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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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ers say they hope to make the ipad available to him on a regular basis so he can talk to his old friends more often. he needs facebook to keep in touch. >> we'll see you in 25. good morning. historic cold. the mercury nose diving from the midwest to the south. in some cities the lowest temperatures in over a decade. breaking overnight, isis launches a major new assault in iraq. dozens killed before being beaten back. still smoldering, the wreckage of a fiery train derailment burns on nearly two days after the accident. this morning why the crash is raising new fears about the nation's aging rail system. >> and regal beagle. >> my choice for the best in show is the beagle. >> miss p pulls off a stunning upset at the westminster dog show and she sacheted into our studio this wednesday, february 18th, 2015.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. rm good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. matt and natalie have the morning off. miss p does not. we have royalty this morning. best in show at the westminster dog show. maybe a little love connection with wrangler. >> look at the wrangler. >> look at that. >> he said i wish i fixed my hair this morning if i had known. >> i can hear strings of mrs. robinson playing. >> we will check in with miss p in a moment. the bitter cold is the top story. temperatures plunging across the eastern half of the country. al, this is just more and more. people have power lost in that area. >> we are not seeing an end in sight.
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this is just the beginning of it. the bad stuff gets in even sooner. in fact we take a look and before we get to the siberian express, let me show you what we have been dealing with in the south. frozen trees and power lines and we're talking about a real mess. kids enjoy it, but nobody else. they have had major problems of frost and freeze warnings, crops being damaged and folks trying to get through all of this in the south. here's where our misery is going to start. this siberian express when cold air starts. it starts in siberia transverses across and makes it all the way down south, bringing record lows as far south as florida. that's right. we have got wind chill warnings and advisories from the dakotas down into florida. windchill warnings throughout a good portion of the country as well. it's 4 in chicago and feels like 13. syracuse is 6 below tomorrow morning when we start to feel the chill. tallahassee will be 24.
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atlanta at 15. lexington, kentucky 12 below. look at friday. miami, 42 degrees. 13 in atlanta. washington, d.c., 0. the clipper today sends up off the new england coast. it brings more wet winter weather. winter stormwatch in effect and more heavy snow likely by this time tomorrow morning. look at the snowfall amounts we are talking about in new england. from portland to bangor there could be another 12 to 15 inches of snow and we have another storm system developing saturday night, sunday, monday into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. >> relentless and a lot of negative numbers as well. al thanks so much. >> okay guys. overnight, the terror group isis launched a new wave of attacks on a key city of iraq and the fighting dragged on for
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hours. kier simmons has more. >> good morning. it continued for hours. a senior iraqi security official says tens of isis fighters were killed and some of their vehicles were destroyed while local sources said isis launched several waves of attacks before being repelled by reinforcements and air strikes. the fighting was close to the key city. isis attempted a push where officials were based. last night's fighting suggests despite the bombing rates, isis feels confident enough to attend. such an attack. there is increasing attention on a propaganda video of the gruesome killing of 21 christians on a beach in libya. one man speaks english. according to the consultants, he doesn't sound like a native english speaker, but might have spent time in a western country. british government official
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tells me that intelligence would analyze such recordings to establish the origin of jihadists. willie? >> another horrifying video this morning. kier simmons on the story. thank you. closer to home, wreckage from an oil train derailment is still smoldering nearly two full days after the accident. the investigation is raising serious concerns. nbc's anne thompson has made her way to the scene. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. let me show you the crash site. it is across the river. you can see at least one fire perhaps still burning nearly 40 hours after the derailment. there are two goals today. one is for clean up crews to clean up the site and the other is for investigators to try to figure out what caused this horrific accident. the fireball that erupted happened even though the oil was carried on improved tankers. >> got a train derailment. i called about a train on fire.
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>> the tanker designed to better withstand an accident. >> i think that calls into question how resilient and how tough the tank cars may be. >> even 24 hours after the derailment, it was too hot to inspect. by investigators. 19 of the 109 cars still smoldering and more than 100 of the cars were oil tankers. the train was carrying oil from the fields in north dakota to virginia. the government said this oil is more flammable than heavier crudes from california or canada. what's more, with limited pipelines out of north dakota, more oil is being carried on the rails. in 2009, more than 10,000 tankers carried oil. in 2013 that number jumped to 500,000 and we have seen a rise in high-profile accidents. last april 30,000 gallons of oil went into the james river in lynchburg, virginia. december 2013, 400,000 gallons
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spilled in north dakota. and in july 2013, 47 people killed in quebec, canada a day after being told not to drink the water for fear of contamination, good news for residents. >> that was a test coming back. it's negative. all the people could get the water. >> now, this morning, csx railroad said it is too early to speculate on a cause for the accident even though it was snowing very heavily at the time of the derailment. csx also points out that just three days before, the the rails in this area were inspected. residents here are under a boil water order this morning. savannah? anne, thank you so much. hard to talk when it is as cold as it is on the water there. thank you. >> chanel jones is here for natalie. new reaction to a big ruling on
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immigration. good morning. a major setback for the obama administration. they blocked the president's action on immigration. this is as the program was set to take effect. that decision is leaving millions in limbo. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> the obama administration is gearing up for the major fight. the department of homeland security was supposed to begin accepting applications seeking applications today, but that's been put on hold after a federal judge in texas halted the president's action. immigration officials are vowing to appeal and seek a junction. now the president's action to stop the deportation giving them the ability to obtain social security numbers and work permits, but on monday u.s. district court rule that had the president over stepped the authority and writing once the services are provided there's
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no way of putting the tooth paste back in the tube. 26 states sued the president lead by texas a defiant president obama said that he disagreed with the decision and said that the law is on his side. they're trying to block it by holding up funding that ex tires in less than two weeks. this week republicans are saying that they will move forward while he monitor the legal battles that are playing out. a cease fire agreement between ukraine and russia is peers to be crumbling. they started to recrete today after a fierce assault by russian separatists. leaders in france germany and ukraine and russia will hold a telephone call today to put the cease fire back on tract. a dramatic rescue was caught on tuesday after a 14-year-old
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girl fell into water. they clipmbed along a pipe and the girl lost her footing and feel in. she was in the water for about 20 minutes before being rescued. marty gra ending with a bang and the celebration known as fat tuesday is the day before lint begins. they bundled up with extra layers and clothes and extra beads as temperatures dipped into the 30s. it was one of the most spectacular light shows of the year. take a look at the video of the skies over northern sweden. just spectacular. part kafls admitted with by the sun reach and collide with the gases. chad says that he hopes that the footage will provide for --
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the beagle top home for top dog on the top show. mrs. pea is just the second beagle to take home the top prize. they beat out and that's a cousin of president obama's pet. she wil you have to love a 15 inch beagle with a strut. miss p will be here later unless wrangler has other plans. thank you so much. al, siberian express. that's the new polar vortex. >> we will show you what's going on besides the cold. wet weather moves into the pacific northwest. a nice day in the southwest. a high of 82 degrees. 73 in los angeles. the cool weather continues into florida with showers in the central and southern florida today. we'll get to your forecast in the next 30 seconds. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing.
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setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. overcast skies to start the day. temperatures on the cool side although we are waking up in the low to mid 50s. a nice sunny finish for the day. just having to wait for that sun to come out between 12:00 and 3:00. we'll hit the 70s by tomorrow and stay nice and mild all the way through this upcoming weekend. next rain chance is very slim. but we are bulls eyeing late sunday into monday. we'll have more on this for you in just moments. that's your latest weather. >> former florida governor jeb bush will deliver a high profile
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speech as he tests the waters ahead of a likely run for the white house. it comes with certain challenges for the son and brother of a couple of former presidents. peter alexander is in chicago. good morning. >> good morning here in chicago. jeb bush will give the first major foreign policy national security speech since signalling real interest in becoming the next president bush. aides tell me he will criticize president obama's leadership as indecisive and inconsistent. as for distinguishing himself from his father and brother, he will say i love my father and brother, but i am my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences. it's one of the biggest challenges facing jeb bush in iraq. the country his brother george w. bush invaded more than a decade ago. he could offer new clues and he insisted he would rather talk
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about the future than the past. >> we have some big hairy, complicated things we need to fix. one is what the role of america is in the world. >> the "washington post" reports that bush consulted members of his brother's and father's administrations. among them, condoleezza rice. they expect he will set his sights on the current administration. >> he will spend most of his time laying out a future agenda which will be the peak of president obama. >> he has not distanced himself from his brother in the past. >> i am the only republican in office when he was president that never disagreed with him. i'm not going to start now. till death do us part. last friday barbara bush skyped while his son was speaking to make sure she's changed her mind about another bush in the white house. >> we had enough bushes. >> our probable -- if america
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needs you, as long as you can help. he galvanized republican donors. >> he can send a signal to everyone who he rivals. he'll have the money faster and sooner than everyone. >> the latest poll shows bush and wisconsin governor scott walker are the earp republican frontrunners. the only two in double digits in three key states. and the race is wide open as for a republican side. as for a general election matchup, hillary clinton leads both jeb bush and scott walker in the crucial battlegrounds of iowa and new hampshire. willie? >> only 21 months until election day. a friendly reminder. >> the growing backlash over a new policy at the university of massachusetts at amherst. iranian nationals are banned from studying science and engineering courses there. good morning to you.
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>> this is the new admissions pol a si at the university of massachusetts. the school said they are forced by federal law to turn away students for a run of graduate and science programs. >> it's 100% not okay. that's racism. >> the university said it's following a 2012 federal law that blocks iranian nationals from getting a visa study in the u.s. if they plan to work in the nuclear or energy fields. part of sanctions from preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> they are preventing people who want to study sciences and they presume they want to do something negative. that's not okay. that's limiting. opponents are making views known on a facebook page with more than 3,000 followers. but the university is standing by the decision saying we recognize that our adherence to federal law may create difficulties and this is unfortunate. we have no choice but to institute policies and procedures to ensure we're in full compliance.
7:17 am
with all applicable laws. while the university cites a u.s. visa policy a state department official told us u.s. law does not prohibit qualified iranian nationals coming to the united states for education, science, and engineering. each application is reviewed case by case and we will reach ut to u-mass amherst to discuss this decision. >> iranians on campus feel marginalized. we always felt like an integral part of the community and now we are kind of confused. >> i think it's discriminating. it takes away the opportunities. >> a school official said the university believes many other schools have the same policy. the difference is that u-mass amherst has made its version of it public. savannah? >> pete williams in washington, thank you so much. carson is here with an encounter involving joe biden
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raising eyebrows. >> "the washington post" said he is the most powerful close talker in the world. it was the whisper heard around the web. let's go to the orange room for the swearing in of ashton carter. the new secretary of defense. i mean, what can you say here? this makes itself another close talking moment there. it's awkward for mrs. carter. there has been a bunch of these. here's senator chris coombs and his daughter maggie doesn't look thrilled. she will say i don't think the vice president is creepy. let's keep them coming. the white house reporter. there is mrs. biden. this looks like a bad prom photo. all sorts of awkwardness. check this out. this is on the trail in a diner. this looks like a scene out of sons of anarchy. look at this guy's face on the right. he is not happy. a lot of close talking. either way summed up well by the viewer. if it wasn't already cemented,
7:19 am
joe biden is the most entertaining vice president ever. back to you. it's not just the close talk. he is getting a little handsy. >> you might call it a nuzzle. >> vice president magic fingers. coming up, we will tell you about the latest testimony in court, emotional testimony from the mother of the man who murdered chris kyle and chad littlefield. why she begged to have her son kept in the hospital days before the shootings. plus a strange new twist in that deadly road rage case out of las vegas. why did they go looking for the suspect before she was shot and killed? but first, this is "today" on nbc. killed. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up -- with icy roads across the east, we're showing you how to protect yourself behind the wheel. >> with egg on his face and his chest and everybody else. why pop star justin bieber subjected himself to this.
