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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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kids. good grades, no longer good enough. the big change possibly coming to admissions at san jose state. and after a cool start to the morning we'll see temperatures today in the 60s to near 70 before weather big changes head our way come tomorrow. that's in the forecast coming up. and a crash in fremont may cause more folks to try that san mateo bridge as an option. the issue and how to get around it coming up. a live look outside right now. the bay bridge all lit up this morning. thursday, february the 26th, and this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. an update of breaking news. a name to this masked man. hours ago confirming the identity of the isis terrorist seen beheading hostages in those graphic videos. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us now and more information about this man continues to come into the newsroom. >> we can tell you that he grew
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up in london, an affluent part of london, one reason he doesn't quite fit the profile of the young man security officials say were radicalized because they couldn't find jobs and couldn't make money. you can't see much of his face in the images we have of him, but nbc news confirmed that the identity of that so-called jihadi john who was present in the videos of those beheadings that revolted the world is muhammad emwazi. he appeared in the videotaped execution of american hostages james foley and stephen sotloff along with several other westerners. he was born in kuwait. according to "the daily mail" he moved to britain at age 6, grew up in west london, affluent part of town. graduated from college and has a degree in computer programming. we know he traveled to syria in 2012 and that's where he joined isis. a statement from the international center for the study of radicalization at king's college in london reads, this demonstrates what he were
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long said about radicalization. it is not driven by poverty or social deprivation. ideology clearly play as big role for some men to participate in jihadi causes. alities identifying emwazi via a source for an advocacy for a muslim community group in britain. they told them harassment by security forces which could have contributed to him joining isis. sam and laura? >> keel follow the story and see if actionable intelligence comes out of that story. a man dead and a woman critically hurt after a reported fight in a quiet east bay neighborhood. officers responding to a 911 call about two men fighting in a home in hercules yesterday. found a trail of blood going from the driveway into the house. inside they found a woman hurt, a fake handgun and a dead man. suspect arrested blocks away. 6:02. in the north bay, three men under arrest accused of holding a woman captive almost two
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months. we first toldy about the story last week. the 22 yard says she was kidnapped and taken to a rural home. the captors beat her and sexually assaulted her until she es staped. this photo shows the suspects taken away by office. the woman is safe and recovering. questions remain after search crews found a dead new were born in a county swamp. an emotional vigil held for the 20 day old baby and his mother reported missing monday. the next day green turned up ten days north of her home crying an hysterical. they found the baby's body near the sacramento river yesterday morning. >> tragic. and jackie speier is unveiling her plan. the detergent pods are dangerous. they're colorful in bite-sized packages. if the bill passes the packets
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having to changed within 18 months. students could face a hurd's transferring into san jose state university. the students are currently admitted based on gpa. no the university is considering a new policy to evaluate transfer students based on economic preparation and what courses they've taken. transfer students would be expected to complete certain courses prior to entering the university at the junior level. if approved the changes would take effect next fall? >> investigators say helping answer questions around the commuter train crash near los angeles. the train slammed into a produce truck tuesday morning pt the driver is under arrest. his lawyer says his client mistakenly drove on to the track and kept going to build enough row meant um to get over the rails. instead the vehicle got stuck. police want to know why he did not call 911. one bay area uber customer has been taken for a ride, his last uber ride. uber seriously overcharged him to the tune of $500 and blames
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it on the appal surging price policy. >> live in san francisco, steph, what's the ride-sharing company saying about this? >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. well, uber is being very clear in that its a policy issue that if the surge price rates are more than double, you actually have to type in that multiplier on your phone in the app to make sure you understand you're going to be paying a lot more. still, take a look at the bill that was racked up over the weekend. $452 for half an hour, a 12-mile ride from levi stadium in santa clara after saturday night's sharks game to san tan roh row in san jose nap caught rafael of san jose off guard. the ride to the game, $23. no surge pricing. when the rail was too packed to take back he accepted the multiplier of 4.9 from uber and says he was shocked by the total. >> come out to use uber for any big events, because that's what i did, and i learned the hard way.
