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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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spot, at least you get free rides for a year. >> have a great weekend. that's what's happening in the bay today. >> lovely valentine's day to you as well. >> good morning. once in a generation cold. 35 million people face a weekend with yet another blizzard. and the coldest temperatures in decades. striking back, the u.s.-led coalition in iraq launches air strikes against isis overnight. the attacks coming in the wake of a major nffensive, by that terror group near a u.s. air base. the aftermath. startling video shown at the "american sniper" trial of the police chase, arrest of the man who shot and killed chris kyle. does that tape help the prosecution or the the defense? and live from new york, it's the celebration 40 years in the making. an "snl" anniversary special so big they had to ask for more
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time to fit in all the stars. we'll talk to the man behind it all today, friday, february 13, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on friday the 13th. boy, how would you like to be lorne michaels trying to gear up for the 40th anniversary special and fit all of that in a special broadcast. >> tell a star you didn't make the cut. 3 1/2 hours, they had a half hour because there is so much there. the weather outside, it has soared to 9 degrees. >> a dangerous plunge in temperatures while the northeast braces for what's called the valentine's weekend blizzard.
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al is out on the plaza. what can we expect? >> more of these temperatures here in the northeast as you said. 9 now, a wind chill of about 5 below. and let's look and show you what's happening with this. bitter cold, high pressure builds in this arctic express pushes in. we have got wind chill advisories and wind chill warnings from new england all the way down to georgia and back into the great lakes. it feels like 12 below in cleveland, 7 below in new york city, 13 below in boston. and then look what happens as we get into monday morning. can we go back to that map. 27 below in boston, minus 11 in washington. 3 in roanoke, 25 below in buffalo. now, let's go to boston and show you what they are dealing with right now. ahead of this valentine's day storm. they have enlisted volunteers, snow melters, plows, anything they can do to try to get snow off the streets and off the
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roofs before this next storm hits. here's what's happening. we've got a blizzard watch already in effect from new england all the way into massachusetts, winter storm watches back rhode island, connecticut, long island, and this is going to be dangerous. saturday, by saturday afternoon the snow starts in earnest, saturday night it really gets going. heavy snow from long island into new england, blizzard conditions, snowfall falling at the rate of 1 to 2 inches per hourks gusts of 70 miles per hour with dangerous wind chills, by sunday night maine is in this, look at the snowfall totals. two feet of snow from portland to bangor, boston, unfortunately, we are talking about another 12 to 15 inches of snow. even new york city will see about 3 to 6 before this is all over. guys, the blowing and drifting snow going to be a big, big problem. air travel, road travel, everything is going to be a mess. later on jeff rossen is going to talk about the danger of all of the snow on the roofs. this is going to cripple the
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city of boston. the only silver lining is that it's on the weekend. so, hopefully folks can hunker down. >> february is not fooling around. >> here we go again. thank you so much. breaking overnight a major offensive launched by isis, the terror group carrying out raids and attacks in iraq west of ramadi. and near a u.s. base there. this morning the u.s.-led coalition is striking back. nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington with the developments. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. is hitting isis with more air strikes order as the terror group advances toward the iraqi base used by u.s. military visors. this is the parents of americans held by isis saying that the u.s. is not doing enough to find their children including paying ransom if needed. the last known american hostage in steeria award winning journalist austin tyes. a lawsuit, a former marine
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kidnapped 2 1/2 years ago. officials and his parents believe not held by isis. parents want the administration to do more to find him. >> what we really want our government to do is to engage in a dialogue with the syrian government. you know, how can we have this fantastic state department and global diplomacy if if we're not speaking? >> there needs to be someone made accountable directly for the safe return of hostages. we think someone reporting directly to the president. >> reporter: there has been no ransom demand from austin's captors but his parents' frustration echoes other hostage families. after diane and john foley's son james was beheaded they said the government said it would be illegal to pay ransom. president obama told buzzfeed he will not change that policy. >> what we don't want to do is make other american citizens
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riper targets for the actions of organizations like this. >> reporter: the white house refused a prisoner trade for kayla mueller. her parents wanted the president to trade a convicted terrorist known as lady al qaeda for their daughter. the white house wouldn't. mueller's boyfriend even went back into syria to try to rescue her but failed. now he has posted a picture of her on his face book page writing i'm sorry i didn't hold onto you with so much strength even god couldn't take you away. the president ordered a review of the policy but paying ransom would encourage more hostage taking, a tough message for the grieving families. >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> we have new developments on a story we've been following for a couple years now. the u.s. army is now approving hormone therapy, treatment for chelsea manning. the former intelligence analyst serving a 35-year sentence for sending classified documents to the wikileaks website.
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jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a huge breakthrough, bigger step for the army. there were few in the pentagon or military who thought they'd ever see this day when the army would not only permit but pay for treatment for bradley manning's transition. when sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking thousands of secret documents to wikileaks, he was private first class bradley manning. the very next morning in a statement read by savannah here on "today" manning dropped a bombshell. >> i want everyone to know the real me. i am chelsea man, i am a female. >> reporter: manning's lawyer revealed chelsea wanted to begin hormone therapy immediately. >> i think the ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin and be the person she never had an opportunity to be. >> reporter: for a year and a half army officials at fort leavenworth prison denied chelsea the hormone therapy needed to transition to a woman.
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she sued the federal government and last week the commander approved the treatment. as an army private in iraq manning passed 700,000 u.s. secrets to wikileaks including gun camera video of a u.s. helicopter attack in baghdad that killed innocent civilians. but even then, manning had a secret of his own, seen here on leave in a woman's wig and lipstick, manning was dealing with gender identity disorder. manning could be pardoned from leavenworth in six years, her hormone therapy could begin any day. as far as we know chelsea manning is not seeking sex reassignment surgery. and to be clear here, the army didn't do this willingly, they were pretty much forced into it. and at the same time, there is slow but growing pressure on the military and pentagon to allow transgenders to openly serve in the military. nobody thinks that's going to happen any time soon. >> jim, thank you very much.
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>> anger is mounting over another deadly police-involved shooting, this the in washington state. the suspect allegedly was hurling rocks at cars and officers and video of the incident apparently shows the man running away as he was then shot and killed. hallie jackson has this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've learned the fbi is now monitoring the situation here where overnight a few more signs were placed that the memorial at the site of the shooting, all of this has sparked angry protests already with more on the way. first, gun shots, then the chase caught on camera by a witness who posted the video on line. you can see pasco police running after a man who raises his arms above his head, then turned around. that's when three officers opened fire a second time, killing antonio. >> anybody that downloads this on youtube they will see it, that it wasn't justified.
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>> reporter: but police point to the moments before the video begin, when they say montez was throwing rocks at cars, hitting two officers and ignoring commands to surrender even after being tasered. the chief is promising a full investigation. >> we're here trying to make sure we get the right information. >> reporter: his officers are now meeting with protesters to help them prepare for the hundreds of people expected saturday. the second demonstration in pasco since tuesday's shooting which the state aclu calls disturbing. >> we have a situation here in this little town that doesn't justify a scene like that. you don't have to go as far as they did. >> reporter: it's the fourth deadly officer-involved shooting in six months in this small farming town, where montez was arrested last year for try to grab a police man's gun. even with this video the investigation into the officers' use of force may not be easy.
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>> when i look at a flat one dimensional picture, i am acutely aware that reality may differ. >> reporter: still a lot of questions about this shooting, though. the questions about the victim's mental state when it happened. meanwhile, nbc news learned the coroner's office may open a separate investigation similar to calling up a jury to look at the facts of this case. matt, savannah. >> natalie has the latest on the shooting in north carolina. >> now the fbi is joining in the investigation and the murders of three young muslims killed allegedly by a neighbor in chapel hill, north carolina. craig steven hicks a self described gun-toting atheist is facing first-degree murder charges. police say tuesday's killings may have been over a parking dispute but they are also investigating what religious or ethnic hatred motivated hicks in any way. >> u.s. senate has approved president obama's pick to lead the pentagon.
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the senate confirmed ashton carter thursday making him the fourth secretary of defense in six years. he succeeds chuck hagel. carter testified that defeating isis will be his top priority. >> some of the busiest sea ports have shut down due to an ongoing labor dispute. all 29 west coast ports will be partly closed this holiday weekend, contract talks broke down this week between dock workers and shipping companies. experts say that a full shutdown of the ports could cost the u.s. economy $2 billion a day, thousands could lose their jobs and could lead to higher prices for food, clothing and electronics. >> some sad news to report. media columnist david carr who wrote a column for "the new york times" died on thursday. he reportedly collapsed in the "newsroom." carr's wife jill and one of his daughters were with him in the hospital when he died. carr has also had two other daughters. new york times staff editor
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called him the finest media reporter of his generation. david carr was 58. well known to all of us here at "today." we are sending condolences to his family. >> incredible video to show you of the moment a snowmobiler in wyoming is buried by an avalanche. this happened a week ago. you can see the man riding up the side of the mountain when a wave of snow comes crashing down on top of him. initially his friends sped off on the snowmobiles to get out of harm aels way, then they quickly turned up the mountain to go back to save him. they found the rider with only as you see, the top of hifls head sticking out of the snow and franltically able to dig him out. thankfully, he is okay and thanks to the heroics of his snowmobiling friends. >> and more proof this morning love this, of the unbreakable bond between a dog and its owner. ible cedar rapids, iowa, a schnauzer walks nearly 20 blocks on her own right into a local
7:14 am
hospital lobby. it happened to be where her owner nancy frank was recovering from surgery. eventually hospital workers tracked down nancy's husband at home. cissy was able to visit nancy for a while in-er room before going back home. that is just the sweetest story. >> amazing. >> really is. >> thank you, natalie. do we all feel warm and futzy. >> need to we'll farm and fuzzy with what's going on. a quick look at our map. this is a calm before the storm. not much going on on the map. temperatures nice and warm out through the southwest in southern california, really in florida the only warm spot in southern florida, miami, a temperature of 76. let's get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. and set out on their own. they believed in more, than the assembly line. they believed driving was a holy endeavor. a hundred years later,
7:15 am
the dodge brothers spirit lives on. 7:15 good morning to you. taking a live look at san jose warming trend continues for today. three to five degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday and that will translate to 70s all across the board. if you want to hit the beach today, pacifica is looking good 71 degrees there. lovely day for you half moon bay up to 73 degrees, santa cruz with temperatures ramping up to the mid 70s. as we get into remainder of your weekend looking good. 75 degrees by sunday. slight cooldown by the end of next week. lasting more than three hours. we have the honor of the red carpet special.
7:16 am
if you think the oscars are star studded wait until you see the guest list. willie is across the street with a preview. good morning. >> by the way, the real feel out here i can't feel my face so let's see how this goes. as you look behind me at this iconic sign, there are revolving doors. through those have passed the very biggest names in comedy, music, the biggest celebrities in the world. a lot of them willing back live from new york. >> good evening. i'm chevy chase. >> created by lorne michaels in 1975, it's the experiment that became an institution. >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> four decades of guest comedy, celebrated in a 3 1/2 hour special this sunday and all, of course, live. a show that broke new ground will welcome back five original cast members. including dan aykroyd, chevy chase, and jane curtain.