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whatever your idea is, build it beautiful on squarespace. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. one man is under arrest after an in-store stabbing in downtown san francisco. it happened earlier this morning inside the 24-hour walgreens. a short time later, officers arrested a suspect two blocks away. no word on how the victim is doing. the score was closed for several hours before reopening a little after 6:00 a.m. firefighters don't yet know what caused a late night fire in napa county that sent about a dozen vehicles up in flames. it happened at a vineyard west of highway 29. the fire destroyed a barn that
7:27 am
was storing agricultural vehicles including five atvs, a forklift and two tractors. no one was injured. five words that mean baseball season is getting a little bit closer. pitchers and catchers report today. the world champion giants among the handful of teams officially kicking offspring training. fans are already flocking to scottsdale. the giants play their first exhibition game march 3rd against the a's. we're ready for some baseball right, christina? >> we certainly are. i want to start with this live picture over mount hamilton. you can see the santa clara valley filled in like a bowl of soup with those low clouds. a murky start to the day, but temperatures will climb nicely. we're into the mid to upper 60s by this afternoon. rounding out the day, pretty comfortably. definitely more sunshine out there today than what we saw yesterday. another round of king tides and we'll warm you up into the weekend. next chance for rain late sunday into monday, better chance on the 27th. >> we're in the north bay where things are really stacked up and
7:28 am
cleared up and stacking up a little bit again. south 101 around san pedro. no incidents reported here. we have a good volume of traffic off of 37 all the way down to where our camera is right about there. a smoother drive across from the san rafael bridge and through richmond, a smooth drive, bogging down from west 580 and west 24 approaching the maze. no drama for hayward or the tri-valley. typical pattern there. 680 as well through fremont onto the south bay. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update in half an hour. see you then. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love.
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7:oon a wednesday morning. february 18th 2015. look at that. you see this playing out unfortunately for drivers across the country because of these icy and snowy roads. we will show you the right way to handle a spinout from behind the wheel. scary to be behind the wheel when you feel that. >> that's a helpless feel. >> meanwhile, that's making headlines. another blast of arctic cold is sweeping into the eastern half of the country. parts of the south could deal with record lows in the wakes of an ice storm that knocked out power to more than 300,000 people. still smoldering. wreckage from the train derailment in west virginia. it's slowing the investigation into the train derailment.
7:31 am
officials say the rails in the area were just inspected last week. >> and best in show was crowned last night at the famed westminster dog show in new york city. the winner is miss p, a 15 inch beagle and the grand niece of the only other beagle to take the top prize. as we said, she knew where to come to celebrate. she looks thrilled. we got her up early. >> miss p ready to party. >> miss p and wrangler. together at last. >> also ahead, you may look forward to them, but is your toddler's afternoon nap good for -- bad for their overall sleep habits. new research getting the attention of parents. >> you have little ones. >> that's what i look forward to. >> if i can get all to sleep at the same time, that's a win. >> look forward to that story. let's start with the american sniper trial. the defense begins its first full day of testimony today after an emotional day on the stand for the mother of the man
7:32 am
who is charged with killing them. >> he stares at his note pad appearing to write. even when his mother jody took the stand and told the jury when she met chris kyle and asked for his help the man whose life was the basis for the blockbuster movie, american sniper, said he'd love to do anything and everything in his power to help my son. routh served one tour in iraq as a small arms technician and in haiti. after that his mother said he was never the same, becoming suicidal and admitted many times to a v.a. medical center. diagnosed with ptsd and prescribed nine medications including anti-psychotics. jody begged the v.a. she said not to release routh during his final visit. eight days later, routh shot kyle and chad to death at a texas gun range during his promised therapy session. it's the beginning of the case
7:33 am
for the defense that routh is not guilty by reason of insanity. in the video evidence, he sits in a parked patrol car. after his arrest. hey, marine. you all right back there an officer asks. just so nervous about what's going to happen to me and my life today, routh says. then" i have been so paranoid and schizophrenic all day. i don't know what to think of the world right now. i don't know if i'm just insane or sane." the prosecution wrapped up five days of testimony from two dozen witnesses with a jail house recording of routh admitting again to the crime saying i had to take care of business. testimony picks up later this morning. for "today," jacob ras cone, stephenville, texas. >> we will hear from mental health experts in the coming days. new developments in a deadly road rage attack in las vegas. we've been following the story. police search for a suspect and investigators are learning more
7:34 am
about what the victim was doing just before she was shot and killed. here's nbc's joe friar. >> tammy meyers is remembered by her children at a candlelight vigil. she was killed in a road rage. >> i miss my mom a lot and think about her all the time. she didn't deserve this. >> she did everything she could to protect me and i love her so much. >> las vegas police are releasing new information about that night based on conversations with meyers's family. >> it was around 11:00 p.m. and she was giving driving lessons to her 15-year-old daughter, the suspect vehicle a silver sedan approached and her daughter reached over honking the horn and the suspect pulled in front of them and stopped. >> the suspect approached the car with her daughter in it and words were said by the suspect. this frightened mrs. meyers and her daughter. >> police say meyers raced home dropping off her daughter and picking up her 22-year-old son who had a gun. >> they left the house in search of that person that mrs. meyers
7:35 am
was involved in an incident with. >> she and her son found the other car, following it at one point before breaking away and driving home. they parked in their cul-de-sac then the suspect vehicle came down their street. >> there was a volley of rounds fired from that vehicle. her son was also armed. he returned fire. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. everyone think what they had to think. i did it for a reason. i would do it for anyone. >> meyers was hit by the suspect police say, and she died two days later on valentine's day. >> i would never say anyone went looking for trouble, but i can't tammy what's what was in her mind at the time of the act. at this point in time, tammy is a victim. >> the suspect or suspects have yet to be identified or caught. for "today," joe friar, nbc news. >> still an awful lot of
7:36 am
questions to be answered in that case. >> sad one for sure. >> let us get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by coal gait optic white, for a whiter smile that stays white. we have this clipper that will bring light snow to the midwest and heavier to new england. right now, we've got pretty good snow going in cincinnati. roads are slick. they will continue the brutally cold temperatures into the evening. >> we're watching this next system on saturday. severe weather in texas up into arkansas. icy conditions in the appalachians. snow starting to move in and heavier snow by saturday into sunday morning from boston new york city, cleveland, chicago. heavy storms through the gulf coast into sunday morning where we have more snow continuing. an icy mix by the evening hours. into the northeast on sunday. by monday it starts to clear
7:37 am
out, windy conditions, colder conditions. a real mess as we continue. a winter of 7:37. meanwhile, mild weather persists across the bay area. i want to start with this live picture of san francisco. beautiful start to the day. a little sliver of sunshine there. we'll see more of that than we did yesterday. cool temps to kick off the day, in the 50s as a result of that sun coming out, four to eight degrees warmer this afternoon. your sun will set at about 5:52. highs for today in the mid to upper 60s. 69 degrees in the tri-valley. 64 in san francisco. 69 degrees in the north bay. getting into the weekend, temperatures warm up just a touch. >> and that's your latest weather. >> meet the american who is just moved one step closer to moving to mars forever. >> wait to explain that one. a new rossen supports on winter driving safety. >> i'm jeff rossen.
7:38 am
a huge chunk of the country buried under snow and ice. so many accidents like this. what happens if you are caught in one? the demonstration you need to see to stay safe. >> hi carson. there is miss p. >> she is very proper. best in show. >> we will get to know her later on. i've just found my new beauty bff. hi there! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white toothpaste has the professionally recommended whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. without the hassle of whitening treatments. think of it as your smile bff. i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff! dazzle... without the hassle. new colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. ♪ who got the lighter? ♪ let's spark the fire. ♪ use your mastercard with apple pay okay handbag out there...surprise!!
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7:43 am
whatsoever, especially if you are a so so driver like willie is. if you are driving along and it happens like that so suddenly. this car passes by. you know it will be bad and we are talking about the thick layer of ice. look how thick. on the highways you can see the pavement. we are talking about black ice this morning with so many of you waking up on the ice outside your doors. we are about to show you how to survive. frightening moments behind the wheel. your car fish tailing. just as scary, when the wreck is coming right towards you. this truck is skidding out, missing other cars by just feet.
7:44 am
that's the danger too. swerving into traffic. look at the car spinning all over the road. seconds later, on coming car smashes into it. icy roady are wreaking havoc again. >> they start spinning out of control. >> it was scary. >> what do do you if you are caught in a skid? here in maryland at the specially designed ice driving course. our instructor is a former police officer and certified driving instructor. >> that was 16 miles per hour. >> that's? >> that will take you and roll the car over. >> what if i was going 60? >> we start driving again, i hit another patch of ice and make classic mistake.
7:45 am
you are supposed to get off the break and the wheel and drive it out. >> i want to stop the car. i will get control faster that way? >> you can steer around other things. >> the roadways are dangerous enough covered in ice. how about on a hill? >> stay off the break. roll back and steer to safer areas. >> important tips this winter when the ice and snow won't stop. >> hope that helps. this may sound weird, but drive with your eyes not your butt. what he means by that is so many are reactive when we drive. we don't react to a skid or a slight until you feel it underneath us. by then it is too late.
7:46 am
what you top the do is use your eyes. it sounds obvious, but we can use the reminder. know what's happening in front of you. only then can you say safe. >> drive with eyes and not with butt? is that what he said? >> sometimes you have to clinch. >> thanks so much. >> words to live by. coming up on friending, the yolk's on him. the reason why justin bieber let someone pelt him with raw eggs. sorry, i got distracted. carson gets you ready for hollywood's biggest night. right after this. it's a big world out there. so why do some cash back cards limit where you can earn bonus cash back? one month, it's only at a few places over here... the next, it's only a few places over there ... what you need is the quicksilver card
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does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! we have it all covered. matt and al will be live in los angeles. they will review the fashions and al will review the after parties and carson is so excited. you are partying. >> so excited. i can't wait. i light up when i see them. i think fashion. >> what are you wearing? >> i'm going to watch on the couch. hopefully you will watch. we should make the orange room go on sunday. we will have a huge after party on the today show monday.
7:51 am
let's take a trip down memory lane. julia roberts in that pink dress. some of the your best dressed winners. last year it was lupita and for the men it was bradley cooper. you can vote there. monday we will countdown to the best dressed. somebody is going to win the golden hanger. >> wow! >> it could be you. >> that's amazing. during the oscars. monday morning here on the "today" show. we will see who gets this. >> goodbye. >> coming up we have the cures
7:52 am
for your kids's cabin fever if you are stuck inside the snow. we know a lot of you are. >> steals and deals. joan martin will help you beat the winter blues including something for fans of american girl dolls. >> is that julie? >> they all have [richard] america,it's me richard. h&r block tax pro. did you file your taxes with someone else last year? if so,come into block and pay us half,what you paid them. that's right.half.50% less. come in here and get your money. what are you waiting for? it's refund season-get your billions back,america!
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7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good wednesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a possible new clue in tracking down whoever shot and killed a popular security guard in san jose. a source tells nbc bay area police are looking at this man in this liquor store surveillance video. investigators believe he may be connected to the shooting saturday of manny zuniga. the video shows a man grabbing a case of cigars. zuniga was working at a nearby club when someone ran from that store. zuniga is credited with saving the life of a fellow guard by shielding him when shots were fired. happening today, the effort picks up to improve safety along the busy atherton corridor. the city wants to put a new stoplight and pedestrian beacons along el camino real. we'll check the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking? >> looking pretty low cloudy out
7:57 am
there. go to you good morning to you, laura. a little bit of fog developing. i want to talk you into san jose. overcast to start, but sunshine to finish the day. temperatures will be really nice out there. in the mid to upper 60s for today. 64 in san francisco. and 69 degrees in the north bay. a little bit of a warm-up as we head through the next couple days. we'll hold on to beautiful weather as we get into your weekend. let's check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> looking through the south bay. 101 not so bad. approaching 680. by the airport, we have a typical slowdown. a crash clearing from 280 at 17. this is the sticking point over here. north 85. one crash at el camino. another caused the big backup. now things are starting to recover, but activity over on the shoulder there. there's the peninsula. typical slowing here. your typical build through oakland, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, and nothing unusual. >> thank you very much.
