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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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normally i would never even try to -- >> and right now at 11:00, girl scouts robbed in front of a south bay store. now the man who ripped them off tells his side of the story. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. he didn't want those thin mints. hep want he wanted the cash. this morning, that alleged thief is talking. >> nbc bay area's bob rydell is live outside the jail in san jose with an interview you will only see on nbc bay area. bob? >> reporter: good morning, scott and kris.
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he's being housed in that building behind me the main jail here in downtown san jose. within the past hour he did agree to meet with us. the 23-year-old san jose man confessing to us that he did steal hundreds of dollars from girl scouts selling cookies yesterday. he told us that he's sorry for what he did and the reason he did it, he needed the money to support his daily heroin habit. yesterday afternoon, he was needing a fix really bad, but didn't have the money. he stopped by the safeway in san jose to use the restroom. he noticed the cash box on table. when he came out from the restaurant he noticed a mom was gone and snatched the box with at least $300 inside. >> the withdrawal from heroin is pretty intense. kind of takes over a lot of you. including your rational thought
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process, which normally i would never even try to -- i was desperate, so i tried. >> do you feel bad about it? >> yeah i definitely feel bad about it. >> feel bad because you got caught? >> no. a lot of it is the reason why i feel bad is because my little sister was a girl scout years ago. and it just reminded me of her after i did it. >> if you could talk to those little girls and their moms that were out there, what would you say to them? >> i would definitely tell them sorry that i even thought of doing it and that i hope i didn't cause any emotional trama with the girl. >> reporter: gintz tells us right away he did the right thing because after he took that cash box from the 10-year-old girl, she started yelling at him. he got caught by going back to the safeway parking lot about ten minutes later to retrieve his truck.
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police pulled him over a few blocks away after that. he tells us that he confessed to the police that he said he didn't want to lie to them. he told them where all the money was, that he didn't spend any of it. he also gave them a location of the cash box that he had ditched. he tells us this is the first time he's ever stolen money for drugs and that he's never been arrested before. he has yet to meet with a lawyer. his first court appearance is scheduled for wednesday. now, it was apparent to us during his interview that he is experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. he did seem willing to get help for his addiction, admitting that this is one of the lowest points of his life. reporting live here in san jose bob rydell nbc bay area news. >> sometimes it takes something drastic for folks to get help. thanks, bob. we have breaking news out of redwood city. our helicopter over ongoing police activity. we're getting reports that an elementary school in the area
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has been evacuated. this has also closed broadway street between woodside road and mills way. this has been going on for about an hour. police have not said when this area will be reopened. we do have a crew on the way. you can see we have a helicopter as well. we're going to bring you all the information you need as it comes into our news room. >> unnerving to see those kids on the street. new details now about the three cars set ablaze this morning in the south bay. investigators say they were likely torched by an arsonist. you can see the three cars burning around 4:00 this morning. a video shared by our viewer jonathan beronilla. witnesses report hearing what sounded like an explosion. a battalion chief said the fires are suspicious because the cars were burning simultaneously. >> that's suspicious any time you have three of anything on fire. our arson division is working with campbell pd to investigate. >> no one was injured in those
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fires. the cars were far enough away from the apartments and businesses nearby that no buildings were in danger. however, the owners of all three of those cars will have to find another way to get around because those cars are totalled. we also have new video of a massive fire burning on a new jersey highway. flames and smoke could be seen for miles. this was a tanker truck, and it was carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel when it flipped over. nearby homes were evacuated. fortunately, nobody has been hurt. happening today, a convicted sex offender just released on parole faces new charges in court this morning. he's accused of molesting a little girl inside a 99 cent store in hayward earlier this month. in 2010 he was convicted of molesting a different girl at a walmart in san leandro. and he had just been paroled for that crime when this latest attack happened. he was supposed to enter a plea last week, but the hearing was rescheduled for today.
