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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news. an apartment fire overnight in san francisco sends several people to the hospital. >> also break at this hour, a military chopper crashes in florida. all 11 people onboard are feared dead. >> and busted by the feds. authorities swarm nearly a dozen potential fronts for illegal gambling and prostitution in san jose. >> and good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. showers working their way through the bay area. also some snow moving over tahoe. we'll tell you how much to expect for today and when those showers will clear before record warmth moves into the picture. >> and of course, with those wet roads, we're doing due diligence warning drivers, but i have a crash in san jose, which is causing a slowdown for the bayshore as well. >> let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. it is wednesday, march 11th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay."
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if you're just waking up, you'll notice the ground is wet and rain drops are falling in parts of the bay area. this is a live look at san rafael this morning. we'll also head to the south bay. check out what's going on in san jose. >> let's kick things off. >> how you doing at home? happy to see this radar lit up, as much as it is. really in disagreement about how much rain we're going to get. we've got widespread shower activity. it is not just the north bay. and this is real rainfall. you'll likely have to use your windshield wipers for at least 30 minutes if you're driving 30 miles or more across the bay area. if you're headed to tahoe this morning, i've got to tell you, a very welcome site. some much-needed snowfall falling down to about 6,000 feet as we head throughout the next couple hours and we get into the coldest point of the day. that's fantastic news. for today, grab your umbrella.
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grab your jacket as well for the first part of the day. then you can probably give it a break later on. ditch it. 64 degrees in san francisco today. 68 in the tri-valley. big news is, we're close to the weekend now. we've got some big changes coming your way. 80s. near record warmth for saturday and a big change by sunday. we'll have more on that coming up for you in just moments. right now, back to you, laura and sam. >> thank you, christina. break news now. firefighters are on scene of an apartment fire in san francisco that sent five people to the hospital. >> some of those take on the the hospital we understand were critically injured. >> that's right. the san francisco fire chief showed up in the last half-hour. she walked into the first floor of the scene of the fire there where you see maurice's corner liquor store. the fire on the second story where there are apartment units. we understand at least five people taken to the hospital. some of them suffered critical
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injuries. unclear if those are burns or smoke inhalation. the fire at 4:30 this morning. it was knocked down half an hour later, so it was very quick. it seems the injuries are fairly serious. i just learned that five rescues were made. one out of the front door, and two out of the bake stairwell. that one door was actually locked. thankfully, there was no one inside. everyone accounted for. also, fire says it does not appear that this fire is suspicious, but there's a long way to go in the investigation. right now, firefighters are going through the structure to make sure there are no hot spots to make sure that nothing flares up. so they're in there with tools to knock things down. again, chief joanne hayes white
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skomg out to bri is coming out to brief us. she doesn't come out for any fire. she comes out for large responses or when things turn deadly. so not sure what the condition is of those five victims taken to the hospital. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. for traffic, 24th street between harrison and fulsome shut down. two muny lines are being rerouted. at 6:04, more breaking news this morning. 11 service members are feared dead after a military helicopter crashed while on a training mission in florida. kris sanchez following all the breaking details for us this morning. search crews, it seems like the weather may have been a factor? >> yeah, that's what they're saying this morning. we've seen live pictures out of florida. it is foggy where the chopper crashed. our weather team says conditions were similar at the time of takeoff. seven marines, four national
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guardsmen were part of what was supposed to be a training mission. the helicopter took off from destin, florida. the seven marines were out of special operations out of camp lejeune. this is the kind of hospital we're talking about. last night's crash happened over the gulf of mexico. at this point, officials say most of the 11 crew members, their bodies have been recovered. as you likely know, it will take a very long time to determine the official cause of this crash. but as of now, officials say there was a heavy fog and low ceiling type of situation at the time of the crash. our weather team looked into conditions at the time and they say although it was overcast at ground level at launch time, the visibility up high was quickly deteriorating. it went from nine miles of visibility to less than one. about six hours after the crash,