7:58 am
thank you for joining us. we'll be back with another local news update for you in half an hour. have a great wednesday. female announcer: presidents' day is over, but the savings go on at sleep train. through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." is napping bad for your toddler. the new information that is getting the attention of parents this morning. plus, beating winter blues. is all about snow and ice driving you crazy? the cures for cabin fever for you and your family. and best of the best. >> my choice for the best in show is the beagle. [ applause ] we'll introduce you to miss p., the beagle who brought home best in show as she joins us live february 18th, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> we are west coast girls in new york city. whoo! >> we want to say good morning to our grandchildren in grand hills, new york. >> just turned 50 in new york city. >> happy birthday, honey. >> a big shout out to big sister cheyenne. ♪ good morning and welcome back to "today." it is 8:00, it's wednesday, february 18th, 2015. it's chilly on the plaza and it yet it is the warmest day we'll have. right? >> it's beautiful. temperatures to heading to 0 or below throughout a good portion and well below freezing down south. some of the temperatures go back to the 1890s. >> good lord, all right. well, we've also got miss p. in the house. she won best in show. >> the beagle.
8:02 am
>> we have the best in our show. wrangler this morning will give you a dog's eye view while his handler saxon answers some of your questions. so hop over right now for our facebook page and ask away. >> would it be better if you revert that? hey, don't forget about "today's" hot ticket. if you need a get away from the harsh winter and let's face it, if you heard al this week, you probably do. we are picking viewers to hop on a flight to the beautiful one and only ocean club in the bahamas. we would like to go with you. >> that's right. >> three viewers and four anchors. >> that is a lovely property. i've been there. >> that is the land of my people. to enter, head to and tell us why you deserve an escape to warmer weather and take a weatherman who is from the bahamas with you. you have until 5:00 p.m. eastern
8:03 am
tomorrow. >> we have a volunteer. >> i wouldn't normally, but my father is from the bahamas. i should be going with you to give you a tour that only i can give you. yes. >> i would like to go too. >> not so much for you. >> come on. >> let's get a check of the top stories. chanel jones is in for natalie this morning. hey, chanel. speaking of the weather, another blast of cold is gripping much of the country from minnesota to tennessee to virginia. temperatures are 30 degrees below normal. al's forecast is coming up. president obama speaks today at a white house summit on violent extremism and how to fight it. this morning in an op-ed piece in the "l.a. times" he said we must stay united against violent extremism. isis launched a new wave of attacks and the heavy fighting dragged on for hours before the
8:04 am
attackers were back. today is ash wednesday and big crowds are being observed as pope francis has an ambitious program. nbc's janet shambian is there. >> good morning. this is a very historic ash wednesday because of an outreach effort. it's the locals, specifically those down on their luck that are getting very special treatment. st. peter's square, filled with visitors from across the globe, gather to begin the season of lent with the pontiff himself. and in time for ash wednesday, a new outreach from pope francis, the opening of a state-of-the-art facility near the vatican, offering a free haircut, shave and shower for rome's homeless. the poor has been a centerpiece
8:05 am
of his papacy, from washington kissing the feet of men and women, a papal first. >> well i think he's seen a lot of poverty and he realizes it's a question of human dignity. >> reporter: this man tells us. >> translator: they let me take a shower. they gave me everything. first shower and then a shave. >> the effect is remarkable and they hope life-changing. he made an unexpected visit to a town to the outskirts of rome, prompting a flurry of photos and loud applause. the pope will be making his first visit to the u.s. in september to attend the world meeting of families, the event billed as the world's largest catholic gathering of families. on that trip to the u.s., the pope is expected to focus on mercy and human dignity. the faithful say he is leading by example with the shower and
8:06 am
shave program being offered right here in vatican city. chanel, back to you. carnegie mellon university is apologizing after mistakenly telling 800 pictures they'd been accepted in, only to be told hours later they did not get in. they blamed serious mistakes in the application process. one man found out he was not accepted after he had gone out to celebrate. and some real talent on the golf course. check this out, the women's golf team at san diego university shows off amazing trick shots to get the fans revved up. they demonstrate impressive skills and even do synchronized putting while having a ball. it's time for the weather and al. good morning. ♪ >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by chick-fil-a, wake up to a whole new world of taste. try chicken for breakfast.
8:07 am
>> you have to have cows to do that. i don't know. what's your name? >> joshua. >> where are you from? >> boston. >> you were able to get out of boston? >> yeah. >> can you get back to boston? >> yeah. >> hopefully you can. let's show you what you have going on today. you are watching the snow make its way up the coast and looking at the system that pushes through. we will be watching cold air. bitterly cold air from siberia. thursday morning 10 below. in minneapolis. 25 in charleston, 24 in tallahassee. and then friday morning, even colder, 42 in miami. in the morning. 5 in charlotte, 12 below in cleveland. new york city will be 3. that's 24 degrees below normal. so no relief in sight for this cold air as you look at tomorrow -- i should say today, we expect to see some snow 8:07. happy wednesday.
8:08 am
i'm christina loren. temperatures on the chilly side. temps only ramping up into the upper 50s, low 60s at noon but we'll round out the day at 3:00 in the mid to upper 60s. you might be thinking about the weekend. temperatures will warm up. more sunshine this afternoon and that will be the trend throughout the rest of the week and the king tides, and then beautiful 70s for saturday and sunday. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and in a your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. so we have the trip to the bahamas on the one hand. >> yes. >> now we have a trip to mars. hear me out on this one. would you leave everything behind carson to live on mars? >> no. >> there are americans competing now for a one-way ticket to the red planet. that is a little dark. >> is that a real story? >> yes. coming up miss p took the whole thing yesterday. meet the beagle who pulled off a
8:09 am
dramatic upset at the westminster dog show. savannah? we will help you beat the winter blues with all new steals and deals. and this american girl who has a striking resemblance to you, jill. resemblance to you. after y ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors
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8:12 am
every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america. guts. glory. ram. >> time for what's trending today. let's start with what might be the best trip for mankind. anybody here want to go to mars? what about a one-way trip to mars? >> not ever. >> despite science and good sense, a dutch based nonprofit
8:13 am
is promising to send four people to mars by the year 2025. a one-way ticket. the goal is to establish a colony. thousands of people applied for the ticket around the world and 33 americans who made the list. >> why? >> their ages are from 19 to 60 and they want to go to mars and never come back. >> i feel sad for the people. why? >> some of them have kids. >> no. they want to go and not come back? >> yeah. they want to go to mars. >> would you see it as an adventure. >> and miss out on your kids growing up? >> it's strange. >> you should leave it open ended with the possibility of return. >> but you can't come back. by the time you get there, that's it. >>. >> it takes seven months to get there. >> save that for the kardashians. >> wow! >> i like the way you think.
8:14 am
who would you send to mars? >> there is room for everybody. >> in the name of science. >> for them a return trip. >> tamron? >> wow. >> let's be nice. >> the cheap shots are flying. let's move along. there is one guy with sports fans we would like to send to mars. alex rodriguez hoping to make amend as he returns to the team following a season long suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. he put out a handwritten apology taking full responsibility for his actions and accepting the fact that many will not believe his apology or anything he said. he said i understand why and that's on me. the column reads a sore state to the letter. he writes an open letter to fans
8:15 am
trying to foster good will, but that ship has sailed for most fans. far far answer the questions for the press, his teammates will be fielding the questions. he wants closure on it. >> he has excellent penmanship. >> i'm glad you focused on the writing. >> here didn't type it. >> you get a point for that. >> nice cursive. >> to another guy trying to make amends justin bieber wants to show he can be add good of a sport as anybody about his past. take a look. the up coming roast on comedy central. he was charged with vandalism for throwing eggs at a neighbor's home. they said how does this feel? willy and i have a theory.
8:16 am
>> it is supposed to be self depricating. >> his abs can crack eggs. >> they are brutal and he's good. he's a good sport to step up. jimmy fallon is celebrating one year as host of the tonight show. ben and jerry unveiled a new ice cream flavor in his honor calling it the tonight dough. carmel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and globs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough. >> all proceeds go to charity. >> it's really good. look away. you need one little bit. >> when they can't come up with a great combination, this is really good. >> really good.
8:17 am
>> there is only -- don't look at the fat. >> it's really good. it's out. the tonight dough. you keep eating. something of an upset to capture best in show at the dog show. at madison square garden a 139 year tradition hitting bure breds against pure breds for the silths. the cream of the canine crop and this year's competition was rough. name a poised standard poodle. liz, an english springer spaniel named for elizabeth taylor. rocket. swagger, a fluffy accomplish sheep dog and fan favorite. good time charlie, the top
8:18 am
terrier and matisse, a water dog and cousin of the pet sonny. our favorite pup, wrangler getting an honorable mention. >> last week i had a visit with the wrangler. the first time a "today" show cohost licked my face. >> i know you think it's ma cease. >> an underdog got tails wagging. >> my choice for the best in show is the beagle. >> miss p, the beagle from british columbia shocking even the announcers. >> how about that! >> taking home the coveted title of best in show. >> just the second beagle to ever win here. >> in the final appearance before retiring. david frye is thewith communications. miss p and her handler, will alexander. congratulations. how is the after glow?
8:19 am
>> hasn't sunk in yet. >> you haven't been able to sleep? >> that has a lot to do with it. >> we have been hearing a lot. was it an upset? >> people were looking at two dogs with big records. miss p was in the top ten. >> miss p is a famous relative. # >> what stood out in the end for miss p? >> she is an elegant beautiful dog and she stood there beautifully for the judge and she ran around like she knew what she was doing. she did just that. >> did you feel like we got this? you do your final sachet around the ring and you are looking great. did you feel in your gut we got it? >> you never completely got it. you are always hoping and she
8:20 am
was performing as she always does. she never lets me down. >> do you give her a pep talk? >> when she is ready, she barks. >> the decision took a long time, but the final judge was like 20 minutes. is that agonizing? >> yes, it is. >> what were you thinking? >> actually if they just point. >> it's a beautiful lineup. >> because it was a tight competition? >> there were over 500 best in shows. nicely done by will and miss p. >> what happens from here? how does it change your life and miss p's life? >> that means we are staying away for a while. i don't know. she will be a mother soon and that will be a great thing for the breed and for her. i will just sit and revel, i guess in our victory.
8:21 am
>> miss p is a nickname. her full name is what? >> her registered name is looking for trouble. >> what does the p stand for? >> her real name is peyton. the me and gave her puppy classes and he asked her name and i said peyton. he said the divine miss p. >> the judge said miss p has a wonderful head. it's a beautiful, beautiful dog. congratulations to you. thank you. >> the ninth straight purina profile pet. >> thank you. >> our sponsor will be.
8:22 am
we are back with a question that every parent must face. when is the right time to drop your toddler's daytime nap? they suggest napping after the age of two may affect your child's overall sleep quality. doctor natalie azar a lot of parents say don't take the nap.
8:23 am
a nap is a chance to rest myself. what does the study say? >> it being looks at 26 different studies that suggested the office drew a conclusion that napping during the day can result in delayed on set of sleep at night. your child is not going to go to bet as early as you would like and lessen the overall sleep at night and more importantly they suggest that the quality of the sleep at night could in fact be disrupted bo i a daytime nap. >> they were transparent about issues with the research here. it's not perfect. >> they can see there limitations to the study. specifically the 26 studies were small in size and most importantly relied on a parent report of quality of sleep which is subjective. they did not have the kids undergo a sleep study to determine it was fragmented. >> what happened to the adage the more you sleep the better they sleep at night? >> that's true.
