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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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to be a reality tv star. >> is that for real? look at his head. meet hulk. he weighs nearly 180 pounds and he's less than two years old. hulk has been getting a lot. o'attention ever since his owners have been posting videos. good morning. day one. the long-awaited trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect begins today. a key question, will the wife of the other suspect killed by police be called to testify? >> dot controversy. hillary clinton facing a congressional is inquiry. clinton avoiding the issue completely while offering her strongest hint yet about her future plans. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> 1600 miles of misery, the new storm system set to spread more snow, sleet and rain, texas to massachusetts, will it be this
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historic winter's last gasp? >> and new questions. federal officials possibly reopening the investigation into the notorious plane crash that killedly agendaary singer buddy holly and richie valley. why it's reconsidered 56 years later today wednesday, march 4, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. all winter long we've been talking about the city of boston because they have been dealing with this horrible weather. that city is in the headlines. >> boston waiting for this day, opening statements starting today in the trial of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. peter alexander is at the
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courthouse for us. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this was the worst act of domestic terrorism since 9/11, and the long-awaited trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev is under way at the federal court house behind us here. just two miles from where the boston bombing took place nearly two years ago. survivors say they have been told to prepare for very graphic evidence, including photos and video. prosecutors plan to play a surveillance video they say shows dzhokhar tsarnaev placing a back pack bomb in the crowd of the spectators and walking away, then the explosion and devastating aftermath. he was found four days later hiding in a boat stored in a yard his brother also accused in the bombing died earlier. in the both the fbi says he scrawled criticism of the american military including the u.s. is killing our innocent civilians and i can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. what if anything did tamerlan's
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wife know now remarried with a baby, she never has been charged in connection with the bombing and-er lawyers say she has cooperated. russell's largely steered clear of the spotlight, she might be called as a witness. defense lawyers cesar nef who was 19 at the time was dominated by his older brother, a father figure he was afraid of. >> it will be the defense's task to humanize this young man, to show the jury that he really is not a predator, he's not an evil >> reporter: a bombing victim has no feeling on her lower right side. she says she will be in court for some of the trial. >> i feel like i need to be there. and i know it's going to be diff and i know there are going to be a lot of things that are going to be painful. >> reporter: again, the opening arguments are now under way and if convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev could face the death penalty.
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the judge says this trial is expected to last until june. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> turning to other news the investigation into hillary clinton's use of an e-mail account as secretary of state is widening. kristen welker with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. clinton's political problems are growing this morning, a congressional committee says it wants to further explore clinton's use of her personal e-mails while she was secretary of state. clinton isn't speaking about the scandal instead last night at a woman's event in washington, she tried to turn the page. despite the controversy swirling around her, hillary clinton rallied her base getting the most applause when she hinted at future plans. >> and i suppose it's only fair to say don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> that message echoed in the program with a democratic
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communications firm running this ad, misspelling her name and showing a picture on her blackberry amid a growing e-mail scandal. clinton made no mention of the revelations that she used her personal e-mail account as secretary of state instead of a now required government e-mail account. republicans seized on the news. >> you do not need a law degree to have an understanding of how troubling this is. >> reporter: aides say she followed the law e-mailing other employees on their official accounts with every expectation they would be retained and the state department says requirements to use government accounts came after clinton left office, noting that former secretary of state colin powell used his personal account and condoleezza rice rarely used in 2011 clinton talked with savann >> you mentioned technology. i have to wonder do you -- how many have your personal e-mail address? you use your blackberry a lot. you like technology? >> i do. >> good at it?
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>> i'm okay for you know, for someone of my generation i'm okay. no, i -- i have a lot of security restrapts on what i can and can't do. but i do try to stay in touch as much as possible and electronically is the easiest way to do that. >> are you a blackberry addict? >> i'm an aficionado. not sure about the addict part. >> reporter: last year clinton aides submitted over 50,000 pages of e-mails after the state department asked former secretaries for their official documents, last month the state department turned over about 300 of those e-mails to lawmakers investigating the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. then on monday revelations those e-mails were from her personal accoun >> it feeds into the narrative that she has something to hide or that she has a default that she will be secretive and not transparent. >> reporter: now the associated press is reporting that hillary clinton used a private internet service registered to her family
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home in new york, experts call that unusual move that may have given clinton tighter control over access to her archives. so far no reaction from clinton officials about the latest al when asked about the flap, white house officials said they took clinton at her word but that ultimately it's up to the state department and clinton to assess the situation. >> kristin, thanks very much. >> the weather now in round two of what millions hope will be a last brush with this record winter on its way. this is threatening to spread snow and ice from northern texas to new england. and it could push boston over the top setting the record for the city's snowiest winter ever. dylan dreyer is at her post in boston again. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, we haven't had a major snowstorm here in boston since valentine's day but take a look at this mountain behind me. this is a 40-foot high pile of dirty snow. this is the city's snow dumping ground. obviously no one here wants more
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snow but after the 1.6 inches of snow that fell last night we are now just two inches shy of breaking the all-time record for snowiest winter ever. the snow we saw last night was part of a bigger system that made a mess of parts of the midwest. in minnesota, blowing snow reduced visibility on the roads, parts of i-94 had to be shut down in both directions because of several crashes. farther south, roads were dangerous as well in omaha, nebraska, one man was killed and the icy roads were to blame for that crash. unfortunately, we are not out of the woods yet. we have more winter weather today and tomorrow, and we're going to be so close to breaking that record here in boston but it looks like you're going to see more in new york. >> in fact, looks like the cutoff is just south of you, so to come this far and not break the record. just for the t-shirt alone. it's all about the t-shirt. >> fireworks. something. >> i know. let's see what we've got going on.
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again, this is a wide reaching system. 1600 miles stretching from texas all the way into just south of dylan, unfortunately, look at this. we've got winter storm warn, winter storm watches and winter weather advisories from colorado all the way into new england. winter storm warnings a big problem, dallas, rain, thunderstorms, changing to snow and sleet about 1 to 3 inches. in the afternoon memphis, winter storm warnings, 2 to 4 inches, ice up to a quarter inch. big problem overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, lexington, kentucky, 6 to 10 inches of snow once it changes to rain. d.c., philadelphia, four to eight inches of snow after changing rain to ice tonight. new york city will see from about 2 to 5 inches of snow by this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon this time. and then, we look for the snowfall amounts unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you feel about boston, we're talking
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about less than an inch of snow, if anything it stays to the south. generally, though, about 3 to 6 inches through the ohio river valley, about some areas picking up up to a foot. but then, after some very cold air on friday, next week fabulous. >> really. >> good news. >> good job, al. >> thank you. turning to other stories more than six months after that deadly shooting of michael brown that sparked angry protests coast to coast, the justice department is going public with its probe into the ferguson, missouri police force. and the findings could cause even more anger. here is ron allen. >> reporter: investigation following the violence that rocked ferguson uncovered a long standing pattern of racial bias. when police used force, 88% of the time the suspect was african-american, as were 93% of those arrested, over a roughly two-year period before michael brown's fatal encounter with darren wilson.
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the probe officials say also found this. a 2008 e-mail by a ferguson law enforcement official saying president obama would not serve an entire term. what black man holds a steady job for four years it asked. the report also expected to say local police repeatedly stopped and fined black drivers for minor violations. like busted taillights, to raise money for the city. >> targeting people who are typically not listened to. >> this investigation we understand says nothing about the death of michael brown, or whether former police officer darren wilson will face federal civil rights charges, that investigation continues. but a federal officials have said it's unlikely wilson will be charged with a crime. ferguson's leaders confronted with thousands of pages of allegations say they will only respond when all of this becomes public likely later today. ron allen, nbc news, ferguson. >> look for that. to the news, overnight arrest in a series of shootings.
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>> right, the fbi says a suspect wanted in a string of shootings in the washington, d.c. area including one near nsa headquarters is now in custody. richard jordan from our station in washington has the latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today the fbi will be working to piece together exactly what happened to determine if the one person was behind all five of those shootings, that suspect in custody now. the most recent shooting at the nsa building. no one was hurt but there was some damage to the building. and just hours before that on an open highway about ten miles away, two men came under fire, someone shooting at them from a wooded area. they were in a landscaping truck. both of them were hurt, one grazed by a bullet, the other had cuts from broken glass. all of the shootings happening in popular areas outside a movie theater, outside a walmart store, and the first shooting just across the street from a very populated shopping mall.
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it was from that parking lot across the street from the mall that the fbi was able to obtain surveillance video showing the suspect vehicle. all of this bringing back memories to 2002, the dc sniper case, shooting people at random, ten people were killed there. now the fbi in the middle of a similar investigation working to find out what the motive behind these new shootings is, and if they perhaps are random as they appear to be. natalie. >> richard jordan from our washington, d.c. station, thank you. u.s. supreme court takes up a legal challenge that could doom the affordable care act better known as obamacare. pete williams is live with that. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. sometimes supreme court cases are about abstract ideas but this is very practical. it will determine whether millions of people will lose their health insurance. for 7 million low income
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americans obamacare and the subsidy is a life saver cutting the cost of health insurance an average of 72%. the question for the supreme court who is entitled to that subsidy. observecare opponents say the subsidies are only for insurance bought on an exchange run by a state and not on the federal exchange in states that don't set up their ochblt it's a critical issue. only 16 states have their own exchanges up and running. everywhere else there is only the federal exchange. jennifer of memphis battling cystic fibrosis remembers a phone call that told her she was chosen for a transplant. >> they said we have a pair of lungs for you. and i started crying. >> now she says without obamacare and the subsidy she could not afford her anti-rejection drugs. >> i would end up like i was before, and i would die. >> reporter: the insurance industry warns that if the challengers succeed obamacare
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would enter a death spiral, rise costs for a smaller number causing the system to collapse. >> pete williams outside the supreme court for us, thank you. frightening moments overnight when a plane with 238 people on board slid off the runway in nepal, the turkish airlines plane was trying to land in dance fog. after it touched down it skidded and ended with the nose on the ground. passengers had to use the emergency slides to evacuate. one person was taken to the hospital but everyone else for the most part was okay. and a sidewalk showdown, argument over snow shoveling turned ugly in ohio. take a look, you can see the man on the left, larry meyers, blowing snow directly onto the man on the right, turns out will was shoveling the snow so school kids could walk on the sidewalk. meyers, however, took exception and told him to leave his sidewalk alone. he says there was an argument. meyers then grabbed him by the throat, that's not all, meyers
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came back out with a shovel and he started to dump the snow exactly where it was cleared off. police are now investigating. wow. >> this is the new thing. you end up with a feel good story. that's a feel bad story. >> i don't think -- this started long before. >> something simering. >> majorly. >> this is why winter has to end. >> the madness must stop. it will. let's show you what else is going on across the country. you can see we've got beautiful weather along the west coast, 55 in seattle and sunny, 70 in los angeles, that's where -- nice weather through florida with sunshine and in the low 80s. let's get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be
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sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. what a pretty start to the day here. nice and clear up in wine country. it's a little hazy out there. temperatures are cool though because we don't have that blanket of low clouds. we're at 43 degrees in the north bay. on our way to the mid to upper 60s all across the board. in the 60s tomorrow, trading in for the 70s. we'll keep that warming going into your weekend. beautiful weekend to hit the beach. we'll have more in just moments. former cia director david petraeus is agreeing to plead guilty to mishandling classified materials, this is a case that stemmed from his affair that ended his political career.
7:18 am
nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is a stunning almost unbelievable fall from grace. david petraeus, even a possible presidential candidate, pleading guilty now to a criminal federal charge that grew out of a sorted extramarital affair. once considered a national hero, david petraeus now faces federal charges. the former general who led u.s. forces in iraq and afghanistan and rose to director of the cia, prepared to plead guilty to a charge of unlawful mishandling of u.s. top secrets. but federal court documents don't stop there. they claim that petraeus while head of the cia shared some of those documents with paula broadwell who admittedly was having an affair with petraeus while writing his biography. documents sayy he slipped her eight black books with top
7:19 am
secret information like the afghan war plan and identities of covert operators. the scandal first hit the national headlines more than two years ago, when a tampa socialite called the fbi, kelly complained she was receiving threatening e-mails telling her to stay away from general petraeus. the fbi soon traced the e-mails to broadwell, discovered the illicit affair and mishandling of military secrets. the explosive revelations forced petraeus to resign as director. but petraeus still has his supporters and a large part of his legacy intact. >> his judgment in terms of national security threats we faced and how to deal with the vicious enemy and being successful on the battlefield hasn't been tarnished. >> reporter: president obama approved a plea deal. >> the president believes it was appropriate for general petraeus to take responsibility for his actions. >> his future now in the hands of the federal courts.