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a former san francisco police officer will find out today whether he will serve time in prison for corruption. he was a member of a narcotics team linked to a series of illegal raids back in 2009. in december he was convicted of stealing money and property along with wire fraud and conspiracy to distribute druggingsdrugs. he faces up to eight years in prison. also in court today, a high-end call girl charged in the deadly heroin overdose of a google executive. prosecutors say she injected the google executive with so much heroin it killed him. it happened 16 months ago on hayes' yacht in santa cruz. she faces felony manslaughter charges for leaving the boat as hayes lay dying. the new case against former santa clara county supervisor moves forward today. he faces charges of false impersonation. in this case he's accused of sending out phoney campaign mailers in the 2010 san jose city council race.
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his lawyers are in court today for a procedural hearing. he has already served jail time for misusing public and campaign funds. >> police made an arrest in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed a food vendor in san jose. police say it all started when the driver slammed head on into a car near mount pleasant high school on saturday. the driver didn't stop. he kept going, ran over a couple and their food cart. the man who was hit died shortly after the crash. the woman is still in the hospital. not clear how she is. police identified the driver. he faces several charges, including vehicle already manslaughter. a labor flare-up at the port of oakland stopped shipping for a good portion of sunday. this despite that labor agreement reached a couple days earlier. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang has details. >> reporter: trucks have been going in and coming out of the security gates this morning. but we're told by the port
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officials that crane operators, who of course handle loading and unloading of shipping containers, have been called to the union hall today for a meeting over internal issues. port officials saying it could be minimal work today. this meeting was called before a sort of pickup yesterday when dock workers decided to take a break at the same time in the morning instead of having staggered rest periods. this interrupted work of course. an arbitrator ruled this amounted to an illegal work stoppage. workers were sent away in the morning, only ordered back to work around 7:00 last night for the night shift. port officials are not happy with the hours of productivity lost especially with the estimated six to eight weeks of backlogs to clear. >> it put doubt in the minds of our customers. if they can't count on the reliability of the port of oakland, they may be influence toddy vert cargo elsewhere. >> reporter: the good news is this seems to be an isolated
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incident and the west coast settlement reached saturday is still intact. union members still must vote on the proposed contract. they haven't set a date for that vote just yet. workers at the 28 other sea ports from southern california to seattle were in full operation yesterday. now, not only are we talking about an untold amount of cargo that's been stuck in limbo, but port officials estimate there are 73,000 jobs linked to the port. so we're talking about many people's livelihood also on the line. by the way, a truck driver who i spoke with this morning said he got here at 5:00 last night to ensure that he could be one of the first in line to make sure he got some work today. at the port of oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new calls this morning for a second tunnel to carry the b.a.r.t. train. the group represents late-night
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workers and local businesses. it also recommends an expansion of late-night bus service and to get businesses to help fund more late-night transit options. representatives will present their findings to san francisco supervisors. a sea of black at the star catholic church in san francisco. some church members attended yesterday's mass dressed in black clothing as a symbol of protest. parents and alumni are upset over a controversial pamphlet given to kids as young an 7 that touches on topics like abortions and mercy killings. a few members dropped notes of opposition instead of money into the collection basket. the notes are directed at the father who was behind the literature. >> again, it was without the permission of the parents. i find it to be abhorrent. >> last week the father was admitting that it was probably inappropriate to hand out that pamphlet to children as young as 7, but he also added that there's really nothing in that
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pamphlet that the catholic church does not teach. up next at 11:00, the oscars. the winners, the losers, and what else is making buzz this morning. plus how washing your dishes by hand cannot only get the chores done by also keep your kids healthier. and with the wind comes high pollen levels all across the bay area. coming up, i'll show you the predominant offenders to look out for and when we'll finally see relief. plus, rain in the forecast. all the details on the way. and looking live from our chopper once again. it is poised over redwood city, where we are learning of an evacuation under way at summit school. we are in contact with the district working on more details for you. we know there's a road closure. broadway closed around the woodside area as well because of this ongoing police activity. we don't know yet what that activity is but we hope to have it for you when we come back.