8:24 am
when we were reading this and we were asking our sleep experts the questions, we got that response frequently. that was my instinct as well. this area is a bit controversial within the pediatric and sleep literature. there proponents of the more you sleep, the more you will sleep. at the end of the day, the summary is if your child is functioning well and they are not having behavioral difficulties and cognitive problems and they look well rested whatever you are doing works for you as long as the total sleep is being met throughout a 24-hour period. >> it sounds like you want to go case by case. >> that's what they are recommending. if your child is napping in the afternoon and functioning well you don't need to change anything. >> i have a new appreciation for how important the sleep discussion is. i appreciate it. we will send it over to willie. >> steals and deals, bargains to
8:25 am
beat the winter blues. the american doll looks like jill martin. >> she is from the 70s and i was born in the 70s. she is from san francisco and i'm not. >> first your local news.
8:26 am
morning to you. 8 8:26. several bay area people have made the short list to win a one-way trip to mars. part of a dutch project from a nonprofit looking to establish a human colony on the planet. only two dozen will be sent and they will not be coming back. the nonprofit shaved the list down to 50 men and 50 women. the plan is to blast off in the year 2024. sticking with the space theme right now, how is the constellation that is the bay area roadways looking? >> a little clustering look over here to oakland where we're looking nice heading toward high street but that's a slower drive because of the volume of traffic. we're talking about 880
8:27 am
northbound as well as westbound 580. starting to smooth out. we reached the peak of the commute already. the bay bridge toll plaza showed an earlier crash. still slow down the east shore freeway and walnut creek in fact. the north bay lighter traffic over the last 20 minutes. peninsula holding steady the south bay, the northbound route showing skraterred crashes on the shoulder. back to you. >> definite congression out there. thank you, mike. we'll see you in 25 minutes with another local news update. back to the "today "show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
8:30 am
>> per8:30 and a balmy 23 degrees out here on the plaza. gorgeous day. gorgeous gorgeous. thanks for being here. >> coming up a view like you have never seen before courtesy of wrangler. we usually strap the go pro on carson, but they lent it to wrangler as he roams the studio. if you have questions about wrangler or for your own dog, they are answering on your own page. >> how to beat the winter blues.
8:31 am
if they are going stir crazy. >> jill martin has special steals and deals that will put a smile on your face. we can all wait for the start of spring. >> tell us about the spring. >> just kidding. let's show you what we have going on as far as your weather is concerned. we have light snow and it strengthens and brings maybe a foot of snow through parts of maine. showers in the pacific northwest and nice and warm through the southwest. more snow and wind for our friends and temperatures falling into the single digits and below zero. cool and cloudy in the pacific northwest and sunshine stops we're going to see the sunshine later on today. good morning. i'm christina loren. this is belvedere overcast all across the board, but hey, more sun expected today than what we
8:32 am
saw yesterday. temps as a result will be a touch warmer but cool all the way through noon today. in the upper 50s to low 60s at lunchtime. rounding out the day with a couple 70s out there. especially up in the north bay. 64 degrees in san francisco. 69 degrees in the tri-valley and 65 on the peninsula. temperatures continue to warm all the way through the weekend. more in moments. >> and we have double-digits. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> wrangler wednesday around here. thanks to our special wrangler cam, we are getting a unique view up my skirt of studio 1a. here to help them get moving is saxon. we will show you a trick for us to play with. >> we will play a name response game where we are all going to say his name one at a time.
8:33 am
if he comes to you, you will say yes which is his marker word. it's a promise of food when he hears that word. >> he expects a treat? >> exactly. you have done the right thing and now you are getting a reward for it. >> should we spread out? >> tell us what to do. >> you start since he will be looking at me. go get uncle willie. >> yes. yes. >> wrangler. yes. good boy! wrangler. yes. >> he is likely to hear the word yes so much. does that mean he will always expect a treat? >> well he will learn eventually that -- he does something for it and he hears that word marking the behavior
8:34 am
why where as when he hears it in conversation. >> wrangler cam is getting interesting angles. you may want to call him. >> yes! wrangler. that's a good boy. >> yes. yes. >> what's he learning here? how does it help in the process? >> he is learning his name and when he hears his name and he looks and he responds to his name he is being rewarded for that. reinforcing that he knows what his name is. >> how long has wrangler been here? >> it's been a month and a week i think. >> he has doubled in size. >> he has doubled in size. >> remember everybody. if you have a question about wrangler or about your own dog, get on our facebook page. they are chatting right now. they are heading over to the orange room and answer as many questions as they can. >> or if you want different
8:35 am
views of our anchors. >> nobody wants that. >> tomorrow on "today." >> coming up next cures for cabin fever, but first this is "today" on nbc. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars
8:36 am
for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
8:37 am
back now at 8:37 with a special wednesday with cabin fever. what to do when you're stuck inside. warm benches, to keeping your kids busy. three experts to help chase away your winter blues. first up elizabeth may. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> and from duxbury, massachusetts they are snowed in. how bad is it up there? >> the last time i heard it was 96 inches in boston. >> so you have a lot of time inside with the family. we're going to help you out
8:38 am
here. what's your first recommendation? >> turn to your cupboards. they are making airplanes. take a sheet. i took a blue piece of fabric cut holes in it. and you can have a relay. you can go ahead and throw it in there. i got it in the other day. you can get different points for different holes. just throw them in there. i would say put it through a door. almost, almost. next up we have a bean bag toss. i took mittens, sewed them beans and secured them. tape on the floor. and then they also get different points. get right in the center. >> not on the line? >> not on the line. but anyway, that's just a really fun thing to do you can put out your kitchen floor and it just pulls right up. i took tape and made a road. take your cars and let the kids
8:39 am
create their own environment. you can put it on your kitchen floor, down the hallway. >> what have you guys been doing in all that snow? how are you keeping yourself busy? >> a lot of baking and sledding making no ice cream. >> out of necessity. >> and the last thing, they are doing the same thing. we took coffee filters. you just fold them in half. you get scissors and make snowflakes. >> just what they want more snow. elizabeth, thank you. savannah, down to you. >> willie thank you. time the take care of yourself now that you have your little ones settled. associate professor at nyu. doctor good morning. >> good morning. winter can be so great. but it can get people depressed. the first thing you say is brighten up your room. >> keeps the open.
8:40 am
trim your trees if they are obstructing light. you can use bulbs that simulate daylight. it will boost your mood. brighten it up with decor. a nice bright pillow or throw can go a long way. >> and you say get out of the house the first two hours you're a awake. it's hard when it's cold and you don't want to. you want to hunker down. >> you do. but you want to get out for a brisk walk get your seu kade yum rhythms up. >> the skin really takes it in the winter. gets dry and crackly. >> it is tempt to go get into a long hot shower. you want to resist and keep it lukewarm. pause hot water dries your skin. don't rub the skip. just pat gently. apply your moisturizer child your skin is still a little bit damp. it will trap moisture in.
8:41 am
use a gentle exfoliator one that has oils that will moisturize you as well. it does remove the dead cells. don't forget the sunscreen, especially doing the winter sports. absolutely need it. >> finally, you want to work out, this is great. yoga. do it indoors. i did some this morning myself. it's a great thing to get the energy up. >> it's mentally and physically. absolutely do something at home. trio ga. there are ways online you can stream some of your favorite fitness videos, classes. some things you used to only be able to the in the gym you can go at home. >> great way to the work out a sweat. here are some recipes. the author of the cocktail club. maureen, always good the see
8:42 am
you. >> thanks for having is me. >> nutella and marshmallow chocolate. >> so simple. nutella and hot milk. just wait until it melts. you can do the same thing with peanut butter. we made campfire marshmallows in the broiler. 30 seconds. until it melts. usually takes five minutes. that's it. and then here we've got a twist on apple cider. this is appear cider with ginger. six slices of ginger orange peel, star anise. simple. for mom and dad. this is the fun part. hot salted caramel. rum, va little thatnillavanilla, caramel, butter. topped with fresh whipped cream
8:43 am
and sea salt. >> hot toddy? >> you can call it hot toddy. there's rum in there. cheers. >> what else can beat your winter blues? a special edition of steals and deals. jill is next with really good ones. but first this is
8:44 am
8:45 am
. >> time for steals and deals. this will put us in a better mood. >> it is so cold. it's nice to have a lift and buy yourself a gift and think about wearing when it's spring time. this is a haley star dress. retail 159.
8:46 am
you can wear it over 20 different ways. we once had this on the show and feedback from the viewers, she changed a few things which is nice. two sizes. 0 through 14 is a small. 14 through 22 is the large. go on to see the sizes. available in nine colors. >> does it come with a thing to show you how to wear it? >>-their site. it's a great brides maid dress. sometimes you get the dresses you will never wear again, but this can be done different ways. >> people can style it different ways. i like that. >> and it's machine washable and great because it doesn't wrinkle. the deal is $48. 70% off. >> great. let's not beat around the bush. we have the american girl doll julie who is very popular. >> meet julie. the pj collection. the retail $139.
8:47 am
my friend cher he little sloan so this is a first gift. 18 inches from the classic collection. it comes with the historically accurate 1970s outfit and pajamas and the meet julie book that chronicles her growing up in san francisco in the 70s. retail is 139. the deal is $55. it's 60% off. >> that's great. the pj set comes with? >> it comes with. >> the slippers are so cute. >> if you want that get online now. >> for goes fast. partake away. steals and deals. >> they're felt the love and hugs and kiss. the retail is $130 to $150. a choice of five necklaces. the four on top here sterling silver charms on a cold chain and the one right here i don't know if you can see it. this is a 14 karat.
8:48 am
the retail is 130 to 150. 2999. 77 to 80% off. >> great as a gift if you are going to someone's house. >> it's gold and silver and you can wear it with either. >> i love mixing it. >> i want to but i don't know how. that's good for a starter. >> for could have gone with the snl outfit. i loved that. >> where were you sunday night? let's focus. >> the retail is 145. this is soft cotton and can be worn year around. it's super soft and comes with a wing charm. that makes it a little fun and edgy. retail 145 and the deal is 29. 80% off. >> that are is a good deal. >> i bet these go fast. these are great. >> i want to you go on
8:49 am
because we couldn't show every. the marika active wear. they retail 50 to $70. everything here is super stylish to get you into the gym, but you can wear it all day. the retail is foist 70 the deal is $17. now we can beat it together. >> i will run through the products one more time. the dress from hayley starr and the american girl and the necklace from miriam meren felled and the scarf and active wear from marika. go to the steals and deals page on before you drop big bucks on a new
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now at 8:51 with day two of our special series home improved. we are talking refrigerators. they come in all shapes and sizes with different drawer combinations and door arrangements. how do you pick the right one for you? dan from "consumer reports". good to see. >> you good to be here. >> big picture, what should i be thinking about? >> lots of cool innovations. it starts with the basics. check the size. it needs to fit in your kitchen especially if you're working with an existing opening. check your shopping capacity. the ice and water, stainless
8:52 am
steel finish. what do you need and what do you just want. and finally energy efficiency. that's something we look at closely in our labs. >> this has four doors. i don't know if we have seen that. >> this is the samsung t 9000. the interesting thing is the bottom freezer. this compartment can convert. it can be a freezer or fresh food storage. great for entertainers. we have it stocked for drinks before a big party. this performs very well. excellent temperature control. >> this one is expensive. it's $4,000. we will get less expensive as we two here. >> we are. >> let's move on to whirlpool. >> this is a different take on the four door. technically the fourth door is a drawer the. but love it for families. this is great for kids. you can stock this with snacks. here we have fresh produce. convertible. it can get colder or warmer depending on your needs. very energy efficient.
