. i am friendly with her parentingsparents and i'm excited to see it. >> she doesn't want her parents to see it. >> i was a prostitute in my first movie. i can't point fingers. >> no. >> but i heard people really, really love it.
9:02 am
>> they were fans. they showed up this morning in masks. >> i'm very excited about the spongebob movie. >> that's a movie i can see with my mom. >> it has been ten years since the first one. alec baldwin is the bad guy. >> i needed to borrow a child. you don't need it. >> you will go to that movie i guarantee over the half the audience will be adults by themselves. >> it's not for adults. >> we will see spongebob. # >> don't wear your blind fold.
9:03 am
>> blind fold. >> we have and spare you most of the details. the big picture here a mother grandmother and aunt is a family in missouri and a family friend all of a 6-year-old boy have been arrested for kidnapping the boy. >> a fake kidnapping. >> his mother is involved in this to scare him because they believed he was too nice and comfortable with strangers. you can go online and read the details. it's horrible. orchestrated by the boy's mother grandmother and aunt. it's horrible. we tell you the story not that anyone else on the face of the earth would do this but to talk about the stranger danger thing. and how do you talk about that with your kids? >> you can say it a lot, but i
9:04 am
said to my own kids this is what you should be aware of. they don't have the concept of that type of fear. how do you instill the fear without traumatizing them. i mean what's amazing is that i have said that. my kids are trusting but parents used to be more respected, i think. we used to have to be the kind of parents where your father and mother said something, you did it. now the parent's word doesn't count as much. we are in this new generation of how do you feel. it's a little dangerous. how do you scare them without scaring them? >> new niece has an iphone and i feel guilty about giving a kid an iphone. we talked about it and what we did, i programmed everyone that she should be able to accept a phone call from agreement, me her mom, and dad and etc.
9:05 am
we had someone call from a number that was not on the list to see if she would answer just to make sure. anyone can get the phone number. she did not answer but we definitely had someone call from an unidentified number to see if she would answer the phone. that was a way of kind of testing out are you responsible enough to have this phone? this story is beyond anything -- i have been a journalist for 20 something years. i never heard of that. >> natalie has done a series where you take kids and even though you told them not to do certain things you set up kind of a sting operation, if you will to see if they do it. unfortunately some kids do and some don't. no matter how much you preach, you will always have a percentage of kids. >> my kids are 5 and 7 and teaching them to be social and have manners and introduce yourself and who you can do that
9:06 am
to and there grown ups there they don't know. this stranger is okay. you have to work through that stuff. >> there is the thing about teaching them manners and being polite as well. i thought it was interesting that one of the problems they had with their child are all the things that you hope for. a sweet, loving open hearted, kind child. you don't want -- >> not because you guys are my friends and coworkers, but your kids are all outgoing and know how to look someone in the eye and lucy at the party at willie's holiday party, she was like hi tamron. there is a warmth there, but not too casual. she is aware she is talking with an adult, but it's a challenge when you have a super friendly child. we are at target and you can't wander and talk to someone. what do you tell them? >> the predators are not always going to look like monsters.
9:07 am
they look normal. >> what do you tell them? >> tell them i'm not with you, don't go anywhere with this person. say hello and keep walking and find me. >> my kids have my phone number and my husband's memorized. >> something else caught our attention. the great carrie washington is considered one of the most beautiful and styled women in hollywood and deservingly, she is on the cover of the march issue of in style magazine. the question is does that look like carrie washington? people went crazo line. fans say her skin tone and the image appears to be lighter than her skin in real life. others say the photo doesn't look like her. i got someone who texted me two days ago and said who is this? i said carrie washington. to me it looks like her, but here's in style's statement. we heard from those who have spoken out about our newsstand cover photograph concerned that
9:08 am
kerry's skin tone was lightened. our cover lighting contributed to this concern. we understand this resulted in disa appointment a valuable. we hope this experience has been positive on the ways in which we present them. kerry responded via twitter and said it's a beautiful statement and thank you for opening this conversation. she is alluding to an absence of women of color, brown, asian, latino black, whatever. on the covers of magazines. there have been companies, beauty campaigns of deliberately lightening the skin so that the magazine can sell more worldwide. brooke you have been on the cover of many magazines. >> i wish i was a little more retouched in areas. very rainfall do you get an approval on the cover. the concept is two-fold. people have been retouching to make people not really look like
9:09 am
real people. it happened to me. that has been happening for a long time. >> for women of color and i'm not speaking about that but i'm married to a darker skinned black woman and it's a really touch tone issue for people who don't feel beautiful because that's not the beauty norm. people like lupita n yongo opened that up. >> al knows a outcome of weeks ago this woman keeps tweeting me saying you are wearing lighter make up and your skin is lighter. i'm wearing the same make up five years in but when i read that part of me wanted to accepted her a nasty tweet and this is the kind of anger that you think i am lightening my skin to say on the "today" show.
9:10 am
kerry is solid and a great role model and inspirational. i don't know what happened to the picture. it doesn't look exactly like her. >> it's a very light cover. >> exactly. >> by the way, i'm wearing darker make up. >> you stole it. >> it's you. hard to think this this day and age in style magazine and editor in chief can say lighten her skin. >> they do. they do. and they say make her skinnier this to this point and change in many cases. >> whoa! >> not that. that i have heard and we talked about that. >> let's face it. you are a cow. >> i know what you meant.
9:11 am
>> the important thing is it's a conversation to be had. >> any time that's insighted. >> that's just gravy. >> the seahawks richard sherman had his baby. he is waiting for his dad for the play at the super bowl after all. he waited. a little boy. he said my son sure does know how to make an entrance. 2-5-15. a coincidence or is he just a clever boy? that's his number. >> richard sherman's number is 25. >> it's the number of our producer anna miller. wears 25 all the time and his wife mappedy, birth of their first child, ellie mason miller.
