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tv   Today  NBC  February 20, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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delayed gratification we'll have that tomorrow night. see new 25 minutes with a live local news update. >> have a great weekend. good morning. good morning. america on ice. the siberian express refusing to let up. brutal winds with millions waking up to temperatures below zero. even more records being shattered, falls and fountains turning to ice as americans ask when will it finally get warmer? >> in custody, a 19-year-old arrested in the road rage killing of a las vegas mother a short walk from the victim's home. >> there's the animal a block away. >> this morning the stunning connection between the victim and the suspect. rudy giuliani takes a shot at president obama after saying he doesn't love his country. >> he apologizes for america, he criticizes america.
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i do not withdraw my words. >> other republicans are standing by the former mayor. >> and red carpet ready. final preparations being made for the 87th academy awards as the stars get set. who has the momentum into hollywood's biggest night friday, february 20th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. matt has the morning off. when we say america on ice i wish we were talking about a great skating rink coming to town. >> we don't have to tell you it's cold. ridiculously cold and even worse than that is what a lot of you are experiencing. check this out. dylan is at a fountain in upstate new york that normally
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shoots water 40 feet in the air. it's an ice volcano. >> dylan is going to climb that later. just kidding. we have decided to test how cold it is in manhattan. who is hardier than carson daly. he has volunteered to go out and do an e parent. hey, carson. >> i don't understand this at all. sorry. >> we have -- hello everybody. this is a nice breakfast treat. we're looking at cereal here, hot coffee, we've got orange juice, a raw egg. some water. what we're going to do here -- hello. is set the timer. we're going to see which one freezes first. i'll leave it out there. and we'll check back in. >> carson, any good scientist stays out with his experiment. so i think to make this more credible you stud stand throughout with the breakfast tray. there it is. keep a close eye. we'll be back in a couple hours. >> and when frostbite sets in.
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carson is not the only one braving the elements. from new york all the way to al in miami where it each dipped in the low 40s overnight. we will begin with nbc national correspondent peter alexander in maryland getting a ride on an ice breaker in the frozen chesapeake bay. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i told my daughter that we were going to the set of the movie frozen. if i don't come home with a stuffed animal i'm in trouble. 3 degrees is the air temperature right now. 18 degrees below zero, that's the wind chill. right now we're on board the u.s. coast guard cutter, the mission is ice breaking. we're in the upper chesapeake bay off the coast of maryland right now. you'll hear it in a moment as we cross through this area, as we carve through some of the ice. they say it's 98% covered with ice right now. this ship condition basically cut through 18 inches, here it's only 6 to 8 inches in terms of thickness. so far no rescues -- that's the
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sound of the ice. careful if we have to hold on. no rescues so far this season. good did news is most coming through the area had some of those tugs in front to carve out the path. the officer in charge says this is the coldest, the most ice she has seen and savannah the guy driving the ship his last assignment was hawaii. >> turn that ship around. pete e thank you so much. >> the siberian express a term we've become familiar with the last week or so, smashing more records this morning as temperatures dip in the single digits and below from new england through the south. kerry sanders is in covington, kentucky. it was minus 12 there overnight. and snow is expected tonight. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: it's cold. the ohio river you can see a little bit of the steam coming off, the coast guard is patrolling this morning with aerial patrols over this river and the allegheny in case there
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is ice build-up that would prevent some of the barge traffic. when we say it's negative 11, neg 12, wind chill of negative 21 the best way to dmem straight that, my ninth grade science class. we'll try this. here we go. yeah. it's that cold. >> wow. >> kerry sanders. >> winter wonder land, drone footage from the canadian side capturing niagara falls frozen in the grip of sub-zero temperature. beautiful and maybe not too surprising but seeing frozen fountains and fire high drapts in georgia, tennessee and kentucky is more of that shock. >> 911. >> reporter: shocks of another kind rocked parts of the south. 911 dispatchers getting calls reporting what may have been highly rare ice quakes. >> you have an explosion? >> something go boom. >> reporter: the deadly temperatures keeping schools shuttered across the south to avoid endangering children.
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>> first and foremost is the safety of our students. we can't expose our students to dangerously cold temperatures. >> reporter: with dangerous cold, dangerous ice. newly released dash cam video shows a michigan police officer lucky to be alive after stopping to help a driver who spun out on an icy road saturday. another car careened into them. the officer was not seriously hurt. a close call of a different kind thursday in massachusetts. two dogs falling into a semifrozen marsh after escaping their yard thanks to the massive snow pile. >> we have a five foot fence. >> reporter: they are treated for hypothermia but are expected to recover. other animals had an easier time in the snow. a few states over red pandas at the cincinnati zoo got a chance to frolic. so you probably heard the
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expression it's so cold you can pound a nail with a am haer. we're going to see if it's true. so there you go. frozen banana, like a hammer. cold enough to pound a nail. guy, in kentucky kids, this is a joke, but there is a police agency here who has put out an arrest warrant for elsa of avon dale. >> we want a few words with elsa. >> thanks so much. >> the question everyone wants answered when is it going to warm up? al, do not say springtime. okay? he's down in miami where it's even cold there. al, how you doing? >> that's right. we have tied a record here in miami. 42 degrees. we're at the lowes miami beach hotel. there is a hardy soul swimming in the pool. it's heated but he's got to get out of that pool at some point.
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man, that is cold. all right. let's show you what we've got going on right now. as far as our weather is concerned, we are not lod, we are not looking at any break into next week. there may be a little moderation. for the most part look at what we've got. wind chill warnings, wind chill advisories, stretching from the great lakes all the way down into florida. we've got temperatures, these are record lows from chicago on into cincinnati, parts of knoxville, we're looking at tampa setting a record, miami tying a record. and we're not done yet. tomorrow morning, even colder throughout parts of the northeast and on into the south. and then we've got big winter storm, more frigid air comes in on monday morning, into the upper great lakes and that makes its way into the northeast. mixed bag of weather starting friday. ice storm warnings now in effect for nashville into 9:00 a.m. half inch of ice, rain likely by saturday.
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as we move into saturday afternoon, cincinnati getting snow, four to eight inches of snow and .1 inch of ice. moves into the northeast with 1 to 3 inches of snow from new york into boston by sunday. guys, tell you, the bad news is we're going to be seeing more cold air coming in, another shot on monday and another one on wednesday. so, this deep freeze isn't going anywhere soon. but i know it will warm up in summer! >> yes. laugh it up, al, in that 40 degrees. like summer there compared. >> no one in northern wisconsin is wooepeeping for you. >> are we doing this again? listen, it's 1 on the plaza. feels like negative 16. the different stuff here nothing is icing over. my money on this milk. the eggs, there. the coffee is cold. the water might go. can i come in now? >> no.
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you see this one through. >> okay. >> willie said you forgot his bacon with his breakfast. >> thanks, willie. appreciate that. i'll be here if you need me. >> we'll check in with you. there's new developments on a road rage shooting in las vegas. a teenage suspect is under arrest accused of killing a mother of four after a standoff a bloc the 19-year-old who was questioned here could face a murder charge later today. he was arrested just a few miles away and has not entered a plea. standoff in a quiet las vegas neighborhood s.w.a.t. teams moving into position, guns drawn. aimed at the home of a teenage suspect. the week-long manhunt ending not far from where it began. >> there's the animal. a block away. are you happy? >> reporter: investigators say
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19-year-old erich nowsch shot and killed tammy meyers in front of her home, a block away from his own house. meyers' husband revealing that his family knew the alleged shooter. >> she was really good to him. fed him, gave him money. >> reporter: police say meyers was taking her daughter home after driving lessons in this school parking lot when something happened involving meyers' car and a car driven by nowsch. the mother of four dropped off her daughter and picked up her 22-year-old son who was armed with handgun. police say meyers and her son found nowsch, and nowsch followed them home, exchanging a volley of gun fire, one hitting meyers in the head. >> the suspect involved in the killing of mrs. meyers is in custody and off the streets of las vegas. >> reporter: but a las vegas defense attorney says this might not be a typical case of road rage. >> the law doesn't allow for
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vigilanteism and once that initial incident is over, that's it. then you have to seek help. >> god bless. >>. >> referee: a week of grieving and a manhunt, police and the meyers family are giving few details about the relationship between the suspect and the victim. >> we knew how bad he was but we didn't know he was this bad. >> reporter: police say just yesterday they learned that the suspect and the victim actually knew each other, investigators say they are also looking for a second suspect they have information about the crime. willie. >> as you say, it leaves behind >> as you say, it leaves behind four children. thanks. four children. thanks. >> politic, former new york city >> politic, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani not backing down fro question questioning whether the president loves his country. those remarks after what president obama had to say during a white house summit on violent extremism this week. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on it. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning. president obama's handling of the war against isis has set off a fierce political storm here at home, with former mayor rudy giuliani lashing out again overnight. challenging the president on both his approach and his patriotism. >> he apologizes for america, he criticizes america. >> reporter: rudy giuliani defiantly thursday. >> i'm right about this, i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: responding to criticism after he told republican donors i do not believe that the president loves america. he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and i was brought up to love of this country. thursday morning giuliani appeared to dial it back a little. >> patriot i'm sure. i do hear him criticize america much more often than other american presidents. >> reporter: thursday night the former new york mayor doubled down, dredging up old campaign charges about the obama's former chicago minister reverend wright. even maligning the president's grandfather, a world war ii
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veteran. >> you can fight in world war ii and you introduce someone to a communist. >> reporter: his blast unrelenting and personal. >> he has gone abroad and criticized us over and over. apologize usment it embarrasses me. >> reporter: earlier the white house fired back saying mr. giuliani test drove this during his fleeting 2007 run for the presidency. some republicans considering a run for the presidency in 2016 piled on. louisiana governor bobby jindal said the president has shown himself completely unable to speak the truth about the nature of the threat from these isis terrorist terrorists. and wisconsin's governor refused to disagree. >> the mayor can speak for himself. i'm not going to comment. he can speak for himself. i love america. >> and there is more. in an interview with new york times giuliani rejects suggestions that his criticism of the president is racist. saying that the president was
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brought up, his words, by a white mother and grandfather and went to white schools and learned most of this from white people adding this isn't racism, it's socialism or anti-colonialism. the white house does not want to add fuel to this fire. others point out plenty of speeches where the president has praised america and criticized islamic terrorists. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. let's turn to chuck todd. good morning. let's get to the substance of this issue. aside from the back and forth we heard about. this goes to the president's somewhat controversial stance not to use the words islamic terrorism or islamic extremism. what is his argument for that and what are opponents saying? there is a substantive issue here. >> there is. the president believes and he said it a couple of times this week at this summit on violent extremism, he believes if you call it islamic extremism it plays into isis' hands, that
7:16 am
what isis wants to do is say that the west and america have declared war on islam and that this will help them recruit, help them create sort of a holy war which is what isis wants. now, the president's critics are saying not as inelegantly as rudy giuliani but they are essentially saying that hey, you got to call this what it is. this is a radical strain of islam, that -- and if you don't call it that, then you're not putting the pressure on supposed moderate leaders, muslim leaders, to essentially weed out this extremism on their end. of course all of this you know, having what were turned into a cable news fight, all of this they are not dealing with the two bigger issues here, right, which is what are these some of these allies who aren't very much into freedoms, who have actually over the years quietly had people feed and fund some of these terrorist groups, think
7:17 am
about the gulf states or the fact that western europe has ghettoized muslims. so we're having this bizarre fight on the sidelines and not confronting the two reasons why you could argue isis has risen. >> there's a lot here to unpack. chuck todd, i know you'll do that sunday on "meet the press." thank you so much. >> natalie is here with a new push against isis. >> big developments, iraq now planning to launch a major offensive to retake the city of mosul from islamic state militants. according to a senior official the united states will back those evidents with air strikes and possibly ground troops, as many as 20,000 iraqi military and kurdish forces could be involved in the operation this spring and if the needed, u.s. ground forces including special operations, could be involved. president obama has said in recent weeks he would be willing to authorize such a move if necessary. >> new details on the super bug outbreak at ucla medical center
7:18 am
that has been linked to the death of two people. one of the victims was a 48-year-old transplant patient. doctors notified 200 patients about possible exposure to the bacteria cre after an investigation connected the bacterial infections to instruments used in a special kind of endoscopy. in a statement the maker of the scope says it is adding more education materials to its decontamination guidelines and it's monitoring concerns closely. >> we have good news on a story we told you about on thursday. seven dogs in a minivan when it was stolen from a chicago neighborhood have been found and all have been reunited with their owners. police say on wednesday a doggy daycare employee was using the van to take the dogs home when two men got in the van and took off. it was caught by a surveillance camera. at least one of the men allegedly had a gun. the search still on for the suspects. >> officials in india want to
7:19 am
set the record straight, they say the tree that president obama planted there three weeks ago is not dead, it happens to look dead. the tree was awash in leaves when the president planted it. now, though, it's just a single lonely stem. the lack of leaves has been giving officials sleepless nights. the reality they often lose their leaves this time of year. the tree, however, is in good health. >> sure about that? >> unique looking. i know a lot more about the trees now. >> natalie, thanks. back out to al in miami? >> that's right. it's 42 degrees here but nowhere near as cold as what you have. as we look at the "today" map we're seeing the beginning of that winter storm in the midsection of the country. we're looking at plenty of sunshine, out west along the west coast, with temperatures a lot more moderate and we expect to see the sunshine in the northeast but it is brutally cold. that's what's going on.