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the u.s. coast guard discovered the debris field, including the tail rotor late last night. most of the 11 crew members have been recovered. a second blackhawk that was on the same training mission did manage to make it back to base safely. in the next half-hour, we are going to talk with a reporter who's on the scene. asked how common it is to do a training like this and we'll also talk about what kind of equipment they're using to try to bring those service members home. >> such a tragic way to start the day. thank you very much, kris. kris will join us with an update coming up in our next half-hour. and as well, we should remind you. any time, you can visit our website. san jose police and the fbi launched coordinating raids against potential fronts for gambling and prostitution. those raids targeted almost a dozen vietnamese coffee houses in east san jose. the feds say they were serving
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up much more than coffee. what was dubbed operation omni, agents raided 11 cafes, con citify skating roughly 100 gaming machines. all those slot machines combined can bring in up to $100,000 per week in illegal gaming proceeds. >> we do know sometimes there is prostitution, drugs, and violence and we want to remove that. these machines bring in a lot of money, so there's a lot of competition for that money and we want to make sure that this does not continue here in san jose. >> and police say this will be an ongoing criminal investigation. in milpitas, police are trying to track down whoever broke into a computer repair business and grabbed 800 computers. it happened earlier this month at king way llc, right near interstate 680. that loss adds up to more than $240,000 worth of goods. a witness tells nbc bay area it was loaded into two white cargo vans. >> authorities are looking for this man, larry quiros, he is
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wanted for murder and armed and dangerous. he ran from deputies near highway 101 in gilroy. officers from across the south bay were called in for that search but they couldn't find him. he was involved in a shooting last year in holster. palo alto police are stepping up patrols after someone broke into a home as the people who lived there slept upstairs. it happened early monday morning at a home on wilkie way near almas street. someone entered through an unlocked side door. they stole electronics and other items. the residents were sleeping upstairs, they didn't know anything happened until they woke up in the morning. so far, no arrests have been made. time to check your microclimate forecast. that bay bridge live shot right now, the bay bridge that is currently not electronic tolling but could change. we've been reporting on that all morning. we've also been talking about the rain for the day. >> that's right. it's nice to see some coming down out there, christina. >> just lovely out there.
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smells like rain. hopefully you're ready for it because we're actually getting some good measurement out there. right now, we have widespread activity, so give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely, especially if you're packing that precious cargo, taking the kids to school this morning. make sure they have their rain gear as well. once we're done with this round of showers, there's more on the way. you can see that all the way from eureka, down to garborville. by lunchtime, we will start to see showers let up, but they'll still be out there. then between about 4:00 and 6:00, we'll clear you out for the second half of your day into the evening. as we get into today, though, temperatures will be really lovely out there. mid 50s right now, up to the upper 60s getting into this afternoon. we will have your full weekend forecast coming up in just moments. right now, i want to check on your drive. here's mike inouye. >> we'll start in the south bay, where we do have an unusually heavy build. there you see it. a stream of lights from 680. let's look at your map.
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starts before you get to 680 around tully. really jammed around story and tully. i've circled the crash. still blocking the slow lane from what i understand. really causing the jam up from capital expressway. some folks who hear about it and have a chance to do it will take 87 northbound. that's why you see a little more slowing there. meanwhile, the rest of the south bay starting to dry out a little bit, but farther south. gilroy, morgan hill getting some rain still. somewhat green on the peninsula. also over on the east bay. that green highlighted on the maps aside from the censors, that's going to mean slicker roadways still. the roadways, there's no sun yet. we're looking at southbound 680, still starting to build. a crash at tennison. not a big deal for the morning commute. we're looking at wet roads
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throughout lafayette and walnut creek interchange. the north bay not a major problem. starting the drink out there. a smooth drifve across the goldn gate bridge. we have your standard backup, unlike yesterday, where the traffic was lighter here. the east shore freeway is clear. first, the golden gate, now several other bay areas could make the switch to tolls. plus, hillary clinton's use of e-mail coming up in just a bit. if you didn't get a good hard look at the bay bridge from that approach, how about from emeryville this morning. lots of areas in the bay. most of them actually getting some rainfall. christina is going to bring you the latest after this break. we will be right back.