9:12 am
look at them. >> he is working. >> i hope you are listening to that. >> born yesterday, 7 pounds, 11 ounces. a beautiful little girl. >> a nice sized baby. how is the mom? >> ellie mason. >> call her ellie may miller. a nice southern name. >> we will bring that up. >> ellie may. >> it is freezing out there. it is so cold. look at the temperatures. new york city is 15. colder than niagara falls. slowly i turn -- most of you are too young to remember that. 9 in boston and portland is 2.
9:13 am
now we get this funnel system moving in. this is not the main event that we are worried about. along this system they develop sunday morning. we start to see heavy snow from boston to albany. sunday evening we have got a frozen presip along the line in long island and heavier snow in albany. monday more of the same and as we get in monday night and tuesday morning, we continue with that. tuesday it starts to pull out. the european models are handling all of it. new york city and heavier snow to the north. boston around 12 to 15. this will be accumulateing and new york city everybody who doesn't need any more snow 9:13.
9:14 am
good friday morning to you. thank goodness it's friday but i can tell you right now, this is going to make your drive difficult if you're leaving right now. the rain is really intensifying and we're going to see the heavy showers start to work to the south bay throughout the next couple hours. expecting a lot of activity to reach the south bay by about 10:30. heavy downpours expected throughout the remainder of the day in the bay area. and showers after 6:00 and another round of heavy rain throughout sunday morning. >> and that's your latest weather. >> not often you see something as incredible as this. the story behind this ♪ etta james "at last" sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪
9:15 am
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9:18 am
the week from brian. good to see you. >> good morning. >> bodie miller what a horrific crash. it's amazing he could get up and walk after this. >> he finished this and he took a fall. he was going down 60 miles per hour in the world championships and he sliced his leg on the ski and went to the hospital. he said i'm doing better and i'm in surgery. >> he liced his hamstring? >> yes. >> we're hope he skis again. that's a bad injury. >> uss john c stannis. >> this is on the pacific ocean. a rainbow in a fog cloud. the 21-year-old photographer was up there on a totally different assignment. he saw this and thought this was a unique moment. it has gone totally viral on
9:19 am
facebook. >> how about the keeping the predators away. birds of a feather flock together. you get the beautiful images. >> winter weather makes for beautiful and bone-chilling images. wow. >> this was a fire. it looks like frozen in real life. even elsa won't let it go. you can see the frozen car from the firefighters. >> from the firefighters themselves. >> up in the area. >> this was in brooklyn. amazing. >> thank you so much. >> if you want to get away for valentin
9:20 am
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9:24 am
been exposed in a suspected case. >> drinking coffee may be beneficial to some women. women to drink three to four cups reduced their chance of endometrial cancer that begins in the lining of the uterus. 54,000 women are diagnosed in the u.s. every year. >> radioshack filed for bankruptcy. they will sell about half of the stores and close the rest. radioshack suffered big losses in recent years with more people shopping on line or in bigger stores. one of the world's most iconic monuments on ice. five wisconsin men recreated stonehenge and made a replica out of ice blocks using chain saws ice cutters and tongs. they were cut out of a frozen lake nearby. they built it all in a couple of days and they had built ice sculptures before but this year they had extra motivation. anxiety over the packers losing
9:25 am
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9:26 am
i'm laura garcia-cannon. the microclimate weather alert, rain moving into the bay area. take a live look outside. this is from san bruno mountain looking towards the city. ominous skies out there. the storm expected to get heavy in the next few hours. chris tina loren joins us to update us on the path of the storm. >> good morning. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, we have heavy rainfall coming in just about eefrb where to the north of the bridge. very gisty wind across the bay area. sustained at 25 to 31 miles per hour at oakland, same at half moon bay and it's going to intensify in the south bay.
9:27 am
at this point, the storm is hitting us harm especially in sonoma county where it's raining heavily and steadily for the past couple hours. all pressing south to areas just about as far east as livermore, and not much in the south bay, but we will as we head to the next hour. by about 10:30, i'm planning on seeing heavy rainfall in the south bay. as you can see from the storm track, it's going to work south to morgan hill and gilroy by about 11:00, and we'll be in the thick of it until about 4:00 p.m. highs on the cool side for today in san francisco. tri-valley, 68 degrees. 61 on the peninsula, and 66 in the south bay. count on rain on the way for the first part of saturday, and heavy rain by sunday. we'll have more on this including your drive with mike in just moments.
9:28 am
this flag flapping in the wint in fremont, also the slower drive. let's take you to the map and see how it's reflected on the
9:29 am
map. the yellow the wind where we normally see fog, and the green highlighted shows you whereé+ . 880 to mission boulevard, south of the dumb parten bridge. overall, a friday commute. you'll see a lighter flow of traffic. slowing through oakland hills and the green highlight today the east way as well as the north bay, rain having hit, including the shot of the golden gate bridge, folks using the windshield wipers. back to you. >> got to make sure you have clean ones on. another update in a half hour. have a great friday morning. hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too...
9:30 am
we're practically twins! >> welcome back to "today." february 6th 2015. i'm willie with al tamron and brooke shields. we are at a special screening of "fifty shades of grey" and they are near the end. we managed to convince carson to give us a reaction to the movie. how weird was it to be in the room with 1100 women watching the scenes? >> that part is pretty weird, i have to be honest. natalie said i'm not going anywhere. >> is it educational? >> she is inside and you know
9:31 am
what it is? it 100% thrives on the promise. it's everything you think it is and then some. that will be a big win. they will be curious about 50 shades. it's every bit as steamy as they say. i was terrified. 900 women in there and where is willie and al? >> do you make a checklist of things to get for valentine's day from home depot? >> you don't have to fight the crowds for chocolate or roses. hit your local hardware store and you will be good. >> all you are missing is a cigarette after the movie. >> the movie is really funny. there is a lot of comedy.