7:20 am
we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. recast in the next 30 seconds. 7:0, happy friday. you made it to the end of the week. spectacular finish to the day but plenty of low clouds to start. warm sunshine between 12:00 and 3:00 and more of it for you today. temps will jump out of the 50s into the 70s if you're wondering about those weekend numbers, two different sides to the weekend. saturday into sunday temperatures are going to drop like a rock. we're also going to bring you more cloud cover, so if you're looking for sunshine and warmth
7:21 am
saturday is your day for outdoor plans, slight chance for showers monday, more in moments. guys i know 42 degrees doesn't seem cold but when you are in miami, you are expecting things just a little warmer. i'm not going to complain. >> no, no. it seems cold. it seems warm to us. thank you, al. >> i turned the heater on. willie has pangs of guilt after getting carson out in the cold weather. >> my man. >> the eggs are starting to freeze over. the breakfast item that did freeze is the iphone. this thing shutdown. it is saying iphone needs to -- it's too cold. >> the water is hanging in there. >> there it is. look at that. >> it is cold. look at these guys. >> you guys are hardy souls. >> it feels like negative 16.
7:22 am
send us your pictures. >> take a hand warmer. >> really looks like the egg and o.j. is starting to go. it has been 10 or 12 minutes. >> milk too. >> it's going. >> you want to hang out? you are relieving me. >> i got the news. >> this is a taunt. bye, willie. >> thank you, carson. should we go outside? >> no way. coming up another way to see america on ice. dylan is at the massive ice volcano. and who walks away with the oscars on sunday? we will get you ready for hollywood's biggest night of the year. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up the surprising revelations about the breakfast club revealed by molly ringwald.
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>> first your local weather. hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew.
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a very good friday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police say more arrests may be coming in the shooting death of a popular security guard in san jose. yesterday officers arested two men, one has a criminal history. last saturday manny zuniga and another security guard were working at a club in east san jose. they responded to a robbery at a nearby liquor store, someone opened fire, killing uniga. fire fight is overnight had o-to-use the jaws of life to open the doors of a bushing auto repair shop. it started around 2:00 a.m. crews managed to stop the fire before it spread to other areas. the fire damaged several vehicles. if you don't yet know, here's your wake-up call in a sense.
7:27 am
the 415 area code the new 628 area code overlays the same area of san francisco and marin. the 415s it means dialing 1, plus ten digits for the phone calls. if you dial the seven digits your call will not be reconnected. you have to retry and retry again. it will get into a habit, people have to get used to it. >> sure enough i'm sure they will. similar to the fog around the bay area. good morning to you. mt. hamily to be nice sunny sky above the cloud deck. it take a while for the low clouds to burn off. murky start here in san jose expecting the sun to shine here by 10:00 a.m. you have to wait until lunch time in the city. temperatures noticeably warmer later on today. 71 degrees in the tri valley 71 degrees today on the peninsula with the change coming your way. as get get into the weekend shower activity expected late sunday into monday better chances as we head throughout the end of next week. chris teena, it's friday but
7:28 am
we have heavy volume of traffic west 92 into some of the low cloud cover and fog potentially around the bay. i believe the crash over here south 880 at dakota toward the dumb barton bridge causes backups to 92. some folks might choose to avoid that and use the 92 crossing there just to get some of the backup. the crash at dakota is off to the shoulder out of lanes but a distraction. the south bay has a build for the northbound direction, fog los gatos hills no other drama. >> don't want the drama. another update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
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>> 7:30 on this frigid friday morning. the 20th of february 2015. many records will fall across the country. we are looking at a live picture from our camera across the ohio river. negative 12 there. that is cold. >> a beautiful picture. the weather tops the look at what's making headlines. at least 15 deaths are being blamed on the bitter cold. more than half in tennessee from hypothermia. another winter storm is causing new problems through parts of the south before moving into the northeast over the weekend. >> the american sniper trial is calling rebuttal balances after they rested their case last
7:31 am
night. closing arguments are expected to start on monday. >> hospitals are taking new precautions in the wake of the so-called super bug at ucla medical center tied to infected medical instruments linked to at least two deaths and infections in seven other patients. >> red carpet ready in hollywood for sunday's oscars with two days to go. major categories are too close to call. we will gaze into our crystal ball. >> which are frozen. we will start with more on the record-shattering siberian express temperatures. dylan drier is one of them. you are standing in front of an impressive sight tied to the cold. good morning. >> i am continuing my hunt to find the coldest looking object across america. i think we found it here.
7:32 am
this is outside of rochester. look at this thing. it is five stories high and a man made fountain that shoots water at the air. at the top, the water is still shooting out. that is what has been freezing in the 8 degrees below zero and making for a beautiful sight. people have been coming to take pictures and braving the cold to take gorgeous shots. in the summertime it looks better. it shoots up into the sky and people are taking pictures of that as well. talking about the record breaking temperatures we have records that stood in pittsburgh since 1993. the record was much warmer than today. in jacksonville a record that stood since 1958 and we are crushing the records. pittsburgh at 8 degrees below zero. baltimore 1 and in jacksonville they bottomed out at 24 degrees.
7:33 am
not only are we breaking records that stood for more than 100 years, we are crushing the records. i don't know about the record here but my face is frozen. words are hardly coming out of my mouth. my nose is red. it's just really, really cold. how are you doing in miami? >> dylan, i feel the same way at 42 degrees. this is just brutal. i had to put a hat on and my margarita has warmed up. i have to tell you. >> nice. >> it's cold everywhere. it's all relative. speak of relative so much snow in boston denver out in the rockies, you think they get a lot of snow. this year not so much. they are not terribly behind but they should be at about 33 inches of snow. they are only at about 30. they are about to add to that big time.
7:34 am
the warnings over the central rockies. winter stormwatches during the day saturday. right into sunday. snow will continue and continue going right into the area. 16 inches of snow for denver and higher terrain could see two feet and it will be epic snow for the ski reswords of aspen and vail. that is good news for all the snow lovers o 7:34 happy friday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. i want to show you a live look here of sunol, the hilltop of sunol, plenty low clouds. on the east shore, morning fog to afternoon sunshine, that's the story of the day as you break for lunch. temperatures in the mid-60s and we'll round out the day in the upper 60s to low 70s just about 0vkzñ everywhere. 71 degrees on the peninsula today. 69 on the east shore and n the course of saturday and saturday temps drop on sunday, 65 degrees.
7:35 am
>> that's your latest weather. the lows in miami beach, i have seen women walking around in fleece thong bathing suits. it's cold. >> there is a visual for you. >> i thought he was going to say pants, but it is miami. >> as we mentioned, the american sniper trial is a step closer to being in the hands of the jury. after the defense rested last night, here's jacob rascon. >> after eddie surrendered and confessed, he sat down with a to rensive psychology saying he suffered from schizophrenia and he believed he was acting in self defense. ralph told the psychiatrist pigs were taking overed the world and his neighbors and coworkers were cannibals and his girlfriend was a pig hybrid and they were pig assassins sent here to kill people. >> i know you got family. >> you heard you had a big
7:36 am
collection. i saw we were about the same size. >> the movie depicts his four tours in iraq and how he coped by helping other veterans. after the crime, he felt relieved and kept up his delusions talking about soul sucking pigs and flying pigs during his jail house confession. in the end, the crist said ralph's mental state prevented him from knowing that his conduct was wrong. the defense rested their case after calling eight witnesses arguing he is not guilty by reason of insanity. the psychiatrist conceded that ralph lied to him about how traumatic the service really was, saying it's my opinion that he does not suffer from ptsd. the prosecution will call rebuttal witness and closing arguments are scheduled for monday. stevenville, texas. >> that are could be in the
7:37 am
hands of the jury by next week. good news for coffee lovers. it's okay to reach for the third, fourth even the fifth cup a day. >> gearing up for a golden night. the final preparations are under way for the 87th academy awards. >> we will check in on the outdoor breakfast to see what is
7:38 am
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we're back at 7:41. time for the final countdown to the hollywood biggest night of the year. sunday's academy award. joe pryor is staking out his spot on the red carpet. joe, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. they rolled out the red carpet but right now it's covered with white plastic, but on sunday it will be packed with lots of celebrities and lots of cameras. there's plenty of drama heading into this year's oscars with the best picture race that is truly too close to call. big stars, bright light, full fashions. there are so many ways to describe the oscars but this year's show might be summed up by two words -- boyhood and birdman. >> our perfect dream actor is not going to knock on the door. >> both have one word titles that begin with b and both battle for best picture.
7:43 am
>> it looked like "boyhood "but bird man had the resurgence. >> two others have been grabbing headlines. >> those that have gone before us say no more. >> the civil rights movie "selma" some feel was snubbed in several categories. >> i want to get the bad guys. >> and "american sniper," a story that is tied to a real life trial and the only box office block buster up for best picture. >> thank you. >> another race too close to call, lead actor. >> i think the question is what will the academy want to honor, will it be the performance that tugged at their heart strings. eddie redmayne. >> of course we can do that. >> or the cooler performance, michael keaton from the guy who has been around longer. >> the other categories have strong front-runners. >> sometime i can see the words hanging in front of me and i can't reach them. >> julianne moore is favored to
7:44 am
win her first oscar for "still alice." >> and in the supporting category, j.k. simmons and patricia arquette swept the season. >> this is no way any of those will not win. >> this year's host is neil patrick harris, he has emceed the tonys and the emmys before but this is his first oscar. and with harris hosting you got to think we're going to see a big musical opening number this year. >> hope so. >> it's going to be a variety act. get comfy. we'll see you monday morning. >> we've been talking about our predictions. carson's got more. what are they saying? >> this is just based off the number of mentions alone. will it is go through the social media pillars here. facebook, it would be "american sniper," twitter, "selma." on our website.
7:45 am
our predictions, willie have sniper. a real question is who is going to win the internet? remember this selfie last year? let me ask you, can you name the other people in this? >> put it up. >> how about back here. >> i know the brothers in it. >> jennifer lawrence. meryl streep. wait. meryl streep, jennifer lawrence, julia roberts. >> that's angelina jolie. >> brad pitt. that's bradley. very good. >> kate hudson? >> next to ellen. >> meryl streep. >> right above ellen. >> here? >> cate blanchett. julia roberts. here? anybody? >> where? >> brad pitt. >> here. >> back there. >> no. that's brad pitt. >> here? >> jennifer lawrence. >> here.
7:46 am
>> i don't have that. >> channing. >> how about here? the hardest on the board. no idea. >> there you go. very good. >> that took a long time. >> the fun doesn't stop here. watching people do the red carpet. somebody is going to win this golden hanger award. one man, one woman who graces the red carpet looking so lovely according to your votes at watch here on "today" on monday. guys, back to you. >> put it in a case, we can't even touch it. >> that hanger has better lighting than we do. >> the sound effects. >> that's it. >> you think we could fit in that box? >> carson thanks. matt and al will be live from los angeles on monday, for today's oscar after-party, the winners, the fashion and a lot more. >> meet the fifth-grader
7:47 am
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7:51 am
trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always. >> the coffee is >> woe. you can't break into the bowl of serial. into the bowl of cereal. >> what about the o.j.? >> by the way, who doesn't want a raw egg with their breakfast. >> it's completely frozen. >> flip it but do it over your
7:52 am
head. >> all right. experiment conducted. let's go inside. >> we will monitor the experiment but karolina kurkova will take us behind the scenes in fashion week. that's coming up in just a bit on a very, very cold friday morning. >> savannah left. she aband sooo, you're all set to book a flight using rewards miles from your airline credit card. but then the illusion begins. the flights you really want - surprise - they're not available because they cost a ridiculous number of miles. enough is enough... switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles. and using those miles is easy. just book any flight you want, on any airline. then use your miles to cover the cost. no blackout dates. what's in your wallet? ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ when i wake up in the morning to the clear blue sky ♪ ♪ turn up the music when i hop in the ride ♪ ♪ i'm the bomb and about to blow up... ♪
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you. 7:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, leaders in carson california l discuss the bombshell announcement made yesterday by the oakland raiders and san diego chargers. the teams are now planning to develop a joint football stadium in southern california. the issue was not expected to be discussed but now speculation is running rampant but the topic will be added to the agenda. doctors are expected to release san francisco giants manager bruce bochy from a scottsdale hospital today.xpe yesterday bochy received two stents in his heart after suffering chest pains. is he resting comfortably and will take the next few days off to recover. pitchers and catchers had their first day of spring training yesterday. we need our skipper to get well. >> yes we do proud home of the giants broadcast home.