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>> reporter: hernandez did reach out to uber asking for a price reduction but a representative suggested always getting a fair estimate and also waiting for surge pricing to end. in a statement the company actually said the uber app was created to give riders a safe, reliable option to move around town adding dynamic pricing makes it possible for abouter to meet that stape standard are repeat even during times of high demand. still there are efforts to completely shut down this whole surge price option and we'll hear more about that coming up in our last report in about 40 minutes. live in san francisco this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> interesting, thanks, steph. 6:06. time to check your microclimate forecast. to give awe live look outside. a special place there. >> it really does. my grandfather helped build the original bay bridge. >> really? >> yeah. how about that? i love the bay bridge. >> you're interwoven. >> a part of it. rob is in for christina. looks like a nice start to the day. >> and nice to see it this
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morning. see the lights on and a little patchy fog in the north bay. you see also the golden gate bridge. san francisco, fog-free across the midspan. 50 degrees. but it's chilly in the north bay. 39 degrees. reminder, yes it is still winter around the bay area, despite the fact we haven't had a lot of rain or snow for a while. you see temperatures there around the bay area at 46 currently in san jose. alities patchy fog at times in the north bay but visibilities improving now as the wind picks um a little bit which is helping nix drier air, break up low clouds we've had for you this morning we temperatures around 7:00, mostly in the 40s. by lunchtime, see the numbers climbing into the mid-60s and then upper 60s to near 70 by 3:00 today. very nice day around the bay area. easily the warmest before we head into the weekend and temperatures will start to cool down beginning tomorrow. low 70s around san jose. san francisco, upper 60s. there you see santa rosa close to 780. tri-valley today in the low 70s. one of the trends notice as we jump towards the afternoon these wind speeds picking up.
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notice heading towards the evening now, wind gusts approaching 30 in the north bay as the system here drops down the coast. not going to give us problems today but by tomorrow morning, you'll begin to see those showers moving through the bay area with snow in the sierra. good news. showers starting tomorrow, which also will linger as we head into the weekend. no problems with weather this morning, mike, but tomorrow could see showers for that friday morning commute. >> rob, watching for the effects of the showers and winds kicking up as you showed on sensors. an issue as well. over here on the east bay, issue. this is southbound 880 as you head down towards thornton. still have one of your lanes blocked. cars on the center divide as well as the fast lane, fast lane and the right shoulder. scattered across the freeway. that's a big distraction heading south out of union city in towards the area patting the dumbbart chb bridge and where highway 84 continues to the city streets pap slower drive. some folks may get caught in the backup. consider that san mateo bridge
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heading to the peninsula anyway. on 92. a smooth drive now. that suggestion, folks knowing that anyway. they may add to volume adding to an early slowdown for 92 westbound. no major backup. folks over there from the east bay. into south bay, looking at san jose northbound 110 at 680. slowest spot. converging on to the freeway and diverging through the rest of the south bay and silicon valley. through downtown san jose slower as well at volume starts to build. towards the bay bridge approach and upper east shore freeway, 80 moves nicely as well. left north bay, slow to the novato. typical for southbound. a couple lanes widening towards 37. over here, san rafael, volume continuing to increase. talking about low clouds drifting around. so far north chp has not reported problems as far as visibility. take note, water leaks could lead to traffic delays.
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one southbound lane of north san antonio road closed from 9:00 until 3:00 this afternoon. the closure effects the stretch of roadway between portola avenue and pine lane. crews are repairing a water leak that happened at a nearby home. >> okay. 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay." californians more concerned about the drought but one thing most of us are not willing to compromise. >> the fcc set to vote on net neutrality. what does it mean for you? take a look coming up in business. and taking a live look outside. ooh, look at the skies. right before the sun's arrival on this thursday morning. we've got your news, traffic, weather, all bundled together at 6:10. stick around.
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good thursday morning to you. 6:12 right now. a live look outside. san jose 46 degrees on our way to some 70s this afternoon
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before showers come back to the forecast. a look at that coming up in a few minutes. and we also have a look at the fremont area. 880 moving smoothly through the truck in tesla. an issue getting here. the dumbarton bridge approach a crash and latest progress coming up. at 6:13 a look at today's top stories -- u.s. intelligence confirming the identity of the suspected terrorist known at jihadi john. a source confirmed to nbc news the man seen clutching a knife in numerous isis propaganda videos is actually named muhammad emwazi. san jose state university considering a new policy to evaluate potential transfer students based on their academic preparation. transfer students are currently admitted based on just gpa. proposing new legislation for packaging laundry pods. requiring child-resistant packaging to keep the color
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candy-like bite-sized pods out of the hands of kids. the fcc making rules on packets of data on the internet. >> and net neutrality, should come together. >> laura, we've discussed before. net neutrality is this idea all data should be treated equally on the internet. no one company should be allowed a fast lane either on the backbone of the internet or into your house. the fcc, where the vote takes place. congress at one point threatened to make its own rules, but has since backed down. both parties in walk agree on net neutrality in principle, but disagree about how it should be enforced. the issue is very complicated, but it's been the equal access to the internet and the consumer that is made silicon valley successful pap start-up in a garage can take on google, because google's data isn't treatmented preferentially. an argument against net neutrality. what's more important? your child's medical records or a funny cat video?