7:20 am
it looks like petraeus will avoid jail time. the charge is a misdemeanor, prosecutors are recommending two years probation and a $40,000 fine. but it will clearly take petraeus some time to rebuild his reputation. >> jim, thanks. >> look who is here. carson is about to take us to the orange room talking about online ads most seem to dislike. >> we are watching a video on line, you stick around through the ad or wait. >> skip. >> what i figured. geico has a new campaign. specifically, those who are anxious like these guys to click right past the ads. take a look. >> don't thank me, thank the savings. >> you can't skip this geico ad because it's already over. geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> for the ad to come up, waiting for the skip button. it's not over. everything in the middle is
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frozen and you're watching going wait, what is that dog doing? more than a minute you can stick around and people do to watch the dog devour the food. it's a brilliant scheme here from geico to keep you focused on this ad. look at the branding. it's geico in the center. watch this kid's plate. watch the salad go. he stepped on the salad to get to more spaghetti. wrangle, are you watching? >> could learn a few things. >> geico put out these ads, there are four of them. 1.5 million views. here is another quick one. guys in the elevator hand shake. i'll show you fast. it freezes here and you want to see this lady like what is she going to do? walk around them? what's happening? she needs to get somewhere. the elevator -- she does this thing. you stay focused and wondering what's going on. >> like the end of the old police squad.
7:22 am
>> here you go. 96% skip the ad. it will be interesting to see if this starts a new trend for companies to earmark not money but creative for ads specifically for the web and preroll. >> you watch it the first time, then you'll skip it the second time if you can. >> people watch cats, dogs, babies, millions of times over and over. it's an interesting trend. we'll keep an eye on. >> the people that froze like that. that was impressive. coming up, investigation nearly 60 years later why the ntsb could look at the plane crash that claimed the lives of buddy holly, richie valens and the big bopper. >> the parents who left their kids walk home from the park found responsible of child neglect. what they are saying about the decision and plans to fight back. first this is "today" on nbc. lans to fight back. but firs
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coming up the play time, the treats, how much do dogs like wrangler actually remember? >> plus what is drawing pilots to this lake. the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. colourists know roots take colour one way, and previously coloured hair another. new vidal sassoon salonist. first, brush roots
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then, blend through lengths. our most advanced system outside the salon. it's more than colour. it's a work of art. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. early this morning, a fire threatened a restaurant on san francisco's knob hill. it started in the parking garage just below aquerello restaurant. crews did have to break down to get into the fire.cquerello restaurant. crews did have to break down to get into the fire. residents were briefly evacuated. the restaurant itself spared any damage from the fire. an oakland family demanding justice after a deadly shooting of a young father in the oakland hills. marcus west jr. died yesterday after someone shot him outside his grandmother's home near gulf links road. west was the father of a
7:27 am
2-month-old boy. investigators are saying little about the case and whether they have any leads. happening today oakland international airport reaches a new high in the number of nonstop destinations it serves. the airport is adding its 46 nonstop locations to tijuana. the plane is scheduled to take off for the first time in about 90 minutes from now. our weather is pretty nice here. >> it's going to be spectacular this weekend as well. good morning to you, laura, everybody at home. showing you half-moon bay. one of the spots typically fogged in this time of year. not today. temperatures will be really chilly out there to start. courtesy of that cold clear beginning. i can tell you, it's pretty nice by lunchtime. we'll end up at the upper 60s today. throughout the next couple days warmer mid 70s on the way for tomorrow. upper 70s for saturday into sunday for some. let me break it down for you. this weekend looking spectacular. that ought to help you get through wednesday. got to get to work though for today and here's mike to help
7:28 am
you out. >> not a big surprise as far as our commute goes but we'll pass some slower spots. recovery from 101 where we had the earlier crash. a slower stretch right there at the split. sound 101 also slow. the earlier crash has cleared. it took about half an hour but we have a slower drive. be careful. a slower drive. passing both san mateo and the dunbarton bridges. another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
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7:30 on wednesday morning, the 4th of march, 2015. and that's a slice of frozen heaven for some pilots in new hampshire. there is a really interesting story behind that shot. we'll explain it coming up. >> good thing to do on a cold day. let's look at some of the things making headlines. the second part of the massive weather system, snow, rain and sleet and into tomorrow. >> nearly two years after the boston marathon bombings opening statements are beginning today at the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he faces 30 charges including 17 that carry the possibility of the death penalty.
7:31 am
the defense plans to portray him as a reluctant participant in those attacks. >> in the wake of the shooting death of michael brown and the protests that followed the justice department investigation has found a pattern of racial bias within the ferguson, missouri police force. according to the probe, african-americans were disproportionately targeted for traffic stops, use of force, and prison sentences. >> meantime, remember the story the couple that was investigated for letting their young kids walk home alone from a nearby park. they have now been found responsible for unsubstantiated neglect but will it change the way they parent? we're going to hear from them coming up. >> a lot of people following that. we'll begin this half hour with the plane crash that became known as the day the music died. it claimed the lives of four people including legend buddy holly. now federal investigators may launch a new review.
7:32 am
>> reporter: the 1959 crash shocked and saddened the nation. a small single engine plane carrying buddy holly, richie valens and pilot roger peterson went down minutes after takeoff. investigators at the time blamed pilot error and weather as factors in the crash. ♪ that will be the day that i die ♪ >> reporter: the singers became legends. immoralized by hollywood on the big screen. ♪ ♪ my peggy sue ♪ ♪ chantilly lace ♪ >> now a new england man l.j.kuhn has gotten thentsb to agree to reopen the crash. he contends there are issues involving weight, balance and aircraft climb and descent among
7:33 am
other factors the ntsb should investigate. though the agency has not agreed to officially reopen the case, they are, quote, reviewing the petition for reconsideration for this accident investigation. with the decision not even opening the case still pending, the february 3, 1959 crash will always be remembered as the day three stars took to the sky and never came home. ♪ so bye-bye miss american pie ♪ >> reporter: the day don maclean said. >> the music died. >> all these years later. interesting to see what they find out. we have an update on a case that attracted the attention of parents, a maryland couple investigated for allowing their two children to walkuklk home alone from a park. they have been found responsible for unsubstantiated neglect. today's erica hill is here with the latest.
7:34 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. the couple has learned their file with child services will be kept open for five years raising questions what could happen if their children are reported again for walking alone. the family says it has no plans to change course. for 10-year-old and his sister age 6 there is nothing unusual walking home without mom and dad. >> they think it's funny that sending kids to the park can be an issue. >> yet it's become an issue leading to aciations of neglect. who regularly allow their kids to walk to the library and to the park about a mile away on their own. the family defended the decision in january on "today." just after the accusations were made public and their story went viral. >> we're just doing what our parents did, what was considered perfectly normal just one generation ago. >> reporter: they hope the case
7:35 am
would be dropped but after a two-month investigation they were found responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect. >> unsubstantiated seems to be the middle ground. they are not making a legal finding there was child neglect and not dismissing the case. >> social media lit up with its own reaction, much supporting them. i don't have or want kids but even i think this is horrifying. and inviting debate about so called free range parenting. think of it as the opposite of helicopter parenting. >> this idea of hovering and being overly involved in your kids live is becoming the norm. and so what we're doing is we're saying that if you don't have the resources, to have this level of intensive parenting you're a bad parent and that's not true. >> whether anything should be the norm legally is almost as murky as the state's decision with the parenting. >> we all realize there are dangers for children out walking alone. but the question is, who gets to
7:36 am
decide, parents or the government? >> the file with child services will remain open for five years but they have no plans to change the way they are raising their children. >> my husband and i are very firm believers in this independence and allowing our kids simple freedoms and we're going to keep doing it. >> we did reach out to the state of maryland. they told us they cannot comment on a specific case. the family has hired an attorney and tells us they have planned to appeal. >> interesting. so unsubstantiated neglect is kind of limbo. >> that's what the family says. she said look, unsubstantiated neglect explained as there wasn't enough to say there was neglect but there also wasn't enough to say there was. how can you have it both ways. that's their take as well. >> thank you very much. mr. roker talking about a big temperature change. >> right. it's all about the front. it's also all about the base. we're looking at this frontal system. ahead of the front today, it's
7:37 am
going to get up to 73 in atlanta, mobile 76, daytona beach 85. boy, how great would that be. then this front pushes through tonight into tomorrow. look at thursday. 53 in atlanta, 84 daytona. charlotte 62. friday the cooler temperatures spread all the way, daytona only 68, 45 charlotte, memphis at 33 degrees. but then, we get into next week. that's what's going on around the country. the good news that they're lacking over there, boy, we've been getting it in droves here on the west coast. the golden gate bridge is nice and clear. that's the bay bridge. a beautiful start to the day. 67 degrees in san francisco today. what a good morningrgeous day coming your way. we'll hit 69 degrees here. that trend really kicks in. five degrees warmer than yesterday. we're going to get even warmer
7:38 am
before the rain moves in early next week. we'll talk more about this in just moments. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next we're live on one of a kind ice runway that has pilots lining up to test their landing skills. >> and on trending. trending. ever wonder why people shake hands? apparently there is a very weird reason and it has nothing to do with being polite. first these messages. to moisturize every day. new nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes instantly. and lasts for more than 24 hours. then i quickly rinse off. my skin feels amazingly smooth with no sticky feel. so, i get dressed... ..and go. now i enjoy smooth skin every day. new nivea in-shower body lotion in the body lotion aisle. ♪ dramatic music ♪ father impersonating darth vader
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we're back at 7:42. >> a lot of people in new england are sick of the snow. one group is fine with the snow and ice. kerry sanders is in alton bay, new hampshire with their story. kerry, good morning. >> good morning. i'm on lake win psaki. it turns out this is the only faa sanctioned ice runway in the nation. he is one pilot who has been here to test their skills and come in and take off and land on this, the only ice runway in the lower 48. it's 71 square miles and it's as big as brooklyn. it's one tiny remote patch on this frozen spot that landed a unique pin on america's map. ice runway. >> the ice is great right now and the conditions couldn't be better. we have 28 to 30 inches of ice.
7:44 am
>> reporter: no surprise in the last 30 days the temperature here has been as low as minus 14 and only twice for a few hours at that did it climb above freezing. pilots say takeoff pumps their adrenaline but landings are the real nailbiter because they have no brakes. >> it is a challenge landing on ice and taxiing. sometimes it's windy and it's very, very challenging to control the aircraft. >> i only come over here when the conditions are favorable. >> the runway here on the lake is 3,000 feet long. they plowed it to make it so just about any private plane could come in here. this goes back to the korean war. it's just 300 feet to take on. >> in summer, this huge lake is filled with recreational
7:45 am
boaters, but now it's an open runway for planes equipped with skis they can land anywhere. >> there is nowhere you can't land. >> just about. we have the skis and power and this is our playground. volunteers first began plowing this ice runway in 1979. since then, there had been minor mishaps sliding over the snow banks. no planes have crashed here or fallen through the ice. >> the new hampshire department of transportation shuts it down at the end of the month even if the ice is still two feet thick. >> we get about 25 days to use it. it's a short window. >> if you are a pilot, you have to come here. >> now this ice runway is actually created by volunteers. five volunteers who interestingly, from this town are not even pilots, but they get excited to see all the action here on the
7:46 am
team. where i'm standing right now come summer, this ice is filled with recreational boat eshs. but now, there you go guys this is the one place where ice does not ground flights. >> that's terrific. >> i wouldn't want to be in the truck with the plow. with the plow. >> kerry, thank you very much. >> just what you always wanted. carson shows you how to turn if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police in san francisco investigating the latest in a string of smash and grab robberies. the target this time a high end audio equipment store. witnesses say three masked thieves snatched a pickup truck in the store and then they grabbed what they could. the thieves made off with about $100,000 worth of merchandise. here's a cruel theft in san francisco targeting a paralympic hopeful. someone stole his prosthetic running blade from his car. it happened yesterday in the mission district. he currently runs for city college of san francisco. he hopes to compete in the brazil paralympics in 2016. he says his customized prosthetic legs costs about $30,000. without it he will miss meet this weekend. let's hope he gets that back. let's take a look at the forecast right now. a good day for being outside.