7:57 am
widespread low cloud cover but high atop the hills of sunol the sun is out in full force. it will take a while for the low clouds to burn off but by lunch time today at least partly cloudy skies in between noon and three, mostly sunny, in the 50s for now, we'll end up in the 70s and we have a stellar weekend coming your way, temperatures at 71 degrees in the south bay on saturday and 67 degrees with more cloud cover on sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> here's some of that cloud cover right here in the north bay. san rafael southbound slows toward north san pedro. farther north from there a good deal of slowing coming into the area, some debris or a stall is what caused that coming out of novato. smooth drive after a crash cleared in the last half hour at the rich mopped side of the san rafael bridge. no big drama but the glow and the orange where fog may hit you and smooth to the tri valley but slow through fremont.
7:58 am
>> thank you, mike. see new half an hour for another update.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up java tarians rejoice. how four or five can keep the doctor away. then girl power. meet the fifth grader changing the face of superheroes. >> it is male superheroes are better than, there are more of them. and runway royalty. caralina takes us behind one of the hottest scenes in the world. >> you feel the clothes. >> have fun with it. i feel my clothes, but i don't look like that. >> the excitement and chaos that
8:01 am
is fashion week. today, friday, february 20th, 2015. ♪ >> roses are red. fingers are blue. we love new york how about you! >> we're from michigan all the way to new york city. >> good morning from huntsville alabama. we flew north for the winter. >> it is too cold to be on tv. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." matt has the morning off. al is in miami. just a little jog in place. oh, it is frozen. >> popsicles for the kids. how are we doing, professor? >> i have to do something with beer in my house. >> we are just about ready to do this. >> everything is frozen.
8:02 am
iphone went first. incredible. you mentioned al in south beach for the food and wine festival. he is getting ready for meatball madness with giada. don't rub it in. >> that's why i have giada here. she is huddling for warmth. she has meatballs in my pocket. >> okay. moving right along. >> we will check back in with them. let's go to peter alexander. he is on an ice cutter in the upper chesapeake bay. peter, good morning. hope you can hear us. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. prime assignmentment. good out here. we are stopped. this is the toughest ice we have hit all morning right now. 18 inches thick. on the upper chesapeake bay canal. excuse me, you can imagine it is tough to talk. 3 degrees is the air temperature. minus 16. that is the windchill. as you look around one more
8:03 am
time they describe this ice as packed and stacked. blown together by the wind making it incredibly difficult for this u.s. coast guard cutter "the clete" to cut through. we have to go back and round. that is why we are holding on because it is choppy and rough out here right now. we have been out with the crew for most of the morning. their mission is ice breaking. the officer in charge tells me she never has experienced temperatures like this savannah, or ice like this. we will be here most of the day. should be a good gig. >> peter, thank you so much. as peter said it is minus 16 there. the crowd said it's colder here. it is. >> feels like minus 18. >> it is minus 18 out on the plaza. >> if you jog in place, it feels like minus 16. >> keep jogging. we will go inside to natalie with the look at the other news. natalie. >> get warmed up. in the news this morning, police
8:04 am
are holding a 19-year-old suspect in the road rage death of a mother of four. after a week long manhunt, police took erich milton nowsch into custody one block away from where tammy meyers was shot. an incident driving escalated into a gun fight outside meyers home. today, president obama speaks at the winter meeting committee among controversy over former mayor you'llrudy giuliani. he told the donors here i do not believe president obama loves america. he told fox news last night apologizes for america and criticizes for america and says he does not withdraw his words. new diet recommendations from the panel of experts. the government will use these
8:05 am
when they form the guidelines later in the year. we have dr. natalie azar with the recommendations. dr. azar good morning. >> hi natalie. >> one is to do with coffee. we love this. >> this is wonderful. this is the first year the committee made a recommendation about coffee. three to five cups a day is actually okay for you. we know with a good body of literature caffeine can be good for heart disease and potentially type-two diabetes. >> maybe not all the cream and sugar. other headlines? >> one of the biggest is the new declaration that cholesterol is not a nutrient concern. the idea that cholesterol rich foods with out a lot of fat, can be good for you. eggs and shellfish and liver. we don't want people to have
8:06 am
foods high in fat like butter and ice cream and bacon. others from this limit the added salt and more fiber. >> we like these recommendations. dr. azar thanks. evidence that everyone needs an editor or spell check. a writer for the washington post sent a tongue-in-cheek letter to the white house about the miss spellings of february on daily press schedules. the writer says hopefully this will make other people feel better about their spelling challenges. 8:06 right now. let's get a check of the weather with al down in miami. hey, al. natalie, 42 degrees here. tying the record set back in 1972. still, nowhere near as bad as it is throughout much of the country. all relative. let's show you what is going on. again, we are looking at a big storm system getting itself together. we have winter weather
8:07 am
advisories and ice storm warnings in nashville. winter storm warnings from kansas into the mid-atlantic states. milder temperatures with rain on saturday. cincinnati, by the afternoon, you are looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow with about .10 of ice. by sunday morning, snow develops in boston. 1 to 3 inches. that may be a problem. it will changeover to rain and snow and the roofs will absorb the wet weather. look at the ice accumulations. that is bad news for the mid mississippi river valley. you see the heavier snow through the mississippi and ohio river valleys with 6 to 12 inches of snow. you a live look at pacifica. mostly cloudy but becoming
8:08 am
sunny. should be a nice finish to the week with temperatures ranging in the upper 60s to low 70s. 71 degrees in the south bay. 71 on the peninsula for today. and 68 degrees in san francisco. as we head throughout the weekend, a little bit of a change between saturday and sunday. cooler with erer weather with more cloud cover. weather. now let's go back outside to -- oh, you came inside. >> yes, we did, al. do you blame us? no. >> absolutely not. >> thank you. see you in a bit. >> point out one thing. somebody on the plaza brought a time s best seller here for me to sign. i'm taking a second to sign this. >> did you write a book? >> i didn't write the book. >> the guide to what? >> i had no idea you were an author. >> this is from nathan. a fewer on the plaza. i'm writing him a note inside. it says hey, carson. >> trl. >> meet carson daly.
8:09 am
>> for every music lover on the planet. unauthorized. i don't know what's in here. >> look how thin this book is. no offense. it is mostly pictures. >> oh, my gosh. >> you look like a total babe here. >> it was a long time ago, savannah. speaking of teen drama, remember "the breakfast club?" now the star molly ringwald says that movie would not work today. and caralina pulls the curtain back on fashion week. and on page two of the book a lie. how much money did you make babysitting in high school? we will introduce you to a 15-year-old set up her own baby sitting business. first this is "today" on nbc. we'll be right back. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement?
8:10 am
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[ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. is that your mom? hi sweety here you go thanks my mom freezes my danimals squeezables and puts it in my lunchbox in the morning. just freeze it, thaw it and it's ready by lunch new danimals squeezables lowfat yogurt. squeeze more fun into your kid's lunch. mmm dannon. ♪ ♪ when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out.
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oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. try new quick steel cut for a heartier texture. quaker up. >> we are back and it's 8:14 with what's trending today. >> oscar do-overs. they poled academy members to see if they would change their vote about past winners. there were surprises. that 1995 these were the best
8:15 am
picture nominees. forest gump won and voters say with hindsight it should have been the shaw shank redemption. shakespeare in love and the same year as saving private ryan. that's what voters say they should have picked in 1999. crash surprised everybody by winning, but today voters say the oscar should have gone to "brokeback mountain." >> a lot of people were talking about it more. broke back. >> in 1977 rocky. >> i love rocky. >> they said they should have gone with all the president's men. >> i love rocky. >> the best picture, i liked the movie, but was it -- right there, i rest my case. >> tread lightly, savannah. >> good will hunting is a really
8:16 am
good movie. the other ones. >> that did win screen play. >> i like that, but -- more money. >> you jump right carson? >> the territory we can agree on. our lives change forever. a new interview, molly ringwald was giving examples of this classic. she was originally considered not for the role of clair, but for allison of course played by ali sheen. remember the dancing we all loved and we tried to mimic the moves. it was only supposed to be molly, but you saw what happened. >> that's my move right there.
8:17 am
>> that was my move my outfit and my hair andy ing everything. >> she said that you could not do that film today, but in detention, no one would be talking. they would be texting their friends. >> thank you for not pointing out that i looked like him. >> you did yourself so that's okay. >> that's what's trending today. >> chanel jones is behind the scenes at one of the hottest trends in town. >> this was my first show for fashion week. it was breathtaking. a jaw dropping duo. we got an all access pass that followed supermodel karolina kurkova as she dressed for the show. >> i always wonder what is on
8:18 am
your mind. >> i try to be in the moment and feel the clothes and have fun with it. i feel like i feel the clothes and don't look like that. >> what don't people see in the weeks before fashion week? the models. what goes on? >> it's like a bust of creativity. >> and now we are taking it to rehearsal. >> this particular show is inspired by an opium dream. it's kind of like an opium haze of beauty. it's about making women feel glamorous and gorgeous.
8:19 am
>> georgina chapman married to harvey winestein had her big moment five years ago. >> by sandra bullock who won an oscar. that was really an incredible moment. that was nail boiting and amazing. >> you want everything to run smoothly in an ideal world. these dresses are elaborate and they do pay attention to detail. >> everyone needs to move back. >> now it's almost show time. you can feel it. >> there is a second steamer working. >> a-listers are drawn to the magic and sitting next to her weeks after giving birth.
8:20 am
>> i was so proud that i put in enough attention. the proud parents. i think people tend to think fashion is serious. sometimes it can be but the way we think of it is that fashion should be fun and you should experiment and have fun with fashion. >> i feel like i should explain. he is 5'11" and i am 4 foot 11. we posted the picks and say can you tell me what to do. i will never lock like that. she is such a good sport. everyone was so much fun. i can't lie about the moments before but what a great experience. >> you get to go back days when
8:21 am
it was put together. >> you walk that walk for that. >> the super hero decided something was missing. jenna bush haeger has that story. >> good morning. be prepared to add a new super hero to your list. this fifth gridder might have the most impressive super power of them all. girl power. in the fantasy world where super man is faster than a speeding bullet and the caped crusaders combat evil there is a new force to be reckoned with and her words are stronger than steel. >> my name is rowan and i'm 11 years old. i love super heroes and i have been reading comics and watching super hero movies since i was
8:22 am
really young. i'm a girl and i'm upset that there not that many girl super heros and comics. >> this girl started a conversation which turned into a movie. rowan is like any other fifth grader. she likes reading comics eating pancakes and fighting for a little something called truth, justice and the american way. >> when you were reading comics you noticed that there were more male super heroes. >> yeah. it's not like the males are better than female super heroes but there just more of them. >> it wasn't just the lack of female super heroes that puzzled her, but the lack of costumes. >> if he gets to wear armor, why doesn't the woman get to wear armor. i know that she is invulnerable but it would be nicer if she
8:23 am
didn't wear a bathing suit all the time. >> if you are fighting crime, i don't understand how you are going to camouflage yourself if you are wearing a bright pink suit. that's not very practical. >> rowan's parents, jim and renee, english professors at the university of illinois say even as a young child, rowan noticed inequality. >> you go to the store and they don't have a girl t-shirt. i don't think it diminished her enjoyment of the characters but it made her feel like she couldn't participate in the way she wanted to. >> that didn't stop her inquiring mind. >> why doesn't wonder woman every catch superman? these are good questions. >> and recently rowan decided to take the questions to d.c. comics and d.c. comics responded, tweeting thanks rowan, we agree and wee working hard to create more super hero
8:24 am
fun for girls. >> when they tweeted back at you and said they had more female super heroes in the works, what went through your mind? >> i was like oh, my gosh! i can't believe this. >> i don't want to make people think they respond and it's over. i want people to keep trying to make this happen. it's really important to me. >> as a token of their dwimt, commitment they sent over a sketch of their latest super hero. >> they made you into your own super hero. >> rowan, that is awesome. >> this is some of the best art we. this is unbelievable. >> the art is great. she has your glasses and hair and everything. >> that's so cool. it will have a place of honor. >> only with our determination,
8:25 am
this 11-year-old searched for more female super heroes only to become one all on her. don't you love her? i said what's your biggest goal? she said show wanted a wonder woman movie. i suggested she write it. she is very articulate. she said i don't have time for a large project like that. just tv. i feel like we should let her finish the fifth grade and see where she goes. >> she is so cool. i love that girl. thank you. for more on rowan and to share photos of your girls dressed as super heroes head to >> i wish i had you around the house. >> i had no idea what to buy. that will come in handy in a little bit. the latest and greatest machines out there. what do you have here? see what that tastes like. the run down here.
