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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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on this graphic. now it's over 5,000, and some worry we're going to go for a roller coaster ride again. are we doomed? >> well i don't know if we're doomed. let's face it. stocks are hot. we're probably due for a pullback in the near future. but this time around the companies leading the way up are making money. so experts say we're not due for a bust any time soon. yahoo! opened today, sitting because it was full of nostalgia who remember the dot-com boom days when yahoo was king. >> it was an interesting time. i want it back to execute a series of stock trades. >> that's 8x8 ceo who wants a
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few trades before the boom went bust and trillions of investor money went away thanks to enthusiasm about tech companies that went under. >> previously we were coming up with the weirdest metrics. the number of options you can have in your drawer. >> now for the first time since the year 2000 the nasdaq is back at the 5,000 level. nosebleed seats for investors, no doubt, but this time does feel different. >> 15 years ago the market was up # 300 points or so every day. >> reporter: these days stock watcher dave says the investor money comes from companies that actually make money and will likely stay around for a while. >> a then you have companies going public like facebook and google, that have compelling products and strong earnings. it's not like 15 years ago where all you had to do was walk across the street and you get to go public and get billions of dollars. >> reporter: having survived the bust, 8x8 is growing again.
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so is yahoo!. 5,000 may scare off some investors this time around. least stock puppets are a thing of the past. the company ma r that made you the most money since the year 2000 not apple. it's twablactually giliad science based in foster city. back to you. >> wow. thanks so much scott. we have more details on the nasdaq. the tech market certainly lives up to its name. if you look at the most profitable companies, more than half are based here in the bay area. as of today, apple is on the top of the list. it's worth $740 billion. next is google coming in at 380 billion. facebook follows that followed by intel. and we have breaking news. major delays for caltrain riders after a train hit and killed someone on the tracks. this happened 5:15 this evening just south of san jose. the train involved is one of
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three that travels south to gilroy. right now none of the trains can travel south of the blossom hill station. they are now setting up a bus bridge for passengers between the capitol station and the end of the line. no reports of injuries to the 150 passengers that were on board caltrain. and it has been a wild day of weather to tell you about as well. this true for most of the bay area. take a look at what it looked like earlier as it rained in san jose. then came the hail. now that is the sound of more hail coming down in san jose. over the weekend, it looked a little bit like the east coast. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with a look. i know the kids loved the hailstorms. >> a lot of people mistook that for snowfall. but it was hail. we had a storm system move across, and really lower the cold air here across the bay area to such a low level that you get just a little uplift in the atmosphere. it froze as hail and rushed back
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to the ground. we have the second storm system that moves across today. it's been very isolated in nature. those of you that did get rainfall and hail reports, from those of you who didn't. most of that coming from the south bay. i still think over the next two hours we may have a little bit of activity pop up across the south bay, the peninsula and the east bay. that's about it. things are winding down as you can see in the doppler radar right now. we did have a shower across downtown san jose that started to clear on out. speaking of clearing check out this picture of our weather. that's a sign of things to come. >> still ahead, surf and snow. we are live in southern california where the odd weather made for quite an interesting day at the beach. new at 6:00 a battle is brews over the use of herbicides. the spray will create a bigger
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problem. this map shows where it will happen next week near highway 84 between skyline boulevard and highway 1. >> that's right. i'm here on highway 84. this is the root they will be coming next week. that's about where i'm standing right now. many people in the neighborhood worry the chemicals will get into their water supply. >> we all live downstream. >> patty has lived in the coastal mountains in san mateo county for decade. last year she spearheaded the effort. however, the ban does not apply to land owned by the the state. >> it's all the threat that is not necessary. >> next week they will spray the vegetation near highway 84 between sky lane and highway 101. >> we're only using the amount
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of herbicide we need and absolutely no more. >> i understand about fire safety. but it's always possible to mow. >> caltran says mowing is not an option. >> we don't have the resources to take care of the problem, other than by spraying. >> he also says the herbicides won't be used within 50 feet of a creek or stream bed. she fears her well water will be contaminated by toxic chemicals. she's asking them to prove it's safe by testing samples before and after the spraying. >> it's not worth the risk. >> they can opt out by putting a sign in their front lawn. michelle roberts, nbc, bay area news.
