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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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roberts joins us from san francisco. it sounds like the tiffany heist, too. >> reporter: that's right. the display case is empty tonight. they are closed for the night. outside the front door they have signs saying temporarily closed. they are sorry for the inconvenience. three people armed with a gun stormed into the store and ordered employees to get on the ground. they stole jewelry from the safe and display cases before taking off in a light colored suv. business owners are very worried about the situation. they are closing their doors and increasing security. one woman says she's worried crimes like this will deter shoppers from spending money in her store. >> i have been in the neighborhood for 21 years. i always open the door for the customer. now, i closed the door. it's too scary. you don't know when they come in here. you know a gun or something.
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who knows what. it's scary. >> reporter: police are still looking for the three men who robbed the tiffany's store last wednesday. that was less than a mile from here. police have no evidence linking the two robberies, but admit there are similarities. the masked gunmen held them on the ground at gunpoint. there's a surveillance camera pointed directly at the door. if it was working on friday likely police have a look at who did this. they are not releasing details or images of who could be responsible. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. the storm passed. time for the clean up. the rain and wind bringing down trees and power lines. highway 9 has been reopened.
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the highway has been closed by a mudslide. you can see the clean up from the nbc chopper. we have a team of reporters. robert is there. marian is checking the reservoir levels. let's start with jeff. >> the rain totals are impress impressive over three days. loma 9.23. la fayette, close to five inches. when we get a look at this month, february today, we have made a lot of headway going from the driest january on record. napa, 2.28. the monthly average, 3.79. we have a lot of catching up to do in san francisco and also for oakland as well. the overall picture, when it comes to rainfall for the
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season, anywhere from 100 to 147% of average. we want to continue the storm team coverage with nbc bay area's robert honda. we heard that highway 9 has been open the past half hour as they are clearing up the mudslide. >> reporter: well that's right, jeff. the mudslide that took place here is one of many storm situations being resolved right now. obviously the people who live around here are grateful. we talked to many people who have more to be happy about. crews began removing tons of debris on highway 9 after the storms triggered a mudslide. the trees were cleared by 5:00 p.m. >> we heard a snap and break and come down. they are coming down from the wind or because of the mud. but, they are going to come down. >> reporter: many homeowners are in the midst of cleaning up.
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diana says she has a lot of work ahead after a tree limb pierced her roof. >> the contractor is going to be here this afternoon. the insurance adjuster will be here thursday at 1:00. >> reporter: it doesn't end when the rain goes away? >> no it doesn't end when the rain goes away. i'm sure it will be a mess for awhile. >> reporter: they are dealing with numerous loose ends after a huge redwood crashed on the car with everyone inside it. friday we showed a large limb nearly impaled the 17-year-old. >> it was touching my face and things flying at me. i was like what is happening. i'm so lucky to be alive. i'm not going to take anything for granted anymore. yeah, live every day to the fullest now cause anything could happen now. >> reporter: we are very happy to report that vanessa is fine diana is recovering and highway
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9 is reopened with no apparent damage. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a shelter has been lifted. people were asked to stay in their homes because of downed power lines. a tree knocked down the lines near cedar lane and cedar terrace. pg & e got the lines. the tree has been removed. the rain is helping fill up the deplooeted reservoirs. even if they are not full, there is not enough water to go around. >> they say it's getting worse. no longer just home burglaries. the south bay is dealing with armed robbers. this is the evergreen community. damian trujillo joins us with details. >> they don't believe they are related. there have been five in two weeks alone. some occurred in stores others near evergreen park.
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it's one of her favorite past times. kylie loves the playground at evergreen's groeshill park. it's where a robber pulled a semiautomatic handgun. that worries her father. >> you do everything you can. sometimes you can't do enough. if somebody has a weapon or using force, you are going to do what you can. if you can't meet equal force, i'm not going to carry a gun to the park. >> reporter: days before another robbery. the victim says two men wearing inging ski masks confronted him while he was on an evening walk. >> it's very very concerning. all of our kids play out here. >> reporter: this family says they have been watching an up tick in burglaries in evergreen the last couple years, now this. >> this is something the city needs to take care of. it needs to be handled.