8:26 am
a brand-new coffee maker to help you figure out how to navigate. but first, your local news and weather. it's 8:26. port workers and their employers are up against a deadline set by u.s. secretary of labor thomas perez to reach a deal in the port labor conflict. perez arrived in san francisco earlier this week to broker a deal. the sides have been at odds for nearly nine months. billions of dollars in cargo has tarted piling up outside of ports up and down the west coast. perez is vowing to make both sides travel to washington if a deal cannot be reached. >> want to see how the morning commute is looking. >> we can't see the ships. that is the bridge. low clouds fog in many patches like this particular one. look at the map north of here
8:27 am
slowing through san rafael and a stall mere san pedro. the earlier crash is cleared from the richmond bridge but slow off the east shore freeway. we'll take you to where there was fog. concord to pleasant hill and walnut creek a crash. over to the shoulder. a little extra distraction, but low clouds are moving around hanging around the pass. no slowing for the tri-valley. typical slowing 880 to hayward and union city and the south bay, slowing as well. >> thank you very much. see you in a half hour. have a great friday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
female announcer: presidents' day is over, but the savings go on at sleep train. through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:30 am
it's the 20th of february 2015. it's a friday morning and it's so cold out there. we decided to stay here. >> it was a great move. >> i had a coat and gloves and a hat and another coat and hat ready to go. it wasn't going to be enough. when they said they moved it to
8:31 am
the couch. >> we have exciting news and we hope you will get it as well. today is partnering with more fitness and shape magazines for the women's half marathon on sunday april 19th and erica and i will be cohosting and running in it. that gives you time to start training. >> natalie ran the boston marathon and i ran new york. what we noticed is a lot of the folks around today, we are talking about how they want to get involved in running and wanted to do a race. it's a way to not only get involved, but get the rest ever our family involved and hopefully a lot of you at home were watching. we have both written about why running is so important. >> on we will be sharing training tips and the remarkable women who have signed up. for more information, head to our website >> you guys crush that because
8:32 am
you are marathon runners? is it easy? >> the girl bonding moment. central park is overwhelmed with women. a lot of women are there for reasons with great stories. >> it's 10,000 women and we have done this for a number of years. i have done it years ago. it is the ultimate girl power event and we encourage men to come. >> it's exciting. i cannot wait to watch you guys. . >> i can't get her in. >> i can't even run over there. >> you guys are inspiring, that's for sure. >> i will have a beer after the race. >> that's very cool ladies congrats. we will help you brew an ultimate cup of coffee with the best coffee makers on the market. >> in miami, a simple recipe for meatballs.
8:33 am
yum. >> i want to go there. if i could, take a second with a plug. the new season of "the voice." it kicks off on monday. christina aguilera is back with blake, adam and ferrell. wait until you hear 15-year-old sawyer fredericks. they fight over this young man. ♪ in constant sorrow all through my days ♪ ♪ i am a man ♪ ♪ constant sorrow ♪ ♪ i see trouble -- >> what were you doing when you were 15 years old?
8:34 am
>> throwing rocks at cars. eating dirt at 15. >> this young man impressed everybody. i know it's season 8 of "the voice." where do these thingers come from. somehow we get better and better people coming to the show. it's the show to go to. it's great for us. >> i'm ready to buy his record. >> there is a big battle for him. join us for the kickoff of "the voice." >> i love when they get up on stage. you are not sure what's going to come out of their mouths and you hear a voice like that. >> when the voice is so different, it's cool. >> savannah skipping out early for an assignment. we will see you on monday and al is on assignment in miami. al? >> the same thing as "the voice." you never know what's going to come out of my mouth. the difference is it doesn't sound that good. we will show you what's going on heading into the weekend. a real mess in the
8:35 am
mid-mississippi ohio river valleys. snow ice and rain. more snow out to the northern rockies. sunshine and cooler saturday in the pacific northwest and southern california. sunday sunday we have another system getting itself together making its way from texas to the rockies. chilly conditions continue. the temperatures moderate 8:35. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren, showing you a live picture over healdsburg. foggy sky. same sky over pleasanton for now. we'll see clearing between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. today and a beautiful sunny finish coming your way with temperatures wrapping up into the 70s. you probably want to dress in layers for today. 72 in the tri-valley. low 70s here in the south bay, on the peninsula and 73 for today out in wine country. if you want to make outdoor plans, more sunshine and a warmer day on saturday.
8:36 am
>> that's your latest weather. in your 9:00 hour paula deen will be here cooking with us from miami beach and the south beach wine and food festival. >> looking forward to it. i have a hot pot of coffee and wrapping up the special series home improved and i'm serving it up trying to find the best coffee makers on the market. which machines really are the best for you? consumer reports is always doing the work for us. anthony? hot coffee? probably not. good luck trying to sleep tonight, my friend. dan is joining us from consumer reports. let's talk first about how you guys do the testing for this. >> we are always looking for the sweet spot. with coffee makers it's not just the machine, but the operating costs and convenience.
8:37 am
how easy is it? the flavorful cup and durability to try to capture the long-term consumer experience. >> for people on the market right now looking at the coffee makers what tips do you suggest some. >> the first thing is drip. the traditional drip versus the single serving. >> the pods. >> cost versus convenience. >> let's talk about the drip. the black and decker is sort of the -- this is the machine of them all. it's great cost-effectiveness. >> as little as $30, this machine makes good coffee like the single serving. if you want to wake up to the aroma, this is a great way to go. >> we have a mr. coffee similar-type machine. >> similar type and price. it's a little bit better. fully programmable which is nice. one thing we did see here a few user reviews.
8:38 am
we talked about breakage. this may not be the last coffee maker you buy. >> maybe doesn't last as long. you have this s urksone. >> this is the best one. it costs $100 and you are paying more but incredible brewing. it has a very big caraffe. 14 cups. >> if you can get it out of there. >> if you brew a lot of coffee this is great. we talked about the convenience and a nice easy pour. with some of the models the coffee spills over the edge and you have that water fall effect. >> that's important. the caraffe. let's move over to the pods. this is all the rage right now. we have first, this one right here is the starbucks machine? >> yes, starbucks. the die-hard starbucks fan, this is a good way to go. it costs about $150. so you see you are going up in price. but it's simple.
8:39 am
it's all about convenience. so the way this works, take one of the pods -- >> pop it in. >> you come around here but you will press the button and be good to go. >> single serve. when it comes to the pods versus the drip method where are you going to get more value? >> definitely in the drip, yeah. talk about operating costs. you're looking at 75 cents to 80 cents a cup, which is a lot less than what you will spend at the starbucks store. but comparing the penny out of the drip machine, there's a real difference there. so you are paying for the convenience, the speed, with this machine versus the traditional. >> thank you. lots of information. thanks so much. coming up next making millions from baby sitting? the 15-year-old hitting it rich with a big idea. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ich with a big idea. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
teenagers, of course have
8:42 am
long used babysitting to make a little walking around money, but a 15-year-old here in new york city is looking to make a lot more than that after starting her own venture in babysitting. in many ways no one minces like any other teenager girl. >> i still have a lot of homework, and go to sleepovers and go to movies. >> but this freshman also happens to have a lucrative business, matching nannies with families and babysitters. so lucrative, in fact the 15-year-old who started the business when she was 12 recently stepped aside hiring a 26-year-old ceo when she could no longer handle the demand and juggle school. >> at the end of eighth grade, i started to realize i wasn't doing the business justice by putting in so many hours because the hours weren't quality hours. >> i can't imagine what i was doing when i was 14/15, but once you meet her and talk to her, it
8:43 am
felt like i was talking to someone a lot older. >> noah began by giving her own mom guidance when their family's babysitter wasn't a good match. she started getting the same kid perspectives to family friends in search of sinners. and nannies by noa took off. >> as a divorced father of two children, i had problems getting a babysitter. knowing the needs of nannies and babysitters of children in new york city it's sort of like a perfect fit. >> n tooa charges 15% of a gross salary ranging from $50,000 to $80,000. >> from a young age, i worked at a lemonade stand for me. go big or go home. this is probably my most successful venture yet. >> and noa is joining us here in studio now. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> so tell me how this was born. you don't like your babysitter and say, mom, i need someone new. she says you go frigid her and you did. >> i did. i realized agencies didn't understood what that real new
8:44 am
york nanny was. it is not a qualification. it is not something you can see in a personality. it is really a vibe you get and i knew what that vibe was, so i helped my mom and family friends who had bragging rights. >> what kind of reactions do you get? we talked to people whether are satisfied and like your service. they say they talk to you on the monoand you sound like a businesswoman and they go what? you're 15 years old. >> people who met me i always assure people i'm a businesswoman. i noknow what i'm doing and learned a lot. i think people trust me and it vouched for how we have been, they have been pleased with our nannies. >> if i'm a parent at home and hope to get a babysitter for $10 an hour how do we come to you instead? >> we do an extensive screening, more so than other agencies and none of the other agencies are run by a kid or the vision didn't come from a kid. we also look at the nanny and
8:45 am
take into account the nanny vibe in new york. so we take that into consideration. and i also think that i know what kids want not just what the parents want but i think it is important we focus on the kids, too. >> a final quick question i have a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, how soon can someone be over tonight? >> for a one-time job, three hours. >> see you tonight. >> thank you. >> noa, congratulations. >> thank you. and coming up giada is live with italian favorites to whip up tonight. she and al are having fun, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
8:47 am
we're back now at 8:47 with remarkable advances in technology to improve the lives of millions of americans. here's nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: i'm going to let you lead me okay? >> yeah. >> she's a spit-fire and full of life. >> up the step. up the step. >> she's become the most
8:48 am
engaging fun personality. >> reporter: now what do we do? >> go hide. >> we have learned to see the world through a different lens. >> did you ring the doorbell? >> reporter: katie and tyler grove's 7-year-old daughter emily was born blind. >> her eyes they didn't look right to me. she didn't look at me like my other children had. >> reporter: emily also had glaucoma and four surgeries to reduce the swelling. that must've taken a lot of courage. >> honestly people have said you handled it with such grace, but i don't know how you handle it any differently. she was our daughter and she was part of our family. i don't think that there's ever been a time when we said emily can't do that because she's blind. >> reporter: emily takes the bus to school by herself. she takes braille classes in her second-grade classroom and enjoys spending time with her five brothers and sisters. >> ashes, ashes, we all fall
8:49 am
down! >> reporter: but some activities she has to do a little differently. so you can't see tv but you still like to watch tv? >> yeah. >> reporter: because you're listening? >> i'm listening to tv. and i think about the tv. >> reporter: emily is in a new tv for comcast, the parent company of nbc universal for technology to assist the blind. >> press okay to select. >> reporter: the talking guide reads aloud selections like program titles and on-demand settings giving users the freedom to select their own shows and movies. >> is this our set? >> reporter: the commercial is emily's vision of what she thinks "the wizard of oz" looks like. there are a number of recent technological breakthroughs targeting disabled consumers. from a phone that assists par
8:50 am
legion parapalegics to objects to identify your smartphone camera to turning your phone into a hearing aid. >> the great thing about technology is we can give people back capabilities they have lost or give people capabilities they have never had. leveling the playing field for everyone. >> reporter: and that technology is changing lives. because you're blind, what do you want everyone to know? >> you can do other things that -- i can do other things. people think i can't do much but i can. >> i hope that all the people that i have passed in grocery stores that looked at me with pity in their eyes will see a child who is just bright and happy and had so many capabilities that they would no longer feel like they have to pity her, but that they would see all the possibilities. she is not blindness, she's a beautiful little girl who happens to be blind. >> reporter: for today, kerry
8:51 am
sanders, nbc news betendorf, iowa. >> and emily's commercial will air during the oscars on sunday for the first time. >> good for her. coming up we have giada's special recipe for
8:52 am
>> announcer: "today's" kitchen is brought to you by quaker
8:53 am
quakerup. >> today's kitchen hit the road this morning. al is down in miami with "today" contributor and chef giada delaurentiis. good morning. >> good morning. it's the 14th annual food and wine festival. and i got it all down. giada, you have a special dinner coming up. >> it's actually a brunch on sunday. where i make lots of meatballs. >> and you are going to preview this. it's got the meat it's got the bread, it's got the egg, it's got pasta in it. >> it's got pasta in it! >> this is a meatball orzo thing you have going on. >> this is what you've been looking at all morning. kind tradition, you soak this in olive oil. the egg already beaten a little bit of milk. and you're supposed to let this sit for five minutes, which we are not going to do just so the bread can soften right? then orzo.