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a teenager involved in a deadly hit and run in san jose has turned himself in. police booked a 15-year-old into juvenile hall for felon hit and run and manslaughter. the crash killed another 15-year-old teenager over the weekend. police say it was a result of a drag race between suspected gang members. the cars collided. one veered off the road and hit a light pop. the victim was ejecteded from the car. two others were hurt and remain in the homt tonight. >> ever since she disappeared three years ago, volunteers are looking for morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. today the family announced that will soon shut down the search center. we have more on how this decision will impact the criminal case and the man accused of killing her. >> reporter: we've been coming to this courthouse for years as they move through the justice
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system is. and the decision to suspend the weekly searches could be a significant change for both the prosecution and defense. the sierra lamar search center operated out of several sites since the morgan hill 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school march 16th 2012. her family says they will conduct the last weekly search on saturday march 14th and the search headquarters currently at the rec center will shut down at the the end of the month. sierra's parents say they ran out of viable areas to search, but will have an on-call group ready to respond to new leads. >> keep her in their thoughts and prayers and hope that we can get adjusted. >> they say the decision could impact the case against torres. >> what the defense is going to see as a result of the searches closing down is that the reason there was no body found is there
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was no body to be found. and sierra could still be alive. >> as long as the search is continued, this case is on the front page. and now that there's not a weekly ongoing searches, the publicity is going to decrease meaning it's likely to keep the case here. >> torres is due back in court on april 8th. many search volunteers tell me they plan to be here to show their ongoing support for the lamar family. live in san jose for nbc bay area news. a memorial is growing where a 14-year-old was shot to death. police are offering $20,000 to help catch the person who shot and killed ellis. these photos are from a website raising money for his funeral. those who knew him are mystified
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by his death. >> what i have heard across the board is he was a nice personal young man. well liked. you don't always hear that in these situations. >> ellis was walking with friends in oakland's fruitvale district saturday night. oakland's minimum wage rose to the highest in the bay area. community members walked throughout the city this morning to inform low-wage workers about the change. some businesses though say they will now be forced to raise prices or higher fewer workers to affords the change. some restaurants are considering covering the cost with a 20% service charge instead of the tip. >> this helps a lot. we work very very hard to get this right. >> the minimum wage law will give oakland workers up to nine paid sick days a year.
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it's an upward climb. coming up next how much gas prices went up since you went to bed last night. san jose has some of the worst roads in the bay area. you may have to foot the the half a billion dollar bill to make repairs. i'm damian trujillo live coming up next. and good evening. i'm meetteorologist jeff ranieri. after showers and thunderstorms, we are beginning to see things clear out. we'll talk more about a major warming trend in the forecast in a few minutes.
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the streets are bad and worse by the mile. the city's roads are worst in the entire san jose area and fixing them may require your
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checkbook. damian trujillo is live along one of the worst on the strip. damian? >> reporter: well, peggy, the water puddles tell the story here in the bay area in san jose. today's rainfall filled in the potholesment one big reason this is one of the worst streets in san jose. you can try to spruce up but at the end of the day, it will still be wilsham drive. a street with more potholes than homes. the city auditor relaid the information to the city's transportation committee today. and she pointed fingers about why this street and so many others are so bad. >> we did find san jose spends less money than other jurisdictions do. >> horrible.
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it's terrible. >> i have to drive. it's awful. it throws our car out of alignment on the tires. >> it's bad. >> the councilman chaired the transportation committee and knows it's going to take a lot of money to fix willsham and the other problem streets. >> we know it's bad. the next question is what do we do to resolve it? >> that's a big question. >> it is a big question. we don't have the answers yes. >> inevitably higher taxes may be one answer. san jose will need to invest half a billion dollars to make things right. otherwise every street in san jose could be just as bad. a street that hasn't seen the maintenance worker in 18 years. >> and in past years, san jose has said they did not have the
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money to make the needed road repairs. now it has to come up with a billion dollars. damian trujillo nbc bay area news. a record setter at the pumps. we are not alone. gas prices rose another two cents overnight. san francisco at $3.43. oakland, $3.34 a gallon. >> well you certainly don't see this too often. hail falls for the sky, coating can sand at huntington beach. penny change is live in huntington beach. and you're saying this turned the sand into a snowy facade there. >> caller: yeah and what a site it was.