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>> can't be -- if there are issues like robberies. >> reporter: police have spent the last six months increasing patrols to handle the burglaries. officers working overtime to catch the crooks. the locals hope a spike in robberies isn't the next concern. >> it's scary, to be honest. >> there are no trends or crime patterns that suggest an armed robbery in evergreen. the locals are concerned, nonetheless and they want protection. i'm damian trujillo. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. just into the news room even for l.a. standards, a wild chase in downtown los angeles. it happened 15 or 20 minutes ago. a driver carjacked a woman at gunpoint according to an affiliate in l.a. despite hitting several vehicles you can see him weave through traffic. he kept driving, winding through side streets, sometimes against
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traffic. he bailed out of the car. you can see him on foot trying to carjack at least two other cars. the cars sped up. police caught up with him and took him into custody. a serial stow away upped her game managed to get on another plane and inside a hotel for a freebie stay. marily hartman checked into an omni hotel using someone else's name. the front desk called the room and she was gone. she was found in another room being renovated. now, she's rooming in a jail cell. she ended up in jacksonville after boarding a plane without a ticket. in august she snuck past the airport without a ticket and flew to l.a. she was arrested when she was
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spotted at an airport in phoenix. the san francisco body parts case takes another bizarre twist. the prime suspect, reportedly seen rolling a suitcase around town is now dead. four days after being released from police custody. mark matthews is outside the jail. there's questions about whether the d.a. should have let him go in the first place. >> reporter: the district attorney made the call not to charge him, saying there was not enough evidence. the medical examiner is still not identified the body. so last tuesday, mark andres walked out of a jail here in san francisco. he was still the prime suspect in the body parts case when he was released. released even though police said he was caught on video with the headless torso. he was carrying the identification and credit cards of a former roommate missing since january 21st. last week the father of the
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missing man told me he couldn't understand the d.a.s decision. >> they have evidence. they find my son's id with him. this is big evidence with him. then he was pulling the suitcase. >> reporter: he isn't the only one questioning the decision not to charge andres. dean johnson, a former bay area prosecutor. >> it's a circumstantial case. they can be strong. >> reporter: he left the jail and four days later, checked into san francisco general, where he died saturday night. sources telling the kranchronicle, it was subject to drug use. >> this could be a nightmare. >> reporter: it creates problems. a subsequent suspect blames him. he is no longer around to defend himself. andres could not have done it.
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are you still convinced he's not involved? >> i honestly don't know anymore. >> reporter: late this afternoon, a representative from the district attorney's office called but only to reiterate the statement from the d.a. we received last week saying they did not find enough evidence to charge him. at the san francisco jail mark andrews nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00 why rising gas prices are a good thing. we'll also tell you what we did with the money we saved at the gas pump. also space ex looking to make history. why the launch could make travel cheaper for everyone. >> the question is do you feel lucky? more on the massive lottery jackpot that has everyone buying tickets.
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you can find a new frontier. there's
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nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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yesterday was a mechanical issue. today, bad weather. that means no launch for space ex. they will try again tomorrow in florida. the deep space climate observatory -- once they deliver the satellite, it will try to land the rocket on a barge in the atlantic ocean. if successful reusable rockets could become the future of space launches. you have been rejoicing over the price of gas the last few months. the downwards spiral ended. the price of gas is going to creep up. believe it or not, that might be a good thing for you. now you are going to burst our bubble. >> just a little bit. falling gas prices keep more money in your pockets. that's a good thing. some went toward travel along
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with a strong job market put more cars on the road which, as it turns out leads to us using more gas. now the price is going up. yes, it turns out that most of the money we have been saving on gas has been spent on more gas. we are more confident about traveling, even if the price of gas went up about ten cents in the last week. >> i didn't notice too much. i didn't notice too much. it's cool right now. >> reporter: he's right. gas dropped more than $1 a gallon since this time last year putting more money into our pocket. you may have noticed the overall economy slumping when gas and oil fell to multiyear lows. >> there is a happy medium. >> reporter: says that happy medium comes now. oil climbing enough to keep oil companies drilling not laying off workers.