8:54 am
okay. so about a quarter cup of raw orzo. this is like pasta but it is pasta, it's like pasta, but looks like rice. yes. and then a bunch of parmesan cheese. >> okay, you have your dairy. >> you have your dairy. then off little bit of garlic. lemon zest is key. red pepper flakes. salt and a little bit of oregano. >> three kinds of meat. >> traditional italian, beef pork and veal. you can do just one if you want. and i would go with my hands, but i think it is a little too cold. mix it all together. this is what it looks like. i like to do my balls with a little bit of -- with a little bit of -- >> you okay there? >> yes, sorry. then i roll them and put them in the marinara. >> could you fry them up a little bit? >> you could fry them up or put them on a baking sheet and throw them in the oven. 450 degrees. but this is a way to keep them nice, moist and delicious. 20 minutes later you have little balls like this. i spoon them to the antipasta
8:55 am
platter that i'm doing on sunday for my brunch. this is the perfect hot item. everything else can be cold and you put this on the platter. >> tell me about this cheese. >> the one you've been eating? >> yes. >> he's been heating it all morning. >> it's fantastic. so glad i made it. i made meatballs and he eats just the cheese. but it's a parmesan cheese except it is much sweeter, not as dry, and as al said it's -- >> got less umame. >> that's it. and i think it's perfect, a nice hard cheese with a soft moz mozzarella mozzarella. >> and we have a nice surprise at 9:00. >> good morning. you are y'all? let me tell y'all something. somebody left the freezer door open down here. not the refrigerator door but the freezer door. >> that's right. >> but it's better than what is going on in new york. right, al? >> absolutely.
8:56 am
that's fantastic. back to you guys. >> al giada, paula, we'll see you coming up in our next hour as always find the recipes at our website, >> that looked pretty good. oscars on sunday. we're asking you to watch that show with and we'll have all the big after party on monday. somebody is going to win the big golden hanger of course. and next hour we are talking about the new going out is working out with your all right. you made it. it's 8:56 on friday. i'm sam brock. happening today, leaders in carson california will be discussing the bombshell announcement made yesterday by the raiders and chargers. the teams are now planning to develop a joint football stadium in southern california. at least the proposal is out there. alameda county's coliseum authority will be meeting this morning, speculation right now running rampant that the raiders
8:57 am
will be on the agenda. meantime the stage nearly set for the first ever outdoor nhl game in northern california. sharks players will get a chance to test out the ice today and they play the kings tomorrow night in the latest nhl stadium series hockey game. a lot of interest in that one. we'll have another local news up update in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. # >> look at that number. it's 2 degrees on the plaza and feels like 18 below. >> that just hurts. >> inside studio 1a it's toastier. i'm willie geist with natalie morales and tamron hall. i thought he was going to the food and win festival in miami. it's chilly down there, my friend.
9:01 am
>> where is the speedo? >> it is. i have to tell you. where is my speedo? nothing like sending people off on their weekend feeling good. i have to tell you, it's 42 degrees. we tied the record set back in 1972. it's all relevant. if i was up in new york city with 42 degrees, i would be walking around with a sport coat. everyone is bundled up and florida had a bunch of records set. there have been 64 cities setting overnight lows or tying records. it is crazy stuff. this is crazy cold. we will moderate a bit and come back again monday and again wednesday and thursday. this is the winter. it started off slow but it is winter and really, really ramped up. >> it started off slow but not letting go. >> let's hop scotch around and go to dylan with the ice
9:02 am
volcano. what is an ice volcano? >> it is exactly what it sounds like. a fountain that is still shooting out water out of the top. it's hard to capture how cold it is by looking at my face but by looking at this it shows you the beauty of winter. over the course of the ice structure and it was posted on social media. people have been coming to take pictures of it and trying to capture how gorgeous it looks. it's such a crazy phenomenon. it's a man made fountain but it's freezing like this. it's not often that i pop into the live chat. you have to wait until it's 8 degrees below? >> we love you.
9:03 am
>> dylan literally cannot move her face. you can see it. can't even finish the sentence. >> you don't want to put your tongue on that. don't do that. >> i tried it. it didn't work well. >> off to the van to warm up. we have incredible video and talking about niagara falls. the falls are moving but it doesn't look like it. this is drone video shot from the canadian side. that is mist and ice coming up right in front of the falls heighting them. we are lucky to get some of that. >> it looks like clouds. >> it does. unbelievable. >> we dug up that photo. al talked about in 1848 there was a time where a dam was set up. you can walk across. that was the last time you really saw what seemed like
9:04 am
frozen niagara falls. >> approaching that territory. it's 18 degrees below zero and feels that way on the plaza. our producer alex is out there trying some science experiment and we should point out, do not try this at home. what do you have? >> hot water. it's the only thing keeping warm out here. i will chuck it up in the air. three, two, one! a little bit of ice. a little bit of mist. >> i noticed it's minus 12. warmed up 6 degrees in about three minutes. amazing. >> i have a big bucket. we will see if we can make a lake out here. all right. >> you going to make an ice rink. >> see if i'm ice say thing in a bit. >> it should be boiling water. >> it was boiling in the cup.
9:05 am
>> don't push me man. i'm the only one doing this. that was better than that. >> you sent them out here complaining. >> hs stag out there for a while. >> that was my new hero. >> i support out a tweet and i took the temperature. it was 4:30 in the morning. i said send me your temperature. i got a 40 delow and 28 below in wisconsin. it is crazy out there. >> that is ridiculous. much of the country. >> except for -- >> out in beverly hills. they are getting ready for the oscars on the gorgeous red carpet. the gowns will be flowing and the ladies will be wearing income to nothing. it's not 5 below. oscar is sunday night hosted by neal patrick harris. we are excited on see him take on the honors. american sniper a lot of people
9:06 am
say it could be the upset. willie and i pick this as the oscar pick. it could upset boyhood for best picture, but there is an online chatter speculating that it could lose because of fake baby. he is holding the baby. >> if you are an oscar voter and you don't vote based on a plastic baby you should never be allowed to vote again. >> especially the total sum of the brilliant movie, it's strange. >> it's true a lot of people were fixated on that and calling clint eastwood out for using a fake baby. the actual child that they had hired was sick that day. they opted for fake baby. >> that was not my take away.
9:07 am
the fake baby. are my favorite is a lot of people. >> there is a lot of people. >> the panel of voters. >> it could be the achilles heel of the film. we are asking you for your votes and who will win best picture. a lot of people said american sniper in the end. it's the number one movie. to see what i mean. >> we have the screeners because we were part of that. the movie that people went with friends and family american sniper. >> it's very popular. >> it probably still would be an upset. they were talking about boyhood and bird man. >> i said bird man because of
9:08 am
the theatrical aspect of it. american sniper is my favorite but i was trying to anticipate what the people vote like. >> they could cancel each other out and that could throw the vote too. so we will see. >> you have to tune in monday here on today. we will send it out to you. >> carson is giving out the golden hanger award for the dress. can't wait to see that. this story yesterday, i read this online. this is the best. a lesson in never being route. >> they ared headed to work on mass transit. one of the morning altercations where someone pushes you and you
9:09 am
stand there and the person next it him swore at him. later that day as that man was at work he was prepared for a vacancy at his job. who walks in but the square for the interview. >> what are the oughts? >> i know. >> he said i approached it and he had a good commute that morning. he laughed it off in a way and i ended up apologizing. >> they were okay with it. >> the guy, the applicant did not get the job. now the guys said that's not why. i don't buy it at all. >> you never know. >> here's your coffee. here's my resume.
9:10 am
>> put it on file. >> i love that story. a lesson on this friday. >> you never know. all right. meanwhile as we showed you in miami the south beach food and wine festival. get it all out there. # >> it's starting to warm up a little bit. we have more bad weather to talk about. storm after storm. the fifth week in a row we talk about a major winter storm approaching. let's show you what we have happening right now. the storm system with america on ice. way to the south and look at the temperatures where we have wind chill warnings and advisories. look at the record lows. and counting.
9:11 am
monday morning again, more reinforcing cold air coming in. we have this storm system coming in. an ice warning for a half inch of ice crippling. moving to the east and north. you are looking at the snow at midnight. starting early saturday night and snow for boston and new york city to three inches and changing over to rain which is bad news. the snow will absorb the water. # >> we are looking at snowfall amounts anywhere from four to six inches of snow in cincinnati and lexington on into washington and then new york city into new england, one to three inches of
9:12 am
snow. hey, happy friday to you, bay area. i'm meteorologist christina loren. overlooking that cloud dock from high atop the hills in sunol. we're going to have to wait for the sun to break through the clouds. pleasanton still socked in with the clouds. expecting clearer between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. more sunshine for today will translate to warmer temperatures in the low to mid 70s. 72 in the tri-valley today. 73 in the north bay. and yeah good looking weekend. a little cooler on sunday. >> and tonight here at the south beach wine and food festival i am competing for best burger. it's on a fritzle bun with a siratcha chut me in sauce. >> you win. #
9:13 am
>> it's his favorite but what they love to do is to break into your instagram account. i was scrolling and i see al's instagram, his daughter has stolen his phone and broken into his account, tweeting out selfies of herself. she said i wonder how long before he noticed. al was sitting next to her sleeping. what happened? >> she actually had pictures of me sleeping and drooling. i had fallen asleep. here's what happened. we are on the flight to new york. she has to do research for homework. i give her my phone, the go-go internet. i fall asleep and she starts taking pictures of me and posting them on my instagram. that's her homework.
9:14 am
her research. humiliating dad. >> we love you, leila. >> this is again, my mother's voice, god rest her soul. one day i hope yours do to you what you did. i never hacked my mother's instagram account. >> i would change that password. it's coming. >> go back out. no surprise we have an ice rink. >> we have all of this to myself. completely frozen. do not fall. >> all right, alex. thanks a lot. speaking of the weather and most of the country not the season to be talking about it. unless you are talking about a grill like this one. we have the story behind it and more all your life you're told to tame your curls... ♪
9:15 am
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9:18 am
. the frigid temps left quite an impression in more ways than one. >> ripping up asphalt in more ways than one. >> here to take us through them is mark. good morning. let's start off with one of my favorite pictures. showing you how miserable winter is. look at this. this is amazing. >> they watched them get into the car and they pulled away and leave. this ghost impression of the car. >> that's amazing. looks like a jeep cherokee. i know my grill. >> speaking with the weather, tell me about the snowman. >> this is a good reminder.