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we're used to it being jam packed during the summer. people traded in their sunglasses for snow gear. rain in southern california is an event in itself. so when the skies opened up and dropped a hailstorm on surf city usa of course valerie osbourne had to run outside to see for herself. >> caller: i've been in southern california raised all my life. this was crazy today. the sky broke down. it felt like snow and hail. lightning. thunder. >> from a distance it did look like it. it's actually pea sized hay. >> it's amazing. i've never seen anything like it. >> didn't matter much to visitors who flocked to the stand for a snow day. >> this is so perfect!
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>> from huntington beach to long beach. >> i was just traveling up and down highway 1. >> mother nature putting on a different kind southern california show. >> we decided to drive down here and take a look at it. it doesn't happen very often, or ever. >> and we've been keeping in touch with the nbc weather team. it hails two or three times a year here. but today was extremely is rare because we got half an inch to an inch of sand. >> thank you. >> we had our own hailstorm in the bay area. let's get a check of that with jeff ranieri. >> you can see the picture behind me of saut san jose hills. the the key ingredient we had this weekend.
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the fact that we had so much cold air aloft. the second thing is the uplift. a lot of uplift pushing this rainfall higher to the atmosphere. it can freeze and mixed up in the circulation. then eventually that rain drops get so heavy it just falls to the ground. when it does, it fell as hail. there was enough uplift. there was enough moisture and cold air to create scenes like this. definitely a wild site across the bay area even this past weekend. today we had another system move on by. it wasn't as unstable. definitely some shower activity visible here with heights on the couple lus clouds. 10,000 to 20,000 feet. we did clear out to sunshine. doppler radar is showing little to no activity at the current moment as we see things calm down. mainly temperatures in the 50s.
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and so the big thing on tomorrow's forecast so we are not expecting severe weather. 67 in the north bay. and we'll go for 66 in the south bay. as we continue to see temperatures warm up this week the big issue no doubt will be the pollen going close. we'll have details in the potential of '70s this week coming up. a new frontier who gave political groups a victory tonight. they're our neighbors, yet we rarely see them. i'm marianne favro in morgan hill. ill show you never before seen images of our local wildlife.
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investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started this morning. no injuries to report. several cars were destroyed. >> the california republican party made headlines when members voted to accept a gay political group into the fold. it's officially recognizing the log cabin republican.
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nbc bay area political analyst joins us with insight. so which is it? >> for years the republicans have talked act it. but they didn't go out of their way to invite anybody, except straight whites. this supported proposition eight. that was the anti-same-sex marriage proposition. and as a result the democrats have cashed in with racial minorities and lgbt voters. in most cases by about 3-1 ratio. that's awfully heavy. today they understand the significance of the 15 or 16 registration point gap in california. and they're doing something about it. they're doing something substantial about it. so back to your question, yes. >> so why are they doing this? is this to become more likable
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in california? >> well yeah. and the effort doesn't just ends with lgbt voters. under party chair, the republican party has begun an ambitious outreach effort to latinos interested in local elections. that's where it starts. okay. and they're beginning to see traction. last november in southern california, for example, a republican asian american was elected to the san diego city council for the very first time. and two members to the board of supervisors last year. these changes may seem small or trivial. but for a political party, yes, they are significant. >> so with all these changes, will the state republican party be more competitive in california? >> maybe not next year. it's going to take a while. as these candidates of racial
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and political diversity climb up that political ladder yes, we can expect more competition. the one-party days of california may soon disappear. >> okay. we'll see what happens. larry gerston. our political analyst, thanks for your time today. what's interesting about this year's forbes billionaire list is not at the top where bill gates still reigns but at the bottom where bay area tech titans are appearing for the first time. in san francisco, three early investors in uber are now billionaires. three founders of airbnb. and los angeles, snap chat cofounders are now also members of the billionaire's club worth 1.5 billion each. >> i remember when those companies just started. >> now we're so used to it. everybody would have thought of that. but they were brilliant. >> creative. more trouble at the white house after back-to-back security breaches. what had the secret service
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scrambling today? >> and treasures of the peninsula. a legendary restaurant shutting its doors. now opening them for a chance to take something home to remember them by. plus -- # isis followers make death threats against twitter's founder. i'm mark mathews with the story coming up in this edition of nbc bay area news.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. tonight the fbi is looking
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into death threats made against twitter cofounders and employees. it started when this photo showed up online. the fbi won't say if it launched an official investigation. there are signs the company is taking the threat very seriously. mark mathews joins us live from san francisco where security has been increased tonight. mark? >> the threats came on several anonymous internet sites in retaliation for twitter taking down isis related accounts. the message in arabic comes with a message over jack dorsey and a target super imposed over our head. when our alliance come and take your breath you will never come o back to life. twitter isn't talking but released a statement saying its security team is investigating the voracity of the threats with relevant law enforcement officials. the fbi won't confirm the official investigation, but they are analyzing the threats enand will proceed accordingly.