7:17 am
>> where do you folks come from? >> france. >> pioneers of comedy followed by other big names who also will be here sunday night. like steve martin, bill murray and billy crystal and back at "snl" for the first time in three decades, eddie murphy. other beloved former cast members returning to "30 rock" include dana car vee, chris rorks adam sandler, and will ferrell. plus, two of "snl's" funniest women, tina fey and amy poehler back together again. >> i can see russia from my house. >> and we hear the real governor palin will be here too. "snl" launched the late night careers of jimmy fallon and seth meyers, both expected back as well. and then there are the guest hosts. alec baldwin, tom hanks, christopher walk-ins, and justin timberlake
7:18 am
timberlake, back in studio 8h. ♪ we don't know if timberlake is going to sing but both paul simon and sir paul mccartney will. they are just two of the musical acts appearing. we started the anniversary celebration a few months early with our own halloween tribute to "snl." sunday night this is going to be the hottest ticket in town. again, the show is kind of under a cloak of secrecy. we don't know exactly what lorne michaels has planned. if you look at this list of names of people who will be here, we don't know if they perform or in the audience, it's an incredible collection of stars. "rolling stone"s magazine on the cover celebrating 40 years has a list of the best cast members 1 through 141 all time as you can see from the cover. they have john belushi at one. >> that would be a good place to start. nop question.
7:19 am
>> that will start a lot of debate. willie, thank you. >> again it kicks off sunday night. we're hosting the "snl" 40th red carpet special, 7:00, 6:00 central time leading up to the anniversary special which starts at 8:00. we're going to have more on this coming up including our exclusive interview with lorne michaels who created the show and the executive producer. >> squ meantime, the president did an unusual video for buzzfeed. >> thinking about "snl" and how many presidential candidates and lawmakers and politicians have shown up on the stage there. yes, comedy chops from "snl" to the president using his comedy chops to boost health care enrollment, the president paired with buzzfeed creating a video that captivated the internet. the clips cut back and forth between the president and a buzzfeed employee showing both of them doing things i guess all of us do when no one's watching.
7:20 am
here's what you get to see. you get to see the president, interesting thing, wearing the mirror sunglasses that belong to the stris president. he got his hand on the selfie stick, struggled with his milk and cookies, then he had a picture of his crush the first lady. the video by the numbers, guys, already on facebook, 20 million times and counting. it's been viewed. i think 2 million just this morning. >> in the last hour. >> in the last hour. 2 million hits on that video. so it will be interesting to see if the numbers lead to a boost in health care enrollment. when the president did between the two ferns interview with zach galifianakis they saw a boost of 40% on the site. no word how many signed up. we'll see. >> going for the younger audience. >> 2 million in an hour. take that, videos. >> coming up on rossen reports a dangerous problem tied to the
7:21 am
record breaking snow in new england. another blizzard is on the way. roofs collapsing under the weight of that snow. >> does it help the prosecution or the the defense? the dramatic video shown at the "american sniper" trial of the chase and arrest of ris kyle's killer. more on that, first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "to female announcer: get 36 months interest-free financing, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-dadelivery. but only through presidents' day at sleep train.
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a very good friday morning to you. a developing story in hayward. that's where pris are investigating an apparent homicide in front of life chiropractic west college. that's al industrial and depot. police officers early this morning found a body near a u-haul truck that had been smash into the building's glass doors and now believe the truck was part of a burglary attempt that likely involved other people. >> i don't know if the person was responsible for the crash itself, but looks to be involved in the incident. >> police are now trying to determine if the truck was stolen or if it was rented. the victim has not been
7:27 am
identified. happening now, stanford university getting ready for president obama. the president woke up in morning in san francisco. he's staying at the fairmont hotel. later this morning we'll head to palo alto for a summit on cybersecurity, back to the cityraiser tonight. good morning to you. taking a live look. spectacular sunrise here. not a cloud in the sky. no low clouds no fog to show you. ocean beach looking spectacular. we're going to warm you up towards record highs all across the board today. your lynchtime temp chushs in the mid 60s. we'll round out the day in the upper 70s. looking good for the mid 70s on sunday, a touch cooler as we meet back here on monday. he's check your drive. here's mike. it's friday lighter volume of traffic around the bay.
7:28 am
north bay no major issues. the bay bridge toll plaza we have meter lights on and recovery on highway 4. a smoother drive now that all lanes are cleared. a new crash reported southbound 880, just past 98 outside of our camera view. i'll check on that. sounds like debris is in lanes. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. i'll be back with another local news update for you in half an hour. see you then.
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>> 7:30 on this friday morning, february 13th 2015. friday the 13th. there will be three of them this year. don't ask me which. that's as far as my knowledge goes. >> the headlines we are talking about, it is a bitter cold day across much of the east. wind chill advisories from georgia up to maine. and to rub a little salt in the wounds a blizzard set to hit the northeast. >> the okay for the army private sentenced in the wikileaks scandal. hormone treatment for gender reassignment. bradley manning known as chelsea manning will make the transition to a woman.
7:31 am
>> 22 marines will be treated to exposure for a noxious gas in california. it happened in a training accident and was caused by equipment malfunction inside an assault vehicle. >> a remarkable young girl whose battle with cancer touched millions. leah was featured in the truly brave video received a special honor and will be here to tell us about it. >> we look forward to seeing her. >> another dramatic day of testimony after jurors were shown footage of police chasing and arresting the man who shot and killed former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and a friend. here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> the video shows police chasing a black ford f-350 for 10 minutes belonging to chris kyle but behind the wheel is his killer. a patrol car slams into the
7:32 am
truck, but it only speeds up for miles before coming to a stop. when outcomes former marine surrendering and confessing to killing kyle and chad littlefield. he said he had taken a couple souls and had more souls to take. you okay? >> you are my hero. >> the movie american sniper depicts four in iraq and how he coped with post traumatic stress something he was trying to do at the lodge gun range. photos make it clear that he shot dozens of rounds before prosecutors say he turned on the other two, shooting them repeatedly in the back and elsewhere. both men were found with loaded pistols in their waist bands, the safeties still on. they argue ralph was in the grip of a psychosis when he killed even fearing for his life. after he fled, he stopped a a taco bell and drove to his
7:33 am
sister's who called police. >> he said he killed two guys. >> one of the responding officers was wearing a body camera. they can hear him saying i can feel people feeding on my soul and asked is the apocalypse upon us right now. judgment day in the trial is a couple of weeks away. nbc news stevenville, texas. >> let's go to lisa bloom, our legal analyst. good morning. let's talk about the audio heard on the body cam. it's remarkable to have a piece of evidence that documents the moment that he was fleeing the scene. like so much in the case there good things and bad things for the prosecution. which way does it cut for you? >> the defense will satisfy the first prong of the inis sanity defense that he had a disease or defect. he is talking about the
7:34 am
apocalypse and voodoo. everyone seems to think he is crazy and that helps the defense. >> the other part is the part you alluded to to prove he did not know the difference between right and wrong. the prosecutor is saying if we show you this dash cam and body cam, he knows enough to flee the scene and knows enough to put his hands up and doesn't that argue against insanity? >> it sure does and that is helpful to the prosecution. it will be interesting to hear the experts testify. this man goes in and odd of lucidity. sometimes he is delusional and other times he cooperates. >> isn't it almost impossible for a defense to prove that someone really didn't know right from wrong? >> that is the defense burden in this case. they have to prove that to meet the insanity defense. you are right. it is rarely a defense that wince, but sometimes it does.
7:35 am
in texas, andrea yates, for example. it is possible. >> good to catch up with you. thank you very much. >> thanks savannah. >> let's take a turn and get a check of the weather with al. >> when we get through the storm, i wish we didn't have to talk about this. monday morning, we have heavy rain to the south and icy mixes as this comes along the stationary front through the mid-mississippi river valley. in memphis, nashville to louisville we go into monday night, severe weather from houston to new orleans and parts of the panhandle to florida. look to tuesday morning. an icy mix and heavy thunderstorms from florida into texas. snow starts to develop tuesday evening up into the mid-atlantic states and new york boston ice
7:36 am
from raleigh into florida and wednesday morning we have more snow to talk about from boston into new england and some of the snow heavy at times. this will be a major, major system. it develops into the middle of happy friday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. showing you a live look at the san francisco bay. really pretty. nice and clear. no fog to report. 77 degrees in the tri-valley later on today. 71 in san francisco, you're going to hit 78 degrees in wine country. as we get into the weekend wur your microclimate forkoes shows you a couple low 80s out there. a touch cooler for sunday and then as we meet back here on monday, temperatures drop off. . thanks very much. up next on rossen reports, with
7:37 am
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7:42 am
roof holds up. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. i want to show you this team right here with the dog walking by. it is bad out here. there no words. we have been reporting on how hard hit this area is. look at the pile of snow. as annoying as it is on the ground, you can push it off to the side. let me show you where it's dangerous. piling up on roofs like this. all over the northeast. these houses are not designed to carry that kind of weight. you are about to see what happens if you don't take action. total devastation. caught on camera from gas stations to office buildings to stores with people inside. >> just crunch, crunch, crunch.
7:43 am
it all came down. >> reporter: taking down roof after roof. >> the whole side of the building collapsed. >> they have been hit so hard and the urgent rush to clear the snow off roofs. they drive around the neighborhoods. crews on the rooftops trying to clear the snow away to beat the next storm. deep into the night. all hours of the night. the danger is real and here's why. one cubic foot of snow weighs seven pounds when it is dry. 20 pounds when it is wet. two feet of snow across a flat roof can be 150,000 pounds. in this part of the roof alone, that is like three grand pianos crashing into your home. pitched roofs are not safe. 2 feet of snow up there is like nine heavy duty pickup trucks.
7:44 am
how many calls have you gotten? >> well over 500 calls. >> reporter: if i'm home i cannot get my roofer do i climb on my roof? >> please don't do that. completely unsafe. what you don't understand, under the snow a sheet of ice. you could fall and slip off the roof and kill yourself. >> reporter: look at the videos on youtube. homeowners sent off their roofs in an avalanche of snow doing it the wrong way. >> if you need to do it yourself and you have a ladder obviously you need that it is a two-person job. somebody at the bottom anchoring it. you hold it. >> i need one of these. a snow ring. >> you can use a shovel, rake or anything. >> pull it off. push it away from you. always push it away. >> stay on the ladder. >> don't get on the roof. it unsafe. >> reporter: the risks of leaving the snow is huge.
7:45 am
and here is another danger at these homes in the northeast. what you see up here the ice jams gathering. that is how leaks starts and get cracks in the ceiling. here is a tip to get rid of the ice. you don't need a ladder or snow rake or shovel. it will sound weird, women's pantyhose. cut a leg out. this is calcium chloride or salt. pour it in like that. you tie it up like this. never thought i would be doing this on television. >> i did not see the women's pantyhose coming. >> luckily jeff had some. >> you throw it up like that and it will melt the ice. you can put it along the roof and lay it out. it helps. >> another use for women's pantyhose. >> unreal jeff. way to go. >> you don't need a ladder. thank you, jeff.
7:46 am
coming up cookie monster in a major art heist. he will be here live to give us his side of the story. and wait until you hear how ellen used matt in "fifty shades of today." >> it was a joke. all your life you're told to tame your curls... ♪ when you try to tame my curls, it feels like
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7:51 am
the weather. >> it seems the internet could not get enough of matt in his leather. we showed you this clip from ellen's show wednesday. it is worth as savannah mentioned to roll again. >> the "today" show has been showing clips of the movie for the past few weeks and intrusion the stars and boy, they are getting into it. i was watching this morning and matt lauer, let's take a look. >> she was literally in it for real. tied up and exposed and naked and of course. that's definitely the idea. >> it just makes it epic. the response on social media is pretty entertaining. >> entertaining for you. >> people actually thought you came to work or changed into that. here's one. i hate i missed matt dressed
7:52 am
like that. that's one. it gets better. this is from another viewer. 50 shades matt looks entirely too comfortable in that outfit. >> i wasn't in that outfit. >> that are makes it fantastic that people believed you might wear something like that to work. what does that say? >> it says that they have seen halloween. i literally started tweeting that i was just a video edit and a joke on the part of ellen. >> i tweeted he really does have that outfit. >> thanks for that. >> i think this is the moment. this should be on everyone's postcard for christmas. any holiday you have that's your postcard. screen grab it. >> the head doesn't match the body. >> for does to oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats.