9:32 am
it cuts through a lot of the sexual tension. i just hearing audible gasps. >> go on back in and finish it up. >> we will see you afterwards. >> we have our own 50 shades here talking with tamron. >> and al roker. >> do the weather. no. >> it just got hotter in the weather. per are what's going on outside? >> i didn't say what. i just wrote it up. >> brooke please. >> i'm looking at the pretty place. it's so nice. let's talk about the weather. how about that weather, huh? >> thank you, brooke.
9:33 am
>> when this show ends -- >> it's going on. >> mommy loves datty. >> you are getting the flash back. are you rocking back and forth? >> they need to be together. >> mommy loves daddy. >> we start to see it into the northeast and wet weather from california into the pacific northwest. lots of sunshine and sunday we are looking at more of a messy weather in the northeast and it continues to get worse and worse as the weekend rolls on into sunday and monday. more rain all the way into good morning to you. i'm christina loren. we have fierce wind whipping for
9:34 am
most of the bay area. you can see that from the contour coloring here. 15 miles per hour sustained in santa rosa combined with heavy rainfall working through the north bay, and pushing to the south. san rafael right now, definitely getting a lot of rain. you saw the golden gate bridge. heavy rainfall at this point. you can see a lot of activity finally reaching the south bay. we'll be in the thick of it down here now from about 11:30 to 4:00 p.m. and that's your latest weather. here comes tamron. >> thank you, sir. >> sell the's dayvalentine's day is a week from tomorrow. there is still time to plan an added get away. >> it falls on the long president's day weekend. here are affordable ideas. the senior editor and travel and leisure. jackie good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> we have questions about the luggage and we want rules. it looks cumbersome.
9:35 am
let's go into wine country. anderson valley california. >> it's north of napa. this is a wine country area with redwood trees and closer to the coast so it's closer to see the coast. it's not quite a b and b. all of them have vaulted ceilings and the doors open with the vineyards. they have a restaurant with tone and embers. a great place to go. super romantic. >> you should plan all the hotels for $200 or less. >> book soon because it's president's day and prices will fluctuate. >> one i was interested in was the cabin feel. the blue lake ranch. >> this is $169.
9:36 am
many have mountain or garden views. cross-country skiing and dog fledding not area. that cozy winder wonderland feel. >> this is $199 a night. the local couple transformed this queen anne home and they have six rustic blooms all of them with private baths and a carriage house where people used to park their wagons and buggies. a swimming pool and a private rose garden. adults only and that's something to keep in mind. $199 a night. further up north in michigan. >> the resort and spa. it's $135 a night six miles from travers city set on 900 acres.
9:37 am
we recommend you stay in the landmark 17-story tower. this is all glass and stunning views of lake michigan. they have a golf academy and indoor pools and tennis courts and snow shoe. >> the brandy wine valley, the delaware-pennsylvania border. the hotel did you pond. >> it's a landmark property. katherine hepburn stayed there. renaissance-style. interesting property that in the area you can visit the art museum along with gardens in 1010. this is indoors through the next couple of months. >> all year around especially for valentine's day weekend. thanks so much. good to see you. >> up next need an idea for dinner? al has not
9:38 am
9:39 am
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9:42 am
it's cooking and braising when you have a shorter amount of time longer times goes in the oven for a few hours. start off with chicken with coconut milk almost an asian-inspired. you got yourself a nice chicken and you take the back side of a knife and crush garlic and bay leaves and all this nice stuff. we start off and take the chicken and let it brown on one side. let's take this stuff over here. >> why breast side up? >> because you will eventually put it breast side down. you tut it in this side. take this up for a second.
9:43 am
put the ingredients down at the bottom and take the liquid. coconut milk and soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. you put it breast side down and you cook it there for about 40 mondays. you take that out and eventually it will falloff the bone and reduce the lick right and you can slice it off the bone and serve it with rice. >> and your kids love this? family loves this? >> you will chop up celery and carrots and onions and tomato and saute these. first, what you will do is take about to eight short ribs and
9:44 am
season them with salt and weper and in the fat, you chop this up. then you put it back in. you take some chicken stock and beef stock. >> keeping it authentic home. you take red wine and you take a little worst shirt sauce and put it in the oven like that. then what you will do is take the ribs out. they are there 350 degrees for about 2 1/2 to three hours. the bones will falloff and you strain it and took it down and i like to serve it with mashed potatoes. you bring it over and you give it to your friends.
9:45 am
there you go. a little more time. the best thing to do with the short ribs do it overtwo days. let it sit in the fridge. all the fat congeals and you can skim that off so it's thicker to start off with. >> find al's recipe on our website. this is delicious. really good. >> you think it's hot in this kitchen, wait until you hear what natalie has to say about 50 "fifty shades of grey"." all the women will be hosing the theater down for weeks. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle
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9:49 am
ready yourself with kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. see you at breakfast™. this morning for the special screens of "fifty shades of grey." natalie and carson how was it? >> hi. >> it was hot. it was a whole thing. >> steamy it definitely was. we are back live here in mid-town and we have all just walk watched, about 1100 people here watched the film "fifty shades of grey." a "today" show exclusive. the actors and dakota johnson and jamie dornan. we have sam taylor johnson. the author of the books. come on over guys. first to the audience. what did you think?
