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tv   Today  NBC  March 12, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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westbound 92 kicking in and north bay where christina is talking about low clouds there's some here in san rafael but drivers are okay. it's the company they keep >> take it easy out there. we'll be back in half an hour. good morning. breaking news. two police officers shot during a new round of protests in ferguson, missouri. >> is he hit? >> he's hit. >> this morning, the hunt for whoever opened fire on the police. new scandal. two secret service agents, including a senior member of the president's security detail, under investigation. accused of crashing their car into a white house barricade after a night of drinking. the officers re-assigned while the agency deals with yet another embarrassment. back home. the miracle baby who survived being trapped for 14 hours after her mother's car crashed into a river. she's out of the hospital. >> i'm just really blessed and
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i'm just glad to have my daughter here with me. >> as questions swirl around the cause of the accident and those mysterious cries for help heard by rescuers. and, gator on the green. a golf course in florida overrun by massive alligators "today," thursday, march 12th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. 9 official ss are just beginning a news conference on the new violence in ferguson overnight. that's police jeff john belmar addressing reporters. >> two officers are being
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treated after being shot during a demonstration just hours after the ferguson city police chief announced his resignation. nbc's ron allen is in ferguson this morning. >> reporter: this is a shocking and terrifying development. after months of protests never a shot fired by the police at protesters or by the protesters or anyone else at police. police warned this would happen. they say they've been attacked by bottles and rocks and things of that nature. this is perhaps a game changer here. it happened as the events of the night were winding down, the crowd was going home, the police were packing up their things. the police have the road blocked off, the main commercial part of the city of ferg be son, and now the city is very much on edge. here is what happened overnight.
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[ bleep ] at least four shots rang out shortly after midnight here as officers attempted to control a dwindling crowd of protesters outside the ferguson police department. >> is he hit? >> four shots i heard. everybody hit the ground. that's when officers got up. two officers didn't get up. >> reporter: police say a 41-year-old officer from st. louis county was shot in the shoulder and a 32-year-old officer was shot in the face. both victims are conscious and talking but still in the hospital. police could not provide a description of a suspect or gun but say the shots were fired from across the street from the police department. after the shooting, officers with guns and in riot gear circled the station and more than a dozen squad cars blocked the street. >> i would have to make an assumption that these shots were directed exactly at my police officers. >> reporter: the protests started just hours after the ferguson officials announced
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resignation of the police chief he received scathing criticism from the justice department. jackson was under pressure since last august, with holding the name of wilson while releasing a video of brown allegedly committing a robbery. mann while, police are work inging to contain a city that remains in a state of unrest. we're getting new information about the condition of the officers who were shot. one was shot through the shoulder, the bullet exiting through his back somehow. the other has a bullet lodged in his cheek, very serious wounds. the officer presiding over the press conference says we're fortunate by the grace of god we did not lose two officers tonight. they're very, very concerned about their condition, however, going forward. very serious wounds and, again, this could be a game changer.
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there's never been a situation where police felt targeted directly. they never fired a shot directly at the protesters in anger erer but, again, things are very different now going forward. this community hopes to be moving forward but now appears to be taking a huge step backwards. >> ron, we're going to monitor the condition of those two police officers and conditions in ferguson. we spoke to jennifer early this morning and she describes what she saw and heard. >> we were on the side of the street of the police station. we were were, as i said, alongside with the police. we had been there since about 8:00. we thought things were starting to calm down. some of the protesters had left but there were still a couple of dozen there. a few police officers had left but they were still in force. but we did get the feeling that things were starting to calm down for the evening. when all of a sudden from the
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top of this crest of this short hill, this street across the street by the tire lot across from the police station, loud noises. pop, pop, pop. it sounded like firecrackers. that's what we thought at first. but when everybody hit the floor and the police said, get down, get down, and guns were drawn, we all hit the floor. it was a frightening moment. and there is a short brick wall next to the police station where we were standing and the police all ran for cover there. they told us to get there. we were on our knees next to the police officers and there were no more shots fired but it was a very, very tense few moments and they said, as soon as we give you the okay, you run down the back of that building and get to the very back of the parking lot. and we did that. and then we were told to move further back over behind the fire station, and that's when
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they brought one of the injured policemen and put him in an ambulance and off to the hospital. >> jennifer, when you saw that and you saw the injured officer or officers, were you able to get a look? could you tell how serious those injuries were? >> from our vantage point, at the end of the driveway, it appeared he was not sitting up but at least not lying down and we got the impression that he might not be in too bad a shape. but we weren't close enough. but it did appear that he didn't have extraordinarily serious injuries. we never did see the other officer being taken away. we waited for quite a while but that ambulance never came so it must have picked him up on the other side of the police station. but we know that some of the protesters fled. they didn't have any brick wall to hide behind. they fled when they heard the shots. and because we were hunkered down, we didn't see too much else but we know that some of the protesters that were still there were questioned by police
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afterward. >> it clearly was a long night and a scary one for you. we're glad you and the crew are safe. thank you for sharing your experience with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much, savannah. >> we'll continue to mon are tore the news conference, the police chief saying no one is in cust itody this morning. let's turn to washington now where the secret service is dealing with another new scandal. two high-level agents re-assigned, accused of crashing a car into a white house barricade following a party. chris jansing is nbc's senior white house correspondent. chris, chapped here? >> reporter: oh, boy, matt this is a stunning setback for the secret service after a string of embarrassing security breaches because this latest breach was allegedly caused by agents themselves. and when president obama was briefed on the incident, he learned that someone he trusted with his life is a target of the probe. this morning, the white house is
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confirming the investigation into two high-level secret service agents. one, an elite member on the president's close detail. according to "the washington post," the men drove a government car into white house security barricades after drinking at a late night party last week. >> we're talking about a very, very senior person who is regularly within arm's length of the president. and if this person, if it's true, doesn't get any worse than that. >> reporter: two sources familiar with the investigation confirm to nbc the men are senior supervisor george ogilvie and the second in command on the president's detail, mark connolly who has been by the president's side from ireland to tucson to coney island. according to the "post," officers on duty wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests but the officers were ordered by a supervisor to let the agents go home. even though, witnesses say, the car was being driven erratically, lights flashing, tearing through security tape before hitting the barricade and
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disrupting the ongoing investigation of a suspicious package. the investigation will be a significant test for the agency's new director, joseph clancy, who came out of retirement to clean up the service after a series of high-profile missteps rocked the agency. 2012 in colombia, a prostitution scandal led to some agents being fired. march 2014, two agents were booted from a presidential trip to the netherlands after one of them was found passed out in a hotel hallway after drinking. and last fall, the agency made headlines again after a man with a knife jumped the fence and got into the white house. these new allegations will put clancy and the agency back on the hot seat. >> the deep-seated concern is that the shine of the secret service has been rubbed off. we cannot keep having this discussion. >> reporter: congressman chaffetz tells me he's directing a letter to clancy wanting answers to a lot of questions.
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because the agents are so high up in the service, the investigation is being done by the inspector general of the department of homeland security. while that's happening, the agents have been re-assigned and have not responded to our requests for comment. matt? savannah? >> chris jansing at the white house this morning, thanks, chris. meanwhile in the wake of the fraternity scandal in oklahoma the fraternity, sae, is pushing. back. gabe gutierrez is on the story for us once again. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. o.u.'s president announced a creation of a new position, vpice president of diversity. meanwhile, while its investigation is still ongoing, the national fraternity now says it cannot verify any reports of racist chants beyond this campus. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: all week it called this video appalling. this morning, sigma alpha epsilon says the problem seems
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to be limited to one chapter. >> >> the fraternity has come under attack and a lot of chapters and members are vilified. that's unfair. we hear the critics. we hear the conversations taking place. we know we can make this better and prevent this from happening. >> reporter: calling it a horrible cancer, ou says racism entered its university of oklahoma chapter three to four years ago. that's about the time keith logan started college. he was among dozens of people attending a previously scheduled town hall meeting wednesday night to discuss racism on campus. >> that it happened at the same time is not surprising. >> reporter: parker rice, one of the sae members in the video is keeping quiet saying his family has been threatened. outside his empty dallas home, a small group of protesters gathered. >> we are planning on filing a complaint with the department of justice. that way they can actually look into every chapter across the nation of sae. >> reporter: but the fraternity
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says, so far it has been unable to verify any rumors that members using the chant beyond ou. e.j. beasley is a proud african-american member of sae at the university of cincinnati. >> i would not be part of a fraternity that's racist. >> reporter: at ou, two students have been expelled and the university says more are possible. but now some experts are questioning whether that's even legal. >> students at public universities have free speech rights. now if they had threatened a specific person, that would be different. but merely uttering even offensive racist speech is protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: university officials certainly feel that those expulsions are justified. matt and savannah, right now there is no timetable for when their investigation might wrap up. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks. new fallout this morning tied to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. its a controversy that could impact the rollout of her expected run for the white
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house. nbc national correspondent peter alexander it in washington. good morning, peter. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. hillary clinton hasn't even announced she's running for president yet and already these stumbles handling the controversy have many democrats nervous, persuading clinton's advisors she needs to speed up her 2015 campaign launch. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account. >> reporter: despite hillary clinton digging in her heels this week, she hasn't silenced the skeptics. the spectacle reminding many anxious democrats of the 1990s when another clinton was in the white house. new this morning, "time" magazine putting clinton on its cover, "the clinton way," they write their own rules, will it work this time? clinton now reportedly considering moving up the rollout of her 2016 campaign to early april. even some of her democratic defenders acknowledging the trust issues. >> you don't believe her, don't vote for her. that's what i think. and if you believe her, then vote for her. >> reporter: the white house has been forced to address questions
7:15 am
whether it trusts the 30,000 e-mails clinton says she deleted were all personal, not work related. >> there's not been any evidence that's been produced to raise any doubts. >> but no one can produce evidence because she deleted them. >> reporter: all this focusing new attention on clinton's would-be democratic pray mare opponents who remain silent on her e-mail issues. maryland governor martin o'malley who was in new hampshire last weekend couldn't avoid the issue last weekend. >> frankly, i'm a little sick of the e-mail drama. >> reporter: vice president joe biden hasn't said a word about the controversy, while senator elizabeth warren who said she's not running made waves last month when she seemed to side step al sharpton's question on whether clinton pro be progressive enough. >> that's what we have to see. i want to hear what she wants to run on and what she says she wants to do. that's what campaigns are supposed to be about. >> reporter: former white house press secretary robert gibbs tells "the washington post" clinton and her team waited too long to answer questions about the controversy.
7:16 am
they're the ones who put air in this balloon in a way that was not necessary at all. she's a candidate without a campaign." and this morning, clinton is being challenged on her claim that all e-mail to her state department colleagues were saved by them. a new state department inspector general's report says for the last five years, most important state department e-mails for the entire department were in fact not properly archived because of inadequate training, a failing computer system, even some employees deliberately avoiding creating computerized records. matt and savannah. >> peter in washington this morning. thank you very much. natalie's got the latest on that investigation into a terrible military accident in florida. the certificate of will resume this morning, weather permitting. the helicopter went down tuesday night in the santa rosa sound along the florida panhandle during a training exercise. hundreds of people attended a solemn candlelight vigil wednesday night. military officials have not said what caused the crash, but there was heavy fog in the area at the
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time. some frightening moments in central alabama on wednesday after an explosion at an industrial plant. one person was killed and at least two others were injured during the blast at brent industries. fire triggered some secondary explosions. fire officials are still trying to figure out how it all happened. a dramatic rescue near sacramento, california wednesday take a look at this truck pulling a trailer. it went off of the overpass and landed in the water. the driver ended up trapped in his truck. rescue crews were called in and they hoisted the man to safety. police say the man may have had a medical emergency. he was flown to the hospital. a police chase in los angeles turned deadly with when a car being pursued by police slammed into the back of a fire truck. one person was killed and another injured. the two were wanted in connection to a shooting. outrage this morning over a huge
7:18 am
brawl at a brooklyn, new york, mcdonald's and the fact that no one jumped in to break it up. the video you're about to see is disturbing. the cell phone video shows several teenage girls beating up a 15-year-old girl. dozens of kids -- at least two adults -- watched. none of them called 911 or even tried to help the girl. instead, as you see there, many pulling out their phones to record the fight. mcdonald's employees did call the police. the girl was taken to the hospital. so far, no one has been charged in that case. three crew members of the international space station landed safely in kazakhstan early today. the soyuz capsule touched down in heavy fog. a nasa astronaut and two russian flight engineers spent six months in space. all three are in good condition as they sat in their chairs bundled up in freezing temperatures there. a royal visit this morning to the set of "downton abbey." the duchess of cambridge herself, 8 months pregnant, pulled up to the studio where many of the interior scenes are shot for the show. she's touring the set and
7:19 am
meeting the cast and crew. she and prince william are both said to be very big fans of the show. as are we, savannah. we want a tour of the set. >> i knew i liked her. she has good taste. >> eight months pregnant. >> the month off. >> gnatnatalie, thank you very much. al is off today. dylan dreyer has her work cut out for her down in the bahamas again. a nice day there, dylan. >> i don't know. we have a couple clouds. >> wow. >> i hope it doesn't sprinkle orring something. we're making the most of it in the bahamas. it's going to be hot in places like the west coast. temperatures will be about 10 to 20 degrees above average out there. we are looking for a couple clouds to pass through. phoenix is seeing some rain. down to l.a. and into san diego looking at a pretty nice day.
