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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we continue to watch the nasdaq this morning as we trade under 4,000. in the meantime right now at 11:00, a disturbing trend in san francisco. good morning, everyone. yet another high end electronic store has been targeted by thiefs. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. police call it a smash and grab. the thieves broke through a window of the san francisco store and were out with a bat of an eye. stephanie chuang live in the city. you have covered several of these recently, unfortunately. >> that's right. good morning to you. the owner is rofring from the last time which was just a few weeks ago. last time he said $20,000
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stolen from this high end electronics shop. this time they were more bold. they went all the way to the back. police say there have been several of these high-end electronic stores hit by burglars in the last three to four weeks. the focus is the three thieves who drove up at 4:00 in the morning. police looking around inside and outside. what we know is they made off with thousands of dollars worth of goods. we spoke with two men who said the witnesses, they witnessed the whole thing happen i should say, including one who said he watched the last time the crooks broke into the store. he said this morning, he got a better look. >> i saw the bat. he was swinging it hitting the window hard. bam, bam. and then glass let go and he jumped in there. had gloves on a black hoodie and he started handed stuff to the other guy. it didn't take them but a few minutes. they had a lot of stuff out, they did. all of them headphones and you
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know, they do. they had a lot of stuff. >> pretty much smash and grab. definitely knew what they were doing. pretty quick. >> there have been other electronic stores targeted. the last one was less than an hour away at oddio vision where criminals crashed a pickup into the store near polk and stole an estimated $100,000 worth of electronics around 4:00 in the morning. police sigh they're not the own laones keeping a close eye on the burglaries. >> the stores themselves have like a little network where they're talking back and forth. and i have been talking to them. actually was going to be calling the other store on california street today, where they are kind of keeping an eye on each other. and letting other people know when they get broken into and other ways and means to safeguard their inventory.
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>> police say the store did have a surveillance video, but they're trying to get their hands on that right now. the store also just got a new security system a larm system installed yesterday. right now, the focus is also on a broader level to see if these last few crash and grabs are related here in san francisco. live in the city, stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much steph. >> overnight fire threatened the michelin star restaurant in san francisco's nob hill. the fire broke out in the parking garage below the aqua lairo restaurant. crews had to break down the garage door. they got it out before the fire could damage the restaurant or the apartments above. >> police on the peninsula are on the lookout for a prowler a man found someone coming out of his bathroom in the middle of the night. >> bob redell live in san bruno with the latest. bob. >> good morning, we just spoke
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with san bruno police. what's got them particularly concerned about last night's break-in is this prowler was gutsy enough to do this at night while a family was asleep inside. instead of during the day when most break-ins take place. this is the neighborhood in question. you're looking at the 700 block of seventh avenue here in san bruno. around 11:30, a heme owner awoke to a sound of somebody breaking in. he did a quick check of the interior. checked out back. noticed a bicycle leaning outside. thought it strange, nothing more. checked out front and still nothing. >> then he came back inside the house and as he's walking down the hall way of the house, a suspect emerges out of his bathroom. very strange. he confronts the suspect, asks what he's doing there, tells him he's going to call the police. the suspect tries to flee the house. the resident tries to grab on to him. the guy breaks loose, goes out the back door. >> out the back door and on to the bicycle, a bluish-green
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woman's mountain bike. they saw him heading north on 7th towards san bruno avenue. the prowler didn't take anything. wasn't using the rest room. this is how the homeowner describes the prowler, a hispanic man in his 20s, short hair, black jacket and sandals. reporting live in san bruno, bob redell. >> thank you. a young father's murder is sparking outrage in oakland. the family of marcus west spent yesterday cleaning up the area where he was killed outside an oakland hills home. he lived there with his grandmother. she's the one scrubbing the pavement. yesterday morning, someone shot him as he stood near his car. his grandmother would only watch and pray with him as he died. >> i told him we love you. everybody loves you. pray, are you praying? and his face just sort of the muscles sort of relaxed. he couldn't talk, of course and i said pray marcus. i prayed.