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rick smith is the former fbi agent. >> it's a threat that originated with isis or with a call to isis followers to react. if it's the former it's more serious than the latter. >> smith cautioned it could be an attempt to grab attention. when these people are cutting heads off and then something like this there's going to be a reaction. that's their whole goal. >> security forces are posted outside here. and police in new york city say they have increased patrols around twitter auss there. >> the idea that blocking or eliminating this sort of conversation on twitter is going to stop the spread of the ideas seems to me misguided. >> the the extra attention from
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reporters was not welcomed as twitter employees ducked away from questions. and technology director says the threats will also likely have a chilling effect on twitter employees around the world. >> you wouldn't want people to know if you're traveling in europe or the middle east that you were working for twitter. >> several twitter accounts have reported there are still isis related accounts up on twitter. maybe it would be better to leave the accounts up and let the police and investigators use the posts as evidence in their investigations. reporting from twitter headquarters. mark matthew, nbc bay area news. >> meanwhile, the fight against isis continues. iraqi forces are battling the terror group 100 miles outside
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of baghdad. more than 27,000 army troops along with shia militias are trying to push isis out of the city of crete. it remains one of the group's key strongholds. >> and secret service agents are on high alert after two separate security incidents at the white house. early this morning a man slipped inside a secure dor as someone else was walking out. two secret service officers struggleded with the man and ultimately arrested him. hours earlier someone else managed to get on the white house grounds. last year several security breaches at the white house led to the resignation of the director. u.s. secretary of state john kerry announces he's closer to a deal with iran. he plans to push that argument
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in his address to congress tomorrow. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. >> cheered by american jewish leaders in washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns israel's survival is threatened. >> we must not let that happen. >> iran sets netanyahu, would build a nuclear weapon to use on israel. >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there's still time to avert therm. >> the the united states of america will not allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon period. >> but john mccain warns they will cheed. >> they continue to say that iran is not cooperating. secretary of state kerry is negotiating with them. >> doing so would make it more difficult to reach the goal that israel and others say they
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share. >> back in dkz netanyahu has to plan to see president obama. their relationship was already strained when running for re-election the israeli prime minister asked gop congressional leaders to speak without warning the white house. 48% of americans opposed that in the new nbc news wall street journal poll. netanyahu said no disrespect intended to president obama. >> our alliance is sound. our friendship is strong. >> his speech tomorrow may sound like a fight among friends. steve handelsman nbc news capitol hill. >> he is promising a thorough investigation, but the chief of the lapd is also defending his officer's decision to shoot and kill a homeless man. graphic cell phone video shows the officer fighting with and then killing the man. this video went viral yesterday. the police chief says the video also shows the suspect grabbing an officer and gun.
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that officer is heard yelling he has my gun three times. the man who posted the video online says the officers went too far. >> you didn't see that? >> i think it was extreme. maybe one gunshot. when you hear one shot. there's six or seven men on him. >> around the country, police shootings are increasingly being scrutinized in the wake of the shoothing death of michael brown. all police shootings should be independently reviewed. they looked into the deteriorating relationship into police and communities. others were stwa requiring the officers to use body cameras. friends of the victim in yesterday's double homicide say they were killeded over a gun deal. police confirm only contraband
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was involve. james weir is in prison tonight. they expect to add charges stemg from the shooting. a friend of one of the victims says that we're has a reputation. >> i know he's a local who never really left. he doesn't do anything productive. i can tell you that. that's for sure. >> now the shooting happened yesterday near the elementary school in what's considered a very safe part of town. when he resisted arrest, he was subdued with the help of a k-9 officer. up next a data plan by google. a peek inside the the company's latest expang plan. and a bay area leader in trouble again for sleeping on the job.