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gorgeous sunrise this morning and temperatures start to heat into the 80s as we go into the weekend. we are looking for just exceptionally warm temperatures. 77 in san diego with that wind coming in, more of an easterly direction. las vegas topping out at 79. 10 to 20 degrees above average. elsewhere, rain across t almay celebrates the true spirit of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american. 7:20 happy thursday.
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i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look at los gatos. beautiful start to the day. temperatures range from the low 40s into the upper 70s for many of us today. low 70s meanwhile at the immediate coast, 71 degrees in san francisco, getting into your weekend, a couple days off, high pressure takes control, we're talking about the 80s on saturday, then a slight chance for showers by sunday. more on this in just three minutes. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thank you very much. see you in a little while. coming up, much more on this morning's breaking news. two police officers shot in ferguson, missouri. the suspect or suspects on the loose. plus, the remarkable recovery of the miracle baby who survived that 14-hour car crash ordeal. her family's now speaking out in a new interview. and, take a look at this photo. is it patriotic or offensive? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. breaking news in sunnyvale where "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene of a standoff that went on all morning long. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. until about 30 to 45 minutes ago when police in sunnyvale did capture the two car janging suspects inside an apartment complex hiding in a garage down about a block from where we're at on bernardo and they're at bernardo and blackberry terrace. there's a gurpy there. both suspects were bit by the police k9 dogs they're receiving medical treatment. one of the suspects is around those officers right there on the gurney. this started in san jose around midnight, when police say these
7:27 am
two men, young men in their 20s carjacked a man in his white cadillac escalade at gunpoint. there was a police pursuit that led to sunnyvale and the search for these two men going on all night long until just before around 7:00 this morning, when they did corner them in this apartment complex again k-9 dogs biting both the men, they were unarmed at the time they had ditched a small handgun when they ditched the white cadillac escalade earlier in the morning. reporting live in sunnyvale, bob redell, bay area news. meteorologist christina loren has the forecast that looks just about right for today. >> yes, just perfect, not too hot, not too cold. sunny, warm temperatures in the 60s by noon. you'll hit the upper 70s today in the north bay. much warmer weekend coming your way, two sides to the weekend. 81 degrees by saturday getting into your sunday showers move through. they'll be clearing for the
7:28 am
second half of the day on sunday. here's mike and your drive. >> this is a tougher drive right now for the east bay northbound nimitz is jammed just as you approach 238 out of hayward through san leandro approaching davis street. the crash blocks your fast lane. huge distraction, the majority of lanes are getting by heading up through oakland headed downtown. we see the walnut creek interchange and the east shore freeway slowing, some cloud cover and fog for parts of the north bay. the south bay a typical pattern for the north bay build and dublin westbound 580, low clouds impede our view of the road.
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is he hit? >> he's hit. we're back now, 7:30 on a thursday morning. chaotic scene in ferguson, missouri overnight. two police officers shot and wounded at the end of a protest. the protest was breaking up, by all accounts. it had been relatively peaceful until those shots rang out. >> thankfully, both men are expected to survive but now a manhunt is under way for the suspect or suspects. >> nbc's ron allen is outside the ferguson police headquarters. ron, good morning again. what's the latest? >> reporter: we're learning more about the injuries, serious injuries these two officers suffered. in one case the bullet entered
7:31 am
the shoulder and came out of his back. in the other case there is still a bullet lodged in the cheek of the officer. both are expected to survive. they're both hospital izeized. this is a very serious and perhaps game changing situation here. everyone is shocked this happened. it was a pro-test because of a resignation. the protesters were out there demanding more. out of nowhere after midnight as the events were winding down, shots rang out. at least four shots, police are saying. they're searching for a gunman, searching for a weapon in the area around here. it seems this may have been caused by outside agitators but it's unclear. things seemed to be better but now are getting worse. >> troubling turn of events in ferguson overnight, ron allen, thanks very much. to another story we've been following. we've got some encouraging news on this story that's touched a lot of people across the country. the miracle toddler who survived in the wreckage of a terrible reckage of a terrible car crash in utah. she has been released from the hospital and is back with her
7:32 am
family. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> say hi to everybody. >> reporter: she's the miracle baby who many say survived the impossible. 18-month-old lilly, now out of the hospital, after clinging to life in a car accident that took her mother away. >> i'm just really blessed and i'm just glad to have my daughter here with me. i'm overwhelmed with joy right now. she's just a miracle to me. >> reporter: the woman's car catapulted off this bridge over the weekend and into the freezing river below. in that car, investigators now say they discovered a syringe, painkillers and what may have been a bag of marijuana inside a purse. but stress the cause of the accident is still unknown. the vehicle was resting on its rooftop for 14 hours until a fisherman noticed someone was inside. >> there is a car in the river. it's upside down off of main street. >> reporter: lilly was strapped
7:33 am
to her car seat upside down just inches above the icy water. first responders say a still unexplained adult voice led them to lilly but jennifer was killed on impact. >> i haven't really wrapped my head around that yet. she was the love of my life and i'm going to miss her a lot. i still have to deal with that. >> reporter: this morning, lilly is bonding with family. >> i put my finger in her hand and i told her dad was here and i love her, she closed my hand. then a few hours later she tried to open her eyes. she shouldn't be here right now. she's here with her dad. she's here with her family. >> reporter: little lilly, back in the arms of loved ones, given a second chance at life. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> that story just breaks my heart. >> still mulling over that voice. kind of gives you chills when you think about it. >> thank goodness for it. let's get a check of the weather now.
7:34 am
dylan is mixing work with pleasure down in the bahamas. >> reporter: hey. since i've been gone it's been 50s, 60s up by you guys. i come back today and it's 20 degrees colder than it was. i think there is something to me being down in the bahamas. but let's take a look at the weather across the country where we do have a pattern in the jet stream that's bringing unseasonably warm temperatures to most of the country except the northeast, into new england. in the southwest today, we are looking for temperatures to be about 10 to 20 degrees above average. we should top out in the 80s, even lower 90s down through southern california. we are going to possibly break some record high temperatures through the northern plains and upper midwest where temps will be about 30 degrees above average. bismarck, north dakota, 71 degrees today. looking at mid 70s through the plains and in the northeast, again it is going to be 10 to 20 degrees colder with that wind making it feel even colder. windchills are back. that's a look at the weather
7:35 am
>> 7:34. thank you, dylan. taking a peek out the window here in san jose you can see we have some low clouds out there, burning off very quickly, by about 10:00 a.m. a mostly sunny sky and temperatures running ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday, even warmer for friday into saturday and look the at the beach numbers, mid-70s just about everywhere with the exclusion of your san francisco beaches, ocean beaches 71 degrees on friday. so here's the deal. saturday 81 degrees in san jose 74 by sunday, with some showers, more on that in moments. >> reporter: and that's your latest forecast. back to you guys. >> okay dylan. enjoy yourself. thanks very much. coming up on "trending," is it patriotic or offensive? weigh in on this photo of a newborn baby wrapped in an american flag. and homeowners renting out their houses for lavish and loud parties. shelly how'd you come to find the biggest liquid gold mine in the state?
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if you look at a khan academy video, they can cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said 'we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance.' and we're like 'well, we're already doing that.' and so it was kind of a perfect match. 7:40 on a thursday morning. we're back with a new "rossen reports" investigation. this morning, wild parties being hosted no the in clubs, but residential neighborhoods across the country. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with the undercover video. jeff good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, guys good morning to you. look imagine getting dressed for work right now and you haven't gotten a wink of sleep. the music thumping so loud just outside your bedroom window
7:41 am
literally shaking you awake at 1:00 2:00 even 5:00 in the morning. collecting thousands as you go insane next door. why aren't the cops cracking down? this morning, we're undercover.middle of the night and the party is on. at this house the guests are arriving at 1:45 a.m. greeted by the host in his bath robe. knbc producers undercover watching it all. 2:36 a.m. and guests are still arriving. spilling out on to the streets. 4:45 a.m., yep. they're still showing up. inside the deejay is spinning the liquor is flowing, and the partiers tripping. >> it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: steve ginsburg lives right next door. >> what does it sound like?
7:42 am
it was like bum, bum, bum bum bum bum bum! >> reporter: all while he's trying to sleep. >> it's everything from disco to snoop dogg. >> reporter: in fact at this party many guests didn't leave until after sunrise. and it's happening all over the country. in north carolina the woman who owned this house turned it into a nightclub. hundreds of people pulling up for the parties night after night. and guess what? it's not only super annoying it's often illegal. some zoning laws prohibit renting your home for less than 30 days. so where are the cops when you need them? knbc's joel grover went to ask them. residents want to know why the police aren't stopping it? >> the residents aren't wrong. if they are upset, it looks like it is so blatant, we should be doing something, we should be doing something. >> reporter: but today it is still easy to illegally rent a party house. how easy? our "rossen reports" producers are undercover in california. >> how many people can fit
7:43 am
inside here? >> inside and out, up to 200. >> reporter: this realtor is happy to show us a couple of homes to rent. including her own. the price? $7,500 for the night. just look at how close her neighbors are. >> we can do it up there, put the deejay up there? >> yeah. have people cover the pool. make this into a dance floor. >> reporter: yes, a deejay and the dance floor just feet from the neighbors. and the music could be blasted. just imagine trying to sleep through this. in fact when we asked about noise, our realtor blames the neighbors for being too sensitive. >> neighbors that don't rent the houses are kind kf enof envious or jealous. so they want to make it more difficult. >> reporter: jealous? they just want to rest. and remember she's not allowed to do this anyway. >> reporter: jeff rossen with nbc news. time for me to crash the party. >> i don't know what this is in
7:44 am
reference to. >> reporter: they told you that they're going to have a deejay they're going to play loud music and the party is going to go pretty late and you were more than happy to representative with them. >> we were discussing it. >> reporter: how do you think the neighbors feel about that? >> i'm sorry, i have no comment. >> reporter: do you think that's fair to the neighbors? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: when we tell her it is illegal, she tells us she has a special pe and pays taxes for this type of rental. and she'll even show us. but the city says there is no such permit. still, as she drives off, we wait. she later calls. >> are you coming back here like you said you would? >> reporter: telling us she's not coming after all. neighbors say it is time to start cracking down. they need sleep! what is your message to the lawmakers? >> the message to lawmakers is you can sleep at my house for a month and i'll sleep at yours. then we'll see how you feel and what you do about it. >> reporter: even when these rentals are illegal, police say they're so strapped for resources, they can't always come. but experts say speak up anyway.
7:45 am
report house parties to even the city. if your neighbor is hassled enough by fines, we all know what happens. they'll likely move the party somewhere else. path of least resistance. by the way, has this ever happened to you? maybe it has. we're talking about it live right now on our facebook page. go to now back to the party animals themselves. >> wow. party pooper. >> so inconsiderate. who hasn't dreamed of soaring through the air like a bird? now you can. sort of. carson? >> check this out, guys. incredible photos of a 13-foot alligator on a golf course in florida that has some people asking, are they real? this is life size right here. we'll have much more on this right af ♪♪ people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar
7:46 am
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7:50 am
why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. back now at 7:50 with a story behind -- well maybe we should call him golfzilla. >> this is unbelievable. we are marveling over these pictures as are most people on social media. 13-foot alligator showed up at a golf course in enginglewood, florida. of course there are some skeptics out there, many people questioning if the snaps are too good to be true. the club posts on the facebook page. lots of people think this pic is
7:51 am
photo shopped. nope. we just grow 'em big in these parts. this is one of the photographers. he confirmed they are 100% real. he got within ten feet of the gator to take these shots. he said if you don't believe that these things are real come on down to florida. this ball was perched on a gator's head. >> i think that's unplayable right there. i really do. >> i think i'll give you a drop on that one. interesting, interesting photos. >> i like the one where he's on the green and there is a ball about two feet from the hole. that is a gimme. you don't have to putt that one. >> he might have placed the ball that close just for the photo. coming up could you embrace the awkwardness? while these people are sharing their embarrassing childhood diaries. reading them live to an audience. and an actor suffering stage fright. ethan hawke on how he overcame
7:52 am
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7:56 am
well good morning, everyone. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. developing story in sunnyvale where a standoff in a quiet neighborhood is now over after the arrest of two carjacking suspects. police say two men stole a cadillac escalade in san jose led officers on a chase around midnight. in sunnyvale they ditched the car, apparently a handgun as well. officers surrounded the suspects on bernardo and blackberry terrace terrace. could not find them until about 7:00 a.m., there came the arrest of both men. >> a warning for one fremont neighborhood after the discovery of a bat with rabies found dead near irvington community center last friday. not removed until the next day, unfortunately. experts fear someone might have unknowingly had contact with the bat. it can take up to three months for rabies symptoms to develop and generally then it's too late. >> let's check your weather this morning.
7:57 am
>> good morning to you, scott. we have a beautiful morning shaping up. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we're on our way to the mid-70s. two very different sides to the weekend i want to tell you about. we're going to see beach weather, beautiful conditions saturday and things change on sunday, a little bit of scattered shower activity lower 70s and temperatures looking good as we get into the remainder of the weekend. showers clearing by about 12:00 on sunday. more on this in just moments right now here's mike and your drive. >> i want to show you the rest of your commute, silicon valley san jose typical patterns and nothing really big as far as the incidents going so a smooth drive, building up slowing south 101 at poplar a fender bender crash blocking one lane. westbound 92 and 84 the bridges are moving smoothly same thing with the bay bridge. the earlier crash 880 has cleared. there's some fog in the north bay. this is the san rafael cam camera, look i found that creeping across the road the fog, it's there. >> fair enough mike.