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and then he did that. and that was it. >> not only did the grandmother lose her grandson. west is also the father of a 2-month-old baby. police have not made any arrests. >> police in gilroy have arrested a second suspect in connection to a murder and they're on the trail of a third suspect who is a teenager. investigators handed rodrigo ben haro an arrest warrant while he was in jail in an unrelated case. he is now accused of killing robert heiser. heiser found beaten to death in his gilroy home last month. his house had been ransacked as well. earlier, police arrested a woman they accused of being a prostitute. this is the third suspect, a 17-year-old girl. she is believed to be one of two people caught on camera accused of using heiser's credit cards at an east san jose convenience store. the other person is the woman facing charges in the case.
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>> new details about a deadly shooting in antioch. police have arrested tony bellfield on murder charges. kimberly saunders and richard ludlow are also accused of being accessories to that murder. antioch police say an officer spotted the three people inside a car leaving the homicide scene late monday night. a short chase ensued and the car crashed into a home. bellfield, saunders and ludlow were all arrested outside that home. well happening right now, the boston marathon bombing trial is under way. this is federal court. >> no cameras are allowed in court, but dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with 30 counts for the april 2013 bombing in which three people were killed and 260 others were injured. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> we have the latest from boston. >> after five weeks of jury selection, ten women and eight men are now hearing opening statements and evidence in the case of the united states versus
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dzhokhar tsarnaev. legal experts say his lawyers are likely to shift jurors' focus to his older brother who died in a police shootout days after the bombing. it would be an attempt to paint tamerlan as the master mind of the attack and dzhokhar as a loyal brother who was afraid to let his father figure down. an attempt to keep him from being executed if convicted. >> this whole trial is not about guilt or innocence. the whole trial is does he live over die? >> survivors of the bombing have been told to prepare for graphic evidence pictures and video, which will make real for jurors the scope and extent of four tense days which gripped the region. >> putting all that into evidence as a prosecutor is going to take weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. >> some victims will undoubtedly try to avoid trial coverage survivor karen said he splans to be in court to hear some of the testimony. >> i feel like i need to be there. and i know it's going to be difficult. and i know there are going to be
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a lot of things that are going to be painful. >> the city which suffered so much after the blast now eager to find justice. >> both sides have completed opening statements and both sides agree on many facts. one defense attorney telling jerkers it was indeed dzhokhar tsarnaev who placed the bomb at the finish line but he asked jurors to keep an open mind alluding to the idea he was under the control of his older brother. well, legal victory for the passengers in the deadly asiana plane crash. 72 of those victims reached confidential settlements in their lawsuits against the airline. the settlements include compensation from boeing and the company that made the faulty evacuation slides. three people died as a result of the crash. >> a paralympic hopeful had his prosthetic leg stolen from his car. that man runs for city college of san francisco and he finished third in the 200 meters at nationals last year.
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hoping to compete in the 2016 paralympic games in brazil. that is until someone stole his prosthetic running blade yesterday in the mission district. he's hoping somebody will do the right thing and return it so he can continue living his dream. >> right now, i'm just waiting for that. and then i'll continue my season whenever the time comes. >> the prosthetic leg costs about $30,000. but it is specific to its runner. his next meet is this weekend. he says it will delay his training. >> well, up next at 11:00, a critical day for the affordable care act. the hearing in washington that could impact how much you pay for health insurance. >> plus apple and google scrambling. the flaw leaving your smartphone vulnerable to hackers. >> and sknrou may have already noticed the difference. much warmer out there for today. we're going to keep that warm-up going into the weekend. then rain moves in. lots to go over in your microkriement in just moments.