9:50 am
come on over guys. >> that makes me want to buy a chain of hardware stores. great movie. >> i know you were out with sa van and you saw a little bit here but seeing how the audience was laughing along and getting into it and cheering. what did it feel like? >> overwhelming. i'm so happy when i can hear everyone's excitement. i thought this is going to be good. >> there is so much comedy and it helps to cut through the sexual tension. how important was it? >> they like it. >> how important was it to shoot the crucial end of filming and give these guys a chance to bond? >> it was important. our shoot time was 9 1/2 weeks. it was important that the last
9:51 am
ten days to two weeks were building trust with each other. >> dakota and jamie, there were uncomfortable moments as actors. you are acting. but moments in the back of your mind you were thinking -- what was that like for you? >> that was the sign they needed. they were uncomfortable to a point, but we built trust and respect and we all got to a place where we were able to see it and approach it in a professional way. >> dakota you became anastasia steele. it was true to the book. for you as an author i felt like it was watching the book.
9:52 am
>> i'm sure these guys are happy. your fans are happy. >> i'm delighted. >> 100 million people saw the book and you shoot it from the big screen. 1,000 people saw it. was there a moment where you regretted it or were nervous about it? >> no. there was never a moment where i regret it but there were a lot of moments where i was nervous. i think we all did our best to maintain the truth of the book. i'm glad serve happy with it. that's nice. >> clearly this sets up for part two and three. is that next? >> that's next. >> congratulations. thanks for your time. >> i want to say thank you to
9:53 am
all you guys for being here. >> we have fans over here. >> we have to go but we will ask you questions. >> thanks guys. we will do that. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose.
9:54 am
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9:55 am
>> how much do we love having brooke shields here? >> thank you. i'm keeping this warm for natalie. >> her seat was pretty warm. "fifty shades of grey." >> i will turn the air conditioning on. >> it's winter. they shut the air conditioning down. >> in the hot steamy movie.
9:56 am
at 9:56. good morning to you. rain is moving into the bay area. here's a live look at the north bay. right now, as we look across to san francisco, you can see the storm rolling in. it's expected to get heavyover
9:57 am
the next few hours. especially in the north bay. christina loren has been tracking this, and the entire bay area should start to see it soon, right? >> it's here. it's here except in the south bay. we always have to wait for it down here. san rafael showing you just some light drops right now. that wind is kicking. you're at 35 miles per hour sustained in half moon bay. we just increased up to 20 miles per hour here in san jose where the rain is yet to arrive. you'll notice here there's a really strong line of showers, even some thunderstorms out there over the pacific. that's going to move in as we head throughout the next couple hours and that is what could likely create those flood watches and warnings that we have been telling you about. that's when we'll see that come to fruition. we'll keep you updated. as i stop the clock, you can see the heaviest rainfall located over marin county. getting decent downpours to the north of conquered as well. everything south as we head throughout the next couple hours. we're going to have a big time presence all across the bay
9:58 am
area. throughout our 11:00 a.m. broadcast. we have reporters headed out to cover the areas of flooding and places where trees and likely to see those go down as the wind intensifies. stick with us. we'll check your drive. >> look over the golden gate bridge, where we have wet roadways. they have stopped using the windshield wipers for the time being, but you see the low clouds and the rain coming in. on top of the, we have the zipper track taking away the usage of those lanes. green shows you anywhere north of the golden gate bridge wet roadways. same on the east bay. vallejo to the bay bridge and the toll plaza. north of the bridge both sides are wet, extending to redwood city and the peninsula. >> we'll update you on the progress of the storm in a half hour. see you then.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> i like to start with music. i like that! >> good mood. >> it is try day friday. february 6th. valentine's day is just one week from tomorrow and if you don't have a lot of money to spend -- and who does -- we have some creative ideas to express your love. they're perfect, and kids and grown-ups will appreciate them. it hardly costs you a thing. >> i can't wait. plus bobbie is back! with some items she calls her winter wonders. to keep you looking and feeling good in the cold weather.
10:01 am
isn't she adorable? that bobbie. >> we love that bobbie. we also love leslie. not all wines are created equal. her name is wise wine woman and she's going to be answering all of your questions. we are wearing red because today is national wear red today. it is the american heart association's -- >> national wear red today. >> to remind women -- women are more likely to have heart disease than men and heart disease is the number one killer among women so it is a way to raise awareness and for women to pay attention. don't put yourself last on the list. >> that often happens with women. if you had a fight with your husband, boyfriend, significant other, friend how long do you stay angry? think about that for a second. some people can go and go and go. some people hold grujs. >> some people enjoy it. they enjoy the drama of it. i don't.
10:02 am
i don't. i don't like being at odds with anybody. i don't always follow what i believe to be true. the bible says don't let the sun go down on your anger. meaning if you let it fester -- but there's ways to not -- resolve something if you're really angry which is to say, let's agree that we're discussing this tomorrow. but not -- i don't know. >> it's hard. they say 72 hours is the longest you should go. if you go more than three days it's going to cause a. kind of permanent damage in your relationship. >> here's the thing i know to be true. there are some things than aren't worth five minutes of your time being angry about. there are other things that are going to take a lot longer than three days to resolve. infidelity comes to mind. illnesses. all kinds of things that are -- >> harder and harder. >> there's harder things to resolve and i think sometimes you're going to need professional help. but if it is just you didn't take out the garbage and i'm furious with you because you said you would -- that's not worth 72 hours of your life. >> yes. but i also think there are certain arguments that are
10:03 am
always going to bubble up. it just happens to be the issue you have with the person. so here it comes, this same old argument rearing its ugly head. it goes back down and in another six months it's going to come back up because that is a point of contention. >> because you never resolved it. >> sometimes you can't. you can't solve everything. sometimes if you identify it there's that again, it is going to be gone in a day. >> nobody wants to be reminded of it. they all say if you can't forgive, try to forget. i don't know. i think it is impossible to forget something. >> i do too. >> it may heal but you still have a scar. >> have you ever been mad at someone and then you can't really remember why you were mad at them? >> that's my point though. >> sometimes you're so mad at someone you don't want to speak to them you're like what was the initial thing that made us upset? >> yes. >> anyway so there it is. whatever that was about. >> basically we disagree with another study. yet again. but on to the grammys this weekend weekend!