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a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. security is tight on san francisco's knob hill. that's where president obama spent the night at the fairmont hotel. he arrived yesterday afternoon. the president will head down the peninsula to stanford where he will be the keynote speaker on a summit for security. the president is expected to sign an executive order at the summit and head back to san francisco for a fundraiser tonight. police are investigating an apparent homicide outside a chiropractic college. early this morning police officers found a man's body outside a u-haul truck. investigators believe the truck and the victim were part of a burglar are i attempt. let's check the forecast now. good morning to you at home.
7:57 am
i want to start with this live look. waking up in san jose with 50 degrees. you're at 48 degrees in the tri-valley. temps are going to be in the mid 70s as of lunchtime, upper 70s, 75 in south bay, 78 degrees for today out the wine country. temperatures this weekend looking good 79 on saturday and 75 on sunday. he's check your drive. >> it's friday. look at the south bay 101, worst of your drives. 680 northbound a little slow. the worst of your slowdown it's not south, it is knot bond from 238 up to davis street. we had an earlier crash and debris reported in lanes that caused a slowdown. oakland, 580 much clearer. the recovery for highway 4
7:58 am
continues through cord cord. thank you very much. another update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up -- >> live from new york it's saturday night! >> and we're celebrating 40 years of late night life as we talk to the man behind it all. snl creator and executive producer lorne michaels. was that group of people the reason we are sitting here? >> no question. this show stands on their shoulders. and former cast members talk through some of the most memorable sketches. >> the best part of a halloween party is -- then truly brave. hoda catches up with the remark believe young girl who battles cancer.
8:01 am
plus cool as ice. while most of the country is frozen over, we will hit the rockefeller rink with olympic skater ashley wagner on this friday, february 13th 2015. >> good morning, cincinnati, happy valentine's day from the "today" show. >> 33 years of loving my cowboy. >> we are from georgia. it's our six-year anniversary. >> good morning, miami, florida. we just got married! >> we are back at 8:00 on a friday morning, friday the 13th, 2015. here in new york city, the northeast is freezing cold. we will be warmed up by
8:02 am
natalie's favorite long song as we countdown to valentine's day. you are listening to u2's "with or without you." >> yeah. pump up the volume. >> i can't believe all the people around. >> we have a huge crowd around for a cold morning like this. >> we have a map to show you, this is seriously cold weather. that's how fast it takes for frostbite to set in. it's dangerously cold. especially upstate. but here in new york about 30 to 40 minutes, frostbite can really set in. so this is bad, bad weather. >> good information. all right. i said good information as we standout here beware. >> luckily savannah has a heavy coat on today. >> it's too early for spring. >> thanks for stopping by. >> nice. the tiny lady is turning six months.
8:03 am
it's her half birthday. i will bring her by a little bit later. >> i can't wait to cuddle with her. natalie? >> good morning once again. the weather and the top story and the dangerous deep freeze covering much of the u.s. with wind chill advisories in new england. the arctic blast is making it fell well below zero in a lot of places and another one is on the way. it is even colder along with another blizzard for new england, including boston. al's forecast is coming up. isis fighters launched a major offensive overnight just miles from the air base in iraq. and this morning the u.s.-led coalition is striking back. president obama ordered a review of u.s. policy dealing with hostages and said paying ransom for those taking captive would encourage more hostage taking. the parents of the last known american hostage in syria austin
8:04 am
sykes want the government to do more to find him. he was kidnapped 2 1/2 years ago. officials do not think that he is being held by isis. and private first-class bradley manning now says he's chelsea manning, a woman. manning sued the government to allow therapy needed for the transition to become a woman. the therapy could begin any day for manning and he was sentenced to 35 years for passing secret documents to wikileaks. and the former cowboys star spoke to lester hold about his struggle caused by head trauma. the star spoke about brain injuries and sports. he said the damage from concussions can occur in football players and all athletes. >> now that we know what it is, we can combat it. that's the key thing too. being proactive to do everything that i can possibly do to slow it down, reverse it or stop it.
8:05 am
>> he said that there are days he has mood swings and forgets how to get to familiar places. concussions need to be taken very seriously, he said. you can see the full interview on middle school students are reaching out to each other, especially those who don't feel included. it's called national no one eats alone day to combat socials ailation in schools. alone 3,000 students are involved. a man who lost his son at sandy hook elementary school said reaching out can combat feelings that lead to isolation and lead to tragic consequences. a great program. now it's time to check on the weather. al? >> i'm going to tell you, this young lady, what's your name? >> jackie. >> jackie. it says you are 80 years old. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> where are you from? wow. i'll have what you're having.
8:06 am
because you look wonderful. you all look -- wow. you can see -- good genes. i bet you look good in jeans too. let's show you what we have going on. that wasn't too awkward. vail city, colorado. 9 news has sunshine and cooler conditions. they are having the world's ski championships. let's see what's going on. no winter here. high pressure dominating and look at the temperatures. 86 in palm springs and seattle with 80. almost 20 degrees above normal and look as you move into saturday. denver at 70 degrees. palm springs, 88. it is toasty out west. that's what's going there. happy friday. you might be excited about these temperatures. fralth degrees in livermore.
8:07 am
near record warmth for today. lunchtime, well beyond our average highs. skate on the peninsula today. 69 at noon on the east shore. rounding out the day in the upper 70s just about everywhere except for san francisco. you're going to hit the low 70s. mid 70s in the city by the bay for the weekend as the warming trend continues. there's a cutie. what's your name sweetheart? >> leah. >> back to you inside. >> thank you very much. just ahead, we will kick our celebration of 40 years of snl up a bit with bill hader. bill, what is your exact role in the anniversary special this weekend? >> i don't know. we have no clue. i will find out. you will see it live on sunday. >> 59 on sunday night. >> i have an interview with his old boss lorne michaels. and coming up next on
8:08 am
trending dogs and cats. does your dog really understand when you are happy or sad what the science brings. cats don't seem to care at all after this. >> you're doing the open monologue? unbelievable. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always.
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8:12 am
night at a forum in washington the justice explained herself. >> the audience for the most part is awake because they are bobbing up and down all the time. and we sit there stone faced. that's all the judges but we are not, at least i wasn't 100% sober. because we went to the state of the union -- we had dinner together. >> justice ginsburg said she started the dinner and did not have anything to drink, but then somebody brought out the california wine and it was history. >> could have been worse. the justices could have gone to a greg kegger. she had a couple. and it's not too late to get your online dating profile in order. and now a new study might help you create the perfect screen name. researchers say your name should
8:13 am
start with a letter in the top half of the alphabet, so a-m. that's associated with a high i.q. and high income. you should avoid words like little, al has told me that forever, and thug. and choose playground sounding names like fun2bwith. and finally, men respond to names indicating physical attractiveness like blondeie and cutie. that seems so stereotypical. and women, meanwhile, prefer words like intelligence or cultured. >> cultured stud 25. >> cultured cutie. >> now a new study that dog owners have always known. our dogs understand our feelings. when shown just the bottom half of human faces, dogs were able to distinguish between happy and angry expressions. so this proved to scientists that dogs do care about our emotions. and here's the video that shows cats really don't care at all.
8:14 am
take a look. >> no no no. >> i have to say, that's one of the cutest cat videos i have ever seen. you didn't love it as much as i did. >> kathie lee and hoda will talk about dogs and our emotions coming up later on. and is one of america's most beloved figures in trouble with the law. we are talking about cookie monster. in a new tv show, a cookie-themed art museum opens on tv and our little furry friend becomes the prime suspect. >> what did you do with it, cookie monster? >> me?
8:15 am
i did not do anything with painting. >> is there a problem? >> yeah i'll say there was. i was on my cookie break, and when i came back the painting was gone. >> oh, no! >> and this cookie monster took it! >> here to explain himself is cookie monster himself. >> me innocent monster. >> really? >> me falsely accused. >> you expect us to believe that? >> well, you have to tune in to watch. see what happened. yeah. it's thrilling. >> have you heard if there's cookies in jail cookie? just in case. >> oh no do not think about that. >> oh no. >> we have to get me attorney on this. >> very very clever prosecutor trying to tempt you with evidence. so let's see what i can do here. >> what you got? >> uh-oh. >> you have cookie! cookie!
8:16 am
>> guilty as charged. >> sorry. this cookie did not cookie art. me not touch the cookie art. >> innocent. that airs this weekend on tbs. check your local listing, and that's trending today. all right. and you may have heard that "snl" celebrating their 40th anniversary with a star-filled special. i had a chance to catch up with the man who has been there from the beginning, the executor and creator of "snl," lorne michaels. you oversee this literally and figuratively. your office is up there. >> the first three days of monday to wednesday, that's where the writing done and early production. we move down here on thursday and it gets fairly intense friday night late because you are locking in the show. and changes are still coming in. and then the host very often is filming until 5:00 in the morning. and might have started at 6:00
8:17 am
in the morning that day filming something else. it's always sort of coming together. >> i worked in this building for 22 years, not as long as you, but a long time. so i have heard a lot of lorne michaels stories. >> i bet. >> and i have heard a lot of words associated with you. i'm going to throw a couple at you. >> sure. >> give me a yes or no okay? >> youthful. handsome. youthful. creative? >> yeah. sure. >> powerful? >> yes. inevitably now, yes. >> controlling? >> you know controlling has sort of a negative context. i would say in charge. i think people have to know who is in charge because -- and everyone has to have a direct route to you. you know pretty much i talk to everyone. and that's -- and i listen and absorb it but at some point you make a decision and move on. >> unflammable. >> calm yeah. yeah. >> the other word that i hear a lot used with you that surprises
8:18 am
me is serious. >> i'm a serious guy, yeah but i'm also nothing makes me happier than -- steve martin called me yesterday and was going over the jokes in the monologue. and i was so happy laughing because you can get lost in detail and then you go oh right, that's the reason we're all here. we are going to make people laugh. and that generally starts with you laughing yourself. and that's -- that's joy. >> live from new york it's saturday night! >> joy that began 40 years ago with the cast that reflects the who's who of comedy. chevy chase, john belushi, dan ackroyd, gilda radner, lorraine newman and garrett morris. >> i always think that when you plant that seed and those roots take hold from that first season, that that's the foundation. it was that first group of people that you put together the reason we're sitting here 40 years late her? >> oh no question. the show stands on their
8:19 am
shoulders. they were them and the designers, the musicians, every aspect of the tastes of the show came from really seriously creative people. >> it's hard to gather and get your arms around those egos. how did you manage it? >> i think that there was a sort of pseudoegalitarian aspect to the show and part of that was the '70s and part of that was you need the others. everyone -- we were all working together. it was not fair sometimes you cut someone's piece and they would think there's a bias but mostly everybody understood that i was just trying to go for the best show possible each week. >> it's well documented that a couple of the brightest stars of this show in the past cleaned out. >> yes. >> tragically. >> yes. >> and when they did, did you take it personally? >> no because the weirdest part about the show is you're just here. and you don't much leave the building except to go home. so when people go away or go to
8:20 am
hollywood or leave the show you stay in touch, but mostly they come back and you see them or -- but they are in a different world then. so when john died he was -- he had gone three years. so it's a different power structure up there. here it's a very clear thing and we have a job to do. we have to get it done. >> so you think in some ways leaving that structure, that power structure was the biggest problem? >> yeah. and i think structure is incredibly important to correcttive people. boundaries have to exist. >> does it ever bug you when people take a nostalgic view of the show in other words, you hear people say, the cast today is not like the cast it was when i was in college. >> yes. >> or when i graduated from college. >> right. >> we all have kind of a sweet spot. >> right. >> where we view the show. does it bug you? >> no not at all. i think generally when people talk about the best cast i think, well, that's when they were in high school. because then in high school you
8:21 am
have the least amount of power you're going to have. you get to drive, you don't have any money. staying up with friends late on a saturday night is great. >> do you worry about your legacy? >> no, i think the thing about the moment that you begin to talk about yourself in the third person or begin to think about where you are or worry about where your museum is going to go, it's just a major art of the game. and i love the game too much. why would you want to leave the game if you're good at it? when you're no longer good at it, then -- you disagree for a while and then fracyou leave. >> so you cig wayed your next question, you are here on the 40th anniversary. will you be here on the 45th? >> yeah, i can expect to be. i want to make it through the 40th right now. >> he is the driving force
8:22 am
behind that show and so many other comedic properties in this country. >> incredibly talented but of course takes it so seriously, which is funny because he's in a comedy business. but that is what makes it work. >> again, we are hosting the "snl" 40th red carpet show 7:00, 6:00 central ahead of the live anniversary special. and we want to mention there is a new book to mark the occasion "saturday night live," the book. >> that's a good title. >> there is a nice book. >> let's keep the celebration rolling with the count down of your favorite sketches. the most memorable from this decade. take a look. >> this is how his halloween party is. >> that is the most memorable. you said that's really the most memorable. >> i was like that's the most
8:23 am
memorable? >> come on focus. >> that's sweet, very nice. thank you, everyone. that's cool. >> will you stick around and hang out with us for a bit? >> yes, i'm going to hang out. me and cookie monster. >> and wrangler. who i hope is alive. >> he's resting. wrangler. wrangler! wrangler! wrangler! in our next half hour we promise no puppies were injured in that little joke. we're back in 30 seconds. wrangler, wake up.