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welcome back. the market is trading mostly lower this morning. the nasdaq is back under 5,000. the dow losing another 100-plus points. this morning, several companies are promising fixes for a security flaw on mobile internet browser. apple web browser and googp's browser vulnerable. apple will release a fix next week. google says it has provided the fix to manufacturing and wireless carriers. >> researchers say you can blame it on the old u.s. government policy requiring software makers to use less secure encryption programs on itemed ships overseas. that's like software shipped to chinese manufacturers who make our phones. that policy no longer exists but the weaker software was used for quite some time. there's no evidence anyone has used this flaw to execute an attack. a silicon valley company
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taking on nin tendtendo this morning with its own game cystment, the shield. not only is it a came machine, but it will connect to utube and huhlu hulu. it makes chips and it does that really well, but it keeps trying to be a consumer company as well. it doesn't succeed at that as well. it's tried a lot of products before. i bet you can't name one of them. >> i don't think i can. >> nope. a warning for parents, before you put your baby down for a morning nap, the company dream on me is recalling about 13,000 of these bassinet products. the wire supports on both sides of the bassinet can disconnect causing the fabric sides to lower. the company worried that babies could fall out or become trapped and suffocate. if you have one of these bassinets, you can contact the company for a free repair. today the supreme court is hearing a case that could decide
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the future of the affordable care act and the health care coverage of millions of americans. the challenge focuses on tax credits and subsidies. brian moore has the story from washington. >> health care under attack. >> the battle over obamacare is back in the supreme court today, not to decide the health care law's constitutionality but to arg a technicality that threatens its very existence. >> court is going to decide what five words under the affordable care act mean. and those words are "an exchange established by states." >> and 36 states decline to establish an insurance exchange. so the obama administration created tax credits and subsidies that help an estimated 7 million to 8 million people buy insurance from a federal exchange. rene mitchell pays $300 a month. >> which is high but it's a whole lot better knowing i can struggle through that. >> jennifer can count on
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insurance for the first time in 17 years. >> this case isn't about the plaintiffs of the defendants. it's about people like us. >> obamacare opponents argue we will be better off if the court rules the administration went too far. >> that would force the president to go back to congress to try to negotiate. >> the laws are to be made by congress. laws are not to be made by whoever the president may be. >> in the high court, a focus on a few words that could affect millions. a decision is expected by summer and if the ruling goes against the administration obamacare could be whidalled down to as few as 14 states. brian moore, nbc news washington. speaking of health care how does your hospital score? turns out grading systems are hardly an exact science. a new report in the academic journal health affairs examined four top rating systems. u.s. news and world report consumer reports, healthgrades
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and leapfrog group. the one costant inconsistency, they used different criteria. some use grades numbers, some use technologies. one says when it comes to grades, more equals better. >> kind to try to triangulate on what the consensus is. i think all of the rating systems have strengths and potential weaknesses. >> the consensus is the health care rating systems will continue to improve and that will likely have a ripple effect, improving health care in the process. in the meantime if you want to know just ask more questions. >> competition to get into uc is about to get tougher. the uc president announced she will cap enrollment at current levels unless the state increases funding by $200 million. janet napolitano said she's also capping controversial out of state enrollment at uc berkeley and ucla but not at the other
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eight campuses. nonresidents pay three times the fees californians pay. >> recycled food scraps may become a bigger fixture in palo alto. city leaders are indorsing a new effort to indorse composting. resident would be able to dump their scrappings with lawn scrappings. they're also considering a new ordinance to require all commercial businesses to compost. >> number two is the number one problem on one of the natural wonders of the war. nepal wants the government there to require climbers on mt. everest to properly dispose of their human waste. more than 700 climbers tackle the mountain every year. while the government has not come up with requirements of get rid of human waste, it does have rules requiring climbers bring down 18 pounds of trash. coming down the mountain choosing what i'm going to pick up as my 18 pounds.