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being deliberately simplistic. the point, there are good arguments on the other side. big news out of china this morning. reuters reporting the chinese government has dropped cisco systems devices from its list of approved purchases. cisco is san jose's largest private employer and china is such an important customer. we can't say for sure but strongly, strongly suspect china is dropping american device makers because of claims by edward snowden that the u.s. government has placed spy software or even spy devices inside american-made products. that's not their only problem. if our companies here in silicon valley can get foreign buyers to trust them, we're still dealing with a very strong dollar. a strong dollar makes our products more expensive. hewlett-packard guys earlier this week blamed slumping revenue on a strong dollar. it's one of those problems that if you're, say, traveling to europe, hey, that's great. cheap hotels.
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right? trying to sell things oversea, it's a disaster. >> right. a big problem there. thank you. >> thank you. a new poll finding that californians are becoming increasingly concerned about the drought. 94% now describe the water shortage as serious. and 51% believe the state should relax restrictions on building new water storage facilities. however, californians are not yet willing to support mandatory rationing of water. only 34% say mandatory cutbacks are the way to go. >> got to build up our snow pack. see what's on our way as we check the microclimate forecast first taking a peek outside. a beautiful bay bridge this morning. sun arriving over the bay area. in for christina this morning -- >> nice start to the morning. chill any sports, you mentioned the drought and sierra the issue so far this winter. some of the lowest snow pack totals going into march at this point, but finally good news just in time for the toyota tahoe ski report. look at friday. we've got snow back of the
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picture. nothing today, but coming in tomorrow, into the start of the weekend, going to be great news for the sierra, and you saw there in the toyota tahoe ski report, almost a foot or more of snow coming down for areas south of highway 50 and this time the snow levels will be as low as 3,500 feet. great flus fnews for the ski re and water concerns getting into the summer. the atm machine for runoff through the spring and it looks like you'll chain up maybe a bit early on highway 50 and interstate 80 as the snow flies at lower snow levels for a change into tomorrow morning for the sierra. right now 46 degrees in san jose. high clouds. dublin 47. towards san francisco, not seeing much in the way of low clouds. gorgeous start to the morning there. 50, but a little chilly in the north bay, you saw temperatures actually down into the 30s and 40s this morning. patchy fog was an issue earlier around santa rosa and napa. not a problem now. going hour-by-hour, jacket weather with the 40 outside.
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by none you'll see temperatures in the mid-60s. by 3:00, temperatures climbing into the upper 60s to low 70s, but the winds kicking up a little later today as the next system drops in on us come tomorrow morning. so highs in the low 70s around the south bay today. around the peninsula, mid to upper 60s closer to san francisco. still 70s around the tri-valley towards walnut creek and santa rosa near 61 degrees. look at the trend heading into the evening. wind gust ace approaching 30 miles per hour. that's the cool canadian air conditioning sweeping down the coast. the difference with this incoming weather system. got a lot of cold air behind it. temperatures will drop into tomorrow. a chance of showers here in the bay area starting tomorrow. lingering on into saturday and there you see that much-needed snow in the sierra. so the five-day trend tomorrow begins to bring showers back in for friday. saturday, seeing showers to start the weekend and turning drier and breezy once against towards sunday. another check of the thursday commute over to mike. >> canadian air conditioning the
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a.c. -- a. -- never mind. san mateo bridge might make it worse, worse than the joke as far as slower driving. suggesting that. east bay, show you the map and slowdown you see. southbound 880, just past dakota where the dumbarton bridge cut over is. causing traffic to back up a lot through union city heading south. if you're in the northern portion of union city or heyward, consider that san mateo bridge heading towards the peninsula y peninsula anyway. both of those bridges unimpeded by incidents. look at the feeder routes heading over out of the tri-valley. this is dublin. a crash westbound 580, santa rita made its way to the shoulder, a little distraction could cause more slowing in livermore. 680 show as build or two sunol and eventually fremont as well. zoom the cameras south looking towards the maps for san jose.