8:53 am
i talked about energy efficiency. energy star is a good thing to look for. in our test this actually performed better than both models. >> the four door is a thing these days. >> absolutely. we will see five door now. >> yes. >> which is a bit much. >> this is a three door. tell me about this one. >> this is your classic french door configuration. fresh food storage at easy to reach eye and hand level, which a lot of people prefer. behind these side by side doors, which is a narrow door swing. so a little bit more space efficient for smaller kitchens. >> that is from frigidaire. >> classic side by side. the narrow door swing. so in a compact maybe galley style this is good. freezer storage a little bit more accessible. if you're a household that does use a lot of frozen foods, this is a good way to go. >> if you had a plank check out of these four what's your
8:54 am
favorite refrigerator? >> the four door. it's the appliance you interact with the most throughout your day. so it's worth spending more. >> good ideas here. tomorrow we will help you buy a new vacuum cleaner. craig robinson joins us. and colin quinn. but first your local news and weather on a wednesday morning. ma
8:55 am
8:56 am
a good wednesday morning. 8:56. i'm sam brock. >> closed door talks resume involving u.s. labor secretary thomas perez and the ongoing port dispute. the secretary's office said progress was made during yesterday's meetings. secretary perez has stressed to both sides an agreement needs to be made now to prevent further damage to the u.s. economy which has lost billions. >> happening today, angry
8:57 am
parents and teachers will be holding a vigil in spran. they oppose new morality clauses. the clauses support straight and monoginous lifestyles. more in 20 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
female announcer: presidents' day is over, but the savings go on at sleep train. through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's
9:00 am
sleep ♪ >> this is today's take with al roker natalie morales willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is february 18th 2015. i'm willie geist with al roker and tamron hall. natalie is out today. february 18th 2015. today is my wife's milestone birthday. happy birthday. >> it just occurred to you when you read the date? >> no, trust me we have been celebrating for months. >> happy birthday. >> that's a celebration. >> we were away in puerto rico
9:01 am
for a few days. a couple of best friends flew as a surprise. the weather was not great but you are in puerto rico. >> warm and rain is okay. lots of libations. >> like a queen celebrates her jubilee all year. i love that idea. what a good husband you are. >> it's a good day for her. let's talk about the joe biden thing. the swearing in ceremony and ashton carter vice president biden got very, very close to his wife, stephanie. the most powerful close talker in the world. the latest of a long line of close talk. his hands are there. >> hand talking. >> the ones is is it's joe being joe and the other side is take your hands off my wife.
9:02 am
>> i'm team take your hands off my wife. i am. i know it's established that the vice president is a lovely man and i had an opportunity to interview him and his wife is amazing, but etiquette-wise. let's take it etiquette-wise. you are at a dinner party and your buddy comes up behind your wife or girlfriend or whatever and starts to rub the shoulders with the two hands. then leans in for the old hair whiff close talk to the size. that's what he did. he was in her hair. what do you say? >> it's a close friend of mine i know what it is. i don't think they are that close. >> a dinner guest? >> he's not a random guy. >> they are colleagues. >> i can understand where the discomfort comes from. >> i will set it up again.
9:03 am
coworker comes to your home and they are not coworkers but you work together. starts ruck the old shoulders. what do do you? >> i don't know. >> the passive aggressive get your hans off my wife? >> i think we look at it through one point of view because it is the vice president and we believe we are familiar with his intentions and as a woman i do not want a man touching my shoulders and going in. even when we take photographs, i notice if a man goeso low or high or medium. sometimes there is that spot. >> there is a category of man where the hand slips down. >> i don't even go there.
9:04 am
i keep my hands in my pocket. >> do you. both of them do that. it has been interesting to what are people have said about it online. there have been harsh things, but reasonable minds would say -- >> too much. >> fair to say it's too much. >> we need your help. this is major. here's the deal. there is this lovely woman visiting new york from great britain. she was in time square doing the tourist thing that a lot of people do. the problem is she was wearing this beautiful necklace that was given to her by her 17-year-old daughter who died of cancer two years ago. it's her daughter alice's fingerprint and her sister millie's fingerprint on the necklace. that is the necklace. at some point in her visit to new york from 42nd street at time square and her hotel, the
9:05 am
necklace disappeared off of her neck. here's how she explained it and why we are asking to you help. >> i was horrified when i realized it was missing. i realize that the vast majority are honest and i hope they realize how much it needs to me. i am detssperate to have it back. this is the most precious thing to she left for me. i can't get her back, but i hope to get the necklace back. >> it's in the heart of time square. we don't know if the necklace fell off and it may be in snow. that area with a lot of things like greats that can fall in. this happened on saturday. if you were in the area, i know this is unusual -- >> she back in england now. >> you can find it.
9:06 am
call 311 and i hope we help her out. it's strange, but it's so touching. >> i saw it on wnbc. >> how amazing would it be to reunite her with that precious item. that would be great. >> what a tribute to her daughter, alice. >> i don't know if you have seen the video i am in awe of anyone who can golf. to me it is one of the hardest sports. you have to work hard just to stick. >> do you golf? >> i don't. >> poorly, yes. >> this is the san diego state women's team. the late as techztecs. they get excited about the 2015 season. synchronized putting, ladies and gentlemen. how great is that? you watch this. boom, boom, boom. and you have that and ding ding ding.
9:07 am
>> why are not on america's got talent? >> they might be next year. >> they are supposed to get their fans hyped up. this is amazing. hey, rocky. watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. that's fantastic. >> ever seen that twoots thing? bam. how about this video? a family kayaking in santa barbara harbor found themselves with an extra passenger. the back. rodney was with his daughter and son. let him ride. cool. how about that. >> and am i wrong. >> where is it coming? >> no i watch animal planet and you know when they do shark week. >> right. >> wherever there is a sea lion there is usually a shark. >> you just took a turn in this lovely story.
9:08 am
>> i'll be dark. i would have freaked out. >> wow. >> i don't know. he's wild. what if he bites you? >> right behind you. >> doesn't seem wild. >> but he is. >> i know. you know a lot of these sea lions have interaction. he is nuzzling. >> until he bites. >> he smells like fish he's okay. >> rodney in the back said t sea lion tried to get in his lap and cuddle like a dog. >> they thought it was going to be slimy. it was like short haired and dry like a dog. >> why did you have to turn this vicious? >> wow. >> i didn't do that. i would probably been nervous. no? >> they were pretty calm. i'll say that. >> it's strange. >> you name him. get him tagged. >> doing fun. we got this cold air to talk about. look at this. dra it maic rescue on camera tuesday, 14-year-old girl falling into icy waters. authorities say the girl two
9:09 am
friends climbed along a pipe from the shore out to the water. she fell in. in the water for about 20 minutes before being rescued. showing signs of hypothermia. >> we've got this air coming out of siberia. it is cold. i mean brutally cold. traversing the pole and all the way down. into the southeast as far south as florida. it is going to be rough. 4 degrees in chicago right now. 13 cleveland, 1 in syracuse, 17 in cincinnati. by tomorrow morning look at this. tallahassee, 23 19 degrees below normal. minus 12 i should say. watch friday, zero washington, d.c. may break a record set in the any 90s. 42 in miami and today we've got this clipper coming across it sets up an intensifies off the new england coast, winter storm watches in effect looking for more heavy snow before it's all over. up to a foot and a half between portland and bangor.
9:10 am
i'm christina loren. showing you a live look at murky sky for now over the south bay. as a result temperatures will be a touch warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 65 on the peninsula. you'll have 69 in the tri-valley, with temperatures warming up as we head through the end of the weekend and this upcoming weekend looking fantastic for your outdoor plans saturday into sunday. hope you a fantastic afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. how excited are we. >> yes. this is amazing. >> this guy is the best. time to rev up the hot tub time machine for another trip into the fourth dimension, the hilarious crew from the first movie is back for adventure into the past and the future. including our man krig robinson. we've got a key board and hot tub and intend to use both of them. >> mr. everything. yes! liance brands.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
the first one is over. part of a midland crew in the office. >> she back on the big screen in the hotly anticipated time machine two, a sequel to the sci-fi comedy. take a look.
9:15 am
>> you look like a turtle coming out of his shell. >> here he is, the one, the only, mr. craig robinson. >> hot tub time comes out soon. for you to go see it, you have got to leave, got to leave your room. >> get in our hot tub. it's comfortable. >> this is not warm. >> do you have your swimsuit on underneath? >> i did. >> have you ever been in a hot
9:16 am
tub this close with strangers? >> absolutely. several times. >> want to tell us about it? >> i can't. >> let's talk about the movie. five years after the first one. this is like a box or something. come on down. >> there it is. >> awe. how is that? >> the first movie is this crazy hit and makes more than $50 million and you have the first band bag together. >> the people have to speak so come out this weekend and boom. >> when we last saw nick webber, everything was about to change. now he is a big star.
9:17 am
>> yes. and that's because he took let's get it started and jesse's girl and now he is taking like call me maybe. >> going back in time. >> he took all the songs and he doesn't always remember the words. she a little conflicted and he is a music mogul. >> he is a conflicted musician. it's in your blood. your mom was a music teacher? >> we grew up at a rehearsal studio. we had drums and saxophones. >> there was a family song and did you do a jackson 5 routine? >> our family sings harmony and a big choir situation. i don't know about an exact family song but that's a good idea. >> you came over to help us
9:18 am
honor our troops and the uso tour. you knocked it out of the park. that was an honor. >> that was a highlight of my career. are you kidding me? everybody was wonderful to see the soldiers and how excited they were. par ended up with the star spangled banner. it brought down the house. >> they were exciting and one thing i might not have told you. they were all leaning on me and you said and it's an artistic choice. i hung on that to that. they said we love it. >> and they did. we like the broker.
9:19 am
let's be honest. >> and he's roker. 24 hours of joy. >> bunking with rockker or hot tub with roker. which do you prefer? >> i will have to go bunk. he shared secrets. >> he's a good speern. >> it's hard to let go. >> it's time. >> in theaters friday. >> about the children's sleeping habits. if you like law and order, check out the new web series poke foam at your favorite crime drama. >> that's like a "saturday night live" skit!
9:20 am
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9:24 am
banningban banning iranian students from engineering and science programs. the school made that decision based on a federal law intended to prevent the government from preventing a nuclear weapon. usually the department would weed out threats, but they said it was getting increasingly difficult to comply. carnegie mellon university is apologizing after telling 800 applicants they'd been accepted into a computer science graduate program only to be told hours later they did not get in. it blames serious mistakes in the way they generated letters. unapplicant found out he wasn't accepted only after he'd gone out with his family to celebrate. next usa is hoping to make chocolate better for you. it will remove artificial flavors and fda testified colors including red 40 and yellow 5 from the chocolate candy products. nestle said it is the first major candymaker to do that. and a man in cuba is taking bicycling to new heights. it is 12 feet tall and he found scraps out of dumps.
9:25 am
it gives him a bird's-eye view. nice. more after your local news. stay with us. like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. sensational! new lash sensational full fan effect mascara from maybelline new york. our unique fanning brush captures every layer of lashes... for a sensational full-fan effect. new lash sensational full fan effect mascara ♪ maybe it's maybelline ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too...