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gatorade bottle not that power bar wrapper. >> think about it is. it is important to leave it as you found it but we'll see what the solution is. no doubt it will be good. >> here's meteorologist christina loren. >> i don't feel so bad about chuckling because you were chuckling, too. >> you know what i love? the way scott looks right at the camera. says so much doesn't it? a live look at half moon bay. one of the places we always like to keep clean. our local beaches, and what a spectacular day if you can get out there. fantastic conditions. want to show you sunol. hillsides nice and green. look at that a grazing cow over there. he's enjoying the sunlight out there. we have a nice warm day coming your way. 58 degrees in san francisco right now. at 61 on the peninsula and the same for the tri-valley. look at where we are headed between now and 3:00 highs are going to climb so nicely and almost uniform numbers across the board. 67 in san francisco.
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68 right here in the south bay, and the same for the pinls. under the influbs of high pressure, which is only going to get stronger and continue to drive the winds offshore as we head throughout the next couple days. when the winds come from the hills. typically negates the marine influence. you're warm in the city as we will be in the valley. sunny and near record temperatures persist all weekend long and we're so close to the weekend. temperatures in the mid 70s by tomorrow. going to trade the 60s in in san francisco and right here in the south bay, and then if you want to get outdoors this weekend, i highly encourage you do do so because the numbers are going to drop like a rock with rain in the forecast. do keep that in mind. but it's one of those weekends because we picked up the snowfall in tahoe, you have 5 feet of snow at the base. squaw valley alpine meadows, take a look at this. got to love california. you can hit the surf or the slopes later on. looking good for that in fact. lake tahoe overnight lows are dropping to the 30s, so there's still able to make that snow as
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well. upper 50s as highs if you are going to be headed out there. you don't need chains this weekend but you might next weekend. i'll show you that in a moment. central coast looking good. abundant sun, low 70s. beautiful conditions this weekend. and then things start to change and it's not just our weather. we've got that time change coming up as well. daylight-saving time begins. don't forget to spring forward as we head through 2:00 a.m. on sunday. your new sunrise and sunset will occur after 7:33 in the morning and 7:11 at night. unfortunately for us people who go to bed incredibly early, that's going to be a little tough with all that daylight blazing in but the good news is if your spouse comes home later, you'll get more daylight with them. next week, tuesday, 12:00, storm moves in. first chance for rain at that point. a better chance late wednesday into thursday. this pattern will continue to next friday and we could pick up a half inch of rain right here in the south bay. more on this and tell you what's
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going on across the bay yare ain the next report. >> welcome rain. >> of course we spring forward on the way we have a swim meet that is so early. >> katy perry is bringing the famed super bowl half time show back to the spotlight. we'll show you how next.
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well katy perry is cashing in on a super bowl flub. >> you remember the left shark background dancer who caught everyone's eye for the wrong reasons. seems they didn't know the choreography. the shark inspires dozens of memes on the internet. now, katy perry, her winebsite offering a version of the costume. the cost $129. >> if you can't afford that perry is also offering a left shark t-shirt. that one will cost just $25. >> seems like she should have done that faster. >> remember, the shark, remember -- yeah. >> february. >> number of washington, d.c. museums including the myth sewnian have a new band. >> please leave your selfie stick at home.
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people used it to take pictures of themselves, tripods and monopods are already banned at museums like the smithsonian. officials say the poles pose safety hazards, especially in crowded conditions. when we were young you handed the camera to someone and then they ran off with your camera. >> yeah no selfies. you know when you go to little kid performances. all you get is the screens of all the other parents in front of you. >> right. >> maybe i'm going to get one. >> maybe just enjoy the thing in front of you. >> don't be a fuddy fuddy. >> you may soon be able to own a piece of back to the future history. >> the auto museum in illinois is going to give away its model of the delorean used in the movie series if the cubs win the world series. back to the future part 2 predicted the cubbies would win it all in 2015. if the cubs don't win, the museum is going to give away a hoverboard prop instead.
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anyone who visits the museum in march 21st to the end of the baseball season is eligible to win the prop. we're talking about the cubs. >> not going to happen, you think? up next at 11:00, singer chris brown set to return to the south bay. security concerns just months after a shooting at his last san jose concert.