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welcome back, and good wednesday morning to you. i can tell you widespread activity for the past five to six hours means slick conditions. as you make your way out that front door, we have another wave of moisture headed our way. plus, it's not our only opportunity to see this radar in action. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast in moments. >> even if you don't need those wipers, you still have to watch your speed. there's no sun to dry things out just yet. we'll talk about the latest for your build into the south bay in a crash coming up. here's a look at today's top stories. seven marines and four soldiers are feared dead after a military helicopter crashed while on a training mission in florida.
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debris has begun to wash ashore. >> five people were hurt, some critically in an early morning fire at an apartment building in san francisco's mission district. water officials in santa clara county backing off plans for a huge water rate hike. last night, water district staff lowered their initial recommendation for a hike of about 32%. instead, they're recommending a 20% increase. >> maybe you caught the press conference yesterday morning. hillary clinton tuesday trying to explain her use of personal e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state. the controversy turned out to be a political hot potato. >> these are from a tech perspective. i'm going to stay out of politics. there are plenty of talking heads handling the politics side. hillary clinton addressed a huge pack of reporters at the united nations on tuesday who wanted more detail on her decision to use a personal e-mail account, and only a personal e-mail account, to conduct government business while she was secretary
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of state. there are differing opinions as to whether that was against the rules. but the rules do say she has to turn over all the e-mails as part of government recordkeeping. and this is where things get hazy. secretary clinton said she would not be showing the world the entire content of that e-mail server because it contains personal e-mails. she says the server contains personal communications from my husband and me, and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private. so we won't see everything, and only secretary clinton will decide what we do and do not see. even if she is totally open, she's still beginning to be accused of hiding something. this is why you don't do that. let's talk wall street. a lousy day on tuesday as investors worried about interest rate hikes and the strengthening dollar. the dow industrials fell 333 points. it was the worst point loss of
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the year, and in fact, turned us negative for 2015. nasdaq down more than 80 points. we've talked about the strengthening dollar. a euro, 1.06. i think sometime in this week, we're going to see the euroa an the dollar match. >> the fundamentals of the u.s. economy strong, but the markets hurting. >> you have to pay the toll to cross a lot of our bridges. the golden gate bridge, now the bay area's other bridges considering all electric tolling. a live look at the bay bridge where there could soon be no stopping, unless there's traffic like right now. bay area transportation leaders decide today whether to hire a consultant to study the benefits of moving to all electronic tolling. fully automated toll collection went into effect back in 2013. golden gate officials consider that move a success.
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time now to check your microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside san jose on a day that we've seen widespread showers. you're tracking that right now. >> indeed i am. good morning to you. everybody at home. hopefully you had a good evening last night, got a good rest, because we do have those showers and they will likely slow you down this morning. i want to talk about what's happening out there in tahoe for today. getting right to your squaw valley alpine meadows report. we have snowfall coming down over tahoe right now. the good news is the storm is coinciding with the coldest point of the day, which means we have the best chance to see those snow levels drop to lake level. 6300 feet is lake level and i think we're going to fall to about 6,000 feet the next couple hours. so we're looking pretty good. 49 inches of powder at the base. and we're looking at 51 trails open in squaw. 44 men while in alpine meadows.
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mother nature giving them a little bit of a boost right now. you can see that over south lake tahoe and north lake starting to get snowfall this morning. let's show you what we are working with. you're going to have to use your windshield wipers from time to time. and that is the main cold front coming through our area right now. let me show you the future cast. at high noon, getting pretty decent downpours. all the way from sonoma county south through san mateo county. maybe tallying up to half of an inch of rain on the peninsula. looking much better up in the north bay. take you into the next couple days. temperatures steadily climb as
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we head throughout thursday to friday. we're up to 81 degrees, and the warmest air that we've had this season so far, by saturday. then things change on sunday. another system comes through. another round of widespread rainfall, although it looks like it will be light. we're looking good for that. everything clearing out by about lunchtime. >> we're looking over here. i want to show you this live dublin shot. look how sighny this off ramp is. we still have the overnight rain. even if it's not raining where you are, we still have wet roadways. we have another issue. a stall reported west 580 at the 680 interchange and that might still be affecting your fast lane. it does sound like most of the activity made its way to the center divide. you'll see more build here toward livermore.