7:58 am
we'll have another local news update for you coming up in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- dear diary. from crushes to braces to just trying to fit in, the new trend that has adults sharing their most embarrassing teenage memories. then, fresh off the success of "boyhood," ethan hawke is back in studio 1a with a project near and dear to his heart. and, learning to fly. >> ahh! >> oh, my goodness! it is really real! >> we'll take you inside the new technology that lets humans feel like they're soaring "today," thursday, march 12th, 2015. ♪
8:01 am
>> hi from st. louis university! >> let's go x! let's go x! >> good morning, dallas! >> i picked the "today" show over hawaii for my 50th birthday. >> slu! slu! okay. we got a little bit of competition on the plaza. big east season. we got st. louis university over here, xavier over here.
8:02 am
>> we have the big east tournament, the a-10 tournament. we have a lot of games over the next couple of days. going to be fun out here, like a big pep rally. >> this is the best season for sports. >> you don't need to representative a house to throw a party. just come to the plaza. >> we've got the music because your throwback thursday song is one of our favorites, duran duran. all right. coming up tomorrow on "today," al, who's not here today, is going to bring us a remarkable interview with a legendary woman, model and entrepreneur. obviously a big name in daytime tv as well. but a devastating alzheimer's diagnosis has changed her life. >> do you remember sitting in that doctor's office and getting that diagnosis? >> yes. i had tears in my eyes. but, at that same time, i also said, i'm not going to give to it. i'm going to fight. i am going to fight. >> she's a great lady. she's been on this show many
8:03 am
times and al's going to have more of his candid conversation with b. smith tomorrow morning on "today." let's get a check of the morning's top stories. natalie is at the news desk. >> hey, good morning once again. new violence during the night in ferguson, missouri where two police officers are hospitalized after being shot during a protest. nbc's ron allen is in ferguson with more. ron, what exactly happened? >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the police are describing the serious wounds of the two officers suffered, one went through the shoulder, out his back. the other has a bullet lodged in the cheek of an officer. both in very serious condition, both expected to survive. not life threatening injuries. the chief of police says it is remarkable they're not burying two police officers some time later. miraculous he called it, in fact. it happened out here in front of the ferguson police headquarters.
8:04 am
the area is completely sealed off now. it happened after midnight. protesters were out here following the resignations. shots rang out all of a sudden. people took cover. the search for a gunman is under way or a weapon to determine who did this. a community on edge. natalie, back to you. >> rightfully so. ron allen in ferguson, missouri, thank you so much. another embarrassment for the secret service. two high-level agents have been re-assigned amid allegations they may have been drunk when according to "the washington post," they crashed into a security barricade at the white house after a late night party last week. one of the men is the second in command of the president's secret service detail. the incident is an early test for the agency's new director, joseph clancy, on the job for only three weeks. national leaders of the sae fraternity at the university of oklahoma call racist behavior a horrible cancer. they say that behavior entered the ou chapter of sigma alpha epsilon three or four years ago. they said they have not verified
8:05 am
racist chants at other sae chapters. meantime, the university of oklahoma has created a new position -- vice president of diversity. if you're thinking about a summer vacation in europe, this might be actually a good time to book it. jim cramer, the host of cnbc's "mad money" is at the new york stock exchange. jim, good morning to you. we should say, it is good to travel but not necessarily good for the market. tell us about the euro and the dollar. >> okay. the dollar's gotten so strong that you could go to for literally maybe two-thirds of what you could just -- maybe say one year ago? but there's another shied to, too, which is our wage growth is not going to go up. there will be too much pressure on the u.s. economy because our goods are too expensive and their too cheap. >> a special week marking the tenth anniversary of mr. cramer going mad on everybody.
8:06 am
how are you celebrating? >> a live show. we're going to celebrate american ingenuity and innovation. >> let the madness continue. jim cramer, congratulations. catch "mad money," by the way, 6:00 p.m. on cnbc. a touching reunion wednesday night between an american service man and his family. it happened at halftime of a denver nuggets basketball game. two members of this family were celebrating birthdays. their father, an army staff sergeant, greeted the kids on the jumbotron saying he wished he could be there in person saying he was stuck overseas. little did they know, as you see there, the kids surrounded by their dad getting the greatest surprise at the arena. a birthday they will never forget. bet the hugs never felt so good. 8:06 right now. let's get another check of the weather from dylan dreyer in the bahamas. hey, dylan. >> hey, natalie. i see you've got your nice island blue on. kind of looks like the color of the ocean out there. >> channeled that. >> reporter: yes, you absolutely are. i love it. we are looking at some rain in parts of the gulf coast back in
8:07 am
the united states today. it will be heavy at times over the course of the next 24 hours. you can see out over the gulf right now we do have some really heavy downpours with some of those thunderstorms. in new orleans, the heaviest rain is going to move in later today and when it comes down, it could come down hard to the point where we could end up with several inches of rain. if you get stuck in the heavier downpours. this area of low pressure is not fast moving so the rain is going to stick around for at least 24 to 48 hours. along the gulf coast we could see two to three inches of rain, locally higher amounts, five to eight inches of rain. that is a lot of water. it will continue to spread through friday up into parts of the ohio and tennessee river valleys, but a cold rain in the northeast as temperatures continue to fall. that's a look at the w 8:07. happy thursday. i'm christina loren irk taking a live look. clear shot from the golden gate bridge. meanwhile, patchy fog just patchy fog developing in san rafael. not going to be dealing with
8:08 am
this all morning long. you'll be up to 78 degrees in the north bay. 76 for us in the south bay, and comfortable conditions will persist throughout the end of the week. then we've got rain on the way. 81 degrees in the south bay on saturday. showers and cooler by sunday. we'll have more on that rain how much we're expecting in moments. >> reporter: and that's your latest forecast. guys, i like to see most of you without any jackets on the plaza this morning. not bad. >> but we've got scarfs dylan, nice scarfs with our names on them. >> first, we got the scarves from st. louis university. >> thank you. >> then, come with us real quick, come on, then the folks at xavier -- >> the extreme fans are here! ♪ >> tcu! tcu! tcu! tcu! >> all right. >> it's crazy out here!
8:09 am
>> let's go "x"! >> it's crazy out here. coming up next, we'll tell you what's trending and tell you about the surprising reason you can't stop texting and driving. plus, what it is like to truly soar like a bird. the remarkable new technology giving you a whole new perspective on the world. and it is hard to imagine, but an oscar nominee with stage fright. we'll learn more about that and what it took for ethan hawke to tackle his fear. but first -- here goes matt. >> tcu! tcu! >> slu! e just a bunch of dreamers. with our heads in the clouds like a bunch of space cadets huh? what? (explosion) i'm drawing a blank. what's my line? maybe we do live in a fantasy? a little bit out there maybe?
8:10 am
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♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. we're back now, 8:13. time for "trending today." >> let's start with that photo. some people think it's controversial carson showed us a little bit earlier. do you see anything wrong with this? it shows a navy veteran holding a newborn in an american flag. by the way, the photographer was another navy veteran. but some people who saw it became upset. they don't like the way the flag was used there. there was a facebook page posting a message, "the flag is not a prop.
8:14 am
to use the american flag in such a way is disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting and against the u.s. flag code." the photographer is standing by her photo saying it's representing everything america stands for. we asked our audience if they were offended by the photo. what did we find? >> that's right. we found 91% said yes, it is okay -- it is an okay use of the flag. only 9% saying no. >> you know natalie was talking about this before. i think she said it the way you said it. >> this is obviously a service member who is wrapping something very precious into something, the american flag, that is very precious to her as well. she fought for the right to give her child the freedoms of this country and i think that flag represents that. i think the picture is just beautiful. actually gives me goosebumps. >> actually, an overwhelming amount of people agree with you. >> we obviously want to revere the flag. i've seen far more offensive uses of the flag or flags on t-shirts. >> they run around with flags on
8:15 am
tank tops. i think technically speaking it is not a proper use of the flag, technically. but if anybody's earned the right to do it, it is certainly a service member. the idea of a baby being born into freedom which was fought for is a beautiful thought. >> well said. a surprising new study about texting driving. in this new survey just out this morning, a whopping 87% of people agreed texting while you are driving behind the wheel is dangerous. it seems obvious. but now check out this next number. 18% said even though they know it is dangerous, they can't resist the urge to do it. so they know the risks and they still do it. one psychologist compared this to the urge a gambler might feel at a slot machine. >> i can relate to this. of course i know that texting and driving is bad. i have to remind myself not to do it. because we're so used to checking our phones all the time. i think the best advice some people say put it in the back seat. you can't do it. you're not tempted. >> you always forget how quickly accidents happen. they happen so fast. you could be in a minor fender
8:16 am
bender going 10 miles an hour. things happening lightning speed. it only takes a second. you could be at a red light and look down, and you could be in serious trouble. >> i think that's actually older drivers that have more of a problem with the texting and driving which is surprising. people over the age of 55. >> not a good idea. well, we all have little kids. this is a question. at what age do you think you should allow your kids to use the public restrooms by themselves? dow an opinion? >> i think we started at about 6 years old, 7 years old with our kids. but we would stand outside the door. it's not like they'd go off by themselves. >> yeah? >> if i'm with luke i mean he's 6 years old, and my husband is not there or my older, then i have him come in me. i think i'm still going to be careful about that. >> it's interesting. there was a sign someone posted outside a women's restroom in texas. "please, boys over 6 years of age use the men's restroom. thank you." there's a mommy blog that posted the photo on facebook. some women are uncomfortable when they see little boys in the ladies room.
8:17 am
but other parents are saying it's fine as long as it's with a female relative and maybe they don't feel comfortable sending the child alone. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. vail's so little. i guess i just don't have a sense of what a child is capable of doing at the age of 6. >> i would never send my 6-year-old into the bathroom by himself with no adult or at least my older son with him. >> i think we brought -- my wife would take our little one into the restroom until he was about 5 years old. and then 6 years old, he can go into the boys room by himself. as a parent one of the best things, though playing outside with your kids. but for one dad, things didn't go quite as planned. watch this next video and listen to what the boy says to his dad at the end. >> whoa! >> sorry, dad. >> sorry doesn't cut it. hitting the old round ball with a round bat, not that easy but this kid hit it right on the sweet spot. >> why do we do this as dads?
8:18 am
that happens all the time. >> sorry, dad. >> that's "what's trending today." who kept a diary back in high school or maybe grade school? no? >> my sister did. >> did you ever read it? >> no but i was obsessed with the little lock. it was so cool that a book could lock. >> did you ever take it? >> no older sister. >> we weren't diary keepers. some were. question is would you share what's inside? it's become a growing trend. people are doing just that. and in a very public setting. here's nbc's hallie jackson with the story. >> reporter: this is the story of all those stories you thought no one would ever see. >> i feel a little awkward right now because my mom and dad are inned audience. >> reporter: but there they were her mom and dad, cameras rolling as she read her teenage diary about the time she snuck off with boys she just met. >> not to mention our dresses couldn't be worn with a bra and we felt like jell-o jiggles the entire evening. >> they haven't read any of my
8:19 am
journal, so this is new information. >> i can't believe she did all those things. now thinking back i should have read it and should have killed her, too. >> reporter: embracing the embarrassing has become a thing these days. >> you're just fine. stocky, strong and spunky. >> reporter: people reading publicly from their childhood journals in seattle, in denver. in a documentary, even about the nation's longest-running teen diary group featuring some famous faces. >> am i reading this? >> reporter: sharing everything from high school poetry -- >> why does it tangle our souls with its salty trembling scarves? >> reporter: songs never sung -- sung -- ♪ and letters never sent. >> nick. finally alone in your room. drunk on malibu coolers from a box. >> it's a super-secret part of yourself that you're sharing with a roomful of strangers. >> reporter: jennifer performed
8:20 am
in seattle where interpreters help all audience members with the performers which sell out in minutes. >> this almost seems like therapy in a way. >> it is therapy. it is therapy in a group session, and there's an exchange between the audience and the reader. >> reporter: and while many readers reminisce about long-lost loves, some of us back in the day -- >> all right this is from september of 1992. >> reporter: -- had more platonic interests. >> if it rained pudding, i would grab a bowl eat until i felt that i was going to explode. >> reporter: okay, we all had our weird obsessions, but that's kind of the point. >> people are laughing at you, but they're not laughing at you now. they're laughing at you then. and it's just that kind of group acceptance of, look we were all stupid back then. >> reporter: so here's to doing something you never thought you would. something humiliating. hilarious. and strangely satisfying. a reminder of how far you've come. >> throw away all the pudding, sleep, wake up feel great, go to school, end. thank you.