9:26 am
we're practically twins! a very good morning to you. it's 9:26. one man is under arrest after an in-store stabbing during the cable car turn around in san francisco. it happened early this morning in the 24-hour walgreens. a short time later, officers arrested a suspect two blocks away. no word on how the victim is doing. that store was closed for several hours before reopening after 6:00 a.m. >> firefighters don't yet know what caused a fire last night in napa county that sent a dozen vehicles up in flames. it happened at avenyard on old sonoma road. it first destroyed a barn holding old agricultural vehicles. luckily, no one was injured. >> five words that mean baseball
9:27 am
season is getting closer. pitchers and catchers report today. the world champion giants are among a handful of teams officially kicking off spring training. fans are already flocking to scottsdale, arizona. the giants play their first exhibition game march 3rd. happening against the a's. >> we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm christina loren. if you're going to be headed out and about for the next coupling hours. bring the jacket you. temper temps in the 50s until lunch time and between noon and 3:00 peeks of sunshine. more sun coming in by the end of the day. sun will set at about 5:52 this evening. temps for today, 70 degrees in the north bay. 65 on the peninsula, and right around 69 degrees right here in beautiful san jose. getting into the next couple days temperatures stay steady a touch warmer for saturday. looking good for outdoor plans. >> we're looking over toward the
9:29 am
maze peering through the haze. this is 24 still slow off 580. let's look at the map and show you the whole stretch because we a skrash west 24 at claremont that's closing low slowdown. the rest of the bay moves smoothly on your approach to the bay bridge. no problems for the north bay. as we zoom out to the rest of the bay commute typical, back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll have another local news update for you in about a half hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy youfr wednesday morning.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to today, february 18th 2015. i'm willie along with al and tamron. >> you worried what will happen when you get home tonight? that's interesting. i like to have a day so the kids can adjust back to school. >> we are on vacation and four hours delayed and got in late last night. turbulence on the plane and right back in. >> you made them go to school? >> on their mother's birthday which is a national holiday. >> i pulled it together. >> we will see later. >> it's a long day. >> out there.
9:31 am
>> i watch wheel of fortune. that brings us to our -- we figure this out wednesday. al and will ve no idea the answer here. i know the answer. last night the contestant saw the puzzle with one letter showing on the board. here it is. the contestant's name was rufus. it's a good name. >> one t. >> the category was event. what are your guesses? >> i like that music. >> event? >> put it pressure on. come on. >> i have nothing. going back to hotel and motel.
9:32 am
>> you give up? let's see what it is. >> the championship match. >> that's not real. >> and reefufus. >> $7100. >> i'm calling. something is up there. >> they had these people and i watch. >> that's not a specific event. that's a general category. >> you look at the letters. >> fooey. >> you are not buying it? >> i'm mad i didn't get it. >> that's better. take your mind off of it. all right. let's show you what's happening for today. we have this low pressure system that will bring about one to three inches of snow. already boston is tied for number two all time seasonal snowfall record. sunshine for the most part in the western third of the country. tomorrow windy and snowy and
9:33 am
bitterly cold from the great lakes into the northeast. chilly into the south. 29 in that's their high temperature for today. meanwhile, we're starting out in the mid to upper 50s, and we are on our way to the mid to upper 60s. most of us a cupping 70s out there today. the nort bay at 70 degrees with the sun shining through between noon and 3:00. 69 degrees in the south bay. 65 degrees on the peninsula. and a beautiful sunny afternoon especially between about 3:00 and 5:00. king tides today and thursday warming you up into the weekend. we'll have that full forecast today at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> and that's your latest weather. >> you remember him best as the cast member and host of weekend update. >> colin quinn has a new gig producing and starring in cop show. a satyrical look at crime
9:34 am
dramas. >> i see what you are doing and i like it. twice as fast as what you are doing right now. you did one fast in the middle, but the first and the third are slow. >> this is the best i have seen him walk. >> the walk is good. it's slow. >> good to see you man. >> thanks, guys. >> this is like the law and order spoof. the show that is right to be spoofed. >> it's an attack and i was never on law and order which is impossible to be in the city this long. >> you necessary new york. could you not be on law and order? versions of it. >> so anyway, my fury got to a boiling point. i moved downtown by the law and order steps. this is my own law and order. this is it. >> we have done this before. it should have been out there. >> it should have been out
9:35 am
there. i hope a lot of people will be furious. >> you have great guests. jim nord on and jerry seinfeld. >> you are right. i wouldn't either, but that was the first thing. lead me read you. you have jerry seinfeld and pat and -- >> you have jerry seinfeld to work for $100. how did you do that? >> jerry at this point he needs the money. he's on the road. who knows what he makes there. it's like a door deal. >> your edge of course is well loved and talked about. particularly on social media. twitter. what's your deal with twitter? you go after people. >> just the opposite. i'm so positive and people just turn on me. wish me to die in a fire. the snl thing and fans looking forward to a great night.
9:36 am
please be the in memorium event. positivity is the new negative and vice-versa. >> what was it like to be back in the building? >> it really did get to me. yeah. it was like a reunion. it was wild. i was getting emotional. not from the show but seeing everybody. >> this was cool to see you guys together. >> i'm the shortest. >> you look back on that time. >> i'm 6'5". >> they are call drinks of water. when you look back on that time in your life, what do you think? >> yeah. like i said, i look back now and it seems like it's like anything else. like looking back at anything in your life. all the good and bad things that you did. >> good times.
9:37 am
it's a good point. you play amy schumer's dad. >> the father in the movie. it's called train wreck. does that give you an idea? >> based on amy's life. >> not that she is a train wreck. >> is jim norton in it? she in it. >> see? >> we brought it full circle. >> he is am category back. colin quinn, cop show debuts on l today. >> thank you. can we make this the last time jim norton's name is mentioned here? >> please. >> that's our code word. >> it's a trick. >> the secret service agent reveals the best moves you need to know.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
>> we are breaking it down. are these things you need to remember if god forbid something happens. >> you won't remember them if there is an attack. you will drop cold. these are simple moves so when you are attacked, you can execute them. >> a little muscle memory. >> what i suggest really is you should take a self defense course at some point in your life. >> very important. >> should you know what it's like to be hit. >> we will show body parts and what we should target. >> you are my attacker. you will come at me and let's do upper body. you are going to attack me up here. you are going to attack meechlt pro . i'm going to hit you in the nose. this is very painful and the throat is very painful.
9:43 am
i would hit you here if i had the choice and i would also do it right here. when you hit somebody, you ut your whole body. your core. think like somebody who plays baseball. boom, boom boom. >> willy and tall and al. big guys here. if someone their size comes at me, does that even the score. here's a big guy. he's going to win. >> with willie we do lower body. >> this does not look good for me. how did i draw this. >> for you and i because we are the same height if willie were coming at me, i would pull him down to abs and groin. you do it multiple times. >> don't stop. wail on the person. >> right. you can't bring them in close, the shins are very, very
9:44 am
painful. that will take anybody down. if you are wearing your heels, i'm in sneaker but heels are great. bam. you take it and you put it through his foot. that's what you do with lower body. >> say somebody has a fake knife. >> that are happens on the "today" show. >> or a pirate comes at you. >> they are coming at me. if you are coming at me up top, a knife is never good. if somebody closes that you will protect yourself with the meaty part of your body. the outside of your arm. if you are coming at me i'm going to do this. i want to shield myself. it's never good to get cut but that's what i have. the meaty part of your body. come at me and i would do this. if you get cut this is where you want to get cut. you want to protect the vital organs. this is much more dangerous. >> is there a way to get the knife away? >> i would not. you want to run away.
9:45 am
the point is not to fight. this is not the movies. you top the get away. if you can push that person off of you if they attack you, go for the groin. i can do it. then you run away. >> real quick, this looks like youor the ground which is scary. >> a lot of people fear being on the ground and say that's not a good place but if it happens, the game is not over. i top the show a technique. if i'm on the ground and you are hovering over to come at me you have your legs. your upper body won't do anything. your legs, i will be on the ground and i top the use the foot to the groin or if you can't reach, foot to the knee. if you grab my leg i want to slide in. then kick, kick, kick. all i want is to let me go so i can run away. that's the point of this is running away. >> great information. >> you are welcome. >> and your attacker is going to
9:46 am
hit you, you be violent in return. >> coming up next, the real story behind jennifer garner's tomorrow is possibility. and the power to unlock it resides in a box behold the biscuit. nutrients packed in a dense bundle of farm-grown grain and capped with pure deliciousness. fiber-dense fuel. morning reward. tomorrow, you can have it all. ♪sun'll come out, tomorrow♪ ready yourself with kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. see you at breakfast™. every time a bargain trash bag breaks you throw your money away. bargain bag users go through 60 more bags a year
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9:50 am
a new instagram video shows the oscar winner dancing -- dancing down the new york city street with the call me maybe singer and a crowd of dancers. it looks like they were shooting a music video single. carlie tweeted to her manager saying best day ever justin bieber who was also there tweeted back. today was a great day. i need some rest. i really like you video. it's going to be amazing. we don't know but we'll keep digging. >> you got forrest gump in the video. you're golden. >> and speaking of justin bieber i saw the other night, his ex selena gomez is bearing all about their former relationship. the 22-year-old posing topless opened up about the lessons she learned from dating justin starting at 18 years old she tells the magazine when you're young and you're being told so many different things it almost felt like all we had was each
9:51 am
other. like the world was against us in a way. gomez added that the media scrutiny of the breakup caused anxiety and depression that she would lock herself in her home to avoid the pop a ratszy. sots sad. like the romeo juliet. it's hard enough to date when you're young and having that is tough. >> frozen star kristin bell speaks out on the vaccination debate the twother of 2 tells the reporter she is pro vaccine for good reason. she says when her first child was born the whooping cough epidemic was growing and before she was two months old she said you have to get a vaccination, if you are going to hold our baby. the 34-year-old said i believe in trusting doctors not know it alls. >> i agree. >> with the degrees on the wall. >> if you are not back stage don't come around my child. jennifer garner is sealing the
9:52 am
debate over her lips. >> there is debate? >> i didn't know. the 42-year-old said she's puckered about speculation she might have gotten her lips done. i didn't know people said this. >> looks like that. >> to prove her famous lips are genetic she posed with her two sisters and her beautiful mom for the magazine also revealed she did not know she had her movie star looks until later in life. what my mom did i value so much was to not place beauty high on the list of priorities. it was a shock i got to college to hear people say i was pretty. humble and beautiful. >> very nice. >> a beautiful family. >> gorgeous. right. they say she got it from her mom. and get ready to say awu ready? i love that. you chimed in. kelly clarkson taking us inside her routine with her 8-month-old baby girl river. love that name. look at the adorable video, kelly posted on her iga. ♪
9:53 am
♪ up all night all ♪ yeah. >> rivers is like go girl. that is a lullaby or wake-up song. >> that's not what it sounded like when i sang to my baby. >> kelly clarkson song. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. this is "today" on
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> al. >> being vice presidential. >> we have something meaningful in her ear. there are good lies and bad lies. i don't know. oscar trivia and more with colin quinn. >> we have a lot happening. >> first your local news and weather.
9:56 am
well good morning, everyone. 9:56. a possible new clue in tracking down whoever shot and killed a security guard in san jose. a source telling nbc bay area police are looking at this man right there in a liquor store
9:57 am
surveillance video. investigators believe he may be connected to the shooting of manny zuniga. the video shows that man running out of there with a case of cigars. zuniga was working security in a nearby club when all of this happened and then there was a shooting. he's credited with savoring the life of a fellow guard. >> well happening today, the effort picks up to improve safety along a busy atherton corridor. the city wants to put up another stoplight, three new pedestrian beacons. city leaders will hold a meeting to discuss that tonight. it will cost $900,000. let's check the weather with christina. >> hey, thank you, scott. overcast to start, but we will see the sun shine through. more sunshine anticipated than yesterday, and temps in the mid to upper 60s. 64 in san francisco. 69 in the north bay. a.m. fog and low clouds making way to a nice sunny afternoon. as we get into the next couple days, we stelhave king tides,
9:58 am
high tide today just before 11:00 a.m. and warming up into the weekend. slight chance for showers sunday into monday and a better chance late month. we'll talk about that today at 11:00. see you then. first, want to check your drive. >> a slow drive it is through oakland. suddenly slow from the coliseum. right here is where it starts all the way down towards davis wrk look at your map talking about san leandro where there's a crash still blocking one lane. looks like all the rest of the activity moves to the shoulder. out of oakland and toward san leandro. north of the bay bridge, no problem. we move and look at the south bay. northbound 280 recovers. that's it. back to you. >> thank you. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. >> it's wednesday, february 18th and we have a lot coming up. hilarious i'm told is here just off the heels of snl's 40th anniversary special. the new way he plans on entertaining urs. >> academy awards on sunday we're going to play an oscar-worthy game of who knew. >> i'm way behind in my movies this year. i've got down to one that i need to see.