10:04 am
>> sunday night. love the grammys. >> the red carpet there gets crazy. >> that's the one where people take all kinds of risks. so we're going to take a look at some of the iconic outfits. you all remember when j. lo wore that low -- >> versace. >> this is an example of one of those crazy dresses. we're going to look back on some fashion and see if we can remember who wore those looks. that is -- >> this looks like j. lo again. >> gaga? >> sheryl crow! what? >> we didn't get it right. >> 2002. i like when the bell rings. it makes us feel good. that is gaga or -- no madonna -- no. who is it? >> annie lennox. she went as minnie mouse? i don't even remember that. that was '95? >> okay. that is bad. >> who is the person underneath the blue part.
10:05 am
there is another human being in there. >> no. >> this is pre-kim kardashian. >> we didn't say yet. >> alicia keys! oh my gosh. 2004. she's flawless -- except then. oh wait. >> that was toni braxton. >> i cannot believe you got that. >> that one i remembered. >> how did you pull that rabbit out of your hat? >> i don't know. i haven't killed all my brain cells. >> cher? >> that might be -- it was cher! >> it looks like vivian westwood the one show shows up in. >> oh more more more! >> madonna. she always stands like that. yeah. >> that was awesome. i can't believe annie lennox. that seems so not her with the minnie mouse outfit. those were all good fix. >> i want to see joni mitchell one day get -- where is she. i want to put out an s.o.s. about joni mitchell. she's one of the greatest
10:06 am
musicians ever ever ever. she's never been appreciated like she deserves to be. can we have her on the show j.j. jo jo whatever -- >> she's not listening. . >> you know what's funny? in the show "love actually," there is a great scene where joni mitchell's music comes up. >> if you've never with be ever listened to joni mitchell -- can you for once do somebody's singing joni. >> when you were a teenager back in the day, think about the job you had as a kid. well they say that every kid -- is saying that women over 40 all had part-time jobs when they were younger but a lot of kids these days don't. now it is just not as prevalent. did you have a part-time job when you were a kid? >> yeah i did. i slurped rehoboth.
10:07 am
the cuss fardtard stand. >> and we both delivered newspapers. by the way, there's nothing that gives you more discipline -- >> and respect. >> -- than delivering the paper. i used to deliver "the washington post." you had to open up the door put it in. when it rains you put it in a plastic bag and you put it in. it was 5:00 in the morning. it was before school. and it was hard and you didn't realize how hard it was. then you went to go collect for it and people were cranky and they gave you $1 for 30 days delivering the paper. >> my dad was a distributor for "the washington post" after he left the navy. i'm telling you, he had all those paper boys. if one was sick or something, we had to do all different routes all the time. >> you were like a fill-in. >> we'd get our rear-ends up at 4:00. and also because there was a lot of construction he'd take us around in our blue station wagon where the thing comes up in the back and he would have us collect bottles and cans.
10:08 am
he said to show respect to people he made us watch them before we put them in. you know you learn a lot from things like that. i'll never forget it. >> and because of that you have this crazy work ethic which you've always had. you basically spend any time where you're not physically doing something. now they say that only 16% of teens in 2012 had jobs. how do they get spending money? >> from their parents. yeah. i've not done a great job with that. ourky didn't have -- >> but your kids are hard workers, too. >> our kids had about ten times more homework than i ever had growing up. and i wanted this emto excel in their studies. >> between sports and things like that you're busy. >> yeah. we always love these when seniors give words of wisdom to young people. >> i've been waiting for this. how old makes you a senior again? am i there yet? i'm there. >> let's take a look at some of the advice. >> follow your dreams. you have a very good chance to get it. >> just do what you want and what other people think shouldn't matter.
10:09 am
>> don't use drugs. >> never mind what everybody else thinks. >> some days it rains. don't worry about it. some days the sun shines. don't worry about and >> i guess i would say enjoy yourself very much. >> enjoy yourself very much. >> slow down. >> slow down. >> yeah. there's more to life than picking up speed. >> look for peace. in yourself and in the world. nothing else matters. >> the best currency that you can spend very freely and always get much more than you paid for is love. >> they're all great. i love every one of those people. but the one that hit me the most was find that uniqueness. each person is like a snowflake. there's not any two alike and don't try to be like everybody
10:10 am
else. become exactly what god created you to be. what was your favorite. >> i loved the one about look for peace wherever you are. >> in yourself or in others. >> if you want to look at those, go to youtube, a channel called freddiefairhair. >> can we do that every day? i love that. are you ready? it's time for "friday funny." >> a lus andhusband and wife kept no secrets from each other except for one. she had a shoe box in her closet that she asked her husband never to touch. throughout their entire marriage he respected her wish and never took a look inside. then on their 60th wedding anniversary, the wife told her husband he could finally see what was in the box. he grabbed it from the top shelf, opened the lid and saw a neatly folded crocheted scarf and $100,000 cash inside. >> what? >> his wife you see, honey? my mother told me that the secret to a happy marriage was to never argue. i should just keep quiet and crochet a scarf instead.
10:11 am
her husband was so touched. only one scarf in the box meant that his wife had only been mad at him once in 60 years. but what about all the money, he asked? oh she said. that's the money i made from selling the scarves. >> good one! >> that was in the tele because it wasn't a great job. before you board that bus or hop on that flight we'll tell you where you should sit. >> smart tips for staying safe the next time you travel. a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now ♪ where every amazing, despicable wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation ... ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ go with me now ♪ it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. ♪
10:12 am
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and i want you to always remember, this is the greatest team you will ever be part of. and when they're asked 'what did you do to make a difference in the world?' they can say 'i became a soldier'.