8:21 am
>> reporter: as you close the book on your most mortifying moments. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news, seattle. >> you did have a diary? didn't have a diary? >> no. >> no? >> i might have had one. this led to a funny discussion about what our diary entries would have said had we had them. >> dear diary, i knew a boy, had a crush on him, he broke my heart, end of story. >> dear diary, i think i'm fat. >> mine was i can't repeat it on morning tv. >> that's true he can't. carson, you've been hearing about this online? >> i'd like to read your diaries now. yes, would you share your diary entry? here are the results. #openbook. just about 60%. actually, this is a live feed. it was 60% a minute ago. #lockedaway, 41%. the truth is you're willing to share because you did on our facebook page. it's time to embarrass you. #deardiary. this one from becky who he was 10 years old wrote this about her sister. i hate melissa, i hate melissa. i think i might run away. that is a maybe, and it's all
8:22 am
because of melissa. she is so full of herself. well melissa, the sister would go years later and we found this. here's a recent one of us. tonight i asked her to be my maid of honor. we made up! thanks to melissa for clearing that up. here's mary's. something about a boy up here. but down on the p.s. if you can read it it says 90210 was on, and it was a great one! this one we didn't even bother because on the front part of it it says "keep out nosey yeah, you." keep them coming if you so dare. #deardiary and we'll read more. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. in the meantime we've all probably wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird. wonder no more. nbc's keir simmons is high above london to explain. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey matt good morning, guys. imagine flying over a city like a bird a city like london here where one guy didn't just imagine it he built a virtual reality machine to fly over san francisco. you guys in the states are going to be able to try it out.
8:23 am
but before you sign up just watch this because it's scarier than you might think. human beings figured out how to fly a century ago. but there is one form of flight we still haven't conquered. today here in zurich, i'm going to fly like an eagle. ♪ >> reporter: you didn't really think i was going to jump off there. oh, no, my friends. this is my flying machine. well, it was actually invented by an engineer and artist. that's right, it is art. designer max reiner and his team here in switzerland want to create a full body sensation of flying like a bird. as close as you can feel to actually flying and over a year they came up with this one of a kind machine called birding.
8:24 am
>> it's a full-body flight simulator. >> reporter: swerving, tilting and diving, it brings the experience of flying alive in a new and different way. of course, first you need training. >> flick the wings totally through. >> reporter: okay. >> not little chicken flaps. really get it through. >> reporter: not little chicken flaps. second, equipment. and finally, liftoff. jumping off a san francisco skyscraper. oh, my goodness! it actually really is really real! >> flap your wings. >> i'm trying not to. >> otherwise, you will crash soon. >> oh. >> you crashed. >> i know. that's right. >> reporter: in time, it gets easier. >> you can go to the bay area. >> now this is cool. this is cool. >> reporter: soon you're in another world. just try not to lose track of time. >> oh, this is fun, guys. this is really fun.
8:25 am
guys? guys? anyone? it is so incredible. you have the headphones on, the three-dimensional goggles. you're in this thing that's tilting you so you are feeling the tilt. i just couldn't believe how real it is, guys. and by the way, it's going to be at austin texas, at google fiber from tomorrow. so you are going to be able to pack up the kids, go down there and try it out. one other thing. the folks here wanted me to show you, let you into one little trick that we did there making it look like we jumped off a building. in fact, i was jumping off a garden table. not very cool. i can't really believe they made me show you that. >> good editing. >> because we were totally fooled, kier. we thought you jumped off that completely. >> keir, thank you. i think the virtual reality part would actually get me a little motion sick if you jumped off something like that. fun to try, though.
8:26 am
>> yeah. carson, what do you got going on? >> this documentary that ethan hawke is going to tell you about. he is unbelievably fascinating. 8:26 right now. i'm kris sanchez. some surprise twists in the case of a san jose police officer accused of raping a woman while he was on duty. at a preliminary hearing yesterday, prosecutors added new enhancements to the charges against jeffrey graves. that alone may amount to a life sentence for graves if he is convicted. he is accused of raping a domestic abuse victim at a hotel following a call to her home in 2013. in addition, he is accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend. the judge revoked bail yesterday as well and ordered him back to jail. now here's mike with a look at your traffic picture. >> hey, kris. this morning, just after 8:00 we had the beginnings of this the sunrise slowdown.
8:27 am
different, instead of folks getting hit with the sun irthey eyes, that's what we see, slowing. palo alto, san mateo, the earlier crash at poplar is on the shoulder. smooth westbound your commute direction. northbound, your commute thrown san jose and silicon valley. and a smooth drive there. slower through oakland and berkeley because of the folks heading down the crash on the bay bridge toll plaza and fog in the north bay. >> more local news for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
thursday morning, it is the 12th of march. my sister's birthday by the way. happy birthday. it is also a day where we've got enormous energy in our crowd. town is full of basketball tournaments in town the big east, lots of students in new york city. >> if your school is visiting new york we want to see you here on our plaza tomorrow. we'll throw a pep rally.
8:31 am
we'll do shout-outs. whatever you want to do make posters, to show your school spirit. come on out. >> shout-out and shoot-out tomorrow. coming up oscar nominee ethan hawke is here. he'll talk about a chance encounter at a party that actually changed his life. a cool story and a cool documentary. first carson is in orange room with some exciting news. >> announcer: "meet the future" on "today." >> does your child have an amazing idea or invention? maybe they are the next edison or einstein. we're working with our sponsor, shell, to find creative minds in the future. inventors 18 or younger who have invented something incredible. whether your young one used science or tech or creativity,
8:32 am
submit it using the #makethefuturecontest. maybe your child can show off that amazing creation on the air. >> that sounds very cool. we hate to tell you this miss dylan, but all good things must come to an end. it is the final day of "today's hot ticket." i guess you guys are enjoying just a few last hours in paradise. >> we are certainly standing in the sunshine now to enjoy it but we've been working really hard this whole trip granted in the most ideal working conditions. we've had a lot of adventures. here's a look at all the fun we've had. ♪ >> reporter: our trip began with a warm welcome to the one and only ocean club on paradise island. the ronie family and kim and her sisters were the first to get to the beach. while the others saw the
8:33 am
cloisters. brian and i hit the links, although i saw a little sand too. while the kids were happy to just enjoy the sunshine the rest of us headed over to blue lagoon island for some fun in the sun. >> i'm going to try it for my first time. i did it. >> reporter: the highlight -- swimming with the dolphins. from dancing the junganu, to try conch salad, a local dish. warm temperatures and a beautiful location made for a trip full of wonderful memories.
8:34 am
>> if you guys remember we did all that stuff. how fun was that? ada, you were so excited to see the dolphins. you got emotional. what was that like for you? >> it was a very hard experience because i always wanted to swim with the dolphins but i don't know -- i don't know how to swim so i was very afraid to get in that water but i got over my nerves. >> you were a trooper. you did it. that was amazing. i know kim, when we first gave you this ticket you said i want to give back to the island of bahamas. what did you do to give back? >> we visited a local children's home yesterday and we really look forward to continuing to foster our relationship with them from home. >> amazing. and, you guys finally got rid of us yesterday. you got to play in the pool the kids had a great time i'm assuming? >> yeah, they might turn into dolphins. we were in the pool for hours and hours. >> i dragged my husband here to all these live shots. i just want to tell you, this is not what my live shots are normally like. >> i try to get out there when
8:35 am
you're in chicago or minnesota. but scheduling never works out. but there one did. >> reporter: you managed to make it to this one. guys, there are so many people to thank here. it was all possible because the one and only ocean club kind of let us take over the resort. the bahamas tourism showed us all the local flavor. dolphin encounters gave us that experience of a lifetime. also nicholas on the boat guy named nicholas took us out on the boat. it was fantastic. we couldn't show you all of this if i didn't have an amazing crew. rachel, my producer. kate. we had the bobs here running camera and audio, and bruno sending it all back to you guys. so it was because of them that we made this all happen. so it was is a fantastic time. we've got a bub running a camera here. clear golden gate bridge. looking good at this hour. temperatures are going to be really comfortable today. noticeably warmer. want to show you san rafael the patchy fog burning off. we still have some lingering off the east shore. getting into this afternoon,
8:36 am
temperatures are going to be comfortable. high pressure moving in. we're going to see the 80s by saturday. then everything changes. a few showers on the way. less than a quarter inch for the entire bay area. >> reporter: and, guys koebts bring you all here and i can't bring back sunshine but i can bring gifts. that's always good. matt, i know you'll be golfing. maybe another couple of months from now back up in new york. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: savannah doesn't get much anymore. i think it is all for baby vail. so of course we got baby vail a little bahamas onesie. natalie, you always look absolutely beautiful in pink so we got you a nice pink sarong. you can save that for the beach. carson our music man, we got you a little bongo. this is fun. little finger bongo. i know al's not in today but he's got his bahamian roots here so he had to get a little hot sauce, a little jerk sauce and he'll be covered for the next time he hits the grill. >> thanks dylan. fun to watch. hope you had a good time. over to savannah. >> guys, thank you so much.
8:37 am
fresh on the wildly successful movie "boyhood," ethan hawke is director of "seymour," a documentary in which he introduces us to a concert pianist who travels the world earning rave reviews until everything changed. >> so at the age of 50 i didn't tell anyone and i arranged a farewell concert at the 92nd street bar. and i didn't even tell my mother. and that was the last public concert i ever played. >> why did he give it all up? that's one of the questions ethan hawke poses in this documentary. i think it is about your friend and your mentor. ethan, good morning. good to see you. we were kind of marveling about how it is that you came to make a documentary about seymour. it started with a chance meeting pat a dinner. >> yeah. i don't think i ever would have imagined in my wildest dreams i
8:38 am
would be on the "today" show talking about the piano or documentary. but i met him at a dinner party that a friend of mine was having. and i felt hypnotized by him and i felt i was 40 years old and for the first time really dealing with issues of anxiety that i'd never had. and i think at the picked up on it immediately. like some older people have an ability to do. you know he's one of those people you feel very safe with. and i don't think that i felt very safe with very many people. and he just helped me a lot at a dinner party and it started to feel kind of selfish not to share him with other people. >> it sounded like pretty soon you bonded in just a few moments. you were able to share with him, i'm kind of dealing with stage fright, for lack of a better term. it was something we learned from the documentary he also dealt with. >> pianists have it worse than anybody. more than people who fly to the moon. when you have to play carnegie hall and you know one performance will define your whole life and if you have a memory slip or if your finger
8:39 am
goes rogue you're going to be living with the ramifications of it for the rest of your life. so they have anxiety like nobody else. he was a perfect person to talk about how to pass through it. >> what do you think is the best advice he gave you? >> oh really it's all about shame. alleviating a sense of shame. even just pretending you don't have anxiety is half of what creates it. >> if a measure of a good documentary is that you just fall in love with and are completely charmed by its subject, then you have succeeded. because seymour is this wonderful character. he lives in this old studio apartment in new york city. sleeps on a pull-out catch. >> he has for 50 years. >> yeah. what's so special about him, do you think? >> that it's really wonderful to be around an older person who you can tell is a, wise b, happy, c, reminds you that the point of life is not to win but how you play. and i just think we live in a society that's inundated with
8:40 am
being told that things are about status and things are about competition. and it is so refreshing to have somebody remind you of that little kid in you that wanted a teacher, wanted to learn to play the piano, and that you can learn new things. >> i was going to say if you love music you'll love this. if you play piano, you'll think, "i'd like to play that piano again." it is called "seymour an introduction." it opens up in theaters tomorrow. coming up a real blacklist. richard engel. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:42 on a thursday morning. over the past couple of weeks, the murder of a leading critic of russian president vladimir putin has grabbed international attention. nbc's richard engel is here with another fascinating case part of a new "dateline" series he's
8:43 am
hosting called "the real blacklist." >> good to see you. there's been a lot of focus recently on the murder of people who criticize putin. people who criticize the kremlin. and boris nemtsov was gunned down right in front of the red walls of the kremlin. but he's not the only critic who's died under a mysterious circumstance. and there's now a new inquiry under way into a man who was a very fierce critic of putin, very fierce critic of the kremlin who died mysteriously eight years ago. it was an image that shocked us eight years ago. it's a mystery that continues to haunt us today. who killed former kgb agent alexander lip vin nenco. his death in a hospital bed was slow and mysterious. a fierce critic of the russian
8:44 am
government and vladimir putin, he believed he was poisoned but his symptoms were confusing. >> the hair. >> to fall out. >> yes. and he starts to look like cancer patient treated by chemotherapy. >> reporter: then, only hours before he died investigators discovered that he was poisoned with a rare and highly toxic radioactive material. polonium 210. now that they know what to look for, british investigators followed the trail of radiation back to two suspects who had met him in a bar in london where he drank half a cup of tea which was laced with polonium. arrest warrants were issued but russia refuses to extradite the two men. we caught up with one of them in moscow. he admitted he met him in london. >> translator: and now for eight years i am under suspicion. >> you are under suspicion because the investigation says
8:45 am
there was polonium in that teapot. did you put any polonium in the tea? >> translator: of course not. i was tested for polonium and i tested positive. did i put polonium into myself? am i an idiot? am i crazy? >> reporter: paul doyle, a friend of the victim and himself an intelligence expert believes he was not crazy, just a pawn. he believes the kill order came straight from the kremlin. >> so did that mean it had to be putin? could be someone else with access to -- >> come on. come on. you're not going to engage an act of nuclear terrorism in downtown london without the knowledge of the office of the president. >> reporter: but justice, albeit delayed, play be coming. a that you inquiry is under way in london into that death. his widow, marina says her husband's constant criticism of russia was a dangerous game. >> you think you play chess? play russian roulette.