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and welcome back. the markets are trading around about the break even point
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there. nasdaq is still close to 5,000, could trade over this week. the gender bias and lawsuit trial against venture capital furn cliner perkins gets much busier this week. secrets will no doubt be spilled in a san francisco courtroom. cliner perkins certainly doesn't want to discuss its deal making in front of anybody. they've asked the judge to close the courtroom. the woman who brought the lawsuit, ellen powell probably doesn't want her home life discussed, but it's come out. she and her husband are facing apparently a great deal of debt. we suspect lawyers will suggest that's one of the motivations behind her $60 million lawsuit. people will be watching the less salacious details as well like how did cliner perkins treat its female employees? the firm often points out it had more female employees and partners than any similar firm. the treatment of women in tech has been an important issue in
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silicon valley. if you take recent diversity reports, men outnumber women four to one in tech. that number has gotten better in companies like intel that promised tens of millions of dollars to encourage women to pursue stem education. but of course it's the culture inside the companies, inside the engineering bull pens that really needs to change starting probably with the word bull. now, the big question kris will be whether this cliner perkins trial is the thing that everybody wants to make as the representative case of gender inequality. we'll have to see how this case goes before you can make those decisions. >> interesting it was a topic that came up at the cost caroscars last night. give workers who speak up about public safety issues that put us at risk are supposed to be protected from retaliation when they raise those red flags.
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the investigative unit learned the agency created to protect those whistleblowers is often failing to meet that mission. an insider reveal what is he calls a pattern of mismanagement and pressure 20to close out cases ralter than investigate them. >> it creates victims for the whistleblowers to come to us. a lot of them suffer more retaliation from the agency than they did from their company. >> tonight we'll show you the serious complaints about airline safety and asbestos testing and what happened to the workers who brought those concerns forward. we investigate tonight at 11:00. tough a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or e-mails pup. well, more proof a little dirt does the immune system good. >> a new study suggests that parents who wash their dishes by hand may lower the chances of their kids developing allergies by as much as 50%. that's compared to households that use dishwashers. the relationship was even
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greater if the children also ate fermented foods or if the families bought foods from local farms. but that doesn't get you out of all your housework. some winners may still be partying this morning in tin semi tinseltown. >> nbc bay area's jennifer byorkland wraps it up for us from hollywood. >> reporter: an opening quip provided the undercurrent, but a dark come by won the headlines, winning four awards. >> we are here. i don't know how that happened. but it happened. >> reporter: it also happened for eddie redmayne best ak more to "the theory of everything." >> this belongs to all of those people around the world battling als. >> reporter: a struggle with early onset alzheimer's fueled julianne moore's character in
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"still alliesice." >> at the end of the day, it's the work. it's being able to do work thatty love that's been so rewarding. >> reporter: after dominating the pre-oscar awards season j.k. simmons scored again. best supporting actor for "whiplash." and patricia arquette also earned an oscar in need of a post-show name inscription, best supporting actress for "boyhood." the absence of acting nominations for "selma" stirred controversy coming into last night. but a stirring performance of "glory" brought audience members to tears moments before it won best original song. >> this is really important. you know the oscars are -- there's nothing like it in the world. for us to win this award, we're very grateful. >> reporter: "the grand budapest hotel" also shared in the oscar glory. they tied "birdman" with four wins overall ".
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films like "american sniper" had to settle for single wins in technical categories. in hollywood, nbc news. >> if you missed the oscars, we have all the winners and losers listed on our website, as well as photo from the after parties. we also have a little quiz you can take to test your own red carpet knowledge. just go to and search oscars. and in the meantime i think christina, you're going to be hosting at some point. >> our local version. tomorrow night the red carpet. thanks for mentioning that. it should be a good time. you know what? rosario dawson will be honored this year. hopefully we'll get an interview with her. i can tell you now they have some great films out there. as we head throughout the day today, we still have this wind kind of whipping around the bay area. it's going to relax as we head throughout this afternoon into tonight. the wind advisory has actually been canceled by the national weather service. although, still pretty blustery and gusty from time to time.