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we'll soon have another choice when it comes to picking a cell phone service. google says it will launch its network using a combination of cell towers and wi-fi hot spots. more information will be unveiled in coming months. good-bye american express. hello hello citibank. cosco announced a new partner. citi will become the exclusive issuer of costco visa cards. it will offer reward to costco members. the warehouse giant will have more information on how customers can transition no the new card in the next few weeks. restaurants come and go and usually quietly, but ming's is going out with a bang. the bang of an auction near's gavel tomorrow. the popular restaurant closed in december after 58 years. now fans can bid on everything
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from serving items to kitchen cleavers. >> you get the restauranteurs. you get people that have been coming here for years that want a piece of mig's and you get dealers. >> they've got a lot of stuff. tomorrow's auction starts at 10:00 a.m. >> it makes you hungry. >> i've never been there. but it must have been amazing. >> it was delicious. there's talks they may reopen so we'll see. >> you're our inside source. let us know when it happens. >> yeah, we have great weather tonight. after a few isolated storms today, we're beginning to see things clear out. and we'll talk about a major warmup this week and when 70s return.
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it is tough to sneak a nap when there's a camera around. especially when it's happened before. congressman mike honda caught napping on c-span cameras. he took the siesta on the house floor last friday. that's why his colleagues were debating funding for the department of homeland security. when funding, he said i'm tireded of the gop playing games with the public security. the first cat nap during a fremont town hall meeting. he dozed off while a speaker discussed obamacare. downtown san jose has more international flavor this weekend as film makers for around the world show you have their movies. one film is factory boss. it looks at the relationship between a chinese toy factory and a u.s. company that ordered itsz toys. while so many focus on the laborers. this film is seen through the
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eyes of a tormented middle manager who struggles with the workers, the boss the companies. the director sat down with me to talk about the film. >> translator: every director has their own style. i like a film with strong powerful messages with relationships between people in a society. in general. >> factory boss airs at cram ra 12 tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. well they are furry and feathered neighbors and also live right by us. but chances are we haven't met until now. the santa clara county open space authority has been video taping bay area wildlife for ten years. marianne favro is joining us live now in morgan hill with what wildlife experts have been learning from the film. they captured beautiful pictures marianne. >> reporter: they are amazing.
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especially if you're an animal lover, like i know you are peggy. for the very first time this gate behind me will open and the public can hike here. now thanks to hidden cameras w know what kind of wildlife is out there. >> the call of the wild is closer than you dhi. is today we captured video of these birds going after a golden eagle. the four-legged animals we don't see that the santa clara county open space authority caught on tape using 50 cameras installed in remote areas. and sierra vis that open space reserve near allen rock park. that's where this video was taken. >> a lot of people don't think of elk being in this region. zblf wildlife experts say based on the pictures it appears mountain lion badger and bobcat populations are growing. so is the wild pig population. which is problematic. the animals dig up the local
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landscape. the drought has taken a toll on south bay wildlife as the streams they once relied on for water dry up. and in 2011 the cameras spotted a marijuana grow, east of morgan hill. an operation that was deadly to local wildlife. >> the growers dammed up the tributary of a creek. there were pesticides flowing in the creek. some wild animals unfortunately died. and it was really an environmental disaster. >> but the cameras also reveal a success story. the checkered spot butterfly is making a comeback in south bay. the circle of life is continuing for our wildlife neighbors. >> hidden cameras also caught poachers on tape. reporting live marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> beautiful pictures. really neat to see.