8:24 am
we are back with the special valentine's be mine and the challenges that come with a long distance relationship. victoria harvey know it too well. victoria is here with us in studio 1a. good morning to both of you. i bet you're used to this. let me start with you. a long distance relationship is always hard. technology helps with this in modern era, but how do you keep the love alive when you don't see each other? >> he is my best friend and definitely by phone. i want to talk to him and tell him about my day and it's hard to have it face-to-face and it's hard not being able to see him. >> how did you meet?
8:25 am
>> we went to high school in germany because both of our parents were in the military. so we played sports and saw each other through that. and yeah. >> well, you must miss each other a lot when you're apart. how about you, kevin? >> i miss her day in and day out. she's my best friend and any opportunity i can have to talk to her is -- you know. >> that's funny. we lost our signal with kevin. that's all right. live tv. that's what happens. anyway when do you think you'll be able to see him next? >> we normally get to see each other once a month. >> that's good. the reunions must be really nice -- >> oh hi kevin. >> hey, good morning. hi. >> so, i wanted to have you here just because obviously long distance relationships are a hard thing, but for us it's nothing. i wanted to tell you that i love
8:26 am
you so much and no words will truly describe how much i feel about you and no words can describe my emotions and feelings i have for you. you are my best friend and i i'm assuming she said yet. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a developing story in hayward where police are investigating an apparent homicide in front of life chiropractic west college. police officers early this morning found a body near a u-haul truck. now believe the truck was part of a burglary attempt that likely involved other people. police are trying to determine if the truck was stolen or rented. the victim has not been identified. let's check the morning commute. >> we're doing well looking at the bay. fridays typically have a lighter volume. south by has a slowdown silicon valley slowing southbound
8:27 am
typical here. the northbound drive for 880, fremont fremont, hayward, san leandro have been tough. a couple crashes, but those are also clearing to the shoulder. that's your slowest stretch for the east bay. your approach to the bay bridge not so bad for 580 or the east shore freeway itself, and in north bay, we had slowing that is starting to clear up. a smooth dry to mill valley and in towards san francisco. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update coming up in a half hour.
8:28 am
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
8:29 am
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8:30 here on a friday morning. it is so cold outside that we are staying inside. good morning to all of you. >> not a court in the world would convict us. another reason to be feeling warmer on this friday morning is because your adorable daughter is in the building. this her half year birthday. >> it's her half birthday. i know they don't do the half
8:31 am
birthdays, but i brought her in. >> it's 18 pounds of pure beautiful cute. >> she is so juicy. >> she is a chunk of burping love. >> that's coming up. she had the cutest outfit on too. >> speaking of precious young girls, a great girl whose battle with cancer touched millions of people. we will update you on her. >> we have a champion in the house. ashley wagner is here for a live performance on the rock center rink. the wind chill. my gosh. >> meantime all week long leading up to valentine's day, they have been voting a new phrase. and the winner is pay it forward. on twitter by train.
8:32 am
look out for the phrase for valentine's day to come. pay it forward. >> i like that. >> good job. >> as we start with valentine's day on saturday. we love you down south. temperatures will be in the 80s in southern california. you will want to smuggle into new england where it will be snowy and temperatures in the 20s. in beautiful seattle. on sunday look for 81. i love you, mama. i love your mama better. blizzards through northern new england and taking a live look at belvedere. crystal clear sky. temperatures right now mostly in the upper 50s in san francisco. you're at 58. meanwhile, the 40s persist in
8:33 am
the tri-valley and right here in the south bay, on our way to the upper 60s by lunchtime, and we'll round out the day in the 70s across the board. getting close, though to the 80 degree mark in the south bay and north bay for today. temperatures even warmer as we get into the weekend and cool you off a touch monday into tuesday of next week. hope you have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. gu? all morning long we have been giving the extravaganza. bill hader was a cast member from 2005 to 2013. >> how is it going? >> voted the favorite sketch of this decade was stephan.
8:34 am
do you know or have an instinct about which will be the that sticks? >> not at all. that didn't work as a sketch. it didn't work. john me lainy was the cocreator of that. the reason i'm always laughing. john would change things. they would never do that. when i hosted last time he put dan cortez in all of that. it throws me off. >> was there a previous member of the cast that you looked at and said that's why i want to be on the show? >> phil hartman was big for me. phil hartman was the guy. dana carvy was huge. unfrozen caveman lawyer. that was the sketch where i was laughing and my parents were like i don't get this. i was like this is my thing now.
8:35 am
>> during the season they would get nervous. not just another nervous. >> my wife would have to come down and do a breathing technique that she learned in lamaze class. through the whole time it never got easy. >> he does not know what his role will be. >> i had no idea. i said what are you doing? he said i don't know. do you know what you are doing? we are all successing saying does anybody know anything? >> it's sadistic. bill can't wait to see you sunday night. snl's 40th anniversary special is hosted by all of us at 7:00
8:36 am
6:00 central. figure skating star ashley wagner is live on the rink. she is truly brave. she and her father are here. first this is "today" on nbc. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers
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8:38 am
. back now with our ongoing shine a light series. hoda teamed up with cindy lauper to create brave, a new song and video as a project to raise money for pediatric cancer. hoda is with us with an update. >> this celebrity in her own right is leah fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma. leah received a special honor right here in new york last
8:39 am
night. >> excuse me little girl. i have been looking for you. >> leah and i are old pals by now. >> do you like music? >>. >> i do. >> you do? >> as one of the stars of the truly brave music video, i knew the first moment i met her this kid was born it take center stage. what i never imagine side how america would fall in love with leah too. here's leah with her dad who happens to be a defensive tackle for the cincinnati bengals. >> when we decided to take my daughter's story public we had a vision that we wanted to bring. >> this summer he was cut from the team. they kept him on the team. they had to cut the insurance to
8:40 am
pay for her medical insurance. >> they are all wearing the jersey for the defensive tackle for still's 4-year-old daughter leah battling cancer. >> the struggle in support. >> everybody is saying a prayer for the daughter of that man. >> still was promoted from the practice squad after just one game. the most emotional moment of the season when leah got to go to work with dad and see him play. the bengals raised more than $1.3 million in steals from his jersey and leah continues to fight. >> i'm ready for today. you ready for today? you ready to kick this cancer? let's do it. fist pump. >> there is no better cheerleader for a little girl than her daddy. >> who reads your letter?
8:41 am
your dad or me? >> leah was in the spotlight once again on the runway at fashion week to help raise money for other children in need. this time it was devin's turn to watch from the sidelines. leah is a chip off the old block, tackling cancer with the veracity of a pro football player. >> and leah is with us now along with her dad, devin. good morning to both of you. >> leah you were so cute on that runway. when you were walking down were you nervous or having fun? >> having fun. >> i could tell. >> even with her screaming in the front row? that was okay? >> did you hear me whistling? she had a huge huge applause when she stepped out. >> i heard them say leah! >> everyone was yelling for you. >> how is she doing? >> doing good. she finished up the first round
8:42 am
of new treatment and she will start back up on friday. it went well. hopefully this takes out a lot of the disease in her body. >> you have done a lot of things. you were a star in a music video and on the runway and you and your dad wrote a book? why did you think that was a good idea? >> i wanted to -- to think that have to get shots and needles and -- >> you told me how brave you were because you said yesterday what happened if you didn't cry? >> tubes. >> i tube came out. and she didn't cry. good for you. >> your family has been shown so much kindness and generosity. what have you learned about people through this experience some. >> there is a lot of good people left out there. you look at the news you read the newspaper and you see a lot of negative things that go on in this world and the way people
8:43 am
have stepped up to not only help my daughter but support the cause of pediatric cancer they want to thank humanity. >> we love you guys. the book is terrific. you did a great job. >> nice to see, leah. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and still for more information on leah's book a portion of the proceeds go to support pediatric cancer. coming up ashley wagner live on the rink.
8:44 am
8:45 am
. >> we are back with the oscar nominated leak from edward snowden. the film is called citizen 4. kate snow is here with more on it. >> good morning, savannah. it feels like a cloak and daggar spy novel. he began secretly contacting a
8:46 am
film maker who met with him and two journalists in hong kong and two years later, the documentary about that experience is out in theaters. >> sorry, my name is edward snowden. i go by ed. >> the filmmaker kept her camera rolling as stranger who is just met mapped out how to tell the world about secret surveillance programs. >> you see a source and journalists are trying to explain to them what he knows. >> it's a source who is wasting his life. >> that's the main thing in the film. it's about courage and standing up. >> people who don't see it as courage, but an act of treason? >> any democracy should have these secret laws. >> we had no idea someone would be knocking on the door at any moment or trying to take him away and we were racing against a clock.
8:47 am
>> there was so much tension in the air, a routine fire alarm was enough to make them sweat. >> that's a fire alarm. >> snowden was concerned about his family back home. he left his long time girlfriend in hawaii a note on the counter saying he would be gone for a while for work. >> it's a tough situation hearing that the person that you love may not be coming back. >> it was a moment where he realized his choice was going to cause pain for people he loved. >> you thought there was a good possibility he was going to spend the rest of his life in a cage in the united states penal system. >> instead snowden is living a normal life in russia now. >> he leaves the house to go shopping. >> even goes to the theater with his girlfriend to moved to russia to be with him. she is working as an artist and photographer.