10:15 am
whether you're out running errands in your car or planning a flight for spring break, one thing always comes to your mind most importantly -- your safety. >> tuesday's horrific train crash in new york with a is a reminder of what can happen when you travel and while instances like this are extremely, extremely rare there are better ways to protect yourself. >> here are smart safety tips to help you outsmart danger is dave mosher online director at "popular science" magazine. oh you're one of those. >> hello, dave. how are you. this is a serious subject though. >> we all know what did happen in new york. but i think a lot of people when you board a train just think, i'm just going to make my way home it is not going to be a big deal. >> doesn't even have a seatbelt so you don't even think of danger. >> but is there a place, dave that you think is the safest place to be in a train if you had a choice? >> let's back up a second and just talk about the safety of trains. this is one of the safest forms of travel you can possibly take. safer than even getting out of bed in the morning or walking down the street. trains are incredibly safe.
10:16 am
that's why they don't have seatbelts. there's just the incidences are so rare that you don't even need them most of the time. that said there are some pretty good strategies you can employ like if you want to stay safe on a train if there is an accident. >> okay. what do you do? >> some of this stuff is notional because they are so rare. but you don't want to be where the collision is at. >> but you don't know where it is going to be. >> probably the front or the back. >> but is a derailment also the problem? >> derailments are nine times more likely ln a collision. generally trains get crumbled up in the middle. you don't want to be in the front, middle or back. >> you don't want to be in the cafe car. >> will is not as much padding or restraint. you want to be in a backward face being seat toward the front of the car. >> backwards facing for what reason? >> astronauts when they come back to earth spread out to stay
10:17 am
safe as opposed to flying out of your seat. trains are incredibly safe. i just want to reiterate. >> we gotcha dave! what about planes. we hear so many things about terrible tragic air disasters. >> planes are even safer than trains. >> statistically. >> you could travel in an airplane for more than 100,000 years. if you could live that long and still never be in an accident. that's how unlikely it is. >> i think the scary thing is you feel out of control because you are out of control. and when you see images like we saw in taiwan or other places it makes you think, oh, my gosh that can happen. but is there a way to keep yourself safe on a plane? >> yeah. it is easy to be scared. if that's you and you want to be extra safe that really marginal fraction of a percent, there some data on boeing 737s to suggest that there are safer places to sit in an airplane. >> where? >> so first of all, the back. the smart guys are in the back by the toilet because there's a -- >> well for obvious reasons.
10:18 am
first dibs. >> yeah. but there is also a better survivability rate back there. 69% survivability in the rare number of accidents that are actually fatal. it is about 59% in mid coach. and 49% survivability at the front. >> what about window? >> so windows. you're going to be pinned in there. this is more notional because there is just not enough data. you'll be pinned in if you are by a window when everybody is trying to get out. you're better off on an aisle because i have to go to the bathroom a lot. >> buses. >> buses, also really good news. really safe form of transportation. buses don't have seatbelts for the same reason as trains. they're very safe. you could travel in buses for tens of thousands of years and never be in an accident let alone a fatal one. but there is some notional evidence to suggest that yes, if you're in an aisle seat you can get out quicker. you're also going to have less of a chance of flying out of the window or debris coming in to hit you. >> so no window seat.
10:19 am
you don't get to look at the landscape as you go by. >> cars. >> cars are the most dangerous. in your lifetime you have a 1 in 112 chance of dying in an automobile accident. >> wow. that's higher than i thought it would be. >> your lifetime risk, anything could kill you. cars are pretty likely to do it. cars are actually getting safer. that's the good news. there's more people on the roads, more miles being driven but there's fewer and fewer deaths by cars. that's good news. that's because of technology. new cars with sensors in them daylight running lights small things that help us have a safer journey. >> thanks so much. great information. >> you stay safe buddy. low-cost valentine ideas to fill their hearts without emptying your wallet. and bobbie's buzzing with the products that will happen you handle all those winter woes. ♪ let it woes ♪ ♪ let it woes ♪
10:20 am
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it is time for "bobbie's buzz."
10:23 am
bobbie thomas is here with unique fashion and beauty items it melt away those worries. it is a tough couple of months isn't it? >> it is. and my lips are always chapd. >> your lips are beautiful. >> they are. thank you. lip oil. try this. you'll be obsessed. it is a honey tinted clarins lip oil. it is amazing. eucalyptus nourishing lip oils. the applicator alone is amazing. seriously, try it. there is even this one. it feels so nourishing. next we're always putting hats and scarves on. one thing that some women lose -- earrings and jewelry all the time. nk earring locks. if you have fine jewelry that
10:24 am
you are really concerned about, these are patented technology that literally there is a spring ball in there that can hold up to 17 pounds. we're not testing that. next up how many times have you shrunk a sweater. >> a million times. i just did one. >> unshrink it. we have photos of before and afters of these sweaters. you use the product while the sweater is wet. it will just unshrink. >> i wish i had those sweaters i threw out. >> hoda i know you have dry legs. >> scaly is the word we use. >> vitamin e infused tights. they last all day. >> we love you! >> love don't cost a thing. >> neither will these valentine day gifts.
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cups endless snack possibilities. available at walmart. i'm scott mcgrew. microclimate weather alert. rain making its way into the bay area. here is a look at san bruno mountain. we know why there ain't no sun in the sky, because of all the stormy weather. christina loren here. the rain looks the heaviest there.