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well the shark tank is going to be rocking this frietd night. and that's what concerns san jose police and arena security crew because singer chris brown is coming back into town. >> this comes less than two month after a shooting in his last performance in san jose. we have more on the security concerns. >> the electronic billboard out of s.a.p. center says get your tickets now, which apparently chris brown fans have already done. event promoter live nation is expected the concert will sell out with more than 12,000 fans
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attending. but some worry about security. especially after five people were shot january 11th at fiesta nightclub in san jose. where chris brown was hosting a party. the victims were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. san jose police and alcohol and beverage control later suspended fiesta nightclub entertainment and liquor licenses. in august of last year in west hollywood, three people were shot at a party hosted by chris brown. the past violence concerns jose roman. >> not the first time. the second or third time. so i would say, yeah we should be krerned about that. >> when we asked s.a.p. center spokesman about the security for the march 6th concert, he declined to discuss specifics and issued this statement saying they work clochely with local agencies and the san jose police department to develop and maintain security measures appropriate for the various types of purp form nlss.
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he added s.a.p. center has a history of hosting safe events and will maintain a high level of security. jose roman says he still won't be going to the concert. >> consider your safety first, so i say no to the concert, maybe. don't risk it. >> nbc bay area news. >> well a young father's murder in oakland is leading for a call for action in the african-american community. >> someone shot the 21-year-old man outside his home in the oakland hills. nbc bay area's bob redell has the latest on the investigation. >> oakland city councilman larry reed questions where is the outrage, where is the anger over the fact now 18 people have been killed eded within his city in the past couple months? the most recent killing taking place just over 24 hours ago. marcus west a 21-year-old father with a 2-month-old baby was shot and killed yesterday morning outside his
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grandmother's home in the oakland hills. his family had the painful task of removing the blood from the spot where he fell and died. no arrests so far. police are still trying to figure out what led up to the killing. >> he was a bright young man. he was trying to change his life and turn it around. >> we think that it's not a drive-by kind of relationship not a drive-by way in which you change behaviors. >> that's alameda county supervisor keith carson declaring 2015 the year of the african-american man. in response to the recent killings in oakland, he met last night with leaders of local organizations to figure out wheys they can help young men in the community find their way and stay out of trouble. whether that involves mentoring, job placement, or therapy for drug and alcohol abuse. here in oakland, bob redell. nbc bay area news. >> and now a story of what you could call trail race. marin county parks officials say there was a fight between a hiker and a biker and a woman went to the hospital. parks officials say the
11:33 am
65-year-old woman was hiking in the sleepy hollow open space preserve last week when a man on a briek grazed her going in the opposite direction. they exchanged choice words and then she chased after him, leading to a physical confrontation. investigators say the woman went to the hospital with bruises on her arms ler hegs and her head. deputies are now looking for the bicyclist. >> marine county agricultural officials are sounding the alarm after finding this destructive insect. an adult glassy wing sharp shooter last month in an inspection of plants coming from ventura county. officials say one adult can drain 200 to 300 times its body weight in water from fruits every day. that is the equivalent of a 150 pound adult drinking about 4300 gallons of water per day. all plants in the shipment were returned to the shipper. >> pet lovers say they'll give $25,000 for information leading
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to the arrest of a person who threw a dog and her puppy from a moving car in shuzanta cruz county. on february 20th someone put a chihuahua mix and her young puppy in sand bags and threw them out of the window of a moving car. the puppy was killed. the mother is recovering in foster care. new video this morning of a turkish airline plane that skidded off a runway. the plane trying to land in dense fog in nepal. officials say there were 238 people onboard that flight that was coming from istanbul. the passengers had bumps and bruises but believe it or not, nothing worse. >> and tension in ukraine spraed to the parliament. they threw bunches and shouted insults. the leader of ukraine's populist radical party called another politician a fat coward and then took a beating for it. it's not the first time the guy who did the insultling has been attacked in parliament.