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another crash around marina and the southbound side. sounds like it's still on the roadway. that will take a couple minutes to clear, adding to the build. that's a pretty typical pattern, though, for the east bay. that green highlighted all over the maps for the tri-valley of the east bay. here the south bay. that means the still slicker roadways, wet roadway conditions reported for our censors and our system reporting that as well. another one father north at great america parkway could slow you more. the rest of your silicon valley commute looking pretty standard, though. as we zoom the map out, you look at the peninsula. a spinout earlier. the upper east shore freeway moves nicely. no big issues like yesterday. the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup. the metering lights were turned
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on. the left approach like yesterday is looking a little bit lighter, although the maze itself is moving smoothly. >> a lot of patient people out there, mike. thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," it's not if, but when. scientists say the chance of a magnitude 8 quake hitting the bay area much greater than originally thought.
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the u.s. attorney for
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northern california holding a special session today to work with local law enforcement leaders on policing strategies and responding to officer involved shootings. the session comes after a series of shootings involving bay area police officers. two weeks ago, san francisco police shot and killed a suspected robber, and in mid february, two san jose officers shot and killed a man armed with a knife, who was entering a stranger's home. a san pablo man could find out today if he'll be tried for murder, this in connection with a deadly home invasion. police say mark carr was casing homes in hercules last month. he went into a home with a man and a woman inside. the homeowner fought carr in the driveway but was ultimately killed in the attack. police say carr then attacked the woman. officer s arrested carr, whose clothes were coffvered in blood. people in japan stopped for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit four years
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ago. officials concede recovery throughout the region is lagging. nearly a quarter million people still live in temporary housing. radiation levels remain as much as ten times above normal in areas surrounding the fukushima power plant. the odds of a massive earthquake striking california has increased. seismologists say nearby faults can combine in strength. before the study, the likelihood of an 8.0 quake happening was once every 600 years. now it's once every 500. >> the bigger the area, the bigger the magnitude, the more energy is released. when these faults link up, they produce gigantic earthquakes. as a result, our forecast has slightly more large earthquakes. >> this forecast will now be turned into a shake map showing which parts of the bay area may be in for the most damage. still ahead, the markets looking to bounce back today after the worst day for traders so far this year. we'll take an earlier look at
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the numbers with scott mcgrew. relief could be coming to millions of californians struggling to pay off student loan debt. we'll explain.
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help is on the way. the bill that could bring relief to millions of americans struggling with loan debt. and some drought relief. widespread rainfall making its way through the bay area. tracking showers to your doorstep. and record warmth and another chance for rain over your
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weekend. all the details in moments. that rain working through the area makes it more work getting to work. we're showing a slower drive. we're coming off a very tough tuesday. hopefully a winning wednesday. the dow had its worst day ever yesterday. there's the nyse and the opening bell, and the nasdaq as business gets under way. >> maybe lady luck will be on our side today. scott will track those markets. a live look outside now from san jose. it is wednesday, march 11th. you're watching "today in the bay." a good wednesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. there is some good news this morning for millions of americans worried about student loan debt, paying off those loans may get a little easier thanks to a bill signed by president obama. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. this will have a major impact nationwide, but especially here in california. >> reporter: if you are going to school in california right now,
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you'll want to hear this, because the bill that the president signed, the student aid bill of rights, will make it easier for you to get an affordable payment once you're out of skal achool and have to paying back that loan. they are setting up a website for people to complain when you have problems, when you're having trouble getting through the red tape, or when you're trying to get that payment lowered and you can't, there's a new website the government will be setting up by july of 2016. they also want to simplify the process. take out some of the red tape when you're dealing with federal student loans. they're going to analyze the trends there and see what they can do to tweak it further. this is why it's such a big deal there in california. more than any other state, you could benefit. 4.1 million students are carrying more than $112 billion worth of student loan debt. more than any other state in the nation. >> a lot of people want to hear this news. thanks so much, tracie.