7:57 am
>> beautiful day. good morning to you. starting with this live look at the beautiful green hills. 48 48 degrees. pretty chilly out there. 43 in the peninsula. the tri-valley later on today is going to climb to the upper 60s. upper 60 this is the north bay. temperatures warm even more so as we get into the midsection of the week. peak warmth over the weekend. you'll notice showers on the way by early next week. here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking over here at the north bay, traditional slowing into san rafael. slow down the east shore freeway, but nothing dramatic toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. oakland has a build typical, but the big problem here is on the peninsula southbound 101 through san mateo, down through woodside. both cleared out. a slow drive on both sides of the san mateo bridge. building across westbound from 92 and 84 and the south bay
7:58 am
continues in the northbound routes. it's your bay area commute. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up why one female executive is apologizing to working moms everywhere after she became a mother herself. then can you imagine gaining more than 100 pounds in a year? and not knowing why. >> all kinds of tests. >> nobody knows what is wrong. >> nobody knows what is wrong. >> meet the man who couldn't control his weight gain and find out how doctors solved his medical history. and dog days indeed. why man's best friend may not remember what happened 24 hours ago. today wednesday, march 4th 2015.
8:01 am
we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. the fourth day of march, 2015. we had snow overnight and it turned to sleet and it's rain now. >> then tonight back to snow. >> a little something for everybody. >> yeah. >> four to six inches. >> we need a special spring edition of steals and deals. >> by golly, we have it! jill is going to help us. >> she's got some earrings. >> okay. >> good deals coming up.
8:02 am
and the last day of our sweep stakes. so keep an eye out for this symbol from the new series. when you spot it go to and let us know. hopefully you'll win a trip to one of the seven wonders of the world. let's headed in. natalie has a check of the headlines. >> good morning. once again todaying ingopening statements in the boston marathon bombing trialing. dzhokar tsarnaev faces 30 charges. the bombings near the finish line of the marathon two years ago killed three people and wounded more than 260. survivors have been told to prepare for graphic testimony. prosecutors plan to show surveillance video they say shows dzhokar tsarnaev places a backpack in the crowd and walking away. if convicted dzhokar tsarnaev could face the death penalty. new questions about revelations that hillary clinton exclusively used a personal e-mail account when she was secretary of state. congress is investigating with
8:03 am
the chairman of the house elect committee on benghazi calling the revelations troubling. last night hillary clinton made no mention of the issue, instead she asked a gathering of women, don't you someday want to see a woman president? an update on last week's train/truck accident in california. on tuesday the train's engineer died. 62-year-old glenn steel was among dozens of people hurt when the metro link train hit an abandoned truck on the tracks. the truck driver was initially arrested then released without charges being filed. the accident remains under investigation. federal agents launched a major crackdown on a tuesday on a practice known as bitter tourism. agents stormed a complex. when mothers travel from china to give pirt on u.s. soil so their babies become u.s. citizens. and prince william is heading back to britain after
8:04 am
his visit to china. while his trip has focussed on trade and diplomacy, today his attention was on another big issue wildlife. more from nbc's ian williams. >> prince william was introduced 13 years old and rescued from a trap that badly injured her leg. she was nursed back to health in china's only elephant conservation center where she gorged on carrots from the hand of the second in line to the british throne. a keen environmentalist. the message is china is starting to get serious about conservation but they have a long way to go. there are only an estimated 250 elephants left in the wild in china here in the southwest. the authorities claim the number is rising but chinese demand for ivory is decimating elephant populations in africa and one section of this park which we visited was not on the roil eye
8:05 am
tin i are -- royal. william has taken part in a tv campaign against the ivory trade and welcomed new chinese restrictions. he also had what he called the heart felt message for his host. for today ian williams nbc news southwest china. and it's 8:05 now. another check of the weather with al. >> thank you so much. where are you from? >> minneapolis. >> what is in the bag? >> bagels. i'm bringing them back to my daughter. >> okay. i was about to go in. my wife is watching in minneapolis i'm on a business trip. she doesn't expect me here. what is the business? >> bagels! >> and bagels. >> and bagels. all right. what kind of bagels can you get? >> well, she wanted the cinnamon
8:06 am
raisin. >> okay. >> the cinnamon raisin! do you want one? >> yeah sure. the cinnamon raisin bagel. >> we'll split it. >> we'll split it. >> do you have any egg you're waking up enjoying your breakfast, we have a beautiful clear sky overhead, but temperatures are skillchilly as a result. hard to fand cloud this morning. temperatures are all over the place. 52 in san francisco. 38 in the north bay. 48 in the south bay. on our way to a warm finish. only uniform conditions expected later today. 72 in san francisco, 68 on the peninsula with a warming trend headed your way, peaking over the course of the weekend. it's still warm. >> oh my god! >> wow, nice. excellent!
8:07 am
>> you have to get into that. >> who is going to do the tease? >> eat the bagel. >> the picture we had yesterday. we showed it. the internet picture. you have a wild imagination. we'll show you what we are talking about in trending coming up. what changed this woman's mind. the president of a company and she acknowledges she kind of a bias against moms and written an apology to them. we'll check in with. >> and jill martin here with a fresh edition of steals and deals including designer sweat pants! >> for small people apparently. >> it's a new style. we'll talk about that but first these messages.
8:08 am
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8:13 am
the day before. and they also don't plan ahead. for example, for tomorrow researchers say so called eded the memory is unique to humans. >> i don't like that. marley remembers what i gave her yesterday. >> you train a dog and you feel like they remember the training. >> i had a dog herbert every day my bus would pull the dog would be waiting for me at the bus stop. it had to remember i came on the bus the day before. >> maybe it was groundhog day. it was new excitement every day. >> how would he know to go to the sign? >> aren't you the doggy pro. didn't wrangler pick out the cute bow tie last night? >> i'm not buying this. >> he's not planning for tomorrow, either. >> exactly. when you shake someone's hand today you may be doing more than you realize. there's a study that said part of the reason we shake hands is
8:14 am
actually to get a sniff of the people we just met. that's what the science says. it's not clear what we learn. scientists say we also tend to touch our own faces more after we have shake someone's hand perhaps to smell them. >> oh. >> you put the purell on. >> we just shaked hands outside. >> are you smelling your hands. >> i think you shake someone's hand to bring them close. >> then you get a whiff. >> i think it's eye contact. you shake their hand and look them in the eye. >> i do it for respect. >> i do it to check for weather. >> all right. remember the image we showed you yesterday. a hungry weasel trying to attack a woodpecker midair. you might imagine the internet completely ignored this. no. they couldn't resist having fun with the shot. there's a shirtless vladmir
8:15 am
putin. john travolta and buzz light gear! and miley ditching her wrecking ball for something new. >> oh my gosh! i love it! >> i think we can put them up. right here. yep. >> oh! some from the archive. >> oh! the roller coaster ride. >> that was fun. cute stuff. >> all right. something else trending today a remarkable apology to working mothers. you may have seen this in facebook. it comes from a female executive who says she's sorry for the way she treated working mothers in the past. we're going to talk to her in a moment. but first, her story. >> catherine took a to issue her apology 11 years in the making.
8:16 am
writing the president of power supplies. a company placing woman in flexible positions. she writes i secretly rolled my eyes at a mother who couldn't make it to last-minute drinks and didn't disagree when another female editor said she should fire another woman before she got pregnant. i scheduled last minute meetings at 4:30 p.m. all the time. it didn't dawn on me that kids might need to pick up their kids at daycare. she said she's not the only one guilty. for mothers in the workplace, it's death by a thousand cuts and sometimes it's other women holding the knives. but she said everything changed two years ago when she gave birth to her daughter charlotte. i wish i had known five years ago as a young childless manager that mothers are the people you need on your team. if you want something done then ask a busy person to do it. that's exactly why i like working with mothers now.
8:17 am
she said she hopes her story is a cautionary tale for younger women in the work force who count hours locked in the office and not actual work. it's time to break that cycle. and she asked, it starts with just recognizing that we're all in different positions at different times in our lives. so embrace your future and support it at work. an catherine is whereith us now. good morning. are you surprised at the reaction it's got. or was it the one you probably thought was coming? >> the reaction has been amazing. we're getting so many signups the power to fly. the positive reaction has been amazing. i thought in a way there would be more negativity. but so many women, you know, tens of thousands now that wanted this kind of message shared. >> we read a lot of essay on screen there. it's blunt and honest. it was something specific to you you were harboring the feelings
8:18 am
against working moms ss you think it is wide spread in the work force? >> i wanted to write it because i've had a lot of experiences as a working mother and now i've cofounded a company that places women in jobs they can do remotely, when i've talked to other women who are in my position, five six, seven years ago i could sense they were -- they're a lot like i used to be. i wanted to send a clear message that, you know, we place a lot of women in tech positions where the number of women are actually going down and so, you know i wanted to make it clear that, you know it's time to break the cycle. >> it's interesting you mention your company a few times. there are several paragraphs in this essay devoted to that company. i will say a lot of people's reaction to this is an apology but it's really an advertisement for the company. this is a pretty shrewd way to get a lot of attention a big headline but it's about advertising your start-up. it's not a genuine apology, i guess, is what people are saying. >> no.
8:19 am
the start up was cofounded because my partner and i wanted to solve a problem. it was a very personal problem we felt like, you know there isn't a third way for women out there. and i wanted to talk about, you know, why we've came to the idea. why the company was founded. the best companies sort of a reflection of the voids that people are trying to fill in their lives. of course, i wanted to advertise the company. that's what it got me to the conclusions. >> it was a genuine change of heart. >> yeah. i'm devoting my entire life to essentially giving women a third way of working response, i mean i spend every waking hour doing it now. >> tell me about the process. when you were home and you just had your little girl. what was it like to go through that and realize i'm a working mom. now i'm understanding those challenges from a different perspective. >> i think, you know, i just felt like i sort of had been wiped off the face of the earth, for lack of a way of saying it. i just felt like i had two bad choices.
8:20 am
either to go back to work all the time and not see my little girl or start slowly pulling out of the work force which i had seen many women i had worked with do. so, you know, the choices were stark, and we wanted to start, essentially, as i said a third way with power to fly. >> so you apologized now to the working moms you feel like you didn't give enough credit to when you were a young manager map. what askis your message now to other women who don't have kids who are may be making the same judgments? value the mothers around you based on the work they do. not the hours they can spend in the office. women are not going to be able to essentially, you know, compete that way. but they will based on the value of their work. >> all right. you have a lot of people talking. thank you so much. glad to have you here. >> thank you. appreciate it. thank you very much. from working moms to what it moons to be a man. the new documentary the mask you live in focuses on the
8:21 am
traditional definition of masculineity and the impact on society. take a look. >> don't cry. >> pick yourself up. >> don't be a fool. >> be cool and be -- be a man. >> it's very powerful. jennifer is the film's writer producer, and director stephen maison and luis who arefeatured are joining us. and maria shriver is the executive producer. it starts a conversation in communities where they screen it. you the president. it's a national conversation on the stereo types that we drive into our young boys. what is the impact of them? >> so essentially we're limiting our voice. the film explores america's definition of masculinity and how we're failing our boys men,
8:22 am
and society at large. compared to girls boys are more likely to commit suicide, be described meds, commit a violent crime. our boys are suffering, society is suffering. we have to do something. >> when you say society is suffering. what is the overall impact? it has to have an impact on the relationship the boys have with women. >> i'm an executive producer on "the hunting ground" which is exposes the sexual assault on college campuses. we're in crisis. >> we spent a lot of time trying to empower young ladies and it's time to focus attention on young men. stephen, you grew up and you correct me if i'm wrong. tough dad? >> yes. >> your dad said look you be strong. you man up. you don't show your emotions. what impact did it have you? >> there was know motion in my house from my father's perspective. there was no crying. there was no being sad. the only emotion was the emotion of toughness and being strong.