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early bic backup for north 101 sorted out and now a city build from 101, eventually 280 by the end of the show slower drive towards 880 as well. silicon valley, no major problems heading through cupertino. for 101 and 280. jumping up leer towards the east shore freeway. concord area, no major surprises. highway 4, walnut creek interchange and smooth drive upper east show, slowing through richmond. north bay through novato narrows, slower drive. by 37 moving fine. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on and the bay bridge toll plaza backups at the toll plaza itself and folks coming off 580, slower drive. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. it is 6:20 right now. up next, fruits and veggies with a little side of star power prp the bay area celebritying joining the campaign to get healthy. and always a healthy view outside. the bay area this morning at
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6:20 from san bruno mountain. we'll be back with your full forecast next, local news going on in your community and traffic updates. we'll be right back.
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a very. >> thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it's 6:23 now. the 49ers hoping for a chance to host the college football championship game at levi stadium. the team will made a bid to host either the 2018, 2019 or 2020 game. cities that want to host have until may to bid. winners will be announced this fall. eat your fruits and veggies. you've heard of that before. it is also the message not just from your moms but also from warrior star guard steph curry and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> two of the famous faces helping launch a new campaign aimed at getting more people, especially kids, to eat healthy. the push is called smv, a hipper way to refer to fruit and vegetables. healthy america releasing more information about that campaign later this morning. >> trick us with cool names. curry and the warriors back
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in action in cleveland tonight. yesterday they spent the day at arlington national cemetery and other sites. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> one extra stop to make at the oval office. he met with president obama to talk a little basketball and interestingly enough malaria. for every three pointer curry makes this season he donates three insecticides to the united nations anti-malaria program. curry says he got a look at the room the president uses to meet championship winning teams, just in case he and the warriors need to make a trip there next year. >> such a cool story. curry's splash brother clay thompson is good. we all know the guy can shoot, but did you know how good he is? check this out. video produced by espn sports science tested his ability to hit three pointers with the lights out. and he was, to say the least, lights out. he sank eight out of ten threes
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with no light whatsoever. scientists have to say about this, he's done so much shooting in his life he needs just a split second to see the basket. that's all it takes to know exactly how to sink the ball even in the dark. >> what a talent. from a little basketball to baseball. a question many of us in the bay area have been dying to know. who is this year's face of the m mlb? >> a contender. what is the face of mlb? a social media poll where the faces of major league baseball are facing off in brackets to determine a winner. giants buster posey gets the mets. pounding the votes. buster is there. once we announce the winner we'll let you now . >> hoping it's buster. and marijuana is now legal in washington, d.c. sort of, kind of. what you can and cannot do with pot in our nation's capital. and a live look outside. beautiful golden gate bridge. traffic appears to be moving
6:27 am
smoothly. mike's got his eyes on the morning commute. stick around. my tin man has a big toe the size of a house.
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the lion is small like a toy poodle. and has webbed, duck feet. my scarecrow has wooden teeth... and his clothes have tubes on them. and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities... can find theirs. introducing the first talking guide. from xfinity.
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opening up at nbc exclusive with the daughter of bay area legend robin williams. and temperatures in the 40s and 50s on our way to 70s in the forecast today. though showers are on the way for tomorrow. look at that coming up. and even though fremont looks fine over my shoulder, a problem getting to this. more traffic possibly for the san mateo bridge as a result of a crash. give you that coming up. the dow starts the day at
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yet new record highs. we got new data showing inflation is now an issue. that could put interest rates off. the nasdaq, and i'm not saying you should watch abc, but if you did, fresh off the boat is pretty darn funny. but we're glad you're here with us right here right now on "today in the bay" on nbc bay area. it's thursday. february 26th. this is "today in the bay." all right. good morning on this thursday morning. 60% of the way through your week. i'm sam brock. >> am i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning pot is legal in our nation's capital. mostly legal. in some places and under circumstance circumstances. >> could this get anymore confusing? tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. to try to make sense out of the situation. tracie, unhappy lawmakers want the justice department to
6:31 am
overrule voters in d.c. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning, you're right, and they're even saying that the mayor of d.c. muriel bowser could end up behind bars for enforcing what 70% of the city said they wanted to do. let's talk about these rules and the caveats here. as of nine hours ago, yes, pot is legal in the district of clump jahr -- district of clump jahr. howev columbia. you can only grow it yourself. there are restrictions, six plants in your home, not outside in the yard. can't smoke it in public or in your own parked car and can only have two ounces. can't sell it, barter it, you can give an ounce to someone else who's an adult. a lot of restrictions on this, but keep in mind, unlike washington state, unlike colorado, unlike alaska, this is a city, not a state with its own jurisdiction. what washington does have to be
6:32 am
approved on capitol hill and there are lawmakers, you said, pushing to get this reversed. problem is, it's unlikely that the justice department's going to get involved. >> right. of course, the federal laws are still at odds with the state laws, too, makes this so confusing. >> absolutely. tracie potts live from washington, thank you. the daughter of robin williams is talking about how she's cope wig hing with her fa suicide. >> are the good days become less frequent than the bad days? >> it's never about frequency. the thing for me has been that it's -- because there's no predictability to anything. literally, life in general, but i -- you can turn bad days around as well, so i've just been focusing on that when i have a day i'm not feeling great i try and go do something funny or fun or strange. >> you can watch the exclusive interview with zelda williams this morning on the "today" show directly following nbc bay area. >> amazing. smiles, really smiles.