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tomorrow, president obama will be taping an appearance for jimmy kimmel live before attending a fundraiser for the dnc. he was just in the bay area last month where he spoke at a cyber security summit at stanford university. new answers from hillary clinton about her personal e-mail account. it appears hindsight is 20/20. she opened up about using her personal e-mail as secretary of state, which she says is legal. she says she did it because it was more convenient. clinton also said if she had to do it all over again, she would separate work and personal e-mail. clinton says the server that those e-mails were kept on is secure. it's 6:32 right now. time to check the microclimate forecast. no secrets here. rain coming down in the bay area. a live look outside across the bay bridge this morning. it's nice to open up the windows, walk out the door, and smell it. >> yes. the first thing that will greet you this morning, as is probably christina. good morning to you. >> yeah, we really needed this rainfall and showers coming down all across the board.
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no exceptions to that rule. even from santa rosa, we're starting to get a break. we had some steady rainfall, all the way south to san francisco, and here in the south bay, it's still coming in rather steadily at this point. there's another wave of moisture that will move over the bay area as we head throughout the second half of your day. i want to show you your future cast. let's concentrate on where the heaviest stuff is coming through. south of highway 92, all the way south to santa cruz right now, we do have those heavy pockets of rainfall moving through. as we get into your afternoon, temperatures are going to be nice and mild because we're starting out in the upper 50s, close to 60 just about everywhere right now. but we will have more rain-cooled air on the way, as we get the second wave of moisture for the second half of the day. let me show you the future cast. showers consistently working their way through the bay area. we'll see a nice break between about 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. highs work like this for today. we'll be at 67 degrees later on today in the south bay. 68 degrees in the tri-valley.
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64 degrees, not a bad day shaping up. a touch above average in san francisco. on and off showers. that's the story of the day. warming trend really kicks in as we get into your thursday. and then two parts to your weekend. 80s on saturday. warmest air of the season so far, only to be followed by more shower activity. i'll show you the changes, give you the timing, still be able to get you outdoors. that's coming up in my next r report. >> we're going to show folks the bay bridge toll plaza where you would expect to see this backup. looks like a standard approach. that's much different than yesterday. that's because there's no drama like there was yesterday on the east shore freeway. let's show you the map. traffic flowing westbound 80 just fine. as you would expect, smooth and slowing down a bit from richmond at the top of your screen. i want to circle this area right there. that's 24 westbound at 580. we had early slowing for rest 24 right there at the interchange. it did smooth itself out a little bit, so that's better
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news. over here, the upper east shore freeway moves nicely. on the left side, nevada via the golden gate bridge. an easy drive. that green highlighting over on the right side. that used to be the entire map. the earlier stall still reportedly sticking out into the fast lane of the kerkconnecter. southbound 880, a crash at marina and another at tennison, bold on the shoulder. but mild slowing past those scenes. the northbound route even more from 101 north from capital expressway up to a crash.
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watch those slick on and off ramps because traction will be an issue and we haven't had rain for quite some time. now they're rising to the top. >> there you go. you don't want to be spinning out there. >> thank you very much, mike. we have anywhere to go but up after yesterday. the markets have been open for a few minutes now. >> one could hope. let's check the numbers with scott. >> indeed he's right. the numbers are positive, if only slightly this morning. dow industrials getting about 30 points, as high as 40. but yeah, what a drubbing yesterday. the worst day we've had all year, down 333 points. apple held its annual shareholders meeting thursday. cameras not allowed there, but tim cook was asked by at least two shareholders, hey, how about we buy tesla. the shareholders know apple has plenty of cash to afford it. apple apparently working on some kind of car themselves. so why not? tim cook did not say no. he even admitted he was not giving any sort of decent
6:37 am
answers. he department say no. didn't say yes. didn't say maybe. so we're not not getting a pony for christmas. >> i wonder if elon musk would sell it. >> he might not have a choice if apple gave a big enough bid. but i don't see that happening. but i've been wrong so many times. i'm surprised you guys listen to me. >> because you're credible. that's why we listen to you. >> and honest. look at that. still ahead, ecstasy, crystal meth, it's all legal in ireland, only today. we're going to tell you why, next.