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one of the negative effects is definitely our pollen levels which have been pretty high and will stay high with all that pollen picked up and transported into the atmosphere. i'm going to show you predominant offenders to watch out for. maybe you want to take a walk or aren't sure what juniper looks like. we'll get to that in a moment. temperatures mostly in the low 60s. overall, a cool day coming your way. 60 degrees is the high for the tri-valley tri-valley. so juniper are the plants that have the little purple berries. watch out for that. you're probably familiar with oak, pine, and ash. for the next couple days, these pollen levels will remain high. it's probably a good idea to keep your windows closed limit your outdoor activity. if you suffer from allergies. good news, rain on the way. winds is going to subside throughout the afternoon. weather headlines show you big warming by the midsection of the week. and then those showers arrive late friday into saturday.
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it's our first round of a series of storm systems slated to hit the bay area. as we head throughout the day today, low pressure heads out, high pressure builds in. that's what causes the wind. as we head throughout the end of the week we have a cold system moving in. this is going to produce some pretty good looking rain showers. every time i check the models it looks better and better for rain. as we head throughout friday into saturday. the good news is if you like the warm weather, we're going to hold on to that for wednesday into thursday. just about 70 degrees in the south bay. meanwhile, mid-60s in san francisco. almost uniform temperatures with the cold air trailing behind the front that came through. here we go. friday, take you right to your futurecast. we stop that clock for you. 10:00 a.m. when we meet back here friday, we're going to be tracking showers on the radar. that will continue into friday night. that's when the richest moisture will pass through. as we head throughout saturday things start to clear out for the second half of the day. you try to make those weekend plans, though i can tell you sunday looks much better for you. showers should clear and temperatures will be just a
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touch warmer. we're talking about the upper 50s for saturday. low 60s for sunday. back to you, scott and kris. >> thank you. we're continuing to follow breaking news. we're going to take you back out live with our helicopter. one of the things happening in redwood city one of the things we are concerned about as we have seen summit school has been evacuated. some kind of police activity. we don't know it's necessarily centered at school. but there you see the school evacuated. lots of police cars. we continue to follow this and try to get answers as to exactly what's going on. the minute we have them we'll give them to you. we'll be back in just a minute.
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and welcome back to you. we want to take you back out live to redwood city. this is summit preparatory charter school in redwood city. it has been evacuated. we're now learning indeed the police activity was concentrated on the school itself. somebody had been hurt. the school said there was a safety issue at the school and a 911 call. that's all the information we have. but again, this activity was
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indeed centered around summit preparatory charter school in redwood city. we continue to get facts as they come in and we will continue to pass them on to you. in the meantime, east bay leads apparently on the clock when it comes to a new stadium deal with the raiders. >> the proposed shared stadium in southern california may be the best game plan especially if progress on a new bay area stadium does not happen within the next month. last week the city of carson announced a planned joint stadium for the raiders and the san diego chargers. coliseum leaders fear issues over funds may be insurmountable. giants manager bruce bochy is back on the field. he was there in scottsdale for yesterday's spring training practice. you might have heard he missed the past few days. he was recovering from a minor heart procedure. he had two stints put into an artery that was 90% blocked. bochy says he feels great and
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immediately had more energy after that procedure. maybe a change of scenery will do for 49ers' vernon davis. >> the tight end had only one catch for nine yards over the last three games of the season. now he's put his san jose home on the market according to "the los angeles times." the four-bedroom home is for sale for $2.45 million. davis' teammate aldon smith placed his own san jose home up for sale last week. both players are entering the final years of their contracts. >> one more catch than i do. >> and me too. up next at 11:00, we investigate. >> really in the long run, i just hope that other people aren't put in the same spot. >> what happens when a company gives someone else your personal information. we reveal why some victims are having a hard time holding anyone accountable.
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it's an old-school crime in a high-tech world.