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big loss there. all right. time to check our forecast this morning as we give you a live look outside. look at that. the bay bridge there from a distance this morning. a look at the forecast. look going? >> it does. in fact, temperatures warming up nicely heading towards the afternoon, meantime, still need your jacket in parts of the bay area as we're seeing numbers close to the mid-40s. near san hessjose. cloud near by. dublin at 47. gorge us a start to the morning over san francisco. 50 degrees now. high clouds, a little patchy low clouds approaching the east bay and patchy fog around the north bay. during the day mostly sunshine. late in the day, high clouds on the approach. areas of patchy fog for the morning, lunchtime temperatures liming to the mid-60s, sunshine this afternoon. numbers closing in on the 70s around san jose and livermore by 3:00 with highs in the low 70s around los gatos and saratoga. nice thursday afternoon and a few high clouds and out towards
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san francisco highs in the up every 60s. north bay, highs close to 70 in mill valley and low 70s around the tri-valley for today, but notice these wind speeds later on today. getting those wind gusts picking um as much cooler air starts to move into the bay area, eventually setting us up for showers maybe not by 11:00 tonight but by tomorrow morning we'll begin to see showers drop into the bay area. today, nice and mild. cooler temperatures. come tomorrow the showers, the weekend also starts with showers, and then skies clear. temperatures rebound slightly approaching sunday. the weather looking good this morning. see if traffic is doing the same with mike. >> yeah, rob. alities bit of a different floep as far a traveling from the east bay to the peninsula. what we mean, rob, you and i looked at the shot for the san mateo bridge, almost ground to a halt. now moving smoothly. westbound typically builds at this time. show you the effect of this commute as well. arrow showing what we just showed you with that live camera off the heyward side and 880 freeway interchange there. there may about few more folks
6:35 am
in that area because of the crash there, with the arrowheading south past the dumbarton bridge at thornton. word from chp, cleared from the reports and cleared up a lanes. recovery quickly happening. a xloe eslower drive to the dum bridge. again, back to your normal flows if you can, folks. otherwise, upset the entire east bay commute. somewhere recovery for 880 moving quickly. a smooth volume of traffic all the castro valley wide. the right side, tri-valley as well. no surprises for 580 or 680 through pleasantton towards fremont to the south, 87 and 8 5. kicking in like we said. 280 by the end of the show, slowdowns through the south bay. what i'm trying to say. meanwhile, peninsula moving nicely as well. move your camera and map further north and see a normal flow approaching the bay bridge. traveling southbound on 101,
6:36 am
upper east shore freeway, slow there, typical towards the bay bridge toll plaza and the live look show as crowd waiting for you there. the metering lights are on and no drama out of the maze or east shore freeway. a really nice sunrise. take a moment to look at that appreciate that part of that picture. >> yes. and headlights below. >> it's a party. just waiting for you to join. >> exactly. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:36. the dow industrials started at new record highs. >> check the numbers with scott. >> started that way but since saunk bit. check the big board in new york city down 17 points. still, 18,207, or 208, rather amazing. nasdaq thinking as well. cisco systems down a bit as well. let's talk net neutrality. the fcc today will vote on new rules that would establish internet providers as a utility. it is a controversial idea. we'll talk more about it coming up in just a bit, but all eyes this morning on washington, d.c.
6:37 am
>> yeah, definitely. thank you very much. all right. a lot going on. 6:36. still ahead, our investigative unit prompting a potentially life-saving change within the u.s. postal service. details on that next. a live look outside from the south bay this morning. a beautiful sunrise over the bay area. a lot more news, traffic, weather ahead. stick around. 6:37.