9:19 am
we had a double whammy of snowstorms. this is in maryland and we have a hay day on snowman who has a topping of real snow. there is enough snow to close down the school offices. this is an optical illusion. is that all snow? >> is it? >> no. >> that's amazing. pretty cool. a gravity-defined car. >> this is my hometown. this artist is known for optical illusions. he dealt a car that has a rip curl. that's bad driving. it took a whole team and you can take a helvy in front of that. >> that's a real car? >> they took a melting house. >> fantastic. >> good to see you. coming up next go have those
9:20 am
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not all fry brands are the same. ore-ida fries are always made fast to keep the freshness in. taking a look at the headlines about what to eat and what not to. among the highlights from the recommendations from a panel of experts are to five cups of coffee are okay. eggs and other foods high in cholesterol are fine since they don't transfer to blood and foods high in saturated fat should still be limited. the maker of breyers is recalling a no sugar swirl because they may contain almonds
9:24 am
or other tree nuts. more americans plan to save refunds this year than ever before. according to a retail federation more than 60% of those surveyed are expecting a tax refund and 47% said they plan to put the money into savings. among those who will spend it, 13% plan to take a vacation. apple is getting into the car business. they are hoping to begin production on an electric car by 2020. nothing official from apple on this. you tube is ready to launch an app for children that will launch on monday. that's with family friendly contend and controls that shut down after a fish tale that one
9:25 am
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9:26 am
that's why philadelphia cream cheese tastes so rich and creamy. only philadelphia. a very good friday morning. 9:26. police say more arrests may be coming in the shooting death of a popular security guard in san jose. yesterday, officers in san jose arrested two men. one of whom they say has a criminal history. last saturday manny suzeega and another security guard were working when they responded to a robbery at a nearby liquor store. this while someone opened fire killing zuniga. >> firefighters over night had to use the jaws of life to pry open the doors to a burning auto repair shop. it started around 2:00 in the morning near 78th avenue. crews managed to stop the fire before it spread to other areas. the fire did damage several vehicles. >> if you don't yet know here's your wake-up call.
9:27 am
the 415 area code getting a new partner starting at midnight. the new 628 area code overlaid the same area of san francisco and marin county. for 415 rs it means dialing all ten digits for all of your phone calls. if you dial just the seven digits, your call will not be connected. don't say we didn't warn you. a look at the weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good friday morning. this is sunol, still looking down over the cloud deck. i can tell you i'm monitoring the live picture, and the clouds are clearing pretty rapidly. 72 degrees in the tri-valley today. more sunshine and a warmer day on tap, and warmer as we get into saturday. then between saturday and sunday you'll notice we are going to drop off, increase the clouds. a good chance for rain as we head throughout monday on the higher elevations. better chance as we head throughout thursday. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast.
9:29 am
right now, want to check on the drive. >> it's pretty light overall. we did find one little pocket one of our cameras, right there, san rafael shows slowing as well as the low cloud cover, but this is really dramatic on the map, not quite as dramatic just a little pocket. i have to zoom out to show you where there's more effect maybe closer to petaluma. approaching the bay bridge not a big deal. the rest of the bay, the south bay, same things on both side and livermore, we show you clouds hovering around the pass. back to you. >> the roadways being kind to drivers on this friday. thank you very much. we'll see you in 25 minutes with another local news update.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to today on this chilly friday morning. al is in miami where he will be cooking with paula deen. did you see this thing on ellen yesterday? this ipad magician guy. simon is his name. i can't explain it. watch. >> thanks this to string i can show you my last 200 pictures from my vacation. i won't show you all of them. just the overview. that way i can print them. my parents do not have an i pat. i put it in a postcard and sent
9:31 am
it to germany. before i do so i always make a copy. always the data might get lost. just like that. yes? perfect. charchgs to this here i can easily thanks to this straw, i can share music videos and also a coke. i can also give something out. coconut milk from california. it works. i was looking at the straw.
9:32 am
>> ellen is even like huh? >> what a cool skill. let's go down to miami for more magic tricks with al roker. i cannot figure that out. that's amazing to see. i wonder how many ipads he runned. let's show you what we have got heading into the weekend. an icy mix back into the and chillier along the west coast. sunday we are looking at more snow and rain in texas and snow into the rockies and sunshine into the northwest and temperatures moderate into the mississippi valley. tomorrow by sunday it's back to
9:33 am
normal here. the high of 79 degrees. it's gorgeous here from the miami beach hotel. they tell me the pool is heated and you have to get out eventually. are you going in the pool? he has a swimsuit and he's 9:33. going to be warmer here today than it will be in miami. i want to start with this time lapse from pacifica. this is from our friends at weather underground. the clouds are clearing in parts of the bay area. mostly at the coastline right now. 73 in the north bay with the clouds clearing between 11:00 a.m. and about 2:00 p.m. for much of us. 70 degrees on saturday. a big dropoff as we head throughout sunday. more cloud cover. next chance for rain late sunday into monday with a better chance by thursday of next week. >> that's your latest weather.
9:34 am
paula deen is regayling the crowd. we are here at the wine and food festival here at miami beach. >> you eat. and you may need a little motivation to get back on track. >> i have just what you need when you are thinking about working out. it's involving two things. socializing and sweat. you guys know i'm a fitness buff and i like to take on a new challenge, but i decided to kick it up a notch with new friends. >> i find myself dog the same thing over and over again, day after day, over and over again.
9:35 am
i'm ready to ditch these and try something new. working out is the new going out. i recruited my girlfriends for a day of fitness. are you ready to make sweat sexy? >> that's what the work out promised to do. 305 fitness is inspired by a nightclub scene. >> we started out with basic dance moves. >> that's the dance moves. then we took it up a notch. pretty soon we were all unleashing our inner beast. some of us better than others.
9:36 am
>> that was a bad dance recital on my end. you could do it. who knew? >> the practice paid off. by the end of class i was shaking it. >> she's a natural. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. no more of that sexy part. >> this is our part two. after we work out. slt is short for strengthen lengthen and tone keeps sofia vergara in shape. >> sweating and shaping next to your friend right? >> meet the mega former machine. >> this is smaller. >> don't let the slow pace fool you. one class with can blast 400 to
9:37 am
600 calories. >> it's more fun to work out with people you know. >> i credit my friends for helping me get back after i was on maternity friends. working out with friends is like a party. >> a rocker work out called pound and pour. >> you will build strong arms and then we will pour to celebrate your hard work. >> the cardio jam session. >> i meant to toss that. there was one more activity left to do. >> we all still friends? >> we are all still friends. we were sore for days but it's a great way to get a work out in doing the social thing. it makes it more enjoyable. >> i love your twerk.
9:38 am
that was fun. >> that will be on you tube. >> get off the treadmill. a star studded series finale. tv's most popular show that one notable absence. how producers got the last laugh ever since darryl's wife started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) uh honey isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work
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9:43 am
chuck explained the message at the end of the show that he invited to be on but he did not think that it was coming. he tweeted and saying that he will be on the golburgs and saying that i go where the love is. >> i know. >> how many times can you die. >> i wish he would have been on the show. it completes it. it's done now. the oscars are sunday and we learn about the politics that happen behind the scene. oscar winner monique, was she blackmailed from hollywood? yes. the actress says that doors have not been flown open. the director told her that she was black balled for not playing the game. she said some people were not happy when she did not campaign
9:44 am
for the oscars. since then the parts that were offered were taken off the table. daniels responded to hollywood resport re reporter saying that the demands were not in line and it soured it with the hollywood community. he said that he would keep her in mind for future collaboration. a lot of oscars say that they have to go out and campaign like a politic. >> yeah. >> she did not. she wanted the work to stand on her own. she won, but she lost. >> yeah. >> that whole interview is heart breaking because you expect the world to open up and she said that nobody called. >> she is talented. >> amazing. >> much politics in hollywood. that's just life sometimes. tough week for igg y. saying good-bye and that's that. she is leaving.
9:45 am
after being photographed in a bah kin any, she said that she came home to pettiness about her famous figure. among the tweet she said came on line and said that it's shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cell lite. lol. from now on her management will tweet from her account, and if she posted again it's signed i g. she was on vacation with her boyfriend and nba star and in a bikini bikini. >> i cannot understand when people body sham everybody. >> yeah it's just crazy. >> you have it much worse because people get personal and talk physical. >> until we talk back and make you shut down that account. >> so be ware. >> next. in south beach and kicking up a
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
♪ dinner's just better when i've got my helper with me. and country crock melts in for the perfect mashed potatoes, every time. creamy texture and rich buttery taste. mmm, mmm welcome to crock country. ♪
9:49 am
sir, we're going to need you on the runway later don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu. it has the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. theraflu breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. so you never miss a day. theraflu. serious power. all right. it's time to head into the kitchen. he has moved it into south beach. hello al. >> hey. we're here and 14th annual wine and food festival and food network. joining us is paula dean. >> hello y'all. how are y'all? >> we're going to be fine when you start on the chicken and
9:50 am
waffles. >> people usually think of chicken and waffles going to a restaurant. they're easy to have at home. quit often i serve it for dinner. it's so good. >> okay. >> i use a mix for my waffles. >> that's not hard to do from scratch. >> yeah it was milk egg and oil. you just going to mix that up and your waffle is ready to go. >> okay. so you're using a chicken cutlet. >> yes, i am using a chicken breast and you and i have been friends for years and you know how i treat my meat. i beat it up. >> you're known for that. >> we're going to beat the he can out of this. >> get that aggression out. >> yes. i like these so thin. >> yeah because they cook up real quick. >> i beat him to death. oh my gosh. >> once you have beaten it you have a three step here. >> yeah i have salt and garlic
9:51 am
powder and here is my flour. >> we're going to run it through the flour. >> yeah and then a little butter milk. >> yeah butter milk and then my favorite coating is the coating. i just love those. so this is so easy and you know it takes a while. i am very fortunate that i have a waffle maker that makes two waffle at the time but if you do not have that kind you can just beat themmen a sheet tray, and put them in the often. >> how long does this cook? >> about four minutes. >> you pounded it nice and thin. >> yeah i can get it cooked quick and then. >> and then a nice. >> our oil is so hot. >> how hot is it? >> it's really hot. >> look at that cooking. in the meantime we have a nice fruit salad with a cheese -- >> al i bet that i sold
9:52 am
thousands of these when i started the bag lady. people love the fruit sal lid. i would make a french custard. today i am making just a french ad. i would make a french custard. today i am making just a french cream. >> it's easy. a cup of whipping cream. >> thank you. >> paula dean and doing a demonstration here at the south beach wine and food festival. first this is today on nbc. >> come to
9:53 am
9:54 am
.t >> a preview of what's coming up this weekend. >> we have this cool story from our great friend about a major league baseball player who lives in a van.
9:55 am
you think these guys make great money and they can live anywhere they wanted. he can find a million dollar view but he does it in his van. he's a big hiker and surfer and he plays from the blue jays. he gets an interesting reaction. no one thought twice that he lives out of his van. now he gets a different reaction. he's has a great take on it. his teammates have a great take on it too. >> we can get your studio apartment near the beach. it's your mobile at the same time. >>
9:56 am
well good morning, everyone. it's 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. happening today, leaders in carson california will discuss the bombshell announcement made yesterday by the raiders and chargers. the teams are now planning to
9:57 am
build a joint football stadium in that area. that's in the area of los angeles. alameda county coliseum authority will also meet this morning. that issue wasability originally expected to be discussed, but speculation running rampant that will be added to the agendaagenda. >> doctors are expected to release bruce bochy from the scottsdale hospital today. he received two stints in his heart after suffering chest pain. the giants say he is resting comfortably and he'll take the next couple days off to recover. pitchers and catchers had their first day of spring training yesterday. let's check the weather this morning. >> hey, thank you, scott. happy friday. we've made it to the end of the week. temperatures are going to be nice for today. low 70s in the south bay, peninsula, and on the tri-valley side. 68 at the coast. san francisco, and 73 degrees in the north bay. changes coming your way as we get into the weekend. we're going to see the sunshine through the clouds between 12:00 and 3:00 today.
9:58 am
same for tomorrow. a little warmer for some spots and cooler and cloudier by sunday with a chance for showers. more on that at claev look. want to check your friday drive. >> san rafael you can see the clouds clearing and so is the traffic. see the same thing on the map, slowing through san rafael no problems for the upper east shore freeway. livermore out of the altamonte pass. bay bridge no backup and no metering lights. on the san francisco side a fork in the road. a pitchfork in the road. you don't want to choose poorly don't hit it. go around. >> yogi berra said if you hit a fork in the road, go around it. another local news update in a half hour.
9:59 am
we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep
10:00 am
only at a sleep number store. right now find our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress starting at $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is try day friday! you've made it to february 20th. you know what today is hoda woman? >> what? >> it is the very first time we'll pull the names of five lucky viewers from that drum right there and surprise them with a very special give-away. >> this is big, because we give good prizes. >> yes, we do. >> five people are going to have them. >> we give get-aways but this is a give-away. >> we've got a great show for you today.