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personal medical, and financial information lost. >> and this is no cyber attack we're talking about. no one is being held accountable in this security breach. >> we're talking about workers' comp payouts. people injured on the job now facing more problems. their personal information is out there. sent to the wrong address. but where exactly it went and who has it remains a mystery. >> because now they know my medical history. they know where i live. i believe they have my social security number. >> someone out there has all his private information. >> shock and anger. >> but don may never know who. >> i think he's the tip of the iceberg. >> president obama was in the bay area just last week speaking at a cyber security summit about the need for more online security. >> as consumers, we do more online than ever before. we manage our bank account shop, pay our bills, handle our medical records. >> but this isn't a case of information given out online. it's a little more basic than
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that. >> there was a lot of concerns i had. >> after don was injured at work he filed a workers' kmp claim and received a settlement. problem is when he opened the envelope something wasn't right. >> i was like, that's not my injury. that's not my settlement. then i realized the name is wrong. >> don contacted the company. >> they couldn't tell me how many copies of my information were made. they couldn't tell me where my information went. they couldn't tell me who else's envelopes were stuffed that day. >> he said work comp resolutions was hired to handle the paperwork. he said they told him interns were stuffing the envelope but didn't know where his information went. so we called the ceo, david bowen, who told us it's the first time this has happened but didn't return our follow-up calls for an interview. >> there's no accountability. >> hipaa protects individual medical records and other personal information from being shared by health care providers but allows exemptions for certain transactions by workers'
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comp insurance companies and third-party companies who handle that paperwork. that means they can share certain medical and private information with employers when you get hurt on the job. but that doesn't mean they can send it out to whomever. >> hipaa is like swiss cheese. it's full of holes everywhere. unfortunately, a lot of people think that hipaa is going to cover this. people think of hipaa as a strong law that's going to protect their privacy and ensure their medical information doesn't get out there. but it doesn't work like that at all. in fact, it doesn't really cover workers' comp people at all. >> prior to joining eef, wrightman worked at privacy rights clearing house where she created this database. >> i wish i could say i was surprised. unfortunately, i hear about these things every day. >> we went through thousands of records and found cases like don's across the country. at hospitals in wisconsin and
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indiana, errors by a third party resulted in a patient's information being sent to the wrong address. patient names, addresses, account numbers, dates of service, and financial information all exposed. >> it's really an impossible situation. >> attorney sue borg specializes in workers' compensation cases. she says these types of breaches are common and there are supposed to be penalties for it but she's never seen them enforced. >> it doesn't present much of an incentive for insurance companies and people who are holding this information to be very careful about how they handle it. >> we contacted the department of industrial relations, who passes us on to the attorney general, who directed us to consumer affairs. their response? we were directed back to the department of industrial relations. and even told to contact local law enforcement. >> really in the long run, i just hope that other people aren't put in the same spot. >> don still has no idea who has his information. work comp resolutions ended up buying him a year membership to
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lifelock, an identity theft prevention company. back to you. >> all right, jenna. thanks. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send an e-mail. well a threat against one of the nation's largest malls highlighting the need for homeland security. >> but homeland security money may run out this week if congress does not act. we get the latest from nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill. >> reporter: part of homeland security's $40 billion budget helps protect places like the mall of america, mentioned by name in the latest al shabaab video, threatening shopping areas around the world. >> there's additional security. so i'm not too worried about it. >> i refuse to let those people change the way i live my life. >> al shabaab claims responsibility for the deadly 2013 mall attack in nairobi, kenya. after that the fbi and homeland security staged mock attacks at 400 malls around the country.