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but not climbing so much we shy away from traveling. >> motorists are happy. prices still are affordable and oil companies continue producing because they are making a profit. >> reporter: drivers we spoke to say they'll keep buying even with a bit of an up tick. >> yeah. i mean i don't know about negligible but makes a dent. >> reporter: putting their savings back into the economy. prices are going up because of the steady rise and the supply is slowing. less supply leads to higher prices. >> thank you, scott. how much did we get? that's the million dollar question. local water districts are counting the rain drops. marianne favro joins us with a closer look. >> reporter: a few months ago, i
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was able to walk across the bottom of this pond it was so dry. the recent rains changed that. what they have not seen significantly is the water supply. this reservoir was so dry this summer you could see an old car stuck in the bottom. after a recent storm, a much different picture. the reservoir is now at 101% of capacity. that number is misleading. >> even though you see some of the reservoirs getting full or close to average, we need to keep our eye on the ground water story serve. we have to put water back in there to get the levels up. >> reporter: despite the recent rain, other reservoirs are not even at 50% of capacity. that means water customers will likely soon be asked to conserve even more. >> based on the ground water levels and what we project them to be at the end of the year. if it's a really dry year we
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may need to ask for 20% to 40% reduction. we may have to double what we have been asking people to save. >> reporter: the water district that does not rely on the see ear ra snowpack is seeing the storms pay off in a big way. all seven reservoirs are at 98% capacity with phoenix lake full and water from the watershed now rushing into stillwood. water managers say another reason why the water picture looks so grim is lake shasta the most important reservoir is well below average. reporting live in san jose marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it might have given a bit of a boost. the snow didn't do so well in the sierra. >> we should have had three to five feet with the latest round. we want to dig deeper on the layers of the sierra snow. of course we have been in a three-year draught.
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when you look at february 9, 2013 we were in a draught, but still had measurable snowfall surrounding lake tahoe. as we head into 2014 even with the drought, we picked up some sort of snow. now, with a strong december and the most recent storm systems across the bay area you can see the current snowpack this year is very very dismal. while we had the rainfall it's not been cold enough to bring us that much snowpack. yes, the reservoirs are doing better for certain sections of northern california. when it comes to snowfall overall from the northern end of the state to the southern end, it looks dire here. as we head throughout the next two months we are hoping for possibly colder storms. outside, clouds in place, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. the overall trend for tomorrow's forecast, we will start with areas of morning fog. temperatures in the 40s. we should have sunshine by 11:00
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a.m. with temperatures averaging mild with 68 degrees. 66 in the trivalley and the south bay, 67. we'll break apart the forecast and when it's expected to be the cloudiest tomorrow morning coming up in 25 minutes. >> talk to you then. the stadium is undergoing a transformation as we speak. what it takes to create an outdoor ice rink in the middle of the south bay. >> measles cases continue to spread. four more states, we'll show you where, next.
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well it has been a year since the power ball jackpot was this big, big, big. wednesday night's drawing is expected to hit $450 million mark. that almost guarantees you will stand in line to buy a ticket along with dreamers in 44 other states. keep in mind though the odds of winning, 175 million to one. the gas prices are low or high we always seem to get the short end of the stick. californians pay 40 cents a gallon above the national gallon. now, they want to tack on a $52 driving fee as well. larry is here. for 52 bucks per person every year. what's the deal here? >> short end of the stick is the best way of saying it. it's about the roads. the american association of state highway and transportation
6:24 pm
ranked the condition of california's roads as 49th in the nation. 49th. los angeles has the worst roads in the state with 63% of its roads in bad shape. by the way, san francisco, oakland and san jose tied for second with 53% of our roads rated in poor condition. we are just not keeping up with our needs. just to maintain the roads, california needs $3.3 billion annually. the gas tax collects only $2.6 billion annually. it's less today, in fact than it was ten years ago. and, in addition as if that's not bad enough the state has more than $60 billion worth of maintenance waiting to be done. so if passed tony atkins it will make a dent bringing in an additional $2 billion to the state.
6:25 pm
>> you didn't mention the roads stink. others will say the gas prices are too high. where do we rank? >> that's understandable. it's more complicated than we would like to think. for starters the gasoline tax ranked 30th in the nation. that's all, 30th. they haven't been increased since 1994. we do pay more for gas in this state. not because of taxes, but because of the special refinery requirements for california's smoggy climate. then there's the higher rules, the higher mileage rules. new cars along with vehicles that need less or often, no gas at all. better mileage for cars or not. one way or another, they still drive on the road. the roads need maintenance. here is another way of putting it together a sobering way. with poor roads, californians pay nearly twice the national
6:26 pm
average to maintain our cars on the roads. >> will the proposal pass and is it two-thirds majority thing? >> fees which this will be do not require two-thirds majority. they require a simple majority. the choice really, the choice can't pretty. either we pay fees or pay more money to fix our cars. it's another reason why living in the golden state, sometimes isn't so golden. >> 52 bucks a year driving fee. thank you, larry. >> earthquake safety in the courtroom. is your child safe? form discovered in the classroom. also kidnapped, robbed and raped in broad daylight. the attack on a pizza delivery woman. what police are saying about the teenager accused in the attack.