10:01 am
it's unbelievable. >> when is it okay to keep a secret from or tell a little white lie to someone you love? >> yeah, that's an interesting question. >> you and i have always disagreed. >> i think if you're constantly telling the truth about aches, pains how you doing, knees, hurt, legs hurt. i'm eliminating some of the things. i think that's different. >> that's still a lie be oe mission. someone asking how you're doing, and you hurt, that's a lie by omission. how do you feel today, kath? >> turn around, you don't have to answer it? >> how are you. >> you. >> doing great today, hannah. >> yeah. >> my little niece turns eight today. happy birthday. han in a banana. >> we sang to her. >> we did sing privately. >> also time for words of wisdom. i'm ready. >> no matter your age, here is a quote for you, what a wonderful
10:02 am
thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet. how about that? some of the best days of our lives. >> okay. >> haven't happened yet. >> what if you're hit by a truck on the way home -- i sort of tend to think things through. then in that case, it wasn't true, see? >> you're telling the truth again and ruining the moment. >> we want to give everybody out there snowed in a shoutout. >> oh god. >> we are grateful with the cold hitting the country, we want to show you a facebook fan this is her version of 506 shades of gray. >> gray. >> let's put you in a good mood. jimmy fallon finally posted a picture of his daughter. >> she's astonished.
10:03 am
>> franny fallon wishes you a happy tuesday. >> oh, she's precious. he has a wynnny and a franny. >> congrats there. >> and justin bieber is about to get roasted. >> yeah, this is something. he's going to be on comedy central. and we're wondering how that's going to go. this is the promo they just released on comedy central. >> oh. >> uh-huh. >> egg throws. >> very much like the trivago guy today. >> what? >> can we find a picture of the trivago? looks like him? >> by the way justin bieber could be so little you don't picture him with the chest and the muscles and that physique. interesting to see him like that. well his ex-girlfriend always has some controversy going on right now.
10:04 am
>> she's on the cover of this magazine. it's take an lot of people by surprise, i guess. it's the way it's styled. she looks -- when i saw it, i thought she looks like such a little girl, i thought it was an old picture of her. she's 22. she's of age, but i think it's the way they dressed her up. she looks, a magazine called "v magazine." >> yeah. think things through. >> you could make obvious -- you could make obviously we've seen her look a lot older than that picture. what do you think? >> you know. my opinion is only mine. i love this girl. i think she's just darling, i i've met her before i've met her mom, i just hate to see the sexualization of people. nobody's exploiting her, she's an older, young girl, she can do what she wants. it's her journey.
10:05 am
i just always feel, part of me feels sad from when it goes from that to that. >> and that growing up from kid pop star to grown woman is always hard for kids because whenever they try to transition it doesn't usually go that well. >> except she was an actress. she was a fun little actress too. she's -- i don't know. it's a stage. i think. that she feels like she has to go through. she's talented is my point. bieber is a very talented little kid not a kid he's a young man. and his i think is more about his, all the sudden going from dirt poor, living in government housing to all the sudden having every girl in the world telling you that you're the greatest thing ever and ever. that's a lot for a young man to deal with. >> i think the way people will fall in way with justin bieber is if he makes good music again. >> and if he laughs at himself. this is going to be brutal. >> once you show that you have
10:06 am
talent that goes on and on, people forget they listen to what you show them. >> yeah. okay. speaking of kendall jenner, my god daughter. >> oh, your god daughter. can't she afford her own dress, come on kendall? she was wearing the same dress as hoda woman was. >> okay. >> i'm sorry, i think you both look awesome. >> one of us -- >> did you sew up your slit? >> no, i just didn't stick my leg out. i was worried about a lot of things wearing that dress as you can only imagine. >> the only thing i could suggest -- >> what? >> kendall is a model. she's a supermodel now. she has a huge career going. she knows how to stand. >> i don't. and i never have. >> let's get kendall jenner on the show to show you, it's all about the fam -- >> you put a hand on your hip. that's part of the deal. >> years ago i learned it from
10:07 am
christie brinkly. >> how do you do it? >> it's beautiful. >> there's a difference when you're standing there like this. >> that's how i stand. >> and now look at the difference if you lift up and accentuate. >> uh-huh. >> i do believe that christie would go like this around the world if she could. no, because it looks so dog gone good. you look fantastic in that dress. >> but the stance is the whole thing, and i'm not a good -- i have the exact same situation. >> i always feel like you're a little embarrassed when you're on the red carpet. >> yeah. >> and you shouldn't be. >> hoda, the woman. you are a superstar. you're like cher and madonna. all right. this is interesting. jenny mccarthy and donny wahlberg, they have a show called jenny loves donny. the longest they've ever been
10:08 am
apart from one another is seven hours. they've been married how long? >> not long. >> since august. >> seven hours. >> wow. >> that means, even over the course of a day, not even a whole workday that you're apart from your -- >> that didn't disturb me until this part. he can't let her go to the bathroom without him. and describe their connection as it's very bizarre and awesome. god love them. >> you use the bathroom -- >> never in a million years. >> what if, frank was taking a shower and you had to go number one? and the other bathrooms were busy? and there it was. and frank's in the shower, and there's the toilet, and you don't want to go all the way somewhere else? >> we have our own home, okay. >> pretend for a moment. >> no, i don't want to. are you able to? >> of course. >> no no. i'm the most embarrassed
10:09 am
bathroom person in the world. >> really? >> yes. i cannot go to a public bathroom -- i'm just not comfortable with sounds sometimes. sometimes, i even try to make some extra noise do something with the toilet paper. i just like try to make some noise. i don't like the sound of it happens. i'd rather have other background noise. i get embarrassed in there. no, i could not with someone else. >> even before you were one name, hoda. >> always been the same way about toilets. >> that's good. >> best left private. >> private. >> please. >> if they're comfortable, who are we to say? we don't judge. we have a winner, her name is miss. speaking of, what she was probably doing. this is a dog that won best of the best in the show. it's a beagle, i think it's only the second time a beagle has ever won. and look, she is darling.
10:10 am
>> i mean look at how cute. >> she's beautiful. >> four years old. >> her name is passion looking for trouble, no p nor that. >> we know why. >> okay. >> he's canadian. >> 2700 other dogs. i think she has lineage of another winner in the family. >> she does. >> anyway, her owners plan to retire her after westminster. >> if you were watching the westminster dog show, there's a word that keeps coming up over and over, let's take a look. >> irish suter. irish suter. >> that is totally weird. i know it's a female dog but
10:11 am
it's unusual about watching him and pointing his finger. >> thank you. and sorry. anyway. you like to know about the lineage of words. >> yes i do. >> it was not until the 1400s which frank and i were born that became disparaging term for a woman. the show itself is 139 years old already. >> i do find this offensive. >> you know who else we have coming up today? allison. i'm so excited about that. her awesome book. >> great book, she's a great writer. terrific writer. is it ever okay lie to your spouse why one expert says yes. it can teach y you know pig, this is a real special place. it never rains but the crops never die. you can get eggs whenever you want.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
most of us tell little white lies to our spouse or significant other. this is a family counselor and the founder of the creating your best marriage program. and he says if you want to have a happy marriage you need to learn to lie in the right places. >> so he's going to help us out at the little game we're calling good lie, bad lie. i wanted to call it that. >> that's what we're calling it. >> okay. >> a lot of times we do lie to strangers because you know, they'll ask us a question, don't want to get into your stuff -- >> you will be lied by a stranger three times in the first ten minutes of meeting that stranger. >> how?
10:16 am
>> describe that for us. >> sure, hi, i'm gary just kidding. it's always because we're trying to promote ourselves. we don't want to be that open. we want to lie to make ourselves feel better, sound better. it's a very natural thing. and if you want to be in love you do need to learn, but you need to learn to lie in the right places. >> i've got a problem with this. okay. so there's a good lie and a bad lie. what's the difference? >> well the basic difference is that when you're talking about, an opinion, then it's okay to lie. we're going to see some clips. >> okay. >> first up we have new york city, let's look at what she said. >> i told him that the shoes only costs $2, but they were 150. i knew he'd be upset about it, so kind of a small lie. >> yeah, why tell the truth? >> that's a good lie. >> definitely. >> it's his money too, right? >> it's bad lie because it's about that are.
10:17 am
>> maybe if she didn't want to tell us. it's a bad lie because it's about fact. you don't to want lie about facts. let's go to the next one. >> why? why don't you want to lie about facts. >> what will happen is when you lie about a fact your distort your spouse's reality. that's the problem. >> and you're going to have to cover up the lie after the lie after the lie. >> and once you found out and believe me, lose trust. you don't want to have your spouse distrust you. >> okay. >> that's bad. >> next up. all right. jessica from des moines, iowa -- >> he said to me am i looking like i'm bald? what do you think of my hair, i said no no, it looks fine. >> yeah. your spouse asks -- >> am i looking bald? no looks good. >> i say good lie. >> good lie. >> i don't like this. >> it's an opinion.
10:18 am
it's an opinion. and opinions change, right? >> it's just a solar panel for a sex maniac. can't you turn it into sweet. >> that was good. what do you think, gar? >> i'm not saying you should lie about your opinion all the title. a lot of the times you should talk about your issues and try to resolve your issues, sometimes we want to make people feel better. yes it was okay, i liked having your mom the whole weekend. somebody it's nice to lie a little bit, have an opinion like that. >> to so nice to be alone again isn't it nice to be to be together alone again. >> but you lie. >> you get is a good one because you might not get another one because of the trust. we're going back to this. chris from new york. >> both of them from work and talk about our days and she'll ask me tell me what's going on, and ultimately, gives me the look and ask if i'm listening, and tell her yeah, i'm listening and kind of tuned out. >> good lie or bad lie? >> i think that's bad.
10:19 am
>> because they're not working on their marriage. in that case, he's like not telling her i'm not listening, much better to say, listen, i'm tired let's do this again. i want to create communication. as a rule of thumb. opinions you can lie about, don't have to but real fact, you don't to want distort people's reality. >> another one. >> known as situational ethics. >> it is but i'm trying to give you a rule of thumb. one of the things that women tell me they were cheated on, almost as bad as the cheating is that their husbands look in the eye and lie. when you lie about fact you can verify and you lose trust, but an opinion to make the person feel better honey, what you said last night wasn't so bad, wasn't such a faux pa. >> terrible night, and you gave a speech that was no doubt, how was the speech? great bits in there. that's not a lie. there probably were some great bits. >> can't you find something in the situation to tell the truth about? >> omitting you don't to want
10:20 am
say. >> that's not a lie. >> i'm sorry. >> your character and it erodes that. >> it's stale lie. >> isn't it? >> the important thing is when i finish this, my wife will tell me i did great. that's the important lie. let me tell you quickly, how can you tell if someone's telling you a lie? want to learn, very simple. whenever you tell a lie, your brain has to work harder. you have to suppress the truth before you tell a lie. ask me for example if i was at the office all day today. >> what are you talking about, why would you want to know i was at the office, of course i was. >> were you at the office. which one's the truth? the second one because your gut tells you that obviously that's a normal reaction. i'm working too hard. >> very good at it. >> someone once told me if someone looks down and left, they're lying. >> here's the bottom line, you feel it in your gut. if you just feel it in your gut,
10:21 am
you're picking up on things. >> we have to go. >> thank you. >> go on the website to find out what your partner and your relationship may mean. >> funny man colin quinn pokes fun at all of our favorite cop shows we'll find out wh doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing]
10:22 am
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it's wednesday, and that means we'll be playing who knew. it's all about the oscars. >> we have a question to get you thinking which actor stars is the biggest bradley cooper, edward norton or ethan hawke. we'll play who knew. >> we'll be here to talk about his old show and new one coming up right after your local news.