10:27 am
good morning. >> good morning, yeah. we were bulls eyeing the window from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we're going to keep that on course. in addition to the heavy rainfall we're seeing frequent lightning occurring in the sacramento valley. we have a lightning strike just offshore san francisco. a lot of reports of people hearing that thunder associated with that thunderstorm. and i can tell you, the rain is still coming in steadily in san rafael. as we head throughout the next couple hours, the wind is going to get stronger and as the ground is saturated, we have a good chance of seeing trees go down. we haven't had anything like that reported into our newsroom just yet, but as soon as we get the reports, we'll bring them to you on today in the bay throughout the 11:00 hour. the wind is fierce. the rain is coming in. you can see from all our different live shots, it looks like the ground is wet just about everywhere with the heaviest stuff headed to the south bay between 12:00 and 4:00. we'll keep you update and we'll be back with mike and his drive.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. look at this view of the san mateo bridge. much murkier in the last few minutes, and reducing the speed, and look at the map, though. you don't have to reduce the speed bought of the volume. that's getting lighter. both sides of the shea showing the green highlighting the wet roadways. a crash, west 80 off the bridge. highway 101, a slow drive coming off the span and wet conditions to the north bay. the wind whipping around will complicate things. the south bay and fremont still
10:30 am
showing a break. back to you. >> we'll continue to update you on the weather and storm coming up on our 11:00 news in the next newscast. see you then. oh i love that song. >> oh there's our joni mitchell! we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday. and they say the best things in life are free and that includes saying "i love you." >> so this valentine's day instead of buying expensive gifts, we have low-cost ideas to let people most special to you know you love them. with us lifestyle expert -- we love her. >> i love the idea of not breaking the bank. so many things that are personal. >> absolutely. these are all love don't cost a thing ideas. to start, fill up helium balloons and put little notes inside of them. i got some pins there so we can pop a few balloons. >> oh wow!
10:31 am
>> there you go. >> no one is sweeter. this is great for children. >> how about a little "us" time. >> so grown-up. yeah. >> this is a really simple way to show someone you love them. another idea is bathtub crayons. why not write, "i love you" on the bathtub with a little crayon. or even in your driveway if you have driveway chalk. i have a great photo of that. . it is such a nice sweet idea. >> that is so cute! >> a treasure hunt. super easy to do. you can print out these cards. we'll have the templates on klg an hoda. download these and start out. this one is your next clue take a look find it in a favorite book. then you can go to the book. >> frank would go i don't have time for this. >> we have a million books at our house. >> let's take it to breakfast in
10:32 am
bed. >> it ends up with the treasure hunt should be unlawful. hurry to the bedroom, do not waffle. >> that's awesome! that's a great idea. >> simple ideas. so if you've got special vows that you've said to each other, you can print them up and frame them. >> and remind him. >> remember that? >> this is so romantic. >> this hysterical. >> anyone who's been married longer than -- >> five hours. >> that's great. another thing that you can do is you can make your own scratch-off cards. here i've got one for each of you. here's your scratcher. what you're going to do is print out one of these. you're going to take a little white crayon and mark -- first of all you write on it whatever you're going to give away. use a white crayon covered up. then you take acrylic paint -- >> i got to put more elbow grease. >> i got a bad one. >> i got brunch. there you go.
10:33 am
>> scratch them off so you can make your on the other hand and give away massages brunch breakfast in bed, whatever. here we've got the lovely kenzie. a fun one that kids can give to each other. here are little bouncy balls. i just cut out pieces of black paper and just write you're out of this world and stick a bouncy ball in them. >> that's awesome. >> kenzie you're doing a great job. >> then you just push the balls right in there. it is a great thing if you have to give multiple gifts to kids at school. >> better than a regular valentine. >> it sure is. >> this is eli. he's making some fortune cookies. these are fruit roll-ups that you cut with a cookie cutter. you just put the fortune in there. then you're going to flip it back. >> do your thing, eli. show us what you do. >> how cute right? then you can put them inside of a little --
10:34 am
>> awesome! happy valentine's day. thanks kids. for more on all of these designs, go to >> they like to show off your wild shied, these creatures are sweet. find out which win has less than 100 calories a glass. >> we'll answer your questions on bottles to buy this weekend. but first, these messages. eates its first miracle sleeping cream. it fights signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. a sleeping cream... that's a first! like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration it works while you sleep when skin is most receptive. and here's the real wake-up call... in just i week wake up to more refreshed, younger-looking skin. stop waking up to fatigued skin! sleep with this. new miracle sleeping cream. from garnier.
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time now for today's "call of the wild." if you've ever come across a raccoon going through your trash, your first inclination
10:39 am
may be to run, not walk the other direction. >> but if you give a wild animal some space, most of the time there is nothing to fear apparently. here with some creatures that are safer than they seem from the national wildlife federation dave mizejewski. >> our first animal over here is an animal that is dangerous. okay? this is a black leper cub. but i want to bring her on here because not only is she totally adorable. >> she's gorgeous. >> i just wanted to make a point that predators are scary and they can be dangerous, but only if we approach them. these animals live in africa and asia. sometimes these things happen but it is mostly when we encroach in their habitat. if you let wild animals be wild. these animals actually live in suburban areas. the danger is really minimal. >> why is she not afraid of you? >> jamie is her handler. and basically her mom. i couldn't even hold that
10:40 am
leopard cub. >> you're his mommy. >> but here in the united states we have mountain lions living in griffith park in los angeles very close to people with no dangerous incidences. if we allow animals to be wild and give them their habitat, that is the message of the national wildlife foundation. >> how long have you been his ma in? >> four months. >> since she was born. >> you're not going to like this -- >> is it a tantrantula? >> it is a rose haired tarantula. no tap rant la has venom strong in you have to hurt a human being. >> say that again. >> no tarantula has venom strong in you have to hurt a human being. >> then why are people terrified of them? >> people have arachnophobia. >> don't you remember "the brady bunch" scene? it was crawling along -- it was
10:41 am
scary. >> they do have fangs and any would bite if i would harass him. >> but you would never hand him over to me. >> no. they're actually surprisingly delicate. >> he's beautiful to look at. the symmetry of them is gorgeous. >> and the fur. any are amazing predators. they have a role. if you see them don't squish them. you guys mentioned this at the top of the hour. raccoons are very common in our cities an towns. >> that one is huge. >> yeah. he's well fed. >> he is. >> but here is the thing. you don't have to fear these animals as long as you never feed them or try to make them pets. >> what if it's rabid? >> just because you see a raccoon does not mean it is rabid. >> i know. but what if it is? you got to be afraid of that. >> if you never tried to approach this animal sick or
10:42 am
not sick -- it's not going to come after you. that's my message here. again, these guys -- you don't have to be afraid of them as long as you don't try to make them pets or let them eat your trash. they'll stay wild. >> if you kept it -- >> how adorable! look what just happened! >> if it is eating your trash and you don't want it to because they make a huge mess, how do you get them away? >> very simple. get a raccoon-proof trash can. don't put the trash out until the morning of the pick-up. another animal that gets a really bad wrap because people think they are really ugly. a virginia opposum. >> what happened to its ear? >> these animals are all rescue animals. he probably had a bad run-in. >> somebody took a bite out of him. >> but at any rate these guys might look ugly might look scary. they have these mouths filled with teeth. but this animal when it is threatened plays dead. they almost never attack. if you see an animal like this
10:43 am
in your backyard, let it go on with its business. don't try to pet it. >> it's going potty. >> it's pooping. everybody poops. ♪ let it go sfloets ♪ ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ >> is it over? >> i'm just glad it is not pooping on me. that's what usually happens. >> it is okay to have animals living around our cities and towns. just respect them. let them be wildlife and everything will be okay. >> thank you, david. you asked us questions and we've got answers. >> we don't. >> she does. >> leslie with words of wine wisdom after this. it never rains but the crops never die. you can get eggs whenever you want.