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a bear in a neighborhood stunned after a brazen attack on a woman delivering a pizza in the middle of the day. police in antioch say they have never seen a daylight attack quite like it. a 22-year-old woman recovering after she says he was kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint trying to
6:30 pm
deliver a pizza. a 17-year-old is behind bars accused in the attack. >> shocking. this is a really quiet neighborhood. you can see right now, nothing happening. it's really quiet. >> reporter: this antioch neighborhood of well kept homes and manicured lawns was the scene of a heinous attack. a domino's pizza delivery driver was kidnapped, robbed and raped as she tried to deliver a pizza after 11:00 sunday morning. >> when she arrived, she got out of the car, approached by a male subject with a gun and ordered her back in the car. the male subject ordered her to drive to a different location. at that location he sexually assaulted her and made her drive him back to the same area. >> reporter: police say they arrested a 17-year-old suspect a short time later. >> the location the pizza was delivered to was not the subject's home but he lived
6:31 pm
nearby. >> reporter: the staff at dominos won't talk on camera. a spokesperson is providing the victim with the support she needs. a statement says it is unthinkable that something like this could happen to an innocent woman, simply trying to earn a living. >> it is terrifying to know she's trying to work and this trauma happened to her. it's sad. i'd be praying for her. >> reporter: many in the neighborhood did not want to show their faces on camera. everyone is grateful the suspect is behind the bars. >> i have an 8-year-old and 4-year-old. >> reporter: in antioch, jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. a manager is accused of urinating in a reservoir that holds some of our drinking water. they told us this afternoon martin sanchez will be suspended without pay. a spokesman says he urinated in
6:32 pm
the sierra foothills last month. the reservoir was completely drained at the time. the urine posed no health danger and the water is treated before being delivered to kus mers. the measles reached the east coast. cdc reported cases in washington, d.c. delaware and new jersey. at least one case reported in nevada. the virus continues to spread the majority of the cases are still here in california. 103 patients now. 14 of the 103 are here in the bay area. cdc says 85% of all cases in the u.s. are directly linked to an infected person at disney land. >> all this month, looking at disaster preparedness. tonight, we look at their school. when you drop them off tomorrow will they be safe if there's an earthquake? the buildings held up fine.
6:33 pm
dangerous failures inside classrooms. now, we have uncovered the failures didn't just happen in napa schools, but across california and for decades, too. we investigate seismic hazards inside the schools. >> i know it's going to be scary, okay? i know. i know. we have an earthquake. >> reporter: when the napa earthquake struck in the middle of the night, schools were empty. daylight revealed chaos inside the classroom. >> this event was the most violent thing i have experienced in close to 30 years in the fire service. >> photo after photo of the earthquake in schools. classrooms with no kids in dangerous disarray. >> we are incredibly lucky. she saw the first story and the
6:34 pm
photos revealed concerned her so much, she added schools to the report. >> it had been another time of day, another different story and we would be mourning the loss of students. >> reporter: california is home to stringent school construction standards. the executive director of the seismic safety commission says our schools are the envy of the world. >> many people from around the worldcoming in asking about why california schools do so well in earthquakes. >> reporter: experts say schools have come a long way structurally. >> i don't know all the non-structural hazards and classrooms have been evaluated and mitigated. >> for example, lights in napa. they can be sharp and weigh up to 80 pounds. >> swinging around. that's a dangerous feature.
6:35 pm
>> dangerous, but not unusual. like in 2010. north ridge in 1994. one in '83 and cook county in 1952. >> it's strong. >> you see the photograph and the damage is disheartening, shocking and unacceptable. >> reporter: with the exception of a 5.3 quake in 1957 there hasn't been a significant earthquake since 1900. the devision of the state architect or dsa oversees construction of public k-12 schools. they are responsible for the safety of life but only when schools are built or remodelled.