10:01 am
our mom-to-be, bobbie thomas is here with the cutest baby trends for all the new moms out there. there is going to be a cute little baby to show. and unless your wedding gown was like my sexy little number -- >> yours was sexy. >> it's probably sitting in storage. or taking up valuable space in your closet. we'll show you how to turn that gown into some cash. >> it is sort of a good idea. in the beginning i thought who would want to do that but i think it might be actually smart. >> i think at different times in your life you care differently about those things. it is very clear to me that my daughter would never in a million years go near that dress. sell it for charity or something. we can do that. hilaria baldwin is here to show us some famous yoga poses. there's this owner who poses sleeping dogs in photos which is -- >> his dog sleeps and he likes to take pictures. >> it is national "love your pet" day. >> he sleeps so soundly.
10:02 am
this guy decided, we're going to take pictures of this sleeping dog. and it is a 3-year-old named rufus. okay. rufus loves to sleep so he positions him in clever little scenarios. >> that's so cute. >> apparently he's -- >> rufus is out. >> he's doing magic. and he's making a snowman. okay. and then -- the dog must wake up and go like what is going on? >> so i think we set out on facebook to hear from some people. said show us your dog. >> or pet. >> in -- >> other animals as well. i didn't know. >> you no he what happened? amanda has a cat and her cat sleeps in a funny way. this is a dog sleeping on his back. >> that's the way louie does. louie lets the world look at his junk. >> look at that! the minute we posted -- amanda
10:03 am
posted the picture of her cat sleeping funny people started sending in photos of their dogs and cats. >> what are they doing? >> they're sleeping on their owner. he's there underneath. >> oh. i'm sorry but that's a little disturbing. >> oh my god! >> that looks like a hippopotamus. >> you know what's weird? he's asleep. look at his eyes. open like blake's. >> that's veronica's dog, stella. >> you know what? dogs sleep with their eyes open. that would be terrifying. that looks a little bit scary. >> do you have trouble remembering people's names, yoda? lot of people do. >> all right. so business insiders figured out a way that you can learn them. they say when you meet someone and -- so hi i'm hoda. >> oh. hoda. that's beautiful. what nationality is that? >> my parents are from egypt. blah blah blah. so you have to repeat the name.
10:04 am
>> hoda. right. okay. so we're going to give ourselves a name test. >> there's other ways you can learn people's names. if i say hi my name is sandra. you go sandra like sandra bullock. then you remember. >> you have to do some sort of association. >> or if someone's name is shirley. you say hi my name's shirley and you picture shirley temple. >> even if they don't look anything like them. >> or you can use few monmnemonic devices. >> if you know what that is. >> that's like dale who works in sales. >> what if he doesn't work in sales? >> doesn't matter. he looks like a salesman. >> then you have to remember how you thought that. >> because his hair is slicked back. it looks slick. >> this is going to be a disaster. >> we found five lovely people on our plaza and we brought them here and we want you guys to play along at home. we'll introduce everybody. hi what's your name?
10:05 am
>> hi imof's tina. i'm from oklahoma city oklahoma and i'm a mother of three. >> tina. lena. >> tina from oklahoma city. >> okay. i got it. tina. we got you. >> you, sir? >> good morning. my name is will. i'm a husband, father and in technology sales from birmingham alabama. >> will. >> nice to meet you, will. >> nice to meet you. >> let me think for a minute. >> will. >> okay. >> will we remember? >> all right. go on. >> hi i'm janet and i am a medical equipment sales rep from wichita falls, texas. >> janet. >> jan-net. ah-ha. thank you, janet. >> okay. i got it. next. >> hi i'm sherri i'm from foster city california and i work for. ale. >> sherry for apple.
10:06 am
>> apple. >> sherry. >> okay. we got it. now we're going to go back at the end of the show -- >> one more hoda! >> the camera was blocking. i'm sorry! >> okay. keep going. >> good morning, ladies. i'm carrie. i'm from minnesota, the twin city metro area and i pam a server. >> carrie. >> carrie. >> like before sherry. okay right after sherry. carrie. now we're going to play another game. stop it's over. it is time to tune out. we're moving on. >> i take these seriously! we're going to play make out, marry or move on. >> with the oscars coming up we have categories so we want you guys to play along with us. let's go first one. michael keaton. >> no more names.
10:07 am
>> michael, eddie as in freddie. robert duvall. so make out, marry, and let's say the other one -- >> move on. >> move on. >> okay. i am moving on from robert duvall. >> he's a very good dancer. >> i'm going to make out with eddie and i'm going to marry bird man. what are you doing? >> i would -- none of the above. >> you have to. you have to play. >> i would make out with eddie because his lips are unbelievable. >> next? >> i would move on from michael keaton although i hear he is a lovely guy. i'll marry robert due value. what the hell. next one. let's do it. >> ethan hawk steve carell, or mark rough lowuffolo. >> i'm making out with mark ruffolo. and probably marry him, too.
10:08 am
i'd marry steve carell and i'd say good-bye to ethan hawk. >> i'll make out with ethan hawke. what the heck. he wouldn't want me to but what else? i'll move on from mark. >> i'm moving on from adam lee convenient. >> i'm moving on from adam lee convenient too. >> i'm going to marry bradley cooper and i'm making out with common. it is time to figure out our oscar ballots because this is when we decide who we think is going to win and we're wrong -- stop looking at them! you can't. no the game must continue. your brain is over. >> it is. it is. >> no you keep referring back. >> it is all rightee. here we go. i'm going to pick for best actress -- you push it in. best actor, we're only doing three. best actor, and best picture is going to be -- as i said.
10:09 am
we're going to reveal them. i have my initials on mine. >> that by omission would be me. >> it is time for your friday funny. >> here we go. wait for canned laughter. and go. a 42-year-old man named thomas is still single. one day a friend asks him, can't you find a good woman to marry? thomas replied, actually i found many women i wanted to marry, but when i bring them home to meet my parents, my mother doesn't like them. his friend thinks about the dilemma for a minute and goes well i've got the perfect solution. just find a girl who's just like your mother. few months later the guys meet again and his friend asked, what ever happened? did you find the perfect girl that your mother would like? with a frown on his face thomas answers, yes, i found the perfect girl. she was just like my mother. and you were right, my mother liked her very much. the friend asked, then what's the problem? he goes my father doesn't like her. hey. >> that was a great one.
10:10 am
let's play our name check. you guys play at home. we're going to write down the names and see what we can remember. i think i remember. >> i forgot. >> we're not sure of spelling. >> no it's not -- oh. hang on. i almost said shirley. i don't think it is shirley. i'm missing one and i'm sorry. >> imagine that. will! i am. >> tee intoinatina will sherry and carrie. >> i almost said sheila but i remembered you said sherri and carrie. will i'm going to write will really big right here. >> thank you guys. >> i was thinking of the singer but it made no sense when i looked at you.
10:11 am
guess where i'm going to be on saturday? tomorrow i am going to be at the withinnn dixie on overseas highway in tavernier, florida. you can come by and have some -- stuff. you paid a professional to do some work on your home but they botched the job. what can you do? we'll ask a really really great lawyer. she's coming up with that and more of your legal matters. >> right after this. even if it's your last one always share the softness of kleenex america's number one tissue. and share your story at i get out of work, and i go to the
10:12 am
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10:14 am
[ baby crying ] [ mom ] be right there, baby. [ muffled noises ] oops. ow. sorry. [ baby crying ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night. ♪ ♪ wishing you love sleep and play. pampers.
10:15 am
it's never fun to be caught in the middle of a dispute whether it is with a family member or friend or business partner. >> often you are left with no other choice but to seek some legal guidance. to help you navigate some of those sticky situations you asked us about is lisa green. >> author of "on your case a comprehensive compassionate and only slightly bossy legal guide for every stage of a woman's life." that's a great title because a lot of people are intimidated by anything legal. >> almost all women, including you two, i know are careful planners exercise nutrition, tutoring. >> mostly. mostly. >> i'm not going to check your homework but i will say this. when it comes to the law, that's the black hole. women are scared of law. they think it is latin. expensive. scary. and they get to it usually when it is a little too late to make the most of it. that's why i wrote the book. >> i'd like to start with this. it is interesting because i was reading in the book how it says when a couple gets divorced say
10:16 am
the wife knows the husband is cheating in some states she can actually sue for damages? she can get money? >> i mean imagine that. >> let's move. >> you're going to do that move to north carolina. there's a law that you can -- something call alienation of affection which is a very lady like way of saying what we're really talking about. you stole my spouse and i want money. >> who do you sue? the person who seduced? >> the seductress. >> the slut! let's call it what it is. >> that's not really a legal term. >> judge judy says it is. >> defer to judge judy. this involves caring for an elderly parent. my mother is in another state in a nursing home. one of my siblings has power of attorney and refuses to allow my mother to visit me out of spite. is my only recourse a lawsuit? >> you know that's a tough situation. something called a power of
10:17 am
attorney is a piece of paper you ought to have your parents think about. you ought to think about it. give someone permission to take good care of you. i use it with my own mother help her with banking. in this case listen to the question. the person is saying my mother is not allowed to go out of state from a nursing home to visit me. maybe it's spite. maybe it's not really safe or healthy for the mom to travel out of state. but in almost all cases the sibling with the power of attorney really does get the final vote. going to court to change that you really need to see like abuse or neglect, something really serious. >> can they the power of attorney keep that person from coming to her state and visiting her? >> i don't know what the amount of power is here but doesn't that sound like a fairer compromise? >> yeah. remember we saw the whole thing with casey casem's family where they wouldn't let the kids -- the stepmother wouldn't let the real children visit. >> that was a vicious court battle. it is expensive and in the end just a tragic -- nobody wins. you can go to court. doesn't mean you should. >> the next question this
10:18 am
involves a small business. my neighbor friend has a business for which i hired them to power wash my house. they damaged my vinyl siding by not properly rinsing the cleaner and they used it and caused lightened streaks on my tan siding. i paid $125 but ima he not able to resolve this with them. >> three words. small claims court. every state, exactly for things like this. you can sue for up to a couple thousand dollars. she should go to her state's website, check out the details and have someone read the paperwork first to make sure the claim is good. but one more suggestion. the power of yelp. if she goes to her neighbor and says i'm contemplating a one-star yelp review but perhaps we can negotiate a deal that will personally have me refrain refraining from saying something negative online. it is a threat but it is the beginning of a negotiation. it is not even in court. it is just another way to communicate with someone without having to sue. >> but it might be enough. who wants to go through that. >> i want to ask more but we don't have time!
10:19 am
>> this is so great. >> lisa's coming back. if you have any legal questions you'd like answered logon to bobbie's buzzing about babies. next. in a pick and choose world. choose choose choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. and the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. right now find our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress starting at $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number.
10:20 am
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10:21 am
10:22 am
it's time now for "bobbie's buzz." a beautiful mother to be and style editor bobbie thomas brings on the latest and greatest trends.
10:23 am
>> today it is all about the hottest new baby items. >> you got babies on the brain. >> i couldn't take it. thank you so much. everybody has been sending me the most amazing baby gear stuff so i had to share some. first up jennifer ann. two special models kiki and mia. jennifer ann makes clothing with specialized prints. if you look at their leggings it says big sister and little sister. >> that's the cutest thing in the world. >> you can also have really great things. hoda has a dress. you can personalize onesies. diaper covers. >> stop it. >> it says ella ella ella. then you can do all kinds of things. >> look at this. >> andrea who you might remember my best friend. she has a little taggert. >> that hat! stop it! >> that's another thing. that's coming up. but little kiki is also modeling
10:24 am
a ponytail pal. you can keep your little stuffed one in your hair. we also have these babeanie right here. then online these are to mimic breastfeeding. it is breastfeeding in a bottle. they are soft medical grade silicone. >> you are so crazy! >> and last but not least. >> i'm just showing them. i upset the child. >> last but not least, these babies are in the brand-new banana -- >> who is that little baby? >> that's alec and olivia. this is a banana republic nmini. they're launchesing inglaunching the collection this month. it is gender neutral. >> two thumbs up. >> you'll say yes to selling your wedding dress when you see how much money you can make. we'll show you how and where to do it. you don't even have to leave
10:25 am
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10:27 am
he arrived in san francisco earlier this week to try to broker a deal. they have been at it the two sides, for nearly nine months. this week billions of dollars in cargo has been piling up outside ports up and down the west coast. >> the stage nearly set for the first ever outdoor nhl game in northern california. sharks players will get a chance to test out the ice at levi's stadium today. they play the l.a. kings tomorrow night in the latest nhl stadium series hockey game. >> we'll take a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle.