8:23 am
>> everything else was weak. >> everything else was weak. >> now you have a son who just turned 12. for 11 years you raised him as a single dad. you turned that 180 degrees, didn't you? >> absolutely. mostly because of him. one day he told me he was sensitive and i didn't know what to do. i was like okay well let's figure this out together. and from that -- from the things i learned from him is what helped me become better. >> you have become more sensitive because you allowed your son to show his sensitivity. >> absolutely. >> made you a better man? >> 100%. >> you grew up without a dad? >> i did in my teen years. >> you patterned yourself after the boys in the neighborhood. >> yes. >> what did they teach you? >> growing up i was around a lot of bad influences and there was drugs, join the gangs, called me names, tried to jump me. but that's not the life i wanted to live. i didn't want to go down that path because it's horrifying.
8:24 am
i was afraid honestly. >> you found a support group. >> i did. >> at which by itself takes a lot of emotional awareness. what did you learn there? >> well, back in my school we had a program called legacy. they take in kids of all ages don't matter boy or girl and they turn them to a complete different person. they give you the support you want and the help you need. >> jennifer i think some people might be saying wait a second. it's too simplistic. you tell boys to express their emotions and the world will be better. >> it's more complicated. it's about reconnecting our boys and men to their whole selves to their human selves. we can prevent so many societal problems. we can provide -- you know, solutions to depression, anxiety, isolation, suicide. and the film really is a call for help showing the world there's a better way. >> and basically what you're saying is we're cheating our boys. >> we are. we are limiting our boys. >> from fulfilling life.
8:25 am
>> we're limiting our boys like we have been limiting our girls and women. it's time we stand up and take notice and champion and challenge for a better way. a better future. >> fascinating stuff. i encourage people to try to arrange a screening in their communities. thank you very much. >> thank you. if you want to see it head to our website matt thank you. i'm here with jill. we have a special spring edition of steals and deals. jill is wearing two of the deals. i spotted one of them. the earrings. >> yeah. >> what else? i keep staring at you! >> the t-shirt? we'll be back.
8:26 am
8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a heartless case of animal cruelty is prompting a new reward to track down whoever did it. you may remember the story. february 20th, someone put a chihuahua mix and her young puppy in sandbogs. they were thrown out affa window of a moving car. sadly, the puppy died. the mother was rescued. the reward was at $6,000. it has grown to more than $25,000 thanks to a contribution from an anonymous donor. let's get the puppy help. >> and let's see if you need help on the roadways. >> we're all right. it's the bay area the middle of the commute. we have oslow drive pretty much
8:27 am
everywhere you would expect. slower still northbound 101. a crash on the shoulder. because of a number of crashes over the course of the morning. we have the south bay with northbound routes continuing the build. north 87 right around capitol expressway, a crash that sorted itself out. the silicon valley commute, slow 880, and approaching the bay bridge congestion on the upper east shore as well as the north bay, a slatelate slowdown. >> thank you very much. another local news update in a half hour. have a great wednesday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> we will take it from here. we know that song. >> he has a great voice. >> here does. we will hear a whole song from
8:31 am
rixton coming up. >> they are going on tour with ed sheer an. they are happening and they will play for us in a while. >> all right. we are looking so forward to spring. we have a special edition and wait until you hear the bargains that jill has lined up. bedsheets, i guess. >> and a young dad who started to gain weight and couldn't stop. what finally solved his medical mystery that saw him pack on 120 pounds in a year. >> in this half hour your last chance to get a chance to win a trip to one of the seven wonders of the world. we have our sister network usa. look for this symbol from the new series dig. >> a shout out to ohio university back there. >> cool. >> from the marching band.
8:32 am
let's get a check of the weather. >> down to the south and icing conditions from texas into southern indiana. we will look for lots of sunshine and colder air into the plains. for tomorrow that system pushes south. we have ice from parts of louisiana into the id atlantic. back into the appalachians and western 2 time/3 looking 8:32. happy wednesday. i'm christina loren. take a look at half moon bay. beautiful day shaping up here. bright sunshine overhead and temperatures warming up nicely. except in the north bay, we're still in the upper 30s, but we're on our way to the upper 60s later on today. uniform temperatures to finish the day off. that's a sign of offshore flow. warmer as the offshore flow strengthens thursday into friday. mid 70s, closer to the upper 70s
8:33 am
into the weekend. temperatures will be lovely for outdoor plans. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al thank you. here we are. >> here we are. steals and deals. jill mart sin here a "today" contributor,and the maven of steals and deals. here we are laying around. >> what are we selling? sheets some. >> we are all in a rut because of the weather. this is so random but we all need a sprucing up in every room. we are starting with the bedroom. >> great. >> nine space sheet sets and did you have a sets. it's a choice of two. the retail is $216. they call it hombre. one of the bestsellers. you get one fit and one flat and two pillow cases. this is or. you get the did you have a set
8:34 am
with two pillow shams. the retail 216 and the deal is 54. that's 75% off. >> sheets are expensive. >> they are. >> this is not the first time we have done steels and deals in bet. >> this was about a year ago. >> very memorable. there more spring deals to be had over here. >> i was telling matt there was such thing as designer sweats. you want to look like you are not trying but you are trying. >> yes. >> these are them. it's a great brand. it's a set so you get the t-shirt and the sweat pants. >> capri length. >> it's four different sets. go on to see the variation. the retail $172 and the deal is $52, that's 60% off. >> for the set.
8:35 am
she is lifting her shirt because they had cute pockets in the back. >> i want to say i'm wearing one of the t-shirts right now. it's a cool look if you want to pair it with a blazer. >> a dorky girl. objects with purpose candles. the retail is $75. you can gift one and keep one. double duty. the candle is coconut and butter wax after you light it. >> how does it work? >> you open it. >> it looks smooshy. >> it's like a wax and you put it all over your body. >> that's interesting. >> the deal is $23, 69% off. >> they smell really, really good. different flavors? >> yeah. >> cz. the retail is 75. they are cubic zirconia.
8:36 am
available in 12 colors one for each month. nobody can tell when you are not wearing. i'm wearing them. no one can tell. i lose everything. if you want diamonds and cannot afford it. if you have friends who think they are not real lose the friend. the retail is $75, the deal is $22, 71% off. >> and all the birth stones are represented i see here. >> each of the months. >> now perfectly pure beauty sets. the retail is $111. this comes in a set and includes moroccan oil shampoo and pure moroccan oil. witch hazel toner and shea butter. the retail is 111 and the deal is 25. 77% off. this is something for each part of your home to help you get that without spending a lot of money. >> $25 for all this stuff. >> you get everything. >> this was a good steals and
8:37 am
deals. the sheet and did you have a set from nine space. who could forget. >> memorable. >> candles from objects with purpose and earrings from cz and the perfectly pure beauty set. if you want any more information about the steals and deals, go to the steals and deals page at it's not open. i picked the one that is not open. the medical mystery that caused one man to gain more than 120 pounds in a single year. medical mystery that has now been solved. but first, this is "today" on
8:38 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun!
8:39 am
shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ >> we are starting a special series called medical mystery. >> rare and unusual illnesses
8:40 am
and kate snow is here with our first case. >> nice to see you. let's face it you get older and your metabolism changes and you gain a few pounds. how about gaining over 100 pounds in a year this your 30s? that happened to donnell. his doctors didn't know what was happening until one exam that changed everything. >> donnell was raised on staden island by a hardworking single mom. he was into sports. >> i loved the gym. i played basketball baseball i was never a skippy kid, but i was never overweight. >> three years ago things started to change. >> my body was changing. >> your weight gain was not all over. >> no. it was my stomach and under my arms and the back of my neck and my face and bottom of my back.
8:41 am
>> what about your legs? >> they stayed the same for a long time. >> doctors told him he had high blood pressure and had to lose weight. though he tried, he kept gaining. >> i was working out and lifting weights and nothing was happ my body. not losing weight. >> in the past year how much weight have you gained? >> 120 pounds. 150 pounds. >> in one year? >> in one year. >> how much did you weigh at the heaviest? >> like 366. at 18 i was probably 180. >> you doubled your weight. >> i got a whole person. i was very fatigued. if i chew i'm out of breath. from chewing. >> and then worse, three months ago he woke up seeing double. >> i went to the hospital and they admitted me and started taking tests. >> nobody knows what's wrong. >> nobody knows.
8:42 am
they are ruling out everything. >> a interest an intern in an exam saw a clue. dark stretch marks all over his body. >> he said this is not normal stretch marx. something is up. >> for doctors, it was the tell tale sign they needed. he had cushing's disease. his weight gain was being caused by a tiny tumor at the base of his brain. >> the pituitary grand has a small growth that releases a single hormone that causes the body to live with high levels of steroids st the skin is very thin and you get acne and grow hair and start sweating and you gain a lot of fat. >> these doctors at new york's lennox hill hospital discovered donnell had steroid levels ten
8:43 am
times normal. >> if it had gone on, maybe we couldn't reverse the changes. >> the disease could have been fatal. two weeks ago they removed the tumor on his pituitary gland. >> you had the surgery in mid-february? how did it go? >> wonderful. i feel stronger every day. >> strong enough to spend family time with his girlfriend and their two young kids. >> i can play basketball. just run around. that's my main focus. >> you haven't been able to play basketball? >> i can play basketball in years. >> wonderful, wonderful. >> things are coming. things are good. >> doctors say donnell will play basketball with his son probably about three months ago and within the year he should shed
8:44 am
all the weight he gained. doctors stress that both times when people gain weight it's not because of this. he wanted to tell his story because there other people out there who are having this massive weight gain and wondering what it is. it could be cushing's. >> the doctor was smart enough to say wait a minute this is not normal. >> she will be back with another medical mystery tomorrow. for more on the simple omts of cushing's syndrome. head to our website. >> music to liven up your morning. rixton is here to liven up your
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
is. >> it's called lead the roads. and later today they will do something special for their fans. good morning and nice to have you. whose idea was this hotel thon? >> that was something we wanted to do. we like staying awake for 12 hours straight. >> it's a game of truth or dare. >> you know what we have no idea. we are there for 12 hours and people will be surprised. it will be a lot of fun. >> you can watch the season of house of cards. >> absolutely. there we go. >> talk to me about the song you will do now? >> it's a song we did with ed
8:48 am
sheer an. is he here? they were heading out on the road. >> you had two pretty good sources. the title of the album let the road. what does it mean? >> it's a song we wrote and that's where we live. it's about not knowing where we are going, but following the road back home. we named our album after it. >> it's a good road. >> pretty wild yeah. >> ladies and gentlemen, rixton. ♪ i can see it coming around the circle my friend ♪ ♪ said they had -- ♪
8:49 am
>> it was my fault because i couldn't swung what you said ♪ ♪ it was easy to find another for your bet ♪ ♪ how does it feel to leave me this way and know that you have been lost in a day ♪ ♪ everyone knows not what to say ♪ ♪ i have been wondering now ♪ ♪ i have been staring at the hotel ceiling ♪ ♪ taking everything i found this evening ♪ ♪ so i never let you go don't you leave me only ♪ ♪ start to see this ♪
8:50 am
♪ everyone i know cannot believe this ♪ ♪ i'm trying to hold on to this feeling ♪ ♪ so i never let you go ♪ ♪ don't you leave me now ♪ ♪ when my eyes open and morning closing. >> just action around. only time tells me more than i know. i should have let you go. i have been staring at the hotel ceiling. everything i found this evening.
8:51 am
i'm trying to hold on to this sweetest feeling ♪ ♪ so i will never let you go ♪ ♪ don't you leave me. start to see this ♪ ♪ everyone i know cannot believe this ♪ ♪ i'm trying to hold on to this feeling ♪ ♪ so i will never let you go ♪ ♪ don't you leave me now ♪ ♪ can't you sigh it coming down from circles, my friend ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much. >> rixton thank you very much. the guys will have plenty of time to stare at the hotel ceiling tonight. we will be back in a moment.