6:36 pm
>> another danger displaced furniture and shop equipment show up again and again in photos. >> i think they are relatively easily fixed. >> huge missiles in the air are giant objects falling down. >> these are photos. >> wow! >> we showed them to the contra costa fire marshall. looking at it i see this. i'm not sure that my child could climb out the door in enough time. >> yeah. if you certainly had some kind of emergency that had a time element to it like a fire or gas leak i would share that with you. the department of education was
6:37 pm
asked to sit down and talk to us. they declined saying in an e-mail, we would respond to the request if we were the regulating agency in this instance but we are not. trouble is there is no agency for classroom furniture. then the earthquake that shook four years ago. >> if anybody had been standing under those, they would have been seriously injured. >> it blocked classroom doors. >> they fall under the tree with the division. only at the time of construction and during republican novation. this school was built in the 1960s. again, that was not during school hours. that was when there were no students there. so the fact that every time one of these gims it's not going to happen in the middle of the night. >> that's a scenario that has a lot of people worried and
6:38 pm
wondering if more can be done to keep kids safe. >> we're going to test soon. >> more can be done though. fire marshalls inspect schools ever year. the fire marshalls said they would be glad to take on earthquake safety if the state would give them the legal authority to do so. so far, it's not happened. we are going to continue to pursue it. go to inside classroom photos. you can weigh in on facebook tell us what you think should be done. not many people like a pile of garbage. coming up a man whose main mission is to protect garbage. the northeast pounded by snow people in boston are being warned to stay off those roadses.
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okay levi stadium is about to get colder. the 49ers are out. they trucked in state of the art ice making equipment from toronto this afternoon. the grass will be replaced with ice. a big ice rink hockey rink as part of the nhls series. they will air the game on nbc sports network. today, alabama became the 37th state to legalize gay marriage. one-third of the counties in alabama granted marriage licenses even though they granted it for them to be made
6:42 pm
nationwide. they defied the ruling saying it was in conflict with the state supreme court. aclu is threatening legal action. feels like the northeast can't catch a break. for the third time in two weeks, blanketed again, with heavy snow. they are running out of places to put the snow. the city of boston resorted to dumping it in the ocean. how much snow is there? in boston alone, it would fill up 10,000 dump trucks. >> oh man, if we could only get the snow water here. >> can we truck it over and dump it here? >> always a contrast on the weather map, you know? >> here it's going to be 70 and sunny? >> i know. it's about the extremes. the wet weather comes in and temperatures jump back up again. that's what we are going to see in the forecast. we'll talk more about 70s. yes, 7-0, coming up in a few minutes.
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all right, it sounds big. imagine a job where every day is a battle a fight of man versus nature. >> think garbage. we have a man in san francisco with a unique job. >> reporter: it should be considered courageous. heading into battle. certainly no one would fault him if he turned tail and ran, but there's a job at hand. every day, he dons his emotional armor. >> a cat and mouse thing. >> gathers a few friends. >> taking the leash off. >> reporter: and heads into combat.
6:46 pm
redondo's battleground is san francisco's recycling yard. his formidable foe, thousands of hungry seagulls. >> we are trying to keep them away from coming in the building. this is nina a 3-year-old harris hawk. i have a dog. i have a whistle. a lot of them have been here for a long time. it's hard to move them out. >> reporter: he doesn't hurt the seagulls, his job is keep them moving. >> keep them uncomfortable. >> reporter: nothing is more uncomfortable than a hawk. >> they are hard wired to know what a predator is. >> reporter: enough to move things along. >> makes them want to leave and go somewhere else. >> reporter: eventually it's the dog's turn to shake things up. >> they don't give us easily. you can move them out for a bit and they return. >> reporter: it seems as if the birds finally got the message.
6:47 pm
>> so far. so far. >> reporter: not for long. >> you turn around and see another group. you think oh no. >> reporter: occasionally there's a bit of squabbling among the crew. it's up to man and pole against bird. stk seagulls are very smart. >> reporter: not smart enough to outsmart a man with a gadget. >> this is a bird control apparatus. >> reporter: even a laser pointer. >> they didn't like it. they left. >> reporter: soon -- >> coming back. all day long. >> you can look at it as job security. >> reporter: it's a daily fight for sure. >> actually i like the seagulls. they'll be back. every day i leave here and see there's a little group of birds. >> reporter: it takes a hardy ego knowing at the end of the day, you never go home the
6:48 pm
winner. nbc bay area news. >> that is true you don't want to mess with them. >> interesting resume. >> they are interesting stories. jeff is with us now. we had an eventful weekend, now cruise control for awhile. >> we are seeing things clear. a dent right now. this time last night, we had extremely gusty winds. right now, things are calmer. to rainfall. outside to the rest of the camera, 58 in the south bay. you will also notice unlimited visibility throughout downtown. we take you through tomorrow morning. it's going to be a morning where we are starting with areas of clouds. patchy fog is likely. we had saturated ground. a lot of moisture. temperatures are going to cool off in the 40s tomorrow. that's going to get a lot of numbers close to the dew point. let's show you why. we have high pressure building in across a lot of california. that's going to keep things