10:25 am
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eggs oil, and our own crafted vinegar. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. get inspired at well good morning, everyone. 10:26. closed door talks resume today between u.s. secretary labor secretary thomas perez and the ongoing port dispute. secretary's office said progress
10:27 am
was made during yesterday's meeting. secretary perez has stressed to both sides an agreement needs to be made now to prevent further damage to the u.s. economy. happening today, angry parents and teachers will hold a vigil in san francisco. they oppose new morality clauss laid out for high school teachers by san francisco archbishop. the clauses suspect or rather support straight and monogamous lifestyles. the archbishop plans to use the clauses as conditions of employment for four bay area catholic high schools. we'll check the weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. i'm christina loren. pretty overcast out there for the first part of the day. mild temperatures mostly in the 50s. sunny afternoon, more sunshine than yesterday, and temps warmer as a result. 4 to 8 degrees on average. then the low clouds will return as we get into your sunset time. that's about 5:52. days getting a little longer. 69 degrees in the north bay today. 69 in the south bay. a slight chance for shower activity over the weekend. better chance late month. all the details on that today at 11:00. we'll see you then. first, though here's mike and the drive. >> all right, looking better now, oakland things are moving smoothly over the last 10 minutes. things are starting to lighten up. we have a slower drive to davis where the crash activity has cleared from the roadway. the rest of the drive looking
10:30 am
good on both sides of the bay. south bay also moving nicely. >> all right, join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. see you then. we're back with more "today" at this wine day wednesday. we play our trivia game, who knew. the academy awards take place this sunday. let's test our knowledge. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. she's handing out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. if you don't, you get a wonderful cd. >> oh come on. >> here to help me out is fandango contributor editor, eric. we did ask this question, which actor stars in two of this year's best picture no, ma'amnys, eric, who is it? >> edward norton two of my favorites, "grand budapest
10:31 am
hotel," and "birdman." "boyhood," stole my heart. i hope to wins. >> lovely lady visiting from burbank. which nominee is the only in this category not playing a real person. steve carell, benedict cumberbatch or michael keeton? >> c. >> benedict arnold. >> benedict arnold. all right, the correct answer, it is michael keeton. >> he didn't play a real guy in "birdman" but a parody of himself. he starred in the two batman movies. the other nominee steve carell played john, convicted murder. we have bradley cooper playing, excellent. but cumberbatch played the creative turning machine and eddie redmayne. >> he's kathie's favorite, over to you. >> all right. lovely ladies in newport beach.
10:32 am
what is the man standing on top of? coin film reel, or a star? >> film reel? >> okay. yes indeed. all right. film reel it is. >> it is a film reel. we don't see too many these days. everything is going digital. it signifies the five original branchs of the academy writers directors, producers, technicians, it weighs 8.5 pounds, which is heavy. you can kind of work out with it. >> you can see how they struggle sometimes. >> look at these beautiful ladies visiting from boston. nice to have you here. how many people know the outcome of the academy award voting before the ceremony? is it two, three, or nine? try to keep it a real secret. >> a. >> yeah. >> took her a while, but she got it. it was worth the wait. who are the two? >> two pwc partners, and they go
10:33 am
old school with this. they hand count the votes, put them in locked briefcases, travel separately to the awards show, and they stand on separate sides, opposite sides of the stage. >> all right. >> no chance for a leak. all right. over to you, kath. >> really? we have mutual friends. west springfield, massachusetts which two received their first academy award nominations in 2005? and their second nominations this year. that's crazy. reese witherspoon and kyra knightly? >> a. >> yeah. >> yes indeed, wow. >> there you go. >> reese and keira. >> yes, both nominated for best actress. reese won for "walk the line." this year, they're nominated in different categories. they both play strong, real life women. and i think they just spectacular. >> great. all right over to you. >> beautiful family from long island, who is hosting the 87th
10:34 am
awards ellen degeneres -- >> patrick harris. >> indeed. does everything. >> by the way, any one of those would have been awesome, but it is neil patrick harris. >> he's got a lot of kind of credit behind him. he's host of the emmy's twice, tony's four times, favorite oscar host is billy crystal which may clue us into what we can expect. >> song and dance. >> ellen degeneres helped him. knocked it out of the park. i think fantastic job. >> we have time for another one. >> from long island, how many "saturday night live" cast members earned acting academy award nominations after they left the show? three, five, or nine? >> uh, five? >> oh my gosh. this is unbelievable. so five. who are they? >> nominated, five nominated after their time on snl dan for driving miss daisy bill murray, eddie murray joe for working
10:35 am
girl and robert downey junior. unfortunately, none of them won. >> oh all right. it's good to know. thanks, we appreciate you being here. speaking of snl colin quinn is here. we are going to talk to him right after this. uh-huh. we live in a pick and choose world. choose choose choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. and the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. right now find our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress starting at $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪
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10:39 am
been making us laugh for 30 years. colin quinn. now we've got a new web series where he has fun with police dramas. it's appropriately named "cops show." take a listen. >> can i get you a drink? >> yes, i would like a cookie and a pabst blue ribben beer. i find you attractive and handsome. you're the type of guy who could get a girl like me to quit dealing drugs. why would i ever say that? that's not how people talk.
10:40 am
>> nerdy hipsters, then she comes face to face with this. >> you in a cop show. this is scripted stuff. or do you have fun? >> there's a lot of scripted, and everybody of course -- >> have your way with it. you love cop shows. never on a law and order. >> we haven't either. >> it is, it's a terrible insult. >> tell us. >> never been on law and order all these years. >> in new york, right. >> yes, but come on. >> some people have done it four or five. >> the guy playing pool. >> audition for it? >> it's infuriating. i shouldn't have to audition for it. i'm the kind of person i'm the level of like quazi fame why where they say hey, reach out to him. >> oh. >> isn't it all? >> this cop show is a comedy. right? >> well i don't know if you'd call if a comedy exactly, but
10:41 am
something. >> what would you call it? >> i would call it a vendetta against law and order for not having me on. >> by the way, the cast is great. jerry seinfeld plays in it. is it a regular? >> you know me, hoda i want to represent it properly. >> you have breakfast all the time. why not lunch or dinner? why is it just breakfast? >> i don't know we both like it that way. >> yeah. >> it's a whole other thing. >> don't like committing. >> see you later. >> yeah. >> in a month, a week, whatever. >> so the other day when was it, sunday night, snl had the 40th. that must have been something. >> it was. it was like a really emotional thing. >> when was it emotional? >> the whole night. and when they go over the history and you remember your time when you were there it's just like deep you know. >> who hasn't aged well? >> the only good thing even
10:42 am
though nobody said i was funny at all everybody goes you look good. that's all i care about. i would rather have that. >> how long were you on? >> writer first, altogether, five years. >> five years. >> and did that launch your career? did you find that it was -- >> no as we said in the promo, i was on mtv before that. >> i was on remote control. >> it was a dating show. >> i don't know. >> oh. >> yes. i thought today, jack. >> oh my. it was a real game. >> there you are. that's cute. >> who's slapping you around? >> i'm not sure, i'd have to look again. we're going to play a game -- >> all right. >> so you say you know cop shows, we'll give you a couple descriptions, you tell us no to name the cop show. >> you should have played the
10:43 am
saturday night game. >> holding a dead man's hand and facing a choice between covering for a friend or obeying the law. huggy bear is the keyword. >> what's the name of the show? >> yeah. >> wow. >> i know. >> whoa joe's proven innocent of a a paternity suit -- >> wow. >> benson and fin -- >> law and order, svu. >> wow. >> investigate the case of a murdered homeless man. >> mary beth who are girls. >> oh. >> see, that was a trick question. in the midst of working an undercover assignment, tub, that's all you need to know. >> miami vice. >> and man the we are wolf and demands to be locked in a self before he kills someone? >> nypd blue. >> i don't know why you weren't
10:44 am
on those shows? >> was that -- >> maybe now you could. >> no, now they can't get me. >> he wants it every day. >> my show is going to be responsive, and they're going to wish they never crossed me. >> all right. colin, thank you for all you do. >> thank you, ladies. allison pataki is up next. her newest one will be about a love triangle involving sisters. she's going to tell us all about it, coming up right after this. >> i've had it with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis-... the frustration...covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis,lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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10:49 am
♪ royals, intrigue, check. >> power struggle, check. >> a love triangle between sisters, check check. >> new york city best selling author allison pataki is here to tell us the story behind the novel it is called the accidental emp resz. >> hi. >> great to be here.
10:50 am
>> now you are a new york times best-selling author already. the trader's wife is being made. you saw the film right. >> uh-huh. >> allison, you can spin a yarn, baby, yes, you can. >> when you're dealing with history that is juicier than fiction, it is the perfect raw material for books and it just brings history to book and makes it so entertaining. >> your book party we to want show off. >> you had a little book party. and it must have been kind of nice to watch people come out as you who was this? >> that is cici. her hair she was famous for her hair. the real cic rirks grew is down to the floor had princess hairdos. >> great. >> it was all the rage of europe. >> what i love about you wait until you're passionate about something. the first one took place, duchess county. >> hudson river valley. >> that's where she grew up. tell us why cici. >> pataki is a hunk garn name
10:51 am
i'm american-hungary yan dissent. she was the last great european queen, and she was involved in this love triangle, but really captured the emperor's heart but captured the people's heart. princess dyne nafs the people's princess. she was this iconic celebrity. she's the most fascinating woman. most intriguing leading lady from history, and we americans know nothing about her. >> she became queen basically. >> she was involved in this love triangle, she actually went to the court at the age of 15 with her sister who was the emperor's fiancee he looks at cici and says i want to marry her. >> drama. >> mama wasn't happy. she started off the wrong foot with her mother-in-law. >> you know what's great period pieces are hard to wrap your head around if you cannot picture what's happening. you have a way with words. you had it in the first book and this, that totally draws in any reader, i think, don't you think? >> absolutely.
10:52 am
>> you feel like it's people you know, by the time you're done with chapter one you're already involved in it. >> thank you. >> when i read the first one, i can said i cannot believe this is a debut novel. then afterwards you said i have another one. i thought oh ge rks, how can you top this. s if the first of two. >> it is. it's a world of wallet disney castles, ball kbouns, beautiful people but drama behind the scenes. >> how much liberty do you take on, there's history, then you add fun to it. >> absolutely. i want it to be fun entertaining, accessible for readers. when you have the raw material like this with a love triangle and back stabbing and angry family members and war and sex and palaces. it's just the raw materials so good that i'd be crazy not to stick closely to it. >> i love everything about allison. i really love that the end of her book, she says what was history. and what she took a little bit. then says why she did it.
10:53 am
that's so awesome. such respect for your reader. >> we're going to wish her good luck, but you know the book, new york times best-seller, twice i got a feeling. >> absolutely. >> accidental emps reis out right now. >> and we're back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> and get the first one too. >> mention it's called the accidental emp resz. >> yeah.
10:54 am
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hey everybody, before we go we to want give a shoutout to our friend and former fan of the week, lanette who is recovering from surgeon general. feel better. and that does it for us today. tune in tomorrow for thirsty thursday. >> we have the latest cold weather gadgets that'll keep you warm and entertained. >> usually it means it's steve's. ambush makeover on the plaza. >> and wonderful young couple we bring you a wonderful everyone has a story. we have a nice surprise in store for them.
10:57 am
and all we can do is say have a great afternoon everybody. >> you're very busy tomorrow. >> okay nice talking to you. >> bye. >> bye bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
and right now at 11:00, questionable pamphlet handed out to local second graders. parents are upset about the sexual content. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> parents say a bay area school went too far as it passed out pamphlets containing sexual material. nbc bay area's nannette miranda joins us live with hot is in those pamphlets. >> well good morning. father josephiler just spoke to us in the last ten minutes or so, and he says that the pamphlets have been distributed in other parishes he's worked in, so he


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