8:46 am
>> you spoke to the one person that's under suspicion. >> reporter: is the other person? >> he's not just under suspicion. he's wanted by scotland yard and he's wanted by interpol. this story is basically that these two men with there was a third suspect but he was later eliminated. these two russian men went to london met with lipvenko, after drinking a little bit of tea, dies this horrible death. all his hair falls out and he dies. this one man we spoke to also was contaminated about polonium and everywhere he went there was hotspots of polonium. they retraced his itinerary. the other russian, he got sick he lost his hair he hasn't been seen in three years. >> lot of questions to be asked and answered. richard, thank you. you can catch "dateline," "the real blacklist," tonight 8:00 7:00 central right here on nbc.
8:47 am
up next we'll change gears. the hottest new kitchen gadgets you need to own, according to savannah. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen then look no further. we have some high-tech gadgets that are truly out of this world. good morning. i would not put this in the category of things we need but they are very cool high-tech kitchen gadgets. >> absolutely. they solve problems you might not even know you have. we have this toaster. >> obviously when you toast your toast, sometimes it burns. >> yes. so this solves that problem because you can actually watch your toast as it is toasting. a really cool feature, too, is that it expands inside so you can toast anything a bagel, a bag get, a baguette, and it is not going to
8:50 am
burn. >> so you can make it wider. >> yes. >> this is so cool but i hate the cold butter. >> when you take your butter out of the fridge you can't spread it. this actually conducts the heat from your body to warm it up and make it so much easier to spread. isn't that amazing? >> you just told on to it and it starts getting hot right away? >> yeah. it heats up. >> wow! that's great. >> that's the future. this is called a food sniffer. it does exactly that so you don't into ed to stick your face in everything. it is very very cool. it syncs with your iphone to an app. you're just going to hold it up and scan it over the chicken. it will let you no he if it is gone bad or not. unfortunately, i believe that this chicken has. >> that's good. my nose wouldn't know that. but it works with an app. >> you can use all kinds of food. now this is a solar oven. how does this work? >> you can use this camping, or in your backyard. hard core campers and all-around
8:51 am
outdoorsy types love it. it is safe to the touch. >> wow. that's really in there. >> see? it's great. you can make all kinds of things. muffins, little pizzas. >> you just set it up and the sun warms it up and you are good to go. >> yes. it is very lightweight. >> what is over here? this is not an ordinary frying pan. >> this is called a pantelligent. it syncs up with your phone as well. it will tell you how hot the pan needs to be when to flip something. it even has recipes. >> through your app, it will tell you this is done? >> yeah. >> it is an app with your phone. >> yep. >> from phone to foam. beer drinking. lot of people love to drink beer at home and get that draft taste but it doesn't always happen. >> in order to get a nice foamy head like you would do at a bar, fill this up with about half an
8:52 am
inch of beer hold it down press this button it is really fun. >> yeah it is. >> then you've got a nice nice head of foam that you can just pour over the top. >> oh! it looks so good. >> then finally, the piece de resistance. >> who doesn't need your own personal bartender? this also syncs up with your phone because, again, the future. all you need to do is sync it up. you're going to press a button. >> it is going to make a cocktail. >> it is going to make you a moscow mule but this can make up to 300 different drinks. there are six canisters. you can fill them with juices liquor, and then all you got to do is cue it up. >> so it comes with a recipe book or something? >> yeah. like the smartest robot. this is a moscow mule in here. i believe that is ginger beer
8:53 am
it's vodka, i want to say, rum? >> we need to find out. i'm going to test it out. >> i will have one of my own. >> i've never had a moscow mule. >> cheers. >> ooh! that's strong. thank you so much. appreciate it. ooh! that is real strong. this is "today" on nbc. we're back in a minute.
8:54 am
8:55 am
back here in the orange room and -- by the way, tomorrow live on our program tomorrow pies. >> every year on march 14th, math enthusiasts and you unite to celebrate pie day. get it? pi. let's just walk through the numbers here. let me use the animation here. march 14. 3.14. this year marks the biggest pi day of the century with the year being 2015. the whole numbers scheme thing. we'll go big. we're having "today's" ultimate pi challenge. we'll have you share views of u.s. pies. we'll donate $5,000 to an non-profit organization to support math and science
8:56 am
education. tomorrow on the plaza, nobody's safe. we're going to take these pies -- >> any kind of pie in particular? >> pie in the face? >> how dare you. well good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a standoff in sunnyvale over after the arrest of two car jacking suspects. two men stole a cadillac escalade. led officers on a chase. they ditched the car in sunnyvale, apparently ditched a handgun as well. officers surrounded the suspects and at 7:00 a.m. they were able to arrest the pair.
8:57 am
today is your first chance to get a ticket of outside land. three-day tickets going on sale for $385. vi vip tickets $645. it runs the 7th through 9th of august. we'll have more news in just a bit.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," kate middleton wows tv's lords and ladies. then look who's talking? you won't believe what this baby said at just 7 weeks old. and a sneak peek at george clooney's new movie "tomorrow land." all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning. march 12th, 2015. another beautiful day here in new york city. i'm willie geist, along with natalie morales and tamron hal. al has the day off. you asked me why do we have
9:01 am
potato chips, carrots, celery apples. >> why ask why. >> love these things! >> stop! >> that's a little tease of what's to come. >> i can't stop! >> i can't stop eating those chips. >> did you see alligator pictures from florida? could this be real? it is real. look at that beast! my gosh. this is from a golf course. a 13-foot alligator. in inglewood, florida. shot last week by a golfer. got hundreds of views on the golf club's facebook page. actually trended on twitter. that gets me right there. that's a dinosaur. look at that. that is just -- >> who measured him? they eyeballed it? >> nobody got close enough to actually measure. >> what do you think the guy's going to do? look how close the ball is to the shot there? >> that putt's good. we're going to give you that one. >> go inside for a drink.
9:02 am
>> i love where your mind went. who thinks of this? lake placid. remember the movie? no. >> the girl who never watches movies. the one movie she pulls out. "lake placid." that's what i thought when i saw it. >> like the one movie of the year that i saw. back in 1999. >> 20 years ago, it is an american classic featuring betty white. it should have won an oscar. >> then we're going to show a clip from "lake plaplacid." i said what? sam ron loves that movie. >> betty white says "personally, i'm rooting for the gator." >> it was between "the blob" and "shark nato." there it is -- "lake placid."
9:03 am
>> oh. you know what? this video went viral yesterday. a 7 week-old beautiful baby boy who appears, for all of you competitive parents out there, 7 weeks old. he appears to say his first word. take a look. >> hello. hello. >> ello. ello. >> okay. with the irish accent. >> i don't know if it is real. >> ello. >> that's real. he's parroting. >> he looks like that baby from the e-trade. when the lips move. >> no that's real. here we go. >> hello.
9:04 am
>> ello. >> i think it's real. >> that's amazing. >> freaky. >> that's killian. he's 9 weeks now. has not repeated that word since this. she's practicing with him. apparently she's a speech coach as well. i believe it's real but there's a part of me i don't want to be duped because i really want this -- >> just go with this. it's harmless. >> how old were yours when they said their first words? >> oh gosh. i don't know. i mean i remember his first word was apple. i think it is probably like -- i don't know. maybe 7 been 8 months? mama dada. that's about the standard time. i think really associating an object with a word he said apple. >> what about -- >> i don't remember. >> you have a second child, you forget. first child you remember everything. second child you're like --
9:05 am
>> if they had said a word at 7 weeks, then you would remember. >> oh my gosh. >> that's a great video. that baby is so adorable. this is a story that caught our attention. in kindergarten were you already thinking career track? i want to be this when i grow up? >> yes. >> you wanted to be anchorman willie geist? >> i was taking s.a.t. courses. >> there is apparently a checklist for kids in kindergarten. a lot of schools have checklist. to make sure kids are developing along the right social -- developing the right skill sets. right? on the arizona department of education, the website and the list includes things like started a college savings account. >> for kindergarten? >> i think this is more geared towards parents obviously to get them thinking along this track. i will read picture books about careers and select the jobs i like. you see in this checklist here and the little car that attracts kids. i will attend a community event
9:06 am
on college campus. >> you driving? >> i will check out scholarships. >> so they give it to the kids? >> it is on the website. >> obviously this is to get parents starting to think of everything you learn in kindergarten after all. then i guess it gets you thinking the next 12 years, these are sort of the skills you want to build on. but wow. >> no time to just settle in. >> i played in the sand that day. >> i'm only laughing because i have a kindergartner and he can't tie his shoes. the idea that he's going to community colleges to talk about campuses is a little unlikely. >> but he does talk about what is it? the civil war? >> revolutionary war. >> yeah. he has a which is interesting. because he's taking guitar lessons. and keith richards puts his cigarette at the end of the guitar while he plays that. and he wanted to know if that was something you do when you play guitar.
9:07 am
he calls it smoker. he puts the smoker down at the end of the guitar. >> what's going on in that house? >> there probably should be a visit from the outside. >> george and his smoker. that's so funny. now to this stuff right here. >> yes. >> are you out there annoyed by people who maybe do that or who eat their food a little too loudly or if they get startled by a siren or a noise? if you answered yes to any of those questions, this could mean you are a creative genius. it's great news. there's a new studies -- as we talked about studies yesterday -- that's found a strong link between people who can think creatively and those who are sensitive to background noise while you're working. are you that way? >> i don't like people who clank their forks -- like that noise there? honking drives me crazy. >> right. >> when people -- that --
9:08 am
it just leaves me just -- >> to me, it's smacking of the mouth, anything, and loud eaters. >> i don't like that either. >> i want to, like go up to people and restaurants, just could you close your mouth? >> the movie theater. like crumbling of the wrapper. i'm, like you're supposed to open it in the trailers before the movie, the previews not during the movie. >> how about tony soprano breathing while eating? >> i'm visualizing too much. no. >> that's not good either. >> willie, you had a great one on "the meredith show." >> yeah, it airs later today. we shot it yesterday. so i mentioned the other night we did "the night of too many stars" for comedy central to raise money for autism. and somebody tweeted in and suggested that uza aduba and i do "lady & the tramp" with a twizzler, and they would send in money. this will make sense when you
9:09 am
watch it. >> is this happening? >> we got you $100,000. >> okay. all right. >> wow! >> well. >> that's a one-time thing, meredith. that will never happen again. >> really? >> yeah. >> well, i happen to have a twizzler right here. >> whoa. >> i don't know how it happened, but -- yeah. we are going to "lady and the tramp" a twizzler for autism. >> okay. for a cause. okay. >> nothing lewd here. nothing. >> just to point out, we are colleagues, so it doesn't get more awkward than this. oh, this is a long twizzler. i hope we have time in this segment. let's go for it. ready? >> i think meredith went in for
9:10 am
the side kiss. >> she did. this is her way of finally getting that kiss she's been chasing me for all these years. >> she was moving fast. she had you beat. >> meredith wanted to start like an ice bucket thing. i think she challenged matt and kathie lee as well. kit hoover from "access hollywood." >> this is the new ice bucket challenge. >> was it matt and kathie lee? i think it was. was it? yeah, matt and kathie lee. "the meredith vieira show" airs today. check your local listings. one was funny for christina. two was, like, okay, enough. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan dreyer, she's in for al and what an assignment. she and the rest of "today's hot ticket winners" enjoying their final day at paradise islands in the bahamas. dylan, it looks beautiful. >> reporter: oh, it is beautiful, but it is our final day. it is going to be hard to leave here.
9:11 am
i mean, this is absolutely fantastic. it's been warm back home, but as soon as i get there it is going to drop by about 20 degrees. once i leave here, it is time to say good-bye to the warm temperatures for a while. we do have some rain down through the gulf coast states i want to point that out to you where we do have flash flood watches in effect. we could see some heavy rain from the ohio and tennessee river valley down into the gulf coast with new orleans seeing some of the heaviest rain. you see those thunderstorms out over the gulf of mexico. those will make their way on shore. where some of those storms produce heavier downpours is where we'll see our highest rainfall totals. we'll see a widespread one to two inches of rain from st. louis right down into new orleans. but then just to the east of new orleans, and even possibly new orleans itself we could see locally five to eight inches of rain. again, if those heavier downpours continue to fall over the same area for an extended period of time. certainly an area we will have to watch. that's a look at the weather across the country.
9:12 am
warming into the upper 50 in some spots, except for the north bay where we have the fog this morning. it's clearing rapidly, as we head into the next couple days peak warmth and near record temperatures. keep that in mind especially on saturday. we're expecting the 80s inland at the coast, you'll hit the 70s. sunday, everything changes. you probably want to make the outdoor plans for sunday. a few light showers. we'll have the full details at 11:00. >> reporter: and that tropical breeze just brought over a smell of bacon in the air. we're all getting a little bit hungry here, guys. it just keeps getting better! >> wow. >> love everything. >> i know, bacon and the beach? come on. that's amazing. >> we've got twizzlers, dylan. so take that. all right, dylan, talk to you in a minute. >> i've heard. coming up next -- which singing superstar tweeted this picture with her mom collapsing into her arms after a long hike. we've got that and more when we punch your ticket to hollywood right after this. shopping online is as easy as it gets. ♪ wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers
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9:16 am
a pop star takes a hike and lady gaga chooses a wedding singer around kate middleton pays a visit to "downton abbey." >> it is time to punch your ticket to hollywood. and here with the scoop is "entertainment weekly's" nia. >> let's talk about that royal visit to "downton abbey." >> oh, my gosh. >> prince william and kate actually big fans of the show, right? >> it is really exciting. kate spent her morning over at the studio in london where she visited the set of "downton abbey." a large part of the show is filmed out in the countryside in england, but a lot of it is filmed here. she went to actually go visit like their set room and she played with some of the props. i'm kind of jealous of her. while we don't know a lot about the royal viewing habits, i wonder if she is a really big fan of the show. was like, hey, to her staff, i want to go to "downton abbey." like that would be really fun. it's such an historic place. it is actually the oldest
9:17 am
continuously run production studio in the world. and knot and notting hill was actually filmed there. >> cool. let's move on to more star power. lady gaga has a pretty famous friend lined up to be her wedding singer. >> the most incredible wedding singer has been taken. tony bennett is actually going to sing at lady gaga's wedding. he told the "new york post" that lady gaga literally just called him up and said, hey, will you sing at my wedding? and he said yes. i mean, it pays to have famous friends. this is going to be the most fun wedding. we don't know when it will take place, but lady gaga just got engaged on valentine's day. it's only been a month so i feel like maybe a spring or summer wedding. who knows? >> moving fast. >> so this photo we shared before the commercial break asking people to guess this famous pop star holding up her mom. and it is -- >> those biceps belong to britney spears. >> she's ripped. >> she looks amazing. >> her mom is 59.