6:49 pm
relatively calm here throughout the next couple days. so, that will also mean the atmosphere is not getting stirred up a lot. you get the atmosphere stirred up it helps to present the fog. without that happening, 6:00 in the morning, contra costa, alameda county santa clara, patchy areas of ground fog. this will be in the forecast model through 8:00 in the morning. after that we see things gradually clear out by 11:00 a.m. with sunny skies in the forecast. let's go to the microclimate forecast. once we get over the noon hour we have an awesome day coming our way. sunny skies in san jose 68 degrees. we need the rainfall this will be a nice respite. 52 in pacifica. for most of san francisco, temperatures low to mid-60s. tomorrow, a nice day. for the north bay, east bay and the trivalley, the other thing we are keying in on the fact
6:50 pm
the drier, north, offshore winds from the east. the next couple days it's going to push santa rosa up to 69 degrees tomorrow. that's one of the warmest temperatures. it's a sign of hot temperatures coming our way. east bay, 67 in oakland. we'll spend time on the weather trend. by wednesday, the numbers go up in san jose. close to 70 degrees for a lot of the south bay. thursday, check out the jump in temperatures. 69 to 76 by thursday. friday, also mid-70s. the trend continues saturday and also on sunday. record setting heat likely. of course this means poor air quality coming back as well. not what we need. we would like more rainfall. not going to happen this week. san francisco, temperatures expected in the low 70s. another week here in the bay area guys. more extreme weather coming our way. next week maybe by tuesday or
6:51 pm
wednesday, rainfall returning. we'll have to wait and see on that one. >> thanks for the update. a well known team in history is coming back to l.a. sort of. the warriors are closer than you might think. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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visit today. we have talking the warriors. this is easy right? easy. >> now you think so. >> oh come on. you know the circumstances sometimes on paper are different than the hardwood.
6:54 pm
their third road game in four nights. with the all-star break on the horizon, a possible trap game in the city of brotherly love. seth curry grabbed her autograph pretip off. throws himself off the back court. in the third, the second unit picks up the pace. warriors up seven. knocks the ball loose. rewarded down cart with a one-handed slowdown. the lead is nine. the dumper. they shoot 40% on the field. win it, 89-84. well, one of the sharks all-time greats and fan favorites is coming back home. acquired from the tampa bay lightning who recently waived the 39-year-old goalie.
6:55 pm
he will announce his retirement. the san jose franchise goaltending record wins 154 and shut outs at 50. >> a good thing by our organization and good for the community. he's part of it. his kids are going to grow up and play hockey here. he deserves to be recognized. >> okay. on the ice tonight, the sharks will host calgary. he's missed seven games after undergoing a proceed your on his hand. all right, the as took advantage on sunday. introduced faces like billy butler, davis. many called the off season a rebuilding project, the oakland newcomers speaking at media today and don't see it that way. >> i knew when ever i signed i
6:56 pm
was coming to win baseball games. we weren't trying to play for the future. >> you are already set on rebuilding, then you are not thinking about competing or you know winning right now. that's what all us players want to do is win right now. we are trying to get a ring. >> finally, the dodgers won the last two. it could be the padre that is challenge the giants this season. right-handed pitcher, james field agreeing to a four-year deal for $75 million. now san diego already had the best e.r.a. in the league last season. they add shields to go with the offensive fire power of kemp upton, middle brooke and norris. the nl west is going to be something else this season. >> we think baseball season is already back? >> i can't. i can't.
6:57 pm
>> it's right there, knocking on the door. >> thanks. local coverage watch comcast sports bay area at 10:30. coming up tonight, a bunch more stuff. first, a final word from jeff. >> why not. we got through two storms in the past four days. the next couple days a warming trend coming our way. tuesday, mid to upper 60s in san jose. wednesday, 69. by thursday and friday mid-70s. i would like to see rain on here by the upcoming weekend. not going to happen. dry saturday and sunday. a good time to do the yardwork i didn't get to this morning before work. a lot of tree limbs down. san francisco, low 70s for the upcoming week. maybe rainfall by next tuesday and wednesday. again, we'll have to see on that one. >> mad rush to the car wash. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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kanye goosing kim. madonna's swift miss. lady gaga's confession. >> behave yourself, "extra." aj and tracie, the biggest music night covered. >> at the grammys with "extra." kanye hijacks the show. again. >> beck's going to be giving this award to beyonce. ♪ >> our preshow interview with mr. and mrs., taylor swift, a near-run in with her ex and the biggest winner, sam smith. >> my gosh. plus -- >> we got to break down the fashion.


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