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happening today, a u.s. senate will be questioning officials about new war powers that are being crafted to fight isis militants. last month, president obama asked for authorization to use military force against isis. secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary ash carter are expected to testify during today's hearing in washington. an unusual loophole may make for an interesting day in ireland, where for one day, at least just about every legal drug -- every drug is legal. crystal meth, ecstasy and hundreds of other drugs are technically legal today. that's because an appeals court yesterday struck down a 1977 drug law. the irish government are now scrambling to issue emergency legislation. but the earliest the new law could take effect would be 12:01, tomorrow morning. heroin, cocaine, and marijuana not affected by that court
6:41 am
ruling. >> possible public policy nightmare there. meantime, utah could once again become the only state in the united states where the death penalty could be carried out by the firing squad. a new bill would allow a firing squad only if there's a shortage in execution drugs. the bill is now headed to the governor's desk, but has not said whether or not he's going to sign. we are continuing to follow a pair of breaking news stories this morning. the first in san francisco. five people hurt. some critically trying to escape an early morning fire. plus, a military helicopter crashes in florida on the panhandle. all 11 people onboard feared dead. >> rain coming down in the bay area this morning as we take a live look across the golden gate bridge. we're back with 15 minute of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after the break.
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now, 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." >> not a soak, but some wet weather nonetheless, and we will take it. a live look right now at our realtime doppler radar. you see that that green covering large portions of the bay area. the bay bridge down to the south bay, san jose. we'll check your forecast coming up with christina loren. mike is going to have a look at your morning drive, all of that coming up in just two minutes. >> we do have an update to break news. a san francisco family in the hospital this morning after a fire broke out inside their apartment. >> stephanie chuang joins us live from san francisco. some of those injured are in critical condition this morning. >> absolutely. some of them are fighting for their lives. good morning, sam and laura.
6:45 am
we're here where there's a two-alarm fire. there's still some firefighters here. the fire on the second story there. but we're talking about seven rescues in all. two in the liquor store. on the first floor, people who weren't supposed to be there, they got out. and a family living on that second story in that apartment. again, three of them are fighting for their lives at san francisco general. a father, his son and daughter, who suffered cardiac or heart injury, burns and smoke inhalation, and a mother and a son at st. francis with serious smoke inhalation injuries. firefighters making rescues outside of that building. two of them, two young byes, we're told maybe teenagers, were crawling out of the front window and that's where firefighters saw them, but they had to be rescued out of there. a younger daughter coming out of the rescue out of the front door, and the parents rescued out of the side back stairs. the fire reported at 4:30 was contained to this building. right now, arson investigators with both fire and police are in there trying to determine cause and origin of this fire, but san
6:46 am
francisco fire chief joanne hayes white says this was a tricky rescue. >> the crews were very creative and innovative. they work well together. it's a difficult scene. i'm hearing there were people screaming, yelling. an emotional scene. so yeah, they're in the dark. heavy smoke conditions. active flame. to make five rescues the way they did out of three different means of egress, they did a phenomenal job. >> reporter: two people were sleeping on mattresses inside the liquor store that's on the first story. they were padlocked in. firefighters had to cut that padlock and rescue them. but then they took off. so we don't know their condition. it is illegal to sleep in there like that. back here live again, firefighters are inside. they've got their flashlights. they're checking for hot spots. also arson investigators are starting to try to determine in terms of cause and origin, and also check out smoke fire alarms. if there was a safe escape. back here again, the traffic
6:47 am
situation meantime, it is still closed off here on 24th between harrison and fulsome and two muny bm muny bus lines have been rerouted temporarily. most parts of the bay area are seeing rainfall coming through. >> yeah, happy to see this this morning. it is not an exact science. but we do our best to let you know about what's coming down the pike. i can tell you, getting into this weekend, there's a little bit more on the way. right now, we're in the 50s to start. we're going to end up in the upper 60s with clearing mostly taking place between 4:00 and 6:00 as you make your way home from work, we won't have much left over when it comes to these showers. you can see the entire bay area getting nice and damp for your
6:48 am