9:18 am
she looks amazing. >> i want what she's having. >> i'm just happy to see britney looking happy and having fun. she's taking a break from her vegas "piece of me" show. how much fun is that to spend quality time with your mom and work out. i'm just really happy. it's a cute photo. she looks awesome. >> tweet of the week comes from grammy winner sam smith. he's been a little sidelined lately, right? some boy trouble? >> he had to cancel a show earlier in milan because he has laryngitis. but it looks like he is recuperating with the help of his family and a couple of friends. namely a big teddy bear. how cute is that? >> aww. >> i love that. it makes me feel better. it's so cute. yeah. it is a really cute photo to share with his 2.2 million followers. >> wow! >> he's been on such a whirlwind in the last year. probably just needs a little rest. >> exactly. although he's taking a little mini break, his music is still very much present. i has a single right now with john legend he recorded for
9:19 am
charity, and right now it's number three on itunes. let's look at our sneak peek. this is the new clooney flick called "tomorrow land." >> a lot of skeptics were like how good could a movie about a disney theme park be? but i think this trailer puts a lot of those doubts to rest. it looks like everything we could expect from a movie called "tomorrow land." it is very sleek. there's robotic dogs. spaceships. it looks amazing. and we have our first glimpse of hugh laurie as the movie's villain. and brit robertson is the protagonist, and she helps clooney's character kind of unlock the secrets of this mysterious place is called "tomorrowland." >> when does it come out? >> comes out may 22nd. >> nina, thank you. next, all the news you need to know before you head out the door this morning. and another reason not to hit the snooze button especially if you are watching your weight. and we'll look at the big headlines in health after this. we'll look at the big head l before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement.
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9:23 am
dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. taking a look at the headlines, surprising new figures about texting and driving. a new survey reveals 87% of people agree that texting behind the wheel is dangerous but 18% said they cannot resist the urge to do it despite knowing all the risks. one psychologist compared the urge to a gambler at a slot machine. a tetanus booster shot may help some brain cancer patients live longer. researchers at duke university found that using a tetanus shot primed the immune system and enhanced the effects of vaccine therapy for one type of brain tumor and dramatically improves the patient's survival. the study's author calls the findings promising and significant. more than 75,000 flights were canceled this past winter
9:24 am
but how do airlines decide who stays and who goes? according to an article in i on the wall street journal," there are several factors. one, if you're on a regional jet you are almost three times as likely to be canceled than if you are on a larger plane. another factor if the trip has a lot of high-fare business passengers or vips, airlines sometimes cancel a lighter being booed flight or ones with lots of low-fare passengers. amazon may be the biggest online retailer in the u.s. but now it also supports the little guy. amazon is launching a store section today to sell exclusive electronics, toys and other items created by inventors and small businesses. some of the products were backed by kickstarter campaigns. this gives a whole new meaning to walking your dog. this year-old poodle turning lots of heads in southwest china dressed like a little schoolgirl wearing a backpack, walking on its hindlegs just perfectly. it took about two months for its owner to trainer the dog to do that. the dog can walk about a mile without stopping. that is impressive.
9:25 am
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feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. good morning. 9:26. some surprise twists in the case of a san jose police officer accused of raping a woman while he was at work. at a preliminary hearing yesterday, prosecutors added new enhancements to the charges against geoffrey graves. and that alone may amount to a life sentence for graves if he is convicted. he is accused of raping a domestic abuse victim at a hotel following a call to her home in 2013. in addition, he is accused of abusing his own ex-girlfriend. the judge revoked bail yesterday as well and ordered graves back to jail. google is throwing out a new system for internet users warning of websites that secretly install programs in browsers. can can redirect users to
9:27 am
websites they didn't intend to visit. they warn users if they're about to enter a website with unwanted software. >> today is your first chance to get tickets for outside land 2015. in about a half hour three-day tickets going on sale for $285 apiece. v vip tickets will cost $645. this year's festival runs august 7th to the 9th. by the way we don't know what the lineup is. we have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren showing you a look at san jose a murky sky here. otherwise, we're seeing a lot of sunshine in the north bay. down in san francisco, and we won't have to wait long for the sun here in the south bay. it should be arriving as we get into the next couple hours. full sunshine today. temps in the mid 70s. you might be wondering about the weekend. we're so close to it now. temperatures really warm on sad, in the 80s, and then widespread showers are likely as we get
9:29 am
into sunday. we'll have the full details coming up at 11:00. >> don't need details, just have to step out of the way wae way show you this. but i have some, this is the coliseum, and the reason is we have a crash that had cleared to the shoulder northataty at 23rd but still a distraction. 580 around seminary, another crash adding to the slower drives. there's the rest of the bay, the rest of the peninsula drive looking really good. the south bay continues to improve with the speed northbound. >> we have more local news for you in a half hour.
9:30 am
. welcome back to "today" on this throwback thursday. you no he that song come on? well we played that for a reason. not to see if you like it. but throwback thursday is being celebrated by a group called post modern juke box. a 1920s jazz version of this. ♪ ♪ >> she's got a great voice. >> great look. >> she's missing the braid
9:31 am
though. >> the coolio braids. >> what if michelle pfeifer walked in? >> didn't weird al do a parody? >> yes. >> where is our brain? >> it is throwback thursday. >> every day is. let's head down to paradise island in the bahamas and get another check of the weather from dylan. >> reporter: hey, guys. little different paradise. i think a cloud just went past though. i don't know. what are you going to do here? we're making the most of it. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country where we do have some rain down south but also warm temperatures in the southwest. temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees above average. but all the way up into north dakota we should top out in the 70s today. that's where temperatures will be about 20 to 30 degrees above average. in the northeast though i must be headed back loam because temperatures are dropping. it will gradually become about
9:32 am
20 degrees colder than it was yesterday when temperatures were in the upper 50s. we have to watch out for the potential of flooding rain especially down near new orleans where five to eight inches of rain is expected in that general area. that rain expands into the southeast, up through the ohio river valley as we go into tomorrow. we could see a widespread one to two inches. mild in the plains. hot in the southwest and temperatures cool again acros 9:32. showing you all of the various microclimates across the bay area. temps on the cool side in the north bay. we'll be at 76 degrees. later on today in the peninsula. wine country looks spectacular for this weekend. friday into saturday upper 70s to low 80s. counting on shower activity in the napa valley sunday. same for sonoma county. keep that in mind. otherwise, beautiful conditions in wine country. as we get into the next couple days. 81 degrees for saturday. 74 here in the south bay. more on that rain today at 11:00. >> reporter: and the fun is just
9:33 am
about over guys. you don't have to be jealous anymore. i'm headed back to new york later on today. >> back to reality, dylan. have a safe trip back. see you tomorrow. big health headlines this week including a new warning about ultrasound's proof that too little sleep affects your weight. >> here with what you need to do assistant professor of medicine at nyu, good morning to you both. start with sleep first. not a lot of us getting it around here. this new study really caught our eyes. apparently there is an effect that losing just a half-an-hour of sleep can actually affect your waistline. >> absolutely. as a society we are chronically sleep deprived and we are now learning there are very many health problems with this. obesity and weight gain is one of those. just 30 minutes of sleep deprivation did increase the risk of obesity and insulin resistance. this is a study in diabetics. >> so what's my target? what's 30 minutes too few? >> it will be different for each
9:34 am
person. people should get seven hours of sleep but eating poorly and lack of exercise leads to poor sleep. so there are complicated implications. the point is that we have to eat right. obesity is multi-factorial. exercise regularly. avid a avoid s.o.s. -- sugar, oil and salt. they increase depression and decrease normal sleep hours. >> the fda is now warning about too many ultra sounds. ultra sounds extremely important for an expecting mother obviously but there is some concern that some people are maybe getting too many ultrasounds as keepsake ultrasounds. >> we're not talking about the ultrasounds you get with your doctor because they recommend them. we're talking about people for non-medical reasons getting those keepsake ultrasounds, those cute pictures of the baby before they come out. i understand the impulse to want to see that nose and does it
9:35 am
look like aunt margaret or not, but the importance is we don't know the consequences of repeated ultrasound. the ultrasound waves tend to heat up the tissue of the body tissues and cause small bubbles in there. now that may be harmful. we don't know. if your doctor says do it that's one thing. but people go to the malls and get an ultrasound. >> where in the mall do you get an ultrasound? like a kiosk? >> it is a new 3-d ultrasound that you can actually see the baby's face what they look like. they're color photos. they're impressive and exciting to see your baby like that. but it is recreational use of medical technology. >> stick to the doctor. >> when they tell you to get it. new research on hormone replace many the therapy. let's review what hormone repace placement therapy is for and who it is good for. also the risks associated with this. >> absolutely. so when women hit menopause their estrogen hormones tend to decrease. that can increase their risk for heart disease. many years ago it was thought if
9:36 am
we give them hormone replacement, estrogen replacement therapy, it will protect them against heart disease. very large studies show it increases their risk of breast cancer and stroke and may not be as protective for heart disease. this is one more study that shows for many women it may not be protected. though for some it may be. it has to be really made on an individual basis of decision. >> usually early pre-menopausal women? is that right? >> it is for post-menopausal women but using it early on in menopause seems to be better. but again, you really need to talk to your physician. >> i think the take-home message here is long-term use of estrogen replacement can be negative effects, especially stroke. but a few years of use in minimal doses to ease symptoms of menopause seems to be relatively safe. >> this study is called wine glow. it found that -- i'm just going to read this -- drinking one large glass of wine could make you seem more attractive to the opposite sex.
9:37 am
is this from "the onion" medical pages? >> no. basically they showed volunteers pictures of people who had either consumed no alcohol, one very large glass, or two glasses, which was also very large, almost two-thirds of a bot bottle. they asks the volunteers to judge how attractive do you find this person. the people who drank one glass they can had some facial flushing with be more of a little relaxed look on their face. a little bit of a smile. we're not encouraging people to drink. certainly not a large glass because this was 250 mls, which was quite large. that's almost two. >> don't drink unless you want to be very attractive to other people. >> the ones who drank the most were not deemed to be attractive at all. >> it's very important to no et that people recognized that even one glass a wine of day increases risks of breast cancer in women. this is a serious issue and drinking can increase risk of breast cancer.
9:38 am
>> doctors, thank you both. appreciate that. coming up next how to get wrinkles out of your shirt. some simple tips that almay celebrates the true spirit of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american. ♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios.
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9:42 am
our closets? executive editor for "real simple" magazine has some sanity saving tips to make our life easier. let's just launch in. this dry erase board. >> you want them for your house. what you can do is repurpose this picture frame. instead of throwing it out, put in a piece of wrapping paper or wallpaper inside put it in a glass and use your dry erase marker. then since these just wipe off easily. your dry erase board doesn't look like a conference room. >> this is for the wrapping paper. hard to store them again without pieces falling off. >> right. and getting kind of wrinkles or torn. your old tights that we are all talking about throwing out now. >> cameron's black tights. cut off the legs. and slip the legs over the top
9:43 am
of a roll of wrapping paper. >> this is twofer. >> this is great for kids too, because they're a little tighter. >> i still have a mayonnaise phobia. >> someone should make easy-peel stickers. until they do that we have mayonnaise. you guys can do this with me. it is great for removing the residue of stickers. take some. this is disgusting. you kind of let it sit for a second. then start scrubbing. the oil from the mayonnaise actually helps remove the sticker. >> why can't you just use oil? >> i think this is a little creamier and it probably spreads better. again, you into ed a little elbow grease and if it sits it is better. but it works. >> next this clam shell. hard to open. >> a can opener works really well on a clam shell. take a standard can opener like
9:44 am
this and put it on the edge and clamp it. then you start running it around. just keep going around and it will actually open the clam shell up for you. >> you know how many fingers you save and scratches on the hands? >> we shared a bit of this during the commercial break. you have a wrinkled shirt. you don't have time to plug in the iron. >> i'm totally allergic to ironing. i just can't stand it. >> i'm with you. >> if you have a wrinkled shirt, your flat iron for your hair works brilliantly. do it before you do your hair though. you don't want hair products on your shirt. heat up the hot iron. >> okay. real quick, cleaning out those champagne flutes. >> no human hand fits in a champagne flute to clean it out. fill your champagne flute with a little sudsy water. then you just take some uncooked rice and put it in the champagne flute, swirl it around.