8:48 am
>> it was incredible that she understood and that meant a lot to me. >> it's an incredible life to live being a fugitive. he normalized his and finds it fulfilling. >> remember the u.s. government charged him with three felonies including two charges of espionage. russia granted him asylum for the next 2 1/2 years. >> does he profit from the film? >> good question. no. he will in no way profit. he has grant money and award money and speaking fees. >> citizen four in theaters later this month. coming up next a live performance from ashley wagner. first, this is "today" on nbc. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing.
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8:50 am
. >> ashley wagner wins her third championship. we are happy to have her on the ice today. >> thank you so much. >> you didn't just win it, you crushed it. the free skate and the total scores were the highest for a
8:51 am
female skater. tell me about that moment. >> it was totally surreal. i had confidence in the training. to deliver a program like that i am so happy with it. >> you stepped up the technical part of your program. that's part of the go big or go home idea? >> i proved thaw can teach an old dog new tricks. i am hungry to be competitive and i had to up the ante. >> the coldest you have been is on the ice here today. >> i am freezing and you guys better appreciate it. >> absolutely. you don't have to give your jacket but she said she would. a test of your endurance. as you get into place. world championships next month? >> and then to stars on ice in canada. i'm excited for the next couple of months. >> go on into place and she is skating to arianna grandee.
8:52 am
>> this may make her freeze a little bit longer here. we will be back in a moment with ashley. >> we are going to take it up here. we have an with our music. you know what? look what we have. vail has made the scene on her six-month anniversary.
8:53 am
>> she is has beener. >> hard to believe it's six months already. >> she is like to stand tall. >> how does she feel about stuffed animals? >> i think she likes them. look honey! look at that. >> what is that? wait a weekend. . >> you so pretty! hey, vale you look cookies? has she had cookie yet? >> no. she will fight you for them though. she is mesmerized. >> let's go back to the rock center with ashley.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. security is tight on san francisco's knob hill. that's where president obama spent the night at the hotel. a quick bay area visit. he will head to stanford this morning where he'll be the keynote speaker on a summit on cybersecurity. it's the first time a sitting
8:57 am
president has spoken at stanford since gerald ford. he's expected to sign an order and return to the city for a fund-raiser and tomorrow morning, he'll fly to southern california. we'll be back in about a half hour, including traffic and weather. have a great weekend. ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
8:58 am
8:59 am
female announcer: through presidents' day, get 36 months interest-free financing, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today. it is friday the 13th february 2015. i'm willie geist with al roker, natalie morales and tamron hall. >> baby vale in here. she is just -- 18 pounds of deliciousness. >> in the light, vale. we need the light. work it. >> provided by savannah.
9:01 am
>> the vintage. this is your six-month birthday. >> hi! >> oh, my gosh. you are so cute. >> she looks like mike. >> i know. >> it's part of evolution because this way -- happy girl. >> i am also obsessed with fashion. look at the shoes. they are mary jane booty socks. the cutest things ever. >> step it up. >> she went over the line. >> i saw that wave. hi. >> i love you drooly. >> we can do this all day. >> the friday cam. >> how is daddy doing?
9:02 am
>> over there. he's with the paparazzi. >> hi, mike. >> i have never seen cheeks like that. >> we were counting the rolls in the arm. >> every little fold is so cute at that age. >> as i mentioned, today is friday the 13th. there 3 this year. the next time that happens is 2026. you superstitious in. >> surprised by the numbers. 77% of americans are not superstitious. >> i don't believe that for a second. how many people do you see when you walk on an airplane who is touching the side of the plane? >> i don't think that's superstition but a tradition. >> when you open an umbrella or
9:03 am
don't do that or do you walk under a later. >> just in case. >> i did say that. yes. >> or it can't get any worse. >> this is a smooth ride so far. >> the pitcher with a no hitter. something good is happening don't mention it. >> basically we don't buy that service. service. so valentine's day tomorrow. >> i was working on it with tamron earlier. what are you doing this weekend? i said saturday we are going out to dinner. she said how come? it's valentine's day. >> that brings me to and i know i will have to brace myself for the social media, but it's more of a guy do something for girl
9:04 am
day. some people may not agree with that but the reason i say that, the survey we will show you. 53% said they would end their relationship if their significant other got them nothing. half of you would end your relationship because you didn't get something? >> holy cow. >> that's crazy. >> somebody put a stop to it on the way home. >> get a slurpee, get something. according to the national retail federation the average american spends $142.31 on valentine's day that does not include new york city. that would give you a rose. it's crazy, but anyway. you may have to spend more on chocolate. the price of chocolate has gone up. 18.9$18.9 billion will be spent this year alone on valentine's day and 38% of the people will be
9:05 am
buying flowers. >> i already got my flowers. we started dating on valentine's day. he delivered flowers. these are the flowers he sent me. i got them this morning. >> those are gorgeous. >> impressive. >> and they are much better. >> for the rest of the show. >> those are thes we have. that's a treat. >> thank you, joe. love you. >> when you get home you may have jewelry. 21% of the people say they are buying jewels. >> that's a lot. >> like a necklace or something.
9:06 am
>> behind the roses. >> i wonder if it's big in other countries as it is here. >> i don't know. >> that's spending and all that stuff. how big we are. is it big in europe? >> it is a luxury. a necessity for half of america with their relationship being over but i will look it up. >> in spain and other places. no. >> i said i was doing this weekend, the "saturday night live" 40th anniversary. we have 7:00 matt and savannah and carson and myself we will be hosting the red carpet special that leads up to at 8:00 7:00 central, the one and only "saturday night live" 40th an verseniversary and people who have hosted or are guests on the
9:07 am
show. look at the list. it's unbelievable. who's who. >> a mixed bag across the board. just a range of people we fell in love with 20 years ago. people we have recently fallen in love with. i love that. >> we are talking about our favorite sketches. it's impossible. i went with a tribute to chris farly and matt foley, motivation motivational speaker. they are trying not to laugh. in a van down by the river. >> i would go with christopher walk in and will ferrell with more cow bell. >> that dance. that shirt. if you watch this jimmy fallon cannot keep a straight face. >> that's a generation. >> in the eddie murphy hot tub
9:08 am
james brown or little richard. i love that after all of these years, eddie murphy will be back in that. that's phenomenal. when natalie was being interviewed by matt people debate who was the best cast. he said really it's the cast that exists when you were in high school. you had few options. you couldn't drive or go out at night and those were your friends and that was the hip thing to do. that cast you likely fell in love with. >> after the blues brothers i would have to go eddie murphy as gumby. i grew up watching gumby. and his horse comedian. >> buckwheat and white like me. >> mr. robinson's neighborhood. >> we could go on and on all
9:09 am
day. i will leave that to you because it's a 3 1/2 hour show. >> it will be huge sunday night starting at 7:00 on nbc. >> here is an incredible story if you are a dog lover. you are going to love this. cedar rapids, a miniature snauzer named sissy who walked 20 blocks to the hospital where her owner was being treated. she had complications related to cancer surgery. sissy walked into that lobby as you can see by the surveillance video. you see her running through the halls looking desperately for her owner. they tracked down nancy's husband and said they found the dog. sissy was able to visit nancy for a while and comfort her in her hospital room. she had been on car trips in the area but not to the hospital. is really is about the bond have that dogs with their humans. >> we talk about dogs's smell.
9:10 am
they have a sense of smell which we know and we under estimate it. it's possible. your dog catches your scent. that's amazing. >> they know where you are. >> they sense where you are. >> how about the weather, sir? >> this is incredible weather we have been talking about. a long track of things that have two components. first the bitterly cold air as it pushes down. we have 35 million people under a wind chill warning or advisory from the carolinas to new england. today right now feels like 7 below in new york city. 21 below in water town. norfolk feels like 6. dangerously cold monday morning. frostbite occurs within 15 minutes. 11 in washington and 3 in roanoke. bowling green feels like 9. look at this. we have blizzard watches up already. these went up yesterday.
9:11 am
i have never seen them go up this early. this system will be pushing through a secondary storm that developed late saturday night. heavy snow developed. this is a light fluffy snow because it is cold. the snow and precipitation ratios, 20-1 we could be talking about. dangerous wind chills and by sunday you have blizzard conditions continuing. look at the snowfall totals. we are talking about again, anywhere from 18 to 24 inches from east port to portland. boston with another foot to 15 inches and the snow even down to the eastern long island. this is going to be a long track system and a lot of problems. with the winds, we could be talking about power outages from philadelphia to 9:11. happy friday, bay area. we have a big time warming trend headed your way. starting today, temperatures
9:12 am
mostly in the upper 60s at lunchtime. those are your noon readings. i'm going to round out the day, highs come in at 3:00 the warmest part of the day, 77 degrees for us in the south bay. 75 on the peninsula, temperatures staying nice and warm all the way throughout your valentine's day weekend, and then by monday into tuesday, you might have the day off, beautiful weather persists. hope you have a fantastic weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> that's your latest weather. >> he is the theft best selling salsa artist of all time. we have marc anthony to i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm
9:13 am
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trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. ♪ ♪ stick it... temptation with new special k protein cinnamon brown sugar crunch. each hearty bowl is packed with protein and fiber. satisfy your hunger with special k. ♪ ♪ temptation... ...gets licked special k strawberry protein shakes are packed with protein and fiber. satisfy your hunger with special k. >> marc anthony has been an international superstar for a couple of decades. >> most recently his hit song has been viewed over 200 million times on you tube and proof that
9:16 am
his fans can never get enough. >> he's the top selling salsa artist with more than 12 million artists sold. the son of puerto rican immigrants marc anthony's childhood was filled with the songs and music was in his blood. it wasn't long before he established himself as a salsa solo artist and starring in films along the way. his break out english language album helped launch the latin pop explosion. his personal life gained a lot of attention when his 7 year marriage with jennifer lopez ended. he found live again, tying the knot in november and his first salsa album in almost a decade marc anthony 3.0 won best salsa album at the latin grammies. people everywhere has been shaking their hips 20 the
9:17 am
longest running salsa single of all time. he keeps breaking hearts and music records. >> music and his wonderful foundation. good morning. >> good morning. we have cute video we wanted to show from one of your fans and she is into it. >> i don't know where she is going to be. keep in mind that this was in the stadium and she must have godden around
9:18 am
gotten there at 3:00 a it. >> that's a good sign. yeah it's supposed to be three months. then three years later, i'm still on tour. >> we love what you are doing on stage. atlantic city tonight, but we love what you are doing off the stage. # >> my partner took them off of this orphanage in the dominican republic and every timy see it he's like i was hanging out with the kids. i go down at christmas and i took my staff for a christmas party and brought bags and bags of shoes and socks and toys and i had to do something.
9:19 am
that instant, it was like 48 kids living in a three-bedroom house on the floor. they did as good as they could with what they had. it was instant. we have to do something. i'm not leaving them until we come into something. less than a year and a half later, we built a five-acre compound for 400 kids. we each have the bed and the locker and shower and food and clothing and a baseball field. >> love. what you are giving them and confidence. it's good to see in an interview in men's health you did not rely on your looks. you relied on confidence in your career. i think the looks are fantastic. millions of women are swooning. with that said, confidence means so much. what would the difference maker be in your that you are passing on to the kids? your program?
9:20 am
>> i think i think proof positive that anything is possible. i was raised in east harlem skinny with glasses and i couldn't put a sentence together but when i sang i wouldn't stutter. i really embraced that world of music in my voice and as far as confidence is concerned, it's step by step. you have to -- if you accomplish something, it unlocks the whole -- if that's possible. and just keep going. >> you have really helped to inspire people. >> doing great. ♪♪ the adventures you've been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring. the worlds you've been dreaming of.