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>> security or invasion of privacy? this is an issue that is growing. >> santa clara county board of supervisors approved the purchase of a stingray a cell phone tracking device that officials say will only be used with a warrant. >> sam brock looking into what we know and don't know about the controversial device. >> it is a debate that is just getting going. many police departments already have stingray like devices. san jose san francisco, and oakland just to name a few. those agencies will tell you they're only tracking cell phone signals and with property oversight, but the history of court cases and government comment on the technology suggests otherwise. floating in the highest circles of law enforcement lately is talk about stingrays, not the cartilage heavy fish that kind of look like sharks. but the done utbox sized devise that can haul in your cell phone's identifier and maybe more. >> we're talking about buying a
11:36 am
device that pretends to be a spoof of a cell tower. it's a false cell tower. and it's collecting information that people don't know is being collected. >> dorothy glanlsy is a law professor at santa clara known for her work in privacy law. she says there's a whole line of products like the stingray that deliver a similar service to law enforcement. the harpoon the king fish the gossamer that looks kind of like an early '90s cell phone, and they could all be configured to do different things. >> these kinds of devices have many different capacity and one never knows which capacity is in which unit. the fbi knows which capacities are in which units but i really wonder if the board of supervisors has any idea what capacities it's purchasing. >> it should be noted that theport of supervidesors meeting, laurie smith could not provide
11:37 am
the specs or model time to the supervisor. the only lawmaker providing any real pushback on the stingray. >> everything i read about this kind of technology makes me think that it is certainly capable of doing far more than simply identifying someone through a triangulation system. >> so how do we find out what capabilities the technology has and how well it works? >> a lot of the information is kept in a locked vault. we don't know how accurate these things are in the sense of saying it has a radius of 100 feet or 100 yards. we just quite frankly don't know. >> this man is an attorney with the electronic frontier foundation in san francisco and an expert on this technology. he says the fbi and the product manufacturers have a non-disclosure agreement with local governments. meaning local police can't spill the secrets. so information on accuracy capabilities and other aspects remains mum. even in court. >> the one case in baltimore,
11:38 am
basically the judge threatened to hold the officer in contempt to the point where the prosecutors said you know what? forget it. we're not going to use the evidence because we don't want to disclose the details in court. >> to be clear, there are examples of prosecutors and local governments blowing a case pulling back evidence or settling for a lesser charge just to protect the technology at stake here. it's technology that can be very valuable for fighting crime, but if you're looking for oversight as fbi director james comey recently said it's about finding bad guys not revealing the trade secrets. i'm sam brock. that's this edition of "reality check." >> thank you sam. apple likes her photo. umnext at 11:00, a bay area tekke goes nationwide thanks to a new ad campaign. >> plus she turns christmas money into a small fortune for charity. >> we see all the kids we helped, i just think that, like wow.
11:39 am
>> what this teenager did with just $100 that just might make you bay area proud. we're all bay area proud with weather like this. temperatures hard to beat this time of year. especially when you pay attention to what's happening on the east coast. for us though winter's grip holds on tight as we head through the beginning of next week. we're going to go from record warmth to potentially record rainfall. lots to go over in the microclimate forecast just moments away.
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we are breaking news in san jose. a gas main break near zanker and kazman in san jose. apparently construction crew hit a gas line there. firefighters are on the scene and are assessing the building to see if there are any evacuations that are necessary. we know that cyst co is not far from there as well as some pretty dense apartment buildings. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information if you need to know it. >> from amateur to world fame thanks to a cell phone picture. a bay area woman had a photo she took turned into an apple billboard. she's not alone. >> scott budman shows us we'll see the photos all over the bay area. >> you've probably seen them on your commute. but these apple billboards just changed. they're no longer ads well not traditional ads. they're photos all taken with the iphone 6. >> i was so excited.