11:35 am
but homeland security money may run out friday if congress doesn't act. >> if we go into government shutdown, some 30,000 employees of my department will be furloughed including a lot of headquarters personnel who i count on daily to stay one step ahead of groups like isil. >> the other 200,000 employees would be forced to work without pay. the money has been in limbo because some republicans refuse to fund homeland security without also rolling back president obama's orders delaying deportation for up to 5 million immigrants. now with the federal court on their side ruling against those orders opponents may let that issue go for now. >> i am willing and ready to pass a dhs funding bill and let this play out in court. >> reporter: and it may, in fact play out in court because the obama administration has already said they will appeal. tracie potts, nbc news washington. here's a different kind of
11:36 am
story. duped over disney lands tickets. a bay area family got scammed on craigslist. >> how the alleged scammer got scammed himself by an undercover operation. >> there were many signs. >> reporter: signs she didn't notice until it was too late. before her trip to diz lee land last week her friend suggested she look for ticket deals on craigslist. >> i may get a better deal you know. >> reporter: she says she met this man in the mountain view costco parking lot where she says she paid him $500 cash in exchange for four tickets, which is half of what they would cost at the park. she says he told her they were extra from his recent disney visit. >> i said, what if they don't work? well, you have my number. >> reporter: it wasn't until she and her family arrived at the happiest place on earth that she realized the tickets were a bust and she was out $500. >> if a deal is too good to be true it probably is.
11:37 am
>> reporter: sergeant saul jagger with the mountain view police department said they were able to track down the same ad. >> a detective med with the suspect in the parking lot in mountain view and made the purchase. unfortunately for the suspect, they sold it to an undercover police officer. >> reporter: the 25-year-old is facing theft charges. she plans to use craigslist again, but next time she won't be so trusting. >> you have to be aware and do your homework and make sure you don't fall into the trap. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. speaking of disney land, it will cost you more to visit disney land's mickey and minnie. a regular one-day pass is now $99. even though prices continue to rise every year, families continue to flock to the theme park with attendance now reaching an all-time high. well up next at 11:00, up from it the ashes. a milestone for san francisco marking the day the city bounced
11:38 am
back from the 1906 earthquake. plus a san francisco restaurant getting glowing reviews from its skmer customers and workers. how the owners are able to pay their workers more than anywhere else. and we're all getting paid in sunshine for today. we have the wind starting to drop off. as we get into tonight, once the wind continues to relax, get ready for the coldest night in over a month. we have we have rain in the forecast but not before a warming trend. so much to go over coming up next.
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the next time you decide to spend your hard-earned cash going out to eat, think about the people who make or break your dining experience. bartenders servers, chefs. all tough jobs that don't come with a lot of job security. >> did you wait tables? >> i was a hostess. >> i waited tables. we know what we're talking about. one restaurants here in the bay area has found a way to win both customer and employee loyalty. cynthia mcfadden has that story. >> reporter: here in san francisco, the birthplace of america's counterculture a new revolution. ground zero this tiny french bistro. the owner would be the first to say hers is not the fanciest or hippest restaurant in town. though, the grilled heritage pork chop is hard to beat. what really made the place famous is something else on the menu there in the fine print.
11:42 am
>> $1.25 surcharge provides full benefits for our hard-working staff, which is less than 30 minutes in a meter. a parking meter out there will cost you more than $1.25 for 30 minutes. that provides every staff member even people who work one day a week, with full benefits including full health insurance, full dental paid sick leave, and the 401(k) with the 4% match. >> reporter: it was a recipe she first cooked up after her own career of waiting tables. >> just always being treated like a thief, that i was replaceable, irrelevant to the business. >> reporter: but when she bought this place ten years ago, she vowed it would be different. >> you live like a grown-up and work in a restaurant. >> exactly. >> and plan for your future. >> this little restaurant our 32 employees have over $1 million in savings. the average age here is 26. >> you could personally make a lot more money if you didn't do it this way, couldn't you? >> no i don't think i could. the reason for that is the
11:43 am