9:21 am
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9:24 am
president obama is in silicon valley to call on companies to share information to prevent and respond to threats and data breeches. this is the deadline for getting health insurance or you could face a fine. the penalty for not having health insurance goes to $325 per person or 2% of your income if you are under 65 and not covered by your employer. medicare or medicate. the deadline for. enrolling is sunday. scientists have a shocking assessment of how much plastic trash ends up in the world's oceans. about 8 million metric tons of plastic waste wound up in oceans five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world and warn that the number will get worse if something is not done to improve waste management. a big change coming to costco.
9:25 am
they are ending their exclusive agreement to accept only american express cards at the stores in the u.s. the group will likely open the doors for other credit grandpa bode, grandma said you used to be out of control. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always. discover the power of just one shower. new dove body wash with a breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains
9:26 am
and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. a very good friday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. a developing story right now in hayward. that is where police are investigating an apparent homicide in front of life chiropractic west college. an industrial end depot. police officers early this morning found a body near a u-haul that had been smashed to the building's glass doors. they believe the truck was part of a burglary attempt that likely involved other people. >> i don't know if the person was responsible for the crash itself, but it looks to be involved in the incident. >> and police are now trying to determine if the truck was stolen or if it was rented. the victim has not been identified yet. >> happening now, stanford
9:27 am
university getting ready for a major summit. the keynote speaker, president obama, actually going on right now. the president woke up this morning in san francisco, but he's staying on knob hill at the fairmont hotel but later this morning, headed to palo alto for a summit on cybersecurity. he heads back to the city for a fund-raiser this evening. we'll have live coverage in the 11:00 newscast. a lookt at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. we have a really great looking day, and an even better weekend. you made it to friday. near record warmth for today. 69 on the peninsula. these are lunchtime readings. 69 degrees in the north bay. and then by 3:00 we're going to round out the day with a mid to upper 70s. it's very unusual to get this warm right in the heart of winter time, and that means we're going to break some records. we'll let you know when we meet back here at 11:00. as we get to the weekend, temperatures will start to drop
9:29 am
off by sunday. here's mike and your drive. >> we have a very light friday commute around most of the bay, but a late crash right here in front of the camera. here's university avenue. this is westbound 880 into berkeley. the second lane is the crash. they have blocked the third lane, the fast lane as well. crews look like they're arriving on scene. this is causing a backup on the approach. we'll show you a little bit of backup through berkeley, the rest of the approach will be much more smoothly, the rest of the bay moving smoothly. this is north to the san mateo bridge. same thing for the south bay, recovering. >> all right, light. good news especially ahead of a valentine's day weekend. hope it is a good one for you. we'll see you in 25 minutes. starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone
9:30 am
number. so when in doubt, dial it out! welcome back to today, it's friday morning, february 13th. don't forget as valentine's day, we have apps to help you. >> it's part of the series be mine today. we have the best selling author and lifestyle expert. >> good morning. appy valentine's day. >> we have 1:30. >> love has gone digital and we have fun apps but love scan. come on up guys. tamron we want to see if you and willie are a match. we know you guys are -- i need each of you to put both thumbs on the side.
9:31 am
>> to gaze longingly into each other's eyes. >> you are making trouble. >> nope nope. not going to look willie into his eyes. >> it's analyzing the data. main analysis. 96%. if you see fingerprint analysis. 85%. >> 8%. >> and 55%. >> what i love about style seat is that it's like open table for booking salon appointments. say you want to look great on valentine's day. >> there is a lot of nich dating for gluten free lovers.
9:32 am
this is for dog lovers. you want to meet someone like sniffr. say you want to meet another dog lover, you can browse by the dogs. maybe you have a certain breed you like and you can see their owner. 78 million dogs in american households. that ups your oughts. >> this is a fun one for the lates. every guy on the app has to be prevetted and invited by a woman. no creepers on this app. you can see guys have to be invited to join. a brother or a friend. >> you can have him. >> you know they couldn't have that stamp of approval.
9:33 am
>> awesome. 9:32. happy friday to you. made it to the end of the week and we have a beautiful weekend in store for you. right now, in the low 50s all across the board. expecting to be in the upper 60s by lunchtime, and then we'll round out the day very close to records just about everywhere with sfoev degrees forecasted in the tri-valley 77 degrees in the south bay, and looking good for records tomorrow as well. 80s on the way to gilroy, livermore, napa in the 80s, san jose upper 70s with a slight cooldown for sunday. am i excited about this and you can soon join the ranks of the comedy duos. >> the insult comic dog starring in the new sitcom. >> jack plays a former child star who got into trouble after
9:34 am
his tv show was cancelled. thanks to the bad influence of his canine costar. he finds his way into jack's life. >> well done. you work at the museum. you must be swimming in landiards. >> i can't lie. it's pretty amazing. everyone asks when they want to know where the bathroom is. >> i'm proud of you. it's usually only reserved for senior citizens or signs. >> they have already seen what they were allowed to show. >> i do a lot of apologizing. >> i don't do as much as alec baldwin used to.
9:35 am
his words, not mine. . >> looks like someone forgot to wander the old al roker. you look fantastic. are you down to 150, 160 viewers? i'm the coveted 9:00 a.m. spot. we don't want to get thrashed by gma. we love it. >> we love you too. >> i watch you guys every day when kenny and michael have a commercial. # >> you work with this guy. how do you guys make that odd couple thing work out?
9:36 am
>> it speaks for itself. # >> we get a chance to meet wrangler in the orange room? >> i, i i spoke to her -- >> it's a him. >> it doesn't matter. i wasn't looking at the face. i know you have a dog here. this dog lives here? >> part of the time. >> is it socialization? >> yes. >> you are socializing a dog by forcing it to watch four hours of the "today" show? that's how you are teaching this dog to love people? >> and it works. >> really? >> yes. >> nothing finishes off a dog's day like an hour of kathie lee and hoda. oh my god.
9:37 am
>> there plenty of scenes where he is not humiliated by my antics. it premiers next friday on adult swim. >> what is that accent? al has an accent like that. >> i called it dr. poogle. >> they get it started. >> can anything be intellectual property? >> nothing. wait until you see the parrot we have got. >> coming up next the kardashians seem to have a melt down. can you believe that? in the front row at ♪ [reminiscing] started my camry remembered the choices i've made, to be bold where others are scared, to show her right from wrong
9:38 am
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9:42 am
. >> i hope you have hot cocoa. >> i have cold water, but let's begin with big stars in new york city for fashion week. diddy, jay z, beyonce, kim kardashian are all front row. all eyes on one celebrity. baby north west. kim and kanye's little girl, north west south when she did what toddlers do. she threw a fit because she was at a fashion show. 19 months old. she got it from her dad e. a 19-month-old baby. this happens at any time. look at kim kardashian rushing out with the baby. we talked about this often. if there is a tantrum, do you right it out or take her out? kim took baby north out. >> most of us are not front row
9:43 am
fashion, but -- >> you know you brought your kids to work. he brought his kid to work but north is the star of fashion week, hands down. will smith speak of superstars he rakes in huge sums of money with all the box office hits and his children have not done bad for themselves either. a new interview, the 46-year-old star said his son feels strongly about not letting money control his life. jaden only owns one pairs of shoes, three pairs of shoes and five shirts total. he refused to be a slave to money. i respect that. he goes on to say i grew up in a house where we had a kerosine heater in case the bills didn't get paid. isn't that interesting? despite that will said he does want to get his son another pair of shoes. this kid said i don't want to be
9:44 am
a slave to money. neal patrick harris may be ready to host the biggest night at the oscars but the biggest show is at his home. he and husband david opened up about life life with their 4-year-old twins, harper and gideon. you have to see the most adorable impersonation of his kids. >> wearing mermaid outfits and has her hair and you have to announce her when she comes down the staircase. then she slowly comes down acting all like oh, me? gideon is all boy. he loves trucks and -- >> and super heroes right now. >> when he gets mad, he puts his fists and just shakes. >> i love that. harris said their children call
9:45 am
them papa and daddy. willie's daughter said she decided to sun bathe in their home. she made her own beach on the carpet in the house. >> she had shades and reading her book in the house. >> life on the beach. >> i love that. up next what better way to show love on valentine's day than a hearty meal made with love. al is heading into the kitchen. >> as i discovered a convenient way to moisturize every day. new nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes instantly. and lasts for more than 24 hours. then i quickly rinse off. my skin feels amazingly smooth with no sticky feel. so, i get dressed... ..and go. now i enjoy smooth skin every day. new nivea in-shower body lotion in the body lotion aisle.
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9:49 am
our chef today, craig strong. he's got the studio with the montage and he will show us a simple heart-themed one-pot meal. >> thanks if are having me. >> you can't go wrong with chicken for your family. everybody loves chicken. >> this is a simple dish that i want to get your kids involved and get them excited about eating veggies and cooking for mom or dad. >> you are starting by searing the chicken skin side down. >> we want to cook the skin so it's nice and crispy and once it's golden brown, you want to flip it over and get the other side and develop a little bit of flavor. >> i like the fact that you can
9:50 am
eat the skin. >> you can eat the skin. the skin is good. >> you have heart shaped potatoes. >> right. we need to put a valentine touch this it and make it nice for everybody. we are going to do something pretty easy here. by cutting the potatoes you can stamp it. let the kids stamp it and have fun. put your heart into it. >> we are going to put this like this. we have our browned up potatoes and we will take the chicken here and what we are go to do is plate it up. if i can have you maybe put the chicken in the pan. i will put these potatoes. this is how simple it is. it's one pot. you put it in the dish. >> the chicken skin side up. >> you want to garnish it with -- we live in southern
9:51 am
california so i have rosemary and lemon. you can throw it in rustic style. >> a squeeze of lemon. >> i like to squeeze lemon all over it. go crazy with the lemon and maybe a little olive oil. yummy, right? >> we have a swap out here. it already has been cooking. >> we pop that in the oven. >> let's take this out. you grab the other side. sorry. that was close. >> perfect. >> you got a great vegetable medley. >> we need to pop a little color into it. it's valentine's day and we have red and we have the green beans and rhett bell peppers and we have the delicious chick tone serve it family style. >> for dessert? >> we have cherry tarts and the recipe is on the website. a classic pie crust.
9:52 am
this is a great family dinner. >> thank you. happy valentine's day. >> very yummy. awesome. >> that's right. >> we are hungry. >> thank you. don't forget. >> thanks for having me. >> go on our website and first, this is "today" on nbc. >> the pie is amazing.
9:53 am
9:54 am
i'm here right now and going back up to boston. with the next storm, it's unbelievable how much snow is in the city of boston. the straights are narrow and we have more snow. perhaps another food of snow. i don't know where it's going to go.