11:43 am
>> this picture taken by alameda's cielo was one of 60 the company chose to go on billboards all over the world. >> as i was walking, i noticed my umbrella was casting really cool red silhouette onto the ground. i thought, wow, that's a really good picture. i of course had my phone with me. iphone shop right there. >> largely because we have them with us smartphones have become the most common way we take photos these days. iphone android, they're all packed with megapixels and take great pictures. she said she can't wait to see her billboards in person. >> that's one of my goals, to go to one of my billboards. i think there's one in new york that i'm going to fly to, some time in the next month or so and take a selfie in front of it. >> as for the apple campaign the company said it chose well known photographers and amateurs. cielo said she's starting to get
11:44 am
noticed on social media with a growing instagram following. >> i have 300 followers so i feel humbled, what am i doing? but i'll take advantage of it. >> scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i have 18 instagram followers. >> but how many twitter? >> a bunch. >> what did you learn in sixth grade that changed your life? that might be hard for most of us to answer but not for the young woman we're about to meet. >> she took recycling and turned it into a world of good. >> talk about investing in youth. it's usually a euphemism. they don't literally mean give them money and get more money in return. well, they clearly haven't met sunoly. giving a bit of money, and a bit of knowledge, she is doing remarkable things. at san jose's del mar high school, there are a whole bunch of after school activities a new
11:45 am
student can sign up for. collecting the recycling is not one of them. freshman sunoly came up with that one all by herself. you see, while the school is new to sunoly, the job isn't. with the help of older brother mono, she has been collecting bottles and cans since the sixth grade. ever since she got a certain christmas present from her mom and dad. >> my parents gave me and my brother each $100 for christmas. and they told us use it to make a difference in someone's life. >> she decided to use the money to help smile train, a nonprofit that provides cleft lip surgeries to children around the world. problem was a single surgery cost $250. sunoly was going to need more money. it just so happened her earth science teacher was doing a lesson on the time on recycling. and she learned that recycling centers ss paid money for bottles
11:46 am
and cans. she took that little bit of information and has since turned it into a whole lot of cash. >> $34,000 today. yeah. >> it's the kind of money that gets a 14-year-old noticed. and she has been recognized at the highest levels for her work. there are, for sure other volunteer opportunities that are less work. and not quite as smelly. but she says whenever she feels like stopping she'll get a picture of just one of the many children she is helping. >> when we see pictures of all the kids we've helped i just think that like wow. it makes me happy to think wow, what a difference we made in their lives. >> and frankly, what a difference it has made in other lives as well. for one simple lesson she learned in sixth grade, is teaching all of us a little something about helping others.
11:47 am
>> and she's far from finished. she says in addition to the money growing, the list of charities she donates to has grown as well. and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. garvin thomas, nbc bay area. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others dwafrben would love to hear from you. you can go to our website and search bay area proud. get the connection there. >> all right. meteorologist christina loren here with gorgeous weather for today. and some rain in the forecast too. >> yeah you know you can feel good about enjoying our dry weather that will continue into the weekend. want to start with this live picture. kris and scott, of belvedere, what a pretty day shaping there. temperatures climbing into the low 60s. maybe you're getting ready to head out for lunch. really nice out there. you can probably go sans jacket in the south bay where we're expecting the upper 60s all across the board. nearly uniform numbers with offshore flow. and very little cloud cover because of the offshore flow as
11:48 am
well. here are inweather headlines. warming trend begins today. about 5 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. getting into the weekend. we're going to see peak warmth so if you want to head to the beach, going to be lovely to do so. then a rainy pattern develops early next week. we are looking at maybe 3 to 4 consecutive days of rainfall in the near future and we desperately need it. high pressure is going to do its job to keep us nice and warm all the way through the weekend. near record warmth all weekend long. and take a look at where we're headed. even warmer for thursday into friday. mid 70s on the way for the south bay. low 70s in san francisco. and you'll see really nice conditions for both saturday and sunday. look at this. 71 degrees on saturday in san francisco. and really no change between saturday and sunday. 75 degrees both days for us here in the south bay. we're not going to see enough of that onshore flow to cool us off. but a little bit of coastal cooling is expected on sunday. if you want to hit the beach, saturday is your day to do so. if you're looking for the
11:49 am
sunshine. as we head throughout next week that's when the pattern really starts to change. so keep in mind if you want to get outdoors this weekend, probably going to be better nice and warm out there. we like to tell you all the free events happening for you and the family, especially if they're educational. marine mammal science sunday. this is a big one. if you really want to find out more about our marine mammals here the sea lions, the sea otters, great place to check it out, sausalito at the mammal center. temperatures will be really comfortable for that. also another thing happening friday they're having free admission day at the santa cruz museum and they have really cool exhibits there. right now, showing one off called nature's fury. you can find out about volcanoes, earthquakes and natural disasters that we actually have a tendency to see out here in the pacific rim. so that's something cool we like to educate you. let's educate you on the showers, shall we? 1:00 p.m. on tuesday, the rain arrives in the north bay. then we're in the thick of it. that will continue all the way through wednesday at 6:00 a.m. we keep the showers going all the way throughout thursday.