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6:39 op your thursday morning. beautiful backdrop to the golden gate bridge as you start off your day. the postal service in the bay area triggered by a series of investigative reports. >> investigative reporter revealing a policy that may have cost a man his life. >> reporter: good morning. this is the new policy for medical emergencies at the usps in oakland. it allows workers to call 911 directly in an emergency. it sounds so simple, and obvious, but employees tell us for years the old rules led to serious delays in medical treatment. in november, we told you the story of sam, co-workers found him lying on the ground bleeding from his head. no one knows what happened. up to 53 minutes may have passed before anyone may have called 911. it's unclear if he would have survived in 911 was called sooner and his family spoke out and fought for changes and it
6:41 am
worked. the policy at the facility said only postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure. now it says in an emergency anyone should meemdly ca immedi 911. they denied our request for an interview about the new policy but the gravity of the concerns raced in our report prompted the change. see the report at and click on the investigation tab. back to you. >> thank you. if you have a tip for the invest gaysive unit call us at 888-996-tips or emate us at theunit an update to breaking news -- the man behind the mask reveals. we now know the name and identity of the man known at jihadi john. plus, colorful, candy-sized and dangerous. new legislation to keep detergenringent pods away from a live look outside, the bay bridge beautifully displays add daybreak. right back with nonstop
6:42 am
news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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6:44 am
an update to breaking news. a name to this masked man. just hours ago u.s. officials confirming the identity of the isis terrorist seen beheading hostages in graphic videos. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us. >> he's from london, an affluent part of london, one of the reasons he doesn't fit the profile security officials say become radicalized because they
6:45 am
can't find jobs and make money. the so-called masked jihadi john present in the videos of several beheadings that revolted the world. muhammad emwazi appears in the videotaped executions of american hostages james foley and stephen sotloff and several other westerners. he appears to be the one doing the beheading in several of those. muhammad emwazi was born in kuwait but grew up in a middle class neighborhood with three brothers and sisters, graduated from college with a computer degree in computer programming and eventually 2r5678ed to syria in 2012 where he joined isis. a statement from kings college in london read this demonstrates what we have said about radicalization, it's not something driven by poverty or social deprivation. ideology has to do with this and add women as well. emwazi, via muslim communities in britain, that group told the
6:46 am
"post" muhammad emwazi had come to them reporting harassment by security forces dating back years which the group says could have contributed to him feeling like his only option was to join the jihadist cause. >> interesting. thank you. a back story. thank you. 6:46. shifting gears for a second look at your microclimate forecast. a live look outside. to you laura garcia-cannon, do you have a personal tie to that vantage point? we found it earlier in the show, laura's grandfather actually helped to build the bay bridge. >> can i say i climbed that mountain before? that's right. >> you're a hiker. >> a good day for. >> bundle up a little this morning? >> dress in layers going out this morning. chilly temperatures as cold as the upper 30s around the north bay, but 70s on the way this afternoon. how about 39 degrees north bay rye out in. close to napa and santa rosa. 46 in san jose. all around high clouds, reflecting sunlight coming over
6:47 am
the horizon. gorgeous view. right now over towards san jose where it's 46 degrees. cool start to the morning. you see the high clouds there looking off to the east. fog-free at least for now in dublin at 47 and san francisco across the golden gate bridge looks quite night. 50 degrees. and a little bit of patchy fog waiting for you at times around the north bay, but the numbers continue to improve. earlier this morning down to a half mile. not a problem now in santa rosa. 10 miles visibility. hazy skying ining up and down santa clara valley. lunchtime, nice, mid-60s for san jose and livermore. eventually by 3:00, highs today that should reach the low 70s south of downtown san jose around saratoga and los gatos and san francisco highs upper 60s to near 70 today. the warmest of the next few as we see big changes rolling in later tonight. upper 60s to the low 70s in the north bay and tri-valley for this afternoon. notice the winds out of the north. not too bad this morning, but later on the wind speeds pick
6:48 am
up. wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour in the north bay hills. much cooler air sweeping on in. the next system dropping in from the north mainly over land. it's not going to have a lot of miss cooisture to work with but air towards the sierra. ♪ coming in. good news. starting tomorrow, showers possible and snow levels as low as 5,000 feet friday then dropping down even more than that as we get into saturday afternoon. here is the issue if you're making travel plans to the sierra starting tomorrow into the weekend. you can see snow totals adding up. some of the higher peeks may get above a foot of fresh powder by the time the weekend is done. today, fine for outdoor plans. tomorrow a few showers coming in. lingering into saturday and for sunday clearing skies with that next chance of showers arriving by tuesday. of next week. another check of your morning commute, check in with mike. >> rob, folks a big view of the big commute and no big problems except in the east bay.