9:45 am
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9:49 am
hey, we are in the homestretch of winter but with spring comes those rainy days. so you may be stuck inside with your little ones a bit longer. >> and if you've played every board game a hundred times since you've been snowed in we have some new games. meredith always good to see you. >> thanks for havinging ingme back. this is going to be a fun one. >> start with riley here. >> riley is doing something that's super fun. you can do puffy paint with things you have in your pantry. all you need is flour, salt and some water. you mix that up and riley, you can begin to paint with your puffy paint. a little squeeze bottle she can just do her own thing. or give them a template like this that they can fill in. then the magic of this paint. you bring it over to your microwave and in about 30 seconds when you pop it in the
9:50 am
microwave, that paint turns in to a puffy paint and it dries. it literally bakes in there like 30 seconds. so science and art all in one. easy easy. >> what do you got here? what are you working on? >> i'm making a tree. >> an awesome tree riley! >> so this came to me from one of my teaching colleagues when i was in preschool. this is kids' favorite thing to do. this is a gelatin mold. sort of like jell-o but with plain gelatin that's very cheap at the store. like $1.50. create this little mold and take food coloring and water and eye droppers. kids stick them in then make the colors mesh and mold. see the colors blend. i'm telling you, it's hours. then they just want to like get in there and -- you no he what? i say, say yes to the mess. put down the -- that's what showers were invented for. right? this is just a simple simple recipe.
9:51 am
gelatin. everything is on "today."com. put it on a cookie sheet and let them go to town. >> this next thing i love because it is great for kids a little bit older who are into their devices and you want to get them doing something creative. you're basically making cran melting art with a hair dryer and crayons. it is going to melt down. what i love is then you can add your own artistic expression to the melted wax. >> you've got some great ideas here! good ideas! >> now,painting is awesome but it can make parents break out in hives because of all of the paint everywhere. >> we lost the child. >> do you want to help us paint? >> we made mess-free finger painting. >> right here? >> you always put down paint paper. then tape that down. then kids can paint and finger paint without the mess.
9:52 am
then you can leave this on the table. leon is going rogue. >> leon has been interested in that gelatin since we started. >> you can leave it out on the table and kids come back to it over and over again. no mess. >> next i'm loving this in you construction set called brackets. what i love about this it seems really simple. planks but the connectors are the key here because instead of just going for vertically and horizontally this allows kids to go out to the side and make geometric shapes. i love anything that gets kids back to imaginative, constructive boys and girls. >> my kids have that. they love backitz. >> my last thing is a game we're going to do with literally crepe paper and some balloons. we are making a sort of maze that the kids have to get through without touching the balloon bombs and making them go off. all you need is a hallway and
9:53 am
tape this up. make stories like i'm an archaeologist trying to get through the maze or i'm a thief trying to steal the bait. >> you can just say, no do it again. >> keep it rolling. >> exactly. all of this stuff you probably have in your home. simple simple. we all are done being inside. this is a great way to get kids active again. >> cool things. >> my man, leon still busy with the jell-o over there. . we're back in a minute. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
"ambush makeover"s.
9:56 am
good morning everyone. 9:56. a standoff in sunnyvale is over after the arrest of two carjacking suspects. police say two men stole a cadillac escalade in san jose led officers on a chase. this was around midnight.
9:57 am
now in sunnyvale, they ditched the car and apparently a handgun. officers surrounded the suspects on bernardo and blackberry terrace about 7:00 this morning. is when they arrests the pair. a warning for one fremont neighborhood after the discovery of a bat with rabies. it was found dead near irvington community center last friday. but not removed until the next day. experts fear someone may have unknowingly had some contact with that bat and it could take three months for rabies symptoms to develop. by then it's too late. >> will pharrell will take the field today for five different cactus league spring training cams. he's going to suit up for both the giants and the a's. here you see him within of his movies. he'll play for ten teams today in a different position in each team. well we know who's on the position on weather. let's check in. >> thank you scott. i think you might like these numbers for today. mid 70s coming your way for most of the bay area. 71 degrees meanwhile in santa
9:58 am
cruz. san francisco as well. low 70s. comfortable everywhere even warmer friday into saturday. a couple 80s on the map inland and then showers return by sunday. we'll have all the details for you on that, give you the timing and tell you what's happening this weekend today at 11:00. >> we have slowing northbound 880 but much better than a half hour ago. this is past 23rd on the map where there was an earlier crash. oakland looking from red to orange, now better and 580, right behind a shield there for the freeway, one crash blocking a lane. a little slowing there. the rest of the bay shows good recovery anywhere south of fremont. >> another local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hola everybody. it is thirst day thursday. also known as ambush makeover thursday. >> what is this? anybody know? >> you're asking the wrong person. >> honey i'm good. >> two ladies in the crowd have been picked up for ambush makeover. and we're going to play a game
10:01 am
called good stuff bad stuff, so you can figure out how to turn the junk in your house into cash in your wallet. >> we're going to meet this young man. he was motivated to start a great charity that provided shoes for young kids who didn't have them. we wrote a song for him. >> yes, but here's the cool thing. remember sal from our musical. >> "today" the musical. >> he's going to be our singer today. >> hello! so i happen to be in front of a tv yesterday when dr. phil. >> after your radio show. >> after the radio show. when dr. phil was interviewing bobbi kristina's boyfriend. nick gordon is his name. i literally stopped. the kid was clearly drunk or high or something. you can't really tell. crying and weeping and stuff. >> so it's difficult to watch, i
10:02 am
would think. >> it was really hard to watch. dr. phil kept saying focus, focus. he was joined by his biological mother. anyway here's a couple of the highlights from the interview. take a look. >> i lost -- i lost the best singer ever and i'm scared to lose krissy. >> what i want you to do is -- >> go to rehab, yeah. >> i think you definitely need to go -- >> i do. yeah i do. >> and you can't help bobbi kristina the way you are. this is not -- >> you're right, you're right. i've been so strong for so many people for so long. so so please don't tell me to man up. >> yes, i am going to tell you that. >> no you're not.
10:03 am
>> i just did. >> my pain is horrible. my heart hurts. i have panic attacks. >> come here, sit down. nick. >> please don't put this on tv. >> what don't you want on tv? >> me crying. me being weak. >> you're not weak. you're just caring about something that means something to you. >> you're going to ask i've been drinking. i have been doing xanax and that's it. >> you're a good guy, nick. and you deserve to get some help here. if you don't, you know you're going to wind up dead. >> that's very hard to watch. i'm torn between this young man who's obviously so so in need of help. >> yeah. >> if this leads to the help he needs, whatever it takes, you okay. it also seems to ex-ploytive at
10:04 am
the same time too. >> to me if i'm about to interview somebody and they say i'm drunk and high then to try to have a rational conversation -- >> wouldn't he know you can't? dr. phil's a smart man. i don't know what he was getting at there. >> maybe to show how messed up he was. he clearly admitted to drinking and taking xanax. >> you say you know we're going to get you clean and sober and then we'll talk about this. >> anyway. >> i'm confused as well. i didn't know what happened to his birth mother. i know that whitney had raised him. they obviously have a relationship now. >> we reached out to his biological mother. and we haven't gotten a call back. nbc news also reached out to dr. phil and nick gordon but the two aren't commenting. the accident, by the way, is
10:05 am
still under investigation. >> is nick in rehab right now? >> well, he said to him -- and this was -- look, it aired wednesday. who knows. he did say to him you're going to leave here and go to rehab. watching him cry in the elevator and say, please don't put this on tv it's just something that is so awful about the whole thing. >> well, you know what it's like when you do these things. you always find after that you agree to appear -- >> particular show. i wonder if he signed -- they showed him falling down and cameras documenting while he was doing that. somewhere in there. and also if you're his mother, it seems unusual to let your son sit there and go through that. >> it's like a good news bad news. good news, we're going to get you help. bad news is it's with dr. phil. he's tough.
10:06 am
i believe in tough love. i just don't like the cameras. >> you can't have tough love if you're out of your mind. there are some reports he checked himself into rehab. >> we can't confirm. >> how many times does an oscar winning actress go into the reality tv world. >> i can't think of a one. >> me either. >> we were stunned when whitney did it though. >> what was it called? >> saving bobby brown. >> being -- something like that. anyway, the oscar award winning actress going into reality tv is none other than susan surandon. she's doing something on aol. it shows the lives of couples. and she and her boyfriend -- 31 years apart. and i thought they broke up. i was reading stuff. who knows.
10:07 am
>> they've obviously shot this before and would be following that relationship. interesting, it's not a camera crew following these couples. they shoot it themselves. >> yeah. >> you can edit it that way too. >> you're right. so it's not as risky. there's a tiny clip in the trailer that shows she and her boyfriend having a conversation. it's short and brief. you have to watch closely. >> embarrassed for you that you were dating me. you should be dating someone fabulous. >> i am. >> there it was. >> all righty then. he's a very good ping-pong player. >> he addressed the rumors that he and susan has broken up. this is what he said. it is impossible to concisely characterize our relationship other than to say it continues to evolve in new and unexpected ways. he continues it did not break
10:08 am
us up. the show is called "connected." >> i'm always surprised who's willing to put themselves out there like that. like julianne moore talks about how she want do the mini cam. they put your hands in a box -- >> walk it up so you can see your jewelry. >> she just feels -- you know she wouldn't go there. she won't show her shoes on the red carpet. that's her choice. but ten susan is willing to open up and show her personal life. i don't know. to each their own. >> that's what we say. all right. so it is time -- it's the i, hoda play list time. i decided to go with a beautiful, beautiful harmony. i think our two friends back there in the corner. >> yes, they are. >> they are auction winners. they're here. >> we're happy they're here. >> we hope you like the song. okay. it is a beautiful harmony.
10:09 am
>> i like harmony. >> by little big sfwloun ohtown. >> oh, i'm going to love this. ♪ ♪ i bring the rain like a thunderstorm ♪ ♪ yeah, we found peace on the battle field ♪ ♪ it all makes sense in love anymore ♪ ♪ it don't make sense in love anymore ♪ >> beautiful. >> yeah. and then this part. ♪ you and me trying to live in a hurricane ♪ >> great. >> their voices. >> and -- >> that's gorgeous. yes, yes. >> all righty. you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108. >> love her. she was my guest yesterday.
10:10 am
we had such a blast. she's a ton of fun. >> we need your help too. it's national womens month. we want you to get in touch with yourself now -- if you guys could stop rolling that. >> take a little video of what you would tell your younger self. >> yes. >> so what advice you wish you had then. so take a video and don't take it vertically because we can't air it. take it like this. just -- [ laughter ] >> go to for more information. now that we've completely lost you. all right. we have one woman celebrating a brand new grandchild. >> and they're both getting the biggest makeovers of their waking up to fatigued skin? sleep on this! garnier creates its first miracle sleeping cream. it fights signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. a sleeping cream... that's a first!
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10:13 am
that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him explain how today's appointment will go. he was nodding his head and giggling a little bit. i earned his trust that day, i guess.
10:14 am
yeah. guess what it's time for? >> what? >> ambush makeover. >> two lucky ladies were plucked off the plaza for a total head to toe makeover. >> new hair new clothes and new attitude courtesy of our experts. and the woman who can work wonders with wardrobe nice wording, executive producer and author michel martin. >> before we get to the reveals, there is a new show called "the unbreakable kimmy smith." they decided to have fun with our ambush makeovers. take a look. >> okay. when we come back one of the mole women gets an ambush makeover. >> thank you victims. thank you. good luck. thank you, victims. thank you, victims. >> i didn't quite get it. >> i was waiting for the joke.
10:15 am
all right. how was it today? >> it's great. you know first of all, it felt tropical. compared to the weather. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. i was putting on sun block. we found two great wonderful ladies. >> bobbi is first up from cliffton virginia. bobbi's beauty routine is low maintenance. foundation and powder. stopped wearing eye makeup when she quit her job last year. she hasn't had her hair clofrd in five months and bobbi just became a grandma two weeks ago. she's ready to young up her look a little bit. take a listen to her story. >> i know we shocked you on the plaza. but you tell us you're ready to go dark. how long you have been gray? >> oh, probably 20 years. >> wow. it's going to be a big change. i know your husband is at home. he's going to be a little surprised. >> he's going to be very surprised. i've never been dark. >> will he be excited? >> i have no idea. if i look younger, yes. yes! >> i promise. >> okay. that's a deal. >> how cute is she?