8:52 am
this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
. >> everybody is into the wrangler emoji. >> he likes it. >> time to say hello to mr. willard scott. celebrating birthdays today.
8:54 am
hey, willard. >> i love new york. everybody. daisy gask in 101 years old. her favorite hobby is d.c. ethyl goldman is from florida and she is 105. bless her sweetheart as he loves to play video games. william and bessey have been married for 77 years. they are from heathsville, virginia. happy anniversary. isn't that something? this is arthur carmel. arthur is from miami florida. he is 100 years old today. he loves to go to social events and dances. come see us in florida, will you? the oranges, oh, my.
8:55 am
beautiful oranges. >> that's nice. >> thank you, willard. >> what do you have coming up? >> archer and christian slater has the current role and back in it. >> keen dreams come true. >> i like him, but he is kind of a little devil, that adam carolea. >> i look forward to that. >> i will be here. >> we are hupgry for that. >> check
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. 8:56. air bnb hosts are unhappy about a new san francisco law tightening regulations. the group is gathering at city hall. they plan to attend a supervisor's committee meeting. they say the rules are too cumbersome and they're ignoring new restrictions. >> uc president janet napolitano
8:57 am
is planning to cap enrollment at current levels unless the state increases its funding by $200,000. she plans to cap controversial out of state enrollment but not at the other eight uc campuses. another local news update in a half hour. we hope you join us then. in the meantime, enjoy your morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
. caught on tape, wait until you see what happened when this buffalo came charging. we will hit the road with adam carolla. all that and more, coming up now. >> this is "today's" take with al roker, nat low morales, willie geist and tamron hall from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," march 4th 2015. kind of a drizzly day here.
9:01 am
tamron, let's get to the lead story. what happened to your phone? >> is this the? i didn't want to talk about it. i didn't want to be ridiculed. i was taking a bath and i had the phone on the ledge and i forgot it was on vibrate and the phone fell in the tub. i saw it go under and i dropped it again. it was wet. i lept out of the tub and ran to the kitchen and thank goodness i live alone. small children would be traumatized. i threw it in rice and it worked for about two hours. >> it was soaking wet. >> if that's your fantasy. that's why i didn't want to talk
9:02 am
about it. >> did the rice work? >> i made calls and i put it rice for safe measure overnight. then it went dead. >> it's gone. it's dead? >> i have a personal and a work. people tweet and said the galaxy phone is water proof. did you know that? >> the commercial, the latest one, you can dip it into a glass of water. >> we should test that out. >> it didn't work in your case. >> i don't have a galaxy. >> i have another phone that is very popular with a fruit. i don't want to bad mouth. with a clementine. they might come after you. >> people come after you. >> we are hoping for the day that they make the water proof phones. >> the technology is out there, why not do it.
9:03 am
that and the crack-free screens. these things you drop them and they immediately crack. >> i love when you see the kids out on the plaza and they have the cracked phone and the parent refused to replace it. >> keep it in a case. >> this winter, if you are in the eastern half of the country, everyone had it with winter. nerves are frayed. i think there is a great example. cleveland, ohio. a woman needed help clearing her sidewalk. everything is going well until his shovel got too close to another neighbor's driveway. he is snow blowing. you can see he is blowing snow back at the guy who got too close to his driveway. >> good sa maremaritan on the right. >> folks get nuts.
9:04 am
police are now investigating and they put on their website there, let's keep things calm. do you think that if people retaliated against you from shoveling if you would go after them? they came to blows. one grabbed the other around the throat. >> the snow he had shovelled he put back on. that's horrible. >> sounds like a cranky old man. >> i think there is something going on beforehand. >> bad blood there. >> there is a local affiliate who did a report about it. the guy demonstrates for the reporter what he did he grabs him and shakes him. they got visit over this. i think you are right. >> i also think people now are just about at the end of their rope as far as cabin fever. >> we are all in it together
9:05 am
other than california. we saw the hailstorm and you see people when you are running and going it's cold. whatever happened to shoveling snow and helping your neighbor? there a couple of sides to your story. you saw this on facebook. a 34-year-old executive new mother has written an online column saying sorry to all the mothers that she worked with in the past. she writes i secret low rolled my eyes at a mother who couldn't make it to last minute drinks and didn't disagree with another said we should hurry up and fire her before she got pregnant. she went on to write i scheduled last minute meetings at 4:30 all of the time and it didn't dawn on me that parents might need to pick up their kids at daycare.
9:06 am
they argued that it needs change. he understands now as a mother. some people questioning whether this is a thin low vailed apology to market her company, power to fly that allows women to work from home and signed up millions of subscribers. did you need to become a mom to encourage empathy. if it encourages other women succeed whether moms or not moms that's a positive message. >> i can't look into her heart and see why you did it, but when you are in your 20s, you think i'm driving and this is part of my career. she was gone for four months. why does she get to loaf? >> i don't agree with that. i obviously am the only person here without kids but i listen to your stories and hear al say
9:07 am
i have to go to this school effect and natalie talks about the kids. my mom worked her butt off. she was a single mom and i saw her hustling and my aunts and other women around me. when i saw the stories, thank goodness she is apologizing and takes them out to dinner, but i was worried it would fall into the callus woman who doesn't have kids. you guys are two of the most sensitive men i know, but you are not a unicorn. men work with us all the time who understand natalie's situation. >> in the dynamic of the workplace some women who see the mother sometimes getting to leave work early to pick up their kids and sometimes there is resentment. i have seen that firsthand. >> i can say single people, send her. you don't have kids. >> if we understand the shoes we
9:08 am
wear what a sad thing. we should have empathy no matter what. >> if it encourages people to say hey, maybe i should think about -- i don't know where i will be ten years from now. i may be that mom with two children. it's a positive thing for having that discussion. dads too. a lot of people pointed out that this doesn't make mention of the dads. you guys are doing the same job we are doing. >> i also think we should try wearing each other's shoes. >> i will not take my shoe off. kathie lee give me this thing called baby foot. >> i ordered it. it's the best thing ever. >> your feet moult like a snake. it's amazeingamazing. >> i won't let you take a shot. my feet are so scaly, i went to try on shoes i thought they were going to throw me out of the store. it's unbelievable.
9:09 am
kathie lee said skip came off the size of this phone. >> it's called baby feet. >> you keep it on too long are you just bones? >> you keep it on for one hour and for ten days you moult. >> let's bathe in it. you walk away. >> wow. >> you are like a steak. you leave your shell right there. >> go back in time and become a baby again. >> like benjamin button. >> would you use it? this is what happened when a herd of buffalo comes towards a group of tourists at yellowstone national park. one of the most beautiful places on the planet. >> definitely going to stop.
9:10 am
>> oh! >> damage to the car about $3000. that moment is priceless. the driver said there was noplace to get off the road. the question islisten i would try to get out of there, but the driver was frozen in place. what would you do? >> you don't expect it and they keep coming. you pull up short and it makes good video. >> maybe start backing up slowly. >> wow! willie thinks the buffalo will hit the breaks. >> strong animal. >> he said it. i'm coming to you. >> today's take. what would you do if that was your car and you are inside? >> get out of there. just get out. >> here's this long front stretching in texas all the way into new england that will bring
9:11 am
rain and snow and colder. watches and warnings and advisories from colorado all the way to new england. this system is going to cause big problems. winter storm warnings one to three inches of snow. memphis with two to four inches and a quarter of an inch of ice later this eengvening. to ten inches of snow as rain changes to sleet. tomorrow morning a mess from washington to philly. winter storm warnings, wouldn't be surprised to see massive school closings and or delays. i have to have a feeling they are coming. four to eight inches of snow. new york city two to five inches and colder tonight and two to five inches of snow tomorrow. look at this, boston only two inches away from breaking the record. they are not going to get to it. doesn't look like they will break it tonight
9:12 am
9:11. happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at a sunny sky over san francisco. pretty day coming your way. temperatures already warming up nicely. in the mid 50s for now, on our way to the upper 60s. only going to get warmer throughout the next couple dpas. we'll finish off the week with the mid 70s and peaking by saturday into sunday. temperatures at 75 degrees for saturday and sunday. even in the city getting a taste of the 70s. looking good for beach plans. we'll have more on the beach forecast in moments. . >> that's your latest weather. >> we have services to water proof your phone. it voids the warranty. >> they do work. >> thanks a lot. >> natalie and tamron me he was hollywood's bad boy heartthrob. now christian slater is starring as himself.
9:13 am
or is he? in the incredible low funny series archer. make fit happen! new fit me matte and poreless from maybelline new york. beyond matching skin tone... finally, a foundation that fits skin's texture. some foundations exaggerate pores... new fitme has blurring powders... so pores and shine virtually disappear. you look perfectly poreless. totally natural. love my fit! new fit me matte and poreless in 16 shades. make fit happen... at slash fit me! >>maybe she's born with it. ♪ maybe it's maybelline! ♪ i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now." so when my husband started getting better dental checkups than me i decided to go pro... with crest pro-health advanced. my mouth is getting healthier. my teeth are getting stronger. this crest toothpaste is superior
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9:16 am
. >> the hilarious show archer follows a spy agency and antics as the motley crew pulls off missions. >> named slater and when briefing the team on the mission it's his way or the highway. >> without the knowledge i need to scan his mobile phones and flash drives and both hand prints and both retinas. >> why? >> this is part of operation because i said so. >> you know what? >> i'm sure i do. >> we were telling us how much we loved this show. >> a huge fan and i got a call
9:17 am
from adam reed. # >> he said would you ever like to do something and he created this slater character. >> the secret identity. it being looks like you. it's great. are you a cia? >>. >> yes. so far. >> i was looking at far as the audience goes. >> in real life. i had to draw me in a turtleneck. the other turtleneck when i was giving her a run for her money.
9:18 am
>> like you were saying it pushed the envelope type of show. it's funny, it's witty and crazy and it turns this whole spy world on its head a little bit. archer is a great character. always wity and charming and he's a beautifully animated character. you love this guy. >> i can see the character. >> the cat's out of the bag. that's my man crush. >> we took a turn we were not expecting. >> why not. i haven't had my coffee yet. >> you have a cartoon crush, al?
9:19 am
>> i would go with lana. >> sure, sure. >> the ladies are cute. of course. they are adorable. but archer is nice. a fun wild, seems like he would be a good time. >> i'm going to change this. you have a new show coming out on usa. >> i do. we are talking about an animated character. >> mr. robot. that was thrilling. and that's where the base of the operations take place. tony island. the sicollapse there. >> it's all about computer hacking. very topical and relevant and all that stuff that was going on with sony. this show is right in wlin that
9:20 am
subject matter. >> very nice guy. i have a crush on you. >> not everyone. archer airs thursday on fx. crush on. >> it cheapens the crush. # >> some days you are in and some days you are out. coming up next an important recall for you. we will find out if he has a this year, make every amazing, despicable wizarding second of your vacation count by staying where the adventure never ends. ♪ come with me now ♪ two theme parks. spectacular resort hotels. more epic than ever. don't just vacation...
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9:23 am
>> taking a look at the headlines, norovirus sickened nearly three dozen people at a va hospital in phoenix. they stopped admitting patients to the unit that was contagious. 16 patients and 19 staff members were affected. all but three have recovered. >> the flu is a lot less common among adults than you may think.
9:24 am
on average people over 30 come down with the flu about twice in a decade. children though get it about every other year and since it build up antibodies to ward off the flu. an important recall to know about. dream on me is recalling bass net to cradle products. it causes the fabric to drop and pose a risk that infants can fallout or suffocate. head to our website for more. >> the website allergy eats is out with the list of best restaurants based on how they accommodate customers with food allergies. chipotle mexican grail and pf changes red robin, out back steak how the and mellow mushroom. check out what just hit the beach in panama city, florida. this almost-foot great white shark was hauled in after i
9:25 am
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9:26 am
a good wednesday morning. 9:26. fire early this morning briefly threatened a longtime restaurant on nob hill. it started in the parking garage just below acquerello. crew husband to break down a garagedore door to get to the fire. they were able to extinguish it quickly. residents above the restaurant were briefly evacuated. an oakland family is demanding justice after the deadly shooting of a young father in the oakland hills. marcus west jr. died yesterday after someone shot him outside his grandmother's home on scotia avenue near golf links road. west was the father of a 2-month-old boy. investigators so far are saying little about the case or whether they have leads.