turnover is incredibly expensive. people that have been here a long time can turn out a kind of work level that someone that's only been here six months can't. >> i'm the chef here. i've been working here for 15 years. i love my job. >> one of the dish washers here has been here for 20-something years. a dishwasher. >> you can make a career here. >> yes. >> this is our job. we're not just actors trying to make a buck. here here to stay. >> to say just because they don't put on a suit and go to work every day that they don't have a real job or need benefits like a real worker would is ridiculous. >> reporter: but all this goodwill must come at a cost right? after all, san francisco is one of the most competitive restaurant markets in the world. >> a successful restaurant is dropping 5%. >> what do you do? >> closer to 22. >> 22% profit. >> on a good year. my accountant is going to kill me for telling you that. >> reporter: a recipe for success that has them all coming back for more. cynthia mcfadden nbc news, san francisco. >> well, 100 years ago, the eyes
11:44 am
were also on san francisco as the city created one of the world's greatest celebrations. >> that was to celebrate the rising from the ashes. joe risotto jr. takes us back to a world fair that is in some ways still with us today. >> reporter: san francisco's marina boulevard, a bayside street boasting startling views. this picturesque scene would give little hint of the party thrown here 100 years ago if it weren't for the opulent dome just a block away. >> people who come to san francisco look at it and just can't believe that it even exists. >> reporter: the palace of fine arts is of course the last souvenir of perhaps the greatest celebration the bay area ever hosted, the 1915 panama pacific international exposition. on february 20th 1915 following nearly two years of construction the 1915 world's fair opened its gates at san
11:45 am
francisco's northern waterfront in spectacular fashion. >> on opening day, the city was awacened before dawn by bells and whistles and a huge parade. >> reporter: the fair was officially a celebration of the opening of the panama canal. but for san francisco, it was a symbol of the city's rebirth from the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire. >> what would any sane city do? they'd say, well let's build a giant party and invite the entire world. >> reporter: 635 acres of the marina district were filled with 11 palaces, 600 acres of buildings, a midway, race tracks, art, food, fountains, exhibits from around the world. >> it was truly a sense of wonder, a way to travel the world right in your own backyard. >> reporter: the actual ib lerty bell was shipped in from philadelphia and put on display. there were dignitaries like teddy roosevelt, thomas edison and henry ford who even set up a working auto plant. crowds retreated to displays of the recent invention of
11:46 am
aviation. during the fair's nine-month run, some 20 million people took in the glory of what was called the jewelled city. >> if you think about that that's 20 million before there were airplanes. >> reporter: it was a city within a city. magical spectacle that sparkled in the until the lights were finally extinguish extinguished. >> this is a selection of souvenirs. >> reporter: a century later, the spirit of 1915 still inspires. >> jewels from the tower of jewels. >> reporter: donna has spent her life collecting exposition memorabilia. >> here's a tape measure with the tower of jewels. >> reporter: larger souvenir remain tucked away around san francisco. long ago battles save the palace of fine arts from the fate of other buildings. a majestic time capsule proving that the jewelled city of a century ago really did exist. >> it was the spirit of the city that we hope will never die. >> reporter: joe risotto jr.,
11:47 am
nbc bay area news. >> thank goodness people care to preserve things like that. >> it is absolutely beautiful. there's always a bride out there being photographed. let's check a relatively recent bride, christina loren. >> six months. hello there. i'm still pretty happy. hopefully it stays that way. i hope everybody is having a great day out there. your allergies may be killing you. i know we've had a lot of reports of that. i can tell you there is relief on the way as we head throughout the end of the week. but those pollen levels will remain high. one of the reasons why is because our wind is coming from the hills and moving out toward the ocean. it's a very dry wind. whereas normally we actually have that cool ocean breeze transporting moisture over the bay area. this is going to start to change gradually each day all the way through friday when we finally get some rainfall. much-needed rainfall to keep our hillsides nice and green. and it will also help to lay down some of that pollen kicked
11:48 am
up by the wind. gradually decreasing throughout the night tonight. i wanted to show you, every area exempt for except for one is going to see a substantial dropoff in the wind, with the exclusion of the north bay. santa rosa staying gusty through tonight. same for napa valley. otherwise, we're starting to see those winds really taper off in the south bay. 55 degrees for us right now. we're at 57 degrees on the peninsula. right now 59 degrees in san francisco. a cool day coming your way. kind of a return to winter as we get into the last few weeks of wintertime. and this is a good indication that we are going to see that wind continue to drop off as we head throughout tonight. temperatures are going to be very, very chilly. a return of widespread 30s by tomorrow morning. that means you'll need to bundle up. as promised, here's your cinequest opening night forecast. temperatures on the cool side. 8:00 red carpet 52 degrees.