10:16 am
>> she's darling. >> she's here with her co-workers. all right, ladies please keep your blindfolds on for a second. here is bobbi before. let's see the new bobbi cardillo. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> wow! >> are you ready? take off your blindfolds ladies. take them off. >> whoa! bobbi, wow! >> you are going to look great at tonight's dinner. are you ready? >> yes. >> you look like a movie star. i can't believe it! >> she looks smashing. >> can you even -- force. >> you don't look 70 years old. no you don't. >> oh, my god! >> you look terrific bobbi. >> that is great. that just shows the magic of hair color, cut and makeup. and what a little color can do. that is a single process hair
10:17 am
color, less than 30 minutes. a great hair cut and a little bit of makeup. >> and i know that is claison lu. >> this is the perfect outfit. >> turquoise, now that we're in spring. >> i love it. >> so perfect. ladies, tell us what you think. >> i think she looks absolutely fantastic. fantastic. where did you get that hair cut? >> i know! >> we're so sorry! >> good job. big round of applause. >> all right. second lady is carolyn timeko. she's 55 years old from san diego. she has never colored her hair ever. she wears tinted moisturizer and very little makeup but otherwise keeps things very simple. she is a breast cancer survivor and loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. she is here in new york to celebrate her 16th wedding anniversary so she was looking
10:18 am
and hoping for a fabulous new look. >> i love dan. he is already crying. they're celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary. so why are you so emotional? >> well we just -- we needed a get away. and wanted to plan something really special for my wife. we came across the country. and we're going to go to see some friends and shows and wanted to treat her to something really nice. it's been really busy around our house and she's been taking care of mom and dad who have been sick lately. >> so you really need this. and you're ready, you tell me for a whole new look and start? >> oh, yes. >> can you do anything you want. >> all right. she's here with her husband dan. take one last look at her before. and not dan, her. carolyn's makeover. now bring her out! ♪ >> oh my god. >> all right, dan. take a look at your bride. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh.
10:19 am
she's going to freak out. >> you look amazing. turn around sweetie. look right in there. >> you are drop dead gorgeous. >> don't mess up your makeup. look right here at 12. oh my gosh. >> that's unbelievable. >> that's crazy. >> no tears. this is joyful. >> caroline, you are wow. it's fantastic. your hair's a little lighter and warmer. >> sexy as all get out. >> yet again. that's just so beautiful. you look fantastic. it's layeriered lighter, slightly warmer. very natural, low maintenance. >> jill. >> i've been saving this dress in our closet. they're seeing "beautiful". >> you're going to love it. >>s so the dress and the earring. >> go give your bride a kiss. it's okay.
10:20 am
>> bring bobby out too. >> come on, everybody. break out the tissues. a young girl's dream comes true and her reaction is webtastic. >> don't ♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. ♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios. shopping online is as easy as it
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10:23 am
♪ mm, feel those savings, baby ♪ and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. time now for webtastic. this week's is extra special because it comes from one of our fans. >> kimberly and bill are both elementary school teachers. >> madison is turning 5. they surprised her with a birthday gift from her sister that will change all of their lives forever. take a look. >> come on. open it up. >> it's my picture. >> no madison, that's not you. that's going to be your sister. you're going to be a big sister.
10:24 am
>> that's my sister? >> yes, you're going to be a big sister! >> i'm going to get a sister! is this really is my sister? >> yes, that is your baby sister. >> i'm going to get a sister! i didn't know god was going to give me a sister. >> god heard your prayers, baby. >> how precious is that. >> apparently that's what she wanted. >> they will bring baby charlotte home from china in late spring early summer. >> look at that. >> they're going to have another reason to smile today when you meet our everyone has a story winner. a teen helping those less fortunate. >> and why do you want great glasses for
10:25 am
$38, backed by a replacement guarantee? mom! mom! because you all really need glasses... mom! ...and boys really need to be boys. the glasses you want are at the walmart vision center - a complete pair of single vision glasses for $38. backed by a 12-month replacement guarantee. save money. live bette walmart. mom! ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. [ baby crying ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike ordinary diapers pampers stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. pampers.
10:26 am
let me hel well good morning everyone. 10:26. google rolling out a new system for internet users. warning of websites that secretly install programs on browsers. the programs can release annoying ads or redirect users to websites they didn't intend
10:27 am
to visit. the warns visitors if they're about to enter a website that distributes that unwanted software. today is the first chance to etgoyour hands on tickets for outsideland 2015. they went on sale about 20 minutes ago. three day tickets are $285. vip tickets $645. this year's festival at golden gate park runs from the 7th to the 9th of august. still no word on a lineup. well take a look alt weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. happy thursday. yp meteorologist christina loren. temperatures for today, oh, my goodness, could not be better for your outdoor plans. 76 degrees in the tri-valley. 73 for the peninsula. as we get into the next couple days, high pressures on top of the bay area that's going drive the winds off shore. even warmer through saturday. expecting 80s. then as we get into sunday, things start to change. it looks like we are going to get a little bit of rain. we'll have the latest on that today at 11:00. want to check the drive and welcome in mike. >> thank you. the roads are welcoming as well. northbound commute direction moving smoother but southbound 101 at 85 a little slowing. no incidents. i'll track that but nothing dramatic. oakland recovering north 880 past the coliseum. the earlier crash at 23rd bogged things down. slowing down southbound approaching the area and the
10:30 am
bay bridge toll plaza, we have traffic bogging down here. >> thanks. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. chrisris and i will see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this thirst-day thursday. we've all been there. a basement full everyone has stuff that never gets used. >> what's worse, a lot of us spend money every month to store the stuff we don't have room for. he says turn that clutter into cash. >> hello, ken. >> hello. so you have to be good contestants here. we take all these items and you're going to put them in categories. something that's very good is something that usually appreciates over time. >> you can get money for it. >> okay ken. treating us like children.
10:31 am
>> i guess you didn't get the memo. next part is good. good is something that may not appreciate in value, but something you can sell. >> okay. >> something that bad, probably go down in value. >> you can get something for it. >> if you get 10 cents. >> sell it. >> first off, we're going to go with something highly collectible. >> that's got to be very good stuff. >> that's very good stuff. thank you. this actually happens to be collectible. and you know where you want to sell this is not on craigslist. you want to sell this to a show where people really appreciate this. by the way, if you know like a former nfl star you may want to get his autograph because it may appreciate over time. silver. >> silver is very good. >> very good answer there, as
10:32 am
well. silver is something that's very collectible. if you have a big collection, get it appraised. do not sell that on ebay either. check your coins. if they predate 1964 it's real silver. >> how do you know how much it's worth? >> where we sell it we get it appraised and go to different dealers and try to get the best price. >> so you got to put some work into this. >> a lot of silver coin collections are usually passed down. surfs up dude. what category? >> i think it's bad. >> you think it's bad. >> it depends on who made it. . i think it's sort of good. >> we're going to go with that. it doesn't really hold value, but it's a great market on craigslist, on ebay. this is the type of thing that sells very well there. >> how much would you make off that thing?
10:33 am
>> i would say price it around $120 to start with. minimum bid. >> there are certain guys that are world famous for making certain boards. >> you're right. >> do you know them by the way? >> yes i do. >> okay. this ball by the way is thrown by someone passed away. >> he didn't sign it? >> he did sign it. >> that would be very good. >> you're right. this will appreciate over time. they've been around for about a hundred years. they've been signing a lot of balls. you want to get this authenticated authenticated. you want someone to write this is the real deal. >> okay. >> toys. what category? >> very bad. >> very very bad. people really don't want this. >> a lot of germs on those. >> yet, if it's an original barbie or something -- >> in a plastic bag.
10:34 am
>> you watched "toy story" i guess. you want to have a garage sale. cell phone. what category you think? >> i think -- they all look ancient. bad. nobody wants that. >> i'm going very bad. there's no value here. there's value to nonprofit communities. a lot of organizations -- >> there's information on there, ken. what can somebody do to get rid of the information on there? >> there's a sim card. you're not going to get any money for it but donate it to a worthy cause. >> last one. >> playbill. we like these books. >> good. >> again if they are really old, i'd say pretty good. >> as soon as you buy a book and start flipping through it it goes down in value. >> wrapped in plastic. >> there would be people that would want that.
10:35 am
>> the retail value is $40, don't start at $10. give yourself some room. >> what did we win? >> you won. >> not so bad. >> hundred grand. >> you were terrific. thank you. that's for you. we've got nothing but good stuff to say aunt this rhode island teen. >> he's our story winner. he's come ug up. >> ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. i'm not sick. i'm not sick.
10:36 am
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like new citrus chicken sorrento and take home another free. it's double the delicious. buy one take one starting at $12.99. at olive garden.
10:39 am
♪ >> today we meet our newest "everyone has a story" winner. his mom wrote to us to tell us about the incredible work her son is doing. >> nicholas hasn't even graduated high school yet and his selflessness has already changed the lives of tens of thousands of children in need. first, let's listen to his mom's letter. >> my 17-year-old son nicholas
10:40 am
passion and dedication to improve lives has enriched my life dramatically. it is my father who sparked nicholas' compassion for others. his family was poor. his clothing and shoes were hand me downs that were always too good for him. nicholas would tell me that his heart ached and wished he could have given by father new shoes. during this time, i brought nicholas with me to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. he met children who had worn out footwear. children told him they missed school and sports because they shared shoes with a sibling or how they were bullied because of their shoes. determined to do something, he scurried home backed up shoes he had outgrown and returned to the shelter to donate them. this idea turned into the god
10:41 am
has sole foundation. 36 states later, he has given new shoes to 31,000 homeless children. my heart is full of pride as he selflessly and tirelessly serves his less fortunate peers opening up experiences for them that they otherwise might not have. my father's motto, the best is yet to come is true for those touched by nicholas. >> and nicholas is here with his parents lori and daniel. we were just talking about the fact you want to know how you get a great kid, get great parents. and great grandparents. first of all, before we talk to you, congratulations to you. if you hadn't taken him to a homeless shelter when he was that young, he would have never seen the need. do you remember that day? >> i do. i had actually just gotten a brand new pair of sneakers
10:42 am
myself. my mother warned me because i was really excited and i wanted to tell all the kids that i had my own new shoes. i found out from my mom that there were kids that might not even have footwear. i saw there were kids that didn't have the same opportunities that i did because they didn't have shoes at all. >> a lot of parents try to shield their kids -- >> thinking they're protecting their children. >> but you guys went the other way. why did you guys do that? >> i thought it was important for nicholas to see how everyone lives. not just the confines of our home. >> when he had the idea what did you and your husband think? did you see it as something he would do for a day? >> we thought he would serve shelters in rhode island only. but it has blossomed. >> where is it now? >> 30 some states? >> 37 states right now.
10:43 am
we've helped over 32,000 homeless kids. >> so got to have sole s-o-le- >> you got to be proud. >> he is planning in the year and a half before high school to expand to every state and help as many kids as he can reach out. >> go to work for nike. >> stay right here. you're in for a real treat. >> sal is going to sing a new song we just woman: for soft beautiful feet i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line. the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet.
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♪ >> we are back with an amazing young man. nicholas and his participates. >> now it's time for you to hear the song david freedman and i
10:49 am
wrote just for you. we have a special singer today. one of our extremely popular prop masters. >> sal. >> and the song is called "new shoes." ♪ ♪ my grandpa told me stories when i was growing up of being poor and working hard to fill his empty cup ♪ ♪ it broke my heart to think of how he struggled as he grew ♪ ♪ and as he told his stories, i knew what i had to do ♪ ♪ new shoes, new shoes, oh, the children can laugh and play ♪ ♪ new shoes, new shoes, so the children can find a way ♪
10:50 am
♪ to live, to grow do all they were meant to be ♪ ♪ new shoes, new shoes ♪ ♪ i knew it was up to me ♪ ♪ my grandpa taught me so much of what it means to give, of what it means to sacrifice so others get to live ♪ ♪ he showed me through his own life how i should live my own ♪ ♪ he set the best example i ever have been shown ♪ ♪ new shoes new shoes, so the children can laugh and play ♪ ♪ new shoes, new shoes, so the children can find a way ♪ ♪ to live and grow and do all
10:51 am
they were meant to be ♪ ♪ new shoes, new shoes ♪ ♪ i knew it was up to me ♪ ♪ if you could walk a mile in someone else's shoes, would it give you new prospective, would it change your views ♪ ♪ the next time that you have a choice what do you have to lose ♪ ♪ choose shoes, new shoes ♪
10:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> oh, beautiful song. we'll be back with another surprise. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> good job. ♪
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
♪ >> we're back with nicholas and his parents lori and daniel who just heard a beautiful performance of "new shoes" by our very own sal. also with us composer david freedman and our david wild. awesome job. >> thank you so much. >> what did you guys think? >> i think it really represented my story and our story of the family. it's really inspiring. thank you so much. >> it was an honor.
10:56 am
>> we want to give you a little something. >> we surely do. we hear that you're a big tennis fan. so we reached out and they got you some cool gear and stuff. there's a wilson burn 100 racket and a backpack along with sweatshirts and two tickets to the u.s. open. >> oh, thank you. >> we actually have three. so everyone can go. and wilson also donated 100 pairs of their rush junior sneakers to the -- >> that makes me cry. so the got to have sole foundation. >> you saw what got him emotional. the stuff that he's going to be giving. >> you're an inspiration to young kids everywhere who don't know that they can make a difference because they feel small in a very big world. you have shown by your example that one child can change the lives of thousands and thousands of others. you're an inspiration.
10:57 am
and you are two great, great parents. hope everybody out there realizes where all this comes from. thank you to you guys. >> what's going on david? >> working on that. >> tv movies. >> he's mr. hollywood now. >> we need to get sal on broadway quick. >> i'm workshoping a show tonight and 00 film with lewis black. >> what? wow. >> tomorrow -- >> louis, he's got a name that rhymes
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, the search for two armed carjacking suspects come to a conclusion in the south bay. >> and murdered in her own home. the latest on the investigation into albany's first homicide in more than ten years. >> plus police in ferguson missouri, trying to keep the calm this morning after someone shot two police officers as a peaceful demonstration was wrapping up. the search for the shooter next. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we'll have more on those in just a moment. police investigating a deadly crash in san francisco involve agmotorcycle. it happened near the intersection of 15t


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