9:55 am
we will be doing the show saturday. on sunday in the blizzard. >> if this comes true it will be the first time they had two blizzards in one year. >> in one year. the last one was in january. we forget. . >> it's on the ground. . >> happy valentine's day. hug your
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> more leakocal news in about a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! it's try day friday february 13th. >> wait -- it's friday the 13th? >> yes, that's the bad news. but tomorrow's valentine's day. we've got a great show today. lou manfredini is here. he's going to answer your questions and help you with those frozen pipes and things. nothing more romantic than that. then we have a forecast for people who hate to work out. our friend liliana vasquez is
10:01 am
going to take us inside some fun exercise classes. you can watch a movie. you can sing. >> i'd like the movie one. then the time goes by. >> after you work out, how about a nice relaxing bath? . bobbie thomas is bubblier than ever today because she's got some soothing treats for valentine's day. we are knocking on valentine's day's door we were looking into the most shazzam songs. you know when you're in a store and you hear a song? in the pop category "say something." ♪ say something i'm giving up on you ♪ >> this is one of my all-time favorites. "all of me." ♪ all of me loves all of you ♪
10:02 am
>> i can't believe people don't know who it is though. >> even i know then pretty much everybody knows. >> and this in country -- blake shelton. sweeter than sweet tea. sweeter than sweet tea. that's a line. >> so what rap song did you choose for your favorite love song? >> i chose an old one. van morrison. ♪ i been searching a long time ♪ ♪ someone exactly like you ♪ oh boots. ♪ i been traveling all around ♪ >> yeah he sings terrific. >> one last little part. ♪ with you to come true ♪ ♪ someone like you ♪ >> oh, god. >> eventually it does do stuff.
10:03 am
>> no. it doesn't need to do anything. it is just being. okay what's yours? >> you'll know it when you hear it. ♪ >> come on barbra sing it. ♪ >> beautiful! >> that's the greatest combination of a brilliant song by -- oh look at there's frank. >> look at that. >> that's when he was like 22 years old or something like that. >> bambino. >> then that david fusser -- crank it. ♪ >> if you've never seen the video, too, of that -- the director did the exorcist and a lot of movies.
10:04 am
it was one of the most brilliant videos. >> really freakin'. yeah. >> thank you for playing that. that made me happy. thank you. that's from with the west side story." >> yes, i actually did know that. i liked how we let it breathe and live. we didn't try to rush it. we just let it room. let it play. >> here we go. you know these sweetheart candies? well this year they've added some new ones to the mix. they have been around since 1866. >> when frank and i fell in love. >> there are 45 different things on them. >> but as you get older, you can't see them. >> you really can't. >> it says my name. >> oh "today" show. these are all about us. okay. >> we love them now. >> we also have a special valentine's day drink from the restaurant rebolta. it's got little candies in the bottom. >> yeah. >> oh. you know what it is?
10:05 am
it's limey, i think. and it is delicious. you'll hate it but i like it. so what are your plans for tomorrow? two-thirds of couples are going to be doing something special. more than half say it is more romantic to stay in and cook together than to just go out and eat. >> cook naked. >> that is terrifying. that is awful. what do you mean? 10% of men will spend more than $150 on people -- on their significant other. 20% of people will buy valentine's day gifts for their pets. >> our dogs have a better chance of getting something than i do. >> was valentine's ever been -- >> no. no. no. and the older i get, the less any of those things do. the only holiday i truly adore from beginning to end is thanksgiving. because it's just all about everyone's together we're eating we're having some stuff
10:06 am
and no expectations except to be there and be grateful which is sadly, lacking in the world. >> do you remember what steve harvey said the other day on the show? he said all women like to do this because women like to get their flowers in a public place. at work. other places so that it is witnessed by others. so if they come to the house, you're like oh, here are my flowers, in my house, i'll put them over here. i know my mom likes to get flowers at work. we always give them at work because it is -- >> i always think but then you got to carry them home you got to put them on the subway and get home you got to -- >> no! >> she just leaves them there. >> everyone shares. so we're going to talk about roses and what colors mean. i think you may know what the different colors mean. you got to pay attention to the rose color. here are the different colors white, yellow red, pink and -- >> we love -- i think love is definitely -- >> love is red.
10:07 am
that's a given. >> i think it might be passion. >> then do what you want. >> no you'll say love. >> how come we only have one set? >> i don't know. >> friendship is white, i think. maybe friendship's yellow. marriage is white. for purity. >> appreciation is yellow. >> passion's got to be pink -- maybe it is red. you're right. love would be pink. white is love. >> white is marriage. >> appreciation. >> let's find out. white is marriage as i said. yellow is friendship as we said. red is love as you said. >> i said. >> pink is appreciation. and orange is passion? i didn't think of that as orange. >> that's why we have the orange room downstairs. >> only half of women say they're actually happy for their co-workers when they see them
10:08 am
getting flowers. >> people don't like it. you know why? >> jealous! >> no. you think it is coming for you. the guy is walking by your desk. you're like is he going to stop at my desk? no he isn't. then you're mad at your boyfriend or husband because he didn't think about it. and he's making reservations at the last second. that's what happens. >> you think? they did a survey and they said it is because they're jealous. >> well whatever. i did my own survey. so if girls acted like guys on valentine's day -- you know how women are much more concerned and think about what they get, gifts and things this is sketch group. >> hey. >> hey. >> hey. what's behind your back? >> huh? oh. kettle chips. i saved you some. >> you said we weren't going to do anything. i thought we weren't doing anything. >> sure you're cool we didn't do anything for valentine's day. >> yeah. so glad we just stayed in.
10:09 am
watch "storage wars." it was a real hoot. >> goodnight. >> goodnight. >> must be an element to truth in all of that. you no he what time it is hodi. >> what time is it? >> it's time for friday funnies. >> oh, good! i love this stuff. >> what do farmers give their wives on valentine's day? hogs and kisses! why is lettuce the most loving vegetable? >> why? >> because it is all heart! >> except for the leaves. >> what did the pencil say to the paper? i've got my "i"s on you. what did the light bulb say to the switch? you turn me on. flock-knock knock-knock? >> who's there? >> olive. >> olive, who? >> play along, hoda. >> i'm trying to get involved. >> start that one again.
10:10 am
knock-knock. >> who's there? >> olive. >> olive who? >> olive you. >> those were really interesting. these were in the grammy bag, we should point out. now if you're tired of your shoes because they all look exactly the same and you want to mix them up? look what you do. you take the spikes -- >> i think you've had those shoes the whole seven years -- >> i've had them before you came. i really have. don't look. they add an extra layer of -- >> that's what those needed. and mine -- mine -- to me that looks ridiculous. >> you need a tan shoe for that. >> okay. whatever. they're called sassy straps. two "ps" in strapps. >> people at the grammys got these. is it okay or not okay to shame someone else's ex? >> what did we say?
10:11 am
>> i don't know. >> people who shame others should be ashamed. >> i like what you said. >> thank you. >> i say, no it is not okay. if you feel that strongly the least you can do is say it to their faces. >> yeah yeah what she said. >> always love those. >> we're so funny. when you love valentine's day but he doesn't. >> find out what to do when we get the other view. lou manfredini ♪ ♪ he's got a name that rhymes with ♪ >> you're going to have to wait. >> we'll save you money right after this. almay celebrates the true spirit of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products
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and puts it in my lunchbox in the morning. just freeze it, thaw it and it's ready by lunch new danimals squeezables lowfat yogurt. squeeze more fun into your kid's lunch. mmm dannon.
10:15 am
it's time to ask lou about all those pesky problems around the house you wish you could fix yourself if you only knew how to do it. >> whether it is repairing an electrical outlet or preventing yu pipes from freezing all you need are a few smart tips from lou manfredini. he's got a name that rhymes with -- tahini. >> it rhymes. >> before we get started, you've been raising money for a good cause, my friend. have you not? >> i have been. yes. so i'm doing a -- that was very nice of you. >> look at lou dancing. tell us -- >> i don't know where that came from. >> so i live in chicago and they
10:16 am
are having a dancing with chicago celebrities thing. that's my partner, adria moreno at the arthur murray dance studio. we're raising money for breast cancer research. team can donate. there are a bunch of different local celebrities that are doing that. it is really hard. i leave those rehearseals and i am a sweaty mess. >> you're light on your feet. >> that's too much information, but thank you. >> dave from brownsburg indiana says -- what material did he use to keep pipes from freezing. what types of pipes, metal or plastic. >> for either metal or plastic, you can use a fiberglass insulation like this. use gloves if you use this if you touch it. there's little glass pieces in there. it will make you itchy. this is a foam insulation you can buy in different sizes. it splits open like that.
10:17 am
now you wrap that around the pipes. anywhere there is an outside wall you can wrap this. cold weather is still coming. this is a product called easy heat which is a plug-in system. if you have problem areas, you tape it around the pipe and plug it in. over this area -- say the pipe keeps freezing right here you plug this in. it comes in different lengths. they start at around $20 or so $25. it gives you great peace of mind. but if you have problem areas with pipes freezing you got to insulate it for sure. >> it's going to happen again. >> becky kellogg from michigan -- how can i fix an electrical outlet so i am able to secure it to the wall again. >> hers actually broke apart. these little tabs that are on the outlet there is a thing called a blaster ring under there. hers isn't touching anything. that's why it is going back and forth. you are holding a metal trim plate which is very durable. with that outlet secured there, you're going to put a larger one over the top like i did here. notice the size difference.
10:18 am
see how much bigger this is? this is called a goof plate. if you get this in a metal and then you screw it on there, it will bring the outlet forward and it will put pressure against the wall. i'm holding it in place. when you plug something in it doesn't move. >> thank you. >> nicole cisk from surprise, arizona -- my husband has very oily skin and hair. he places hess head against the wall with eggshell paint when changing sheets. >> oh my gosh! i wouldn't want my neighbors to know that. >> i think that's the floor. i think he is sleeping on the floor. i don't know if there is something else -- this is a product called crud cutter. >> that stuff's amazing! >> it is amazing. put a little bit on a sponge like this and gently wash the wall to kind of remove that grease from the sponge. light pressure bassecause you don't want to remove the paint. or something else this is a
10:19 am
product called clean walls. this comes with a pad. put the soap solution in a bucket. you pre-wash the walls prior to painting. this will get rid of that grease spot. >> that's a weird thing. that's wild. >> from hair? >> it's on the floor. she didn't say that. >> i want to know the whole story. >> maybe there is a different shampoo in his future too. go to if you want a chance to have lou answer your questions, click the connect tab. if you dread going to the jill you won't after you see all the fun liliana vasquez had with the distraction workout. how about chocolate without the guilt? how to pamper yourself in sweet luxury. at kraft we start with eggs oil, and our own crafted vinegar. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing.
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10:23 am
bobbie has some ideas to keep you relaxed and refreshed. >> i was smitten with this honeycat cosmetics line. they even have a chocolate and bacon bath gel if your guy is taking a bath. >> guys like that. >> a love potion. if you smell this -- i have one back here for you. it is chocolate bath milk. it is guilt-free. >> there's some nut in there, too. >> it really smells in a decadent way. make your bath even better. they melt. it is really fun. they even have these fun sardine can looking things. they're really just chocolate salts. >> very cute. >> we are all huge fans of fresh, but fresh teamed up with susan miller who is a famed astrologer. she has tons of fans. she created the zodiac soap collection. they are based on the elements -- wood fire water, et cetera. but each individual sign has its own little beauty tip for the
10:24 am
sign and the zodiac reading for the sign. last but not least, there is object with purpose -- owp. these are wearable candles. when they're cool they're like solid perfume that you can irwear. but when they melt warm they slowly burn when they are burning, they are at the low temperature. he make sure it is cool. it is massage oil after. they have over a dozen scents like leather and vanilla. >> oh i like that. >> thank you. you want relationship advice for valentine's day. the team of husbandsey and hogie. go! go! go! ...but the perfect ring? there's no pressure there. finding the ring is the first step. that's why i partnered with the diamond experts at zales... create...