11:50 am
friday, continue the showers. by friday night into saturday it looks like we'll start to see a break from the rain. we need it potentially measuring over a half inch in the south bay, and upwards of an inch possible in sonoma county. hopefully this storm cystal will stay organized. >> thank you. up next at 11:00, an argument over shoveling snow on a sidewalk gets ugly. we'll show you the video coming up.
11:51 am
11:52 am
an argument over shoveling a sidewalk turned into an ugly confrontation in an ohio neighborhood. >> the whole episode caught on camera. mike has the story. >> last weekend this woman needed help clearing her sidewalk. this man volunteered. he got to right about here when things went badly. across the street, a man saw larry meyers on the left blowing the snow right back at will as
11:53 am
he tried to clear it away. >> he was in the driveway with a snow blower. he takes the snow blower and pushes it directly at him. wow. and not just once or twice, but several times. >> i said that i was clearing the sidewalk so kids could walk on the sidewalk to the school buses and whatnot, and he said they could walk in the street. i said are you stupid? and then that's when he grabbed me by the throat and my face and shoved me back. and then i got him off me. >> did you grab him at all? >> yes, i did. i grabbed him like this and i says leave me sidewalk alone. just like this. >> okay. >> okay that's all i did. >> the incident is now featured on the east lake police department facebook page. after will wentome, larry went back out with a shovel and started to dump the snow exactly where will had cleared it off. the result frozen great wall of east lake on the sidewalk by the driveway. larry was not sorry. >> when everybody else around
11:54 am
here cleans their sidewalks, i will clean mine. >> just tell him to mind his own business. when someone is trying to do a good deed, let them do the good deed and mind your business. >> don't you get fined for not cleaning your sidewalks? >> normally they do. i hope this is the last we hear of larry. >> he said i grabbed you, i'll grab you too. >> how about a -- >> sure sounds crazy, but we'll show it to you next.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
see spot leave. hard to believe, but we found a dog that can do just that. in this case the pictures are worth more than 1,000 words. >> good. >> mia, what's this say? good job. what's this say? >> turns out the mini australian shepherd can read her trainer's cards even when the cards are reshuffled. the trainer said she can get any dog to do the same trick, even if it's an old dog. it starts with a vocal command. the dog learns the hand signal for the same word. eventually corresponds that to the word and the bold letters on the sign. i think the hand has a lot to do with it. >> now if that dog does the book report without crying about it, that's something to brag about. >> that's impossible. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you again tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. today on ""access hollywood" live" sugar ray leonard and how he is getting back into boxing. >> he is the greatest jump roper the world has ever seen so we are going to have a jump rope challenge. you lot of to jump rope. >> this is a disaster. plus first you knew it was rapper lil bow wow. now he is all grown up. >> he will talk about joining the new csi show. >> they're trying to break a guinness world record. "access hollywood" live starts right now. boom. >> stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three two, one. [ bleep ]. >> don't ever touch -- >> watch what you talk about me or everybody will know. >> everyone will


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