6:49 am
bottom of your screen, south bay showing a typical pattern north 101, 87 and 85. 287 slowdown for san jose. peninsula not a big problem, getting there a bigger issue for highway 92 across the san mateo bridge. crash, a thornton, cleared. quickly recovered through union city. a liar ve lighter volume of tra. look on the other side. scam ra at foster city, no traffic over the high-rise for a couple of seconds. now it's coming back to its normal flow and chp just reported and incident westbound approaching that high-rise. there you go. the computer's back to our map shows you a smoother drive all across but the human i saw something. a little bit of the computer bip this i mean the hairspray i use. a smoother drive across the dumbarton bridge, traffic smooth, a build for san mateo and approach. walnut creek interchange. through richmond and the oakland
6:50 am
area, smooth drive approaches the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. no big problems. in fact lighter volume than we often see on a thursday through san rafael to the golden gate bridge and into san francisco. back to you. 6:50 now. a man is dead a woman critically hurt after a reported fight in a quiet east bay neighborhood. officers responded to a 911 call about two men fighting at a home in hercules yesterday. they found a trail of blood going from the driveway into the house. inside they found a woman with a fake handgun and a dead man. a suspect was arrested blocks abate. in the north bay, three men under arrest this morning accused of holding a woman captive almost two months. we first told you about the story last week. the 22-year-old victim says that she was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a rural santa rosa house. the captors beat her, and sexually assaulted her until she was able to escape. police say the woman is safe now and recovering.
6:51 am
a follow-up to a delay in the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. yesterday a judge agreed to give the lawyers for garcia torres more time to prepare for trial. lamar disappeared in 2012. the body not found. questions remain after search crews found a dead newborn in a swamp. an emotional vigil held for the 20 day old baby and his mother samantha green reported missing monday. the next day green turned up about ten miles north of her home in woodland trying and hysterical. crews found the baby yesterday morning. and bay area congresswoman jackie speier unveiling her plan to stop dplichildren from eatin detergent pods saying they're dangerous because children easily mistake them as candy since their in colorful what could be bite-sized looking packages. if the bill passes the pacts
6:52 am
would have to be changed within 18 months. some of california's most liberal and conservative lawmakers are joinings forces to maybe diapers tax-free. diapers exempt from state sales taxes under a new bill and just like prescription and health products would save families about $100 a year. that's the estimate. support from both sides of the aisle and right now no formal disagreements. and facing a hurdle getting into san jose state university. joining us live this morning, class sizes a big reason behind this possible move, i understand? >> reporter: that's right, laura. it appears many transfer students are not prepared to take upper division courses here at san jose state. so they end up having to take lower division courses and having to take up many seats meant for freshmen and sophomores. a new policy is being considered to change the way this campus ranks a student's transfer application. according to the san jose
6:53 am
mercury, those in popular majors like computer science and engineering would be ranked higher increasing their chances of being admitted, if they've already taken the prep courses for that major. that way they are truly ready for upper division courses. and they'd be, there would be more seats for lower division students in lower division classes. before submitting the proposal, though, to the csu chancellor, people can give opinions at any one of three public hearings. the first one is later today from 3:00 to 5:00 at the student union theater on the ninth street plaza. the next one is monday also 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the west valley college fox technology center in saratoga, and the last one is the day after. back here at san jose state college of engineering, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. now, if approved, the transfer policy would only take effect next year, and would not apply to the students transferring this fall. live at san jose state, nanette miranda for "today in the bay."