9:27 am
happening today, oakland international airport reaches a new high in the number of nonstop destinations it serves. the airport is adding its frischth nonstop location tijuana. the airlines plane scheduled to take off from oakland airport for the first time at 9:this evening. after the break, we'll have a look at weather and traffic.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28 is the time. the picture, half moon bay. the beach is calling your name. temperatures really comfortable for today all across the board. we really have a nice day. 49 in the tri-valley right now. we have jumped to 54 in san francisco. and you're at 47 in the north bay where we started out just near the freezing marb. here's the deal for today. very warm conditions up to 68 in the tri-valley later on. 69 in the south bay, and climb even more so getting into the next couple days paeging over the weekend in the mid 70s and then rain. more on that in just moments.
9:29 am
first, want to check your drive. here's mike. >> all right things are jammed up. you see a light volume of traffic on 92 eastbound, but you can see the outlines of the big rigs jammed solid. westbound, i saw a fire truck somewhere along the stretch, there is an incident going on there across 92. you look at the map, a slow drive in both directions because of the crew activity there. it sounds like one lane is blocked now eastbound, but west bnld a big distraction as well. the rest of the community starting to lighten up. the south bay improving for san jose and the rest of silicon valley. back to you. >> thanks for keeping us in the loop. another update in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
welcome back on this wednesday morning. i'm willie with al, natalie and tamron. we will talk to him in just a second, but an interesting question posed by buzz feed this morning. why do you check your voice mail. buzz feed take aim at people who leave voice mails. i say a american. why do you leave voice mail. i want nothing to do with voice mail. >> when you see a number that comes up, you don't want to see who called you? >> you call them back. >> i have a voice mail machine at home. you hit play. >> really?
9:31 am
>> this is this thing called the voice mail machine we had back in our day. >> for used to have cassettes. >> mine is digital, but still? >> do you use it? >> every once in a while, but there is like 50 messages. >> christina said missed call is the new voice mail. if you call me, call me back. hear what you want to say. >> sometimes you necessary a meeting and you can't get to it. >> i leave them a voice mail and if i get a voice mail, i listen to it. it doesn't get me that worked up. >> or texting. >> open letter to all theity lotis leaving voice mail. >> #message, #notification. >> after i first got my first voice mail machine in the 80s, i
9:32 am
remember my grand mom, i would hear grandma grandma, grandma. she had no idea what to do. you scream your name. it was great. that was one of my all time favorite messages. she would scream her name. grandma, grandma grandma. >> one of my all time favorites. i miss her so much. anyway. this is the same woman that no matter what kind of refrigerator she had it was a fridge dare. it doesn't matter. it was the fridge dare. same thing? it's the fridge dare. it didn't matter. i don't know if that was the first refrigerator or what. anyway for today we have a rainy mess in the east down to
9:33 am
texas. icing behind it as the front moves through and changes over to snow. out west is spectacular and look at florida. 82 in miami. take me away. sunny skies and 85. sunshine through the great lakes and northern new england and cold. look for icing conditions from the mid-atlantic to the gulf coast and the western 2/3 of the 9:33. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look at the hills. still bright green in sunol. more rain on the way. as we head throughout the beginning of next week. but between now and then a warming trend coming your way. 68 degrees in the tri-valley. 69 degrees in the south bay for today. weather headlines tell the story. the warming trend kicks in. 5 degrees warmer today. we'll peak over the weekend with mid 70s everywhere across the board and then a big pattern change on the way. as we head throughout tuesday into the remainding of last week.
9:34 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> adam carolla has done it all. the man show and new york bestseller list and a crazy popular podcast adam carolla show. >> he is ready to conquer movies as writer, star and director about a struggying comedian desperate to get off the comedy club circuit. >> i'm offering you a good job, bruce. take the job. >> it's warm up? >> i would rather kill myself. >> who wants jelly bellies? i can see you brut your own jelly belly. >> adam carolla good to see you. >> great to be seen. i'm a director. i want to be taken serious.
9:35 am
>> is that the official outfit? >> it's a c plus maybe d. >> indoor shades. definitely on the road. >> these are prescription. >> is this movie autobiographical? >> yeah, thanks al, for asking me that. it has bits of me in my relationships and things that happened in my life in it. it's not the documentary on me. >> if you follow the script, the bro show is over. your partner is a successful late night comedian. jimmy kimmel. you had all of this success and the phone stopped ringing and you didn't know where it was headed. >> see how we set you up for that?
9:36 am
>> okay. >> the point in my career and i was let go. we had no jobs in and 09 and the economy gone in the toilet. the only way you can support your twins is to hit the road and i said book me in every club around the country. i don't want to fly first class because it's less money that i will be bring home to the twins. you decided to bite the bullet and that's this story. >> besides crowd funding, that's amazing. >> you jumped into the podcast thing and this thing is wild successful. >> why do you think it's so successful? i do the thing right and i
9:37 am
nibble on the end of my glasses. you do the thoughtful interviewer. al. i'm sorry. anyway, it's early for me. i get up at noonish. i started about six years ago and did it for free for about a year and a half and did it every day and never missed air day. >> when you go on tour, your middle name is lakers. is that true? >> true and false. it says it on my driver's license and on every document i have except for it's only because i wrote it in when it's at the dmv. >> your little name is 96? >> adam carolla in theater and on demand. calling it mission impossible. tom cruise, david before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account
9:38 am
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9:42 am
>> hump day. clearly the mid-week with a little pop and a lot of jessica simpson. take a look at the photos right there. posted on our website. the fashion mogul and mama of two. the 34-year-old looking gorgeous in a new ad campaign for the jessica simpson collection. beautiful picks. she lost her baby weight as a spokesperson for weight watchers and he reached her goal weight. she is showing it off in the daisy dukes. >> i was with you. >> is there any question that justin timberlake is one of the best hubbies in hollywood.
9:43 am
he tweeted a message to jessica biel. you make me smile until it hurts. i love you like crazy, your husband. they are expecting their first baby. ironically on his birthday. what do you think? >> the bar is set high for guys everywhere. >> do you want to show your love on instagram? i love that he did it. the husband. >> not many people can bend it like beckham and he may not be able to selfie like him. he took a selfy and he posted the risky pick on his facebook page. this is how high the statue was.
9:44 am
and they have flights of stairs to the top and talk about a mission impossible. talk about that. there is a paparazzi picture in the car. >> polar plunge next year. >> a few years ago i went to the top of the george washington bridge. walking up along the cable. >> did you take a selfie? >> gosh yes. the best part about change changing a light bulb. it's twice as big as willie's head but it comes in that cardboard box. just like a three-way ball. it's just in it. yellow ge bulb. it's great. >> i want to take a selfie.
9:45 am
you have to find that. quickly in madonna's caper, she took that tumble and said the cape was tied too tight around her neck. the designer is telling the associated press madonna is difficult. she wasn't able to open it with her hands. that's all. like she doesn't have nimble hands? that's rude. we will have to see. if the singer has a response when she stops by the ellen degeneres show. although the show is not confirmed, this to us. but a paperly we hear every day madonna's website said she will appear on the show for a week. a week of madonna. said.
9:46 am
>> al and natalie go head to head. >> a being noggin. >> always sometimes never. look at that. we are talking about i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats,
9:47 am
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9:50 am
>> nat and i are about to find out in response to awkward situations. >> et kid expert is here to point us in the right direction. good morning. >> you ready? >> play the game. >> sometimes, always, never. >> you just bought a new car and several friends asked you how much you pate. are you obligated to tell you. >> the answer is, good, never. unless it's your banker or accountant or your spouse you don't have to say. you can say i got a great deal and if you would like my associate, i would be happy to pass it on. >> you found out an acquaintance unfriended you. should you call them and ask
9:51 am
them why they dumped you? >> i stay with never. >> good. so far, so good. >> if they wanted you to know, they would call you or they would not have just deleted you. sometimes we clean our contact list. they are not a close friend or family member. >> 'they care. >> let it go. >> stick with the good friends. >> the coworkers are big on cell braying birthdays and your birthday came around and no one said anything. not a card, not a cake. should you say something? >> there was ta time al. >> i would go with sometimes. >> i think there ways you can maybe tell another and say how about we get drinks for my birthday. >> they might not have known. your name might have gotten off the birthday list.
9:52 am
>> that's my own party. >> you sit in the carpool line every afternoon and watch all the mothers get out and visit. you would like to spend the time catching up on work or reading a magazine. is it aspect social to skip the mommy or daddy bant onnor? >> is st antisocial? >> sometimes. sometimes yes. you have to take one for the team and the team is your kids. every once in a while. once a month pop out and say hi, how are you doing? see what your kid's friends are doing. it doesn't mean anything bad. just an update. you want to be friendly. makes sense. the person in front of you in the grocery express line has more than 15 items. should you call them out? >> never. >> nothing good comes from a grocery confrontation.
9:53 am
>> you have done it too. >> i have been that person with 17 items. >> we do it accidentally and it looks like you. >> one last one. >> you have good friends raising unruly kids. they invite you over for dinner all the time and keep making excuses. should you tell them you don't like their kids? >> never. >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> if you have a good relationship with them. >> a close relationship, you might say -- >> you don't have to tell i don't like your kids. >> say i don't like you. >> let's go to a restaurant with peace and quiet adults only. >> thank you. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> what do we
9:56 am
well good morning, everyone. 9:56. police in san francisco investigating the latest in the string of smash and grab robberies. the target this time a high-end audio equipment store. witnesses say three masked men
9:57 am
smashed a pickup truck into the store, grabbed what they could. the thieves made off with about $1 $100,000 of merchandise. >> here's a cruel theft. someone stole the prosthetic running blade from his car. this happened yesterday in the mission district. ranjit run ss. his said his log costed about $30,000 and without himit he will miss a meet this weekend. let's check the weather this morning. >> thank you scott. beautiful day shaping up all across the board. a nice clear sky overhead, and temperatures are going to end up in the mid to upper 60s with changes on the way. warming trend begins today. you'll notice that today and tomorrow. 5 degrees warmer today, an additional 5 tomorrow. a rainy pattern moves in. we'll time the system out at 11:00. we'll see you then. first, we want to check the drive. here's mike. >> and once more we start with
9:58 am
the san mateo bridge. this time looking from the foster city site to the bridge jammed up from the decline of the high rise. look at the map, a slow drive in both directions across the bridge from the hayward and the foster city side. the worst of the crash and slowing is eastbound heading out. you're restricted to two lanes there. the dumbarton bridge your alternate for the area. from the bay bridge to the east bay, and the compression from 880 to fremont and clearing past the airport. >> thanks. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour. hope to see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everyody. it's pulse day. wine day wednesday, march 4th. perfect show today. ralph is here. >> ralph's here. >> yes. he's starring in celebrity autobiography which he's going to tell us about. >> it's funny. >> he's going to put us to the test. >> you know what's funny about him, you pointed this out downstairs, look at him. >> it's unbelievable. >> look at him. >> i say do you weigh the same you did when you were karate
10:01 am
kid. he's going to deny it, no look at this, and grabs like nothing on his stomach. kids give him a hard time. >> he's sitting right down there grinning. we know exactly what he's talking about. looks great. >> yeah. >> if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, don't let it happen again. because we've got little things that can make you happy every single day. >> all righty. >> getting on my nerves. >> and if a beach getaway sounds good right now, and who doesn't that sound good to? trip advisor has the top beaches in the country. where you can stay for under $200 a night. >> look at the ray of sunshine we have in the studio, mary in her pink top. >> beautiful. >> mary's visiting us, and she looks beautiful. so mary, i want to thank you. your husband's not in the picture. ben didn't want to get in. >> he's behind the scenes. >> thank you for coming to visit us, okay. >> thank you for having me. >> you got it.