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let's get a check of forecast. hail today. scattered showers and sunshine. >> it's been all over the place the past two or three days. it's been because we have seen two different stornl systems dropping from the north to the south. a lot of uplift in the atmosphere. just enough moisture to fire off again. the storm system we tracked for today is heading to the south. you can see a few spotty showers here throughout the peninsula. also throughout east san jose. we'll zoom into some of this. mainly throughout fremont, spotty showers right now. it's very benign. we're not looking at heavier pockets of rainfall. also across livermore, dublin and danville a little bit of rainfall. we'll take you to the sky camera right now. most of the bay area is dry with temperatures in the 50s. and tomorrow morning after wild weather in the past couple of days, we're not expecting any
6:49 pm
rainfall to start. 39 for your average in the north bay. and for the south bay, we start off with 43. we'll take you through the micro climate forecast. we are all back to work back to school. sunnier skies. milder temperatures. not in the 70-degree category. but you will feel warmer here in san jose tomorrow. 66 degrees. for morgan hill. close to 70. across the peninsula, anywhere from 64 in foster city to 64 in pacifica. from san francisco, anywhere from 60 in forest hill to 65 downtown. so a little bit of a spread towards the coastline and back towards downtown you'll notice a difference. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, close to 70 in napa. still slightly on the milder side with 67 degrees. oakland in the mid 60s we do have changes coming our way after two different storm
6:50 pm
systems. high pressure will start to build in. as it does so we'll see continued sunshine across the bay area. but eventually by thursday and friday, the warmest and driest wind across the bay area. it will increase. check out thursday and friday the 60s to the 70s. as we head throughout saturday's forecast. 73. so not extremely hot. definitely about 11 degrees above average. and for san francisco we'll go in the 70s for friday and also saturday as well. we need more rainfall. just not going to happen this week. let's hope the mid and end gets some more storms in there. >> some march and april showers. i like where you're going with that. >> warriors looking for theired
6:51 pm
their straight win. highlights coming up in sports. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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tonight palo alto city leaders will put a -- on their office buildings. this is where traffic has really been on the rise. leaders are looking into allowing only a certain number of new buildings annually. new companies would have to address traffic and parking demands it would cause. the city council meeting is under way as we speak. let's get to sports.
6:54 pm
the newsroom since we had hail in the south bay, let's start with the sharks. >> a lot of changes going on. with the current view sitting outside the playoff window the sharks decided to mix things up making several moves at the nhl trade deadline. andrew for chicago for center ben smith and a draft pick. forward tyler kennedy went to the new york islanders for a draft pick. the sharks traded teddy hamilton. >> the team dictated that. our record over the past month indicated that we weren't prepared to step forward and go after older players. and you can't blame anybody for that. >> on the diamond, giants fans get a look at the newest
6:55 pm
additions tomorrow when they open up their new spring training schedule. bruce bochi's lineup card looks like this with. the world series mvp. madison bumgarner taking the hill. and darnell dockett could become much needed defensive help for the 49ers. he's meeting with the red and gold according to espn. the 43-year-old was released last week as a salary cut. missed the entire 2014 season after suffering a torn acl in august. previously only missed two games during his ten nfl seasons in arizona. rainy weather and darkness pushed the thon da classic into monday. it was a finish worth waiting
6:56 pm
for. and he clutches up. and the par three 17th. shot in trouble. and he's going to get wet finding the water. that's a huge momentum swing. this is the first in 2008. andrew is trying to put the team on his back. massive throwdown in the lane. they trail by six at the break. third quarter, williams findsing a groouf. three minutes later, another three-point ball. brooklyn up eight. now a minute left in the third. and the lead rose to nine. this one just got over. former warrior hit a jumper with 1.1 second left. and the warriors lose 110-108 is
6:57 pm
the final in brooklyn. they finish 3-3. jason kidd and the bucks. back in town on wednesday as they return to oracle arena. you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> and wrapping up a beautiful day. another one expected tomorrow. >> yeah. a little bit better tomorrow. those of us in san jose are going, okay. what's up with this weather? when will it be over? it's going to be on the cold side. use the jackets and the kid. the north bay is looking at 39 degrees. definitely a chill up there. you'll see on the weather trend, throughout tuesday, dry weather, 60s in san jose. ch low 70s in san jose and also san francisco. >> nice. gorgeous. jeff, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> see you tonight at 11:00. thanks for joining us.
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william shatner's no-show at leonard nimoy's funeral. his first words about all the backlash. >> now on "extra".." captain kirk skips spoke's funeral. the nasty headlines, the truth today from william shatner himself. >> mr. shatner, just wanted to see if you had any comments. bruce jenner behind the wheel and on the phone. how many times he's been caught since his deadly car crash. plus is khloe kardashian replacing kelly osborn on "fashion police requests requests? howard stern g


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