11:49 am
50 by 10:00 p.m. a big after party. 49 degrees at midnight. if you've never attended cinequest, check it out. you can catch some of these movies for as low as $5. a lot of that money stays here in our local community. it's great event. tuesday into wednesday, temperatures are actually going to start to warm up. comfortable conditions thursday. friday we bring on that much-needed rainfall. i can tell you right now, it does look like that rain is going to start by about 10:00 a.m. on friday and continue just about all day saturday. we could pick up to half an inch in the north bay. looking more like 0.10 inches in the south bay. by sunday, if you're trying to make outdoor plans, looking good to do so. temperatures will be on the cool side, low 60s for you. just keep that in mind. it's been nice to have some daylight on our morning show "today in the bay." that's all going to be a thing of the past as we spring forward. we lose an hour of sleep, but not until march 8th.
11:50 am
embrace it as long as it lasts. on march 20th that's the first official day of spring. yeah looks like we're going to to be done with february before you know it guys. sunday, first day of march. back to you. >> comes in like a lion right? >> it does. >> we'll be right back.
11:51 am
11:52 am
the boys embark on another season starting tonight. once again, there's a change in the coaching rank. >> this time a new face is a familiar one. mark barger explains. >> reporter: "the voice's" queen bee has returned. >> christina we get jell ussousalous. >> coming back to "the voice" is like coming back home. >> reporter: christina aguilera is back after a year away from the swirling chairs. >> do you want some clowns or somebody to take you seriously?
11:53 am
>> reporter: the singing star had her second child and reenergized herself. >> every time i step back in the chair, i have a newfound sense of myself and that has to affect my coaching. >> she's really focused. she's really energetic because she's had a break. she has that fire. >> reporter: aguilera has her sights set on coaching her first champion. >> i'm fresh. my ears are wide open. i'm so ready to win this whole thing. >> reporter: that would mean derailing blake shelton. he has guided four of seven champions overall. >> the coaches might change, but it's always three against one. i've just learned that's how it's going to be. and just to deal with it. >> i think you would be awesome on adam's team. >> reporter: the rivalries are part of the fun, but so is finding and coaching new talent. >> everyone's going home. but while they're here what do they do? >> reporter: the answer will shape the new season. >> any time anybody asks me
11:54 am
about "the voice," i say it's really fun. >> reporter: and tonight, viewers join the party. mark barger nbc news. and we will be right back.
11:55 am
♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
11:56 am
no? must be the honey!!! and we continue to follow breaking news out of redwood city. police called out to an incident at summit preparatory charter high school. the kids have been evacuated. the school is only saying it is a safety incident which is not a ton of information from the school. we continue to monitor the
11:57 am
situation. we have a reporter on the way. obviously a helicopter overhead. we will continue to keep you updated as best we can. >> hopefully everything will resolve safely. the berkeley library is making some national headlines for a little printing error. >> take a look at this image posted on facebook. do you notice anything wrong? i don't actually know. oh there it is. if you guessed berkeley is misspelled. they received these buttons ten years ago but stowed them away when the error was discovered. someone found the batches of buttons so the city shipped them to the library in berkeley, michigan, which is spelled berkley. so that was nice. >> sometimes you need a pair of fresh eyes i think. >> i'd like to buy a vowel. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. of course, we'll have the latest on that school evacuation in redwood city.
11:58 am
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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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. today on "access hollywood live." our oscar special. lady gaga she shared engagement details with me. >> her performance was amazing. >> very nice relationship there. >> we're going deep into the fashion with louise rowe. i thought it was fantastic. a full breakdown of the moments people are talking about. >> how about graham moore. he said stay weird, stay different. speech of the night. >> i love that. plus that awkward moment with dakota johnson and mom, melanie griffith." we got to talk about that. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> we're live in five four


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