10:02 am
it is time for hoda's words of wisdom. >> all right. here we go. ready? the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you. >> how about that? >> and then that will make you happy as a result. >> and then your friend is happier too. >> everybody wins. i like that. okay. i didn't see the voice last night, but i love to watch the next day. >> adam and blake had a little tussle over one young artist last night. her name is brenda yaiger and she took a risk of singing the house of that built me that had miranda's song. let's take a look. ♪ i just had to come back one last time ♪ ♪ man i know you don't know me from adam ♪ >> oh, she said my name. ♪ these hand prints on the front steps are mine ♪
10:03 am
♪ ain't nothing but a memory, from the house that built me ♪ [ cheering ] >> shaking so violently that i have to come just like -- >> hi adam. >> oh my god. >> can i be her right now? >> that takes a lot of nerve to come out here and perform that song. >> i actually have that song tattooed on my foot with all my sisters because i grew up in a log cabin. >> there's more to it than just one song sung by one coach of the voice. >> you guys can go to the prom together after you and i win the show. >> thank you. that's all for now. >> who do you think she chose? >> how could she not choose adam? but it's blake's wife's song.
10:04 am
>> they were slow dancing. let's see. >> power is in your hands. who's going to be your coach? >> oh my god. >> break my heart. >> i pick team blae. >> yeah, she doesn't want miranda mad at her either. >> no indeedy doo. and finally jeremy gainer who is in the army and lead singer of the west pointe band the only four chair turn of the night. >> i love this let's see. ♪ >> all four.
10:05 am
>> yeah. >> what a gorgeous voice he's got. >> my favorite part is not the singing and it's not the coach that choosing him -- >> it's watching the families freak out when someone hits the chair. it's the whole thing. it makes it everything. >> genius television. it really really is. >> i think he chose christina. i don't know why i said it but that's what i think. >> you take your pick. >> okay. so i pick christina. [ cheering ] >> that, okay, that was a total shot in the dark. i cannot believe -- >> bullseye. >> i can't believe that. he sounds like her. he sings all that up and down. >> uh-huh. vocal gymnastics. >> something like that. >> now adam has met his number one fan which we just heard about, ten-year-old boy named christopher who has down's syndrome. he's done school projects about maroon 5 and memorized all of their songs and music videos. so what happened?
10:06 am
>> the special ed teacher decided to make a meeting happen. so they went to the radio station, hot 95 in maryland. saw this video, they arranged him for meet maroon 5 backstage. everything was going great. christopher gets there and i guess backstage can be overwhelming for this young boy. he kind of got a little, you know a little freaked out. he laid on the floor, and watch, look at the image of adam and his band, and what they did when they met him. he was laying on the floor so the entire band -- >> that's so sweet. >> laid down with him. >> and the radio station tweeted out that picture. >> and all were crying. >> great story. >> that humanizes the sexiest man alive. >> married to the victoria's secret. >> people come up brash on the show, you see a human moment like that when a child touches you. >> it's really something. we should point out that that was tweeted out by hot 95.5. all right. >> by the way congratulations
10:07 am
to my hoda. she won a gracie award. she's not exactly sure in fact she -- >> i don't think i did win it. >> it goes to women in communications, it's a big award here in new york. outstanding host, that's you, host. >> i don't think it was that. i really don't think it was that. there's no proof of it, nobody's seen the award. >> including in the shine a light project, truly great video which hit two million views on youtube. you can stimdonate go to >> and it goes to pediatric cancer research. still don't think that's true. >> "today" show won four. >> don't believe that either. >> make it happen. >> don't think happened. okay. this is a cool story. on nightly a few months ago, there was a story about an 89-year-old and a four-year-old who became unlikely friends. they were neighbors. >> okay. >> they were together and one day, the little boy and his family moved away because they were, they had a growing family
10:08 am
and needed more space. well, they moved away and it was heart breaking because those two hung out together. >> they were best, best friends. >> well guess what? the pair reunited. they've actually been seeing each other off and on, but the little boy came from earling's 90th birthday party. look at the reunion. >> wow. >> we used to call these dog tags in the army. friends forever. you come back again. >> i will eventually. >> up top. thank you. >> thank you, jerry. >> emma's parents bring him to visit earling often. which is, as lovely as that is. the lord will take his friend. and that, hopefully he's going to be prepared for that. that's going to be a delaware stating thing for him --
10:09 am
devastating thing for him. >> why are you laughing at that people? >> this is just depressing. >> man is not -- >> i know. >> god love him. many, many years on this earth. we are starting something new on this fine wednesday. >> it's a good thing. >> okay. >> so, often sometimes people ask what we're wearing and where can you get it and all this stuff. we're doing something called looks for less. >> wait. >> lovely lilliana looks for less. >> thank you. >> what happened what did you pick? >> i had the opportunity to dress both of you. and what i think are two of the seasons hottest trends in the segment we're calling luxe for less. you don't have to spend a lot. so hoda is wearing a beautiful mini length dress. are you going to stand up? it's gorgeous on her. how beautiful is that? >> perfect. >> we can't tell you how much it is. >> not yet. >> we do, we want people to get
10:10 am
them. guess how much the dress it? picked it out, boom, guess, go to the facebook page. >> facebook page. >> and later we're going to let people know where they can find our goodies. >> then kathie, you're wearing a beautiful choker. i love how you styled it with the statement earrings. it's about the architectural pieces, and you're not going to believe the price on this. go to the facebook page guess the price, or how little maybe. >> okay. >> okay. >> and i'll come back later in the show and tell you where you can get them. are you wearing something as well? >> i am. all of my pieces are under $100. so that's a little hint. >> everything i'm wearing is under $100. >> are you kidding? >> even though your spanx. >> you're too little. >> lilliana, what's it called again? >> luxe for less. >> we got it.
10:11 am
>> all right. bye guys. all right. now i love that geico commercial where the guy says i'm sorry i'm a loner, and a loner has to be alone. and then he drives off and boom. just falls. and she goes jessie? they've come up with some new things. >> okay. you know when you're online and it you're watching a commercial and says you can skip the ad in five seconds because who wants to live through that? geico wanted to figure out how to keep you engaged. this is what they did. they put up the commercial called family. and it's just the branding. so you see the geico words now look what happens. >> it's already over. geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> oh, oh. >> look. >> this is like the family's really there it's not like a cutout they're blinking, you can look blink.
10:12 am
okay. >> they're going to have a bigger mess to clean up later, let me tell you. >> look how he goes for the spaghetti. so good. look out for the salad bowl. you know he wants to laugh. oh my gosh. see, you could watch it. >> look want a the kid. he's just sitting there, come on. >> is there more? is there more food? >> he doesn't want the salad, obvi. not interested. >> nothing green. >> well, there's more. >> isn't that so smart because you're looking at geico -- >> what's that got to do with insurance? >> nothing, but you remember geico. >> i like jessie and becky. >> jessie. from betts si roos to hillary clinton, great women past and present. play who knew with us. one thing we do know hoda we're about to have fun with
10:13 am
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10:15 am
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10:16 am
if it really is a fountain of youth somewhere then ralph macchio knows where it is because he never seems to age. >> the tv film and stage stars appeared in great films like the outsiders and my cousin vinny. for many he'll be known as daniel la rousseau as the karate kid. >> now bringing his star power to the stage and celebrity autobiography. where actors read other star's tell-all. take a look. >> long journey night rider has made me famous. baywatch had made me rich. but broadway had always been my dream, and when i stepped out on to the sidewalk that night i could see my name in lights david, what'sle hoff. >> you are so cute. >> don't write the book if you can't take the heat. >> you know the fun thing about
10:17 am
this show is it's not mean-spirited. it really isn't. it's really, i mean it's a bit of you know, tragedy plus time is hilarious. so it's how you look at, at that side of it all. you know, and i think, you know, you just read -- it's in their own words. erin, and the -- >> they wrote it. >> yes. the ghost writer wrote and then it's also, they do match-ups, side by side, different people talking about the same event from two different perspectives. and you know, it's just like a simple thing like say tiger woods for that matter when he wrote his autobiography back before whatever scandal. the grip on the putter had a whole different meaning. >> oh. >> it's just that creates the funny. did david ever see that? >> i'm not the only one i'm not exclusivele to hasselhoff the castro at a times they'll do --
10:18 am
cast rotates, they'll do anything. >> i had to do barbara streisand once, which was tough. i just worked on butta. >> been doing this for quite a while too. it is so many people that have done it. i came in about, i guess i just finished doing ugly betty and michael and ray chech dratch was on guest starring on ugly betty. and they invited me to do this. it's so much fun. >> who else would you love to read you haven't done yet? >> oh god. >> regis. >> regis. i'm out of control. it's so tough so many people, and that's the thing it's not really about doing impersonation, it's about just you know sometimes the most straight flat way of doing it. >> reading a book is not a hard thing to do. >> exactly. >> is it true that you are now an empty nester? >> yes.
10:19 am
yes. it's crazy. >> it's hard to believe that you have children, right. much less grown. >> yeah. >> they're 22-year-old and a 19-year-old. my daughter's living in the city now. and my son is up at boston college, but he's here on spring break although it's freezing but it's spring break. >> are they in the business? >> my daughter is. >> what is she doing? >> she did the film with kristen wiig and matt dylan, she got a little part. >> and you encourage that? >> do as i say not as i do didn't work. she's doing great. and my mom is a math, science kid maternal side of the gene pool. >> are you saying, hey, do more like this or try that? >> oh sure. talk to the hand. no she does. my relationship i'm very proud of. >> that's awesome. >> what have you got there? >> you're going to read to us. >> we brought some celebrity autobiographies. >> i already know. >> i know the blue.
10:20 am
>> oh, listen, the segment producer completely set this up. >> yes exactly. >> you have the guess. first, can you guess the famous daughter who wrote this autobiography. sure i put a lot of myself into her, but that doesn't make her real, that doesn't make her me. this is my very own book, my first chance to tell my own story in my own words, but to tell my story, i have to talk about hannah -- >> hoda. >> at first i was like who is that? >> five four -- >> hoda. >> hoda. how i survived everything. >> okay boom. >> miley cyrus. >> there you go. okay. >> different hannah. >> thank god. >> blue on your book. >> didn't sound familiar. but who knows. we have time for one more. >> up next actress comedian. here we go. she says doing skit comedy while pregnant is like wearing a sombrero sombrero, you can pretend to be a serious person, but that giant
10:21 am
hat is the in your way. i have spent on time being pregnant, sometimes it was real -- >> tina fey. >> good guess, close, i would say -- >> amy poehler. >> bingo. >> yes, please. >> yes, please. >> ralph. wait, i don't think we have time. >> you know what we do have time. you're going to be joining me on sooer yus radio later. >> okay. >> thanks, ralph all the best. the color red has to do with your mood. >> tips if you want to wake up happy every single day. and you know what would make us happy right now? sunny vacations. >> best beaches to visit voted on by y over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. so to kill the germs that may make your family sick, we recommend using lysol disinfectant spray every day. lysol is approved to kill 80 germs, including hard to kill viruses that can live on surfaces for over 4 weeks. it works on hard and soft surfaces to help stop the spread of bacteria.
10:22 am
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10:24 am
another story for us. >> right here, finally an autobiography for a singer, actress and tv star. i dated a lot often with disastrous results. when you're a young, reasonably attractive woman in new york.