6:54 am
>> good point of clericification, thanks. one bay area uber customer has taken his last uber ride. says uber seriously uber-charged him to the tune of $500 for a 12 mile ride. he's blaming it on the appal confusing policy. >> live in san francisco, steph, what's the ride-sharing company is saying about it. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. in front of uber head wequarter. about hear done is legal, but one customer said he got a bill wrap would amount to $37 for each mile. look at the receipt he got for the trip to santana row. $452 nap was after saturday's sharks game. rafael hernandez of san hesse says the uber ride to the game, $23. when the vta light rail was too packed to take back he accepted the surge pricing plus plier of 4.9. >> i agreed to the surge price. the problem was, the ride itself
6:55 am
was should, have been like $30 times four. doesn't add up to $452. >> and in a statement the company says the uber app was created to give riders a safe, reliable option to move around town at the tap of a button. dynamic pricing makes it possible for abouter to meet that standard for reliability even during times of high demand. one new york lawmaker is pushing to completely ban the surge pricing altogether for uber and other as much as. feeling ortiz introduced legislation in the state to fine violators $250 each time. reaching out asking for a price reduction but the company says he could have checked for a fare estimate or waiteding in the price surge was over. >> i have a really nice van. take you anywhere. >> for that kind of money. the fcc is set to vote today on new rules to enforce net neutrality. >> a contentious and long road to get to today.
6:56 am
>> right. congress threatened to come up witts own ruled but backed down. we'll see the rules challenged in court agency well. take you to the fcc building in washington, in about 30 minutes, the commissioners, majority of them democrats will vote on a proposal to regulate internet providers as a utility. it's one way of doing this, but critics say it's not the only way of ensuring all data is treated equally online. reuters reports this morning the government of china dropped cisco systems from an approved list of providers of technology in that country. clisco is actually doing just fine this morning on the stock market. cisco. my colleague at cnbc phil lebeau reporting someone says they're going to build the hyperloop. you may recall, an idea from elan musk a five-mile test track near highway 5. in the middle of nowhere. cost $100 million for the tech track. three companies of proposing to build the track. this is the first that stead
6:57 am
will. yet again, high-speed transportation in the middle of nowhere. >> yeah, the middle of the valley. >> how fast do they go on the hyperloop? >> something like 750 miles an hour. it's transsonic. so -- pretty fast. >> thank you very much, 6:57. final check of the day's top stories on this thursday morning. u.s. intelligence confirming the identity of jihadi john. seen clutching a knife in numerous isis propaganda videos a actually named muhammad emwazi. and bay area congresswoman jackie speier unveiling new legislation today to stop children from eating those laundry detergent pods. if the bill passes the packets would have to be changed within the next year and a half. just announced, giants buster posey, the new face of mlb. posey edged out david wright of the mets with 52% of the vote. yeah buster! >> not only three world
6:58 am
championship rings, the face of major league baseball, too. not bad. >> good way to go into spring train, speaking of springlike temperatures, later today, great temperatures. look that. 50 degrees now. hour by hour mostly 40s through 7:00 then by lunchtime mid-60s. later today by 3:00, upper 60s and low 70s today though expecting a cool down tomorrow with showers for parts of the bay area as early as tomorrow morning. >> boy, we sure need it. something to keep in mind for tomorrow morning's commute. how's this morning's commute? >> wind as well. >> right. looking slow for the san mateo bridge. westbound slou r slowing down from time to time. a crash reported on the span approaching the high-rise westbound is your commute direction on the shoulder, but at least a distraction. slower drive for 92. 84, dumbarton bridge not bad. 880rovering nicely. and looks like it's out of lanes. recovery continues for that portion of the tri-valley. upper east shore freeway and
6:59 am
north bay a smooth drive and pleasant drive through the maze. south bay northbound routes continue to build. 280 slowing apple 80, ta-- at 8. two roads come together, gore point, diverge, clearly a distraction. we'll watch that. >> slow there. things heating up in the south bay? >> yes, they are. by the way, told you buster posey officially the face of major league baseball. while we -- celebrate that achievement, proof now you're never too old to fall in love. today 30 seniors at the village green of gillmore retirement facility, giving speed dating a try. why not? >> on hand to give all of the lovely ladies a makeover, and lunch will are served as well. the event starts at 1:30 this afternoon. >> you know what? companionship at that point is a nice thing. >> it's important. right? >> it is. >> speed dating, at fast for a senior as for a 20-year-old, for example? >> i don't know.
7:00 am
>> good to -- >> it's relative. that's what happening on "today in the bay." back in 25 with a live, local news update. >> you know, join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great one. good morning. breaking news. jihadi john, the man seen carrying out brutal beheadings in isis videos publicly identified for the first time as a college educated british nation here at home three brook are in custody accused of trying to fight alongside the terror group. good for the country. president obama defending his plan to reform the immigration system and sending a to lawmakers who he blames for holding up changes. "today" exclusive. robin williams first interview about the tragic loss of her father. >> there's no point questioning


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