10:44 am
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life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
10:48 am
no it's not wines day but who cares? any day is a good day to talk about wine. >> we asked you to send in your questions and here to answer
10:49 am
your questions, author of "wine for women." >> we've got questions for you. grace turnbull wants to know when attending events what wine should she order if the table is split between sweet and dry wine. >> you know what? my all-purpose answer is row say. people look at me and say, what pink wine? you no he what? it's made from red grapes but in a white wine style. it can be dry. this one is a dry wine. try this one. this is actually a rowse. >> terrific valentine's wine as well. it has the structure to go with either way. swings both ways. >> trish gonzalez wants to know this -- what is the best all-purpose wine glass if you have just one. >> a big one. >> a big one. because size matters. as we know. yes. basically i've chosen these because they're affordable they are real crystal.
10:50 am
nachtmann. it has a 16-ounce bowl to swirl the wine around. you can use it for red, rose or white. >> i don't like that that's for the red wine. i like the glass. >> any glass with wine in it is a wine glass. remember that. >> courtney smith asks this. what is the best wine to drink on a indictdiet and how many calories are in a glass of wine? >> this is an interesting thing. most wine glasses, five ounces of wine has 125 calories. so this actually -- taste both these. this producer has actually made a lower calorie wine. i want you to guess which one is lower calorie. same great variety from new zealand. one is 90 calories one is 125 calories. guess which one is which. you're saving about -- >> this one is more cal roaroriecalories.
10:51 am
>> that one is the less caloric. lovely. 90 calories. you can drink more. here's a question -- >> that's a bad example! >> how does one figure out the best wine to pair with certain cheeses. salty cheese or -- >> right. we have two different kinds of cheeses and two different types of wine. a brie a nice creamy cheese and a harder saltier cheese, as ya asiago. i have a beautiful smooth wine, then i have a sweet wine. people just think you often have to to pair reds but that's not true. >> drink what you like. >> there's no rule. >> this one is port. >> my daddy loved tawny port. he really did. in the winter with the fire going. >> i think i'd do the sweet with that. >> you want to do sweet with
10:52 am
that? >> i'd do the port with this. >> you are exactly right again. kathie is right again. >> this is a beautiful lodi wine. the being a wes belle blanc. >> i love that bottle. >> wendy wise wants to know what is real champagne and how is it made? >> i'm going to have you guys taste three different sparkling wines. you're going to guess which one is champagne, which one is prosecco -- >> well champagne means it came from the champagne region. sparkling wine can come from anywhere around the world. champagne comes from champagne, france. it is very elegant. prosecco comes from about an hour outside of venice. >> i already know the answer. >> she knows her champagnes. >> this comes from northeastern spain outside of barcelona. >> this is sweet.
10:53 am
prosecco. >> little bit sweeter. >> i'll say the middle one is the champagne. >> you are right on the prosecco and wrong on this. that is the champagne, this is the paul roget, and the beautiful prosecco. >> last question. whose wine ratings are the best ones to follow? >> mine. mine. >> of course. >> here is the deal. wine ratings in magazines typically are on a 100-point scale but we don't use anything south of 80. 80 is decent late 80s higher 80s good. these are excellent. >> we got to run. what's the best? >> this is actually rated -- you like this wine? it is an 82 or 94? >> i'm not an 282. >> 94. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> not to me it's not. sorry. .
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
boy, do we have a big week next week. samuel l. jackson, hugh grant. >> performances by ricky martin. >> also relationship advice from matthew. >> when it comes to your home lou manfredini he's got a name that rhymes with -- you'll have to wait. >> of course you will. >> he'll solve all those pesky problems you've got. >> have a great, great weekend. >> bye.
10:58 am
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and indeed, after a long break, rain returns to the bay area. this storm packing fierce winds and heavy rain. but it is just getting started. take a look at our live realtime doppler radar. those are the colors. >> that's the one we wanted to see. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we have live team coverage of the storm. >> stephanie chuang is in the north bay getting hit by rain. bob redell is in san francisco where we have seen a steady downpour but we will begin our coverage with christina loren. >> good morning, cris scott, everyone at home. impacting mari


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