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10:26 am
from the world's #1. olay, your best beautiful good morning. 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, president obama is on his way to an event at stanford university this morning. he's the keynote speaker at a summit on cybersecurity. president obama is expected to sign an executive order at that
10:27 am
summit and then he will return to san francisco for a fund-raiser tonight. >> and a developing story in hayward where police are investigating what appears to be a robbery gone wrong. this happened in front of life chiropractic west college. an industrial and depot in hayward. police officers early this morning found a body near a u-haul truck that had been smashed into the building's glass doors and they believe the truck was part of a burglary attempt and the victim may have been involved. >> now we have a look at weather coming up after the break. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
10:28 am
life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
10:29 am
welcome back. now, really warm temperatures coming your way after last weekend's rain. you might be happy to hear about 77 degrees in the south bay for today. 77 in the tri-valley, and 71 degrees in san francisco. even warmer as we head into valentine's day and sunday looks pretty good as well. boat great beach days. the south bay will be at 79 degrees on saturday. 75 on sunday. san francisco, looking towards the mid 70s all weekend long. and then we meet back here on monday. temperatures stay nice and comfortable. if you haven't made those plans, we'll tell you what's going on across the bay at 11:00. let's check your drive. >> the bay bridge metering lights are off have been since 9:30 this morning. lanes are clear, we have a late crash north 680. slow down north through dublin but the dublin interchange is moving smoothly. the president is over in palo alto mid day, and there will be
10:30 am
congestion around the farm. back to you. >> join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll love to have you then. see you soon. we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday. with valentine's day tomorrow we thought it would be a good time to get the other view when it comes to relationships and dating. >> the host of iheart radio's love life with matthew hussey matthew hussey who, by the way, recently hosted a matthew hussey live seminar here in new york city. he packed the house. it is all about understanding, attracting and maintaining relationships with the opposite sex. you're very popular. >> very. >> collection out his youtube, thing, too. also adding her two cents,, francesca hogie. >> we hit the streets and we got questions from people on the
10:31 am
streets. here's the first one. >> i'm from lindy and i'm from las vegas. my friend doesn't like my boyfriend. what you think i can do? >> she's got a good question. her husband doesn't like to go out. he says it is very expensive. >> it is expensive. there is no reason. you can go out and spend valentine's day without spending a lot of money. that's what she wants. if her husband is really not willing to suck it up and do it, tlen then make a compromise. maybe they can have a really romantic or fun dinner at home. >> sounds like he just doesn't like valentine's day. many times we don't value the same things as our partner values. >> shouldn't we find that out before we get married. >> but sometimes it is just saying -- your partner -- first of all, when the partner doesn't have to value valentine's day but he does have to value making his partner happy. and there is a difference. if she can communicate, it would make me happy to do something special on this day instead of
10:32 am
make me make you now care about this day. >> he doesn't have to care about it. >> moving on. we have another lovely lady. >> hi i'm jackie from yonkers. my question would be how do you spice things up when we have two blending families. total of five kids in the house. what are some ideas on how to spice things up without making it seem like a lot of work? >> a lot of people have that feeling. they want to spice it up in the bedroom and there are so many kids wandering around. >> she said without it being a lot of work. like -- i don't like -- people should never feel entitled to excitement in a relationship. like that's just a right. i'm in a relationship so i'm going to make it happen. nobody is entitled. you have to invest and create that. send them to the movies and have time with them. invest in them in the same way you did during the romantic period of your relationship. >> there are things she can do to make herself feel sexy.
10:33 am
it is not just about getting your partner to spice it up with you. put on lingerie if that makes you feel sexy. just to keep that energy going and have your partner -- >> so is it's's the woman's fault. >> okay. let's hear our next lovely lady. >> hi. i'm mayor miriam from ohio. how can you stick to your guns? >> you can't have everything you want. so it is about picking your battles and also about knowing what's truly important to you and communicating that to your partner. you might really want to go out to dinner every weekend and maybe your partner doesn't want to do that. that may be a small thing, but then there are bigger issues that you don't want to compromise on if it is about
10:34 am
your integrity and what's in the relationship. >> i think people need to get back being a team. any time you are focused on being right and people don't team up and say how can we help each other. there is a great quote, you can be right or you can be happy. sometimes it is less focus on being right and more focus on being happy as a team with your partner. >> you see francesca's earrings? by the way, your earrings are hearts. do you see them? they're little hearts. how cute are you? >> thanks everybody. if you have a relationship question for the other view log on to klg and and click on the connect tab. >> speaking of connecting have you ever thought you could read your dog's mind? or that it could read yours? we have proof of that. plus working out without feeling like you are working out. >> fun, fitness. right after this. >> come on, girls. . to severe plaque psoriasis-... the frustration...covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel.
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you know what they say, body in motion in a dress looks stupid. no. body in motion stays in motion. but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to get up off the couch in the first place. >> i want to know what we're doing on these bikes. >> apparently it is fun! so says our friend liliana vasquez. >> well it is fun in moderation. not sure about doing it in a dress. but we all know it is so important to move our bodies but why not have some fun while you are doing it? because believe it or not, bathing suit season --
10:40 am
>> no! >> -- will be here before you know it. if you're like me you may need a little extra motivation to get to the gym. summer bodies are made in winter but it looks like i may have missed the memo. . january i worked out exactly three times. now it is time to put down the doughnuts and lace up my sneakers. first stop -- gold's gym in teterboro, new jersey where i am hoping their newest feature, cardio cinema will help me to put the moves back into moving. marlon you look like a guy that knows how to work out. >> i think i do. >> what is cardio cinema? >> cardio cinema is basically a room where you can do your cardio and watch a movie. >> you ever take special requests? >> for you? you can do that. >> i just happened to bring one of my favorite sports movies. >> oh. love it. >> love "rudy accounts?"? >> love "rudy." >> as the credits roll i turn
10:41 am
on the elliptical. before long i'm feeling like a real film buff. >> rudy! rudy! rudy! >> next stop there is a disco ball mood lighting. what is cycle karaoke all about? >> it is basically a party on the bike. it is infusing cycling with the fun of karaoke singing. >> do i have to have a good voice to sing on this bike? >> no. just look at the words and sing your heart out. >> okay. then if i'm really good i can get a solo. >> you can have a solo any time. go ahead and have a little bit of tension. >> but my stage fright quickly disappeared. ♪ but i've got a blank space baby ♪ ♪ i love rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ put another dime in the juke box baby ♪♪ >> thank you so much!
10:42 am
>> reporter: it's 6:00 a.m. and i'm headed to the club. the v.i.p. room to be exact, to check out daybreaker a morning workout/rave? >> i can tell you the most fantastic way to start off your day. >> you're sweating just as much you're out of breath. all the things you get from the cardio workout in the gym but you're happy doing this. >> i love it. it is like saturday night without the hangover. the morning starts with an organized dance class. and then it is time to party. ♪ >> reporter: until the break of dawn. honestly i had so much fun. i completely forgot i was, woulding out. i have to apologize for my singing. i am the worst singer. the best part about these classes, you just forget. you just lose yourself in it. >> i would definitely definitely do the karaoke class
10:43 am
and definitely do that 6:00 a.m. sweaty dance class. >> i'm reading my bible at that time. >> i want to point out, kathie lee and liliana have both been pedaling the whole time. >> thanks so much. we've known it all along with blake and bambino -- >> now there is proof dogs really are our very best friends. i kept on top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic widespread pain slowed me down my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica®. for some patients, lyrica® sign ificantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain i feel better. lyrica® may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these new or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling
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if you've ever been a dog owner, like we are, then you know or at least you suspected, that dogs can tell how you're feeling just by looking at you. >> now there may be proof. >> there is proof! >> a study released on thursday found that dogs do in fact have the ability to read emotion and expressions on human faces. >> happy. happy. >> yes. here to tell us what that means for you and your pet, veterinarian heather lenzer and david donnenfeld.
10:49 am
>> i brought pablo along with me who is my own dog. he is a rescue border collie. then i have little zipper here. she's a friend of mine. she lives with five kids. >> wow. so dogs see joy, sadness and all of those things in our faces? >> as pet owners i think we can all agree that yes, we do. there was a really neat study where dogs were trained to look at pictures of people and they were designed to pick out happy and angry. but they were just given half the face. so they were given the eyes or the mouth. and they were able to pick out -- like in this video -- watch this dog. he's been trained to pick out happy faces. but look at only half of the face. and he can tell between happy and angry people. >> that's without the sound of a voice. >> absolutely. there's been some studies showing that dogs have a special place in their brain that actually detects emotion. we knew that. we didn't know they could detect these really subtle clues in our
10:50 am
faces. >> i've been involved at times in my life in really terrible things. they will come up and snuggle and not leave you and just burrow. >> they absolutely do. definitely it happens when we're stressed but people also suffer from ptsd where they will go into a flashback. some of these dogs need to be specially trained to kind of get them out of that flashback. >> tell us about the training. knowing that they have this ability, how does that help us when it comes to training our dogs? >> dog training got turned on its head not that long ago where suddenly everyone went against this whole idea of reinforcement being on the negative side. i want to get my dog to stop doing this so i'm going to punish it so it doesn't. dogs are reward seekingance. they're constantly looking after a good times. they even have something called a left side bias. they study the left side of our face. that's how they read our emotions. if you think about it going all the way back to evolution, if they were looking for a piece of food scrap food an angry
10:51 am
looking caveman isn't going to be as likely to give up his food as someone who's a little more welcoming. in dog training terms, that means positive reinforcement is the way to go. you want to play marco polo hot, hot, hot, warm. constantly guide them toward the reward. that's what they're wired to do. they're looking for a good time. >> and one of the other things i really liked about that study is the subtleties again of picking up just half the face. i think dogs are also designed to pick up other subtle medical issues. like we heard about service dogs that can pick up high blood sugar and low blood sugar. that they can pick up seizures. then i also heard about some dogs that -- >> he's picking up something right now. >> they actually can pick up when someone's starting to scratch, say ocd, the dog will pick up their brush, bring it to the person who is having that ocd episode and they'll stop it. >> remember with the young kids with autism?
10:52 am
it just showed how these kids were opening up. it is amazing what dogs can read in us. >> well you guys thank you very very much. >> we really appreciate it. >> i'm not going to try to bluff my dog at the card table anymore. >> he's on to you, baby. we'll be right back with a valentine's surprise you won't want to miss. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
in honor of valentine's day, our very creative graphics department put together a little something special for us. >> how nice of them. let's check it out. >> my god, it is that time of year. love is in the air. can you just feel it? >> oh boy, have i got something super sexy for the men in my life. >> aren't you talking about frank? >> oh, of course frank, i already gave him something. i'm talking about that certain someone. you no he that "certain" someone. >> who are you talking about? >> can't wait to see him in this little thing.
10:56 am
wowza, wowza, wowza. >> kathie lee gifford, i can't believe you. >> oh who today, i got your fella a little something, too. bring it on boys! >> blake! >> bambino! our little boys! >> happy valentine's day. >> stop licking me like that. >> that's the only one i let do that. >> you guys we want to give a big special thank you to william hunt canon. he spent his own special time creating that. you are the best baby. >> rock star. he does all of our little cartoons and stuff. next week, ehilliaria baldwin. and we're throwing a red carpet worthy oscar party.
10:57 am
>> we'll meet our "everyone has a story" winner. >> have an awesome valentine's day weekend, everybody. >> enjoy presidents' day.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
we are just minutes away from president obama taking the stage at stanford university. you're looking at tim cook ceo of apple addressing the crowd there. both gentlemen talking about the issue of cybersecurity with the goal of clamping down on major hacks. good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. all eyes are on the bay area because president obama is planning to sign an executive order related to cybersecurity in addition to giving that speech. >> that move is expected to beef up protection for both the public and private sectors, allow them to communicate better from growing threats. bob redell live at stanford right now where we're


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