morning commute. keep that in mind. please travel cautiously out there. good news is, our hillsides, which are so beautiful, will be able to stay green for about two weeks longer because of the rain that's coming through now. and what we are expecting on sunday. i wanted to show you, we're not out of the woods just yet. that's the main front working its way through the bay area. there's more on the way as we get into your afternoon. we get the second wave of moisture. keep that in mind. right after our 11:00 a.m. broadcast concludes, we're still going to have some showers out there. then between 4:00 and 6:00, like i said, clearing you out, we get another round, though, as we get into your sunday. so let's talk about that. i still think i'll be able to get you outdoors. it's going to be pretty warm as we head throughout the next couple days. saturday, we will peak in the 80s, and sunday between about 3:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., we get another round of some pretty decent rainfall, which is great news. we'll take every drop we can get. after all, as we transition into spring, our chances for rain not going to be as great as they
6:49 am
were. at least like we see in the wintertime. 75 degrees by thursday. the warmest air of the season so far on saturday. before those showers move through. so a warm saturday. cooler sunday with a few early showers and temps dropping from the 80s into the low 70s. let's check on that drive. here's our very own mike inouye. >> here's our very own south bay map. we're looking at northbound routes which have sorted themselves out to a pretty typical pattern. now, we're looking at a slower drive just building. still a little of that residual extra slow through that stretch. that green highlight, a different cast to our map here. that's our road weather index indicating damp road. enough to lose traction on those on and off ramps, so just be careful out there. peninsula is starting to show a
6:50 am
little build through palo alto. here's 237 and 880 through fremont. we have another issue, out of oakland. a crash at marina boulevard on the shoulder, but enough distraction. there may be four or five vehicles on the shoulder. be prepared for that. the commute toward the bay bridge through oakland, north 880 and west 580 move smoothly. the red showing up for west highway 4. we'll show you how things shape up. the backup because the metering lights are on. there's no real drama. and the golden gate bridge as well. we'll give you a live look.
6:51 am
we do have damp roadway, but here it's not wet like it was earlier this morning. back to you guys. >> we do have an update to breaking news. 11 service members are feared dead after military helicopter crashed while on a training mission in florida. kris sanchez following all the breaking details for us this morning. what's the latest, kris? >> we can tell you that this is considered a recovery mission, and search crews are working in very foggy conditions, similar to the conditions at the time of launch last night. we want to give you a look at what it looks like in florida this morning. the search scene there in the florida area, that's a reporter who is getting a mic check, but we wanted do you see the fog for yourself. moving on now, this is what we know. officials say there was heavy fog, a low ceiling at the time of the crash. our weather team says visibility went from nine miles at launch time to less than one mile within just a few hours and that's at ground level. different conditions up higher. about six hours after the crash, the u.s. coast guard discovered the debris field, including the
6:52 am
tail rotor, and that was late last night. searchers also found the bodies of most of those crew members. their families are now being notified. this is the kind of helicopter that we're talking about. it is a uh-60 blackhawk helicopter. that helicopter went down last night in the gulf of mexico. it looked like this before it took off. the seven marines, we should tell you they took off out of destin, florida. special operations. marines were out of camp in lejeune, north carolina. officials say there was not an in-air incident between the two helicopters, but we're hoping for more information this morning. for updates any time we're not on the air, you can visit
6:53 am
our website, san jose police this morning hoping the city is a little bit safer and cleaner with the help of the fbi, officers swarmed nearly a dozen vietnamese cafes acting as fronts for illegal gambling and prostitution. bob redell joins us live from san jose this morning. these raids are part of an ongoing investigation. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam. law enforcement hopes that by shutting down the illegal gambling that was allegedly going on in places like the xingxing cafe here behind me, they can also put an end to the violence, the drugs, and prostitution that goes along with it. they have teamed up to raid vietnamese coffee shops dubbed operation omni. this is what agents and officers found in plain view, at least one of the businesses. video devices that are illegal gaming machines. law enforcement confiscated around 100 such devices from the 11 raid locations.
6:54 am
all combined, those machines, according to police, can bring in roughly $100,000 a week in illegal gaming revenue. eventually everyone was released. no arrests made. >> i don't know anything. >> reporter: what were you doing inside? >> just drinking coffee. >> reporter: not gambling? >> this is a coffee shop. it's no gambling. i don't know anything. >> i don't know what happened inside. i don't know nothing. >> reporter: our reporter spoke with a female employee at the xingxing cafe, he asked if there was any illegal activity going on inside. she replied, just the machines. reporting live here in east san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. in milpitas, police trying to track down whoever broke into a computer repair business and stole 800 computers.