10:29 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we're going to see a nice sunny finish to the day. see widespread low clouds across the bay area. some peaks of sun in the next half hour. 68 in the north bay, 70 for us in the peninsula. in san francisco, upper 60s elsewhere, low 70s for today. looking good to hit the upper 60s for tomorrow 70s in the south bay, and temperatures drop as we get into sunday. showers on the way. we'll talk about it at 11:00. >> happy friday. look at this shot how dramatically different a few minutes makes at the golden gate bridge, now with the low clouds clearing. the map shows you the traffic clearing. no problems for the north bay or the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are off.
10:30 am
south bay clear. back to you. >> make sure to join us at 11:00 for a next show. our next newscast. we'll see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday getting you ready for the academy awards this weekend. >> so invite your friends over because the hottest oscar party in town is going to be at your house. here with everything you need to know from snacks to swag senior editor at "better homes & gardens," amy panos. >> welcome to our swanky soiree. lots off little fun ideas that are easy to do at home. we have our own hollywood walk of fame. $1 stars from the dollar store. just drop them on the floor. they can walk on their own hollywood hall of fame. first things first. a drink. this is champagne with grenadine. you can make your own little hollywood stir sticks. it is adhesive letters that spell hollywood.
10:31 am
stuck to a skewer. super easy. another idea edible glitter and colored sanding sugar. maybe the rim a little bit wet like with an orange slice, dip it in the sugar and you have a beautiful speckly glass. >> your napkins. >> black dinner napkins, pinch in the middle tape it and you have a black tie. >> let's have some hot food. >> at a party like this you want mingling food easy no utensils. we have a popcorn bar. help yourselves to all the different toppings -- himalayan sea salt parmesan. all stored in a film canister we got from amazon for $18. hot dogs with napkin wrap dressed up like tuxedos. way to elevate the hot dog. then these wraps are just a bread stick with cheese and meat tied with a chive. again things people can walk around with. we have crustini. cut out a star glitter it glue
10:32 am
it to a toothpick, pop it in. >> that's so clever! >> that's just brie cheese wedges. cut out. get your paring knife out and cut out black olives. red velvet cupcakes with little oscar toppers. super easy ways to make food fun. >> at nbc we know how to throw a party. we brought the biggest party animals at nbc together. >> hi everybody. >> everyone just say your name. craig. >> katie. >> paul. >> patrice. >> karen. >> so these party animals are going to play a hollywood version of heads up. what you do get names of the hollywood oscar movies and actresses and actors. and you give one to a person she puts it up on her head. >> it is like what ellen does. go. what is it? help us? >> "american sniper." "elephant man."
10:33 am
>> upside down hon. >> golden globe winner. >> alice. >> julianne moore! >> yes! >> you're not even showing it. >> pass! >> i can't hear! "office." >> steve carell! >> yes. >> and the winners get movie candy wrapped up. >> i'm fine with just one person yelling. when all five do you i can remember all of your names. >> another fun activity download a ballot for the oscars and have everybody fill out their ballot for who they think are the winners. the winners get movie candy. then we have a photo booth. >> do you want me to take it? you guys get in. >> i want karen in it. ready? you got to get in. come on. come on kids. >> we'll do a selfie. come on everyone in.
10:34 am
come on are we all in? where's everybody? i need a selfie stick. ready, one, two -- >> did we get it? >> that's impressive. >> that was fun! >> and everybody gets a swag bag. lovely prizes. candy and things like that. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you, paul. >> lovely lovely party. thank you. >> she's been to her fair share of awards shows with her famous husband. >> we're getting ready to strike a pose with celebrity yoga instructor hilaria baldwin. that wedding dress sitting in your closet could fetch you thousands of dollars. when you try to tame my curls, it feels like you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls
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i want my yoga pants to smell like i sweat money. i want to smell the way champagne tastes. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious long-lasting scents... ...unstopables in wash scent booster. i want my foyer to smell more like a foyer. i want his bedroom to smell like he's away at boarding school. surround yourself with up to 6 hours of luxurious, long-lasting scents... ...introducing new unstopables air refresher. if you're like a lot of women, you are probably hanging on to your wedding gown for several reasons or hoping your daughter will wear it one day. >> but let's face it chances are it is going to sit on a hanger just taking up space in your closet for decades perhaps. with wedding planning season in
10:39 am
full swing now, it is the time to think about selling it. >> here to show you how are the founder and ceo of >> hello, kiddos. so people are selling their dresses? >> big money. you can make a lot of good money. especially when your a's just getting married, it is money that you can really use. brides realize my daughter's never going to wear this dress. i'd rather have the cash to use to buy a house or buy a car or pay off the wedding bill. >> a lot of people are divorced and they don't even want it anyway so you might as well dump it. >> there are lovely memories attached. >> two dresses we have over the manikins. one has been in storage since 1987. the one with the poofy sleeves. happens to be worn by one of our producers here. would youza. the original price was $3,500. is that dress still worth something? >> it sure is. >> it is?
10:40 am
>> deb be bybie paid $3,500 for that in 1987. that's a beautifully made dress. somebody will buy that i estimate for $1,100. >> are people selling these online? >> that's the best place these days. the demand is really online. it is a lot cheaper to sell online too. consignment stores can charge you 50% commission whereas online it is nominal compared to that. >> who pays for shipping? >> a lot of time it is included. >> next one is the j. crew number next to debbie's dress. >> that's never been worn. right? >> it is $100. never been worn by the bride. for $100 you going to find a buyer for that? >> absolutely. that dress still has the tags on it and it was $100 because it was on sale. the owner of that dress could actually sell it for $220 and make a profit. >> nice. now we have some really -- we have live breathing brides. laylany is wearing her wedding gown. original price was $1,200 and
10:41 am
she wlants toants to go on a honeymoon. how much do you think she could get? >> she actually customized this dress. she brought it from david's bridal. she bought a sash and bustle and we think she can sell that dress for $1,250. and make some money. >> are you at all sad about parting with it? >> i was initially just thinking about maybe i'll have a daughter one day that wants to wear it. but knowing me and seeing my mom's wedding dress, i was like maybe my daughter won't like it. >> take the cash. >> is the internet the best way to get good money for this? >> sites like you could find a buyer overseas. the price you can't beat online. it is usually just a flat listing fee like $25 or a very small commission. >> can you just take a picture of it? >> more pictures the better.
10:42 am
>> next we have elania. original price, $2,500. she wants to sell it to use the money to start a family and buy a home and things like that. how much do you think she could get -- that's gorgeous. how much could she get for that? >> at about 40% off she can sell it easily for $1,500. maybe even more. >> are you dying to part with it or you just need the money right now? >> a little bit of both. i am definitely willing to let it go. >> it did take up a lot off storage space. >> oh, yes, in my new york city apartment. >> i love the headdress. what about headdresses, things like that? >> absolutely. there are lots of buyers. >> bridesmaids dresses? >> oh yes. >> thank you. when is the best time to sell your dress? >> asap. we actually have brides selling before they are walking down the aisle. the cut-off is two-three years for the optimal price. >> check out michelle.
10:43 am
this spectacular dress. she paid $5,500 for this and then she changed her mind. then she got another dress. >> wow. >> okay. so she wants to get rid of this dress. all right. so how much -- that's gorgeous. how much would that resail forle for? >> that can resale for about $5,000. is still in stores today. plenty of women who -- >> it's been on the "today" show. if there's any cache to that. >> what did your fiance think about the two-dress idea. >> funny that you asked that hoda because he actually does not know about this dress. >> now he does. >> maybe he'll find out when he sees this segment. >> well it is beautiful. >> well thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> that was interesting. thanks for all the good info. it is almost time for our first-ever give-away prize. five lucky viewers are are getting something.
10:44 am
>> we're about to draw the names. will you be one of them? >> maybe. >> and maybe not. and she can strike a pose better than madonna. yoga enthusiast hilaria baldwin is here. >> right after this. stick it... temptation with new special k protein cinnamon brown sugar crunch. each hearty bowl is packed with protein and fiber. satisfy your hunger with special k. ♪ ♪ temptation... ...gets licked special k strawberry protein shakes are packed with protein and fiber. satisfy your hunger with special k. things made with love are the best things.
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strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. (man): you have seen things you were not supposed to see. (man #2): armageddon! (woman): it's all leading to the end of days. (man): this is bigger than any of us. "dig", coming this march on usa.
10:48 am
10:49 am
everybody knows it's cold outside, so if you want to stay fit from the comfort of your living room we've got just what you're looking for from celebrity yoga instructor hilaria baldwin. >> she never misses a chance to strike a pose in some of the most unexpected places from the snowy streets of new york to a hair salon, to a night out at a bar. and even hey, in front of her christmas tree why not, with her husband alec and baby carmen. with baby number two, a little boy, due this summer there is still no slowing down for hilaria who has a few pose oz anyone can do. by that she means me and hoda. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you having a great pregnancy. >> i feel so good. so much easier the second time around. >> this will be alec's first boy. >> this is going to be his first boy. >> what does he think about
10:50 am
that? >> the day that i told him because they have a blood test that you can do at ten weeks so we found out very early. on the day that i told him he carried a football around for an hour afterwards. he kept on going up to us i'm sure you want to shake my hand. >> if he wants frank gifford to sign that football for him, you let me know. >> you've been busy. you went to "snl," the 40th. you've been at fashion week in new york with the baby. >> we're heading out to l.a. for the big weekend, oscars. >> how fun. >> baby goes everywhere with you, right? >> baby goes everywhere. i've only been away from her for like nine hours. i went away for one night. i left after she went to sleep and came back in the morning. >> how was she as fashion week? >> she was really good because she wanted to run on the runway. she wasn't allowed to. >> we're talking a lot because we don't want to do this. >> you guys going to be here? >> bring your blocks over on the mat. >> going to put them there
10:51 am
first. >> so think about yoga is everything is okay. right? it's all okay. so we are going to do chair pose first. bring your feet all the way together. sit back like you are in a little chair. take your hands shoulder width for most people because we have tight shoulders. try to straighten your elbows. pull in your stomachs a little bit to you work your core. >> it is! >> you are ren gauge ingare engaging. >> my inner thighs. my lower back. >> use the koer acore a little more to help the lower back. >> i'm exhausted. >> come into warrior ii. you guys are warriors. just do the face you're fine. >> i love the arms. those are warrior arms. >> you're going to take your block to the outside of your foot and then you're going to reach your right arm up and
10:52 am
over. >> oh my god, i am totally inflexible. >> reach forward. really good. excellent. nice. you feel that deep into your hips. nice side stretch. fantastic. fantastic. now can you come back into warrior 2? yes. really good. excellent. fantastic. now one more down here on the floor. >> we're going to go to break as you show us the last one and i'm going to fall asleep. >> so this one is a little bit of an easier one. my feet are black from my ugg boots. >> it's all good. you feel this in your hip? if it is too intense, release the bottom of the leg down. like we're on a beach. >> that's it? that's fun. thank you and all the best for the baby. >> thank you so much. we are going to surprise five lucky fans with a great give-away. >> we promise it will blow your
10:53 am
mind! but first, this is "today." >> i like this stuff!
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
oh my god. it is big. it is time for our first-ever klg and hoda give-away drawing. every friday five lucky viewers are going to win a special prize. >> we started this when we reached a milestone -- 1 million fans on facebook. 11,000 of you guys entered our give away. and this week's prize is something much of the country can use. you know what it is? a snow blower. >> not just any snow blower. this one is a snow joe in-40 cordless snow blower. retails for $399. can clear up to eight inches. we went too far. >> we are going to give it a spin. we know you guys want this. >> we went by twice. >> here it is. five winners.
10:57 am
the first winner is -- linda s summitez from mt. vernon indiana. >> the next is tracy goode from chicago, illinois. >> she needs one bad. >> yeah chicago. >> the next -- denise corkens from pittsville massachusetts. if anyone needs one, it is denise. >> the next one is molly wagner from dubuque, iowa. >> our last winner of the snow blower vickie parham from lafayette, georgia. maybe she doesn't need it. congrats to all of our winners. >> maybe she has a cousin in chicago. go to klg and co-today lchlt gchlt hit the connect button. have a great day, everybody. bye-bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, raider nation on the move. the serious threat oakland's football team could head back down south. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. in for kris sanchez. the raiders are looking for a new home whether it's in the bay area or siren california. carson city leaders made a strong push to move the city out of the bay. the city south of l.a. is working with the raiders and chargers to develop a joint football stadium. >> thank you for the community. thank you for the residents of carson that have found out about the possibility of getting two nfl football


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