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10:27 am
mix and her puppy in sandbags and threw them out the window of a moving car. the puppy died. the mother guarding the puppy's body rescued. a reward started at $6,000. it's grown more than four fold to $25,000. thanks to a contribution from an unanonymous donor. air bnb hosts are unhappy about a new san francisco law tightening regulations. today, they'll air their grievances. the group gathering at city hall. they plan to attend a supervisors committee meeting. the hosts say the new rules are cumbersome and most residents who want to represent out their homes are ignoring the new restrictions anyway. >> we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy,
10:28 am
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welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. chose nice and clear all across the board, in fact a nice clear sky for today. and temperatures will be warm under bright sunshine later on. 67 in san francisco. 68 degrees for today on the peninsula, and 69 for us here in the south bay with changes coming your way. as we head through the next couple days. walling trend begins today. we'll peak when it comes to the warmth over the weekend and then showers and a rainy pattern on the way. we'll describe this to you, give you the full microclimate forecast today at 11:00. first, let's check the drive. >> you have to see this. this is westbound 92. a little slowing. your morning commute eastbound completely clear after the crash cleared just after our last report. look at the map, recovery across
10:30 am
the san mateo bridge. no problems for the dumbarton bridge and easy across the rest of the bay. >> thank you. make sure to join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll see you then. ♪ we are back now with more "today" on this wine day wednesday. ready to play who knew. and that rosie the riveter is our way of reminding you it is women's history month. we to want honor some of the world's most accomplished women with fun facts. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out 100 bucks to anybody who got the questions right. those who don't get one of her remarkable and hot cds. [ cheering ] . >> here o to help me out, moore magazine leslie jane seymour. you're trending it up. >> we try. >> all right. let's go across the street to kath. >> the tease apparently. which performer had the fastest
10:31 am
selling album in itunes history, katy perry, beyonce, or madonna? go back to hoda or talk to this lovely couple? any time now. all right. do you know? >> i would say beyonce. >> okay. then you would be right. >> the answer -- >> leslie beyonce. >> yes. she took an incredibly huge risk last year when she dropped that album out on itunes by herself. no middle man, did incredibly well. and beyonce, as it was called was the fastest selling album ever on itunes, it is incredible. almost a million copies in three weeks. >> that is sick. >> michigan. >> okay, beautiful there. the coo of facebook sheryl sandberg and the ceo of yahoo, marissa mayor, both launched their tech careers at google, apple, or microsoft? >> apple? >> no.
10:32 am
>> oh. >> yay. >> the correct answer is google. >> google. yeah, seems like all roads lead to google today, right? >> so anyway, both of them, marissa started as the first female engineer. she was employee number 20. >> was she really? >> guess how that paid off. exactly. >> sheryl was in 2001. and she was in charge of global online sales and operations until she was moved over by mark zurkberg over to facebook. >> wow. >> not a bad place to start i would say. >> what were we doing when we could have been at google? >> hello. over to you. >> from gainesville. who said there is no such thing as failure. failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. it was melinda gates, anna wintour or oprah winfrey? >> oprah? >> it was, it was oprah. >> it is oprah winfrey. >> absolutely.
10:33 am
and the 2013 harvard commencement address, she said that launching her own, her own own network was the hardest thing she ever did. >> yeah, and probably learned a lot from it. >> well, what's nice to see, even the big girls fail sometimes. >> it's right. stay with it and you get there. >> over to you. >> this is young gentleman is from richard, he calls me ma'am it was nice. how many american women have been in space. 14, 32, or 45. >> i'll go with 14. >> but he's darn cute and he's going to love this album. >> you know, i was surprised by the answer. the correct answer, 45. >> 45 women have been in space. american women. and it's 59 women in total overall. and what i really love is 2013 nasa actually had it's first class of even men, even women who were in the space program. >> that's interesting. >> 2013. so maybe the rest of us can do
10:34 am
it from now on. >> time for one more. >> lovely lady from quebec. who was the first woman to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. aretha franklin, etta james, or janice johnson? >> no cheating. >> janice johnson. >> she wanted the cd. this is good. this is good. got what she came from. the correct answer, aretha franklin queen of soul. >> she became the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> all right. >> queen of soul's career began, when she did a gospel album at 14 years of age. what was i doing at 14? >> i know. >> i appreciate that. lilliana coming up is going to reveal the cost of my dress and the cost of kathie lee's necklace. and everything will be coming up roses if you tylenol these tips for waking up happy
10:35 am
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10:39 am
like you in the morning, alarm goes off, hit a snooze a few times then muster up everything you've got and peel off that comforter to face the day? >> nice and dark and cozy in here. we're going to help you put a little spring in your step by showing you some tricks to wake up happy and staying that way all day with the help of shap magazine's editor at large. hello barb. >> good morning, ladies. >> if we looked like you, we'd be happy. >> thank you. >> so you say when you're starting the day, one of the things a lot of us do, alarm next to the bed and you want ten more minutes, hit snooze. >> everybody does it. the problem with this is when you hit snooze of course you're getting a few extra minutes of sleep, but it's interrupted, bad sleep. you should not use the snooze button, or if you are falling back to sleep you're falling into a sleep cycle you can't finish. >> you should pop up. >> if you have a problem with hitting the snooze button. put it away from you. >> so you have to get up. >> you have to get up and walk.
10:40 am
or what we love at shape magazine is this alarm clock that often relice on light therapy. so you set this and 30 minutes before you're supposed to wake up. >> it starts to go on, and this simulates the sunshine. what this does is tells your brain to stop producing melatonin which is a sleep hormone. >> that's cool. i like that. >> it's really really a nice thing. >> fresh flowers. you have those all over your house. >> that just make me happy. especially in the winter time. everything is just bleak. >> absolutely. harvard study found that women who saw fresh flowers early in the morning with happy and energized throughout the day. >> let's go over to the cozy bed. >> yes, this is all about color therapy. researchers found that certain colors improve your mood. in the morning, you want a quick energy jolt you want to surround yourself with bright colors like orange, yellow, red, this gets your adrenaline pumping and you want to do pops of it. like a blanket, a pillow, piece of artwork, this makes you
10:41 am
happier. >> okay. >> and this is a little exercise area. >> this is all about stretching, we of course know that stretching is good for you so many are rushed. >> animals always stretch before they do anything. >> exactly. >> so what you want to do is take a couple of minutes easily stretch your hands arms, pumps up your blood level, gets you going, and super, super easy. >> this is smart. if i don't pack a gym bag like before i go to bed, because if you have to think about in the morning putting all the stuff in the bag, it's tough to get moving. >> it's tough to get moving, and creating anxiety. i can't, the last thing i want to do is look for my shoes, car keys, my gym clothes. pack everything in the bag. this includes your lunch. >> get a loerk. >> i lug mine around everywhere. get a locker. >> why? >> okay breakfast time. >> this is all about food. studies have shown that eating omega 3s in the morning can boost your mood. there are easy ways. scrambled eggs.
10:42 am
add walnuts, or smooth thi, lou a little flak seed. >> everybody loves it. >> happier mood and it's good for you as well. >> no coffee? >> i say that coffee is good for you, but a better thing to do is replace that with lemon water and hot water. it's delicious, all of the celebrities are doing, how people are saying it's good for you. it's giving you that vitamin seed booth no calories and it just tastes amazing. it has that zesty flavor. >> you could still get that. >> you don't have to replace your coffee with it. >> thank you. >> it's a nice supplement though. >> habit. >> you can definitely have it. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> if that didn't work, here's something to make you happy. >> vacation for less than $200 a night. the best beach is just in time for spring break. hold it! come with me. new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack.
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10:48 am
all right. close your eyes far moment. imagine lounge og an warm, sandy beach, drink in your hand, oh, and the sun in your face. >> well, dream no more. is out with the list of award winning beaches based on traveler reviews and ratings. here with your favorite destinations for under $200 a night. the deseret fish. >> cheers. >> if we're not on a beach, that's where we want to be right now. >> use our imaginations. >> florida first? >> yes, the number one rated beach by traveler's choice is siesta beach. it has crystal sand, beautiful waters and it's one of the safest beaches in the country because it's got life guards year round. >> wow. >> perfect for families. the hotel to go to is a captiva. it's under $180 on average. full kitchen. it's a beautiful hotel. garden area. save lots of money but the
10:49 am
thing to go to is the state park. to want see alligators the turtles and wildlife and do all kinds of fun activities. >> that's beautiful. all right. let's move on to st. pete. >> st. pete beach. this is something where you are never going to have a bad weather day. 361 days of beautiful sunshine when you're there. >> what? >> and the hotel to go there is called the blind past resort. it is newly renovated. new work. and it's also got kitchens which is great for families to stay there. and it's walking distance from to hundreds of different shops and restaurants -- >> what is that blue thing? >> the high tide slide. this is so much fun. this is three stories high and 200 feet long. >> what? >> get the kids on that slide. you can go 20 times, all day long. >> where is this? water slide? >> it is, it's a water slide right on the beach. >> let's go out west. >> newport beach, this is orange
10:50 am
county. and this is the largest recreational beach. you can go swimming scuba diving, fishing, sunset cruises at night. there's lots to do. the place to stay is the hi yacht region si. this is more a resort than a hotel. but for less than $200 a night. >> wow. >> somehow that possible? >> it's got three pools, it's got a dozen tennis courts gulf courses and it has all kind of things for the family to do. then you can walk around at night at balboa island. >> which is beautiful. >> shopping, you have to have while you're there, frozen banana dessert, with chocolate covered in chocolate and peanuts. it's wonderful. >> let's go to crystal cove state park in laguna. >> this is three miles of gorgeous beach that you can scuba dye or swim. but this is perfect for the out doorsy types. they have 2400 acres -- >> trails. >> horseback riding, biking, you can go anything outdoor. you can go to the laguna shores at the hotel. and this one also under $200.
10:51 am
>> okay. >> and this has millions, million dollar views. >> and in hawaii. >> yeah. this is kailua beach. this is famous for wind surfing, body surfing, just sitting on the beach and feeling the breeze. >> you don't need to do a thing. >> snorkeling, paddle boats out to the island, and where you should stay is aqua beach. >> okay. >> and this is a walking distance from the starbucks from the food market, anything. >> east coasters quickly, ocean stwhi it warms up, maryland. >> not quite yet. >> perfect for year round because they have a famous board walk. with lots of different, amauzment parks. >> we're hoping. >> it's perfect to go when you're swimming, and when you want to go swimming and going there in the summer time. the place to stay is a victorian old hotel. absolutely gorgeous. >> thank you. >> and they need folks to come by. >> they do. >> thanks so much. >> thank you.
10:52 am
how much do you think this choker and hoda's dress really cost? >> lilliana is back and she's going to tell you thousand get these luxe looks for less. >> wow.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it is time for lilliana's luxe looks for less. earlier we revealed that lilliana put me into this dress and kath into that beautiful choker. and we asked you no to guess how much you thought they cost and post it. here are some of your guesses. dana ryan says the dress is 49.99, necklace is 29.99. >> sarah says my dress is 39.99 and the choker is 7.99. >> lou yan says hoda's dress is pink and red. that wasn't the question. >> lilliana we got a lot of feedback. >> we have almost 1,000 guesses, which just shows that people really love a great deal. so i want to talk about your dress and talk about the trend. this is a mini length. people say what's a mini.
10:56 am
mini hits right below the knee to above the kafl. >> it's so flattering. >> so many celebrities have worn this, kerry washington in something similar gorgeous on the red carpet. and gwyneth paltrow you're 5'9" also putting it on somebody petite, you have to find it right. big reveal for the dress. >> how much? >> the dress is 39.95. >> unbelievable. it's such quality fabric. >> from h and m. it has the texture. >> who makes it? >> h and m. >> oh. okay. $39.95, wow. $30 dress. >> $40 dress, that's amazing. >> kathie's choker. this is also a huge statement right now in jewelry. it's about the lines, really simple necklaces. >> okay. >> i love this and a lot of celebrities have been spotted in this. amy poe lor wore a choker and rihanna, ultimate trend setter. >> okay. >> rihanna's is probably millions of dollars. but on kathie, the big reveal
10:57 am
been. >> couldn't mine be too? >> $7.95. >> close. >> that one guess we had -- >> from where? >> also from h and m. >> wow. >> we have a few seconds. >> great chokers here, these are from lulu's, bloomingdales under $50 and these are under $50. you can totally get the trends for less. and post these on facebook. >> we'll see you every wednesday. >> for all the details and where to get the items, log on. >> tomorrow you're heard of duck cakes, kathy mitchell is bringing us easy dump dinners. and lewis and jill are
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
we continue to watch the nasdaq this morning as we trade under 4,000. in the meantime right now at 11:00, a disturbing trend in san francisco. good morning, everyone. yet another high end electronic store has been targeted by thiefs. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. police call it a smash and grab. the thieves broke through a window of the san francisco store and were out with a bat of an eye. stephanie chuang live in the city. you have covered several of these recently, unfortunately. >> that's right. good morning to you. the owner is rofring from the last time which was just a few weeks ago. last time


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