6:55 am
it happened earlier this month at kingway llc. it's near interstate 680. the loss adds up to more than $240,000 worth of goods. a witness tells nbc bay area the hardware was loaded into two white cargo vans. police in palo alto stepping up patrols after somebody broke into a house. this as the two people who live there were sleeping upstairs. it happened early monday morning at a home on wilkie way near alma street in palo alto. police say somebody entered through an unlocked side door. they stole electronics and other items from the bottom floor. the residents were sleeping upstairs and didn't know that anything had happened until they woke up in the morning. so far, no arrests have been made. in the south bay, authorities are hunting for this man, larry quiros. he's wanted for murder and armed and dangerous. he ran from sheriff's deputies yesterday afternoon near highway 101 in gilroy. officers were called in for that search, but they couldn't find him. police say quiros was involved
6:56 am
in a shooting last year in holster. the u.s. attorney for northern california holding a special session today to work with local law enforcement leaders on policing strategies and responding to officer involved shootings. that session comes after a series of shootings involving bay area police officers. two weeks ago, san francisco police shot and killed a suspected robber, and in mid february, two san jose officers shot and killed a man armed with a knife who was entering a stranger's house. berkley police may soon be teaming up with liquor store owners to fight crime. they voted in favor of an ordinance requiring liquor stores to install or upgrade surveillance cameras. surveillance cameras help police put suspects behind bars in two killings back in 2013. the ordinance will go through a second reading. after that, store owners will have time to upgrade their systems if needed. the fight over greek debt largely pitted greece against the owner of europe's largest economy, germany. >> it got personal this morning.
6:57 am
>> it got really personal. greece is under pressure to pay back its debt to the european union. a majority of that money came from germany. greek politicians this morning really turning the argument bitter when the minister of justice, a very powerful politician in greece, said greece would consider seizing german companies and other assets as reparations for the second world war. greece reminding its creditors this morning of their nazi past. netflix recently had a hackathon. one of its employees came up with this. a dual lock for certain shows. you get one pin, your spouse gets the other, and you can't watch "house of cards" or whatever until both pins are entered. that way you can't cheat and watch the next episode. the engineers over at netflix compare it to the two-man nuclear launch codes. just as important because you don't want to watch netflix witht the other guy. >> and that's funny. i'm just trying to get my
6:58 am
husband to watch something. final check of the day's top stories this morning. seven marines and four soldiers feared dead after a military helicopter crashed while on a training mission in florida. military officials say debris has started to wash ashore. a father and two children are in the hospital right now with life-threatening injuries after an early morning fire at an apartment building in san francisco's mission district. a mother and child were also injured in that fire. they are expected to survive. water officials in santa clara county back off plans for a huge water rate hike. last night, water district staff lowered their initial recommendation for a hike of about 32%. instead, they're recommending a 20% increase. water right now coming from the skies. no question about that. some much-needed rain so far today. >> yeah, looking good. and we're up to about a 10th of an inch in some spots, which is great news in the south bay. we've already accumulated much
6:59 am
more than that. we're going to show you your overall totals. you can see widespread shower activity helicopter activity continues. and then that heat is on. starting tomorrow, 80s by saturday. >> wow. what a warm-up. let's look at the roadways. i have big change for the oakland area. southbound 880 jammed up all the way past the coliseum. this just happened over the last couple of minutes. we'll show you the map, the reason why i told you about the crash. four or five, maybe more vehicles over on the shoulder now that crews have arrived, so that's a big distraction at a bat time right there. that's the reason for the slowing. northbound heading toward the bay bridge, an easier drive, but south past the san mateo drive continues the drive there through fremont. the earlier disabled vehicle at the interchange hasn't caused as much of a problem as you might
7:00 am
think. the green highlight on the right side of your screen, damp roadways as christina has talked about. the east shore and the north bay looking all right. >> there you go. play it safe out there. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we'll see you again in 25 minutes. stay dry. >> breaking news an army helicopter crashes in florida, seven marines, four soldiers presumed dead. we're live at the pentagon. wrong and reckless, apology fr one of the oklahoma university students shown on video leadin that racist chant. he and another student now expelled, their frat house officially shut down overnight not satisfied republicans calling on hillary clinton to turn over her computer server after she admits she discarded certain messages before send a


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